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A New Marshal Nominated for East
ern Louisiana.
Mtiteinenln if VcsselsTlie President nt
Oak View.
The President sent tlio following nomina
tion to tliu Semite to-duj:
(ieorgo Moorman of Louisiana lo tiu U. S,
Mnnluil tor tlio eastern district of Loulsanla,
M(0 I'lCISalltS, dCCe.lSCll.
First Lieutenant. .). V. Contrdon of Rbodo
Island to be captain In tlio Kuveutiu service,.
Ciiptnln Leonard V. Lorlng lo be surgeon la
the Annv with rank of major.
Second I.Icutinnnt W. K. Wright. Sixteenth
Infantry, tu bu first lieutenant; to bosuccccded
ns soeotid llculonniit br Addltlnnnl Second
LlciitcnnntO. I). Vance, Twenty-first Infantry,
At Ous View. Tlio President nnd Mrs,
Cleveland drovo out to Oak View this morn
ing. UccnivLD roll IIkdismi'TIOS. Tho National
IjhiiU notes received to-day by the United
Mntei Trcasutcr for redemption amounted to
llosn Orrr.HlNos, To-day's bond offerings
were: Is, icglitorcil, f.07,000, nt 138 to 120;
coupon -In. i'J.l.COO, nt lffi to 120; 4js, regls
leii'il, $315,000, at lOSJs coupon 4Js, $100, at
llil.l. SinNKli To-iiav. Tno 1'rosldcnt to
du) signed tin net providing for tlio establish
incut of n life-saving station at the harbor of
Kowntiucc, Wis., nnd other places named la
'he net.
Movements or Vmm.s. The Dolphin Is
w lc.idy for sea. The Reliance has urrlvcd
nt Hlo do Janeiro and all ou board am rc
portul well. Tlio tug I'ortuue, with supplies,
ins arrived at Norfolk.
The Somite Tariff I III I tlio Only Obstnclo
In t b IVny.
The only obstnclo that has appeared during
the past week to uu adjournment of Congress
within tho next three or four days has been
the work upon nn analysis of tho Republican
Turin bill, which Is beliic made under the di
rection of the clerk of tho llouso Commltteo
ou Wa s and Meuus. That work will termi
nate ou Tuesday, and It Is stated thai tho
members of the committed now In tho city will
be willing to propose nil ifdjourumcut as soon
r.8 they receive this analysis. Tho proposition
for an adjournment will bo acted tipou at any
time by tlio Senate, Inasmuch as there aroonly
live or six speeches ou tlio ijirltT to ho deliv
ered befo e the election nnd these can bo com
pleted at any time within forty-eight hours'
Republican Members of tho Sena'o say they
can bo persuaded to do almost anything In the
direction of an adjournment, but thoy can
not 1h forced ti do unj thing. They would be
willing to propose uu adjournment were It not
for the fact that an old custom nnd tho un
written rules of Congress provide that tho
proposition for an adjournment sine dlo shall
cotno from tho House. They steadily refuse
to llx u day for adjournment until some step
has been taken by the Lower House. Thrco
oi four members of tho Commltteo on Finance
were at work lu their mora when s Tost re
porter entered and Inquired as to when ad
journment would be likely. Thoy all an
swerod that everything depended on the
House, and that tho Seunto was watting for
the customary proposition from the other
body of Congress.
When it was suggested that possibly the
House would not bo willing for an adjourn
ment, It was stated that if this was to be a
game of "frcere-out'.'ltho Senate would un
doubtedly win, because the declaration at any
time on tho part of the Senate that there Is a
wunt of a quorum would make adjournment
impossible under tho rules till a quorum was
secured, and It the llouso wanted to do con
trary about It, It would only boncccsbary for a
Republican Senator to ralso tho polut of "no
quorum" and to demand a call of tho Sen
ate, when It would bo disclosed that there was
less than a quorum In tho city.
It was further suggested that If the House
attempted to drive tho Sennto to proposing an
adjournment outside of tho ordinary. rules and
uanges n Kioto would bomado which would
rceal the fact that there was not a quorum In
the city, after which by mutual understanding
all of tho Senators except oqo would leave tho
city. A single Senator ou the floor, with the
presiding officer In tho chair, could keep up
tho pretense of u session. This would, Indeed,
te a remarkable condition of Congressional af
fairs, but It is not at all without tho rangn of a
possibility in the event tho House continues to
insist that tho Senate must proposo an ad
journment. Senators Allison, Ilawlcy, Hoar and Ald
rlcli and a number of tho Democratic side of
t a Chamber have expressed opinions to
day to Post representatives that there
would bo an adjournment between Wednes
day nnd Saturday of this wcok, notwithstand
ing the rcmarkablo situation.
a distinguished nonr.
Supremo Council, Thirty-Third Decree,
of .Scottish lllto Masons.
Tho Supremo Couucll, Thirty-Third Degree,
for tho Southern Jurisdiction of Scottish lllto
Masons met at l!i o'clock to-day nt the tem
ple, corner of Third nnd E streets northwest.
There wcro about llfty members present.
Tho reports of the lospeclor-Utncrals of the
different States wcro submitted and with
their accounts referred to tho appropriate com
mittees. A rccc6S was then taken until 2 o'clock,
when the Council mot on tho fourteenth de
gree tnd Oinml .Master Albert l'lke dollvored
his allocution, after which nn adjournment
was taken until to-morrow.
Dentil of n Ilnpuitiiient Clerk.
Mr. .lames K. Hirst, a clerk in tho Surgeon
Gcneial's Ofllcc, died on Friday of typhoid
fever nfter n brief illness. He was uppolntcJ
llltlo more than a year ago uuder civil service
rules Ho camo irom i)vthlchnm,Pa., whero
he was encaged In farming. He was also a
member of tho Moravian Church and at one
f lino principal of tho Hisli School there. The
remains wero taken to his former homo Satur
day for Interment.
Mrs. Robinson's I'lim-rul.
Tho funeral of Mrs. Laura V. Itoblnsou,
wife of Mr. Ilushrod Hnninson, of the II rm of
Hohlnson, Vnrkcr it Co., tho clothiers, who
died at tier borne nt Fourteenth and Q streets
Saturday, took place trom her lnte residence at
II o'clock this afternoon to Oak Hill Cemotary.
The funoral was largoly attended by Mrs.
Robinson's many friends. She was n lady of
gteat amiability and dignity of character,
I.iito Local Uriels,
A fire occurred at about 3:20 this morning In
a frumo house, No. "HI Ninth street, occupied
by benjamin Hrnxtol. Tho damaeu was about
$.100, half of which was covered by Insurance.
A 11 row as discovered In Jnracs Mugrudf r'fl
groieiy, U"0 Connecticut a von lie, nt 4:25 this
inoiulug Tho back lower window was
sllgbtlv raised, and h broom had been set ou
Hie. Iho work had evidently been dono ma
liciously. The damage was about $300.
'Ihouiiis M.'Hunt, Detroit, Mich., and Mary
A T Martin, Now York; Ksqulro Harrod and
Drucllla Holllday, Hlllsdulo,D. (J.; Frank
Watsou and Kos.i A. (Ircen have been granted
aiarrlago licenses.
