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21ST YEAR-No. 6,508.
- - -
file Troops Ordored to Chnrgo Upon
tho Mon Who Itofuto to Work A
Lot' of Americans Attack tha Itnllnns
llveybody Exoltod.
JonnsTowN, Juno 13, Chaos rolgna sit
promo hero to-day. Everybody Is excited
nnd petty quarrels nnd conflicts' between
the laboring men and their bosses nro of
frequent occurrence. By 10 o'clock this
monilug tho town was swarming with la
boring mcu of all types and nationalities,
but tho conditions of "$1.60 ptt day and
pay your own rations," tinder which they
were to bo employed, did not appear to bo
much of an Inducement, and as a result
only ono hundred men aro now1 engaged lu
clearing away tho debris. This gang Is en-
faged lu clearing nway and burning rub
Isli In KcriiTillc.
Not a solitary man Is at work on tho moss
of ruin and putrlfylng flesh ahovo tho stono
lirldgc.lho stench from which Is fast becom
ing unbearable. Tho Indications now aro
that this day Mill bo Wasted, and that to
morrow will witness no moro progress with
tho work than to-day. Tho first conflict
among tho workmen occurred at 0 o'clock
this morning, when an attempt was mado
to dethrone tho forcmau of tho West Alex
nndcr force. Tho contractors disorganized
tho gang, and put a strange- foroman In
charge. Tho mon rcf uso to continue work
under any other than their foreman. Tho
contractor would not conccdo a point, and
tho laborers returned to their tents, whero
they aro still quartered, mid say that they
will return homobeforo they1 will work un
der a strange foreman.
A gang of over 200 Italians was hired to
take tuo places of tho strikers. Tho laborers
'did not tako kindly to (ho Italians and In
timidated them at ovory opportunity. No
opeU conflict occurred, however, until the
Italians were at breakfast. Ono of tho
American laborers mado an Insulting re
mark to ono of the Dagos and tho latter
answered In tho aarao manner, ilot words
followed, resulting In a raid on tho Italians,
who wcrodhrowu bodily out of their tonts.
The Italians reported tho matter to Con
tractor McKnlght, who, In turn, reported to
General Hastings. Tho General expressed
Ills determination to suppress such out
breaks at all hazards.
The assuranco that all men would bo
thoroughly, protected from violence, how
ever, did not allay tho fears of tho Italians
and tho majority of thorn returned to their
tents. Bystanders say that tho conduct of
tho Americans to tho Italian laborers was
outrageous. Contractor McKnlght toUM
iua uauaus iu prepare 10 go 10 worn to
morrow and ho would' guarantee that thoy
would not bo molested.
Htrlkors Charged Upon by Soldiers.
Johnstown, Pa., Juno 13. At 10
o'clock, a gang 6f about 100 men 'wero put
at work on the wreckage near tho general
ofllce of tho Cambria Iron Company. This
morning a largo company of laborers from
G rconsburg refused to go to work for $1.50
er day, claiming that-thcy had been prom
scd fifty cents a day oxtra.
On hearing this General Hastlugs.ordercd
a company of militia to tho como of tho strik
ers; who again refused" to go to work,
whereupon tho soldiers were, ordered to
charge upon them, lunnlng thorn out of tho
camp at the point of the bayonet.-
Tho day Is growing very warm, and the
fumes' and odors from tho decaying flesh Is
becoming terrible.
This morning two small stores were
opened and wcro soon thronged with cus
Tho Sleu Asking for Clothing and l'ro
t visions Taken Down.
"Tako down that sign," wan Colonel
Emory's direction to one' of tho assistants
'at Vr'fllord Hall this morning. Ho meant a
big strip pt whlto cloth stretched across tho
trout of the hall bulldlng-on F street, on
-which It was announced In big, black let
ters that contributions of clothing, pro
visions, etc., wcro solicited for tho flood
. sufferers, and could ho loft there. .
Colonel Emery, who has becu to Johns
town to look alter the contributions from
"Washington and eco that they got to whom
they would do tho most gpod, rotumod
about daylight this morning, and after get
ting souio breakfast, he weut right up to
"WUIard Hall. First be bad tho cloth sign
In front .pulled down. Then ho directed
everybody about tho hall to doroto tholr at
tention to packing up what goods wcro on
baud and getting them Into boxes rather
than to trying to get moro goods con
tributed. A pleasant-faced German woman camo
Up tho steps with a big bundle of, cull
(Iron's clothes lu her arms and said she
wanted them sent to tbo flood sufferers.
Colonel Emery mot her at tho door and
Bald: "Don't you know somebody hero In
Washington that noeds these clothes?"
Tho woman said sho didn't, and Colonel
Emery explained to her Ibai ha had Just
como from Johnstown and that tho people
inero una an mo monies tuoy nceuou. "j use
take those clothes, Madame," ho said, ''and
;ivo tucm to somo oi tuo poor, people rigut
era In Washington. Thoro arn lots of
them that need clothes much moro than the
people In Johnstown do. Thoy havo got
moro than" thoy can wear now,"
Then" Colonel Emery told a Chitic ro-
Iiorter how In Johustown thoro was ono big
Ivory stablo packed full of clothes, "tho
owner of tho stable," ho said, "wanted to
get tho clothes out so that ho could uso his
Btable, and they couldn't find any placo to
put them. Everybody lias all the clothes
they need, and to send more clothes thero
would bo foolishness. So many clothes
liavo been sent to Johnstown that somo of
tho people havo moro than thoy nood. For
baps many people are better supplied with
clothes now than they ever were before."
"What will you do With tho fifty or sixty
boxes full of clothes jouhavo hero now t"
"Wq shall finish packing what wo have
ou hand now and storo thorn for tho pres
ent. But wo will not receive any morq
and wo aro'going to closo up'thls placo this
afternoon. It Is all over so far as this part
of tho work Is concomofl."
f,Do thoy nood money In Johnstown?"
UXTa ... .ii-noniif II-.A,. .1mH Inn tlilnw T
4,1, U, I'lVDUUV X..WJ MUI. ,. V.MU tUIHk .
learned when I got to Johnstown was this:
Very few, probably not a quarter, of tho
pcoplo In Johnstown owned tho housoi
ibey lived In and Which wero carried nWay
Jiy tho flodd. Tha companies owned
most of them, uml will rebuild
them. So tho loss of their houses docs
not fall ou the poor people. Uut all those
poor pcoplo lost all their furniture, and
after a wbllo-whou tho houses aro rebuilt
tbey will havo to bo funilshoM. Thou will
bo when money Is needed. This mouoy
that has bcoil contributed should bo kept
till then and then sent to Johnstown to
lielp tho Hood sufferers to buy furulture
tor their houses. Thls,wlll probably uot bo
for a mouth yet, aud I thluk tho monoy
should bo kept hero till thcu. I talked
withGcnoial Hastings about this matter
and his views aro tbo same as thin.
"Wo aro not isklug for any moro contri
butions tor tho flood sufferers," said Colonol
Anderson, whui Is' secretary of tho cltlzcu's
relief committed and who talks to tho ro
pollers wheu Treasurer Johnson Is not In,
"but It auy como lu wo take thorn, .The
present necessities of tho flood sufforers
Hecunto havo tx.cn met and wo havo a big
lialauco lu tho bank to draw from. Ho wo
nro not making any effort at all to ralso any
moro mouoy."
The cud of tho noble work of charity Is
reached and Washington has acquitted
Itself admirably. All tbut mouoy can do Is
douo, and all lliat humanity cau do to re
lievo the tuffiiicra of tho flood has been
douo. Nothing (Si) bring back tho dead,
nnd time aloue can assuage tho anguish of
the survivors, Wellington has done Its
duty and douo It lllierally ami cheerfully
aud nobly.
Contributions nie still straggling lu. but
Jn small amounts from tardy collections
All the money will bo led Inbaukuntl
called fur by tboso lq authority In Johns
iown-t-all but Mich small amounts as may
lie needed lo relieve tho flood sufferers
along the Upper Fotomao. and the canal.
