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'J 1ST YEAR NO- 6,372.
WASHrsrcrrosr; Monday eventn"(, jAjtf
fXIiT. SUNlHtY civir, Al'I'HOl'ltlATION
hi i.k iu:i'oim:,
llloin FIllbuMorltig III tliu Ilmiio Over
Iho I'rnninintl Cluniirii In tliu lUiloo Tim
Mississippi Hlvr Improvements to Do
Invi-stlgutcd Tliu l'aimmii Question In
In tlio Rcnato to-day a bill was passr.tl
lib-dlalilng Circuit Court powers of DIs
firlet Couits In Arkaiisn.', Mississippi mid
(South Carolina.
A bill wasnlso passed crontlng an ad
ditional liuul district, to bo culled tho
I Lincoln District, In New Mexico.
A resolution was agreed to providing
Unit IhoCointnltteoon Mines and Mining
investigate tho charges that mining Inter
ests havo boon Injured by prosocutlons
carried on by tlio Lund Olllcc.
An adverse 'rupoit was matlo on tlio bill
providing for tbo construction of tlio
t.nko uorgno outlet.
hair. Cliaiidlcr reported a resolution pro
wling for tlio continuation of tbo hives-
filiation of tlio methods of Improving tho
.Mississippi lllvcr, and tlio committee to
isii (i mi in; tuo recess ot uongruss.
Tbo Heerctiiry of Sluto submitted
la letter from Minister JtcLano at
Paris, transmitting a copy of tbo
resolutions adopted October 31, 18S8, by
a conforciico of lirills.h ineuibcrs
, of Parliament and meinbrs of tbo Frcncb
Chamber of Deputies upon tlio question
of International arbitration. Mr. McLano
' Jlates tliat littio interest is folt In tbo
,'lilnslion abroad.
upon motion or .Mr. ivdinunus tno
, senate went into executive session to
jousldur tlio resolution expressing the
,'onso of Congress upon foreign inter
I'oronco with Central American canals.
Tbo Semite spent tbo afternoon in
txecutivo session.
Tiro Sundry Civil Appropriation bill
Ivas reported to tbo llouso to-day. Mr.
Herd ml od ut) tbo resolution abolishing
r.imne nntnn ilav.q. mill nn nvn nnd nn vote
FiDon ordering the previous question do-
'eiopcu tlio point, ot no quorum, a can
I tliu i unite men louowou.
I Tiiu afternoon In the llouso was snent
In a. deadlock, roll calls following
Tim Snmnitn Affair,
Senator Jt'ryu tins returned trom Ills homo in
iilaluo. llu was accompanied by Sirs. Five
I mil by Mr. Sowall, Oonsul-Gencral to Samoa.
Jicuator Fryc was detained at bis homo after
ilio holidays by the lllncfR ot Mrs. Fryo and
by tho death of tier sister, Mrs. Oarcelou. .Mrs.
'''ryo has almost recovered her health. Now
nut couator l-ryu lias returned una .Mr.
iewnll Is here, tho Investigation of tbo Satnoun
plestlon, authorized by resolution of tho Sen
ile several weeks ago, will begin. Mr. Sowall
vlll probably appear before tho Committco on
foreign Isolations to-morrow for oxamlnatiou
inucctulng tbo statu ot niTalrs In tho Samoan
eluuds. As soon as tho committee Is through
kvlth him ho will start for his poit. Uo was
' iu his way thero when be wus etiinnioncd to
ir.iurti at mo instance or tuo committee.
Items ii f 31 ore Tliini General Interest to
Tbo Sundry Civil bill, reported to tbo
House to-day,npproprlates 112,852,01)0.47,
Ibcing 53,721,451.09 less than tho regular
estimates, nnd S?;i,7(M,00S.!)7 less than
.nst year's nnnronriatlons. Tho following
! iocai items are mentioned: Botanic Gar
dens: S-1.000: public buildings and
f grounds In Washington, $Q7,00f Capitol
oulldlng nnd grounds, $55,000; lighting
iiune. S-M.OOO: Capitol terraces, 814,001):
I, Congressional Library building, $500,000;
Deaf and Dumb Institution, 52,500;
i'rovidcnco Hospital, 517,000; llu-
froau ot r.ngraviug ami rrinting,
11)13,000; Excc'titlvo Mansion, Sj2b000:
flighting tho same. $10,032: education tf
Lfeoblo minded children, $2,500; Fish
i Commission (Including $25,000 for
widow of Professor Haird) $244,900;
I1 l'Tcudinoirs Hospital, $ai,oo; uarllcld
Hospital, $10,000; Hospital for Insano,
215,100; Howard University, $211,000;
I 'National Museum. $177,000; Washington
Court-llouso, $1,000; Wnsnitigtou iMouu-
ment mnliitcnanco, $10,500; telegraph to
Capitol and Departments, 51,250.
k No appropriation is made for tbo rc-
i nioval of tho Washington I'ostolllco, for
Ltho rionato stables, for tbo water supply
Kit tlio I'Jxcctmvo .Mansion, ior tlio pre
vention of manufacture and snlo of adul
terated foods in tho District. Tlio report
idutes tho nppropvlntlon to pay royalty
l'or usa of steam pinto printing presses is
limited to not exceeding ono per cent.
per thousand impressions.
Tho superintendent of tbo Coast Sur
vey will in future be appointed by
tho President, and subsistence will not
be allowed to oiliccrs of tho Navy. Pro
vision Is miulu that tho appropriations
for feobie-minded children, for Freed
men's Hospital, for destitute patients at
l'rovidenco Hospital ana lor Uarllcld
r Hospital shall be made pavnblo ono-balf
I from tho revenues of tbo District and
onc-lialf out of tho United States Treas
t ury.
It is provided that In tho construction
of tho Library building contracts may bo
entered into lor all stono required for tho
exterior walls, to bo paid for as from
tlmu to time nppiopriaiioim aro mndo.
In tho publication of tho Kubelllon
records tho copy shall ho revised by tho
Secretary of war, and tho records shall
, bo accessible to tho public.
In tlio appropriation for tbo support of
! tho Columbia Institution forthoDuaf and
Dumb It Is provided that no mnro than
$25,000 shall bu expended for salaries
and -wages in tuo institution (lining tuo.
fiscal year, ono-balf of all expenses to bo
paid by tho District and that hearaftor
deaf mutes admitted to tho Institution
from tho suvoral Stntes nnd Territories
shall havo only tho expenses of their in
structions iu tlio collegiate department,
exclusive of their support, paid from ap
propriations made for the support of tho
I Institution.
