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I; (By Cynth la got, nson |
H.ll H..H. mil M1 'M-'I I ******** H *******
Today is Wednesday, and that can mean only one thing—another
Teen-age Jamboree is in the making at Lumina on Wrightsyille
Beach. Judging by the enthusiasm shown at the last one, this jajn
boree should be an even greatei success. Featured on the program
will be the one and only teen-age singer of the day, Miss Sarah Anne
Faton. There is no need to list the performances she has given and
repeat the praise she has received, cause all of us have heard her
sing, and know she’* mighty good. Patty Jones will be on hand with
some of that super piano playing, while the Keen-tec-ers will again
furnish the mood music for dancing and listening. Of course Wini
fred Harris* will be present to report the doings of thic ypunger
veneration, so you see, the evening is to be a pleasant one. All you
parents are extended a special invitation cause we want you to see
how much fun a dance and piogram of teen-age talent can be. A
large crowd was there last Wednesday, but let s double and even
trinle the number thi* time. And to do that, we need YOU,_
Miss Janet Volk left this week
end to visit with some relatives in
Massachusetts. She’s going to stay
there till school starts, so if you
miss seeing her around that's wher
she is.
Miss Patty Southerland has left
for Washington and all points north
with her father and mother. Patty
has the most attractive pink felt
belt. It is made of felt flowers and 1
ties in a big bow in the back. She
wore it with a black dress, and
it sho’ did look good.
Happy Birthday
Miss Winifred Harriss celebrated
a birthday this past Monday a week
ago, and as a sort of belated birth- j
day celebration, she had an open
house this past Saturday night.
Most of the fellas who are home
from the Navy were on hand to
help devour the sandwiches and
punch—and fruit out of the punch.
Harry Wellott and Jane Head
were there, accompanied by Miss ,
Sara Jewett, Jane’s cousin, and;
her date. Bill Lassiter who had ar- j
rived home only a few hours be- |
fore the party was there with Mary
Anne Hamilton. And Ed Shain, an
other boy in the uniform of the
Navy was very much there with
one of the outstanding girls of this
season, Mary Anne Jenkins. Dur
ing the course of the evening, the
crowd migrated down to the Trade
winds and got in about an hour
of dancing. Then some of the more
energetic, no names mentioned,
bought, yes, I said bought, a water
melon, and enjoyed it minus all
eating utensils, salt, and manners.
A perfect end to a perfect evening.
Harry Smith who is a member
of the Coast Guard stationed in
Florida is spending a furlough with
his parents. Mr. and Mrs. R. H.
Smith, at their home on Nun street.
Andrew Kure
Imagine my surprise w’hen I
W7as smiled at by an MP in the
Marine Corps just the other day.
But it didn’t stop with a smile.
The boy approached me and spoke.
And, of all people, it was Andrew
Kure, an old Wilmingtonian. He
really looks good in his uniform.
He’s gotten a good tan, and seems
to be enjoying life in general. By
the way, he’s stationed at Lejeune.
Irvin Bobbitt has gone back to
Spots stand out on light-col
ored fabrics. Keep summer
clothes fresh looking and
neat with Mufti. It quickly
removes many spots from a
variety of materials. Demand
— FOR —
CALL 2-3575
Correct Jewelry
Wilmington's Largest Credit
109 N. Front St.
:he business of being a soldier. He
eft this past Monday for Fort
3enning. Georgia.
Sorry to hear that Durwood Or
•ell has infected eyes and is con
ined in a hospital in New Orleans,
ha. He was doing so well in Pass
Christian Merchant Marine Aca
lemy, but he has had to cease his
studies due to the infection. He
s expected home sometime in the
;ery near future. While in the hos
pital. Durwood is visited frequently
3y two home town fellas, Bill
5tewart and Buster Rose.
Patsey Smith
Another Wilmington girl, has
:ome to the front to display her
:alent and loveliness. She’s Miss
Patsey Smith, and shP has recent
ly been signed up as a model ana
magazine cover girl. Patsey was
one of 500 contestants and came out
victorious with the other nineteen
winners. We’re proud of you, Pat
sey, and place your name alongside
Miss Roseanne Lawhorne's, now
Roseanne Dali, who has already
established herself as a model in
New York. Who said the southern
girls were the prettiest in thP U.
S.? Well, whoever it was, they sho'
were right.
Almost a capacity crowd wit
nessed the ball game between the
Pirates and Dunn this past Monday
night. Thp Pirates were victorious
with a score of ten to three. In
cluded in this crowd were Eugene
Mauney and Mac Ayers, who looks
very military in his Navy uniform.
