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Nursemaid To Tycoons
Enjoys Hawaiian Job
Star-News Staff Writer
n-eda Boyd, iashionable nurse-j
V, t0 the demanding appetites
"^hundreds of tycoons and play
® 'nd "iris in Sunny Hawaii.
bh'om fate°failed to falter in her
" for foreign adventure, today
,_nds on her career ladder, ready
accent to pioneer pinnacles of
friendship, it not fortune.
Miss Boyd, the Florence Night
of the breakfast, dinner and
lC® g. table: whose tempting and
? tv frays of food thousands of
wp-r/nglonians and southeastern
“th"5 Carolinians remember—
”°V l0 her sunny smile — next
r-e’,„h -tarts her second year at
HUo's Memorial Hospital in the
Tlawaiian ^les.
This above-the average - size,
nkv appearing menu-mystic who
is -.ears as head dieticien of
I mCS Walker Memorial hospital
pW’hr.itigton, lamented about hei
jiltj.p to find dresses and othei
r-rn'ew- lot's enough for he:
*S.*lv less than six foot figure
never found a friend lacking.
!• sold one short, battled fate and
°‘-nnre«sed its blemishes in a vain
•tternpt U> "S° a11 out” for her
fellow man long before Hideki
T ;0’s little yellow men pounded
i. (javlights out of Uncle Sam’s
vaVV and his numerous nephews
, pearl Harbor.
Told about Miss Boyd’s allergy
to men:ion of her height (in actu
, jlv she is not an “unusually’
tall person) we decided that, since
i,ad been mentioned, only to
drop this phase of the subject, then
ind there.
tn automobile accident, years
,.,0; which left her temporarily
crippled, did not lower her am
b tions to become a leader on the
Ptff of McGuire’s Medical Unit, a
B.chmond, Va, group, headed by
, noted medical wizard who sought
to corral the nation's top ranking
medical, surgical and dietitary
' she joined the group over five
viars ago, two years before ’t was
nuboli/fd by the United Slates
» my for service in the hospitals'
scattered throughout the various
v. r theatres. After turning down
trur.v '‘attractive” offers for her
ie,vices. Boyd was finally turned
dt tvn by the Army because of her
ir.iury record.
Frenzied James Walker direc
tor;. grasping at a chance to re
erver the services of this wizard
of the culinary arts, hepped the
first niatie out after hearing of her
decision not to go with McGuire’s
unit. Thep persuaded her to come
back to Wilmington, and she
lureed not reluctantly, despite her
disappointment in missing out on
the overseas adventure.
She worked at James Walker
until last April when she had the,
opportunity again to travel to
foreign soil where her long sought
idventure awaited her.
She has traveled extensively but
until then, when she started her
High- to Hawaii, had never been
» passenger on a plane.
She missed her plane at Blue
thenthal. rather the plane missed
her. by -passing the field in a
storm and heading on to Charles
ton. S. C. Undaunted Miss Boyd
rushed fo the Pennington air strip,
o: the Carch'na Beach road and
hopped the first Piper Cub ro
"Af;er being bent up for three
hours in that crate. I was ready
for almost anything.” she wrote
fiends from Hilo. But the trip to
the islands was uneventful, she
Bom in the red hills of Georgia
near the state capitol. Miss Boyd
ras left alone early in life, and
today she claims no close family
ties, according to friends, but per
sists in the belief (hat all mankind
-especially the afflicted — belong
ir.der her guardianship.
In addition fo instructing chefs
eed scullions as to what to pre
pare for meals, and at what Je
giee farenheit would be needed foi
*R easilv palatable diet for pa
tents, the dietitian for over 15
Enjoys Hawaii
Miss Obeda Boyd, for 15
years head dietitian of the
James Walker Memorial Hos
pital in Wilmington, now at
Hilo Memorial in Hawaii, to
day says she misses her many
friends in Wilmington, al
though she has “plenty of sun
shine in the islands.”
years lent part of her 24-hour-day
to teaching fledgling nurses and
dietitary students in the culinary
Miss Beadie Britt, assistant su
pervisor of nurses at James Walk
er Memorial, said that she re
membered Miss Boyd as “very ef
ficient, and as good as we’ve ever
had here.” Other nurses at the
local hospital recalled her cheery
disposition and efficiency.
Mrs. Eugene Johnson. 209 Coun
try club boulevard, a close friend
of Miss Boyd, said she was the
finest all around girl 1 have ever
Miss Boyd was educated in the
public schools ol Atlanta and grad
uated from t h e Georgia State
Teacher’s college. She served hei
dietitary internship at 'George
Washington University hospital in
Washington, D. C. She is a mem
ber of the American Dietitic assn
She had not been in the Islands
long when she was invited to visit
the Leprosarium, about 200 miles
from Honolulu. She did, and wrote
friends later that she was con
cerned over the inmates’ pitiful
plight, but had to turn down an
“attractive” offer to work there
because of previous contracts.
