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Copynghl 194? by Arcorfie Hou„
: • Distributed by King Features Syndicate 1 " ’ '
"Gail. I simply won’t have it.
■ voU hear?’ Lissa said sharp
?. "“You are coming back to
yevv York with Martin and me
' d vou re going to be suitably
launched on the sort of social
csreei I've always wanted you
-•Mo, Mother,” said Gail, and
the* very fact that she said
“Mother'’ instead of “Lissa'’
was significant. “I’ve found a
jace" l like in the world and
the kind of career I want.”
LiSsa whirled on Charles with
, scented whisper of taffeta,
d sairi hotly, “This is your
vork. You've taught her a lot
0f nonsense about the dignity of
labor and such foolishness. I
thould have known better than
J let her come here.”
“Lissa!" said Martin, and
^0ugh his tone was quiet, there
was something in it that drew
hci' around to look at him in
f mplete astonishment. “Gail is
'lt a child any longer. She’s
old enough to know her own
*"‘‘She's barely eighteen!”
“Sorrv. Lissa—let’s have the
truth, shall we? I'm almost 20,”
• j.’d G a 11.
“We'd he happy to have you
with us. Gail,” said Martin with
complete sincerity. “I confess I
pot quite a kick out of the pros
pect of having not only a beau
tiful wife but a charming
daughter in mv erstwhile bach
elor home, and I’d be delighted
jf you could s“e it that way.
But it’s your life, and no one
pite has the right to try to live
it for you.”_
Gail studied him for a mo
ment and then she said impul
much!” 1 think 1 Uke y0U vefy
“f am honored aeeply,” said
Martin, and obviously meant it
Jursu stared from one to the
other, her lovely tace flushing
with the unbecoming color of
‘Martin, are you encouraging
her in this utterly idiotic . nav
ior?” she demanded, as tnough
she could not believe such a
“I'm encouraging her to do
whatever will make her hap
py,” said Martin gently. “No
one could do her a greater serv
But it’s all such utter non
sense!” raged Lissa. “After all
that she’s beei\ through. I want
ed her to be able to return a
lot of snubs she and I used to
have to take. I wanted her to
get her own back from some of
the superior people we’ve visit
ed—” Her voice died beneath
the look in Martin’s eyes. For a
moment she looked almost
Martin said quietly, “Now
that Gail is here and safe, you’d
best get some rest, my dear.
Come along. I’m sure Gail has
a lot to discuss with her father
and Mrs. Prentice. Good night,
He put his arm about Lissa
and drew her up the stairs, his
arm loosely about her as she
went willingly, tightening a lit
tle when she slowed or showed
any desire to stop or turn back.
When the door had closed be
hind them. Gail turned to
Charles and Kate and said hur
riedly, abashed, “You mustn’t
judge her too severely. After
all, she’s beautiful and sweet.
Everybody sort of pampers
There was a hint ot amuse
ment in Charles’ eyes.
“You don’t have to explain
Lissa to me, chick. I knew' her
long before you were born,” he
said gently.
Kate said comfortingly,
“We're so glad you’ye come
back, Gail, Did you stop for
supper along the way? If not,
you must all be starved. I’ve
some sandwiches and a salad
“I am famished!” Norah said
cheerfully. “Right this minute,
I can’t remember whether
W'e’ve had anything since six
this morning—or was it yester
She and Kate went toward the
kitchen and Charles and Gail
looked at each other. Charles
held out his arms and Gail ran
into them and for a moment
they held each other close.
“I’ve missed you, chick,”
said Charles huskily.
“I’m sorry I worried vou, Fa
“You did what you felt you
had to do. chick,” said Charles.
“Shall we leave it at. that? And
find out more about, the sand
wiches and the salad?”
“I love you!” she told him
impulsively, and stood on tip
toe to kiss his cheek.
They went arm in arm into
the kitchen, where Paul, Greg
and Norah already sat at the
kitchen table, hungrilv attack
ing the food Kate placed before
Paul rose as Gail came in,
held her chair for her, and
beamed down at her cheerfully.
“I don’t know when I’ve had
so much fun,” he said happily.
“This is — well, 1 think places
like this were what we fellows
were fighting for, now that I
come to think about it. Of
course, I’d never seen one until
day before yesterday. I suppose
I thought I was fighting for home
—a cold-water flat on the East
Side, that changed very month
or so, usually for something a
little worse—”
He broke off, helped himself
to another sandwich, a, 1 said
casually, “Sorry—skip it.”
