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The TVashington Critic
a 1ST YEAH. NO- G,!38.
A 1'lOItT OVKIl lllSt'KltltING TIIIJ
TAItll!' HIM..
It Is Flnnlly Kent li tlio Wnyn nnii Moans
Committed AKnllint tho llrulentM at till)
Itcnulilli-iitiH .UlToct of 111 Ik Action.
When lliu Honso convened this morn
ins tllu Sneaker l:lil bnfrtiu It lliu Souiitu
h Tariff 1)111 mid paused a moinmit beforo
referring lliu bill lo recognize Mr. Hood
of Maine, who desired to spouk on tliu
Mr. Hoed qiiotod Mr. Carllslo's stato
incut, which that ueutloinnn mado in his
lurUT speech Inst sprlnp, to the effect that
ttio situation demanded action upon ttio
tariff by Congress this session.
Mr. Hoed said: "Tlio House lias nindo
1 tlio preliminary step to carry out this do-
maud, mid tlio Senrtto luis done its part.
j0 Aside troni otner cmreioticcs in -tnc two
V ' ... ........ l ti ...... .itir,.... ....... ....
jifi'iiniiieB uiuiu n uiiu uiuuitniie- 1111
principlo tho Houso has increased the
ud valorem duties, and the lunate lias
increased lliu specific duties. In doing
this the Senate has followed tho ndvlco
fl of almost uvcry Secretary of tho Trens
nry. This Semito bill comes to us with
tho request by the Senate for a confer
ence on tho differences In tho bill. Let
the request bo grunted."
Mr. Itced timed that the Ilonso cither
ngreo to n conference or refer tlio bill to
tho Committee of tho "Whole, Ho inti
mated that If It 'wero rofcircd to the
AVays and Means Committee there would
never bo any notion upon it.
Mr. Mills lepllod that '.ho bill bolonged
to tho Ways and Means Committee tind
it should go there. Ho said that Com
mittee would consider it nnd report it to
tho Ilottso for consideration.
0 Mr. McKInloy mado tho allegation
1 that if tho bill goes to the AVays and
Means Committee no legislation would
no secured this session.
Mr. MeMillen begged tho IIouso not
to consent to such a cowardly and un
principled degradation of tho privileges
of tho House as would recur from put
ting tho bill into confereiico with tho
Mr. Breckinridge of Kentucky liold
that there was a question as to tho right
of tho Senate to frame tho substitute
After soino further debato tlio Speaker
ruled that tho bill must be refencd to
,the Committee on Wnys and Means, and
this referonco was made.
,k Mr. McKInloy thereupon offorcd a reso
lution discharging tho Committco on
"Ways and Means from furthur considera
tion of tho bill, and making it a special
order for Pobruary 5, and that after
twclvo hours' debato tho previous ques
tion shall bo demanded on agreeing to
tho Senate's request for a conference.
Tlio resolution was referred to tho
Committco on Utiles.
Consideration of the Sundry Civil bill
then proceeded.
No Daniror of a Content.
Representative) Shivery oMudlana said to a
Cnmo 'eportcr that there wis no.trutU In the
,tory published that his seat was to bo con
tested. "I cucss tho Doners havo mado n
!f lillstakc," said he, "as I have had no uotlco ot
nnliratt onrtrsiit r mn nut Vn tiinlncllti wna
toniothlui: over three hundrod and not only
forty, as stutcd In some of tho, papers."
The Capitol Hill l'ostofflco.
A bill to autborlzo tho Fostmastcr-Gen-cral
to rent a suitable building on Capitol
Hill, iu thu City of Wasliluiitoti, for tho
nso 11 b a branch of the .Washington City
1'ostofllco, at n rent not exceeding $900 a
year, has bcou favprably reported by the IIouso
Committee, od l'ustnlllces and l'oslroads.
Hook Creek 1'iirk.
Mr. Hemphill from tho Committee on tbo
Dibtrlct ot Columbia submitted this afternoon
n favorablo report on tho bill for establishing
tho Rock Creek Park, und asked for favorable
notion ou tlio bill Immediately.
Capitol Notes.
Tho Secretary of tho Treasury has sent to
the Senate Iu rcepouso to au Inquiry of tho
Senate contained hi a resolution of Senator
l'ltimb adopted soma time, ngo', a statement
Of tho amount of bonds purchased. by tho Gov
ernment from March -I, 1S85, to date.
(!. II. Hastings ot Crote, Neb., bas arrived
Iu the city with tho olcctoral vote ot his State.
Jlr. Hastings is refolded as a possible suc
cessor to KepiesentaUvu Laird It tho sickness
'of that gentleman should necessitate his re
tbcinciit from public life.
Itcpresontntlvo -Butterworth hos received
several letters from ulllccr? and members of
trades' unions saying that tliey appreciate ttio
rplrlt in which bis icmarks on tbo labor ques
tion rcccutly were mado as not hostile to
labor organisations, .but directed against the
agitators who hava done tho causo ot labor
much harm. -
Tho confcrrccs on tho Intcr-Stato Commerce
bill will report to tho IIouso in a few davs.
Tlio principal point of disagreement Is the
wmeiidracnt conferring jurisdiction on State
Courts equally with United Mates Courts for
tho trial of cases orlgltiatluj; under tho Inter
state Commerce Act.
Mr. Gorman yestorday introduced ns amend
ments to tho Diplomatic und Consular
.Appropriation bill, a bill which bus been con
sidered In tho Senate herotofoio piovltllug for
tlio cstubllsbiueut of a perniaiiout Exhibition
of tho Thrco Americas in this city; anil pro
Tiding for u celebration of tho Constitutional
Centennial of tho United States. These hills
liuvo ah cady passed tho Senate by a unani
mous vote, and been favorably reported In
tho IIouso.
The Toxans, according to the report tele
graphed from Austin, mti much exercised
about Iho Jeopardy Iu which the electoral yoto
of their Sluto wus placed when tbo presiding
officer of tho Senate refused to rccclvolt In thu
condition in w hlcb it was brought to this city.
Thuy uro Ignorant, apparently, of tho fact that
tho return of tho vote was not only sanctioned
hut practically requested by Senator Coke uud
rieuutor Iteagun. Tho Texas Senators wcio
very uuxlous that tho voto of their Btuto
chould bo cottuted, and It was on a telegram
Jiom them that the Governor of Texas ro-
Convened tne electors ot me stato.
A Tho President pro tempore, laid before tho
'fBcnuto yesterday a memoilal signed by tho
president of tho Legislative Council and
speaker ot the IIouso of Assembly of Now
Mexico, iireini: tho admission of that Terri
tory lo Stutebood.
