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Btnjrla Copy i SConts
I17 Carrier, per month 83 Cents
By Mall, r'tago paid, ono year.,, $500
By Hall, postage paid, six months 3.00
Sr Mali, postage nll, per month... ..60 Cents
Mail subscriptions Invnilably In ndvanco.
Washington. 1). C.
The Cabinet metis on Tuesdays and
Fridays at 12:30 p. m.
Senators and Representatives In Congress
will bo received by tlio President overy day,
except Mondays, from 10 until 13.
Fcrsons not members ot Congress having
badness with the l'rcslilcnt will bo rcculvcd
from 12 until 1 on Wednesdays, Thursdays
and Saturday.
Those w ho havo no bin Iness, but call
merely to pay their respects, will bo re
ceived by the President In the Ka&t Koom
at 1 p. m, on Mondays, Wednesdays and
Secretaries Blaine, 1'roctor and Tracy
havo Issued tlio following order for the re
ception of visltorsi
ltcce)tIoa of Senators ahd Representa
tives In Congress, from 10 to 12 o'clock.
Itcteptlon of all persons not connected
with the Department at 13 o'clock, except
Tuesdays and Fridays, which aro Cabinet
days; and Thursdays In the. Department ot
State, i lien the members of tho Diplomatic
Corps arcxcluslvcly received.
Persons will not bo admitted to tho build?
1 rg after 2 o'clock each day, unless by card,
which will bo sent by tho captain of tho
watch to thu chief clerk or to tho head of
the bureau for which tho visit Is 'intended.
T his rule v 111 not apply to Senators, Iteprc
mntaiivcs or heads of Exccutlvu Depart
ments. thk oivii.-si:kvioi: iu:roitMi:its.
The civil-fcervica reformers ooutinuo
their effoits, nml ono cntmot but mlnilro
their pcisKU'iicy mill tlicli' undoubted
s-nrucstM'ss. Still one grim fact slnmh
out; tliey have lost rather than gnlnel
yiound within the Inst four years.
No doubt many bad results come
from a change of olllco-bolders with
VH'ry change In llw political com
plexion of the dominant party, but the
belief Is gaining ground that tho party
in power should have the prlvllcgo of
doing things In its own way with its own
people, should be libsolutely unham
pered In tho work of conducting tho
Qovcrnmcnt. If tho work bo not well
done a verdict In accoidnnco with
the facts will bo rendered at the next
national election. 'L'Jiero nro n host of
clerks and petty officials who should,
perhaps, hold their places through
good behavior, but when a placo Is of
any Importance it Is but Justice that the
dominant party should control it abso
lutely, slnco the dominant party will bo
held responslblq for Its management.
One source of weakness of the civil
mtvIco reformers is that they are about
the most unmngnctlc group over at
tempting tin inlluenec on thu course of
political events. They nro dyspeptic.
They take slight part In any political
fray, when their own pet Ism Is not an
issue, and they are, ns n rule, of tho
opinion that the pace tho" country Is
waking toward tho dcmnitlou bow.
wows is fcomethlnj phenomenal. They
are a collection of rcspoctablo pessi
mists. They mo not popular, though
held In much esteem.
Tho civil service rcformem have their
use. They arc liko tho death's head at
the Greek banquet, not very much nllvo,
but a constant reminder for good bo
havlor. May Indigestion never carry
them all off.
JJIshop Potter of New York Is n
pretty big man. llu was Interviewed
yesterday by a reporter for thu Now
York World and questioned ns to what
ho meant when he t!d lu hU recent
We have exchanged the Washlngtonlan
dignity for (ho JeffcrKintnni-iinpliclty, which,
nai, in truth, only unotlier name for tliu
Jacksonlan vulgarity, anil what have wo got
In exchange for It r
The lllshop did not equivocate in his
reply, lie said, among other things;
Each man reads the Malory of his country
In tils own way, lie forms his estimate, his
opinions of men, of tho Impress for good or
evil Unit they have left on thu nodal fabric
1 ask nobody to bo lesponslfilo for my
rnlons, nut Unno it always lias unomoil that
the sleek, smooth-tongued chicanery that de
veloped In Jefferson's tlmo was quite, as
offensive us thu hhitaut shibboleths ot thu
nrolls hunters In Jnckson's days I rather
lean to the sido of frankness, and wo must
admit that Jackson's whole character en-corn-aged
It. This explanation Is chtelly ren
dered necessary bceuuso of my use of tha
Moid "simplicity." It may have been vagtio.
Ho added In further conversation that
political purlieu are necessary to keep
Mielety sweet. Tho danger of tho
present situation la that tho pcoplo nro
too largely silent. Ho mid of this
period of rich men'a ndvent Into poli
tics thnt everybody hns recognized tho
ilso of Uio money power. Its growth
not nicu-ly stifles tho independence of
the pcoplo, but the blind believers In
money's omnipotent power assort that
is liberal use condones every offense.
A man who has keen perceptions and
good Judgment, a man who Is not afraid
to spoalc tho truth, Is UUlior) Totter of
New York.
J.ct justice bu dorto Chicago, A
Miimbor of Chicago suburbs havo lately
voted in favor of annexation to the city,
and comment Is mndo In nciv-spapm In
other cities, Intimating tlint Chicago (s
4lB extended -out over a sarsely
jpoj-uiftfed tenritofy; Aa iar oi
wtmwvii a , k
fnct,jbls Is not Ihccdoc, Chicago hits
grown until the city limits, like those ot
the old city of Loudon, nro by no means
the llmlt.s of the city, and the outlying
portion of the town on nil sides Is made
up of business and residence districts,
under village government. In other
words, Chicago consists of n "core," so
to Bpcak, under city government, whlln
this "roro" Is encircled by a tow of
vllla-es. It is impossible to tell with
out consulting authorities where the
clt3,cndsand tho village system begins.
It is a bad arrangement, and this whole
densely populated district should havo
been under ono city government long
ngo. Hvcn with tho addition's proposed
Chicago will bo about as compact n
municipality ms any In the country.
There Is no denying tho great Lake
city's enormous and continued growth.
Tiir Washington militia made an ad
mirable showing lu New York and receive,
deservedly, tho admiring comment of tho
New York press. Assisted by no State, tho
Washington contingent paid their own ex
penses, and did credit to the District.
A man never opens a hot of chewing to
bacco with a corkscrow; ho simply pulls
the plug out M 1th his (lasers.
The hen may get the garden ecol by a
scratch, but she gets It all the samo.
"There's something rotten In tho State of
Denmark," roared a ham actor In a New
Jersey town, and Just then an faster egg
of tho vintage of lt&7 hmtlcd through tho
air and stnlek him. "I beg pardon," hn
continued, uudlsmaycd, "with the kind
permission ot tho audience, I will change
tho scene from Denmark to New Jersey."
