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21ST YEAR-N0- 6,522.
i ,. i Jk
Tlio Naif Men Sworn Into umco nt
Headquarters ThoyAro Asslgnori to
Their Varlomi Station nnil Rscortod
to Tholr Now l'otla or Duty.
Thcro was ii largo crowd of ble.
Igood-looklng men -lounging nbout the
Icurbstono In fiont of 1'ollco IIc.idnu.tr.
Iters tills morning. Tlicv were wnlt ne
Ifor tbo nrrlvnl of Captain Austin and
Chief Clerk Sylvester, who woro to ad
minster tlio onth of olllca nnd mike
iull-flcdgcd nollccnien of them. When
Hicsc gentlemen nt Inst arrived tho op
eration began, Tho messenger standing
ill tlio lltllo fiont porch would call out
tho names of half n doicn men from tho
list and sit of tho loungers would bnicc
;iii and fllo Into tho Captain's ofllco.
ucro uicy stood in n scmi-circie nroumi
llio Clerk's desk while Iio read an oath.
which they signed, most of them In a
latucr ciumsy nst. Mucy una to bqi-
Miiniy swear tuni nicy unci not uorno
hrms against or aided nnd abetted anr
Icbclllon against .these United States:
ghat they were citizens of tbo country,
rum mat uioy nan an -uonornuiu uts
rbarsc from tbo ainiv or navy. All of
jlicm kissed tbo nook with a resounding
iiuncic, ana men nicy wcro sent up
Italrs, whero two clubs wcro given each
licw policeman.
Fifty-six ofllccrs wore sworn In this
Euornlucr. Thcro arc about fourteen
noio who havo not yet lccclvcd their
iiiscuargo, aim unui inoy no canuot no
dmlttcel to the foice. Two or thrco
hers have various charges against
hem wblcb will bo Investigated before
ttcv aro sworn in. -nnd it is more than
IkcIv that Major Mooro will rccom-
hcncl others in tlicir places. I hero
rerc a number or ann iennts for tho
losltlons at Police llcadnuarlcrs this
liornlug. Those sworn in wcro as-
igncu ns.ionovvs:
First Precinct John L. Ilartman. Patrick
reach. Jamrs A. Williams. William J.
Icttrlgut, William L. Fox, Claude Camp.
I Second rrcclnct Michael Dcgan. Ind
ian! 0. Taylor, Louis Frankcnbcrg, John
k uciuc, v. ii. uantz, n, u, i,yin,
rank Archer.
Third Precinct Jacob Jacobson, Gcorgo
. mason, aveuo . King, dames 11. aic
anur. Frank T. Murnhv. hdward Wart.
nil Kcrstcn, Josoph T. Dasford.
rourin irccmci j.oyi i.. ooncn, rump
Havdcu. John J. Tcrrr. Wal tor 1'. Telling.
Uric 1: Hochc.
Fifth Product Androvv Tilling, Goorg)
wall, Samuel Logau, John L. Durlc
istcr. James. Ashe.
'Sixth Precinct James Tt. Hay ncs, Georg
I 1'arl.s, J. I). Rogers, Charles U. Lstea
llllam McLntosb. WJIlfam II. Batcmin
Seventh Precinct Gcorgo Uppcrmau,
uiiani uurrcu, J. 11. a. urooi:o, jxicuou
hncldcr, James Conlcn, S. S. Smith.
Eighth Precinct Charles E. Oirvoy,
HKftm Htnrnm.liin. Hnnrtf Wilkin. .Tnnin
ll Price, William Kemp, "Edward McCort,
orgo L. Oar, Charlos Phccr, C. T. Klglu,
lanes i.. iiurK.
Ninth Precinct Samuel Murphj1, John
Anucra, James M. Mcurath. Tram
red Wanncll. from Sixth, ami Lavley.
;m Third.
Tho now policemen went on tholr
lions beet" Ibh ifteinscu.. Thsr-
cnt Hie morning In fitting themselves
;t in new uniiorms nnu ui'jmeu.
iclr first cxpcricnco as policemen was
i very inviting, lor tuo rain ucai upon
m, and many not having watci proofs
no soaked to tbo skin, lint they stuck
tile work like men. Thoy had all of
em Been bard scrvlco on tho frontier,
d didn't mind n Utile thing Ilka a
prougli soaking. Hut it was a foro
ito of what thov will havo to go
rough In tho future. An experienced
leer accompanied tlio new men on
R;ir ueais ana expiaincu mo varioiw
ties, tlio manner of making aricsU,
d similar matters. They uro required
&iuuy uiu illinium uiuiuuguiy, nun
tin tlmo to llmo will uc examined
111 they nto adjudged competent to
Ion their beats alone.
tiiicuiT Couiit Chief Justico Ding-
B. Mcintlro vs. Mclntlrc; placed on
II. Ahbltt it al. vs. Smith etnl.; Jc-
rrer to amended plea ccrtlflcu to ucueral
in. hoiscr vs. I'lclircll: motion lor now
ll granted. Harbor A Hoss vs. John-
ii motion to instruct rcierccsoverruicu.
tlogg vs. Marsh; demurrer to replication
Ilurlnl l'ormlts Isauml.
urlal ncrmllshavo been Issued liv tho
ilth oniccr for tho past fotty-olght
Irs as follows: Catallna T. Temple, (J'J
rs: Oircman Jlorcncy, 71 icars: Uath-
lio Illncs, 01 jcais; ltobcrt Nixon, 55
irs; unarics ii. liuun. -j years; otary
Jllan, IS jcars; llcsslo II. C'arilcn, I
Vs; Mary Hums, U da)s; Ilcnrletti
tcrson, 0 months; Wolfo ICaulTniau, 1 1
s; Liiatuam Towers, zi iajs, aim coi
Is Auulo Dodson, CO jcars; Wallae
t'ary,o9ears; Salllo IJcau, us years
lies II. Fcetua, SJ j ears; unorry ii
l.s, 17cars; uoorgo lucson, lijcars
hucl urown.-j joars; Mam Taylor, i
ith; Jcsslo HawMns, 7 months; Al-
uzo Harris, i mouius; noucrt uook, u
i; Mario JacKsou, 4 moutiis; wuiiam
dn ards. 7 mouths.
Will Not liny a 1'nrm,
ha published report that Sir Julian
Uiccfort. tha Urltlsh Minister. Intends
Iicomo n land owucr In this couutry by
purchase ot n small farm near wash
on, turns out to bo erroneous. Sir
an has tramncd about tho suburbs ot
,(ihlugton a good deal lately and has
k lu inn Hjf ill i mill's iiuuub ii;biuuiiuud uiiu
Vpcrty, and this, ho sajs, has probably
?. Cs itborepoit that ho Intended to pur-
-4" 1 . Art .iilnt.tinn Imm.l lillt lli. linn .... In.
Ion ot doing bo, Tor tlio prcseut, at least.
iviu soon s in lor L.u:iauu to uo auseiu
ral months.
it tlio Kxcursloiihita (o Orkney
prlnRS buy or Their i:pnrlanco.