But he’s still the same old Mac.
And that’s okay as far as we’re
it just seems tnat you can t keep
a good man down, and from all re
ports, all of our fellas are to be
classed as good men. Recently
John Hearn and Billy Todd, whc
took tests for the Army, came ou1
with excellent ratings, and have
been accepted in the service,
We’ll miss them, but we'll be
mighty proud of them, too.
Help is still needed in compiling
the sea shell collection to be sent
to Wilmington, England, during
the month of August. If you have
any unusual specimens, get in
touch with Sarah Anne Eaton, Mrs,
Cecil Appleberry, or me.
Weiner Roast
In honor of Jimmy McCarl’i
birthday this past Tuesday, a
weiner roast was given at the
Sugar Bowl. It was quite a sur
prise to Jimmy, cause he didn'i
think we knew about the occasion,
There was even a birthday cake
for the celebration, even if it wa:
kind of small. Harry Wellott and
Jane Head, Hooper Johnson and
Helen Codington, John King and
Shirley Williams, Bill Huffman,
Fritz Steljes and Melrose Straughn,
Walter Barnes, Jay Carter, and
the honoree and his date, Jimmy
McCarl and Winifred Harriss, and
Joe Gray and I were there. Oh yes
almost forgot Sarah Anne Eaton an
Gene Montgomery. Dungarees and
plaid shirts were the dress of the
evening, and you know, girls like
Helen and Sarah Anne and Jane
Head sho’ do look cute in them.
We really had a fine time, and —
Happy Birthday, Jimmy.
Well, that about does it for now.
Be sure to be on hand for the Teen
age Jamboree, cause everybody
you know will be there. Until next
time, So long.
; Gibson's Haberdashery !
,i North Front Street
I FrtrajamararajBjararcrararajz]uarajaraiEjHjHfBiHiaja]'ajzjgrafajBjaj^
[ Sing, Talk
I Laugh or Cry!
S Folks, its new . . . and just for you! Now you can make
3 a record of your voice in our new Voice-O-Graph Automatic
g Studio. Take your record home or mail it to a friend.
| For 10 days ONLY, to introduce this service to
| Wilmingtonians bring this ad and 49c and we will
S make a record and deliver it to you in 5 minutes!
| Wilmington Music Store
jjj 105 Princess St.
Club Members,
Guest Enjoy
Day At Club
Members and guests enjoying the
weekly card game and luncheon
at the Surf club, Wrightsville
Beach, yesterday included the fol
Mrs. F, A. Matthes, Jr., Mrs.
C. Wayne Spencer, Mrs. Harry
McGirt, Mrs. R. N. Murphy, Mrs.
E. B. Towles, Mrs. W. S. Dosher,
Mrs. Dudley Howell, Mrs. E. H.
Paterson, Mrs. J. B. Hunt. Mrs.
Wallace Dunn, Mrs. William
Holden, Mrs. D. H. Howes, Mrs. R.
A. McIntyre. Mrs. O. L. Henry,
Mrs. D. H. Bridger, Mrs. McRae'
Bridger, Mrs. J. D. Sprunt, Mrs.
Royce S. McClelland, Mrs. A.
Glenn Holt, and Mrs. P. F. Hal
Mrs. R. C. Davis, of Houston,
Texas, Mrs. Mary Porter Vander
voort, Mrs. R. Bryant Hare. Jr..
Mrs. W. H. Sprunt, Mrs. T. H.
Wright. Mrs. B. Purnell Eggleston.
Mrs. J. Holmes Davis, Mrs. Har
mon Rorison, Mrs. J. Douglas
Taylor. Mrs. Emmett Bellamy.
Mrs. Walker Taylor. Mrs. Horace
K. Thompson. Mrs. C. David Jones,
Mrs. Allen Oldham, Mrs. Eliza
beth Williams, Mrs. Norwood Or
rell. Mrs. E. A. Millican, Mrs. Arch
M. Carr, Jr., of Middesboro, Ky.,
and Mrs. Claude A. Wells, of Char
Mrs. Robert Strange, Mrs. John
Stanley Jervis, of Grosse Point,
Mich., Mrs. B. M. Washburn, Mrs.
W. T. Cheatham. Mrs. J. W. Hoop
er. Mrs. J. T. Hoggard. Mrs. Fred
Willett. Mrs. J. F. Robertson. Mrs.
