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21ST YEAR--N0- 6,520.
He enters upon a consultation
with the others.
InUnmination In Now 1'onrcil In Alitor'
Condition A Moat Singular Caso
"Iho Doctors Do Not Hnvo Much to
"llo Is no better, nml I don't think
. Hint Iio Is any worse, either," said
'Mrs. Henry Adlcr, young Maurice
Adlcr's mother, this morning.
Blio Is n pleasant-faced woman, nnd
she seems nlmot worn out by watch
ing with nil n mother's nnxlcly her
sou's strugglo with denth. To stand by
jils bcdsldo day liy day", tho Hired doc
tors telling her after their consultation
each morning that ho could not live,
Iter son's cheerful hopefulness, though
Ills limbs, even to his fingers nnd toes,
nro paralyzed, all this tho poor woman
has borne up tinder for ten days now.
Tho three doctors Haync, JJIalr and
Wngncr, collected about tho wounded
man s bedside In tho back parlor of tho
liouso, nt 008 II street, this morning at
10:30, ns is usual, for their dally consul
lntlon. Adler was a trifle weaker than
ycstculay. Ills temperature was a trlllo
higher, giving warning of that; dreaded
foo of recovery, Inflammation. Tho
pulse was a trlllo less regular and flut
tered more rapidly. "Itis only n ques
tion of time and endurance," said Dr.
llayno. Adlor was cheerful and hope
ful. He has been so all tho time. Ills
limbs gave no evidence of n lessening
of tho paralysis. "When you lift his
leg it drops llko a log," said Mrs. Adler.
During tho doctors' consultation old
Mr. Adlcr, Morris' father, camo into tho
loom, but tho doctors had no word of
encouragement for him.
Dr. Agncw nnlvcd fioin Philadel
phia at '2 o'clock this afternoon, nnd
was Immediately joined by Dri. Bivno,
McDIalr, J, Ford Thompson, Wng
ner Iicrhcus. After nn examina
tion duilng which It was found
that Adlcr's condition was unchanged,
n consultation was held, which
lasted until 3:10 p. m. Dr.
Agnow declared himself In en
tlio accord with thu Washington
physicians In tho belief that thcio was
liono for Adlcr's recovery.
Maurlco Adlcr's case Is one of ic
marknblo uniqueness. Tho doctors
liavo been quoted as saying that an In
Btanco of a man similarly wounded
living over four days Is uniccordcd
That they all three said tills, though
is now denied. The caso has nover yo
been completely diagnosed. Tho buflo
hasnevcr been more than approximately
located. r Blnco tho nresent nhvslelaus
look hold of the caso hut little If any
effort has been mado to locate tho
.bullet on account of the danger such
nn ntlempt is fraught with, lint until
tho bullet Is located it Is of course lm
pnsslblo to accurately dlngnosa the
wounded man's Injuries. It Is from
tho paralysis symptons that tho doctors
nrguo tho injuiy to tho spinal column,
which would most certainly cnuso such
A doctor just now connected with tho
caso mado nn attempt to locate tho bul
let, piobably ono of only two such nt
tempts that wcro made. Thoiciison Is
that piobing for tho bullet with an or
dinary steer probo would bo attended
with almost Inevitable danger. Hut
this doctor, Dr. Itldloy, Instead of
using a stiff steel probe, used a flexible,
30ft lubber catheter. This could not
possibly causo any injury nnd It Indi
cated In a general way the courso of tho
wound. And, oddly enough, this Indl
cated that tho ball instead of going
townul tho splnnl column, ns It Is sup
noted to have done, and leally mutt
Jmvc done to causo tho paralytic symp
toms tho wounded man exhibits, went
tho other way and did not injure tho
spinal column at nil.
Another thing about tho cave that Is
peculiar, and would give foico to Dr.
llldley's catheter exploration, Is tho
fact that tho night of tho shooting
Adlcr's Injuries wcro supposed to b'y
comparatively slight, and the mninlng
papers tho day after tho shooting an
nounced that ho was not necessarily
llnugeiously hint. Of courso they Im
mediately on the succeeding day
changed this, nnd made Adlcr's Injuries
of tho most giavo soit. Hut tho odd
part of it is that Adlcr's lnjuilcs did
seem qulto Ulvlnl thonightof tho shoot
ing. If paralysis was caused by an In
juiy to the spinal column, such ns
Adler is repoitcd to hnvo suffered, ho
would liavo been Instantly killed. If
ho was nunc slightly injiued, If tho
damage or pressiuo on tho spinal cord
vtns not sci Ions enough to cause death,
but serious enough to causo paralysis,
this paralysis would of courso have
been ns seilous as soon ns tho wound
was inado as nt nny llmo after.
If the paralysis was cnuscd by tho
bullet striking the spinal cord It would
have began instantly nnd been ns com
plete nt the Instant tho injury was in
dieted ns at nnv subseuuent time. Bit
It Is known positively that wldlo Adlcr
was Ij Ing on tho maiblo floor of the sa
loon where he was shot ho exhibited tin
symptoms, oven of tho most rudimen
tary toit, of nny painlysls. Ho was ex
nm'Ined for symptoms of paralysis
"Can you ralso your leg? ho was
nsked, Adlcr raised ono nnd then the
Mlior of his legs. "Can you movo
your arms?" Adlcr moved his nuns.
Ho could not liavo done nny of theso
things If ho linil been pnrnlycd or if
1 Ids wound had been serious enough to
causo tho paralysis that has since been
A still moro peculiar fact Is this,
which Is absolutely vouched for: Aflei
Adlcr had been lcmovcd to his home,
undtcsscd nnd put to bed, sumo ono
railed who wished to look at tho wound,
Adlcv was lying on his b.ick In bed,
suuounded by ids family and filemls.
Ho was asked it ho could turn over so
as to nllow an examination of tho
wound. Without oven tho slightest as
sistance Adler turned over onto his fnco
and lcmnlned in that position while tho
wound was being examined. It only
took 11 fow minutes, nml tho turning
over would hnvo been easy enough to a
man not pninlycd, but" for 0110 para
lyzed as Adlcr would neccssailly have
been by nn Injuiy to Ids splnnl column
suincicni m causo 1110 paiaiysts 110 now
exhibits, Ibis would hnvo 'been abso
lutely Impossible.
Borne of the doctors hnvo been quoted
as faying that the bullet passed between
tho splnnl coid Itself and tho largo
nitery that ninsiip tin ough tho voito
bine, Hut when It Is icmcinbcicd Hint
this 111 Icry nnd tho spinal coid nio sldo
by sldo lylug ngalnsl each other, It will
ra lie seen nml tuts count not possibly nap
'ncn without lniiulti'roiio or tho other
of them. If ihu nrloiy was Injiued
Adler would hnvo bled to death lu ten
minutes, If tho spinal mnnow or coid
luidbecn lujuicd his denth would hnvo
been instantaneous.
The three misting steamers bcloiiiiiug to
(tiu Wlesruumi expedition Uyo arrived at
Tho President Into yesterday after
noon mado tho following appointments'.
Collectors of Internal Hevcnuo John I.
lIutchlnon for the district of Connecti
cut, Isaac Moffett for First district of
Now Jersey, Kltliu A. AVhlto for Fourth
district of North Carolina, O. W.
Arnold for tho district of Georgia, Mar
cus Hoggs for the Eleventh district of
Ohio, John O. Cravens for tho Sixth
district of Indlann, Julius C. Starr for
the Fifth district of Illinois. Collectors
of Customs William J. Moigau for
tho district of lluffalo Cicok, N. Y.s
Enos J. l'cnnypncker for tho district of
Wilmington, N. 0., nnd Phillip M.