Tho Oklahoma Ilasebalt Club has not yet
been organized, It. E. Volver has put In a
ball or two with a swiftness and accuracy
which would Indtcato who was to bo
t l'111'F.W Wll.l. NOT lltNO TO-NIOIlr.
They have seen the President,
And he's had his legal say,
Which will stop proceedings and
Colbert will not hang to-day.
A motion ofllclals admire promotion.
Small Boy! l'a, what does Misogynist
l'a: It means a woman-hater.
S, It.: (still thirsty forknowledgoj: Then,
pa, docs Mlsterogynlst mean a man-hater?
"If l were king," he said,
"And you.woie Justu lowly beggar maid,
With my strong baud I'd lift you to my
And crown you queen, and In the great
king's bride
Men would not know,
Or would forget, the beggar maid."
"If I were queen," she safd,
"And you a careless, wandering minstrel,
To my'falr court, I'd sit jou on the throne)
And being there, the greatest king o'er
I would kneel down
And servo you as your maid."
?imklnc Stops Microbes.
(Gentlemen's Magazine.)
The pxpcrlmeuts of T, V. Tasslnarl will
rejolco the hearts of many smokers. IIo ce
mented together by their w Wo mouths two
glass tunnels so as to forma cigar-holder,
with a largo chumbcr' In tho middle. In
this chamber was suspended from a loop
of platinum a small piece ot
linen. At ono end ot this cigar
holder was u plug of cotton wool, acting as
a emoko (liter. A cigar was placed at tho
other cud, lighted and smoked secundum
artcin, the mouth ot tho smokor being at
tached to tho filtering end. By this ar
rangement tho piece of linen was sur
rounded by a dense cloud ot tobacco
smoke. At the end of half an hour,
during which three and a halt to four
grammes (about ona-elghth ot an
ounco) ot tobacco was smoked, the cham
ber was opened and tho linen allowed
to fall Into a test tuba containing fluid gel
atine, In which wero planted colonics of
seven varieties of pathogenic inlcrobla, In
cluding thoso ot cholera, anthrax (chicken
cholera) and pneumonia. In every Instanco
there was a marKcd delay In tho develop
ment oi these colonics as compared with
wlint occurred In similar tofct tubes charged
with the same, but not exposed to tobacco
smoke. The' development of jomo was en
tirely prevented by tobacco smoke.
The Hliali unit tho IIaiigmn.
(From the Httsburg Dispatch.)
An Englishman, who now lives In Pitts
burg, says ho sees by tho papers that the
Shah ot Persia will visit England this sum'
mer. He remembers when this heathen
ruler spent the summer once beforoln Orcat
Britain. The British haven't any lovo for
him, but for political reasons aro forced to
humor him. The last tlmo tho Shah was
in England ho occupied Buckingham
Palace, When ho left tho placo was In
such a filthy condition that no ono could
live In It for 6lx months afterwards. Ono
day tho Shah was taken to Nowgata.and
shown tho hangman and thu apparatus for
'killing condonmed criminals. Ho ex
pressed a strong dcslru to sea a man
hanged, but was told they didn't have any
body; at tho tlmo to send across the Hirer
Styx. The Shah suggested that tboy take
ono ot his retinue, and when they In Conned
him that they didn't do busluess that way
lu England ho got very angry.
In a shadowed church,
lu tho holy hour,
Of tho dear Lord's sacred day,
When summer gardens were a-(lowcr,
And summer winds at play,
Do you remember f
You turned and smiled,
And gave me roies, three,
So fair, so sw cct to soo V
Ah, llttlo you know -
Thnt within my heart
Were sonowfnl thoughts that day;
Longings to seo tho dear ones, gone
Heavenward, leagues away,
Your beautiful thought,
Your tender smile,
Your sweet red roses three,
Lifted tho cloud from me.
Tho rich red roses, faded alas, '
Faded as rotes must.
The fragrant leaves with their perfumed
Turned luto daintiest dust;
But the smile lives on,
Ami the sweet intent
That brought heaven's light to mo,
And I never can think of you apart
From tha rich red roses three,
The roses you gavo to me.
A l"otlo Kuu,
If jou're going to Oklahoma,
bY sure to take- vour ltm.
And when (ba other fellow shoots,
Mo j c than twunty yours ago, Ihough
not much more thnu that, Ami'tlca was
turned topsy lurvy by thu advent of
Lydla Thompson nml her Hngllsh
blondes. In that day It was not con
shifted such good form to go to see
clotlielcvmess depleted upon (lie stage,
nml Lydla and her company were hailed
with that peculiar delight which chat''
nctcrlrrs nfforded opportunities for
doing those things openly, which puri
tanic Ideas had restricted 'to the domain
of quasl-secreey, and everybody went
to see Lydla, ntul liked the display
villh a ttrong like. Then Lydla be
came Immensely popular and grew rich,
ns she was already beautiful. For sev
eral years she hail the swing; then she
returned to Kngland and lost all her
money by running a theatre of her own.
Tlirco years rtgo she came back, and It
was llko n resurrection, for sho had
been forgotten by tho young theatre
goers, or at leat remembered only as
Ort'ck plays are remembered, Iiut
Lydla is not old, nor Is she grown
ugly, Hhu greeted Tim CittTio man
with it gush and u glrltshncss tho other
evening that were captivating, nnd at
close rango sko showed: very few of tho
crow's-feet of tho (int-slng years, nnd In
response to a lefcrence to some Of tho
old players with her Harry Docket
nnd Pauline Mnrkhanf and Ada Ileau
mont sho sighed a little, then smiled,
and nulling forwnul a bunch of her
beautiful blondo hair from under her
hat, she snid: "Hut tho ashes arc not in
(Ids yet," nor does It seem that they'
will ever be, for she Is as plump jind
youthful In appearance as she was In
other days. Situ Is much Interested in
her daughter, who was with 3llss
Anderson, but who comes out next year
under her own manager, playing
such parts as Jultrt and that class.
JIlsS Thompson's weakness Is a Hootch
terrier about as big as a wad of
sausage, named "Tykle, ' and Tykic Is
a terror as well ns terrier. She barks
at her mistress' visitors with a light
soprano barkf and will not bu quieted,
and she has ficqlicntly sent her from
hotel to hotel, in quest of one where
canines are allowed miiuc rights, for
Jiis.s Thompson goes to no hotel where
Tyklo cannot go. Tho averago man
would drop "Tyklo" Into tho soup ery
early, but he had uot better say so to
Miss Thompson.
