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The Washington Oeitic
1S1ST YEAK NO- 6,876.
i'ji.ihustj:iuno tactics.
Tlio Free Fish I'lirufirupli In tho TnrllT
Illll 1)Iciim-i1 In tho Sfttuito Mr. Crisp
IluulnroM That Ona Man Only 1 llospoii
tdbla fur tlio Dcndloult.
Tho Scnnto mctnt 11 o'clock' to-dny
nnd proceeded nt onco to tho considera
tion of tlio TnrlfT lilll. Tlin frnsli flail
paragraph was pending, nnd Jlr. Halo'
iook i no noor opposing tno proposition to
put llsh on tho frco list.
Immediately after tho prayer hnd boon
offered In tho House to-day, nnd beforo
tho reading of tho journal, 3r. Weaver
commenced his filibustering tactics by
moving that when tho House adjourn it
bo to meet on Monday, and demanding a
quorum on tho motion.
Tellers were appointed and some time
spent in endeavoring to obtnlu u quorum.
Pending thin, Mr. Dibblo asked to
presont a number of conference reports
for consideration.
Tho Chair held tho motion was in or
der, and when tho reading of tlio confer
ence report on tho Milwaukee public
building had proceeded. Mr. Dibblo
moved tlio previous question.
At Ibis point Mr. Weaver demanded a
volu on Ills motion to adjourn. Tho
chair ruled that tho pending motion was
on tho previous question. The voto
upon this showed no quorum. Mr. Dib
blo called for tho yeas mid nays.
Mr. AVcaver held that n call for tho
yoas nnd nays could not bo mado in tho
absence of a quorum, and proceeded to u
long argument supporting his argument.
To u question as to whether this was for
tho purposo of holding n Democratic
caucus, Mr. Crisp 'replied that it was not
a Democratic motion, but the motion of
one man.
Tlio roll wns called and tho House, by
u voto of 217 yeas to 18 nays, ordered tho
previous question.
Air. Weaver then move to reconsider
tills vote, and demanded a quorum.
Tellers wero appointed, and by a voto of
108 to 0 the motion was refitsc(I.
Mr. AVenycr then moved to adjourn.
Tho chair expressed 51 doubt as to the
ruling In Ibis case. Mr. Weaver said:
"If thero is 11 doubt in Iho case I think
it should bo resolved in favor of tho
rights of tho minority.'"
Tho Speaker replied sharply: "Tho
chair thinks tho doubt should bo de
clared In favor of public business!1'
(Cheers and applause.
Mr. AVcaver temporarily withdrew his
motion to adjourn, and tho consideration
of tho conference report on tho Milwau
kee public building bill proceeded.
Our Affairs In Siimoti,
Consul-Gcucrnl Scwull appeared beforo Iho
Senate Committee on foreign delations to
day to testify as to affairs In Samoa. Tbo In
vestigation was held with closed doors, but it
Is understood Mr. Sewall freely complained
of tho existing stato of affairs In Samoa and
tlieattltudu of tlio Government in permitting
Uermany to abuse treaty rights.
Capitol Notes.
Tho Houso Subcommittee, on Public Build
ings mid Grouuds yesterday exaralued aud
tchedulcd the bids aud specifications sub-'
Diltted for lighting the Capitol by electric
lights. Four bids wero received for furnishing
tlio "plant and power," ranging In price from
forty to 0110 hundred thousauil dollars, and
several for furnishing tlio fixture). Tho sub
committee finished their examination and will
mako a report to tho full committee to-morrow.
Mr. Hoar offered In the Senate yesterday a
resolution Instructing tho Committee on Cora
meico, when tho Itlver ami Harbor bill Is re
ported to tho Senate, to report as to each
item of public work tho facts that maku tho
appropriation advisable and of national Im
portunco and tho coudltlon of tbo work If be
gun, with power to appoint nn assistant cleric
at an annual salary. The resolution was re
ferred. Kcprcsentatlvo Keen of Now Jersey gavo a
dinner to a fow friends yesterday afternoon In
tbo room of the House Committee on Coinage,
AVctchts and Measures.
Major William Warner, commander of tho
Grand Army of tho Kepubllc, and Carroll D.
Wright, Commissioner of Labor, appeared be
fore the Senate Census Committee to-dav to
offer suggestons for amendments to " tbo
House Census bill, now before tho committee.
Senator Palmer ycstcrdavtlntroduccd a bill
in the Scnato to Increase the pension of Addi
son Cooper to $25 per month. Cooper Is tlio
veteran who lives In tho old herdlc on tbo
U leu wood road.
A Ciuoil Precedent to Follow.
In tho session of 1870-77, whon Hun. Sam
ltandall was Speaker of tlio House, there was
several days' filibustering on tho report of tho
Klcctoral Commission and valuable tlmo was
being absorbed by dilatory motions, tho same
as Is now being icsortcd to by Congressman
Weaver. Finally the patience of Speaker
ltandall beeamo exhausted, and, bringing his
gavel down on the Speaker's desk with a force
tbat commanded Instant attention, ho mild, In
substaucc, to the Houso: "Tho Interests and
welfare of tlio Kepubllc nnd tho busluess of
tho Government Is being saerlllccd by those
dilatory motions, aud the Speaker hereafter
will not recognize any Member who Is en
deavoring to prevent action on, this roport."
Then ho llrmlv set his Iron Jaw ns evldencu of
his determination, tho report was considered
'and adopted and tlio usual legislation pro
ceeded without further Interruption by tho
faction of filibusters.
Jlimobull Contracts Signed.
President Young of tho Lcaguo has an
nounced tho following ball players as having
inado contracta for 18S9: John Wcyhlng, with
Columbus; John A. KeihisnudT. II. Itam
soy, with Cincinnati; U. C. Campau, Ileniy
Yalk, W. II. lllgglns and Harry Zcll, with
Detroit, I. A.; Stovo Toole nud Marr Phillips,
with Itochcster; W. W. Andrus, with Huffalo;
John Grim and C. Itlckloy, with Toronto: 1'.
Western Association. Released: Hy Syracuse,
Charles Marr; by Troy, 1. Wcrden; by Huf
falo, James Flynn; by Hamilton, M. 1'hllllps.
nnd M. Jones; by Cincinnati, John Weyhlng.
Will or William jr. (hilt.
Tho will of William M, Gult, datod Deccm
ler 2S last, was lllod to-day. Ho leaves all
his property to his wife Harriet, and names
her as executrix, to servo without bond. Tho
paper Is witnessed by Kdlth Gait Mlsh, Ucr
trudo Gait and A. C. Bradley.
1 . 1
A 10,000 Houso.
