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. WMFD - I40Q-KC
• .M.
< 1:30—Church of God.
3:00—News summary,
i 3:15—Pentecostal church,
f ):00—Correspondents Around the Worm.
): 15—Musical Reveille.
};00—Voice of Prophecy.
1:30—The Southernaires.
1:00—Fifth Avenue Methodist _
2:00—This Week Around the World
I (noon)
‘ .!».
1 2:30—Music For Sunday.
1 1:00—John B. Kennedy—news.
: 1:15—The Star-News Newsreei
• 1:30—Easy Listening. Fxtra with
| 1:55—Your Sunday News Extra witn
George Gunn.
• 2-00—Old Fashioned Revival Hour.
3 :00—Elmer L avis—news.
3:15—Sunday Days.
3:30—Johnny Thompson and Bene
? Woods.
1:00—Darts for Dough.
1 4:30—Mary Small
I 5:00—Jones and L
! 5:30—Counterspy.
, 3;oo—Philco Hall of Fame.
3:30—Sunday Evening Party.
7*00—Drew Pearson—news.
7:15—Don Gardner—news.
' 7:30—Quiz Kids.
1-00—Ford Sunday Evening Hour.
9-OO^Walter Winchell.
, D: 15—Louella Parsons. __
1 9:30—LaGuardia SDeaks for Liberty.
■ 9':43—Jimmy Fidler.
0:00—Theater Guild.
8:00—The Farry Four.
8:15—St. Julia church.
8:30—Musical Clock.
9:00—Classical Hour.
9-30_1The Lutheran Hour.
0:00—UP News.
0'05—-Voice of Divine Wisdom.
0:20—Beatand Hirsch.
0:30—Chaplain Jim—MBS
1:00—Local Church Service.
2 00—Noon-Time.
2:13—Frankie Carle.
2:30—This is Music.
1:00—American Radio Warblers—MBS
1:15—Ilka Chase—MBS.
1:30—The Quiet Hour.
2 00—Pro Arte Quartet—MBS.
2-30—Bill Cunningham—MBS.
2:45—Pale Carnegie—MBS.
3 00—Old Fashioned Revival Hour—-TN.
4:00——Murder is My Hobby—MBS.
4'-30_True Detective Stories—MBS,
5:00—The Shadow—MBS.
5:30—Quick As a Flash—MBS.
6 00—Nick Carter—MBS.
6:30—Cedric Foster—MBS.
6-45—Fulton Lewis, Jr.—MBS.
7:00—Lest We Forget.
7:15—Your New Home.
7:30—World’s Most Honored Music.
8 -00—Mediation Board—MBS.
8:30—Don't Be a Sucker—MBS.
8:45—Gabriel Heatter—MBS.
9:00—ExDloring the Unknown—MBS.
}:30—Double or Nothing—MBS.
10:00—Freedom of Opportunity—MBS.
10:30—What’s the Name of that Song
11:00r—Tomorrow's Headlines.
11:15—:Sign Off.
Eastern Standard Time F.M.
Uh&ztges in programs as listed are due
t* corrections by networks made
too late to incorporate.
12:3®--The Robert Merrill Concert—NBC
Trans-Atlantic Call, Exchange — CBS
Piano Playhouse, Piano Trio — ABC
Lutheran Half Hour Services MBS
1:00—Fifteen Minutes Newscast — NBC
The Church of the Air Sermons—CBS
John B. Kennedy and Comment—ABC
Singing Canaries Program—MBS-bas.
1:15—American United, a Forum — NBC
Orson Welles Weekly Comment — ABC
Ilka Chase in a Broadcast—MBS-bas.
