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Bride - Elect
Of January
ijr<. Emmett H. Durham
hostess Honoring Miss
^]ice Borden Moore
m\s Alice Borden Moore, whose
"dding t0 William ■E' Sisson will
"J piace on January 3, was hon
13 ■ Wednesday at a lovely lunch
01 when Mrs. Emmett H. Dur
e011 entertained at Mrs. Haskell
Sfs on Bradley’s Creek.
KGuests were invited for 1 o’clock
. d places were laid at an at
tractively decorated table for the
following: .
Miss *uuul 1 -* — ■ ~
n*Dunn. Miss Peggy Moore, Mrs.
Maurice H. Moore. Mrs. Robert
; Rodman, Miss Virginia Toot,
,,[S xancy Henderson, Miss Eliza
Lh 1 Bridgers, Mrs. Allen H.
Whitehead. Mrs. Donald B. Koonce.
,j,Si william Hall, Mrs. William
H Henderson, Jr., Mrs. Marsden
Bellamy. Jr.. Mrs. Charles Gra
ham_ jiiss Jane Emerson, Miss
Nancy Lynch and Mrs. David
IVinchell Wilson.
Crawford Employes
Honored At Banquet
yr, and Mrs. Irvin Lieberman
of'Crawford’s Fashion Center, en
tertained employes and invited
guests on Saturday evening at a
steak supper, bingo party and
dance at the Friendly banquet hall.
Auxiliary Meetings
Cancelled For Holidays
There will be no meetings of the
Woman's auxiliary of St. John’s
Episcopal church until after the
Christmas holidays it was announc
ed yesterday.
Be amount of fat used in stuff
ip; should depend on how much
natural fat the bird contains.
ASTOR COFFEE consists of
high grade flavory, full-bod
ied coffees, skillfully blended i
and properly roasted to give
you that rich, delicious cup of
coffee so much desired. j
! Christmas Toy |
Clearance |
! large TEDDY BEARS *
! ™«5.$5.95 I
I rr__ -\ I
k Values Ci 7Q g
| ‘o 3.95 .... * 1 » |
\ ,Values 7Qe I
| to 1.59 I sic |
* g
I ALL other toys g
6Q4 Castle St. . g
Bobby Smith, student at The Hill
school at Pottstown, Pa., will ar
rive today to spend the holi
“?ys his Parents, Mr. and
rs. P. R. Smith at their home
m Forest Hills.
* * *
Cadet W. W. Bellamy, Jr., stud
ent at Hargrave Military Academy,
Chatham, Va., has arrived to spend
the Yule holidays with his par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Bellamy
at their home on Wrightsville
* * *
Jack Preston, son of Mr. and
Mrs. L. W. Preston of Forest Hills,
and Joe Morrison, son of Dr. and
Mrs. B. R. Morrison, will arrive
Friday from Durham, whereN they
are students at Duke university.
* * •
Dalziel Sprunt and Gilchrist
Hill, have arrived from Pottstown
Pa., where they are stvdents at
The Hill school, and are spending
the Christmas season at their
homes in the city.
* * *
Miss Elizabeth Marye and Miss
Julia Harriss, who are attending
Stratford Hall in Danville, Va., will
arrive Friday to spend their holi
days at their homes in the city.
• • •
Ensign Walker Taylor. 3rd. has
arrived from San Francisco to
spend the holidays with his par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Walker Taylor
at their home on Forest Hills.
» * •
Miss Carolyn Holland, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond H. Hol
land will arrive this morning
from New York city, where she is
attending The Katharine Gibbs
school, and will be with her par
ems ai meir iiuine un ai:cci
for the holiday season.
* * *
Winder Hughes and Johnny Mur
chison, students at Episcopal High
at Alexandria, Va„ will arrive Fri
day to spend the Christmas holi
days with their parents in the city.
* * *
Miss Nell Trask, student at Ash
ley Hall in Charleston, S. C., is
spending the holiday season with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Heide
Trask at their home in Oleander.
* * *
Cadet Macon Preston, student at
Valley Forge Military Academy,
will arrive Friday to spend the
holidays with his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. L. W. Preston at their home
in Forest Hills.
Miss Mary Hill, student at The
Baldwin school, Bryn Mawr, Pa.,
will arrive Friday to spend the
holidays with her mother at her
home on Market street.
