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Woman's News
KAI GOODMAN Social Editor Dial -.33!,
St. Matthews
Women Elect
New Off icers
j. P. Turner of St. Mat
.,,NS Lutheran church was
ie,.: first president of the
V of the Church, a new
3!.:,-ation combining the old
RVnanV Missionary society
’’.... .• Ladifes Aid group at St.
unification program,
is being presented
. ,,ut the Lutheran church
. o America, was brought
recent meeting of the
\Vtunen of the Church, which
under the direction of the
p'v K. Y. Huddle. Mrs. Turner
,, s. in charge of the devotional.
Officers elected to assist Mrs.
turner included: Mrs. E. B.
Wright, vice president; Mrs. P.
I Bowers, secretary; Mrs. R.
j Hooker, local treasurer, and
Mrs. K. V Huddle, world trea
Women attending the organi
zational meeting included: Mrs.
M B. Haskett, Mrs. J. J. Stew
Miss Marie Keels, Miss
Jane Davis, Mrs. Robert Buck,
M-u Charles H. McArver, Mrs.
Mrs. Charles H. McArver, Mrs.
Charles Seitter, Mrs. E.
B Wright. Mrs. R. J. Hooker,
and Mrs. J. P. Turner.
Mrs. P. R. Bowers, Mrs. E.
A Shands. Mrs G J Sullivan,
Mrs J. H. Bost, Mrs. Harold
Brown, Mrs. J. H. Bost, Jr.,
Mrs. W. F. Lylery, Mrs. Ernest
Brown. Mrs. Orpha Stanland,
Mrs DuRant Baldwin. Mrs. A.
Darrell Cox, Mrs. Albert Seitter,
Mrs. J. A. Varga. Sr., and Mrs.
R H. Buchanon and the Rev.
and Mrs. K. Y Huddle_
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Badio Reception
* 'a r Ison
,1n BROS.
n Market St. Dial 9655
u*4or,h* wLtiS^
■Jjcites oJo [Remember
3;30 p. m. — District 9, North
Carolina State Nurses as
sociation will meet in the
Nurses home at James
Walker Memorial hospi
tal. The election of of
ficers will be held
8 00 p. m. — The circle of
Myrtle Grove Presbyterian
church will meet at the
home of Mrs. G. R. Piner
Mrs. W. C. Powell and
Mrs. Piner will act as
hostesses at the annual
Christmas party to be
held at that time.
8:00 p. m. - The James Walker
Memorial hospital alum
nae will meet at Burnette’s
Drive-In on the Carolina
Beach road.
8:15 p. m. — The Goldenrod
chapter, 142, OES, will
meet at the Masonic Tem
7:30 p. m. — The Junior East
Wilmington Home Demon
stration club will hold
the Christmas party at
the clubrooms.
Thursday Tea
Planned By
N. C. Sorosis
Tomorrow afternoon at 4
o'clock North Carolina Sorosis
will entertain at the annual
Christmas tea for members and
their guests at the Sorosis club
house on North Third Street.
The music department, Mrs.
Louis Hanson, chairman, will be
in charge of the program. The
musical portion of the afternoon’s
entertainment will be presented
by members of the Forest HiPs
glee club. Others appearing on
the program will include Mrs.
Hric Norden, Mrs. Miriam Burns,
Mrs. O. E. DuRant, Jr., and Mrs.
B. H. Thomason. A Christmas
reading will be presented by
Mrs. Ethel Powers.
All members of Sorosis are
urged to invite a friend to the
Junior Sorosis
To Hold Tea
North Carolina Junior Sorosis
will entertain at its annual
Christmas tea Saturday after
noon at /'5 to 6 o'clock in the
clubhouse, 116 N. Third street,
Miss Dorothy Forbes said yes
Invitations have been extend
ed to all new teachers in New
Hanover county. Officers of sen
ior Sorosis, as well as all mem
bers of senior Sorosis have been
Members are reminded to
bring old clothes to be taken
to the Indians in Bolton.
