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t0KY0, Feb. 6.—(IP)—Gen. Sada- j
.. •; omura, Japan’s post-sur
;n‘der war minister, today was
Snored arrested as an inter
°r.j0;,al war crimes suspect. Au-i
thorita;:ve allied headquarters1
' rces asserted that he had
f ial orders for the exe
5 rion of three Doolittle fliers in
General MacArthur also fci
c-rjeted the Japanese government
*0 roUnd up and deliver to Sugamo
, ison IS other militarists suspect
-of crimes against prisoners of
,Ca.-U They presumably will be
,ri‘d bv American military com
Siiimomura told the Associated
prc‘E’s in an exclusive interview
shortly before his arrest was or
dred" that responsibility for the
airmen’s execution rested with
.ioher Tokyo and China officers,
although their death followed his
assumption of command.
Either wartime Premier Hideki
Tojo or Field Marshal Gen Sugi
vamawho since has committed
vama who since has committed
ntomura added, and.
i "It was no time for me to ex
press an opinion. I thought I had
to carry the order out automatic
ally.” . -
On the occupation front, four of
General MacArthur’s section
heads asserted that reduction of
U. S. forces in Japan to approxi
mate], 230.000 men—from a peak
of possibly 450.000—has left their
departments so sharply under
manned that their work is handi
Col. C. F. Sams, commanding
the public health and welfare sec
tion. told newspapermen “unless I
get replacements I might as well!
close up shop and go home my
self." He said he lost five key of
ficers this month.
Col. H. I. T. Creswell, chief of
civil intelligence, raid 80 per cent
of his personnel would be returned
to America by July, and even the
reduction to date “materially re
duces the extent” of guarding
against subversive activity. 1
I Telephone Walkout
[ May Not Be Called
I WASHINGTON, Feb. «.—(£>)—A
SI spokesman for the National Fed
|| eration of Telephone workers indi
il cated today that a nationwide
|l strike may not be necessary to
|| settle union demands for a $2-a-day
H wage increase.
Affiliated unions representing
about half of the NFTU’s approxi
mately 250,000 members have filed
strike notices which would be put
into effect when the 30-day cooling
off period ends Feb. 21.
| The spokesman said, however,
that a conference of union officials
n Memphis Feb. 17 would deter
mine whether a strike actually
would be called. He believed a
pattern had been found for the
settlement of all disputes.
The amount of venom Injected
by a poisoinous snake depends
upon the size of the snake, the
length of time the poison has
been accumulating, the depth of
the bite and its location.
Lemon Juice Recipe
Checks Rheumatic
Pain Quickly
If you suffer from rheumatic, arthritis Of
neuritis pain. try this simple Inexpensive home
recipe that thousands are using. Get a pack
nse of Ru-Ex Compound, a two-week supply,
May. Mix it with a quart of water, add the
Ju-ce of 4 lemons. It's easy. No trouble at
*'■ and pleasant. You need only 3 tablespoon
*uls two times a day. Often within 48 hours
— sometimes overnight — splendid results are
obtained. If the pains do not quickly leave
,nd if you do not feel better, return the
empty package and Ru-Ex will cost you noth
ln8 to try as it Is sold by yotir druggist under
*n absolute money-back guarantee. Ru-Ex
tompuund Is for sale and recommendec by
Sounders Drug Store and drug stores
c' ery where.
proves great success for
Prcmstty relieves Itching-elds healing
Sere s a Doctor’s formula — Zemo — a
Painless liquid which appears invisible
M skin—yet so highly medicated that
rf “Plications relieve itching, burn*
lr:‘of Eczema, Psoriasis and similar skin
!u“ fc“lp irritations—due to external
c “.'e. Zemo also aids healing. Won’t
e::uw on skin. Apply any time. In 3
“'“erect sizes. ZEMO
daily crossword
ACROSS 2. Chair 19. Devoured
1. Donkey 3. Coverlet* 20. Offer
4. To eat the 4. Strike* 21. Faultily
evening (slang) 22. Straight
meal 5. Long- 23. Writing
7. Percolate horned fluid
8. Order under wild ox 24. Parasitic
seal 6. Swine herb
10. Place of 7. Astringent 26. Monetary
worship fruit unit
11. Foretell 9. Hubbub (Bulg.)
13. That which 10. Perform 28. Handbag Yesterday's Aniwer
is contained 12. Kind of 29. Boundary 33. Roman
15. Greek letter football 30. Land held goddess
16. Beverage game in indepen- 84. Part of a
17. Roman 14. Boy’s dence (Law) church
money nickname 81. Affirmative 86. Rowing
18. Excavated 18. Owing vote implement
19. Sum up
20. Fleshy tuber
21. Mine
24. Devoutnes*
25. Explosive
26. Cover
27. Vex
28. Enclosure
for animal*
29. Ballad
32. Selenium
33. Youthful
35. Rub hard
37. Pacific
38. Converts into
39. Greedy
40. Spawn of
41. Cares*
1. Sicilian
CRYPTOQUOTE—A cryptogram quotation '*?,:
Yesterday’s Cryptoquote: MUCH IS SHE WORTH A N’t) EVEN
Distributed by King Features Syndicate, Inc.
