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"V ' j'");1
21ST YEAR-N0- 6,521.
Nuptial Mass Celebrated nt tlio Cnthc
ilrnl In Now York Tlio Ceremony
l'crforinod liy Archbishop Corrlgnn
A Distinguished Oathorlnc.
Nisw Yonis, Juno 20. Tlio mnrrlnjc
o Jllss Elizabeth Drcxel, daughter of
llio Into Joseph) Drcxel, nnd Mr, John
Vinton Dnhlgrcn, son of tlio Into Hear
Atlmlrnl Dnhlgrcn, nnil stepbrother of
the Into Consul-General Dahlgicn nt
Koine, who married Bliss Moignn, n
daughter of tlio Into Ilov. Dr. Morgan
of St. Thomns' Church, was sol
emnized today ntSt. Patrick's Cathe
dral, Tlio ceremony was per
formed by Ms Grace Archbishop Cor
rlgnn, nnd It was followed by n nuptial
mass, which was sung by tlio llcv.
Father Colton of St. Stephen's Church.
The ushers wcro Count Plcrio Do
Chnmlirnu of Washington, Manuel Do
J.n Cucrn, Vice Consul of Spain at
Now York; Thomas Bayard, son of cv
Sccrctnry Bayard; Gcorgo W. Chllds
Drcxel ot Philadelphia, C. Staccy
Clnik of this city, Thomas Jenkins of
Baltimore, Edward Ilosmer, Horace
Wyllo, Hnrry Martin nnd William
Bliss of Washington. Bach was dressed
In light trowsers, dark coats,
On tho left lapel of which
was worn a boutonnlcro souvenir. Tho
music during tho mass was furnished
by tho regular choir of tho church,
llio sanctuary was brilliantly lighted,
hundreds of candles burning InsTdo of
tho chauccl railing, besides :i nunibor
of gas jets. About the iloor of tho
sanctuary wcro placed huge pots of
palms, ferns nnd rare flowers, nnd the
Riand high altar was exquisitely and
modestly dressed with tlowers. Tho
JTgur smaller altars on tho gos
pel and cplstlo sides of tho
grand high altar wcro also tnstc
i ully decorated. Many of tho costumes
In tho church were rich nnd handsome,
nnd somo of tho bonnets were dainty
bits of millinery. Tho organist, Mr.
Pccher, played at intervals while tho
company wero waiting; Selections fiom
"Lohengrin," "Dlo Mclstcrslnger," tho
overture to Rossini's "William Tell"
nnd other compositions wcro pcitormcd
until tho bridal party arrived nt
tho portals of tho church. At this mo
ment tho Archbishop, preceded by n
procession of priests and acolytes bear
ing tho crozlcr nnd several lighted
cnndlcs, emerged fiom tho vestry.
Tho tiroccsslon passed slowly around
to tho front of tho high altar, wlioro
the Archbishop, helm: assisted to re
move his mitre, bent his knee In prayer.
Blslug lifter a few moments ho received
from his assistants his mltio, and,
then beating himself on the high
nltar steps, awaited tho biidal
paity coming up tho Ions centre aisle.
Tho bridal party formed nnd moved up
tho nlslo In tho following order: First
camo tho ushers; then the brlilcsmales,
who wcro Misses Lucy nnd Kate Drcxcl,
Bisters of tho bride; Miss Uliica Dnhl
fiicn, sister of tho bridogioom. nnd
Miss Helen Dudley of this city. About
llflccn feet behind these young
ladles walked tho biide leaning on the
firm of her cousin, Mr. J. It. Drexcl.
who gave her away In tho nbsenco of
her uncle, Mr. A. J. Drcxel, who is on
his way from Europe. She looked
dazzling in her wedding gown of white
satin, mado en train, with front draped
In rare point d'AIencon lace, said to bo
ICO years old.
Tlio dicss was draped with orange
blossoms and tho square cut corsage
wns edged with heavy while braided
coid with long tnsscl ends. Tho veil
wns of point 'd Alcncon laeo nnd was
nnanged on tho head with a tiara of
diamonds, a gift from hcv mother, nnd
sptnys of ornngo blossoms confined
with diamond pins. She carried a
bouquet of ncphetos loses. Tho
bridesmaids woro slmllnily made
gowns of whito point MEspilt
Inco and molro, whlto felt Hading
lints tilmmcd with ostilch fcntheis, and
each cm tied n bouquet of La Franco
loses nnd laeo fans with long Ivory han
dles, painted by tho bride. Theso fans,
with tho gowns, weio picscntcd to tho
young Indies by Miss Drcxel.
At tho snnctuaiy lalling tho bildo
wns met by tho bildcgroom nnd hlsbcst
man, Mr. Eric Dnhlgrcn, his biother.
After tho mnrrlago ccicinony the young
couploweio shown to their plnccs nl
cither side of tho altar. Then begnn tho
cclchiatlon of the nuptial mass by
Father Colton. After the benediction
Mr. and Mie. Dahigicn weio dilven
to tho homo of tho bildo's
mother, whcioa woldlngbreakfnst and
leccpllon weio given. Among tho
guests wero Mr. nnd Mrs. George W.
Chllds, Mrs. Hcniy Day, Mr. and Mis.
Victor Ncwcomb, Miss Loulso Floyd
Jones, Miss Lcnry, Mr. Arthur Leary,
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Arkell, Dr. and
Mrs. Fordycc Barker, Mr. and Mis. J.
W. Paul, jr., of Philadelphia; Miss
Constance Sehnck, Mrs. Hicks-Lord,
General nnd Mrs. Dl Cesnoln, tho Misses
Dl Cesnoln, Mrs. Semmes Ives, Mr.
Condo Thorn, Mr. nnd Mis. Livingstone,
Mr, nnd Mrs. Charles I'cllnw, Mrs.
Hamilton Fish Kcane and Mr. Louts
Colonel Vat Vonan: "I attended both the
West Point and Vnssar comiueucoments, a
full battalion of rflrls. niam'nf thnni nrottv:
' exquisite costumes, with n strong tinge of
a'stlietltUm; masses of lion era everywlioi e;
jr the whole air filled with music ami por-
lunio; origin cssnjs, Bongs, iccopuons,
lunches, banquets, dances. Tlio nights
weio filled with fuu, and tlio circs that In
lest tlio day skipped over tho Hudson like
lumping-Jacks nnd silently llewed away, I
had a g-o-r-g-o-l-i-o-u-s-s-s time I"
Colonel McKibhen, at Marshall Hull
"Yes, by April, 1890, wo will have ono ot
tho finest steamers that plough tho waters
of Ho Potomac. Wo have mado all tho nr
nmcements with tlio Harlan A Holllngs
worth Company of Wilmington, Del. Wo
will maUo three trips dally to Mount Ver
non, which, will allow those wliqileslro to
visit the tomb of Washington a longer time
tost.iy. Woaro always on tho lookout
fortbecnjovineut o: tho pcoplo of Wash
ington, nnd this latest step will bo our
gi cutest endeavor."
.1- 11, Hmciv "Notwithstanding tlio feel
ings as Indicated by oxprcsslous uf somo ot
oiirical cbtato doilcr6 as to a long, dull
period, I havo Just closed a sale of over
J20.000 bn Columbia Heights, with strong
Indications of not us dull it summer as
sjomo aio predicting. Kchliigtou Is pioseut
ig peculiar activity for this season of tho
year, and much work is prospective- with
no as to preclude tlio possibility of my
Inking nicst at an early date ns 'I would
Dcutli uf Mm. Temple.
