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By Beth Harriss
H-l- <■ ■!' !♦♦♦♦♦ ill ♦ .ji.li.li .1. iii.i. j. j. j. j.j-1
’ This weeK nas Deen a Dusy one and with it a lot of work. Clubs
have been organized, with the choosing of officers, knd various
other activities have been planned.
Tuesday and Wednesday were the big days for twenty NHHS
students. For it was then that they made their wild attempt to
become a cheerleader. Tuesday was, of course, Freshman and
Sophomore assembly day so they were the first to cast their votes
for the four best tryouts: two boys and two girls.
Wednesday uie same twenty
trodded once more to the stage
to satisfy the none too pleasing
junioi and Seniors. Each con
testant was a wee bit shaky, but
what else could be expected.
The old cheerleaders spent all
Wednesday afternoon counting
votes and it wasn’t until Thurs
day moiling ma„ me iucKy lour
were announced. They were
Donald Peterson. Pete Acree,
Shirlene Conrad and Yours Tru
jy We will begin work pract:'
ing this week and make our first
attempt next Friday night at the
Charleston football game. It w
probably take a short time to
-et over the fright, but please
jjave patience. We’ll learn.
Tuesday will be the long ex
pected day for the high school
gemors. It is Tuesday that the
superlatives will be elected
There are twenty-eight superla
tives and it should take much
consideration of the matter be
fore a decision is made. It is
this record that is kept through
out ad the years to remind us of
0ur high school days so vote on
those people you will be justly
If you’ve noticed a gleam on
certain ROTC boys lately it
could easily be because the of
ficers of the year have been an
nounced. All cadets have been
anxiously awaiting this news and
it was a great day when it ar
Bradford Wiggins has the top
bunk as Cadet Lieutenant
Colonel. On Bradford’s staff will
be Floyd Williams, Mrtjor;
Brooks Broome, Battalion Adju
tant and Jimmy Singleton, Sup
ply Officer (S4). Fritz Stelljes
j. Captain of Co. A with Pat
Kelly and Bruce Hinson as Pla
toon Leaders Captain Jim Gib
son has command in Co. B and
his Platoon leaders are J. D.
Causey and Montague Dowdy
In Co. C is Captain Poli Bare
foot and Bradford Cantwell and
Lerov Bradshaw as Pla
toon Leaders. Last, but certain
|v not least is Captain Blaney
Lee of Co. D and his Platoon
Leaders are Donald Peter
son and Sammy Jolly.
It is always very exciting to
fitness the first parade for the
jew officers and I’m sure it is
»ven more exciting for the of
icers. Good luck and don t be
oo hard on the boys because
■emember you were a first and
second year man once too.
Just recently a contest was
keld bv the new owners of Rus
jell’s Soda shop at 13th and Mar
ket. This contest was held to
find a new name for the soda
(hop. R. W. Helmes, a college
6tudent, fAind that he won $25
lor choosing the name “Campus
Grill”. Miss Emma Lossen, Miss
Betty 'Halligan and Mrs. George
West, all members of the high
school faculty, were the judges.
All day Friday various groups
headed north towards Norfolk.
Mr. Johnnie Chase, a popular
member of the faculty, left at
three fifteen with a car load of
boys. Poli Barefoot, Carl
Brown, Victor Taylor and Junie
Huband were the lucky ones to
get this ride. Some had their
doubts as to whether they’d
make the game by eight, but
seems they did. Jean Pope and
Betty Britz were others heading
lor ' Norfolk. They left with
Jean’s mother and father. I’m
lure if it hd been just a little
Closer dozens more would havij
made this trip, but since it is
Good * • •
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-— I
over two hundred miles it was
just out of the question,
for many.
You can’t say school will keep
the principal away from a foot
ball game because at 4 o’cIock
Friday afternoon our own Mr.
Hamilton flew to Norfolk for tne
all important clash. Mayoe f’m
letting you in on a secret bur.
they say this was Mr. Hamil
ton’s first flight. Please, 10 hard
feelings Mr. Hamilton, but 1
might ask, “How was it?”