Judgo Hagner has excused the following,
drawn for si rvho on thu jury In t e Circuit
I'onrt: Friules M. Crlswcll, ,T. II Hewlett,
icnrgoJ (iockeler, Thomas E. Franco, E. K.
Moalo aud Angus Leonard.
A horsa belonging to Captain .lames II.
Watigb, was found wandering loose ou the
roadway leading to Baltimore, about twelve
miles fiom this city, last Saturday. It was
ktol n from In front of Providence Hospital
While Mrs. Ed, Farroll was at church
jfsterday, tlio colored servant, Martha Danger
Held, took oil ull her clothes, donned n com
complete outfit bclouglng to Mrs. Farroll,
nnd went away. She was caught, and to-day
en,cnced to thrco mouths lu jail for tho lar
ceny, and to two mouths In the workhouse
for being a tramp.
A number of leading society people Intend
to give an entertainment at the Riding Acad
emy on tho Stub, for the bcucflt of the yellow
fever relief fund.
Dr. 0 J. Iliynrd, a. he-init, now nearly
ninety years old, nnd thing In n lint
near rjun Antonio, lex., bnjs no lb uu
unolo of tho present Secretary of State.
Tlio Com mis doners navo written L-owis
Jolinion Si Co. In relation to their re
quest Hint nn Item be Inserted In tho Dis
trict Appropriation bill to retleum tlio
eight per cent, (sewer certificates); that
thoy have nn power to insert such nn
Item in the bill, but. if n special bill is
prepared looking lo this end, thoy will
then imvo nn opportunity to act.
II. I). Cook nnd others who petitioned
font water main to be laid outtoBurlclth
have been untitled that there is no money
for this purpose this year.
Tho bill incorporating tlio lirightwood
Railway Cdmpnny has been considered
by tho Commissioners, wholinvo nntlllcd
the President thnt they lcnnw of no ob
jection to its becoming a aw.
Colonel llalnssomo time ago complained to
the Commissioners that tho illegal occupation
of tho spaco between Muryland avenue, Thirteen-and-a-half
street and the Potomac. River
was Interferes with tlio Improvement of tho
river front. Attorney Riddle, wIioko attention
was called to the matter, has w rltteu tho Com
mlfaloiurs stating that his olTIco some time
ago agreed to let this matter stand until
the title of A. I. Harvey In tho
Potomac flats suit was settled, but If the Com
missioners so desire he will tnko immediate
steps looking toward an adjustment of tho
present dlthculty. It appears that Nicoll
Brothers, tho oil dealers, ate occupying tho
hnd nnd that in 1861 nn Injunction was
granted by tho court preventing the Commis
sioners from Interfering with the occupant uf
tho space referred to.
lonncssce avenue, which runs from the
north sldo of Lincoln Park to Fifteenth and F
streets northeast, has beon opened from 1) to
C streets northeast by Chllds t Son, who have
occupied this avenue and tho adjoining spaco
In this vicinity for fifteen years with their
steam brick-making plant. Thoy have been
ordered fiom timo to tlmo to vacate
tho roadway of thu nvcnuo, which
they liavo tlnally done, after bringing It down
to thu grade, for tho clay that wan on It. and
tho other streets In the same neighborhood
furnished tho materials for more than 300.
000,000 bricks, and tho grading, which would
havo cost Hie city $70,000 or theieabouts, was
done free of charge.
The Kxhlblt of fltruut-Itnllwiiy Appli
ances to be Jludo Hero This Week,
A big dray rumbled up tho hill to the cor.
ner of Fourteenth and F streets early this
morning and deposited an Immense cast-Iron
street car turn-tablo that taxed the strength of
four horses to drag up the little hill.
This was the first arrival of tho exhibition
of street-cars nnd street-ear appliances that Is
to be mado around Wlllard's Hotel for tho
benoflt of tho convention of street-car men
that ts to meet In Wlllard Hall tho day after
to-morrow. Tho first dray was Joined before
mo aozen negro laoorcrs naa timo to unload
tho turntable by another dray loaded with
railroad frogs nnd switches, and a third one
loaded with rails. A track with a turn-table,
switch and all complcto will bo laid on Four
teenth street, down the hill to tho Avenue
and a hundred feet aiouud tho corner ou F
Some of tho exhibits have already arrived
and aro at tho freight depots waiting to be
hauled to tho place wbero they are to bo ex
hibited. The Pullman Palace Car Company
last night telegraphed that they had shipped a
car that Is said to rival In gorccousneas and
finish their railroad cars, ami from tho Bald
win Locomotlvo Works In Philadelphia thero
has been sent n motor that Mrs. Baldwin's
enterprising compahr, "tho largest In tho
world," made especially for this exhibit.
Several of tho big Iron water mains that aro
ocinc iam aown lourtcemn eirccl lo supply
South -WdShllMrten had been left on the west
sMoof-tbentreeliind these, wcro unceremoni
ously roiJ04'ix?Js we street to gtvo room for
the atrcpt car tra'cks.
None of the delegates to tho convention have
arrived as yet, but qulto a number are ex
pected to-night, and, wticn the convention Is
called to order, some live or six hundred dele
gates from all parts of tho country are ex
pected to bo present. Tho convention Is to
end Thursday.
A representative of one of tho companies
that has sent an exhibit of strect-cnr nppllan
ccs, said this morulng that the exhibit would
ho tho largest ono of the kind over made In
America, and perhaps In tho world," probablv
twice as largo as that made In Chicago. The
many embryo Improvements In methods of
street-car propulsion, and the fact that street
car men everywhere realize that thoday for
horse-Cars is fast passing, rninblno to make
this convention of the street-car men, ono of
peculiar Interest. r
Dinner of the Aztec Club.
Tlio veteran members of the Aztco Club
sat down to dinner nt Chnmhcrlln's Sat
urday niglit, in commemoration of tho
fortieth anniversary of its existence.
It was n notable, gathering, nnd right
royally was it placed nnd most. sumptu
ously wn. it fcl and toasted. TJic menu
was Chamberl in's best Tlio long tnblo
was decowtcd by Small. Hiiro baskets
of roses decked out the Azteo feast. 'I ho
Aztecs have met in the hull.-, uf the Mon
leziiiims on the plaints ol (ho West. They
Imve been rent ntiitnder by civil win
and have dined nniirt, but now and for
years they havo met in amity nnd bound
anew tlm strong ties thnt bravo
men wear, At the hcud or tho
table was Vrof. Henry Coppco,,
of tlio Hetlilehem PUIIuitv JiihtituK1.
Hanged away to the right and lctt,
veterans nnd sons of velernns, sat
Clcnernls W. W. II. I).tviN IJ. C. Drum,
W. II. KrnnUliu, . M. Tiost. J. II. Fiv,
Gi W. Otity. 1. V. Itagner, 11. ,T. Hunt,
13, Jj. 1'. Ilnnlcnstle, .lo-"li K. Johnston,
I. W. IMImcr, Fit. John Potter. 1). II.
Uiickor, Stewart Van Vllct, C. M. Wil
cox, O. II. Willcox and A. Ifcilid ; Colonels
I. 1). Wllkins and Honhnm, nnd Messrs.
Charles Illddle, II. O. Gibson. I .
