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Girl Scout Leader Lauds
Program To Help Youths
Mrs. G. D. Greer Attended
Conference In Asheville
During Week
-Girl Scouting is not just an
other job—it gives us the rare op
portunity and privilege of working
with other children of America
and the entire world understanding
friendship and human happiness,”
yrs. G. D. Greer, Girl Scout
commissioner, said yesterday upon
. e„ return irom Asheville.
" jhe Juliette Low Regional Girl
c„out conference was attended by
over -100 professional and volun
teV workers from North Caro
lina. Georgia, Florida and South
Carolina, she said.
Among the prominent guests at
lending the conference were: Mrs.
C Vaugham Ferguson, national
president, of Schenectady, N. Y.,
M:ss D'ana Dyer, national vice
nresident, of Winston-Salem; Mrs.
v Swift Newton, of Anselma,
ps ; Mrs .Alien Harris, of John
son City. Tenn.; Miss Eleanor
Hoover, of Waynesboro, Pa.; Mrs.
Arthur Woods, of Washington, D.
C ail members of the national
b-ard. and Miss Marion Sloan,
member of UNRRA team, of Mari
etta .Ohio.
Officials from national head
ouarters were: Miss Sally B.
Siickney, executive director of
th-’ field division; Mrs. Katie Lee
Johnson, convention manager;
Miss Frances Morse, international
division; Miss Leah Parker, per
sonnel division; Miss 01 e d a
Schroltky, field division; and Miss
Berthyl Glcssinger, national equip
ment service.
National staff assigned to Region
6 in attendance were: Miss Bettie
Brooks, regional director; Miss
Katherine Park, training adviser;
Miss Sue Hammack, Miss Eliza
beth Ijarns, and Mrs. Lucy C.
Stroup, community advisers.
Mrs. Greer was accompanied to
t'-e conference by the following:
Mrs. J. S. Webb. Mrs. H. W. Win
kle. Mrs. Elizabeth Emory, Mrs.
Clinton Bond. Mrs. W. C. Baugh,
Mrs. H. Vander Schalie, Mrs. R.
F. Hope, Mrs. B. M. Jones, Jr.,
and Miss Dorothy Wells.
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Guadeloupe, Reunion, Martinique
and Guyana—are eligible to cast
ballots for 3,200 candidates.
There was little popular inter
est in the elections — Frenchmen
have gone to the polls six times
in the last 13 months—and politi
cal quarters feared that 18 fo 25
per cent of the electorate might
rot take the trouble to vote.
A large part of absentations,
they said, might be in protest
against the way the coalition gov
ernment of Socialists, Commu
nists and MRP members pushed
through the election law which
does not permit a voter to write
in a candidate.
On November 24, France will
elect an electoral college, which
will, in turn, elect the council
of the republic, a consultative
body which will replace the senate
of the defunct Third Republic.
Sometime early in January, the
assembly and council of the re
public will elect a new president.
Missing Co-Ed Found
Working As Domestic
FORT WAYNE, Ind., Nov. 9—
if—Mary Zimmerman, 19-year-old
Bowling Green State University
co-ed, missing since Wednesday
night, is working as a domestic
servant in Fort Wayne and intends
to stay on the job, she said today.
"I won’t go back. I am going
to stay here and work and then
later I will go back to school.”
The 19-year-old girl for whom a
search had been conducted, said,
“I was nervous and tired of
She came here Wednesday night
from Bryan, where she visited a
school teacher friend. After spend
ing the night in a tourist home
she went to the home of Lawrence
Levy, a merchant, in answer to
an add for a domestic servant. She
Rave no reason for choosing Fort
Whether it‘s a major operation
or the mere tightening of a bolt
you can t>e sure your bicycle
"hi receive prompt and careful
attention here.
We Call For
And Deliver
211 Princess St.
Dial 2-2442
City Briefs
A committee of Negro lead
ers, headed by Carl H. Moul
trie, manager of Hillcrest hous
ing project as chairman, has
been formed to assist the New
Hanover county Health and
Tuberculosis association in the
1946 Christmas Seal sales, Dr.
John C. Wessell, county Seal
sale chairman, announced yes
express appreciation
Members of the James A.
