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Seashore Transit Head Be
queaths Real, Personal
Property In Will
NEW BERN, March 6.-^lth +h“
estate valued at $1,000,000, the
highest of the kind ever reportec
in this county, the will of the late
James M. West, president of tne
Seashore Transportation company,
dated Jan. 1, 1946, has been med
for probate in the office of
Craven county Clerk of Court.
Practically the entire amour.,
was left in trust, with the New
Bern branch of the First-Citizeni
Bank and Trust company namec
as trustee. Of the $1,000,000 vai.
ation, $250,000 was listed hi rea
estate and $750,000 in persona!
Life Estate
Mrs. Myrtle Rodgers West
widow, was left a life estate ii
their local residence and the surr
of $500 per month for her life
time, with additional amounts tc
be paid her upon her written re
quest. At her death the house anc
the $500 per month will go to hei
daughter, Gloria Dolores West, foi
her lifetime. The sum of $100 pet
month for his lifetime was left tc
Mr. West’s father, Charles E.
Adams of Sabina, Ohio. Fifty dol
lars a month was left to Ralph
Howland, a bus company employe,
for the ’care of Mr. West’s two
Pekingese dogs.
“Much of my time and efforts
and resources have been devoted
and applied to the development of
the Seashore Transportation Com
pany, Inc., which has prospered
by reason of my energies and the
loyal support of my faithful em
ployes,” the will read. “Hie com
pany and my faithful employes
are close to my heart.”
Accordingly, the will provided
for the continuation of the bus
company, which Mr. West found
ed here in 1925 and which has
grown to a large concern. Charles
H. Hall, Jr., general manager for
some time, was named as perma
nent manager. He, Mrs. West and
three persons to be named by the
First-Citizens bank are to be the
an executive officer of the trustee
company’s board of directors, with
bank as president.
In the event of the death of Mrs.
West, Mis* West was named to
succeed her on the board of com
pany directors. At the death of
any children who might later be
born to the daughter, the sum of
$166-67 per month each was be
queathed to Mr. Hall, Mr. How
land and D. L. Ward.
Should Mr. Hall or Mr. Howland
become sick ^r disabled, their So.
cial Security benefits are to be
increased to $150 per month by
the company, under the terms of
the will. Three other employes,
Jefferson Rhodes, Vance Horton
and Jack Horton, will have simi
lar payments in like circum
stances to enable them to receive
$75 a month each. Any other com
pany employe who has been witn
the company for as much as ten
years will also have their monthly
payments supplemented to $75.
After the death of the benefici
aries named in the will, the en
tire remainder of Mr. West’s
estate will go to the Shriners’
Hospital for Crippled Children at
Greenville, S. C., and to the ves
try of Christ Episcopal church of
New Bern for use for the New
Bern, Beaufort and Jacksonville
Episcopal churches.
Tn filiriiiA
Any surplus in net income from
the estate during any estate year
wag bequethed to the Shrine hos
pital and Christ Church vestry.
Mr. West requested that the
trustee bank be guided in de
cisions by Mr. Ward and R. E.
Whitehurst, local attorneys.
NEW YORK, March 6 — (F) —
The Rev. John M. Coleman, 43
year old rector of St. Philip’s
Protestant Episcopal church,
Brooklyn, was appointed by Mayor
O’Dwyer Tuesday to the Board
of Higher Education—the first Ne
gro to be named to the 21 member
Friend In Need
-TTWl-"™—■ 'fir I iTiw-■•■ -
Gloria McConnell, nine-year
old rheumatic fever 'rictim' of
Ottumwa, la., who may have to
spend the next year in bed, is
shown above with her two-pound
pet monkey. Sad-eyed pet was
sent to her by a soldier who read
of her desire to own a monkey
or a pair of pet squirrels. He’s
a great comfort.
Joins Bride Accused Of Bank Theft
Sgt Louis Spitaleri and his 21-year-old bride, Martha, are
shown reunited in the U. S. District Court in Boston. She was
released under S2500 bond pending hearing on a charge of stealing
$4000 from a Dublin, Ga., bank, where she formerly was em
ployed as a clerk. Mrs. Spitaleri. who had $3800 when arrested,
told Boston police she “just couldn’t resist” the money.
Radio Programs
WMFD Wilmington—1400 KC
7:30 AM—Family Altar.
7:45— Musical Clock.
7:54—Sa.ly Ann Present*. N. C. Hi
8:00—News with Martin Agronsky.
8:15—Dolph Gobel Trio.
8:30—Musical Clock.
8:55—UP News.
9:00—The Breakfast Club with Don Mc
10:00—My True Story.
10:25—Betty Crocker.
10:30—Hymns of All Churches.
10:45—The Listening Post.