On the Presidential train to New
York one or tho newspaper correspond
ents was assigned a section In the sleep
ing car occupied by the Justices of the
Supreme Court. It was toward It
o'clock a. m. when the correspondent
was assigned to his car and berth with
out disturbing tho sonorous slumbers ot
tho judicial 'dignitaries, which ho de
scribed thu next morning as follows:
"Chief .TuMlce Fuller snored with a
mellifluous cadence which rosg nnd fell
llko the notes of a church organ, mid
then wafted away Into broken stanas
through Ids mighty mustache."
"Jusllco Blatchford's snoro was a sub
dued but steady How of judicial
"Hx-Justlct! Stiong's snoro was stately
nnd dignified, nnd continued on an ovgu
course, with no dissenting notes."
"Justice Field's snore was a grand
old melody, with a rising inflection at
times like tho waves of tho Vacllie
rolling through tho Golden Gate."
If there Is any hotel man In town who
doesn't want to be licked by an Irato
guest, that man Is Stockham, one ot
thp gentlemanly und urbane clerks at
the Kbbltt, but ho come very near get
ting it "Wednesday evening, shortly
after 9 o'clock. -At II n citizen "with
a Centennial jag on" called to sec u
guest and asked for a curd. Stockham
gave It to lilm and nfter some effort ho
succeeded In writing ".las Hell" on It.
Stockham marked It "U p. in." and
sent It up. In a few minutes tho guest
came down in tlio elevator and n lit
of anger. "By thunder," ho said to
tho clerk, "what do you mean by sciuL
ing this gas bill for fl) up to mo? 1
haven't been burning any gas to speak
of a'nd you've got no right to stick mo
In any such style." For a mlnuto
Stockham was frightened, then he saw
it all, and explaining thnt It wasn't
"gas bill" but "Jos Hell," ho pointed
.James out In tho corner and tho guest
subsided and apologized.
A bluck-und-tan dog, slightly lame,
trotting at tho heels of a .Uaudsomo
sorrel horse hitched to o. light buggy,
has becomo a familiar sight In tho
suburbs of Washington. It Is. an un
mistakable Indication that Ofllccr Slack
Is around. Tho horse, which heart the
distinguished namo of I'rinco Albert, is
one of tlio pet features of- Air. Slack's
worldly effects and no ono eteo ever
drives him. -"Prlnco" lias dono excel
lent service In behalf bf tho l'ollcu Ho
partmeut, and although a tilllo whim
sical at times, he settles down to tlio
baldest kind of work when there Is
business on hand. Tho dog is an In
separable companion to tho horse, and
although lamo In ono leg travels with
him whcrcvcr.bo goes.
"There aro lots of people who nro
tnklng good caru of a, pleco of rppo
under tho belief thnt It helped to hang
Gulteau," remarked Deputy Graham of
tho Htstilct jail, "when, In icallty, there
Is no more-Interest attached to it than
thero is In an ordinary piece of clothes
line. I can tell a piece of tho Gulteau
ropo as soon as 1 lay my eyes on It.
Theio was a druggist in tills city who
paid $."! for n little bit of hempen twist.
Ho had tho cuds fastened with ivlcccs of
silver nnd put it In his show'-enso with n
big label whero everybody could see It,
IIo was telling mo about It ono day, and
I showed him, to his great disgust, that
tho ropo had In all probability never
been anywhere in tho neighborhood of
tho Gulteau execution. You sec, In
running a rope through tho hole lu tho
scaffold beam It got hot and burnt tho
wood a llttlo bit. When tho Gulteau
ropo was run through, In making ready
for tho hanging, tho charred wood loft
a black streak all along one sldu of It.
If that black streak Is wanting, you can
be pretty suio that it is not a piece of
tho rope that hung Gulteau,
Apropos of tho racing at Ivy City, an
old operator was talking of a clover
trick which wus played on. the pool
rooms about a year ago. Some tele
graphers had cut tho wires which ran
trom tho race course to tho pool-rooms,
and by putting In a third not of Instru
ments could receive tho results nnd send
them Into tho pool-rooms as much later
than tho actual tlmo of that tho race was
run us they chose. When tho results
came to them ono of tho number would
go around to tho pool-rooms, nuiko their
bets and then send thu message along.
"It looked as If tho pool-rooms were
at tho mercy of thco pcoplo," remarked
tho operator. "There was no redress
at tho hands of thu law." Hut tho
remedy is very simple All tho pool
rooms now uso tho duplex or tjuadru
plex systems, by which messages aro
sent over tho wires both ways. If thore
Is anything wrong with tho wire it Is at
onco discovered by the people who aro
sending tho racing results because of
tlio break in tlio message ocing sent
from tho other end of tho Hue."
A rlngtalled raccoon, kept by u Lanslug,
Mich., man as a net. broke loose tho other
lllght and rttu un. a wedding cako, sampled
the rest of tho wedding-feast and mad
the bride so mad that tug aliaott postponed
tito HeaaiBg.
An Incident n bit couilcnl hnppcucd
opposite the Ardmoro Hotel, on .Nicol
let avenue, this morning, A gentleman
came hurriedly around the corner from
Ninth street, when a gust of wind struck
tho oack of his neck and savagely lifted
i lie new spring iicrny trom ms licaii.
The lint went bobbing across tho street
at a lively gait, with tho owner an close
after It as ho could get, A young
woman with rosy checks nnd carrying a
lunch basket lit her right hand was an
observer of the hat Incident, nnd sho
smiled tantallzlugly lit tho efforts of Its
owner. It pleased her so much (hat she
turned hcricad to watch his ungraceful
antics just as sho readied tho crossing,
1 1 wus a great mistake on her part. Sho
made n misstep and fell forward almost
on her face. Her grip on her lunch
basket was loosened, and away It went
Ih to thu street. Bomo of tho contents
rolled out, and n big gust of wind took
unwarranted liberties wlh her skirts,
The mnu picked up his hat Just In tlmo
to catch a glimpse of tho llttlo affair on
tho corner. Ho hastened to tho young
woman's sido nnd helped her to arise.
Gallantly he picked up her lunch
basket und Other trinkets.
"Are you httrt?" ho nskcdt as he re
turned tho young lady's property.
"Not a bit," came tho reply, "but I
am ashamed, for I laughed heartily at
your discomfiture. However, I was
well paid for It. I thank you ever so
much for your npslstanco."
Then they ' parted. Minneapolis
John Clilnnmiin ns a Linguist.
