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21. ST YMAK---:sro. 6,377.
pjuara two cent &
y i MA
i'itot-in:i with its iiu.sini:js
lie Hnyn (lint IIo In Auditing tlio llepnrt
of Ilia Committee "tl Ulllei Unnno Coil
forrocs on (lui NleitriiKtmn Illll.
In ttio Sonalo to-(l:ty JlUPcllor Intro
dticcd u Mil amending tliu incorporation
laws of tlio District so that It ahull bo
luwful for llto.Secretnry of tlio Treasury to
recoivo from any insurance company in
corporated under Iho laws of thu District
Hitch courllies us shall bo necessary to
I'tmblu such compitnk'H to transact busi
ness in nny of the United States.
Tlio TnrUI bill was taken ill). Ilio pond
ing business being thu eoiiHUleratlon of
(lie iidiuliiliitrutlvo sections.
"When tbo reading of tho IIouso jour
nnl was completed this morning, 5Ir.
Weaver did not make Ills usual lllllbtis
luring motion, and the Speaker submit
ted a number of Executive communica
tions, which had uccumulntpil during tbo
Among tlicm was a letter from the
Commissioner of Internal Itovnnuo,
submitting thu draft of a bill amenda
tory of thu Olcomargarlno bill; a letter
from tlio Secretary of tlio Treasury sub
mitting estimates of deficiency appro
priations for 18H0; an estimate for an up
jiroprialion to prevent injurious deposits
in Now York iliirbor; tlio report of tbo
Georgetown Barge & Dock Company.
The Chair appointed Messrs. Clardy,
O'Neill, Paniia,, and Itiiynor, conferree.s
on tlioNlcarngituu Canal bill.
The Senate joint resolution expressing
tlio Honso of Congress us opposed to for
eign Inlorferonco in Central American
ennui mutters, was referred to tbo Com
mittee on Foreign Halations.
Mr. Itundiill presented a resolution re
winding the order made May 11 last,
providing for adjournment cacb day at
5 o'clock, but objection was made to Its
present consideration and it was referred
to the Committee on Utiles. At this point
Mr. Weaver announced that bo had re
frained from ottering parliamentary mo
tions awaiting a report from tho Coni
mitteo on Utiles.
Mr. Steele, as the regular order, called
lip tbo bill increasing tlio pension of Mrs!
Elizabeth G. Scott, and Mr. Matson,
raising tho point of consideration against
It, tho yeas and nays wero called, and by
u vo,to of 141 to OS, tbo House proceeded
to consider the bill.
T.ntn limine! I'l oceoclliics Yesterday.
After Tin: Uitmo's report of tho Houso pro
ceedings closed yesterday Sir. Dibble, chair
man ot tliu 1'ublle Hutldlngs ami (iron mis
Committee, succeded after n hard tllit. iu se
eming tho consideration u( tliu reports ot tlio
Confcretico Committees 011 tbo bills appro
priating for public buildings nt Milwaukee
mid Omaha anil tho reports wero agreed to.
Atll:!IOtlio Uouso took a recess until 7:30,
when 1111 attempt was mr.do to consider prlvatb
pension bills, but .Mr. Kilgoro s objection pio
vented and caused nil adjournment nt 8:30.
Tho Coniniissloners bold a board moot
ing yesterday to consider tho question of
extending Connecticut avciiuu, and they
linally determined, in viow of tbo pro
tests made, to take no slops in tbo mat
ter. It is understood that Otis F. 1'res
bry will enter suit for damages against
tho District. Tho proposed extension
went through bis propurty and even Ills
reslticnco, and thus cast a cloud on tho
property tbat would probably put it at a
disadvantage if it wero offered for sale.
Tho extension was proposed to bo
made from Lo I toy street to California
uvemio. A petition for this improve
ment was filed by S. "V. "Woodward, E,
V. Dorsoy, 13. llcmstroot, John F.
Hodgers and others on November 2 At
torney Kiddie rendered an opinion on
tho protest of 0. F. I'resbry, Adclaid M.
Tuttlo nnd'others nguiust tho extension
of tbo avenue, to tho effect that tho Com
missioners had tlio power to extend tho
uvemio under tho law.
Tho Commissioners have directed tho
Itecorder to record tho plat of Twining
riio Arbitrators Awiu-,1 a8,Sr.O "With
liitiirvst I'Viim Niivomlior 10, IH7-1.
D. Cody Hurrick', S. D. Holllday and
.1. .1. Darlington, tho arbitrators in tbo
cases of Saniuol Strong against, tlio Dis
trict of Coluinblu.huvo returned an award,
in which they statu that following the
judgment and decisions liuretoforo ren
dered in tlio causes by tho Court id Gen
eral Term, and crediting thorn with tho
face value of tlio' certificates issued, thero
is duo from tbo District lo Samuel Strong
tbo sum of $28,2.V) with interest from
November 10, 187-1, besides tho cost of
Tho costs are to include one thousand
dollars to each of tlio arbitrators allowed
under tho joint' resolution of Congress
that appointed them to act in this mat
ter. Strong claimed several hundred
thousand dollars for work dono in tbo
way of improveinuut, etc.. for tho old
Hoard of I'ubllu Works, A closely con
tested litigation over tho questions in
volved bus extended over many years.
Anotluir CoiigrosHmuu Aitilml to tho I.lst
if Local rropcrty-llolilcis.
Another addition has been mado to tho
rapidly-increasing list of Congressmen
who own property in Washington, tills
tlmo by Senator Dutlor of Smith Caro
lina, who has purchased the proporty
H'Jl N street, ouo of tlio houses owned
by Major Ferguson.
Tho houso, which is a throe-story,
prcssed-briek front, will bo somewhat
remodeled, tbo principal improvement
boing on tho front, tho former high
ntnop to bo torn down and an English
basement put In.
Tho Worst or All.
Prom tn Union Bouvltr.
Husband (with n sigh of relief ) Now Year's
at Instl Tliaul; lionvcul No more presents to
liny, no more bills to pay. No moro "Father
buy ino tills, or father buy mo that;" no more
"John, denr, canyon Intmo havo somo money;
there's lot to mil ." Itlsovor. A few more
days and I should have been bankrupt. Hut
tbo crisis has pmscd, tho night Is gone, tho
morn Is breaking, the
Wlfo (iintciliig Iho room) John, dear, tlio
coal Uu Is empty.
As Sim Hen id It.
