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far Heels In Nation's Capi tal Brave Sleet
And Snow To Attend 11th Annual N. C. Social
Th heaviest snow in years
! .j sj0m up the social whirl foi
Carolinians in Washington
N0v‘morc than the tact that it
f- ,ht, beginning ol the Lenten
iaS And while the Social
’?s'^d ,md the going difficult. !
.. braved the slippery!
raffic conditions were !
; fC'rcn to- the effort they took!
y. , i, rr Stars. frosty and I
the dark sky. and
arkling snow that oozed
, rghoes that hid silver
ening slippers, Caro
i;0 - and their escorts
n8 . * tl, -he 11th Annaul Bart
1 of the North Caro
D, . at ic club given in hon
B Heel delegation in
“ 3ress and their wives. The
• ballroom, scene of the
Titian, is one of the most beau
.f., ba;:rooms in town and is a
%f. -cuing for such a party.
-E-<c a' the "speakers’ table."
-a the length of the ball
verf the guests of honor
v the club, prominent
•n;‘ : ^ . in Washington and
n-1 n a< Kay Kyser himself
very lovely wife. Georgia
' a; ‘round, flower-centered
,A‘‘CV"t.u- Heels gathered in gay
regalia, in groups of ten
P". Vhcc.cd oroudly their distir,
* ;iied guest-, laughed merrily
over their witty speeches — and
..j lustih and earnestly “Caro
’na Carolina. Heaven’s Blessings
Attend her. . ."
,, v. a- «>i ordinary party.
. ‘ ... thing else, perhaps -
loi, h; v, got to be away from
hiT i k fully appreciate fellow
]■ Heels There was beauty—we
ta e some ol the state's most
dutiful '.-.001611 here; there was
*-sT.our and glitter—with exquis
Vie gowned and be-flowered
w.nen accenting the scene; there
(te celebrities—for many pres
,;t had mounted the top rung of
[hr ladder Success; there was
i . .;ci; icss warm and easy— the
sci] found at affairs when Tar
[jf ’j meets Tar Heel and there
w5 pic Happiness born cf being
a:rin2 friends—of one 4 own folk.
When all "heads were coun'ed’
Cgrgicssman Bonner's District
,a . cl dared winner of the atten
da; cr award. To swell bis — the
first District—count a loyal group
hi'.uding Mr. and Mrs. J. K.
Proctor. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Kit
i:el Mr. and Mrs. John G. Clark,
M , and Mrs. . C. Lanier, Dr.
md iirs. J. L. Winstead had
to .c up from Greenville through
ice and snow. Here for the party
i'.-jj .cere James L. Patrick, Grif
fon; Miss Mildred Gray. Hooker
Miss Dean Barrow of Jack
ton. Miss Ruby Garris and K. H
McGlohon of Ayden; Mr. and Mrs.
J. Winfield Crew, Roanoke Rap
ids: Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Bol
lard or Durham. Mrs. Golda Wat
lon of Winston-Salem, who inci
dentally will soon be taking of
on some important mission to Eu
rope: James Y. Kerr, who is here
bi-.v. Louisville on. a visit to his
fattier. Congressman John Kerr;
Solicitor and Mrs. Basil Whitener
and Willis Smith ol Gastonia; So
licitor Walter Johnston, Jr., Wil
liam S. Davis, and O. K. LaRoque
of Winston - Salem; Misses Celia
ny Sue Durham of Chjpel Hill,
Louis Ingram of Asheboro, Mrs.
Graham Barden and Miss Agnes
Barden, Mr. and Mrs. Everett
Jordan, Senator Libby Ward and
M:. and Mrs. Frank Stell of High
Point. Among others braving the
ice and snow were Lyman Dick
ies. Enfield. Hal South, Charlotte,
sad Mrs. Willis Smith of Raleigh,
*'ho had to leave the banquet
early in order to catch the home
tai'd bound train that night. All
efforts to ease out unnoticed were
fnt le. Kay, himself, spied her at o
-i ty repartee spun back and
fo: h lor a moment or two with
•’ " Doris Smith edging closer to
the door and finally “bringing
n the house" with her retort
behind every large project is
the organizational work done by
someone with foresight enough to
'-on its success. For selling
[W-'e tickets to the party and toi
th' excellent work done as chair
tt'tn of the banquet committee.
