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Reporter Pictures Murray I
4c “Kilroy, School Boy”
r —
tated Fress Correspondent
^CXOX. Feb. 19 - W —
school boy?
4 ^reader’Phil Murray was
lib°Ld to both at a meeting ofj
'[8n ate Labor committee today.
0 ^tnators have their hearts
Tile Writing some labor laws.
,!tvtatr&y head 01 the CI°'
^fdown to give his views.
«*® „ ,.»acl elsewhere about
.S-*>«» «•» »>»
5 a > “>'■
til ov came in with Murray.
t no chief and Senator El
(D-La.) soon were quibbl
” what happened at a meet
^ Murray had with President
XZsai<j °iie ‘hing> Eiiender
'It'll that's your God-given
* . ’ Q.'flcr with me. Senator,”
ri|id Jh.:'ay. "but ’I am like
T t .yas there.”
Silroy —1 "d
ae school ooy came in with
Eiiender and Murray got, into
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WithSoda and Alkalizers
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a"h gas and bad breath by taking
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, ,jf But in the intestinal tract
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,'u»*er part gets blocked food may fail to
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Xe get back on her feet,
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icion so vou can fee] really good again.
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H. H. and M. M. Priority Holders February 21, 1947
Federal Agencies February 24, 1947
OFFICE Veterans February 25,26, 1947
H0URS: R. F. C. February 27, 1947
9 A. M. State and Local Governments and Non-Profit
Institutions February 28, 1947
Non-Priority Commercial Buyers March 3, 1947.
4 P. M. Remaining Balance, Competitive Bid March 10, 11, 1947
5255,089 Miscellaneous Plumbing and Air Condition Equipment
Various Size Couplings
Fans, monogram size, high pressure and
Temperature Recorder
Various Size Tee-s, Elbows, Bends. “Ells",
"Y’s'1, “S's”, Nipples and Crosses
Bronze Cocks
Bronze Fittings
Various Size and Type Valves
Various Size and Type Pumps
Cast Iron Boilers •
Hot Water Heaters
Fittings and Pipe, various types and sizes
Water Pump Repair Kit
Pipe Covering
Tubing, seamless, steel, copper and brass
Water Filters
Cork Insulation
Pipe Flanges
Blower, centrifugal
--- --- -
526,695 Kitchen and Dining Room Equipment and SuppF
Baking and Roasting Pans, various types
and sizes
Bread Pans, various types and sizes
*tock Pots, 5 to 20 gallon
Mm* Tables, 30”x96” and* 36”x96”
Mess Tables, metal folding legs, 27"x96”
Chairs, folding wood
Flour Bins
Apple and Potato Peelers
™eat Slicing Machines, 10” blade
eat Cutting and Grinding Machines
Burners, Food Cooking, pressure type
Bread Molding Machines
h Washers, steam coil heated
Benches and Tables, Officers field end
Mess Tables, all metal
Cooking Ranges, coal fired
Bread Dividing Machine
Baking Sheets, 15”x24”xl”
Flour JWfiver, 1 Lb. capacity
Soup Bowls
Mixer, heavy duty
Coffee Urns
Deep Fat Fryers
Juice Extractors
Scales, .various types
Sinks, various types and sizes
■ Steam Kettles
Stove Hoods, ventilating
Cafeteria Counter"
Walk-in, Refrigerators
Reach-in Refrigerators
Meat Chopping Bench
Food Display Counter
Tea Spoons, Dinner Forks, Cocktail Forks
Pitchers, various sizes
Trays, various sizes
Skimmers, various sizes
Plates, various sizes
Cups and Saucers
Glasses, various sizes •
■ .. . .
^aste paper Baskets
Elding chairs
W Chairs
Drawers, plain maple finish
■^Mside Tables
Duplicating Machines
Typewriters, various manufacture
Adding Machines
Straight Back Chairs
Wooden File Cabinets
T-Squares, wood
Rules, Parallel and parallel adjustable
curve folding
Scales, Drawing Arch and Mech.