Prom tin llaiijortl vourant,
A very little girl In the Infant class ot ona
of our city Sunday schools came homo last
Sunday and told her mother Unit tho teacher
bad taught them a now soil; Ou oxpiecitug
a with to hear It, tho mother was much tiston
lulled at tho following sentence, which was ull
tho child could remember: "I'm a llltlogrccn
horn among u half a cheese." Tim wonts
which h.id been misunderstood by tho child
weio these: "I'm a little gleaner unions tho
liuyi'it sheaves."
A comparison made by tbo Depart
ment of Agriculture shows that tho
present corn crop is wortli $111, 000,
000 moro than tho previous crop, and
that tho present wheat crop is wortli
074,000,000 moro than tbo provlotts crop
and that tlio crop of oats is worth $5,
000.000 less than the iiruvlous crop.
Major Lydockur tills morning appeared
befuio tlio Court of Inquiry appointed to
investigate tho Aqueduct scandal ntul
was re-examined on corlaln purls of hi
former testimony for the purpose of
making clear somu points relating to tho
lining of tlio tunnel.
Among tho President's callers to-day
wero Senators Camuron, Gray and Cock
roll, Iiopicsoutntlvos McShatm, Fisher,
Peel, with Colonel Wiley of Avkansas;
Outhivalte, ,T. II, Anderson, Ohio; Foran,
Herbert and Vance, Attorney-General
Garland, Uopresonlallvo Cowles, with
W. AV. Scott, .1. D. Thomas, D. W.
Cowles, tliu Misses Cowles, .Miss Lizzie
Thomas and Miss Sndlo Jones of North
The President to-day declined to inter
fere in tho caso of lticbard Smith of thu
western district of Arkansas, convicted
of murder and sentenced In August to bo
nuugeu January -j.
.Huilum limn 1)1 .Uur.tlui'n Charge Agalmt
Huron Truvnru unit Huron Vim I'rltscli.
The thousands of our cultured peoplo,
who reveled In tho intoxicating molody
of Madam Ilmadl Miirsku's magnificent
voice, in tho hoy-doy of bur supremacy,
will bo pained to read Iho sequol to her
biillinnt career in America. Tho hand of
aflllclion was laid hoavlly upon tho groat
singer and sickness and tho loss of
prestige thereby soon depleted her purse;
and, while those who looked upon hor
as moving in an atmosphuro of wealth
anil luxury wero envying hor, sho was In
reality destitute nnd forced to sell and
nawn her belongings to keop want from
her door.
In this pitiable condition sho claims to
havo applied to tho representatives of tho
Austrian Government both hero and In
Now York, and to havo boon cruelly re
fused help by them, although she Is a
nativo of that country.
Thore is much excitement at tho New
York cousulate of tlio Austrian Govern
ment over theso charges.
Madam dl Murska says tihat tho
American public was lnlluonced agnlnst
her, and that, in consequence of that,
her last tour was a failure. Tho matter
weighed so heavily upon her that sho
fell dangerously ill. And she says sho
would have died in tlio street if it had
not been for the Austrian Consul. Sho
bus written her story of her Hulterlngs to
tlioolllclal government organ in Vienna.
Tlio story is vohomently douied by
Baron Hugo Van Frotsch of Now York,
and at thu Austrian Embassy hero.
A Commlltoii if tho U'lml-droivorn Vlult
tliu Cmiltiil.
Tho Scnalo Finance Committee gave a
hearing io-day to a coinniitteo appointed
by tho Convention pf Wool-Growers of
thu United States, now in session in this
city. Th6 coiiiinUt6i5 was composed of
.Tudgo William Lawronco, of Ohio, chair
man; Hon. Columbus Delano, of Wash
ington; Colonel AV. L. Muck, of Texas;
ii. Hutchison, ot isconsiu; u. uossitt,
of New York; A. Chapman, of Vermont,
and ,1. II. Kirkpatrick, of California.
Several other delegates to tho conven
tion woro present. Of tho committee
tlioro wero presnnt Senators Morrill. Al
lison', Aldrich, lliscook, Sliernmu, Voor
hecs, and Vance. Judge Lawrence acted
as spokesman for tho delegation. IIo
presented a schcdulo proparou bv tho
convention, which is nn cntiro rovlsion
of tho schedule in tho bill and Of tho
present law.
It contemplates a gonoral advance in
rates proposed by tbo Senato Commit
tee. The committee asked Mr. Luwronco
several questions. It is tho intention of
tlio conunilteo to have tbo Senate take
up the wool schcdulo early next week, f
Tho association met at tlio Ebbltt
Housc'piior to visiting tlio Capitol. This
afternoon tbo members of tho commis
sion met and hud an informal discussion
of matters connected with wool growing.
I'lliiurul Services to ho Hold To-morrow
Ex-Hopresentativo O. P. Singleton of
Mississippi, who 'represented that State
in tho Forty-fourth, Forty-fifth, Forty
sixth, Forty-seventh, Forty-eighth and
Forty-ninth Congresses, died at Ills
homo, KV.'O Fifteenth street, last night
after several months' illness of consump
tion. Fuiioral services will bo hold nt bis
late residence, on Flftoonth street, to
morrow afternoon. Kev. Dr. Hamlin
will olllchitl , and tho pall-bcarors havo
not yet been selected. The arrangements
for tbo funeral aro boing nindo by tbo
Mississippi delegation, all of whom called
at the house this morning. After tbo
services the remains will bo taken to Mr.
Slncleton's old homo, Clinton, Miss., for
IIo was born in Kentucky in 18M and
served in tho Confederate tinny nnd in
tlio Confederate Congress, Ills only
daughtor, Mrs. Junius Smith, was
present nt his death.
Jump G, KIIIiimhi of tho noorjfotown
I'listolllco Sontuncml,
James 0. Elliason, convicted on March
15 of robbing tliu malls in tho George
town Postofllco, appeared in tlio Criminal
Court for sentenco to-day. II. E. Davis
stated that ho wuh nrosont to recoivo tho
sentence, of tho Court, nnd, when asked
by Judgo Montgomery whether ho de
sired to bo heard in his behalf, ho re
plied that ho had already spoken to tho
Court on the subject. ,
Nothing ho could say now would add
to tlio Judgo's knowledge in tho caso and
hu could only leave tlio' defendant to tlio
niorcy of tho Court. Ellusou bad noth
ing ho desired to say, and after com
muiilingupon tlio painful character of
tho duty before tho Court, sentenced hint
to one yoar at Albany. Thu caso is to bo
reviewed In thu Court in General Term.
