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' fR- ' W7
MnglnCopy 3 Cents
By Carrier, per monlli.. Si Cent
Hy Mall, postage paid, one year ...100
11; Mali, postage paid. six months 3.00
IlT Mall, postage palil, per month CO Cent
Mall subscriptions Invariably In advance.
Washington. D. C.
The Cabinet meets ou Tuesdays and
Fridays at 12:50 p. in.
Senator and Representatives In CouyreM
w 111 I f ricel ed by tlio President every day,
except Mondays, from 10 until 12.
1'crsons not members of Congress having
business wltli tlio President will be received
from 12 until 1 on Wednesdays, Thursdays
and Saturdays.
Tboe who have no business, but call
merely to pay tbelr respects, will bo re
ceived by the lresldcut In tbo East Iloom
at ) )i. m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and
Secretaries Blaine, Proctor and Tracy
hivo Issued tbo folio" Ing order for tlio re
ception of visitors:
Reception of Senators and Heprcscnta
tives In Congress, from 10 to 12 o'clock.
Reception of all persons not connected
with tlio Departments, at 12 o'clock, except
Tuesdays and Fridays, which aro Cabinet
days; and Thursday sin tlio Department of
State, vbui the members of the Diplomatic
Corps aro exclusively received.
I'crtous will not bo admitted to the bulld
I ng jif tcr 2 o'clock each day, unless by card,
nblrb will be sent by the captalu of the
wli h to the chief clerk or to the head of
the buicau for which the visit Is Intended.
This rule will not apply to Senators, Iteprc
scntailusor heads of Executive Depart
Just $900 nud u cuiisuic that Is tliu
,i"t lo Major I.yilccker.
J.ct us see: What lias It cost the city?
Hi nil 12,000,000 nt least.
AVlint lins It cost nml what will It
est in loss of life from n delayed sutli
clenl walci supply? How much is tlio
ticnth-rato incicnscii anil how much will
it he Increased fiom lack of water to
flush pipes and keep houses habitable?
DclUiltu figures cannot be given hn this
l-olnt. ,
lust i'JOO and n censure.
liy the way, why nro not homls ie
iulrcd from dlsbuihlng engineer olllcers,
as fiom disbursing olllccrs in other
sums of the service? Is not tills a
mutter for consideration?
The country has been accustomed
to lespect thu veidlct of a couit-martial.
"Will thu country- continue to
ln m after many such verdicts as tills?
Wll thu tiial of officers of the army he
left to ofllcers if such verdicts aie
lcaihcd? "Will not Congress abolish
iutffJ0O and a censurcl
Chicago has anotlicr first-class sensa
'i mil. I)r, 1. II. Cronin, a prominent
liish physician, lms supposedly heen
murdered and his remains conveyed In
n trunk to a suburb and there somehow
ilispocd of. Dr. Crouln was, stmo
years ago, well-known In St. Louis as a
Miner at public entertainments, and,
later, In Chicago, hecaino prominent
among the class known as "professional
hislihicn," though ho attended to busi
ness and had good standing as a phy
sician. He was an extremist, nnd, as
the Irish party in Chicago as elsewhere
is, of course, divided into factions, ho
had enemies among those of his own
mu Tlio theory is that ho was killed
hy members of ouo of the groups,
though tlio only giound for this theory
Is that he had been known to dcc)aro
his life In danger.
Taken altogether, tlio mystery, with
the discovery of iho gory trunk nnd tho
hint at tome secret organization's des
1'inite work, is one of n character sen
MUlonol enough to suit even tho city
whence it Is reported.
In another column of this Issue of
TiiuCnrnc appears an Interview from
the Philadelphia Press with Mr. Cola A.
Fowler, late of tho Alaska Fur and
Commercial Company, which U most
Interesting, If true. Mr. Fowlor declares
that ho bought the tusks of a mammoth
which hud been killed by Inniiits of tho
rMiake Jilvcr hut three months before.
That (here have been In tho past Im
mense number of mammoths in Alaska
Is well known and it lias been claimed
by some that these animals still exist on
the high pUteaus of Iho Interior. Up to
the present time, tUnigh dead mam
moths have been found Imbedded In the
jjlaclnl Ice nnd extensive Ivory trade has
been established, no ouo lias claimed
l hat one of the monsters has been seen
alive, Mr. Fowler, it Is barely possible,
may be a facetious gentleman, or tiio re
porter who Interviewed him may havo
the faculty of Imagination largely de
veloped, hut tho subject Is at least an
inteicstiiig one.
otm juckhy cr.un.
The mnnngement of tlio National
Jockey Club Is to be congratulated on'
lis successful spring meeting in splto of
tlio (ulverso weather which Interrupted
lis programme.
Among tho attractive features of Ufa
at the National Capital, the spring and
fall races provided by our Jockey Club
lank with tho foremost.
Tho beautiful grounds so accessible
tut-all icsidenU and visitors of our city,
the, variety of racing sports furnished,
' ty
jhk,V frA.vJm. l..totoWfatoi,)AAdauiyii
nnd thu good order which prevail
under tho management of Ihu club
plnri'i iho National coure Fcrond only
to New York as thu favorite racing
track In thu llastern circuit.
There- appear good piospexls of a
very piclly fight when the Senatorial
election comes oft" In New Hampshire
neat month. Senator Chandler will be
opposid for tlio nomination by Qcnernl
Jacob II. (liilllnger, who Is a veteran
politician and a hard fighter. Tlio
fiit-mls of thu present Senator claim,
however, that ho is suro of being the
ltcpubllcnn choice.
Dun KSTr.EMF.n eoutcmponiry, Iho Wash
ington I'o'l, of this morning inado Chief
Justice fuller say that the present term of
tho Supreme Court was "at least four
minutes" ahead of tho last term. What
period of duration the Chief Justice really
meant wo presumo can only be learned by
consulting tho Intelligent compositor,
Mn. 1'aiinei.i, In his testimony Friday
before the I'arnell Commission uiiblinh
Ingly admitted that he had told what was
untrue In a speech made In the House of
Commons In 1881, Patriotic politicians hi
this country aro not so frank as Mr, Par
ncll, but Uiey are not Inferior to him In
some other respects.
Mn. Jay Goci.d, In an Interview pub
lished Sunday, said he had never heard the
word "Plutocrat," If he never did It was
because nobody has had tho temerity to
mention It lu his presence; but be has
seen It In print many times, and not far off
fiom Its synonym which he signs to his
Tub majority of New York ministers
Interviewed by tho Sunday World for
opinions on Illshop Potter's centennial ser
mon confessed that they had not lead It.
A prophet Is not without, etc., etc.