HUdcbrand to bo surveyor of customs
for tho port of Indianapolis, Ind.
ltanrgnnlrliif; 11 Department.
Secretary Tracy has Issued an Impoit
ant general order dlicctlng a rndlcnl io
organisation of the different bureaus of
the Navy Depaitmcnt, which Is to go
In effect onthcllistof July next. His
new order simplifies and equalizes tho
work of somo of thobuicaus and con
centrates duties that In many cases arc
now scattered among several bureaus.
In gcncrnl the new oignnlrallon groups
the duties of Construction, Equipment
nnd Supplies, logically nnd systemati
cally, among several btnenus, nnd
places the pcisonnclof tho navy the
training, chilling, Inspection nml disci
pllno of officers nnd men (heretofore
scattered among several bureaus) un
der tho Hiironu of Navigation. An
other important nnd new fcatuio of tho
reorganization Is that constituting tho
chiefs of the llvcbuicnus that liavo to
do with tho preparation of material n
board for the design, construction and
equipment of new ships.
Cnilets-nt-T.nrgo Appointed.
The President hns made tho follow
ing appointments to tho Military Acad
emy from "iitdnrgc:" Hugh D. Wise,
son of General John S. Wise, to fill tho
vaenncy caused by the 1 ejection of
Candidate Dixon at tho Juno examina
tion, and John S. Gllmoro, son of Cap
tain John C. Gllmorc, Twenty-fourth
Infnntry, ns nlternatc. David B. Stan
loy, sou of General D. 8. Stanley, Is
appointed to 1111 the vnenncy to occur In
June, 1800, by tho graduation of Cadet
ltugglcs. Tho President will linve no
more appointments to tho Military Acad
emy beforo June, 1800, for "admission to
the nendemy In June, 1801, when but
ono "nt-laigo cadet will giaduato.
Another Humor Itun noun.
At u late hour last night u reporter of
tho United Press showed Walker
Ulalnc a brief of tho cablegram stating
that his father, the Secretary of State,
was repoitcd to liavo ordered ft ship of
war to ucingoa Jiay to piotect American
Interests cnclnngcicd by tho controversy
over tho repenf by Portugal of tho fran
chise for tho constiuctlnn of tho Dcla
goa Hay ltnllroad. Mr. Ulalno said
simply, "thcio Is nothing nt nil In tho
In Memory nf General Cnmoron.
Becietnry Proctor tills afternoon Is
sued tho following order respecting the
denth of General Cameron, nftcr refer
ling to his distinguished services to tho
country ns Secretnry of War: "As n
mark of respect to his memory, It is or
deied that tho olllccs connected with
tho Department of War be draped In
.mourning for the pcilocl Of thirty- days',
nnd nil business bo suspended therein
on the day of the funeral."
(lenernl NoIom.
Tho Lifo-Snvlntr Service Is taking
steps for the establishment of two life
saving stntlons on tho gicat lakes pro
vldcd for by the last Congioss ono at
Maiquctte, Mich., on Lake Superior,
nnd tho other nt Kewnnnee, Avis., on
Lake Mlchlgnn.
The Comptioller of thu Curicncy has
authoil7cd tho Washington Nntlonnl
Hank of Seattle, Wnsli.'Tcr., Io begin
business with a capital of $100,000.
Hdwnid O. Graves, late Chief of tho
IS ureau of Ihigravlng and Pi luting,
will bo piesldcnt of the now bank,
Tho Attoincy.Gcneinl denies the
truth of the published report that ho
has requested the resignations of a
number of special attorneys for tho
United States who ptactlco beforo the
Com t of Claims, Attorneys Cochran
nnd Hill have, however, voluntailly
tindcicd their resignations.
The Commissioner of Internal llcvo
uuc hns scut to the Attonioy-Gencrnl n
f 01 nuil complaint against tho United
States mnishnls and Coumilssloncis In
Alnbamn. It Is alleged that theso olll
ccis triinip up enses against Innocent
peisons to scenic fees nnd other per
KiilUviin, HegRit nml Cooney 10 be the
Unfortunate Ones.
Ciiicvno, JiiucSS. Thu special grand
jury will finish Its lnbois on the C1011I11
case to-moiiow, when it will probably
icturn nt least tluec moro Indictments.
Tho pnrtles In question mosnldtoba Al
exander Sullivan, John F. lleggs nnd
Patrick Cooney. 'Iheiohas been much
talk about nn omnibus Indictment
against Camp No. 20. but no such
nc lion will bo tnken. The course of tho
grnnd Juiy will bo conscivnllvo ns far
ns Indictments go. Tho icpnit will bo
slicing and will stilkunt the Clnu-mi-Gael
In vlgoious fashion, It was
fenied somo days ago that the Jury
would not be able to finish Its lnbois nt
this term on account nf the fnlluio to
pioduco stionger evldcneo connecting
Alexander Sullivan with the ense. The
f;inud Juiois aio morally ccitnliUhnt ho
s implicated, but tho legal cldcneo
wns lacking,' It appeals that such evl
dcneo lias been foitlicmnliig during tho
last two dnys mid that It came from a
The Montlinu Forest I'lrcn,
Helena, Mon., Juno 23. All ulTorts to
elect; Ilia forest tire which started lu Cas
cade County, near Sand (Ionics, two days
ngo liavo proud unavailing. Advices up
to last night show that It lias covered nn
area of over 100 sn,unro miles, ami has dc
stiojed the licet liny ground In thu vicinity.
'II10 lots u HI not cry hoary owing to the
fact that tho ihj season had already croatly
iidiiccil tho hay crop. No such prairie II ru
lius hctii Knouu In Montana In recent j ours.
Bo fur no lives hare breu reported lost,
though tcu'rnl rrmhincn have been burned
Tried to Kill Hlnnelr,
AuKAssts ttiri, Kvn., Juno US. Jo
seph Wllfcon, who was icccntly asaUtutit
postmaster fur tho West Side, Chicago, at
tempted to Kill himself on a lailroad train,
near this city, j csterdaj 11101 nluir. Howout
into tho closet and cut hit throat. Tho
hlaileof his Unlfo hroVo In hU neck. Ho
was taken hi charge hj 1'iauU Norton, n
filend, also fiom Chtcigo. Dr. Morili
dressed tho wound and thinks tho timu will
(he. Wilson wns on Ids u ay to Oklahoma
aud lived at fill West Madison street, Chi
cago. Ml llrevklnrldeo Jlurilod,
MUs I' I). llrci'klurldgK, daughter of tho
IIuu. Xf ( . V. llrecMugMm) ot Koutucky,
wiisiuarilt'itliy llcv, Dr lliuullu yesterday
at the resldanco o( her father, to Mr, l.y
man Challttey, 11 prominent young lawyer
ot J.eitngtu, Yd,, iu tho preiouco ot a fow
Charleston l'coplo (Joining Io llollovo
tlint Whlto Munlerern In tlio Soutli
Should HufTor tho I'cnnlty of Their
Crimes The Argument In tlio Case.
CiiAM.nsTON.S. O.. JunoSS. The evi
dence Is nil In In thcMcDow trial nndnr
gumciit will be llnlshcd nnd the caso
given to the Jury to day, Tho juiy wcro
locked up yesterday niter tho cfoso of
the testimony nnd will bu held In tho
couit-houo until they nrrlvo at a verdict
or mistrial Is ordered, Slnco JIcDow's
Confession of Ids burial and resurrec
tion of tho body of Cnptnln Dawson,
public opinion hns undergone n chango
nnd It begins to look ns If tho
jury, notwithstanding lis. complexion,
may bring In a verdict of cullty. Public
opinion Is very gcncinl "hero that It Is
about tlmo to begin hanging whlto mur
derers lu South Carolina. Thcro is no
dllllculty In convicting nnd hanging
ncgio lnuidcicrg; hut nlthoiigh tho
criminal dockets nro tilled with cases of
whlto murderers, thcro hns not been nn
execution of n whlto man In tho Stato
for n quaiter of a century.
