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Commander Of Suspended
N. Y. Post Threatens
A Court Suit
NEW YORK, Sept. 14.—UP)—The
American Legion today faced the
possibility of a court suit against
it by the organization's Duncan
Paris Post in Manhattan, which
says its charter was illegally sus
pended because its membership al
legedly contained a number ot
communists and communists sym.
Marion (See Here Private! Har
grove commander of the post, de
nied yesterday at a press confer
ence that the organization was
“communist dominated” and said
an appeal would be taken to the
Legion’s highest levels “and, if
necessary, into the courts.
Maurice Stember. adjutant of the
Legion’s New York state depart
ment, announced Thursday the de
partment’s executive committee
had voted to refuse Duncan-Paris
Post a permanent charier, in ef
fect suspending it, because of com
munist activity within its member
Hargrove termed the action an
illegal basis of expulsion’’ and
said: “We do not respect the ma
chine which runs the American
Legion and we are determined to
do whatever we can to keep those
machine politicians from Indiana- f
polis from throttling the World War
II veterans in the organization.
Naval Reservists
Ask Training Plan
WASHINGTON, Sept. 14——!
A group of Navy reserve officers
asked the Navy today to immedite*
ly start a training program for
and submarine reserve officers.
Eugene C. Carusi of Washington, i
national president of the organi-,
zation of reserve officers of the
Naval service, said in a letter to
Adm. Chester W. Nimitz. Chief
of Naval Operations, that Congress
appropriated 8134,5000,000 for the
training program.
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[ r—-—.—-—
U. S. Army Group
1,6 Depicted is
insigne of
U. S. Army
11 Bristles
12 Eagle’s nest
13 Through
14 Half-breed
17 Greek letter
19 Near
20 Glossy paint
21 Moth
22 Employs
25 Ago
27 Prying device
29 Lariat
30 Hail!
31 Swiss river
32 Concluded
34 Slant
37 Soothsayer
38 Winter
39 Symbol for
40 Renter
46 Tellurium
47 Age
49 Thoroughfare
50 Indian weight
51 Irregular
53 Claw
55 Office furni
ture (pi.)
56 Approval
1 African fly
2 She
3 That thing
4 Speed contest
5 Gull-like bird
6 Yam
7 Foot part
8 Symbol for
9 Tear
10 Refrain
'13 Apostle
15 Babylonian
16 Mystic
18 Jot
23 Elude
24 Disunite
25 Rings
26 First Jewish
high priest
28 Crimson
29 Short-napped
32 Slave
33 Approached
35 Forcible
36 Pitcher
40 Job
41 Nights before
42 Compass point
43 Any
44 Woody fruits
45 Afternoon so
cial events
48 Exist
50 Male child
52 Bone
54 French article
Aamtr to Prevloni Pml*
g^g~ nfiT
IrlXluy m
f * TteMT". NL
IKiIbpIAiLI cnaiiiNO lOIAl_
Wilmington Star-News
Washington Bureau
WASHINGTON, Sept. 14 — Sea
manship that enabled hi sformer
vessel, the Wilmington-launched
"William Moultrie" to be cited as
a gallant ship, today won the Mer
chant Marine Distinguished Ser
vice Medal for Capt. Richard E.
Hocken, of New York.
The presentation was made by
i Vice Admiral William W. Smith,
! USN retired, chairman of the Mar
| itime Commission.
The citation recalls that the
! William Moultrie, in a cbnvoy
! which suffered heavy losses,
fought through a week of continu
ous attacks by enemy bombers
and submarines to deliver her
cargo of war material to a north
Russian port. In the course of the
long running battle, the ship was
directly attacked thirteen times
and was credited with downing
eight planes, and with scoring
direct hits on twelve others.
Captain Hocken is now master
of the S S Sea Dolphin, presently
in Baltimore.
George Hill Funeral
Rites Slated Monday
NEW YORK, Sept. 14.—(U.R)
Funeral services for George Wash
ington Hill, president of the Ameri.
can Tobacco company and origina
tor of its ubiquitous Lucky Strike
advertising slogans, will be held
at 2 p. m., Monday, Sept. 16, at
St. Bartholomew’s Episcooal
church, New York.
Hill, 61, died yesterday at his
private fishing camp near Mata
pedia, Quebec, of a heart ailment.
He had succeeded his father as
president of the tobacco company
in 1926 and was credited with
causing much of the increase in
cigaret smoking in the past 20
years through his masterful ad
vertising and selling techniques.
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Ufssisn u
Talmadge Will Ask
Georgia To Change
Voting Procedures
ATLANTA. Ga., Sept. 14—CU.R)—
Gov. nominate Eugene Talmadge
said today that he will ask state
democratic convention at Macon
next month to turn the Democra
tic party in Georgia into a “volun
tary" organization to circumvent
federal laws guaranteeing Negroes
the right to vote in white primary!
