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Ilunil Oirerlnir-luiR,r Appointed Col,
elncltior Itellrcd.
Ho Took nn Opinio nnd Ills Physical Con
dltlon Could Not Iteslst It,
( ot HwrtTzr.it llRTinKti. Col. Nelson n.
Sv ult it r, f ecnnd Cavalry, having served moro
man inirty yrars as a coinmiMinncu uiurai,
naa KMiay piaciu upon iuori.iirei .
Avistwt CoMM'ssioniii To t'Aitii!. The
rrra-ileut In-day appointed Hush fj. Hawkins
ai.d Spuncer 11. Nowhnry, of New York, to bo
Mania to tbu I'uiuinUtlntirr General of tho
I lilted Stales lo the Tails lutcruatloual Dx po
tion of 1ns'.I.
llovn Oitkhinos To-liAV. la, coupons,
tft,OUO at SI '."tj, H,O00at 11.58. Iteglstcred,
100.000 nt l m, 0,OOU at 41.2S; fcJWWO at
$1 83. $.10,000 00 at tt.38; toUl, 4. f22j,io;
4!. registered. ,G)Ost8i.0'5l) WPOat 11.01
total, lie, WOO. Grand total, $220,4U0.
iNTrnvu. Itinwiii ArroiNTMitMH. The
following npHilutuicnt( tiara been tnnilo in
tlio Internal Itcvcnue Dcpartmenti William
Porter, ganger o' the Flttti Kentucky district
at IxxiUrlllc. Ollti W. Junes, storekeeper and
gauger, I- If tU North Carolina dlitrlct, ulClcm
motisvlllr. Navat. OnDBin. Lieut. Robert Tlatt lias
been detached from tlio Navy Yard, Washing
ton, and ordered to command tlio Flili Coin
mission steamer l'lsti Hawk. Boatswain
Woodward Carter ordered to (lie Nary Vord,
l.eaguo Inland, Fa. Boatswain John C.
Iliumpion ! teen ordered from the League
Island to Ilia Now York Navy Yard. Carnen
ter John McFarland granted slrk leave fiom
the receiving ihlp Now Hampshire.
Minor nnd I'rnonnl.
TUo Government receipt" to-day were: In
ternal ruTcnuc, 1 759,307.4 7; cuitomi, fl39,
How O nrlen, Alliu rt Coulu, Was Ap
preheudoit tiy the roller.
Charles Coats, alias I'at Costs, who bat been
wanted for sorao tlmo by tlio police, was ar
rested Saturday night by Officer Pearson, after
hard fight, during which lis bit tbo police
man ou tbo arm. Ho was finally locked up la
tho Fifth titled Station-House, charccd with
profanity and assaulting th policeman. He
was arrested on warrants charging him with
assaulting his wife and his sIMer nnd stealing
tbo latter' s pocket-book with $5 lu It; and ha
was also wanted ns a witness against another
negro nainnd Foster, who shot htm In tbe
breast some weeks ago.
lie didn't want to prosecute Foster, as there
Is au Indictment staualtigngalnsthlm In ltock
vllle. and If ho bad been found ha would have
beau taken there, lie pleaded guilty
to everything la tbo I'ollcu Court this
morning, aud was fined $5 for pro
fanity, sent to tbo grand Jury for tho
assault on his wife and to Jail three months
for assaulting the policeman. Sentcnco was
suspended In the other case. His wife and her
mother followed him down town Saturday and
polutcd blm out to tbe policeman, or It Is pos
sible he would buvo avoided arrest some time
Th unehno Case Comes Up The Drum
mers' X.tiW.
Tbe first caso called for argument In tbo
United States Supremo court to-dy was tho
Juehno habeas coipus caso from New York,
ltoger Sherman appeared for the cx-ulderman
and Assistant District Attorney Semple for
tbo State.
Tbe court to-day reversed the Judgment of
tho Texas Court of Appeals .In tbo case of
Ashcr against tho State of Texas. This was
tho well-known drummer's rase In which
Ashcr resisted the Stato Jaw taxlDg commer
cial travelers. The Ftato Court sustained tho
State law, but tbe United State Supreme Court
reversed this decision and orders the releaseot
A slier, who has been In tbo custody of the
Sberin for two years.
