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©Iff Ameriratt 3lrtm3lj Hlorlft
Continuing The Jewiah Weekly
Established J«m 12, 1912, by
L. H. FKlSCB, SfanaMr(iK EfalfOr
Rabbi 'Philip Kleinman, Gtistavus
JJjeviirg-er, Ralbbi C. David Matt
Associate ISditors
Jesse "B. Calmenson,
City Editor, St. Paul
Published every Fuiday by The
Jewish World Publishing Co.. Min
neapolis and St. Paul. Minneapo
lis office. Tribune Annex, Tt-iephoin
N. W. Main 6269. St. Paul office, 714
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Cedar 0958.
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To Insure publication, all corre
upondence and newa matter mual
reach thin office by Tuesday evening
of each week.
Entered as second-class matter at
the post office at Minneapolis, Mln
the act
March 8,
Roah Haahanah Monday, Oct.
Yom Kippur Wednesday, Oct. IS
•Boah Chodeefa Tebet. Sunday, Jan. I
of Tebet Tuesday, Jan. 10
Shebat Monday, Jan. 80
•Rosh Chodesh Adar.. Wednesday, March 1
Fast of Esther. Monday, March 18
Purim Tuesday. March 14
Rosh Chodesh Kisan Thursday, March 80
Pewach. First Day ...Thursday, April 18
Pesach, Seventh Day Wednesday, April 19
*Rosh Chodesh Iyyar Saturday, April 2!9
Lag B'Omar Tuesday, May 16
Rosh Chodesh Sivan Sunday, May 28
Shabuoth Friday, June 2
•Rosh Chodesh Tammuz... Tuesday, June 27
Fast of Tammuz Thursday, July 18
Rosh Chodesh Ab Wednesday, July 28
Fast of Ab Thursday, August 8
*Rosh Chodesh Ellul Friday, August 26
Ri»h Hashanah 5683 Saturday, Sept. 28
Observed also on preceding day.
"Why don't you tell us some
thing new, instead of always
harping on the old ideas of
Purim," a Jewish publicist was
once asked by a reader who felt
that refreshing the memory even
once a year was too much of a
strain. To which the publicist
replied: "Mordecai and Esther
would be willing to change their
tune if Haman changed his."
Some such thought must come to
the Jew at Purim-tide this year.
Haman's tune is still unchanged,
the only thing new is his identity.
Perhaps last year's Haman is not
the same. He who figured so
largely in the Jewish press is
hardly ever referred to now. He
has either recognized that his
plan is futile, or has relegated his
activities to other Jew-baiters.
But the tactics are the same,
whether it is the plutocratic
would-be remodeller of the world,
or the press-magnate with poli
tical grudges to settle. There is
no pretense at fairness in bat
tling the Jew. In this regard all
Jew-baiters, ancient and modern,
are true to form. Without mis
representation, without distort
ing the truth, without destroying
character and slaying reputations
the enemy of the Jew would not
be in his element. From Amalek,
Haman's traditional ancestor
down to his most recent spiritual
descendent, the Jew-baiter fights
like a coward. Well does the Jew
repeat oft Sabbath before
Purim "Remember what Amalek
did to thee unto thee how
he met thee by the way and smote
the hindmost of thee, all that
were enfeebled in thy rear, when
thou wast faint and weary and
he feared not God" (Deuteron
omy 25:17, 18). So why expect
the modern enemy of the Jew to
be a respector of person, age or
sex scrupulous as to his method
or possessed of the finer sensi
bilities that would make him a
foeman worthy of one's steel?
But this sameness in the na
ture and methods of the Hamafts.
need not discourage the Jew. If
his foe is still the same, so is his
Protector. It has often been
claimed that the book of Esther
is a non-religious book since it
does not even once mention the
name of God. True. There may be
no direct allusion to God, but
there are several indirect refer
ences. Mordecai tells Esther: "If
thou altogether holdest thy peace
at this time, then will relief and
deliverance arise to the Jews
from another place." Even more
convincing is the retort of
Esther "Go gather together all
the Jews that are present in Shu
s a n a n a s y e o e I
also .... will fast in like man
ner." If this does not refer to
the belief of Mordecai and Esther
in a God who can save and who
is impressed by fasting and pray
er, then what does it mean That
the Jew is living to take stock of
his present-day adversaries and
to recall those who had threat
ened him and whom he has sur
vived, is best proof not only of
his dependence on God, but of
his deliverance by God.
Yes, our foes will not let us for
get about Haman. We must re
member him and his breed wheth
er we will or not. All the more
eager then should we be to re
member the kind Providence that
has kept us and preserved even
unto this day.
It is gratifying to note the re
sponse of the non-Jew to the
plea of the Jewish War Sufferers.
In some of the smaller cities,
where the number of Jews is
limited, the bulk of the subscrip
tions have come from the non
Jews. This is especially gratify
ing, in view of the campaign of
villification of the Jew that had
been so well financed and widely
spread throughout the land in the
last two years. It proves that
whatever the feelings with which
the creed of hate was read, it did
not make the average American
citizen deaf to the plea of suffer
ing Jews in Europe.