J. AV. Polling has takon out a permit to
erect twelve houses on U stroot, between
Sixth aud Seventh streets, to cost $40,000.
Guests or the President.
Colonel and Mrs. Calvin S. llrlco of New
York tiro tho guests for a fow dava of Presi
dent and Mis. Cleveland at tho Whlto House.
I'llei'lins to ImlliumpnlU,
Delegations from every Congressional dis
trict of Virginia passed through tbo city Inst
evening on Iholr way to Indianapolis to pav
their respects to General Harrison,
Phllaclulplilu Hoys 1 1 tho City.
A bundled boys from tho Pennsylvania
, Morueu. wiui loieuo; u. Ailunehnn, Tom
Turner, Joint Campauna, Homy Selbel, J.
O'llrleti, James Daly. J. A. I.elgliton, K. K.
Clovoland and William Hanrahan. with
it Slimier bciiiioi 111 rnunuoJpnia cituio to this
"'onilug bight -saolng.
The following havo been appointed
cndols ntAV est Point: AVilllam A. Hor
ton, Mlllvlllo, N. ,T.j nltcrnnto,IssaoAVtU
son Iliggins, Clomonton, N. .!.; Uutlcr
.iimus, jiowcii, luass.; JiOtils 15. Litutnn,
Auburn, N. Y.: alternate, AV. V. Field,
Scrtba, N. Y.; Hoborlsnn Honov, New
port. It. I.: nllmnnto. Karl (1 Arnold.
Providence, It. I.j Alfred AVctternmrk,
jr., Hendersou, Toxns,
Tho Secretary of tho Troaiury to-dav
appointed tho.follnwing storekeepers null
gangers: Henry J. Long, Crofton, Ky
and James T. Corbott, Dunn, N. C.
About ICO ladles and gentlemen attend
ed the President's reception tills nftor'
noon. Tho tropical plants that deco
rated tho Kast Iioom last night havo not
yet been removed.
Among Ihu President's) callers to-dav
wero Senators Ilninptoti nnd Morgan,
llcpruscntntives Lnwlcr, Knloo, Suyors,
with Mr. Eckford of Toxns; Anderson,
with Mr. David Ilelnshelmor of Iowa;
Governor Orenn, of Now Jersey, nnd
Latham, with Noah Uurfoot; J. ll. Mor
rlsett and Q. D. H. Prltchard, of North
Bonds wero offered to-dny ns follows:
is c, 40,000, 1271; r $100,000, 127;
4Js r.. $5,000, $4,000 and $22,000. 106,
and $110,000, 108j.
Tlio second roport recoived by tho Navy
Department from Admiral Luce the
other day, of which mention was mndo
at tlio tlmo, contains nothing now con
corning tho Hnytl trouble Tho report Is
nn ofllclnl announcement of tho nccopt
unco of tbo Haytlen Iloimbltc from tlio
llnytien Government.
Secretary AVhltney recoived a dispatch
tills morning announcing that tho Vesu
vius in hoi- third trial vesterday made a
record of 21.01 knots an hour, which is
little over a mile, as required by tho
Commodbro AVnlkcr said this morning
that thero was nothing in tho roport
that thero was yellow fever aboard tho
Tho Commissioners in response to in
quiries from Chairman Hemphill of
tho Houso ' District Committee in
rcgurd to taxation of building as
sociations, tho Commissioners stato
that real estate is taxwl, and a loan
on mortgages is taxed. In cusos of
building associations that loan on real
ostatu tuc owner of n shnro of stock is
only assessed once, that is on tho mort
gage or loan, nnd nstho association pays
it and deducts it bo does not pav but
Public Printer Benedict about six
months ngo requested that Jackson alley
bo paved, llo stated that there wero
pools of stagnant wntor in tho alley and
othorwiso in a bad condition. Captain
Symons and Attorney Itiddlo recom
mended that tho work be dono under tho
involuntary permit system, The papers
havo boon referred back to tko.Euglnccr
Department, and tho work will finally
bo done.
There i3 no longer nity doubt about tbo
Commissioners having tho right to issue
permits for window and tower projec
tions on corWn parks and reservations
formed byfciyeet intersections. A board
composed Of Captain Symons, Computing
Engineer. Hniley nnd Assistant Attorney
for' tbo District Davis has been ap
pointed to designate thu parks over
which thd Commissionu'8 havo control.
It is probablo that, when tlicso parks
are designated, the care of them will lie
transferred from tho General to thu Dis
trict Government.
The Commissioners hold n board meet
ing this morning which was largely de
voted to tho liquor license question. The
caso of 13. L. Johnson was pre
sented by hla attorneys, Messrs.
AV. F. Miittingly and AVolfe.
Mr. AVcbb stated that ho thinks tho point
raised by tlicso gentlemen, to tbo effect
that tho action of the Commissioners in
granting Mr. Johnson a license after bo
wns tried for tlio olTenso against him
condoned tho offense, was woll taken.
Matters Consltlorml Hy tlio Sennte Dis
trict Committee
At a meeting of tho fc'oniito District
Committee to-day a favorablo roport was
authorized upon tho bill authorizing tho
Anacostia & Potomno Itlvor Railroad to
lay tracks on 31 street, Eleventh and G
streets southwest. Also on tho bill in
corporating tlio AVnshiugton & AVestcrn
Miuyland Railroad.
'flic bill is amended to provldo for tho
ror.d to begin at the west bank of Hock
Creek, Georgetown, instead of n point
west of tlio Aqueduct Bridge, so as not
to interfere with tho Georgetown Hargo
& Dock Company.
A favorablo roport was authorized on
tho bill directing a survoy of tho road
from tho Aqueduct Bridge to Mount
Tlio committee will rccommond that a
provision bo mado in the Sundry Civil
bill for tho appropriate of $10,000 for
tho survey.
Tho bills incorporating tho Home
stead Savings Bank of tho District of Co
lumbia 11114 for t,,u I'olicf of tho louu nnd
building associations of tlio District wero
considered, but no reports made.
llouso District Committee.
Tho House District Committee at its meet
ing this morning non-concurred In Seuato
amendments to tho bill limiting tho ago of
consent and punishing tho crlmo of rape, and
will ask a conference. Tlio Senate raised tho
ago of consent from 14 to 10 and iuadc tho bill
apply to the Territories.
Cabinet OohkIp.
An Indianapolis dispatch lu this morning's
Now A'orlc IYiiim says that General Harrison
yesterday mado tho fqllowlng statement to an
lntlmato friend:
"I havo not yet selected a slnglo member of
my Cabinet, aud all statements that I havo
aro lucorrect. Nobody has any authority for
saylug that I havo decided to put any man
Into my Cabinet, for I havo told nobody any.
thing which warrants him In believing that I
will appoint a specillc Individual. I havo not
vet Dually determined upon a 6lngIo man.