One hundred ami fifty dollars was seat
by express to Jordan, Crathpt
Ion it Co., at Hester, Md., this morning,
lo rollove" nulto a number of distressing
cases of destitution thorc. This was
In response to correspondence that' has
passed between Treasurer Johnson and
several of tho up-rlvcr towns, as to the
flood sufferers nearer homo than Johns
town. In front of Wlllard's this afternoon wilt
bo as unlquo an cplsodo ns tho local flood
events have afforded and an event as
cbaractcrletlc of tho universal onen-handed
charity as could bo Imagined. A fortnight
Ago Mr. Cbaulu of this city had Interests In
Johnstown that yielded him au Inconio cur
rently stated at $10,000 a year. Ho had re
tired from activo business and as .Mrs,
Cbapln'was enthusiastically fond of Wash
ington he In accordance with her wish was
building n handsome house on Massachu
setts avenue for n permanent homo. The
basement walls of tho house havo Just becu
Tho Johnston n flood literally swept
away ever) thing Mr. Chopin had and tho
only thing ho owns On which ho could
reallzo Immediately ft n fine team of sorrel
horses. Theso horses ho has given lo tho
flood sufferers and they will bo sold at auc
tion lu' front of Wlllard's this aftcrnoou
at f o'clock. Mr, Howling will bo tho
Collections by Iho following wcro turned
over to-day to Treasurer Johnson: Harry
Standlford (contributed), $51.05; Collec
tions by Mrs. ltobort G. Rutherford from
cntcrtolnment at Wlllard Hall, $135.10; ad
ditional collections by ltov. Dr. Chester,
SO; by J. F. Maupln, 1; by Mrs. T. L. Tut
loch', $10; by Mrs. 11. J. Flqyd,$1.75; Mrs.
II. Vic, $2; Mrs. Barry, $3; I. T. Frociuair.
I'cabody School, fso cents; by Mrs. Samuel
Vuughln, $S; by Mrs. Win. ,DclOo, $3;
by Sirs. Drowning, nnd Mrs. Wheat,
$7.50: try Mrs. Clara Parklnsou, $3,411;
by Mrs.l.orlng Chapnol, $14.40; by (1. N.
Holland, fOr canal sufferers, $12; additional
collections by Mrs. A. 1. Clark, $7.87; ad
ditional collections bv Mrs. Ucorgo It.
Ilepcttl, through ltov Fathet' Hughes, from
Anacostlu, $"20.75; collections InPostmastqr
Ueucral's office $17.80; additional col
lections from Luther Flacc, $0: Peace
Lodge, No. 23, of the Good Samaritans, $3.
Flood Keller Notes.
Mrs", W. II. I.amou and about twenty
ladles at tho Hamilton Houso havo madu
themselves very useful lu preparing and
working up a large number of chlldrou's
farments, which they havo sent to Wlllard
Tho Gibson Social Club, at Washington
Barracks, will give a ball to-night, the- pro
ceeds of which will bo devoted to tho
Johnstown sufferers. Music by tho' Third
Aitlllery Hand.
Tho Eicnltlff Sfariund for tho Johnstown
sufferers amounted to $1,107.01 this otter-
noon, ami $oou.u tor mo canai Buucrers.
The 1'resUlent Will Keep llucbotor's
Hall for Awhllo.
The President will keep bachelor's hall
attbo White Houso until, ho leaves for bis
eummcr'vacallou, as tho remaining mem
bers of his household left for tbo seashore
this morning. Mrs". Harrison, accompanied
by the President, Dr. Scott and Mrs, Scott
Lord, left tho Executive Mauslon about 0
o'clock, tho rmrtv bclnc driven to tho Balti
more and Potomac Depot. Iu nnothcr car
riage were tho White Houso babies and
their nurses, and a special car was placed
at the disposal of tho entire pmy, iho
President returning to tho Whlto House
alone. .
Upon arriving at Cape May Mrs. Harri
son and tbo lcmalndcr of tho family will
go to Postmasf er-Ocneral IVauamakcr's cot
tage on1 Pennsylvania avenne, and this at
least will have a. homo-llko sound. When
business will permit tho President pro'
hoses to Join the family at tho soasldo, and
bowill probabljrgo to Capo May Sunday.
Among tho first callers nt tho Whlto
noUso after tho President returned from
tho depot was Senator Cushman K, Davis
of Minnesota, nnd ho was gratified by the
appointment of General Mark D. Flower of
Bt. Paul, to bo Supervising Inspector of
Steam Vessels for tho Fifth District, with
headquarters nt St. Paul.
General FUjwcr Is an old-tlmollopubtl-can,
aud has grown gray In Iho sorvtco. He
v as for many years inspector of steam ves
sels at his borne, but with tho advent of
Prcstdcut Cleveland ho was displaced for a
Democrat. Senators Davis and AVafMmrn
urged his reinstatement, and tho President
promptly acquiesced In their recommenda
tion, Tbo other callers at tho Whlto Houso
to-day cmbracol members of the Civil Serv-lcoCoir-"l65lon,So!lcltor-Gcncral
W, P. Bralnlaw ana Zachary Taylor, Ten
nesseo;S. P. Brown, Washington, D, C;
Senators HIscock and Teller, Representa
tives Mason. Buttcrworth aud Taylor, E.
E. Glbbs, Norwich, Conn.: A. II. Wood
worth, Norfolk, Va.; W, P. Russell,
architect, Charleston', B. C: ox-Commls-sloner
Stockslngcr. his brothor, T. A. Stock
stager, Guthrie, Oklahoma, and a negro
delegation, comprising Nathan Sprague, W.
E. Matthews, J. II. Lewis, 11. II. Williams
and Johu II, Smith, who wants to go back
to Liberia as U. 8. Minister.
A Great lient of" Hnytlnn Tulk.
The talk about tho corridors of the Stato
and Navy Departments to-day was Haytl.
Tho officials know nothing except that tho
Kcamargo has been ordored to Port-au-Prlncc.
Tha dispatch that was recolved Is
not at all sensational In Its character. In
fact, as n prominent Stato Department offi
cial said this afternoon, tho dispatch would
not make more than five lines Iu a news-
Caper. Mr. Walker nialne, who Bpoaks for
Is father, declines positively to say a word
that would glvo an Inkling about the
trouble. Ono reason assigned (or tho se
crecy Is lhat'tho Stato Department Is afraid
that England and Germany may tako a
hand lu tho matter If It's known that It's
tbo policy of this Government to establish
a protectorate over tho Island. It would
not surpitso somo of tho Navy
omciais u sovorai oincr vessels wcro
ordered to pyeparo for Haytl.
Shot by nn limine- Htopfiithor,
San FitANCiscp, Cal., Juno 13. Mrs.
A, Schweitzer was shot by hor stepfather.
Joseph ltoso, at their homo lu this city last
evening. Rose; fired three Bhots at her, 'all
of which took effect, Inflicting serious'
wounds. After tho shooting Rose cut his
tin oat ami dlod within a few hours. It Is
believed tho woman will recover, ltoso
was coutldcrcd slightly Insane.
A Shocking Trugody In Franco.
Paris, Juno 18.-A shocking tragody has
occurred at Toulouso. A farm laborer
liamcil Rouqucst, employed by farmer
Scrrlss, In revengo for being dlsinlssod,
killed Scrrlss, his wlftf and daughter aud
two other persons living ou tho farm.
Tho Walk nt Kornnn'a.
Tho 3:40 p. m. score In the walking match
at KOrnan's to-day was: Hora'n, 270 nillos,
13 laps; Dillon, 377 miles; Elaon, 173 miles,
8 '!'
ltolll llatllte Transfers.
C, II. llutler to W, II. Grlmshaw, pait of
lot 0, square 083, $5.
Jlagfilo Duvall to It, A, Morrlslu, sublot
70, square 70, $5.
8. Kdinunsoii to Uoboit Kdmunsou, ol,0,
section 8, Barry Farin, $50.
J. F, Itoilgcrs et al trustees, to Caroline
Sutherllne, lot 8, block S3, Kaloruma,
JUlla A. Jacobs to C U. Illiurwalt, (i.ut
of lot 11. square-go, $5.
