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BEAR creek mine
Copper Concentrate Will
Be Sent To Cartrett
Plant In N. J.
The first shipment of copper ore
‘entrate from Bear Creek
' pgr Mines. Inc* in Chatham
C!\Itv is expected to be made
r';7' f to the Cartrett plant in
jersey, it was reported Sat
■'c.' v after a meeting of the board
directors of the corporation.
%etween 90 and 100 tons of raw
liaVe been laying on the
rp-nd near the ^irst operated
£i!,;e in North Carolina for the
r"t‘, several weeks, refining be
Pa£ held pending installation of a
rotating system to extract ore
Establishment of the flotation
s;em for processing the critical
F;7r metal was made on the re
commendation of three outstand
i-o state geogolists. who at a con
ference with mine officials, indi
cated that according to history of
,“,.vevs of copper in this state
>he mine has been sunk in the
n'ost productive area,
it was on their recommendation
. the mine owners decided to
-hange from surface mining to
mining in order to reach
i o contents of the deposit.
The copper ore. is was report
1(i 'is averaging 12 per cent at a
JjEpth of 30 feet, to which the mod
shaft has just been sunk, as
tVainst 7.68 per cent four feet
underground. ,
U, S. Patrol Vessel
Is Lost In Atlantic
WASHINGTON. Oct. 16— CP) —
I^ss of the U. S. S. Moonstone, a
patrol craft, in the Atlantic on the
jsijht of October 15-16 was an
nounced by the Navy today.
The little vessel went down as
l::P result of collision. No details
,-ere disclosed. All of the person
al were rescued.
Lt. W. R. S. Curtis. Greenville.
$ c . commanded the craft, which
carried a complement of about 50
BLYTHE. Cal., Oct. 16—(JP'— A
four-engined bomber from the Bly
the Army air base crashed in the
mountains west of here last night,
officials of the base reported to
day. Lt. John R. McCarty, public
.elations officer, said all 10 men
aboard the craft were believed
vupper ore is snown nere being extracted from the Bear Creek
Copper Mines, located 25 miles northeast of Sanford on Bear Creek
in southwest Chatham county. The bucket, which is shown de
positing ore on the floor of the overhead, extracts half a ton of ore
at a pull. The Bear Creek mine, whose incorporators maintain
headquarters in Wilmington, is said to be the first operated copper
mine in North Carolina.
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val by the Citv Manager: ’ unused '
portions of leave will expire at
the close of the next succeeding
fiscal year, except in unusual ca
ses: employes voluntarily separat
ed from service will be entitled to
compensation for unused portions
of their leave.
Sick Leave
Any of the unused sick leave
(one calendar day for each month
of service) may be accumulated
from one fiscal year to the next
to a maximum of 60 days carry
ing full pay. After 60 days have
been accumulated, an employe in;
service less than 10 years may
continue to accumulate an addi
tional 60 days, for which he will
be paid 50 per cent of his salary;
after 10 years of service, he is en
titled to accumulate sick leave, '
with full pay up to 120 days. After j
employes have been with the city;
20 years, they may begin to ac
cumulate an additional 20 days’
sick-leave at half-pay.
In order to put the matter of
leave on a definite basis, the ser
vice record of each present em
ploye- up to July 1, 1943, will be
compiled, and the amount of sick
leave which would have been j
accumulated without sickness de
termined. This amount will be di- j
vided in half.
Leaves oi aosenue wiuiuut :
may be granted by the depart-j
ment heads with the approval of
the City Manager, for a period not:
to exceed one year.
Full-time, regular employes in
ducted into the armed forces may
expect to return to their jobs
within a 60-day period following
honorable discharge, providing the
positions still exist, and they are
otherwise qualified.
Absence from work without
leave gives the department head
the right to declare the position
vacant, unless the absence is sat
isfactorily explained.
In case of death, or serious ill
ness in the immediate family, reg
ular employes may be granted
leave of absence with pay for a
period not to exceed three days.
System Of Reports
The City Manager will install
a system whereby department
heads will report semi-annually on
the performance of all employes.
The reports will be carefully
maintained under his supervision,
and will serve as a guide in the
matter of promotions, demotions,
salary increases or decreases, sep
arations from the service and
other personnel status changes
where such ratings will prove per
tinent and of value in making in
telligent and fair decisions. De
velopment of the report form is
said to be in process at the pres
ent time.
Promotions from one class or
position to a higher class are to
be made by department heads,
subject to the City Manager's ap
proval. Service ratings, along with
seniority and other qualifying fac
tors, shall determine an employe’s
merit for promotion.
The city government intends,
where desirable, to transfer em
ployes permanently or temporarily
from one department to another
where such transfers will result
in more effective work and will
lessen the necessity for making
temporary appointments to handle
peak departmental loads.
Demotions, as a penalty for dis
ciplinary purposes, may be made
oy department heads, subject to
the approval of the City Mana
ger. The same applies to suspen
sions, and dismissals. A regular,
full-time employe shall receive a
seven-day notice of dismissal, or
shall be paid for one week’s work
if separated at the time of notice
of dismissal, provided he has been
employed by the city for one con
secutive year or more.