Triangles, plastic
Cabinets, File, all wood
Folders, File
A Rawing will lv held at 9-00 A M February 25 to determine your position for entrance into the Sales and Display Room. The
you draw Will determine 'vour' position'for entrance. (This does not mean that you are entitled to purchase according to the
Umbe? you have drawn It onlv'determines order of entrance into the Sales and Display Room.)
w “ *iH not be necessary for you to be present before 9:00 A. M., February 25. Early arrival will not benefit in any way.
*w>ngs will specifically determine your position for admittance. _ '
"Till—_ ————————■———
_— 1- --v, — umj
Cable Shackles _ Welding Rods, various types Files, various sices
Tumbuckle Cables Electrodes, various types* Blocks
Electric Screwdrivers Wire Rope, various sizes
Electric Drills Wire Rope Slings Screws, various types and sizes
Electric Tap Guns Paint, Blue Deck Paint, Haze Gray
Mounting Brackets Vee Belts, 108" Grinding Wheels, various sizes
Gun, Cherry, Riveting Wood Screw* Stripping Tape
Garnet Paper Strap Hinges Clothes Lockers
Grease, various weight.* ir -* Stud Bolts, various sizes Paint, light green
Chamois Skin* Brass Chains Hand Trucks
Ladders Rubber H06e Cots, Navy Standard
Cable Storage Lockers Rope, Wire, various dimensions
Chucks, various types an' Train Lamps Paulins, canvass, Tx8*
Gasoline Nozzles Rings, various Sizes Life Rafts, various types
> Heating Units for Plumbers Bush-Axes Nozzles, gasoline, type fill
f Pins, 1/2” lead top Hewing Axes Bunks, double deck, wood
Flanges Bits, Auger, various size* Bunks, double deck » M >
Wire Holdens Coal Chisels, various sizes oiler*
, Wood Chisels, various sizes ..
Clevises. Insulated porch d end Twlst DrUls> various sSzes Hose, aromatic resistant
Welding Table Reamers, various sizes Hose, paint
floodlights Drill Sleeves, various sizes Hose, fuel ofl and cooler
«mtt««»»n»»»»»tm.‘i:ntmntvr***tM««nri«u»m«mmmmH»m stmmtntn:::m:tm»ww»mntttnni,iiimmtBHW»»itm»»nn»:tn>da
$82,178 Metals and Fitting
Rods, Bronze—Various shapes and dimension*
Tool Steel, Plat Bar—various dimension*
Steel Studs
Plates, Steel—various dimensions
Expanded Metal, 1/2 and 1 1/2 Mesh, galvanized steel
Aluminum Alloy
Cotter Ping
umwrmwmKwtimitiwtttwtrtttrn- • i
$54,588 Textiles and Apparel
Rags, Canvass
Haversack, Officer’s Type (Helmets, Aviator—various type* and
sizes) (Covers, Sleeping Bags)
Pillows, feather
Buckles. Belt-Metal
Mattress Covers
Pads, Mattress, single bunk
Fabric, garnishing cloth
(In the event the used pads, and pillows sold hereunder are to
be used as bedding or for upholstering, the purchaser agrees to
fumigate and sterilize the property before use; and in addition
it assumes full responsibility for compliance with such bedding
and health laws and regulations as may be applicable to the
Buyer and to the Seller in Buyer’s jurisdiction.)
$90,273 Building Material, Supplies
Screws, atec plated
Sockets, elosed type
Insulation, Marine, various type#
Cement, Type M-8—8 CM.
Cement, Type MT ,
Asbestos, Felt, 3/4*x*r
Insubestos, 1l/3”x80"
Amoslte for Firemen, 3/4”iifc” *'4”x41’*"
High Temperature Wax
Cloth, Fiberous Ola*
Tape, Fiberous Ola*
Cement, Asbestor, V«fl. Phi
mu Board Asbestos, 1/3” thick
Asbestos Insulation, flat block, varic« Wp*. and Sties.