Mrs. W. C. P. Bethell has left
for Norfolk, Va., where she will
spend the Christmas holidays
with her mother-in-law, Mrs.
George W. Bethell. Mrs Beth
ell’s daughter, Eloise, of New
York City, and her son and
daughter-in-law. Capt. and Mrs.
George W Bethell will join her
during the holiday season Prior
to returning to Wilmington, Mrs.
Bethell will visit in Baltimore
and New York City.
Capt. and Mrs. Vance R. Cor
bin and infant daughter, Judy
Kay, returning to the States
from Wheeler Field Army Air
base, Ohau. Hawaii, will arrive
today to visit Mrs. Corbin’s par
ents and sister, Mrs. L. G. Tay
lor, 211 Plaza drive. Mrs. Cor
bin is the former Julia Wood of
Wallace and Wilmington.
Sittings lllacle
through Dec. 17 Jor
Christmas Delivery
Call 6318 Today
For Your Appointment
Cldams Studio
\ 8th Floor Trust Bldg.
son (seated), Betty Britz and Morley Schlesing er to be seen Friday evening at 8 o’clock when
the Dramatics club will produce “Seven Sisters,” a fast moving Hungarian comedy.
___ (Staff Photo by Kendall B. Hampton)
Mrs. Ballesteros
Feted By Sister
Mrs. LeRoy A. Davis enter
tained her sister, Mrs. Katha
rine W. de G. Ballesteros of
Monterey, M e x ico, Monday
night at a delightful going-avvay
party. The guest of honor re
ceived a surprise when her sis
ter’s guests presented her with
a shower of handkerchiefs.
During the evening bridge
was played. Mrs. Billie Root
won high score prize, and Mrs.
Harry Bowden won second high
The Davis home in Princess
Place was decorated with color
ful Christmas ornaments ar
ranged cleverly on the mantel
and around the fireplace. A
salad plate was served following
Mrs. Katharine A. 'White as
sisted her daughter, Mrs. Davis
in serving refreshments.
Guests for the occasion includ
ed: Mrs. Harry Bowden, Mrs.
James B. McCumber, Mrs. Wal
ter Dent, Mrs. Kenneth Mar
shall, Mrs. Edward Bernard,
Mrs. Carl Woodall, Mrs. Rich
ard Futch, Mrs. Clement Jor
dan, Mrs. Billie Root, Mrs.
Howard Ha n c ock, and Mrs.
George Mann.
Mrs. Ballesteros, who has
been visiting her sister and
brother-in - law here, will leave
Saturday by plane for her home
in Monterey, Mexico. Accompa
nying her home will be her son,
Allen. Mrs. Ballesteros is the
former Katharine White of Ra
Reception Given
In Whiteville
Methodist Church
Wednesday evening, December
3, members of the Whiteville
Methodist church entertained at
a lovely informal reception at
the American Legion hut honor
ing the new pastor of
the church the Rev. D. A.
Clarke and Mrs. Clarke.
The dignity and* charm of the
hut was enhanced by beautiful
arrangements of yaupon, magno
lia leaves and red tapers
burned in silver holders on the
mantle. Yaupon and magnolia
leaves were arranged on the reg
ister table and piano flanked by
red tapers in silver holders.
Superintendent of Sunday
school, B. B. Lewis and Mrs.
Lewis received at the door and
the Woman’s Society of Chris
tian Service, introduced the re
ceiving line.
The receiving line was com
posed of Dr. L. Baggett, chair
Loris, S. C., and Chadbourn, who
before her marriage on bunday,
December 7, at the Loris Bap
tist church was Miss Margaret
Lucille Ganus, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Pink Ganus of Loris.
man of the board of stewards
and Mrs. W. B. Hobbs, the Rev.
and Mrs. W. B. Hobbs, the
Rev. and Mrs. Clarke, Mrs. Ir
vin B. Tucker, Jr., social secre
tary of the church, directed
guests to the tea table.