Sometimes I may have lliuught I hail, hut at
other times I have been equally certain that I
havo not, I am certain now,"
"I supposo thero has been a good doal of
pressuro brought to bear upon your" tho gen
tleman remarked.
General Harrison, ho says, almost grow
anury, and, rising from his chair, said:
"Thoro has, hut I am not going to bo forced
Into making uuy man a member of my Cabi
net." Tho gentleman describes General Harrison
as layluggrcat stross upon tho word "forced,"
and ho was deeply Impressed with tho feeling
which General Harrison put Into his tones.
'Thou, I supposo, we will not learn tlio per
sonnel of your Cabinet for somo tlmo yet, Geu
ei ill," continued tho visitor,
"I shall not aiinounco my Cablnot until
after I becomo President. When I send tho
names of my Cabinet Into tho Sonata tboy will
be known, aud tboy will not bo known till
This account may be relied upon Implicitly.
Tho gentleman who had this talk with General
Harrison repented It whllo It was fresh lu his
lutiid, unci tliu Tiuirs' correspondent took It
lowu In shorthand from his lips,
Till! OAlll'lIinil IIOSflTAI, AUTHOR
1TIKS ON THU I)ANli:i.3 ArjfAIIt.
Thoy Approvo tho Treatment Olvon tho
Unfortunate Man, mid Dciiluro That nn
.Assault U IIoIiib Mudo on' Their Ap
propriation, A special mooting of tho Exccutlvo
Commlttco of tho Garfield Hospital,
culled to inquire into tlio Daniels affair,
was hold yesterday afternoon, and ad
journed over to meet again this morning.
Thoro wore presont of tho commlttco
Henry A. AVillard, Joseph McCamcron,
Dr. John S. Billings and Reginald Ken
dall, and Dr. J. M. Toner, president of
the medical staff. The chairman stated
that on tbo 0th Instant ho hnd addressed
a communication to tbo staff asking
for Information as to tho admission, dis
charge and treatment of tho patient, R.
O. Daniels. Dr. Toner roported thut a
special mooting of tho staff to consider
tlio matter was held tlio next day at
which wero present Drs. J. M. Toner,
AV. W. JohtiBton, James Kerr, Joseph II.
Bryan, J. AV. II. Lovejov, Lewis Mack
all, J. Ford Thompson, AVllllam May,
Swim M. Burnett and Lloyd M. Mil
gruder. They heard tho statements of
the rcsidont physician nnd his assistant,
tlio matrou, soverul of thu nurses, the
orderly and flvo of tbo patlonts who had
boon disturbed by D.infols. After thor
oughly oxamlnlug this evidence tbo staff
unanimously adopted tho following reso
lutions: Tlin IIOSl'lTAIi TltnATMKNT AlTllOVED.
Tho data on which tho report of tho
staff was mado was submitted with tbo
report and thoy fully support tho con
clusions reached. Additional ovidonco,
such, for example, ns tho writton state
ments of tho pollco surgeons, Drs.
Kleinschmldt nnd Snyder, indicatine
their approval of tho treatment tho
patient received at tho hospital and thoir
concurrence In tho measures taken for
his removal, in .view of tho fact that
Mrs. Graves and her daughter, his Im
mediate friends, wero anxious not to
havo him return to their houso, fully
warrant thia committee in accepting tho
Additional testimony taken by this
committee shows that in tho presont
mental condition of the patient any st,nto
mont from hlmmust bo inconclusive, and
that at no tinio sinco his removal from
the hospital has ho been capablo of
making a reliable statement.
Tho following roport was adopted, nnd
the chairman was Instructed to present It
to the Board of Directors:
lleiolvcd, That In tho opinion of tho staff
Mr. Daniels was undoubtedly, on account of
mental disturbances, nu unlit person to re
main In tho hospital.
Iiesohtd, That as Mr. Daniels was violent
and noisy and was by his actions disturbing
tbo other patients of tho hospital, and as his
friends had nlroady been notllled by the resident
physician of. tho necessity for his discharge
aud of his Intention to send him to tho pollco
station If thoy should declluo to mako other
proper arrangements for hlscaro, aud thoy rc
luslng to receive him, It seems that thoro was
no other place euitublo for bis temporary su
pervision: ,:rjE.EXECUTIVI! COJtMlTTBE'S HErORT.
As the result 'or careful Investigation Into
tho facts of tbo caso of It. O. Danlc's, allcscd
to havo been Improperly treated at tbo Garfield
Hospital, and to havo been sout from thero to
tho pollco station without sufllclent cause;
and having beforo It tho report of tho Medical
Staff of tho hospital, tbo written statement of
patients, nurses and other employes of the In
stitution, and also tho statements of the per
sous who placed Mr. Daniels In tho hospital,
tho Executive Committee reports ns follows:
1. That Mr. Daulels, at the timo of his ad
mission Into tho hospital, was somewhat con
fused In intellect, nnd that his own statement,
that ho was suiferlntr from tho effects of ex
cessive uso of bromides, Is very proably cor
rect. 3. That very soon after his admission ho be
gan to have hallucinations, to complain of
witches In his room, etc., and that soon after
that lecamo.so extremely noisy and violent as
to bo u causo of great annoyance aud alarm to
other patients.
a. That his friends were communicated with
and requested to remove him, ou the ground
tbat tho hospital has no facilities for treating
noisy and unruly patients, and that his friends
wero told that If thoy did not remove him It
would bo necessary to turn him over to tbo
police authorities; that thoso who nlaccd him
thero declined to tako tho responsibility of
taking chargo of him, and merely requested
that when ha was turned over to tho pollco
thoy should bo notllled.
4. Ills' vloleut condition continuing, with re
fusal to tako food and manifestations of
various delusions und hallucinations, pollco
headquarters wero communlcatod with, aud
ou tho request of tbo Kesldcut Physician of
tho Hospital, ho was scut away under tho
charge of two policemen.
5. That It Is believed that this action was
proper and wise under tho clrcumstaucos; that
ho could not bo kept lu thut hospital without
risk to himself and danger to other patients;
that It would havo been unwise uud iubiimauo
to havo allowed him to leavo tho hospital un
attended, and that his frieuds refusing to re
ceive hhn, tbo ouly courso was to turn him
over to tho police authorities for such disposal
as they might find oxpedlcut or necessary.