Alana Matthes, Mrs. Bvah Thoma
son of Spartanburg, S. C., Miss
Lillian George. Miss Mary Eliza
beth Toms, Miss Mae Clarke, Miss
Carolyn Holland, Miss Mary Ann
Cheatham, Miss Billie Sidbury, and
Mrs. S. L. Marbury.
Mrs. B. R. Morrison, Mrs. J. O.
Broughton, Mrs. Vance Weaver.
Mrs. Carl Allen. Jr., Mrs. Gene
Fonveille, Mrs. Tom Gregg, Mrs.
Dan Cameron, Mrs. Huger S. King.
I Mrs. Richard K. Hines of New
York Citv. Mrs. T. D. Love. Mrs.
|Jack Smith. Mrs. W. B. Shirley,
of Dayton, Ohio, Mrs. Fred Gra
ham. Mrs. John C. Wessell. Mrs.
:B, C. Battle. Mrs. R. C. Merritt.
Mrs. Louis Hanson, Mrs. Kaunc
I A. L e h t o, Mrs. Junius Smith
Mrs. William S. R. Beane, III.
Mrs. William P. Emerson, anc
Mrs. J. Q. LeGrand.
| Mrs. Uhland Red, of Florence
Ala., Mrs. Berkely Robins, Mrs
Peter Browne Ruffin. Miss Emm«
B. Williamson. Mrs. Charles Parker
1 of New York City, Miss Elizabetl
j McGee, of Winston-Salem, Miss
Josephine Hinton, Mrs. B. H.
Thomason, Mrs. Walter Curtis
Mrs. Vernon Avery, Mrs. Miriarr
Burns. Mrs. Hargrove Bellamy,
Mrs. J. Lawrence Sprunt, Mrs.
Albert Cox. of Washington, D. C..
Miss Marguerite Walker, Mrs. Wil
liam G. Broadfoot, Jr., Mrs. Torr
Grainger. Mrs. Bryan Broadfoot
Mrs. William Thornton, Mrs
Randolph Owen, and Mrs. Wiliiarr
Miss Peggy Moore, Mrs, Roberi
Bridgers, Mrs. Stanley Winborne
Jr., Mrs. Alec Worth, Jr., Mrs
Harold Alexius, Miss Mary Anr
Dixon, Mrs. Louis B. Orrell, Mrs
C. J. Becker, Mrs. Raymond H
Holland, Mrs. R. D. Cronlv, Mrs
Haskett Rhett and Mrs. Marsder
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Langforc
announce the birth of a som
Thomas Claude, July 22 in Marior
Sprunt annex. Mrs. Langford it
the former Eva Sue Brown of this
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Daniels o.
Kelly announce the birth of i
son, July 28 in Marion Sprunt an
nex. Mrs. Daniels is the formei
Blanch Squires.
Mr. and Mrs. Dan James an
nounce the birth of a daughter
Martha Ellen James, July 25. Mrs
James is the former Lucy Mat
Sgt. and Mrs. Creston A. Row
land, 120 Graham street, announce
the birth of a daughter July 29
in Marion Sprunt annex.
The senate passed and sent to me
White House Tuesday legislation
awarding a gold medal to the la ■
Col. William (Billy) Mitchell foi
pioneer work in aviation. Th<
medal will be presented to his son
William Mitchell, Jr.__
For The Benefit
of Family and
Friends it is
Very Important
That You Have
21 Tearg in Wilmington.
8th Floor Trust Bid*.
Teen-Agers Urge Parents
To Attend Jamboree Tonight
The Teen-Agers extend a special invitation to all parents and
friends to join in the fun at the thirjL.weekly Teen-Age Jamboree to
be staged at Lumina tonight ai 8:30 o'clock.
Af the half-hour program sponsored by the WMFD Teen-Age
Merry uo Kound under me auun
direction of Ben McDonald, which
will take place during the inter
mission, Patty Jones, well known
pianist m the “teen set’’ will give
her interpretation of “Deep Pur
ple.” •
Patty, who is the daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Jones of Ann
street, will be a senior next year
at New Hanover high school. A
favorite among her classmates.
Patty, was a member of the Glee
club, ROTC Band, in which she
played the bells; a member of the
Latin club and she also played
Blue-eyed Patty expects to enter
Flora McDonald college when she
finishes high school and wants to
major in music. She has been
studying piano for the past five
and half years and recently begah
to study organ.