IB commlttco onpolutcd at tho meeting
kcurelonlsts at tho Orlaicv Snrlngs.Va,,
I) 84, to formulate au cxpiceslon of ap-
lation ot tuo couitcsics oxicuueu tiicm
10 generous maiiagcis of tho Springs,
imoutiy report!
ho excursion was hi all rasneets a euc-
Tlio gcntlcmou having lliajiffulr Im
latcly In ihargo, Messrs li(rr,' Dean
Chaee. wcro at all times thouihtful ot
.:uitfl and most generous lir eupplylug
. mo ruio to aim n-om mo epilogs,
an excellent luotiiitalu road, was oxhll-
ug and presented to the uyogllmpicsof
-y, iiiuuiuuiii nun vuiiuy uuauip-isseu
raudeurand hoiiity. Our rcsoptfon
;ntci tulnmcnt at tlio Springs 111 long
In Willi us a nfcatfliit mi inorv. Wa
d tho Orkney ttprlu'gsirujo of tho most
UUUK ui uiuuuiuiii rwvA1, uuuer inn
igcuient ot gontlomeri Vwio "kuoiv how
.til a hotel " Tho 'tnblo Is nrst-clasi,
ooins aro ttolt fumltlied, llghtod and
Hated, ami tho ecwerngo nml drulnagots
t. 1 n ere is an auiiimanco ni suane,
Itiful laun and siilcndld drives. Tho
ic nualltlcs of tho waters aro historic.
nugratiiiato sukers after hoalth and
,tiru that hi the. beautiful valley of Vlr-
llicio is round apiuco o( resort, tuo
ey Springs, which combines so many
dlous. with not a slnelo drawback.
vc. conllallv commend tt to the sunnort
'o puhllo In search ot flrst-class aciom-
lions at leasoaable rates."
Tho Coroner Ileum Testimony and
Continues tlio Inquest,
Knock Turner, a colored laborer In
tho brick yards, was murdered lalo on
Saturday night in northeast "Washing
ton Tuo sccno of tho tragedy Is a
lonely fttrclch of commons near Hovcn
tccutli and II streets northeast.
Tho streets nro deserted and seldom
traversed savo by a policeman or somo
laliorcr hurrying homeward from tho
bilckyunls. Tha only bouses arc nil
occasionnl negro shanty, squalid and
dirty. It was In ono ot these houses
that tho murder was committed. This
shanty was n one-story bovcli kept by
llelly Orccn, n ncgrcsj.
It wps a, rendezvous for tho worst
class of negroes In tlio vicinity, who
gathered niter nightfall to drink ami
carouse. It was whllo such n gather
ing was present B.iturdny night that
n pistol-shot was heard, and Enoch
Turner fell dead from a bench
on tho threshold. Immediately
the lights were put out nnd there was u
scattering of tho inmates of tbo hovel.
Somo of them camo back directly and
two policemen camo up. No ono
would nay nnythlng about tho murder.
They wcio muto and tha polico could
get no cluo to the murderer. Thoy ar
rested tho proprietress of tha place,
Hetty dtcen, nnd a girl, Ilosa Wlngflcld,
nnd yesterday James Sharp, a negro.
Coroner Patterson held an Inquest
over tlio lcnialnsof the deceased this
morning nt tho Sixth Precinct Station,
Tho jury consisting of 31. .1, Morgan,
P. P, Ctisick, Gcorgo Prathcr, John
Holmes. Gcorgo Hill nnd Duslirod Hty
wcro shown tho body as It lay on a
stretcher nnd wcro sworn In.
Alexander King, who was In tho
bouse when the shot was fired; Kosa
Wlngflcld nnd Hetty Qrccn testified.
j'-acn witness swore to n dlllcrcnl thing
nnd contradicted each other. Evi
dently somo one was lying. Thcro
wcro eoveral other witnesses wanted,
Including the two men who are said to
have ran away, so; Coroner Patterson
adjourned tho inquest until 11 o'clock
to-morrow. Tho man Sharp, together
with Hetty Green and llosa Wlngflcld,
wLto held In custody. Tho remains of
the deceased were turned over to his
friends for burial,
MnL.Ico Adlor's Condition n llttlo
lletlor To-day.
Thcio Is slight, very slight Improve
ment In Maurlco Adlcrs condition
to-day. His temperature, which has
tanged at nbout 103 degrees, to-day is
down to 101, This is but slight ground
on which to baso hopo, still It may bo
regarded as a very favorable symptom.
His father said this afternoon that his
wounded son seemed to him scarcely so
sliong as ho was last week, but tho
change- Is very slight, scaicely pcrcoptl.
blc to a person who docs not walch tho
patient's condition so closely nnd con
stantly as Mr. Adlcr docs.
His nppctlto remains fair, consider
ing bis long illness, nnd ho is still given
bypodemlo Injections of morphlno to
Induce sleep. Tho patn fiom bis wound
is very Biigutiy less ana tuo inunmma
t Ion is pcihnisa trjllo loss slnco Ids
tcunirtatufc. hn& receded, ovon so
slightly, to Its normal point.
Ills Ilonilsmcn ICxoouto Tliolr Ilonils
and Ho Takes Cliaree.
Mr. Daniel M. Hansdill, tho now Marshal
made his appcaranco at the City Hall this
morning nuil spent somo tlmo lu gottlug
acquainted with tlio details of tho ofllco.
Ills v, Ifo. four sons and two daughters, aro
now at Cedar Beach, In Northern Indlaua,
and will not como to Washington until
October 1. Attornoj-dcncral Miller has
asked tho now Marshal to rcsldo at his
Iioueo until that time.
Later In tho day ho completed his ar
rangements for giving tho$20,000 bond tint
Is required. II. Kurtz Johnson and G. 1).
Williamson ofTcrcd themselves as his sure
ties, and executed their bond before Major
L. P. Williams. Tho now Marshal tool:
tho oath of ofllco this afternoon In
tho presenco of Chief Justico lllnghani. It
Is regarded as unlikely that ho will mako
any changes In tho ofllco for somo tlmo to
como and oxprCbcshtmsolt as being very
favorably Impressed by reports that have
como to lilm concerning tho ofllcloucyof tho
prcseut ofllccrs.
Germany and Itor Colonics.
Beklin, July 1. In a letter to lferr
FoabrI on tho colonial quostlon, Prince Ills
rnurck sajs that ho regrets that It has al
ji been mado a party question ami that
moi.oy has always been vutcO roluctantly
for colonial purposes. Uo says that tha
(lovcrnmcut canuot assuma tho responsibil
ity for tho establishment of colonial admin
istrations supported by ofllclals and mili
tary as loug as Parliament and tha country
withhold encouragement and do not dis
play any commercial enterprise.
A l'ollcomnn Warned to Uult.
Cuicaoo, July 1. Ofllccr Jcsso l). Mooro
ot Iho Uarrlsou-strcct Polico Station, who
gao testimony In tho Cronln coroucr's In
quest, was glcn tho following warning this
"Sir: If you know what Is best for your
self jou will quit tho polico foreo Immedi
ately. Your every movo Is bolug watched
by friends ot Alexander Sullivan.
Got eminent l'rlntlng Ulllco Discharges
Ihcro will bo no further dismissals
In tbo Government Prlntlug Ofllco for tho
present. On Saturday thcro wcro thirteen
discharges. A, W. Swalm of Iowa has
been ottered tho position ot chief clerk.
Tho Public Printer was overwhelmed with
callers and applicants to-day.
A Terrlblo Cloud Hurst.
Las Citucns, N. M,, July 1. Moagro re
ports from tho mining camp of Ilermosa
say that a terrlblo cloud burst Hooded and
washed away ovir halt ot tho camp. No
Hies aro yet reported to ho lost, llcrinosa
Is a prosperous camp, and sixty mllos from
any railroad point.
Aflornnou Locals.