A provision is mndo ior a special com-
mitteoof seven Members-elect of tbo noxt
House, to bo appointed by tlio .Speaker of
ins iiouso, to visit Aiiisicii aim imiKo a
opnrt upon Iho expondlturo of appropri
ations, mo uoumiarv, etc.
Itoul Kxtutu Trim Tom.
Thomas V. Binltli to John II. Soule, $2,400,
leublot 54, tipiaro DID.
Jano A. Joiivoi'io to Napoleon J. Smith,
1 ja.tiOQ, snblot 51, Equal o 017.
Jackson lat es to VMn. l.oewenthiil. S1.S00.
i part- lots 11 and 12, ccmuro 434,
i cciimuii. iv iieiijainiii io erancis it, mov
llow, $1, fertalu pronoity transferred from
Bilailow to l.ovejoy mm Uonn.
imiziiouiii . riiimcr io uouuriA. J hllllps,
subOot 10, sipiaru 8'11. A, O, Drndley to
vm. ii. miaou, ., Buu-ioi 'o, snnnro mih.
IIIAI . 4IVI b., ,,111. M. VUIICE), t,UOU, OUU-
Hl 'J, ' blHIUrU UOi, "
l.ilticiillniml. -"i
l.'.untj So, you aro Btudylug Itoiiian his-
ft llobbv ? Why did Ca-aur boal'.ate whoa
locaino to tho Hulilcoii 1
Illobby Oil, Viiuse bo wauted lo mo If hu
id tho Oaitl tu croi it.
Bids woro opened at tho Navy DJ
partiucnt lor tno supply ot construct!'!
mntcrinis ior tno now monitor, tno xii
Bond offerings at tho Treasury to-dal
were J-00,000 4 per cents, offered at 1271
and 128, and $o2,500 4 per cents, offered
ut 108J.
The third edition of tho work on rlflo
nnd carbine llrluir, prepared by Captain
Statihopo K Ultfnt, Ordunneo Depart
ment, lias been approved by tho Secre
tary of War for tbo uo of tliu army and
tho militia of tliu different Stales, under
tlio title of "Firing ltegulntions for
The U. S. S. Osslpco sailed from Nor
folk to-day for tho West Indies.
Among tlio President, callers to-day
wero Chief Justice Fuller and Senator
Jones of Arkansas; Wilson, Maryland;
Hampton and limisom.
Tlio Secretary of tho Treasury to-day
appointed the following storekeeper and
f ;iuigers: Francis M. Ilooinc, Ambrose,
Cy.; Francis C. Ilauuoii, Los Angeles,
Cnl,,nnd Honry Bogart, St. Paul,, Minn.
Captain Frank K Nyo, Commissary
of Subsistence, has been ordered to pro
ceed to Fort Monroe, Vn., on public
business, and on completion thereof hu
will return to bis station in this city.
Lcavc.of absence for one month has
boon granted Major Michael P. Small,
Commissary of Subsistence.
By direction of tlio Secretary of War
First Lieutenant William K. Cralgliill,
Corns of Engineers, is relieved tempo
rarily from duty under the immediate
orders of Colonel Orlando M. Poe, Corps
of Engineers,, nnd will proceed to Balti
more, take stntlon there and report to
Colonel W. P. Cmghill. Corps of Engi
neers, for temporary duty under his lin)'
mediate orders. J
Secretary Vilns signed tho papers f
day leasing from Mr. Brilton tho eighth
iloor nnd part of the seventh Iloor In thp
Atlantic building for tho uso of tho In
dian ofllco.
Tho Suuuto'a Courleny to tho domlni;
Ylco.J'raiilduiit. ,
An amendment to tho Senate rules was
adopted on Friday last giving to the
Prosidont-clcct ami tho Vice-President-elect
tho prtvilogo of tho Moor. INo
reason for adopting this rule was given
at the time of its adoption, as tucrclwas
no oojectiou inmio to it. it la learned
now that the reason for changing tho
rules was to give tho Yicc-l'rcsldont-elect
an opportunity to study the rules of
procedure of tho Sonato, so that ho may
ho familiar with them when he Is called
upon to take tho chair of tlio presiding
olllcer. A member of the Senato went
to tho President pro tempore, Mr. lu
galls, last week, and asked ft Mr. Morton
would uo ndmtlted to tlio iloor ot tlio
Senato in event ho camo to Washington
during this session of Congress.
Mr. Incalls replied that under tho rules
bo wotild not; .that Ocncr.il Harrison
would not bo admitted to tho iloor but
for tho fact that ho had been a Senator
and thus camo under a distinct rule. The
Senator stated that Mr. Morton was com
ing to Washington soon after tho meeting
of the Electoral College to study the rules
of the Senato, of which lic.was never a
member, iu order that bo might, assume
tho clinir of tho presiding olllcer with
somu'.degrco of confidence. Mr. Ingalls
said that tho only way to obtain admit
tance to tlio Iloor for Mr- Morton would
bo to cbai)go tho rifles, and in accordance
with his suggestion tlio proposition was
laid before tliu Committco on Hides and
that committco reported tho proposed
chango to the Senate, which thereupon
adopted It. So when Mr. Morton comes
to Washington In February he will And
no obstacle to a careful study of tbo Sen
ate rules of procedure.
Opinions Delivered liy tlio Court After
th! Holiday ltei'oxn.
The Court iu General Term to-day hold
its first session since tho holidays. Two
opinions were delivered. In tho caso iu
which John 11. Hall asked for a man
damus to compel tho Secrotary of tho
Navy to give him ti higher rank on tbo
rolls the Court had previously denied tho
writ, but a rehearing was granted. Ou
this the Court held that tho courts could
not issue a mandamus, tho act being
purely within the scope of tho Secretary's
The writ of mandamus which Mary
E. Levy asked for in tlio case of United
States ox rol. Lovy against Laud Ofllco
Commissioner Stockilagcr was heard.
She set forth that In 1S07 Congress passed
an net confirming to her one-sixth of tho
Boligny land grant of 75,840 acres in
Louisiana. As tho land had boon appro
priated for other purposes, Congress di
rected thnt certificates bo Issued to her
for other land.
On tho March 110th followlnir.howovcr.
Congress, by a joint resolution, directed
thnt the execution of tho act bo suspended
and tho Commissioner declined to carry
out tho first act in her favor. Sh'o
clalniod that Congress, by Its first action,
gavo her n vented right which the joint
resolution could not nimtil. Tho Court,
in its opinion delivered by Justice James,
decided that it had no authority to inter
fere Tbo act was not a judicial ono over
which they had any control. It was on
the contrary a ministerial ono ovor which
tho court hnd uo authority,
1'iHllty Court J nut ko Cnx.