. Mrs. Admiral Teniplo died this morning
it the Portland Flats. Tho amiuijoraeuts
fr the funpral havo not yet boon mado,
I'lirclRn llrovllle,
Lmperor William will start on his yacht
crulso to Norway on Monday,
Favorable woaiher has dispelled fears ot
the failure of the ltusslaa crops.
Tlio rirst Payment for Work Mndo-.
Tho Hands for Halo.
The (list payment for work on tho
canal was mado this morning. Presi
dent Gnmbrlll nnd Mr. ClsacI, on tho
pnrt of tho millers, drew their Joint
check for something like two thousand
dollnis. Tho work has mado excellent
progicss during this ilrst week. Tho
biggest break, that near Woody's, Is
ilxcd, and smaller break's In several
other places hnvo been repaired. Tho
bridges for tlio tow path that were all
swept awav by tho llood have nil been
rebuilt nnd next week will seo tho
cnnnl well on tho way to complete res
lorntlon ns far ns tho Georgetown lovel
Is concerned.
Somo 200 men havo been at work
this week and Mommy 150 mora men
nnd 100 moro cnrls will bo put nt work.
The work so far dono is entirely satis
factory, both to tlio rnnnl company and
tho millers. Tho reprccntat(vo of the
canal company, Mr. B(ser, hns been on
tho ground, constantly watching tlio
work of repair, nnd ho says It Is being
well done.
Next week, with Iho augmented forco
of men, tho work will bo pushed moro
inpidly than this, nnd, Instead of hav
ing tho men nil nt work at ono or two
places only, tho woik will bo pushed
simultaneously nil nlong tho lino of tho
Georgetown lovel.
Tho now issuo of $800,000 woitli of
repair bonds Is not yet qulto ready, but
subscriptions for them will bo iccclvcd
now. Tho bonds aio being printed
now. Thoy havo been ndvertlscd for
selo in the county papers In tho towns
along tho lino of thu canal and propo
sals for blocks of tho bonds havo been
advertised for. Tho bonds nro secured
by lien on the revenues of tho cnnal.
non. Nllthnn Gon? May Succeed tho
l'rosont Incumbent,
Tho presence of Stephen B. Elkins In
the city nnd tho fact that ho has been
closeted with tho President for tho past
two or three days hns given rlso to a
story that a deal Is being arranged by
which Hon. Nnthnn Goft of West Vir
ginia Is to bo mado Attornoy-Ocncrnl, to
succeed tho Incumbent, who Is to bo
appointed to the vacancy on tho Supremo
Court Bench. This chongo will not bo
effected until the fall of the year, nnd
It Is expected that Congress will con
veno In extra session prior to tho con
vening of tho Supremo Court in Octo
ber. Tho nomination of tho new
Assoclato Justice will bo sent in nt that
Tho Undortulilnc Hns lloen Postponed
Until Winter.
It lias been decided on by thoso in
chaigo of putting electric lights In the
Capitol to postpone doing so until Con
gress nssemblcs. Tho plans for tho In
ti eduction of tho lights weio prepared
last winter and cveiything was ready to
advcitlso for pioposals for tho work.
No leason for tho delay can be ob
tained, but it Is thought that, if tho
inntlcr Is left over until Congress meets,
Hint nn appropriation for tho cntiro
lighting of the building will bo obtained.
Mnrlno Corp CliniiRcs.
Lieutenant Colonel O. D. Hebbof tho
Maiine Coips will be detached from tho
command of tho Marino Barracks at
Portsmouth, N. II., on August 14, nnd
will leport the next day for tho com
mand of tho Maiine Barracks at Bos
ton, relieving Major G. Poller Houston,
who hns been oidcicd to command tho
Mnilno Bnnocksnt Lencue Island, Pn.
Captain John II. Hlgbco has been or
dticd to nssumo command of the Mn
ilno Dai racks nt Portsmouth, N, II.
A Number or Consuls Appointed.
Tho following consular nppolut
menls weio made to-day; Edwaul C.
Goodcnow of Mo. to Stephens, N. B.;
Daniel B. Hubbnul, Muss., Anna
bel g, Gcunnny; Hugo M. Stnrkh
loiT, Mo.. Bremen; William
F. Gulnnell, N. Y., Manchester,
Eng.; John A. Tlbbltts, Conn., Brad
fold, Eng.; Ilobcit W. Tinner, Knn.,
Cadiz, Spain; M. D. Sampson, Kan.,
St. Johns, N. B.; Win. G. Soraby,
Miss,, Guaqull.
A District Attnrnoy Appointed.
Auoiney-aoncral Miller to-doy np
pointed John E. Smith Assistant Hulled
Stnlcs District Attorney for the Noith
ein District of Now York.
Tho resignation of John W. Nclms,
U. S. Muishal for the Noithem district
of Geoigln, wns ucelved at the Depart
mint to-dny.
Checks For Illloront.
Tiensuier Huston to day mailed
S.-.,1!)0 cheeks, aggregating 7,727.l;)9,
In payment of the Intciest duo July 1,
18y9, on United States icglsteicd four
per cent, bonds and on bonds Issued
in nid of Pacific Itallioad companies.
Tho Chorolccn Communion,
Messrs. Fnlichlld nnd Wilson, mem
ben of tho Cheiokeo Indian Commis
sion, mo in the city nnd had a confer
enco this nftcinoon with tho Secretary
of tho Intei lor nnd tlio Commissioner of
Indian AiVulis relative to tho business
of the Commission.
A Sontiinco Commuted.
The Piesldcnt to day commuted to
six months tho senlcnco by tho Arizona
Court of Dr. Wniicn to two years' lm
ptifiomnciil on tho sticngtli of his sol
dier iccoid.
A I'reslilentlnl l'ostinantar.
Tho Picslilcnt to-dny nppotntcd
Gcoiro S. Meeley postmaster at Colum
bia City, Ind.
Wlinl thu UxcnrHloiilrttx to Orhuoy
Hpilnta Siiy of Their liiporlencu.
Tin: commlttco appointed at tlio mcotlug
of excursionists at tho Orkney Springs, Vn
Juno III, to formulate an expiesslou of np
prcclatlon of tho courtesies extended tlicni
by tho generous managers of tho Spilngs,
unanimously report;
"The excursion was In all respects n suc
cess. 'I ho gentlemen ha Ing tho affair Im
mediately hi chaige. Messrs Marr, Dean
nnd Chase, wero at all times thoughtful of
our wants and most gencious lu sunplyliu;
them. The rldo to and from tho Springs,
oer an excellent mountain road, was exhil
arating nnd piesculed to tho ejogllmpscsof
scenery, mountain and valley, uusui passed
forgiaiideuraud beauty. Our leicptlon
and Liitcitalument at tho Springs will long
remain with us a plcasaut memory. We
found tho Oiknoy Sprhigsouo of tlio most
(.banning of mountain resorts, under tho
mauogeiiient of pentlcmcii who "know how
to keep a hotel.'1 Tho tablo Is first-class,
tho rooms nro well furnished, ll'chted and
entllalcd,and thoeowciago nnduratnaguls
perfect, 'there Is au abundance of shade,
a beautiful lawn nnd splendid dilves. Tlio
healing qualities ot tbo w aters nro historic.
Wo (ougratulato seekers after health and
plensuio that In tho beautiful valloy of Vlr-
Sluta there Is found a placo ot result, tho
rkupy Springs, which combines so many
attractions, with not a sluglo draw back,
and wo cordially commend It lo the support
ot tho public In scaicuot'Jlrsi-class aceom
medatfous at reasonable rAtes."