Mr UIoviiIiiiiiI'h llui-optlon.
Dy 1 o'clock this afternoon tlio ladles who
wero bent ou shaking Mrd. Cleveland's hand,
began to assemble ou the portico of tho
Whlto IIouso, nnd by '2 o'clock nearly
1,000 ladles and gentlemen, mostly
ladles, wero in lluo waiting for tho doors to
open. Tlio reception begun at !l o'clock mid
will hist till 0 o'clock, .Mrs. Cleveland will
bo assisted by Mrs, Calvin S. llrlco.
A Flit CluiHii on lUiinituy.
The Columbia Hunt Club have Issued Invi
tations for a fox hunt on .Monday. Tho lend
ing horsemen In tlio city will litko part. Tho
start will bo mado from "tho UenueU" on tlio
(Seventh sticut road ut 8 o'clock. This will
not boa drag hunt, but a fox chase.
Vn Institution n Which Noblo Ilcitrtod
Womi.'ti of IVmlilimloii Arn IiitoroMiMl
IVIuit thu I'nnlts Aro TiiitRht nut! IVIin
Touuh Them,
Tho bright sun slanted down through
tho basement windows of tho Minor
School building on an odd sort of ascono
this morning.
Eighty little chairs bohlnd eighty llttlo
desks uru ranged up and down tho room
In eight formal rows.
In tho chairs wero a half hundred
little colored girls of all shades of brown
from almost whlto to obouy, yellow, cop.
per colored, sari brown, ecru, all with
needles In their pudgy fingers, some with
pricked thumbs thrust between their
thick lips and all hard ut work.
In the north basement room wero an
other half hundred litllo girls, not all so
llttlo either, for some of them are old
enough to wear long dresses, all hard at
work, too. Flitting about among thu
girls wero ten teachers, and sitting in u
chair on ti low plntfqrm at tbo head of
tlio room wns a pleasant-faced, white
haired woman that the children showed
their work to one at a tlmo. Tlio lady
with tho whlto hair was Mrs. Judgo
Aldis. and tho negro girsl composed St.
Luke's Indiiftrial School.
They woic of all ages of girlhood, from
llttlo ones in dresses so short that thci
didn't cover tbo holes In the knees of tho
stockings that somo of thorn woro, to
girls fourteen or fifteen years old. Tnoir
clothes wero in almost nil shades of sbttb
blness, but they wero warmly dressed,
and the yellow and brown and black faces
woro all clean, and the brown eyes nil
bent Interestedly over their sowing. Mrs.
Judgo Aldis is thu president of tlio school,
and both tho school-rooms wore tinder
her kind eyes.
Tho teachers flitted about from ono to
another of the llttlo girls. Miss Louisa
Dayard iu a neat street dress, witli her
brown hair piled In a comfortable coil on
top of her head, bad charge of the girls
in the north basement room, and Secre
tary Bayard's other daughter, Ellon,
helped her sister in teaching tho little
girls to sow.
Miss Waite, tho late Chiof Justice's
daughter, is .Mrs. Aldis' chief, and she
assists her hi a gonoral supervision of
tho sclio'oj.
Miss Taylor, Miss Aldis, Miss Norriss
of Wilmington, MIs3 Wordon, Miss
Chow aim Mrs. Warren and Mrs. Itev.
Alexander Crummull, whoso husband is
pastor of St. Luko's Church, arc the
other teachers. These charltublo ladles
have been giving their sorvlcos from ten
o'clock till noon every Saturday to toach
theso children how to work. Tho school
is dependent upon their and their
friends' charity and but for them it
would not oxist.
They teach tho pupils how to sow.com
menclng with patches and other simple
sorts ofou-hig. And many n patch on
n hod-carriers or iisli-man's coat there
is that wp.ulil.r'iot bo thero if somo negro
girl bad not gono to St. Luko's Indus
trial School.
Tho school Is opened each Saturday at
10 o'clock by a prayer and then for two
hours tho institution in all kinds of sow
ing goes on. As tho pupils progress they
nro given more dllllcult work to do.
Every stitch is Inspected by tho teachers,
and when tho girls graduato they aro
llrst-rato scumstrcsses.
Tho school was started in 18S1 by Mrs.
IJancroft Davis. It lias been a success
from the llrst. Tho negro girls tako
kindly to tlio work, and learn to sow al
most as readily as white girls would,
The ladies who have cbargo of tlio
school want to enlarge It so that instruc
tion in cooking can bo given too, nnd to
this end a lot adjoining St. Luke's
Church has been bought with money
donated by friends of tlio school, and as
tlioy get money a commodious building
will bo erected and the scope ot tho
school enlarged.
Uov. Mr. Crummull is very much in
terested in tlio schools.
"1 think industrial education is tbo
only solution of the race problem," ho
said tills morning. "If our young colored
peoplo wero taught to work, instead of
being taught latin and Orouk, it would
bo much better for them,
Colored peoplo comu from tho sur
rounding farms to this city as to a Mecca.
Thoy find all tho callings open to colored
peoplo overcrowded, and their only resort
is to steal. On tho farms through Vir
irlnia and Maryland and tbo Carollnns
tho negroes are abused iu every posslblo
way.; If thoy wero educated in tlio
trades thoyj might easily 'liiid employ
ment. 15ut thoy have not yet in this city
any place to learn trades, and that is
what thoy need. They could easily gut
alone without thoir Latin and Greek if
they wero practical artisans.
'As soon as wo can ralso money to
build a building ou our lot next to the
church wo intend to establish a thorough
industrial school tbat will fit colored
children to mako a living at respectable
trades. Hut wo have but llttlo money
and wo would never havo been ablo to
do as much as wo havo for theso colored
girls but for tho help of tbesu good
hearted ladies who havo cbargo of tho
good work."
Itonl KHtuto Transfers. -'
Calvin S. Montague to Adlo 8. Nolson, for
S250, lot 1, block 4, Ivy City.
Uonzagn Collego to Adaiii Michel, for fcll,
150, sublot 16S, bipiare 031,
John A. f.uttruil, trustee, ct al. to Charles
II. Gladden, for i07 sublot (VT, square 770.
Samo to Edgar (). Kennedy, for $3,1)10, sub
lots C4-5U, square 770,
.Sumo to Cliarles Ji. Gladden, $073, sublot
51, square 770.