Graham, Knndall Jlnguer, W. S. Ilovt,
.1. 51. Hcnrv, Thos. Ilnrdcnstle, J. Wult.s
Kearney, G. It. Kncrcher and Charleb
L. ring.
i i ..
West Washington,
Clmrlos Kline, n ia.year-old boy. wa9 orrosted
Saturday by (ifllcer Volktnan, charged with
petit larceny. C'hnrbn Trlbby, tlio i'ompIalnnt,
whoiontoro was robbed of two silver watches,
as heretofore published, placed a "dnnijiy"
watoh In his window, mlnns thu works, and
Kllno was neon to t iko the watch from tho In
low, winch he was trying to sell to u pawn
broker when urrested.
Rev. (1. . Nlxdorfl, pastor of tho Evangelical
Lutheran Cliureb, who bn beon attondlni; iho
annual conCercnro nt Cumberland has returned
L. II. Iiammann, ascd 72 years, wlillo crossing
M streot, near I'ototnuo, nboiit B:!U) o'clock
Patuulay afternoon, was knocked down by a
biiKRydrUen by Kucenoand .1 It. Ilarne. Ilo
was hut sllehtlv Injure t, and wan usslbiixl tn bis
home. 1322 Thirty second street, by Officer
Temperotiirr nnd condition rf water nt 7 a. m.
l'reat Falls Tamiwraturn, 52: condition SHI,
Receiving rocnolr Tnmnuruturo. 57: condl
tion at i.nrth connection. !f(l; condition at south
ooiinectl' ii. Sill DlHtrlbutlrieruiTrvoIr Temp
rrnturH, 55; condition nt inrtueut pito-bouso,
Sit); condition at eftluent ttato house, till.
"Kattl" appears to-night at Alhaugh's. If
yon want only tho best "Family Help" apply
The Australian NoveltT Company nre at
Harris' IUJou Theatre this week,
Mr. and Mrs. Florence appear this ovonluc
nttho Natlpnal In "The Mighty Dollsr."
The "Battle of Shlloh" Is fought every day
from 9 a. m. to 10 p, m. nt tho cyeluramu,
Fifteenth street and Ohio avenue.
"The Night Owls" will be seen at Korean's
Colonel Andersou Rcld, representing
"Kattl," is In tho city getting ready for the
Kattrael of business that Is bound to flood
I.lttle Mury'n Hprecli,
There was company one evening nt tea and
Mary was allowed to como to tho table. She
heard everybody talking, and, wanting to Join
In the. conversation, waited until there was a
rnoruonUry lull.
"Ob. tnnrunm," she cried, "I've got ono of
tho new napklus." Uarpcr'a Young l'eoplo.
Senator Blair Attacks tho President's
Pension Vetoes.
He Stnccests Wednesday n Ills Own He
sponslblllty. In the Senato to-day n veto of n pension bill
by the President, on tho ground that It would
establish a bad precedent to pension the
woman who was twlco married, Induced Mr.
lllslr to review the general subject of I'rcsl
deutlal pension vetoes, and, more particularly,
his veto of tho now celebrated case of Mary
Ann Dougherty. Tho action of tho Kxccutlvo
lu many cases ho styled "unwise, Ill-considered
mid ill-Informed, " and saved
only the pitiful sum of toO.OiS) n j ear In thu
aggregate. Mrs. Dougherty was wrongfully,
wickedly and lillhlcssly assailed, and the
manner of her treatment demands that her
character be cleaied, but be had no hopu that
this Congi ess would take this step It re
mained for the people to decide. Statements
upholding her character and other p.ipcrs in
rcfciciice to the case wero presented.
Mr. llliilr yielded to Mr. Hoar torn moment
to Inquire of Mr. Morgan If he would agree to
mako tho Pacific Railway Funding bill a
special onlcr for thu first Tuesday after the
first Monday In December.
Mr. Allison Interrupted to say that ho would
not object, provided it did nut displace thu
tariff bill. This was ngrecd to and the order
was made by unanimous consent.
Mr. Cockrcll look tho lloor In reply, and
vlgoiously defended tho President, the Tariff
bill being laid aside to allow him to speak.
In tho House this mornlnj when Mr. Forney,
of Alahaiui, asked unanimous consent tocon
cur lu tho Senate amendments to his Ilrldga
bill, Mr. Ts) lor, of Ohio, objected and sold
that ho was determined that no further legis
lation should be enacted this session.
Mr. Wheeler, of Alabama, had tho clerk
read a resolution setting forth that the Demo
crats hnd passed a bill reducing taxation, and
tho Heuato had reported a substitute that
favored monopolists
Mr. Dlncley of Maine declared that ho did
not think that tho resolution was one for the
House to act on. It belonged to the caucus.
The Houso decided that tho preamble should
not bo read. The resolution pledged tho Dem
ocratic party to dofend tho people against un
just taxation. It was referred.
Amoug tlio bills Introduced was ono by Mr,
Richardson to provide additional accommoda
tions for tho Government Printing Ofllco.
Mr. Oatcs Introduced. the long-awaited ad
journment resolution. It named October 17.
Mr. Oates consented to havo It llo over until
to-morrow, and nt 12:50 the Houso adjourned.
There was n conforenco held In tho room fit
tho Speaker this morning, nt which thero were
present Senators l'tigh, Coke, Reagan and
Morgan, and Speaker Ctrllslo and Represen
tatives Mills, McMlllln and Turner. Thocon
ferenco failed tu reach an agreement and Mr.
Oatcs offered tho adjournment resolution on
bis own authority.
A Dlsncreeublo Iloeument for Which
Democrats Are Said tn he Responsible.
There arc somo Indications, says the Boston
Herald's corresponded, that tho whole
rumpus over this circular Is a carefully-worked
up scheme, originating with certain disaffected
Democrats, and helped out by something that
Is very much )lkp fraud. Tlio ostensible ex
cusoTof the publication of tho circular la tho
statotnent of a man named Kllery that certain
women of his family have been discharged
from ono of tho arsenals for political reasons,
und tho reason given to them for their dis
charge Is that General Beuot had so directed in
a confidential circular.
There aro only two arsenals at which women
nre employed Frnukford Arsenal, near Phila
delphia, and Rock Island Arsenal, Illluols.
At tho Fraukford Arsenal there havo been no
discharges of women or children whatever,
and consequently tho only place to which the
en so as stated could possibly refer Is tho Rock
Island Arsenal; but It also appears that at
Rock Island the women are employed for a
few weeks at a time, at different periods of
tho year, and that at tho date of the alleged
oceurrcuco no women whatever wero then on
tho pay-rolls there. It has also been ascer
tained that the circular has never been shown
or rcforrcd to by any of tho persons in whoso
possession It Is, but tho existence of this cir
cular was known to certain spoils-hunting
Democratic politicians, who aro now angry nt
Secretary Kudicott because he would not dis
charge more Republicans and appoint their
Tho wholo business Is, therefore, simply an
attempt of these ugly und venomous Demo
cratic politicians to "kutfe" tho Cleveland Ad
ministration. In order to cover up their
tracks ns well ns possible thoy put tho circu
lar into tlio hands of Senator Chandler, who
lurnlshed it to a newspaper correspondent
herewith Instructions to glvo It to the Asso
ciated Press, If tho matter Is fully investigated
the Administration will not bo Injured lu tho
slightest, nor will Secretary L'ndlcottbeputnt
any disadvantage, but the originators of tho
sensation will probably be thown up la their
true light.