0. That when scon after his removal from
the station-house ho was still In a dazed, con
fused stato of mind, uncertain ns to what had
really happened, nnd ready to certify to al
most anythlug tbat was suggested to him; that
ho then admitted tbat ho could not say
whether his previous statements as to Ill-treatment,
etc., In tho hospital wero founded on
fact or not, and showed that a certain nmouiit
of deluslou was still porslsllnc,
7. That during his stay in tlio hospital ho
was kindly and properly treated, and that
no blanio attaches to the medical stuff, tbo
resident physician or to any nurso or emnloyo
of tho hospital lu connection with his cuso.
8. That tbo systematic attempt which sdems
to havo been made to Induce .Mr. Daniels to
certify to falso statements, to Injuro tho
reputation of tho hospital by sensational and
untitle accounts of tho caso, and to prejudice
tho Committee of Appropriations of tlio llouse
of Representatives, lu order to prevent tho
granting of tho usual appropriation is highly
discreditable to thoso concerned In It, and Is
utterly unwarranted either hy the facts of this
particular caso or by tho previous record of
tlio Garfield Hospital and tlio character and
slaudlug of thoso connected with Its matiago
mont. Dr. Ilutton said this morning that ho
thought that there hud boon 1111 attempt
to unduly magnify tho circtimstnuces of
Mr. Daniels' enso in order to mako a
sensational story, llo thought his action
was ontiroly proper, "I merely wroto 11
loiter and did not ovon uso tho word 'in
sanity.' By tho way," taking down hla
letter-bonk, "hero is a copy of tbo letter
I gavo to tlio pollceinnn who took Mr.
Daniels to tho stiitton-houso. I will read
it to you: Sanitary Oillco, District of Co
Lunula: Sir I beg to stato that R. O.
Daniels, aged SO, slnglo, whlto. is, in my
opinion, uuablo to tako onto of himself,
llu Is nt times violent nnd is unaccount
able for his actions. He Is sulTcrlng .
from tho effects of ovordoses of bromldu
of polash us far as I am able to learn,
''You see, I don't chargo Mr. Daniols
with insanity, by any means. I Hhowed
that snmo letter to Mr. McGIll, tlio Port
reporter, who called on me, but ho didn't
tako It. I think, thero has been un effort
to make 11 very big tempest in a very
small teapot about Mr. Daniels' caso,"
Mr. Daniels, tho one most coucorucd
by tho "outrage," has loft tho city, nnd
so far ns con bo learned Iim taken 110
stops to get reparation for his bad treat
Tho Supervising Architect r.xnlttlns
Mitniifromuiit of II In Ontua.
Tho examination of Supervising Archi
tect Froret was continued yestordny in
tho room of tho Sonata Commlttco on
Public Buildings nnd Grounds. In tho in
vestigation of tho ofllco of tlo Supervis
ing Architect Mr. Frerot was wipportcd
by Mr. Maynard, Assistant Sccrctnry of
tho Treasury, nnd by a clerk with an
armful of papers. Senators Morrill,
Spooncr and Stanford wero present and
questioned Mr. Frerct closely about tho
custom of having plnns prepared outside
Mr. Frcrot prosonlcd a letter written
by tho First Comptroller November 21
in rcsponso to n query mado hy him, lo
show that ho had authority In law for
lotting tlicso contracts. Ho said tlio ne
cessity for letting thorn out uroso in part
from tlio refusal of thu Secretary of tho
Treasury lo adopt his rocommeudntlon
that fifteen extra draughtsmen bo em
employed temporarily. There was a
great pressuro of work, ho said, nnd ho
wns ambitious to clear up the work In
his oillco beforo Congress should meet,
If possible. Tho plana, under this nr
rnugemont, were prepared within six
weeks tlmo and cost tho Government
thrco-quartcrs of 1 per cent, of tho
amount to bo expended on tlio building;
whereas under former arrangements it
hud often cost 5 per cent, and tlio pro
cess was very slow.
Thero was no competition between
architects for tho work. IIo told his
chief draughtsman, Mr. Van Erin, that
ho wanted a plan prepared, and Mr. A'un
Erta obtained tlio architect, who sub
mitted his plans for approval.
Ono of tlio advantages of giving out
tlio contracts for plnns here, Mr. Froret
snid. was thnt he could oxunilne thu pen
cil sketches nnd pass tinon t lcm beforo
the plans wero completed.
Mr. Spooncr suggested t int if tho
plans wero mado under Mr. '. 'rerct's su
pervision they might 03 well bo made in
his office, but Mr. Frerct replied that he
could got tho work dono moro cheaply
outside. 1
Mr. Spoonor inquired whether or not
tho employes of tho Supervising Archi
tect's Ofllco did work for tlio outside
architects preparing plans budor cou
tract. Mr. Froret replied that thoy did, and
that he thought It was n good -tiling for
tho Government that they did. Mr.Aran
Erta was now working out of hours on
two plans which had boon let by con
Irnct. J
Mr. Spooncr said that practically, then,
tho plans were bolng prepared by Gov
eminent employes, though tho contracts
wero let to others.
Mr. Frerct replied in tho nfUrmntlvo.
Iu explanation of tho clyil service
questions, prepared In his ofllec, Mr.
Frerct said that It was truo,;as stated,
that Commissioner Oborly had called at
his oflico and said that none of tbb
draughtsmen could answer them; but he
had shown the questions to draughtsmen
iu his ofllco who said, on llrst glance,
that thoy could answer them without
difficulty . Thero bad been but ono ap
pointment in tho ofllco under civil service
Mr. Frerct explained the ru-esonco of
his sou in tho oillco by snylpgUiat luj
had worked thero without pay for seven
or eight months and that, without his
knowledge, Assistant Seqrotury Thomp
son had given tho boy nn appointment
as confidential secretary to no Super
vising Architect. ,
Mr. Frcrot advocated strongly tho sys
tem of single contracts for public build
ings. At tho conclusion of tlio examination,
tlio committee clork was instructed to
send for the correspondence relating to tbo
selection of sites nud construction of
buildinus at Binghampton, N. Y., De
troit, Brooklyn, and Lowell, Mass. Mr.
Frerct will be recalled by tho commlttco
in a fow days.
Thoy' Outllno Their H'Uhon Thut Congress
Muy llo Informed,
Tho National AVool Growers' Associa
tion nro iu convention at tho Ebbitt
House, Hon, Columbus Delano, president
of the association, in tho chair. Officers
wero yesterday afternoon elected ns fol
lows: President, Hon, John McDowell of
AVashlngton, Pa.; viec-president.Col.AVil-liam
L. Black of Texas; treasurer, I. II.
AVallaco Of Missouri; secretary, J. II.