Although Patty can “jive” the
piano she really leans towards
the classic side of rythm. Last
spring this sixteen year old student
walked off with third place in
Class A at Greensboro during the
piano finals in the state music
festival. She plans to enter the
festival next year.
Other youngsters appearing on
the program will be Jimmv Cor
ded who recently was discharged
from the navy. Eugene Mauney.
Sara Ann Eaton. Sara Kay „ordan.
and Winnifred Harriss.
Since the Teen Age Merry Go
Mrs. Lloyd C. Allen, Jr., and
sister, Mrs. Sam Troy have been
called to Wallace on account of
the illness of their father, John
N. Wells.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Rice,
who have been visiting Mrs. Rice’s
parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. T. fow
ler at their home "Heartsease”
on Masonboro Bluff, left yesterday
morning for Starkville, Miss.,
where they will make their home
Mr. Rice will enter the Senior
class at Mississippi State college
this fall. Mrs. Rice is the former
Lillian Fowler.
Mr. and Mrs. William Bate are
expected to return to the city to
day following a brief trip to Rich
mond, Va., where they went t(
accompany Mrs. Bate’s mother
Mrs. H. L. Co*p to her home there
Mr. and Mrs. Bate will spend i
few days here before going t<
Florence, S. C., where Mr. Bat<
will return to his duties witl
the A. C. L., following
tw’enty-six months service with th<
armed forces, fourteen months o:
which were spent in the Europear
Theater of operations.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. McKoy
and their daughter, Katherine Me
Koy, of Greenville, S. C., ars
spending a week at the Ocear
Terrace Hotel at Wrightsvillf
; Beach.
Miss Elisita McKoy and Miss
Betty Bacon McKoy have just re
turned to Wilmington following £
I visit to Greenville, S. C. In Green
viUe they were recently brides
| maids at the wedding of Mr. anc
Mrs. Dewey Parks, Jr., Mrs
Parks was the former Anne W
McKoy. Miss Elisita McKoy is
living with her mother Mrs. Fran
cis K. McKoy at her residence or
South Third street. Miss Betij
Bacon McKoy is living with hei
grandmother. Mrs. W. B. MdKoj
and her father on South Thirc
Mr. George L. Peschau, who re
cently underwent an operation al
James Walker Memorial, is now
canvalescing at her home, 15 North
Sixth -street. Mrs. Richard L.
Meares. of Indianapolis. Ind., a
sister of Mrs. Peschau, will remain
with the latter during her con
; Major and M^Te. M. Fox worth
and children, Jean and Michael ol
Orangeburg, S. C are visiting
Mr and Mrs. R. C. Creech, en
route to New York city where thej
will said for Bremenhaven, Ger
many, on Monday. Major Fox
. worth was formerly stationed at
Camp Davis. They will make then
future home in Paris France
where Major Foxworth will be
Miss Juanita Blackham, daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Black
ham, Sr., left Saturday, by plane,
for Sacramento, California, where
she will be the guest of Mr. anc
Mrs. E. E. Straine and family al
their summer home in the moun
tains of Truckee, for three weeks.
Dr. and Mrs. F- B. Garrett, Mr.
and Mrs. Edgar Jones and Mrs.
C. A. Reap and son, Charles, Jr.;
Mr. and Mrs- Z. V. Morgan and
Richard, and Mr. and Mrs. Ben
Benbury of Hamlet, have returned
to their homes after vacationing at
the - Chandler cottage at Wrights
ville Beach.
[Round was organized last Mar A
outstanding teeners have appear
ed on the program showing favor
able talents in many fields. They
have worked hard under Ben Mc
Donald’s supervision and are
anxious to have as many adults
as possible to attend tonight’s
The band, Keen-Teeners, will al
so be on hand to furnish the
dance music for the evening.
Mr. and Mrs- Bernice Farmer
and young son, Bernice Farmer,
III, arrived in the city Sunday eve
ning from Laurel, Miss., and are
now making their home temporar
ily at the Colonial apartments,
Mr. Farmer was credit maangei
of the Laurel store of Sears-Roe
buck and was transferred to Wil
mington as credit manager of the
local store. Prior to entering the
army he was credit manager oi
the Orlando store.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Dewey Dorset!
of New York city and Mrs. J. C,
Morrow. Jr-, and daughter of Hen
dersonville, will arrive August 1
for a week at the Chandler cottage
at Wrightsville Beach.
Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Williford, ol
Greenville, have returned to their
home after spending several days
at the Chandler cottage at Wrights,
ville Beach.