Our Chltu'oo population an) said to bo
making moro rapid progress in their
knowledge of Kngllsh than a few years
ago, but though tho Chinese havo ex
cellent capacity for languages, their
attainments in our tongue aro hardly
ccpiiil to'lhclr opportunities. Tho rea
son seems to be .John does not expect to
live here peimiinently, nnd ho cares for
Kngllsh only so far us it aids hint In his
quest of the mighty dollar. When John
settles in somo of tho Pacific. Islands hu
expects to bc.a permanent resident, ns a
rule, and he assiduously applies himself
to thu task of mastering tho dominant
tongue. In nil the Spanish colonics,
for instance, John talks Spanish even
with his own people. On his urrlval ho
sets about learning Spanish with nil tho
enthusiasm of a linguist, and often ho
gels a deep nnd thorough Insight into
the language. John would certainly
Improve his chances in this country if
lie wottld tnko moroldndly to the study
of the vernacular, New York Sun.
An l'rcentrlc Hen.
Judge C. G. Garrison of jrcrcliant
llle. N. .!., Is tho owner of a remark
able hen, whoso puoullarlty consists In
the fact that from the tlmo she began to
lay her Hist egc she selected the llttlo
uncle, of the hall behind the front door
of the house as thu placo of her choice.
As regularly as tho family seated them
schesnt tho breakfast table? sho would
fly up to the window-sill of tho dining
room, repent tho "gentlo tapping" of
Poc's raven, and when tho window was
raised betake herself with a cluck to her
favorite nest, When tho egg was laid
she would cacklo until sho wus fairly
out of the house. Sho then Invariably
ran as hard as her legs would carry her
to tha bnrnvavd and awaken the echoes
with her tilumphant notes.
A Hear In n Ilurrol.
Somomaino lumbermen, who were an
noyed by a bear stealing their molasses
out of tho camp store-room, put up a
job on Bruin. They got nn empty
molasses keg, filled the sides of it full
of sharp -pointed nails, inclined toward
tho bottom, poured.a llttlo molasses Into
it and set the whole arrangement out in
tlio bushes, near tho pigpen. The
novel trap worked .nicely. Tho next
morning it was found somo distance
from tho camp. The bear's head was
inside. IIo hud stuck it In and couldn't
draw It out. A title ball elided his
misery nnd ids thieving.
A Toothless Wolf.
AtHcshford, Minn,, tho harvest of
thu wolf ci op lias lust commenced, It
Is reported that a Norwoglan living on
a forty-acre bluff farm on tho Badgcrsy
, iu Houston County, took in forty-fom'
wolf scalps, for which tho county of
Houston paid $803. On Saturday Lit
tle Gutulcrson took somo young wolves
to Preston and obtained $10. It Is
said that at Pilot Mound tho boys havo
an old sho wt)lf that have bred ono or
two Utters a -year till Bho is so old that
her claws aro nothing but stubs and sho
has not a tootli in her head. Tha boys
feed her, and sho is so tamo that sho
goes for her food.
A Homesick Hop;,
A colored woman nt Birmingham,
Ala., removed to M6mphis last fall. Sho
determined to lenvo her dog behind.
Jitst ns sho was starting tho faithful
animal caino bounding Into the car
whero.shosat. When"ho returned to
Birmingham she did not feel aula to In
cur tho e.xponse. of dog faro again and
so loft thu animal In Memphis. Last
mouth tho dog, footsore and half
starved, ramo bounding into his old
home. He had traveled 251 miles to re
join his old mistress.
Ilnsebnll and (Snakes.
A game of baseball at Lonp; Branch
was suddenly terminated on Thursday
by the ccntro fielder, In Holding a ball;
falling headforemost Into a nest of
thirty-two gaiter snakes. Ho picked
himself up, but again sank to tho
ground almost prostrated by fright, and
it was fully half an hour boforo he; re
covered Sulllilently to walk, Ills com
panions, with their batr succeeded in
killing twenty-six of tlio ugly leptlles,
somo of' which measured tlirco lectin
Almost Flvn 1'oet or tonrd,
"Sir. Samuel Fries, residing near
Steinsvllle, Lehigh County, Pa., is
happy in tho possession of a beard
measuring four feet nine Inches In
length the same extending consider
ably below his knees. Ho Is a man 71
years of age, well built, weighing 2!l."i
pounds,' mid has been cultivating his
whisker crop for twenty-eight years
straight along with a success that prob
ably stands unsurpnsscd.
Where. Opium Comes l'rmn.
Opium Is got by -cutting thu capsulo
of tho poppy flower with a notched
Iron Instrumpnt ntsunrlso, and "by tho
next morning a drop or two of julco hns
oocd put. Tills Is scraped off and
saved by tho grower, and after he has a
vessel .full of It It is strained nnd dried.
It takes a great many popples to make
a pound of opium, and It goes through
a number of processes beforo it Is ready
for tho market. Iu a liquid statu It
looks llko a dark straw berry jam,
Ntiwfoiinriluml Duff Tempers,
A leading Now York dog fancier
says tho Impression that the Newfound
land dog Is a good-natured ono Is a
mistake. Tho thoroughbred New
foundland Is uot to bu trusted. Ho has
an ugly temper, nnd If chained up for
even part of a day Is apt to becomo
dangerous. Tlio Scotch colllo Is uot
only faithful and Intelligent, but very
Tho Smusher's 1'uto,
First baggage smasher Say, Jake,
Pin thlnkln' it 'tul bo money in our
pockets If we'd begin haudllu trunks
moro kenrful.
Jake Why wild it 1
"Because thn moro wo smash 'cm tho
bigger and stronger and heavier thoy
moko 'cm. Pvo struck three this morn
In' made out o' reg'lar boiler Iron, Mu
back's 'most broke," New York
Mrs, Porter Hecp Is very ill with per
itonitis at her home on Statcn I si ami.
Mrs. Frank 11. Conger, who has been
very ill for some days, Is reported much
Mist. Randolph Tucker hai returned
to the city nfter nn extended tour In
The engngcmenlof Mr. James A.
Hutlu-rford and Miss Lula Johnson 1
Mr. and Mrs. George Bloomer leave
during tho present week for tholr coun
try homo In Georgia.
Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Podgo Will, In a
few days, retnovo to their new homo on
Twenty-eighth strccL
Mrs. Dr. Wltmcr gives a luncheon of
twelve covers- tp-dny ot the residence of
her mother on P street.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Louis 0'Sluiugncs.sey
of Cincinnati, on their bridal tour, aro
at the Arlington until Saturday,
E.'-Presldcnt and Mrs. Cleveland
were entertained nt dinner In Now York
Inst evening by ex-Mayor Grace.
Miss Margaret Cabell Smith of Rich
mond Is tho guest of her cousin, Mrs.
George 0. Thomas, at 3108 P street.