11:00—Breakfast in Hollywood — Tom
11:30—Keiiogg’s Home Edition.
11:45—Ted Malone.
12:00 N—Glamor Manor.
12:30 PM—Club Matinee.
1:00—Baukhage Talking.
1:15—Musical Interlude.
1:25—News—Wilmington Newt.
1:30—Let’s Dance.
1:45—Our Singing Land
2:00—John B. Kennedy — News.
2:15—Ethel and Albert.
2:30—Er.'de and Groom.
3:00—A1 Pearce and His Gang.
3:30—L3dies be Seated.
4:00—Jack Berch and Boys.
4:15—The Fitzgeralds.
4:30—Time for Women.
4:45—Hop Harrigan.
5:00—Terry and Pirates.
5:15—Wesleyan Methodist Church
5:30—“Little Show”
5:45—“Church of God”
6:00—Kiernan’s Comer.
6:15—“Musical. Interlude”
6:20—Sports Parade.
6:25—News—Wilmington Star.
6:30—“Your Richfield Reporter”
6:45—“Your Evening Request Program”
7:00—Headline Edition.
7:15—Raymond Swing.
7:30—Professor Quiz
8:00—“Evening Request Program”
8:15—Earl Godwin—News
8:30—America’s Town Meeting of the
9:30—Detect and Collect
9:55—Chester Morrison.
10:00—Concert Time
10:30—Supper at the Biltmore
6:43—Sign On.
6:45—Agricultural Revue—TN.
7:00—Morning Headlines — Wilmington
7:05—Musical Clock.
7:45—News Roundup—TN.
8:00—Fairy Tales—TN.
8:10—Under The Capital Dome.
8:15—Front Page News.
8:30—Musical Clock.
8:45—Sally Ann Time.
8:55—United Press Commentary.
9:00—United Press News.
9:05—Spotlight On Rhythm.
9:15—Hymns of Faith—TN.
9:30—Shady Valley Folks—MBS.
9:45—In The Woman’s World.
11:00—United Press News.
10:05—Music For Listening.
10:15—Melody Mustangs
10:30—Your Hit Parade
10:45—Waltz Time
11 :oo—Cecil Brown—MBS.
11:15—1240 Club.
11:55—Billy Arthur.
12:00—Lyle Van—MBS.
12:15—Morton Downey—MBS.
12:30—Richard Maxwell—MBS
12:45—Judy Lang—MBS
1:00—United Press News.
1:05—Melodic Moods.
1:15—Tropical Tempo Time.
1:30—Melody Lane.
1:45—John J. Anthony—MBS.
2:00—Cedric Foster—MBS.
2:15—Dixie Jamboree
2:30—Queen For A Day—MBS.
3:00—Wilmington News.
3:05—Musix Box
4:00—Erskine Johnson—MBS
4:15—Johnson Family.
4:30—Mutual Melody Hour—MBS
4:55—United Press News.
5:00—Here’s Howe—MBS
5:30—Contain Midnight—MBS.
5:45—Tom Mix.
6:00—News Roundup.
6:15—Twilight Serenade.
6:30—Sports Parade.
6:45—Musical Cocktails.
7:00—Fulton Lewis. Jr.—MBS.
7:15—Frank Singiser—MBS
7:30—Yesterday’s Hit Parade
7:45—Inside of Sports—MBS
8:00—Intercollegiate Quiz—MBS
8:30—Rogues Gallery—MBS
9:00—Gabriel Heatter—MBS.
9:15—The Bandwagon.
,?:?2~Treasure Hour of Song—MBS
10:00—You Make The News—MBS
10:30—Just Music
11:00—All The News—MBS.
11:15—Sign Off.
Ewr{i„S,an.dard Time PM- - Subtract
Chanrc. " ,Bt CST ■ 2 Hour5 ,or MS*,
anges 1,1 Programs as listed are due
to corrections by networks made
n-rm t *?° iate to Incorporate.