Tun Kkencii bad almost as much fun in
Paris over their centennial an the New
Yorkers did Is Nc,w York, hut they didn't
"booze at tho ball." Tho Ficncb aio more
accustomed to champagne. ,
A srr.MiTiinirT Italian nobleman In
Paris offers by advertisement In a Now
York newspaper to sell his title. Ho holds
It at $30,000. The necessary fool will
doubtless be forthcoming.
Vamiimiton club's percentage In the
basclwll contest: 00, This Is tho most
touching tblngwhlch lias appeared Import
ing annals for a long time. Percentage of
games won: 00 1
Tub New Youk Sun Implies a faint hope
that Mr. Cleveland will be restored to his
"luck" If ho will only eschew Mug
wumpery. Chief Jcbtici: Fuli.ch evidently Intends
to become a permanent resident of Wash
When a man Is hutig tho evening paper
Cits out a necks-tr edition.
Wife: Henry, I waut some niouey. '
Husband: I haven't got any to spate.
Wife: But I must have It. I work all the
time to make yon comfortable nnd I've got
a right to somo pay.
Husband: That's right, my dear. Tliero
must bo an Irrepressible conflict between
labor and capital and I observo you have
chosen, as many Ill-advlscd persons do, to
place yourself in antagonism to capital. It's
altogether wrong, my dear. You should
study some reliable work ou political econ
omy. Good morning, love.
A great boulder Is to be placed as a mon
ument over the ginvo of tho lato novelist,
Hot a kind a lioo-llng stono, as It were.
We buried him darkly, at dead of night,
The grief a foot thick ou our faces;
We planted him deep, so he couldn't come
To bet any nioro on the races.
At tho Ilerllu Conference:
Chairman Bismarck: Well, gentlemen,
the question before the question I belluvo
is Samoa.
The Commission (unanimously): Samoa
Chairman; Samoa beer, of course. Heie,
waiter I
I.oud laughture hi the galleries.
Pulitzer' Compliments.
(New York World.)
Tbo Garland blotch, tho Fellows, folly,
the big-headed Ingratitude to party that
passed for Independence, and tho mulish
obstinacy that mistook Itself for firmness,
the shameless performance of standing in
the market-place crylngclvil service reform
while handing over offices to favored ejioils
men and contributing (10,000 to the cam
paign fund after "forbidding assessments"
upon officeholders nil these might be for
given for a right and resolute leadership
now and for the next threo years, Mr,
Cleveland is undoubtedly again a possibility.
Not Enervnted,
(Chicago Herald.)
A San Francisco newspaper reporter has
Just given Paddy Ryan the worst thrashing
ho ever had In his life. The professional
pugilist should never fool with newspaper
men who are not restrained by the Murqtils
of Quccusberry rules nor enervated by the
ufccbllng practices of the prlzo ring,
A Glorious Future llohlml It,
(New York Sun.)
Ileaten In Texas, Michigan, Tennessee,
New Hampshire, Massachusetts, only exist
ing by force of habit or contempt in States
whero It is not inforccd, prohibition seems
to have, as we said of Alfred doMussctt, a
glorious future behind It,
Tlio Cost of Fuiiutlclsui,
(Philadelphia Inquirer.)
It Is estimated that It cost a ioiiud$J,
000,000 to hold tho special election lu Mass
achusetts ou tho prohibitory amendmcut.
These things come high, but wo must have
Raising tho Wind.
(Philadelphia Press.)
With reference to the statement that Mrs.
Shaw, the whistling woman, has clearod
$15,000 this year, It may ho remarked that
she has raised the wind to some purpose.
Huth-a-hy, lullaby, softly wo'll drift
Out of the world that has burdens to lift,
Out ou a stream that Is hazy and gray
That carries us bound with Its sweet
scented spray,
Ami takes us a captive In triumph away
St. Loiilst St. IjiuUI
Now rising, now falling, the slccp-god Is
St. Louis! St. houlsl
Hush-a-by, lullaby, sweet llttla stream,
Dimmer, and grayer, and wider you seem,
While gently, so gently, your speed you de
crease 'Till we come to the haven of rest and of
Wheie waning can't bo nod action must
Bt.LoulelBt. Louts I
Milwaukee's a roue compared with St,
St. Louts I Bt. Louis I
B, II, Jefferson lu America.
"You can't tell what kind of cigars ft
man Is going to tunnku by sizing up hk
Miclnl orolliclnl position," remarked an
Avrtuto cignrist, "Did you to the
young man who raimi In Just how and
iimvlinnil two cigars for u quarter?
Well, ho is a clerk In one of tlio deyait
incuts. A little while ago his chief was
In nnd bought a cigar for live cents, I
hnu known Congicssmen to smoke
Monies buy them by the box and take
them home. You'd bo surprised if you
Knew wiiiu a miu iu-hi uuiiiium iihjiu ,i
for Inexpensive uioklng material."
Detective llalT has come to bo well
known thioutihout thn city through his
connection with the Heniiing's murder.
Although, like most ot tliu discoveries
ltinilc In ciimlunl caves, thu information
wits brought Into Police Headquarters,
Detective Half Is deserving of great
ciedltfor thu zeal nnd Industry which
ho displayed on tlio case. He Is a lnilu
well this side of middle ngn, with n
mustache nnd strong ntpitllno features.
He Is a big man, nnd takes piiduin
wearing shoes Hint nrc fully largo
enough for him. He has obtained con
siderable prominence by his connection
with the McIlrldu-McFnrlnnd house
burning case, thu Tyler diamond rob
bery, nnd others, and Is vigorously
hntcd by a largo number of people,
whom he has agisted In bilnglng Into
the clutches of the law,
Can tills little story told hyl.oomls in
tliu Cincinnati Times-Slav bo absolutely
truo? An open book lay on his desk,
nnd It contained a list of tho 1'ostotHcc
inspector., thu confidential examiners
ami dctectivo agents of the Depaiimcut.
While he wns listening to the tnlo of an
applicant for a postolllce Mr. Claikson
let bis eves fall on the nnmt hook.