Tho following Is from Amos J. Cum
nilngs' graphic teport lu tho New York
Sun of tho proceedings lu the JIcDow
trial after thu close of Tim Cnii'io's
stoiy of yesterday:
Jlr. Jcrvcy, tho District Attorney,
went Into tho solicitor's room, brought
out tho blood-stained clothes Captain
Dawson woio and Dr. McDow's hat,
and placed them on thu tailing near his
tnblc. The spaco in Front of
the jury bo.x was cleared, so
that no one remained betweert
the District Attorney nnd tho
iuiors. The prosecuting oillccr nrrnnged
Ills notes nnd confronted the jury. His
right hnnd icstcd upon tho tabic nnd
ills left upon his hip. Dr. McDnw
pulled his gold watch from his pocket
nnd glanced nt tho time. It wns high
noon. Ho then rested his check unon
his hnnd nnd prepared to listen to the
argument, Tho District Attorney began
by asking the Judgo to Include, the fol
lowing In his chnrgo to tho Jury:
1. That no anger, however violent, will
mltlgnto the guilt of him who snatches rt
deadly weapon upon provocation, by words
only, no matter how hard to ho homo, and
where anger excited by blows, has, accord
ing to tho frequent course ot nature, In
dented with Its gratification, and blows
Siren in return, liavo redoubled upon
lout, malice lll lie persumed from un
reasonable and disproportionate excess of
'J. That It tho act which produces death
be attended with such circumstances ns In
dicated a wicked, depraved and malignant
spirit, the law wilt imply malice without
reference to what was passing In tho pris
oner's mind at the time.
3. That inalleo docs not consist alouo of
a formed design to kill another. All that
Is necessary Is that ho should have con-
cened inu uesign 10 commie ou assault
upon him or an assault and battery upon
him, and lu consequence ot that lie dies.
That Is minder, whether ho meant to Kill
him or not. A formed design to talco
life Is not necessary to make a Willing mur
der. 4. 'the accused Is not to bo tho Judgo as
to tho necessity of taking tho deceased's
life, but tho Jury Is to judgo of ihat neces
sity .
6. To iiiako out a caso of self-dofcnco two
things aro necessary. First, tho cvldeuco
should satisfy tho Jury that tho accused
actually believed that ho was In such Im
mediate danger of losing his life or sus
taining serious bodily haim that It was
necessary for his own protection to tako
tho life ot his assailant. Second, that the
circumstances lu which tho accused was
placed was such ns would, In tho opinion
of tho Jury, justify such a belief hi the
mind of tho pcuou possessed of ordinary
firmness nnd reason. It Is not a question
which depends solely upon tho belief which
tho accused may liavo entertained, but the
question Is what Is his belief, and whether
uuder all the circumstances, as they existed
at the tlmn tho violence was Inflicted, the
jury think ho ought to hivo formed such
Mr. Jcrvcy, In continuation, said that
minder wns killing with malice ufoio
thought. Tho defenso hero admitted,
thu killing. It also admitted Hint the
defendant mndo nn elf 01 1 to cruicenl the
body, nnd that his iclntlons with it lady
gavu him n motive for the klllltig. Thu
accused sas that hu killed tho Captain
In fcclf-defeno. Tho lnw does not glvo
him the light to tako llfo oxcept when
his own llfo is In danger or ho Is fcirful
nf gicnt bodily harm. Tliolmois had
to Judgo from tho evidence of tho neces
sity. Thu evldcneo hciu tests upon Dr.
McDow's statements alone. Thu testi
mony of Captain Dawson Is foicvcrlost.
Thu details llo In thu hi cast of only
ono human witness, nnd that witness
Is tho prisoner. His statement is to bo
weighed In tho light of Jds Intciest In
tho case. Ills llfo Is now ically at
slnkc. No living witness can contra
dict his stntcment. PIncu yoiiisclvM In
his place. Would uny ono of you tell
thu ti nth If that truth put tho halter
aiimud your neck V Tho law makes the
licensed a competent witness, but it
can't make him a ci edible witness, nnd
he hns shown that hu will dcpait tiom
tho tiuth to benefit his enso. llccou
fcttcd that ho lied because, ho thought
It would help him out of his trouble.
Hu acknowledged thnt he mado falso
statements to tho lcpoiters concerning
tho pistol, bccnuo hu thought It would
bo to his nil vantage.
This nvcinicnt stcmed to nettle Dr.
McDow. Ho scowlid at thu spe.ikcr,
but othci wise icmalucd culm and col
lected. Mr, Jcrvcy nut contended thnt Dr.
McDow's own testimony showed thnt
tho necessity for taking llfo had not
aflH'ii, The law might nccusohlm, but
It could not acquit him. Ileio Mr,
Jcivcy picked up Cnptnln Dawson's
cane ami llcmilshcd It ucfeno tho Jury,
it is 11 light Malacca, with a thin, silver
head. It weighs llo nml tlueo-quniter
ounces, but this fuel wns not put In
"Is thnt n weapon of deadly nature?"
said Mi. Jeivcy, wnving It over tho
Mr. Jeivey then argued that thcie
wns no fincns In tho Doctor's olllcu.
Dnwsou's -wound, llko Cicsnr'B, speaks
for lilmi his clothes speak forldni. Thu
hole lu tho tioiiicis Indicates that thu
bullet wns moving foiwnid Instead of
backwmd. It Is finycd on tho sldu
townul the foiwnid pait of tho tioiiscrs
This is nn Indication Hint It went In that
ill lection. Tho sauio thing Is shown In
tho coat. Mr. Jcivcy took tho coat ami
tho bloody tioifcis nnd railed tho at
tendon of thejuij to tho finycd bullet
holes, Then ho spie.ul tho blood)
shlit befoio tho Juiy. Thu bullet hole,
ho snld, was tlucu Inches hack nf the
lino fiom tho shoulder down If tho
bullet went into thu Captain's stdu
In a slinlght lino It could not liavo
touched both tho kidney nml thu rena
turn. It must hnvo cut thu aoita ns
well ns tho vena cava, for thoy llo side
by sldo Tlio doctors say that tho kid
ncy was In a normal Ktnle. Piofessor
Kfnloch shows that tho coursu of tho
bullet wns from behind forward. This
accounts for tho bruising of tlio kid
ney nnd tho cutting of ttiu vena civn.
It Is n mathematical fact that thcro wns
no deflection, nnd even Dr. Michel says
thcio wns none. Tho courso of the
bullet gives the He to the prisoner's
story of nn encounter. If Cnptnln Daw
son wns striking him when ho fltcd the
fatal shot and stnnding lu front of him.
ns Dr. MpDow nsseits, tho bullet would
hnvo entered tho left sldo. That would
have been the sldu turncij toward tho
accused, and not the light. No mnti
strikes another with n enne In Ids right
hand nnd his light sldo toward his op
poncnt, unless he bo left handed. Tho
bullet wound Indicates thnt Captain
Dawson was probably shot ns he wns
going out, while tho accused wns sitting,
nt tho desk where he had flist said that
he got the pistol.
rnuious Star llonlo Cnos nro
Nollo J'ronnori
The famous stnr route cases wcto
definitely terminated In tho Criminal
Court this mcmilng. Judgo I logo camo
Into court and stated to Judge Hrnilley
that he desired to call tho attention of
tlio court to n number of cases known
ns tho 6tnr roulo cases. In one of theso
enscs tho Indictment wns for a number
of defendants charging them with con
spiracy. This hnd been tiled somo
years ngo, the trlnl occupying
several months. It resulted In
nn ncqulttnl. Mr. Woitldngton, Judgo
Hugo's predecessor In tho District At
torney's ofllce, had mnde reports to the
Attorncy-Gcncrnl on a number of pther
enscs nlllcd to this onu nnd his Inst re
port recommended thnt the cases bo tor
initiated; tho ends of Justice wouldn't
bo ubscrvcd by n prosecution. It
would be Imposslblo to get convictions.