Fred (lebhnrd Hun tn Erlo Ilnllrond'for
Seven suits for amounts aggregating $100,
000 havo been brought against the New York,
I.ako Krlo it Western Hallway Company by
Frederick Gcbhard, llvo of his men and Mat
thew Storms, a horseman.
Tbo damages claimed are for horses and
other property destroyed at tho Shohola, l'a.,
accident last summtr. Tho matter was up be1
foro Justlcollarrcttln Supremo Court Cham
bers to-day on an application by defendant's
nttornoy to mako the complaints moro specific.
Decision was reserved.
A Settlement Uxpectcd Soon.
Tbe croccrs' complaint of tho advancola tbo
prlco of crackers and tbo discontinuance, of
the tcu percent, reduction of the cracker
dealers baa not vet been settled.
The Cracker (laker's Association expect to
reach a settlement of tbe trouble by Wednes
day. Dr. McKliu Aecepts,
Tho vestry of Epiphany Church bavo re
ceived tbo gratifying news from Iter. Dr. Sic
Kim, of New Orleans, of bis acceptance of
their call to become tho rector of that church,
and ho expects to oat bis Christmas dinner in
Washlurtou with his now congregation.
Kifultr Court Justice Cox.
Taylor vs. Taylors restraining order granted,
1'iimpluuy vs. Fumphrcy; release of tltlo In heirs
by trustee ordered. McI.oan vs. llcntley; peti
tion for allowance of bond cranted. Eastwood
vs. Glllmau; dismissal of bill against Anna W.
Tarbell ordered. Hutchinson v. Hughes; leave
to around bill. Ward vs. Mlackford: deoreo
nuking taxes first Hen. ltlchard vs. Slcdfurd;
sales ratllleil nll. Main vs. Hoadlcy; subpoena
duces tecum riuashed.
Circuit Court Justice Hagoer.
Itccd vs. Gibbons; placed on trial.
Court In General Torn) Tho Chief Jus
tice, Justices Jnmea nnd Merrick.
Inland and Coastwise Trans. Company vs. II.
B. bishop; argument resumed,
Itoiil Kstuto Transfers,
Louis C. Mooro ot nl . to T. J. Putnam, $00,
lots 258.202. Chichester.
fame to I.. T. Solbcrg. S705, lots 203 and 200
and I irt 207, thlcliojUr.
Bamo to K. C. JtcNser, 8750.37, lots 208-273
and part 2117, Chlcncster.
W. A. Coulter to lillen M. Fnrnham, S700,
tub lots -in uiul 1(1 K.'s sub of Long Meadow.
J. II. Clugelt to same, $2J3, part lot 20,
square 882.
Vlrelula Conway to 0. PiPyles, $10. lots 11,
12. nartnf Chlehostcr.
John Marbury to 1). T, Kcadv. $500, lots IB
and 111, In sub of 02, eto, Wutt Washington.
K, II. Hay to J, H. Hell, $3,070, sub lot 0,
square Nor 177.
II. I'' Lclithton to I', J. Bauer, $150, sub lot 20,
square fil)J.
O. A. MoKuon to J. T. Colo, $10, lots 1,2,7
and H, square 1 13,
C, Karly to 0. A. Moliucn, $10, hair Interest In
Harriot II Coolldgo to C. Morris, 110, sub lot
10, square 600.
W. 0. lliuel to 0. N, lloalo, $380, lot 17, Nich
ed' Place.
It. Ooldschmld to Mina II. Tavlnr, of Norfolk,
Ya $3,0ou, part lot 0, square 487.
As wo enter tiion tho last wcok of the I'resl
dcntlal Campalan, permit tho undersigned tote
mind the good people of tho District ol all classes
that whllo many havo generously responded In
support of the Hcmocratlo cause, Hiiro nro mul.
tltudes who undoubtedly dosha. Its triumph
nnd aro satisfied with (ho stato of ntlulrs In tlio
count ry d urhu tlio last four J oars.ond who w ould
ileprecute uny Mich radical elianuo us Its do.