Cbostervs. Moigan; vacation of pro. con
fesso ordered. Gordon vs. Gordon; reference
to auditor ordered. Cleary vs. Cloury; John
W. Welch appointed "imidlau ad litem. llaUor
vs. linker; uUmlssul of bill and cross bill.
Court In Ciunuriit Term Chief .limtlco
nnd tliintleo Juinci.
United States ox rol. Hall vs. Secretary of
Navy; writ lofiified. United States ex rol.
Levy vs. Commissioner General Laud Ofllco;
wilt icfuscd. ,
JniiiiKiiriitloii Note.
Tho Inaucural Committco has received sub
scriptions of $111,000.
About 25,000 men will probably tnlco part
hi the parade, according to tho present out
look, Tho MuMft Committco lias received propotiils
fi.au about nverv Important hand and orches
tra In tlio United States.
For tho dancing inu.de tho light of tlio ball
thu committee 1ms solcctod Deck's Hand and
orchestra of Philadelphia, of 100 pieces, tho
contract pilco bcliiec $l,"0i).
For tlio pioiuenado nmplo previous to tho
ball the .Murine Hand of this city has been
selected, tho lirleo agreed upon being $750.
Tho Commlmloncis Intvo proiiarod n bill ap
propriating $7,000 for tlio employment of -100
policemen for inauguration week.
Tho Comnilssloneis will recommend that
$25 Hue bu Imposed on vehicles violating tho
law dining Inauguration week,
' Tho UiiiuinUslnnei'S favor tho bill giving tho
11, it O. It. Ii. right to lay temporary truck
tu accommodate Inauguration trallllc.
'4rbo' First Iowa Itejilmciit Intends to como
".jicio for tho Inauguration.
Kniiinaii ou Ti'lnt,
Marlon 1. Nowmnii was arranged for trial
for false prctencca to-duy, but as the cubo was
uel ready It went ovtr,
- - Hlw li . i I I
CO.1t US l'O Till! VltONX
On tlio Toplc.cC tlio Dny Uo riivom tlio
IniiiiBttrnl Hull on Moral arouniM A
Hint to CuncrcBn,
"By Zuckst" exclaimed .Tcdgo
Wabash Q. Wuxom, tlio Member from
Wayback, as Tin: Cttmo Bcrlbo was
lushercd Into his new apartments, nt 1770
Pennsylvania avenue, yesterday after
noon; "wherotho doggonatlon havo you
been t I halnt seen you for a coon's iiec.
in and sot down. I'm as glad to
fi as of I'd run a nail in my foot.
r you, anyway t" and tho Jedgo
around, and kicked a jug from
ndoiMho tnblo and shoved out n chair
ud throw a chow of tobacco in tho fire
ith 'almost hysterical violence.
"Well. Jedtio." replied tlio scrlbn.
iking oil b Is overcoat and seating him-
.if. "I'vo been oft In tlio woods Irvine
o conccnl my emotion ovor tho defeat of
'.Jiu Democratic partv."
"Gosh, all hondnyj' interrupted the
Jedgo, "wasn't it a sockor? Mashed
llatlern a toad under a wagon wheel,
wasn't it? And nobody knows what
clone It?"
I Tho Jcdgo sighed as ono does rhon ho
ccs a trco fall, although ho kuo ws
Micro's firewood In tbo trco for n wbolo'
winter, and tlio scribe echoed it faintly.
"Grovcrwasall right," ho said.
"Aint nobody bctlcr." replied tho
. Tcdgo, "but I'm glttln' off tho subject.
by hain't you been around to seo mo?
Us statesmen that'scon used to seuin'
ourselves in tbo newspapers misses it
poworful when wo git shot out. I hain't
done notliin' to tho press, have I?"
"Oh, certainly not," said thosrf'bo,
cheerfully; "but yoUjsco we've on
rather mingled up with outside iiind
onces down at tho olllco for several
months, and Tun Citmo had to bio itself
to a nunnery for a while, so to speak,
but It Is on its feet onco more as lively
as over."
"Well, I'd noticed," said tho Jcdgo,
"that it was kinder string-halted, but
I've been so doggoned busy since I como
back from my Dcostrick I hain't had
tlino to read my Bible, much less a news
paper, You alnt tho L'ceniii' 1'ost no
more, thcut"
"No, wo ore a scparato individuality.
F.x-l'ostraastcr.Ooncral Frank Hatton nnd
Congressman Berinb Wilklns havo
bought tho morning edition of tho into
Evening Post and "
"What's that?" interrupted tho Jcdgo.
"My colleaguo iu tho House, Brire Wil
klns? Is it him?"
"The sumo."
"Do" my cats," continued the Jcdgo,
spiritedly; "I'm glad of that. Briro al
ways kuowed too much to bo a Congress
man, niiyhow, Belli' a editor is jlst ilt
ton to him, and uf ho don't fill a long-felt
want as well as I know ho can fill a bob
tail Hush then I ain't no jcdgo of human
natur' er Congressmen citkov. Wonder
ef I'll over bo editor of a great moral
ingine," mused the Jcdgo for a moment",
and wont ahead. "Frank Hatlou, too?
Another statesman! It looks to mo as uf
tho Hold of statesmanship was glttin'
ruined by cheap labor and all tlio brains
is goin' elsowheres. Tluir's a fow of uh
loft yit, but tbar's no tellin' who'll bo
droppin' tho togy noxt and puttiu' on
tho trlubd ain't that whnt you call it?"
Thg" H,orlbo did not offer a correc
tion and iho.J'edgo looked into tbo llro a
moment lor a now thought.
"Let it go at that, Jcdgo,"ho remarked
'land let Us como down to the lowur
plane of earthly affairs. What have you
been doing since your return? But first
what did you do in tho short interim
between the two scsslous?"
"Worked like a nigger," said tho
Jedgc, "trying to circumvent tho infer
nal designs of my opposition in Way
back, and I beat tho hindsights clean
oil tho wholo unng. It tuck mighty
nigh all my yearnin's for tho next ses
sion, but I got thai and that's what I
was nominated for."