) rust lima tn Plilliulolnlilii.
Tho special tiulu which carried tho "Said
jl'asha" company over from' Philadelphia oil
Tflday to participate In the lilies' benollt
rolled out of thu Pennsylvania Italhoad sta
tion on their return trip exactly at ihill p, in.,
reaching Dtoud-streel station, Philadelphia,
diorlly after 0 o'clock, buying covered the dis
tance of 188 miles lp tf hours and 4! mtiuite,
Actual nmnltig time, enabling tho oporar com
pany to give their perfoimftnco iu'l'blladel
pblo i last night. "
A Letter liora. Klojn.
New YoukJoii. fctWrhp H'prM announces
tliiit ti.nmrrniv mm nlnrvtt 11ltl ,,,l.llel. I.!..-
I H from Klein, Its Samoan correspondent, which
will put recent afTuirs in fa'ntnoa hi u some
w bat dlilciont light from that In which they
oieieuresoulcd by tho tiorinau.Cohsul in hfs
Tlio Tlollp In Ilnmldjn.
ItitooKi.VN, N, Y., Juu. !i0. Tho situation
In the Elroet-rar strlku this murulug Is un
changed Up to 11 o'clock no attempt had
ceil mauo totouu out cais.
Tlio Now 'llemUl" Jlliiniieeuieiit.
Piopor aiitiouueeniciit of the change of pro-
ipiietorsblp In tho Sunday Jlcrnld will be
mauo as soon us me arraugvmeiils now pond
tu to cousumiuuto the hamster iu peffetf d.
IjATK department news.
Tito following appointments have been
madu iu the Vi'nv iJopurtmoiit:
William (I, Clmnlbcrlln, Jr., of AIab.itn.i
and William II, Leonard of lown, clerks ut
$1,000, Adjutant-General's olllco: Hubert
Piilno Wendell of AIlssUslppI, clcrl: $1,000.
Suigeon-Ocnorsl's olllcc; it, I). Moshcr of
Kcntucky.lluch .Thompson of California and
Charles W. Hammer ot Alabama, perma
nently appointed clerks of da's? 1 in thuufllco
of the Adjutunt-Ocncral; IMivatd J, Hall ot
Miissncbusctis, diellucd appointment as a
$1,000 clerk in tho Surgcon-Uencial's oillco;
Jobcph Hertford, clerk of chits 1, Ordnnnco
ofllcc, died January 11).
The followiiig'nniiicd porsons have re
ceived appointtiients lo cletkmilps iu tho
Treasury nejinrtmcnt under civil service
MIsaK. A. Wilson ot Pennsylvania to 0()0
In tho olllco of the ."ccr6lary, and .Mis. 1. II.
Halloyof the District of Columbia to $000 In
the olllco of tho Supervising Architect (by
transfer from the Wur Department.!
Promotions: t!co. N. (ilover of Pennsylva
nia fiom class 8 to class 4, and CIi.iIch L. I).
Washburn ot New Jersey, from class 3 to
clas I), In tho ofllco of tho Second
Comptroller; Miss G. L. Furrelly of
I'cnnsylvaula, from $1,000 to class 1; Miss
Kiln Ilonner of Pennsylvania, from $000 to
$1,000, In tbo Offlco of Internal Kevcnuo;
Mrs. M. D. Dennett of Pennsylvania, from
$720 to $840, and W. II. O'Neill of MassachU
setts, from $1,000 to class 1, In tho Office of
tbo Sixth Auditor: D. 11. Walnwrigbt, frbra
$1,500 to $1,800; .1. E. McGrath, from $1.B00 to
$1,400; J. II, Turner, from $1,100 to $1,300; E,
1). Prlston, from $1,400 to $1,600; J. II. Gray,
from $1)00 to $1,100, Iu tho Ofllco of thoStt
Iicrlntcdent of the Coast ond Geodetic Survey;
.Mrs. M. K. Ewer of thcr District of Columbia
from $000 to $700, and Mrs. J. V. Burko from
$548 to $000. Treasurer's office: Charles .1.
Hrowu of Illinois from $810 to $900, In the
oillco of Iho ftcglstcr of the Treasury; Charles
Klukel of New York from $! to $0 per day, In
the otllco of tho Supervising Arcuitcct, ami
Miss E. T. Judson of Illinois from HW to
$1)00, In tlio olllco ot tbo Second Auditor.
Among tho President's callers to-day
wore Senator Jones of Arkansas and
Heurcscntatlvcs Kogers, Outhwnito,
Wheeler, Morrow, Drcckinrldge of Ken
tucky and Grimes, Assistant Commis
sioner Anderson and ex-Governor Stone
of Iowa.
Tlio national bank notes received to
day by tho Treasurer of tho United Statos
for redemption amounted to $078,1120.23.
Tho State Department this morning
received a lnrgo batch of correspondence
from tho United States Consul nt Samoa.
It will probrbly bo given out to tho press
on Monday.
The Navy Department tins been in
formed of tho arrivnl of tho United
States steamer Adnms.at Honolulu from
Srtmoa, on her way to Moss Island,
Tho Secretary of tho Treasury to-day
appointed tho following storekeepers
and gangers.: Hugh Elliott, Cincinnati;
George W. Garner, Falrbush. Kv and
Samuel L. Tudor, Irvine, Ky.
Justice Montgomery Pronounces 8en
tonci'S on FIto Criminals.
James Brown, alias, Buck, who tried
to steal Mrs. James Brown Totter's dia
monds at tho Arlington, was sentenced
in tho Criminal Court to-day to tho Jpon
itentiary for two years. Mr. Carrington
made a touching appeal for Brown and
tlio orlsoner was himself much affected.
"I Was brought up by a Christian
mother," ho faltered, "and o h, I wish I
had remained under her Influence. I
would givo anything to blot out tho past
six months.'' Ho handed Judge Mont
gomery n letter asking him to read it.
Flank Johnson and Byron Davis, a
Hliuepijhi)Gulog duo, wore sentenced to
five veors each for breaking into Leo
James Payne, convicted of man
slaughter In shooting Hobcrt Jackson on
October -1 last, was sentenced to tho peni
tentiary for eight years. ,
Jmncs Dixon, alias Gray, received ilvo
years for snatching a satchel from El
miraltawliugs. Senfonce was suspended
iu the oaso of assault to kill, of which ho
had been convicted In shooting at John
A. Kuppurt.
Inauguration Notes.
Tho Grant Club of Albany, N. Y., has op
plied for a place in tho Inauguration parade.
The Allegheny Guard -of Cumberland, Md.,
bas applied for a plaeo In the parade.