Mrs. DcbrqnVlllo Kcim of PhlladcU
phla Is tho guest of Mrs. Blako nnd her
daughters at their residence on N street.
Mr. Wm. Muclhclscn returned to the
city yesterday tiftcr a visit of thrco
months lu South Carolina, Georgia and
Dr. William Hood, U. 8. N., who has
been spending several dayB in Wash
ington, left to-day for his station at tho
Naval Asylum, In Philadelphia.
Mr. nml Mrs. Elliott F. Shcpard
gave a dinner party last evening in
honor of Mrs. liurrison and Mrs. Mc
LKcc. Tho guests assembled ot 7 o'clock.
l lie tauio was covered Willi orchids ami
Puritan roscs,and nt each plato was a big
cluster of American Beauty roses.
Washington had false teeth made of
ivory the upper plato carved
out Of one solid chunk; tho lower had
tho teeth l Ivctcd on. Tho upper plate,
swelled and split from moisture and
gave him great pain.
He wore a No. 8 boot.
He frequently spelled God with a
small g.
Hu preferred to drink beer with Ids
meals, nnd usunllyhad a silver pint cup
of that beverage at his plate.
Tho last time ho was weighed, In the
summer of 1709, ho tipped tho scale at
200J. His usual weight was 220.
Ho suffered all his life with weak
lungs, having had a scvero pulmonary
affection In early life.
Ho was quite fond of checkers and
chess, and played a great deal with
GcorgC Mason, his neighbor.
His favorite breakfast was corn-meal
cakes and a bowl pf milk,
Ho wore all sorts of colors sometimes
purple satin, again black velvet, brown,
blue, cream, pearl and green cloths.
He had several bright scarlet waist
coats that he seemed to bo fond of. Ills
servants wore a whlto livery with senr
let facings.
He owned six lots In Washington and
built a houso on two of them. It Is
now In mid air, two stories having been
built under it and two over It. Four
lots wero on tho Auacostla Hlvcr, where
lie thought the business part of tlio
Capital would be, Thoy aro worthless
IIo was the first millionaire in tlio
United States.
He owned laud In fivo States and In
the Northwest Territory 19.US2 acres
all told.
Twico while President his Jifo was lu,
peril; Iu 1789 a carbuncle on ids thigh
prevented his walking or sitting nnd
for several days his life was despaired
of. He fled from Philadelphia when
tho yellow fever took oil over -1,000
His bed tlmo was uniformly 0 o'clock.
Mrs. Washington used to sny at her re
ceptions when it camo 9 o'clock: "Thu
General always goes to bed at 0, and I
usually precedo film."
Ho accepted no salary as President.
Congress simply paid his expenses. His
house rent was $11,000 a year.
Ho wrote- poetry at tho age of 15
love-sick poetry at that.
Gcorgo III. offered him a peerage.
, AYhllo Washington was childless, so
far as the world and history absolutely
knew, hu was reputed to be tlio father
of General Thomas Posey, who was ouo
of his fnvorlto ofilccrs. General Posey
lies burled at Shawncctown, III.
He was tho possessor of a violin, and
It Is said ho could play a few simple
tunes. lie, did not sing.
He was not i good sportsman nor
much of a tlshorman. lie rode after
his pack of hounds a great deal, but
purely for e.xcrclso. Ho seldom got tho
A llullronil Nenr tho Stars.
Tills railroad from Mollcndo to
Arequipa is .remarkable for running
nearer tho stars than almost any other,
railway, for whero It passes over tho
western range of tho Andes into tho
great basin of tlio southern continent
tho track Is 11,705 feet abovo the sea,
and tho' only higher point nt which a
wheel was ever turned by steam is
whero another Peruvian railway tunnels
tho Andes. No other long road can
show an equal amount of excavation
nor such musslvo embankments, and
the engineering dilllcultics ovqrcome in
its construction were enormous.!
Youth's Companion,
Lightly lingering on tho landing,
nraudmamma Is meekly standing
While the President Is handthg
Bending courtly to her beauty,
Woud'rlug, as no makes his duty,
If this fair, forbidden fruit he
Slight havo had.
For upon that hand of satin
Colls another's page nnd that lu
His Idea, robs the matin
Of Its grace;
And as (Irauilnapa advances,
Shattered fall Ids loaplug fancies,
And ho turns his telltale gluuces
From her fucu.
And thoy calmly talk together
Of the very pleasant weather
Speculating as to whether
It will ralu.
And ttiQ President bows lowly
And goes down thu staircase slowly,
And the key upon his soul ho
Turns again.
They aro waiting on the landing
Marjorlo Is restless standing.
As her Kill von Kill! Is luindlDg
Her an leo.
-And her eyes are furtlvp straying.
And tho random things shu's saying
Aru most palpably betraying
Comes n cavalier ascending,
And, as low his head hu's bending,
Iteddest roso with white Is blending
(Ah, tho test.)
And, ;hlle Kill a wild gooiu climes,
Dangerously close their fiicus
Full, as rise and full thu laces
On her breast.
CritfinU her careful schooling
Warns her tills Is maddest foullpg -Sho
oheys tho sapient ruling
.Of mamma;
Kill Is oomlng back to get her
Fqr she. wears, lifs golden frjttor
Has It grown to worso or better,
-N, Y,'EYnhm;8im,
Thecltyof Omnh.ihas In Its service
a force ofthousands of scavengers who
draw-no pay, report to no olllcial, but
aro protected by law from molestation.
They aro tho crows who Hock in town
ns Tcgularly as cold weather coincs, stay
during the winter and vanish In tho
Each evening as tho shadows fall
legions of crows wing their way lu a
scimlngly endless lllght to tho willow
copses nnd'clumps of small cottonwood
trees on the banks 6f tho Missouri, whero
they roost for thn night.
A favorite haunt Is at the bend of the
river, between Cut-Off and Florence
Lakes, where the banks shelter tho
northwest wind, says the Omaha World.
Tlictnlr is thick with sablo wings and"
resonant with hoarse caws thcra after
sunset eacli night, as tho scavengers
scttlo down among, .tho branches to
dream of bifek-arca lunches and Car
rion spreads.
With tho break of day tho sablo flock1
bestirs Itself. Eacluncmbcrhops about
to warm Its Chilled legs, stretches l;s
shiny wings and heads back toward the
The vast flock breaks Into small
groups and they alight hero nnd tlioro
on tho tree-tops nml survey the back
jwrdtf and alleys until they can pick
out foraging places, Then they dc
sreud and In short order thef remains of
tho breakfasts, tha scraps of meat front
markets nnd tho rats killed by the
household dogs and cats aro gobbled up.