Are we assuming too much
when we interpret the response
of the non-Jewish officials, in
dividuals and press as a vote of
•onfidence in spite of the cam
jmjgn of mis representation. It
wcmld indeed, have been pitiful
if tlife campaign against the Jews
had ^suited in hardening the
heart a'ftd closing the purse of
the non Jew to the abject, miser
able victims of war and perse
cution in Europe. Blessed in
deed, is America, the land where
a non-sectarian citizenship car*
whole-heartedly unite in tfte
cause of suffering humanity.
One hundred Jewish Orphans
are to be taken from the Uk
raine to Palestine to be brought
up as farmers by Israel Belkin, a
Palestinian Pioneer, who has
founded an agricultural school
near Jaffa. This news item we
commend to the attention of
those who think that Zionism and
War Relief need be hostile to
each other. On the contrary, they
must co-operate fully and whole
heartedly. Give War Relief to the
maximum and save the sufferers,
especially the children, for some
thing better. But build up Pales
tine so that Jews can go there and
living in security develop a cul
ture that will be worthy of the
Jew. But Keren Hayesod and
Jewish War Relief should be co
operative rather than competi
Hadassah, the Women's Zionist
Organization is now a decade old,
or better, a ten years young. Be
ginning with one society it now
has 138 chapters and 30 Junior
Units. The Jewish inspiration it
has given its members in Amer
ica is beyond estimate, but nat
urally its finest work has been
done in Palestine. There it has
provided hospital, extension and
dispensary service, established
clinics, and latterly opened infant
welfare stations with free milk
distribution in connection. Thus
far the work has been curative,
but now it is also branching out
into preventive activities. One
can hardly imagine a more allur
ing activity for the women and
young women of America than
the program of blessed healing
which Hadassah is planning and
achieving in Palestine.
—C. David Matt.
Gabriel Davidson, general man
ager of the Jewish Agricultural
and Industrial Aid Society, has
issued a report concerning its
work. The society's goal has
been, to quote the report, "to
build up a substantial, progres
sive and permanent Jewish farm
ing class in this country."
Twenty-two years ago, when the
organization be?an to function,
there were 216 Jewish farm fam
ilies in the United States. Today
the number exceeds 60,000. In
1900 the total acreage owned by
Jewish farmers was 12,029. To
day more than 1,000,000 acres are
farmed by Jewish hands, and the
real estate and personal value of
these holdings are above $1,000,
The society's farm settlement
bureau gives advice, guidance
and aid to those who desire to
buy farms and who intend to take
up farming as a life work. Tfie
extension department maintains
a staff of agricultural experts.
During 1921 these experts visited
1,499 farmers, held 122 meetings,
illustrated lectures, demonstra
tions, field days and extension
schools. In addition to this, ad
vice and aid were given to 1,788
farmers who sought individual
consultation at the central office*
The sanitation department has
carried on for three years a cam
paign in New York, Connecticut
and New Jersey. It has obtained
marked improvement in sewage
and garbage disposal, protection
of water supplies, food protection
and fly prevention in the thous
ands of Jewish farm homes. The
society's farm labor bureau has
obtained employment for 13,561
Jewish young men since its es
tablishment in 1908. Last year
this bureau placed 608 men. The
farm loan department, since its
establishment in 1900, has grant
ed a total of 6,154 loans, aggre
gating $3,805,000, and covering
thirty-eight states. These loans
are made on substantial securities
—second, third, fourth or even
fifth mortgages. The repayment
is spread over a long number of
years, and there is no exaction
of bonus or commission or pay
ment of renewal charges. The
society's losses during the entire
twenty-two years of its history
have been only a fraction of 3 per
Mr. Lloyd George must, in
deed, be gifted with a sense of
humor. He, of course, had to be
officially represented at the Lon
don services in memory of the
late Pope. So, as he could not
attend himself, he delegated a
Jew, Sir Philip Sassoon, to repre
sent him, a Protestant, at a Cath
olic service.—Hebrew Standard.
Berlin (J. T. A.)—A book
which has just been published
here proves that during the war
the number of Jewish soldiers
amounted to 100,000. Eighty
thousand of them were engaged
in battles, 12,000 were killed, 35,
000 awarded medals for courage
ous conduct, 23,000 were promot
ed as a reward for their bravery.
The book was published in or
der to discredit the anti-Semitic
campaign which has been waging
throughout the whole country,
accusing the Jews of cowardice
and of not having done their duty
during the war. The book proves
that out of the 6,000,000 Jews in
Germany, about 16 per cent
joined the army, while only 10
per cent of the other part of the
population participated in the
Mrs. Ephraim Lederer has
been re-elected first vice-presi
dent of the Woman's Democratic
Club of Philadelphia.

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