Secretary Joy of tho Missouri Republican
Club ot St. Louis was at Inauguration head
quarters yesterday, arranging for the visit of
that club.
During the Inauguration Pali in tbo Pension
Olllco the Commissioner's room will be set
apart for tho President; tbo Vice-President Is
to have tbo thirst Deputy's room; the Recep
tion Committee tho Second Deputy's loom;
the Diplomatic Corps the room of tbo As
sistant Chief Clerk, and tho ladles of tho
President's party the room of tho Chief Clerk.
The Hale Zouaves of Kansas City to-day ap
plied for a place in the Inauguration Parade,
Captain Lcchtmau says tbcro will bo thirty-two
of them.
Captain Itobert IXirnton wrote to-day that
Company I), first Heglment of tho Michigan
Stuto Troops, would cotut to tho Inaugura
tion. Tho ronort that the Public Comfort Com
mittee will submit to tho Executive Commit
tee to-ulgbt will show that sluco last Satur
day quarters have been secured for about a
thousand people, and that about hair that
number havo been assigned to quuitcrs iu
various locutions about tho city.
i'ollco Court Notes,
The trial of (S. II. Moore, for embezzling $1
from tho Extension Ladder Company, was
postpoucd till next week.
.Albert Anderson, colored, ran over Bicyclist
A. N, Harrison, ou Vermont avenue, last
night, and bad to glvo $100 bail this afternoon.
Dentils McDonald was held iu $S00 bauds
for stealing u "ulglit-nlncr."
Tho Kilts' Memorial Survlce,
Tho. Elks' socond memorial scrvlco will tako
place at tho Church of Our Father, at Thir
teenth aud L streets, at 3 o'clock to-morrow
atteiucou. The programme for tbo occasion
is an extremely Interesting one. .Memorial
sorvlces will bo held by all lodges throughout
tho country to-morrow.
ltoul Kaliito Trtinsfors.
Lolchton it PalrotoGeorgeEdwurd Truman,
$000, lots 10 and 17, bock 3J, Drookland.
Widow and heirs Edyard Perkins to Samuel
E. Allen, $5,B51.0, lot 8, square 81. William
S., Ju6tls to John U. C. Justls, trustee. $5,
parts Idts IU aud 13, square 847, and sub lot
25, square ODD.
Arrested for IlelMtliiglns,
James D.avelll and Frank Uelgaroy, two
Itallarj scl6sor-crlnder4,wero arretted yesterday
for' ringing a hifll on th6 slrect. They wero
entirely Ignoralil of tho law pfobbllug this
and Iu tlie ToHco Court this morulug Judgo
Mlljer took tltelr personal bonds.
A Sulo of Opt Trumnarr.
TJicrowas a sale of old trumpofy" at tbo In
terior Department yesleiday aud the Junk
dealers bad a ple-utc. Tho Government real
ized about $700 for worn-out carpets, matting
and hrokeu fmnltfiro"
TVo Wills I'llsd.
The wills of Joseph D, Birch and Frank
Coger were tiled thlfc morning. Cardinal Gib
botli or his successor Is named' the rcslduaiy
legated of (ho bequests of the tlrst named,
Hoinitor AUIaou's Trip.
Senator Allison left fur Indianapolis this
morning presumably upon the Invitation of
4bt Preeldptit-iflttl.
JltTort Mndo to T.ouin llm Autumn of tho
Charge Against tlio C'oiiiiiilsntiiiiei'A W.
O, Doilgo sliiirply CrunH-Kxninlncil.
Tho IIouso committco having in charge
the Investigation of thu methods em
ployed by the District Commissioners In
purchasing sites for public school build
ings nnd station houses held their first'
meeting in tlio Clvll-Sorvieo Committe
room this morning.
Tho committee was composed of Chair
mnn Tnulbco and Messrs. Howell, Baker,
Chipmnti and Leo.
Dlitrlct Commissioners Webb nnd
Whcatloy nnd their attorney, Mr. Htiriy
K. Davis, wero present. Ks-Dlstrict
Commissioner Ycst, Mr. William O.
Dodge and Auditor Petty wero also pres
ent. Mr, Cox camo In inter with his attor
ney, Auditor Payne of tho District
Mr. Harry P. Godwin of tho Star was
the first witness. Hewaa asked totell what
ho knew about certain articles i elating to
tlio sdbject under consideration which
wero printed iu lliu Star. The witness' at
tention was tlrst directed to the school lto
on It street, near Seventeenth street, and
ho stilted that another roportcr wrote that
portion of the nr iqlp.
Tho'sito for tho new statlon-houso on
Ninth street northeast was next consid
ered. Ho stated that ho obtnincd his
Information piincipaly from Mr. M. I.
Wellor, who rcpicsentcd an investment
Mr.. Uovfoll thought timo could bo
saved by having Mr. Weller testify un
der oath, instead of having his state
ment in thu newspapers road.
Mr. Chlpman Biiltl that they wanted to
dctermino what truth there is in tho
statements. 'Tho animus, he said, mav
strip tho thing of its point.
Mr. Tnulbee then questioned Mr. God
win in rclntion to whom lie consulted
and who gnvo.hiin. statements in regard
to tho purchnsoof thu various other sites.
Mr. Baker Inquired of tho witness how
ho cnmo to mako the investigation of
this matter.
Mr. Godwin replied that ho attended a
meetine.of tho Kast Washington Citi
zens' Association, of which he is a mem
ber. Tho. District ofllclals (Commissioners)
wrero attacked in a speech by Mr. Slock
ing. Tho attack wns not only directed
against tlio prosent Commissioners, but
nearly evory ono who was over a Com
missioner. Witness walked homo from
tho meeting with Mr. Wcllcr. During
their cbnvorsatlon Mr. Wcllcr remarked
that.ho had something in his snfo that
ho was saving for self-protection.
It would bo evidence to show, that ho
was clear in certain transactions. Two or
thrco days later' ho told witness tho
character ina general way of these trans
fers now under investigation. Ho spoko
of tho transfer in which he noted for Mr.
DawBoh tho Fifth strcot northeast
school', sito. Mr. Wcllcr Put l'm "
honor -not to say anything about the
conversation. Ho hunted up the records
and told Mr! .Weller of the result of his
investigation. Mr. Weller then gavo
additional facts aud information, but
protested against any publication. He
used arguments to show that it would
)Url0U)c District appropriation bill nnd
tr,Tli0ll,.n r tirr
It'wlis agreed that witness consult Mr.
C. S. Noycs. .editor of tho Star, ns to tho
propriety of publishing the matter. Mr.
Noyes' thought It should bo published.
Mr. AVicllcr . still protested against tho
publication tho facts.