5^0-Just Plain Bill, Dramatic—NBC
Armstrong Serial—ABC-east
OaDtaln11 J,aVe™. SeriaI Story—CBS
E fMDdmght s Story—MBS-basic
Page Farrell Serial — NBC
Ten^r" anT' ihc Hawk, Serial — CBS
Drama Sklt-ABC-east
T”p Harrigan in Repeat — other ABC
6T00™nA‘.X,; n Ser‘al Series — MBS-basic
TnR. A Report for 15 Mins. - NBC
Dancfn^ A?UPCed (15 min.)—CBS-basic
W^lte?8ic Muslc Omhestrt—other CBS
Repeat £ t!?aS New* — ABC-caci
E o£ the Terri/ Serial — ABC-west
Answers, Repeat — MBS-wcst
™e! o£ TmPies; Sports - NBC
St;“-rfyton Sings Some Songs-CBS
Repeat fioin Dick Tracy — ABC-wes(
-Hepeat Superman Serial — MBS-wes1
6:30—Encore Appearance Concert—CBS
Jack Armstrong in Repeat — ABC-\ves1
Repeat of Capt. Midnight—MBS-wpsI
6:45— Lovell Thomas & Newscast—NBC
World Nows and Commentary — CBS
Cal Tinncy’s Commentary — ABC-basic
Tennessee Jed, in Repeat — ABC-west
Tom Mix. Serial Repeat — MBS-west
7:00—Radio’s Supper Club — NBC-bajic
Fifteen Min. Sponsored Series — CBS
News Ccmmentary & Overseas — ABC
Fulton Lewis, Jr., & Comment — Mag>
7 :15—News & Comment of World — NBC
Tenor JacK Smith Sings — CBS-basic
Raymond Swing and Comment — ABC
Dane in-; Music for 15 Minutes —
7:30—Bob Bums' Comedy — NBC-basic
Mr. Keen, 30 Min. Drama—CBS-basic
Dancing Music Orchestra — other CBS
Prof. Quiz Back on *he Air—ABC
Arthur Hale in Comment—MBS-west
7:45—Harkness Comment — NBC-WfJt
Inside of Sports, Bill Brandt — MBS
3:03—Geo. Bums & Gracie Allen—NBC
Suspense Mystery Drama Show—CBS
Lum and Abrer Comedy Skit — A3C
One Night Stand, Drama Sries—MBS
7:15—Earl Godwin in Comment—ABC
: 3:30—Dinah Shore’s Open House—NBC
FBI In Peace and War, Drama—CBS
Americ n Town Meeting Forum—ABC
! Dick Powell’s Mystery Drama—MBS
3:55—Five Minutes News Period — CBS
9:00—Fr.nk Bcrgan Music Hall—NBC
Music from Andre Kostelanetz—CBS
Gabriel K'otter and Comment — MBS
S:15—Real L fo Stories. Drama — MBS
9:30—Jack Haley’s Variety—NBC-basic
Hobby Lobby by Dave Elman—CBS
Detect and Collect by a Quiz—ABC
Weekly Concert from Antonini—MBS
9:55—Five Minutes News Show — ABC
10:00—Aobott & Costello Comedy—NBC
Island Venture. Drama Series—CBS
Curtain Time. Dramatic Series—ABC
You Make ihe News, Dramatic—MBS
10:30—The Rudy Vallee Varietee—NBC
The Danny O’Neill Song Theater—CBS
Melody Fantasy; Janet Flanner—ABC
Orchestra with Dancing Tunes—MBS
11:00— News for 15 Minutes—NBC-basic
The Supper Club Repeat — other NBC
News, Variety, Dance 2 h.—CBS & ABC
News; Dance Band Shows—2 h.—MBS
11:15—Variety & News to 1 a.m.—NBC
Irish War Brides Sail
To Meet U. S. Husbands
BELFAST, Northern Ireland,
March 6—UP)—The U. S. transport
Henry Gibbons sailed Wednesday
for New York with 314 Irish brides
and 140 children of American serv
ice men.
Dock workers lined the Quay
singing “Land of Hope and Glory”
and “Come Back to Erin.”
Ants are said to have the most
powerful jaw grip, porportionate
ly, among insects or animals.
wnatA lough:
And how it hurts, and nags
And disturbs your sleep.
Chronic bronchitis may develop 11
your cough, chest cold, or acute bron
chitis is not treated and you cannot
afford to take a chance with any medi
cine less potent than Creomulsion
which goes right to the seat of the
trouble to help loosen and expel germ
laden phlegm and aid nature to
soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed
bronchial mucous membranes.
Creomulsion blends beechwood
creosote by special processwith other
time tested medicines for coughs.
It contains no narcotics.
No matter how many medicines
you have tried, tell your druggist to
sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with
the understanding you must like the
way It quickly allays the cough, per
mitting rest and sleep, or you are to
have your money back. (Adv.)
And Stop Dosing Your Stomach
With Soda and Alkalizera
Don’t expect to get real relief from
headache, sour stomach, gas and bad
breath by taking soda and other alka
lizers if the true cause of your trouble ia
In this case, your real trouble is not in
the stomach at all. But in the intestinal
tract where 80% of your food is digested.
And when it gets blocked it fails to
digest properly. .....
What you want for real relief is not
soda or an alkalizer—but something to
“unblock” your intestinal tract. Some
thing to clean it out effectively—help
Nature get back on her fset.
Get Carter’s Pills right now. Take
them as directed. They gently and effec
tively “unblock” your digestive tract.