A beautiful Italian cut-work
cloth covered the table which
was centered with a lovely ar
rangement of red and white
gladioli, white snapdragons and
fern in a silver bowl flanked by
burning red tapers in silver
three-branched candelabra. At
one end of the table Mrs. W. S.
Avant, vice-president of the
Wesleyan Service Guild, poured
coffee and at the opposite end
Mrs. C. J. Herring, vice-presi
dent of the Woman’s Society of
Christian Service, poured tea
Misses Carol Sledge, Martha
.Scott, Virginia McRackan and
Clara Wooten, members of the
Youth Fellowship, passed
Christmas cookies and salted
Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Foster,
Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Davis, Mrs.
Van B. Martin, president of the
Susanna Wesley Bible class, W.
G. Burkhead, church secretary,
and C. D. Raper, church
treasurer, received throughout
the hut. Mrs. George McNeill
presided at the register.
Good-byes were said to chief
usher and Mrs. John A. McNeill
About one hundred and fifty
guests called between the hours
of seven thirty and ten.
Ground soapstone or talc, is
used in axle gx-ease and face
Girl Scout
Luncheon Set
The Girl Scout annual Christ
mas luncheon for adult volun
teers will be given Thursday at
12:30 p.m. in St. John’s Tavern.
DecoratHns will be in
the Christmas motif. The instal
lation of officers of the board
of directors and the leaders
association will be a part of the
luncheon program.
The luncheon is also being
given to honor Miss Dorothy
Wells, field director, who is
leaving the local Girl Scout
organization to assume a similar
position in Jacksonville, Fla., on
December 15.
Women's Clubs
Demand Gush
And Eye-Wash
Women’s clubs in the United
States are “lapsing more and
more into gush and eye-wash”
says Ferdinnand Tuohy, writing
for “Britannia.” Mr. Tuohy of
fers as a solution the divorce of
social clubs from improvement
clubs. ?
Anybody who expects women
to get rid of the social side
of improvement clubs doesn’t
know women.
It’s just natural for women
to make a social occasion out of
any shared undertaking.
No matter what weighty mat
ter Madam President plans to
bring up at club meeting, she is
as much concerned with what
she is going to wear when she
presides as what she is going to
And many a club has found
out from the day it decides
to stop serving refreshments at
tendance at meetings falls off
Something or Them
No matter how earnest their
purpose when women organize
to work together, they just have
to make it a social occasion.
They’ll work and often work
hard for any good cause. But
they want to get something out
of it for themselves. And what
they want is some social life.
Make an improvement club
all improvement and no gush
and eye-wash,” and the im
provement quickly loses a lot of
its members.
ST. MATTHEW'S NEWLY ELECTED OFF ICERS—Left to right are Mrs. R. J. Hooker,
► treasurer; Mrs. P. E. Bowen, secretary; Mrs. J. P. Turner, president; Mrs. E. B. Wright, vice
| president; and Mrs. K. Y. Huddle, world treasurer, who were named at an organizational meet
ing held recently at the church 17th and Ann s treetg.
By Beth Hams*
Just two more days and it will be here! Yes, I am speaking of
the approaching Dramatics club play, ‘‘Seven Sisters.” It's really
going to be a big hit and it has more fastmoving scenes than any
play ever to be on our stage. Being a little curious as to how the
cast was doing, I stopped in on one of their practices the other day
and was amazed to see how well they were coming along. The
stage directors were adding a few touches to the already decorated
scenes and I noticed Ethel Pendleton, one of the student directors,
finishing up one side of the walls. Jack Shytle was busy hammer
the door and other odd things
together. Everyone was pitching
right in to help and it really
looked nice. The cast has been
practising every afternoon until
very late and sometime at night.
The costumes arrived Friday
and, of course, the members of
the cast were excited over their
attire. There were such remarks
as, “Oh! My costume is too little,”
or, “Tres charmante” (in English,
“Very charming”.) The costumes
are brightly colored peasant
ones and the men are dressed in
high collars and large ties, the
Hungarian style. The colorful
play will get underway Friday
night at eight in the high school
It really was a lot of fun”.