Tho ltenson Alleged Tor Ills Dlsup
licnrnttce A Itcpnrt 'Hint Aloxunilor
Nulllvnii Will Not Ho Indlctod That
tho Olliors Mny Ho Ilurngoil,
Ciiicaoo, Juno 20. John Fitzgerald,
tho Iilsh Land Leaguer of Nebraska,
camo lo the city Thursday with tho
avowed Intention of Btajlng nt lenst n
week. Ho mndo appointments to that
effect, but suddenly yesterday afternoon
he picked up his bnggngo nnd loft tho
city, enylng nothing nbout his Inten
tions. It wns suspected that Mr. Fit.,
cernld camo hero to seo Alexander Sul
livan, but ho denied nny such purpose
when ho wns seen for n moment yester
dny In tlio Grand Pacific. It Is stated
that Plnkerton detectives shadowed tho
Ncbrnsknn during his stay in tho city,
and It may be aro still on his trail.
Tho ?'iic this morning says: It is
believed that seven indictments will bo
returned, nnd that tho men pronounced
guilty of Dr. Cronln's murder, or par
tied to tho conspiracy to murder him,
will bo Alexander Sullivan, Martin
Utirkc, Pat. Coonov, John F. Beggs,
Daniel Coughlln, Patrick O'Sullfvan
and Fiank Woodruff. Thero Is somo
gossip around thu coiut-house to tlio of
feet that Alex. Sullivan's conviction
will be assured by not Indicting him;
that no bill will bo found against him
in order to show tho others what dupes
they havo been. It Is icasoned that
when tho others seo the gallows picpar
Ing for them, whllo Alcxondcr Sullivan
walks tho streets n freo mnn, they will,
out of their bitterness ngninst tho dis
ci Imlnnllon, confess nil they know,
Winniwxi, Man., Juno 20. Assist
ant Stnto's Attorney Baker nirlvcd yes
terday and was closeted all tho after
noon nnd the evening with II. M.
Howell, who has been going over tho
cvidenco to seo that It Is In proper form.
Tito examination will bo finished to-dav
nnd nil will bo In rendlncss for tho trlnl
Tucsdny. It Is possible Burko may not
bo brought back beforo October. Ho
hns fifteen days In which to appeal to
tho full cotut. Tho July term of tho
Quccn'sBcnch ends tho second Thursday
in July. Tho next term begins tho last
Thursday In September. If tho present
proceedings do not end nt least fifteen
days beforo the second Thursday In
July tho caso will go over to Septem
ber, unless appeal is waived. Appeal
will not bo wnlvcd unless so strong n
enso Is mndo Hint It would bo useless to
appeal. Consequently It Is quite possi
ble uiai urn ko win remain net
hero till
Tho Vlnnl Arcumont for tbostnto Do
Ilvorcd This Mornlne-
CiiAiti.rsTON, S. C., Juno 29. Tho
SIcDow trlnl Is approaching a close.
Tho llnrtl argument for tho Stnto was
dellvcied this morning by Julian Mitch
ell. Tlio court-houso was ciowdcd.
Nearly every minister of the gospel in
the city, Including a bishop nnd many
leading citiens, wcro present. Mr.
Mitchell closed his aigumcnt nbout
2 p. in., having spoken for nearly
live hours. Tbo usual chargo of
tho Judge will follow, and tho caso will
bo given to tho Jury. It Is not expected
that n vcidict will bo reached beforo
Monday, If then. Tho prisoner sat
thioiigh thenrgument to-dny ennUif his
bend on his hand nnd icstlng his elbow
on the tnblc. Ho has lost somewhat tlio
bold look ho preserved during tho first
thrco or four days ot tho tilnl, nnd does
not look so chipper ns he did when tho
Swiss mnld wns giving her testimony.
A family Twlco Allllctod.
Tho many friends of Mr. nnd Mis. John
T. Liputa of Kast Washington will bo
pained to hear of tho death of their Infant
daughter, which occurred at tho residence
ot Mr. Lsputa's mother-in-law, in 1'ilnco
lltorgo County, on Thursday night. About
two weeks ago tho parents lost their oldest
child by cholera Infantum, and this second
bucau'ment from liko cmse has been n
terrible tdow to tho parents. Tho body will
nrrlio to-night at 7 o'clock, and will bo Im
mediately Intoned In Mt. Olivet Cemetery.
Thotr Armory Much Improved.
Tho Union Veteran Hattnllon, numbering
at tho present time B70 membors, havo, nt
u Inrgo expeuso of money, beautified their
armoiy at (Irand Army Hall, Seventh and
L stints northwest. Tho western end of
tho armory mis been decorated lu a manner
that Is very attractive. The small stage has
been utilized In a way ns to represent n
mlnlaturo fottress, and by tho uso of small
arms, drums, cannon balls and swords a
fiuo sceno Is presented. The hall) of tho
armory nro also newly frescoed, and none
of tho National Guard organizations tan
boast of a cosier home.
Improlns tho SlreotD.
Hlels wero opened by tho Commissioners
to-day for Impiovlng tho streets of tlio city,
provided for In tho appropriations of the
next fiscal jcar. 'Iho bidders were; James
Reynolds, Lyons .t O'llrlan, Andrew
Gleason, Albert Gleason, Janus r'rawloy,
Cranfoid Paving Compiny, Barber
Asphalt Paving Company, Patrick Malouv
and William II, Mohler. Tho awards will
be mado next week.
llurlnl I'ormlU IhsuoiI,
Ilurlal permits li.ivo been Issued by tho
Health Ofllccr for tho past twenty-four
houis ns follows: Itadelllfe Copcland, 10
cars; Aim A. Prook, 57 yoais; Mary K.
Kline, 5J cars; Samuel Titus, 75 e.irs;
James O'llrlen, 77 years; and colored:
Mary I. Hamilton, n months; Paulino I.o
innx, 5 mouths; Mary V. Smith, -15 jcirs;
Archlo Johnson, 1 months; James A.
Adams, 1 jcar.
Suleldo From Ill-lleftltli,
Nbw Oiii iuns, Juno 20. A special from
Meildlaiisas IJcorgo W. McC'aun, who
has resided hero for a scoro of years, com
mitted suicide Thursday night by cutting
his thioat with a razor. Ill-health was tho
cause. Tho sulcldo was n biother of Com
modoro McCanu ot the United States
Will Sloet lit Old l'olut.
Sin Piiancisco, Juno 21). Tho sessions
of all sections of tho American Pharma
ceutical Association closed ) e&tcrdiy, and
thu association adjourned to moot nt Old
Point Comfort, Va., the secoud Monday In
September, 186A
WruclfiiBti from Vuttlo Stonmor.
Fail Hived, Mvss., Juno 20, Over n
dozen carcasses of cattle hawi been washed
a8boio at Iltirso Neck Reach, Westport,
supposed lo lo from somo outdo stoamer.
No other wreckage, howevor, Is uotleed.
I'lo Ycurs for Murilor.
WiiKUbiiAiuir, Pa,, Juno 29. K. 1'.
Wilkinson, convicted of murder lu tho
second degree for shooting Thomas Gal
lagher, 10 j ears ot ugo, was sentenced this
morning to live jears In tho penltcutlaiy,
An Uxplonlou In lloston,
IIostos', Juno 20. Aii explosion of gas
occiurcd In tho new Fisk building on
Stato stiect, lu tho seventh story this morn
ing. '1 wo men and ono woman wcro In
jured, the damage will be considerable,
Man luce r.lceusos.