Tho Jcdgo wiped bis brow nnd took a
swig out of the jug as a balm for his re
membered sorrows, first, howovcr, having
offered tho Scrlbo a nip, which was firmly
but respectfully declined, out of respect
to tho recent resolutions of January 1,
Having becomo calm tho Jedgo pro
ceeded: "After tho election mo and
Mandy went off on a littio visit to some
of bur kinfolks over 'bo Greasy Fork
of Troublosoiuo Creek, and then I pot
tered 'round homo tell it was timo to
como back to tliu National Capital and
resume my urjious labors in tho busy
hivo of industry that is indigcuious to
tbo halls of legislation."
"How is It going in legislation?"
"Steady by jerks, like a frog a walkin.
Thar's too much lllibusterln'. Statesmen
Bowebow, as a rule, nin't biggern thelr
selves, and they let all sorts of little fool
things clog tho wheels of progress. For
Instance, tbo Democrats ain't got sixty
days left to pcrpctuato tho republic in, as
it wair, and I'll do doggoned of they
ain't monkeyin' round liko as of thoy
was jost turnln' Into eternity nnd thon
some. Tlmo don't 'pear to bo no objeck
at all nnd thoy'd rather head olf ono Ito
publican than git thcr whole side in on
somothln' they air able to reach. I
mighty nigh wish sometimes I wasn't a
statesman, or ef that was foreordained
for mo, that I hnd got Into hotter com
pany," "It's bad, Jedge," assented tlio scrlbo,
"but can't you llnd soino relief in so
slety?" "Powerful little, young feller." replied
tho Jedge, sadly. "I've been coin' It
soma slueo New Ycrs, but Its kinder H!;o
catlu' chawed over victuals. You seo
purty much tho sanio people that was
around last year; tho bullyawn tastes
purty much tho samo as ef it was warmed
over; tho punch Is like it used to was; tho
olives ami salt ummonds and tea cakes
and conservatives aud colTcoand tea and
pointer slips is tbo samo and"
"How about tho ladles?" put in tho
scrlbo as an offset to tho statesman's de
jection, nnd his face lighted up.
"Yisterday, to-duy and ferovor," ho
said, Btralghtonlug up, "they air tho
smiles of tho angels, gladdonlu' a sor
rowln' world, and when I set my eyes
onto them I ain't thinkln' whutbor Us
spring er fnll or whether its goin to bo a
hard winter, er nothln. Denied of I keer,
either, so long's thoy aro bavin n good
tlmo injoyin' tbersolves and bavin
seloli purty ways, that a man
that couldn't lovo the whole sox aud cry
for more ain't deservln' of anything at
tho hands of his couiitrymon."
"What of tlio Inaugural Ball, Jcdgo?"
asked tbo scrlbo la solf-dufenso, "A good
iiimiv Wavback peoplo think It is a debt
slou'of tho devil, don't thoy?"
"Don't speak of It out loud," said tho
Jedgo, leaning over to whisper to thu
soribo. "You bpu Wavback is imlu
Idnuein on principle, but whon tho yniing
folks git luoU for a night they alnt
aieorii or iinimm jrom tno Tiurty-nino
Articles ,to tll,o Mothodls Dibclplino and
ef thev can lilt a level niece of lloorln
Ii Hom'ers hutidyWlth a tiddler ou u tiuup
box In tho comer, they'll boo It down
till mm up, ovon of thoy jeopardize thcr
immortal souls, through a never cndlu'
eternity, nnd I'll bo dogged of I blatno
'cm fcr it a bit. Mandy is a Babtls and
don't 'low lo let tho chlldem learn,
but Mandy can't (urn chlldcru
way from tbo courso of nator. Dane
in' is a natoral lnstink liko music
Is, and ef thoy want to daneo
they're goin' todauco, and nothln' short
of Divlno interposition alnt goin' to stop
'em, nnd thnr alnt no IntorposJMon of
that nator haugln' 'round Washington
jist now. Tho Inaitgoral Ball Is all
right, young feller, and with a Presby
terian deacon to open it, us Babtls and
Mcthodls, and United Brethern'and Con
gregatlonalcrs aintgot nothln else to do
but fall in and bo harmonious with tho
new ndmlnly..'atlon, irrespective of poli
tics. Them's mv scntlmentsi and be
tween you and I, I'll have Mandy hero to
jlnjftn the fust cotillion. I want Qrovcr
tejfoo thar, too, and danco Don Tucker
later on, but I reckon ho w oh' t hardly
do it. Anyhow, we're goin' to hnvo the
ball, nnd havo a cood tlmo and ef tho
dovll gits us ho will git such a incrrv,
goodnatdred crowd that it will chnugo tho
climate of his dominions tell .ho won't
know Ills own vino and fig treq."
"Sponkinc of your wife, Jedgo, do you
really think sho will bo at tho Ball?"
asked the scribe. .
"You can't always tell about women,"
responded tbo Jedgo; "thoy'ro nsonsartin
as a hen crossin' tho road. EC Mandy'
thinks tho Ball Is a reception sho'll bo
thar: but of sbo thinks it's a dance she
won't. I've told her It was a reception
and mebbo nono of tho oppersltion will
put a fly in her coffee;" and tho Jcdi:o
winked slyly. "Mandy's fcclln purty
frisky lately, and after a hard Rummer's
work on tho form, wouldn't oblec to
rcstin' in tlio gay whirl for a fow lectin
weoks, I reckon, and I'm shore I'm
willin'. Tlio Ball is a flttin endin to a
gjddy whirl and vo nil ought to bo thar,
hand In hand, nnd, liko David of old,
danco beforo the ark of Benjamin."
"I'm glad to hoar you talk that way,
Jedgo, for as a representative Way
bncklau your opinions aro valuable. And
now, as a concfusory question, may I In
miiro if you think Mr. Blaino will bo in
Mr. Harris )s Cabinet?"
"Younrr llllcr." said tho.Tcdcc. wink
ing wisely, "mo and Matt. Quay never
gits tho headache by tho amount of
talkin' wo do to other peoplo. Ef you
want to know who's goin to bo In Har
rison's Cabinet wait sixty days, and
you'll havo a purty fair idee."
"Will you bo thoro, Jedgc."
"I alnt saying a word, am I?" said tho
Jedco, with another wink, "Bon. nnd
mo is good friends, and Ben alnt no ro
pndlater." Tho scrlbo bantored tlio Jcdgo a fow
minutes longer, and then loft him with
a merry good night and a littio old ryo
in his caliiuot, which was very comfort
ing. - - ... i
Tho Wull-Knowii llouso nf Huywnrd &
HntdlilnMin AmaIciih.
Elias Hutchinson, trading ag Hayward
&, Hutchinson, In mantels, ranges, etc.,
at 424 Ninth street, has mado an assign
ment to Samuol Maddox. The prefer
ences aro divided into four classes, tho
first aggregating $2,81.4D; tho second.
