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p Winter Park PTA
Members Urged To
Attend Institute
The Woman's Society of Chris
tian Service of Wesley Memoria
~ Methodist church, Winter Pari
. ..will meet as follows-:
1- Mrs. George Birmingham
' "leader, with Mrs. Dale K. Spencer
Wednesday at 3 o'clock.
2- Mrs. Matthew B. Gage, lead
er with Mrs. W. P. Farrar. Tues
day at 3:30 o'clock.
3 Mrs G. G. Cashwell. leader
with Mrs. R. F. Hope, Mondaj
evening at 7:30 o’clock.
♦ * *
B'Nai Israel Sisierhood
Plans Program Monday
The monthly meeting of the sis
terhood of B'Nai Israel synagogue
will meet Monday evening at 8
o’clock with Mrs. Moe Guld, 1613
Princess street.
A celebration of Purim will be
Observed by the gay play present
ed by the dramatic club of the
Those taking part will include:
Mrs. Sam Berger, Mrs. J. Erst
ling, Mrs. Blanche Evenson, Mrs.
Bernard Sirower, Mrs. Seig Good
man, Mrs. Frances Siedman, Mrs.
Evelyn Cohen, Mis. Nathan Stein,
Mrs. Frances May. Mrs. Norma
May, Mrs. Irving .Kalfin, Mrs.
Jake Marlow.
* • *
Wesley Memorial
Circles To Meet
Attention of all members of the
Winter Park P.T.A. has been call
ed that there will be no meeting j
held this month but members
have been asked to attend the
Family Life Institute on Monday!
evening at 8 o'clock and on Tues
day from 10 until 2 o'clock. Credit1
will be given those attending the I
The cast for the fashion show !
and “vvomanless wedding'’ have
been asked to meet at the school
Tuesday evening at 7:30 o'clock.
* * *
The marriage of E. B. York,
son of Mrs. Louise York, to Della f
Fay Wilson of New Albany, Ind.. !
took place on February 21. The
Rev. Collins of the Nazarene
-"church, New Albany, performed
the vows.
Th first transparent glass is be
lieved to have been made about the
beginning of the Christian era.
MARRIED—Mrs. Boney Edward
Wilson, Jr., whose marriage of
October 13 is announced today by
her mother, Mrs. Lucy J. Lennon
of Bolivia. Mrs. Wilson is the foi'
mer Glenn Lennon of Bolivia and
Wilmington. Mr. Wilson is the son
of Mr. and Mrs. Boney Edward
Wilson of Rocky Point.
Sunset Park PTA
| Members Urged To
Attend Institute
Mrs. Robert Dannenbaum, pres
ident of the Sunset Park P.-T.A.,
urges the members to attend the
' Family Life Institute which will
be held in New Hanover High
school on Monday evening and
Tuesday of this week.
These lectures will, count as the
yearly study course required by
all parent-teacher associations
in order to be rated as standard.
Cars will be provided for trans
portation for those who would like
to attend, either Monday night or
Tuesday, or both sessions. Anyone
desiring transportation is asked to
call Mrs. J. C. Birmingham, 6797
on Monday.
• • •
Parent-Teacher Meet
Of Sunset Park Slated
The Sunset Park PTA will meet
Thursday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock
at the annex. An interesting piO
gram has been arranged and a
full attendance is requested.
Members have been asked to
note change of date from Tuesday
to Thursday due to the Family
Life Institute being held at the
high school Monday and Tuesday.
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loafer has its face slicked up to go out
In style.
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CTootwear cfor CCll
1091/2 N. Front Street
'Amateur Nigh! Staged
At Sunset Park School
Friday evening in the school au
ditorium the Sunset Park PTA
sponsored "Amateur Night for
everyone in Sunset Park with Wal
ter Cartier as master of cere
monies. The program included
anything from song and dance
numbers by tiny four-year olds to
rope-jumping by the dads.
Mrs. J. T. Belcher, of the
Belcher school of dance, supplied
piano accompaniment for several
of the pupils in novelty numbers,
song and dance and routine num
Different grades were represent
ed by song groups, acrobats or
stunts. The "Y” boys and Johnny
Parkers gang presented tumbling
and pyrmid buildnig acts. Little
first grade Judy Shope, gave a
recittaion of "I'm Hiding.’’
The main event of the evening
was a skit. The Crackings of the
Nuts, put on by the Sunset Park
faculty and several of the PTA
dads. Ably announced by Mr. Car
tier, the skit presented first a
playground scene, with the teach
ers and dads taking the parts of
the children playing ball, marbles
etc. The next scene showed the
children in school with Mrs. C. S.
Sanderson as teacher.
The PTA is indebted to the fol
lowing committee chairmen for
the program: Mrs. W. O. Page.
Jr., publicity: Mrs. Ranlerson and
Mrs. Humphries, the Pie Walk;
Mrs. L. E. Bates, prizes: Mrs. W.
M. Walters, box office. Walter
Cartier and Mrs. Belcher.
Members of the PTA are re
quested to note the date of meet
ing changed from Tuesday to
Thursday at 2:30 o'clock due to
the Family Life institute.