This is the ram ark one of the
freshman was heard saying as
he left the Freshman Frolic Sat
urday night. Miss May was in
charge of all games and some
proved to be a little rough. I
don’t mean to criticise the
games, but if you had been
there you would know what I
mean. One particular game that
everyone enjoyed was one in
which the girls got into a circle
and the bqys made a circle
around them. The girls went
clockwise and the boys counter
clockwise. When the music stop
ed you had to find your partner.
Of course, you all know
a straight line is the shortest
distance between two points and
so the center of the ring was
the way everyone went to get
his or her partner. Mr. and Mrs.
Hamilton joined in with the
games and they, too, found it a
wee bit rough, but fun. Miss
May had dancing games, volley
ball games and numerous other
kind. Punch and cookies were
served and the gym was beauti
fully decorated in bright color
ed paper. This party was just
for the freshmen, but the social
marshals were in charge of help
ing Miss May so they were the
only upperclassmen admitted.
When Mr. Chase announced the
end of the dance, there were
cries of dissatisfaction. I believe
that this was the biggest affair
that has ever been held in the
high school and the freshmen
really showed up in a big way.
Again I am proud to say that
two more of last year seniors
have been placed in the hall of
fame by being elected class of
ficers. They are Ann Jordon and
Patty Jones, who have recently
been elected president and sec
retary, respectivly, of the fresh
men class at Flora Macdonald
in Red Springs. Congratulations
Ann and Patty and keep up the
good work.
Yesterday the students hold
ing tickets to the matinee for
‘'Henry V” were excused at two
thirty in order to attend. There
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Men, Women and
Children’s Wear
601 Castle St.
was a very large crowd attend
ing and it’s the talk of the topic
of conversation. I heard one or
two students say that they wish
more movies of this type
would come to Wilmington It
really was a wonderful movie
and one not easy to forget
Saturday night the cheerlead
ers will have a chicken supper
at the home of Herbert Fisher
It will be for the cheerleaders
and their dates only This is an
important event for the cheer
leaders as they have been wait
ing for over three weeks for it.
Have you noticed the de
orated Christmas tree in Miss
Formy-Duval’s room? If you
haven’t then just pass by any
time of the day and admire it.
It really puts you into the good
old Christmas spirit Don’t for
get - room 208 - any time!
There w as quite a large gath
ering at the horse show Sunday
aftex-noon A few that I noticed
were D C North, Robert King,
Marilyn Costello, Junie Huband,
Charlie Smith, Jean Bobbitt,
Don Preston and Pete Acree.
Sarah Clark and Mary Sutton
were two riders that I noticed in
The basketball quint h ad been
at hard work lately getting
warmed up for the first fast ap
proaching basketball game this
season. This will be this Mon
I w , _
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Letitia Rebekah
Plans Yule Party
The meeting of the Past Nobel
grand club of Letitia Rebekah,
IOOS, will be held Friday night
at 8 o’clock in the form of •
Christmas party at the home of
Mrs.-Eloise Woods, 217 N. 12th
Members are reminded to
bring their gifts. A full attendr
ance is requested.
day night in the high school gym
against the Oak Grove Marine*.
There is expected to be a large
crowd so you had better come
early and get a good seat I’ll
see you there
I’d like to make a corection
of my last column I stated that
there would be a Hi-Y Minstral
this Saturday night and I was
wrong. There was a minstrel
last Saturday night for the boys
minstrel for the public will be
bers of the Hi-Y T he regular
next spring I’m sorry!
attending the Bovs Hi-Y confer
That about winds everything
Sarah Cla/k and Mary Sutton
ence This was only for mem
up for now, but 111 see you here
and there
We Still Have A
, . . and many other gift
items for the kiddies’
004 Castle St. Dial 2-8451
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