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Radio Programs
| WMFD Wilmington —1400 KC
6:30—Daybreak in the Barnyard.
7:15—Top of the Mornine
7:30—Musical Clock
7:55—North Carolina Highlight!
' 8:00—News with Martin Agronsky
8: IS—Star-News
8:45—Mr. Goodwill.
8:55—UP News.
9:00—The Breakfast Club with Don Mc
10 :00—My True Story
10 :25—Hymns of All Churcnei
10:45—The Listening Post.
11:00—Breakfast in Hollywood — Tom
11:30—Kellogg’s Home Edition
11:45—Treasury Salute.
12:00—Noon Day Musical
12:30—At Your Request
1:00—Baukhage Talking
1:15—Rest Hour Music
1:25—Round the Town Reporter
1:30—Our Singing Land
l'-45—Stringing Along.
2:00—Walter Kieman and New!.
2:15—Happy’s Serenade
2:30—Bride and Groom
3 :00—Ladies Be Seated
3:30—The Baptist Hour.
3:45—George Barnes and Orchestra
4:00—Tommy Riggs, Betty Lou Show.
4:45—Let’s Dance.
5:00—Terry and the Pirates.
5:15—Sky King.
5 :30—WMFD Lamplighter.
5:45—Hollywood Melodies.
6:00—Kiernan’s Corner.
6:15—Musical Interlude.
6:25—Round the Town Reporter.
6:30—Blackstone, Magic Detective.
6:45—The Barry Wood Show.
7:00—Ethel and Albert.
7:15—Reed’s Present..
7:20—Evening Request Program.
8:00—Tomorrow Morning’s Headlines.
8:05—Evening Request Continued.
9:00—Tex Maupin Orchestra.
9:30—Boston Symphony.
10:30—Hoosier Hop.
11:00—News of Tomorrow.
11:15—Joe Hassel.
11:30—Gems For Thought.
11:35—George Towne Orchestra.
1340 On Your Dial.
3:00 PM—UP News—Wilmington News.
3:05—Grapevine Party Line.
| 4:55—United Press News.
| 5:00—Lew White at the Organ.
1 5:15—Superman—MBS.
; 5:30—Captain Midnight—MBS.
| 5:45—Tom Mix.
3:00—News Kounrup.
I 5:15—Maola Pleasure Parade.
; 1:30—Lazy Listening,
j 1:43—Sizing Up Sports.
| - :00—Fulton Lewis, Jr.—MBS.
j 7 :15—Michael Zafin’s Orchestra—MBS
i 7:30—Henry J. Taylor—MBS.
7:43—Around the World in Song.
3:00—Adventures of Bulldog Drummond.
3:30—Casebook of Gregory Hood—MBS
9:00—Gabriel Heatter—MBS.
9:15—Freedom of Epression.
9:30—Spotlight Bands—MBS.
0:00—To Be Announced.
10:30—Do You Believe in Ghosts.
10:45—Dance Orchestra—MBS.
11:00—All the News—MBS.
11:15—Sign Off.
Changes In programs as listed are doe
to corrections by networks made
too late to incorporate.
All times PM Eastern Standard. To
.change to Central Standard subtract
< one hour; to mountain standard sub
tract two hours.
Times listed are those supplied by
networks. Relay times by local stations,
[ may vary in some instances.