Suddenly lie bent down nnd scanned It
closely. A name there had attracted
his attention, Mr. Clai;son listened to
applicant after applicant, and disposed
of their cases, but still his cyu kept
waudeiing, at ficqucnt Intervals,
to thu open hook and to the
nnmc which lie had now designated by
a pencil murk. 1 could see that he hail
something on hlsmind that did not solve
itself icnillly and the lines on his brow
showed by their deepening that he wns,
mnkingndcteimincdclToit to recall somo
name, fact or circumstance that had
slipped his memory. At length, nfter n
mental strugglo of an hour, thu Informa
tion ho sought from his memory Hashed
before him. A grim smile settled on
his strong features, he excused him-
self from tho man who wns talking to
him, left the mom which was tilled
with people nnd strode Into thu
ofllce of Jdhu "Wnnnmakcr, tho
I'ostmastcr-Oeuernl. Mr. Clarkson
called him nsidu and said: "There is
one removnl'ln this Depaitmcnt which
I want you to aiithorlc me to havo
made nt once," "Who is the man?"
asked the I'ostmastcr-Gencral. "Ills
name Is Jctt," said Mr. Clarkson. "I
noticed his name In the list ot postofllee
inspectors nil hour or so ago. know
I hnd Fccu that name before and
knew that then; was something low nnd
mean connected wltli It and Its owner.
1 pondered over tho mntter for a long
time, nnd suddenly It all came back to
me. This Jett Is thu fellow who went
down to Kentucky during the Presi
dential campaign of 1884 and invented
nnd exploited all that infamous slander
about Mr. Blnlno. He wns rewarded
for his dirty work by an appointment as
postolllce inspector. I want him dis
missed," "It is usual," said 3Ir. Wana
maker, "to allow men to resign," "But
this is nn unusual case," said Mr.
Clarkson, "nnd I want tills man to be
discharged instantly." "Very well,"
said Mr. Wnnnmakcr. "Oct rid of
him, then, as soon ns you like. AVo
don't want n person like that in the
building." Mr, Clarkson sent for ex
State Senator Kathbone of Hamilton,
Ohio, who is chief Inspector, nud said:
"Dismiss Jett from your staff of in
spectors at once." And In less than
ten minutes Mr. Jell's connection with
the dhtics nnd pay-1 oil of the Govern
ment were dissevered.
It is tho intention of President and
Mrs, llnirison to spend some portion of
the summer In the mountains of West
Virginia on the new West Virginia Cen
traMlailway. Tho road runs to n placo
called Davis fifty miles south of Pied
mont, in the mountains. Secretary
Blnlnc, Hon. Steve Klklns nud other
prominent men are interested In tho
new resort nnd the President has com
pleted nrritnircmcnts to spend somo time
there, Mr. 'Elkins will build himself
n cottaco nt Davis, nnd he has Invited
the President nnd family to be his
Tho uncle of tho Duchess of Marl,
boiouch, Mr. John IV. Pnlno of Troy,
N. Y., Is sojourning nt tho Brighton,
Atlantic City, Mr. Pnlnu is a large
holder of sohie valuable leal estate In
this city, Mrs. G. O. Thomas nnd
daughters have gone on a health expe
dition to Atlantic City. Mrs. Francis
HodgBon Burnctto will spend tho sum
mer abroad. Sho sails from Now York
for Englnnd on the lltli Instant. Sir
Julian Pnunccfoto, tho successor of
Lord Sackvllle-Wcst, tho lato British
Minister, it is said, will spend n portion
of the season at Lennox. During tho
centenninl exercises in New York Attorney-General
Miller and his daugh
ter were tho guests of Hon. Proctor
Knott. Mr. and Mrs. Davis King will
summer nbioad this season, Mr. King
was appointed Commissioner to tho
Paris Exposition by ox-Picsldont
Cleveland, Mrs. Gcorgo Gillilnnd has
gone West for- tho summer, Sho will
visit her parents In Portsmouth, Ohio,
for a short lime nud then goto Denver
for several weeks, tlio guest of the) sis
ter of llcprcerntatlve Thompson of
Thelioiuo of Judgo Andrew Wyllo,
at the Intersection at M and Fourteenth
streets nnd Vermont nvonuo, has been
puichascd by Chief Justice Fuller of
tho United States Supreme Court, Tlio
pi ice paid was $100,000, Tlio Chief
Justice will take possession of his now
homo lu tho caily part of the fall. The
'icason assigned by tlio Chief Justice
for giving up his Belmont homo on
Ffliiitccntli street hill, is that the distance-Is
too far to walk. Chief Justice
Fuller enjoys a long walk and nearly
every' morning he'd walk from tho Bel
mont ns far ns Thomas' Circlo, wliero
he'd tako n car for tho Capitol, He has
always admired Judgo Wyllo's iiouso,
Tho Supicmo Com t will adjourn n week
from to-morrow, wlieu tlio Chief Justice
will go to Charleston, S, C, wlieion
term of court is now in session, From
there ho will go to Chicago, where ho
will spend tlio greater portion of the
summer, His fnmlly will sojourn dur
ing tlio season nt tho seashore soma
place In tho Stato of Maine, Thu Chief
Justice; says tho business of thn Ku
pi erne Court Is about four mouths ahead
of the last term.
The Knellsli Uiieeu'a Name,
One of the mot curious facts stated by
the Uuko of Wellington to Lord Stanhopo
was about the changing of the Queen's
name It seems that Her Majesty was
really christened Vlctorlna.after her mother,
theUucheas of Kent, hut during Queen
Caroline's trial there was so much uupleas
ant goaslp about liergaml's daughter la
pctlUi Victoria that tho namo was quietly
altered to Ylctorlna. George IV refused to
attend his niece's christening, because tho
Duke of Kent would not give her one of
the family names Sophia being the. one de
sired. London Truth.
iUliiiimiu- ,M- Imuran tte u... ...iUaUMittatVtv
There Is one pccilllnrlty ftbout. the
Fails cill, which, while it provides a
Minim lint delicate subject to 'remark
upon, Is so extraordinary that wo must
forget our blushes and contemplate It.
1 icfcr to Ihu excessive development of
thu bust nmniig nearly all French
women. According to our Ideas about
the foimatlon of truo beauty, tills
amounts to almost n deformity, it is
n most surprising tiling to scu n spin-
die legged gill tripping along tun ave
nue wltli a toisol protuberance for nil
the world like n pouter pigeon. And
what Is still moiu sutpiislng Is the
thought that, as n rule, tills is entirely
ii naiuiri, i scnicciy Know now to nc
count for tills phenomenal giowlh of
tho Pnrisirnnc, unless it Is that so
tunny of these gills that we flee ou
thu sheets nnd nt tho theatres me the
daughters of country women, who
were accustomed to working In the
fields nml bearing loads on the
head. Their children hnvc Inherited
the line development of the neck and
shoulders Induced by this muscular em
ployment. However mucli of truth
there may he in n surmise of this sort,
the fact icmalns that tho girls here arc
rxtiaoidlnnry in tlio matter of busts.
I have often marveled nt the shapes of
French women ns wo get them In the
comic papers. I now see tho basis of
tho caricature. 1 am very often com
pelled to smile at the sight presented by
a girl ns sho bobs along tho boulevard
like n bird, wltli the chest of an hiiSHav
and Iho limbs of a sand-plpcr, From
Clara Belle's Letter.
llrokeu-Ilown Ofltce-Heekor.