Uceausa ot tho rain tho pollco-rcportorlal
game ot baseball Is postponed,
A building permit was Issued to-day to
It. C. Muuguin, to build two brick dwell
ings at h'os. Mil aud 615 Ninth street,
'lho will otAun M. Brewer ot Gcorgo
toun leaves her property, In various
amounts, to her nephews, ulccos and other
Marriage licenses wcro given this morn
ing to Henry Ilufurth, city, and Charlotte
It. Ytllklneon. LeonariUown, Md.; Charlie
M. Giles aud Joscphlno 1'crgiisou.
Horace 1'ainc, tho man who was huit on
Saturday whllo drIWug n hay wagon, was
nioio seilously Injured than at llrst sup
posed, nnd It Is known that ho canuot live,
as ins cncti was cunrciy crusucu.
Judgo Bradloy this morning donlod tho
motion for a now trial In tho ease of Ed
ward V. OMirlcii, convicted of obtaining
$1,000 f I om a widow under tho falso pre
teiieo that bo was giving her a first mort
gage. It Isn't exactly hsdrophobla that Is tho
matter with Lulu Itulllu, hut sho has a de
cided penchant for biting policemen. Ofll
cet Appleby Is her third Wcttni. She bit
him ou tho hand as ho was arresting hor for
disorder. Judge Miller this morning gave,
her sixty days lu Jill for tho assault and
fined her $5 for disorder.
Ocean Hteamslilpt Arrival!,
At Southampton Ems, 'from New York
for llremeu.
At New York I.a Oasgdgno, from Havre.
A llcpotltlon of Scenos tin II Street
That Woro Common Somo Wooks
Aro A Korso floated From tho
They bad another flood down about
the market and tbo 1). & P. Depot to
day. A bob-tall street car that was empty"
bad n perilous voyago from Pottr-and-n-hnlf,
around tbo depot to Ninth street.
Not baving anybody aboard, It was
light, and when it cot whero tho water
was deepest, at tbo comer of Sixth
street and Missouri avenue, just by the
depot, the car was afloat, and tbo cur
rent of muddy water carried it oft the
track. But tbo ono horse and tbo
driver stuck nobly to their posts, nud
tlio horso succeeded In towing tho float
ing car around onto II street into shnl'
lower water, and finally ll was got
safely back onto tbo track. Tho car
had n narrow escape from being skip
wrecked against the lamp-post at tho
corner of tlio depot, but tho skipper
beg piydon d river, succeeded by skill
ful seamanship in steering It clear of
tho dangerous corner.
Tho water was highest at about noon.
Tbo rainfall was about tho heaviest over
seen la Washington. Tho sowers lu
tho lower portions of tlio city wcro un
able to entry off tbo largo quantity of
water that fell and It stayed In tho
Hticcls. Tho commission houses along
Louisiana avenue wcro flooded, and tho
stands of wares out on tbo pavement
wcro Islands. Ninth street, down bv
Iho market, was also flooded, the water
covering the floors of some of tbo
saloons. It did not rlso high enough to
Hood tho floor of the market quite"; but
people who were In the mnrkct couldn't
get out and those who wcro out couldn't
get it without wading, Tho greatest
inconvenience was at the railroad sta
tion. Pcoplo who walitad to catch
trains had to pay fcab drivers quaitcrs to
gel across the flooded street to thodepot.
The water was clear up to tho tessel
lated floor of the station and an old ne
gro woman who had come up from
down In Virginia was scared half to
denth. Tlio depot was "full of pcoplo
who had come in on trains and wcro
unable to get out. Tho driver of the
Iilggs House omnibus took In tho situa
tion ns soon ns bo got there. A stretch
of water a lod wldo nnd thrco or four
feet deep separated his vehicle fiom tho
steps to the entrance, of tbo station.
When ho saw this ho drovo away and
enrno back In a few minutes with a half
do7cn big planks. With theso bo mado
a bridge to his bus and bis rivals wcro
Kvcrybody except tbo peoplo who ha.l
to lilic cabs to get across tho street to
the depot nnd the pcoplo whoso collnu
were liooucu was gooa-naturcu. tho
driver of the car that followed tho ono
thai was floated off the tracks and ncaily
shlpwieckcd had a long bead. Ho saw
what had happened, and as there wcio
no passcngets lu bis car, ho invited a
bait donloafcrs that wcro standing
on the tof..r lo get aboard for ballast.
They needed no second invitation.
When ho got thiotigh tbo flood ho put
them off and thanked them. Tlio water
enmo tqi over tbo floors of tho cars nnd
passengers, fnt women and all, had to
climb onto tho scats to keep out of tbo
water. Tho horses splashed compla
cently through tho flood and seemed
to enjoy tho novelty. Thoy became
used to It during the recent Hood and
tho water cooled them. It was almost
as good as a bith.
Tlio landlady of n big boarding houso
en Missouri avenue, near tlio depot,
just hired n man this morning to clean
tho traces of tho piovlous flood off her
diab-palnted brick bouse. The negro
bad just finished tbo job nnd got his
pay when tho downpour began. Tho
sawcis choked, tho sticet began to fill
with muddy water that lose higher and
higher ns tho rain continued, till finally
the portion of tlio Mall between Mis
souri and Maryland nvenucs and Sixtli
nnd Thhd sltccts wns a lake. After
tbo water went down this afternoon tho
bonrdlug-liouso looked about as bad as
It did beforo It wns cleaned.
All the cellars of the stores along tbo
south sldo ot the Avenue between Sixth
nnd Seventh sticcts wcro Hooded. Har
bour & Hamilton, May's and Carter's
haulwnro stores, Shea's, U. G.
Wheelei's, al Seventh and II sheets, all
lost quite heavily. Tho saloons along
Sixth and Seventh streets wcro Hooded,
too, uud when tho water went down tho
Hoots wcro coveted with sticky mud.
Tho Howard Houso kitchen, which is
lu the cellar, was Hooded, and may havo
to lo pumped out ugaln, ns was done
during tho previous flood, Atlor tho
hardest of tbo down pour was over tlio
water Mibsldcd through tho sowcis
Tho openings Into tho sowers wcro
veritable whirlpools. Thcro Is a big
manhnlo Into tbo sower In tho centre ot
Missouri arcnuo, just at Sixth street,
and tho eddy tho water mado rushing
down Into It almost tluow tlio street
car horses off tbclr feet. A man that
got caught lu it might havo been
drowned, right In tlio mlddlo of tho
street, for tlio water there wns at least
tin co feet deep. Tho street boys en
joyed tho flood to its full. Thoy pulled
off tbclr shoes nnd stockings, such as
had any to null off, and, with
their trousers rolllcd up to their
hips, they inn and splashed
about In tho water to their heart's con
tent till It subsided nnd loft tho Hooded
streets slippery with tho slimy mud.
Hy U o'clock tho water hnd tun oft the
streets tluough tho sewers, and tho
second flood lusldo of a mouth was
over. Though not so ruinous as Its
predecessor, it was by no me ins n
ti!ial nlTalr, and It mado almost as
much trouble nnd almost as much fun
for tbo gnmln ns the other did.
The Signal Olllco says that It ralno 1
ono nnd foity-flve ono hundicdth)
Tlio Indluiiii BtrlUors.
Bua7.il. Im)., July 1 Tho striking
block coal miners will voto to-day on tho
piopo&ltlon to accept tlio operatois' offer,
tho election haUug been postponed fur
somo reason from Saturday, A mass-meet
ing In ono ol tuo districts is said to havo in
sisted unanimously on arbitration. Con
tiary to tho ndrico or tho Stato Board ot
Charities, It Is feared tho miners will yield
to outside promises of aid aud prolong tho
strike Several largo contracts aro ou tho
ere ot being loft for other coals, as somo
bao already been. Iu ten djjsa j car's
uoilc may bo turned away, unless tho
strike cuds, and tho mines left Idle or filled
with machines,
Tlio Dolus" liny Allnlr Kxnggerutod.