Our game with Norfolk seem
ed to have been a struggle in
vain for as it turned out we
battled Maury High to a o • o
score. From all the reports from
the witnesses of the game Jim
my Piner, Jim Gibson and Char
lie Smith were the stars but the
whole team played a mighty fine
If you noticed a group of girls
dash to the third row of the
Bailey Friday night it was no
doubt Jean Bobbitt, Libba Roe,
Sue Boney and Sally Kelly. Sal
ly is a senior this year and just
returned from Germany this
summer where her father was
stationed. She has light brown
hair and big blue yes. When ask
ed about her trip to Germany
she replied that it was very in
teresting, but it was also fine to
be back. Saw Betty Davis and
Jean Ingram having a hard time
finding seats as were Grade
Gurganus and Lyn Kirk. I also
noticed Nancy Trask and Jack
Preston being very much enter
tained by the movie on our home
town Wilmington.
Our first “Wildcat” came out
Thursday and it seemed to be
quite a hit. It is on newsprint
this year at the request of so
many students. The Journalism
class, composed of thirteen stu
dents, worked hard on this paper
and it hopes to satisfy the whole
student body. The Wildstaff has
been completed and is as fol
lows: Leonard Colley, editor in
chief; Howard Tally, business
manager; Tommie Vaught, news
editor; Jean Bobbitt, feature edi
tor; Bobby Haas, spots editor;
Fritz Stelljes, make up editorf
Priscilla King, exchange editor;
Leroy Bradshaw, photographic
editor and Maisie Watkins, ad
vertising manager. With so f*
in the class and twice as mucl
work the class is always bus
so any advice or improvemr
is always appreciated. .
Seems that’s all for now so
“Au Revoir”.
* * *
Miss Lina Rogers,
Bride Of Today,
Feted At Party
Miss Julia Spencer Mrs. H.
R. Corbett, Mrs. L. E. Owen
and Miss Emily Strickland were
joint hostesses at a miscellane
ous shower recently honoring
Miss Lina Rogers whose mar
riage to J. Reece Harrell Jr.,
of Winston-Salem, formerly of
Wilmington, will take place this
afternoon at 4 o’clock at the
Wrightsboro Baptist church.
The Wrightsboro Home Dem
onstration clubhouse was attrac
tively decorated for the oc
casion with blue and white be
ing used as the color scheme.
Upon her arrival the honoree
was presented with a corsage of
red rosebuds. Later in the eve
ning Miss Rogers was presented
with gifts including her chosen
patterns in crystal, china and
During the evening games
were enjoyed by all with prizes
being presented to Mrs J. M.
Rus.sell and Miss Bivian Ste
Refreshments consisting of
cake, punch, mints and nuts
were served by Misses Jean
Owen, Edith Rogers. Joanna
Corbett, Joyce Rogers Myrtle
Futtrelle and Connie Patty.
There were ninety guests at
tending. _
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MARRIED HERE RECENTLY—Mr. and Mrs. David L. Trout
man shown cutting their wedding cake at the reception held im
mediately after the ceremony on Sunday afternoon, September
14. Mrs. Troutman is the former Pearl Florence Underwood, of
Wilmington, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Underwood of Smith
North Carolina Garden Club Fall
Meetings Planned In High Point
The Fall meeting of the execu
tive committee and the Board
of Directors of the Garden Club
of North Carolina will be held
Sepetmber 24 at 10:30 a.m. in
High Point, at the Sheraton ho
tel. The executive committee
will meet first and the board of
directors meeting will follow.
Mrs. Valette Harris of High
Point will extend the welcome.
A luncheon will be served at
1 p. m.
All state officers, state chair
man of committees and club
presidents are expected to at
tend the board meeting. Impor
tant business will be discussed
and plans made for the ensuing
The North Carolina club has
a full Fall program ahead. In
October they are sponsoring a
state-wide fall flower show dur
ing the North Carolina
State Fair in Raleigh — Mrs. J.
Wilbur Bunn, chairman. Al
so October 21, the seven district
meetings begin and run through
Friday, November 7.
November 20 will be the date
of the annual conservation con
ference, which, this year will be
at the Raleigh Woman’s club,
followed by a luncheon. Mrs. F.
B. Garrett, Raleigh, is the chair
man and has already secured
five speakers. Outstanding
among them is Mrs. Lewis John
Francke, Brookville Long Is
land, N. Y., an eminent horti
culturist, who arranged the
large exhibit on conservation at
the New York Flower Show.
North Carolina Garden club
members are this year invited
to attend the board meeting of
the national council of Garden
clubs, meeting in Montreal,
Canada, as the guests of the
Junior League Garden club and
the Diggers and Weeders Gar
den club of that city. They are
making delightful plans for the
entertainment of the visitors.
Members wishing to go should
write Mrs. Fred Bartlett, High
Point, at once as reservations
have to be in by October 1st.