He, thcrcfoie, nsked lenvo to nollo
pros, over twenty enscs. Tho court
dliectcd that tho cases bo nolle prosscd.
Tho defendants lu these enscs are:
John N. Mlnulx. Samuel O. CabolL.Tohn
W. Horsey, John It. Miner. VVm. W. Jack
son, James II. Henderson, Ik M. Ilarrlngcr,
A, O. Buck, Kate M. Armstrong, Edw. J,
Sweet, Thomas J. ltrady, John M. Veclc,
Stephen XV. Dorecv, If. M. Valle, M. C.
Itcrdcll, Win. II. Turner, J. I Sanderson,
John II. Wallace, Marshall G. Candle, (loo.
V. Mcscftle, Vym. Pitt Kellogg. Tho
charges against them wcro In somo cases
conspiracy, In others perjury and suborna
tion of perjury.
I'lirtlculars Itocolveil Concerning tho
Itccont Troulilu Thcro.
New Oni.mss, La., June 28. Tho
City of Dallns, which arrived Wednes
day night, brought tho lntcst informa
tion respecting the recent troublo In tho
Hay Islands. Three vessels arrived
fiom ltuntan crowded with foictgncrs,
who lcported the Islands to bo In n stato
of extrcmo disquietude. Of thlity men
or women who Iminlgintcd Into British
Honduras, thtccu wcro Juno 7 declined
conspirators, dlstmbcrs of public penco
aud assaulters of the barracks, and
Senor Lope, Governor of ltuntan, is
sued nn order to nucst them nt nil
hnni ds whcicver found. Thu uxplnnn
tion Is that at 11 dinner given to Captain
nugmoro wiiuo in ituatnu reterenco
wns mnde to thu former possession of
tho lslnnds by Britain.
This icfcienco wns favorably io
ceived, so favoiably, Indeed, thnt Senor
I.opcz consldcicd it seditious. This
accounted for tho subsequent capture
of Cnptnln Dugmoro nnd the outers for
the nucst of the supposed consult. Uors.
Cnptnln Dugmoro of thu Itonsllnd had
arilved In Belize fiom ltuntan Monday,
Juno 10. Hoicpoits thnt whilo sleep
Ins on tho Islands he nwoku nnd found
himself Mirioundcd by a strong forco
aimed to the teeth. Thoy tlueatcncd
to shoot him If thu gun wns llicd from
tho Itosnllnd. Poitunntcly this did not
happen, nnd ho wns lliinlly conducted
to the vessel, tho lslnndcis tiring the
loyal salute of twenty-onoguns nnd the
Itosnllnd illuming the compliment with
a like nunihci.
All thu British Inhabitants of the
lslnnds, It appears, lltd to the mainland,
hnvlng been charged with ticason
against the Government of ltuntnu.
Vf lmt Somo YVcll-ICnown People Are
riolnc to llo.
Dr. Hnny Godwin of the Slur will
sail for Buiopo on tho Oth of July for a
tilp thiough Gicnt Britain, Fiance,
Gcimnnv, Swil7eilnnd and Italy.
Mis. Batchcller, wlfo of tho Assistant
Sccictnry, has returned with her daugh
ter fiom Saiatoga. She will spend the
summer In Washington.
Mr. It. Boss Peny nnd family will
shortly go to the While Sulphur Springs
for tho simuner.
Minister and Mine. Itomeio sailed
yeslculay on the Augusta Vlcloiln for
J'ui ope.
Mr. nnd Mis, John Chow will stay
until July 20 nt Spring Lake, N. J., and
will then sail for Btuopc.
Mrs. Bvnn Thomas and Mrs. Thomas
lenvo on Monday for Cnnndii.
Tho Corenn Legation will piss tho
summer In n cottage nt Capon Springs,
Mrs. General Oulwny and her niece,
Miss Blncklock, hnvo gone to their cot
tnuo nt Berkeley for the summer.
Miss Mnbel Pnclicco, daughter of ex
Governor Pnclicco of California, was
man lid In Snu Finuctsco yesterday to
Mr. Will Tevis, son of Lloyd Tovis,
pteshlentof Wells Fargo Bxpicss Com
jinny. Miss Pnclicco was well known
In Washington soclelv dining her
father's incumbency as Member of Con
Funeral or A. II. HiiRlior.
Ih'' remains ot the late A. H. Iliighcr,
who died at l.oiur lleach. N. J., Wednes
day, weio placed at tho ().d: lllll vault to
dnj", propitiatory to removal to Ohio hi a
short time. Mi. llughorwas a blather
lu law of Hon. John It. Mcl.cau, the "ell
Know n capitalist of Cludniutl.
Ho has been In 111 health for somo time,
lictmr tumbled with heart disease. When
Mr. McT.e.111 arilicd with tho icmalns last
night lie found a telegram which snld his
own wlfo was eiy 111 at Saratoga. Ho
Immediately left to loin her. To-day sho
Is icpoited 11s Improving.
Afternoon Locals.
JudKu Miller this morning gavo Slieimau
Snudirs two months lu Jail for assaulting
Bdgnr Craven with a club.
The Washington branch of tho Catholic
Knights of Amtllca gnvo 11 banquet list
night In honor ot Cnlouel James Vartrldito
of I'ail.ersbiug, XV, Vn,
'1 ho Analoston lln.it Club were given a
permit to day to build a $'1,000 boat-house
and tho W. C (f. It. 11. a brick cable houso
near tho ilvcr for $00,000.
Iu board session to-day tho Commis
sioners modified tho contract with tl.o I'.
S, I'.lcitilc Lighting Company so that It Is
now satisfactory to both parties.
1 homas K. Wiiggaman has filed bills lu
equity to pievcnt tho Mutual 1'lre In
suinnco Company fiom canceling some
sixty-one policies which ho holds 011 prop
erly hi various pails of tlio city,
At Omaha tho aibttrators In the dlsputo
between tho Union Pacific Itailroad and Its
engineers and llrcmenhave dccldod In favor
ot the employe, ami wages will bo restored
to tho formei Mundard, dating luck to May
113, tho time or tho rotltlctltHi.
Political (loislp Now Centres on tho
l'robnMo Appointee.
Now Hint the Berlin mission has been
settled speculation Is life ns to tho next
Minister Io Itussln, mid n lojig pull nnd
nstiongpull hns been Instituted for
HdltorUhcpnrd Of thq New York Jiirt
mid Jiipmi. Chnimcey M, Dcponr
found It Incumbent upon him to 1 tin
down from Ncyr York yestcrdny and
put In a good w'onl for the religious
editor of Golhnin. This morning the
President wns scarcely up from break
fast whin the cards of Vice President
Mot ton and Senator lilscock wcro
handed to him, rind In n few minutes
the trio wcro scaled In tho library dis
cussing Mr. Bhfpard's chances. The
Interview must havo been satisfactory lo
tho Vice-President, for he hurried
ncios to the Arlington nnd gavo oulcrs
to havo his bnggngo nncked tinmcdl
ntclysolhnt he, could icturn to New
Yoik this afternoon,
Scnnlor Hlgglns of Dclnvvnre, nc
compnnlcd by his biothcr, wns another
enrly caller, nnd 'ho had a fow vvouls lo
sny ns to the distribution of feed among
the Blue Hen's chickens.