0,802.19; third, Sl'.ftil, tuid tbo fourth,
!fl'..550.7o. Tho assets amount to MO.-
Mr. Hutchinson said this afternoon to
a Citinc reporter that bis failure yas duo
to a combination ot unfortunate circum
stances. ,j
"Four or ilvo years ago,1' lib Said "an
accident happened to inc'that laid mo up
for somo montns. At that tlmo I had
nearly two hundred men working for
me nnd I had no foreman. Of course,
whon I was disabled my business became
disordered and it was so long beforo I
recovered enough to tako it in hand
again that I uivo never been able to
straighten it olu.
"This and tbo depreciation of values in
thu lino of goods I handle, and I carry a
largo stock, as you can see, resulted in
mv assignment to-day. I also lost con
siderable through bad debts, nnd these
and other circumstances havo been too
much forme."
Lonpon, Jan. 7. It would bo interest
ing to know whotlror royal personages
feel themselves obliged or oven expected
to support tho c.iuso of less exalted peo
plo who have fid Ion Into had account.
Professor Geffckon, no doubt, fervently
wishes that ho had suffered tbo lato Em
peror Frederick's claim to bo the principal
llguro iu tho unification of Germany to
remain in obscurity, for however pleased
tho admirers of tho dead monarch aro to
learn tho truth from such indubitable
evidence, and however proud his widow
may havo been to let the world kuow It,
tbo former lacked tho power to render
nny assistance to poor Gcffcken, and tho
latter docs not seom to havo shown tbo
slightest manifestation of sympathy or
Whether an appeal from her would
have helped tho prlsouor or not, it would
havo been an act of tho commonest hu
manity to havo requested his freedom
from her son In so public a manner that
a refusal would havo been known to all
Europe. It would have boon seen then
whethor tho outraged prldo of Bismarck
would havo outweighed with tbo Em
peror tho respect due his mother, and
also given a capital opportunity to Wll
belmto furnish his satellites with a denial
of tho roports of tho unfriendly volutions
existing between mother and son. Tho
exploration of tho antiquities and ethnol
ogy of Asia Minor Is attracting special at
tention. Navm'.s. Jan. 7. Mr. Gladstone pub
licly thanks his friends for their cood
wishes on ChriBtmns Duy and Ids birth
day, which occurred four days later.
Lospon. .Ti 7.- Tho Dully JYbw.i'
corrospoudent at Naples sayfc that Mr.
Gladstouo denies emphatically that ho
over recommended Mint restoration of tho
Pope's teinpornl power bo made tbo sub
ject of International arbitratiqn.
Suakim, Jan. 7. Tho Wolsh -troops
that have been stationed horo left. to-day
for Cairo to join General Grcnfoll.
An Jhivny on thu 1'lnliurlo .llnttor.
Ciiicaoo, Jan. 7, A Aleiw spoelal from Ot
tawa, Out,, says: A special cablo fioin London
lnnt night says that Uaden 1'owell, Member of
Parliament for Liverpool, Is nboiit to proceed
to Ottawa and Washington as plenipotentiary
ou behalf of tho UrltUh lloveininint upon tbo
lUbeiles question. A member ot the Dominion
Cabinet Buys that ho kuowinotlilturnt such au
appolutuieut, aud tbo report Is discredited
A Itow Wim thn Iti-Milt.
J.Clark, aSuutli Washington ealoon keeper,
was on trial In tho Vollco Court this morning,
chargod with assaulting John McGratli, au
old pensioner, Clark claimed that McOrath
inuilo a disgusting proposition which ho re
sented aim ureii nun irom ms iroui uoor,
.McOrath claimed that ho was assaulted fr
no causo wlmlevur. Tlio caeo 70.fr 'L'l'Jj'at'"1
until Wednesday,
tiii: SI?
lotf tiii; nxrosEi) su-
rut niAim.
How Illnck Trun Trnnnformed IntotVlillo
KxnnrliuonU In n Ollnr Whnt nn Au
compiler. ltavrnU I'rniildvnt Ciitturlll
Millies a ytiitcnitint.
Nitw Yonu, Jan, 7. Mrs. II. M, Ball
lie, a Brooklyn dressmaker, adds an In
teresting chapter to the sugar swindle ox
pose. Sho says: "I first met tlio Friends
sovornl years ago. They wero living In
a rather humble lodglng-hbuso on Thirty
seventh street. Ono day along In Oc
tober, 1884, 1 was sent for by Mrs. How
ard, Mrs. Friend's mother, to come to
No. 'J27 East Slxtloth street and do somo
sowing. 1 did not lcavo until tlio follow
ing May.
"Ono day Mrs. Howard said, 'Oh, wo
oro going to luivo on experiment with our
sugar uext week. I wish it woro all
"Finally tho day of the trial camo, and
old mnn Cotterill nnd Mr. Eoblnson nnd
tho Howards and ono or two others
gathered down In tho collar. I forgot to
tell you that two daya before tbo Professor
received eight barrels of blnck looking
sugar raw sugar, thoy called it and It
wns wheeled Into tho cellar, and also
thirteen nice, clean, new barrels. This
black sugar was to be changed Into refined
sugar nnd then put into other barrels.
Thoy wero very quiet about it, but tho
Professor told mo thoy wero to get $3,000
from tlio 'company' if tho experiment
was successful.
"I went up to mv room, which was
just ovor the room occupied by .Mr. and
Mrs. Howard. 1 was sitting down near
tho register, which happened to bo opou,
when I heard voices below me. The
words camo just as plain as if tlio speak
ers had been In the room. Tho Professor
was talking to his wife, of whom ho was
very fond. 'Well, Ollie, that was a good
day's work, wasn't it?' said lie, and I
could hoar him chuckling to himself.
'Yes,' sbo answered, crossly; 'and I am
prutty tired, I toll you. Thero ain't
ninny women would do what I have dono
for you, nor there ain't many would
have tho nerve.'
"Thencanio the deep volcuot old How
ard: 'You had to lift out all that sugar
with your bauds, didn't you, Ollle?'
'Yes,' she answered, 'and then I had to
put it In tho sink and lot It run away.
My hands are sore from It.'
" 'I am to bo paid 20,000 for tho noxt
experiment,' laughed tho Professor. 'I
am going to havo a great big machine
and r will niaka things hum, I toll vou.