Pinj, Insulation, various sizes
Jacks, Hydraulic, 300-ton capacity
Galvanized Tumbuckles, various s*a*
Bituminious Emamel-BIack Asphalt Primer
Grease Lubricating Royce No. 7, various types and weights
OH, lub, various types and weights
Electric Drill*
Screens, bedjide
Baling Machine, cloth
Purifier, reclaiming used motor oil
Generator Sets, gas driven
Refiner, Oil, 10-Gal.
Machine. Shoe Finishing and Sanding
System, Remote Control
Hydraulic Jacks
Oven. Electric Drying. 4600’ F.
Battery Testing Outfit
Machines, beading, hand operated
Motor, D. C„ 10 H. P.
Sheet Metal Worker Tool
Generator, mobile
Turbine, Westinghouse, steam
Furnace, tempering
Furnace, remelt
Riveter, pneudraulic type
Tanks, Diesel fuel oil
Motor for Ventilation Fan
Diesel Oil Level Indicator
Standard Fuel Oil Level Indicator
Telescope, Observation
Rods. Anchor ' /
Anchor screw
Anchor, expanding
Instrument for Reading Vertical Angles
Respirator, white rubber, automatic sponge
PH* Brtingmaber, 15-Lb. eaaacMr
Plre ftctinguisher, phon* /•
nr* Bating utefcer, chemical
But Preventative Compound
Witch**, navigation, pocket
Generators, gas driver
Gran*, hydraulic. Cap. 4,008 Lb*.
Outfit Storage Battery rfeating
Strainer, flanged part
Valve, r Std. Flag Lub.
Radial Saw, frame and table only
Saw Power Rack
Compass, Lensatie
Junction Box, Electric, high cycle, 220 Volt Plugs, electric connector, 90 degree* Conduits, Rigidsteel, galvanlaed
Junction Box, 25’ conduit cable Toggle Switches Terminals and Locknuts, various types add
Electric Brake Switches Circuit Breaker sizes
^tatehSt Megaphones Receptacle Caps
Insulator, Cable, Copper Radio Antennae *,t
Insulators Porcelain Ferrule*, various uses Induction Frequency Converte.
■object to Standard Sales Conditions of
another conversation thereafter
known as quibble No. 2).
Ellender was talking about some
the issues in the last steel strike.
Murray was objecting to his inter
Finally Ellender barked:
Well, that s what happened.
Any school boy could understand
that — even you.”
Said Murray:
I wnsh to thank you for the
compliment. But let's not quarrel
let’s not quarrel.”'
speaking of quarrels, lei's turn
to quibble No. 3. This presented
Murray vs. Senator Taft (R-Ohio.).
Never mind how it started. But
here is a verbatim report of its
Murray: That's how it was. „
Taft: (shaking head): No.
Murray: Yes, it was.
Taft: (shaking head faster): No.
Murray: Oh. yes; it was.
Taft: (.shaking head faster and
faster) :No.
This may win the prize as the
most unspeakable dialogue of 1947.
On second thought, Congress is in
session and the year is still young.
Bird Realtor
’ Tlie flicker is the real estate
man in the bird world. His holes'
•provide homes for dozens of kinds
of birds, as well as many small
Needs Something Better
Than Surface Relief
When you 'are tormented by Itch
(Scabies), scratches, camp itch,
or 7-year itch, don’t be satisfied
with a medicine that can do noth
ing more than relieve the surface
discomfort. Use Sanative Wash,
which actually destroys itch para
sites on contact. 60 cents at any
drug store, or send direct to Owens
& Minor, Richmond, Va. Use only
as directed. Money back if not
satisfied. (Adv.)
One Brother Held For
Hearing After Raid in
Pender County
Clarence Pickett, Pender county
Negro, was arrested yesterday on
charges of illegal possession and
operation of a whisky still and war
rants for the arrests of his three
brothers, Clyde, James, and Thom
as Pickett, have been sworn out for
the same charges.
Clarence Pickett was arraigned
yesterday afternoon and is being
held under bond pending hearing
before J. Douglas Taylor, U. S.
Commissioner, on Friday. He is al
so charged with withholding infor
mation concerning the whereabouts
of the wagon and mule used to
haul the whisky.
The wagon and mule were confis
cated by the agents yesterday
morning at the same time thev
dynamited the 100 gallon still, but'
later disappeared.