Mrs. Lacy Sidbury, Jr., is a pa
tient at Bulluck clinic where she
underwent an appendectomy Mon
day afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Douglas, Jr.,
of Greensboro, will arrive August
5 for a stay at the Chandler cot
tage at Wrightsville Beach.
Anniversary Party
Given at Burgaw
BURGAW, July 31—The home o.
Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Southerlanc
of Burgaw, was the scene of s
very lovely entertainment honor
ing Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ott or
Tuesday evening, on their firs'
wedding anniversary. The home
was most attractive with the many
arrangements of lovely summei
flowers throughout the lower floor,
Welcoming guests at the front
door were the host and hostess
Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Southerland,
while Misses Mary Jane Hayes
and Carolyn Southerland directed
guests to register in the bride's
At the strains of Mendelssohn's
Wedding March, played by
Miss Margaret Betts, Mr. and
Mrs. Ott came in from their apart
ment and Mrs. Southerland pre
sented Mrs. Ott with a corsage
of red roses.
Mrs. Southerland then read a
poem which had been written for
the occasion after which Miss
Margaret Humphrey, accompanied
by Miss Betts on the piano sang
"Because," "I Love You Truly"
and several other selections.
Guests were invited into the din
ing room which was beautifully
decorated in white flowers the
prevailing color scheme and the
dining table which was covered
with a handsome *inen cloth was
centered with a large bowl oi
white gladioli, fever-few and fern,
with the two tiered wedding cake
at one end and the punch bowl
which was presided over by Mrs.
J. L. Hayes of Rocky Point a(
the other end of the table.
Mrs. Ott was told to follow a
tiny white ribbon which led her
to the breakfast roorh where she
found useful gifts.
The wedding cake and fruit
punch, nuts and mints were serv
ed by Misses Mary Jane Hayes
and Carolyn Southerland.
Alexander Graham Bell tried
to persuade Mark Twain to invest
$500 in his telephone invention.
Instead, the author loaned the
j money to a friend who went
bankrupt three days later.
Future Wedding
Of Interest To 5
Wi Imingtonians
Of interest in Wilmington is the I
following announcement: 1
Major General Arch Franklin
Howard, USMC, and Mrs. Howard
announce the engagement of their
daughter, Mary Douglas Howard,
to Lt. Comdr. Victor Taliaferro
Boatwright, Jr., USN, son of Mr.
and Mrs. Victor T. Boatwright of j
208 Middle street, Portsmouth, Va.
Miss Howard was graduated j
from Georgetown Visitation Con- ,
vent and attended Trinity college. .
Washington, D. C.. where she re
ceived her A. B. degree. I
She nas been on the staff of the
San Francisco Chronical for a
Commander Boatwright attended
Duke university for onb“year and
was graduated from the United
States Naval Academy in the class
of 1939.
He participated in the first land
ing in North Africa, Sicily, Sa
lerno and Normandy and more re
cently in the Pacific at Okinawa
and later with the occupational
forces in Tokyo.
No date has been 'set for the
NEW YORK, July 30— (/P)—Mem
i bership in the Ku Klux Klan was
outlawed in New York state Tues
day. The organization was ordered
dissolved by State Supreme court
Justice Joseph A. Gavagan who
signed a judgment revoking the
charter of "The Knight and Wo
men of the Ku Klux Klan, Inc.,”
on the grounds that it had obtained
the charter through subterfuge.
The third finger left hand was
selected for the wedding and en_
gagement rings because ancient
people believed a vein from that
finger ran directly to the heart.
What pretty daisies in bloom all
about your house! That’s what will
happen when you crochet this
charmingly different chair set!
Crochet the easy baskets; then
fill them with the daisies, each a
crocheted medallion. Pattern 7361
has directions for making set.
Send TWENTY CENTS in coins
for this pattern to Wilmington Stay
News, Household Arts Dept., 259
W. 14th St., New York 11, N. Y.
Print plainly NAME, ADDRESS
Our newest Needlework Book,
1946 edition, is yours for only Fif
teen Cents more—104 illustrations
of designs for crochet, knitting,
toys, home decoration, embroidery
and a Free Pattern for three pot
holders printed in the book.
White Ice Cream A Milk C.'wH
v /
CLUB| and [social
da tes to remem her
):00 a. m. — Question and an
swer food conservation
clinic to be held in Home
Agent's office, room 101
Custom House.