T. A, Mitchell to Maiy U. Batter, sublot
Sl, squaro 000, $3,000,
I'lilliuuu Hlocnlnc Cur to l'lttuburg vln
l'eunsyltiuilit Itnltroucl.
For tho accommodation of travel to
Pittsburg and tho West a Pullman sleep
ing car will bo attached tn tho Padua
atid Northern express leaving llaltlmoro
and Potuniao Station at 10 o'clock
p. ',n. for Pittsburg, This car for the
present will bo uiu through to Pittsburg
via Harrisburg, Wllllatiumort, Driftwood
aud the Allegheny Valley Railroad, Tho
east-bound car will leave Pittsburg at 7:15
E, in. 'aud arrive lu Washington outhe
astern eupresu,
llr. Coopor McGinn's Explorations of
tho Sourco from Which tho Writor
Wo Drink Is Drawn nnd Whnt llo
l'ound A Had Htntp or An'nlrs,
Cooper McGInu, who, with Mr. Elustoln,
was sont up tho river by tho Commis
sioners to see If thero was danger of tho
city's water supply being contaminated by
the decomposing bodies of animals drowned
dining tho flood, lying lu tho river, re
turned this afternoon.
Ho Is preparing n long report for Health
Ofllccr Townshcnd, which will bo trans
mitted to tho Commissioners to-morrow.
After telling of tho trip by rati and car
riage to Seneca Dr. McGlnnlells how hunt
ing boats bad to bo need to got down tho
rher. Ho says:
"Wo crossed tho Scnaca dam to near tho
Virginia Bide, and going over went down
through what Is known ns the 'Boalo' or
'Lower' Island section, covering about
ono and a-batf mites, to what Is called tha
Long Acre.'
"Hero It appears that tho grcator mass of
drift coming from nbovo has been de
posited, and It is hero mainly that the
bodies of tho drowned animals wcro found.
"Going from Island to Island and drift to
drift, guided principally by tho offensive
odors arising fiom decomposition of the
animal matter, wo explored this entlro sec
tion and marked tho location of tho car
cases. "In this way ten of them wcro placcd,but
many times tho unmistakable odor camo
from enormous plies of debris that gave no
outWaid evidence of tho cause. For
tunately. In most Instances, these piles
wcro ou land well above tho wator at Its
ordinary height."
Tho trip down tho rapids Is graphically
described, and It was a perilous one. Men
had already becu engaged to destroy tho
decaying bodies. Dr. Mcfllnu continues:
"Iho men who hadagreed to do tho work
met us ou tho tow-path at Long-Aero upon
our crossing to tho Maryland side, they
having gono down on tho shore with Mr,
Einstein, who was sent to survoy tbo river
from tho banks of the canal,
"Whilo tho Investigation mado has not
developed anything that may bo positively
dangerous to tho water supply, yet tho rain
fall which had been coming down all day
f regressed to n steady down-pour, nud
hus was ovldenco that anothor rlso might
oiisuo aud bring the decomposing matter
to tbo mouth of the conduit below.
"Accordlnslv. I arrauecd with Messrs.
A. Violet and Benlamlu Wallace to proceed
at onco to tho destruction of decaying
bodies by nieans of Are.. using kcrosobo and
light drift matter.
"These men aro vouched for by reputablo
citizens in the vicinity, aud thoy agreed to
have all tho offensive matter destroyed
within three days, aud to produce proper
certificates that tho work was thoroughly
well done.
"Wo then continued our vbyago down
toward tbo Great Falls, finding only one"
animal on tho canal bank. Tho boatmen
declined to venture further than tho first
lock above Great tails, and, as darkuoss
was by this tlino approaching, wo wero
iprcca ro iaKo mo canai oauic anil waiK
back t6 that point.
"We stopped over ulght at the hotel, and
this morning looked over -tho ground nt
this point:"
Nothing, the Doctor says, was found
there to justify so serious approhonslou as
the dead animals already fouud.
Dr, McGinn thinks that many of tho car
casses roported as endangering the water
supply havo boon carried below tho point
whero thoy aro'a menace, "
Thci e Is a break In tho canal above tho
opening Into tho conduit that might prove
dangcious, but tha canal pcoplo havo
promised to look after It,
. . i '
Tbo Cnnnl Director Orilorod to lssuo
HomM to Ilnlso Funds.
ANtfArous, Md., Juno IB,1 At tho meot
Ing of tho stockholders of tho C. & O.
Canal to-day President Gambrill statod
that $300,000 would put tho canal In con
dition. Tho president aud directors wero author
ized to uso every avallablo mcaus to re
etoro tho canal and to lssuo repair
bonds secured by futuro tolls and revenues
to ralso tho necessary f uuds. If tho Attorney-General
shall dectdo tho bonds legal.
City nnd Suburban.
Mr. Anton Strclczkl will give a piano re
cital at Mctzerotl's warcrooms, 510 Twolfth
street to-night.
Mr. John Hick of this city and Miss
Amelia Frederick of Auacostla wero mar
ried thero last ulght.
Miss Paulino Frederick and Mr. William
It. Campbell of Baltimore wcro married In
Alexandria yesterday.
The High School Cadets will hold tholr
annual drill In front of tho Arlington Hotel
Friday, at 0:00 o'clock,
Tho Misses Dorsoy's Oluey Institute
closing exercises at Llnthlcum Hall last
night wero well attended.
Mr. Johu M. Mitchell and Mrs. Helen V,
Strceker wcro married nt St. Theresa's
Church In Anacostla yesteiUay.
Mrs. Lilian 0. Huut and hor sou Clyde
wero thrown fiom' tholr carrlagoon Thirty
second street and painfully lujurod.
Superintendent Selden of tho Electric
Light Company began laying out tho cir
cuit for the electric lights In Alexandria
Tho entertainment for tho flood sufferers
In U. A. It. Hall last ulght, under tho
auspices of tho labor organizations was a
brilliant success,
Banker Hurlcbuss of Georgetown dis
tributed a lot of bread (o tho canal sufferers
yesterday and Charles Kochler promised
100 loaves every day for a week,
Bcrtlo Mcintosh, Indicted In Aloxaudrfa
for' Infanticide, nud William Bellow. lu
dieted for being an accessory, wero both
acquitted In the Corporation Court yes
terday, Gcucral Scbofleld has Issued a general
order providing for tho Instruction of artil
lerymen In such brandies of practical war
faro as will Increase their eflleleuoy In
actual service.
Dr. William MacLeod, curator of the
Corcoran Art Gallery, has rcslgued becauso
of his falling health, nnd I)rf llarbarln, his
assistant, has beeu elected to succeed him
by tho trustees.
Tho District has purchasod from W. E.
Hodges for school-houso purposes property
00x100 feet on tbo west slilo of Twolfth
street, between It anil S, tho price beiug
At a meeting of tho Pennsylvania Repub
lican Association hold last night at Grand
Army Hall a series of resolutions wore
auopieu auiuorizing a rcpriui oi ucucrai
llosser's latest speech and directing that a
copy bo seut to eveiy G. A. R. post In Penn
sylvania accompanied by denunciatory res
General Meigs has written to the Commis
sioner of Pensions suggesting that tho bat
tle Hags uow stored nt tbo War Dopaitineut
bo untie about tho walls of the Pension Of
flco Building, Commissioner Tanner says
that tho suggestion Is a good one but as tho
building Is uot waterproof they aro liable
to bo damaged,
At tho annual meeting of tho Woman's
Homo Missionary Society hold at Waugh
Chinch yesterday the following otHcers
were elected for tho ousulng year: Mrs,
Heuator Teller, picsldent; Mlas Lo"e Foss,
corresponding secretary; Miss Ella Stlno
metr, rccordiug secretary, and Sirs. B. F.
Lclghtou, treasurer.
While Aunlo Broadus, a 10-ycar-old
negru girl, was fighting with Pete lie
PhersOu, who lives will) Annlo'a mother In
Goat alley, last ulght, she accidentally bit
her little 5-year-old sister lu the head and
knocked her senseless. Pollcemau Fcrgu
sou arrested thorn all and had the child's
1 Injuries attended to.
United In tho Marrlnqo of Mr. Ilnynnl
nnd Miss Clymor.