Clarence was arrested by E. N.
Plate, George F. Steptoe, and Lon
Howe, local ATU agents, and H.
A. Croom, deputy sheriff of Pender
county. The three brothers evaded
the men at the site of the still, in
the Mooretown section of Pender
county, they said.
\ - _
John C. Bragaw of Washington,
D. C., will address a supper meet
ing of New Hanover county Episco
pal laymen and rectors tonight at
6:30 o’clock in the Church of the
Good Sheppard, Sixth and Queen
His subject title will be “The
Laymen’s Thanks Offering.’’ and
he will be introduced by the Rt.
Rev. Thomas H. Wright, Bishop of
the East Carolina diocese.
Robert Strange, treasurer of the
diocese, will make a short report
on the Laymen’s thanks offering.
~ " 1 --r
Radio Programs
.. ..ii.i^.ii i i I, — ... i - - _
WMFD—1400 Kc
6:30—Daybreak in the Barnyard
7:15—Top of the Morning
7:30—eke Manners
7:45—Musical Clock
7:55—North Carolina Highlights
8:00—News with Martin Agronsky
8:15—Round the Town Reporter
8:20—Musical Clock
8:35—UP News
9:00^The Breakfast Club with Don Me
10:00—My, True Story
10:25—Hymns of all Churches
10:45—The Listening Post
11:00—Breakfast in Hollywood — Tom
11:36—The Hollywood Story
11:45—Here’s to Veterans
12:00—Noon Day Musical
12:05—The Garden Gate Quartet
12:30—At Your Request
1:00—Baukhage Talking
1:15—Musical Interlude
1:25—Round the Town Reporter
1:30—WMFD Concert of the Air
2:00—Walter Kieman and News
2:15—Ethel and Albert
2:30—Bride and Groom
3:00—Ladies be Seated
3:30—Wesleyan Methodist Church
3:45—Hollywood Studio Tour
4:00—The Tommy Bartlett Show
4:39—Let’s Dance
5: CO—Terry and the Pirates
5:15—Sky King
5:30—Fred Robbins Record Shop
6:00—Do you Remember—(World)
6:15—Musical Interlude
6:20—Junior Chamber of Commerce
6:25—North Carolina Highlights
6:30—So Proudly We. Hail
6:45—The Barry Wood Show
7:00^-Headline Editions
7:15—Reed’s Presents
7:25—Bound the Town Reporter
7:30—Professor Quiz
8:00—Evening Request Program .
8:30—Town Meeting of the Air
9:30—Music of the Masters
10 :00—World Security Workshop
10:30—Fantasy in Melody
10:45-»-Earl Godwin — News
11:00—News of Tomorrow
11:15—Joe Hassell
11:30—Hotel Baltimore
WGNI—1340 Kc
6:30—Sign on and News Summary
6:33—Sunup Hoedown
7:05—Eye Opener
8:00—Today in Our Town
8:05—Eye Opener
9:00—The Editor’s Diary
9:15—Morning Devotional
9:30—Shady Valley Folks
10 :00—Eleanor Watts
10:15—The Little Band Stand
10:30—Say It with Music
11:00—Cecil Brown, News
ll:15-Tell Your Neighbor
11:30—Bill Harrington Sings
11:45—Harmony Hawaiian*
J*:00—Noon Edition
12:15—Checkerboard Jamboree
12:20—U. S. Navy Band.
1:00—Jackie Hill Sho
1:15—Miniature Music Hall
1:30—Merc Griffin
1'4%-Bobby Norris and His Singing*
2*00—Cedric Soster
.2 15—Smile Time
2:30—Queen for a Day
3:00—Heart’s Desire
3:30—Harlem Hospitality Club
4:00—Erskine Johnson
4:15—The Johnson Family
4:20—Adventure Parade
4:45—Buck Rogers
5:00—Record Review, 2nd Section
5:45—Tom Mix
6:00—Sunset and Vine
6:30—Good Health Association
6:45—Dinner Music
7:00—News, Fulton Lewis, Jr.
