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"Where nro you colng, my iirettr
"After n paper, lr," sho said.
"Anil nhnt Is tho pnpor, my protty
sir," lio said.
"While others Icavo tho Intra to
Sock inoiintnln heights nnil ocean
t lovr.
Till: OltlTIO slajs right liore nt
To cltn tho pooplo nil t!;o iiovts.
21ST YEAR--N0- 6,513.
It I Decided to Itccominenil nn Isstio
or $300,000 Worth or Repair Homls
Agreement Villi tho Georgetown
The corner of Thirty-first nnd M
Mtccls, lu Georgetown, vrat livelier this
morning thnn ithasbccnslncctliollood
Solid-looking business men stopped
llielr wonted business bustlo nnd hurry
nnd stood on the comers nnd talked,
'i'ho conversation wns nil of tho canal,
and every posstblo phaso of tho subject
was canvassed nnd reennvnsscd. Mean
while, upstairs In President anmbrlll's
ofllco tho canal's dlrcctornto wns hold
ing a stnr-chambcr session.
What they talked of or what thcvdld
cannot bo known, ns nil thc directors
ivcio closo-mouthed ns good-natured
men could bo when they camo out.
Only four members of tho boaid of til.
lcelois wcio present, beside President
Gnmbttll. Thoy wcio Colonel J. a.
Jlctiet, 11. O. Dobbin, P. Hnrrill nnd .!.
I). Ahnct. Trcnsuicr Spencer AVil
kiiis and John P. Ayics, tho ncottnt
ant, wcio nlso present. In tho little
knot of pcoplo waiting In tho outer
olllcc for tho directors to finish their
meeting were a couplo of Baltimore
lawyers, who wcro supposed to bo look
ing after tho Interests of Baltimore
holders of canal securities.
The directors' meeting lasted nearly
an hour, and though nothing was done
that they wcro willing to mako public,
It was learned that tho time was mostly
devoted to the consideration of existing
lenses on tho canal property.
Mcanwhllotho crowd of Interested
outsiders waited on tho corner for tho
directors to come out nnd for President
Gumbrlll to go up Into Croplcy's Hnll
on tho corner diagonally opposite the
bank, nnd call tho meeting to order.
Tho hall Is a big ono on the third floor,
and when tho meeting was called to
Older about 11:30, tho wooden benches
wcro well filled, nnd nbout all tho busi
ness men In Georgetown wcro thcie.
Besides theso there wcio Hon. Edward
Stake of Maryland, Victor Cushwa of
AVIlllnmsport, Frederick Mcrtcns of
Maryland, P. T. Llttlo of Maryland
nnd John Burets of Maryland. II. 0.
AVInshlp was probably, nftcr the
Canal Company, himself, tho heaviest
sufferer by tho Hood present.
At long past 11 President Gnmbrlll
stood up on the raised platform at tho
front end of tho hall nnd called thn
meeting to order. Ho said that tho
meeting was called In pursuanco to tho
nan loimuintcu in Annapolis last week.
I'his plan, he said, was to Issue S200.O00
worth of bonds, or toll certificates, or
both, and to repair tho canal ns quickly
ns posslblo with tho money so lnlsed.
"Wo should bo glad to hear from any
one hcio who may bo Interested In tho
matter." No ono said a word. There
was nn awkward sort of u pauso of
some minutes duration nnd then Presi
dent Gnmbrlll asked Colonel Borret,
ono of tho directors, to make a speech.
Colonel Bcrret arose and. told wh.it.tho
canal needed. Ho said the canal was
now nt n crista In Its history nnd that
tho problem needed heroic treatment.
"And It remains to bo seen whether we
will find tho hero." He thought that
tho Stato of Maryland should take hold
of tho matter nnd double tho canal's
capacity, as tho Stato of Now York did
with the Erlo Canal. If this was douo
the cnnal could not but bo successful.
Mi . II. "W. Blount of Georgetown said :
"Wo are willing to luteiest omselves
In this matter nnd Invest our money.
But I wish to ask: Whatsecuiltyshnuld
wo get?"
"NoBecuilty, virtually no security,"
nusweted Colonel Berrct. "Tho cnnal
has not security to offer, unless this
proposal that tho State of Maryland
shall plnco their new bonds on nn equal
fooling with tho bonds of 1881. If the
Stato Is willing to do this, ns It should
bo, these bonds will bo ns good sccuilty
ns the former 'ones.'
"Another thing I wish to nsk of the
leinesentntivcs of tho cnnal comn.inv
now heio Is this: What will the coin,
panyglvo? What will be tho amount
of tho subscilptlou that tho directors
nnd owners of tho cnnal will give to the
fund toicstore this canal? They me
tho parties most Interested, too, In tho
canal testoratlon, ami they should bo
tho ones flist to show their confidence
by n liberal contribution."
All this while tho discussion had
kept on the subject of the restoration of
the wholo canal, Tho general impres
sion had been that this meeting would
bo for tho purposo of devising somo
means of jcpalrlng tho Georgetown
level so that water would bo supplied
to tho w'hcels of tho Georgetown mills.
P. L. Mooio of Georgetown got up
and 6ald that most of tho Georgetown
people present wcro principally in
tciesled in this phnso of the mnttcr. "I
wish to ask," Mr. Mooro said, "whether,
In caso tho money necessary to tho re
pit of tho Georgetown level Is raised,
if tho tccclpts from water rents will bo
deposited In bank Immediately as they
nie collected and used to lcliubuiso the
subscribers to tho fund for this work?"
"They will, certainly," answered
Colonel lionet, who hail taken Presi
dent Gnmbilll's placo ns chnhmau of
tho meeting.
"Then tho money will be raised In
twenty four horns," answered Mr.
Mr. Mooie's remark elicited tho llrst
npplnuso of tho meeting, nnd It was
hearty and sustained. Mr. Mooro had
si nick n key-note. The canal people's
dcslio to treat the repair of tho George
town level as a shlo issue, which It is,
of course, to them, was llltlo icllshcd
by tho Gcorgctowncis, who formed
most of tho ctowd, nnd Mr. Mooie's
switching tho pioceedlngs off onto the
Georgetown tack won their entire up
pioval nnd applause.
Mr, Mooro wished somo Idea given
him nbout how tho money so inlsed
would bo used and how soon thoy could
expect to feel beneficial icsults from
their subscilptlons.
Picsldcnt tlambilll said that tho mat
ter Imcl been talked over by a commltteo
icpiesentlng tho milling lntciosts nnd
himself, nnd that oveiythlng had
Uituully been nitnngcd save some
minor details. Ho said that tho money
wns not given tho cnnal company, but.
meiely loaned ,lt, nnd that the canal
company would hnvo to be paid back;
the canal company wished to hnvo a
voice lu tho e.xneiuliluio of tho mouoy,
They were willing to hnvo tho woik
dono either by continct or undci tholr
own supci vision. All they w Ishcd was
that tho woik should bo piopetlynnd
economically dono. Mr. Mooio said
this would bo agreed to, Mr. II. 0.
AYInshlp w'ns called on by Colonel Dor
ic! to say something, and ho got up and
said that, though ho was much In
tcirsted In tho report of the canal, ho
wished to ask a question, "You say,"
ho said, "that this canal has no good
security to offer nnd Is- unable to help
Itself without assNlnnce. What I wish
to nsk It, Is tho canal company bank
rupt?" "Yes," answered Colonel Berrct, "It
certainly Is. Tho canal Is pennllosi
ami without credit, nnd Is unnblo to
help Itself by Itself without assistance."