'. ' MJK. 1)0 0(1 1: CALLED.
Mr. ' W. C. Dodge was called, nnd
stated that lie acted for his father-in-law,
Thomas'Scrivcndr, in the salo of tho lot
on G .street southeast, between Third
and Fourth streets. Ho had said that
Mr. C()x wautcd .to, purchase this site for
a colored school. He (Mr. Dodgo) offered
to sell tho lot to the Commissioners for
He did not expect them to pay this
amount, lint expected to get an offer
from then). Ho afterwards had a con
versation with. Commissioner Webb about
thu site. Mr. Cox camo to him and snld
thcro Was a strong opposition against tho
establishment of a colored school thcro.
Mr. Cox mado out a deed, nnd ho re
ceived $7,000 for tho propcrtv, and Mr.
Cox got a cli eck for $ 1 88. III).
Mr..Chlpmau asked Mr. Dodgo if ho
considered it wrong to sell the ptopurty as
described. Ho said there was nothing
wrong as far ns ho was concerned.
"Was it wrong on tho part of tlio Com
missioners?1' inquired Mr. Chlpman.
He said ho thought it was.
"Woll, whv did yon let them do it?"
asked Mr. Ghipiiian.
Ho said-that it was because ho .could
got no satisfaction from Mr. Webb, and
supposed ho would havo to deal with
Mr. Cox, and obtained this impression
from Mr. Webb.
In response to n question ho said ho
pot this impression more from what Mr.
Webb'dld not say than what ho did say.
why lfu'nii) IT.
Mr. Leo nsked him why lie did not
write Mr. Wobb aud tell him that ho
wns willing to tako $7,000 for tho prop
erly if lie thought there was any wrong
being dono by allowing tho District to
pay i7,18S.r.0.
Ho said it was becauso he was con
vinced that ho could only sell through
Mr. Cox.
Mr. .Olilpman naked Mr. Dodgo If ho
hesitated to lip a party to a wrong being
dono tlio District.
11,6 said ho did not when ho recog
nized that tliis wan the only '.vay he
could sell tho property,
Mr, Davis asked him on what ho based
his re'ferenco to Mr. Cox as Mr. Wheat
loy's connection. He said lie had no
personal knowledge on tho subject.
Mil. DO I) 0 U ON T11IAL.
During tho cross-examination of Mr,
Dodge thcto was a emllo playing about
tho copier of the niouths of several gen
tlemen, who considered that ho was the
person thou on trial.
Mr. Davis produced Mr. Dodge's
letter olTcrlng thu sito, and tlio amount
nsked in It was $3.1)00, Instead of ifS.OOO
as stated by Mr. Dodgo in his testimony.
Mr. Davis asked tliu witness if ho was
not a pretty free critic of the Commis
sioners anil if I ui had not already put
hlfuHulf on record as Opposed to tho eon.
Urination of Commissioner Wbbh. Ho
adiplttOd tlpit he had criticised the action
of the' Commissioner and had said ho
was opposed to Mi". Webb's cuntlrmalinn,
but he is Op pleasant relations with tlio
Mr. Davis asked him if lie had not
been mentioned ou several occasions as it
candidate for District Commissioner.
He said ho had, but it was not with his
A letter from Mr, Dodgo to Chairman
Tmilbeo was lead, In which lie retlectcd
on previous Commissioners, hut Iho
committeu asked that II ho sliickeu from
tho records ns Irrelevant tit thu ease.
Tho committee called tho witness' inten
tion to the fact that ho spoko in his let
ter of $'.' 10 being paid Mr. Cox in this
case, when he now stales Hint it was
.? 188. 111).
The hairing was finally adjourned
until Tuesday at 10 a. in.
Fnrowoll lluniiunt (IKhii to Cnplitlii H'lss
miiitn In llnrtln.i
Deum.v, .Tan. 20. Prince von Ilolien-loho-I.angeiiburg
presided ril the fine
woll banquet to Captain Wlssmann last
evening. Among the guests woroTIorreu
I.ovetzow, Dcnuigscii, Hniriniachor,
Opchelhtiuier and ltlchtlioich. Captain
Wissmann, who was heartily. applauded,
reiiliod to lierr Kbcrts' toastdjy.tlrinklng
to tliu success of tho German Colonial
Society. Tho usual loyal toasts weic
Tho.Kinporor nnd Empress gave a dip
lomatic dinner Inst evening toUUo Ambas
sadors of Italy, Ktissla, Austria, Franco,
Spain and Great Britain nnd rtlieir wives,
tlio Turkish Ambassador, the military
attaches of tlio embassies named, aud
Count Herbert Ulsmarck.
It is olllclnlly announced that Admiral
von der (loltz succeeded tlio 'late Count
von Monts as Chief of tho Admiralty.
A family by tho nnmo of Kndolf, con
sisting of six porsons, hasbeun suffocated
by gas from a dcfccllvo stoVo,tat Crossun,
The correspondents of tho Figaro nnd
JS'utional of Paris havo been expelled
from Germany.
Tho Liberal press accentuates tlio at
tack on the Kast Africa bill, insisting
that It is tho tlrst step of a policy which
will entail on Germany experiences sim
ilar to those of tho French in Tonqtiln.
Tho debatr on the East Africa hill was
begun in tho Hcichstng this morning.
In anticipation of tbo ovent tho chamber
was. crowded with an eager throng and
nil members wero in their places. Count
Herbert Ulsmarck, Foreign Secretary of
State, roso at 11 o'clock to speak upon,
tho bill. Captain Wissmann followed
the count. Prince Ulsmarck entered the
chamber during Caotain Wlssmnnn's
speech. When Captain WUsmauji had
finished speaking Herr Bamberger aroso
and strongly opposed tbo measure.
m .
A Unique IJntertaluuiont Given liy tlio
I'ubllsliera or the l'lillo. "Times."
Philadelphia, Pa., Jnn. 20. About
a year ogo tho Times of tills cltv formed
tho "Eight o'Clock Club," the member
ship being composed of the youthful
readers of that journal, for tlio benefit
of whom tho paper devotes a full pago
In its Sunday and weekly editions. Last
night tho nubllshers of tho 7Yir,igayo on
entertainment at the Acndcmy ot Music
for tho benefit of tho members of tlio
club nnd their pnrcnts and distributed
among tho meritorious ones medals of
honor for contributions of atdries, prob
lems, Ac., during tho year.
Twenty-four of theso mcdnla wero dis
tributed among tlio fortunate boys and
girls, tho presentation beng preceded
and followed by speeches, 3nuslc and
other ontcrtalnlng features. Colonel A.