1:30—U. of Chicago Roundtable — NBC
Lyman Bryson’s Commentation — CBS
Sammy Kay’s Serenade; News — ABC
Sunday Afternoon Song Time — MBS
1:45—Ed Murrow’s Commentary — CBS
2:00—Stars Concert With Barlow—NBC
Magazine Theater and Guests — CBS
Dorothy Claire with Her Songs — ABC
Pro Arte Quartet in Concert — MBS
2:30—John Charles Thomas Song — NBC
Hollywood Star Time Theater — CBS
Sunday Vespers via the Radio — ABC
BiH Cunningham in Comment — MBS
2:45—Dean M. Thompson Talk — MBS
3:00—Parade of Music, Max Hill — NBC
N. Y. Philharmonic Symphony — CBS
Elmer Davis in a Commentary — ABC
Songs From Along the Trail — MBS
3:15—The Galen Drake Program — ABC
3:36—One Man's Family, Drama — NBC
Johnny Thompson, Ilene Woods—ABC
The Vera Holly Song Program — MBS
4:00—National Forum & Guests — NBC
Melody Fantasy — ABC-New ' England
Darts for Dough, a Quiz—other ABC
Murder Is My Hobby, Mystery — MBS
4:30—Jazz vs. Classics Matinee — NSC
Nelson Eddy Concert & Guests—CBS
Mary Small in a Sunday Revue—ABC
Detective Mysteries via Radio — MBS
6:00—NBCSymphony Toscanine — NBC
Family Time & Patrice Munsel — CBS
Jones and I, a Safety Drama — ABC
The Shadow’s Mystery Series — MBS
6:30—Gene Autry & Song Show — CBS
David Harding, a Counterspy — ABC
Quick as a Flash in a Quiz — MBS
6:45—Quincy Howe Commentary — CBS
6:00—The Catholic Radio Service — NBC
AdventuBgs of Ozzie & Harriet — CBS
Hall of Fame, Paul Whiteman — ABC
Nick Carter, Detective Drama — MBS
0:3®—Great Gildersleeve Comedy — NBC
The Baby Snooks Comedy Show — CBS
Sunday Evening Party Music — ABC
Cedric Foster & His Comment — MBS
«:«a—ruiton Lewis «ir., tomm —
7:00—Jack Benny Comedy Show — NBC
Adventure! With the Thin Man — CBS
Drew Pearson and Commentary — ABC
Operatic Review, Solos & Orch.—MBS
7:15—News Summary for 15 Min.—ABC
7:30—The Bandwagon Broadcast—NBC
Blondie-Dagwood Comedy Skit — CBS
Quiz Kids and Joe Kelly M.C.—ABC
Adventures in Rhythm Orch. — MBS
8:00—Chas. McCarthy & Bergen — NBC
Marlin Hurt’s Beulah Comedy — CBS
The Sunday Evening Symphony — ABC
Alexander & Mediation Board—MBS
8:30—Fred Allen’s Comedy Gang — NBC
Crime Doctor, Dramatic Series — CBS
Don’t Be a Sucker, Dramatic — MBS
8:45—Gabriel Heatter Comment — MBS
8:55—Five Minutes News Period — CBS
8 ;00—Sunday’s Merry Go Round—NBC
Request Performance by Guests—CBS
Walter Winchell Broadcasting — ABC
Exploring Unkonwn in Science — MBS
9:15—Commentary on Hollywood — ABC
9:30—Album of Familiar Music — NBC
James Melton Sunday Concert — CBS
La Guardia’s Sunday Comment — ABC
Double or Nothing in a Quiz — MBS
9:45—jimmy Fidler’s Hollywood — ABC
10:00—Phil Spitalny & Girl Orch. — NBC
Phlf-Baker’s Take It or Leave It—CBS
Theater Guild Dramatic Hour — ABC
Freedom of Opportunity, Drama—MBS
10:30—Meet Me at Parky’s Now-NBC
W«, the People, a Guest Show - CBS
Sunday Night Show in Variety — MBS
ll:00*-Variety and News (2 hr.>- N|C
News. Variety: Dance (2h.)—1CBS-abc
CoBunent & Dance Bands (2 h.)—mbs
Ingalls Ship Will fe
Christened Tuesday
PASCAGOULA, Miss., Feb. 9—
1 (u.f>)_The all-welded SS Mormac
! land, built by the. Ingalls Ship
building corp. for the Moore-Mc
Cormack lines, will be chns
tened here Tuesday by Miss
Dorothy Mary'O’Donnell, of Brook
lyn, It was announced today.
The Morma eland is the fourt of
seven 492-foot cargo - passenger
ships being built by Ingalls. The
ship will be used on the American
Sc antic line of the Moore-McCor
mack Lines.
Over The Airways
In our never-ending search for up-to-the-minute views
and news on the current radio situation, we dropped in on
E. R. Pickard, who had just returned from a radio confer
ence in New York. We were well rewarded for our visit as
“E. R.” told us, without any quibbling that, in his opinion,
new radios would be on the retailers shelves within the next
. , n . _ 1 1 x- - ________
Du Clays, uccnicu annuo u iuu
good to be true, and we told
him that we thought he was
pulling our leg er, ah, wasn’t
he being a bit over-enthusias
tic? Indeed, he wasn’t being
any such a thing. As a mat
ter of fact if it hadn’t been
for the strikes we would be.