"That is what I wished to know,"
continued Mr. AVInshlp. 'Tho discus
sion promised to become general, nnd
was inpltlly doing so when
Dr. AVootton checked this tendency
Dr. AVoolton motctl that ns that mat
ter wns decided, nnil as tlmo was pro
clous, attention should bo given to the
npnlrof the canal as n whole nnd to
measures for putting It In condition for
the transaction of shipping business
along Its length. To this end the
Doctor, n whltc-halrcd old man, with n
shrewd face nnd n pleasant manner,
moved that n committee, consisting of
two gentlemen from each county repre
sented In tho meeting, bo nppolntctl to
confer nnd formulnto somo plan and
submit It to tho meeting at il o'clock
this afternoon. This motion wns
pased, nnd tho commltteo was ap
pointed ns follows:
Dlstilct of Colurabla-O. W. Clssclt ana
II. C. Wlnslifp. Alcgany County Freder
ick Mcrtcns ami 0. J. Orrlck. Washing
ton Coimtv Edward Strako and Victor
Cushwcll. Montgomery County Dr. Woot
ton and James T. Trundle. Frederick
County benjamin Crampton and 0. T.
Tho meeting was then adjourned
until D o'clock, but nftcrwnrd the com
mittee was instructed to bring In Its
report nt 1 o'clock, nnd the meeting nd
Journcd till Hint hour.
The committee, of which Dr. AVoottcn
nctcd ns chairman, gathered In n little
knot ut the lower end of the hnll and
talked over tho matter, tho discussion
being much facilitated by the reduction
of tho number of discussers. Tliov nro
nil or them middle aged or old men,
who nro familiar with tho canal's his
tory for years past, nnd their discussion
wns principally n? to what the Sta.oof
Maiylnnd could be got to do-In the way
of helping the cnnnl, cither by nppro
printing money or by waiving Its unpaid
bonds In favor of tho proposed now to
pair bonds.
Tho committee's discussion wns cut
short by tho arrival of tho hour for the
icassemblago of tho meeting, nnd they
formulated n pioposltlon similar to that
adopted at Cumberland. This Is tho
same scheme for tho Issue of $300,000
worth of bonds to be put on tho
same footing ns tho bonds of '7d
that was nuthoilcd by tho meet
Ing of tho stockholders In An
napolls. It contained n second
lesolutlon, setting forth u second propo
sition by which, If tho bonds could not
bo floated, they wcro to bo taken by n
syndicate, which should do tho work.
The report met the nppioval of the
meeting and then It adjourned to meet
ngnln at tho call of the ehnlrman.
The Georgetown millers' nffaiis were
lather lost sight of In the iluiry nftcr
the recess nnd nothing mora was said
of them In tho meeting, but tho milieu
iinu canal peopio succeeded In coming
to nn agreement. Ills that the millers
and their friends should collect enough
inonc- to repair tho Georgetown
level to furnish the mills water-power.
This money Is to bo deposited In bank
nnd bo subject only to tho Joint check
of tho picsldcnt of tho Cnnal Company
nnd tho treasurer selected by tho mil
lers' committee. Tho contract for tho
work Is to bo let by tho Canal Company,
nnd tho woik Is to be dono under the
supen Islon of its ofllccrs nnd cnclnecrs.
Of course, If ntnny tlmo tho work don't
meet the npprovid of tho canal
people, President Gnmbilll will not
sign cheeks for tho rout Motor's pay
ment. Both tho cnnal directors and tho
millers nnd their friends hnvo ratllled
this agreement, nnd tho contract Is to
bo .signed probably this afternoon.
AVoik is to be begun nt once.
Winners of the Suburlinn.
rirst Suburban, Juno 10, 1831. Heavy
track. Won by General Mouroe, 11"
Tiouiuls, tn 3:11J. Betting I to 1. Jack of
Hearts second, War Eaglo third. Twenty
two starters.
Second Suburban, Juno 11, 18S3. Track
heavy In spots. Won by l'ontlac, 10-1 pouuds,
In 2.001. No betting, lttchtnonl second,
ltatanhin third. Sixteen etartois.
Third Suburban, Juno 10, 18ffl. Wet
and heavy track, Won by Troubadour, 115
pounds, In 2:121. netting 0 to 1. Illch
mond second, Saranac third. Twenty
Fourth Suburban, Juno 11), 1887. Wot
and heavy track, Won by Eurus, 103
pounds, In 2:13. Netting 12 to 1. Orlllammo
second, Wlckhnm third. Twenty starters.
Fifth Suburban, Juno II, 1883. Excellent
tiack. Won by Elkwood, 110 pounds, lu
2.071. Betting 15 tol. Terra Cotta sec
ond, Flreusl thhd, Sovcntecn starters.
Sixth Suburban, Juno 18, 18S9. Heavy
track. Won by ltaccland, 120 pounds.
Netting f to IS. Tlmo, 2 00 4-5. Terra Cotta
second, tloigo third. Nino starters,
llurhil I'orniltH Issued
burial permits have been Issued by tho
Health Ofllccr for the past twenty-four hours
as follows: John A, F.sputa, 4 mouths;
Jamca 1'. Clarity, 33 ) oars; Leonard Crown,
10 days; Tbotnns Corbcrt, 2Jcars; Mario
M, Martin, 2 years; Muman M. Hanson, 71
ears, and tlio following colored: Chirlcs
Jordan, 21 years; Hcnctta Madden, 7
months; Wllloy A. 11. Heuy, 2 months;
Samuel Coleman, 0 mouths; I.oulso M,
Hackett. 11 mouths; May Phillips, 20 days,
and Hachcl Jano Curtis, 31 jeais.
llulldlng 1'ermlU Issued.
Permits wcro Issued by tlio building In
spector to-day as follows: 1). 1). Citoft,
018 to 030 0 street uortlieast, seven brick
dwellings; J. L. if. Curry, 17J0 M street
noithwcst, brick dwelling, $10,000; (1. F,
Vthltlug, tiustco, 1105 Connecticut avenue,
noithwcst, brick store, $2,500; W. A. Coul.
tcr, 529 to 5.13 boundary street, thrco brick
dwellings, $7,000; 11. F. Tracy, to build
tltrco story Intel; addition 1031 I street
Tho i:nc;llsl. llrenlng .Syudlcnto.
New Yoiik, Juno 10. Samuol Uiiter
mover, agent of tlio Euzllsh syndicate
which Is purchasing American breweries,
denies the tiuth of tho report that tho syn
dicate has made a proposition to purchase
Untcrmojcrsajs that tho sjndtcato docs
not want theso breweries.
An Ainlcablo Settlement.
Pittmiumi, Juno 10. Tlio commltteo se
lected by tho Amalgamated Association to
confer with Carnegie, I'ulpps & Co., con
cerning tlio homestead wago scale, will
meet Mr. W. I.. Abbott of that linn to day
and It Is thought some amicable airauge
ment will be agreed upon.
Driiulinelc an 1 1n I'lulu Not Allowod.
Ihe Ticasury Depattincut has rejected
tho appeal of tho Central Stamping Com
pany .or New York, for tho allowance of a
drawback on Impoited tin plates used lu
tho manufacture of various articles In
tended for exportation.
J ii II it's Story lu 'Court.
"VolCady was full; I was half full and
my mother had a few drinks lu her, Wo
told l'at to go homo to his wife, and ho
struck us,1
This was Julia SIollowoll's story to
Judgo Miller, l'at was lined $15,
lleirusl'iTillftTn Charity
UlliMN, Juno 10, Tho Mayor of Uelast
has cabcleil to General II list lugs at Johns
town to draw upon him for tho sum ot500
as an Instalment of tho Citizens' Itellef
Fund for the Contuiaugli Hood suflljvors,
Scum nl Important Aincndmoiita to tho
Constitution llolng Discussed linn
quot To-night t'repnrlne; Tor l'rl
dny'ii l'lirmlo.
The session of tho Patriotic Older of
the S6ns of America continued this
morning nt Kilts' Hnll with closed doors.
