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BETTY DIVINE, Society Editor PHONE 2-3311
"upper Parly
Given Feiing
Briday Couple
JIr ^nd Mrs. S. L. Marbury
-rgsts Last Evening For Miss
“ Sn0w And Major Allen
.. and Mrs. S. Leslie Marbury
hied at their Forest Hills
fi. last evening following the
i’ • Vilen rehearsals at a buffet
partv honoring their niece
bV fiance, Miss Kathryn Snow
Er‘a Major Carl Morrison Allen, jr.
‘"hiv spring flowers were used
.“..;-.he heme in decoration and
■8 ite dining room the table, laid
'b embroidered cloth, held a
tov.- basket filled with camel.
; and flanked on either side by
‘:‘:s;a: candeiabra holding white
;f;£!s included members of the
bridal party, friends from out-of
hcity and a few intimate friends.
birth announced
p- and Mrs. Samuel E. Warsh
roer announce the birth of a daugh
ter Sarah Ellen, February 23; at
Marion Sprunt annex. Mrs. Warsh
juer is the former Miriam Miller
of Wilmington.
Recipes for making ice cream
go back as far as 1862.
An Operetta by
Sigmund Romberg
Thursday 3:00 p.m.
35 and 50 cents
Friday, 8:00 p.m.
All Tickets $1.00
Tickets may be obtained
through high school students or
in the school office.
Spoils ^ *
Tnnistk* A little Va-tro-nol
ivnigrtr jn each nostril
w quickly opens up
nasal passages to relieve stuSy tran
sient congestion. Makes breathing
easier. Invites restful sleep. Works
fine! ... Grand for relieving snlffly
distress of head colds. Try It! Follow
directions In the package.
Mrs. Broughton and Mrs. Morrison
Entertain at Lovely Cocktail Party
13^'™' 9- Broughton and Mrs.
£>. ft. Morrison entertained yester
day afternoon at a cocktail party at
the Cape Fear Country club honor
ing Miss Kathryn Snow and Major
Carl Morrison Allen, Jr., whose
wedding will be solemnized this
evening at the First Presbyterian
Guests were invited between the
hours of 5:30 and 7:30 o’clock and
were received in the ballroom of
the club, which was charmingly
decorated throughout with native
greenery and numerous arrange
ments of early spring flowers. The
long mantle at the south end of the
room was banked in greenery and
held arrangements of yellow jon
quils, narcissi and calendulas and
tall green tapers.
The long refreshment table, laid
with a white satin damask cloth,
had a center arrangement of mixed
yellow flowers in a low silver bowl
flanked by green tapers in low two
branched candlesticks while at one
end of the long table was a five
branched candelabra holding tall
green tapers. The table was com
pleted with large silver platters
filled with hors d’oeuvres. Mrs.
Leslie Marbury, aunt of the bride
electt and Mrs. Henry Edward
Snow, mother of the bride-elect
presided at the punch bowls.
Around 50 guests, including mem
bers of the bridal party, close
friends of the couple and out-of
town guests, attended.
Friday Night Ball
Planned At Lejeune
The Camp Lejeune Marine base
has extended an invitation to the
City Recreation department in
Wilmington to invite 120 young
ladies to the dance j. unned for this
Friday evening to be held at the
Wallace Creek pavilion by Head
quarters battalion. Music will be
furnished by the Naval hospital
This affair will be formal and
all young ladies in Wilmington
members of the dance group have
been asked to contact their host
esses as soon as possible. Buses
will leave at 6:30 o’clock from
behind the city hall for the base.
Belts are more important fashion
news than ever. Wide or narrow,
sequined, studded, of fur or of
suede, they’ll change that back-of
the-closel. forgotten frock to this
year’s wardrobe beauty with no
effort at all. Be sure to remove any
unnecessary trimming from the
dress in order to achieve a smart
simplicity and spotlight your new
Students Find Fun
In Operetta Practice
It’s an item for the calendar—
“New Moon,” Thursday matinee
3 o’clock, NHHS auditorium. Tick
ets are on sale in the NHHS of
fice during the school day, anc
can be bought from students.
From the audience the player;
will look natural, but withou
make-up they would appear rathe:
lifeless. Miss Virginia Herrin ant
Betty Jean Marshburn have chargi
of make-up, and with their com
mittee will make the actors lool
good. But at the first meetinj
of this committee grease-pain
was not even mentioned. Wigs
yes I said wigs, were made. Ant
if hair ever looked like that—:
give up. They are made of hai:
rats; but the funny part was tht
way long hair and side curls
looked on Donald Brown, the mod
el. The dark-haired Donald chang
ed from blond kinky curls to blacl
ones—no peroxide needed!