London, July 1, Tho Oluonklt has re
ceived a dispatch from Its Durban corre
spondent, lu which ho sajs ho thinks that
the reports ot tho Delagoa Bay disturbance
havo been exaggerated aud that tho gen
eral opinion thcro Is that Portugal will buy
tho lallway, which Is tha cause ot tho
Tlio Now ArrniiKonicnt or tlio Metro
liolltmi nnd Columbia Linos.
Tho Metropolitan and Columbia
Street Car Companies began this morn
ing to transfer pnsscngcrs f rcu from one
to tho other line. Lois of pcoplo took
advantage of tho new concessions to
tho public's convenience, and already
travel on both roads has becu much In
creased, Not only the number ot pas
sengers Is Increased, but tho mtmbor
of fares token in by each of tho lines
has been slightly greater. By tbo now
arrangement passengers cither on New
York avenuo or Ninth street can got
transfers by nsklng tlio man In tho natty
bluo cap, with "Transfer Agent" across
lis front in silvered letters, that will en
title them to n rido on the other Una in
cither direction.
r.vcrybody Is pleased, but a few
hundred families arc
ulcnscd. Thcv Hvo out In the north
eastern district, about midway between
the H street cars and the East Capitol
street cars. They can come In on ono
line, secure transfers, attend to their
business and go out on lho other line,
nllTc-r ono fare. Pcoplo work this sou
of n scheme now on the Sovcnth
street, the Avenue and Pouitcenth
sheet lines. The eonccsslou to the
nubile is mutual by tbo two companies.
President Claggctt said this morning:
"There is no money consideration in
volved In the nrrnugement. This com
pany and the Metropolitan Company
meiely agrco to carry each other's pas
sengers from the coiner of Ninth street
niiiTNew York avenue. Tho expense
will bo about evenly balanced and It Is
expected that each company will expe
rience enough increase of Unfile to
more than compensate for tho Increased
expense of hauling tbo transferred pas
sengers. Tho two companies mo In no
way connected or consolidated. They
occupy tho same relations to each other
they aid before, only, for their mutual
benefit, they transfer passengers. The
arrangement is, so far ns I know,
"Wo have six new two-hoise cars or
dered and they will bo running In a
short while. The Johnstown disaster
has delayed tho relaying of tho track.
Tho rails wcro being mado by the
Johnstown Steel Company. But I ex
pect lho rails will airlvo during this
weekend tho work of iclnvlng lho
hack will begin nt once. When It Is
dono our road-bed will be as fine as any
In tbo city."
People out In the northern part of the
city nro very much pleased with
the new transfer scheme. It enables
them to go almost anywhere for one
fnic. Ueforc, they could hardly get
about tho city nt nil without paying two
fares. It will Increase tho tiaillo on tUu
Nlnlh-slrcot line, because jicoplo going
out northeast from tho mmket used to
rido up Sovcnth Bticct to tho Now York
avenuo line nnd nav two fares. Now
they will all go up Ninth street and tha
Metropolitan Company will get lho
tares. Under tho new airaugcincnt tho
company lho faio in paid on keeps tho
whole of it, and tho line tbo passenger
transfers to carries him for nothing.
Hut It Is expected that nbout as mayy
will transfer one wnv as Art l e other.
WuX, It IcViM v the Columbia Ihrj:
liad n h llio tlio best ot it. Hundreds ot
pcoplo who work In the Treasury, War,
Slate and Navy Dcpaitmcnts Hvo In the
fcctlon of tho city reached by tbo
Ninth-street cars. They used to ride
down P street to Ninth nnd transfer up
Ninth sheet to go homo. Under tho
nriangcmcnt that went Into effect this
morning they will get on Now York
avenuo cars at Fifteenth street, rido to
Ninth and get transfers up that street
homo. Tho Columbia Hue will cany
these passengers six squares nud put
their fines lulls pocket, and tho Ninth
street line will haul them tho rest of tho
way for nothing, ns under tlio nirango
ment tho company that gets tho fare
keeps it all. Of courso tho people
coming to woik In the morning will go
far toward cnualllug this, but as more
people walk in the moinlng tho Colum
bia people w 111 bo a trifle ahead on tho
Hut the people out northeast aro tha
ones most pleased with tbo new arrange-
Tho Sow Year's ltequtiiltlons.
A fresh start was mado In alt tho Depart
ments of tho District Government this
morning. Tho now appropriations becamo
avallalilo and to accommodate tho largo
number of accounts that will flood tho of
llco new books had to bo opened.
Auditor Petty this morning mado tho
following requisitions tho first ot tho now
jcar: Water Department, $30,000: general
expenses, J331.2SJ; policemen's relief fund,
50i5,O0O; firemen's relict fund, $U,0Jo.
A Suicide's I'urcvvoll.
Cuicaoo, July 1. Anoto.was found on
tho dock near Clark street yesterday, which
reads as follows: "Chicago, HI., 0, 113, '89.
7:30 p. in. May any And this they will
know lho last ot mo, as I will tnko my lite
to-night In tho river. What Is Hfo without
a meal and no work ? Nat cr uo more. Low
Marvin, No. 013 llioadway, New York City.
My last note. May tho Under scud It to
my uncle, Gcorgo Marvin, No. 40 Gcorgo
street, Cincinnati, Ohio." Tho noto was
turned otcr to the police.
Driven Out by lrIro.
West Saoinaw, Mich., July 1. PIro
early jestcrday morning destroyed tho
wbolcsalo stores of Iho Excelsior Clothing
and Shoo Company, and a largo portion of
tho stock therein was ruined. Inthosamo
block aud aboto tho stores aro tho sleeping
apartments ot tho Kvirctl House, from
which tho guests and servants wcro com
pelled to flea In their night-clothes. Several
ot tho girls lost all their possessions.
llliU l'or lliilldliiK honors.
Bids for constructing the sowers prorldod
for In tha appropriations for tho fiscal year
wcro opened by tho Commissioners this
morning. Tho following wcro tho bidders:
M. Hlno, Itjlundrilzgorald, M. F. Tally,
II. F. Cojle, P. II. Suugrno, W. II. Mohler,
James Kojuolds, Andrew (Reason, Dennis
I.ooncy, Jamci McCandlsh, J. J, Car more,
The awards will be made during tho week,
I'ersnnal Mont Ion,
Mr. Howard N. Thompson, tho corre
spondent of tho Cleveland l'talnilculcr, his
returned from Columbus.
Mr. Daniel Halm of tho United Press Ins
left for Harpcr'a Ferry, whero how HI Bpoud
two weeks' vacation among tho mountains,
It has not) tt been sottled whethor tlio)
scicnado to Scuator Chandler will take
place to-night or to morrow, ns tliero Is
somo doubt as to tho tlmo of his arrival.
Mr. V.. B. Youmaus, ox-chletcleik ottho
Treasury Department, who Ins opened a
lawofllcc In tho Kellogg Building. Ins
fouo to New York on Important business,
o will bo absent about a week.
Tho South Washington Blcjclo Club, ot
which Mr, Hairy II. Ilojino is captain, will
mako a run ou tlio 4th to Baltlmoro. Cap
tain Hoy mo Is ouo ot tho most graceful ami
cxpcit ildcis In South Washington.
1'orelBU llrovltles,
Tho Shah jestciday sailed fiom Brussels
for lhiglaud.
lho dock laborers at Marseilles, France,
havo struck,
lho Busslan Embassy at Uorllu Is prepar
ing to receive tho Czar on July 33.
Tho Alt Jury ot tho Paris Exhibition has
awarded to Mr Sargeant a medal ot honor
Tho Kusslau Government has uotluod the
Porto of Its readiness to aoseut to the Turk
ish conversion schema,
Governor lleavor Arrives nt Johns
town nnd Views the Dornstntlon.