Although she has fallen in love
with Hawaii and has made many
friends in the year she has worked
there, her ultimate aim is to come
back to Wilmington.
Friends here are plotting to
make it as attractive for her to
return as possible. They plan to
keep their letters sunshiny and
(he weather in Wilmington fair, de
spite the predictions of Weather
man Paul Hess.
Children’s Museum
Opens In Charlotte
CHARLOTTE. March 8.— t/Pi —A
Museum of Natural History for
children will be opened here May
1, Curator Russell Peterson an
nounced today.
Each display of animals, birds
and minerals will tell a story of
how the phy-sical world developed
from earliest times.
DAVIDSON, March 8. — (£>) —
President John R. Cunningham of
Davidson College announced today
that Mrs. Woodrow Wilson, widow
of the President, will visit the
campus over the weekend. Presi
dent Wilson was graduated from
the Presbyterian college.
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All-India Congress
Invites Moslem League
For Conference
NEW DELHI, March 8.— (/Pi —
The all-India Congress Party today
formally invited the Moslem
League to meet Congress repre
sentatives to draw plans for taking
over the government of India un
der the plan of the British gov
ernment to withdraw by June, 1948.
“In view of new developments
which are leading to swift trans
fer of power in India,” the formal
resolution of the Congress Party
working committee said, ‘‘it has
become incumbent on the people of
India to prepare themselves joint
ly and coopreatively for this
change so that this may be effect
ed peacefully to the advantage of
“The working committee, there
fore, invite the all-India Moslem
League to nominate representa
tives to meet representative of
Congress in order to devise means
to meet it.
“The working committee will
keep in close touch with repre
sentatives of the Sikhs and other
groups concerned with cooperating
with them in steps that may have
to be taken in safeguarding their
The Congress group also invited
the Moslem League to share in
drafting a constitution for indepen
dent India.
The appeal for a conference was
made while large sections of rich
Punjab cities were under stringent
police and army control after bit
ter battles between religious fac
tions, Sikhs and Hindus against
Walter Mason. Associated Press
correspondent who toured Lahore,
capital of the Punjab, yesterday,
and Amritsar, Sikh religious and
cultural center, today, quoted an
official of the province as saying
the situation generally was undei
control except in one or two spots.
A. A. Williams, acting home
secretary of the Punjab govern
ment, told mason that the term
“under control'’ did not apply to
Rawalpindi, northern Punjab city.
There, Williams said, communal
fighting “turned bad yesterday and
there was another outbreak this
Aside from Rawalpindi. Mason
said other trouble spots were
Amritsar, Siaikot, Jullunder and
Lahore, “but all are under strict
Williams said the official death
toll in Amritsar, which had been
the scene of lhe bitterest outbreak,
had reached 90.
E. Brook, correspondent for the
New Delhi statesman, independent
| British-owned newspaper, however,
j reported On his return from the
i Punjab today that “no accurate fig
ure is likely to be obtained” be
[ cause most victims killed in the
: street fighting were taken away by
relatives or friends and few bo
dies remainded for police to re
He said a “competent local auth
ority” told him the death toll in
Amritstar could be estimated as
high as 500 and that 40,000 persons
were homeless as a result of fires
set by the clashing factions.*
The Sikhs, a separate religious
and social community in India,
claim the Punjab as their cultural
and religious homeland and Amrit
sar as their “Holy city.” Consider
ably more militant than the Hin
dus, they are bitterly - opposed to
Moslem League demands for Pa
kistan, an independent Moslem
state within India, which would in
clude the Punjab, where Moslems
have a majority of 57 per cent.
North Carolina Junior So
| rosis Will Sponsor Event
For Second Year
Wednesday and Thursday,
March 19-20, have betn set as
the dates for the annual Hobby
Show lo be sponsored in the com
munity building. Second and
Orange streets, by the City Rec
reation department and North
Carolina Junior Sorosis.
In last year’s show over 600
entries were made including such
hobbies as flower arrangements,
coin and stamp collections,
Indian lore, many varieties of
china including antique dis
plays, dolls from various
countries of the world, all types
of handwork ranging from
leather craft, to old laces, paint
ings and drawings, photographs
as well as insect displays.
On Wednesday evening at 8
o’clock a special entertainment
program will be presented.
Persons interested in making
entries are cordially invited to
contact the recreation office and
register their exhibits.
Regional Garden
Meeting Scheduled
CHARLESTON, S. C.. March 8.—
VPi—The South Atlantic Regional
Meeting of the National Council oi
State Garden Clubs will be held
here April 8 with the South Caro
lina Garden club also holding its
annual meeting April 8-9.
The State Garden club’s annual
pilgrimage will be April 10 to low
county plantations and old Charles
ton homes.
8. — W) — President Jonn M.