Henrietta M, Foreman to l-'annlo V. llac
gctt, for $1,000, sublets Vi and l'-!7, square IMS.
Tho Trillin n f ii Family.
Prom Time.
"Mamma," asked Dick, plaintively, "am I
all the children wo'vo goU"
'Yes, dear," answered mamma, smiling at
his curious plural ami pronoun,
"Then," said Dick, with decision, "I shall
hang up both stockings next year so they'll
Just touch tho lloor easy, and itsk Santo Clans
to please put a foot iu each, with a llttlo
brother onto 'cm. I'm tired of plujlug I'm a
family all tlio tlmo."
U'iitlior limine llronhH Ills Lex,
Walker lllaluo fell as ho was gettlns; from a
cab at tho Noruumdlo ou his arrival last
night and broke his leg Just ubovo the ankle,
llti was cm led inside and tlio fracture lo
duecd by Doctor Lincoln and Mugrudcr. lie
Is doing well to-day, A largo number of his
friends called on lilui durliiL' tho day and wero
told that the acclduiit was not particularly
soiloin, though ho will havo to bo In bed for
somo time,
-I. '
A Vet em 1 1 I'lriiiium Demi,
John 11. tSessford, a pioneer of tho Fire De
partment of this city, died this afternoon at
tho uuo of 07 years. The Hags on tho engine
houses lniYo liecii ordurud at half-uiust until
alter the funeral.
A IjAKUK opium seiuuk.
Tirntvn C'h I million Kiij-xkihI In HmiiRgllnt;
Ciiptureil nil I'tiRnl Siiniid.
Tout Townsund, W. T., Jan. lli. Tlio
largest opium and Chinese solxiiro mado
on Puget Sound for sevural months was
inntlo Thursday night, when nearly
$5,000 wortli of opium and twelve China
men wero captured in tho llritlsh sloop
Kmcrald, near tho mouth of Port Dis
covery Hay. The vessel was in cbargo
of Ilcnjntiiln Lttudy and Frank Hall, tuitl
400 pounds of rellnod opium mid a do.en
Chinamen from Victoria.
Tho miutor was to recoivo $i!0 for overy
Chinaman lauded on Amurleiin soil, be
sides $'-',000 on tho opium. Alt the Chi
neso wero provided with llritlsh certifi
cates, untitling tliom to return to Victoria.
Tbo smugglers, when thev observed tho
revenue cutler Oliver Woleolt bearing
down upon them, throw a Inrgequanilty
of opium overboard attached to dealing
llfo-prcscrvcrs, a fow of which the offi
cers nicked up. Thoy wero heavily
armed, but offered no resistance. Tlio
smugglers wero bound over In tho sum
of $3,000 each to appear for trial.
Tho Mayor of uu Illliiuln City Threatened
With Vlolohcn.
Monticcm.o. Ii.ii., Jan. 12. Tho
Whltccaps havo made their appearance
nt Farmer City, iu this Slate, and tho
niayorof tho city, tho Methodist preacher
and other well-known citizens have re
ceived letters of warning threatening
them with violence. The mayor mid
citizens havo offered a reward for tlio
detection and arrest of the parties who
resort lo this cowardly practice.
Wauasii, Inh., Jan. 12. Tho residents
of tho town of Ltiero nro exorcbed over
tbo report tbnt a Whltecap band is boing
formed in the vicinity.
The rinns of Znriltn, tho Spanish Iloimh
lk'iin, Hofoutoil.
Londok, Jan. 12. It Is reported that
lluiz Zorrilla, tho Spanish Republican,
left Paris on Wednesday last with tho
intention of embarking with his fol
lowers on two vessels lying in tho
Thames and proceeding to'Spaiu, where
ho contemplated raising a revolt. Tho
authorities at Madrid, however, wero
advised of Zorilla's movements and tho
plan was frustrated.
"Jurnilyce vs. .Tiirmlyeo," With Vurlu
tloim. All elderly, well-dressed couple, evidently
strangers, entered tho National Museum to
day to seo the sights.- Thoy boro about them
tho unmistakable air of people well-to do and
bent on pleasmo.
They started from caso to case,, and were
loud Iu expressing astonishment at tho
wonders tbej saw. As they moved Into ono
of tho alcoves nn elderly Individual camo
slowly from tho other side, and, with a cry of
pain, fell back on a seat, and secmed'to faint,
lie was ngcil and shabby, and his suffering nt
once appealed to the old couple. They spoha
kindly to lilm, and ho ' revived, saying:
'There, there, good people; it Is nil right
"Pressed toouplalu himself, he told-tho fol
lowing wondrolis sio'ry:
"I'm Major John Wllklns., .of. JIcuiicssco
and am hero to light my caso before tho
Claims Commission. Kuril In llie''llftles" I
was heir to wealth In land andnegeoes greater
than any other planter In tho Statu. 'Uio war
came on and my parents died, tearing mo solo
owner of all they possessed. ,Tlio Union
armies camo to my place nnd iito up and
curried oil all 1 had hi the world, inciudlug
tho negroes. They gave ino vouchers, but I
lost them. Jiulued in puree, mid broken In
health, I camo to Washington twenty ycais
ago to press my claim before the Cpttimlsslon."
Here, another elderly man, also seedy look
lntr, Joined thu group, and looked compas
sionately at the speaker, who continued: "I
havo been throiisU ull tliu tortures known to
tho laws delay; I havo sulTered untold agonies,
always hopluc; and always meeting disappoint
ment. I havo witnessed the meeting and dc
nurture, of manv Conzresscs: tho comlne- and
going of many Presidents and Cabinets; tho
ever-Increasing army of claimants come mid
go with success stamped upon their ellorts;
but I am left alone, In my ago and feebleness,
tho last member of a ouee proud and powerful
family." Hlsvoico falteicd ami tears stood
In his eyes.
Tho old man who Joined tlio parly last was
deeply affected also, and taking off his bat
tered hat, bo threw u coin dollar Into It and
suld: "My poor friend, I am myself only a
poor mortal, and cannot bo of much service
to myself or anybody else, but I'll gladly
stait the ball to give you a llttlo lift, for your
sufferings havo been great indeed."
He held out tbo hat to thu old gentleman,
who quickly put n $10 note Iu It, and was fol
lowed by his wife, who throw In all tho small
coins In her haud-salehcl.
Tlio aged litigant was then assisted by tho
shabby old party to thu entrance, the old
couple looking after them with tear-wet oyes.