listening to the post-war set
right now. He left no room
for doubt that the long await
ed sets are really on their
way. Right this minute, the
better - known companies
could deliver some sets. But
they don’t want to deliver
them in driblets. They would
rather wait until they can
distribute a fairly large quan
tity. Most of the larger and
better - known manufacturers
adhere to the policy of hold
ing a portion of their produc
tion in reserve for replace
ments, and this is another
reason they will await full
There were a number of the les
ser known sets being offered, and
this rather puzzled “E. R.” He
is still wondering how come these
manufacturers could have their
sets off the production lines in
spite of the shortage which has
plagued the trade lo these majay
months. But they went a-begging,
for most dealers feel that they
would rather have the standard
trade-marks on display when they
offer the boxes to a radio-hungry
Asked about the possibility of
FM in the near future, he said:
“A number of the concerns were
now building a combination set
with both AM and FM being in
For the most part, this combina
tion of wave bands is being in
stalled only in standard sets. This
is another reason why dealers
would rather wait longer before
stocking their shelves. But “E.
R.” left no doubt in our mind that
we will be able to walk in and pur
chase a new set sooner than most
of us had anticipated.
Something new, interesting and
startling in the local radio picture
is due to break next week when
a new feature takes to the WMFD
airways. Sorry, we can’t give
you all the details now, but we can
tell you it will be worth listening
to . , . Lois Butler, 14-year-old
coloratura soprano, will be the
soloist when “Symphonies For
Youth” is aired over ABC on the
23rd. . . Hymns of all churches
heard Tuesday, 10:30 a. m., ABC
. . . An early Victor recording
cost seven dollars. . . John B.
Kennedy on ABC: “Early to bed
and early to rise, and you meet
very few of the prominent guys”
. . . .Requests for Metropolitan
Opera ballots have passed the
100,000 mark. This is your chance
to select one of the six operas to
be broadcast next yea*. . .
Changes: Dick Tracy will move
to 8 p. m., Saturday nights as of
the 16th. The Green Hornet to
Saturday night at 7:30 p. m. Fam
ous Jury Trials from Friday
(this week) to Saturday, 8:30 p. m.
Between You and Me
The local American Legion show
via remote, direct from the Legion
home, next Wednesday, is really
shaping up into something big.
On the rostrum as invited guests
will be Col. Wiley Pickens, direc
tor, North Carolina Veterans’ com
mission: J. G. Thornton, presi
dent of the Wilmington Savings
and Trust company, and R. B.
Page, publisher of the Star-News,
These business and civic leaders,
in addition to several other guests
whose names will be announced
tomorrow, will answer questions
put to them by members of the
audience. This Is the first ‘live”
casting of such a program in this
area, and already a large numbei
of persons have indicated their in
tention of being present when the
program is aired from the ball
room of the Home at 8:30 o’clock.
While the regular weekly casting,
“The Wilmington American Legior
On the Air,” is ordinarily allotted
15 minutes, Wednesday night’s air
ing will be a full half-hour. Stic!
this show on your must list righi
Orson Welles, 1:15 p. m., ha!
one of the liveliest, most spon
taneous 15-minute eommentariei
to hit radio since the days of A
Woolcott . , . Remember whei
Graham McNamee sold Texaco b;
calling it “gasaloon” . . .Someoni
called in and said James C. Worn
mock was the oldest Tide Wate:
Power company employe. Still hov
about it? . . . Paul Wilson rushinj
in his usual manner carrying thi
“mail’! to the bank. , . Max Reg
ister comes up with this contrib.
“The meanest thing you can do
to a woman is lock her in a room
with a thousand hats and no mir
rors” . . .Pat Patterson, plumber
ing department, shipyard, holding
his Saturday class on the corner
of Front and Princess. . .Roy Fen
nell, Jr., stops us to remark that
the American dollar mark was
designed from the letters “U. S.
super-imposed. . .Here is a good
radio question Joe Cavanaugh
writes, “Who was the only unmar
ried president of the U. S.?” . . -
Mrs. John Walker, up from
Wrightsville for the day, dining
with husband . . JE. B. Smith drops
by with an interesting sea story
. . .“Skip” Skipper doesn’t seem
to lose any weight on those fishing
trips, but to hear him tell it, the
fish are that biggggggg. . . Never
see Nick Nixon that we aje not
reminded of the days he had a
stable of big-time fighters. . .It’s
a regular parade when’ Pai.
O’Crowley walks up or down the
main street. So many stop to say
“hello” . . .A John Dixon stops
and informs us that a typical wife
marries at 24 and lives five years
longer than her husband, threatens
eight times to go home to mother,
spends three years and eight
months telephoning. . .A hello to
Judge John Burney. I wonder if
the judge has been seen on the
street without that cigar. . .Edith
Graham stops and introduces her
brother, Fred. Both work at the
Wilmington Savings and Trust
company . . . Overhead: Horse
sense is something a horse has that
keeps him from bettin on people.