Among tho places w hero spoils-hunting poli
ticians seem to hao llttlo lulluenco Is tho
national armory nt Springfield, Mass. In re
ply to a request from tho Wnr Dopnrtmeut lo
know what course had been pursued in rogaul
to appointments there during the past two
years, Colonel Bufllugton replied that no dis
charges or appointments have been mndo dur
ing the present Administration for political
reasons at that armory, aud that nil appoint
ments have been mado on tho score of lltucss
alone. When Colonel liuningtou's letter aud
other similar documents are published, as they
will bo in tho course of a proposed Scuato in
vestigation, tho War Department will be sceu
to occupy entirely 6afe and conservative
ground lu ull matters relating to tho civil
During September It Was All That Could
lluu lli-cli I'.xpceted.
He.iltli Ofllcor Townshend reports that tho
health of the city during September was all
that could have been expected, aud It is also
very good at the present tlmo. 'I ho number of
deaths In September was -131, against -133 In
September, 18b". 'Iho decrease lu thu num
ber of deaths was "tilv 0, but when the In
crease lu tho population Is considered, tho
showing Is a very good one. Ho saj a there is
no epidemic or dangerous dlsejso prevalent.
Sovcral alleged cases of jellow fever havo
been reported, 6ome of them by physlclaus,
Thcscwere Investigated with dispatch, mid all
found to bo mistakes, as no caso approaching
tbo Yellow Juek was discovered.
Thero was ono case of this Mud on Capitol
Hill, whero ,i drunkard, uftcr Mng on n big
sprue, desired to secure jellow fever treat
ment for tho Ills In might on by his dissipation.
Ho represented that ho was from the ollow
fovcr district, nnd succeeded lu making n
physician believe his storj The physician re
ported It to tho Health Olllco as a case of fel
low fever, nnd tho fraud was discovered. This
Is the caso In which thu train Inspector, Dr.
Stratton, suffered somo unjust criticism nttho
Sirs, nimprol IIoiIkii.
A special dispatch from New York sajs:
About 0 p. in. lat night Mr O'Sullivnu Dlinp
fcl presented blimclf nttho stage door of tlio
Jersey City Academv of Music uud demanded
to bo escorted to Ids wife's dressing room.
Ho was told ho could nut go in.
Mrs. Dliupfel refused to dress for the endu
ing act unless bo was accouled thu full privi
leges of the stage, The stage dour-keeper
rushed to Mr. Harrison's dresslug room and
related tho facts of tbe case
Mr. Harrison Immediately sought Mrs.
"I shall not go on," sho said, "unless Mr.
Dlmpfel Is accorded the full privileges."
Mr. Harrison told Mrs Dlmpfel that her
resignation was accepted Mrs. Harrison
wuutou aud plajcd Mrs. Dlmpfel's putt, and
Mr. and Mrs, Dlmpfel left the theatre arm In
arm, Mr. Ulrapfel stating that ho would tako
steps to incur his wife " letter lob."
...... I
Nentenccd to Dentil for Untitling nnd lliirn
lug it llmtu,
Danville, Vn., Oet. 14. North Caro
lina was spared thcBPcctucleof the hang
ing of n woman by the gi anting of a re
tiplto by CJov. Pontes on Friday last in
tho caso of Mllly I'otoat, who was to imvo
been exeutited for arson. Thfc event had
diawn to tho town fully &,OjJ0 people,
fnostly colored, nnd morbid ciliiosliy bad
been aroused to such nn extetiC; that bit
ter disappointment was expressed when
It was announced thnt tho lianjtliig would
not occur at least, not for thirty days.
It Is now believed tlioOovornorw'lll trim
mute tlio Eontunco to impribouuictit for
Tho cae is nn interesting one. The
woman, Mllly Potent, is a nogress of un
mixed blood, and tho crime for which
bIip was committed was the burning of
Mr. James Henry Slnde's redilonee, in
the neighborhood of Harrison's Chinch,
hnown as tlio I'cnley neighborhood. In
Caswell County. Tlio ciime wiw com
mitted in November last, und Jlilly and
her husband, Pink Potent, wens both in
dicted nnd tried nt tho August term of
iho Superior Court of Caswell County,
Judge William M. Shipp presiding.
Mllly swoio that her hnsbnnil, Pink,
robbed tho hotne, binned It und brought
homo a lot of provisions, hnncy, lard,
sugar, con'ec, Hour and u feather bed,
known to havo been in tho house. Cut
Pink proved that ho was In Danvillo,
nhd occupying n prominent teat in u col
ored people's church, listening to preach
ing nt tho very time tlio houso was
burned, mid on this alibi ho was acquit
ted. The main evidence against Mllly was
that of Henry Tom Shulc, colored, her
paramour, win confessed that ho was
partieeps cri'.tinis, hut offered tlio old
plea of Father Adam: "The woman
templed inc.'1 Ho sworo that on tlio
morning before tho llro Milly sent for
him, told him that Mr. Phide'lind gone
from home and loft tho house locked,
with nobody to look after it, and proposed
that they together should plunder and
mini tlio building, i o mis ito agreed,
and they carried out tlio progrniiimn as
arranged, he watching outside whilo she,
inside, robbed tlio pnntry of jirovisions,
saturated tho furniture with kerosene,
lighted a match and started n roaring
blazo, while thoy, loaded with plunder,
ran off homo bv tlio lignt of tho burning
house. On UiIh testimony Milly was con
victed, whilo tho equally guilty witness,
being "State's evidence," was allowed to
go Boot free.
Tho ciiino of which Mllly was con
victed was tho Inst of a series of incen
diary fires In tbo same neighborhood,
which occurred within tho three years
proceeding her trial, und had greatly ox
asperated tho people of that cd'mmttnitv.
The county authorities had endeavored
but in vain to discover tho ''flic-bugs,"
nnd tho pcoplo privately employed jiro
fesslonal detectives to ferret them out,
but even their professional fbrrets failed
to mako any discovery, tlio'igh whilo
they wcro in tbo neighborhood in dis
guise tho tires became more frequent than
over, several valuable hams of tobacco,
cabins, nnd other houses being. burned.
"When Mr. Slado's leshlpnco was burned,
however, thu people rose In a ceneral nnd
determined united effort to 'discover tho
iriccndjary. A number of negroes wcro
arrested, nil of whom on examination
proved their Innoconco except.Mlllj.
Tlio prosecution was conduced by Col.
E. IJ. Withers, of tho Danville. liar, who
was retained by the people of Plnlcv
neighborhood for tlio purpose, and the
accused was defended by three North
Carolina lawyers who were "assigned by
tho court to that duty as Mllly had no
counsel and no money to pay for nny.
Tbe trial was commenced nnd concluded
all in one dny, tbo 17th of August hast,
nnd the jury, composed cntltfoly" of white
men (tho counsel for tho accused hnvlng
struck off all tho colored men called as
the venire), found her guilty without
hesitation, and she was sentenced ac
cordingly to bo hanged, Friday being tlio
day fixed by tho court for tho execution
of tho fientoneo.