:45 p. m. — Annual picnic of The
Philathea Sunday school
class of the First Baptist
church to be held ,7^
home of Dr. and Mrs
L. Blanton, Midd'e
“ «w« S
O meet at the church !
the appointed hour. ‘
7:30 p. m. — Woman's anvji.,
to the Senior frateS
hold regular meet ...
___ the Crystal rests™ ™8 *
Doris Smith, W. S. Holland
Honored At Bridge Party
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Hollis enter-[
ained at a bridge party at their1
lome on Masonboro Sound Satur- i
[ay evening honoring Miss Doris!
). Smith and William S. Holland,
vho will be married on September
Summer {lowers decorated the
louse, the color scheme of pink
md green being used throughout
he lower floor.
During the evening cold drinks,
mints and nuts were served by
Charles Hollis, Refreshmehts con
sisted of an ice course carried out
n the color scheme.
Miss Smith was presented a
gift of crystal in her chosen pat
:ern by the hostess. Bridge prizes
vere awarded to Mrs. L. D. Smith
and Mrs. William S. Holland, hi*,
and to Mrs. J. M. Adams, jr
After bridge a mus
enjoyed. Jimmie Davis By 1*
Shaw and Sam Behrends ^"
several favorite selections 01 *
bride and groom-to-be. accomoM
ed by Robert Hollis at Hie pianP :
Those playing bridge were- V ,,
Doris D. Smith and William s' I
Holland, honorees. Mr. and Mrs t
D. Smith, Mrs. Sarah M H0naJ'
Mr. and Mrs. Herder! C. Dr ,
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie Davis Mr*'
Dan Walker, Miss Charlott' V.*,
Walker. Mrs. J. M. Adams r ‘
Miss Bettie Ann Adams. Sam B*' !j
rends, Bynum Shaw and R0C
Here's Your Test, Henpecked Husbands
NEA Staff Writer
A test for the husband who sus
pects he's henpecked:
Do you always spend YOUR
two week’s vacation with HER
Do you wear loud neckties,
though you’re conservative by na
ture, because your wife buys them
for you?
Does your wife habitually refer
to "my house” and "my children?’’
Do you dread going home if you
are a half-hour late for dinner?
Do you have to put a paper
under your feet when you stretch
cut on the davenport?
Does your wife automatically
hand you a tea-towel when she
starts to wash dishes?
Do you have to pretend a Sat.
urdav golf-game is something yon
“couldn’t get out of"?
Does your wife call you pet
names in public?
Does your wife frequently vis;:
your office, without an invitation
or a real reason for doing so?
Is Your Wife Curious?
Does your wife ask. "Who tvas
that?” -when you get a telephone
When you impart a bit ot news
at a social gathering, does your
wife say indignantly, "Why,
George, you never told me that!"’
Answer “Yes” to any three of
those questions, and you have
grounds for claiming you're a hen
pecked husband.
Family Reunion
Held at Burgaw
BURGAW, July 31—A family re
union was held on Sunday July 21.
at the old I. J. Lewis home on
Riley’s Creek honoring the brothers
sisters, their husbands and wives
of the Scott family who are living
in different sections of the United
States and who were back at home
on a visit to their families and
On the lawn under the shade of
the trees a table was arranged
where a sumtious dinner was
served picnic style.
The only honored guest of the day
was Dr. Charles R. Taylor who was
reared in that section, a friend of
the family and who for years has
been the pastor of the Riley’s Creek
Baptist church. Those who partici
pated in this celebration were Mr
and Mrs. B. C. Scott of Greenveille.
S. C., Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Scott of
Laredo, Texas, L. Scott of New
Bern, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Scott of
Wilmington, F. K. Scott, Wilming
ton, Mrs. L. W. Johnson of Wilming
ton and Mrs. Lizzie Langston of
Wilmington. Thirteen grand chil
dren. 14 nieces and nephews and
11 great neices and nephews.
Rev., Mrs. R. M. Engle
To Be Honored Guests
At Informal Reception
An informal reception honoring
the Rev. and Mrs. Raleigh M.
Engle will be given by the Wom
an's auxiliary of Pearsall Memo
rial church on Thursday evening,
at 8 o’clock in the basement of the
Sunday school building.
The congregation n cordially in
vited to attend.
Dial 2-3311 For Newspaper Service
Limited Quantity
On Sale
9=AM W D.
Sheets 72x108—81x108 -Pillow Cases 45x36
Limit: 1 pr. Cases — 2 Sheets to Customer
Sorry, No Phone Orders
Linen Dept. — 3rd Floor Main Bldg.
(Bdkil'illicwU) (fo

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