K. McClure, editor of tho Timtn, was tho
principal speaker, nnd tho musical pro
gramme contained about a dozen very
cholco selections. Tho audicuco num
bered nearly' thrco thousand, and a large
number wero ltnablo to gain, admission
Tho novel' idea of tho newspaper has be
come very papular and the ninuioorabip
of thoclub incr!jUios rapidly. . '
Not long ngo a man with dogs, ferrets
and traps was paid $200 to clear tho rats
from tho basement of the Interior De
partment. Apparently ho succeeded, for
Such a pllo of rodents ns ho cmflodaway
was never seen iu any public building;
but in loss than a month uftei his do
rmrtiuo they wero numerous ns over.
During business hours thoy ihdldom put
In an appearance, but ns sooh ns tlio
clock strikes 1 thoy coino ont in bat
talions and traverse all the passages and
open rooms in search of remnants of
lunches. The watchmonj sav thoy arc
unbearably impudent, but, they arc irood
scavengers and let no crumbs uscapo.
"The doctrine of non-inierforenco
which this country has proclaimed In
tho Sackvillc-Wcst case has received a
sovcro blow In tho action of President
elect Hariison signing tho testimonial to
Gladstone," was tbo remark made by a
keen observer of events to-day, "Inter
national courtesy forbids the ruler of one
country to express any preference for a
political party, faction or principle in
another country. Wo sent Lord Sack
villo homo becauso he expressed his pri
vato opinion in a private letter to a pri
vato citizen. Mr. Harrison, oujtho'othcr
hand, comes out boldly, approves the
cause of Ireland against that of tho dom
inant patty iu Groat Uiltaln, nnd 'con
gratulates Mr. Glndstono on the progress
ho has made, Mr. Ilarrison'H net will
bo popular in this country, hut Is it not a
piece of unwarrantablo interference,
worse even than Lord Saekvjllo's letter?"
Another Ilutlnt In Joint Asicmlily In
Went Vlrclulii.
CitAnLL-STON, AV. Va., Jan. 20. The
fourth ballot for United States Sunator
was taken in joint assembly to-day
Mrs. J. F. Cake, Philadelphia, Is at the
Mr. and .Mis, Hlchaid M. Iloa aud Daulel
Doivs, Jr., New York, are at tho .Irlliigtou,
J. W. McDououch, Chicago; Li M.-Koitnn
and F. E. Proctor, lloston, uro at, WormlcyV
I'x-Scnator W. S. aowtll, Now Jersey, and
K. It. 11. liacon, Now York, are .at Cliamber
llu's. . .
O. I,. Perln, Cincinnati; Charles F. Itobln
sou, Philadelphia, und 1). J. Canty, Mt, l.ouN,
ure ut tho Harris IIouso. i
.Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Coolcdge, Mist Bertha
Cohledgo and maid have arrirmUfium Huston
and ure quartern! at the Aruo.
O. (J. McCabo and (icorgo Iloudly, New
York; David Dodd, Orange, N. J.-; C. J. Kstcp
ami u Ife, CleTDlund, Ohio, are at tho ltl"gs
House. t
C. J. Field and Mrs. Fcssler, New York;
.Mr. und Mrs. A,- V. Uauman, Fremont, Ohio;
It. (J. Jlmye and wife, Louisville, Ky., uro at
Vlhlid's. ,
John W. Woodllcld, England; Bllot Noiton,
Now York; Petri Technical, attache of tho
(lorinun Li'U'utlon; llcroinlcli Shuglo, Juii.in,
uro ut WulcUcr's.
Uuvld Watson, Columbus, Ohio; Walter II.
Foster, lloston; Aithur lllli, Saginaw, Mich,;
Sam. Oraut, Minnesota; John It, Mcllrlde,
Salt Luko City, iho ut thu Lbbllt House.
Colonel John McFall, chairman of tholto
nubllcun Ceutnd Committee of St. LouU.Mo.,
Is In tho city, tlio guest of his tou-tu-l.iw, .Mr,
ltlchard Sylvester.
nun itraira ut viiiun, 4YUIIUU, li;
Spencer W. Sturm (United Labor), li;
W. L. Wilson, 5; Governor AVilson, I);
Camden, 2; scattering, 0. u
Klein fluid to itnn I.cit ttio Nntlvrn nnd
Incited 'Ilium to Itoptmliil AttueliH
Thu NiuTiitlvn nl tlio Consul on tlio
Pan FitAxrtsco, Cat.., Jnn. 20. Tho
Australian steamer which has just ar
rived hero biottght a long circular letter
sent oy tho German Consul al Samoa to
other (icrmau consuls, in explanation of
recent occurrences there. After reciting
the history of olTuhs already familiar,
tho letter )jays:
"On Sunday, the Kith, about ono hun
dred aud twenty (Icrmaii sailors received
liberty to go ashore. While amusing
themselves in various ways, a half caste,
named George Sca'nhtn, with olhuis who
pretend to havo American ptotectlon,
piovoked tho sallots to such an extent
that n street row occuncd. Suveral
H.unonns joined issue with tho half
castes, throwing stones and other missile
nt the nien-of-war's men. Shots wero
fired, ono of tho tailors being wounded
In tlio hand. Tho half-castes and Sa
moans also received a rotigh handling.
Karly next morning tho Olga loft Apia
for Saluafatu. wheie thu Kbcr had been
nt anchor for somo time. Ou her ar
rival Dr. Knnppo heard nn account about
how malter.shad been going on thcie,aiid
was inforrhed that further damngo had
been dono by tho lebcls. A pint oft ha
rebels had como from Laulll during tho
night with the Intention of capturing
Mr. lirandcis and his secretary nnd also
to cutoff tho heads of thu wounded men
in tho hospital nt Eva.
"After a consultation between the cap
tains of the men-of-war and tho Consul
nnd thu head of tho Government, tho
Olga relumed to Apia. It had been
agreed, during the conference at Salua
fata, that tho Gorman cruiser Adlcr, with
tho Consul on board, should ptoeeod to
Laulll, thn hcadquiulers of Mataafa, on
Tuesday morning, and the Consul was to
request thu rebel chief to induce ids peo
ple to throw down their arms, at the samo
time giving a guarantee that tlio Toma
scse party would do llkowiso. Unfortu
nately this frlandly action toward the
natives was destined not to bocauird
out, tho following details speaking for
"As thero Is n lumo plantation named
Vailcle, situated about two miles on Iho
Apia Hide of Latilii lliat is, between the
headquarters of the lcbels and tho city
It wns deemed advis.tblo to place some of
tho sailors ljelougliig to tlio Olga there
for tho purpose of preventing a" posslblo
dlsoulurly retreat of tho rebels tn Apia
through thp said plantation, nnd
also to piotcct tho latter from fur
ther ditimmcs. To entry -out this In
tontion, 150 sailors were put In boats near
tho cuast of tho plantation. During
tho night previous ruinous wero all os-Or
the town that a laigo number of Tninu
scso'a sodiers had been biought up from
Salusfata by tho Olga. This was a pure
fabrication. Tbo natives, however, bo
heved it aud kept a Mrlct watch from
shore over the men-of-war.