Johnstown, Pa.,. July 1. Governor
Beaver arrived this morning and spent
the entire forenoon In riding over tho
devastated district. General Hastings
accompanied tho Governor on his lour
of inspection. Tho Governor wns
greatly pleased at tho progress mado in
clearing away lho debris, aud found no
fault with llio manner In which lho
work had been carrlciVon. "I havo no
private funds on baud nnd llio Idea that
I hnd Is a great mistake. Whatever
money came to mo I havo placed In the
hands of tho Stnto Commlttco, lu whom
I have tho gicntcst confidence. Tho
Chicago houses do not como up to ex
pectations, but it must bo rcmcmbcicd
that Uicy are for temporary use. Thoy
will do, however, until tho nconlo nro
'.self - sustaining. This tcrilblo disaster
was misicprcscntcu 10 mo in tlio llrst
Uilace. I find out now that It Is really
,'rnrfin flint, T fl.nimlil nl flt-at Wl... In..
is even greater, and I do not think It
has yet been correctly estimated. I
ijilnk tho (list repoits wcro not ex
aggerated, and when tho grand or
CoUmn finale Is reached It will ho found
Ibat Iiom 0,000 lo 10,000 people havo
been lost."
l'luns or Wnslilncton People l'ut Into
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Prcscott spend
(his summer In tho Whlto Mouutalus.
They will bo joined Inter In the season
by tlicir ton, 0. A. Prcscott.
II. E. Davis confided to a Cihtic re
porter tbnt ho would spend tho summer
at the place which to his mind is tlio
greatest of summer lcsorls a place
where the delights of rural sport may
lo very easily combined with home
comfoti viz., Washington city.
Messrs. Hiram A. Shirley and J. M.
Huzzcll, buyers for Woodward &
Lolhiop, will salt for Europo Saturday,
July 0, per steamship Umbila. Thoy
will bo absent nbout six weeks, and
.if tcr visiting tho Paris Exposition they
will go lo London, Dcilin, Manchester
aud other commercial centres lu scaich
of fall and winter novelties.
Colonel Charles G. McCawlcy, com
mnudant of the U. S. Marino Corps,
Will shortly Icavo this city for a two
months' vacation nl tho springs.
Frank McLean will shoitly leave for
tl.o upper part of Maryland, wheio ho
Intends spending tho summer.
II. T. Wheeler, manager of St. James
Hotel: "Well, yes, I Intent taking a
Utile vncnllou this summer. I will mako
a trip IkuHigh Massachusetts and sev
eral ot tho Now England States, stop
ping nt Portuno Hock, Maine, wheio
Mr. L. Woodbury, tho proprietor, Is
pending his vacation.
Mr. D. 0. Smllhsou will spend pirt
of Ids vacation nt Lower Cedar Point.
Mr. A. C. West of tlio Citizens' Na
I onnl Hank will spend tho summer nt
t, George's Island, on" tho Potomac,
t jiposlto Plncy Point.
Albert Hallcek of Anncostla left this
norning for Elmlia, N. Y,, wheio ho
Ylll spend lho summer, tctuiiilng in
Cnptnln MeArtliur Seloctoil to Huccood
General IColtnn.
Tho President to-day appointed Cap
tain Arthur McArthur, jr., of tho Thir
teenth Infantry, Assistant Adjutant
General, with the lank of Major, to fill
tho vacancy caused by tho promotion of
Adjutant-General Kulton. Major Mo
Aithurlsn son of Judgo Atthur Me
Artliur, a ictlrcd Justice of tho Supremo
Couit of tho District of Columbia.
Ho wns born In Massachusetts Jtina 2,
1SM5, and entered tbo volunteer scrvlco
ns Phst Lieutenant of tho Twenty
fourth Wisconsin Infantry. In 1803 ho
became Lieutenant-Colonel. His lccord
during the war was exceptionally bril
liant and ho was brovcttcd twlco for
gallant and meritorious sci vices.
Tho following War Departmcut
changes havo been made:
Frauk D. Smith of Michigan and Paul
Cool; ot Arkansas havo been appointed
5-1,000 clerks in tho Surgeon-General's
Promotions. W. II. Bartholomew and
G. G. Rodgers, clerks Sl.OOO, Depot Quar
tetmastcrs's ofllco, St. I.ouls, Mo., to clerks
class 1, and In Signal Office, Samuel I).
Caldwell and Charles E. Elcc, copjlsts
UtO to JCOO; Alex. Ashloy, class 1 toclassSj
John T. Toy, from clerk, $1,000 to class 1;
Julia P. Ifaudoliih, from clerk, $000, to
clerk, $1,000; William Messervy, from
cop)ist audtjpewriter, $340, to cleric, $000;
Carrlo M. Cook, from cop) 1st, $730, tol3IO;
Mary A. Howard, from copjlst, $000. to
$720; James J. Frecmau, from batter) man,
$720, to skilled artisan, $310; Miss Anna G.
Nc) hart, from copj 1st aud t) pen rlter, $310,
8lgual Ofllce, to clerk, $1,000, Adjutant
General's Olllcc.
Permanent appointments Miss Lucy
Juracy of North Carolina, copjlst, $720,
Flgual Ofllco; David h. E. Jennings of
Tennessee nud Noel W. Barksdalo of Texas,
clerks, $1,000, Burgeon General's olllco;
Paul Hansen of Now lork, Civil Engineer,
al $l,S0O, Quartoiraastcr-Geiicral's ofllco.
Resigned William h. Burton of Iowa,
George M. Smith ot Maryland and Gcorgo
M. Husscll ot Pcnnsjlvanla, clerks, class 1,
Auiuiant ucucrars oiuce.
Transfers Frank. Jones and James L.
Falbcy, clerks classU; Charles L. Walker,
Thomas Heed, Frank L. Brouaugh, M.irtlu
I.. Stowdl, Fielder I. Hunter, KiIhIu Wil
liamson and M. Ummit L'rcll, clerks class
I, ofllco Secretary of War, to Adjutaut
General's ofllce.
deductions (on account ot tho roducod
appropriation): Daulcl I". O'Nell, from
laborer at $u!0 to $000; E. A. Uranium,
from watchman at $720 to laborer at $G00;
II. Cromptou, from assistant janitor at $000
to messenger ot $1S0; John Tuiley, from
messenger at $G0U to laborer at $130, Henry
NUmauu, from assistant janitor at $000 to
messenger at $lsi); Allen Spencer, from
messenger at $l0 to laborer at $150;
Thomas If. Clarke, from laborer at $150 to
messenger at $1!G0; C. II. Richardson, from
messenger at $300 to messenger at $210; 11.
F. Durkln, from messenger at $iW0 to mes
seiigcr at $210; .Mrs. C. Howgatc, from
charwoman at $300 to $240; S.J. Farrdl,
from messenger at $210 to $180; Miss
lloi.oro Roche, from charwoman at $210 to
$160; Mis. Pamir Allen, from chainomau
at $10 to 180, all lu tho Signal Ofllco.
General News Notes.
Mrs, Morris Rubens aud her Infaut wero
fouud dead lu bed at Albany, N. Y., jester
day. At Northfleld, Mass., jestcrday, A. A.
fctagg, tho celebrated Yulo pltcbor, ad
dicssed COO students at tho Moody Con
ference. A bolt ot lightning fired tho storehouse.
Of tho Paul Wliltln Manufacturing Com
pany, at Rockdale, Mass., jestcrday. Loss,
Wotdrou, a whlto man on tho Sioux res
cnatiouwho has been persuading Indians
not to sign tho trcatj, has been removed by
Agent McClicsncj'.