Kirkpatrlck of California. Tim creden
tials handed in by tho dolcgates showed
that thirteon States and Territories, be
side various sbcop and wool-growing as
sociations, wore represented.
A commlttco consisting of Jlo&srs. Del
ano, Black, AVnllace, Hutchinson and,
Lawronco, which was appointed to draft'
n series of resolutions, made a report,
which was adopted unanimously.
It was resolved that a commlttco ot
Soven bo appointed whoso duty it will bo
to formulate such schedulo of tariff du
ties for wool as may bo deemed just and
necessary, nnd to presont tho samo to
tho Flnanco Committee of tbo Sennlo
and urgo Its adoption; aud tho commlt
tco was authorized to confer nnd co
oporato with wool manufacturers, if
deemed advisable, In securing the adop
tion of a sufficient schedulo of duties for
woolen good, in connection with tho con
vention s pioposed schedulo for wool.
It was further resolved: That tho do
'termination of a future economic and
financial policy for this Governtnunt
Is so important to tho wool-growing and
nil other Industries and tho business of
the nation as to rcqtiiro linmcdintu and
dcflnlto legislation, null If this shall not
bo accomplished during thu present Con
gress tho convention earnestly request
that tho Fifty-first Congress bf tjonvened
nt tho carltostWay practicable, after tho
expiration of tho presont sessiqji.
Tho followiug-nnmcd gentlemen wero
appointed as the coiumitto pro'vided for
by the resolutions: Hon. Columbus Do
lntio of AVnshiugton, D. O., Judgo "Vm.
Lawronco of Ohio, und Messrs, Black of
Toxas, Hutchinson of AVisconsin, Cosslt
of Now York, Chapman of 'Vermont,
und Kirkpatrlck of Oulifornia.;
Tho commlttco appointed last night to
submit a schedule of tariff rate's wrestled
all day with tho mattor, and It was 2
o'clock this afternoon whon flip, report
wus submitted to tlio association.
Tho Vossol Itoiiohus I'urt,
Nkw Youk, Jan. 11, Tho eocoauut.-ladon
brig, Nile, from San bias, which was thoucht
to havo been lost lu thn storm of November
23, arrived hero last night without tho loss ot
a sail or spar. Tho Nllo did not leavo San
bias so early as was thought and Captain Cof
fin says ho was out only 31 dnys, Heavy
northwest wluds wero experienced all during
tho voyajro.
- - i- .
Mini Sine Orr und Mr. l'liink MtGui'rln,
users of tho Hemlngton Type-writer and win
ners of tho gold and silver medals for tho
championship of tho world iit tho Toronto
speed coutests, will glvo an exhibition it tlio
skill in operating tho Typewriter at the rooms
of tho bpcucctlan Business College, corner
Seventh and D streets, to-morrow (Saturday)
ovenlug at B:U0 o'clock, v ',
A Number Titlcnii I'min thn Debris
Moro Himposcd to ho Hurled Tho
Work Ones on Without Cessation.
PiTTsnona, Jan. 11. All of last night
willing bauds labored hard on the ruins
nt Diamond and AVood streets. Much
wns accomplished, but a great deal of
work must yet bo done boforo a poslttvo
knowledgo of tho extent of tho frightful
catastrophe can bo hnd. Tho remains of
llvo persons wero removed during last
night. Tho body of AVllllo Goetlmnnn
was unearthed at 0 o'clock. Just at
midnight tlio body of Chnrlos McKeown
was found under a mass of ruins in the
rear of AV'eldln's store. IIo had been
employed as a packer in tlio establish
ment. IIo was terribly mangled, llo
was 32 years of age, slnglo."
Shortly nftor two o'clock this morning
two moro bodies of workmen were found
in the cellnr of tho AVllley building.
They Wnro in a sitting posture besltlo
a Htove; so badly mangled und disfigured
thut thoy hayo not yet been identified.
Just as tlio city clocks tolled tho hour
of six this morning tho workmen found
and curried out from tlio roar of AVel
din's cellar the body of Dr. J. L.
Heed. Dr. Heed was over 80 years of
ago. and wns widely known, especially
in Philadelphia.
ThU swells tho numbpr of bodies
found to fourteen.
Tho pollco lmvo now nine names on
their list of mlasins, As the work goes
on to-day it is thought tho greater part
of theso will be transferred to the death
roll. Certain it Is thnt some terrible
secrets aro yol to bo lovcalcd.
Over ii00 men nro working unceasingly,
but it Is very doubtful if thoir task will
be completed to-day.
Tho Vexed (liictlou Iloforo tho Senate
DUtrlct Committee.
Everybody with a plan for settling the
vexed question of tbo routes and ter
mini of tho B. & O. nnd 11. & P. rail
roads in this city had nn opportunity to
explain tlicni beforo Senators Faulkner
and Farwell of tlio District Committee.
Among thoso present wero AV. C. Dodge,
Professor Gallaudet, Father Donnelly,
S. O. Clark, S. AV. Cuiridon, Luring
Clinppel, A. Gutz. Malor S. 11. AValker,
M. DeLand, John It. Lynch, C. 11.
Church and M. Keim.
Mr. Dodge represented tho Citizens'
Association of Northwest AVnsliington.
Ho said ono of tho principal objects is to
havo the question finally 'sullied, He
furring to tho ineonvenionce oconslnnetl
by tho B. it O. lu his section ho said
that, Instead of a surface grade, ns re
quired by their charter, the tracks nro
so olcvalcd at points that thoy aro almost
He submitted two propositions for a
chance of routes. Ono of those was to
allow' tho Baltimoro & Ohio o como
into tho city over tbo Eastern Branch aud
thcu run parallel with tho Pennsylvania
road to tho junction of Maryland anil
A'irglnia avomfes, where n union depot
should bd located. Another plan was to
require tho Baltimore & Ohio lo havo a
depot at Now York avenue and Bound
ary, and thence run it tunnel to tho North
ern Market, where another depot could
be erected.
Professor 15. M. Gallaudot submitted a
proposition to require tho Baltimore &
Ohio roatl to mako n connection nt ivy
City, on the Baltimoro lino, to some
point just north rif Ecklngton, nnd como
into tho city exclusively by tho Metropol
itan braueh. This plan, ho said, would
relieve a groat part of Northeast AVnsli
ington. This plan was indorsed by Mr.
Loring- Clinppel, S. AV. Curriden and
John It. Lynch.. Mr. Martin I. Wollor
protested against any plan being adopted
that would tunuel Capitol Hill.
Southwest AVashington was represented
by Father Donuelly and -Air. C. B.