A social event Of unusual Interest will bo
tho marriage of cx-Bocrotary Bayard and
Mfus Mary Willing Clymcr.
Miss Clymcr Is a dccldod Hondo, aud It ac
knowledged by all to bo "beautiful, but not
moro distinguished by personal beauty than
queenly' dignity and a goncrous heart. Sho
has a graceful, slender figure and dresses
In cxqnlslto tasto.
Few ladles aro better UAown In Wash
ington society. She never dances, but she
Is a charming convcrscr. Tho brfao, who IS
HO J cars of ngc, belongs to a historic
family. She Is tho daughter of Dr. Gcorgo
Clymcr, a grandson of tho signer of tho
Declaration of Independence a nattvo of
Pennsylvania, who entered tbo navy In 1929
as assistant surgeon on tho frlgato Con
stellation. Ho was surgeon of tho Mis
sissippi squadron from 18C3 to 1S05 and
died In this city after n long aud distin
guished career.
M Iss Clymcr's mother was Miss Marv Shu
brick, daughter of Rcar-Admlral William
Bradford Shubrlck, one of tho most distin
guished ofllccrs In tho navy. Ho was tho
son of a colonel In tho Revolutionary Army,
under General Nathaniel Grccu, and bis
aldo at tho battlo of Eutaw Springs. He
was a natlvo of South Carolina and assisted
In tho defense of Norfolk against tho
British, Ho was a lieutenant on tho Con
stitution at tho capture of tho Cayaiis aud
Levant In 1815. During tho Mexican war
ho was commandcr-ln-chtcf of tho Pacific'
squadron. In 1847, with n naval brigade
organized from tbo vessels of his fleet, ho
captured tho cities of tho entlro Western
coast of California and Moxlco. Later on
bo commanded n fleet, and, sailing for
Bitcnos Ayrcs, satisfactorily terminated
tbo International difficulties which had
arisen between this country and Paraguay.
Ills widow has two daughters. Ono of
them has been married for somo years and
tho other Is now tho wife of cx-Sccretary
Bayard. Mrs. Clymcr and her daughters
havo for several jenrs lived on II street,
adjoining tho houso of Mr. Bancroft, tho
Mr. Bayard, who Is n dlstaut relative of
tho Clymcrs, r& born In Octobor, 1833, of
a distinguished Delaware family. Ho was
annulled to mo oar in ipol, ana soon com
manded n practlco wldo as tho limits of his
Stato. Shortly after his namo had been
added to tho roll of Delaware lawyers ho
was mado n United States District Attor
ney, but ho soon resigned tho ofllce. In
March, 18G9, ho took his scat as United
States Senator. Ho continued in tho Hon
ate uutll called by President Cleveland to
be Secretary of State. Mr. Bayard lost his
wife and a daughter while serving iu that
ofllce. Eight of his twelve children aro
living; and they all attended his marrlago
to day,
tl'oiMftran! it' Lothrop: "A groat many
blazers aud caps aro being mado In silk
now and aro selling very well."
llootblacl (to pdsscr-by): "Hab a shlni
now, sir; sec do ruin hab stopped I No?
Oh, I fought yer wuz from" New York."
J. IT. Ditcnhoffcri "I seem to have Just
struck tho heathers. I wish I had stayed
whero 1 was; wo' vo been having It pretty
cool In Now York."
Scaton Perry: "Wo aro going to enlarge
our, business about tho first of noxt 'month
and wo havo put ton per cent, discount
on all our goods up to that time."
Salt if Co.: "Wo aro getting rid of our
winter and cprlng stock at a largo re
duction, preparatory to tho surprise wo In
tend to give our patrons In tho fall."
A Orcen Groecr: "Peonlo aro talllnt' off
from buying strawberries now. They say
It's becauso they aro getting too soft. Wb
expect n lino crop of peaches and pears this
Car Conductor: "Yes, these aro very cool
cars wo havo ou tho different llnes'now.
A good many pcoplo will stand on tho curb
stones, let tho closed car go past aud wait
for one of these."
Lieutenant JOuntau: "We havo pictty
nearly 'got things In order again at tho
Yard. Tho men havo been very busily on
gaged In repairing that part of tho ma
chinery that Is repairable, and clearlug
away tho dirt and mud that was washed
Captain 8gmm$i "Wdrk ou tho Fourth
street extcuston will be continued as soon
as tho appropriation for tbo next fiscal year
becomes avallablo, and will bo pushed for
ward as rapidly as possible. The road will
pass directly lu front of tho Catholic Uni
versity, nnu uouuucss mo electric railway
will lu ttmo bo extended beyond It."
Cur-Drtter of Avenue Lino: "Yes, wo
carry a great many odd people. Negroes
when they go to places of amusement al
ways dress to kill. Tho other day a dark
skinned, shiny-faced negro got on tho car
to go to tho baseball game. Well, bless
my stars, If ho didn't have on pants with
stripes iu them as wldo as a fourtccu or stx-tecu-pcnuy
nail la long,"
Gcneial I.'. If. UYnValtr: "Tho District
Commissioners havo n flue chance to win a
high placo In history and tho gratitude of
tho people by obtaining for us a republican
fprm of government. Wo want to elect a
part of tho municipal ofllccrs and have
a representation In Congress under a
Firoper law aud qualified suffrage. Wo want
bo railroads properly curbed and public
Improvements systematically conducted."
TipHvyot Hoy's Hotel: "I don't know
anything about the arrest of Aleck Sulll
vau, whether it Is right or wfong. I al
ways take a great luterest iu Irish affairs,
but I think this Is something that comes
entirely within tho' prOvlnco of tho court
and It should be ludtrcd as a crlmo and not
as a political question. I was a member of
tbo Clan-ua-Gacl lu this city years ago, but
left the organization before Its llnal aban
donment." At the Centre Market: "Thero have boon
fow changes Iu tho prtco of fruits and veg
etables wltlilu tho last fow days. Straw
berries' are well launched out now, ind the
prlco has consequently dropped, Thoy
may ho bought at ftvo and sovcu cents a
quart, Peaches aro on tho stamls, aud
reach up to twcnty-flvo cents per
box. Chcirtcs havo Just put In an
appearance also, aud can bo had for teu
cents a box. Apples remain tho samo, aud
tho now crop of pears havo not yet shown
up, Potatoes have gono up a little, but not
enough to bo noticed. Live fowl can bo
bought at $1.50 per dozou. Thoro aio no
changes In meats, and boyond tho auovo
tho market Is tho samo as previously."
Hilly Wants a Tug.
"Your Honor." said Billy Hoffman to
Judgo Miller this morning, "I am going
down to tbo Commissioners aud see If I
can't get a tag, samo as tho dogs do, to
keep tbo polioo from arresting mo." It was
only yesterday that Billy got out of the
workhouse, ami It naturally discouraged
him when tho Juilge lined him $5 this
morning for drunkenness.
Thotrlka lit Glasgow.
G i.asoow, Juno 13. The strlko of scameu
ou tho Clyilo coutluuos unabatod. Tho
Strikers to-day seized aud burned a vau en
routo to Ibo Anchor Lino Compauy's sheds,
containing provlslous for tho Imported
laborers at work thero. Strikers to tho
number Of 0,000 have congregated around
tho harbor.
Miirrlngo Mcoukoh,
Wilson Bowser and I.tzzlo Mitchell;
iioiieit i, weaver ana .M. Teresa uoiunau
W, II, V Fletcher and Aunlo E. Mel).
Faulkner; W. S, Taylor and Florence W.
Howard; Joseph Derby Stowiutand Emma
Glllelu; James W. O'llourke, Covington,
Vn., and Estollo L. Johnsou; Eugeno V,
Chclent and Amelia I.eitfert,
Tho Hunk Clork's Had (.licit.
Tho bank clcrkB seem to always hit on a
bad night forthclroxcurslon, For live years
It has rained on the night which thoy had so
lected as It did last night, Iu consoquenco
tho excursion was postponed until a week
fiom Friday,
A Cantor OU Trust.
St. Loiis, Juno 13. A castor oil trust U
said lo be forming In tho West, with a capi
tal of $500,000, There aro but seven rc?u
ltr mills lu tho countrv. Ml but ono of
I which are lu tho West.