dm would entail, huo us jet rendered no aid
In accomplishing Ilin result, It Is believed that
n llttlo rolltctleii will irompt all suah to eon
llirthat a I'rdridcutlul oampnlen omnot bo
(arrlcd on without luolvliu u legltlm.to out
heavy hurdvnuf (Xiuii e, and that It Is oniy Just
that this btuden should be Imrno, not by u sliiL'le
j!llon. but hy tho whole body of tho people
who bulleo In maintaining tlu principles and
ikilleir of tho pre.ent Administration,
Ei cry dollar cou m tinted will bo
hopustly uud leKltlmutoly emplnrcd,
and whoever gives now will dmiblj
H.d tho work lo bo done. Contributions will bo
ncilred by MuJ, Clmrlui 8. Jonei, nt rocmsnf
Tuitloiuit Dumnirutlo Committee, lUOPstreet
nilhueHt. KeniltlniH'es by mall should bo ad
dfisscd to tho ilnderslfiieil. b"ek llnx 022,
Advisory Poiiunlttio, ami TioiifUror of l ho
HlonHl Diimoeiutlo Committee of tho District
at Columbia. oc2U Ot
Colored Members of That Faith to Meet
in Washington.
Cardinal Gibbous Olics Ills Appro nl of
the Undertaking,
A coloied Catholic Congress, tho firstf tho
kind ever held In tho world, will asscmblo In
this city on the 1st of next January. Slnco
the war the Calbollc hierarchy In this country
have been actltcly engaged In the work of
extending the Influence ot tho Church among
tbq colored people, but so unostentatiously
hae they gone about tho matter that atten
tion bss not been directed to it, except in
Isolated Instances, the Protestant denomina
tions taking little or no notice of tbo 'move
ment. It Is well known tbat tho Catholic religion
is tbe only one- recognized by tho black citi
zens of tbe republics of Haytl and Santo Do
mingo, tho ono for a long time dominated by
the French and the other by tho Spanish (lov
eminent. Tho blacks In all tboSpAnlsh and
Portuguese Wert Indies are Catholics.
The Orlclnntor of the Undertaking.
The Congress was proposed by Mr. Daniel
A. ltudd, ot Cincinnati, tbe editor of tho
American Catholic Tribune, tho only paper ot
Its kind In tbo country devoted to tho colored
Catholic Interests, owned and controlled by a
colored man. Mr. ltudd has been a Catbqllc
all his life. Hols jet n very young man,
thoroughly equipped lor bis work, and enjoy
ing tbe esteem and confidence of such high
Church dignitaries as Cardinal fllbbons, ot
Jlaltlmore, aud Archbishop Elder, ot his dio
cese, who have heartily Indorsed bis ptoposed
congress, and othsrs.
An Krn In History.
Mr. Rudd saya that this Congress promises
to niako an era In tho history of tho American
negro. Thero aro tens of thousands of col
ored Catholics in the South. He says: "In
Texas, Louisiana. Mississippi, Florida, South
Carolina, Kentucky, Missouri and Maryland
thero are large numbers, and among them
some o' tbe best and most Influential families
ot tbe race. Tho negro loves ceremony, and
as ho develops intellectually bo fclll become
better ablo to understand and appreciate tbo
truths and the grandeur of tbe Catnollc faith,
the philosophy of which has withstood the
tests of agcr, and In every combat has won tbo
Washington's Colored Catholics.
St. Augustine's Church in this city in ono ot
tho handsome edifices in tho District und has
a largo and growing membership. Colored
Catholics aro moro numerous than ono unin
formed would suppose. Thero is ono
church, one -school, un.d ono orphsnago In
New York city; oue church, ono school nnd
ouo couvcut In lilchmond; ono church and
two schools In Washington; ouo church and
one school at Keswick; ono church nnd ono
school each at Petersburg and Lexington; one
church and school lu Louisville; ouo In Hards
town; ono church, two convents and ono
school In St, Louis; ono cburcb, one orphan
ago aud one school lu Cincinnati; one church
and school In San Antonio; ono convent and
orphanage in Kansas City ; ono church and
school In Savannah; two churches nnd
schools In Charleston; one school In Memphis;
ono near Jackson; one church, several schools
and one convent In Now Orleans; a church
and school In Qulncy; one church and ono
school In St. Paul, and many others.
Woric Amons"thoCoJorcd l'enple.