The number of delegates present was
much larger than yesterday, many hav
ing arrived last evening nnd on tho
early trains to tiny. Tho morning ses
sion wns occupied In discussing scvcrnl
iinpoitnnt amendments to the constitu
tion, which have been offered nnd are
strongly suppoiled. They will radi
cally change somo of tho plnus nlrcvlv
made. The recommendations of Prc9l
dent Smith, looking to a reorganization
of the insurnnco department of tho
order, hnvo been well received nnd will
be discussed during tho session.
This evening nn elaborate banquet
will bo given nt the Biggs House to tho
lsltlng members nnd their guests. It
will be ono of tho handsomest nffnlrs of
Ihfc j ear. Picparntlons nro being made
on n grand scale to-day for the recep
tion of tho various commnudurlcs now
on llielr wny to tho city to participate
In Ihe parade on Friday. The mnjorlty
of them will reach Washington to-morrow.
President Smith estimates that
thcicwlll be over 0,000 men lu line,
nnd It will bo one of tho
most brilliant pageants ever seen on tho
streets. Tho uniform to bo worn con
sists of n black "Prlnco Albert" coat,
plumed lint, red, whito and blue sash,
the stripes of the latter color being
studded with silver stars. Thowhlto
belt has silver trimming and the sword
Is of tho snmo metal. Tho president
speaks enthusiastically of AVashlngton
as a plnco of meeting for conventions,
nnd says for tho handling of Inrgo
bodies of men Its broad thoroughfares
and smooth pavements are unap
pionchedby any plnco In tho world.
Tho lino of march will bo fiom tho
Peace Monument-west, by the Avenue
to AVashlngton Circle, thenco east on IC
street to Fifteenth nnd to the Biggs
Captain Eugcno llancroft of tho Fourth
Artillery has been placed on tho retired
list. Captain lttchard Vanco ot tho Nine
teenth Infantry and Captain Oscar Eltlng
arc ordered to report to tho retiring board
for examination. Tho acting Secretary of
War lias detailed Captalu Games I.awson of
tho TwcnU-flfth Infantry for duty at tho
camps of tho Illinois National Guard near
Springfield, 111., from July 0 to August 20,
for the purposo ot Inspecting the troops
taking part In tho encampments, under In
structions ho may recclvo front tho Adju
tant General of tho Army.
Interior Department Supplies.
The following nro tho successful blddeis
for furnishing miscellaneous supplies for
tho Interior Department for tho fiscal jear
1880-1'0: J. I.. Harbour A Son, William
llallantjno & Son, Charles Becker, M. W.
llcicrlilgc, William F. Ilcrnstcln, J. W.
llotelcr & Sou, Itobcrt lloyd, E. J. brooks
fc Co., Charles T. Carter .t Co., A. H.
Chaec .t Hro., 8. S. Dalsli, It. O. Edmoiul
slon, Albert Tlaglcr. Walter F. Hewctt,
C. K. Judson, Julius Lausburgb, I.lbby,
lllttlngcr A Miller, William F. I.utz,
It. J, McLean. W. II. Moses,
it Son, . Mejers horlng, Johti C.
l'arkcr, Voolo it Ilrool.c, lllder A Addison,
George Itincal, Jr., I.. It. Schneider's Sons,
Daniel Shanahau, H. O. Towlcs, S. F.
Ware, F. S. Williams A Co., Wllmartk &
Edmonston, Woodward A l.othrop, Whoat
ley Hros., Oolilcy Soap and Perfumery Co,,
E. W. Woodruff, Z.D.GIllmon ami Thomas
V. Smith.
Tlio Interstate Coin mission.
The Interstate Commerce Commission has
Issued n new and roilscd edition ot the
ltulcs of Practice beforo that body, adding
several new ones that havo becu found nec
essary by experience and containing also
concise and completo forms of complaints
am) other pioceedlngs beforo tho Commis
sion. Care has been taken to mako theso
rules as simple as possible and cnablo busi
ness men, II they desire, to prepare their
papers incmseivcs. inc commission de
sires to havo tho rules distributed, and cop
ies may bo procured without cliargo upon
application to tho secretary.
ltcslcnntlons Accoptcd.
Secretary Noblo has accepted tho resig
nations of John A. I.acoy, T. J. Gamblo
and II. N. Curtis, members of tho board of
pension appeals, Interior Department, to
tako effect Juno 30. A reduction of the
foico by thrco members was made nccos
sary by tho falluio of Congress to inako
proilsloufor but thrco mcmbcU of the
hoard of pension appeals. Mossis.
Cbauuccy Hlckox, A. E, Howell and 11. 1..
llruce.ileiKs In tho l'enslon Ofllcc, havo
been detailed for duty as members ot tho
board of pension appeals, In order that the
woik may bo kept up to date.
Mrs. Do I.u Hunt's disc.
It Is stated at tho Tost Ofllco Department
that Isabella Do La Hunt, who was said to
have been an applicant for tho position of
postmaster at Caiinclton, III,, the placo to
which John Zimmerman was appointed,
has published a card In tho Indiana papers
dcmlng that such was tho case. Tills Is
tho lady about whom President Harrison,
when Senator, mado a speech, charging
President Cleveland with turning out of
ofllco the widow ot a Union soldier.
(Ireotlnc to ICImhurly's Men.
Tho Secretary of tho Navy has trans mlt
ted to Kear Admiral Klmbcrly a copy of
tho minutes of tho V. 8. Grant Post, No.
f.27, Department of New York, G. A. It.,
containing nu eloquent and patriotic greet
ing to Admiral Klmbcrly and tho ofllccrs
.and men of tlio American vessels wrecked
at Samoa, and to Captalu Kauo and tho of
ficers of tho Callopc.
lie pairs to Vessels,
1 ho U. S. S. Juniata has been ordered
from Newport to Portsmouth, N. II., where
she will bo docked and examined with a
Icw to temporary repairs. Tlio Galena
and tho Yuntlc will bo repaired at Now
York hi July, and It Is probable that the
hitter c(sel will be icady for active service
In about two months.
Captain Mvredeth'M Appointment.
Captalu Mcrcdclh of Chicago had an In
terview with Secretary Whidoni yesterday,
about his candidacy for tho position of
Chief of tlio lluieau of Engraving and
Printing. Tho Intcnlcwwas satisfactory
to Captain Merodcth and It Is understood
that his appointment will bo made this
I'ostoltlco Department CIiiuikos,
T, J. llojnton ot Massachusetts, post
ofllco Inspector on mall depredations, at
$2,500, has resigned, Llewellyn Jordan of
Mississippi, Chailcs It. Claiko ot New
York and William J, Ylekory of Indiana
havo bcin appointed postoOIco Inspectors
on mall depredations at $1,200.
District reunions,
Tlio followlug-namcd pensions havo been
giautcdto residents ot this District: lies
toratlou and reissue Seth M. Whltten,
Increase Charles CI. I.orch, Charles Pallau,
Ilctuard Mornn. Charles Loch. Itelssuo
Joseph o. A. liauer.
Department or Justice Appointments.
Tho Attorney General has appointed
Mai shall L. Molt, Assistant United States
Attorney at Columbus, Ohio and Jason W,
Firestone, Assistant United States At
torney for North Carolina.
l'oisouiil Notes,
Tho Picsldcnt will go to Capo May nn
Friday to meet Airs, Haiilsou. Ho will
probably return on Monday.
Secrctaiy Proctor will return from Proc
tor, Yt., to-morrow, Ills sou U much bet
tcr ud ou tho totul to recovery,
Tlio Verdict or tho Jury In tho Cmo
or S, II. Cunningham.
At 10:15 this morning tho Jury In tho caso
of Sjuncy II. Ciiiinliijrham, charged with
assault to kill on Turner Il,,Hacl.man,n rid
ing pago In tho Senate, returned a verdict
of "guilty of slmplo assault." Sir. Cun
ningham was entirely self-possessed w lion
tho verdict was announced, his face nlone
showing signs of worry.