A new fad at high school is smal
red water shooters. Operetti
practices couldn’t get along with
out them. Bobby Melton, thi
proud owner of one of these gadg
ets was gleefully indulging in tht
sport of water squirting when ont
boy got an idea of how io revengt
Bobby. Bobby’s devilish grin fad'
ed as he felt a glass of cold wate:
trickle not so gently down hi:
back. With that, Bobby stalked out
The incident was almost forgottei
in the scurry of practicing until s
determined, bright-eyed Bobbj
Melton, holding a huge pitcher o:
water, walked in looking arounc
the auditorium for his ill-fated ag
This happens at operetta prac
iices but Bobby, the operetta com'
ic character passes through some
lilarious scenes tomorrow after
noon at 3 o’clock.
Miss Aggie Morton has returned
:o her home in Magnolia Place
after a three weeks trip to New
Vork and the New England states
ivere she went for skiing at Stowe,
* • •
Mrs. John Hammer of Long Is
and, who has been the houseguest
if Mrs. Henry Taylor in Oleander
lor the past several weeks has left
lor a visit to Savannah, Ga.
* * *
Mrs. J. W. Allen is leaving Fri
lay for her home in Shelby where
Hr. Allen is now located. Mrs. Al
en for sometime has been connect
ed with the Hugh MacRae and
Company here.
* * #
Mrs. Henry L. Taylor of Olean
ler, has left for a visit in Charles
;on, S. C.
* * *
Mrs. Hardy Clemmons, who for
he past several weeks has been vi
siting with friends and relatives in
he city, will return to her home in
Vest Palm Beach, Fla., today.
* * *
Paul V. Severin, former football
;oach at New Hanover High school,
ind recently discharged from tne
Uavy, was the week-end guest of
Hr. and Mrs. Donald M. Parsley
it their home on Masonboro Sound.
Hr. Severin is enroute to Gaines
ville, Fla., where he has accepted
l position as assistant football
:oach at the University of Florida.
* * *
Mrs. Marcus L. Goldstein has re
urned to the city from a business
rip to New York City.
* * *
Mrs. R. H. Dowless left Saturday
o visit her daughter, Mrs. Fred
Jagg of Long Island.
* * *
Among those who have arrived
rom out-of-town to attend the
inow-Allen wedding which is to
ake place tonight at the First
Presbyterian church include; Mr.
ind Mrs. Carl M. Allen of College
sark, Ga.; Mrs. W. M. Sapp and
laughters, Misses Dorothy and
Sugenia Sapp of Dalton, Ga.; C. W.
3rown of Atlanta; Mr. and Mrs.
jawrence Beaty, Jr., of Charlotte.
Women’s Club To Meet
The regular meeting of the Wil
nington Business and Professional
Vomen’s Club will be held Friday
ivening at 6 o’clock in the Friendly
Miss Jennie Stout, health com
nittee chairman, will be in charge
if the program and will present
lay Galloway, executive secretary
if the American Legion, who will
>e guest speaker.
A special invitation is extended
o any member of the Business and
Professional Women’s club from
rut of the city who is visiting or
low located here.
So that liquid you spilled has
miraculously failed to spot your
very best suit? Better irAke a men
ial note of the area -affected and
point it out to your cleaner when
fOU leave clothes for their regular
>prucing-up. Heat used in pressing
Irequently brings out “invisible”
stains and leaves them almost im
Bossible to remove.
The day for the great e\v t is
drawing near and the lines are be
coming more drawn under the eyes
of all the glee club members as
well as poor Miss Robinson! Of
course I mean the day for the
operetta is near at hand and ex
citement, nervousness, and fear
- reign supreme in the hearts and
minds of the cast.
The costumes came this past
Tuesday and I’m afraid no one
i did too much rehearsing while
they were being given out. Sara
Ann really has some beauties—
dresses I mean. One is so heavy
. that she can’t even take it home.
, If you’re one of those girls who is
. always wishing we could wear
. hoopskirts and the like because
l they look so pretty in pictures,
you’d change your mind quick
3 enough if you had to wear one of
t these costumes which come com
r plete with bustle and about a
1 dozen stiff petticoats. Melrose just
i couldn’t wait to try hers on, so
- she slipped into it, still wearing
c her sweater and skirt. “This
I jacket is too tight,” she exclaim
t ed, forgetting. that she would be
- the only thing in the costume that
I night. The boys sho’ do have some
[ classy get-ups. I saw Fred Hatch
r with a pair of multi-colored striped
- men’s unmentionables on. Of
course he had them on over his
ROTC uniform. And the fellas who
are sailors really do look cute fn
their little blue, double-breasted
j jackets and white slacks. All in
j all, tlie costumes are very color
. ful—and they seem to fit nicely.