7:15—Variety Show
7:30—Arthur Hale
7:45—Inside of Sports
8:00—Sound Off
8:30—Cou^it of Monte Cristo
9:15—Waltz Time
9:20—Spotlight on Sports
10:00—The Family Theater
10:30—I Was a Convict
11:00—-All the News
11:15—Ray Anthony’s Orchestra
11:30—Music to Relax By
12:00—Sign Off
Changes in programs as listed are due
to corrections by networks made
too late to incorporate.
All times P M eastern standard. To
change to central standard subtract one
hour; to mountain standard subtract
two hours.
Times listed are those supplied by
networks. Relay times by local stations,
may vary in some instance*.
5:30—Just Plain Bill, Dramatic - NBC
Treat. Bandstand. Guest Orch.—CBS
Jack Armstrong (Repeat 6:301 — ABC
Capt. Midnight (Repeat 6:30 i - MBS
Adventure Parade Repeat—MliS-we*t
5:45—Front Page Farrell, Serial — NBC
Tennessee Jed (Repeat 6:451 — ABC
Dick Tracy ioz a Repeat — ABC-west
Tom Mix (Repeated at 6:45> — MBS
Buck Rogers in Repeat - MBS-west
6:00—News Report for 15 Mins. - NBC
Eric Sevareid & News Period — cbs
No Network Shows (1 hr. I — ABC-east
Terry Serial in a Repeat - ABC-weal
Hop Harrigan in a Repeat — MBS-west
6:13—America Serenade: Sports — NBC
Separate Camp
RALEIGH, Feb. 19.—(JP)—A pris
i on camp for offenders of from 15
to 18 years of age will be opened
near Gatesville tomorrow by the
State Prison department.
About 60 prisoners will be placed
there immediately, with former in
mates of the camp being taken to
other camps.
Robert Turner, a former captain
of military police, will be in
A bill now is in legislative com
mittee to require segregation of
youthful offenders. The system was
tried in 1935 in a camp near Cary
but it didn’t work.
In My Opinion, a Discussion - CBS
The Sky King in Repeat - ABC-west
Repeat oi the Superman - MBS-west
8*30—-Red Barber & Sports Time — CBS
8:43—Lowell Thomas & Newscast—NBC
World News with Commentary — CBS
7:00—Radio’s Supper Club _ NBC-bwle
Myatery Drama for This Week — CBS
New* Commentary & Overseas — ABC
Fulton Lewis, Jr., in Comment — MBS
7:15—Newa & Comment of World—NBC
Jack Smith and Series for Song — CBS
Elmer Davis and Commentary — ABC
Dancing for 15 Minutes - MBS-uSsic
—Or:nd Marquee Dramatic „ NBC
Mr. Keen, 30 Min. Drama—CBS-bfsic
Dancing Music Orchestra—other CBS
Prof. Quiz and His Quiz—ABC-basic
Arthur Hale in Comment — MBS-basic
7:45—Kaltenbom Comment — NBC-west
Bill Brandt In Sports Comment — MBS
8:00—Aldrich Family, Dramatic — NBC
Suspense Mystery Drama Show — CBS
Lira and Abner Comedy Skit — ABC
Sound Off With Mark Warnow — MBS
8:15—News Views for 15 Minute* — ABC
8:S0—Bums and Allen Comedy — NBC
FBI In Peace and War, Drama — CBS
America Town Meeting Forum — ABC
Count of Monte Cristo Drama — MBS
8:55—Five Minutes News Period _ CBS
S,00—Music Hall & Eddie Foy—NBC
The Dick Haymes Show, Orch.: — CBS
Gabriel Heatter and Comment — MBS
9:15—Real Life Drama Series — MBS
9 .30—Jack Haley’s Variety—NBC-basic
Crime Photographer, a Detective—CBS
That Was the Year, Drama — ABC
Antonini Half-Hour of Song — MBS
1G :00—Abbott 8c Costello Comedy — NBC
Magazine Theater and Guests — CBS
World Security Drama Series — ABC
Family Theater from Hollywood—MBS
11:80—lid. Cantor Comioy series — NBC
That’s Finnegan, Comedy Script — CBS
Fantasy in Melody Orchestra _ ABC
I Was a Convict, Anti-Crime—MBS
10.45—Earl Godwin & Comment — ABC
11:00—News for 15 Minutes*- NBC-basic
The Supper Club Repeat - other NBC
News, Variety, Dancing, 2 hrs. — CBS
News and Dance Band Hour _ ABC
News, Dance Band Show, 2h—MBS
1.1:15-Variety & News u> i s.in. —NBC
12:00—Dance Band Hour—ABC-west only
Four Locations Revealed
For Proposed VA Build
ing In Area
Four areas for the location of the
Veterans Administration hospital
—when and if a decision to select
Wilmington as the site of the $15,
000,000 structure, is made—were
disclosed at a meeting in the of
fice of District Engineer Col. B.