Ills counsel moicil that he bo admitted to
ball pending tho decision ot a motion for a
new trial. To this Mr. Lipscomb objected,
and after a consultation of counsel nu both
sides, Mr. Garnctt announced that they
wcro willing to withdraw tlio application
for ball, ar Mr. Lipscomb had Just told
them that the Government would be satisfied
with the Imposition of a line.
Judgo Ilradlcy commented on tho caso!
with great severity, and for a time It looked '
nslf ho had mado up his mind to send Mr.
Cunningham to Jail.
"I hao considered this fptostlon," said
tho Cotitt, "and It has occurred to me that
the ends of Justlco will bo best subserved
by Imposing tho penalty ot a flno for tho
reason that tho defendant Is an cfllcer tif
the Government, filling a responsible posi
tion. Hut It ecems to me that, although tho
conviction of tho oftenso of slmplo assault
Is a cry gravo one, tho position ot tho
defendant Instead ot mlllgntlugaud palliat
ing tho ofTcnso would enhance Its gravity
and Importance. I think that a man who
had reached tho ago of -10 and who
fills tho responsible position ot this defend
ant ought to havo learned to curb his tem
per and to restrain his anger. Hat kman Is
nmanof only 23jears and very slight In
build; relatively considered ho Is n mero
boy, though a man In jcais. Tho defend
ant Is six feet, heavy In build nnd looks to
bo athletic. That n man ot his years ami
physical proportions should arm himself
and seek uu encounter with n man ot Mr.
Hackman's slzo seems to mo entirely Inex
cusable. It thcro had been no pistol, tho
affair would hao coded In a mero tussle.
I will rejoice when Congress In Its wisdom
will mako It a penitentiary ofTcnso to carry
a cancelled weapon. It will almost en
tirely stop crime in tho District ot Colum
bia. A man with a revolver Is much sus
ceptible to tholnllucnco of anger. I think
that tho act of this defendant In passslug
out from behind his counter, simply be
causo ho was called n coward,
was entirely inexcusable. Whllo I
think that n flno Is tho proper
penalty In this caso, I think It should bo
commensurato with tho character ut tho
offense. Thereupon tho Couit Imposes a
flno of $200."
Sir. Cunningham at once paid his flno
and left tho court. The Juiv.lt Is under
stood, was evenly divided during Its long
deliberation between a verdict of guilty of
assault to kill and guilty of assault.
t The leniency shown by tho Court was
due to scleral causes. Tho District attor
neys ofllcc acquiesced In thorourso taken,
and flip prosecutlug witness, Ilackman.and
his people did what thoy could to have tho
penalty mado as light as possible.
I'ntiil Terniliintlon to One of hillllwui's
New YonK, Juno 10. A special from
llelfast eajs: Sullivan and Muhloon weru
visited jcslcrdoy by Sir. Martin L-tttx, a
)Ounglajcrof lluffalo, who Is also man
ager for llogers, Mllbiirno A Locke of that
city. After dinner It was suggested by
Messrs. Muhloon and Sullivan that tho
party, Iticlndhig Mlko Cleary of Now York
and Mr. Johnson ot Chichiuatl, take a
stroll to tho (lencsco Ulvcr for a
bath. After cnjoilng tho clear, frosh
water about bait an hour tho party camo out
nnu, wiiu tno exception ot .iir. Laux, who
remained on tho opposite shore, began
dressing. Ho was an expert swhuuier ami
an athlcto or somo note, and as ho started
to swim back hut little attention wns paid
to him, as no daugcr was anticipated. The
paitywas chatting and laughing when all
at oitco a cry for help from Laux was
heard. All Immediately commenced dis
robing and in a few seconds phtuged
Into tho water. Tho stioug
swimmers put lu their best strokes
to reach Laux, but beforo they could get to
him ho was cairled otcr a mill-dam 20O feet
below and was drowned. Messrs. Sullivan
and Muhloon mado cury olTort posslhlo to
rescuo htm even at tho risk of their own
lives, but all efforts proved frultloss, and as
jet tho body has not been iccoveicd. It Is
thought ho was taken w lth cramps.
A Disastrous Wrccl.".
HiiiMiNOitvM, Ai.a., Juno 18. A rail
toad wreck, icsultlng In the death of luo
men and tho Injury of 100 others, occurred
early csterday morning near Pratt's Mlues.
Tho Tcnncssco Coal, Iron and P.allroad
Company runs a .train every morning to
coir) tho miners fiom Pratt's Mines to the
different shafts. Tho tialn cstcrday
morning, earning about 200 men, was run
ning backward at tho ratoof ten miles nu
hour when it struck two cows l)lug on tho
track. Six ot tho cars wcio thrown down
an embankment nnd piled on each other.
Henry McCauloy and Vt alter Ileasloy, car
penters, wcro Instantly killed, and at least
ti hundred others Itijuied. Tho worst In
juries Mero broken legs and arms.
l'releht Homo nt Iliiltulo lliirnuil,
IIitkalo, N. A'., Juno 10. The Now
Yoik Central freight house on Ohio street,
extending fiom Cincinnati to Chicago
streets ami from Ohio street to tho lluffalo
Creek, was entirely destrojed by tiro this
morning. Tho fire originated lu tho engine
room and spi cad so rapidly that Inn few
minutes the whole freight house was lu
llamcs and tho 150 men working losldo had
to lun for their lives. The building burned
like tinder. A number of mou who wcro
worklugln thacirs wcro severely burned.
Tho loss Is nbout $15,000.
Washington l.ucky This Tlmo.
Nl.w Om i:ns, Juno 10. Prizes wero
drawn as follows! No. 1)1,005, capital prize,
MX,000, sold In Washington, Hostou, San
Francisco, Memphis, Atlanta, lluffalo, De
troit, etc. No. 02,311, second prize, $200,000,
sold In Washington, New York, Ilostou,
Chicago, Sail Francisco, etc. No. 41,021,
third prlzo, $100,000, sold lu Washington,
New A or!;, boston, Chicago, San Fiauclsco,
etc. No. 20,728, foiuth prlzo, $50,000, sold
in Washington, Now Orleans, Now York,
Ilostou, Memphis, Sau Francisco, etc, Nos.
18,008 and 80,01(1 each draw $20,000.
Commissioner Fink's Itoslgnntlon,
PiiiLArici.i'itu, Juno 10. Tho resigna
tion of Commissioner Albert Fink of tho
Trunk Lino Association Is received without
much excitement hi railroad circles In this
city, Mr. Fluk has resigned soverat times
before, and on each occasion ho was per
suaded to withdraw his leslguattoii lu con
sideration of a long vacation and an In
crease tn salary. Sir. Fink sajs that ho
wants a long vacation without being both
ered by tho Idea that ho must return at a
speckled tlinp;
Iluilwny WoiMiion Confederation.
Li!.coi.N, Ncn,, Juno 10. It was cur
rently lepoitcd yesterday that artlclos ot
coufcdeiatlon wcro signed Slouday ulght
by local assemblies ot too llrotlieriiood ot
l.ngluccis. Firemen, Urakcmon, Switch
nun ami Knights ot l.ahoi ploadlug mutual
suppoit lu tho event ot a strike on tho
Union Pacific. This stilko has been
threatened for somo tlmu,uud tho grlovauco
commltteo hao been hi session somo dajs
making pioposltlous to tho olllclaU of tlio
Narrow i:tapo from n Wreck,
W.Mivsil, I Mi., Juno 10. An altompt
was mado Sfouduy night to w lock tho north
bound expicss on tho Chicago mid West
Michigan near Croatia. Whllo running
folly miles an hour south of tho station
tlio engine struck a pile ot lies, rails ami
stones, Tho engine was badly damaged, but
no ono was butt,
Acililtnt to n iil'im ltuiullo" Train,
Pittsbuiio,P.v Juno 10. Tho second sec
tion ot train No. 0, mall, westbound, oi tho
Pittsburg, Cincinnati uud St. Louis, lumped
the tiack across tho river from Steuben
vllle, Ohio, about 11 o'clock this morning.