An I.ngllsh firm of rubber manufjctuiers,
tho largest houso In Great Britain, has
bought tho foreign patents and complete
plant ot C. J, Bailey ,1 Co. of Bostou.
Tho cars ot tho Boston limited express
which wcro ditched at Now Haven, Conn,,
on Saturday, wcro holstad out yesterday,
All tho persons injured aro doing well,
Iu a street riot at Glasgow, Mo., on Sat
urday, Johu Pattou was shot dead, Aaron
Johnson aud Lewis Watts wero mortallj
wounded, and six others wero dangeromly
Tlio Two l'uglllsls Preparing rnr Tliolr
Trip In llio I'ollcnil Klnto Kllrnln
l'cols Conlldcflt Tlint Ho Crtll Host
tlio llnston f.nd.
Nr.w Yoiuc. .lulv
-The first party
to lenvo New York to attend tlio Still
vnn-Kllruln fight took tho West Shore
train last evening nt 8:15. Thev co to
Hochcstcr to await tho arrival of Sulli
van from Hclfast. That may bo this
afternoon or to morrow morning. When
he arrives n special train will bo mndo
up at Itochcslcr to tako tho entire party
Boiilh, Among thoso who left lust
night wcro James Porrcll, Joo Coburn,
Jim Wakcly, Charles Johnson, Phil,
Lynch, Jnck Cussack, Prank Moran
nnd Harney Mngulrc. A, special from
Hclfast reports Sullivan as In the
very best condition. Ho now weighs
SOI pounds, nnd It Is expected that ho
will Inciensc In llcsh fourorfivo pounds
whllo en route to tho fighting giouiid.
Ho attended services nt tha Catholic
church ycstcnlaj morning.
.HAt.TiMoiiti, July 1. Jako Kllraln
reMed quietly ycstculay, with tho ex
ception of a tcu-mllo carlv walk.
Mitchell lcturncd fiom Now Yoik on
Saturday night, and Informed Kllraln
of the place selected for tho fight. Tho
exact location is kept n scciet, but
Mitchell and Kllraln both say that there
will bo no Interference, nml that tlio
ground chosen Is In every way thor
oughly suitable for the purpose. Kll
rnln looks In perfect trim. Tlio pickling
process his bands nnd face havo been
subjected to has given his skin on those
parts of his body a peculiar brownish
color not unlike Inn, but which In n
man of KUrnln's complexion, which Is
naturally dark, Is not displeasing, but
underneath his clothes thu skin Is as
whlto as tho fairest woman's, and the
beautiful play of tho muscles when the
pugilist Is nt work can plainly bo scon.
Ills llcsh Is hard and firm, tbo muscles
flexible, nnd his stomach as tlnl as
can be.
When nsked how ho felt tho pugilist
smiled confidently and said: "I was
never In better condition than I nm now
In my lite. My bonds and face ate as
hard ns nuts and I am ns strong ns I
possibly could be. To day I weighed
180 pounds nnd I expect to fight nt
about 185, but If I do not succeed In
getting down to that I will bo nil right
anyhow. A matter ot two or tlneo
pounds nbovo Hint won't mako any dif
feicncc. Whnt will tho result bo? Well,
ot course, I can't answer that. Nobody
knows, but both 'Charllo nnd I nro con
fident ot my ability to beat tho big fel
low. It w 111 bo a hard battle, but I am
determined to win."
Kllrnln and his friends will lcavo
Haltlmoic to-morinw foi Now Orleans,
and on the trip tho pugilist will con
tinue his dally cvcrclso In a car es
pecially fitted up for the purpose.
Mitchell will cook every bit of food his
man cats, and a plentiful supply of
water will be taken along In a lot u'f big
(lemi)onns, tup vr.iirr win do Hwai
the spring nl which Kllraln hn3 been
drinking since ho has been training.
Tommy Williams, n well-known local'
sport, who has been up to Hclfast nnd
seen Sullivan, still stakes his confidence
and money on Klltaiu. Ho says ho has
seen both Sullivan and Kllialn fight
and, whllo tho former is tho harder hit
ler, lie llies pcicciillbly after four
loumls, whllo Jako husbands his
strength nnd strikes evenly with effect
throughout. He expects to sco Sulllvnu
uish nt Kllialn like n bull during the
fust few rounds nud then when ho Is
winded thinks Jako will take his tlmo
lo Hnlsh tho big fellow.
Kllraln's friends still think thcro will
bo considerable houblo In selecting n
icfcrce and that this Important person
age will not bo chosen until tho day of
the light. Mitchell, In sneaking of the
outlook, icgards tho lesult as n loiegono
conclusion nnd refuses to beliovo that
thero will bo any Interference, cither
fiom tho local authorities or from thoso
who will bo present nt tho fight. Kll
i alu's friends nro of tho opinion that
tho reports about Sullivan's superb con
dition nto exaggerated, though they
hopo bo will bo In prime health, ns thu
vlctorj", should It como Kllraln's way,
will bo all thu greater. Tho betting In
this city Is anything but lively, but It Is
predicted Ibat it will pick up during tho
couiso of tho next few days. The dele
gation lo go from this city will com
prise moio than fifty well known
spoiling men.
New Oiii.iians, July 1. New
Orleans Is wildly excited over tho com
ing Kllialn-Sulllvnn prize fight, and It
Is lho only subject of discussion here.
Fiank Stevenson, who Is now backing
Kllrnln, nnd who was until icccntly nn
anient supporter of Sullivan, explains
why ho deserted Sullivan. "I bet ou
him till after tho Mitchell fiasco." he
said. "I was certain Hint Sullivan
would w in, ns I knew Hint ho worked
bard for it and that ho did not drink a
diop lu England. Sullivan's special
qualifications are for a tight under tho
Marquis of Quecnsborry lilies. Ho Is
tho gicalest Qucensbcrry fighter tho
world has ever seen. No living man
enn beat him In n four-round glovo
fight, lint In battles to a finish, whero
gciictnlship nnd slaying powors nio
needed, Sullivan Is not gi cat as Kllraln.
I have watched Kllrnln nml I sec Hint
ho is lho greatest of ring tacticians.
What fits him especially for a ring
fighter Is his woiuiirful cudiiinuco,
Completo air.ingements havo been
mndo for tho nllnlr. A train will lc.ivo
llio city about midnight with tho men
nboauf to put things lu older at tho
giounds. Mr. Janus Plynn. who laid
out tlio ring at Mississippi City for thu
Sulllvnii.ltyan fight, and Piofessor
Dennis iiiiticroi mo soiiriiicriiAiiucuc
Club will supeivlso tho driving ot tho
slakes and Iho laying out of tho ring.
Theio will, of course, bo tbo usual
twenty four feet ring for tho two
pugilists. A nniiow ring around this
will bo for tho seconds, llmo keopeis
and other ring officials nnd icprcseuta
tles of the picss, tho latter being given
plenty of mom, so that pushing or
clowning will bo Impossible. Atouud
this, again, will bo thu Inuci rlng.wltuio
icscived tents oi chairs can bo got for
$5 npltcc. This will bo guauled by
special polico, who will keep things in
older nnd pieveut persons without
tickets fiom entering tho ring. Outsldo
of this tho general public will find
stniullng-iooiu. This nrtangement will
not only avoid dlsoidcr, but prevent
tho loughs fiom cutcrfcriug with tho
light, as they will havo to break through
tlicso well guauled lines to get al tho
The Western Union will sond out its
linemen at tho snmo tlmo with tho ring
makers, and will havo four wires run
nlng fiom lho ground to New Orloans
bydavllght ltwlllhiivc Us four fast
est op'eiatois stationed at them so that
the news can bo scut Instantaneously
over lho wholo country Tho special
ring Irnln will lcavo tho city by 4
o'clock and Its patrons will be nil seated
first. Tho regular excursion train will
lenvo by 0, so Hint everybody will bo on
Hie grounds by a o'clock and tlio fight
can begin as soon ns u referee ran bo
-i m ' mi
A Inrco Number r Appointments
Mndo by tho l'resldatil.