Spot News
This week the STAR-NEWS
REEL, WMFD this afternoon ai
1:15, comes up with a “scoop” in
the person of Dr. Charles P. Gra
ham, president of the New Han
over County Medical society, whc
will discuss with Ray Galloway,
executive director, Wilmingtor
American Legion, the proposed
veterans’ medical plan. The whole
situation will be thrashed out bj
these gentlemen and it behooves
the listeners to tune in if they wanl
to be brought up to date on this im
portant subject. Not only is it ol
paramount interest to veterans and
their families, but if the plan goes
through it will be initiated for the
state right here in Wilmington. I:
and when Wilmington is des
ignated as the trial community,
the city will receive national pub
licity. The NEWS-REEL also has
a surprised in store of interesl
to everyone. Its—oh well, for the
full story on the highlights turn
your dial to WMFD at 1:15 p. m.,
Remember for spot news from
1 Wilminton and vicinity listen t(
the STAR-NEWS Round The Towi
' Reporter at 1:35 and 6.25 p. m.,
■ every day.
Soak clothes in cool water as cer
! tain types of stains such as mill
s and egg may become "set” in hoi
■ water.
‘One To Customer’
Confronted by the problem of
choosing one puppy at the Detroit
dog pound, little Sedonne Elkins
holds an armful and wishes she
could take them all. No doubt they
would have come alon gladly to
keep on being snuled in that soft
warm Arctic jacket Sedopne is
wearin. (International)

Press Club Honors
Outstanding Women
WASHINGTON, Feb. 9—®—With
President and Mrs. Truman among
the invited guests, the women’s na
tional Press club tonight presented
achievement awards to the 11 wo
men it decided were outstanding in
Plates were set for more than
500 capital notables and newspaper
women at the Press club’s annua]
dinner on which the ceremony was
a feature.
Dr. Lise Meitner, Austrian-born
atom scientist who recently came
here from Stockholm, Sweden, was
named “Woman of the Year’’ and
presented a silver bowl by club
president Bess Furman. Dr. Meit
ner is now on the faculty of Catho
lic university here.
500 capital notables and newspaper
women at the Press club’s annua]
a feature.
Dr.Lise Meitner, Austrian born
atomscientistwhc recently came
here from Stockholm, Sweden, was
named “Woman of theYear”and
presentedasilver bowlby c wyfgm
that they are they do d f 1 fdowod
i achievement awards to the 11 wom
en it decided were outstanding in
Plates were set for more than
The water in which rice has been
; cooked is a good light starch to
renew chintz and eretonne or
WASHINGTON, Feb. 9.— (ff) —
Attorney General Tom Clark to
day launched a wair on juvenile
delinquency by appointing a 28
member National Volunteer ad
visory panel to study the upsurge
in teen-age crimes.
The panel will meet here with
Clark Monday and Tuesday and
thereafter will convene from time
to time. Other members will be
added later.
Working with Justice depart- j
ment experts, the panel will make
an intensive survey of juvenile de
linquency. Then it will help the
department formulate plans. Its
findings will be made available to
welfare and law enforcement
Commenting on the appointment
of the board, Clark said he hoped
to enlist state, county and mu
nicipal governments and welfare
agencies in a cooperative plan to
curb juvenile crimes. He added in
a statement:
‘I am gratified at the earnest
response of the many public-spirit
ed citizens and organizations who
are joining with government of
ficials in a united effort to combat
this grave problem.
“All law enforcement agencies
united with religious, educational,
welfare and social organizations
must be mobilized in an all-out
attack on the juvenile crime wave
that has placed a shameful blot on
our country.”
Those named to the advisory
panel included:
Walter F. Anderson, chief of po
lice of Charlotte, N. C., and presi
dent of the FBI National Academy
associated: Dr. William Healy of
the Judge Baker Guidance center
for childhood and youth, Boston,
Mass., and Dr. Mark A. May di
rector, Institute of Human ’ Re
lations, Yale university, New
Haven, Conn. j
If you accidentally drop your
lipstick put it over the gas stove
burner which has been turned to
medium height and it will smooth
out the broken tip.
---— V'fj*
Truman Hopes To Visit
Hawaii During Summer
Gov. Ingram M. StafabadT^
Hawaii said today President tv
man hoped to be able to' ,,it
Hawaii this summer.
Stainbaek told reporters after »
White House call that he im-n^
Mr. Truman to stop in Hawaii J
he goes to the Philippines for
July 4th celebration of inrinn0 *
dence for the islands. aCpen'
WHEN 1:15 P.M.
Dr. Chas P. Graham President New Hanover Medical Society
1 and
Ray Galloway, Executive Director Post No. 10 American Legion
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