> Water-guns seem to have the rul
. ing hand at school and even at
; operaetta practice. Poor Mary
> Catherine Davis really got soaked
> the other day. I know who the per
- son was who cornered her and did
r the shooting, but I won’t mention
5 any names. You can’t even walk’
. down the hall without getting shot
i —but its lots of fun! The salesgirl
i told me that they were for the
r little children to amuse themselves
1 with. It looks as if they have fallen
1 into the right hands!
I think I overheard a conversa
tion about an officer’s weiner
roast that was given this past
, Saturday night down at the south
’ ern end of the beach—known as
the Sugar Bowl. But I don’t seem
to bfe able to get any dope on just
what happened. Maybe I can snoop
around unnoticed during the week
and let you know later.
If you have been down to the
YMCA lately 'I haven’t) and you’ve
heard squeaks and groans coming
from the basketball court, just
rest assured it’s our team work
ing out crinks received from
too much concentration in class.
It’s probably the members of the
basketball team of 1929 who are
getting in shape to play the ’Cats
of ’46. The game will take place
Thursday night, February 28, at
8 o’clock in the High school gym.
Come early and get a good seat
so you will be able to see a game
which proves to be the best of the
This week my orchids go pointly
to Mr. West and his wood-working
crew who built the beautiful wheel
for the good ship “New Moon” and
Miss Lossen and the members of
her art classes who have done
such a wonderful job with the
scenery. Jhe wheel has been on
lobby of NHHS and as many in
display for the past few days in the
quisitive students have found out
it really works.
It looks like all of my news this
time is about the operetta, but at
present it is the event which ^
uppermost in the minds of students
as well as faculty. It is to be
staged Thursday afternoon, Febru
ary 28, at 3 o’clock and on Friday
night March 1, at 8 o’clock. Both
performances will take place at
the High school. Be sure to see
the biggest hit of the month—and
maybe the year—“New Moon”,
produced by the members of the
glee club under the direction of
Miss Sarah Robinson.
There are a few more facts
known about other happenings in
our crowd, but they’re being kept
til the week-end when I may be
able to add to them. Until Sunday
then, “So long!”
Charleston Camellia
Show Winners Listed
CHARLESTON, S. C., Feb. 26—
Mrs. Dana Osgood of Pierates
Cruze, Mount Pleasant, received
the award for the best individual
bloom in the fifth annual camellia
show sponsored by the Charleston
Garden club in the South Carolina
hall on Meeting street which was
held Saturday and Sunday.
Mrs. Osgood’s entry was a
Chandleri Elegans bloom. For the
best collection in the show the blue
ribbon went to W. Lloyd Fleming
of Edgewater Park. Awards for the
best collection entered by profes
sionals in the show were given to
Magnolia Gardens, first; Higdon
nursery «md Orton Nurseries sec
ond, Wilmington, and Micah Jen
kins third.
The avrard for the best bloom en
tered by professionals went to Mag
nolia gardens for an Elizabeth
Boardman bloom.
The judges included A. W. Solo
mon, of Savannah; J. G. Bailie, of
Augusta; and Mrs. Charles R.
Grandy, of Norfolk, Va., for the
cultural exhibits. Mrs. Donald as- j
tirtgs, of Atlanta, Mrs. Jack Bryant
and Mrs. James Green of Orange
burg, were judges for the arrange- ^
ment classes.
■HnmHw .
Draped shouicer . . . Steran uses
bands of bright red wool for dra
matic contrast on this navy wool
suit with sleek cardigan jacket
mad eon cutaway style.
Sorosis Art
Meet Slated
Peggy Hall And Claude Ho
well, Local Artists, Will
Exhibit Their Works
The Art department of North
Carolina Sorosis will hold the regu
lar meeting on Thursday afternoon
and will be open to the Wilmington
public. This program will be of
much interest here as two well
known local artists will be present
and have on exhibit a number of
their best paintings and drawings.
The artists are Miss Peggy Hall
and Claude Howell.
The meeting will open at 4 o’clock
and will be in charge of Mrs.
John Knox Ward, chairman, Mrs.