Scciclnry Illalno wns tlio only caller
nt lho Wfilto Houso lo day who was
necorded an Interview with lho Presi
dent, and otherwise It wns n very quiet
day al tho Executive Mansion. A num
ber of appointments were undo In the
Dlplomntlo service, the rommlsMons
bearing tho names of tha fortunate ones
being signed beforo lho Sect clary of
Slate left the llbimy. Thoso who will
go obioad arc:
A. Louden Hnoiulen ot Pcnnsjlvaula, to
bo Minister Resident and Consul General
ot tho United btatcs to Roumanla, ijcrvla
and Greece.
A. Lowdcn Ijnowden ot Pcnnsjlvanti Is
n prominent citizen of Philadelphia, and Is
well-known as tho commander ot tho
famous City Troop, tho leading mili
tary organization socially and other
wise of tho City of Brotherly Love.
Ho has for many j cars been a leading Re
publican In Pcimsjlvanla politics, and his
appointment will git a general satisfaction
throughout tho Kcjstouo State
William Ilnjilcn Edwards ot Ohio, to bo
Coiisul-Ucncrat ot the United Htatcs at
William Hajden Edwards, tho new Con-siil-dcncrat
to Berlin, dcrmauj', Is a woll
known club man In this city and has been
Identified nlth thp Metropolitan slnco Its
organization. Ho Is a chum ot Walker
Illalno and the two havo been Inseparable
companions for j cars at tho National Cap
ital. It Is a good position aud ranks In
Importance with lho consul-generalship at
Paris, Prance, although It Is not so big an
ofllco as that of Consul General at London,
Augustus O. Bourn ot llhodo Island, to
bo Consul General of tho United States at
Rome. "
Eugcno Sehujlcr of New Yorkto bo
Agent and Consul Gcncrr' ' '
States at Cairo.
It will bo remembered t -i
tl.o newly appointed i, 1 1! t
Cairo, was beforo tho 8 i i I
Hon as Assistant Seer - '
his namo was withdraw! . m
when ho ascertained t '
developed against him.
tho basis of this was l
Sehujlcr, whllo In Iho
bad written strictures
Senators and Uicy soiia.n mis method of
getting even with him. Ho has had long
cxncilcnco In diplomacy, ai.d was for miny
jcars ut Roma as a representative of this
To bo Consuls of tho United States.
Wallace Bruce of New York at Lcith; Wil
liam Harrison Bradley of Illinois at Nice;
Edmund B. Pulrflcld ot. Michigan at Lions;
Irving J, Mauatt of Nebraska at Athens;
William Bowman ot Kentucky at Tien
Tsln; Adolph G. Studer ot Iowa at Bar
men; Enoch J. Smlthcrsof Dolawarcat
(laka and 1 1 logo; Alexander C. Mooro nt
West Virginia ot St. Thomas: Charles V,
Johnson ot Ohio at Hamburg; Silas C.
Halscy, at Sonncbcrg.
ItcceKed nt lriiolcnil Willi
Ho j nl Honors.
Lohhok, July l, TlinOhnli of Per
sia arrived nl Qiavcscnd this Mioi nlng.
Hero hu wns tinnsfcircd from tlfo
steamer batgo to tho royal bargo and
conveyed to the Speaker's steps nt
Westminster. Tho Thames embank
ment was lined with hoops during the
piogicss to Westminster. Ho was re
ceived nt tho steps by tho Prince of
Wnlcs, tho Karl of Itosebeny, Karl
Cadogan and Sir Henry Drutninond
Wolfe, tbo Hrltlsh Ambassador to Per
sia, who will chaperon His Majesty
during bis visit nml n distinguished
company, Stato carriages wcio In walling
nnd the loyal guest and bis suite wctu
driven to Buckingham Palace, wbeto
ho will occupy oparltnents whllo In
London. Tho Shnh seemed gicitly
pleased with his icccptlon, although
tho ciovvd walling to sco him nu his
arrival failed In greet him with any
Particular enthusiasm. To-night the
hnh will lecclvo foreign diplomats,
Ineludldg Mr. Lincoln, tho American
Minister. To-moriow evening ho will
bcpicsenl nt tho performance lu lho
Covcnt Gnidcu Opeia-llotiso, and on
Wednesday night n stato ball will be
given In bis honor at Buckingham
Pnlnec. Thursday he leaves for Hat
field, wheio ho will be tho guest of
Loul Sallsbuiy for several days.
Water Department Awards.
Awards for suppljlug cast Iron plpo,
special castings and valves for tho tuo of
tho Water Department wcro mado to-day as
follow!! McShano it Co., 10 0-Inch 2-way
valves, at $1 1.1"; Shepherd ,fc Harloj-, 40
0-lucli 4-way valves, nt $10 each; Mc
Neal Pipo and Foundry Company. 30,000
lineal feet cast-iron water-pipe, &jr.!0per
ton, and b 1,000 pounds special castings at
2J cents per pound. Tho bid of HieAnuls
ton Pipo Works, though tho lowest for
pipe, was rejected ou account ot Its Infor
malities. To .Spend tlio I'mirtH ut Donvor.
Clliovoo, July 1. General W. T. Sher
man, bis ptlvato secretary, J, W. Barrett,
General Wagner Snajuo aud hi son,
Allied Sua j ne, aro at tbo Grand Pacific
Hold, on their way lo Denver, whero Gen
erals bhcrman and Swavuo aro to partlcl
pato lu tho 4th of July festivities. Tho
party was Joined last eveulug by W. D.
Guthrloand Mr. Lvarts, Jr., nt Now York.
They leave this afternoon for tho West.
Street Itrllwny Slrlko nl Cnrdlll.
Lovnos, July 1. A tramway strlko Is in
progiess at Cardiff, 'the strikers aro riot
ing, They havo smashed thu windows ot
every car scut out ottho stables thus far,
and stoned tha passengers and polico.
'Ihcy havo also clubbed and stonod tho
hoises. maiming mauv ot them. Several
f hikers havo been ai rested, but tho polico
force Is not ablo to copo wlt'i the rioters,
aud aid has becu sent for.
At llio llotulii.
SIdnoy DoKaj-, Nebraska; W. I). Graj,
San Diego, Cab, aro at the Rlggs House.
F. F. Gibson, Mobile, AW.; W. Martin,
Nashville, Tcnii.; G. F. Gardner, Rochester;
A. 11. iiorau, :scw ion., aro at vviuanrs.
Hon. I). M. Rausdell ot Indianapolis, tha
new U. S. .Marshal for tho District, arrived
hero last evening aud registered at tho Itlggs
J. P. Gajle, Monlgomerj', Ala,; C. N.
Morse, Nliv Haven, Comi., and T. It. Wil
son, Portsmouth, N. II., aro at tho St.
W. II. C.IUIs ami wife, Louisville: J. P..
Forsvth, Chicago; L, II. Doollttlo, Chailoa
ton, S. (J., nnd J. It. ltoso, New Yoik, aio
at the National.
11. 1). Slater, Alabama; Joo Morrison,
I.Ittlo Rock, Ark., and II. K. Ramsey ot
tho Kinney Bros. Tobacco Company aro at
tho Hotel Johusou.