• • •
Miss Catherine Russell, has ar
rived from Edgewood Park school,
Briarcliff Manor, N. Y., to spend
the Christmas season with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Rus
sell at their home in Oleander.
* * •
Miss Alana Matthes, student at
Edgewood Park School, Briarcliff
Manor, N. Y., will arrive today
to spend the holidays with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Mat
thes, Jr., at their home in Foresl
• • •
Miss Margaret Parks, student a
the Woman’s college of the Univer
sity of North Carolina in Greens
boro, will arrive today to spent
the holidays with her parents, Mr
and Mrs. Russell Parks.
* * »
Miss Helen Hicks and Miss Heler
Codington, students at Mary Bald
win, Staunton, Va., will arrive
today to spend the holiday;
with their families here.
• * * *
Miss Laura Roe, student at Hoi
lins college, Virginia, has arrived
to spend the holidays with her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Roe al
their home in Oleander.
* * *
Miss Betty Clark, student at the
Woman’s College of the University
of North Carolina, will arrive to
day to spend the holidays with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Clark,
of Lake Forest.
• • •
Miss Mildred Evans, student at
Agnes Scott college, has arrived to
spend the holidays with her par
• • •
Lt. Col. and Mrs. W. K. Stewart,
Jr.j have arrived to spend the holi
days with Colonel Stewart’s par
ents at their home, 1801 Chestnut
street. Colonel Stewart is on leave
from Lawson General Hospital,
Atlanta, Ga., where he will return
after the holidays for release from
active duty.
* * *
j Aviisa o.vi aigaicb wuiuioiun,
student at East Carolina Teachers
college, Greenville, is spending the
holidays at her home in Winter
• • •
Miss Emma Mitchell, junior at
Salem college, Winston-Salem, ar
rived Tuesday night to spend the
holidays with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. George L. Mitchell at their
home in Forest Hills.
* * *
Miss Gloria Todd, student at the
Advertising School of Art, Nash
ville, Tenn., and her roommate,
Miss Margaret Jones of Winter
Haven, Fla., will arrive Friday
evening to spend the holidays with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. M.
* • •
Mrs. J. B. Russ has returned to
the city after spending several
days in Richmond, Va., and New
port News, Va., visiting her sister,
Mrs. T. A. Murray.
* * »
J. B. Russ, formerly with the U.
S. Maritime commission here, now
with the U. S. Lines, sailed from
here aboard the American Skipper
for London.
• • *
John L. Sutton has been called to
Wray, Ga., on account of the ill
ness and death of his mother, Mrs.
J. A. Sutton.
• * •
Ed George, 109 South 17th street,
is a patient at James Walker
VIemorial hospital.
Christmas Pageant Will Be G i v e n
Sunday At First Presbyterian Church
“The Nativity of our Lord Jesus
Christ,” the pageant to be present
ed at First Presbyterian church,
Sunday, December 23, at 5:30 p.m.
was originally arranged and stag
ed by Elizabeth B. Grimball and
was first presented by an all pro
fessional cast at the Cherry Lane
rheatre in New York.
James H. McKoy, a member of
:he original cast, is directing the
present production. The pageant is
aeing sponsored by the informally
organized Church Drama Guild.
Scripture, music, pantomime,
arid lighting are all used in telling
:he story of the nativity. John Pfeil,
prganist and director of music at
first Presbyterian church, is pre
paring the inspiring musical ac
Traditional Christmas hymns and
parols, several dating from ancient
:imes, will be sung by the com
pined church choirs. R. Brookes
Peters will be the Reader; Everett
Huggins and E. S. Haile are in
pharge of lighting, and Claude Ho
well is responsible for properties.
gr^en caps out
CHICAGO—(U.R)—It’s tough on
the seniors but green material, a
war casualty, was not available for
green caps, a mark of inferiority
for freshmen, this term.
The Egyptians created perfume
in the fourth dynasty.
Just add
•that's all/
L—• snoscci or Americas Home
Misses Carter Fete
Miss Julia Sandlin
At Party In Warsaw
WARSAW, Dec. 19—Misses Eva
and Hazel Carter entertained
Thursday evening at their home
complimentary to Miss Julia
Dean Sandlin, of Beaulaville who
will wed Lt. Aubrey Turner, of
Pink Hill, on Saturday, December
22, in Beaulaville Presbyterian
The Carter home was ensuite
for the party and attractively dec
orated with white candles and pine.