* * *
Mrs. Frank Moore returned to her
home in Graham Wednesday after
spending several days with her
daughter, Mrs. C. R. Jordan. Jr.
Mrs. Leon Smith has returned
from a visit of several days with
relatives in Daytona Beach and
Baldwin, Fla.
Mrs. Jessie Bearer of Roanoke
Rapids, is visiting Mr. and Mrs.
W. H. Mincher for a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Gillespie
and son of Whiteville. spent the
week-end with Mr. and Mrs. R.
S. Gillespie.
Mrs. Marion Clark and daugh
ter. Beverly of Wilmington, spent
Sunday with Mrs. C. R. Jordan.
Avon Clark of Daytona Beach.
Fla., is visiting Mr. and Mr'. Leon
Smith and other relatives in
Bladen countv.
Mrs. G. H Hall. III. of Wil
mington spent Sundav with Mrs.
W. A. Fisher.
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Greene and
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Greene have
recently returned from a visit of
several days in Florida.
Page Shaw. US Army, has re
turned to San Antonia. Texas, aft
er spending a furlough of ten days
at his home here.
J. K. Clark returned home Tues
day from Fayetteville where he
was a patient at the Veterans hos
pital a few weeks.
Mrs. E. B. Clark and infant son
have returned home from Bakers
Panitorium in Lumberten. Both
'ire getting along nicely.
Cadet LeGrande Tatum of Fork
Union, Va., and Miss Jo Ann
Tatum of Charlottesville. Va.,
spent last week-end at their home
M. L. Fisher and H. M. Clark
spent Tuesday in Raleigh on busi
Jas. H. Clark, Jr., is a patient
at Memorial hospital in Charlotte
where he underwent an operation
or. Tuesday. Latest reports state
that he is getting along nicely.
Mrs. Jas. H. Clark, Jr., and son.
Jimmie are visiting relatives in
G. A. Holderness of Washington,
D. C.. visited his family here dur
ing the week-end.
Jas. G. Thomas is spending a
few days in Canada at the present
time on business.
David Ray Whitted of Jackson
ville. Fla., spent Sunday and Mon
day at his home here.
G. H. Halt, III, of Wilmington.,
spent Tuesday in town on busi
Mrs. C. R. Jordan and Miss
Carolyn Jordan spent last week
end in Wilmington with Mr. and
Mrs. Clyde Clark.
C. R. Jordan, Jr., and C R
Potter spent last Thursday in
Charleston. S. C.. on business.
* * *
Mrs. W. M. Cameron
Honored At Tea
The executive board of the
Woman’s auxiliary of St. Andrews
Covenant Presbyterian church met
at the home of Mrs. E. D. Wither
spoon, 1416 Market street. Mondav
afternoon, March 3, at 3:30 o’clock
for the regular monthly meeting.
Following the meeting a tea was
given in honor of Mrs. W. M.
Cameron, retiring president.
People who are bom 9nd live
in temperate and moderately cold
climates tend to live longer than
those who stay in the tropics ac
cording to the Encyclopedia Bri
Earhart Malpass whose engage
ment Is announced today by her
slater, Mrs. J. D. Bullard of Le
land. to Arthur DoaAher Reynolds,
of Bolivia.
UPSIDE-DOWN TURBAN . . . Wear it right side up, as shown
at left, or turn it upside down and tie a bright scarf around it,
as pictured at the right.
Three Hundred Delegates To Attend
i Methodist Conference March 19 To 21
The annual meeting of the Wo
man's Society of Christian Service
of the North Carolina Conference
will be held at Grace Methodist
church. March 19-21.
Approximately 300 delegates
from Eastern Carolina will <be en
tertained in the Methodist homes
of the city. The ladies cf St. John’s
Episcopal church will serve dinner
and supper for two days to the
delegates in St. John's parish
house and in the dining rooms of
the First Baptist church.
Among the prominent speakers
to be present for the Conference
are: Miss Bettie Brittingham, of
New York, editor of “The Metho
dist Woman’’; Dr. Gloria Wysner,
chairman of the committee on
Work with the Moslems, Foreign
Missions conference, and Miss
Lucy Steele, Professor of Bible at
Peace college, Raleigh.
A silent communion service will
be observed at the evening service
on the opening day, March 19.
during which service a sacrificial
offering for the starving children
of Poland will be laid on the altar.
There will be a room set aside
in Grace church for the display
of books, posters, scrapbooks, pro
grams, etc.
Many committees are at work
to make this conference a delight
and benefit to all delegates and
A luncheon to all ministers
wives will be served at Fifth
Avenue church Thursday, at t h e
noon hour.
Adams House Will Be Used
As Center For Youth
Work During Summer
Purchase of the Adams house at
Wrightsville Beach by the Wilming
ton Methodist society was an
nounced yesterday by H. H. Hod
gin, president.
The building, which was used
as a USO center during the war,
will be used fojr a Methodist cen
ter. with emphasis on youth activi
Hodgin said the society will have
a minister at the center by May
to act as director of the center
during the summer months. Church
school and worship services will
be conducted.