•ban c. Murphy was pre
se 'ed a beautiful basket of ilow
,! ; hhe same award was present
ee Jack Spam whose work spoke
b iiself—as lie was chairman of
■he program committee. Still an
0uer lovely basket of flowers was
Ptesented to Mrs. Annie Lee Chis
holm, chairman of the reception
committee, and one to Mrs. Mabei
Cooley Downey. membership
chairman, gnd who was hostess
to a number of out-of town friends
that evening. Chairman oi reset
vations, Henry Oglesby was an
other of the members whose work
was recognized with flowers. And
during the evening Ha; Thomer
son. retiring president was pre
sented with a radio for his car,
as a token ol appreciation of his
untiring efforts by a former pres
ident of the club. John K Slear.
who spoke for the members.
In a flash, after the delicious
repast an^ excellent speeches,
tables were moved from the room
and lithe young lads from down
home swung their girls around the
floor to the favorite Tar Heel
tunes. Whirling across the room
to the strains of Carolina Moon
were Mr. and Mrs. William Webb,
Comdr. William Williams. IV. of
Raleigh and Misses Caro McNeill
Pugh. Betty Wilson, Carolyn Ba
son, Betty Claywell, May David
son. Madeline Pitts pretty Mary
Alice §tarr Bybee and her attrac
tive husband: John Lang, Special
assistant to the President Charles
S. Murphy an<j Mrs. Murphy;
Miss Patsy Lowe and J. H. Bur
ton. Fred Gilliam. Mr. and Mrs.
Stanley Wohl. Charles Wilson.
Miss Ruth Meacham, Mr. and
Mrs. Albert Hart, Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Riley, Mr. and Mrs. Dud
ley Gordon. Miss Irene Whisenant,
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Smith,
Mrs. E. L. Mason and Mr. and
Mrs. P. O. Brewer.
Still others were Lt. and Mrs.
William Page, Col. and Mrs. Paul
Holbrook. Miss Virginia Kornegay,
Mr. Mathias, Mrs. Selma Moore,
Mrs. W. J Bundy Mrs. Eva Ev
ans Hocult. Mr. and Mrs. Her
man Baxley, and Mrs. R. V.
Brewer, mother of Faith and P.
O. Brewer.
All those favorite party sounds
—like laughter, the clinking of ice
against glasses, "My dear, how
divine to see you again!” ema
nated from the Jack Thorpe’s
suite at the Carlton just prior to
the banquet. Inside was that con
genial confusion characteristic oi
the Capital’s prelude - parties. In
spite of the slippery weather a
merry group gathered there be
fore going to the Mayflower, for
a "How do you do” and the de
lectable beverages and accompa
niment for which the Thorpes’ are
so well known. At the party were
the Undersecretary of War and
Mrs. Royall, the Assistant Attor
ney General and Mrs. Caudle,
who had just returned from a
very interesting trip to North Car
olina, where they went with the
Attorney General and Mrs. Tom
Clark when General Clark pre
sented Dr. Frank Graham of' the
University of North Carolina with
an award for furthering Inter
Faith Mmity. Mr. and Mrs. W.
Ney Evans Jack and Mrs. Spain,
director of the Budget Bureau,
James E. Webb, whose lovely wife
was ill and unable to accompany
■he Slears and a number ol
_,.e Sunday At Home of the
North Carolina Society proved
that Admiral Byrd’s Anartic ex
plorers are not the only ones who
can weather ice and snow.
About 300 members turned out
with galoshes and umbrellas for
the get-together hours that after
noon. From the winter wonder
land outside it was but a brief
step into a spring setting at the
Woman’s National Democratic
club where the Society was en
tertaining, for great sprays of for
sythia stemmed from tall vases
and spring flowers in various hues
decorated the long buffet. The gay
pink feather on the hat of Mrs.
Roy McKinney fluttered above the
tea* table, which glistened and
glowed from the light of tall ta
pers. Mrs. Wade Atkison also took
her turn pouring tea and others
who officiated at the coffee urn
were Mrs. T. Lamar Caudle. Mrs.