Manley post and the ladies
auxiliary of Veterans of For
eign Wars expressed appre
ciation to the people of Wil
mington for making the Bud
dy Poppy sale yesterday a
success. Over 8,000 poppies
were sold, Mrs. James Mcln
tire, auxiliary president, said.
The regular meeting of
Plumbers and Steamfitters
has been postponed until Mon
day, Nov. 18, B. R. Drynan,
business representative, an
nounced yesterday.
Kirk H. Low has been elect
ed to membership in Pi Tau
Sigma, National Engineering
honorary fraternity, it was
learned here yesterday. He is
a mechanical engineering stu
dent, working for a master’s
degree, at Georgia Te.-!‘ uni
versity. He is also a member
of the faculty.
Special Armistice Day serv
ices will be held this after
noon at 5 o’clock at St. John’s
Episcopal church, Third and
Red Cross street, the Rev. E
W. Halleck, rector, announced
yesterday. The choir will sing
several special selections.
James Walker Memorial hos
pital alumni will meet Tues
day night at 8 o’clock in Miss
Janie’s Oyster Roast, Mason
boro road. Miss Margaret Wy
coff, second vice-president, will
give a report of the recent
North Carolina Nurses’ con
vention, during the regular
Judge H. Winfield Smith
yesterday announced that there
would be no session of re
corder’s court tomorrow, as the
court will observe Armistice
Attaches at James Waiker
Memorial hospital yesterday
afternoon reported that there
had been some improvement
in the condition of Mrs.
Anastasia Giamarelo, 58,
who was admitted to the insti
tution at 4:46 o’clock Friday
morning after it was thought
that she had been given poison
instead of ammonia.
A united Armistice memorial
service will be held tonight in
the Carolina Beach Baptist
church at 7:30 o’clock, under
the auspicek of the American
Legion, Carolina Beach Post
No. 272.
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achieve the objectives of the At
lantic Charter x x x
“Their success or failure wil
largely determine whether the
world will move towards a systeir
of liberai international trade, free
from arbitrary barrier, excessive
tariffs and discriminations, or wil
pay the heavy cost of narrov
economic nationalism,” Mr. Tru
man added.
Clayton emphasized his beliel
that the United States reciproca
trade program is an All-Americar
policy which the American people
want continued unchanged.
He said he does not fear any Re
publican attempt to interfere witt
the Reciprocal Trade Act whict
gives the administration authoritj
to slash tariff duties as much as
50 percent without further consult
ing congress.
The act was extended for three
years in July of 1945 but many Re
publican congressmen votec
against it.
The Undersecretary maintained
that many Republicans back the
administration’s views on tariffs
and pointed to statements by Sena
tor Vanderberg (R-Mich.), Gov
Thrftnas E. Dewey of New Yorl
and the late Wendell Willkie.
Under questioning, however
Clayton acknowledged that rank
and-file Republicans do not supporl
the administration’s foreign econo
mic policy as strongly as they dc
the strictly political phase.
In answer to other questions, hr
noted the Republican - controlled
congress could repeal the trade
act, if it desired, or block it bj
refusing funds to carry it out. Bui
he stressed he believes such actior
Clayton disclosed the State de
partment had deliberately withheld
the tariff announcement until after
the elections to avoid making it the
target of partisan political attacks.
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came after a compromise move
averted a threatened Russian figh
over the wording of a resolutior
admitting the three.
Five other countries—Albania
Outer Mongolia, Ireland, Portuga
and Trans-Jordan—were turnec
down by the Security Council ir
membership bids and efforts were
still being made in committees tc
force the council to reconsider the
The United States had proposed
that the site question be reopened
to include only the San Franciscc
and New York areas, contending
that the urgency of a decision
made it inadvisable to take in the
entire country. A previous As
sembly resolution had limited the
site to Westchester County, N. Y.,
and Fairfield County, Conn.
The British delegate insisted tha1
the scope be unlimited within the
borders of this country.
on naruey onawcross oi ureal
Britain did not mention any spe
cific areas outside New York and
San Francisco, commenting only
that some persons felt there might
be “East coast” sites which were
more desirable. It was understood
one area he had in mind was the
Delaware valley region in Penn
sylvania. His amendment as
finally drafted opened the hunt
to “all parts of the United States
which may be avilable withoul
cost or at reasonable cost.”