Four tables were arranged for
bridge and two for rummy bearing
table original numbers of green
wedding bells tied with white
satin bows. The dainty tallies and
score pads were of bridal bouquets
imprinted with “Turner-Sandlin.”
During the progressions i*ad
coco colas were served and at the
conclusion of the games high score
awards in bingo and rummy were
received by Mrs. L. A. Brown,
who was given hand crocheted
coasters, Mrs. Robert Blackmore,
candy and Miss Vera Hamilton,
soap. Mrs. Edgar Pollock and Mrs.
J. K. Rea, Jr., each received a
handkercmei ana soap lor Dingo
awards. The hostesses were as
sisted by their mother, Mrs. W. A.
Carter in serving an ice course
with individual cakes and nuts.
The bride’s table was centered
with a novelty bride and groom
music box which played the
‘‘Bridal March”.
Enjoying the hospitality of
Misses Carter were Miss Sandlin
and her mother, Mrs. J. D. Sandlin,
Sr., and Mrs. I. J. Sandlin, Jr.,
of Beaulaville and Mesdames L. A.
Brown, L. S. Whittle, Milton West.
E. D. Pollock, E. F. Strickland,
James Kitchin, F. J. Strickland,
Glenn Rollins, David Currie, Paul
Berry, Mable Waters, J. P. Har
mon, Thomas Rogers, J. K. Rea,
Jr., Robert Blackmore, Emmett
Roark, Hubert Worthington, and
Misses Margaret Miller, Nellie
Corbett and Mildred and Vera
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lewis
Bright announce the birth of a son,
Charles Lewis Bright, Jr., Decem
ber 9, at Marion Sprunt annex.
Mrs. Bright is the former Mary
dell Rose of this city
Gala Holiday
Events S e 1 In
Nation's Capital
i _
By Julia McNinch Slear
Now the fun begins!
For that season to be merry in
is here again. And this Christ
mas, after a lapse of several som
• ber years has sewed glittering se
quins, golden bells, tinsel and
ermine snow on our lives for the
last few days. Small “door-way”
trees, like sparkling gems, add a
festive glow to the inviting holly -
wreathed, candle-lighted windows
that spread their cheery friendly
glow all over town. Gay voices
mingle with familiar Christmas
music and the season s joyDens in
happy medley through the crisp,
frosty air, as the Christmas jol
lification waxes. Something— the
special magic of the Yuletide cheer
with its impending promises no
doubt, has made usually restrained
Washington get down off its social
ladder-climbing a degree or two—
and do metaphorically, just what
the jolly little old elf (and a mil
lion or more human hearts) did
this year, cast everything to the
Wind, to get down to the business
and fun of creating Christmas for
others—for the service men and
women, in particular, who will be
unable to experience a real home
When you. think of hospitalized
Veterans, your thoughts automa
tically turn to the Legion Auxiliary,
if you have ever been a member
and know something of the ex
cellent service they render. And
it was this group of energetic wom
en in the Capital who made it
possible for the servicemen and
women of World War I and World
War II to join in the merry Yule
tide pastime of selecting, wrap
ping and mailing gifts to relatives.
The festive gift shop held the
most tempting array of gifts, all
assembled and contributed by the
District of Columbia units. Some
of the gifts were uniquely individ
ual and many were hand-made,
giving that highly personalized
touch ao necessary in a Christmas
gift for a loved one. There were
gay wrappings of all kinds, brignt
colored ribbons, seals and gift
cards, with each veteran encour
aged to use his or her own partic
ular taste in the color and type
of wrapping. Nor were those not
well enough to “shop” at the gift
shop forgotten. Gifts were taken
to them after they had given
"orders” for just the right gift
for the dear ones. The strangest
thing about the “shop' was the ab
sence of jingling money. For the
I gifts selected by the service peo
ple. were in turn gifts to them
from Auxiliary members. Need
less to say a number of North
Carolina women are substantially
behind the activity and were on
hand. When we stopped in at dusk,
charming and kindly Mrs. Hazel
B. Morrison was moving about
greeting the veterans and helping
them with gift suggestions with
such a happy smile on her face!