Church. Father Donnelly said his sec
tion was now a veritnblo freight yard.
llo was opposed to a uuion depot ou
Maryland and Virginia avenues as sug
gested by Sir. Dodgo. IIo proposed that
thu tracks como Into tho city through
tho tunnel at tbo Navy Yard, tlienco
down Virginia nvontio to a point back
of thu Botanical Gardens, where a depot
should bo located, nnd tlienco for its
southern out race down Delaware nvcnuo
and 1C street to water front.
Mr. N. II. Shea advocated this plan.
Mr. 0. B. Church directed his remarks
principally ngainst surfneu tracks. He
thought an elovatod road should bo rnn
down K street to AVatur street, IIo was
also In favor of a depressed grado on
Maryland and Virginia avenues. Tho
members of the committee regretted that
thero was such a diversity of opinion
amotig the citizens us to what should bo
done. They stato that if some plan
could ho agreed upon it would greatly
facilitate, matters.
Tho Jury lu tho Xnicy Cusu Itcncli a
The jury in the caso of James G.
Tracy, charged with assault to kill, did
notagrco yesterday, and Judge Mont
gomery gavo them permission to return a
sealed verdict. Heretol'oro the custom
has been to call back tho officers and re
open tho court Into at night iu order to
take tho verdict. After an examination
of the authorities' on tho subject, Judgo
Montgomery reached tho conclusion that
this was not necessary, that a scaled ver
dict might bo taken In any caso less than
a felony. Tho Jury, howover, failed to
agrco, nnd Ayorp still in their consultation
room whon tho court wns opened this
Al noon tho jury camo In with their
vordlct, guilty as indicted with a recom
mendation to tho morcy of the Court,
AVhcn tho vordlct was announced Tracy
started and covered his fnco with his
hands. Air. Harmon, one of the partners
of Captain Tanner, nroso nnd said:
"May it pleaso ; your Honor, at tho ro
quest of Captaiu Tannor, who Is tuo ill to
bo presont, I havo to request that you
withhold sentence) nnd tako tho personal
bond of Iho dofuiulunt."
This suggestion was, of courso, not con
sidered by tho Court, tho matter being
a public affair and not a personal ono.
Tracy was released on ball to upponr for
sentence, the amount bolng $2,000, tlniiblo
tho former sum. . Major A. 0 Hlchards
la his surety
lloul lCNtnto TriiUHforH.
Jacob Locb to .Meyer Loeb, $10, lots 8 to 14,
square 1100.
Charles 11. l'uryls to Daniel Jordan, $1,500,
sublet 1130, square 074.
lleruard Leonard to John Urlnkloy, $100,
part of sublot 17, square 713.
F. Lewis to -Margaret Kldwoll, 2,050, lot
!37, block 3, Trinidad,
"ltnneoiHl" Out or 34H.
. ilobert Uraves, a Virginia negro, was "bun
coed" oit ot $13 at thu tilxth street depot this
afternoon by a cuuplo of confidence uiou.
It Tiny Hud Hitvon Willi ltoofit nnd tho
Tnlrcrnpli Wlren Thoro,
Mo.vritiiAh, Jan, 11. Tho tall ond of
tbo cyclone which struck western Ontario
Tuesday night reached horo on AVcdncs
day night. It plnycd sad havoc with
chimneys, telegraph poloa and wires.
Its full strength passed so mo sixty miles
not th of here, out to Labrador nnd thu
Atlantic, leaving n swath of debris
behind. Tho onty nows recoived from
lower Ontario is from incoming trains.
It will tako weeks to restore telegraphic
Four houses were unroofed nt Jfonll
neUe on tho Cornwall Cntinl and Oscar
Barwlck, jr., was killed by a falling
chimney. At Ilonfrcw every barn won
ralsod and forty bond of cattlo wero
killed. A party of lumbermen hud their
hut swept away and two of Ihcin wero
so badly Injured by fnlllng trees that
their lives nro despaired of. At Trenton
Gllmour's Mills wero damaged to tho ox
tent of SGO.OOO and tho Queen's Hotel
unroofed. Tho bridge from Trenton to
Gllmour's wns swept away and Alcxnn
dor Allen drowned.
Tho wind blew tit tho rato of seventy
miles nil of Wednesday night nnd did
not fall below forty miles nt any timo
yesterday. AVrccks of burns, outhouses,
cite, lltornllv strow tho tracks of tlio
Grand Trunk" and Central Pacific. No
freight trains nro moving and passenger
trains nro rnn oillv with tho greatest dif
ficulty. Tlio thermometer fell forty de
grees in ten hours. Every thing Is frozen
up, business is nt a standstill and desoln
tion Is on all sides. Gcorgo Simpson, a
brnkeinan on tho Kingston & Pembroke
road, was blown from his train near
Smith Falls and sustained fntal Injuries.
It is estimated thnt tlio damngo dona
by tho storm In Ontario and Quebec will
nggrcgato ijL'.OOO.OOO. No communication
can bu had with thu back counties. It Is
feared thu loss of llfo nnd property has
been very lnrgo. AVltolo forests nro up
rooted on tho upper Ottawa nnd It is
feared that many lumbermen's camps
havo been destroyed nnd tho nion cither
killed or lujutcd by falling trcos.
Tho Sou of (Mil "Ommwiitlonilo" Tiillon
lo 11 Ik rinill Host.
PAs.uinNA, Cai,., Jnn. 11. Tho
funeral of Owen Brown, son of John
Brown, tho abolitionist, and last survi
vor of tlio Htirpcr'H Forry tragedy, "was
hold hero yesterday nnd was attended by
an immense number of people.
Owen Brown was 7-1 years of ago and
bad livetl for many years in retirement
at Pasadena. Ho was ono of tlio four
sons of John Brown, who went from
Ohio In 1851 to Kansas. Thoy wont un
armed and settled near Ossiiwnttonilo,
but, because of their strong null-slavery
opinions, they wero harrnssod by pro
slavery men.
They finally asked their father to bring
them a supply of arms and ammunition.
Ho did so, nud for nearly two yctira ho
and Ids sons woru engaged in tho rough
bonier win faro bntweon tho. pro-slavery
men of Missouri and tho nntl-slavory
men of Kansas. Ono of his sons was
killed at OHsawaltoihlu. Later came the.
Harper's Ferry affair in 180U, iu which
two of his sons wero killed. When John
Hrown'i) "provisional constitution and
ordinance's' fdr tlio peoplu of the United
States" woro-ndriptod by his convention
at Chatham, Canada, in 1858, Owen
Brown wns mado treasurer.
Hud lllooit Amoujr tho Ohio lloyt.