A Worcester Reporter Claims to Hate
ITnruvnled tlio Mystery.
Slelal tn (lie WaMngton 1W.
"Worcester, Mass.. Oct. l-t.-Tlio Tele
gram ta-day published n thrco-columir
nrticlo upon tho famous Lillio Iloylo
mystery, claiming that tho confession of
Alice Hoylo, which makes Cowio and Mc
Quiiiil tho murderers of her 3istcr, is
false from beginning to end.
A repicsentative of thoTulcjiapli, who
has been working up tlio eas, has ascer
tained beyond n doubt that Lilllr Iloylo
died in a certain houso in Webster,
where hho went on tho night of tsoplcm
bet 1, 1887; that live person" wire pres
ent of tho timo of her death, nnd that her
body was placed in a barn near by and
concealed lor several days beneath a pilo
of grain hags. It remained in this placo
until decomposition had set tn to such an
oxtcnt that tho odoib wcro likely to dis
closo its hiding place, when it was placed
upon a wire mattiess nnd taken ton point
near whero it was found. Three inon
were engaged in disposing ol iho body,
nnd they hud planned totaki ft across the
meadow and throw it in the river
Thinking that a team was approach
ing they concealed themselves and their
ghastly bunion beneath tho old gable of
the eoin crib. Hyiin accident in taking
up tlio lnntticss tlio body slid off into
tho space whero it was found, und tlio
men put It In tho bnyn where it was
found. Tho Telegram claims to know
tho names of nil thu men who wero
present nt the timo of tho g.rl death.
ruiimcsjx THE WEST.
What (jcniirul Superintendent U.inerott
haw nn Ills Til p.
(icner.il Supeilntendcnt Bancroft of tho
Railway Mall Service, who has leea awnyon
odlcinl und private busluess for tue past threo
weeks, has returned to iho Dipsrtmcnt. In
respouso to ail Inquiry (Scneral Bancroft said
that ho hud been so busy with official and
private business that ho did uot havo tlmo to
pay much attention to politics. "I was ven
busy lu Chicago," slid he, "but nevertheless
heard considerable talk. Tho Democrats out
there aro all confident of victory, and, as for
me, well, 1'vo seen nothing to shako my belief
lu our success."
"How did jou find things lu Michigan?"
"I was loo busy to glvo tiny t)oie to politics,
but you ran say tho State was never belter or
ganised. 'Iho party Is lu oxcollehltrlm und tho
Democratu are working with a.v.ill that gltcs
encourugomcut to their effort.''
"I suppose jou heard somo tnlknbont tho sit
uation In Now Yoik."
"No, I did uot. I've never doubled our car
rying New York, nnd I do not tb'iik the situa
tion there will affect the result whatever. New
lork will ho ull right."
(icucrul Bancroft Is looking well and his
trlii evidently bciiolltcd him. He had quite u
etreum of callers.
1)1 I'd fiom UU IuJiiiIok.
Hubert Kelly, who cut bis thioat last fral
ui day hecauso of despondency at having lost
tils position as an Inspector of ecinieters.dlcd
to-day at abou'. !i:ao o'clock.
Warner' Log Cabin Saisaparl la Regulate
the Regulator. Laigcsl HarsupMllla Ixiltle tn
mo market, Muuufuctured by proprietors
earner's Safe Cure. sinM l, nlf iimpidst.
t lake 110 otherIt Is the bi-st.
rai tie sioux
Tho Indians Statd Their Opposition to
tho Treaty.
Tlio lied Mmi Clnlm Hint the (Imnrn
incut lias llrokcn Its I'tumbius.
There Is n diversion of sentiment among tho
visiting Sioux chiefs and they have dhldcd
Into Iwo fuel Ions Ouo faction, headed by
Swift Hear and American Horse, from tho
Rosebud nnd Pino Illdgo agencies, met last
nlghtutthclrbojrdlng-hoti!e,'-'21 Third street.
Thu other faction, tho Standing Hock Sioux,
headed by John (irassu uud Silting Hull met at
:i:J7 I'ciuisvlvniiU avenue. Sitting Hull made
a long nddress which seemed to tie favorably
received, llo favors accepting tlio terms of
tho Government with nil amendment mi ns to
lncrejsu tho prlcoof tho laud relinquished to
the amount paid by tho settlers. The other
mcmhcis of his faction, for thu most pait,
think tlio same way; hut the Rosebud and
Who Ridge chiefs ore opposed to doing niiy
thlug nt all. Swift Hear In bis speech before
tho 'Ihlrd-strcct faction said that the tonus of
the bill making tho relinquishment of tho
laud had never been fully explained lo his
people directly; that the members of thu
.Sioux Commission had never Uslted his
agency, nud that occordltiKlv ho was opposed
to doing nti)thlng ut all' Just now. His
speech was received with evident approval.
American norsc said aoout mc same tiling ior
tho l'lno Hideo aeencv.
All tlio vlsltlnc Indians attended church yes
terday. A large delegation fiom theStandlng
Rock Aceucj, whero thero ts a mission of
llencdlctlnu fathers, attended St. .Matthew's
Church nt tho U o'clock mass mid followed
the services of the cliiuc.li. Others went to Dr.
Sunderland's whero they cxpecicd to seo thu
President, but were dlsapnoiuted.
Tho Rev. Dr Cle eland, one of the Sioux
Commissioners nud ntultiliterof tho Kplscopal
CI inch, bniimht n number of tho Sioux chiefs
torjt. John's Episcopal Church at thoevening
sen ice. Dr. Leonard, lb rector, pleached
a short sermon, which was translated to tho
Sioux lu lhIr laugii'igo by Dr. Cleveland.
Afterward thoy repeated tho creed nud the
Lord's prayer lu their own lotnruane.
At night several pow-wows wcro held by the
Sioux to discuss what attlutdo tliev 6iiould us
sumo lu their Interview with tho Secretary of
the Interior to-day.
About 6lxty members of tho delegation as
sembled In General Montgomery's rouin In the
Interior Departmcut about 10:30 to-day to
have a pow-wow with Secretary Vilas. Tho
Standing Rock delegation, incfudluir Slltlug
Hull, John Grossc, Chief Gall, Mad Hear oud
other chiefs wero given seats in front, John
Grasso Is tho most Intelligent looklug of the
party. He Is the couusolor of tho tribe, the attorney-general
as It wero Chief Gall Is tho
General Grant of tho Sioux Nation. It wns he
who led thu forces of tho ludlnus In the Custer
massacre aud ho couducted tho wholo cam
paign of that fatal war. Ho la, however, tho
least feroclous-looklng of tho wholo crew aud
Is said uot to bo a savage or cruel man. Sitting
Hull Is fat nud lias rather n besotted look. Ho
Is contemptuously called by some of tho tribe
as "Old Miss I.aiy-Ilear."
Seciclnry Vilas canto In about 10:30, accom
nauled by Indian Commissioner Oberly, Judgo
Montgomery and tho members of tho Sioux
Commission Captain l'ratt, Judgo Wright
and Rev. Dr. Cleveland.
Sccretury Vilas said: "My friends, I am
glad to seo jou this mornlug and see that jou
look well. I have arranged so that you can
stato to-day what jou wish to say lo mo In re
gard to this laud, anti will now hear j-ou."