Tho Trial of Hydnoy 11. Cunningham'
IlPfrun In tho Criminal Court.
Tbo employes at tho Capitol wcro startled
on tho lltli of March last by tho sound of a
pistol shot. Ou Investigation It was learned
that Sydney B. Cunningham of tbo Scnalo
Postofrico had had some words with Tur
ner Hackman, n riding pago, and had shot
at him, Cunningham was nrrestod and
subsequently Imllctod for assault with lu
tcnt to kill. His trial began lu tho Crimi
nal Court this morning.
It Is very seldom that tho Criminal Court
room sees as dignified a defendant as Cun
ningham. Ha looked far morallko a senior
member of tho Bar than tho defendant to n
criminal charge. Ho chatted pleasantly
with bis counsel aud betrayed no agitation
A largo portion of tho morning was occu
pied In obtaining a Jury. Mr. Henry Wlso
(laructt appeared with Colonel llolicrt
Christy for tho prisoner, Tho defonso
claimed ten challenges as allowed lu the
case of a felony, but tho Court ruled that
tho offenso charged was not a felony and
allowed only there. Tho following Jury
was. sworn: 8. Thomas Brown, Samuel
Bryan, Roy C. Jenkins, James K. Forrest,
Jftmes A. Talhcrt, James L. Carbory, Wes
ton B. Turner. Lcsllo R. Trembly, Benja
min I. Ellen, Robert II. .Mitchell, Win. T.
Ashby and Samuel L. Hoover.
Mr. Lipscomb stated tho caso ashoox-
rcctcd to provo It to tho Jury. On March
1, the defendant, Cunningham, was a dis
bursing officer lu tho Scnato postofllce.
Turner Hackman was a riding pago In the
Scnato and received his pay from Mr.
Cunningham. On a day previous to Iho as
sault Cunningham and Hackman had soma
words, and Ilackmaii received n blow. Ho
did nothing then, but later, when ho went
to Cunulugham's desltto receive his half
mouth's pay, ho said to Mr. Cunningham
that ho had mado a cowardly assault on
him. Thereupon, Cunningham ran out
from behind tho desk struck him In the
mouth and entered Into a strugglo with
him. When they separated Cunningham
drew his revolver and fired at him, tho bul
let embedding Itself In tho wall.
Hackman took tho stand. Ho looks to
be B7 or 29 years old, Is slender In build.
and has a light sandy mustache. His faco
Is thin almost to angularity. On tho Cth of
March last, ho said, ho went to Mr. Cun
ningham's room to draw his pay for tho
month previous. Mr. Cunningham was not
there. Ho saw Mr. Cunningham later, and
weut up to him. Greetings wcro pleasantly
"I mentioned to hlin," said tho witness,
"that Mr. Tatum had not received his
check and stated that I had loaned him
$30. Ho said ho wanted tho loan to pay off
his bands. I would llko very much for
hlln to let mo have the check."
The witness' maimer was animated and
.he emphasized his testimony with numer
ous gestures, cuanging ins tones as ua de
livered tho words used by Cunningham In
their dispute. His own words wcro uttered
lu tones of gcutle expostulation.
"1 can't pay you tho chock. It's Tatum's.
Tatum Is tho man that caruod Juo monoy."
"But Tatum was up hero to get his pay,
and you couldn't make It out. lie told mo
to ask you for It, and when I procured it ho
'would Indorse It and lot- mo' havo my monoy
out of It," returned Hackman.
"1 can't do It. Tatum Is tho man that
tho money belongs to. I om not going to
help you collect your dobts."
'If you had dono as you ought you would
have given this check on tho 1st."
With that," said . tbo witness, "he
banged mo lu the mouth." Aud tho spcakor
Illustrated tho proceeding by bringing his
fist onto his hand.
"Then I said : 'Here Is this man coming
uown momii aiier uiouiu lor ims uuio pit-
iuucu. ii yuu uau uuuo as you ougut in
stead of sitting here In tho postofllce ho
wouldn't need this to-day.' "
He then walked away. Ou tho 11th he
went to tho cashiers window nnd said :
"Tho other day down lu tho postofllco I
talked to you In a gentlemanly way; that
was a cowardly way to strlko mo. You
ceitolnly wero n coward to strike mo that
Cunningham camo out toward him with
his hand to his hip pocket. Hackmau
backed away and they exchanged blows,
Cunningham telling him "to get out of
bcro." "Ho went Into another room of tho
Capitol and Cunningham followed him aud
fired at him.
Tho Indiana Mining Troubles.
Indianai'OLIS, Ini)., Juno 13. A com,
mlttco of coal operators from Clay County
Visited Governor Hovcy yesterday to pro
test against any act on the part of the Ex
ecutive indicative of sympathy with the
strikers. They declare that tbo scalo of
fered tbo miners Is tho highest possiblo tor
them to pay, and that It they met tho
miners' demands tho mines would bo ope
rated at a loss. It had been Intimated that
tho Governor might Issue a proclamation
showing sympathy for tbo strikers. Such
action, tho operators declare, would en
courogo tho strikers not to return lo work,
and thus Increase tho present suffering.
Tho Governor would uot Indlcato what
coureo ha will pursue. A commltteo of tho
miners will call on tho Governor to-day to
lay their grievances before him.
A Successful Kntertulnmont. ,
At tho Art Loan Exhibition given by
Mis. Buudy and Miss Bcidie Lovy at tho
rcsldcuco of the latter, 1337 Elcvcuth street
northwest, $91.50 was cleared and appro
priated by tho ladles for tho relief of tho
sufferers by tbo recent flood. After tho art
treasures had been enjoyed a inuslcalo was
given by tho following talent: Miss Mills,
Miss Bangs, Miss Leach, Professor BIschoff,
Mr. Fred. Grant, Mr. Joe Hazelton, Mr.
Fontalu Maury aud others. Tho selections
wcro very good and well rendered. Every
body pronounced the evening a grand suc
cess, Germany Will Square Herself,
llEitLiN, Juno 13, It Is reported horo
that the German Government will not break
oil diplomatic relations with Switzerland
on account of tho oxpulslou from Switzer
land of tho German pollco Inspector,
Wolgomnth. It Is tho conceusus of opinion
that thatlncldcutlselosod,but thatGermany
tnaypcrhaps apply vexatious measures lu
regard to frontier regulations.
llurlat I'ormlts Issued.
Burial permits bavo been' Issued by the
Health Ofllccr for the past twenty-four hours
as1 follows: Joseph Lo Roy Fardcn, 30
jears; Enoch Ki Stewcrl, 1 month; Mary 0.
Morsu, 57 years; Edward Connors, 1
month, and colored: Pulsoy Bcrcly, 70
years; ucorgo nryaiit, a monins; L,oon u.
I.omax, 10 mouths: F.rucst Huut, 0 months;
William Wilson, 74 ycais.
A Kentucky Lynching.
LouisviMX. Kr., Juno 13. James
Dcavcn and Charles Tennyson, who were
arretted at Albauy, Ind,, on Monday,
charged with assaulting n farmer near
Condon, Ind., a week ago, whom thoy
shot ami severely wounded wlillo attempt
ing to rob him, wero taken Trout tho Cory
don Jail by a mob at a lato hour last ulght
and l)iiched.
The lluviirlnn Anlioro.
Boston, Juno 13. The steamship Bava
rian Of tho Loylaud line, while being towed
flown from tier dock last night, went
ashoioon tho bar off tho navy-yard. Sho
listed considerably at low tide, but lies In
an easy position. Tubs will try to tako her
off noxt tide.
Short Khrirt fur Murderers.
IIUNTSVII.l.U, T'liNK., JllUO 13. Lloyd
and Reynolds, tho muidorcrs of the wife
nud sou of Rev. Mr, Harness, were taken
fiom Jail hero ou Tuesday ulght by a mob
of masked men and hanged to a tieo, The
men confessed their guilt,
Severity Agulimt AuuroliUti Poshed.