Also dispatching her duties with
efficiency and smiling good nature
was Miss Helen Grantham Miller,
who was off later to have dinner
with Mr. and Mrs. John H. Wil
liams who were entertaining in
honor of their guests, the Misses
Rosalie and Dot Williams, up for
a flurry of Christmas shopping.
Memories of servicemen and
women will hark back to childhood
days as they investigate the sur
prises tucked away so neatly in
their stockings Christmas morning.
Saturday night, before a leaping
fire on the very hospitable hearth
of the Gary Goodman’s the Read
ers’ club composed of N. C. wom
en, laid aside their books and
packed with real discriminating
skill a hundred or more “socks”
cram-full of the loveliest gifts,
nuts, candies and fruits. Also, busy
as bees were the "Joycrafters,” a
small group of younger set Tar
Heels, who met with Lissa Hunter i
to complete terrariums and cactus
dish gardens for the bedside ta
bles of non-ambulatory service
men. In the group were the Misses
Mary Agnes Willis, Joan Hart,
“Dee” Andrews, Selina Cox, Mary
MacNeill, Sudie Hoffman and Har
riet Gore Fenton.
Sequins glittered on the smart
frocks of the guests gathered for
luncheon in the large apartment
of Mrs. Mary Colvin Murphy in
Skyline Towers—a delightful place
with its exquisite old furniture and
magnificent vistas—and silver
bells hung with crimson ribbons,
holly and mistletoe accented the
Christmas decorations that framed
the party-setting. An imported
embroidery and lace cloth spread
the table which was decorated with
poinsettas in white vases and white
candlesticks and about which place ,
cards marked places for Mrs. F. .
R. Keefer, wife of General Keefer; j
Mrs. Augustine W. Kelley, wife of .
Representative Kelley; Mrs. Frank ;
T\/T_ _ TT_.1_ n rr_
J JUUgllt.0) iU* U"
May Thompson Evans, Mrs. Selma
Carson Moore, Mrs. John K. Slear,
Miss Margaret Whittington and \
the beautiful well-known concert
and National Broadcasting artist, ’
Estelle Lorenne, who will give
her annual concert in Town Hall, '
New York, in January. Highlight- 1
ing the luncheon were the Christ
mas carols sung by Miss Margaret '
Whittington, former Snow Hill girl,
who is teaching this winter in
Washington, and pleasing Wash
ington music-lovers with the grac- ’
ious use of her beautiful voice. For *
a number of years Miss Whitting
ton has studied from time to time 1
under Dicie Howells in New York. *
After a sumptuous luncheon that 1
included everything from turkey to i
a flaming plum pudding, the guests ■
were treated to a program of sym
phonic and Christmas music over
a rarely perfect toned-phonograph.
Dusk closed in and the lights of <
the city below were twinkling be
fore the last guest bade the charm
ing hostess farewell, hurrying off

MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB ... A gray Persian lamb, in fact,
which made Mary a wonderful short cape banded in stripes of gros
grain ribbon. Designed by Dein Bacher.
for the almost forgotten chore o:
Important invitations are in the
mail to a large and elaborate
luncheon Mrs. Robert H. MacNeil
will give Friday at noon at the
exclusive Washington club for for
ty or more of her Washingtoi
friends. Ranking guest at the part:
which promises to be one of the
very nicest events of the Christ
mas season will be Governor Nel
lie Taylor Ross. Other invitee
guests include Mrs. O. Max Gard
ner, Mrs. Newman A. Townsend
Mrs. Julius Talmage, Presiden
General of the Daughters of the
American Revolution; Mrs. Osca:
Bland, wife of Judge Bland, Mrs
Albert L. Cox, Mrs. Cloyd H. Mar
vin, wife of the president of George
Washington university, Mrs. Davie
Blair, Mrs. Rom Linhey, Mrs. T
E. Petty, formerly of Lumberton
Mrs. Joseph Graham, Mrs. Wadi
Atchison, Mrs. Thomas A. Wadden
Mrs. Robert L. Doughton, Mrs
Roy Woodruff, Mrs. Brooks Setzer
Mrs. Harlee Branch, Mrs. Ton
Norwood, Mrs. Bates Warren, Mrs
Schultz, Mrs. Olin Johnston, o
South Carolina; Mrs. J. Lama:
Caudle, Sr., Mrs. J. Lamar Caudli
Jr., Mrs. Albert Pike, Mrs. J. D
Gilliam, Mrs. George MacNeill
and Mrs. Easley, daughters of the
Jr., Mrs. Grace Bruton and Mrs
John K. Slean.