You seo wo can mako tho box as bfg as
wo want to,' and thoy all laughed. Thoy
talked on thnt way for an hour or two
and I loirned just how thoy 'refined tho
sugar by 'electricity.' Tho Professor
had a liltlo box of sugar iu his
room by which ho rcfineu sugar In
small quantities. This hu put Into his
machine and ground out, tliu 'company'
thinking It was the raw sugar thoy had
sent when Mrs. Friend had simply let
what ho mushed through tho sink. 1
remember the Professor said: 'Why, I
uon t. euro 11 tney box 1110 up anil nail
mo into my machine nnd pile in their
raw sugar around inc. I havo tho rcilned,
sugar iu there and all I havo to do H to
tObS It outtO'them through thu funnels.'
At this tlmo I dou'rhollovu Coltorlll
know what It all moauU Afterwards ho
certainly did. I don't know whether
Mr. Ilobcrlson over iHd or not. A funny
thing happened next day. I had to go
down Into tho cellar and theio it was
almost aniko deep, in n horrible stuff
that looked like blnck pasty molasses.
I know at onco what had happened.
Tho water pipes had burst. Thoy had
becomo choked up with tho raw sugar
and overflowed tho cellar."
Ann Ann6it, Micu., Jan. 7, Mrs.
Friend executed a mortgage to Wm. D.
Hnriiman Friday for $4,000 on all her
real estate. Mrs. Howard executed an
other mortgage on the samo day of $4,-
000 on everything thoy had. Mrs. Friend
and George Holstead took thu train East
Friday, sho stating that she was going to
Now York. Holstead returned tlio next
morning. Several trunks wero taken
from Mrs. Friend's house Saturday, and
it is said sho has skipped to Canada.
Ann Auiioii, Mich., Jan. 7. Presi
dent Cotterill of tho exploded sugar
rcflning company in an interview says:
"Our coutract with Mrs. Friond specified
that when the plant got into operation
wo wero to pay her $75,000 for her secret,
which wo understood was a process for
converting raw sugar into rcilned. I
thought Twould go to Ann Arbor and seo
Mrs. Friend. I arrived hero a week ago
last Thursday and immediately sought a
conference with her. By tho terms of
our contract 9ho was to havo $5,000 In
advance beforo sho told a word of her
secret and tho $70,000 afterward. Sho
seemed IU at easo when I was talking to
her, ono of her attorneys buiug present,
but finally let 1110 know that sho wanted
$10,000 In advance instead 'of $.1,000, tlio
romnlndor to bo deposited in Michigan
Instead of Now York.
"Finally, I agreed to this, and then
asked her tho all-important question:
'Mrs. Friend, is your secret really a
process for converting raw sugar into tho
rcilned nrtlcle?' I had become somewhat
suspicious, and my suspicions wero not
allayed whun sho asked a moment's
private conference witii hor attorney.
In a fow moments ho camo Into tbo room
wlioro I was waiting, and asked: 'Would
II process of manipulating refined sugar
do you any good?' 1 said no, It would
not be worth a snap of my linger. I
know then tho game was up. This was
last Monday. 1 hurried back to New
York, and on Wednesday .1 broko into
tho secret rooms on tbesecond Iloor, wlioro
1 found Ilvo granulating machines with
copper soives. But. on tho upper floor
was tho great discovery. There was raw
sugar in bags all that wo hnd .shipped
to tho mill to bu mndo into i edited sugar.
Of couiso this was an astonlslier, but the
worst wns yet to pome. Thero was ono
particularly strong room, tho holy of
holies tlio npartmont supposed to con
tain tho very Innermost secret of all. It
was Iron-lined, firo and burglar-proof,
and all but imprognablo; but I managed
to break into it, and there found another
lot of raw sugar and somo rubbish, Tlio
rcilned sugar bad been shipped into tliu
factory in cases supposed to contain
Tho Km! !' 11 GiirmiHul.
Sauvtooa, N. V,, Jan. 7, liobcrt Robert
(on was found on tho strict early yesterday
morning very driiuk and noisy, When ar-
' t-statiiil lut cold Hint lilu wlf li'rto iluoil lllo
residence was broken Into by tbo oflleers und
II.. II. .liai-l .. r... ..-..a fi....it ...t.ir. n.i fl.A 1. .1
dead. The condition of tho hcddlne; and bur
I roumllm,'!. Indicated ab'ivcro ttrugglo, and It
Is believed that Mio ditd Iu tlio inldttot a
I drunken quarrel with her luub.iiid. Tliey
uavo tieeu.curouiing a grv mi 01 iiuo.
graphic ?
ton nnd Hon?
men who havo
Washington Pott.
I rank Hatton was born in
Ohio, April 28, 181(1, and at 0 years of
ago ho was reaping rich rewards as carry
ing papers in his
native village. At
10 ho began lo learn
tho printing profus
ion, and nt 15 was
foreman mid local
editor of his father's
paper, the Cadiz
llqmblhan. Whllo
in this position the
.war camo on, anil
before he was 1 1 ho
joined tho Nine
teenth Ohio as a
prlvato. and camo
fiiank hatton. out a iioiucmini uo
foro lie was 20. Tho year after tho close
of tho war Mr. Hatton removed to Mt.
Pleasant, Iowa, where ho becamo asso
ciated with his father, Ulchard Hatton,
an able nowspaper inaii, in the publica
tion of tboMt. Pleasant Journal Tho
older Hatton dying In 1870, bis son suc
ceeded him in tlio control of the Journal
and retained It until 1874, when lfu pur
chased a controlling Interest in tho
Burlington JFniekeyc.
Here lio remained with great success
until 1831,"when hu wns appointed First
Assistant Postmaster-General, by Presi.
dent Arthur. In September. 1884, ho
wns appointed Postmaster-General, to
succeed General Gresliani, appointed
Secretary of tho Treasury. Since Miiroli,
1889, ho has been connected with jour
nalistic enterprises in Chicago and NoV
York. In politics ho Is a Republican.
Beriah Wilkins was V1"'11 m Uuion
County, Ohio, July 10, 1810. At tho ago
of 17 ho engaged In actlvo mercantile
business, which was successfully con
tinued ior inrnc
years, when ho or
ganized and becamo
tbo principal man
aging olllcer of tho
Farmers' and Mer
chants' Bank at
Uhrichsvillc. O.. In
which ho earned an
enviablo reputation
as an nblo and suc
cessful tlnaneier.
" Mr. Wilklns was
elected in 1879 to
represent tho Eigh
teenth Ohio Sena-
tbo O bio Sunnto; was
nnnun wir.KiNS.
torlal district in
elected to tho Forty-eighth, Forty-ninth
and Fiftieth Cotwresscs from tho Six
teenth Ohio district, nnd Is chairman of
tho Committee on Banking and Cur
rency of tho present (Fiftieth) Congress.