Talmadge, who waged and won
his gubernatoral campaign on the
white supremecy issue, said he
still likes the South Carolina system
: running its party elections and
I thinks Georgia will do well to fol
! low suit.
New. Bern, Sept. 14. — A total'
of $1,476.70 has been raised from,
voluntary contributions through the
.city and state for the local Negro
\ library building, reports Charlotte
Rhone. Negro president of the libr
ary association. She says that about
S3.000 more is needed to complete
the building and equip it.
Lake Forest Residents
Sign Housing Petition
—-— - *
More Than Required 25%
Agreeable To Vet Co
operative Plan
Signatures to a petition now be
ing circulated among residents of
Lake Forest to the effect that they
will interpose no objections to the
purchase of the masonry units there
by the proposed Veterans’ Co-op
erative Housing corporation, indi
cated the required 25 per cent of
the occupants will okeh the plan
it was learned last night.
The petition read as follows:
“We, the undersigned, residents of
Lake Forest, Wilmington, N. C., a
War Housing project administered
by the Federal Public Housing ad
ministration, interpose no objec
tions to the purchase of said de
velopment by the Veterans' Co
operative Housing corporation, a
non-profit corporation composed of
honorably discharged members of
the Armed Forces of the United
States, all residents of Wilmington,
New Hanover county, North Caro
According to the requirements of
the FPHA, at least 25 per cent of
the present occupants must signify
their willingness for the purchase
and a number equal to an adition
al 35 per cent who are potential
purchasers must sign a similar pe
tition which will also request the
corporation be allowed to buy the
project and further signifying their
desire to own stock in the coopera
This second petition must be filed
at the time the sale is consumated,
according to FPHA requirements,
j Articles of incorporation for the
Vets co-op were forwarded by the
; groups attorney, John Bright Hill.
; to Secretary of State Thad Eure
late yesterday, a spokesman said, i
The chapter is expected to be
granted within a few days.
Included in the articles were pro
; visions for the purchase, sale, rent
and construction of veterans hous
ing as needed.
The co-op proposes to acquire
title to the 584 masonry units, the
community building and the com
mercial building at Lake Forest.
Payments by participants in the
cooperative will run consider
ably lower than the monthly
rental now charged, spokesmen for
the group report. An added feature
in the contract to buy will be that
in case the vet must move, either
leaving the city or to another loca
tion, he will give the corporation
30 days in which to buy out his
investment, thus realizing the ad
ded benefit of a return on his
money which he does not enjoy as
a renter.
Information received late Friday
indicated the group would be al
lowed, under amended FPHA regu
lations, to meet the government’s
fair appraisal price, before offer
ing the property for sale by sealed
competitive bid to any other group.
The co-operative, sponsored by
] the James A. Manley post VFW,
I is primarily designed for providing
Hen Who
Get Up Nights
Often Lose Their Pep
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307 No. Front St._Wilmington, N.^C._Dlal 2 ^
adequate low-cost housing for vet
erans of the armed forces, regard
less of their affiliation with any
service groups. The veteran eligible
for participation in the co-op must,
according to incorporators, be now
residents of Lake Forest, or not
otherwise adequately housed.
Under the revised procedure, de
tails of which have not been trans
mitted to Wilmington, veterans pur
chasers of Lake Forest units will
in all probability, obtain possession
in considerably less time than the
Dec. 31, 1947 deadline stipulated
in the public sale by sealed bid pro
visions, officials declared.
Vast sums have been spent in
searching for the fabled silver
deposits worked by Indians and
early Spanish explorers at Silver
Hill, in the Qzarks, but the land
has failed to yield wealth.
4. F. Whitney Avers
Rail Brotherhood To
Fight Truman In ’48
MIAMI BEACH, Fla.. Sept. 14.
—(U.R)—A. F. Whitney, president of
the Brotherhood of Railway Train,
men, said here . today that the
brotherhood will attempt to cut
President Truman out of another
term at the democratic national
convention in 1948.
Whitney, arriving here for a six
week BRT convention beginning
Monday, said he did not think it
would be necessary to spend union
money in the campaign. He has
no desire to join the republicans,
and does not think a third party
could be organized.
The dispute between Mr. Truman
and Whitney during the spring
trainmen’s strike Wa- -
by Whitney’s declaration
Penny in the treasury " ,etJ
used to defeat him. T0Ha..°,U‘d >*
he doubted if any Spe,d »U
be needed because tv ? w°-'i
already beaten himi^3 ^
- for! ‘
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