J. H. Ferguson, co-chairman, and
Mrs. G. D. Greer, secretary.
Among the paintings by Miss Hall
will be: Self Portrait, that an artist
will do sooner or later, “East
Wind”, a local beach scene;
‘■‘Sketch of Ronald,” little English
Refugee who was sent to this coun
try during the war; “Woman in
Black’’, “The Roses”, and “The
Mr. Howell will show: a large
figure painting of two girls: “The
Balcony”, a scene of local interest
taken from a Wilmington home;
“A Harbor Scene”, local water
front view; and numerous others.
Miss Hall will speak on “A Lay
man’s Approach to Painting”, and
will also answer any questions in
regard to her exhibit.
Other artists to be presented will
be Mrs. Eric Norden, violinist and
Mrs. Miriam Burns, accompanist,
who will give Praeludium from the
Sixth Partita by Bach-Kreisler.
The department feels this is a
real opportunity for the city and
the meeting has been opened to
the public and is hoped that a large
attendance will be present.
What's Cooking
Delightful Dessert
Beef Bouillon
Rice and Ham Ring
Julienne Carrots
Buttered Kale
Shredded Cabbage, Celery and
Olive Salad
Baking Powder Biscuits
Pineapple Sponge
^(Recipes serve four)
Rice and Ham Ring
2 cups cooked rice
1 cup cooked ham, diced
1 egg
2-3 cup condensed mushroom
1-2 cup milk
1-4 teaspoon salt
1-2 teaspoon dried basil
1 cup crushed potato chips or
bread crumbs
Combine the ham and rice and
mix well. Combine and beat the
rest of ingredients with the excep
tion of the potato chips or bread
crumbs. Grease a nine-inch ring
mold. Place in it layers of the rice
and ham and the egg-mushroom
mixture. Sprinkle top with crushed
potato chips or buttered bread
crumbs. Place ring mold in pan of
hot water and bake at 375 degrees
about one half hour. Invert onto a
hot platter and fill center with but
tered kale and surround with Ju
lienne carrots.
Pineapple Sponge
2 teaspoons gplatin
1-4 cup cold water
1-4 cup boiling water
1-2 cup sugar
1-4 teaspoon salt
1 cup crushed pineapple
2 tablespoons lemon juice
2 egg whites
1-8 teaspoon salt
Boiled custard
Soak gelatin in cold water and
dissolve it in boiling water. Add
sugar, salt, pineapple and lemon
iuice. Cool until nearly set. Beat
with wire whisk until frothy. Whip
-gg whites and sail until stiff but
still moist. Fold imo gelatin mix
ture. Chill until sponge is firm,
erve with boiled custard.
Mrs. J. H. Davis
Entertains At
Cocktail Party
Miss Alice Sprunt, Bride-Elect
Of Saturday Evening, Is
Honored Here
Mrs. J. Holmes Davis entertained
yesterday afternoon at her home
“Shadowlawn" in Forest Hills hon
oring Miss Alice Potter Sprunt,
whose wedding to William Porter
Cart, Jr., of Charleston, S. C., is
to take place on Saturday evening.
The Davis residence was beauti
fully decorated throughout with
camellias and early spring garden
flowers. In the dining room the
beautifully appointed table held a
center bouquet of white narcissi
and green and flanked by tall white
burning tapers.
Around 25 guests were invited to
call during the cocktail hours, 5 to
7 o’clock.
Kalhryn Snow
Mai. Allen To
Wed Tonight
Miss Kathryn Snow And
Major Carl M. Allen, Jr.,
Honored Last Evening
The wedding of Miss Kathryn
Oliver Snow and Major Carl Morris,
son Allen, Jr., United States Army,
will be solemnized this evening
at 8 o’clock in the First Presbyter
ian church. Dr. William Crowe, Jr.,
pastor of the church, will perform
the ceremony. Following the wed
ding the bride’s uncle and aunt, Mr.
and Mrs. Leslie Marnury will enter
tain at a reception at the Cape
Fear Country, club.
Miss Thyrza Allen, of College
Park, Ga., sister of the bridegroom,
will attend Miss Snow as maid-of
honor, and Misses Dorothy and Eu
genia Sapp, of Dalton, Ga., her
cousins will be bridesmaids.
Major Allen will be attended by
Lawrence W. Beaty, Jr., of Char
lotte, as best man, and groomsmen
will be George Forbes, of Wil
mington, John Gunn of Montgom
ery, Ala., Clarence L. Peeler of
Atlanta, and Jules F. Haley of
Greenville, S. C.