Homer Illanch and Maggio I'lomln?; Au
di cw W. Vlgal and Agues It. Johnson;
Walter V. MciUrlty, Fnhfax Couuty, Vn.
mid Maggio Oaruer, city,
Tho President Thou I.cnvcn for llalll
moro to Meet Mrs. Ilnrrlson,
Ono npnolntiuciit wns nnnounced by
tho Prcsidcnt.lo dny, Hobcrt 11. lluule'r
of New York, lo bo Collector of In
ternal Hcvcnuo for tho Fourteenth Dis
trict of New York. This district Is
what Is known as the Albany Collection
DIstilct, nnd the new olllclnl Is u prom
inent ltepubilcan of tlio Capital of tho
Bmplio Stale. IIo wns Indorsed by the
Congressional delegation of New York
nnd Ids appointment Is generally welt
No callers were received at tlio Whlto
Houso to day, for shonly after break
fast tho President announced Ids In
tention of going to Ihllliuoro to meet
Mrs. Harrison, who Is returning from
Cope May. Mrs. Harrison will lcmalii
nt tho Whlto Houso until Tuesday
afternoon, when sho will accompany
Hie President on his trip to Woodstock
to spend llio Fourth of July, ns guests
of Henry C. Bowcn, esq.
Mrs. Mclvco will arrive at Deer Park
on Tuesday, to spend tho remainder of
tho summer, nnd after tho Woodstock
trlpMrs. Harrison will Jolnherdaughter
In tho mountains.
Chief Itcubcns of tho Nez Pcrco In
dians wns ncnllcrnt tho Whlto Houso
to-dny during tho absenco of tho Picsl
dent, to whom ho desired to pay his re
spects. Tho business for which Bon
bons camo to Washington has been
satlsfacloilly ni ranted by tho Becietnry
of tho Interior, nnd ho left for his homo
in Idnho Territory this afternoon.
Mrs. Ilnrrlson, nccompnnied by tho
President, Dr. Scott nnd cx-Scnntor
Scwell, rctui licit nt 1:40 this nfternoon.
Work Will Soon Ilocln nnd Pushed
With flrent Vigor.
"Work on the Seventh street cablo
road will bo pushed forward with tho
greatest vigor," said Piesldcnt Hurt to
n Ciiitio icporter this morning, "nnd
wo expect to havo It In working ortlcr
somctlmo next winter, most probably
nbout tho 1st of February. If nothing
occuis to Interfere with our plans every
thing will bo In readiness by that time,
and Wushlngton will havo ono of tho
best equipped roads In tlio country.
Tho work to be dono will bo n good
thing for the town. A largo number of
laborers will find lucrative employment,
nnd our home merchants will icap tlio
benefits from tho largo amount of money
to bccxpcndcd.
"For a little whllo wo thought that the
disaster at Johnstown would cause n
serious delay in tho work, but tho latest
Information received from thero ossiucs
us Hint nil contracts will bo carded out
qn time. Tho rolling mills proper wcro
not much damaged, but tho mills wlicro
the frogs ond curves mo mado weio
swept entirely away. Thcywlll bo re
built Immediately, however, ami as wo
do not need this material until tho
finishing touches aio being put on tho
load, wo aro going right to woik on
our power building. It Is to bo n model
of Its kind. It will be finished beforo
wo nro ready for It. but of courso It Is
well lo bo on time.
"About horses? Well. I lliluk tho
horso will hnvo to go, nnd Hint tho tlmo
is very near when mechanical devices
will entirely tako their places. This Is
ns It should be. Tho cable and clcctiic
roads nie not so icllnblo ns tlio horse
they nro faster, nnd speed Is what the
nineteenth century wants. Washington
Is n long-distance city, It needs mpld
transit, and wo mo going to do our best
to supply tho need.'
Hull (Uor Clunrotlo Pictures.
New YfliiK, -Tune 29. Grade Wade,
who Is said to bo an actress. Is suing W.
Ihiko it: Sons lu thoSupicmo Court, Brook
lju, for $10,000 damages for distributing,
as she alleges, with cigarettes, a picture of
her head and face attached to tlio Im
modest representation of a w omau In tights,
'lhoolllcers ot tho company profess Ijuor
anco of such a picture, flraclo Wado Is
said to be well-known lu theatrical circles,
but not under this name.
At till) HotcU.
(I, Mingo, Philadelphia, Is at Cli.iuibcr
1 lii'e.
Iklpnr M. Ward, Now York, Is at
W ticker'.
1). O, Weokham, Now York, Is at
C. II. Olllcsplo and Wllluln Lange, Jr.,
New York, are at tho Hotel Johnson.
Hon. Ashbel P. Pitch of Now York ar
rived hero last evening mid registered at
tho Arlington.
W. J. Claggctt, New York; W. J. Saycr
and O. II, Crozer, jr., Philadelphia, aro
icgletered at tho Arno.
Hon. Fred. J. Wendell, editor of tho Co
lumbus, O., Timet, in rled hero last even
ing and registered at Wlllard'e.
J. 0. Farnsworth, Albany; A. I). Hop
burn, Philadelphia, and 1 homns M. King,
Baltimore, nro at tho Arlington.
J. W. Ilakcr, Nashville, Tenn.; Mrs. J,
Benjamin, New Orlcaus, La.; Mr. Mc
(lowan, Itlchmond, Va., ore at tho Metro
politan. Dl. C. W. Pry, Huntington, Ind.: H. P.
Wltzcl, Newark, N. . I.; W. 15. Campboll,
Cle eland; C. U. Hill, St. Louis, aro at tho
St. James.
J. W. Peterson, Cincinnati; A. .Mover,
New Orleans, I.a.; W. W. Hout, Cortland,
N. Y.; A. E. Welt, Chlcjgo, ate at the
Howard House.
J, Thomas Slurges and O. II. Ilrowcr,
Now York: M. II, Campbell, Cleveland,
oud W. C. Mitchell, I.afnjcttc, Ind., ront
tho lllggs House.
Dr. II. P. Mcrrlniau and wife, Chicago;
J.K.Cross, Uraddock, Pn.j CJ. A, VthUo
Hack, New York, and Airs. I', Poor, Cin
cinnati, are at Wlllard's.
N. T. ll.ii tlett and T. J. Connors, New
Yoik; Hobcrt T. Wing, Montana; 0. 0.
I Human, Philadelphia; A. M, Wilson,
Atkansas, nro at tho National.
Hon. John E. Campbell of Ohio arrived
from Now Yoik last ovoulne; nnd Is stop
ping nt tho r.bhltt. Colonel Campbell Is
ihe most prominent candidate for tho Dem
ocratic uuberuatoilul nomination ot the
Bucko)0 State.
W. W. Woodhull nnd J. S. Graham, Now
York; John 1). Huuly, Ilostou; A. It,
Teachant, Cleveland; I'.incjtlt. Ackcimau,
PLiliilleld, N. J.; K. P. lioberts, ltochestor,
and John J, Adams, Baltimore are rosis
teicd at the F.obltt.
A Jinenllo Incident,
Here Is au Incident which may go to swell
tho record of quaint sajlugs by Juveniles:
Just beforo dusk jcstorilay I was watching
a group of six or eight pretty little children
plajlug some twenty feet fiom my door
step. Thoy feemed to bo hai lug n splendid
time of It, and, from what I could hear, I
gathered that they weio Indulging In that
pastime so dear to Infantile he-arts known
us "plnjInK houso." Suddenly n slleucu
fell upon llio eioup, for n swoet little girl
of Dor 11 summers, with jellow curls Hew
ing over her ehouldeis, announced that sho
was not going to play any more. Karuest
eudeautrs wero mado bj her companions to
Induce lur to change her determination,
and, after listening for nwhllo to their
pleadings, she dclKered her ultimatum: "1
won't piny with jou little bojg and girls
any moie," she announced, "unless jou
p.Io mo another husband. I won't havo
(Icoigo for a husband, I co him all the
time and ho makes mo tired," 1'eaco was
restored by another little girl exchanging
'husbands" with tho sweet little malcon
tent. "Oepiuo" ' may add. by way ot explanation,-
Is tier brother, 'IChlcaio
Arrniigciiioiits for tho Moot of Cyclists
nt llneorstotTii.