Still other North Carolinians ari
looking forward enthusiastically t<
the reception Miss Meredith How
ard will give at the United Nation:
Clubhouse in honor of the Under
secretary of War and Mrs. Ken
aeth C. Royall, who are beinj
feted widely. Wednesday, Mrs
Royall was honoree at a receptioi
given by Mrs. Chapman Rever
lomb at the Sulgrave club. Th<
5:30 to 7:30 affair was not a "La
lies only” party—not by any
means—Standing next to his wif<
was the genial host, and thorough
,y enjoying the gathering of friend:
was the hrfndsome Undersecretary
3f War himself. While Governoi
Gardner, who has a new string o:
;itles attached to his name, s<
valuable is his opinion in settling
:oday’s greatest problems— wa:
mtertaining a group of friends ir
lis jovial manner as his wife
moved among the gay masses
greeting old friends. Taking turns
>ver the tea cups were Mrs. Alberl
Jox, Mrs. John McClellan. Mrs,
Peter Gerry and Mrs. Robert A.
WCUNC Christmas
Holidays Begin
Today, End Jan. 3
GREENSBORO, Dec. 19.—Christ
mas. vacation for students and fac
ilty,members at The Woman’s Col
ege will begin tomorrow (Thurs
iay) at 11 o’clock, following a ween
'illed. with holiday activities.
The campus has been decorated
0 add to the festive mood of the
season, with each residence hall
banning its own tree and other dec
srations for the parlors. A giant
ir tree at the center of the campus
in South Spencer lawn has been
estooned with scores of lights.
Vreaths have been placed on en
sra'npes to all residence halls and
in the doors of Chancellor W. C.
rackson, Miss Harriet Elliott, dean
if women, and the Infirmary by
hembers of the Freshman ‘Y’ clubs
ollowing the traditional “Hanging
if the Greens” by that group Sun
lay night.
Tonight the annual Christmas
linner was served in the four din
ng halls. Carols were sung and
small gifts exchanged among the
sable groups. All of the 15 residence
tails had parties tonight as a fin
1 feature of the Christmas events.
Classes will be resumed Thursday
norning, January 3, at 8 o’clock,
nd next major event on the col
ege calendar will be semester ex
iminations, which will be held
lanuary 24-30.
Ever try tucking a clove of gar
ic into the joint of a leg of lamt
ir rubbing a clove of garlic over
he entire surface of pork chops?
iTou’ll enjoy seeing your guests
smack their lips in approval.
Vows Announced
The marriage of Miss Elizabetl
1 Louise Fryer, daughter of Mr. an<
Mrs. Charles R. Fryer and Johi
Herman Schulte, son of Mr. an;
Mrs. Joe Charles Schulte of Jop
' lin, Missouri, was solemnize(
Thursday, December 6, at St. Paul’
Lutheran church.
The Rev. Walter B. Freed offi
ciated using the double ring cere
mony. The vows were spoken be
fore an altar arranged with whit;
; chrysanthemums.
Prior to the ceremony, Mrs. Eliz;
Schulken, organist, and Mrs. J. E
’ Edwards, violinist, presented a prc
I gram of nuptial music.
The bride was given in marriag
by her father, and the bridegroor
, was accompanied by his brothei
Captain J. C. Schulte, as best mar
' Mrs. Thomas P. Brown, sister c
the bride, was matron-of-honor, an
| Martin G. Schnibben and Thoma
P. Brown were groomsmen.
f The bride wore an aqua crep
. dress with brown accessories. Sh
. wore a purple orchid corsage.
The matron-of-honor wore a gre;
and fuchsia crepe dress with
■ corsage of red roses.
Mrs. Fryer, mother of the bride
wore black crepe with a corsag
of white carnations.
• Immediately after the ceremon;
i a small reception was held at th
• home of the bride for the immedi
• ate family and out-of-town guests.
The bride is • a graduate of Ne\
Hanover High school and atter.de
il the Woman’s college, University c
North Carolina. She is employe;
‘ by the Atlantic Coast Line.
The bridegroom is a graduate c
1 Joplin High school and Iowa Stat
college. He is employed by the Vir
ginia-Carolina Chemical corpora
1 tion.