When they were outside, thu second old party
"Ilow much, Sam V"
"I.eiiimu see: ten an' two is twelve twelve,
seventy-live ! Well, Jimmy, let's go up an'
II Ulcer up; n chump is u chump. If he's as gray
as u badger. Whore's yer pewter dollar?"
Perhaps the most Interesting boy In America
to da-, ami certainly the most Interesting In
Washington, Is Garfield Sloctim. the eight-year-old
son of Captain Blocum, of the little
boat l.tbcrdade, which Is now lying at tbo
Sixth-street wharf, having arrived hem with
his wlfo and two boys utter u 7,000-mllo trip
from South Amei lea. liarllcld was born lu
1SS1 In Hong Hong, China, and wus named iu
honor of President Garlleld by Colonel Mosby,
consul at that point. Tho boy bus traveled
not less than U75,000 miles, Including two
voyages around thu world, and has touched
his foot upon the toll of tho threo Aineileas,
Knropc, Asia, Africa, any quantity of Islands
and been clear around Australia.
IIo Is a very bright little follow, asking moro
questions than two Yankees, and to-day vis
ited this oflleo to learn how "thoy mado a
newspaper." Ho took It all In from tho press
room hi the cellar to the bruin, depot ou tlio
top floor, Ills last trip oii the I.ibetdudc, a
bout thlrty-Ilvo feet long, carrying only four
tons, was 7,000 miles long, a sea voyago im
purallcd for a vessel of thu size. Ills father,
mother and older brother wero his companions.
At times thoy wero 2,C0O miles from land and
tho frail llttlo craft met dangerous storms, hut
camo through safely, t lailield i u good sailor
and has never shown any fear at sea, lu fact,
hu doesn't know anything but tlio sen, having
never lived on laud louger than two weeks at
a time.
This I.lberd.ido trip, however, did not strlko
him very favorably, and tho llrst night on
board tho small boat, when ho knell ut his
mother's kueo to Bay his prayers, hu looked
around a moment and doulitlugly remarked:
".Mamma, this boat Isn't big enough to
pray lu." ' '
Ou tho vojago ho said ho warned to stand
ut the bow lluu when thoy liuulcd In Now
Vorit so hu could bo thu llrst to reach laud.
After that ho wanted to get a pair of wings
nnd travel that way to lleavcu. All around,
(iurllcld Is n great boy, and somu ot tlio good
hearted, fushlouablo women of Washington
ought to go down and seu him and mako a
lion ot him iu social circles.
lmillgiir.itlmi Kuteit,
J. W. l'erloy of this city has tujrgostcd tlint
n carriage thut was built for Henry Clay In
1S33 hu groeurcd, ami that tho President ride
to his Inauguration lu It.
Captain II. A. Perkins of the Governor's
troop of Ilarrlsburg, l'u.. has soleclcd quar
ters for Ids command at tlio Thysou Hoiiso ut
Seventh nnd 1' streets.
James ii. Caso has written for accommoda
tions for 100 of tho Urooklyn Young Uepubll
cau Club durlug tho Inauguration,
To HU Honrt'n Content unit tho IIouso
Situ l.y In Utter Ilclple-HCM-Tlie Mi
nority Itules.
We present tho following complete re
port from tho Congressional Jlceord of
one day's work iu filibustering, for the
benollt of those of our readers who pay
taxes, but whoso early education In tbo
mailer of National legislation has boon
seriously neglected. Wo regret exceed
ingly Hint our old friend, that time-tried
and llro-tcstcd patriot and statesman,
Jcdgo Wnxein of Waybaek, Is the leador
of tho filibusters on this occasion, hut
wo spare neither friend nor foe when tho
Interests of tbo Nation aro suffering at
their hands. Wo present tbo report ifnd
"let tlio galled jn'do wince:"
IIousi: or Hia'tiEsiiNTATivr.s,
KittnAY, January, 18S0.
Tho IIouso met at 12 in,
Pravor by tho Chaplain, Ilov. W. II.
Milburn, 11. 1). O, Lord, wo thank
thee that thou hast once mora permitted
the assembling of Ibcsu hosts of legisla
tion in the continuance of their work In
framiug'.from tho Dlvino law given from
thino own lips, of civil laws for Iho
.ledge Wnxein: Mr. Spcaker.ef tbo gent
will yield tbo door lo mo for n
Tlio Speaker: Thu gentleman from
Waybaek Is out of order and will take
his scat.
Jedgc Wnxom: Mr. Speaker, I niovo
that tlio IIouso does now adjourn, and
pendin' that 1 move that when tho
House adjourns it adjourns lo meet next
Tho Speaker: Tho gentleman is out of
Jedgo Waxem: Mr. Sneaker, alnt a
motion to adjourn always In ordor?
Tho Speaker: I beg tbo gentleman's
The question was taken: Ayes, 5; noes,
Jcdgo AVtixem: Divisionl
Tho IIouso divided and tbo voto stood:
ayes, -1; noes, CO.
Jcdgo Waxem: No korum.
Mr.'Weavur and Jedgo Waxem ap
pointed tellers.
The House again divided and tho tel
lcrs,roporlcd. Ayes, nonu; noes, 01.
.ledge Waxem (a toller): No korum.
Mr. Weaver: 1 move a call of tbo
Tlio Speaker: No quorum has voted
and tbo gcntlonmu trom Iowu moves u
call of tbo House.
A call of tlio IIouso was ordered.
Tho roll was called nnd 110 1 members
failed to answer to their names.
After tho secopd call.
Mr. Kilgoro: T ask that my friend,
Major Martin of Texas, be excused as lie
is down town paying bis gns bill.
The Speaker: Tho Chair will cause
tlio mimes of absentees to bo called, and
as they aro called excuses cau bo made.
The clerk proceeded to call tho roll.
ThoChanlniu: I rise to a question of
personal privillgo.
.ledge Waxem. I rnlso.to a question of
parliniojiHT inquerry,
Tho Speaker: Will the gentleman stato
Jedgc Waxem: Is this tbo fust or sec
ond call of the House?
Thu Speaker: This is tlio second.
Jcdgo Waxem: How many culls do
wo have on a call of the Houso?
Tho Sneaker: This is tho second call
and tho Clerk is calling the names of tho
absentees for excuses
Jedgo Waxem: Kxcuso mo. I jest
wtinte'd to bo shore.
The Clerk proceeded with tlio call.
Mr. Heed: I desire to inquire whether
a quorum has appeared.'