Mrs. Frank M. Wray, Blair
House, Williamsburg, Va., will
be the guest of Mrs. J. E. Lath
am for some time this fall. Mrs.
Latham hopes that she will be
invited to speak to clubs on
Eighteenth Century furniture
suitable for Tryon’s palace.
* * *
Junior Sorosis
Meets On Monday
A called meetiijg of North
Carolina Junior Sorosis will be
held on Monday evening at 8
All members are urged to be
The first dinosaurs roamed this
continent 50,000,000 years ago.
Crystal Shower 1
Given Honoring
Frankie Murphy
Complimenting Miss Frankie
Murphy, bride-elect of Septem
ber 29, Miss Shirley Newland
entertained Friday evening at
her home in Forest Hills at a
crystal shower.
Upon arrival the honoree was
presented a corsage of white
carnations. Miss Murphy re
ceived many gifts in her chosen
pattern of crystal.
The home Was attractively
decorated in summer flowers
throughout. During the evening
contests were played and prizes
w?re won by Miss Evelyn
Brown, Miss Gloria Palmer and
Mrs- Thomas Brown.
Among those attending were
Miss Murphy, honoree, Mrs. M.
B. Murphy, Miss Evelyn
Brown, Miss Carleeit Page,
Miss Ann Andrews, Mrs. T. P.
Brown, Miss Mary Alice Rose,
Miss Frances Applewhite, Miss
Betty Shepard, Miss I.averne
Rogers, Miss Daisy Stackhouse,
Mrs. W. B. Murphy, Jr., Miss
Jane Edwards, Miss Gloria
Palmer and Mrs. H. T. New
land, Jr.
* * *
Miss Underwood
And Mr. Troutman
Married In City
The marriage of Miss Pearl
Florence Underwood, of Wil
mington, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. L. E. Underwood of Smith
field, and David L. Troutman,
son of Mr. and Mrs. W. P.
Troutman of this city, took
place Sunday afternoon. Sep
tember 14, at 3 o’clock at the
home of the bridegroom’s par
ents. Dr. Eugene D. Wither
spoon, pastor of St. Andrews
Covenant Presbyterian church
officiated at the ceremony
The home was beautifully dec
orated with arrangements of
white asters, tuberoses, and
gladioli. White tapers burned on
the mantel.
The bride wore a tailored suit
of white gabardine and a small
black hat and black accessories.
Her corsage was of pink tube
x uaca.
Mrs. Underwood, mother of
the bride, was attired in black
and wore a corsage of red roses.
Mr.. Troutman, mother of the
bridegroom, wore a dress of
black crepe and had a corsage
of pink roses.
A reception was held imme
diatly after the ceremony. The
dining table was covered with
a lace cloth and centered with
five - branched candelabra hold
ing white tapers. At one end of
the table was the three-tiered
wedding cake, and punch was
served from a crystal bowl at
the opposite end.
Immediately after the recep
tion the bridal couple left for
a wedding trip in the western
part of the state. On their re
turn they will be at home at
212 Virginia Drive.
Out-of-town guests for the
wedding were Mr. and Mrs. L.
E. Underwood, Miss Noia Un
derwood, and Mr. and Mrs. Paul
Lancaster, of Smithfield.
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8 ..J
—Mrs. Fred Goldston has gone
;o Bremen, Ohio, for a visit
vith her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
D. L. Millisor.
C. J. Cook of Wilmington,
spent the week-end here with
G. T. Sutton and David Thom
son have returned from Geor
Mrs. B. L. Townsend and
daughter, Ann, went to Marion,
S. C., Monday to visit Mrs.
Townsend’s parents, Mr. and
Mrs. R. Q. Powell. While away
Mrs. Townsend will visit friends
in Charlotte.
Frank Gault spent the week
end in Asheville with his sister,
Mrs. Sidney S. Holt and Mr.
Mrs. W. L. Kure of Wilming
ton, spent the week-end here
with her brother, Morris Mer
ritt and Mrs. Merritt at their
home on the Lake beach.
Mrs. W. L. Jenkins of Greens
boro, was a guest of Mr. and
Mrs. S. A. Eure for the week
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Robin
son of Columbia, S. C., visited
friends here this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Earnes
and Mrs. June Stone were Wil
mington visitors Tuesday.
• * •
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Hurst
announce the birth of a daughter,
Susan Lanier, September 16, at
the Marion Sprunt annex. Mrs.
Hurst is the former Myrtle Earp
of this city.
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