•| 5:45—Front Page Farrell, Serial—NBC
Chicagoans Orchest., Continued—CBS
j Tennessee Jed (Repeat at 6:45)—ABC
Tom Mix* (Repeated at 6:45) — MBS
t _
I Buck Rogers in Repeat—MBS-west
6:09—News Period for 15 Mins—NBC
Quincy Howe and News Period—CBS
Walter Kiernan and News—ABC-east
Terry Serial in a Repeat—ABC-west
Hop Harrigan in Repeat—MBS-west
6:15—America Serenade; Sports—NBC
You and Alcohol, a Discussion — CBS
To Be Announced (30 M.)—ABC-east
The Sky King in Repeat—ABC-west
Repeat by the Superman—MBS-west
6:30—Red Barber & Sports Time—CBS
Jack Armstrong in Repeat—ABC-west
Capt. Midnight in Repeat—MBS-west
6:45—Lowell Thomas & Newscast—NBC
World News and Commentary—CBS
Allen Prescott 15 Minutes—ABC-east
7:00—Radio’s Supper Club—NBC-basic
Mystery Drama for the Week—CBS
News Commentary & Overseas—ABC
Fulton Lewis, Jr. in Comment—MBS
7:15—News & Comment of World—NBC
Elmer Davis and Commentary—ABC
Dancing for 15 Minutes—MBS-basic
7:30—Ward Donovan and Songs—NBC
American Melodies Song Orch.—CBS
How Do You Pronounce It, Quiz—ABC
Arthur Hale in Comment—MBS-basic
7:45—Kaltenbom and Comment—NBC
Bill Brandt in Sports Comment—MBS
8:00—Rudy Vallee with Variety—ABC
"Big Town” Newspaper Drama—CBS
Lum and Abner Comedy Skit—ABC
Michael Shayne, Radio Sleuth—MBS
8:15—Earl Godwin and Comment—ABC
8:30—A 1 ate With Judy, Drama—NBC
Mel Blai.c Show with Comedy—CBS
The O’Neills, Family Drama — ABC
The Falcon, Drama (R’pt 11:30—MBS
8:55—Five Minutes News Period—CBS
9:00—Amos and Andy on the Air—NBC
The Vox Poppers & Interviews—CBS
Rex Maupin and His Orchestra—ABC
Gabriel Heatter and Comment—MBS
9:15—Real Life Drama Series—MBS
9:30—Fibber McGee and Molly—NBC
The Hollywood Players, Drama—CBS
Boston Symphony Concert Hr—ABC
American Forum, Guest Panel—MBS
10:00—Bob Hope Comedy Variety—NBS
Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scouts—CBS
10:15—Upton Close in Comment—MBS
10:30—Red Skelton and Comedy—NBC
Open Hearing for a Discussion—CBS
Hoosier Hop in a Barn Dance—ABC
Dance Band for a Half Hour—MBS
11:00—News' for 15 Minutes—NBC-basic
The Supper Club Repeat—NBC-west
News, Variety, Dance, 2 h—CBS & ABC
News, Dance Band Show 2 h—MBS
11:15— Variety & News to 1 a. m.—NBC
Wayne P. Rogers. 18-year-old
seaman, Winter Park Is serving
with the Richard Byrd expedition
en route to the South pole, it was
learned here.
H. E. Rogers, World War II vet
eran in charge of the Christmas
wrapping service at the Chamber
of Commerce, said he received
word from his son that he will be
James Copeland Announces
Friday Night Selected
For Event
The annual Christmas party for
the members of the Brigade Boy’s
club will be held Friday night at
the club, 2nd and Church streets
at 7:30 o’clock, it was announced
last night by James (Jimmy) Cope
land, director of the organization.
A well rounded program is being
arranged for the youngsters which
will include Carol singing, moving
pictures and a short talk by a
prominent local speaker. Nuts, can
dies and fruit will also be provided.
Santa Claus is expected to make
his annual visit at the party which
is being arranged by Copeland and
Harold L. Culler, director of physi
cal education.
All members of the Brigade club
is invited to attend.
unable to be home for Christmas
Aboard the U. S. S. Pine Island,
carrying planes to the polar region,
Seaman Rogers does not expect to
be back in the United States be
fore July 1947, the elder Rogers
Sailor Rogers finished his train
ing at Bainbridge', Md., before em
barking with Byrd, and is con
nected with the Radar equipment
Man Had Brick in His
Stomach For 10 Years
One man recently stated that for
10 years he felt like he had a brick
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I ask for it - Always "
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So, to get your share,
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preciates ... a gift that every man can
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Stop in today, before our stock of boxes is exhausted.
MAL/ORY $10.00 ^
Dress gloves . . . gloves he’ll enjoy wear
ing when driving on these cool ipernlngs.
We have a selection of Suede, Cape and
Pigskin; some wool lined . . . some fur
lined. All sizes.
$2.98 to $7.50
Give him a gift to keep him warm. Colorful
wool scarfs in all the latest fall shades in
solids and plaids. Also white rayons.
Other Scarfs_98c to $5.00
n n n
Dad wants good sturdy slippers for the ultimate in relaxa
tion. Choose his slippers from our stock of all leather,
wool tops and leather soles or wool top and soft sole
bedroom slippers. They make an ideal gift.
$1.39 to $4.95
_A _ A_ A _
The Ideal Man's Bag
Every sportsman needs a, bag of
this kind to carry the odds and
ends when he pursues his favor
ite pastime. Sturdy, waterproof
bags that can stand plenty of
knocking around.
Canvas-20" „Z— $12.45
Canvas-16" _„7_„. $2.73
Imitation Leather_ $8.95
n k
This year give a piece or start
a set of beautiful matched lug
gage. Sturdy three ply aeroplane
weight plywood covered wa
ter resistant fabric and bound
in leather. The locks and
hinges are made of brass.
21" Week End Cases
$10.70 lo $17.40
26" Bus Cases
$15.40 lo $23.60
(Luggage prices do not include Federal Excise Tax)
(fidk-ifrillicwU Co-.

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