"An Aniutlean citizen, a journalist
named J. C. Klein, who has been living
with tho rebels neailyall tho time ho
has been in Sumo (about three mouths),
took a lively Interest in the pioeoedlng,
golutf-MufuxiU,' to ihftaajfij.uturcliargu of
a portion of tho rebels' wio"were in wait
ing nt Lelcpa. Tbo sailors rowed quietly
on, not expecting the least danger, and,
ns thoy kept close iu shore, tho natives
followed thoii'i along tho beach, calling
out to Iho sailors, who' took no notice.
About u half mllo further the natives
hold a hurried council of war under
tho control of Klein, Tho natives drew
tho attention of Klein to the risk they
ran if they fired on tho man-of.wnr's
men. Tho porsuaslvo powers of Iho
journalist, however, wero loo .strong for
the Samoaii8, and he induced the people
of the island to man their big war canoes
and attack and ilto upon tho German
sailors at sea. In tho meantime the
sailors wore followed by n large body of
natives. Klein then took charge of
them ami ordered them lo lliu on the
"As tho man-of-war's men nnproached
Fagall, about a mllo from (heir destina
tion, it wns deemed prudent to laud half
of tho men, Iho other half proceeding
on their journey by water outside tlio
reef. As thu boats ncared tho shore
Klein gave ordois to the natives to lire.
Tho Samoaus still were afraid to follow
his instructions, and Klein therefore pot
them the example bv firing himself.
This being tho signal for a general at
tack, thomatives followed suit, nnd tlio
sailors joined iu at tho same time, making
inshore as rapidly as possible, effecting a
lauding on German land amid a shower
of bullets.
"Lieittotiant Spenglor, who had charge
of tho dotauhnien', gave distinctions to
tiic men to fix bayonets, and, under the
guidance of Surveyor llaidlou, the sailors
commenced thoir perilous march through
tho brush. The. tiring on both sides was
of a desporuta character. Tho dusky
stain of the Samoaus assisted them
gi catty . The white jackets of tlio sailors,
ou thu other bund, mado excellent targets
for their numerous oppouonU. light
ing despuratcly. 'tho sailois charged
the natives. forcing thoni to
glvo wayM tho Samoaus thing ou
tho man-ofrwar's men from three
sides. While the small lauding lurty
was making its way to Vuilelo, thu boat's
containing the sailois outside thu reef,
under the command of Captain-Lieutenant
Jaeekel, wore, by ouleis of Klein,
fired upon from tlio war eanoos and the
natives ou shore. Thoy Immediately ic
turncd tho lire while proceeding on theii
way, uud arrived at Vuilelo a short timo
beforo their comrades. The landing
pin ty was promptly handled by tho na
tives but when tho sallor reached their
destination they wero quickly reinforced
by their comrades.
iiHAVr.uv or Tin; amiMANA.
'At tlio homestead of the plantation,
the house of Captain lliifmigel, tho man
ager, thoy took a covcied position' uud,
surrounded by l,o00 rebels, many of
tlictn firing from tho top of cocuanut
tiecs, they had to Htnmln mttidcroiis Iho
for nearly two hours. Hutu tills small
party of bailors behaved like heroes and
fought desper.itoly against superior num
bers, both bides sitll'etltig bovoioly. non
tenant Sieger was ahot dead, 'Llenten
anlH Spongier aud Duichaid being
wounded, only ono ollleer was left to
command. Thu losses on the Gorman
side coiibthtcd of fifteen killed ami
twenty-nine kovcruly and nine slightly
'Tlin Uorninu gunboat Ivbor then hovo
In sight and ut S o'clock landed a do
tachment. Tho cruiser Adlcr coming
Into view tho natives hlowly retired.
A ft)rtier i enforcement was lauded
from the Adlor when the sailors formed
into i lino and with htnrahs diovo the
Samouns oft' tho plantation, Tho latter
retiealed in gtuat disorder, numbers of
them making for Apia. It is sad to
havo lo relate that dining tho
engagements the Samoaus hacked oil
the bends of three of tho unfortunate
man-of-wur's men, ono of ilium havlug
only been slightly wounded in tlio leg.
This Imbatous custom Is usual with tho
natives when at war. Tho actual num
ber of Siimonns killed Is not known, lint
It Is Muivtl that twenlv-eighl lost llielr
lives, a gient number being wounded.
'Heretofore it has not been known In
the hlstoiy of Samoa that the natives
over ventured to .fight against European
power, and the malicious and cunning
natniu of the attack Is not at nil ill ac
cordance with Sampan character.
AltlllVAL OP Till; AMIUttCANS.
"Ou Christmas Day tho American
schooner arrived here. The nowa rapidly
Hptead that some il'i.OOO rounds of ammu
nition wero on board. To savo further
bloodshed thu German coiMiti wrolo to
W. Utacklock, the United States Vice
Consul, requesting him to use his In
llueneo to stop the salo of cartridges. Iu
reply, Mr. lllacklock stated that ho could
not interfere with any goods consigned
to American citizens.
"The German Consul again wioto to
the American representatives, offering to
purchase tho cartridges, at tho same time
leaving the ammunition iu Mr. Hliiek
lock's charge us aguaranleo that it was
not bought for tho uso of tho followers
of Tauiascso. The Hulled Stales Vice
Consul met this friendly niter by iu
f erring Dr. Knnppo to .1. II. Moors, an
American trader here, whohasdouomoiu
mischief In Samoa than any other man
in thu South Seas, by selling, slncu the
beginning of tbo Samoan troubles, uims
and ammunition to the natives, and who
has endeavored to make this business
more profitable 100 catrldges for $11
by Inciting the lebels against tho Govern
Ilcccnt TulocrmiiH riiiin l'uris The I'nn
iiiiiii (.'mini ltuportH,
Paris, .Jan. 'J(i. Two reports will bo
presented at tho meeting of tlio Panama
Canal shareholders, announced for to
day. Ono is signed by tbo temporary
administrators, and will detail the nego
tiations which liave resulted in tbo
formation of tho now company. Tho
other Is signed by M. do Lessups, nnd
expresses tho shareholders' profound
gratitude to tho administrators for pio
vuntlng a collapse of tho works, and
announces tho Intentions of tho new
company. It states that the chief ongl
neer has estimated that the total outlay
still necessary to complete the canal Is
150,000,000 ft ancs.