For the first llmo since tho change
ot Administration Hccoidcr Trotter
found it Imperative to pay Ids icspccls
to the President lo-dayj at least such
was tho Intimation convoyed by his
enrd. It Is thought Hint tho prospect
of nn enrly change In tho olllco
now held by him Induced him to make
his ohclsnneo befoio being sent bnck to
Other callers at tho AVhltu House to
day,enibiaced Senator Dolph, ex-Senator
Conger, ltcprescntatlvos Burton,
Giosvcnor, Thompson, Farquhar and
Colemnn, Piofessor Chnmbcrintn, piesl
dcnt of tho Agricultural College ot
Iowa; Mrs. Ollvo Logan Slkcs, W. W.
ltusscll, South Cmollnn; Judgo M. B.
Wood, Colonel C. Slcmp, Hon. J. 11.
F, Mills, Dr. Gilmer and O. A. John-
son of irclnln.
The President to day mado tho fol
lowing appointments:
John O. Watts of Virginia, to bo
mnishal for tho Western Dlstilct of
Vliglnla; JamesA. Connolly of Illinois,
to bo United States attorney for tho
Southern District of Illinois, and Fiank
T. Hunter, to be a notary public for
tho District of Columbia.
John G. Wntts Is a lieutenant of ex
Senator Mahono and an nctlvc Itcnub
llcan In Virginia, nnd wns ono ot the
dclegntes to the convention nt Cldcnuo
thnt nominated President Harrison. Ho
has always been nctlvely engaged in
woiklng for tho Itepubllcnn paity In
thu Old Dominion, nnd his selection Is
claimed lo bo n judicious nnd accept
able ono to tho ptoplu of Virginia.
James A. Connolly Is n well-known
lawyer of Illinois, nnd wns urged for
the position of Attorney for tho South
ern District of thnt Slnto by Senators
Fnrwcll and Cullom nml lending mem
bers of thu bar. Ho is n comparatively
young man, but tins, always been Idciilf
lied with (he Itepubllcnn paity, and
dining tho Inst campaign was pinnil
nent In advocating tho causo of pro
tection. .
Citizens of Clileaco lo ISondor Aid
tho Sultorlne I amlllox.
Chicago, Juno 23. Mayor Crcgler
hns Issued a call for n meeting of citi
zens In the council chamber on Sntur
day evening nt 7:!)0 o'clock to organlo
and lender aid to the suffeilng coal
inlneis and their families in the coal
regions of Illinois.
Sriiim V.vu.nv, Ii.i,., Juno 23. A
ton of Hour wns lecclved hcio yesterday
fiom .Toilet for the lockcd-out miners
nnd will be dWilbuted at once. Moro
contilbiithms of provisions 1110 expected
to dny. About 400 names nio enrolled
on thu books of tho lellef committee,
and a largo amount will bu needed lo
support tho men fin- nnv length of time.
The tulncis nt Loceyvlflo have pledged
themselves to give $100 per month to
tho suppott of the needy hcio.
Biiv7.il, Ind.. Juno 23. Scctclaiy
Johnson of the Stato Boaul ot C'hiif
ties left ycstculay. llo remained a day
longer than tho bonul to nogolhito with
Ihu niiucis. Tho opciatois hnvo agiced
to icduce icids, powder and plck-ehaip
enlng piopoitiountcly to icductlon
asked In mining. A proposition befoio
tho Illinois' executive commlttcu to sub
mit to tho nilncis tho question of pro
longing thu stilko was voted down
thiough fenr that n popular vole would
favor lesumpllon of woilc.
Clenerul rfows Kotofr.
Professor Maria Mitchell, tho astronomer,
died this morning.
Herro I.orlllard has fulled In hl prospect
ot foiuilug a plug-tobacco combine,
Tho soldiers aro gradually leaving Johns
town. 'I Iio sick cases to-day aro not
Dr. IhigcnoThavcr, n New York organ
ist, shot and killed himself at Burlington,
Vt., v estcrduy.
The Ilurtou Block, at Van Iltiicn and
Clinton Miects, Cbluign, suffered $0)0,000
damage by tiro this morning,
Tho grand Jury at Chicago this morning
siH'Utthe time In endeavo'i Ing to uncover
the outer chclo of tho Cionln plot.
Chicago advices say that Ucggs has
wcuKcmd, and it Is believed will tell what
ho knows about tho Crouiii alTalr,
Tho limited and mutilated body of a
voumr woman was found lu n suhiiib of St.
Louis jcstciday, Sho had been outraged
aud murdered.
Tho semt-ccutcuiilal exercises at tho Vir
ginia Mllltaiy Instltutont Lexington began
to-day. Seuator Faulkner and lioveruor
1. 10 both spoke.
Postmistress Alice lliowu of llcnoltv llle,
Wis , struck John ltoso 011 tho head with a
club on Wednesday aud killed him. Sho
claims self-defense.
Iho commander ot tho U. S. steamer
Osslpce, In demanding Iho surrender o( tho
Oiniua from Legitime, letused conditions,
and his demand was granted.
Tho Missouri Civil Servlto Iteform Asso
ciation, at tls annual meetliu; last night, In
doucd tho Australian system ot voting and
ciltklzed thowhoTv'ialo dUchargo ot l'ost
office Department clerks.
'Iho trustees of tho I'resbjtorhiu College
at Jamestown, Dakota, havo elected Iter.
II. (i. Mimlculiall of tho (iratid l'orks
I'laiailtnler president of the Institution.
Mr. McndenhaU went West fiom Philadel
phia a few ve.usngo.
Vi hllo (leucral H, S. llru'.'g was absent as
Minister to Mexico ho was chopped from
tho rolls of l'ost Drown. 0. A, It,, of Fond
cltl Lac, Wis. (ot which ho u.ib several
terms commaudei), because Ills dues had
not been paid. Upon his icturn the (leu
ernl tendered his back dues, tint they were
declined, and tho courts will bu appealed to
In the matter.
a (luoKtion or Law.
In a lawsuit lu Kentucky thootherdav It
wnspiovcd thnt a henso which had Kicked
tlircomcntodeatlpiid had runaway llyo
times was wananted "perfectly gcntlo and
safe for any lady todrlv 0." Well, w hy not
Ceitatnly a horse which had done that
amount of kicking and running away
might well bo supposed to havu suwu all
his wild oats and to bo icady to settle
down to rpitct life. John t'bceulx would
have argued domc-tlolnfelirltlcs from theso
many runaway, llo once declared that it
a borto was "sincerely attached to a
w tisoii" ho would ucYcrruu awayfioiult,
. N Y.Tillnme.
Chlcnirn Selected ns tlio Next l'luco or
Meeting nt This Mornlnq'n .Session
Novornl l'upcrs ltriid An Inlernstliu;
Alumni Association Orcunlroit.
Tho third day's session ot Iho Dcnf
Mules' (-'(invention was convened at
10.23 this morning in thu chapel at
Kendall Green. Piesldcnt Gcorgo pre
sided and called tho meeting to order.
Mr. Bulls of Pennsylvania submitted
the teport ot tho couimlltco on tho bits!
ness of the day. President Georgo
then niinntmciil Iho appointment of a
National Kvccutlvc Committee lo hnvo
charge of Iho affalis of the nssod'itlon
dining adjournment. The committee
Is composed of one member from each
State lcprescntcil nt the convention. A
discussion nro-o over thu right of tho
District of Columbia and tho Teril
toiles to hnvo lepicscutntlou cm tho
committee, but It wns finally decided
that leprcscntntlou should bo allowed.