The Speaker: Two hundred and fifty
members have answored to their names.
Jcdgo Waxem: I movo you, sir, that
nil peiccedtn's under tlio call bo sus
pended with. I'm dricr'n a gourd.
J no question was taKon aim on a. in
vision thero were: Ayes, 58; noes, 1.
So the motion was agreed to.
Jedgo Waxem, to Sunset Cox. in n
whisper: What wuz tho motion any
Jcdgo Waxem: I ask unanimous con
sent that the follorin' order bo ugrcod to
by this Houso.
Mr. Kilgoro: Itcgtilar order.
Tho Speaker: Let it be read.
Mr. Phelps et al: Kcgular order.
JudgoiWuxom: I hopo gents on tho
floro will listen to tho rcadiu' boforo thoy
Mr. Gav, of Lonlslana: Glvo us a fair
count. No one man can bulldozo this
Jedgo Waxem: I was bopin, Mr.
Speaker, wo was ready to trausak busi
ness. The Speaker: The logttlar ordor Is the
further count by tellers, and they will ro
sumo operations nt tho old stand.
After somo time .spoilt in thu count,
Jedgo Waxem said: Ivo got u resolu
tion that I offer usii inatter of tho highest
Tho Speaker: lltjt tho Houso is now
Jcdgo Wnxom: Mr. Cliccrinau, it aint
out of order to offer it at no time.
Tho Spoakor: Not while the Houso is
Jedgo Wnxein: Yes it is.
Tho Speaker: If tbo gentlcmau will
send up the resolution it will bo road, and
tbo chair will decide whether it cau bo
takuu up.
Tlio Clerk read tho paper as follows:
lltiolml, Mr. Speaker, 1 ralso lu my place
on this lloor to offer a few remarks concernln'
my Muttua In this House. Thar alnt moron
olio of mo aglu tho lutlru combination, and I
want to know ef I alnt got somu rights
Mr. Taulbco: Mr. Speaker. Is that tlio
regular ordor?
Tho Speaker: The gentleman has of
fered it as a matter of tlio highest privi
lege and tho Chair will have to bear it
read to determine wliothcrit shall bo en
tertained. Tho Clerk continued:
That Is bound to be resnected. Thar Is
Members In this IIouso that Is tiitimatln' that
I'm a bulldozor from Wnjbuck, and slch
charges reflects upon my moral characktor
and my record as a statesman and a pattilot.
1 riekon, .Mr. Speaker, It nlut altogether agin
tho lacks that 1 am mancuvcrlu' somewhat in
my own Intrusts, hut I alnt to blame for that.
I'm a dolu' what I'm n dnln' accoidln' to the
mlcsgiildln' nnd governlu' thu House's per
ccedlus as sot forth by thu Committee on
ItulcB, Includlu' slch statesmen, patlrlnts and
parlttueutnilaus ns Mr. C.ilrllsle, liaudall,
.Mills, Heed and Cannon, and of they don't
know what Is tha best way ter eontrollln' tho
perccedlns of this august body, who hi
thunder does f t alnt Intcrduclii' no seditious
ner Insurrectionary measures, ner am I seizin'
hold of anything with tho usurper's tlcran
ideal hand.
No, li, Mr. Speaker, I'm follerin' direct hi
tho path that my Illustrious colleagues has
blazed fer me. My Intrust jtst at present
lays Iu a sehemu I've got uu hand fur upeiilu'
up certain uninhabited suctions of hill laud
In the Waybaek deootriet, good deal of
which I and sum of my friends In tho last
election has got options ou, and which alnt
wuth shucks now, but will bo wuth millions
In ease 1 can effect tliu proper legislation,
Thar seems to be a disposition among my col
leagues on this Uoor to luterforo with my per
sonal IntriKls In this matter, Mr. Speaker,
notwlllistnnilln' I never wns knowed to hack
out when nny ot them wanted mo to stand to
gether with them, nnd I nlut goin' to ho
knocked down and run over ef I cuii help It,
nnd so fer, Mr. Speaker, I'vo been pilrty nblo
to help It. Tho public Intrusts may suffer
somu, .Mr. Speaker, by these doln's and tho
delays Is 0041(11' tho taxpayers eight cr tun
thousand dollars a day nnd no profit in It,
but that alnt my fault.
It's thu Inllro fault of (he overwhelm!!-' ma
jority In this Houso that keeps votlu' aglu mo.
I'm willln' to slop right here ef thoy air, hut
I'm golu' iiecordln' to rules, and they air ngln
them, nnd I want to know which ouo of in Is
wins. Tills is a great mid glorious Ilcpiibllc,
Ml. Speaker, nud It U great nnd glorious bo
c.iuse overy sluglo ludlvldttlo citizen has got
rights thut is pcrlccted aglu any ami nil op
pressive majorities, as hi tho caso now before
this House. I nlut been suyln' much hereto
fore, because It wasn't my tlmo 10 say, uud 1
alnt a man to hidings on tho rights of my col
leagues that has all times fer ther own, hut It's
my tlmo now, nnd, Mr Speaker, I'll say my
say nnd do my door I'll bust n hamestth'g,
'Taint very long tell adjournment, nnd ef tho
Iloiifo wants to do anything It had hotter bo
commeiieln' on tho Job purty soon. 1'rlvntu
rlglitK Is a public trust, nail every Member in
this Home Is sworo to watch out for public
trusts. If not, what air we hero fer?
Mr. Heod: Regular order.
Tho clerk continued tho reading:
Mr. Speaker, I'm willln' to mako concessions
of the oilier sldo Is willln' lo meet urn about
ulne-tentlis of the way. I nlut greedy. I'm
11 -iqunr man and a pattrlntthat Is favorable to
glvfn' tho country a flglilla' chance. Hut, Mr.
Speaker, as long as wo'vo got the Utiles wo
have, 1 don't want no 111 uu, statesman ner pat
tilot, to tread on my co.ittulls, and I hereby
put up n notice to that olTcct.
The readingof thu resolution was com
pleted in a profound and awe-struck
Tho Speaker: Tho Chair does not think
Hint it can bu entertained at this time.
Mr. Weaver: 1 nsk unanimous consent
that it bo ndopted.
Mr. Heed: I suggest that it bo mado
Ccrinaiieut so as to treat with each mem
or as he makes his nppcnniuco, because
tho gentleman is only exorcising 11 right
that belongs to mo and every other mem
ber of this body.
Tho Sneaker: Thu Chair docs not en
tertain the resolution.