Hamrick of Gaffney said today
the South Carolina Junior Cham
her of Commerce will meet here
May 17-19 in its annual conven- ;
GAFFNEY. S. C.. March 8.— UP)
—President J. B. Hatcher an
nounced today that J. Pat Tread
away had accepted the post of
executive secretary of the Goffney
Chamber of Commerce.
The Seven Virtues were 1ra- '
ditionally Faith, Hope, Charity, i
Prudence. Justice, Fortitude and
Temperance. |
j Trademark Registered U. S Patent Office
t_____ 1
“She ought to take better care of herself-she
looks older than her daughter. ”
Governor Thurmond Advo
cates Five Or Ten Per
Cent Pay Increase
GREENWOOD, S. C. March 8
—(£>)—A “substantial raise” for
South Carolina teachers is advo-i
cated by Governor J. Strom
Appearing before the Greenwood
Cooperative Marketing Associa
tion last night, the governor said
that teachers should get “more
than five or ten per cent” in sala
ry increases.
“Any state that can spend 64
millions for three and one-half
million gallons of whiskey can
pay school teachers more,” he
Touching on the question of
whiskey, Thurmond warned, “if
we are not careful the liquor in
terest will control the state.” Re
ferring to sums which he said
had been spent by liquor interests
during last summer’s political
can^oaign, he said that one South
Carolina wholesaler had made
more than a million dollars last
year and four others had incomes
of more than a half-million each.
The governor also favored a
merit personnel system for state
employes, a program of machni
zation for farms, more co-opera
tives, better soil conservation
practices and more cattle and
Sun Spots Cause
Radio Interference
All radiotelephone circuits to
Europe were reported out of order
yesterday (Sat.) evening because
of magnetic disturbances caused
by sun spots.
The Bell Telephone Company
said service would be resumed
as soon as radio conditions per
Press Wireless, Inc., Mackay
Radio and the Radiomarine Cor
poration all reported erratic com
munications through the day.
The Harvard University labora
tory at Bloemfontein, Union o.
South Africa, reported Friday
sun spots covering 500,000,U(k.
square miles of the sun’s surface
would reach their peak today.
Franklin institute at Philadelphia
reported that the spots were visi
able to the naked eye if observed
through dark glass of a piece of
exposed photographic film.
Eastern N. C. Press
Association To Meet
GOLDSBORO, March 8 — <7P)—
The eastern North Carolina Press
. Association will hold' its semi
i annual meeting in Goldsboro May
16-17, the executive committee ot
l tha group meeting here last night
j decided.
Industrial opportunities in east
! era North Carolina will be the
i theme of the opening dinner ses
sion Friday night, May 16. J. T.
Lassiter, Smithfield, vice-presi
dent of the association will be in
charge of this session.
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$23,000 DRAWN !
Jobless Veterans Draw Al
most $2 Billion, Accord
ing To The VA
WASHINGTON, March 8.—i/P.i—
The Veterans Administration,
which has paid almost $2,000,900,
000 to jobless veterans, said today
217,841 ex-servicemen have ex I
hausted their special veterans un
employment allowances, popularly!
known as the G.I.’s 52-20.
North Carolina veterans have
drawn $23,149,083 in unemployment
Figures for exhaustions and total
payments in the self-employment
group include:
North Carolina, -2551 and 18,733,
There are 335,000 veterans listed
in North Carolina.
Under the GI bill ex-service men
and women can get $20 a w'eek for
one year if they are unable to find
employment. In the Buckeye
state, 2,059 of the 51,000 veterans
have already exhausted their un
employment allowances.
Western N. C. Peace
Officers Will Meet
HICKORY, March 8.—(TP)—U. S.
Marshall Charles R. Price has an
nounced today that peace officers
from 28 western North Carolina
counties will meet hei'e March 27-8.
The meeting will give the officers
an opportunity to become better
acquainted and make for coordina
tion of police work on a national,
state and local level, Price ex
$400,000 In Tobacco
Is Destroyed By Fire
CLARKSVILLE, Tenn.. March,
8. — (TP) — About $400,000 worth
of dark-fired tobacco was destroy
ed in flames which razed the J.
W. Rudolph and Brothers tobacco
storage warehouse here last night.
Firemen battled the fire for 1hree
oours before it was brought under
cantrol. Trucks remained on the
scene today to extinguish spora
ABC Commentator
Given Mews Award
NEW YORK. March 8. — (fl>) — i
Elmer Davis, American Broadcast- i
ing company commentator and
news -analyst, tonight received the
radio commentator’s award of $1.
000 from the Alfred I. Dupont Radio
Awards Foundation.
Dr. Francis P. Gaines, president
of Washington and Lee University
and chairman of the Awards com
mittec. in presenting the award to
Davis at a dinner said it was in
recognition of "aggressive, con
sistently excellent and accurate
gathering and reporting of news
by radio and the presentation of
expert, informed and reliable news
interpretation of news and opinion
for the purpose of encouraging in
itiative, integrity, independence
and public service through the
medium of radio.”
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