Several coaches wcro w recked. Two per
sons were killed and seven Injured.
Tho Ibnplnyes Kxcttotl 0cr a Humor
or Discharges.
Therowas considerable excitement and
commotion among tho emphncs of the
Government Printing OOlco jestcniay. Tlio
exclltmeiit was duo to tho report tint a
dlseliargo had licen ordered. Humors word
nj 1Mb around thick. Somo put tho number
at 200 and others at 100; In fact ou could
hcarjaiiMliIng except tho truth of tlio sltua
tloiij 'Jhoso who bad tho cllowcuvelopes
to dlstrlbttto performed tho unplcasitit
dut In n ery unlet maimer, and not until
this inornlng was It kno n by tho employes
Just how many had to go, eighty-three.
A'iC'ntTiu reporter called on Public
Prlwer Palmer this morning and asked him
Ii,UiJs dlscliargo was caused by a lack of
.won . In response to tho reporter's fines
tloii Public Printer Palmer said: "Tho re
duct on of tho force Is mado necessary by
tlio I mlt of tlio appropriation for tlio clo.io
of tl o Oscal j ear. I cannot touch a cent of
tho ppproprlatlon for tho next fiscal car
until tho 1st of July, nnd as I did not
bavultho money to carry the present forco
of tlio ofllco 1 am compelled, therefore,
much as I regret It, to mako n few ills
mlsenls. 1 ho discharges wcro scattered all
over llio building. I dioiipcd off all whoso
services will bo least detrimental to tho
woili Wo havo also cut down our requisi
tion for material needed to tho lowest
notch until tho 1st.
"Thcio Is plenty of work to do aud I am
happy to state that the ofllco Is turning It
out In a most satisfactory manner. In tho
dismissals tho widows and orphans ot our
soldiers wcro excepted. Notio of them
weie droppM to my knowledge."
A ery Important Improtcmcut has been
made recently lu tlio prcs room, whereby
tho building has been materially strength,
encd. A row of oak piers havo been
erected through tho ceutre ot tho press
room, thus rclloritigtho strain caused by
tho heavy Iron shafts. Sir. Palmer says
theso Improvements aro only temporary, as
ho hopes Congress will at the comtug ses
sion mnko an nppropihllou for a now
building, which ocry ono admits Is sadly
Strnnio Scones an l'htlndolphln's
Mroots Tlio ltoodlo Tolls.
PiiiUDF.M'.m, June 10. Although tho
election caused but llttlo apparent excite
ment, tho feeling on both aides was strong
and bitter. Tbero wcro frequent clashes
between tho window bookmen nnd cons'd
crablochallcnglugof voters. Intboclovcnth
district of tho f euth ward several members
ot tho Women's Christian Tempcrauco
Union wcro stationed, handing out amend
ment ballots. Tho smoke from tho cigars
Ot the anti-workers blow In their faces and
they Informed the IIcv. Dr. Kynctt of tho
Insult and ho at once hastened to Director
Stokclcy to tell him that the policeman on
duty had refused to Interfere. Word was
sent to Lieutenant Wtlklns, who mado a
personal Investigation. Win. Itlchardson,
ollas "Gopher Hill," tho well-known bur
glar who robbed tlio Rennet Square bank
somo cars ago, was at this polling placo
In tho Interest ot tho amendment. Thcro
was also a woman thcro working against tho
In the thhd division ot tlio Tenth ward,
the polling placo nt Chester and Vino
streets, thcio was n great deal of druukoa
ness among tho colored workers. At ono
of tho divisions of tho Fifteenth ward on
Pcnusjliatiln nvenuo theiewas a generous
distribution of beer to voters lu tho Inter
est ot high license. Lieutenant Frauds ot
tho Mnlh District heard of this Infraction
of the law and hurried to tbo scene for tho
purposo of seizing tho beverage, but found
iioiini'g om an empty hcg.
Everywhere tlio women sang and prayed
Ihe votcis to oto for "home." Some
pracr meetings wcro held on street cor
ners, llio wagon lull of children that
1 1 aided around tho polls hi tho upper sec
tions of tho city excited expressions of high
moral sentiment, and expressions ot dis
gust fiom tho "wets" at some Qf tho noils
where they appealed. Ono ot tbo red
badge men neai tho polls at Seventeenth
street aud (.Irani avenue mado somo mock
ing allusions to the kids hi tho wagon, and
laughed at tho motto for"Ood and Home."
A whito badgo man remarked that tho
motto was ncv er seen ou tho wall ot ti sa
loon. 'I he sixteenth division of tho Fourteenth
ward wns managed by bIx lusty joung men
for tho "Wets." Good old ltd-faced James
SIcCnuloy marshaled himself against them
all, 'Ihe lusty joung men were tluco
Demociats and tluco'ltcpuhllcaus. Flvo
dollars was paid to each, according to tho
plan of distributing "scrapple," as tho bojs
term It, In that ward.
"Well, ou can Just bet wo alnt a
woiMii'aiouud heio all day fur nothlti',
said one.
"Hao thcro been any ladles aroutnl
heti'f" was asked.
"Ladles I" exclaimed ono In Intense con
tempt. "Ladles I" at which the other tlvo
gaocnt to the feeling bin loudgunuw.
"No, sir, the women stajed homo and
wrestled with brooms."
A Joint commlltco of brewers, distillers
aud wholcsalo liquor dealers, of which
Joseph S. Slunott was trcasurci, super
vised tho expenditure of money for tho
votes. It was under tho auspices ot this
body that ex-Attorncy-Gcneial Cassldy, as
tho dhcctliig head, and Collector ot Inter
nal Itevcnuo David Slartln, as tho le-idlng
Republican, aud cx-Heprcsentatlvo George
SIcGow an, as tho leading Democrat, formed
what was kuonn as the antl-Piohlbitlon
city commltteo. Detail woik was dono at
tbo ofllces of Messrs. Cassldv and SIcGowau.
Tho antt-Prohlhltlon commltteo had
slxty-elx regular members, a Republican
one" Democrat from each ward. These mou
wcro paid according to their worth to
liquor men, audtotbeextcntttwas thought
necessary to accede to their demands,
None got less than $250, and somo aro bo
Ilevcd to hae gotten $1,000 or more. For
the piellmluaiy canvass $10,000 was spent.
Ihts money was distributed through tlio
committeemen, who wcro supposed to pay
two men In each division, ono Republican
and ono Democrat, $5 a day. Tnov woio
allowed two das at tho work. Woikcrs
at the polls w cro given $5 each.
Mght fishing.
A llehcrmaii ot this city claims that Unit
ing fort i out ut night has Its plcasuies tint
can not be realized by those who fish only
tn tho day time. The angler must not take
a lantcin wttb him, but go out Into tho dark
ness and become accustomed to It. Ho will
soouheablo to distinguish llio water by a
peculiar glistening, and by tho sound as It
inns our tho rocky bottom. Tho stillness
ot the woods Is slrauge, until a person be
comes familiar with It, and It s;hes him n
feeling something nkln to fear. Ho likens
himself to a soldier standing picket on tho
outpost through tho ulght watching for tho
enemy. Ou moonlight nights a stream Is
not alwajs dark. It docs not then lack tho
beautiful, When the moon is overhead It
shines tluoiighthefollago and Is mirrored
In tho waters. Tho 1 1 flections ot tho trees
aud the heavens form beautiful plctuics,
Halt Is get erally used for night Ashing,
and tho hook aud bait should bo quite largo
sothot big tiout only will bo caught, Dig
ti out that Ho low In the day tlmo come out
at ulght aud Jump at bait In n ruvenous
manlier, and then light with us much pug
nacity as n bull dog, In tho darkness tho
utmost euro must bo used to land them,
Klugslou IN, Y.) l'icctiiau.