"Wbafxffort.lsoour bejflg put forth by the
Catholic Church among Ibe colored people?"
was asked.
"Schools, orphanages, convents and semi
naries aro being established all over tho coun
try. MaDy of the old schools aro making spe
cial efforts to secure colored studcuts. Thero
aro, In Ualtlmore thrco churches, thrco day
schools, ono seminary, two convcuts and
several other institutions exclusively for col
ored people All tho Catholic churches
there, as clsewbcro in the world, aro open at
all times to colored people on the samo con
ditions tbat they aro to other people"
Mr. ltudd continued: "It Is'my firm convic
tion that, within twenty or twenty-five J cars,
there will be moro colored people In tho fold
of tho Catholic Church than In any other"
There are two orders of nuua In this country
composed cntlicly ot colored women, one of
wblcb, tbe Oblate Sisters of Providence, with
mother house at Ualtlmore, has branches lu
different parts ot the country.
Thero aro two publications dovotod to tbo
work among the colored peoplo St. Joseph's
Advocate, published quarterly by tho Mis
sionary Fathers ot Ualtlmore, and the Ameri
can Catholic Tribune.
There can be no doubt tbat tbe'JtVashlugton
Congress will bo numerously attended, and
that the work among tho colored people will
be greatly stimulated by reason of the atten
tion tbat will be thereby directed t,o tho work.
Joint 1'nlltlcnl Dlsoiisilon at Occoqiian.
There was a Republican poll raising nt Oc
coqiian on Saturday. Tho meeting which was
largely attended, was addressed by Mr. Farn
and Mr. Nasb, both ox-Confederato officers,
aud by General Carrlngton. 6f Maryland, an
ex-Union ofllcer. Great enthusiasm prevailed.
Tbo leaders ot tho Republican party In Vir
ginia are generally cx-Coufcdcrato officers. A
Democratic meeting was being bold at Wood
bridge, about two miles distant, at tho samo
time. Gen. Lee was present, as well as City
Attorney Meredith, ot Richmond. It was pro
posed that they should go over to Occoqiian
and discuss tbe Issues with Gen. Carrlngton.
Mr. Meredith accepted and tho discussion pro
ceeded with great enthusiasm oh tbe part ot
the audleuce. Mr. Porter Aguew, the Repub
lican candidate for Congress In that district,
tbeu made au address, which was much ap
plauded. A Suit Over i War Claim.
Samuel A. Pugb, with Geo. S. S. Henkle aa
counsel, baa filed a bill Is equity against
James Mllllngcr, Camden County, N. J., ask
ing tbat bo be restrained from drawing from
the Treasury a part of $10,S'J3.75, awarded
by tbo government on a war claim.
This portion he claims for services as attor
ney, and sajs be Is entitled to uot less than
$2,500, Ho went to Camden as soon as he
beard tbo claim bad been passed, but Mil
Ungcr's son told blm to crack bla whip and go
ahead; that tbero would bo nothing left It he
attempted to pay everybody. M Winger, ha
says, is Insolvent, Ho states tbat under tho
circumstanees bo docs not claim tbo full
tweuty-Uyu per ceut. commission.
llurlnl I'enults Issued.
Deaths bavo been reported to October S3,
3 p. m., as follows: Charlotte Virginia
Grundlo, 74 years; Thomas J. Fisher, 63 years;
Mario Hoover Linton, 77 years; Mary Mc
Dermott, 75 years; Henry Robinson, M year:
Edward D. Wright, 31 years Kato Pickett, R5
vcars; Aunle Hye, 28 j cars; Morgan Cammack,
13 years; Amelia Fox. 49 rears; Kate V.
Fletcher, 7 years. And the following colored:
Charles Payton,37 yoars; .Maria Jones, 24
years; Andruw Ilarber, iMjears; Annlo John
son, 10 years; Daniel 8 in all wood, 10 jears;
Isaac Groves, 10 years; Arthur Holland,
20dajs; Grafton Jones, lyear,
A Mult for nn Accounting.