Among those who entertainei
1 honoring the bride were: Mrs
Thcmas P. Brown, Mrs. Rober
’ Bowden, Miss Alice Rose, Mis
Vivian Carter, Mr. and Mrs. R. L
Fryer, and Mr. and Mrs. W. H
CHICAGO.—(U.R) — Developmen
of the atmoic bomb resulted Iron
the availability of ideas and ex
periments of scientists of man;
countries and serves as an ex
ample that science is internationa
in character, according to Rober
M. Hutchins, chancellor of the
University of Chicago.
Ducks and geese generally havi
more fat than chickens and tur
KIDDIEMOX ... hand-sewn
moccasins that assist nature
by allowing fullest foot free
dom plus gentle protection.
Annual Christmas
Dance Is Planned
By Prestons Here
Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Preston
have issued invitations in the city
for a dance to be given in the
evening following Christmas at the
Cape Fear Country club in honor
of their sons, Pat, Jack and Dinks,
who are home for the holiday
This will be the fourth annual
Christmas party honoring the\r
sons and will begin at 9 o’clock.
A meeting of the Crepe
Myrtle Garden club will be held
in the Chadbourn building Fri
day at 3:30 o'clock.
The East Wilmington Home
Demonstration club will hold a
Christmas party this evening
at 8 o’clock at the home of Mrs.
Charles Franklin Jones, Mar
ket street road.
The Seagate Methodist church
will present a Christmas play
on this evening at 7:30 o’clock.
The wedding of Miss Dorothy
M. Kennedy and Capt. S. M. Eg
gers scheduled to have been held
Sunday, December 16, was post
poned due to illness in the family
of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Kennedy
of Delco, it was announced Wed
nesday evening.
Estonians decorate their Christ
mas table with little fir trees anc
branches; prepare for Christmas
dinner home-made beer, port
sausages and rye bread shapec
‘ like a haystack.
B. GURR, Jeweler
264 N. Front St.
Home Agent Plans
Open - House Friday
Miss Ann Mason, home demon
stration agent, and her assistant.
Miss Doris Landen, will hold open
house from 10:30 a. m. to 5 p. m.
on Friday December 21, at the
home demonstration office In the
custom house.
All New Hanover home demon
stration club members and guests
are cordially invited to join their
friends over a cup of coffee at
the office on Friday.
—Pfc. John W. Riley, of Vineyard
Haven, honed to be the first resi.
dent of Martha’s Vineyard Island
to reach Hitler’s hideout at Berch
tesgaden. But when he arrived
there he found scrawled on the
“Domingoes L. Silva, Martha's
For just the right touch of addl
ed flavor, pour syrup left from
pickled fruits over a veal roast
and use pineapple juice for bast
ing that slice of ham in the oven.
A bay leaf added to the pan
with roast pork or braised pork
chops will enhance the flavor.
Know tho Joy of Jot Black Hair \ \
uBy Tonight”—If your hair to dull,
faded, streaked, gray or discolored and to caus
ing you to lose out in love, romance and success
only 60c, you can get the genuine BLACK
STRAND Jet Black Hair Coloring from your,
druggist. Seehoweasyitistoapply...see how
the very first application colors your hain
smooth, soft and lovely with jet black beauty
... whether it’s all your hair or just to touch-up
your hair at roots, temples, parting or streaks,
see how simple it is to keep your hair looking a
youthful, jet black shade with BLACK
Mongy Back Guarantee
NAIR COLORING for only 60c from
your druggist. If you don’t know the
Joy of jet Meek heir “by tonight,” i
you get your money back cheerfully.
CAUTIONBlack Strand la to b.
Bid aalf aa diractad aa tba UM.
305 W. Adams, Chicago 6, m.
HATvrr* weareci°s*nsat7:00p>m,»
3 H U 1 1 If U • December 22nd and will remain
1 closed until January 2nd. All customers are urged
to call for their pictures by December 22.
5 119 Grace St. Dial 6223
: Do Your Last Minute Shopping B
At 1
, 408 WALNUT ST. I
f Everything for Children—Infancy to 14 yrs. B
Also fl
Santa Says:
Give Flowers
Place Your Order
•% NOW For:
f • Flowering Plants
• Corsages
• Poinsettias
Flowers by wire delivered anywhere
in the U. S.
Will Rehder
21 N. Front Dial 9(49
^ H

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