Joe Graham, Mrs. St. George
Sioussat, Mrs. J. D. Gilliam, Mrs.
E. L. Mason Mrs. Robert A. Win
ston and Mrs. A. D. MacFadyen,
Receiving in the Drawing room
with the president of the Society.
John K. Slear and his wife, were
Senator Clyde R. Hoey. Special
assistant to the President Charles
S. Murphy of Durham and Mrs.
Murphy, Mr, and Mrs. Robert H.
MacNeill, Mr. and Mrs. Wade
Hampton. Col. Wade Cooper, just
back from Florida. Dr. C. C. Crit
tenden, Col. Westray Battle
Corner Front & Market Sts.
Boyce, Congressman Hamilton
Jones, Congressman and Mrs.
Monroe Redden, Congressman
and Mrs. Harold D. Cooley, Col.
and Mrs. William Creasy, and
Congressman R. L. Doughton.
Greeting the guests at the door
were Mr. and Mrs. Jackson Da
vis, who added much to the suc
cess ol the party, Mrs. Newman
A. Townsend, Mrs. Edward B
Gibson, Mrs. Mary C. Murphy and
Mr. and Mrs. W. Ney Evans.
Col. Dice, an able pianist play
ed popular music throughout the
afternoon and the crowds cluster
ing about the piano joined in tune
ful chorus, voting down the juke
box that stood in a "cornel. Re
ceiving in this room, given over
to a small degree to the “young
folks” were Judge and Mrs.
Charles Gold, Frank Sanders,
Miss Elizabeth Gant, of Durham,
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gray, Jr.,
Leo N. Shaver,' Jr., Miss Christo
bel Gates, Miss Patsy Lowe and
Mr. J. H. Burton, Mr. and Mrs.
John M. Rail, Miss Mae David
son, Fred Gilliam, Dr. Louis Skin
ner, Mr. and Mrs. Hal Thomer
son, Mr. and Mrs. William" Y.
Webb, and a number of others.
A glowing fire held the attention
of Mrs. Jane Hariss Hendricks of
Concord Mrs. Mary Porter
Helms, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Ham
ilton and Mrs. Joe Halstead and
of Mr. and Mrs. H. Baucomb Har
rell of Weldon. Still others who
came in out of the falling snow
were Harper Barnes, Elizabeth
Warren Robbing and Jean Love ol
Burlington. Misses Kate and Bil
lie Bullard, Mrs. Joel Whitaker,
Mrs. Julia Culbreth Gray of Wil
mington and Raleigh, Miss Rebec
ca Lewis, Jr., Miss J. Living
ston Vann. Jr., Miss Catherine Es
tep, Miss Nora Bradford, Mrs.
Mary C. Carter, Miss Elsie Baird,
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Miller, Miss
Marie Bealle, Miss Ann Whitener,
Miss Vera Milsap, Miss Lottie
Hale Bonner, Miss Eloise Porter
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Avery, Mr.
and Mrs. S. R. McClurd, Mrs.
Helen Owen - Smith, Mrs. Joseph
Hull, Lloyd Gardner, Mr. and
Mrs. Austin Jeffries, Mrs. Allie P.
Hoke, and Mrs. Made Lowe.
Mrs. Allen H. Turnage, who is
leaving next week to join Gen.
Turnage, who is now stationed in
Hawaii, will be the guest of honor
at a luncheon next Monday given
by Mrs. Alexander A. Vandergrift
at the commandant’s quarters at
the Marine Barracks. Gen Turn
age set off just before Christmas
for his new post.
The talented fingers of Wash
ington's Tar Heel women are pro
ducing worthy contributions to
art. Mrs. Joe J. Love’s first love
is sculptering. Long ago—as Jane
Ruth Love—the widely-known ar
tist began to fashion things with
her hands. Recently, with a small
group of First Prize winners she
exhibited at the Corcoran Art Gal
lery and for the next several
weeks she is showing four re
markable pieces, two in hollow
cement and one in hollow cast
stone and the prize winner “Head
of a girl” in Tennessee marble,
at the first exhibition of the Sculp
tors Guild of Maryland in the Bal
timore Museum of Art.