Among tho many office-seekers who
haunt thc'iotcls nnd the White House
I notice one who was once worth a mil
lion doilais. Another once sat in tho
Senate of tliu United States and was
talked of for tho Presidency. A third
gave up u lucrative law practice In a
Western State somo six or eight vcars
ago to enter politics. Ho carried his
distiict forCongrcs-s and wns twice re
elected. To maintain himself politi
cally in his district and to cut the
social figure which he nnd his family
thought indfspensnblo here in tho Capi
tal, he spent while In Congress over
nnd nbovo his salary the Sum of (45,
000, or nil he had in the world. He is
now without properly or income and nn
aspirant for a $2,500 jqb, with no cer
tainty of getting it. Ex-Gov-crnor
Carpenter of Iowa, it man
who pneo had ns bright prospects
as any public man lu his State,
Is another type of the political unfortu
nate. In tho pursuit of fame he sacri
ficed n comfortnblo fortune, nnd now is
n small farmer, wltli a mortgage on his
place, nnd a candidato for postmaster
lu a town where the salary is but little
more than $1,000 n year. Ex-Senator
Spencer of North Carolina Is now a
clerk In the Interior Department. Of
the men now In Washington looking
for employment' In the public servico
fully one half nre cx-somcthlng or
other Judges, Congressmen, Scnntors
or foreign Ministers. Washington Id
ler to Philadelphia News.
.llljr, l'rlco for a Hook.
Probably tho highest price ever paid
for a book was .10,000, given by the
German Government for a missal form
erly given by Pope Led X. to King
Henry VIII, of Englnnd, along with a
parchment con fen Ing on that sovereign
the right of assuming tho title of "De
fender of the Faith," borne ever slnco
by English kings. It was sold at auc
tion somo years ago, Tho book which
secured tho highest offer was a Hebrew
Bible in the possession of the Vatican.
In 1512 the Jews of Vcnlco proposed to
Pope Julius II. to buy the Bible and to
pay for it its weight in gold. It wa
so heavy that It required two men to
carry it. Indeed, it weighed 33-"S pounds,
thus lcprcscnting the value of half a
million of francs (20,000). Though
being much pressed for money in order
to keep up the "Holy League" against
King Louis XII. of France, Julius II.
declined to part with tho volume.
Chlcngo Herald,
A llrldnl Chamber Secret.
I must warn the visiting bridegroom
to speak lower; not long ago he occu
pied a room" next to that which be
longed to a wicked and wllv newsnauer
man; about 8 o'clock in tho morning
tbo N. M, wns awakened by tbo nolso
of somebody taking a cold bath. He
had been out late trying to find out
what the exact position ol tho President
toward Quay was, and he said naughty
words about being disturbed. Soon ho
henvd a woman's voice call "Charlie,"
and remind htm that his razor case was,
in the big trunk under her blue silk pet
ticoats. After Charles hod searched
successfully nnd found what ho wanted,
he ciimo up from tho depths of tho
trunk, and hi a voice accustomed to a
free, wide sweep of country, he in
quired, "Baby, won't you have a cock
toil ? " This was too much .for the N.
M.: this combination of the sentimental
and the material was the, finest ho had
over hcaid, and it was wortli while for
this to have his morning nap disturbed,
N. Y. Graphic.
A Dashing Xlorsewoman.
The most dashing figure on horseback
thatono sees' In Wasnintpn is tho wife
of Senator Davis of Minnesota. Sho is
tall nnd perfectly proportioned, with a
complexion of pure red and white, dark
culling hnlr, and big hazel eyes brim
ming over with fun. She would nttiact
attention niiywhcic, but an horseback
she is a feast for tho eye, Mrs. D.ivls
is out early every pleasant morning, nnd
has explored the country all about tlio
capital. Sho has no horse of her own,
hut rides Senator Plumb's. Slto has
modeled for herself an original riding
habit. It is of Jersey cloth, cut prin
ccsso, with a double skirt, Sho wears
high boots that reach nearly to her hips.
Siio rides at any call, but likes a pacing
horse best, Washington Corre
spondence Louisville Cornier-Journal.
A Womnn'a Tower Over Hiinkex.
There Is a young married lady In El
bcrton who is snnko-chavmer. She Is
fearless of theso reptiles, and will cap
tuio wltli her hands any snnku that she
finds In tlio woods, nnd has tamed sev
eral of them for pets, Once sho cap
tuicd n largo snake that seized her hand,
This lndy did not experience any troublo
from Its fangs, and continued her sport
of capturing them, Shu seems to havo
a stiango power over reptiles and It is
seldom that they offer any resistance.
Macon Telegraph.
Ono of Our Mastodons,
Fourteen years ago a farmer living
near Dcllancc, Iowa, struck a lingo tusk
at tho depth of twenty-six feet while ho
wns digging n well. He laid tlio wall
of thu well on top of the tusk, hut
fancying afterward that tho water had a
queer tasto, filled tho holo up. Recently
somo people of a scientific bent uu
caithcd the farmer's find. It proved to
bo seven feet long. It is very brittle,
but pieces broken from it nro suscept
ible of a very high polish and resemble
More of the Illunders,
Among tlio mnuy amusing Incidents
connected wltli tho preparations for tho
centennial ball was tho giving Invita
tions' to wives without sending tickets
to their husbands. In ono case a gentle
man, whoso wife had received n ticket
of iuvltatlun to tho ball ns one of the
"next of kin," nuked how his wife was
expected to attend the bnll without nn
escort. In otliur cases tho wives of
prominent men wei'P unable to gain ad.