This was transtnt'il by the Interpreter.
Sitting Hull then tain; "I ,-.H wish lo
makoaTongthy speech, but have a fow words
I wlsh.'to 6nj-, I say my friends, now, for tho
reason I nm ono of tho pooplo nnd belong to
tho Government. As I havo come to n con
clusion of my own, I will speak to both you
and tho Indians. I wish j-ou aud mv trlbo to
speak as man to man, calmly aud dlgnlfledlj-."
John Grasse then shook hands nil mound
i and spoke ns follows: "My friends, tho poplo
ui uiu l iiueu claims, io-uay i navo mo oppor
tunity of seeing) ou. To-duy Is tho time to
talk upon tho bill which has been presented to
us. All my friends know I nocr Intended to
object to that bill on thu whole. I considered
tbe bill wbou It was presented to mo carefully
and Intelligently aud explained It to tho people.
The flist thing I want to mention is tho treaty
of 150$. Wo pray that tho provisions of this
treaty may bo carried out. 1 also wish to call
attention to thu lllack Hills treaty of '7tl, and
tho boundary Ilue6. 'Iho commissioners of
that treatj mentioned the boundary lines by
reservation. My cirs aie not stopped up;
what I hear I remember. Why aro tho prom
ises in thoso tteatlcs delayed t"
He then described the boundary lines of tho
rescivatlous accordlug to tho treaties, and
produced a map, and enid that the truo bound
aries of their landb should extend further than
was laid out on tho map. Ho demanded In a
solemn ninuucr to know who had changed tho
boundaries; by whoso authority wus It done?
Here Grasso pmscd In Ids address and held a
low conversation with White Swan, of tho
Choyenne Agunej.
"'Iheso 11.000.000 of acies of our laud," ho
continued, 'which jou propose to open to
your people, tlio majority of your people do
uot w Ull. Furthermore, too price proposed
SO cents nn ncro Is not enough. Tho land Is
worth$l.S."i per acre, tho prlco which tho Gov
eminent sells Its land for.
"Our fathers were blind; thoy knew not tho
worth of their lands You cheated thcln. Wo
arouow poor when we should not be, and be
cause you robbed us. Vuii promised us twenty
jcars ago to gheiHtwentj years' of schooling.
Tho tlmo has ovpircd, but we havo onlv had
ten years' of schooling for our tlilUlron'
Referring to tho allotment of land in sever
alty to them, ho spoke of onu Injustice In Iho
plan, which was the allotment of tho samo
Eortlon of land to an old man and a boy. The
oy should get luoro land than tho old mau.
llo thought tho Stapiling Rock Agency was
clghtj miles tijuarc, hut now ho la told It U
ouli eighty miles tho longest wnv, which
makes the urea much smaller. He wished tho
Government would ronsldcr carefully the
question of opening tho rcoivutlun; "put In
Its iiockci for a whilo tho key which will open
It," nahooxpiesH'd It.
Ho thou shook hands uiraln nil mound uud
resumed his seat. Ho spoke cloiiieuth, with
enthusiasm nnd made a good Impression on
his hearers.
Mad Hear then spoke. He said. '-Wo
are icdsklus, but wo wero creuted bv tho same
t.od nnd intended to llvo. You should pity
us and help us. In regard to tho treaty of
flSwuweiu told that whatever was given us
should last for thlity years. You hao failed
lu thu promise to glvo us twenty years of
schooling "
llo said tho Government had failed to fulfil
Its obligations uud still thoy como uml wunt
to make further negotiations. "No! Piilfll
the previous treaties boforo you propose
others. It looks as though tho Government
wastaklug tho monoy now duo us and unpaid
aud offering to buy mora land with It."
"Iho reason wo are backward about signing
tho tieaty la ibis: When wo bad plenty of laud
we sold without thought; now wo nro reduced
to our last and must (hlnk well before parting
with It. Do not bo In a hurry to opcu tho
White Swan of the Choycuno lllver agency
was tho next speaker. Ho said his pooplo wore
more Interested than any of the other tilbes In
tho opening of tho reservation, but they weio
not nblo to take their Jund In severalty. Their
chldrcu, however, -who wcro growlus up and
being educated, could do this aud farm the
lands. His speech was very shoit.
rho pow;.wov continued all tbo afternoon
and several chiefs expressed their views to
tho fcccictury upon tho question.
Hllflit Fires.
1-tirly yesterday morning- the meat;
box ot Thomas Haylo, in tho yard of
tho market, corner ot Twenly.tlrst nud
K .streets took lire fiom n caiullo tint
hud been left burning thero tho night
before. Tho Unmet, wero extinguished
by the oftloers of the Third preolncl. be-
foo imr ffrvnt damage had been doile,
v rlJ0, .'TO'"" ,r.a uhlmnoj- In houso
No, 1110 Twentieth street oecnslnneil mi
alarm of llro List night, but did no other
Llle Writes u Letter I'oriinill.T A clinow ledff-
intf iii rs.nii I mil ion.
Columbus, Ohio, Oct. 1 1. The follow
ing is .Ittdac 'Jhtirmuifs letter of accept
ance :
. " Columbus, Ohio, Oet. n, ti88.
" Him. l'lilr.ck A. Collins mid others.
"(lentii-nicn: In otjcdletit'o to custom
I Jsentl you thin lotmtil acceptance of
my iiiminiiitloti for tm out j ot VI" -iTisldint
of tin1 United .States, nuidc
by. the i-nmctitlnn ot the Deninerullo
party nt St. l.ouk
'When you did me the honor to coll
upon me ntSt. hunts mid olllemlly notify
tno ol my uoiiiinatieii, I expressed to
j-ou my sense ol obligation to the con
vention, und st.ticd that, although I
hud not, sought thu nomination, 1 did
not leel nt, liberty, under the cireiim
sranccs to decline It I thought then,
us I Mill think, that whatever I could
properly tin ta promote the re-elect Ion
of 1'rcsidcjit Clcwlund I ouccht In tin.
Ills mlmlnlst ration bus been marked by
such integrity, good sense, mulily cour
age nud exulted Kitriotism, that u Ju-t
iilinri elation of theso lit trli niiutlticii sir.u.
in mill foe Ids re-elentlnix 1
"1 iitn uNo strongly Impressed with'
the bellul tli.it his re-election would tiw
trfu.ly tend to strengthen Hint, feeling
ol lr.ileinily nmoiii. the American peu
lila that Is so e-sentlul to their welfare,
peiiec uud happiness, nnd tn tho per
I Citilly of the Union and ot our free in
stitutions. '
" I approve the plntroiui ol the .St.
Louis, convention, mid I cannot, too
Mroimlv express my dissent Irom tbe
heretical teachings of the monopolists
flint the welfare ol n peoplo enn be iro
tnoted by n system or exorbitant. tan
tlin lui in excess of the wauls of the
tjovciiifflvut. Tin; Idea that, a people
can be enriched by heavy nud unneces
sary taxation, th.it n man's condition can
be improved bj taxing bun on ull ha
wears, on nil his wife and children wear,
on ull his tools nnd Implements of In
dustry, nre obvious nbsiiidlties.