Tho Icnth nnnunl meet of tho Lenguo
of Amcilcan Wheelmen will bo held at
Hngcistown, Mil., durlnt tho coming
week, beginning on Tuesday nnd con
tinuing thico days. Two thousand
bicyclists mo expected lo bo prcicnl.
Tho Maryland division will have chargo
of lho meet. Tho forenoon of Tuesday
will bo devoted to receiving guests and
participating lu a business meeting.
President Charles II. Luscomb of the
lcnguo will preside. Among the sub
jects which will engross Iho attention
of Iho delegates will bo toad mnchlnes,
highway Improvements and amend
ments to the constitution. In lho even
ing a run will bo mado to Williams
port on tho Potomac, six miles distant.
Lnrgo bonfires will bo klndlcil on tho
bnnks of lho stream, and, by their
light, the wheelmen will enjoy them
selves as fancy dictates.
On Wednesday tin visitors will bo af
forded nn opportunity to Inspect Pen
Mm, South Mountain, tlio National
Cemetery nnd oilier beautiful or historic
points In the vicinity of Hn"crslow n.
The pnrly will gtart at 0 n. m. from tho
Hngerslown Club House, on Potoinno
street, near tlia public squaic. Guldos
will bo provided to explain points of In
lercst. DJnncrwlll bo served at Booties
boio' nnd those who deslio enn then
tnko nn excursion train to Pen-Mar.
Others will go to the spot on their
wheels by wny of Wnynesboio'.
There will bo n formal icccptlon in
tho public squaro on Thursday morning,
nnd nn address ot wclcoino will bo de
livered. At 10 n. m. tho big paiade,
which will bo tho feature of tho meet,
will stait from tho club-house. It Is
expected to bo three miles long, and tho
participants will bo mounted on nil sorts
of wheels big. little, safety, and thoso
which nro not sore. It will take about
foity minutes to cover tho route, which
will end at lho grounds of tho Agricul
tural and Mechanical Association of
Washington County.
After tho parndo tho annual races will
beheld at tho fair giounds, Tho meet
will closo Thursday evening with u
pyiotechnto display, military concert
nnd nnllonnl'open-nlr smoker in Semi
nary Grove. Blectrlc lights will shed
their beams over thogrove, and Chincso
lanterns will swing from tho branches
of tho trees.
Among tho well-known wheelmen
who hnvo signified their Intention to
compcto in tlio races mo II. L. Kings
lnnd of lho Crescent Blcyclo Club,
Bnltlmoic; Jones of Springfield, Mass.;
Wllhclm of Pennsylvania, Crist, Blown
and Baibcrof AVashlngton nnd others.
Wlndlo of Massachusetts now holds tlio
onc-mllo oidlnary blcvclo champion
ship, and Klngslnnd of Bnltlmoru ii lho
champion onc-mllo tricycllst.
Mimrlco Aillor'i) Condition Continues
About tho Same.
Mnuilco Adlcr's condition this nfter
noon Is but little, If nny, chnnged. If
thero is nny chnngo it is for tlio better.
His temperature is a tiiilc, just n tilllo,
lower thnn yestcrdny nfternoon. It was
fenrcd that tho exhaustive examination
the doctocs mndo pi lor to their consulta
tion yestculay would the lilm consider
ably, and It did. Sovcrnl times ho com
plained of being bothered so much.
He Is still cheerful, nnd npparently
seemed to think Hint his condition wns
not so sellous ns to demand Ids being
bothered by the doctors yestculay. Ills
pulse continues high, 'but tho slight
lowcrlug of his tcmpcratuio argues
favorably agnlnst any timber incieasc
In the intlammatlou of tho wound. Tlio
diesslng on the wound Is changed twlco
a day.
Thousoof naicotlcs in tho form of
hypculcinlo Injections of nioinhin mo
not now made save nt nlqht, ami ho stif.
fcis but slight pain. Ills mind is clear,
nnd ho fcecmi, to hnvo been encouraged
by Dr. Agnew's visit. Mr. Ancona,
who went to Philadelphia nnd nnanged
for Dr. Agncw's visit, says that tho
famous, suigton Isrti very busy with his
olllco prni'tico Hint another visit lo
Adler by him Iscntliely out of thoque.s-
tlon. 0
Ulilciien Numbers n Million.
Cllio.w.o, Juno Si), Tho publishers of tho
new director) claim Ihat It shows that the
city has n population of over 000,000.
To-day nil tho suburbs will vote on tho
question of annexation lo Chicago. If tho
proposition Is canted this city will boast n
population of over 1,000,000. Thero Is
great Interest lu tho election and a tie
meudous vote will be polled. Tho nntl
annexationists nro making a (stubborn light,
but It Is probable that they will be defeated
by an overwhelming majority. Should
Hydo Park vote to Join tho city tho south
ern limits of Chicago will be tho Indiana
Stato line.
Wilt llrealt Up llio Aniocliitlon.
Kansas Ciiv, Mo., Juno 29. It was an
nounced last night that the Atchison, To
peka and Santa Fo Is about to withdraw
from tho Interstate Commerce Association,
'this act is caused by the Alton's revision
of Its rates on rattlo to the Missouri Ktvcr,
as announced Thursday night. Tho with
drawal of theso two roads fiom tho asso
ciation will cause tbo association's demise
July 10, when tho Alton's new rates go
Into ciTcct.
llio Situation nt DoIiiroii liny,
London, Juno 29. Dispatches from Del
agon Hay stato that tho situation thero Is
sellout. Tho Portuguese have dest roved a
portion of tho uewly-constructcd lailway
and havo fired upon tho Lugllsli engineers.
Iho British Consulate Is crowded with icfii
gees, and the British Interpreter connected
with the Consulate has been arrested. '1 ho
Lngllsli residents demand his ImmcdUto
An Important Wllninn Dliiipponr.
Littm; ItotK, A in:,, Juno 20, Great ex
citement Is reported nt llcnjvlllo, occa
sioned by the mysterious disappearance- ot
n 10-year-old boy, 'Ihomas Allen, who Is nn
Important witness lu tho caso against llouuo
Tciry, a noted character and leader In the
Terrj-Wngomi fucd along the Missouri
bolder. Allen Is bellovcd to have been
uuudeud by tho Terry outlaws.
Tho idurtli nt Takoiiiii,
Tho people of Tnkoma Paik will cele
brate tho Fourth of Jul) uuder their own
vino and llg tree nnd have .1 grand picnic.
It will begin nt 11 a. m. 4d rim all day.
'1 heio will be vocal and Iiistiiimcntal music
nnd orations by Hon. W. P. Hepburn, So
licitor of tho Treasur.1; Hon. John It.
Lynch, Fourth Auditor of the Trciisuiy,
and other gifted speakers. Lawn tenuis and
croquet grounds nro also opeu.
Impaled Upon it 1'ltcblurK.
DEU'lli, Im Juno 29. As Snutord
Johusou liaugh of Montlccllo was In the
act of using a pitchfork lu his stable, yes
terday, his 12-jear-old daughter tan arojmd
tho comer of tho barn and dashed upon the
piougs ot tho fork. Ono ot tho prongs
Pierced her ojo Into tbo brain, mid sho died
beforo tho cruel Instrument of death co.ild
bo withdrawn. Iho fnthei Is almost cr.ucd
with grief.