Lomiox, Juno 13. Tho Governments of
Russia, Germany aud Austria have sent an
Identical note to tho Swiss Government,
asking tho latter tn deal In a more sovoro
mauiicr with tho Anarchists and Socialists.
Tho Fantust on Uncord.
Nf.w Yoiik, June 13. The ship Stato of
Maine of New Castlo, KnglanC. has arrived
hero after what the captalu claims to bo tho
fastest time ou record,
An Important fjlaloiuent Concerning
Woodrnir nnd CoiiKhlln on the
Night or tho Murdor of Dr. Cronlu
A Dorou Man Doing Watched,
Ciiicaoo, Juno 13. Ono of tho most Im
portant nnd startling statements lu connec
tion with tho Croiiln murder was mado
cstcrdav by Jack Slanloy of Iho city
sewerage department to two friends T. P.
O'Connor nud Michael Hart. Tho conver
sation opcucd by an assertion of Stanley
tbot ho "Know (hat fellow Woodruff."
Hart asked! "Where did you know him?"
"Why," said Stanloy, "ho worked at
Denns' stablo on Webster avenue. I keep
my stallion there and became suspicious of
the fellow. I was afraid ho would steal my
horeo or tako him out for service. 1 mado
Inquiries about him and found that ho had
worktd three weeks at tho stablo for noth
ing but his board. This 1 regarded as a
suspicious circumstance. Ha was frequently
for thrco weeks In consultation with a man
who appeared to ho a iletcctlvo or n confi
dence man. I afterward ascertained that
this man was Coughltu, tho policeman ar
rested for tlni miimcr of Dr. Cronlu. I saw
him tho night of tho murder. I was nt
Deans' stablo, about U p. m. Woodruff
began toactlu n suspicious manlier. Ho
slept In n loft over the stablo. Ho took off
his shoes on tho stablo floor and climbed lu
his stocking feet Into tho loft to sleep.
Flvo or six minutes after ho retired I saw
him peep over tho stairway to sco whether
wo had gono."
Tho Importance of this statement lies In
tho fact that It corroborates Woodruffs
story as related to Chief Hubbard to a re
markable degreo. It connects Woodruff
with Coughllii, tho detective, nud also fur
nishes Asjothcr link III tho chain of evidence
which Is colled around that person.
Tho Herald this morning says: Tom Des
mond, nn Irish Nationalist from tbo Pacific
Coast, Is wanted by tbo pollco for supposed
complicity lu tho butchery of Dr. Orontn.
Ho eluded tho vlgllauco of Inspector
Byrnes' detectives lu Now York last Mon
day afternoon nnd no trace of him has yet
been found. Luko Dillon, who was tho
first to direct suspicion against Desmond,
as well ns against Johu J. Maronoy and
Charles McDonald, the blacksmith, has
sent the Plnkertons after tho missing man
and there Is every reason to bollovo that ho
will bo rounded up In a day or two if ho
has not left tho country.
Tho details of Desmond's supposed con
nection with the great crlmo aro yet very
meagre, it is luiown, However, mat no
engaged a room at McCoy's Hotel April 10
last, tho day before Maronoy of Now York,
under tho assumed namo of W. G. Mel
ville, arrived, and that they wcro frequently
seen together and that they left the hotel
April SI.
"We havo at least a dozen men under
closo survelllaueo in different parts of tho
country." said Luko Dillon. Mr. Dlllotf
was busily engaged lq wailing through a
mass of correspondence. "I think I under
stand tho motlvo of his orlme so well that I
can pick 'out tha men most likely to ha en
gaged In It. I am In constant communica
tion with men equally well posted, ami
through their earnest- co-operation havo
every reason to hopo for success. If the
men who mado that conspiracy wero mem
bers of the Clan-na-Gacl, nnd I bellevo that
tho most of them were, they will bo dis
covered and convicted." '
' Glgantle Trusts lu Missouri.
St. Louis, Mo., June 13. Tho mitf-trust
law recently passed by tho Missouri Legisla
ture Is creating gigantic trusts by thodozcii.
Tho latest Is a trust of $15,000,000 which,
takes In all tbo plug tebaceo-manufacturcrs
oH tho United States. Their schemo I
claimed to bo olio of self-protection. All
manufacturers will sell out to ono company
and then tako stock to tho amount of tho
valuation of tholr plant. Loggctt & Myers
and Druramond & Co. of this city and P.
Lnrlllard of New York aro at tho head of
tho affair.
Who Moronoy In.
New Yoiik, Juno 13. Tho ll'oifct'j Chi
cago special says: Information has becu
derived from dctcctlvo sources that J, J.
Moronoy,-who was arrested In Now York
yesterday, Is a member of tho Clan-na-Gacl
Exccutlvo Commltteo that Is to say, the
committee which governs tho entire organ
ization, and of which Dillon Is also a mem
ber. It Is claimed Moroney has been posi
tively Identified as tho man who first llvod
in tho' Clark-street flat, aud afterward weut
to tho Carlson cottage, and that McDonald
was his compaulon nt both places.
Convention of Train Dispatchers.
iNDlANAi'OMS, I.NU., Juno 13. Tho an
nual meeting of tha National Association of
Train Dispatchers began hero yesterday, tho
proceedings of tho opening session Including
nn address of welcome by tho Mayor of
Indianapolis, a response by tho president,
and tho reports of ofllccrs. Seventy flvo
now members wero admitted, maklug tho
total membership 750. Tho Johustown
Hood has seriously Interfered with tho at
tendance. Meeting or Washington ThcosnjiUUIs.
An Important meeting of tho Fellows of
tho Thcosophlc Society of Washington, at
which addresses will bo delivered explana
tory of the doctrines of Aryan thoosophy by
the general secretaries of the American and
English sections, Mr. William Q. Judgo of
New York, editor of tho Path, and Mr,
Archibald Kclghtly of London, England,
will bo held at Grand Armv Hall noxt Sun
day evening at 8 o'clock, Tno object of tbo
meeting Is to meet and answer tho queries
of a constantly liicieaslngclassof Inquirers.
llowardcd lor Ills llravory.
When the train upon which Mrs. F.. W.
Halford and her daughter were riding was
caught In the Johnstown Hood, John
Hugbson, a porter ou the Pullman car,
dlstlngulbhed himself by his efforts In tholr
behalf. Yesterday, through tho recom
mendation of Secretary Halfoid, ho was
appointed a skilled laborer lu tho Treasury
Department at $?J0 per annum,
A Stone Thrown nt llladstono.
LoNnON, Juno 13, Whllo Mr. Gladstone
was passing through tho town of Wado
brlJcc. Cornwall, to-dav a missile, believed
to bo a live cartridge, Was thrown at his
carriage. Tho missllo did no harm. Tho
police aro Investigating tho matter.
Cecil the Kvnngellst Drowned,
Picton. Ont., Juno 13. Lord A. P.
Cccil.tho Evangelist was drowned about 1
o'clock yesterday afternoon In tho Bay of
Quint, near Adolnhus town, about sfx miles
cast of here. Iho body has not been re
covered. Foreign Ilrovltlo.
Tho F.ngllsh Methodist Couforcnco has
decided to join tho movement In favor of
an Kcuiueulcal Conference In America (u
Oncratlo Manager Maplesou has offered a
porfnimanco by bis company in Loudon on
Juno til for tho beuoilt of tho Jobuntown
' Iu autt-Mlnlstcilal riots at Brussels,
Ghent and Liege, llolgliim,yostoiday,iniuy
of tho rlotcis wcro wounded lu conflicts
with tho police.
Tho departure of tho steamer City of Now
York from Liverpool for Now ork was
prevented yesterday by tho teamen's
stiiko, which inado It lulposslblo to obtain
a crew.
It is reported that a palace conspiracy
exists lu llelgrado to depose the young
king, Alexander, and proclaim Prince
Peter Kurageorgh Itch, the tool of Russia,
as Klugof Senla.
Tho American engineers visiting England
aro chiefly Impressed with (lie superior
solidity and finish of Kngllsh engineering
work aud tho extreme backwardness iu tho
speed of elevators and lu tho adoption of
tho electric light. But England Is ahead of
America, tbey thluk, In keeplug clear of
overhead wires,
A Torrllilo 1'lro Which Mil' Couso
Vast Amount ol DaiiinRtf.