Ciiicauo, Jan. 11. A Tribune special from
Columbus, Ohio, says: A tlugo of had Mood
between tho friends ot Koralicrand Foster, as
to tho Senatorsldp, was manifested lu tho
IIousu to-day when considering tho (irlflln
bill to enable Toledo to bond tlio city to tbo
extent of $75,000 to pips natural gas from tho
Wood County Holds, ft. Is charged that ex
Governor Foster represents tho Staudary Oil
Company Iu opposluc tho bill, aud this was
quickly seized upon ns a point of vautano by
tlio friends ot Governor Forakcr, who favor
this blow at the Standard OU monopoly. Tho
dlscusslou ranged tbo Republicans ou Sena
torial lines. Tho Democrats sldo with tho
Forakcr men.
Tho l'ortuco KxtoiiHlou Trouhlo.
WiN.sirEO, Man., Jan. 11. Tnecud of tho
trouble between tho Provincial Uovernmeut
and tbo Canadian l'aclllc Hallway over tho
crossing of tbo lattcr's lino bythe IJortago ex
tension ot tho Northern Pacific was reached
yesterday. The Canadian Pacific withdrew
their forcu of men who havo been guarding
tbo crtuslug slneo October, toro down tho
barricade they had erected, removed their
dead engipo nnd cleared away all other ob
structions. To-day tho crossing will bo
peaceably nU'cctcd,
Inuiicurution Notes.
Chairman Hrlttou and otbur members of tho
Inauguration Commlttco wero before tho Com
missioners to-duy Iu regard to tho arrange
ments tor preserving order and keep
ing tho Avenue frco from obstructions.
They suggested that tho District purcluuo'.i
flvu-ctghth-liicli wire ropo to bo stretched ou
both sides ot the avenue between tho Capitol
uud tlio Treasury building. The Commis
sioners thought favorably ot iho proposition.
It was decided this morning tnat tho lino of
march ou Inauguration day should bo from
the Capitol to Washington Circlo, tlienco by
1C street to Mouut Vernon Squaroto there dis
band. .
Wlro ropes will bo stretched along tho lino
ot march on both sides of tho strcot.
Tho prccesslou It Is thought will he nn hour
an u quarter going over tho route, Tlio con
tract for tho fireworks bus been awarded to
Dotwclllcr and Street of Now York,
Moses 1". Handy of Philadelphia, tho well
kuowu correspondent,! stopping nt Chamber
liu's. C. C, l'eck aud daughter; llobcit Coleman,
New York; D. V. Jlorey, Philadelphia, aro at
Hon, James O. Illalno and family, Maine,
and J. O. Karnes and wlfo, Now A'orlc, aro at
tbo La Normaudlo. .
James M. Mills, Hrooklyn; I). Jt. Harrlnger,
Philadelphia; N. McKay and wlfo, Now York,
ate at the Itlggs House.
K. II, atonlngton, Philadelphia; 1,. D. Lam
bcrtlnl, Wisconsin: It, S, Howland, Provi
dence; F. lloverly llauso, Wllmlugtou, Del,,
aro at Welckcr's,
General James O, llroadhead, St. Louis;
Thomas Leo, Philadelphia; I), D. lluruos. St,
Joseph, Mo., and James ll. Hasllu, Now York,
aro at Wlllard's.
H. U. Jowett, H. A. llarnum, Mr. and Mrs.
Jesso lloyt, New York; 1), 8. Luvell, lloston;
W. 1), l'oitcr, Pittsburg; Albert Comstouk,
Hrooklyn, aro at tho Arllugton.
Miss Mattlo Thompson, tho daughter ot tho
ex-Coiigressman of Kentucky, accompanied by
her brother and slster-lu-law, havo taken apart
ments at tho Kbbltt Houso for tho season,
K. L. Ilowcr, Troy, N. Y.; L. Schraln, Chi
cago; J. F. King, Louisiana; L. M. Iugalls,
Now York; A. V. McCullougli, Alabama, and
L, A. llriiwn, Ontailo, uro registered nt tbo
Harris House.
Hubert fiultli, lllalrsvlllo, Pa.: William O.
Lyon, Jr., New York, Mrs. E. K. Shedd and
Jilts Sliodd, Columbus, Ohio; O. M, llusscll,
John F. Mclutyro. Now York; .1. T. Wlilting,
Detroit, and E. I, Ilruco.Chlcago, aro stopping
at tho Ebbitt Houso.
What Noxt?
from tht Chicago Timet.
Has tho awful thought over crept Into your
brain that the President-elect In ay bo calculat
ing upon making himself tbo l'poh llah of
tho comlug ucJuuuleirallour
Htiirllltii: Itarohitlonn Kxpoetod to hn
.Mndo un to tho MiiiiHRCtiinht of tho
Oillco Whut tho Incumbent AUcev.
Nkw Voiik, Jan. 11, A, B. Stearns,
who baa been temporarily transferred
from tho upprulscrshlp at Boston to tills
port, bus tnken chargo of tho iippralscr's
oillco hero, rellovlng Lowls McMullIn,
removed. In nh iiitcrvlow last ulglit
Mr. Stearns Bald: "The Government ban
been robbed of millions of dollars, and
it is about time the nlTalrs of this oillco
wero put lo a rigid examination. Tho
irregularities date back for probably
llfloen years, anil have boon confined
principally to tlio appraisement of
sugars, dry goods, drugs und tobacco.
Thoy havo been outrageous In a great
many Instances. There is no tolling
what n rigid scrutiny Into tho nlTairs of
this oillco might disclose."
Mr. Stearns declined to Bay whether or.
not tlio irregularities would Implicate
any ono criminally. Special Treasury
Agent Holohau, bo said, waspossossod of
all tho factn thus fur disclosed. It is
stated that Assistant Appraiser Sturgls
nnd Tobacco Inspector Huuilll will bo
No, It Win Not Timcott.
Kansas Ctiv, Mo., Jan. 11. A Wyandotto
street dressmaker recently sworo out a war
rant for tho arrest of a domestic lu tho houso
of a west sldo clergyman. The dressmaker
thought that tbo domestic- was V. B. Tascott,
tlio alleged murderer of Mtlllonalro Sncll nf
Chicago, nud that ho had Ulsculscd htmsolf In
female garments to elude tho olllcers. De
tectives went to tlio clergyman's residence nnd
found that tho domestic was tho mother of
thrco children.
Chlwf Arthur lu Conroronco.
San Fiiancisco, Jan. 11. Chief Arthur, of:
tho brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers,
wns joined shortly after his arrival hero yes-.
terday brjGrand Master Sargcut, of the Flro
men's brotherhood. Tlio two subsequently,
held n secret conference with the local grlev
auco committee. Master Mechanic ityan's
treatment ot tho men ou the Atlantic Division
of tho Southern l'aclllc Hallroad was dlscussod
aud a list of tho complaints mado hy tlio men
against him drawn up. Another coufcrouca
will bo bold shortly.