Iu politics ho is a Democrat.
A Torrlhlu ltntrllMitlnn.
Comj.mma, S. U.,Jau. 7. Information lias
reached hero ot tbo perpetration of a crlniu
and of a terrible retribution which followed, I u
tho upper part of this Slate. It seems that a
gang of negroes determined lo murder aud
rob nnpmo who had recently got possession
ot ii largo sum of 'lnunoy. Tho plan was to
commit' tho murder whllo tbo victim wns be
ing rowed across Proud Itlvcrln a boat. While
In tho middle of tho river, life nuuro ( whoso
name was rrazler) was murdered and, prona
hlyby his struggles, tho boat wafc overturned
and tliu entire party ot four murderers wero
drowned. Tho murderod man's body, with
his head split open and pockets rilled, lloatcd
nshoie. Tho bodies of tho others bavo not
bceu seen.
Clrcnlur to tho KnlchtJ.
1'niu.tnci.i'niA, Jan, 7. A circular ad
dressed to tho Knights of Labor of Iho coun
try, signed by four of tbo oilglnal seven men
who formed tbo order, has heou Issued. Thf,
circular recites that tbo present administration
ot thn order has diverged from tho orlidual
design to tho destruction lit tbo principles of
self-government lying at tho bano of American
Institutions, and urges tho formation of u con
vention "for tho good of tho order." Tho
movement Is believed to liuvo tho approval of
Thomas N Hurry, ami It Is also likely that nil
of tbo dissatisfied delegate to tho lato general
assembly ut Indianapolis will join.
What Mis. 1'iivnull Muy.
I'liti.Auiu.vulA, Jan. 7. Mrs. Delia S. l'ar
ncll, who lectured In this city last evening,
says that sbo has just deeded to her son,
Charles Stewart l'arncll, her homestead and
other property at Uordentown, N. .1. Sho
says that sho believes that when thu l'arncll
Commission Is through with Its work hor son
will bo a ruined man ilimnclally. Her son
has largo interests Iu Ireland in tho shape ot
farm and other manufactures, but tho in
come from them Is mainly given to tho poor
workmen, and what money bo has is contrib
uted by bis American friends to help him
purstio Ills labors In 1'urllatncut for the bcnu
tltof tho Irish.
A (looit ,loko on tho Scrcoant.
Clrculius asking that Information bo sent to
John L. Sullivan of tbo whereabouts of JuUu
Klllraln and Charley .Mitchell wero distributed
about tho city last week. The inspector ot
detectives got one, and for a joko sent It up
Into tho telopliono room at l'ollco Head
quarters. Tbo operator telephoned a "look,
out-for" uiCMUga to all tbo police stations, and
Sergeant Dlgglus took two dlsreputablo
looking characters to Police Headquarters
aud asked It they answered tbo descilptfon.
These men wero wauted for Btcallug au over
coat. llroivnod on tnn SIimiiiiit Ilrown,
New OnuiANR, Jan. 7. Tlio following aro
tbo names of thoso drowned by tbo sinking of
tho steamer Puils U. Ilrown on Saturday
night: Wm. .Mitchell of (ialllpolls, cabin
hand; .Miller of Vlckshurg, passenger;
Win. Marshall ot Cincinnati, cabin hand;
James Harrison of .Memphis, pantry man;
Win, Taylor ot Cincinnati, night watchman;
John Holton of Cincinnati, bootblack; Samuol
limy of Cincinnati, llrcmiur, Abraham Mit
chell, Now Orleans, fireman; also a cabin boy,
a porter and a barber, whoso names aro un
known. ,
Tho Civilisation or thn film.
Winamac, Inp., Jan. 7. tlco, . Dowoll,
an insurance agcut, was fatally shot by Wood
Thrasher at Fraucesvlllo yesterday. Had
blood has been existing over slncn Dowcll
shot Mr. Itceca last spring. Tho White Cups
warned Dowcll to loavo the county, and last
summer iney nuenipieii to nnvo nun away ny
surrounding bis house, hut Dowcll fought
them oil.
wts mj
rfS.Si Mter,
'mm. mm
iSM",.Afn XhJMW I.U
Hu Will llu Lynched.
Suil.ou, la., Jan. 7. J. 11. Henry shot and
killed h. 1). Walnrlght hero yesterday, Tho
murderer escaped at tho tlmo, but was after
words mn down und caught. Walnrlght bo
longed to a prominent family and was very
popular. Lynching Is threatened.
lluiurnr or l-'onllnu" With l'lruitrma
Mount aiLiun, o., Jan. 7. Wlitlo fooling
with a revolver Inst ureulns;, lIowaid.McComb,
son ot tho 'sherlft-olect of Morrow County,
accidentally shot Miss Kuto I'urcoll lit the
neck, mulcting a probably fiitnl wound.
ltoatlu-d Homo Only to Die,
Cincinnati, Jan. 7. llenjamhi Hopkins of
fidelity Hank fume, who was recently par
doned from tbo Ohio penitentiary by President
Cleveland, died this morning at U;i0 nt Ills
home, UOS ltlchmoud street, of drojuy. 1
flrcat niftpnultlnii to Keep Jlvorythitifr
lo Ilnon n Hrcrot Various CmMo As-
Fifpcd l'or Ills Visit.
Tho "iMoatca Orango," n tho TUoli-
moud Flats, where Mr. Blaino Is dom
iciled with his friend, W. W. Phelps, la
now known by the newspaper fraternity,
woro Jn a qtiloscent Btalo yesterday, and
tbo deep Importance protruding from tho
wary oyos of all employes, oven tho
darkey who opens tho door, was for a
tlmo put oil, and ordinary callers wero
permitted to mako ordinary inquiries
and to receive ordinarily polite unswors.
Il was common comment by nil who
entered tho house, that If ' two Mr.
Bliilnes, or another guest who could
command as much homage as the real
Mr. Blaine commands, wero present, tliu
ordinary business of tliu bousu must
Btop and tbo outsido world wait patiently
for tho Blaino fovcr to abate before look
ing for ordinary Information there. Tho
Inward cntiBC of all this duller In tho
lower levels of his domicile spent tho
clay much ns other men did. Ho recoived
Senator Sawyer from Indiaunpolis, who
Is credited with being ono ot Mr.Blaino'n
most earnest advocates beforo Presldont
Senators Chandler and Dolph both
called, and nt U o'clock Mr. Phelps and
his guest enjoyed a constitutional spurt
around Dtipont Circle In the evening;
Mr. ami Mrs. B. H. Warder dined with
Mr. Blaino nnd Mr. Pliolps, the party
devoting tho ovoniug lo qulot conversa
tion. At on carlv hour this morning tho great
lever of ussumed importance was lifted
and tho great "Blaino mystery" wn.s
again on deck. Several callers for Mr.