mlttanco, because not iirnleheu with, a
Miss Mary K. Booth, the first and
only editor ihnl Jfarper't Jhuar hasovcr
had,' and whoso recent death was tho
cause of universal regret, has been suc
ceeded by Mrs. Margaret E. Banstcr, an
intimate friend of Miss Booth nnd a
ficqucnt contributor of the Jiaxnt., Miss
Sinister Is a Brooklyn woman nud hn
extremely pretty one, her thick, gray
hair waving .softly away fiom a wide
blow, under which is set a pair of
beautiful nnd kindly eyes. Her features
nic delicate nud regular, and her fair
skin is Hushed with n faint pink, Him
has, been for several yenrs a reader of
man usci lilts for tlio Jlaiar, nnd also one
of the editors ol tlio llealm and Jiome
Journal; besides this sho has been the
Little Postmistress of llarpcr't Young
People, so that sho Is. fully prepared to
assume tho duties of this rcspoiiHlblo
editorial post. There is quite, n society
of literary women living in Brooklyn,
midmost of them nie to be found In
Mis, Sanstcr's pallors at her Thursday
evenings at home. Oliver Thorn Miller,
the famous writer nbout birds, is
ono of these; another is ICuto Upson
Chirk, whoso husband, Mr. Edward
Claik, Is ono of tho "Century" staff
nnd nn associate editor of ono of the
New York dailies. Mis. Clark herself
was for some years the editor of "Good
Cheer," nnd Is a frequent contributor
to tho magazines. The famous .Marlon
Hailand, whose real namo Is Mrs. Tcr
hiinc. nnd her daughter. Mrs. Hcrrick,
both well known in the literary world,
icslde In Brooklyn nnd nre frcducnt
guests nt Mrs, Sangster's. Helen hvnrU
son Smith nnd souio half doen others
equally well known ficqucnt her
parlors Thursday uveniugs. Alice
Wellington Rollins used to ho ono of
the best known figures in Brooklyn lit
erary society, but now makes her homo
in tfioNnvario Flats, opposite the park.
At present she in Rio Janeiro, or rather
In a mountain resort not far from the
city, to which she was driven by the
ravages of yellow fever, raging Just
now In the Brazil Ian capital, and from
which tho inhabitants nra dying nt the
rate of 100 a day. N, Y. Graphic,
According to Win. J. Bok, 3Ir. Hob
crt Louis Stevenson nt last accounts was
getting along famously with Kins? Kal-
annua oi tticiinwaun islands, visiting
him frequently and jocosely writing to
his friends that he is seriously consider
ing the advisability of accepting nn iuv
portant political olllco. At all ovents ho
has plnccd himself in the ranks of llie
olllce-scckcr by presenting tho King
wltli n rare pearl finely set, with a verse
or two of poetry calculated to mako his
gift more clfcctivc, Tlio same corre
spondent adds that Mr. Richard Henry
Stoddard's magazine papers reminiscent
of famous authors do not find favor in
every quarter, apparently. Here Is a
delicate little comment by n Western
nancr on Mr. Sloddnid's article on Poo:
"Stoddard delights In this devilish sort
of grave work; when he conies out he
smells moist and moldy, ax of tho sep
ulchre." Julian Ilawthorno Is to re
ceive $2,000, says a correspondent, for
tho novel which lie Is writing for a
manufacturing concern, which they
will uso for advertising purposes. Every
ulternato pngo of tho story ts toliavc an
The following hits of gossip are from
that admirable publication "Current
Literature: "Miss Eva K. Clapp, tho
author of several popular novels and
poems, Is about to 'establish a literary
sales bureau in Chicago. Thu Boston
Pi ess Club has 203 members. John
Habbcrton, author of "Helen's Babies,"
is still on the New York Herald staff.
There is some talk of reviving tho Chi
cago magazine, "Literary Life." Mrs.
AVelch, tlio widow of Philip Welch,
the humorist, will do literary and news
daper work. It is said that Samuel
WllliauiB Cooper Is the author of "Tho
Confessions of n Society Man," pub
lished anonymously n couple of years
ago. Ouidn says that no. man or woman
can write more than four or five ad
mlrahlo works of fiction.
Major Henry T. Stnnton, of the In
terior. Department, known nlso as the
poet-laureate of Kentucky, u title which
lie disclaims, who has written some
of the daintiest poems in the language,
has essayed tho novel, and his first
eltoit in that direction attaining to the
dignity of a bound volume, was
placed on sale by W. II, Morrison, the
F street bookseller, last Saturday and
one hundred copies were sold during
tho afternoon. Tho novel bears tho
title "Social Fetters," and tho
scene is laid In Baltimore and In Vir
ginia in the time before tlio war. It is
a story with the plot predominant
nnd is not of the analytic stylo of
the Bostoncsc modern novel. It la not
diffusive, in treatment, the Interest Do
ing concentrated at all times, so that
tho reader docsn'fput the book down
until hu has finished it, nor does he go
to sleep over It, It bears few marks of
the amateur, ond whllo possibly not a
classic, Is such a story as will bo very
generally- read nnd certainly will bo
thoroughly enjoyed. It is short, only
100 pages, hut ft Is coinplcto, and, as
tho small boy lemnrked of the plo, "It
tastes like more," Bound In paper tho
retail pricois 25 cents. A largo Install
ment has been ordered for sale in Bal
timore and other points In tho South.
Morrison is also the publisher, and ho
will at nn early date issue another novel
by Major Stanton.
"Bye, Baby, Bye," a song by Miss
Annie Louise Powell; dedicated by per
mission to Baby McICco, Is not only a
bright nnd pretty piece of mu Ip, hut a
very pretty picture of the baby on the
first page, Anotlicr pretty song Is
"Baby Dear," dedicated by permission
of Mrs, Harrison to Mary Lodge McKco
aud composed by Harry Leiglitcr.
Tue Hook IIuveii for May Is, as usual, a
monthly summary of forolpn and Ameri
can literature. Charles SerJbncr's Sons,
New York; $1 per year.
"Tho Art Amateur," Now York, for
May, with Its beautiful colored plates,
its designs for panels and plaques and
Its excellent suggestions for household
decoration, Is n valuable aud interesting
Jessie Benton Fremont, In her pres
ent series of personal story-icmhiis-cences
In "Wide Awake" is recalling
tho pioneer adventures in which sho nnd
General Fremont wero actors lu tho
early mining ydnys in California. Tliu
May number tells how onco they were
A lu-iinKo20-picturo nrticlo about tho
"Children of tlio Whllo House ' during
the Jackson Administration Is a leading
nnd most entertaining feature of tho
May "Wide Awake."
A Druiilmrd'H Luck,
A drunken tinsmith nt Warnsdln,
Hungary, ascended tho lofty steeple of
tho Franciscan Church there recently,
by means of tlio lightning conductor,
and stood upright on the cross at tlio
top. Ho remained In his perilous posi
tion for fully fifteen minutes and do
llveicd a speech to tho ciowd that was
watching him from below. Afterward
he calmly descended to tho- ground,
without being in any way hint.
Ills Ancestors I'lralos.
Mr. Gladstone's ancestors, It nppears,
were pirates, In 1005 n company of
adventurers sent out thu Gcorgo of
Glasgow, fully equipped ns a prlvotcor,
to prey on the Dutch mercantile marlno,
ana "Halbcrt Gladstone, merchant in
Edinburgh," wns ouo of the co-adventurers.