"To Mil tho utilts of the Treasury
with mi idle surplus for which the (lov
eriiinenl has no legitimate use. and to
thereby deprive the people of cuueiicy
needed for their liuslncs nnd ilnily
wunts, anil to create n powerful and dan
gerous stimulus to extriivngmiee uud
eoiruptluil in tlio expenditures of tho
Government, seems to me to bo a pulley
at variance with every sound principle
of government nnd of political economy.
' The necessity of reducing taxation
to prevent such an accumulation of rfur
plus loventie, und tho consequent deple
tion of the circulating mediums, is so
ipp.ueiit, that no party dares lo deny it.
Hut when wo come to consider the modes
by which the reduction may be made
wo Uud n wide antagonism between our
party mid the monopolistic leaders ot
our nnllticnl opponents.
" We seek to reduce tnxcK unon tho
I necessaries of life; our opponents seek
I to Increase them. We say give to tho
i musses of the peoplo cheap nnd good
I clothing, cheap blankets, cheup tools
anil cucap itimocr. rue lEcpuiuictttis, nj,
their platform and their lenders in tlio
Senate, by their proposed hill, snj- In
crease the taxes on clothing and blankets
and thereby increase the cost; maintain
a high duty on the. tools of the farmer
and mechunio nnd upon the lumbor
whirh they need lor the construction of
their modest dwellings, shops and barns,
and thiieby prevent their obtaining
these necessaries nt reasonable prices.
Can any sensible men doubt ns to whero
bo should stand in this controversy V
Can any well-lufhrmod man ho deceived
bjr the false pretense that a system so
unrensniviDti and unjust, is K,r tno ncwil
of lnhot'Intf men ?
"iMiieh is tulcl fibout competition of
American laoorcrs wttn tiie patier uinor
of Europe; but does not every- man who
looks mound him seo und know that
nn immense majority ST the laborers in
America tue liot engaged in what are
called the protected industries? And us
to those who ii io employed in such Indus
tries, Is it not undeniable that the duties
proposed bv the Democrat io mcasiim
culled the Mills bill far exceed the dif
ference between American and Uuropcm
wages, nnd that, therefore. If It wcro
admitted that our orkinginen can bo
pmtceted by tariffs against cheaper labor,
they would be fully pioteetcd and moio
than protected by that bill?
" Does not every well-inlormed man
know that the ineicaso in price of homo
mnuulactuics pioduccd bj- n hlch tarllT
does not go Into tho pockets of laboring
men, but only tends to swell tho prolltf,
of others?
" It seems to mo that if the jioliej
ot the Democratic parly Is plainly pre
sented, all must undeistiind tluit we seek
to make the cost of living less, und ut
the Mime time increase tlio share of the
InliotliiK roan in tlio beucllts of national
propont.i uml growl n. J nm, verj-
respcciiuiij, your oncuicni servant,
Tlio Committee of l'lftceu Confer TVItli
tho Camiiiisiitiiuers,
Tbo Citizens' County Commltteo of Fifteen,
representing nil of tho counljVhad a confor
enco with the District Commissioners this
morning njlatlro Uiglvlnga larger block of tbe
appropriations for improvements In tho
county than Is given In tho schedule prepared
b I aptalu Symous and lcccutlv published,
'iho Commissioners hoard ihclrstatctuetitg nud
promised to L'lvu tho matter cnieful considera
tion. 'Iho comniittCH desire the extension of
tho water supply to Mount Pleasant, uud
sewers aro recommended forllowardtowu aud
Le Droit Park.
Thoy submitted a list oE the countv roads
which they desired Improved. Thoy also
recommended that plans o devised for sup
pljlug tho high land north of tbo eity with
wutcr as soon as practicable. Ihey urgently
desire that u ireneral plan of extending the
streets and avenues of the city -oa adopted at
an carry unie. luo Loininutceis composed ot
General Kills Spear, piesldont; A. M. Mc-
Lociuan, sccretaij'; toiouci ueoigo Truusdell,
Joseph Paul, II. A. Grlswold, H. P. Davis, .1.
II. Johnson. John Saul, General I) U. Swain,
Job Barnard, Leroy Tuttle, Jr.. H. P. Wagga
man, Gardiner G. Hubbard, 1, y. Davis, Mr.
Connor and Dr. Henry Ilrooke.
The I'un-Elentrlo Case,
In tho Supremo Court of the District ot
Columbia tho decision of the lower court In
the caso of lingers, of l'an-Rlectrlo famo.
agalust Attornej Genoial Gailand, General
Josenh K. Jobusou. ex-Coucrcssman ("nt..,-
Yotiug uud others, Was roverscd, and tho
Court directed the defendants to render an
account ot tho moneys aud stock recoiled as
efllcurs In the 1'uu-Llu.trlc Telephone Com-
The Chicago Market,
Chicago, Oct. 15 Opening, U:80 a. m.
Wheat November, 11'); December, 13j; May,
11.'). Corn October, 431; November -131; De-
comber, -111; May, 591; Oats Oeiober, 2i;
Docembcr. 25; May, 29J. Pork November,
?i i.ijj. i.uni .suieuiuei, yo.w; ..lay, JSQ.oo,
Short Illbs-Octobcr, fty-OT), January, .J7.U0.
11. S. Itham of Cblcazo Is at Wonuley'a.
Kdmund KobcrUon, M. P., of London, Is at
.iiu.iriiim tuu. '
Edward L- F. Ilardcastlaand Thos II. Hard
ensile of Muryland uro at CbumberllnV.
Jaroeal. Kay of rlttsburB, J. O.Cruwford of
nuw lira nu u n. jmieu u nuuourg uro at
tho ISbbltt.
Abraham Lanslnar of Albany, Mr. and Mrs. F
A. Will of havaiinab, On., u iq Alex, lluymau of
Now York are ut the Arllnetou.
I.. It. llulloway of 8t. Louis. William Whit
man of Ponton, C. M. M&cCartby of St. Paul und
Oscar Von lleok of Now York aro ut tho iiluas.
J. P Christian ot Ylrelnla, K. P. Milieu o'
Now York, J. It. Wart of Staunton, Vh., and
Mr. aud Mr. U Well of Philadelphia, uro ut
"True as steel" und as unerring as tboiuui
ncr's compass In DrvDuU'i Cough Syrup.
Tho New Car-Drivers in Chicago
Savagely Assailed with Stones.
llm Now- .'(in Determined to .Stick
i hrntittti fh J'lclif.
. f. hlcago, Oct. IB. A rather -erlous conflict
occurred nhH iiiornlu about thieo lloel;
from tbo (larlleld aionua Hums bctueoii a
mob ot strikers and the new nieuwhuworo
running out ears. Atli:OI o'clock this morn
ing the tlrst ear was run out and proceeded uu
Its way without uvent. 1h" nett six cam
wero then run out nnd had proceeded abuut
tlirin blocks to Ceutiu street, wlitu n mob
rushed from an alley near by and linden sav
ii go nsMiull upon the new dm ers and conduct
ors. Stoned and tuMIc were hurled through
tho nlr, nud several of tho mob pounded the
new men mid endeavored to drug them oil
Iho call.