New Notaries I'lilille,
Tho following Notaries 1'uMle for tho
District ot Columbia wero commissioned
by tho President to-day i Andiow K.
lliownc, Slarlon Dorl.ui, (leoigo II. Arm
stiong, Dorset Clagett, Charles W, Handy
ami William T, Van Doieu,
Tho Constellation Alloat.
"llio Blgual Senlco observer at Capo
Ileury ivports that tho V. S. S. Coustelfa
tlon was floated at 1:20 p, ut,
Involution In hltvorwaro,
Mons. Sllsmate: "There, Slme Mlsuuto.
Is an elegant loving cup."
Mine, Allsmatot "Yes, but If It turns out
like another loving specimen I once knew,
It'll bo an old vinegar Jug beforo the exhibi
tion closes," Jeweler's Weekly .
Morris Alitor S ill it tn bo hy tlio Doc
torn Dangerously nnd, I'erhups, Mnr
tnlty Wounilod Tlio AlTnlr tho Ho
stilt of nn Old Dispute
The well-known figure ot Finnic IC.
Ward nppented In the 1'ollco Couit tlili
morning, where ho was arraigned for
mo tiipoiiii g oi .viortis Aider in inc
Jinrbio Saloon, cor
ner of Ninth street
nnd Pennsylvania
nven uc, Inst night.
Ward wns plnylng
billiards with Now
tueyer when Adlcr
cnnie Into tho place.
Ho strolled over
and wntched tho
gnmefor n tlmo nnd
Ward Invited htm to
tnko n drink. Adlcr
declined nnd stnitcd
for the door, when
frank J. Ilitirf. mil stopped play
lug nnd went townnl htm, saying: "Oh.
don't bo foolish: take a drink with us."
"All right," Adlcr replied; "glvo mo
some lemon nnd selter." Hut Ward
evidently didn't hear him, for ho ex
claimed, angrily: "So you won't drink
w lth tncl" nnd drew Ids revolver and
fired townrd Adlcr, tho ball striking tho
tile floor, Adlcr rait for n big minor
nt the end of the bar, nnd wns trying to
get behind 11 when Wnrd fired ngaln.
This time Adlcr fell forward upon his
lace, with n wound in the back of tho
neck. Wnrd replaced tho pistol In his
pocket, but made no attempt to leave
tho tilncc.
This Is the story of tho affair as given
by tho bystanders, but Mr. "Ward claims
that ho wns acting In self defense.
Adlcr was placed on n louiigo nnd tho
saloon wns cleared of the crowd that
had gnthcted, no one being allowed to
enter except Ihe relatives of the
wounded man, Tho fact that Adlcr
was unconscious gnvc rise to tho tcport
that n murder liiul been committed.
Mr. Wnrd was nrrcstcd by Ofllccr
Hughes nnd simply remarked :
"I have dono It now; the Jew crossed
mi", I couldn't help II."
Adlcr was attended by Drs. Mc
Blair nnd llrenheltncr, who found that
tho wound wns not likely to bo fatal.
The ball, which was n twenty-two
callbie bullet, had penetrated tho
lleshy jpnrt of tho neck, very near the
base ot tho brain, Ho was taken to his
homo ot COO II street nnithwcst, and
could not speak above n whisper. This
fact was supposed to be duo to tempo
raiv paralysis caused by the shock.
The trouble was caused by a dispute
over a diamond pin which Mr. Waul
had stolen from him on the 1st of Juno
during n row in Hurdle's snloon, on 1)
Mtcet, between Twelfth and Thirteenth
sliects. During the sculllo Sir. Wnrd
lost n diamond pin. lie plnccd the mnt
tcr In the lintuls of tho private de
tectives, and It was generally under
stood that Ill-feeling existed between
them. Mr. Wnrd stated that ho fired
because he thought ho was nctlng In
sclf-dcfcusc. lie had every tca?on to
fear the man, whoso manner Indicated
that he deslied to provoke n tow, ns he
begun criticising his game of pool In an
offensive manner ns soon ns he entered
tho Mtloon, nnd nftcr somo words
reached towntd his hip jiocktt.
Adlcr Is n well-known nltachcHof n
pool loom nt the end of Seventh sticct.
This morning Piosecutor Amies ex
pressed himself ns being content to io
celve $2,000 ball, but later Information
fiom tho doctoisgavo llso to a sttong
possibility of his being Indicted for
minder. Mr. Wnrd sat In Pollco Couit
nil mottling waiting to give bail, but no
action wns taken, owing to tho icmaik
of ono of tho physicians In attendance
that Adlcr was In n very critical 'condi
tion. A consultation ot tho physicians
wns fixed for 12:30 o'clock, unon which
Mr. Alines pioposcd to base his action
ns tn ball.
Thcio is a maikcd disinclination ou
bath sides to talk nbout tho case. Mr.
Wnrd has employed Chapln lliowti
nnd A. 1J. William? as his counsel.
lie declined to say anything about the
case this morning, nnd Adlct's telnllves
declined to make any statement, saying
Hint Adlcr had not said anything; ho
wns not allowed to talk, for fear It
would itgitnle him and mako him wot so.
That the diamond pin Is nt tho bottom
of tho nlfnlr Is meiely u suinilc, nnd It
Is futile posslhlo that the caso may
develop a dilfeicnt nspect Inter on.
It wns by accident meiely that Mr.
Waul had a pistol In Ids pocket. Only
a shoit time bcfoio he had loaned his
title ton friend who was going hiintlti",
and had taken tho othct's pistol tn keep
for him. He wns not lit the habit of
can vine n pistol.
Tlio Idea of the sclf-defenso thcoiy lu
the case Is that Waul hiving n large
amount of money on his poison, being
suspicious itt connection with the dia
mond pin, wns npprchenslvo of nn
onslaught hy Adlcr. Tho fact that
Adlcr came In, and ns soon ns ho saw
Wind went out again, caused the latlei
to susticct that ho was holding a con
Hiltutlon with bomo of his friends, with
n lew to ninklng an attack ou him.
At 1 o'clock this afternoon llio follow
Ing statement was sent to tho Police
Couit, the, ieult of ti consultation by
Pis. Ihijne, meatus, Melllalr nnd Poiil
"Mr. Adlcr is dangeiously ami pet
haps mot tally wounded.
"J. W. Hvym:."
Pntalysls lms followed Adlci's Inju
ries to such uu extent that ho Is uiuiblo
to inle his aims. Sir. Wind has been
lelained In custody,
Mr. Lew Neunicycr, the prnptivtor
of tho Mntblo Saloon, was piosentwhen
tho eminence took place. Ho was
standing between Ward and Adlcr when
tho shot was tltcd, and if ho had moved
would have iccelved the bullet.
"Mr Waul camo In and Invited mo
to play n gnmo of bllllnuls,"
snld Mr. Nowmover Io a Curno
icpoilcr, "and Isalil 'All tight.' Ho
hnd twenty points nnd I had thliteeu
when Mi. Adlcr camo In. Sit. AVtiul
said: 'Tako a drink, AdlerV 'No, I
don't cnto to think.' 'You wcio drink
Ing tho other evening.' 'Well, I'll
lake a siltcr nnd lemon, but that's as
sluing ns I'll go.' 'So you won't ihlnk
with me?' and with Hint ho tiled the
liist shot. Ho hadn't been drinking
much In my place; nothing mote than
a couplo glasses of beer."
Piosecutor Amies said this afternoon
"Mr. Waul will have to lcmaln In tits
lojjy. I dtsltko vciy much to do It,
but I am nfinld I will havo to," Mr.
Lipscomb of the District Attorney's
otluo ! chunked. "When tho doctors
give n malt up under those clicuin
stances, (heio Is very llttlo hopo for
him "
"It will be a big caso for tho flovoin
ment to ptosccuto."
"Yes, but I don't want it "
I)utlng.thc tt'ouble in Hurdlo'n saloon
fms y $f sBi
'I'lft V 7
Wnul got considerably Ihe worst of the
dlfllcully, being roughly handled by
Adlcr and his friends. It Is thought
that this fact may have somo bearing on
tho case.