Robert Noehren, professor of
music at Davidson college will
play the monthly reception at the
Washington Cathedral (March 2)
The concert will start immediate
ly after the 4 p.m. service.
The International Male chorus
will be heard the night of March
6 at the Constitution Hall. The
chorus was formed in Manila, un
der its present conductor, Lewis
Bullock, and numbered 84 officers
and enlisted men from all branch
es of service. Later the group was
cut to 33 and toured the Philip
pines giving 125 concerts in the
Okinawa and nearby pieces.
* * *
Social Calendar
7:30 p. m.—The monthly
meeting oi the Wrightsboro
PTA in the school audito
rium. The theme of Safety
in the school and home will
be stressed.
8:00 p. m.—Monthly business
meeting of North Carolina
Junior Sorosis at clubhouse,
116 South Third street. »
8:00 p. m.—Monthly meeting
of The Catholic Daughters of
America in St. Mary’s Cath
olic club.
11:00 a. m. — Weekly bridge
game and luncheon of Cape
Fear, Country club, reserva
tions necessary.
8:00 p. m.—Weekly duplicate
contract bridge tournament
of Cape Fear Country club,
no reservations necessary.
3:30 p. m.—St. Matthew’s Lu
theran WMS meeting in .
parish house. Mrs. K. Y. Hud
dle in charge of devotion
3:30 p. m.—The monthly meet
ing of the Board of Mana
gers of the North Carolina
Society of Colonial Dames of
America in the House of
Colonial Dames.
3:30 p. m. — Business meet
ing of North Carolina Sorosis
in clubhouse, 116 North Third
street. Executive meeting at
3 p. m. ,
3:30 p. m.—Ladies auxiliary
to Brotherhood of Railroad
Trainmen in Junior Order
7-9 p. m. — Weekly family
night supper at Cape Fear
Country club, reservations
are necessary.
7-9 p. m.—'Weekly dinner of
Cape Fear Country club for
Members and guests, reser
vations necessary.
Carolina Beach Baptist
Church Services Slated
The Annie Armstrong week of
prayer will be observed each
morning at 10 o'clock, March 3-7
at the Carolina Beach Baptist
There will be no service
Wednesday as the young people
will have the program at the mid
week prayer service at 7:30
o'clock. All members and visitors
are invited to attend.
DAR 49th Annual
Conference Opens
(Continued From Page One)
the CAR, will bring greetings. Dis
tinguished guests will be intro
duced by Mrs. J. S. Silversteen,
honorary regent. Mrs. Louis C.
Stephens will call the roll of state
officers and chapters. Miss Mary
P. Ward, chairman, will report for
the program committee and Mrs.
G. A. Kernodle for the rules and
regulations committee. Reports
will be given by th)e state offi
cers; regent, Miss Carraway;
vice-regent, Miss Virginia Horne;
chaplain, Mrs. Karl Sherrill; re
cording secretary, Mrs. Louis C.
Stephens; corresponding secre
tary, Miss Sara Louise Stewart;
treasurer, Mrs. E. A. Branch;
registrar, Mrs. Hubert Patterson;
historian, Mrs. W. Beatty Farr,
Jr.; librarian, Mrs. George P. Dil
Miss Stewart will announce the
chapters attaining the honor roll.
Mrs. C. Wayne Spencer of Wil
mington, will make the report of
the credentials committee and
Mrs. Sam H. Lee will report for
the resolutions committee. Telle^
and conference committees will be
appointed, a nominating commit
tee elected and announcements
made by Miss Stewart, genera]
chairman of the conference.
From 4 to 6 o’clock, delegates
and visitors will visit historic
homes open for the occasion: at
tend a tea at the public library,
courtesy of the board, Mrs. Wil
liam F. Dowdy. Sr., president, and
a high tea- at the New Bern Wom
an’s club. Mrs. John F. Rhodes,
Jr., president, and Mrs. Hubert G.
Tolson, chairman of the hospitali
ty committee.
Members are requested to be in
their seats by 8:20 o’clock Tues
day evening as the program will
be broadcast through the courtesy
of the Coastal Broadcasting com
pany. The Rev. F. Hubert Morris,
pastor of the First Presbyterian
church, will make the invocation.