A youth caravan, under the direc
tion of the Rev. LeFon Vereen.
associate director of youth work
of the North Carolina conference,
is planned for the last two weeks
in May. The caravan will include
retreats and cenferences which will
last several days.
A vacation church school is
planned for children spending their
summer months at the beach, and
outstanding speakers of the Metho
dist church will be invited to speak
at the center.
Officers of the society are: H.
H. Hodgin. president; the Rev.
John A. Russell, vice president:
Mrs. H. H. Sheperd, secretary:
the Rev. Edwin Carter associate
extension secretary. Members of
the board of trustees are: the
Rev. John Edwards; H. A. Marks,
E. R. Wilson. R. L. Benson, Roger
Moore, W. A. McGirt, and W. E
Envoy To Uruguay
Resigns Position
WASHINGTON, March 8.—(U.R)—
President Truman today accepted
the resignation of Joseph F. Mc
Gurk as Ambassador to Uruguay.
It is effective April 30.
McGurk is retiring from the for
eign service because of ill health.
In a letter to McGurk Mr. Truman
praised his “outstanding work”
during 33 years of public service.
He cited particularly McGurk’s
record in the American republics.
YWCA Business Girls’
Club Plans Banquet
The first annual banquet of the
YWCA Business Girls’ clubs will
be held on Tuesday, March 11 at
8 p. m. when the World-Wide Ob
servance will be celebrated. Ralph
Richards of the USO will give a
reading, and special music will
be presented by Mrs. Mildred
Murdock and John Pfeil.
Reservations must be phoned to
the YWCA office, 2-8895, by Sun
day evening.
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BURGAW, March, 8. Mrs. Dale
Hamilton of Lumberton, visited her
sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Lucas Sun
Gilbert Burnett of the University
of North Carolina, spent the week
end with his parents Mr. and
Mrs. J. H. Burnett.
Mrs. Geneva Best spent last
week in Raleigh visiting relatives
and friends and returned home
Emmett Paddison, of State col
lege, visited friends and relatives
in Burgaw last week-end.
Miss Ruth Patterson of the Pen
der County Welfare department
spent Wednesday in Goldsboro on
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Paddison
and children of Smithfield. spent
Sunday with George Paddison.
Mr. Roy Rowe accompanied by
Rob. Humphrey flew to Charlotte
Wednesday on business, returning
in the afternoon.
Della Durham is visiting her son.
Dr. J. D. Durham of Norfolk.
Harry Brown of State college.
Raleigh, spent the week-end with
his parents, Sheriff and Mrs. Jack
Mr. Charles Blythe of Blythe
Brothers, was in Burgaw this week
attending to business.
Dr. and Mrs. J. M. Pringle
of Fayetteville, visited Mr. and
Mrs. Edwin Pullen, last week-end.
Mesdames Miriam Murphy, Tom
Smith. Colin Shaw and Miss Tram
mell Smith of Atkinson were visi
tors in Burgaw Wednesday after
Mrs. Nellie Cook is in Washing
ton visiting her son, Edward
Mr. and Mrs. Everett Durham
returned from New York where
they spent a week.
Mr. and Mrs. T. T. Murphy,
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Thompson
and Mrs. Katie Herring spent
Wednesday in Raleigh on business.
Expert Watch and Jewelry
Measures Regarding Ves
sels On High Seas Waiv
ed By House Body
WASHINGTON, March 8 — (TP)—
The House Merchant Marine Com
mittee today reluctantly approved
waiving ship safety requirements
for another year but said “we
were just plain lucky that no dis
aster has occurred so far.”
In a formal report the commit
tee said it was “extremely re
luctant” to request continuance of
the Coast Guard’s authority to al
low passenger ships to ply the
seas in violation or normal peace
time safety rules.
The legislation approved by the
committee is to come before the
house next week. It was requested
by President Truman.
Its necessity, the committee
said, stems from “the situation
facing the American Merchant
Marine today and its relation to
our commitments aboard.”
“At the present time,” the com
mittee noted, “the privately oper
ated American Merchant Marine
is in a period of transition be
tween its wartime activities and
its peacetime competition with
the ships of other maritime na
if our ships were withdrawn j
from world passenger trade be
cause certain safety standerds i
could not be waived, our future
competitive position in the world j
shipping picture would be irrevoc
ably damaged.”
Even after safety waivers are
granted. the committee said.
American ships are substantially j
safer than those of other nations. i
With the exception of the Ameri
ca. several grace line ships oper
ating in the South American trade,
and a number of passenger vessels ;
operated by the United States
lines, the committee declared.
! “practically no American ship
now being used to carry passen
gers complies with the safety j
standards prescribed by existing!
statute and regulation.”
The British Queen Elizabeth and
Queen Mary, the committee add
I ed, “do not comply with the high
! American safety standerds.”
The U. S. Army quartermaster
j corps has designed a fiber-glass
j lined parka which keeps its wear- .
ers warm in temperatures ranging i
down to 40 below zero.
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