Cries of 'Uugulnr order."
Mr. Tnulbeo. I think that this resolu
tion Tho Speaker: Tho regular order is de
manded. Jedgo Waxem: Lot lilm go on. Mr.
Taulbco is a model man, Mr. Sncnker,
and can't git very for off tlio trncK.
Tho Speaker: The voting will proceed.
Tbo Chaplain: I would liko to in
quire Mr. Sowdcn: 1 1 movo wo adjourn.
Nobody seems disposed to attend to busi
ness and
The Chaplain: Mr. Speaker, I would
Mr. Sowdcn: 1 movo wo
Tho Speaker: Tbo gentleman Is out of
ordor. Tho Chaplain hns called my at
tention to tho fact that ho has not yet
finished tho IIouso prayer and lie lias an
engagement to marry a couplo at U
o'clock lu Georgetown. Tho IIouso will
bo In order.
The Chaplain: Thanks, Mr. Speaker.
As I was saying when interrupted, O
Lord, for the guidance and control of
this, Thy chosen people, if it bo Thy
will, make them tbo vicu-gerents of tlio
peoplo, Irtiu to those they represent, to
themselves nnd to Thee, O Lord, for
Thy pniYor,ia infinite. Awnko in their,
ncari3.otiiy thu .biuiuinoniB-ot tuu-pure-uud
holy and conlorin them nud thoir
work'tts legislators to Thy teachings.
Do what Thou cans't, O Lord, in our
behalf, for Thluo is the glory and power
forever. Anion.
Mr. Ezra H. Taylor: I movo the re
marks of Iho Chaplain bo
Thu Speaker: The gentleman is out of
Judge Wnxom: Mr. Chcorinnn, I ralso
to n pint of pnrllinoiitory inquerry.
Tho Speaker: Will tho getleman pleaso
stato it?
Jedgo Waxem: Has ther 11 korum
turned up yitl
. Tlio tellers roported: Ayes, nono; noes,
Jedgo Wnxein: No korum.
Tho motion of Mi. Sowden wns agreed
to and accordingly at 1 o'clock and 27
minutes tlio Houso adjourned, leaving
the journal of yostcrduy's proceedings
unread ami unapproved, to nwait a moro
auspicious day for legislation.
Huron HIi-miIi Sny That Only Iho Extinc
tion or tha Ituco Will Sotvo It.
Nuw Yonu, Jan. 12. Tlio Herald
prints a. Paris dispatch, giving an inter
view with Ilaron Ilirsch, in which ho
says that the 100,000,000 francs ho has
given for educational purposes in llussia
and Austria aro not for Jewish children
alono, but for Christian children as well.
Tho Ilaron says:
"I urn n bitter onemy of fanaticism,
bigotry and cxclusivo theology. Tho
Jewish question can only bo solved by
tho disappearance of tbo Jowisb race,
which will inevitably be accomplished
by tho tiimdgamntiou of Christians and
Jews. Tho "Jowisb race is now disap
pearing. Tlioro aro numerous instances
of conversion of .lows to Christianity,
but J cannot recall n solitary Instance of a
Christian becoming convened to Juda
imi. Tho salvation of tbo Jows is as
similation. "Let tliom bo amalgamated by Christi
anity and merged hi Christianity. Let tlio
fusion bo complete Let Jewish Isolation
bo broken down. Let the Jows us n distinct
sect disappear. This is tho tendency of
tho age. This will bo tbo solution of tbo
Jewish question and a blessing to civiliz
ation." . 1 1
111: IS IN DIHJIir.
Jnoksnn, thn Australian I'iiL'lllt, Uncer
tain Whether to Moot .Smith.
San PitANCisco, Jan. 12. Peter Jack
sou, tho colored pugilist from Australia,
said, in reference) to tbo announcement
that Jem Smith, tbo English champion,
hud issued a challenge to light, ami
Smith would havo to como to California,
as ho (Jackson) had made up his mind to
light only in California and under tho
auspices of tliu California Athletic Club,
that ho lias not made up his mind as to
whether bo would mcotSmlth under any
A Majority of Itepuhlleiin C'lingrenHinen
In l'u or of It.
New Yoiik, Jan. 12. Tho Tribune's
Washington dispatch gives interviews
with a number of ltupubllcan Congress
men, showing a preponderance of opin
ion iu favor of tin extra session tlio
coming spring.
Hv-dovernor l'ouud of Wisconsin la at tho
Walker lllatno Is registered at tho Xor
maudlo, Kxliovoruor Curtlu and James barton Kay
aro ut L'hamberllu's.
C. P. Huntington Is at Wormloy's,
W. A. Hiilbcrt of Now Yoik Is registered
at tho Atllugtou.
Hon. Leopold Morso and Ocorgo William
Cuitls are ut WelcKcr's,
A. Ii, .Morehcad of Cincinnati Is at Wlllard'a.
No Imputation Out. Upon tho Integrity
of Mr. .llaMiilllii IIo Will, llnmirar,
Content thn Itlghl to IHxintn IIIui,
Nr.w YottK, Jan. 12. Secretary Fair
child has ordered that all special Treas
ury agents In tho country who can bo'
spared from their posts of duty shnll
hasten at once to tills city to assist in n
thorough, top-to-bottom Investigation of
Iho ollieo of tbo appraiser of tho port.
Thu Chief Supervising Special Agent,
Colonel Jewell, will nrrlvu here from
Washington to-tlay, and Coionul Mont
gomery, chief Treasury agent at ltostou,
lias been telegraphed for nnd will get
hero at the samo time.
Mr. T. C. Tingle, tlio special agent,
ouo of tho three who investigated tlio
eiislom-houso two years ago, will bo iu
Now York to meet tliein, As fast as tlio
other special agents arrivo they .will bo
assigned to tlio resticctivo lines of de
tective work for which tlio chief super
vising ugent thinks them to bo best titled.
This important step is thu result of a
conference at tbo custom-house yestor
day afternoon lu tho collector's olllco be
tween Collector Mngono and Appraiser
A. 11. Stearns of Boston, who has tempo
rarily taken charge of the oflleo mado
vacant by Mr. McMttllln's removal.