Mrs. CCharles M. Johnson, custodi
an of flags will plead the pledge
ol allegiance and Mrs. W. H. Belk.
past chaplain general, will lead
the American’s Creed.
The Honorable D. L. Ward, state
senator, will extend a welcome to
which Miss Virginia Horne will re
spond. Mrs. Edwin C. Gregory will
introduce the president general,
Mrs. Julius Y. Talmadge, who will
speak on “DAH Aims and Ideal.”
The Honorable Robt. H. McNeill,
general counsel, N.S.D.A.R., will
make an address on “The Preemi
nence of North Carolina in th&
Revolution.” The Tellers will re
port and Mrs. R. S. Ferguson,
state senator, will make the re
port of the legislation committee.
Greetings will be given by Mrs.
Thomas Coke Mell, national presi
dent, DAC: Mrs. Frederick A
Sapp, national president. DCW:
Mrs. Lucius W. McConnell, na
tional president. U. S. Daughters
ot 1812: Mrs. Joseph S. Silver
steen, national vice - president.
CAR. Other national guests will
be introduced by Mrs. Alma W.
Davis, honorary regent, and North
Carolina guests will be introduced
by Mrs. Preston J. Wilkes, Jr.,
honorary regent. After evening
session, an informal reception will
be held ih thp Ladies Parlor.
Wednesday at 7:45 a.m.,. the
State Officer’s club will breakfast
at Hotel New’ Bernian: Junior
members at First Baptist church:
radio chairmen at Hotel Gaston.
The business session will begin
at 9:30 a.m., the Rev. Charles E.
Williams, rector Christ Episcopal
church, giving the invocation. The
pledge of allegiance will be led
by Mrs. R. T. Fountain and the
American’s Creed by Mrs. D. S.
Directors’ reports will be made
'by Mrs. S. H. Bushnell. district
No. 1: Mrs. Edw'in Duncan. No.
2; Mrs. J. B. Simpson. No. 3; Mrs.
Hubert Patterson. No. 4: Miss
Florine Robertson, No. 5; Mrs. A
W. Hoffman, No. 6: Mrs. Eugene
F. Neighbors, No. 7: Mrs. Robt.
P. Holmes II, No. 8.
Chairmen of special committees
reporting will be Mrs. E. A.
Branch, finance and budget: by
laws, Mrs. Benjamin Wyche; Mar
garet Overman Gregory fund,
Mrs. Gilbert H. Morris; historic
spots, Mrs. T. G. Stem; resto
ration. Mrs. George W. Sparger,
Jr.; memorial and parks. Mrs. R.
L. McMillan; Rendezvous Moun
tain, Miss Lucy Finlay: Consti
tution House, Airs. Alma W.
Davis; Tryon’s Palace, Airs. E. C.
Hie invocation at the memorial
service at noon, Mrs. Karl Sher
rill presiding, will be made by the
Rev. Thos. W. Fryer, pastor First
Baptist church. A tribute will be
paid to Mrs. Alary Daves Nash
by Airs. John Dunn and to Airs.
W. N. Reynolds by Airs. H. R.
Borthwick. Mrs. Louis C. Stephens
will call the toll of departed mem
bers. At 12:30 a marker will be
dedieated to Mrs. Nash, first state
regent of North Carolina, at Cedar
Grove cemetery, Airs. R. L. Mc
Millan, chairman of memorials,
presiding. Mesd'ames R. Gregg
Cherry and J. Al. Broughton will
place a wreath on the grave ol
Mrs. Nash. Miss Carraway will
present the marker to the national
society and Airs. Talmadge will
accept it.
At luncheon Wednesday, Mrs. S.
W. Sparger, chairman of Girls
Home Makers committee, will
make her report and present prize
State chair men reporting
Wednesday afternoon will be Mrs.
J. K. Ploh 1, advancement of
American music; Mrs. J. Harden
Howell, American Indians; Mrs.
C. Wayne Spencer, American Red
Cross and military camp service;
Mrs. A. Elmo Powell. Sr., Ameri
canism; Mrs. Edward Bower, ap
proved schools; Mrs. Roy Smith,
CAR; Mrs. L. E. Dimmette, con
servation: Mrs. R. T. Fountain,
correct use of flag; Mrs. Karl
Sherrill, DAR Good Citienship
Pilgrimage and announcement of
North Carolina's pilgrim. Mrs.