Surciuoii, W is., Juno 13. A tcrrlWo llro
Is sweeping tho forests south and west t
here, nud unless the weather changes soon
tho loss will bo enormous. Already over
half a million dollars', worth of pine has
been destroyed. Tho districts tributary to
thoNcmadJIandSt.LojIs Rivers Iu Wiscon
sin and Minnesota are suffering terribly,
Tho smoke from tho burning districts Is
obscuring tho sun, and rendering dlfllcult
tho cntranco of vessels Into tho harbor.
Much of the pine on tho Cloquct reserva
tion Is already wiped out. A strong wind
was blowing from tho southwest last night,
and rural villages are threatened with de
struction. Tho fire Is raging from tho St.
Croix to Northern Pacific Junction,
The Crows Assembling nt Row Lon
don lo l'reiar for tho Itocpfl.
New London, Conn., Juno 13. Both
lioat crcwB of tho University of Pennsylva
nia arrived hcroyestcrday and went to their
quarters ou this side of tho river, ncirly
opposite tho Vale quarters. Both Harvard
crews will nrrlvo Friday, and tho Yulo Uni
versity crew w 111 get hero Saturday.
Tho Cornell ami Yato freshmen will como
Wednesday. 'Iho triangular race between
tho University crews of Columbia, Cornell
and Pennsylvania, I hrco miles, will take
platoon tho 27th, and the Yale-Harvard
racoon tlia'-?tb, Dates for tho finshuion
rnco of Pennsylvania, Yule, Columbia ami
Harvard, two miles, havo not been decided.
Neither Is that of Yulo and University of
Pcnnsjlvanln, four miles.
Rqbcrt J. Cook, Yale's famous boating
authority, arrived from Philadelphia yes
terday nnd resumed charge of tho Yalo
crew. Ho will continue to havo the crow
entirely under his coutiol until tho day ot
the race with Harvard.
Tho I'lrst Train on tho Pennsylvania
Ituns from Allooua Wost.
Altoona, June 13. Last ovenlug three
locomotives with ten cars passed over the
Pennsylvania Railroad to and past
Johustown. This Is tho first rail
road connection slncu the flood,
Trains will run through to-day from
Pittsburg to Philadelphia and Now York.
Tho most destructive breach to ovcrcomo
was at tho viaduct below South Fork. It
was 405 feet long and ninety feet deep. A
sulistantlal trestle now covers tho span.
Agents bad orders to lssuo no tickets before
Friday, but this order may uow bo counter
maudid. Tho Diinknrita mid Dliorcc.
New Yonit, Juno 13. A 11'orM special
from Harrisonburg, Va says: Twclvo
thousand people attended tho camp ot tho
German Baptists hero. Under tho rules
ndoptcd laliles aro forbidden, to wear any
but Iho plainest nnd longest ridding Cubits,
and all members will hereafter have to glvo
up tbclr gold watches. The qutstlou ot
the lailng-on-of-hauds by tho bishops nud
ciders was referred to a special committee
to report next year. Members wore ad
vised not to tako sides with politics In
voting either for' or against prohibition.
Tbo dlscusslou on tho question of dtvorco
Is expected to bo attended with somo ex
citement. Tho Itobbery ot I'nyiunsler' Whnm.
Tucson, A. T., J.uuo 13. Tho prelimi
nary bearing ot tbo parties who robbed
Paj master Major J. W. Wham was closed
yesicruay aircrnoon. uuuert wenu, i. a,
Cunnlngliam, Noll Follett, Lcman Fallctt;
Thomas Lamb and David Rogers wcro hold
to answer before tbo grand Jury. Edward
Follett was discharged. All tho parties
held wero Identified and n largo amount ot
circumstantial evidence adduced against
them. Other parties will probably bo ar
tested soon.
MiirileTcd IIIh Wlfo's Lover.
PAKKEiisiiviia, W. Va., Juno 13. John
Cummins has been nncsted for tho murder
ot Joseph Smith, a sou of Rov. Jonathan
Smith, a Baptist clergyman lu Roauo
County. YouiigSmlth had completely won
tbo affections of Cummins' wlfo, aud her
refusal to longer live with her husbaud Is
believed to havo led to the tragedy.
Only l'ollr Gubernatorial Candidates,
New Ouleans, June 13. A special from
Jackson, Miss., says news has Just been re
ceived of tbo withdrawal ot the Hon. R. II.
Tailor of Panola as a candidate for Gov
ernor. This leaves four candidates for
Gubernatorial honors still tn tho field.
Another Victim of tho Samuan Disaster.
San Fiiancisco, Juno 13. Lieutenant
Heath of tho Vandulla died at the Mare
Island Naval Hospital yesterday from pneu
monia, the result of a cold contracted at
tho time of tho Satnoan disaster.
The 1'urlH Copper Market.
Paiiis, Juno 13, Tho C'oniptolr d'F.s
rompto has been fully reorganized, ami M,
Denormandlo elected president.
At tho HnlelH.
Senator C. K. Davis, St. Paul, Is at Cham
bcrllu's. A. R. Shattock, Lenox, Mass., Is at
James W. Ablctt and James 11, Stevous,
Cohocs, N. V., aro at the Randall.
Robert II. I.arklnson, Cincinnati, and V.
Bakewcll, Pittsburg, aro at Wormlcy's.
O, G. Holt, Louisville, Ky.j II. H.Todd,
Atlanta; A. W. Spcer, New (York, aro at
tho Howard House.
V. II. Daniels, Chicago; J. S. Vormlllla,
Philadelphia; Charles A. Robertson, Iowa,
are at the Hotel Johnson.
Mr, nnd Mrs, J. L. Morgan, Jr., and Mrs.
John J. Hill ot Brooklyn arrived hero last
evening nud registered nt the Arno,
C. W. Beck, Chicago; M. M. DoLano,
New York; E. K. Wilcox, Cleveland; W.
IC, Stephens, St. Louis, aio at the St. James.
D. W. Williams, Cincinnati; W. If. Van
Riper, San Antonio; J, II, Baldwiu, Pitts
burg; II, M. Butler, boston, arc at tho Ulggs
H. K. Piestou, Gcorglai D. N. Comln
gore, Covington, Ky.; diaries Dickinson,
Chicago; Mis. J. M. Coats, Homer, N, Y
are at tho Arlington.
Ocorgo W. I'arkor, St. Louis: A. II.
Doruu and S. 1). I'helns. Now York: D.
Woimscr, Chicago; J. P. Thompson,
Roclicstcr,-ara at Wlllard's.
E. R. Blaine, ft near relative to Secretary
Blaine, and Deputy Collector tor tho Lex
ington, Ky.. District, arrived here yester
day and registered at the Ebbltt.
W. 11. Rjder and C.W.Splcer, Richmond;
L. D. McMcekln, lllrinliigliani, Ala.; T. T.
Merrill and J. F. McLaughlin, Boston; E,
J. Wells, Ncwaik, N, J,, aro at tho Metro
politan. R. II. Plass, J. P. Powell and 11. M.
llowlby, New York; W. W. Watt, North
Carolina; J. T. Cooper, Nashville; A. W,
Anthony, Chicago; T, .1. James, Atlanta;
lames J, Dale, Trenton, N, J,, are at tho
W. J, Tobiock, Chicago; J wk,
Newaik, N. J,; J. 1), Nicholson JT .lues
I. Kay, Flushing; A. W. Wells, 1 ,. vllle,
'Icmi.; It. H. Lunau nnd ClmlesljSfillbbs,
New York, and John B. Bughoe, Boston,
ore registered at the Ebbltt,
Mr. William M. Walker, formerly hoad
rlcik of tho Harris Ilout-o.riow smiles upuu
the guests behind tho register at tho Eb
bltt, succeeding Mr. Thomas Stoekbauq
who has gopo to Mount Desert Ferry, Mo.,
to laku charge of tho "Bluffs," Mr,
Walker was fur tho past two seasons In
chargo ot tho lt.iy Ridge Hotel.
reiiilKjlviinl.i ltallroad Now Upeneit to
1 ho repairs ou tho Richmond, Ficdericks
buig and Potomac Railroad, between
Fredericksburg aud Rlchmoud, have been
completed and VJio regular tralu service
will resume its full schedule, rommenc
lug to-day, running through to Richmond
and points South,
Great Incitement In Hliollmrno I'nllv
Mass,, Uvnr tho Possibility That it
I.ako Aliovo tho Town May Olro Way
nnd Flood tho Valley.