Following the meeting, Shaw
cross told newsmen that he had
no definite site in mind when he
rpentioned the East coast. He re
called that the Boston and Phila
delphia areas had been mentioned
in previous discussions but said
he had no definite facts as to the
In regard to the possibility oi
the Delaware valley section, he
said that his mention of the Phil
adelphia area would include any
such location.
“We were principally interestec
in removing restrictions withir
the United States.” he said.
Snails are nearsighted, canno
see beyond a few inches, and see
better in dim light.
Actress Balks At Part
With A Fig Leaf Garb
CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Nov. 9—
(JP)—Blonde Kaye Horan, 19 year
old Radcliffe college junior, has
refused to wear but a fig leaf for
the Harvard clubs production of
“The Creation of Adam,” but will
appear in a garb that has some
what the appearance of a serong
Producers of the show told Mon
day of how Kaye, who will’ play
“Eve”in the play, bluntly balked
at the more revealing fig leaf and,
at first, insisted on wearing a
flowing robe.
However, after a huddle with
all concerned. Kaye daughter of
U. S. Rep. Walt Horan CR) of
Wenatchee, Wash., compromised
with the near-sarong.
The play will be presented from
Nov. 1*2 through Nov. 16.
City And Ministers
Agree In Vice Spat
UP)—An agreement to submit to
council an amendment to an or
dinance empowering safety director
Alfred Schaefer to commission one
or more private policemen was
reached today at a conference
between city officials and a dele
gation of Protestant ministers cam
paigning to rid the town of gambl
ing and vice.
The amendment, as drawn up by
City Solicitor William J. Weinman,
would empower the safety director
to appoint “one or more private
policemen who shall enforce all
criminal ordiances of the city and
all criminal laws of the state and
Ihe United States within the city.”
Milk Mixture for
Stomach Ulcers
A recent medical discovery now used by
doctors and hospitals everywhere has proven
unusually successful in the treatment of atom
acb ulcers caused from excess acid. It is a
i harmless preparation yet so effective, in many
cases the pains of stomach ulcers disappear
; almost immediately. Also recommended for gas
j pains, indigestion, heartburn due to hyper
! acidity. Sufferers may now try this at home b>
1 obtaining a bottle of LURIN from their drug
gist- LURIN contains this new discovery in its
purest form. Easy to take. Just mix two tea
spoonfuls tin a half glass of milk. Costs but
little. Must satisfy or money refunded.
LuiJn for sale by Saunders Drus .Store
and drug stores everywhere.
Students w ear
them with pride
and pi easure.
Plaids, solids
bones — two
button models. j
SIZES 33 — 38
SIZES 8 — 18
$14-95 — $19-95
Slacks in all wool, some in part wool and
rayon. Your choice in grey, blue, tan
and browns. Student sizes 26—32.
$4.70 - $12-50
Siurdy Knii
These pajamas made for boys are rest
ful to sleep in—sturdy to play in—and fit
snugly. Blue only. Sizes 4—6—8—10.
Special $J.83
Third Floor Boys’ Dept.
ifidkWUUamA Go-.
-\o The Holidays
3 Piece
Spotlighted on our fashion floor . . . The smart new 3
piece suits you’ve been waiting for. See these lovelies
in grey, greystripe, red, brown, green. Thy’re tailored
of quality woolens and modestly priced, too. Second
suit $24.00
Beautiful is but a word when trying to describe
the loveliness of these' cocktail dresses. Sheer
crepes . . . Soft woolens -. . . in black and colors.
Many are trimmed in sequins or lace. There’s
one or more especialy styled for you at a price
to please you. Second floor.
Dress up your costume WITH a BELT. Your
choice of many smart styles in gold and silver
metal. Non-tarnish gold braided mesh belts, leather
metal studed belts, wide plastic and leather, nar
row sports leather and real reptile skin belts in
black, brown, red, green tan, natural, navy and
As Seen in Glamour and Mademoiselle
To Wear And To Treasure
The finer the frame the finer the hand
bag. They are strikingly simple—
strikingly smart. A wide variety of
leathers, pouches, dress-up, and tailored
bags . . . bags to suit all occasions.
Black, brown, tan and red.

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