Some crows do scavenger work about
tho residences. Others alight can
tlously In tho alleys and others nro aU
traded to the stock-yards and packing
houses nt South Omaha. They light
shy of the business blocks.
Tlio crow who Inhabits the Missouri
is of the same breed with tho crow who
pulls up the farmer's corn in Vermont.
In tho East he is a nuisance. Tho
granger shoots him on sight, tries to
trfghtcn him with scarecrows and dips
the corn into Coal tar before lie plants
it, in the hope that It will spoil tho
pretty raven's nppctlto.
Two healthy .New England crows can
devastate a twenty-acro corn field if
unmolested. But tho crow who mi
grates to (ho Wes.t becomes a respected
resident, and nobody asks "What was
your pame back East I" or asks how he
stood with the farmers. He mates with
n chipper Dinah crow in a clump of
willows on tho bottoms, nnd in duo
tlmo they hatch out a nest of hungry
Tlio father rustles for grasshoppers,
bugs and toads, while tho youngsters
aro growing th'clr pln-fcatltcrs. As
soon as they can fly their mother leads
them away from the contaminating in
fluences of the city, hnto the pure,
green country," and the wholo family
tunics loose upon the vermin nnd in
sects. None of them, ever trouble the corn
fields, nnd none of tho farmers ever
trouble them. Durlug the fall thoy
pick up tho looso grain, and pow aud
then play free lunch ilcnd on the corn
fields. In the West much of the corn is left
standing in the ileitis during tho winter,
while in the East it is stored In the
barn beforo snow falls. Perhaps this
apparent generosity on the part of the
fanner in Nebraska has something to
do with the improved conduct of tho
However this may bo, the bird in tho
Missouri Valley docs not rely upon the
corn-field, summer or winter, for sub
sistence. Nebraska, Iowa and Mis
souri crows rendezvous largely at Peru,
in this State.
It Is a famous roost for them and has
attracted the attention of naturalists.
Professor Taylor of tho Normal School
at Peru has'rnado a close Study of the
habits of tlie.se crows and is writing a
series of papers to be published In an
Eastern magazine on that subject.
Mcantlmo tlio sable -crow continues to
ppend his summers In tho country- nnd
his winters In the city, following Jho
. fashion which his wealthiest biped
patrons set tor tncinseives. iMcnnugc.
)ut Ho Kniiw- Ills (lult.
Ho had come hero n stranger and got
in with tho boys. Ho looked Innocent
aud thero was buttermilk in his breath
and pumpkln-plo In ids talk, Ho seemed
to havo plenty of money, and a com
pound was prepared for him to swal
low. The other day he was invited to
tako a drive. It was so arranged nfter a
little that ho could not fall to notice
certain things, and ho had to feel obliged
to ask:
"My dear boy, you look troubled."
"Yes, I am in deep trouble."
"What Is It? I am your friend, and
If I ?an do anything you have only to
"I I hato to mention It."
"Pshawl Thero should bo no hesita
tion between friends."
"I I've got a noto of f 100 to meet
at. tho bank, and and I haven't got tho
"Is that all? Why, my dear follow,
I Insist thnt you accept my check for
tho nmountind you can ropay at your
latest conveTrienco."
Alter hanging off awhile tho offer
was accepted. Upon returning to the
hotel three or four chums wero called
In, thrco or four bottles of wlnu opened,
and everybody turned out to be yard
wide-and all wool. When tho conven
tion adjourned tho bank was visited
and the check handed In. Tlio cashier
gave it ono contemptuous glnnco and
shoved it back with the brief eulogy's
"No funds herol"r-Detrplt t'Vo
Pi ess.
In Case of lire.
have annroved
recommendations fo"r now fire plugs at
F.leveuth and F streets northwont, at tho
alley on north slda of tt street between
Sixth and Seventh streets northwest, and
atthealley on south sido of 11 street be
tween sixth and Seventh streets northwest.
Turora Dlnchureeil.
Chlet Jusllco Bingham to-day thanked
tho Jury In his court for their services aud
dl'ihargcd them for tho term,
DvsetU'slA, IMJIOEST10N, sick headache,
ami that tired feeling aro curod by Hood'it
Snrsaparllla, which tones tho stomach, pro
motes healthy digestion, creates an appe
tite, cures siclc-lieadacho and builds up tho
whoh) system, Sold by nil druggists. 100
Doses One Dollar.
OIIII'FIN.-On Wednesday, nt o'clock p.
in., after a short Illness, Joshua F. Orifllii, In
his AM year.
Funeral from Ids Intu lesldeneo, lutSMxth
tret nnrtliwcxt, Sunday, aH o'clock p. m,
Friends Invited.
.McIIU(iU.-On Thursday, Mays, isso, Frank
J. Xolluah, son of Mary and thu late Dennis
Funeral Saturday morulas, nt 8:10 o'clock,
from his lata residence, Ml i'. street south
nut, ltequlcm muss at St. Doinlnla's
Church. Ilelatlves und friends respectfully
lti:iLI,Y,-6uddcnly, on Tuesday, April 30,
ISM), nt tJK) p. m , Juhn IV llcllly, srln the
listhycarof his one, the beloved husband of
.M. A. Itellly.
Jteluthesand friends are Invited to attend
(nncral from Lis lato residence, Bin F street
boutlrncit.xatuiilay morning at IU o'elook.
Solemn requiem mass at SI. Dominie's ehatisl
at 10,.'M.
(Successor to Henry Loo's Sons),
OUU 1'li.NN. AVHNUK N, W.,
South Side.
Bninch office, -Ilia Maryland ave, . w.
August nunaioiu
K,'8RCffl2u"M IWPWW..US!ra!,w, PEE-TFt- 1YC2 "J':BMrJr
Communications on auy maltcr.of cur
rent interest will be cheerfully printed In
Tug CitlTio under this head. Letters
shotild In all c.iks bo as brlof as possible,
Washington, May I). Editor Critlt:
A friendly hint, Don't say too much
about that centennial bill of fare, No
Pour Hundred about it. Alas! and alack-a-dayl
McAllister. Only one soup, one
fish, salmon, nnd thu woods' full of
brook trour. Mushrooms nnd beans in
the samo course, Snlpa nnd moro beans
in the next course. Hussian salad,
i . . ii.