1'iVldcncu of a startling natitro ns to
the corruption and rottenness of tho ap
praiser's olllco under Mr. McMullin's
mnnagument wns prcsouted. Thero Is
not tbo slightest hint rcllecting upon tho
peTOiml integrity of Mr. McMullin,
whoso unfortunate position, nftor a long
and faithful service of thirty-six ycar3
iu tlio appraiser's oflleo, arouses gonoral
sympathy among Uio Custom-IIouso offi
cials. Hut tlioro scorns to bo no doubt what
ever that tho most gigantic frauds havo
been ,'pcrpctrated during the past thrco
years, iu which ho has been at tbo bead
of the most important ofllcc.
Certain merchants havo been favored
at tbo expense of the Government and of
honest importers, undervaluations on im
enormous scale havo been permitted, and
tho Treasury Department has been de
frauded of millions of dollars. That may
seem liko a strong statement, but it
comes from nn less a poisonago than Ap
praiser Stearns.
Examiner Hardwell of tlio AVool Di-'
vision will also bo called ou to explain.
Tho charge against lilm is that ho lias
permitted tho importation of what nro
known as woolen noils 11 cheap grndo
of foreign wool at llvo cents a pound
duty, when at all other ports tho entry
of the same grade of goods was not per
mitted at less than tun contsduty.
Tho investigation will begin to-day as
soon as Colonel Jewell arrives.
One of the first officials to bo over
hauled will bo Assistant Appraiser
-Moore of tho Damage Allowanco Divi
sion, who Is not to bo confused with Ex
aminer Moore of the Tobacco' Division,
above relerrcd.
Appraiser Staarns when asked in whnt
division tho frauds were chiefly pjacttced,
said: "SoTiir" Ih"oyr'appca'fcd to liuln
tlio sugar department. Ilut wc have not
investigated tlio others thoroughly yet.
1 havo discovered Unit an immenso
amount of new sugar has boon passed
without tho payment of duties.
"When I say that millions of dollars
were save by tho importers, you will un
derstand how great a quantity of raw
sugar lias been landed hero with In tho
past three years without tho payment of
propor duties, This could not havo been
dono without collusion on tlio Dart of
Government employes,"
"How was tbo scboino worked? By
false tests of tbo sugar. I suppose ami
fraudulent samples. Tho coming in
vestigation will probably throw moro
light upon tho method of the swindle."
Meantime, it is said, Mr. McMullin in
tends to contest tbo legality of bis re
moval, which, ho claims, was not iu ac
cordance with section 1,707 of tho Re
vised Statutes.
Mr. Htowo Iteeoverlng.
IlAiiTroui), Cons., Jan. 13. Mrs. Harriet
llccchcr titowo continues to Improve In health
and spirits, and Is, physically and mentally,
qulto as well as before her very serious illness
of last summer.
Tho .Stuck nnd Money Market.
Nr.w YoitK, Jan. 12. Money closed 3 pc
cent., tho only rata ot tho day.
I'xehaugo closed quiet; posted rates, -ISO
IS'.!: actual rates, 48.'iJ(i,sS.'J for CO days, nnd
IS'Jj(i',4S8i fordemami.
Oiivcrnments closed steady; cuirenoy, 0
111) hid; -Is, coupons, 120i bid; -lis, do., 10S(
l'aclllo It. It. bonds closo as folloows:
Union Pacific firsts, 1111 to 117; do. land
grants, Ml to 100, do, sinking funds, 103 to
120; Centrals. Utlto 117.
Uu tbo appearance of tho bank statement
Just before noon, showing nn Incrcuso lu
tlio resources of $7,210,000, tho market
strengthened and closed nt tho top prices.
Tho advance, as compared with yesterday's
prices, ranged from J to 2 per cent. Tho sales;
for tho morning amounted to 112.010 shares.
1 p. 111. prices. W. U N. t. C 18S8;
N. .). C 0S1: Mich. ; C. Y ., ; U. P., ;
Mo., 7li; Tex., 221; S- O., ; Can. l'ae., ;
1). ,t II., -; 1)., L. A W., HU; Erie. 2SJ
do. pfd HIS; K. it'l',, : L. !:., 10IJ; L. .V
N'., -; N. W 108: do. pfd., Hi ; O. ,t V.(
; Heading. ; It. I., OSJ; O. ,t M 512; d
pfd.. SI; St'. Paul, 043; do. pfd., 10-U; N. & C,
; Wabash, ; do. pfd., ; 15. A Q., I
Man,, ; O. & N., 02j; O. & T 31J.
Tho Chicago Murliut.
ClllO.ino, Jan. 12. Opening, th'SO a. m.l
Wheat-fob., 00; .May, $1.03J$1.0;l,
Corn Feb., "HJ; March, U5. Oats May,
27. Pork Mav, $1.1.112. I.ard March,
7.'!7J: May, $7.50. Short Hlbj I'ob., J0.S7j
May, $7.orS5i7.07.
Tho AViiHhliictiiii Stocks.
Miscellaneous bonds W. & G. 15. It.. 10S;
.Masonic Hall Ass'n. 100: Wash. Market Co.,
113; Inland ,t Seabord Co., ; Wash. Light
infantry, 1st, 04; Wash. Light lufnntrv. 2d,
50; Wash, lias Light Co.. 121; Wash. Gas-
Scrip, 122.
National Hank Stocks Hunk of Washing
ton. !I07: Hank of Kepubltc, 17.V, Metropolitan,
203: Central, 200; Second, HO; Farmers' and,
Mechanics', 103; Cilizcus', 123; Columbia,
K.illrond Stocks Washington nnd Ooorgo
town, 207; Metropolitan, 111; Columbia, 3.'
Cup. it North U si., OS: Anucosttu. 10.
Insurance Slocks t'lremon's. 30; I'rauklbi,
41: Metropolitan, 73; National Union. 19;
Arlington, UK): Coicorali, 00; Columbia, 12$;
(iermaii American. 155: Potomac, 75; ltlggs, 8.
(ins and Llectrie Light Stocks Washington
Gas, 1U2; (icorgclowii Gas, 45; U. S. Electria
Light, DO.
Telephono Stocks Pennsylvania, ; Cbesn
neako it l'otuiuac. 78.
Miscellaneous Stocks Washington Markot
I Co., 15; Washington Uriel Machine Co.. 105;
.National l'ross lirlcii Co., ; ureal fulls lea
Co.. ; Hull Hun Panorama Co, 20; Heal
Kstato Title Insurance Co., 115; Columbia
Title Insurance Co., 53; National Sate Do
posit Co., ; American (Jruphophonu Co.,
I.ociit Weather Indications,
! I'ulr; nearly stationary leuiporuluro; varlttui.
t winds,

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