In the Pollco Court Mr. Amies stated
that owing Io the statement received
fiom the doctors ball could not bo
taken, Mr. Wnul's counsel made nr
rnngemenls by which If thcio was n
change for tho heller In Adlcr's condi
tion ball might bo gU en. Mr. Amies
went to Adler'n rcshlcnco to tnko his
nnle-moitcm statement, to bo used In
evidence In case of his death.
Adlcr Is n young man, dark-complexioned
and Is only about 20 years of
age. He Is the son of Victor Adlcr.
Ward hnd $2,U0O on his person when
nncted, bcsldo two checks, Tltero
wa some talk of an nttiichmcnt being
sued out this morning by people who
clnlnit.il to bo Wmd'B cietlltot.s.
Anil Mrs. Iitn Welch's Diuiinire Hull
I'romlses Another Carter Case.
Cute Mio, Juno 10. A damigo suit which
gives Ine rearing promise of local social
sensations lienan In Judgo Anthony's Court
.Monday. Thomas Htirch, who, together
with llllnm ami llolicrt l'lukcrtoii ami
.Superintendent Hobcrtson, Is being sued
for JKO.OOO damages, Is tho agent or tho
I'liatilx Insurnnco Company of IlrooKlni.
Ills family relations w cro alivas regarded as
most hoiipy until Ida Welch began her suit.
'I lie cliargo Is tnailo that Uurcli ami tho
l'lnkcrtons persecuted Sirs. Welch, follow
ing her nnil spreading scandalous stories,
until her reputation was so badly Injured
that her best friends refused to bcllcvo In
her and turned her out. It was even re
potted, so tho bill says, that sbo was nono
other than tho notorious Teresa Sturlatta
btllcs, the woman who shot Charley Utiles
some flio j ears ago. Ira Welch, husband
of the plaintiff, Is not assisting her In her
suit. Ho was formerly cmplojcd by tho
defendant, llurch.
Suddenly Welch left tho service of tho
company, went to Kansas City, and began
divorce proceedings against his wife. Hut
t he case nov cr ramo to trial. It Is whispered
that It was not pushed for tho reason that
several prominent Chicago citizens had
good reason for killing It. Tho woman has
now lal.cn tho reins In her own hands and
cvcrjthiug will como out. Kvcry Juror
was asked whether ho knew Paul Morton,
nephew of Vice-President .Morton and Ron
eral frotght agent of tho Ilurllngton Iiall
road. Paul Morton and llurch married
sisters. Mrs. Welch, who Is a beautiful
brunette, was present In court with her
maid, ami tho case bids fair to eclipse tho
Carter dhorco scandal. .
A r.nrs;o Syiullcato Orcnnlzod to Ship
fresh meats There
Nr.w Yoiik, Juno 10. An amalgamation
ot thocaltlo and fresh meat Interests of T.
C. aud Joseph Kastman of this city and
John Hell A Sons, limited, of London,
CHasgow, Liverpool aud other tovvus In
Cheat lltltark has been practically effected,
and the stock of tho new concern, known as
"Kastman's Limited," has been subscribed
for In tbo London market. The capitaliza
tion Is M,r,00,0OO. Tho Loudon director.)
of tho new company aro headed by Lord
(Irevllle, and hicludosW other gentlemen,
with James John Thompson as managing
dlicctor. The board of management lu this
city will bo composed of Cleorgo O. Wil
liams, picsldcnt of tho Chemical National
Hank, ami T. C. and Joseph Kastman. Tho
business transacted In Cire.it Britain will bo
the sale of tho meat shipped thcro from
abtoad, pilnclpally from America, Aus
tialla, New Zealand and Ilrazll. The Hells
now- have tho largest trade lu dressed meat
In Cheat Hiltalu.
An i:ntlio Hounro or Grntrml For Sale
lit Ani.tlon.
Tho attention of our readers Is especially
called to tho auction sale on Thursday, tho
Mill, at 5 o'clock p. m., on the premises, of
all n( square 311 In this city. This squire
Is bounded by ltliodo Island avcuue, 1',
I'.leventh and 'twelfth 8treet"HI.,;ontnlu8
about 3.00 feet and has notjrViisto foot
In It. Tlio terms of silo aro very reason
able, extending over apetlodof slxcars
foi tlio deferred pajments. No such op
poituully for bujers Is likely to occur
Tho Jorsey City Tiro.
Jnitsr.v Citt. N. J., Juno 10. Tho losses
by last night's lire aio estimated as follows:
N. 11. dialling's machluo shop, J,"i5,000 on
bulldlug and $7.1,000 ou stock; Tookcr .t
Sajres1 sugar rclhiciy, $20,000 on building
and $25,000 on stock and machbierv ; Wil
liam brown's boiler shop, $10,000. The wall
Is Iron; cost $10,000; fully Insured. A man,
whose namo was not ascertained, was dan
geiously Injured by tho falling of tho rear
wall ot Cushlng's machine shop.
bate of tho 11. .V (). Tolvernph
Uai.timoiic, Mil, Juno 10. A deed has
teen recorded transferring the Haltlmoro
and Ohio Telegraph sjBtent In Its entirety
to tho Western Union Telegraph Company
for a consideration of $1 and tho dlscliargo
of tho Haltlmoro and Ohio Telegraph Com
pan) fi om tho obligation to Issue tho $0,000,
COO of bonds provided for In Its contiact
with tho Ilaltlinoru and Ohio Il.tllro.id
Shot Just Alter tho .Services.
S linns. Miss., June 10. John Williams
was fatally shot at Kuiery Church ten
miles cast of here last Sunday by Mrs. Hat.
tlo Campbell. Tho shooting occurred Just
alter the close of tho services. Tbu provo
cation for tho Killing was a statement mado
bv A llllams that ho had been Intlmato with
Mrs. Campbell several months ago, upon
which assertion a dlvorco suit Is now- pend
ing. The Michigan r.ocal Option T.nvv,
Lvvsimi, Mich., Juuo 10. Tho local
option bill, after hauglng Ore In tho Scnato
for weeks, passed that body jestcrday and
will become a law as soon .is It reaches the.
(lovernor, A liumhcr of serious defects
ltd the Supremo Court to dcclaro tho local
option law of two jears ago unconstitu
tional, and llio now act has been cucfullj
framed to avoid theso objections,
Indiana Miners Needing Charily.
Ilium., lM.,Jiino 10. Tho various sub
committees leprcsentliig tho ten districts
of block miners repotted n,U12 dependents
jcstciday at a slight Increase'. Hovcu thou
sand dollars lellef wcro reported, The
comity commissioners united lu n request
to (lovernor Ilovev to Issue n proclamation
commending tho uilncis to tho charity ot
tho State.
Johnstown Victims ltecovorod.
Johnstown, I'a., Juno 10. Up to 1
o'clock this afternoon seven bodies had
been icmoved from tho debris. All wero
the icmalrs of women except ouc. llio re
mains of .Mrs. Wocher weroldontlded by a
jiecullarly wrought bracelet on her wrist,
'tho others wcro not recognized and wcro
buried Immediately.
At tho Hotels.
The Patriotic Sous of America will glvo
a banquet at llio Itlggs House to ulght,
M II. Logg ami wife, St. Louis, and W.
II. (Hie, Massachusetts, aro at the Not
uiandle. J. M. Johnson, Hillsdale, Mich,; James
Saute, Oxfoid, l'liglaud, and Frank 1'.
Miners, Topcka, aru at tho Aruo,
Michael 11 Caulozo, New Yoik; W. T.
(Hover, Manchester, Kuglaud; W, L. Llttlo
ton, Philadelphia, aro nt Chamhcrilii's.