Alplionse Daudct resembles Lord
Tchnyson. He Is about 48 years of age
and handsoinp. His eyes aro.dark, bril
liant, poetic, tender, his features beauti
ful!) regular aud his halrof the truoTltau
coloring, In harmonious contrast to ills
ollvo skin and dark, carefully trimmed
beard. Ills wife was Mile. JulldAUard,
a clever, fascinating woman, who over
camo Hamlet's singular and pronounced
nvorslon to matrimony, Mndamc Dau-
Met writes somo clever proso nnd .much
excellent verse, ana revises nu ucruus-,
baud's MBS,, malting frequent sugges
tions, which nro rarely ignored by tho
brilliant French author. They lirlvo two'
sons and allttlc daughter. The eldest boy
is studying medicine, and IS tho pride
of his father's heart. Daudct has ali
ways personally superintended this
boy's studies, and awaits tlio success of
this embryo physician with unfailing
confidence In his ability. The daugh
ter h'not yet !), and tlio other son a
lad of 13. Daudct regards Numa
Houmeslan as his best work. It Is a
powerful toinancc, filll of Southern
warmth aud color, and was not only a
great success as a book, but, drama
tired, became a most popular play. Al
though best known through Ids novels
Daudct js also a poet, and tho poello
vein which runs through his proso work
found nu earlier expression in verse. IIo
is tlio author of "La 'Dernicre Idole,"
"L'lEillct Wane," "f.n Double Convcr
slou," and many other pocniS which aro
gems of song, and which first won lilm
recognition, in the hypercritical lltprary
world of Paris. Current Llterntuiu.
How Ago Is Itecnned In Ohio.
A. D. Marsh was judge at tho demo
cratic primary Monday. A young
smooth-faced fellow offered his vote,
and Marsh asked him If ho was old
enougii to vote. "Yes," says tho fel
low, "I am 31." "How do you know?"
"Well. I havo had the soven-ycar itch
thrco times," was the lespouso. He
voted. Ccllna (O.) Observer.
Polyglot Dendivood.
Mayor Star enumerates tho number of
languages spoken on Main street, Dead
wood, Colorado, as follows: English,
German, French, Italian, Chinese,
Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Scandi
navian, Husslan, Irish, Spanish, He
brew, Sclavonian fourteen, with pos
sibly a few overlooked,
Washington Safe Deposit Co., 010 l'a.
ave., rents safes as low ns $5 per year.
ai'xarATj xoTiaji.s.
tho AUbtcrlntlon books nf tha fieori-o.
town nnd TcnalI)owii Ilallroad Company
i will bo open for subscription on SATUlt
DAY, Slay 4, ISM), and for ten days next en
I sulnir thereafter, nt th office of thn Nat lonal
Metropolitan Hank. UEO. II. II. WHITE,
. Treasurer.
By order of tho Board of Directors.
it. C. DItU.M, President.
JOHN E. 11EAI.L, Secretary.
1?on salk.1bay nonsE, e ykaus old,
' 1C1 hands high; itood driver; work any.
where; suitable foru coupe. Apply till Tth
st. n. w.
X JIKNT, Mayl, 1S89, Roalod proposals,
fnduplluate, will be rceelved nt this offlco
DAY.JUNKO, lss,for furnishing tho War
Department with such quantities of Wood
and Coal as may ba required In the fiscal
year ending June 50, 188'J. Proposals will bo
received for tho whole or any part of the fuel
required. The fuel Coal nnd Wood to bo
delivered at the War Department Ilurraus or
Offices In, Washington for which required by
the parties to whom tho contract (or con
tracts) may lie awarded, In sueh quantities
and t such times as tho convenience ot the
Department may requlra. The Oovernmcnt
reserves (he right to reject any and alt bids.
Fuel for the State.War und' Navy Department
building Is not Included In this advertisement.
HnenlMnattonn. cencrnl Intttruetlons tn hid.
i dcrs and blank forms of proposals will bu
mrnisneii 10 csiauiisucci uoaiers on applica
tion to this office, l'roponals should lio In
closed In scaled envelopes, indorsed on tho
outside "Proposals for Fuel," and addressed
to tho uudcrslgnod. M, II. TIIUIUV Chief,
Supply Division,
PitorosALs Fort the runcitAHK pp
WAHTK PAI'Klt.-W'ar Department.
Supply Division, May 1, 18B9,-Soalod Pro
poHals, In dupllcato, will bo received at this
Office until TWELVE O'CLOCK, NOON,
TUESDAY. JUNE 11, 18N9, for tha purchaso of
the Wasla Paper ot this Department, Its
Offices and Bureaus located In tlio State, War
and Navy Department llnlldlng, for tho fiscal
year ending Juno 30, 18!W. This paper will bo
removed by tho contractor promptly when
notified. Tho Department reserves the right
to reject any or all proposals and to waive
defects. Proposals muit ba mada on tho De
partment forms, marked "Proposals for
Waste, Paper." M. It. T1IOIU', Chief, Supply
Scaled pioposals. In dupllcale, will ho
recehed at this Oftlco until TWELVE
for Washing Towels for use of tho War De
partment und Its UurcaUs during tho Usual
; year ending Jnno 80, ISM. Proposals should
siaie in pneo per uozen. mans, iorms ot
proposnls ami Information be furnished
on application to this Oftlco. Tho (lovorn
ment rcen es the light to reject any and all
bids. II. It. THOlll. Chief, Supply Dlvlsloa.
Dr.I'A1tT3tKXT 01' THE INTEUlOlt, Wash
ington. 1). U May 1, lBSU. Honied pro
posalswlll be received at this Department
until IS o'olook m. MONDAY, MAY a). ISS'J,
for furnishing supplies consisting mainly ot
ments, provisions, groceries, dry goods, shoos,
drugs, paints, hardware, fuel, leu, lumber,
Ac, for (ho use of tho Ooverninout Uoipltal
for the Insane, near Washington, during tho
fiscal year ending June SO, Is1, blank forms
of proiiosnls, schedule of Horns, specifica
tions nml Infractions to bidders will bo fur
nished on application tn this Department.
, JOHN W, NOULE, Secretary.
PLIES. WahIIm-aiitmekt, Apfll !) 1BS9.
Scaled pronoials (In dupllcato) will bu re
cthed at this offleo until 1 n'eloiik p.m.
Wednesday, May W, 16Wi,for furnishing Mis
cellaneous Suppllos, consisting of llrooms,
Hrnshes, Soaps, Towels, cto., eto., for tho
War Department und Its buroau In Washing
ton, during tho tlscnl year ending Juno 80,
ISO), Plank forms nf proposals, showing (hu
Hems und estimated quantities required, to
gether with instructions to bidders, will bu
furnished nn application to this ofllcu. Illds
will ba eouMdeied on each Item separately,
I'mjiasals must hu nrtdrossod to tho under
signed. Indorsed on tho outside of tho envel
ope, "Propmals for Miscellaneous Supplies,"
31. 11. THOHI'. Chief supply Division.
Waii 1uuivii.nt, Aprils, IRS1.