Tho Bccutlvo Committee- appointed
Is ns follows: J. L. Smith, Minnesota;
Albert Biillln, New Jeisey; L II. Hodg
son, New York, It. P. Patterson, Ohio;
B. C. Davidson, Pennsylvania: Oscar
KliiMnnn, Tthodo Islnnil: T. II. Cole
man, South Carolina; Job, Turner,
Virginia; W. O. Binnttm, Tcnncssco;
A. D. Hays, West Virginia; Thomas
Hngcily, Wisconsin; J. T. ICccfe, Ver
mont; O.W. K. Strong, Dlstilct Coluin
bin; II. C. Whlto. Utnh; W. S. Johnson,
Alabama; W. II. Weeks, Connecticut;
G. W. Vcdlt, Colmndo; J, II. Cloud,
Illinois; S. J. Villi, Indiana: A. F.
Adnms, Iowa: G. V. Wakefield, Maine;
Frank W. Blgelovv. Massachusetts:
James S. Wells, Maryland; Willis Hub
bnul, Mlchlgnn, Gcorgo F. Dougherty,
Mr. Oieeno ofOhlo said Hint Presl
dent Gnllaudct of the Nntlonnl Collego
requested him to Inform tho convention
thnt Piesldcnt Harrison would bo un
able lo receive lo dny, but tho Bast
Boom would bo open lo them at any
hour. President Gcorgo read n note
from Chairman Froldlch of the Gal
lnudct Memorial Committee thanking
suveinl persons for thu effective nlil
rcndcicd In collecting money for the
mcmoilni fund.
Upon motion ot Piluclpnl Dcnntsou
of thu Kendall school, the president
put tho question ot selecting the next
meeting plnco of tho convention lu 180 1.
Mr. Dougherty of Mlssouil said tho St.
Louis Deaf Mutu Club extended a cor
dial Invitation to the association to hold
the next convention lu St. Louis, nnd
ho uruul St. Louis ns thu best
plnco for the next meeting. Mr. Klwell
of Pennsylvania spoke ot the advantages
of Chicago ns thu convention city, nnd
n votu ot thu convention declined In
favor of Chicago. Mr. Juntos L. Smith,
bend Insliuctnr In the Minnesota School
fot the Deaf and editor of tho JwfM'
ComiMHtoii, dellvcicil an eloquent ml
diess upon "Compulsory Bducatlon for
Iho Deaf." Thu address was clcllvcicd
in the sign language nnd tl.mslnled
vocally by Piofessor Ootdou of Iho
National College. Mr. Smith advocated
compulsory education. "Thepaicntwho
sends Its child into tho world un
educated definuds the community of a
tltlcn and bequeaths lo It n iiulsnnco!"
he snld. At the tloso of Ids remarks
ho received tonsldci able applause, and a
discussion of the paper was start
ed by Mr. Bailey of IluHon,
followed by Mr. Weeks oT
Conn., and otlieis. Mr. W. II. Weeks
lead his paper cm "Thu Purity of thu
Sign Language," which was favorably
iccelvcd. P01110 discussion lolloweil
tho k tiding of tho paper.
Mr. Jones of tho New Yoik Institute
for tho Dcnf nud Dumb, ono of thu
best sign mnkeis Iu thccouiitiy, created
somo nmuscment by illustii.thig thu
old school system of signs. After fin
titer discussion of tho paper n icccss
wns taken fot dinner.
An ussoclallon vvusfcuincd nmonglhu
ginduntes of tho Denf Muto College
ycsteulny to he known ns the Alumni
Association of the Nntlonnl Deaf Mute
College. About thlily-llvo of tho gind
untes were piesent. 1 ho olllccrs cI10-.cu
wero ns follows: Piesldcnt, Melvlllo
Ballaul, '08, Maine; vlcc-piesldcnt,
John Button Hotchkiss, '00, of Masse
cliusclts; secrotniy, Gcorgo W. Vcdlt,
'W, of Maivland; ticnsuicr, Amos G.
Dtnpei, '72, of Illinois.
Ihu Annual ltuco lletireeu .Vulo unit
Ilurinril 011 tho lliimies.
Nr.w London, Conk., Juno 23. The
water this 11101 nlng wns ns smooth us
glnss, but n vtiy thick fog hung over
tho liver, making It Impossible "to see
inotothnnSOOynids. Tho local iiiophcts
picdlctcd that tho fog would lift befoio
10 o'clock, but It wns found ncccssni r
lo post none thoYnlo-IIaivanl iiicoimlll
(l:lri this evening. Tho latest news fiom
the Columbia qunitcis continued tho ic
1101 Is sent nut last night as to thu ex
hausted and hystcilcnl condition of the
cicw, but this morning Ihu men vvciu
much better. The Indications me Hint
they will bo nil light In n dny or two.
VV'liHt tho lixciinilmil! to OrKnoy
Spring Say or Their Kvporlttnco.
Till' commllteo appointed at the meeting
of excursionists at thoOiUney Springs, Va
JmioSt, tofoimulatoaii expiesslcm of ap
preciation of tho courtesies extended them
by the gencious managers ot the Spilugs,
unanimously repoit:
"'Iho excursion was In all respects a suc
cess. The gentlemen having the atlalr Im
mediately lu charge. Messrs Mnrr, D0111
nud Chase, wcto nt all times thoughtful ot
our wnuU and most gencious hi supplying
lliem. 'Iho ililc to and from the springs,
ovc.rau excellent mountain road, was exhll
aiatliigaud presented to thovyoglluipsesof
Bccneiy, muiiutaln and valley, unsurpassed
for grandeur and beauty. Our iceeptlon
and euteitnlumciit at the Spilugs will long
lemoln with us a pleasant memory. Wo
found tho Orkney Springs ono of the most
dimming ot mountain resorts, under tho
management of Keiitlemcn who "Utum how
to Ki'ip a hotel," 'Hie table la llnd-class,
tho looms aio well furnished, lighted and
viutlla)cd,aiid tho sewerage nnd dralnagois
pel fut. 'Ihero Uan abundnuicol shade,
a beautiful luwn and splendid drive. Tho
healing qualities ot the waters lire historic.
Wo cougratutnto sockets uftei health and
pleiismo that In tho beautiful valley oLVIr
ijlnla Ihero Is found a place ot resorTrltlia
Orknry Spilugs, which combines so lumy
attiactlous, with not a single draw bach,
and wo cordially commend It to tho support
of the public Inscnichof Ihst-clnss accom
modatloiis at reasonable rates."
Thin 1 4 Not no llilil,
"What Is that green sttiff In Iho cream,
V IlllamV" asked a jouug wife, ivforilug lo
the pistachio In tho centre ot tho foi 111,
"Oh, that's an oasis, my dear."
"An oasis a Utile grecu spot hi the dc
scrt, )ou Uiiow,"- Yonkois Stntesmau.
Herr l.anlotie, a Moderate, has been
eleotcd to the Herman Itelchstag for Met,
vlco M. Autolne, tho Frenchman who re
cently resigned ami wont to I'urH,
Tho Conilnl-loner Will Tnlto Htcp
to Nclllo thoVexnllous (Jiioitlnn.