C. 8. Mlddlcton, Wilmington, Del ; W
G. Wattsou, Richmond; II. W Carter, Now
York, ami Goorgo l. Lawrence, uoston,
aro al tho Mctiopolitau.
Horton Pope, tho now private secretary
to Secretary Noble of tho Interior Depatt
1111 at, arrived hero this morning from St.
Louis aud tegUteied at the F.hbltt.
Thomas S Cunningham and I H WII
sou, Chicago, 11 M Hayes, (loorb: 1 D It
ltcmscu, New York, 0 J FKuoi and wife,
New Haven I. 0 llopklu, New Yojk.U
M Shelton and wife. Chi' 1 S are at
tho Ebbltt .
Tlio Ilnllnu tlovornmont lleglni n
Work of Mngnltuitn In tlio Intaretf
of llcttor Health ror lho Oily Au
liniiionso Rum lo bo llxpanded,
London, July 1. The city of Naples,
in Italy, began house cleaning to d ly
pn a scale never beforo paralleled In tho
histoiy of municipalities In nny imt of
lho globe. The plans contcmplalo tho
demolition of 17,000 houses nnd slxlv
Ivvo churches lu the most thickly settled
nnd most squalid parts of tho city,
where tho nariovv streets, filled with
pcicnnlnl filth, breed pestilence and
death. It Is proposed to erect lu tliclt
stead well-built houcs, and In lay out
fine, broad streets that will let in thu
nlr and tho sunshine to lho Inhabitants.
Naples Is lho most thickly populated
city In Europe, and the quarter to bo
thus icnovated contains now n poiilu
tiou of 108,000, or 000 to tho acic. It
Is proposed lo reduce this population
Just one-half. All the people now re
siding lu these slums have received
notice to quit, and when the work hat
been completed (he new buildings will
probably have an cnllicly new set of
occupants. A new sheet a ml lo and
n-half long nnd ninety feet wide, twlco
lho width of any existing sheet lu
Naples, Is to bo uiu tluough tho dis
trict now tcmnorarlly depopulated.
The cost of this Immense Improvement
will be enormous nnd is to be bouiu
nrgely by tho Italian Government.
The work to bo dono Involves lho de
struction of 111 old streets and tho
widening of 127 othcis, tho total or
paitlal destruction of flftj'-sK fonttaet
or slums, nud 027 Isolated groups of
houses. The payments, which will havo
to be made to the owners of tho houses
to bo torn down for thcii nrmr'' - '
lOl'lbm . i i, . v
IK1 'l' i 1 ou' ll.l ' fl rtl'. S
i llUW !'i ' n .WrtMllVi
ol '-
tli V ' .
, i l( ll ,
mi i - t ' u iw, MUltk
' ......u iu laka part In tho
ccicmony attending It, thu real work
only began to day, when nearly 12,000
laborers wero set to work tearing down
the filthy old inokeiics In (ho doomed
quarter. This Impiovcment, it is ex
pected, will tako four yens to com
plete, bill when finished It will mako
the clly ono of the must desirable, fiom
a sanitary point of view, In Kuiope,
Instead of what It now Is, the very
worst. Theso Impiovcments havo been
in contemplation ever slnco tho great
cholern epidemic of 1831, which so
tlioioughly demonstrated their neces
sity, bul ' -" wo months
ago that
a bill nil
Npw.Y ' ' -
180; actu - iU--
and -IStJjft i
Gov enn .
4s, coupo' , i
lho stocic market this morning was ex
tremely dull tor most ot thu list, and only
St. Paul and Atchison ot tho regular list
and sugar and lead trusts showed any
marked Indications ot activity. PIt-st
prices, how over, wero higher tlun Satur
day's closing figures from about 4 to ) per
cent. In tha hour to 11 o'clock tho lluctii i
tlons wcro slightly and comparatively
Insignificant, lucre was no feature of
Interest In connection with the dealings.
From 11 o'clock to noon thcro was soma
weakness dlsplavcd, and prices sagged
from sheer Inactivity. At this writing tho
wuoio list is on s 10 j per cent.
Tho ow York Htoek Mnrlcot.
Tho following aro lho prices ot the Now
York and Chicago markets as reported by
special wire to C. T. Havonucr A Co.,
GUI F street northwest:
Can. Pacific.1
Can. South.
Ccn. Pacific,
I). L. A W.,
do. ntd.
P. M. S..S.J
Del. A Hud.
It. A W. Ft
Jersey Ccn.
L. A N
L. S
M., K. & T.
Mo. Fac
do. nfd..
St. fain.,
iTcx. Pac,
I Union Pac..
W. Union
N. Y. Ceil..
N. Pac ,
do. pfd.
Am. Cots'd'
Chi., B A Q1
Tlio Chlcngo Mitrkot.
Open, Close! Open. Closj.
WnEAT. I'OltK.
July 803 SOI July.... 1170 11 7.U
Aug 7bJ 7$j Aug .... 11 77J U W
Sept .... 7&i 79 Sept It 07J 11 'W
coiin. 1. vim.
July !HJ Xl July.... 0 471 0 471
Aug Mt 351 Aug .... 0 ,171 0 tX
Sept .... 35j 3.1? Sept 0 071 0 071
July..... 22J 23?
Aug 221 229
Scpt.... !Bi 221
Washington Slock Kxclmneo.
Slisccllaneous bonds W. A G. It. IC.
Co., 100; Masonlo Hall Ass'n., 10J; Wash.
Market Co., 10'J; Wash. Market Co., Imp.
bonds, Cs, 120; Wash. Lt. Infantry, 1(W;
Wash. Lt. Infantry. 2.1, 70; W. Gas Light
Co. bonds, 121; W. Gas Light Co. bonds,
script, 124.
National Bank Stocks Bmk ot Wash
Ington, 300; Bank of Republic, 213; Metro
politan, 22S; Central, 210; Second, 17d;
Farmers and Mechanics', 171; Citizens',
ISO; Columbia, 134.
Railroad Stocks Washington ami
Georgetown,; Metropolitan, I'M; Co
lunula, 41; Capitol aud North O Street, 41.
Iusuranco Slocks Firemen's, 101 ; Frank
lin, 41; Mctiopolitau, 71; National Uulon,
10; Arlington, 170; Corcoran, 03, Colum
bia, 15); German American, ISO; Potomac,
00; Rlggs, 8.
Gas and l'.lcelrlr- TMir Slneks Wash
ington Gas, -tJi;
i.iecmc ugui, w
Telephouo stoel
inac.ro: Aincrlc
Miscellaneous St .
kit Co., 18; Was i
Co., 270, Great Fall
Rim Panorama Co.,
Iusuranco Co., 13J: -
surauco Co., 01; Ni ' '-
Co., .
A Woll Kim uu CIiiluiju mot Mint.
Cuicaoo, Jul 1. Whllo attempting to
escape orrest, after committing a robbery,
Archie Andorson, a well-known Wost Sldo
thief, was shot In tho back and fatally
wounded bl OOlccr George A. Vaut at 4
o'clock jestcrday morning, He was taken
to tho county hospital, whera his death Is
hourly expected. Two men that woro
with him escaped
Drowned Whllo lloutlng.
Cuicaoo. July 1, William SehlU and
Charles Sehrocdcr, two 10-ycar-otd boys,
who wcro attending tho picnic of tho.
llostlngs-Strect Pleasuro Club at Rlversld
jestorday, wero drowned whllo boating 011
the picnic gtuuuds,
Local Wentlior l'orecast.
Heavj showers; slightly cooler; oastorly

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