C. Snow yesterday.
John Farrell, city industrial
agent, said the meeting was held
to acquaint the Engineers with the
plans for the 1,000 bed hospital, in
the event VA field teams, sched
uled to make a survey of this
area late next month, sought ad
vice from the federal employes.
An area near Greenfield Lake,
another on the Winter Park road
one near Maffitt Village, snd a
fourth near ■ the county line on
highway No. 17, going north, were
singled out as the choice locations, f
Farrell _ estimated Wilmington
would gain an additional- million
dollar a year payroll if the new
hospital- was located here. He said
that would be exclusive of the
money, brought into the area by
visiting relatives and friends of
veterans under medical care
“We are in a favored position
among cities in southeastern North
Carolina,” opined Farrell,” Our
land and utilities are among the
best and the medical set-up in
Wilmington is good.”
Also attending the meeting
were T. J. Hewett, and Col. Snow,,
of the engineers; James A. Lough
lin, city engineers.
Dial 2-3311 For Newspaper Service
irritation of Externally Caused
To gently cleanse broken out akin,
then soothe itchy irritation, and
so aid healing—use time tested
Resting Well
GRANDVIEW, Mo., Feb. 19—tll.R)
—Mrs. Martha E. Truman, 94
year-old mother of President Tru
man, is "getting along very nice
ly ' after having had her right hip
set, her danghter. Miss Mary
Jane Truman, said today. "
Dr. Joseph W. Green, the fami
ly physician, visited the President’*
mother this morning. It was indi
cated she was in good, spirits de
spite the severe fracture luffered
when she fell in the bedroom of
her home last. Thursday night.
Red Blood Cells
Must Be Kept Up
If You Want To
Feel Alive
Thousands Now Rega^aing-Old
Time Pep,Vigor and Drive By ,
Releasing Vibrant EnergyTo
Every Muscle, Fibre, Cell
Overwork, undue worry, and lack of cer
tain food* often reduce* the red-blood
strength— and starved, weak, puny
blood just hasn’t the power to keep up
your energy and drive,
*very day—every hour—millions of
tiny red-blood-cells must pour forth
from the marrow of your bones to re
place those that are worn-out. A low
blood count may affect you In several
ways: no appetite, underweight, no
energy, a run-down condition, lack of
resistance to infection and disease.
To get real relief you must keep up
your blood strength. Medical authorities,
by analysis of the blood, have by posi
tive proof shown that SSS Tonic Is
amazingly effective in building up low
blood strength In non-organle nutri
tional anemia. This Is due to the SSS
Tonic formula which contains spscial
and potent activating Ingredients.
Also, SSS Tonic helps you enjoy the
rood you eat by Increasing the gastri*
digestive Juice when It Is non-organi
cally too little or scanty—thus the stom
ach will have little cause to get balky
with gas, bloat and give off that sour
food taste.
Don’t wait! energize your body with
rich, red-blood. Start on S88 Tonic now.
As vigorous blood surges throughout
your whole body, greater freshness and
strength should make you eat better,
sleep better, feel better, work better,
play better, have a healthy color glow 1st
your skin—Arm flesh fill out hollow
places. Millions of bottles sold. Get a
bottle from your drug store. MS Tonts
helps Build Sturdy Health.

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