From this geutleruau-bucca-ncer
tho English .Liberal statesman la
"Alaska Is a country of paradoxes,"
said Mr. Cpla F. Fowler, lato of tho
Alaska Fur aud Commercial Company,
In answer to the question of a Vre-M ic
porter respecting his late field of opera
tions. Mr, Fowler1 Is stopping tem
porarily in this city wltli friends. Ho
is en route to his home near Boston,
which ho left twclvo years ago to enter
the employ of the Alaska Fur nnd Com
mercial Company,
"During your twelve years' rcsldcnco
in Alaska what was the most wonder
fill thing vou ever saw or heard
Mr. Fowler smiled at this question,
and nfter n moment's hesitation said:
"Two years ngo' lnsl summer 1 loft
Kodlac for a -trip to tlio head waters of
the Snake Illvcr, where our traveling
agents had established a trading station
at an Innnlt village. Tlio chief of this
faniily of Innults was named To-lce-tl-ma,
and to him I was well recom
mended, He received mo hospitably,
and 1 nt onco began negotiations for the
purchnso of a big lot of fossil Ivory
which his tribe hnd cached near tho
village. The lot weighed several thou
sand pounds, nnd was composed of tho
principnl nnd inferior tusks of the mam
moth, the icmalns of thousands of
whieh glgnntlo animals nrc to he found
in tlio ucus oi interior Ainsxan water
courses. I subjected the Ivory to a
rigid Inspection, nud upon two of the
largest tusks l tuscovercu iresn uioou
traces and the remnants of partly de
composed flesh.
"1 questioned To-lee tl-mn, nnd ha
assured me that less than three months
before n party of his young men had
encountered a drove of monsters about
llfty miles above wheio ho was then en
camped, and had succeeded in killing
two, an old bull nml a cow. At my
request he sent for the leader of the
hunting party, a young nud very intel
ligent Indian, and 1 questioned him
very closely about his advcntuic among
n race of animals that, tho sclcntlllc peo
ple claim nru extinct. He told a very
slraightfoiward story, nnd 1 have no
reason to doubt lis truth,
"Ho Hnd his baud were searching
along a dry water course for Ivory anil
had found n considerable quantity. One
of tlio bucks, who wns in advance,
msliod In upon the main body one
morning wltli the startling intelligence
that nt a spring of water about a mile
above where they then wero ho had
discovered tho 'sign' of several of the
'big teeth.' They had come down to
the spring to drink from a lofty plateau
farther Inland, and had evidently fed In
the vicinity of the water fqr somo time.
The chief immediately called nbout
him his warilois, and the party, under
the leadership of the scout, approached
tho stream.
"They had nearly reached It when
their earn wero suddenly saluted by a
chorus of loud, shrill, trumpet-like calls,
and nn enormous creature cainc crash,
Ing toward them through the thicket,
tho ground fairly trembling beneath Its
ponderous footfalls. With wild cries
of terror and dismay the Indians lied:
nil but the chief and tho scout who had
first discovered tho trail of the monsters.
They were armed wltli large calibre
muskets and stood their ground, open
ing fire on the mammoth. A bullet
must hnvc penetrated the creature's
brain, for it staggered forward and fell
dead, add subsequently on tholr way
back to their camp ground they over
hauled and killed a cow 'blg-tcetli,'
which was evidently tho mate of tho
first one killed.
"I asked tho hunter to descrlbo the
monster, nnd, taking a shasp stick, he
drew me a picture of tho male animal
in the soft clay. According to his de
scription It wns at least twenty feet In
hcleht and thiity feet in length. In
general Hhapc it was not unlike an ele
phant, hut its cars wero smaller, Its
eyes bigger and Its trunk longer and
more slender. Its tusks wero yellowish
white in color and six in number. Four
of these tusks wero placed like thoso of
a boar, ono on cither side in each jaw;
they were nbout four feet long and
came to a sharp polhi. Tho other two
tusks he broujjht nwny.
"I measured them and they were over
fifteen feet In length and weighed up
ward of 250 pounds each. They grad
ually tapered to a sharp point nnd
eurved inward, Tho monster's body
was covered wltli long, conrso hair of a
reddish 'dun color, I took a copy of
the rude sketch made by tho Indian
and vou nre welcoino to It for reproduc
tion in tho Press.
"By'the way, our late Governor, the
Hon. Alfied P. Swincford, has pretty
carefully investigated tlio matter nnd he
is certain, from a thorough sifting of
native testimony, that large herds of
theso monsters nre to be found on the
high plateaus In interior Alaska, about
tho headwaters of tho Snako River.
Philadelphia Press.
Tho Swiftest Fish.
I nsked an old salt tho other day'
which was the swifter, a flying flsh or a
dolphin, "Why, a dolphfn.'of course.
I have seen it Droved. Ono dav our
ship was in tho iloldi inns down near the
equator, and- all hands wero lolling
about deck grumbling aud whistling for
a breeze. I hail just gono aloft, nnd,
standing upon the topgallant cross
trees, with my body resting upon tlio
roynl yard, wns looking oil on tlio star
board beam, I saw a flying flsh spring
up out of tho water, followed by a dol
phin, nnd both made straight for thu
ship. When they arrived at the vessel
tho dolphin went under nnd the (lying
flsh went over, dropping squaro into
the dolphin's mouth tis no struck the
water on thp other side, Tho ship drow
eighteen feet of water and only about
nine feet above water. Sol say, In this
case, tue iioipnm was tue Hwiitcr nsn,
Martha's Vineyard Herald.
Don't Get Caught
This Spring, ns you may havo heen before,
with your blood full of Impurities, yourdl
eestlon Impaired, appetite- pour, kidneys and
liver torpid, nnd whole system liable to bo
prostrated by dlseao hut got yourself Into
good condition, and ready for tlio chinning
and warmer weather, by tuklnjr Hood's Bar
sanarllla. It stands uncqualed for purifying
the blood, Riving an appetite, and for a gen
eral spring medicine. Ha sure to get
Hood's Sarsaparilla
'Tor flvo years I was Blck every spring, but
last year began In February to tako Hood's
Sarsaparilla, I used five bottles and havo
not seen a sick day slnco." a, iV.Wlo.im,
Milton, Mass,
"Jly son was afflicted with the worst typo
of scrofula, and on tho recommendation of
'my druggist I gaye him Hood's Sarsaparilla,
To day ho Is sound und well, notwithstand
ing It was said there- was nut enough medi
cine In Illinois to effect a euro," J, Cuius-
tun, unrolls, in.