The Hourso was excited yesterday over
the selling of mining shares, which was
partly due to rumors that contracts con
nected with tho launching of nn English
copper company had fallen thiough.
Mo Tintos closed at 517.00, a fall bVC,7
It is announced that tho troops will bo
confined to their barracks on Sunday on
uccount of the election.
Tho Temps says that Great Britain and
France have agieed upon modifications
of the mixed tribunals in Egypt.
It is expected that tho result of tho
election on Sunday will bo known about
10 o'clock the same evening.
Tim IiiHiicctiir-Gonorjil or tho Army Ills
JIuiiiiiliiH ( ho llrniiL'lit It uro.
FoiiTitChS MoNnoi:, V.., Jan. 20. In-
suectQr-Ocnorol.Jfogcr.Joneitof tlio IL.S.
Army died hero this morning at 7o'e'lbck
The AVnr Department wns to-day ad
vised of Inspcctor-Gencnil Jones' death,
and tlio body will bo brought hero for
Hoger Jones cnlistod in tlio army as a
cadet the 1st day of .July, 1847, when ho
was 17 years old. Ho became a second
lieutenant in 1S.1I. a first lieutenant In
1857, a captain in 1801, a mnjur six
months later, a lieutonaut-colonel In
lettf, a full colonel in 188.") nnd brevet
bilgadier-general in 188S. Ho wus 00
yours old.
Ttio Stock iintl .Mutiny Mnrlmt.
New YfliiK, Jan. 'JO Closlug. Moucy
cloM'd at 'J per cent., the only rato for the
day. Kxchango closed steady; posted rates,
4'37(7T4S9J; actual rates. SKjCJ for CO dayt,
and -tSUGitSlll for demand.
(invcruuiciits cloicd sternly; currency, 0s,
12U bid; -Is, coupons, PJTj hlil; -t Js, do., 10'.) hid.
l'aclllc Itullro.id bonds closed as follows:
Union lsts, Ull to 117; do. land grants, 103
to 100; sinking funds, 11!) to l'Jl; Centrals,
lllltoll7. '
'Iho stock market during tho half-day's sos
slou to-day was very dull, ouly 718,!17(l shares
changing hands, Tlio only fcatiuo was
Atchison, TopcKa A Santa Fe, which was
heavily sold, and declined iu tho llrst hour
from fiOl to 4S4 In tho hour to noon thcro
was a recovery of j per cent.
Klchinond it Terminal "us also a notable
broak stock, declining 3 percent ou tho news
of the suit broucht in Richmond yesterday for
tho forfcltuio of Its fruuctilse. Iliosult Is ho
lluvcd tn ho In thointeiest ot tlio Noifolk A
Wi'otetn Company.
Tho whole list, with few cvcentlons. was
weak In tho early dealings and declined frac-.
tlonaiiy, out in moil cuses tlio ilcclluu was iu
covercd, tho closing prices wero irrcculurly
chanced, l'ullmau Palace Car was thu
stiougest stock and advanced IJ per cent.
1 p. m. prices. V. U., Mil; N', J, O., 10SJ;
N. .1. C.,'J7ii: Mich..-; C. I'.. -; N. I'.,-;
do. pfd., ; 111. C, 111; Can. I'ac, ; U.
l'ae., ; .Mo.. Til, Tex., 10); C. S.,51i; U. ,t
K. -; N.W..100J; do.pfd.,I411;U. &.W., -; O.
M. A II.. ; I)., L. .t W., llui; I'.rle. !isl; do.
pfd., IHi; K. .t T., ; L. a, lltt; it. ,t
N.-j I'. M., IK); Heading. 17; II, J 07J; O.
M., Ull; do. pfd., HIS; St. Paul, (Ml; do. pfd.,
Kill; N- t t:.. -; S. ,t H, ; Vah., Il'J
do. pfd , IM; II. .t (., 10SJ; V. I). A, L., ;
Man., ; O. it N., ; O. it T., ; Denver,
Clili-iii;ii Murlcot.
Ciui'Aoo, Jan. W. Opening, 0;f!0 a. in,
'llui M'll.lilllj;ti NtiiuliS,
Miscellaneous Honda W. .t (i. It, H.. 108;
.Masonic ll.dl Asi'u, KX); Vali. .MaihetCo,,
llfi; Inland fc Soahoid Co., ; Wiifli. I,j:ht
liilanli), 1st, H7; Wusli. Lluht lnfantrv. !.M.
M: Wash, das Lluht Co.. l'Jl; Vush, (Jas
Iscilp, lL-,'4
National Hank StocUs llauk of Washing
ton. II'Mijlhmk of Itopuhlle, 210 Metropolitan.
S)S: Central. WK) ; heeouil. 1M). F.umeis' and
Mechanic', 105; CllUeus', 125; Columbia,
it.illin.id Stocks Washington and (iuoieo
town, 21U; Metropolitan, 111); Columbia, U!)J;
Cap. it .Soillt Ost.. liV Auucostla, .
lusui.incu Slocks- t-'liemon's, 40; KiauMlu,
41, Meliopolitun. 75: National Union, 111;
Ailliitflon, 11121; Coiciii.ui. (U)J; Columbia, 111);
lleiuian.Aiueilc.iu. 185; Potomac, 75; Itlggs, SL
(ins and Llectne Light Stocks Waslilugtuii
Oai, IDJ, (ieuigetuwu lias, 44; L. S, lilac tria
Light. 5S.
't'oleplioiie Stocks I'ounsilvaula, MO; Chesa
peake it Potomac. 7S.
Miscellaneous Stuck Washluirtou Maikgt
Co., Ill: Wusluuctou lliicu .Machlnu (.'o.. 200;
National l'icss llrlck Co,, ;i; (jrcal l-'ullo Ico
Co., 115, Hull Hun I'uiioiuiiiu Co, 3.1: Heal
Lsttito Title liuurauco Co., 110; ColuiubU
Title liisui.ini'u (o, ,i4, .National Sato Du
posit Co,, 225, uuileau (irauhoiihouv Co.,
Wheat Mai ch, ; .May, DSL Corn Ycb.,H!i;
Mutch, :i5J; May, ill!. Oau Kch., -; .May,
U7ti. I'oih-1'cu.,-; .May, $11 K, l.ard-I'ch.
ttLWi .Milieu, rUl)!. Shot t ribs l-'ub., 40.0'JJi
May, jtl.'J'J.
' I'l.OllltlilllNO.