Charles looked at him surious
ly, a gentle expression in his
eyes, and made some remark
The chatter became casual, and
friendly. They were all tired,
but relaxed and happy in the
knowledge that Gail was here
again. And Gail, looking about
the little group with the sting
of tears in her eyes, swallowed
a lump in her throat.
Here they were, the people
she loved best in all the world:
her father; the woman who
seemed more her mother than
Lissa ever could; the girl she
would have chosen for a sister
if she had had a choico--and
Greg, and she turned her eyes
sharply away from him.
He had not looked at her aft
er that one glance when she had
come into the room with
Charles’ arm about her. He had
eaten very little, crumbling his
sandwich, drinking half a glass
of milk. As soon as he decently
could, he stood up, pretended a
yawn, and said casually, “Well,
I think I’ll turn in. If you don’t
mind bunking with me, Paul,
you can come up whenever
you’re ready”
Paul thrust back his chair.
Norah rose, too, and stretched
her arm* in a luxurious yawn
and said, “I think that’s an ex
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•ary of State Thad Eure, the Hill
crest Veterans Housing corpora
•ion, of Wilmington, is ready t
help Negro veterans purchas
homes in the Hillcrest project.
The non-stock firm was incor
porated by Raymon Heath, R. M
Quinn and Millard Lilley, local
Negroes. It was announced re
cently that the homes in Hill
crest, a slum-clearance project
would be sold with veterans be
mg given preference.
ske Vil’age Manager
Assumes New Duties
Weims' of Attanta. as
iter nf ^ U!les today aa man
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T-76, located at Charleston, *is
the highest received by the Mari
time- commission.
It was thought unlikely that a
higher bid would be received by
mail, such bid having to be post
marked before the closing of bid
Benson said that the boat, if
Wilmington's bid remains high,
would be brought to the city and
equipped with new fire-fighting
apparatus and placed into
service as soon as possible.
(Special To The Star)
WALLACE, Oct. 1. — Wallace
tobacco held the gains picked up
on Monday by continuing to
show the high averages in sales
today, according to John Sikes,
sales supervisor.
Top grades brought up to $61
per hundred while medium
grades kept their three to eight
dollar gains of Monday.
The market sold 266,000 pounds
.today for $119,886.
! This was an average of $45.07
rper 100 pounds.
Warehousemen here urged
farmers to get their tobacco on
i the market as soon as possible,
thereby taking advantage of these
good prices.
The persimmon is an Ameri
can native fruit and grows wild
throughout the United States
from Connecticut to the Caro
linas and westward to Missouri
1 and Arkansas. This is a close
'relative of the Japanese per
simmon or date-plum, which
came originally from China.
cellent idea. Gail, you’re in with
me tonight, since Mr. nd Mrs.
Kincaid have your old room.
Leave the dishes, Kate, and I’ll
do 'em in the morning. We’re
all dead for sle.eD.”
At the foot of the stairs Gail
kissed Charles good night and
turned impulsively to Kate and
hugged her hard and kissed her,
“Sorry I bothered you all. I
won’t again, I promise,” she
said remorsefully, and followed
Norah up the stairs.
Norah’s big square room,
with the enormous old-fashioned
bed, its feather mattress puffy
beneath an immaculate white
cotton spread — Gail had help
ed with the laundry here and
grimaced a little at the mem
ory of what a task it was to
iron those spreads so smooth
ly—seemed to welcome her.
She opened her overnight bag,
took out her nightgown, .obe,
slippers and toothbrush, as Nor
ah yawned herself out of her
clothes and into a cotton night
“Norah,” said Gail uncertain
i ly, “I don’t want to pry, but
j what you told me before we left
1 “My husband?” said Norah
’ gently.
I “Isn’t thert any hope at all?
i asked Gail.
Norah’s face set and whiten
ed. There was bitterness and
pain in her eyes, but after a
moment she answered quietly
“They hate to admit that
there’s no hope, in such hospi
tals,” she said slowly. “The
doctors are wonderful and the
equipment and the training—
there’s nothing left out. They
are doing everything humanly
possible; there is the barest
possible chance. But I’ve hoped
! for so long, and counted on it
: so surely that I’ve got to the
point where it’s easier just to
admit that it is hopeless. Physi
cally, he’s in good shape. They
say that is good, that it is only
the mind that needs doctoring.
But Gail, the mind is—all! I
mean the mind is Bill. Without
it he is a stranger to me as I’
am to him.”
| (To Be Continued)
, — .. . ..
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