Dizzy, Tired Feeling
"Kor a list-class spring inodlclno my wife
and I think very highly of Hood's Sarsapa
rilla, We both took It last spring. It did us
a great deal of good, and wo felt better
through the hot weather than over beforo,
It cured my wife of sick hcadacho, and re
lleuil roo of a dizzy, tired feeling. Wo shall
certainly tako Hood's Sarsaparilla again this
spring," J. II. I'uiicr, Supt, Uianlto lty,
Co., Concord, N, II,
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Sold by all druggists, II; six for 5. Pre
pared only, by C, 1. HOOD .V CO., Apothe
caries, Lowell, Mass,
J00 Doses One Dollar
Into the politer circle of .Bohemia hns
coinc Miss Hnrrlctte Marshall. To
properly Introduce her wo must flint
know Miss Kitty Cheatham, now of the
Daly Theatre Company, and formerly
of comic opera. Miss Chenthnm lives
with her mother inGrnmcrcy Park, and
manages weekly to electrify her neigh
bors by the ficquency and Informnllty
of her parlor assemblages. Miss Har
riett!! Marshall Is as neatly like a wax
doll as a woman can be, nnd Is very
winning. Her beauty is as delicate as
a pink tulip. She lias hair tike corn
tascls, and little brown eyes of great
brilliancy. But tXio is more than beauti
ful, Sho has good common sense, a
manner that Is sincere ns well ns sweet,
a fair knowledge of French, nnd con
siderable ability ns n musician,. Thn
Impression made on the Ministers of
tho Chinese nnd Corcan Legation n
couple of seasons ago will bo recalled
at tho mere- mention by Washington
people. These high dignitaries had
never encountered anything like her.
Sho wns n revelation to them, nnd their
devotion would have inado a princess
vain. It was mado manifest In flowers
of such abundance and magnificence ns
could only come from Orientals. As an
actual lact tlio uouqucts wero more iiinn
once so large that a double compliment
was paid in sending an attendant to
follow the little belle about with
them. Sho was In demnnd by hostesses,
and in filling Iicr engagements appeared
ns an aide In two or three different
houses the same day. In making these
trips sho had the fiecdom of the am
bassadors' carriages, and the llrst to
greet her on entering the house of her
l'l lend wns the young Chinese servant
wltli nn nnniul ot ltowcrs. juiss
Marshall sails for Kuiopo next Satur
day. Of course, she is very venture
some, ns shown by what I have told of
her. Sho Is likely to fetch up on the
stage. New York Sun.
Thc'noblcmnn who'roccntly advertised
his title for sale Is Count Cailo Cortl,
n brother of tho late Count Ludovlco,
former nmhassaor at Washington nnd
Berlin, nnd ono of tho Genova award
arbitrntois. The Cortl family is ono of
the most distinguished nnd ancient of
Italy and tho Italian families ot noto
in tills city express surprise nnd chagrin
that Count Carlo's povcity, caused by
excesses of honors, cards and by Panama
Canal speculations, hns led him to tnko
the step he now contemplates', His
plan is to adopt as his son the person
who will buy his title. This, nccord
Ing to Italian law, confers tho title by
legitimate succession. Tho negotia
tions nre being carried out by a Mmo,
Itosscttl, a friend of tho Count now in
tho city, and it Is said that $80,000 Is
tho price at which tlio title is held.
New York Sun,
Colonel Fred. Grant, while In Lon
don en route to his mission nt Vicnun,
was presented to Queen Victoria at a
court reception, on which occasion the
gallant Colonel wore kneo breeches and
silk Blockings.
You would scarcely expect n rosy
breath of human sentiment nnd of
springtide romance to find its way into
thn grim old Treasury building, hut no
ofllclal there is so forbidding or so old
that he can shut out and lose Inter
est In affairs of tlio" heart, If ho Is
properly approached. Friday Mr.
Bates, who is prlvato secretary to Sena
tor McMillin of Michigan, stepped
briskly Into the Treasury Department
and walked into the ofllce of Mr.
Bntchcllor, First Assistant Secretary of
the Treasury, and snld that a young
friend of his in Detroit wanted a posi
tion in the custom-house there. "He
Is competent, a good Republican nnd
splendidly indorsed," said Mr. Bates,
"His application has been on file for
six weeks, and I want him appointed
to-day, if possible." The First Assist-
ant Secretary rofcrrcd Mr. Bates
to the Second Assistant nnd the Socond
Assistant referred him bade to the First.
Bates got tired of that shuttle-cock
treatment and determined to go to Sec
rctaiy Windom. After waiting half nn
hour on him ho got to the Secretory and
stated his case. "I will tell you ,why I
want this youngmnn appointed to-day,"
said Bates, "Ho Is to bo married to
morrow nnd I want you to telegraph
him your congratulations and tho nows
of his appointment in the snmo mes
sage. It is n matter of sentiment. I
want to crown a happv lovo affair with
a substantial ofllce.'1 "Very well,"
said Secretary Windom, laughingly. "I
appreciate the situation. I will telo-
'graph my congratulations. Sentiment
goes mis morning, uoou morning."
F. B. Loonrls In Cincinnati Times-Star.
Want nils, including Personals, For
Sale, For Pent. Lost, Found and Mis
cellaneous of '4 lines or less inserted in
TIIK CMl'IC U times for 23 cents or 0
titnes for 00 cents.
The Original of Zola's n Nnnn,"
Probably no one has noted tho dally
occurrences of Parisian life, particu
larly those that took placo among tho
lower classes, as has Emtio Zotn, for
purely literary purposes. That revolt
ing story, "Nana,'1 wns founded upon
tho trnglcand miserable dcatli by Bmall.
pox of the once celebrated opera-bouffo
singer nnd actress, Blanch d'Antiguy,
whoso acting In Paris nnd London somo
ten or twclvo years ago set both those
cities talking of her ns though sho were
a queen. In tho height of her brilliant
enreer the actress was taken ill and died
a horrible death, alone in n deserted
house lu Paris, in the Avenue Filed
land, Boston Herald.
WASniNUToN Safe DErosiT Co., 010 Pa,
ave., rents safes ns low as $5 per year.
llUltSI.EY. On Saturday, May 4, 1SS9, nt 10
p. in., Mary Klliabt-th, wife of Lemuel
llursley, and daughter of A. T. C. Dodge.
I'uncrnl at S p, m. on Tuesday, May 7, from
St. James' Church,
HOIIAN.-On Saturday. May 4, 1889, nt 8,50
p.m., Harah, beloved wife of Jamos Doran,
aged Myears.
Now York papers please copy.
SHANKS. -On May 4, IBS'), at H:tt p. ra.,
Samuel 1, Hlmnks, In tho Hat year of his ago,
lit his late rcsldeneo, Viti Thirty-third street.
I'uncrnl services at Congress btreet M II,
Church, West Washington, at 3 o'clock Tuos
day, May T. Friends und relatives Invited to
(Successor to Henry Loo's tfons),
South Side.