Blaino wero put olf with tho nnswer:
"Mr. Blaino is out; ho has gone to tho
Thochargos wero rung on this from tho
clerk, down through tho several strata of
Incubus that holds tho fort in tho hall
way, to tbo following:
i "is hoc in, sir."
"Will icturn to-day."
"Dun gone homo, snh.'
"He at breakfast, snh."
"All lean say, Is out."
"Dun tok a ba-af, sab."
"Gone to do Senato, sab."
"Dun gone homo, sab."
Dlsuustcd citizen, who really
wishes to llud him: "Dun
gono to h 1, (I reckon,
wbar you ought to be."
At 10:30 Mr. Blaino left tho house in
company with Mr. Phelps and drove tu
the surlmrbs for health.
At noon Senator Lelaud Stanford of
California called, nnd, finding Mr.
Blaino out, loft his card.
Lust evening Mr. Blaino Indicted a dis
patch to Ills family at Augusta, Maine,
calling thcin to tills city, where thev
will arrive, over tlio Pennsylvania ralf
road, on Wednesday and tako up winter
qunrtors nt tho Iiichinoud.
Thu wonderful versatility of character
aim abilities granted to Mr. Blaine by hl4
fellow-citizens, whilo thoy aro crcdltablo
to him m thu main, must be appalling'to
tlio pastor and good deacons of his
church in fnr Augusta.
A free rampso mado trZ-day against nil
sorts and clashes of citizens elicited tho.
rshal of parade.
rt atiowHpapcr.
o a sewer contract.
f o etiloL-Izo Coukllug.
To boss tho boys on 02.
To wrlto n poem on perspective.
To l'oobab tbq Harrison Hcglme.
To dedicate baseball grounds.
To paint n landscape of the river.
For 'Is bloomln' 'calth, cbapplo.
I am weary, weary, ino blioy.
Aw, como off tbo roof.
Whon .Sullivan and Itllraln Will light)
lOiich Other.
TonoNTo, Jan. 7. July 7 has been
ngreod ou as tho date of tho Sullivan
Kilraiii light.
Itusturlnir thu JCqulllhrlmn.
New Yoiik, Jan. 7. Tho 11'orM publishes n
long letter from Manton Marblo stating that
tbo lending commercial nations ot Euiopo aro
now Inclining to udopt Ceruusebi's sugges
tions for restoring tho equilibrium between
gold and silver coinages. '
Thu Stock mid .Mnnoy Mnrknt.
Jh'kw Vouk, Jan. 7. Money 31t per cent.
Exchange nule.t; posted rates, 46M5G189;
actual rates, 4841-IS'I1 for blxty days and
ISSJfo-ISSJ for demand, Governments ipilet;
cuircucy, lis, 110 bid; -Is, coupons, 1GJ bid;
tjs, do.,10Sa bid.
Tho stock market opened firm on buying ot
St. Paul .t Missouri l'aclllc. l'rlees advanced
1 to 1 per cent, ou Saturday's closing in tha
first hour. After 11 o'clock tho market was
Irregular. St. Paul continued strong, whllo
heading W'as the weak feature. At this writ
ing somo of tbo list shows fractional advanced
over Saturday's llgurcs and other similar de
clines. 1 p. m. prices. W. U.. S3J; .N Y. C, 107?;
N. J. C, 'J7J; Mich, 87; U. '., 05; Mo., Til;
N. 1'nc. : do. pfd., ; Tex., SS; C. B.,
GSJ; 1). & II., 131 j: D.,L .t W.,110; Erie. 373;
do. pfd., 01; K. Si T., 133; h. S., 1033; O. Ai
W., IB; I.. & N., fi7; N. . 107J: do. pfd.,
-; 1. M.,lj; Heading. -184; It. I.,07f; O.
AM., 311; do pfd., Wj; St. Paul, G-'lj; do.
pfd., 1031; N ,t 0., 81; Wabash, lli; do.
pfd., 218; H. & Q., 103J; Mau., 0S; O.
A N., 112; O. it T., 30J j O., C, C. I., ; I'. I).
Thu Chloiigo .Market.
Chicago, Jun. 7. Openlug, U:30 a. ra.i
Wbeat.)an., 081; Feb., 001; March, 1.011;
Slay, 1.03J. Corn-Jan., 331; Feb., 311;
March, 311; May, 301. Oats May, 37. Torlc
Slav, $13.-I5. Lard Jan., $7,531; Feb.,
$7.51; March, $7,021; May, $7.05. Short Itlu
-Feb., 0.05; May, $7.10.
Thn Washington stocks.
Miscellaneous lloiids W. A (5, H. It.. 103;
Masonic Hall Ass'n. 11X1: Wash. .Market Co.,
115; Inland it Soabord Co,, ; Wusb. highs
Infantry, 1st, HI; Wash. Light Infantry. 2d.
-15: Wash, lias Light Co.. 120); Wusli. Gas
fieri p, l'--J-
Rational Hank Stocks Hank nf Washing
ton. 300; Hank ot ltepubllc, 170; Metropolitan,
2O0; Central, 200: Second. Mil: Farmers' and
Mechanics', 103; Citizens', 125; Columbia,
Hallro.id Stocks Washington and Georgo
ton, 205; Metropolitan, 110; Columbia, 31;
Cap. A Noith O si., ; Anacostla, .
Iusurauco Stocks Flremun's. ; Franklin;
.10: Metropolitan, 73; National Union. 10,
Aillugioii, 11)0; Corcoiiiu, 00; Columbia, 12j;
Herman Atiicilctui. 153: Potomac, : Itlggs, 8.
(ius and Kleeinc Light Stocks Wutliiugton
Gas, -10; Georgetown Uas, -til; U. S. Klectliu
Light, .
Tolopbono Stocks Pennsylvania, ; Chesa
pcako it Potomac, 78,
Miscellaneous Stocks Washington Market
Co., ID: Washington llrlcii Machine Co., ;
Matlonal I'.-ess Ilrlck Co., ; Great Falls lea
Co,, ; ' Dull llun Panorama Co, 20: Heal
ttttato Title Insurance- Co., 115; ColumbU
Title lusuranco Co., 51; National Site Da
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