Scaled pi npnijU, hi duplicate, will bu re
coiled nt this iiillcu until 1 o'clock p. m.,
WEDNEMlAY.Mny 15.1KWI, for furnishing Sta
tionery for (hu War Department and Its bu
reaus Iu Wunhlugton during thu fiscal year
eiidlng.IiineliO, ISUO,
Illunk fin ins of proposals, showing tho Items
and estimated quantities required together
with clicular relating thereto, will bu fur
nished on niipllcutlou lo this office.
Illds will lie considered on each Item sepa
rately. 1'ropoials must bo addressed to tho under
signed, Indorsed on (ho outside of thu envel
ope, "Proposals for Stiidiiucry."
M. ll.THOIlP. Chief Simply Division.
j;.vo vusioxit.
JOHN jmiDllK.8(cnm Packet nxtUSL
sioil makos her regular (rips on Sunday,
Monday, Wednesday und Friday, leaving
High st. and Canal, ((corgotown, at 8 a. m.
Win commence April sit Faro, Wo., round
juuum- vsimua i
Leaves 7 th-st. wharf dallj taiueptguadaylfor
At 10 o'olook a. m.l returning, reaohk Wtsb
" lojton aUoat3;30", m.
Krer y Evening Matinees Wcd and flat.i!
tn tho New Historical llnrlcsqno,
t37Sentinow on sale,
mondayTmay n
Including Helen Lnmnnt,. Ailed Carlo, Ma
bella Uakcr, Laura Millard, Louis Do Lange,
lirorgo Truyemcr, Hlg. Jlrocollnl, Oeorgo
liroderlck, N. fi. Ilumham, &o.
Monday, Tuesday nnd Wodncsday Evngs,
Thurs.. Frl., Sat. Matinee nnd Night,
Special Scenery, Costumes, etc.
Tho American Character Actor,
In (ho New York and lloton success,
Direct from
Opening pfllinSumincr Opera Season THE.
ii'Utttr rc mtifr. im
Matinees, Tucs., Thurs. and Sat.
In tho famous Mclo-dramatlo producllon of
Slnrtllng Effects. Rain Storm of Real Water
Next Weck-EDWIN F. MAYO.
TRE. Elovcnth street, south of Pcnna. avo.
Andhlsown Great Company or Comedians,
In tho latest Farce Comedy,
a-inrsra-Eii sasr.3t?s.
Mutlnccs Mon., Tucs., Thur.. Sat.
Cheap prices, 10, mandiKSots. Night gen
eral ndmNslon, 25o.
Next 'Wcck-Tm: NIGHT OWLS.
PI.E'B UNION of tho Church or Our
Father, corner 13th and L sis, n. w., Thurs
day nnd Friday ecnlngs, May Suud3.1SHI).
at B o'clock.
THURSDAY, "Lord Ullln's Daugblcr."
FRIDAY"Ackland Lord Doyle" and hK
Muslu and Recitations, Fancy articles, straw
berries and Ice cream.
Admlislon lOo
Monday, April 29.
Tuesday, April 30.
Wednesday, May 1.
Thuraday, Maya.
Friday, May 3.
Saturday, May",).
Five Races Each Day.
Special raco trains vlaDaltlmoro and Ohio
Railroad at 12:10. 1:50 and S.T0 p. 10.
Heturnlng trains will be la waiting when
tho races aro over.
Carriages should go via'M street,
Perfect, order will bo proscived, Objot
tlonablo iicrsons will, as on previous occi
slons, be excluded.
Members' hadgos can now be obtained from
O. T. Thompson, tronsurer, Vernon Row, cor
ner Tenth street and Pennsylvania avo. n., w.
Secretary. President.
. 7th and II sts. n. w. Fonnded IfWt. Lo
cation central; commodious halls; appoint
ments complete. More than (0,000 young men
and women havo been trained for business In
the Speneerian Colleges of America. Day and
night sessions. Tuition fee moderate. Five
courses Iluslness Course, shorthand and
Type-writing, Practical English, Spcncer'w
Rapid Writing, Telegraphy, Reading and Ora
tory, Dolsarfe method, lluslnnu men fur
nished wltu competent employes. Illustrated
announcements free. SARA A. SPENCER,
Vice ITInclpal; HENRY U. SPENCER, LU 11.,
733 l-ldi street northwest.
MT. VERNON SEMINARY. 1100, 1101, 1100.
1118 M st. and Ilia 11th st. IWwu-dlnjr
and Day School for young ladlos and llttlo
rouricentn year opens Wednesday, potouor
. for rRPf'tiMnn nf lwtnfillnr. rimlla 'PI,,,iTnv
3, for reception of boarding pupils; Thursday,
October 4, for reception c
ir reccpiiou 01 nay pupus.
JIRS. E. J. SOMHRS. Principal.
AiiirlUwunUundtrtnu htaj, four Unit or
lui, !!5 ctnttfor 0114 Intel lion: 60 ctntifor thru.
havo for sale on ISth st. Just north of
Pcnna ave, and adjoining tho Palais Royal, a
frontage of S3 feet by depth of 100 feet. Wo
can sell ouo-hnlf of this property, U'l fcot
front, or one-tlilrd of samo, UN U.1-10O feet
front by the depth of (00 (out, This offers a
Eood Investment In business property on a
uslncss thornughfaro that Is suited to most
any kind of business. For further partlcu
lurs upply to A. P. DILL .t CO.,
1! H 1' Kt n w,
kisal estate nhokkr.
1310 F at, adjoining Sun llulldluz.
Suburban properly a specialty.
u,(,i,.imf.i.i,Mui .ii. ricuu, juur lines ur
lai,2icnitifor onttiuertbms Wctittifqr (hue.
iPl.l.n,..,. i.hJ.m ,,.,. &...A r. It........
ono ANl t3i on "'mo t ,oaj
- -."v - "AAAA1AAAAAA4AAAki
f J J V U'l k,hi,i (Pill m.imiu HUUIIUiy,
1101 j St n W.
JL nrst-class sccurlllos at lowest ratos of
Interest. No dolny whore security Is good.
0.1 7(h st, n. w. ,
In sums (o suit,
T. A. DARNIELL.Oia Fstn W,
In sums to suit
On Approval Real Estate Security.
01(1 V st. n. w.
COS D street northwest,
Washington, D. o.
Webster Law Bulldlne.
Residence, 1216 ( street northwest.
1 i-wv-M-iw-r WMW OV-JUIJfCf-rniM-l
ajflggj)Ml "'"Ar- -.'.'-li'.'W yV!" "'-? ' - ' ---. a-.. t , hi. -'-- . , -., , , vv . .. . v. . - . , . , .
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