Si'Iiinofield, Miss., Juno 11. There U
great excitement In Shclburno Fall), ono ot
tho most thriving towns In tho Doerlleld
Valley, over tho possibility that tho Sails
waga Lake, In Whltliigham, Vt., some dis
tance nbove, may give way and flood tin
valley, resulting lu n fearful destruction ot
life nud property. The lake covers over
450 acres, and Is said to contalu eight bil
lion gallons of water.
Tho dam Is vory narrow and about
twenty-two feet high. Tho water Is over
square mllo lu area nnd forty feet deep.
It has, within a week past, sprung a Icvk,
but has been temporarily patched up.
Ssdawaga Lake Is on the slilo ot a moun
tain, over MX) feet above Shelburno Falls'
sen level, and lu the event of its demolition
that town would experience a second
Johnstown horror. Tho Dccrfleld River,
on which Shelburnc Falls Is located, Is no
torious for Its turbulence during hlgli
So great has tho excitement become
along tho river that a thorough Investiga
tion will bo made, and Iho dam will either
bo repaired or demolished.
The Number of Victims of the Armagh,
Disaster Is Soveuty-fotir.
Dfni.tN, Jund 13, Tho number of vic
tims by tho railroad collision near Armagh
jestcrday now aggregates eevonty-four.
iho latest addition iu tho list of dead Is it
boy named Cleland, whose parents and two
brothers wero killed In tho accident.
Cleland died to-day from Injuries received.
A number of others of tho Injured aro In a
critical condition. Tho scenes around tho
Infirmary at Armagh to-day aro pitiful lu
the extreme. Crowds ot anxious relatives
and friends nro luqulrlug for missing
An Outrngo Tor no Known ltoason.
DASVitXi!, III., Juno 13. A party ot
mcu with blackened faces mado a mid
night call at tho houso ot Johu Sulllvau,
near Illgglnsvlllc. recently, in Mr. Sulli
van's absence, and onlered .Mrs. Sulllvau
and her children to leave tho houso. Mr.
Sulllvau took Iho children and left In the
rain. Tho men then tore down tho house
and destroyed the furnlturo. Monday two
men wcro arrested for tlio crime, ono ot
whom was lined $50 nnd cost; the other
was odqiitttcd. Tho cause of this outrage
is unknown.
Tho Kentucky llnimlitlcnn.
Louisville, Juno 13. Tho Republican
Stato Central Commltteo inct to-day to se
lect a curidldato for Stato Treasurer In"
placo of Johu Barrett, who declined the re
nomination. Several names were men
tioned, but tboso considered acceptable de
clined to accept the distinction which' a
Republican nomination confers lu this
State. A committee Of-three was finally'
appointed to select ncandtdate'aml present
his name at a future mcetlngot the general
A I'ainlly of Criminals.
8TiLLwXtr.it, Minn., Juuo 13. UoI
Youugcrr tho youngest ot tho three famqusj
bandit brothcis, Is dying In the penitentiary
hero, where the three brothers have .boon
conflucd for fourteen jears for uiurdcrinx
tbo cashier of tho First National Bank ot
Northflcld, Minn. Tho physicians say tint
Bob can live but a fow days longer,
Tho Indian Commission's Hiiccos-l,
Valentine, Neu., Juno 13. Tho ludfau
Commission left Rosebud yesterday aftcr
noou, nud will icach Pino RIdgo Agency to
day. There Is every reason to supnoso tint
It will bo as successful here as at tho Rose
bud Agency.
New Yoiik, Juuo 13, Monoy loaned at
Sfl'JJ percent. Exchange stcadyjpostod rate
4S180J; actual rales 4J7J(alS72 for 00
davsand -tbOfojlMli for demand. Govern
ments steady; currency Gs, US bid; U
coupous, 1IKIJ bid; 41s, coupons, lOUi bid.
Ino stock market this morniug waS
moderately active, and tho first prices wore
generally J to S per cent, above the closiug
of last evening. Burlington was tho only
marked exception. That, stock was quite
freely sold, aud declined . Tho opening
strength was not malntaluod. At the end
of tho first hour stocks wcro heavy at about
tho bottom figures. Iu tho hour to noon
there was considerable selling ot tho coal
stocks and other lcadcis, and prices went
lower. At this wrltlug tho market Is ex
tremely dull,
The New Vork Stock Market.
Tha following are the prices of tho Now
York and Chicago markets as reported by
special wire to C. T. Havenuer it Co.,
C'Jl F street northwest:
0. 2:30! O. U:30
Can. Pacific. 60 50 Xoithwcst.. lltillll
Can. South. 55 55 Omaha 30) 30)
Cen. Pacific. 3d 30 do. pfd..
I). L. A W.. 1405 140) jP. M. S. S 35 35
Dcl.it Hud. 147 1 10 'Reading..., 4S) 4S
Erie 2SJ Hil .It. it W. Ft. 20 25
Jersey Ceu., 112 111 do. pfd .
L. .tN 721 713 St. Paul 711 TJf
L. 8 107 KMJ ,Tex. Tac... 2ll 9t
M.,K.itT 10? 10J Union Pac. 021 O'll
Mo. Pac 7(1J mmv. Uulon... Sl Sdl
N.Y.&N.E. 48 50 Petroleum.. 8.1) 83
N. Y. Cen... 100) 1001 Am. Cots'd 5SJ 5!H
N. Pac 20 2'J Atch it Top 45 411
do. pfd.. 07 07 Chi., B it Q 103j I03j
Tho Chicago Market
Open. Closo.j Open. Close;
July 70S 771 July ....ill 02) 11 05
Aug 73J 75) !.ug .... 11 72) It 7s
Bcpt .... 7lj 75 Sept 11 80 11 80
July 3U 34) July.... 0 02) (103)
Aug 345 31) Aug.... 0 75 0 75
Seiil ,. 35 35) Sept 0 80 0 771
July 321 221
Aug 221 221
Bcpt .... 22) 9U
WushliiRtnn Stock Kxchnnee.
Miscellaneous bonds W. ,t (J. It. It.
Co., Wh Masoulc Hall Ass'n., 107; Wash.
Market Co,, HI; Wash. Market Co., Imp.
bonds, Cs, 120; Wash. Lt. Tnfantry, 103;
Wash. Lt. Infantry, 2d, (XI; W. Gas Light
Co. bonds, 125); W, Gas Light Co. boud,
script, 1251.
National Bank Stocks Bank of Wash
ington, 305; Bank ot Republic, 22,1; Metro
politan, 240; Central, 210; Second. 10-;
Farmcia nud Mechanics', 173; Citizens'.
125; Columbia, LIS, .
Railtoad Stocks Washington audi
Georgetown, ; Metropolitan, 120; Co
umbla,4l; Vapitolaud XoithO Street, 40,
Insurance Stoeks Firemen's, 41; Frank
lin, 42; Metiopolltau, 75; National UuUm,
201; Aillnstou, 170; Cbicorau, 02: Colum
bia, 15?; (icnuau American, ISO; l'otounc,
HI: lilggs, M.
Gas and Klcctrlc Light Stocks Wash
IngtouGas, 4(;GcorgctowuG,is, 47, I 3.
Electrio Light, 00.
Tclephono stocks Chosapeako and Poto
mac, ; Auicrlcau Graphophonu Co., 2)1.
Miscellaneous Stocks Washington Sfir
ket Co., 10; Washington Brick Machtna
Co., ttK; Great Fulls Ice Co., 100, Bull
Run Panorama Co., ; Real EUto Tltla
Insurance Co., 130: Columbia Tltlu In
surance Co., 01, National Safe Deposit
Co., 210.
Local Weather Forucait.
Fair, stationary temperaturei south
w'estcily winds.

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