Ushers will be Robert C. Cant
fwell, 3rd, Ben. M. Washburn, Jr.,
A. K. Cooper, Jr., and Emmett H.
Durham all of Wilmington.
Miss Snow will be given in mar
riage by her uncle, Mr. Marbury.
TOKYO, Feb. 26.—(A5)—German
diplomats who desire to remain in
Japan will be treated the same as
other German civiilians, supreme
headquarters announced Tuesday
in clarifying a recent order de
claring that such indviduals must
return to Germany.
RALEIGH, Feb. 26.—(U.R)~Two
incumbent candidates, Superior
Court Judge W. H. Bobbitt, of the
14th district, and Solicitor Charles
L. Coggins, of the 15th district,
today filed with the State Board-of
Elections for renomination in thb
May 25th primary.
Marines are called leathernecks
because in the early days of the
organization a leather stock was
part of the uniform.
The real name of Lewis Carroll,
author of ‘‘Alice’s Adventures in
Wonderland” was Charles Lud
widge Dodgscn.
Letitia Rebekah Lodge No.
8, IOOF, will hold the regular
meeting Thursday evening at
8 o’clock in the Odd Fellows
Hall, Of special interest at this
time will be a program on the
Educational Foundation work
and a special offering will be
taken for this purpose. Visi
tors in the city and members
of the degree are invited to
The What-So-Ever Circle of
King’s Daughters will meet
Thursday afternoon at 3:30
o’clock with Mrs. R. A. Brin
dell, 1915 Market street. Mrs.
D. M. Holmes win act as joint
The Audubon Home Demon
stration will meet Thursday
afternoon, at 3 o’clock with
Miss Ruth Loman.
The Philathea class of the
First Baptist church will meet
Thursday evening at 8 o’clock
with Mrs. W. C. Hatcher rather
than on Friday as scheduled.
The Co-Ed class of the First
Baptist church will meet Friday
evening at 8 o’clock at the church.
Oil of wintergreen is not only
found in the shrub called winter*
green but is contained in straw*
berries, blackberries, raspberries,
currants, plums, apples, peaches
and some other common fruit. 1
white Butcher Boy
t 1>un rayon cuts a smooth
turred silhouette for
junior figures...then
?tes suddenly angelic with
dainty scallops and old
fashioned ’ace medallions.
Si«s 9 to 15.
*1295 n
117 N. Front St.
MANY-USE ties, caps, and alio
from draperies, up
MTfiTX bolster}', curtains,
JK1 Jill covers> etc- made of
a variety of fabrics.
are Crying the Blues
punk as the dickens, brings on stomach
upset, sour taste, gassy discomfort,
take Dr. Caldwell’s famous medicine
to quickly pull tl.e trigger on lazy “in
nards”, and help you feel bright and
chipper again.
DR. CALDWELL’S is the wonderful sen
na laxative contained in good old Syrup
Pepsin to make it so easy to take.
MANY DOCTORS use pepsin prepara
tions in prescriptions to make the medi
cine more palatable and agreeable to
take. So be sure your laxative is con
tained in Syrup Pepsin. I
vorite of millions for 50 years, and feel
that wholesome relief from constipa
tion. Even finicky children love it.
CAUTION: Use only as directed.
BLOOK! this large
Petroleum Jelly
r minor burns—cuts, bruis
, chafes, abrasions, and
in irritat ions. Aids healing.
Wonderful for Skin
and Scalp Irritations
‘Invisible’ Liquid Promptly
Relieves Torture—Aids Healing
To quickly soothe the itching, burning
of eczema, psoriasis, skin and scalp irri
tations due to external cause — apply
liquid Zemo—a Doctor’s formula backed
by 85 years’ success. Zemo also aids
healing. Being stainless, invisible—you
can apply Zemo any time for prompt
relief — it won’t show on skin. Over
25,000,000 packages sold!
In 8 sizes. All drugstores.
■ ■ ;
guaranteed clock—watch
1 1-—
i j
1 I
!gg=_ai. j
See Page No. 3 Star and News |
Fox's Sally Ann
When you stop to think, Sunfed Vitamin Bread is not only
^tender, but it is delicious, it has a supply of natural vitamins Bt
E G(b2), it has "Sunshine” Vitamin D, and it toasts better
than any other bread. You will then realize te.idemess is just
one of the many qualities of Sunfed Vitamin Bread that make
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Vitamin Bread, and then you’ll never think about buying any
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P Under the seal of the Wisconsin University Alumni
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recognized authority, to make sure 250 U.S.P. unite
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