Reduction In Employes
When it is necessary to reduce
the number of employes on the
city pay roll, because of lack of
works or funds, the City Mana
ger, conferring with department
heads, will undertake thorough in
vestigation of the problem. In
determining the employes to be
affected, the service ratings, and
length of service to the city, will
be considered.
Quoting directly, “City employes
are neither appointed to, nor re
tained in, the service upon the
basis of their political activities.
In return, while city employes
may exercise their right of suff
rage as citizens and engage in
normal political activities, it is
deemed for the best interest of
the municipal government that
they do not participate in muni
cipal election campaigns. This
applies whether an employe is on
or off duty.”
The City Manager will welcome
suggestions from department
heads and employes for improv
ing the personnel system. Excep
tions to the rules may be made at
the discretion of the City Manager
in cases involving exceptional cir
Police department, fire depart
ment, and city-county employes
remain subject to the action of
their respective civil service com
According to Mr. Nichols, there
are at present 91 persons whose
tenure of service with the city
exceeds 10 years. One employe
has worked for the city continu
ously for 36 years.
In connection with initiation of
the new program, central person
nel files and records are to be
established that will include com
plete information on every city
employe. Maintenance of the files,
and details concerning the han
dling of personnel and ratings
data will be in charge of Fred
Rippy, of the city staff.
Of the 308 battles and engage
ments of the Revolutionary War,
92 took place on the soil of New
York state.
Could Cleopatra Drink a Pearl
With Stomach Ulcer Pains?
An intriguing story of Cleopatra is the
one where an admirer praised the beauty
of two of her pearls, whereupon she
dropped one into a glass of wine and
drank it. She would hardly have done
this had she suffered after-eating pains.
Those who are distressed with stomach
or ulcer pains, indigestion, gas pains
heartburn, burning sensation, bloat and
other conditions caused by excess acid
should try Udga. Get a 25c box of Udga
Tablets from your druggist. First dose
must convince or return box xto us and
At Saunders and drug stores every
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ing in this dispute and since the
workers had received a 10 1-2
per cent increase before they were
not entitled to any more under
the little steel formula.
Some brotherhood leaders call
ed the 4 cent decision an “insult,”
The brotherhood chairmen plan
to meet in Chicago Oct. 22 to de
cide what to do about it.
Vinson, in a formal report to
day said he would “not disap
prove the recommendation of a
four-cent raise for the operating
brotherhoods, to take effect Oct.
If the new emergency board fol
lows the pattern set by Vinson in
the operating brotherhoods case,
the higher paid men of the non
operating workers—such as ma
chinists—could not expect to get
substantially more than a four
cent increase. Lower-paid “non
op” workers, however, might get
more, under the government’s
provisions allowing increases
where wages actually are sub
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problems of inherent nationality
must be solved by the master’s
house instead of by guests, what
ever rights they may invoke.
“Many of the signers are, be
sides. connected with the extreme
left as proved by their anti-social,
anti-Argentine backgrounds docu
mented by official records prior to
the revolution. Some of them were
acclaimed by communistic crowds.
"The government is animated by
ample republican feeling as dem
onstrated justly by the publication
of the manifesto; but it won’t tol
erate any tampering, even leg* will I
it accept impositions or polemics
incompatible to the sovereignty of
its representation, x x x x”
The manifesto was signed by 153
prominent leaders in the business,
industrial and agricultural life of
Argentina. The number of persons
holding government positions who
signed it was not immediately
The government values a war
plane pilot of $100,000.
EDENTON, N. C. (#»—Clerks of
court in this district were asked
to attend a meeting. The invita
tions read, "No whiskey will be
served." One clerk showed up.
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Our truck serves like a
mobile linen-closet for
you. It is so constantly at
hand with fresh, clean lin
ens and*, wearables. It 8
what we call “Service.
i It’s why so many families
say, “Serve us!”
135 Hanover Phone 2-3386
Leather Jackets
Ideal for the fine brisk
days of fall and winter
are these leather jackets
for little girls. In turf tan,
brown, green.
Sizes 6-14
To compliment that new leather jacket,
she’ll love a pair of jodphurs. In tan, prown,
and green—she’ll really ride in style.
Sizes 4-14
$1.98 and $3.98
Children’s Dickies are
basic for practically ev
ery outfit. They look so ,
fresh under sweater,
suits and dresses. Yel
low, blue, pink, white.
Children’s Dept.—2nd Floor
f.RflkUtilliam &
Each Ca^.p-Pal tent is made of heavy water - repellant
canvas. Complete with tent poles, stakes and rope.
3Y2 ft. high. 9V2 ft. overall length
LIST PRICE $12 50-OUR PRICE $10.95
25 South Front Street
These lovely one and two piece dresses will
make you forget the cares of this busy war
time life you are living. It’s good for you
to throw off your work clothes and dress up
in a sophisticated, black dressy dress or a
colorful, gay tailored dress. So booster your
morale, stop in at Belk’s Dress Department.
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12-20 .$14.95 up
IddkltilUami Go-.

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