Branch ofllce, 408 Maryland ave, s. w, ,
AuaiiBT iiurtanoiti',
310 Tenn, ate. n. w., between 3d and -Hii sts
ttenthing llrst nlass.
1 will aucommodute 200 people, makes
hourly trips to Holtzman's and llpiwr Itlvor
landings trom Da, m, to 10 p m. Hound trip
l!ki, All kinds of pleasiiro boats for hire at
tho samo wharf.
JOS. l'ASSUNO, 3131 Wntor st.
JOHN JIHIUUE.-Btcam Packet KXUl'.L
HIOH makes her regular trips on Sunday,
Monday, Wednesday anil Friday, leaving
High st. and Canal, Unorgetown, at 8 a, in,
will commence April xl l'nro, S0o., round
Leaves 7th st. wharr dally (except Sunday) for
At to o'clock a. in,; returning, roaobes Wash-
Ington about 3:tl(l n. m,
JLN Kvcry Evening, Matinees Wed. and Sat.
'At full of Vaunt inutdlt6t
Ifintl." TUB
In D, I), Lloyd's Ecccutrlo.
"Tlie Woman Hater."
introducing a New Eccentric Hong,
hatunlay Night, May 11,
Ilcncfltof AnnloLcwl ....CHEEK
Next Week Vcnona .Tarboaii In "Starlight,"
Special engagement of
MoBdny, Tuexlny and WedncsdayEvngs,
Thursday, Friday and Saturday Evenings anil
Saturday Mntlneo,
Special Scenery and Costnmei,
Noxt Wrek-l'IItATi:.S OK PENZANCE.
Matinees, TncsThurs. and Sat,
Itetlirn engagement nf tho Talented and
Popular Favorite,
In his superb Melo-drnmatlo Production of
Eleventh street, south of Tcnna, ave.
fist Appearance This Season of
Matinee Mon Tuei., Thur., Eat.
Cheap prices, 10, lnnnd&lots. Night gen
eral admission aid.
Professors COLHY and ltOQ RES, represent
ing thn English nnd American Aeronautical
Association, will glvo a
Big Free Balloon Show
Commencing at 12:30 o'clock In the
Trofessr COMIY will Jump from an ascend
ing llalloon nt tho awful altltudo of FOUU
cllnilng to a puny I'nrachuto only to regulate
his fearful fall,
And an Ascension of tho Newly-Married
I'nlrs totho Skies will tako placo ovcry after
noon, All the contracting pnrtles are well
known nnd very respcctnblo residents of this
city. There will also bo exhibited nival Hal
loon Paces, Flying In the Air, Sailing In the
Sky, llalloon Ascensions, Parachutes Iloicend
Ing, Jto c. Tlio utmost doconim will ho ob
served nt tho wedding and best of of order nt
liOGEHfl A COLBY, Proprietors.
20th Annual Tour of the Great and only
Forepaugh Show.
To which has been added tho IWorld-Famcct
HILL'S Thrilling
Will exhibit Afternoon nnd Evening, TWO
Wednesday & Thursday
Thioo Times the Greatest Show on Earth t
Three Gieat Circus Companies I Elevated
Stages I Two Mammoth Menageries I I'eerlesi
Paris Hlppodromol Tremendous Trained.
Wild llcast Exhibition I
Realistic Wild West Scenes Custer's last
Ilally Atrocious Mountnin MeadowMassa-
cre Exciting Hippodrome Itaces Dash-
Ingand Daring Arenlo Triumphs.
, United Wild West Circus and Hippodromo
Will move from tho showgrounds at nbontll
O'CLOCK on tho morning of llrst Exhibition
Day. It will he tho mast varied, vast, superb
Show Pageant ever seen upon tho street of
an American City. Admission to all. SO cents.
Children under D years. 23 cents. Reserved
Chairs on the grand stand and admission
tickets nt the uual slight advance will be for
salo during the Exhibition at DHOOP'S (lato
Two Performances an 2 and 8 p.m. Opens
ono hour previous. Courteous ushers In at
tendance, and tho samo careful attention to
the comfort and safety ot visitors especially
ladles and iihlldrcn-that Is thu distinguish
feature of this Exhibition.
- rf .A, wA "iV .
7th nnd 1) .Is. li. w. rnnmUxl lftftl. r.n
cation central; commodious halls; appoint
ments complete. Moro than 50,000 young men
and women have been trained for business In
the Spencerlan Colleges of America. Day and
night sessions. Tuition fee moderate Ilvu
rourscs Huslnesn Course, Shorthand and
Tyrc-wrlting, Practical English, Spencer'
Itupld Writing, Telegraphy, Heading und Ora
tory, Delsurto method. liuslness men tar
nished witn competent employes. Illustrated
announcements free. SAltA A. SPENCBII,
Vlcol'rlnclpal; HENHY C. SPENCElt, !.U U
721 Mth street northwest.
T. VKHNON SEMINARY. 1100. 1101. 1109.
and Duv Suhool for voumr ladles and llttla
inn ji si. aim iia uiiisc, uoarainfr, n
Fourteenth yoar opens Wednesday. Ootobcr
3, for reception nf boarding pupils; Thursday,
October I, for reception of day pupils,
MRS, K.J. BOMBliS, 1'rlnolpal.
" vjiiitTuyAf.', " '
Adintliiwentivntter this hiait, four lints or
itii, -i etnitjor ons tminion; do cviis jot writ.
- W-
VY tract your tooth, go to tho HALTI
and get satisfaction,
to show Iherupld progress of 'pupils at
the Academy of lino Arls, Ml E street north
west, thoso commencing Immediately will ba
recoUcd forono month for almost nothing.
Clases now forming for art students, parentsj
and llttlo children. 1'reo exhibition ol paint
ings dally and Wednesday evenings.
u place whero first-class second-hand cloth
ing can bo sold nt resicotablo prices. Ad
dles or call at Old 1) st. n. w,
,ii ox ii r it o j,o.i,v,
AilrtrlUtiiuntsvmUr this htiut, fourllmsor
Uss,'ZS cents Joront limitloiil 60 cents for thru.
(ft AND t'.'WO OU t l.&OQ TO LOAN
! vUU on good loul estato security,
110-1 V st n w,
IV 1 first-class securities at lowest rates ot
Interest, No delay where security Is good,
80,1 7th St. 11. W.
In sums to suit,
P. A. DARNIELL.018 Fstnw.
LVi In sums to suit
t J
a Seenrlty. M
tNKIt A CO., M
trwifst.n.w. MM
ua Approyeu item iwfuuu accomy.
i. ii. lYAiinau a lu..
k' mi ia - ,,.-

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