A lmud-tn-hand strttsclc then ensued. Cap
tain Sehaak nud twenty-live men Immediately
started for tho scene. Tho mob, which had
evldoutly vented Its plte, then ran away. Tho
iiow.couilut.lor aud drivers weio hurt (iiiito
sovereli. and bad their wounds ntteudod t In
the h:irn. Tho new men sav they rccognlzo
tho men lu the mob ns strikers. Thu troublo
arose on account of the retention by tho com
liauy of Iho Impel ted men.
f Tt wasoxpeeted by the stilkcrs that the men
would resign lohiiitarilj, but with thu ex
ception of ten, they announced thch Intention
of renialtiliilng lu spite of tho strikers, At
It) o'clock cveijthltig lind itilcU:d down, thu
cars had umde 'heir return trip, tho striken
had disappeared Mid uu fiirthct trouble wns
apprehended, 'I here was but ono arrest
made. l
Mutters of (lonnrnt Intciest Throughout
Two State.
lillioott Ultj-, Md.. Oct. H.-Oscnr
IJiimmery a colored wife beater, wasjes
lerduy given ten lushes in the Jail here,
this being the pcnulu imposed in addi
tion tu u llilrti-davs' soututicc. It was
tlio Ilrtt case ol the kind under the now
law. Sheriff Djv .idm nlsteied the pilll-i-lnuiMit.
Tbe whip used was tiuuut llvo
feet long, nnd resembled that of an or
dinary buggy whip While the slierllf
w.is tn -nsiiMiiR the play k united in ordec
to Inv on tlm huh, the prisoner, with thu
muscles ot his bare buck twisting in an
ticipation of tho coming punishment,
stood erect ns uu arrow, with the pei
splratibu rolling down his cheeks lu
drops ns large as peas. The bhcritV.
slowly raised his arm for tho first blow,
mid like n Hush the yielding lash swlciL
down over tin; shoulders with such a
(.'lush ns to startle nil in the cell. Tho
other nlno cuts wero laid on in quick
sin cession. When he had finished tho
mark of every cut could bu plainly seen,
and blood was oo.lng from dllfeient,
places nliout the bur it, imrainery
thanked thu shcrlll lor not being harder.
Alter tlio nrlsoner had washed und
dressed he was released from Jail.
Tlm ltlcliliioiid Imposition,
liicliinoud, Vn , Out i 1 Tho tenth
day of tho exposition and tbo second
week closed Inst night with tiost grati
fying results to the management. Tho
estimated iivenme ut tendance inr day la
uboiit, IL',000. Tho number of 'inld nd
nilsS'ons on Kiidny vuis '.'0.001), besides
about 15,011(1 life, members ot the Exposi
tion Association. Visitors who were at
the Philadelphia, New Orleans nr.'l At
lanta expositions say that the Richmond
Exposition compares favorably with ill
of tbeni und its exhibits und varied at
tractions nits mom interesting than sovuo
of the others. Tlio Wild West otignnl
engagement, which closed last ill nhv,vn.t
extendwl one week. Tho bench show
ended bj' awarding and pitying U00
prices. '
Items Pro n l'litcrslniru.
IVlersburfc', Vu Oet. 1 J. J ho Stato
Council Junior Order United Mechanics
will meet here to-morrow, with u largo
attendance. It is composed of the coun
cils in Petersburg, Kichmond, Manches
ter, fredericksburg, Suffolk. Franklin
und Washington, I). C. Several of tho
national council olllcers nio expected to
be piesent nt this session ot the Stato
The frost ot n few nights ago is said
to have been very destructive to tho
pcuiiiit vines aud tobacco lu the adjacent)
A Pnllcoiiinii Shoots a Negro.
Norfolk, Vn., Oct. 11. -A special from Will
iamsburg cays thatJauics W. Edloc, colored,
was shot aud killed hist night by Policeman
Clowes. Largo crowds gathered on tho streets
nud tbe utmost excitement prevails. Tbo
negroes, It Is feared, may attempt to lynch tho
ollleer. Tho latter claims that no shot In sclt
dcleutc. IMcil on u Train.
Charleston, W. Vu., Oct. 14. A manjuained
Uuvcrkofl wns found dead In tho closet ot a
C. A O. train jesterday near Qalnucraont.
the causo of his death wns bemorrhago. An
Inqurst was held nt Huntington. His ngo wns
about forty. Ho was plainly dressed and sup
posed to be n carpenter. Ho wns ou his wuy
to Vlckshurg, Miss., fiom lllchmond.
Decree of S'ulo Against tin Iron Company
Ilairisonburg, Vn., Oct. 1 1. In tho
(' lilted States Court here Saturday, a de
cree of sale was rendered in thu chancery
cause of the Fidelity Insurance) Trust
and Safety Company, of Philadelphia,
n gal list, tho Shciiauiloiih Iron Compjtiy,
of Page Comity, this State.
Notes I'roin Three Mutes,
The snlo of the Llhbv prison proporty
has been consummated. Tlio consideration
was $1 1,000.
West Virginia, has threo new money
order and nostul- note olllccs Elk (jnrilen.
Mineral County; (icmultown, Berkeley
County, unit Uluelleld, Mercer Cotinlj.
Tho colored Independent political
cluti has been orgnukul lu Charles Couuty,
Mil., wllli Frederick Mvors, president; 11.
Alexander, vice president: B. F. Mjcrs, seero
Cornelius P Mitchell, a farmer and
en nne r, wns killed by the cars near Step
ney station, Mil., Friday night, and was)
burled yesterday. He lelt a wife and.
Gov. Leo bus ottered n reward of $100
for tho a nvt of Torn Haves alias Seott,
tho negro who murdered Put Burns mid.
shot two other white men on Amherst
bridge, Lyuchburg, Saturday, October
The dwelling nt cvTiiv Collector H.
t inj Simpson, near Simponville, Howard
Count) , Md., with most or its contents
wits destroyed by llro un Friday night.
Tiie loss is cstiuinted at $0,000 and is
covered by Jnsurnuce.
The Fourth Battalion, Maryland Na
tional Guurds, comprising tho four South
ern Maryland companies, has Iwen Mi-,,
banded (n accordance with uu oidcrNis
sucd by Adjutant General Howard. TAjo
Howard li'lllts, uro assigned to Comp.iny
i; mid tbo other companies will be sep
arate, Independent organisations, repott
ing to Gen. Brown, ot tho First Brigade.
.Miss Besslu Snrtell, of Winchester, Vn.,
aged twenty-two, wns seeioly burned
about tho body ou Fiiduy morning nu
the homo of her uncle, Mr. Goorgo Ulrleh,
ldHl Gough street, Baltimore. Sho wni
crossing tho room and stepped on n match,
Irom which her clothes caught (lie.
One Thine Nov lllown Up.
Clergjmau I support tho old days of steam
bo .ting on tho Mississippi aro gouo forever?
St. Louis man I guess tbo old dajs aro
goue, sure euonuh.
Clergyman (ponslvelyi And nothing re
maios now of those lonuutic old tlinoar
St. .Louis nian-Ob, jus! Tho Mississippi la
still there. Lowell CltUen.
Local M'outlier Indications.
Fair; warrnor; northerly winds.
rS!alwIstlu"a e'v'u b hr- Bruper's Self-r
eordlDK Thermometer, t). T. Kidder, agent, S
seventh stiwti O.m., 62; lata., 08; a p

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