II. Sttinlfotd Wilson, Now York; J. T.
Morlartv, Ilostou; Iknrj B. Walker, West
Virginia; W, T, Clary, Augusta, (la,, aro at
W. Wesley llelte, Camden, N. J : 11. A.
Derrick, Troy, N. Y,; Citirduer Moiey,
Nassau, N ,; A, W. Train, Zauesvllle,
Ohio, aro at the lilggs House
Hcury W. Twlng, Chattanooga; 0. ft.
I'.vans, Davtou, Ohio; William Clayton,
Newaik, N J , 1). I.. Hussell, North
Carolina, aud Joseph A. Miller, 1'iovlle.uce,
11. 1., aio registered at (ho I.bulU,
He Ventilates Ills Views nu tho Sub
Joel of tho Prevention or Urluir, Hut
Is Imprisoned for Contempt tiy liter
C'iiicacio, Juno lit John P. Duscy,
better known ns "Dyiinmllo" Dusey.
one of the most pronounced Anarchist'
In Ihe city, wnsscnt to Jail jestcniay for
contempt or court by Judge Willi nni'on.
He wns on the icgithir panel of Juror
nnd wns first called for trial of u
lobbcry caso nn Inst Monday. When
Jurors wcio Impanelled, Dusey loltl
Judge Williamson that ho would not
11ml any one guilty If ho served on ti
Jury, nnd the latter declared Hint ho
would keep him two weeks, anyway.
YcMctdny, when Diwy had been
suimuoniled to answer truthfully
nil nueMlniis asked concerning;
his competency to servo on n
Jin y, Assistant State's Attorney Inquired:
"Mr. DtiH-y, w 111 you enforce the law IC
selected to servo on this Jury J"
"No, sir."
"Why will you not?"
"Jleenue I don't bcllcvo In convict
ing people. I believe In preventing
"How would you keep men from
tohblug other men?"
"I would sec that they had what
money they needed without having lu
Meal It." b
"Do ou mean to say that you
would not convict this prisoner If rob
bery wcic pioven?"
"I would not like to."
"Then I'll excuse you."
Judge 'Williamson, who had been
listening Intently, spoke up: "Do I
understand you to say that you will
iiol c'tifoicc law If sworn In as ti jury
man?" J
"That Is whnt I said "
"Well, Mr. Dtisey, I'll just send yoit
to the county Jail lor the night. Toko
chargo or Mm, Mr. IJaiilir."
When Duscy reached his cell ho up
lifted his hand nnd riiamntlcally ex
claimed: "Here am I, u martyr to my
opinions! In yonder cells suffcicd long
months flvo of my comrades, nnd they,
too, were martyiH to their opinions.
Pour of them swung from the gallows;
one escaped only by eacrlllclng his life.
Yet this they call tho land of llbctly, or
the brave nnd ficc."
hlio Incicnscs Hor I.cud on Mnsslcotln
tho Walking .Hatch.
Tho following Is tho DM0 scoro hi tho
walking match at Keman's to-dav:
Toblns, 183 miles: Massicot, 170: Hender
son, C'J, maps: Illcc, IK); Arnetf. 121,8;
Hvans, UU, tl; Mowbrav. M, 3.1; Macbeth,
115, 9; Fleming, 129, "23; Smith, 113, 19;
Harvey, 107, U.
r.uto r.omloii Nolo.
London, Juno 10. Tito Dtubj .Vcics' Ilel-
grado special sajs that the Servian regcnU
avo rejected the Husslau proposals for a
military convention. This action was duo
to a peremptory demand on tho part of
Austria for an explanation. Tho Cabinet
has dccldoU not to permit the young king
to lislt Paris, fearing that his absence frour
Ilclgrado might give rlso to serious trouble.
Captain Stephens ot the Allan Line
steamship ,1'eiuvl.in, which Ins Just ar
rived, dleildurlng the vojagg ot that vessel
from St. Johns.
alio Purls .Sotiil savs that the, Ctcrnitit
(lovciiimcnt has mado n demand upon
Franco for compensation for tho arrest of
tlio alleged (Senium spy Lechmcr, who was
captiiud near Ilclfort ou hltsuiiday, Tho
I'lench olllclals declare tint tho documents
found on tho person of Lechmcr abund
antly justified his arrest.
Tlio race for tho ltoyal Hunt Clip at.
Ascot to-day was won by Whltclers, Vcran
lly n'cond, and L'Abhes60 do Jouarra
Congressmen ut tho Whito Homo.
Hoion Congicssmcn Invaded the privacy
of the President's ofllco lo-d.iv, and In e.tcli
Instuiico tho claims of valued constituent
were advanced with all tho forco that Mem
bers of Congress aro capable of. The Sep
lctto embraced Senators Piatt, Plumb,
I'ansom and Haw ley, ami Kcprcscntatlyei
Hooker, Mississippi; Itahies aud Smith,
Tho Ivuw Yorlc Stock Mniket.
Tho following aro tho prices of tho New
York and Chicago markets a9 reportod by
special who to V. T. Ilavcnner & Co.,
CJ1 !' street northwest:
0. 2.30,
0. 2:30
Can. Paclllc,
Can. South,
Ctn. Paclllc,
I). L. A W
Del. A Hud,
P.rlc ,
Jertey Ccu.,
L. A N
L. S
M., K. A T
Mo. l'ac ,
N. V. fen..,
K. Pac
do. I'M.
, m
do. pfd.J
P. M. S. S.J
It. AW. Pt.
do. nfd.J
st. l'iiui..
iTox. Pac.
Union Pac.
7ll?j .
,W. Union..
Am. Cot s'd
Atch A Top
Chi., 11 A Q
llio Clilcncn Market.
Open. Close. Open. Close.
Jul).. .. 775 77J July.... 11 57, 11 571
Aug 741 75 Aug..,. 11 (15 11 OS
Sept.... 73 73 Sept It 75 11 75
eoiiN. i.euo.
July 311 -!M July.... 0 30 0 50
Aug IIU Ml Alter .... (I (il) tlllil
Sept .... 331 333 Sept 0 071 0 574
July..... 22 221
Aim trij 225
Sipt .... 2JJ 22$
Washington .Stock llxchaliffo.
Miscellaneous bonds W. A O. It. It.
Co., ION .Masonic Hall Ass'u., 107; Wash.
Marl.ctC'o., 110; Wash. Market Co., Imp.
bonds, Os, 121; Wash. I.t. Infantry, lltt;
Wash. I.t. Infuntry, 2d, 05: W. (las Light
Co. bonds, 120; W. CJas Light Co. bauds,
script. 12il.
National Hank Stocks llanlc ot Wash
ington, DM; Hank of Keimbllc, 223; Metro
politan, 240; Central, 210; Second, XT);
Fanners and Mechanics', 173; Clttzons',
ltd; Columbia, 138.
Italtrnad Stocks Washington ami
Georgetown, 2,'0; Metropolitan, 121; Uu
utnblii, 43; I'npltol and North 0 Street, 4f.
Iusuioncu Sto'ks Firemen's, 42: Frank
lin, 12, Mctiopolltau, 70; National Union,
204; Atllngton, 170, Coicorau, li'J, Colum
bia, 135; (fermau Atncilcan, 175; Potomac.
D2; itlggs, 83.
tins uud l'.lcctrlc Light Stocks Wash
ington tlas, 44);ticoigc-towuGas, 4; V. S.
Lhctilc Light, 02.
Telephone stocks Chesapeake and Poto
mac, 8oJ: Ameilcan firjphophouo Co., 'JV.
Miscellaneous Stocks Washington .Mar
ket Co., 10; asllliigton brick Machine,
Co., 2,i5; tlrcat Falls loo Co.. 100; Hull
lluu Panorama Co., 23; ltcal Estate Tttla
Insurance Co., 127; Columbia Title In
surance Co,, 01' National Sifo Deposit
Co., 210.
Local Weather r'oiecast.
I'nh, rollowed by lljltf ratui slUUtlr
Miruicr, wterly winds,

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