Admitted to tho llur,
lho follow tug wcro to-day admitted to
tlio liar on the motion ot liar Commlsslo'icr
Ilacket; Mark 1) Braluard, Jr., John A.
Butler, Jr., George K. French, Eugene J,
11. O'Neill, Aloiuo T Logan, WIleiiry
Walker. WnirC. Wood, J,cob bVSlilloy,
O.S. Walton.
Hour the. Nor Appropriation Will
A licet the Department Tho An
mini iiltound-lfii" nt tlio Govern
incut Tho District Olllcci).
To dny Is the Inst day of lho fiscal
year 1888-8!), and lho ono grcnt topic of
intciest to thousands living In Wash
Inglon is lho possible Deimttmcntnl
changes that will tnko plnco In tho next
fewdnjs. ThOtiOth of Juno was for
merly a dny of general apprehension
throughout lho Dcpntlments. It was
lho nnnunl clenrlng-iip dny. Incom
petents wcro dismissed; lucky oncsic
telvcd appointments; woo nnd w.tssnll
marked tho end of tho Governmental
Vaplaln William Meifillti.
year. Thimrs nic different now. Yet,
notwithstanding the vast majority icst
Bccuio In their positions, thero Is not n
Httlo anxiety, for changes havo to bo
made and fiome must suffer. On tlio
other hand tho new and Increased ap
propriations becomo nvnllahlo and nil
polntmcnls must bo mndo. Who will bo
tho lucky ones? Tho new year opens
witli thrco District appointments:
Hon. Ficdeilck Douglas, tobcMin
Istcr to Haytl; Daniel M. llanselcll, to
bo U. S. Marshal for tho DIstilct, nnd
L'nptnln Meredith, to bo Superintendent
of tho Ilurcnu of Kngravlng and Print
ing. Mcssis. Itansdell nnd Meredith nro
natives of Indiana, born lu or near
Indianapolis, nud both ecrved In Presi
dent Hnrilson's regiment tlio Seven
tieth Indiana. At tho battle of lies
acca the former lost his right arm.
Since tho war Mr. Itansdell has sorted
ns clerk of the city of Imllniinpolls mut
clerk of tho County of Mnilon. Ho
hns been nctlvo lu local politics for
many yenis, nnd, In his founcr public
posllloiu,, Is said lo havo piovctl a enpa
Lie and popular olllclnl.
Tho appointment of Cnptnln Gcorgo
Meredith of Chicago to lho Superlu
tendency of the Ilurcnu or Kngravlng
nnd Pifnllng Is one which will glvo
satisfaction, especially In Illinois, whero
ho Is best known, Ho mndo n good
iccoid In the wni in General Harrison's
own lcglmcnl, nud nftcr the closo of
the lebelllou settled down to his lcgti
Inr occupation, that of managing
n printing olllce. Ho was for some
time foicmnn of tho Imllniinpolls Jour
nal and, later, of the Olobc Demncral
olllco lu St. Louis, lho newspaper
olllce In which, perhaps, the most
arduous duties In tho country devolves
upon a foi email, l'or the fast fifteen
j cats or so ho has been superintendent
of thu steam pinto printing depattment
of the Western Lngrnvlng nnd Noto
Company in Chlcngo, in vdilch position
ho hns made ii iccoid for his thoiougli
knowledge of his business nnd his ex
ecutive ability. Ho Is very popular
among tho vctcians, nud hns host of
lrlcnds nmong the newspaper ine.i of
Chlcugo. In his case, tor the ll'ist
tlmo in Its history, lho Chicago Press
Club departed fiom Its custoip and
foiinnlly Indorsed him as ti candidate
for olllie. Ills honesty and ability mo
alike unquestioned,
Tlio annual nppioprlailou bills for Iho
Government Dep.utments became avail
able on Monday, In several of the Do
paitments tho nppiopilatlou hills pin,
vldo for clerical changes, the uio.-o lm
pottnnt of which mo given below; In
the War Depnilincnt tho bill piovldes
Hint thico clerks of class 0 anil seven
clciks of class 1 shall he diopped. In
tho Adjutant Geneial's Olllco theso will
be nn lucieasuof two clciks of class !)
nnd seven cleiks of class 1 will be
chopped. In tho Surgeon-Gencial's Of
lice ono nsslstnnt engineer nt $000 Is
piovldcd for.
In the Kavy Department two cler ks
of cli.fcs -1 will bo added lu the Na
val Hctoids olllce, and ono computer nt
1,200 ndded In the Nnvnl Observatory.
In lho llnrenu of Piovlslons nnd
Clothing nu increnso is authoil.cil of
ono del k, class 'I, ono class 1), ono
class 2, ono stenogiapher, two clerks
class 1, ono clcik at ifl.OOO, ami ono
In tho Interior Dcpaituicnt the prin
cipal change will bo chopping thico
mimbcisof the IJoaid of Pension Ap
peals, who dinvv a salaiy of 3,UUt).
Ono special Inspector, public lands,
nt $2,500, will bodUpeiiscd with, nud
ouo cleik of class 2 added.
In the Poslollk'o Depaitmeut ono
clerk nttl.OOO Isnutlioricd In the olllco
of the l'list Asslstnnt Poslmastcr-Gen
cial, nnd nu incicnso of thico lnboicr,
two wnlehmen and ono clianvomau
nulhoricd lu Ilia nuiiex building,
The following Tic.isury Dop.ulincnt
piomotlons hnvo been made;
Mis. 0, IC Lyfotdof Soulh C'aiollua,
Jicim ifOOO to clnss 1 in tho olllco of the
Second Auditor) Alts. J. C. Souloof New
Yoik, fiom $000 to l,tlOll lu tho olllco
of lho Societal y; I', W, Pease, from $700
to irSOO per dlcm In the olllco of tho Su
peivlsing Aiehitecl, nnd (J, K, W, Slmr
iclts ot Pennsylvania, fiom class 1 to
class it in the olllco of thol'list Auditor
In lho Signal Scivlco theio Is an In
tienso of tl HI, not) In the nppiopilatlou
for clerical hlio nud a lingo foicu of
clciks Is nutlioil.eil.
Tho following changes weio today
made In tho Inferior Dcpnitmciit
Watson Hoyle, n Law Clerk in lho
olllce of the feecietaiy of the Interior at
2,000, hns leslgned, Georgo l'nvvk
net' of Minnesota has been appointed
n Special Agent for Surveys nt $5 per
clay In tho Gcueinl Land blllee, and J.
O. Monahan of Wisconsin u Timber
Agent at $ 1,1100 In thu same olllce.
John Campbell of Ohio, n Medical
ltefeico In the Pension Olllco at ifU.000,
has icslgned.
Geoigo W. Pinker of Wisconsin has
been appointed u Special Indian Agent,
anil lienjnmln ScliulU of Florida a
Special Agent to visit the Semltiolo
Indians in 1'lorida
Theodoro Davciipoit of Connecticut
was to day appointed Disbursing Cleik
nud Superintendent of the) Postolllco
Dcpnitmciit, vice 1'iaiilc II. Thomas,
List of special examiners In lho Pen
sion Olllco loappolntcd, to tnko elTcct
July 1: J. V. AIINon. J. W. Abel, P.
W. lllaer. .1. H. Hostwlck. T. W.
Ilurke. A. II. Cossclmaii, J. W. Chin
pill, I'. C. Davis, S. G. Dulfey.
H. C. Duncan. J. H. Klllcit.
C. I'alrbanks, V. II. Puller, I'. W.
Galbrnllh, A W. Gucrncv, Charles
Hauback, P.J. Hollllgcr, Allen Janun,
H. T. John-, W. II. Johnson, J M
Kennedy, G. U. Loomls, 1). D. Luke.