LONDON, Feb. 6.— Ufl —Britain
may be forced to ration bread a
measure avoided even in the dark
est days of the war—unless wheat
consumption is greatly decreas
ed says Food Minister Sir Ben
Meanwhile, Sir Ben informed
Britons, their bread will revert to
the dark type they ate during the
war years. He said there was a
“50-50” chance that American
bread also would have to be dark
ened, perhaps as much as Bri
tain’s, because of a world wheat
shortage. !
He took to the ra^dio to urge the
people to “save every scrap of
bread,” and Agriculture Minister
Tom Williams called on all Britons
to spade up their backyards again
and plant gardens to help feed
Sir Ben said reduced livestock
feed also would mean lowered Bri
tish supplies of bacon, poultry and
eggs and declared consumption of
fats would be reduced by lopping
an ounce of every persons weekly
ration of lard.
He said that 220,000 ton* of Bar
ley promised t o distillers for
whiskey would be withheld be
cause “food must come before
whiskey,” but that 110,000 tons al
ready delivered would be permit
ted to go into liquor manufacture.
The one bright spot in the food
minister’s forecast was an an
nouncement that rations of jam,
milk, suett and canned foods would
be increased slightly.
He told the House of Commons
yesterday that world wheat sup
plies were more than 5,000,000 tons
short of requirements and that
Britain had absolutely no reserve.
BUXTON, Feb. 6.—(A>)—Shifting
wind, a rising tide and two tugging
coast guard boats from Chicami
comico and Hatteras stations
floated the Wood Towing com
pany’s barge upon which Schlum
berger and Haliburton equipment
were being brought here and the
barge docked at mid-afternoon af
ter being stranded for 60 hours.
Both heavy pieces of equipment
were brought ashore and the Sch
lumberger test was underway be
fore nightfall.
Dial 2-3311 For Newspaper Service
Disabled and wounded service
men and veterans traveling by rail
will be given necessary assistance
as outlined in a letter sent yester
day to the Atlantic Coast Line rail
road by J. J. Pelley, president oi
the Association of American rail
Copies of the letter have been
sent other roads and distributed
by the medical, transportation and
military police branches of the
armed services and by the Vet- I
eran’s Administration.
The plan contemplates special
consideration to be extended to
such passengers in passage through
train gates, assistance in obtaining
seats and passage to and from
dining cars.
The plan is already in effect a1
the Union Station in Washington,
D. C., Pelley wrote.
Marine Corps Air Base
Commander Receives
High Honors
CHERRY POINT, Feb. 8.—Maj.!
Gen. Ralph J. Mitchell, USMC,
commanding general of the Ma
rine Corps air bases, has been
decorated with the Army’s Distin
guished Service medal in Wash
ington for his outstanding leader
ship from November, 1944, to May,
1945, as commander of all aircraft
of the Allied Air Forces in the
northern Solomons area of the
His newest citation states that
as air commander in the Solomons
area, he welded together air or
ganizations of the United States,
Australia, and' New Zealand into
a striking force that neutralized
bases in the northern Solomons,
New Britain, and New Ireland.
Under his direction, his First Ma
rine Aircraft Wing fliers were
sent into the Philippines to blast
an invasion path for Army In
fantry from Leyte to Manila. Pre
viously he had been awarded the
Navy’s Distinguished Service
medal for the “skillful planning
and execution of coordinated air
attacks against the Japanese
stronghold of Rabaul in New Brit
General Mitchell also has the
unique distinction of having been
awarded both the Army’s and' the
Navy’s Legion of Merit. His deco
rations total 15, including in addi
tion to the four named above: the
Distinguished Flying Cross, two
Air medals, World War I Victory
medal, World War II Victory
medal, American Defense medal,
American Campaign medal of
World War II, Pacific Campaign
medal of World War II, Second
Nicaraguan Campaign medal,
Philippine Liberation ribbon and
Nicaraguan Presidential medal of
Lumberton Station
To Be Discontinued
RALEIGH, Feb. 6. —(A>)— The
present Seaboard Air Line pass
enger station at Lumberton will be
discontinued, and the freight sta
tion about a block away will be
enlarged to serve as a combina
tion passenger-freight station. The
state utilities commission ap
proved yesterday a request for
the change
The time for listing taxes has been
extended for a short time. Please
list promptly and save penalties.
Firit Section Of FR
Stamp Collection Sold
NEW YORK, Feb. 6.—<JP)—
Auction of the first section of the
personal stamp collection of the
late Franklin D. Roosevelt brought
$134,610, which was $35,000 more
than had been expected.
In all 885 lots were sold in three
sessions at the Parke-Bernet Gal
leries, Inc.