Thoy Accept Iho Situation.
Ciiicauo, Jan. 11. A special from Lansing,
Mich., to tho Tribune sajs: Tho big railroad
corporations will not opposo tbo two-ccnt-a-tnllo
laro bill. Ono of tho Stato departments,
has corresponded with ono of the largest com
panies and It has leaked oilt that It will not
opposo tho measure. Thoy have ulrcady
agreed among themselves that It will bo moro
satisfactory tlinii tho present system. If tho
two-rent bill become n law, tho companies
will charge two cents at all times and will dls
coutlniio nil holiday week and excursions and
reduced ruto ticket.
Miirilorarn Conl'nim Their Oiillt.
St. Pimiiii:, M. 1. Q., Jan. 11. Two Usher
men named Olliver and Nccl have been ar
reted for having, ou December' 11. murdered.
Francois Coupard, also a fisherman, and 0t
years old. Tlio murder was committed while,
all of. tho men wero under tho Influence- of-,
HiiYior, Coupaid's body was hidden niicj the
,inurdcrers sailed awny In their boat, stormy
weather, howevtr, forcing them to return,
atm tlio body having in the meantime been,
discovered, thoy wero arrested. They havo
confessed their guilt.
(iunorul irnrrlHou Still Ufiiloclilod.
Ni:w Youk, Jan, 11. Tho 77mm1 correspon
dent says that to an old friend who called
upon him yesterday, General Harrlsou slated
emphatically that ho has not yet determined
upon a slnglo member of Ids Cabinet; that ho
will not be forced Into making any man a
member of his Cabinet; and thai tho names
selected will not bo known until thoy are
sent to tbo Senate.
Tho Ttcihono monopoly In Ohio. )
CoMMincs, Ohio, Jan. 11. Tho Legisla
ture attacked tho telephone monopoly yester
day, and tho i louse passed tbo Clark'lilll, fix
ing the rental of telephones ut $3 per month,
aud t--i0 pel mouth whoro moro than ono In
strument Is used. Tho telephone peoplo Bay
they will withdraw tbelr Instruments ana
closo the oxclungo horo it tho bill Is pasted by
tho Seuato.
Tho Cotton Oil Trust.
Nr.w Oulcans, La., Jau. 11. The caso ol'
iho Stato of Louisiana against tho American
Cotton Oil Trust was called for trial yester
day beforo Judgo ltlghtor. Tho defendants
fuflod to produce certain books and papers
which they had been ordered to bring luto
Court, their couuscl alleging want ot time.
Tlio caso went over until to-dny. Thls'stil"
has been before tho courts for several years.
Tho Stock mill .Motiity Murltot,
Nr.w Youk, Jan. 11. Money Wafil per ce'ut
Exchange steady; posted rates, IS.IltS.lS'Jf
actual rates, 4Sljf('lS,"i for sixty days ami
ISSliy-lSSJ for demand. Governments quiet;
ctnreuey, OS, 110 bid; 4s, .coupons, 1201 bid;
-lis, do.,10S bid.
Tlio Mock market opened firm, and on buy
ing by London and tho commission bouses of
Lake Shore, St. l'uul, Lackawaua aud Mis
souri Pacific, prices 1J per cont. durlug tho'
llrst hour. Tha market has since bceii dull
and featureless, prices show fractional re
actions ut this writing,
1 p. m. prices. W. U.. 8-tj; N. Y. C. 107J;
N. 0. C, 03! Mich. ; O. P., 51 j; U. P., 1)49;
Mo., 715; Tex., ; S. C, ; Can. Pac, 01 j:
I), it ll.. : D., L. .fc l, 141; Erie. W4
do. pfd 0:1; K, & T., 1!D: L. S., 1041; L. A
N., M1J; N. V, 1078; do. pfd., 1401; O. A V,
15; Heading. -ISJ; K. I., US; O. A M 3H; do
prd 0.1; St. Paul, Olj; do, pfd., 101; N. .t C,
; Wabash, ; do.: pfd., ; IS. & Q., 1001;
Man., ; O. A N., 0.11; O. A T., 30J.
Tho Chicago fUnrhot.
Ciiicaro, Jan. 11. Opening, 0:30 a. m.:
Wheat Jau., OSS; Feb., 00; May, $1.03
$1.03. Corn Jan., Mlli; I'ob., 34J;
Match, :HJ; -May, 00J. Oats Fob., 25J;
May, 27J) Pork .Muy, $13.00. Lard Jau.,
7.1171; Fob., $7.40; March, 7.475: Slay,
tr7.r71(if,$7.(i0. Short Hibs-March, $7.Ctt;
May, $7.10.
Tho Wiixhliigtou .SIncki.
Miscellaneous iionds V." A G. IS. It.. 108:
Masonic Hall Ass'u, 100; Wash. Market Co.,
115; Inland A Scabord Co., ; Wash, Light
Infantry, 1st, 07; Wash. Light lufantrv. 3d.
55; Wash. (las Light Co.. I'JOj: Wash. Gas
fcicrlp, isy.
Matlonal Hank Slocks Hank of Washing;
toil. 310; llu uk of Kopuhllc, 175; Metropolitan.
200: Central. OX); Second. 1411: Farmers' nud
Mechanic', 103; CllUeus', 125; Columbia,
Itallroad Stocks Washington and Goorcs
toHii, 210; Metropolitan, 111; Columbia, 32;
Cap. A North 0 st 35; Anacostia, 10.
Insurance Stocks Firemen's, 40; Frimklln,
41; Metropolitan, 70; National Union, 10;
Arlington, 100; Corcoran, SO; Columbia, 12;
Herman American, 150; Potomac, 73; Itlggs, Si.
Gas and Electric Light Stocks Washington
Gas, 40; Georgetown Gas, 45; U.S. Electric
Light, 00.
Telephone Stocks Pennsylvania, 31; Chesa
peake A Potomac, 7Sj,
Miscellaneous Stocks Washington Market
Co., 15; Washington Hrlcit Muchluo Co.. 200;
National Piess llrlck Co,, ; Great Falls Ico
Co., ; bull Ituti Pauoratuu Co, 20: Ileal
I'.stuto Tltlo Insurance Co,, 115; Columbia
Tltlo Insurance. Co,, 53; National Sato De
posit Co., ; Ainerleau Graphophouo Co.,
I. oral Weather luillciitlonii.
Fair Friday, llijht local ruins or mowPatur.
day; warmer, winds becoming southwesterly.

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