AV. P. Lynch, H. W. McLlderry, A. Mc
Olnnls.J. S. McKlernan, J. P. .Matthews,
T. A. JIaycs, W. S. Ncaly, J. C. Nich
ols, K. II. Pnync. J. 1', I'llmnn, '. II.
Poltu, If. N. Pulton, W T. Pltrson.
J, 11. like, I), llhode's, O. A.
ltoss, U. J. lllchaidson, G. M,
Hwalni, A. II. Swectscr, 13. It,
Smith, A. N. Seabcr. C. D. Shank,
Charles Slavens, 1'. M. Taylor, J. 13.
Taylor, C. 11. Thomas, W. L. Van
Dcrllp, J. S. Vovvles, J. A. Wntson, J.
M. Wells, J. 11. Wntcrmnn.
Somo weeks ngo tlio Civil Sorvlce
Commission decided to hereafter mako
public the lists of ellglblcs for appoint
ment to tho scveial branches of tho
civil set vice. Tho Commissioners de
cided to ntlopt tills courso In tho belief
nud hopo that It w ould do nwny with
many of tho abuses which prevailed
while the lists wcro kept stcict, besides
giving all persons who took tho exam
inations nn opportunity to know their
relative positions on tlio eligible llsls.
Just how to mako these lists public has
been n perplexing pioblcm. In tlio
taso of local examinations for places lu
the customs and po-.tal scivlco, It has
been Dually decided to post tliopcicent
age obtalued by each applicant In bul
letin Blinpo In somo conspicuous plnco
vvhcio thonppllcnnts nnd nil others In
Iciestcdcan havo nu opportunity of
copying the percentage.
'I he same courso w HI bo pursued with
regard to certifications of eligibility for
these ofllcos mndo to tho appointing
power. This method of making tho
local eligible lists public, however, can
hardly bo applied to tho lists of ellglblcs
In possession of the Commission at Its
headquarters In this city, for tho tcason
that there aro such n great number of
llieso lists. In view of this circum
stance, the Commission has been com
pelled to adopt a new method, and will
hereafter notify each candidate for on
appointment lo tho general service of
his standing and perccntago by mall.
Tho civil service rules "provide that
chiefs of divisions who aro oxempt fiom
lho operations of tho Civil Servico law
may bo allowed to tako n non-compcti-ttvo
examination for a position lower
than Hint which they now occupy.
This is dono In ordci Hint persons who
seivc In theso excepted places will not
bo compelled to nbandon tlio scivlco
when tlitlr icslgnatlons mo requested
on changes or ndmlnlstintlon, but can
avail themselves of tho opportunity of
feud lo toko a subordinate olhcc. Com
missioner ltooscvelt expresses himself
as opposed to this practice, and is
strongly advocating a chango In tho
lilies by which theo persons, If thoy de
she to icmalu In tho servico when their
icslgnalions ns chiefs are demanded,
shnll bo compelled to Btnud compelltlvo
examinations and be assigned to llio eli
gible list for certification nnd appoint
ment In the snmo manner ns other ap
plicants. In tho District Oltlcoii.
It Is runioicd that a gical many
chnnges will tnko plnco In tho District
ofllccs, nnd thero Is u gcncial feeling of
tiniest nmong tlio employes In tlio big
uel building on First street. During
the week the Commissioners hnvo held
u immbci of lengthy board sessions, nt
which It Is understood that tho claims
of n number of applicant for Important
positions within their gift weio thor
oughly discussed. The applications on
fllo go way up Into tho huuili eels, nnd
nro neatly filed and indexed so Hint
when called for they may be piodueed
Immediately. And they aro called for
nulto often, which shows plainly that
tho Cominlssloncis havo somo changes
under consldciatlon.
It Is thought by well-lnfouiied peo
ple that they will bo vety conscratlvo,
howcvei, nnd n number go so far as to
say that no Inipoilant changes will bo
made until Congress meets nnd their
nominations mo cither continued or ie
jetled. Thoy weio placed In an ex
ceedingly dlsagiceablo podtlon, say
these people, by being nominated nflcr
Congic-s had adjourned nntl mo do
lennlned to bo couticoiis In their ne
lions. Any mistake might bo fatal to
confirmation and they do not pinpoint
lo do anything that would piejudleo
their chances for continuation, bo the
oftlcc-holdcishavo lids Idea to them
selves and hope It w 111 prove true, but
alt the same somo of them feel nny
thing but scenic. Thcie Is an Immense
amount of Influence being biought to
bear In certain positions, nud it Is
doubt ful If tho Incumbents can bring
enough forwaid to meet It. The gen
tinl opinion is that if changos aro to bo
made they will tako placo during tlio
coming w tck. The Commissioners aro
non committal nnd pawy nil questions
like experienced diplomats,
Tho following changes In tho I'lie
Dcnailment havo been mado ; I iruman
William KiikpntilcUaud prlvato Harry
Thomns letired on account of disabili
ties leeched lu tho scivlco, mid ap
pointed watchmen. Pilvato Gcorgo
llohlayer of Company !1, piomoted to
lliemaii, vice William fClrkpatilck, 10
Hied. Acting foicmnn J, N. Letiman,
Company C, to bo permanent foicmnn.
Privnto William Dolemnn, Company a,
piomoted to hostler, Tho following
privates weio appointed ; Joseph 'I ,
Hossllcr, William I'. J.ahaiian, John N,
llaiiy, Jr.. It. ' Goidou, G. A. Ash
nnd John 11. Steep.
Ilin Chlcn'co llrlikinHkors' .Strike.
Chic acio, .lutio &). Thero aio Indications
that tho backbone ot tliobrlckmalccrs' strike
Is biokeu. Somo of tho l'tirlngtou .t Kim
bell men Thursday nf lei noon said they wero
willing to bccln work. Tho proprietors sig
nified their willingness to resume operations
on the old basis. " l'oiirteen men reported
nt tho yards jetteiday moriilug and weio
put at work'. By noon uiouttu moro to
make a total of thirty-six had gouo back to
work. No tioublo was experienced. Tho
icsumlng of work by tho Puiliigtou .V
Klmbell j ards Is taken favorably by tho
ether manufacturers.
Afternoon Local.
'lho will of John Hess, filed to-day,
leaves Ids property to hl children.
Hugh Lenox nud Lllu Johnson weio lined
$5 each for assault on Mlmilo Hinlth nnd
Lulu Johnson.
Lawjcr Cahlll to-iUy explained to tlio
Comt his action on tho Donnelly case, and
It wns eleclttied satisfactory.
Tho body nt Cleorgo Tucson, colored,
who was di owned lu tho river on Thursday,
was found to-day and taken to tho morgue,
'lho police havo been Instructed to de
force tlio law against tbo oxhlbltloii of ob
scene pictures m store windows and on blll
lioauls. lho Commissioners to-lay decided that
the heirs ot Archibald Wlilto havo no Just
claim against tho District for compensation
for land taken lu widening aeveuth street
A (lencrnl Uprising Anticipated on
Account or Tholr r.nwlssi Droit .V
Slicrln'n I'eiMo Goes to tho .Scono of
tho incitement-
111 UKF0OT ClTV, MoKT , Juno U9.
Oinvo fonts nro cnlcrtnlucd of a general
uprising and wholesale butchery In tho
Oroflno mining district on account of tho
op rations or nn orgnnlred gnng of town
site nnd claim jumpers from tho Kist
nnd Soulh. Tnc gang consists of two
brolheis named Moore, ono from IJrook
li ii and the other from St Louis, Aloe
under Weir nnd John II. Andiovvs of
Illlon. N. V., nnd about twenty Kans-is
nnd Nebraska cowboys lu their employ.