An unidentified South American
bidder was so persistent during
! the final session last night that he
raised the price for a rare block ol
four of Brazil’s 1843-60-reis in
“bull’s eye” design to $1,600 be
fore the gavel fell. The price for
the block in the catalogues was
RALEIGH, Feb. 6.—tfP)—A total
of 126 applications for federal
funds to finance the preparation
of plans for nearly $19,000,000 in
public works in North Carolina
were reported to the State Plan
ning board today by Felix A. Gris
sette, managing director of the
MIAMI BEACH. Fla., Feb. 6.—
(U.R)—Mrs. Minna Epstein, the sit
ting lady of Miami Beach, had a
room of her own today in a private
After spending four days and
three nights in the lobby of a hotel
at which she had no reservation,
friends obtained space for her at
a rest home. She had a good
light’s sleep in one of the resort
:ity’s few unoccupied beds.
It was learned that relatives in
New York, learning of tier plight,
arranged through physicians here
that she be taken care of. Mrs.
Epstein was taken to • the rest
home late last night.
RALEIGH, Feb. 6.— (/P) —Dr.
Clyde A. Erwin, North Carolina
superintendent of public instruc
tion. has been re-elected chairman
of the Legislative committee of
the National Council of CWet State
School officials. He returned today
from Buffalo, N. Y., where th*
annual meeting of the council wa»
Siberia is almost twice as larg*
as continental United States.
Put two drops Penetro Nose
Drops in each nostril at bed
time. breathe easier Cold
clogged passages clear —
sleep comes quickly. Cau
tion : use only as directed. 25c.
2V2 times as much 50c. Al
ways get PenetroNoseDrops.
Smoothly Finished Ironing Boards
Folds Compactly For Easy Storage
Beaded edge, smooth finished wood
top! Strong, double truss legs- Specially de
signed open and closing action ... time-and
labor saving! Full 13x46 inch size.
O'Cedar Oil Nop
Fampus O’Cedar
quality; Long
wearing cotton
yarn strand* get
all the dust.
Padded center
protect* fumish
ture. -M/V
Clothes Hamper
Actually holds
28 pounds laun
dry, yet occupies
very little floor
space. Sturdily
smartly style
?martly styled
12 x 22 x 29 1-2
inches high.
— /-A
5-Sewn Broom
s m o o t h ly,
Cleans! All
good quality
broom corn.
Securely sew
ed live times.
Step Ladder Stool
Folding stool -
Built like a step
ladder. Will serve
for dozen of uses.
22” high, steel
Self-Wringing Nop
•'Lady - Finger’*
protects not only
your hands, but
our back, too!
Performs easily.
Quickly, .thor
oughly, Replace
able head.
Clothes Basket
Unusually deep
clothes. basket.
Strong reinfor
ced frame bot
tom. Made of
double clear ma
ple splint. Rivet
ed handles.
100 Ft. Clothes
Cast Iron Dntch Oven
Wax Appliciator
Applies wax
smoothly. Re
movable head,
easy to wash.
Maid of Honor Wax
Gal. Jug
Self polishing,
durable. Easi
1 y applied.
Spreads easi
ly. G a 1 1 o n
Aluminum Skillet
12-0z. Mop Head
C h a 1 lenge
quality mop
head of strong
4 - ply cotton
yarn. Well
sewed. 8 - oz.
size. Buy sev
Handles -_49c
4-Pc. Bowl Set
P| 1.59
' Colorful bowl let
in 4 - convenient
TT: sizes. Each bow
'I \ different; pastel
p shade. For mix
ing or storing.
Bun Warmer
9-Gallon Galvenized
Look at this
Low, Low Price
Trust Sears to bring vou “hard-to-get necessities” as fast as they
come off the production lines. And please note, the low pre-war
price, too. Heavy gauge, galvanized steel can with corrugated
sides. Stout bail handle, securely fastened. Tight-fitting cover
helps keep stray animals away from garbage.
Handy combi
nation cooker.
Made of heavy
cast iron with
skillet top.
1.00 2.19
This Is a very
well designed Heavy gauge
skillet of alumi- alumi n u m.
num. Extra heavy I
TT lr Burn warmer
Has self-cooling
handle, io 1-2 and casserole
inches. combination.
Fine Qualify EMMELWARE
3 Qt. Sauce Pan
* 59c
Three coats of smooth white porcelain
enamel are fused into a quality steel
base. Will Eise long service. White with
red and black trim. Just what you've i
been looking for.
VA Qt. Cov’d Kettle .-1.29
6 Qt. Cov’d Kettle.1.59
3-Lb. Fruit Cake
Rum and Brandy
fruit cake — mad*
from an exclusive
recipe with an abun
dance of fine fruit*,
nut*, etc.
Curtain Stretcher
Practically adjusts
•elf without effort.
Bail-point pins pre
vent tearing curtain.
New rigid-lock easel
holds stretcher firm.
5x8 feet.
Chrome Bath Stool
Handy bath stool.
Takes up very little
space. Chrome steel
frame with sturdy
wood seat. Choice of
pastel colors to j
match bathroom col
3_ jj
, _ . - - ... '-.-J

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