What Somn or llm Ooutrlliiiloni Wiinl
Hoinn of llm SuliirrlptlniiK AVII lidruu li
ArriiiiRt'inuiits for llm rrosltleiilliil
For a week not a cent has been con
tributed lo tliu Inaiiimratloii Fund,
And this afternoon tho 'fund Is $100
smaller than It was last Saturday.
Tho reason Is thai three people havo
withdrawn their coutilbtitlons.
One of theso three contributed f2.0,
another if. 10. nnd the third 100.
Last Sattiidtiy tho amount of contribu
tions the Finance Committee ropoited
To-night at tho meeting of the execu
tive committee, they will report $."f),l?i),
Kvciybody will bo sony to hear this,
because every ono wants to scu thu Innu
KUtation a grand success, nnd nit oxpies
nlon of dissatisfaction al this time i
peeullaily unfoiluuatu.
Tho icit'oiis given by theso thrco peo
pie who havo withdrawn tholr coutrlbu
thins are various.
The man who contributed tbo $S30
lays that ho will not pay it unless ho can
get fifty tickets to the bull for his money.
As these tickets are 5 apiece, and could
be readily realized on nt that tale, this
contribution was not particularly munifi
cent. Another firm contributed $200,
but when an elTorl was made to collect it,
they said they couldn't ulloid to give
mot e than 4-100,
Tho 50 contribution thut has been
Cancelled was given, the contributor
says, entirely without his authority. Ho
says ho never authorized the contribu
tion, and refuses to pay II. This takes,
iu nil, $100 from tho amount of contribu
tions icported a week ago. What steps
tlio Fxectttlvo Committee will tako, or
can take, when Chairman Lemon of the
Finance Committee ictiotts theso facts at
tho meeting tonight is uncertain. Tho
meeting to-night promises to be a lively
The Committee on Parks and Kesorva
tions, which has ehaigo of the erection
of reviewing stands for tho parade, seems
to have become tangled up, and lust
night thoy decided to advertise forbids
for the election of stands on tho reserva
tions. Ilids weio lo be made beparalely
for each stand, but home of the Didders
didn't do this, and Iho committco de
cided to advertise for now bids. Then,
too, tho committco having clinrgo of tho
letting of tho progrnmmo privilege has
run amuck of Captain Lemon.
The committee nd vert iscd for bids in tho
auction of tho programme privilege and
among other hlddeis was Captain
Lemon. Ho offered two bids, ono ot
$250 in caso no hlshcr bid was offered.
Tho other was &50 moro than nnvono
else might bid, Both these bids were
rojected by tho subcommittee as in
formal and tho privilege given to
Fletcher it Langstall for K'.75. Then
Captain Lemon wiote a letter explaining
his bids and offering $750 for the pro
gramme privilege.
The committee decided that as tho,
bids were closed tills last proposition'
could not iu justice to other bidders bo
received, though it wns doublo the ac
cepted bid. Thoy say that his first slid
ing bid was iulormiil, lint when they
ndveitised for bids thoy reserved the
right to "reject any or all bids and to
wulyo defect." This last clause would
seem to be broad enough to allow the
acceptance Of Captain Lemon's bid, but
tho committco seemed not to think so.
Ami his offer of double tho amount of
tho accepted hid was made, not perhaps
.so much us mi investment as hccntibo
tho Contain wautcd to help the lmuuuru
Hon along, and did not think that
Fletcher it Langstaff had bid as much
as tho privilege was woi lb.
Yesterday Colonel llritlon and Colonel
Bruckutt went to tlio Pension OHieo and
decided that tho steam-heating arrange
ments would allow pipes to bo nfn to tlio
kitchen so that tho cooking for the ball
supper will bo dono by steam from tho
piesent pipes.
r.scoitT or tiii: viiusiiii'.ntiai. tuivrv.
The preparations that the Indianapolis
pcoplo me making for tho iuaueuiatlou
of their fellow-townsmen into the Presi
dency of the United States are on a mag
nificently olaborato scale.
Thoy havo a regtihuly organized In
angulation Committee thcto aud lis
officers uro hi constant coircipondcnco
with the officers of tho Indiana Itoiml
licuu Club in this city.
They will tako charge of tho Presi
dential paity on Its way hereto tliu In
auguration mid look after their comfort
on'tho way. Tlio Indianapolis Inaugu
ration Committee is independent of tho
local committee, hut they act together so
far as thoy can.
So fnr Indiana is tho only Stato in
which tho people nro taking enough iiw
terest In the Inauguration to form coin
mittces. Hut tlio interest iu Indianapolis
is intensoaud it is probable that no Presi
dent has eunio to his Inauguration will
so largo a following of his follow towns
men as tloncrnl Harrison will havo.
The Indianapolis commtttuo has so,
cured as headquarters tho parlors at Iho'
Metropolitan Hotel and there will bo tho
rallying point for all tbo ludianians who
come to tho Inauguration.
The ludlnuapulis committco Is com
posed of iho best men of tho town, and
the business men are Interesting them
selves hi tho inauguration of their towns
man, irrespective of party. Contribu
tions two lavish, and the committee has
opened headquarters In the Tromont
IIouso, on tho mahi street of Indianap
olis, wheie the business of making thu
great preparations for the pilgrhnugo to
this city next Muich uto progieslng
Tho headquarters at tho Metropolitan
iu this city will be opened somo day be
fore tho Inauguration, and so far In
diana is tho only Stato that has estab.
llshed such hcadquurleis.
a noon w i.i;k run aitmcations.
It has been a good week with tlio Civlo
Oiganl.atlons Committee and they havo
booked nioio participants for the parade
than in any loriucr week for a mouth.
Tim leason of this is that tho members
of tho committee in tho vaiious States
havo got to woi k and reported tho or
ganizations that intend to como to tho
Inauguration from tlieit Statos.
Tho Civic Organizations Committeo'a
lopoitto the lvxecutlvo Committco to
night w til show that since lust Saturday
tilteon oigauintloiu, havo applied for
plaeo in tho parade, in theso organiza
tions theie are 2,105 men, making tho
total number of members of civic organ
izations icported so fur 20,511 men,
divided among 121 organisations.
A Itllllillo Church llm-iu-il.
lU'iTAio, N. V., -Ian. '.Ml. St. Adalbert's
Polish Church, at I'.iut Ilutlulo, vmsdcstioyod
by tliu at 11 o'clock this mornlui;.
l.oi'ul Weill her Imllcutloiis.
Thiciiti-iiiuti wcathoi, with raliii slightly
wunm-i. mtiihl-' winds, folluwed Sunday oor
the lutvilur by culdir wtatlKT.
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