Last Saturday tho Mooics lumped
the town site ol Granlte.wUcrc, In sink
ing nn nitcslnn well, they uncovered
w lint wns supposed to bo tho richest
vein of gold nnd silver bearing cpinrU
Inthe'ieiritory. Declining nu ofTci'
fiom tho granlto company to compro
mise for a tlilul interest In tho find tho
biolheisset lo work lo develop their
chilni, while Weir and Andrews,
who mo In on tho deal,
moved over to Champion, a now
town n few miles west of Deer Lodge.
They stnited In, boring a well, nnd ns it
icstilt of their Investigation nnd with
lho nld ot the Mooics nnd their cow
boys they yesterday Jumped tho whole
town site under the inlncrut laws.
It develops Hint pay dirt wns struck
twenty feet from the surface, lho Icdgo
running north nnd south for nobody
knows how far. Dozens of claims,
each limning l.fiOO feet with lho ledge,
hnvo been staked out by tho Junipers,
who hnvc dispatched mounted mes
senger to Helena for nld to enable thcni
lo ictnln possession of tho property.
Thero Is n great deal or excitement over
HionlTnlr, nnd old miners who have
seen the iiunrt. Icdgo uncovered bv the
gnng say It Is richer than that at Gran
lie, which Is estimated to bo worth
irO,000,000. Tho sheila and n postei
of deputies havo gouo to prevent
New Yoiik, Juno J0. Monoy closed at
fl pci cent., the only rate for tho day.
Kxchaugo steady; posted rates, 487ftu
4S0; actual rules, 4Gi4i.nj for sixty day
and 4S8J4SSJ for demand.
(lovernmcntstlocd firm; currency Cs, ttit
bid; 4s, coupon, llKM bid; 4Js, do,, 10(17
Pacific llallrnad bonds closed as fallows:
Union firsts, IIS bid; do. sinking funds,
117J; centrals, 117 to 115.
The stock market opened this morulas
with considerable activity. St. Paul ami
I.akoShoro were tlio features of tho deal
ings. Tho regular list exhibited cousldor
ublo weakness and the first prices wcro gen
erally Mjbi per cent, below those of 4L
night, and, alter 11 o'clock, the market
was dull, except for 8t, Paul and Atchlsou,
wblch wcro especially pressed for sale.
Near tho closo n decreaso In the reserves, a
shown by tho bank statement or $l,0iS,2i'i,
caused considerable selling nud tho market
closed t j per cent, lower for most of the
list, 'lho sales for tho day amounted to
1D7,0C0 (.hares.
Tho Mow York Slock Market.
Tlio tallowing nro tho prices of tho New
York and Chicago markets as rcpoited by
special who to 0. T. Haveiiucr Co.,
C'Jl F street northwest:
0. !2.30'
0. 2:30
Can. Pacific.! f'l
Can. youth., Kl)
Ccn. Pacific. 301
1). L. A W..I
Del. A Hud. ,HT)
Krlc 23
Jersey Ccn.. 110
L. S (!SJ
L. S 101
M., K. A T..
Mo. Pue 72J
N.Y.&N.i:. B31
N. Y. Ceu...
N. Pac I
do. pfd. j Col
601 Northwest..
Ml .Omaha ,
Mil do. pfd.
'IP. M. S. 8.
'S-tl It. AW. I't,
110 do. pfd..
n ,oi. rain.,
104 Tex. Pae
Union Pac.
PJjfvV. Union...
5'JI .Petroleum..
Am. Cnts'd
ill A Top
11 A Q
i ,.-; ejin
101 J
Tim t:iilcm;ii Miirkel.
Open. Close.' Open. Close.
July H)J 80J July.... 11 074 It 771
Aug 70 la3 Aug .... It H7j 11 S71
Sept .... 7U2 78J Sept It W 11 '.
roitv, I.AHI).
July ftlj fill '.July.... (I 511 AM
Aug 8!ik IH4 lAlltt .... It CiC) 0 1174
Sept .... 3,-il 331 Sept 0 7." fl Til
July 223 22S
Aug 22J 22
Sept .... 231 !HJ
'WasliliiRlnn Stoclt Kxclinnee.
Miscellaneous bonds W. A (1. It. 1L
Co., 10U; Mosonlo Hall Ass'n,, 10S); Wash.
Market Co., Ill; Wash. Market Co., Iran.
bonds, Cs, 121; Wash. I.t. Infantry, 101;
Wash. Lt. Iiifantry. 2d, 70; W, (!.is Light
Co. iKinds, 121; W. 0 at Light Co. bonds,
script, 121.
National Hank Stocks-Hank of Wash.
Incton, CTO; Hank of Hepublic, &; Mctro
liolltan, 210; Central, 21,1; Second, 170;
Farmer nud Mechanics', 171; Citizens',
134; Columbia, 13S.
Itallioad Stocks Washington anl
(leorgetown, ; Metropolitan, 13(1; Co
umbla, 41; L'opltol and North () Street, 41.
Insuranco felosks Klrcinen'8,401; Frank
lin, 441; Metropolitan, 74; National Union,
IP; Arlington, 170; Corcoran, 03; Colum
bia, 15J; liermaii Amerlcau, ISO, l'otorusc.
12; lllggs, bl.
(las and Llcctrle Llsht Stocks Wash
ington (las, 43J; (itorgitowu tins. 47; U. a.
Llutrle Light, OJ.
Tclepliono stocks Chesapeako and Poto
mac, btlj; Amcilcan Oraphophono Co., 2.'.
Miscellaneous Stocks Washington Mar
ket Co., lb; Washington Hrlck Maohlno
Co270;Ortat Palls Ice Co., 153; Hull
Him Panorama Co., 2.1; Heal Kstato Tltlo
Insuranco Co., I'M; Columbia Tit la In
surance Co., 0; National Safo Deposit
Co., ,
t'liniullaii Mlllcrx Wimt l'rolectlon.
ToiiosTo, Juno 20. CaniidUu mlllen
havo railed a mass-meeting hero to protest
against tho action ot Parliament lu re
fusing to protect them ng.ilust American
milieu. Thodiity on Hour IsSOccnts a barrel,
whllo tho duty on tho amount of wheat
necessnr) to mako a buret of Hour Is 07
rents, n clear discrimination In favor ot
Iho Amcilcan millers ot nbout 17 cent- u
Cornell In Amliltlona,
New II vves. Cow, Juno 29, It Is be
lieved Hut Yalowlll remain lu Now Lou
don to lowogalust Cornell. "Hob" Cook
hasrefin-ed to iowa thrcc-mllo race, ana
has received n challenge for foui miles,
l'rlmltlvo Dressmaking,
A few da s ago nu Oldlon u bipuw wont
Into au Oldtouii dry goods itore, whera
she purchased a cheap dress pattcm, to
gethcrwlth needles, thread ami a thimble.
After the ptinhaso she asked to bo allowed
to go into n rear room to "sew somctlii
little," ns sho expressed It, but tho room
being occupied, sho was told to pas up
tho Hairs and Into a vacant room, After
awhile tho saleswoman softly stole up tn
ice what sho was about, but as she wis
seated on tbo Iloor busily engaged In ply
lug a needle she did not disturb her In
ono hour sho ngnlii mado her appcuaneo,
and to tho surprise ot alt sho woio tlio
diessaud nlson very triumphant air.- Ilau
gor C'omme rcl.il
J.ocul Weather Forecast,
Light ralu, sUitlouary teuii'CMtiire, va
liable winds,

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