Tho Commlssloncis snciit scvcrnl
hours this morning In discussing Iho
disputed South Washington railroad
tracks. Tlio following letter wns
finally written to District Attorney
Iho Commissioners hive the honor to no
Knowledge your ofllclal communication ot
tho 27lh Instant In relation to sundry rail
road tracks therein referred lo In tho Dis
trict. Tho Commissioners aro pleased nt
jour determination to sctilo the questions
Involved by Judicial proceedings, and hnvo
to express tlio wish that such proceedings
may bo as early ns your ofllclal convenience
will allow. Ilicy will promptly aid you In
tho proceedings Involved lu every wav
within their power to accomplish n final
and authoritative conclusion ot these vexed
The people of South Washington liv
ing lu Ihu vicinity of tlio railroad
(racks, arc Jubilant over the opinion
icndend yestcrdny by District Attorney
Hoge to tho effect Hint tho illegal
tiiictsaml sidings In Hint section me
without lenvc of Congress nnd must go.
They nrc congratulating each other thnt
this Is tho turning point lu the long,
tlreomu light which they have been
waging against tho company nnd are
now confident Hint the law will be car
tied out.
'Tho mote radical opponents of tho
tracks sny thnt the Commlssloncis hnvo
nocontiol of the mnltcr In tho least,
that It tails for Iho action of thu police,
nud Hint the permits on vv hlch tlio tracks
were laid nro not worth tho paper 011
which Ihey nrc written. They think
Hint tho police should tako 11 hnnd lu
Ihu matter, and nro nlso of the opinion
Hint tho Commissioners In granting iho
pci mils Inld themselves liable to ai rest
for fulling to carry out tho law. Tho
moie conservative, however, and theso
me In thu ninjotlly, counsel peaceful
"I think," said Mr. Parker, as ho
pulTtcl nwny id Ids tlgnr this morning
nt tho District buildings, "thnt Ihu
battle Is as good ns won. Tho opinion
of Judgo llogo Is a clear, concise stato
incnt of tho cntliu matter fiom the be
ginning, and nnyono can gel u good
Idea fiom lending it of how the law
has bicn repeatedly violated. It Is a
clincher, and cannot bo answered, A
simple stntcment of tho law bcnrlng on
tho subject wns suflklcnt, nnd Hint Is
all Hint wns given. It Is ns plain ns
the noso 011 vour fnco. Tho pcoplo of
South Washington nte sntlsllcd Hint
something Is going to bo done regard
iiiL thu nuttier, nnd thai It Is not irolne
lo be nllowcd to drag Its slow length
nlong nny fut llier. 1 have assurances
that early consldeinllon wlijic given
me ensu tiy the uontii, anil itioiigu incro
will doubthss bu strong Influences
bi ought to bear to prevent tho cnrrylng
out ot tho law It will do no good. The
question Is now nt the stage when some
thing will have to bo done."
Mr. James L. Harbour, the well
known wholesale gtoccr, wns nt the
District building this afternoon, but
whether or not on lnllrnnd nllniis CDtilil
not bo learned, llo had nn Interview
with Commissioner Douglass. It will
bo renicmbeied that Mr. Baibour was
one of ulaigo delegation of business
men who called upon tho Commlsslon
cis some tlmo ngo nnd urged upon
thtm tho necessity of Issuing' permits.
"A rnllioad Is not Intended to bo llko
u bird of passage," said Mr. Baibour lo
n Clime man, "simply pissing thiough
lite city without a stop,'' Tho business
interests nf this city demand thnt thcio
shall ben section where theso depots
should bo located and South Wnshliiz
ton Is best suited for this. All this
talk about the depreciation or piopcity
Iu thai section on account of tho i.ilt
loads Is nil bosh. I would bo
willing to stuko much Hint piopuily
nlong the lino of these 10 ids and lu the
vicinity of the largo wiuchoiiscs Is fiom
CO to 100 per cent. 111010 valuable to
day than it wns befoio tho Hacks weio
built. It Is not tho pioperty-riwners
who nrc nt tho bottom of this ngltatlon,
only n few men who vvnnt n llttlo chenp
notoucty. w ny, me vciy pcnpio who
to dny mo most urgent In their clients
to git ild of tho tracks caiiiu to mu, not
n gicnt vv hllo ngo, nud wanted to sell
mo pioncrty for n waiehouse, knowing
nt the tlmo thnt I would bo obliged to
have n side Hack."
"Aio you fanilllnt with the law of
thu cascV"
"Only In n genual way," was the an
svvcr. "1 havo always been uuiler tlio
linpicsslon that tho CommissImiciH,
having succeeded thu Hoaid of Public
Woiks, hud tho same povvci. However,
If they have not, they will, I nin sine,
for if the mnltcr goes to Congtess thuio
Is hnidly n doubt that tho business lu
iciests of the town will bu looked after
nml n bill passed that cannot be mlscon
stiucd." At Mm llotnU.
Itcprucntatlio 1'.. 1'. Allen ot Michigan Is
stopping nt tbo National.
.1. XV. l'orkr, N'ch York, and I), Parker,
London, aro nt Wormlcj's.
XV. II, Stocliwellaud J. A, Fnust, New
York, aio at Chambcrllii's.
Josiph W. Uremic), Cincinnati, Ohio,
and J. J. Smith, Ohio, are at tho Itaudall.
8. 1". llarncf, New York, and C. 11.
Morris, Virginia, nio at the Hotel John
sou. Augustus Ik Wlllson, Louisville, aud J.
(I, Uattcrsou, II art foul, nro at Iho Nor
111:1 mile.
lleprescutntlve C. II. (I rosveuor has re
turned fiom his home In Ohio and Is legls
lucd at the Kbbltt.
A. T. Howeii and C. Henry Lamsou, New
York; 11.(1. Vltkery and James '1 hyson,
imiiaua, aio ai me .vruo,
Culonil 11. (1, llurl.o ot Iho Itlggs Home
will leave this evening for Ocean City to
taKo chargu of tbo Atlantic Hotel at tint
Joseph Dyer, New Oilcans; C. W. Coll,
Cincinnati;.!. II. Johnson, t'lovldence, It.
I., and 1. S. llioslln, Uiooklyu, aro at tho
llownid House.
A. S. Caldwell, Denver, Colo,; Willis
Hubbnid, Flint, Mich.; W, McDonald, llns
lou, runt Jiiuies L. Daughcil), Cleveland,
me at tho St. .lames.
James Ilalley, I'tlca, N. Y.;porgo Hill,
New York; J, W. Johnson, Houston,
Texas, and (leorgo V. Huntington, Phila
delphia, aio at lllaid's,
I), Frank l.lojd, New York: J. S. Straus
and wlfo, Cincinnati; W. 1', Hunt, llostou,
nud Mis. Andrew Fierce and Miss Fierce,
Old Point, nio at Ihu Arlington.
Charles II. Baldwin, llostou; F, M.
Stan and wife, Delnmme, Ohio; John C
Chancy, Sullivan, Ind,; (leorge 1'Ieico,
Niw oik, nro at the lllugs House.
Fiank M llostou, Marietta, (la.; 0. XV.
Whlteher nud wife, llostou; ll. (. (lleiin.
New Yoilc; C. N. Hovvnul, Itochester, and
C. A. Willis, Home, (la., aio at the Metro
polituii, F, P, Sullivan, Concord, S. II : Samuel
Sneatt, Low ill, Mass,; 1'iiU' Now Ian, Now
Yoik; D. Davis, Chicago; S. I.. Foster and
wife, Atlanta, nnd XV. J, Walker, lllcli
iiioud, aro nt tho National.
XV. V. Johnson, Indhiu.inolia; H, It. lloy
nolds, Chicago, Dr. S, llullocU, .Mobile,
Ala.; Hon, II. Clay F.vnus, Clinttanooga;
XV, T. Itobblns, Cleveland, and Charles f,
Mott, llrooklyn, are at the llldiltt.
Princess Ionise of Wales, grand-daughter
ofOueeu Victoria, has lieeu betrothed to
I thallatlotrife-.