Talmadge will present pins and
certificates to Good Citizens.
Other state chairmen reporting
will be Mrs. Ford S. Worthy, DAR
magazine; Mrs. J. Preston Robin
son, DAR. manual for citizenship;
Mrs. O. C. Townsend. DAR, mu
seum and North Carolina room;
Mrs. D. S. Currie, DAR student
loan fund; Miss Clyde Deans, Ellis
Island; Mrs. W. W. Williamson,
filing and lending bureau; Mrs. H.
J. Dunavant, genealogical rec
ords; Mrs. Ruth Lyon, Junior
American citizens: M'.s. Josephine
A. Turrentinc, junior nxcmbership;
Mrs. W. C. Grier, membership;
Airs. H. A. Jolitz, motion pictures; I
Mrs. J. S. Silversteen, national de
fense; Mrs. J. S. Welborn, organi- j
ation; Mrs. J. A. Yarbrough, :
press relations; Mrs. J. R. Nor-:
wood, radio; Mrs. Paul McCain.,
U. S. Savings Bonds.
A recording secretary, registrar j
and librarian will be elected; Mrs.'
Charles Duffy will present the
pages and the conference will ad
journ for a trip to Cherry Point,
where a marker will be dedicated
to Revolutionary arid World War
11 Marines and presented by Miss
Carraway to the National Society.
Mrs. Talmadge will accept and
present it to U. S. Marine Corps.
Brig. Gen. Thos. J. Cushman,
station commander, will accept it
for the corps. At the dinner al the
officers club, Capt. H. L. Jacobi
will speak on Marine Aviation.
Thursday morning, chapter re
gents will report mam activities,
new officers and district directors
will be installed and the confer
ence will be adjourned. Thursday,
afternoon, a marker to Revolution
ary and World War II Marines
will be dedicated at Camp Lejeune
and presented by Miss Carraway
to Brig. Gen. David R. Nimmer.
Gifts will be presented by the
daughters to patients in the Naval
hospital, followed by a tour of the
camp, informal reception and buf
fet dinner at the officers club.
Throughout the conference,
music will be furnished by Mrs.
C. L. Abernethy, Jr., organist;
soloists, Geoffrey O’Hara and
Catharine Latta; Mrs. J. K. Pfohl,
accompanist; New Bern High
school chorus, Donald Smith, di
Legion Unit P’ans
Meeting Tuesday
(Continued From Page One)
the local chapter and social hour
will follow the business meeting.
All members are requested to at
tend. A special invitation is ex
tended to women who are eligible
for membership in the auxiliary
tG attend this meeting.
The executive board will meet
ar 7:30 o’clock and all members
of t h e board are especially re
quested to be on time.
* * *
Mary Rivenbark,
Bride-Elect, Feted
Miss Mary C. Rivenbark was
honored with a lovely bridal show
er by her sisters and sisters-in
law Wednesday evening, at the
Wrightsboro clubhouse.
She received many lovely gifts
including china and silver in her
chosen patterns. The clubhouse
was decorated in red and white.
The bride’s table was in white
with snowdrops and maidenhair
fern centered with a lovely bride
As t h e bride-eiect entered she
was presented with a lovely cor
sage of white carnations tied with
silver-white ribbon.
Over 100 guests were present.
Punch was served throughout the
evening and after the gifts were
presented a delicious course of ice
cream and cake were served by
the hosteses.
Mrs. Juanita Johnson McLemore, foria
erly with the Wilmington Beauty Shop is
now a member of our staff.
Grace's Beauty Salon
125% Princess St. Dial 6836
Miss Ammenbauser
Bride Of Mr. Gore
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Ammen
hauser of Wilmington, announce
the marriage of their daughter,
Jean Shirley, to James Goru. son
of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Gore of Fay
The marriage took place in Dil
lon, S. C., on February 14. The
couple is residing in St. Paul.
There are 227,000 miles of rail
way lines in the United States.
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4 Evening Jackets and Wraps
14 Robes and Negligees
27 Skirts
These are all marked down greatly and some are
slightly soiled

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