This permits your food to move along
normally. Nature’s own digestive j uicea
can then reach it. You get genuine rebel
that makes you feel really good again.
Get Carter’s Pills at any drugstore—
26*!. “Unblock” youaintestinal tract lot
real relief from indigestion.
Private School Headmastei
Refutes Accusations Of_
Morristown Police
NORRISTOWN, Pa., March 6
(JP)—The headmaster of a privati
coeducational military school, elos
ed by police after his arrest or
morals charges, denies he had im
proper relations with his girl pu
George W. Balles, Jr., 33, told s
Montgomery county court jury a
his trial yesterday “I never pul
my hands on them.”
Balles, who operated the Warm'
linster Military Academy at near
|by Three Tuns with his wife, La 1,
37 charged with criminal as
I sault, contributing to the delinquen
| cy of minors, open lewdness, as
sault and battery and corniptmg
pupils morals. Mrs. Balles is also
. under indictment on morals counts.
Seven teen-age children, includ
ing girls 13, 15 and 16 years old,
testified Balles acted indecently in
their presence. One girl charged
that Balles—who asserted under
. cross examination that he was an
, ordained Baptist clergyman
’ criminally assaulted her “four or
. five” times.
Wife Held
Balles told the jury of ten wo
men and two men he was arrested
when Police Chief Russel F. Fletch
; er of Lower Moreland Township,
Pa., found him parked in a coun
try lane with 11-year-old girL
He admitted signing a police state
ment which said he had committei
an “act of lewdness” but said h<
never had admitted immoral re
lations “with that girl (the 11-yeai
old) or any other girl.’’ He sail
the statement was “a lie.”
Denies Charges
Balles said his wife “never com
mitted an immoral act.” Previou
testimony by teen-age prosecutio:
witnesses, former students at th
school, charged Mrs. Balles wit
helping the headmaster in im
moral acts.
GREENSBORO, March «—(#)
Dr. Leonard B. Hurley, acting hea
of the English department of W<
man’s college since last June an
a member of the faculty for th
last 25 years, has been name
head of the department.
Defense Case For Goenng
Will Be Presented Friday
NUERNBERG, March 6—(U.R)—
Chief Justice Sir Geoffrey Law
rence announced Wednesday that
Hermann Goering’s defense in the
. war crimes trial has been post
poned until Friday,
j Sir Geoffrey said the postpone
, ment was requested by the Reichs
' marshal’s attorney. The defense
was scheduled to open tomorrow.
Grand Admiral Erich Raeder
requested lTriTU:--—-IJ3^
eluding seven
to testify that
violations Ln buildinff ^
man navy were 'writ(rtl Cer,
of defensive character.'1 °”s an<
ITCH tScabife)
When you are tormented k
(Scabies), scratch™ camD iLItck
V-year itch, don't be sab Pfiilh'ot
a medicine that can do
mors than relieve *he surf,
comfort. Use David's . ” ^
Wash which actually destroys!’!
parasites on contact. 60 cent,
any drug store, or send direr f
Owens & Minor, Richmond v?
Use only as directed. Money’bit
if not satisfied. (Adv.) Cac*
Tremendous Jewelry SAIl
7 - diamond Engagement
ring of breath-taking beau
pSH;..... *97.5(1
rarer :: * 671£
(Federal Tax Included)
Brilliant diamond solitaire
Engagement Ring.
Formerly CO7 Eft
Priced at 00 1.00
mb ..*522!
(Federal Tax Included)
i Ladies' Gold
| Filled Crosses
Assorted styles, fully
guaranteed. Many beauti
ful designs.
(Fed. Tax Included)
6 cups capacity. Regular
2.98 Value.
NOW €|Qc
GLASS _ __
17 jewel, yellow gold
man’s watch. Fully guar
anteed. Regular priced at
— Federal Tax Included —
Men’s 17 jeweled, water
proof, shockproof watch.
Radium dial. Sweep hand.
Regular price $49.50.
— Federal Tax Included —
{Ladies’ two dia
mond, 14 kara
solid gold wris
watch. 17 jewels
Regular prici
— Federal Tax Included —
• Ladies’ 14 karat
t solid gold dainty
t watch.
17 jewels. Pink or yellow
: gold. Fully guaranteed.
Regular price $59.50.
SALE /fl 00
— Federal Tax Included —
Classic simplicity Is the
keynote of this diamond
PRICE .. * 45 =
(Federal Tax Included)
Smart styling is featured
in this diamond ring.
Formerly (Ml Eft
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PRICE Z $ 100
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(Federal Tax Included)
* Military
Fully equipped genuine
leather, values up to
VALUES TO $2.50 ~ ~
REG. $1.50 VALUE
Everything Vs to Vs OFF!
_ 7 North Front St._

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