A Yon OR nrnn Who Has Drought Ills
Powem or ll-pnotlnii to lleiir Upon
1IM NelRhhnro With Plethoric Tills
A Clover Hot Weather Talc.
London, June US. The crown proses
culor of the city of Wolverhampton, In
the County of ytnfford, Is In u cpitin
daiy, Tho police thcro hnvo In custody
n young man who Is undoubtedly worthy
of severe punishment, ami yet his crlmo
Is so entirely novel Hint Iio probably
cannot be punished nt nil unless the old
statutes ugnlnst witchcraft nro icvlveil,
In which eno ho might bo comfortably
ioalcil befote n slow Ihe
This young man, whose name Is
Lewis Albeit, Is n grndiintu of Oxford
Untvcislly. Soon nftcr hu left college
ho btenmo Interested In mesmerism,
mind rending nud hypnotism, nud ns :
result of natural gifts or cloio study
soon beenmo so epert Hint for ti tlmo
hu traveled nbout giving exhibitions of
hlspovvcrs. Ho acquired n wonderful
Inllucucc over the will power of certain
classes of people, and established such
n reputation thnt he might have undo
his exhibitions very profltnblo but for
nn unfortunate penchnnt for tho (low
ing bowl, This brought him so low
Hint tin co months ngo liu turned up In
Wolvcihninptoti In ings nnd without
money or friends. Then hu bugnu to
hypnotise with n vcngcnncc. Small
shopkeepers, usually women, began to
clUcovcr'lbnt the contents of their tills
vciy mysteriously dwindled nftcr a
visit fiom the urbane similiter.
Jut vvlint his method of procedure
wns nono could tell, but when they
found on comparing notes Hint their
losses Invariably followed tho visits of
the polite Albert they set the police to
wntch him. Then somo startling dis
coveries were made. Ills custom wns
to enter n shop, make a purchase or
some trlllo nnd put down a copper in
payment. Then tho hypnotising or
mesmerising process must have been
biought into requisition, for thu shop
keeper in every caso took up tho copper
and handed nut tho chango for 11 sover
eign which thu young man promptly
pocketed. In only ono caso while the
police were on his truck wns thcio a fail
ure to befog his victim In this way.
The detective who followed him about
was in) stifled for 11 long time, being ut
terly unable 10 account lor the Halluci
nation which Invariably seized Albcit'it
Ictlms nnd led lliem lo mlstnku u copper
coin for n gold soveielgn, nnd It was
only nftcr dicovci iug his professions!
record Hint he began to understand it.
Albcit's Inst victim was 11 youth of
if), the attendant nt thu bo-(P.lco of it
thentro In Wolveihniupton. lie stepped
up lo the window boldly, nsked for it
shilling ticket, handed thu box-agent a
scrap of newspaper nnd received as
thnngc, without the slightest hesita
tion tin the pnrt of tho boy, four sov
crlmis nnd nineteen sliilllnss. While;
wnHdngoff with lids he vvhs m rested
by tho ofllccr who hnd been shndowlng
him for two weeks.
Thu boy In Iho bo- ofllce wns dumb
fouiiikd when his attention wns called
lo thu scrap of newspaper In Ids ensh
l.o and still stoutly insisted th.it the
gentleman had handed him 11 live-pound
note. Ho remembers, linn ever, lint a
pccullarscnsntlon cnino over him, which
110 descilbcs ns a sort of numbness,
when the innn llrst npproached tho win
dow of the ofllce. Tho legnl status of
Albcit's olTcnso Is very difficult t do
tcimlne, ns It Is without a precedent,
nnd good Inwyeis s.iy thcio Is now no
lnw lu Luglnud to punish him, (The
case Is exciting gicnt Intciest.
Tho Isow York Moek AliirKet.
Tlio following are Iho prices of tho New
Yoik and Chicago innrkctsns reported by
special wlro to C. T. Haveuner A Co.,
(-It Fktreit northwest:
Can. Pacific. Pfil
Can. South.! r.llj
Cen. Pacific 3(11
I). L. A W..114S
do. iifd.
do. ill
M. S.
Lrlo 8(U
Jcrtey Cen.. 110
It. XV. Ft.
1 in
do. old.
1,. v: . ok
L. S 10.1,
M.. K. A. T..
St. Paul....
iTcx. l'ac...
Union l'ac.
Mo. Fnc 1 Jl
W. Union...
ft. v. ecu
N. Pac.. 'JS
Am. Cots'd
Atch , Top
ch , Top
il., II A Q
do. i?fd. I nut
Tho OhlfiiKo Jlarkot.
0(en. Close., I Open. Closo.
July W3 TOJ .Ttily.... II 7.1 tl 7t
Aug 771 771 Aug ....11 SI II US
Sept.... 771 77 .Sept.... lays II O.'l
July fHZ rc; July
Aug m IKJ :Aug
Sept .... MM S3' ;aeit 0 75 0 7.1
Sept ....I Sij '.-.'a
1V'Blilnsloii Mode I'KtliHiiKo.
Miscellaneous honds W. A. (1, It. It.
Co., IO1."; Masonic Hall Ass'u., I0ti; Wash.
Market Co., Ill: Wash. Market Co., Imp.
bonds, lis, 1!1; Wash. I.t Infantry, 101;
Wash. Lt. Infantry, "d, 70; XV. (las Lljht
Co. IioiiiIs, 13.1; XV. (las Light Co. Iwndi,
script. 12.".
atlonal Hank Stocks Hank ot Wash
ington, 'CO; Dank of Ih-piibllc.SH; Metro
polltnii, '.MO; Central, -J5; Second, 17(1;
Varnieis and Mechanics'. 171; Cltlieus',
ISO; Columbia, las.
ltnllroad Stocks Washington mil
(leorgitown, ; Mttrnpolltiui, l'J.1; Co
umbl.i, 14; tnpltol and North ( Street, 4t.
Insitrancu SlO"Ks -Hieuien's,4U: Frank
lin, 14; Mcliopolltnn, 74; National Union,
10; Arlington, 170; Corcoran, (il; Colum
bia, IS; Herman American, IM); Potomac.
W: Itlggs, s.
(las aud l'.lcctrlc Light Stocks Wash
ington (ins, 14; Oeorgitimn(!a,40; U.S.
Kfcctrlc Light, - .
Telephone stocks Chesapeake and Fotn.
nine, N!2; Amcilcau Craphophono Co., 2.H.
.Miscellaneous blocks Washlngtou Mar
hit Co., 10! Washington Hi Ick Machlas
Co,, '.'TO; Cre.it Falls Ice Co., US, Hull
IIuu 1'iuioi.un.i Co., '.'ti; lteal l'stato Tltla
Instil mica Co., 135: Columbia Title In.
siinmio Co., 0,; National Safe Deposit
Co., -.
A hpecily Vujuee.
laptnlu Nickels, of tho ship Slnte of
.Maine of Newcastle, Me., U a proud nun
to-dny. Ho feel 8 sure that Ids ship his
made tho i pilckiMl voj age on reeonl. Tlio
vessel nnlveil yesterday from lloug Kutia
wlth a cargo of tea, sllK and other iiierch in
dlse, after a vojngeof uliieti twodays, The
besttilp pievlous to this was tint of Hi
Oleat Admlial llueejeais ago. Sho undo
tlio voyage In idnely-three days. Captain
Nickels billeves that If ho h idu't uUsse.l
tho nuithea-t mousooii he mli;lit hnvo been
hero foouer, Tho State of Maluo was built
lnlS7S. She Is of 1,407 tons burthen. 8l("
feet long, 40 feet beam, and 31 feet deep.
N. V Telegram
r.ocnt AVoather l'orert.
Light showers, followed Biturdrty by
fair, contiuued high temperoturt, variable

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