A bill In Equity was filed to-day by Georgo
Taylor against Richard W, Tyler and Robert
i:. Rutherford for au accounting ot tho sums
duo and to bo paid in a certain note given to
tho Gerard Insurance Company for $00,000,
with lutereit, and for tho security of which
Tin lor and bis wlfooxccutcd a docd ot trust
to Ibe defendants, the agents ot tbo Insurance
lllsbop 1'nrct'a Trip,
Dlshop Paret, of the Morjlapd dlocesa of
tho Epltcopal Church, m November S bcglus
bis winter visitation of tbe itlocese. Stalling
at Cumberland he will ljlt the churches In
tho western part of tho State, and then the
churches ou tho Eastern Shore. During tbo
winter bo will visit churches In Ualtlmore,
How Two Conquering llcror tVero Wel
comed by Their friends
Tho Foulh Woshluglou Young Men's ftene
fli l.il and Protective Association held a Jolli
fication meeting last night In what Is popularly
known as "Moody Fltld."
Tlio occasion was the return nt twojoung
men named Charles Crumb and Clmrl s Page
from a forced visit with tho Maryland author
ities. Sometime last August thesa jouug
men were arrested, charged with raping n col
ored girl named Ida Sims, near Fort Washing
ton. Their Maryland trial lesultcd In a ver
dict of not guilty, nnd they returned home on
Saturday night. They woro met nt tho depot
by tholr South Washington fricuds with a brass
As they started dowu tho street tho band
played "Hall, tho Conquctliig Hero Com-s,"
tho hand cleverly changing tho syntax with,
out ouco breaking the rjthm of tho march,
aud when tho saloon, that was to bu the
scene of the festivities was reached, a recep
tion was held In order to give tbe returners'
friends an opportunity to tender their con
gratulations. Tbo reception lasted uuttl a
lata hour und was the ovent of tho season in
Moody Field society circles.
Parking II. P Cnrs.
Superintendent Carter, of tho Ualtlmore &
Potomac ltnllrtad Company, has written tbo
Commissioners, In response to their complaint
about tbe parking of cars on Virginia avenue
southeast. Tbo complaint of tbo Commis
sioners was made to President Bowlo, and was
to tho effect tbat tho several tracks on this
avenue arc usually filled with cats, and they
mako It exceedingly dangerous at street
crossings, because they cut oil tho view and
hide approaching tralus Mr. Carter In his
letter does not promise to stop tho parking of
cars on Virginia aveuue, but states that he has
given Instructions to his representative in this
city to uso tt)o utmost caro lu the use of theso
tracks, and sco that tho curs are so placed ns
not to obstruct tho view of parties going over
tho street crossings. Ho thanks the Commis
sioners for tho courteous manner in which they
brought tbe matter to the company's notice.
The nolunnre Avenuo Crossing.
Evan II. Tucker, of 100 F street northeast,
has written the Commissioners, asking them
to request tbo agent of the 1). & 0. Railroad
Company to place tbo crossing at Delaware
avenuo aud.F streets northeast In good condi
tion. Swormetcd & Bradley havo applied for
a water mainland sewer on Fifth street, be
tween F and G streots uortbeast, under tbo pci
mlt system.
Cobbles Instead of Grnnlto Illoeks,
President Hart, ot tbo Washington A
Georgetown Railroad Company, roccntly
wroto tho Commissioners that If they Insisted
on tho laying ot gran I to blocks bctwocn tbo
tracks of his -read on Pennsylvania avenue,
between Fifteenth nnd Seventeenth streets, it
would prevent tho proposed improvement In
tho tracks. Capt. Symous, In bis report to the
Commissioners, disagrees from Mr. Hurt on
this question, but lu view ot tbo fact that a
different motive power ,may bo substituted for
the present one. bo recommends that selected
cobblo bo allowed to bo put in Instead ot
rironien ns Speclnl Police.
Foreman John Fitzgerald and Assistant
Forcmau Daniel Costcllo aud John Magulro
ottho Water Department, bavo been commis
sioned as special policemen on tbo recom
mendation ot Captain Luek, with power to ar
rest for disorderly conduct persons who Insist
on trespassing Insido tho lines whero mains
aro lelug laid. Captain Lusk says In his let
ter to tbo Commissioners that It has becu
necessary on recent occasions to call upon tbo
regular pollco to remove trespassers who wero
on tbetraMlf Wt'tlio-.dltcbes which were in
danger of caving In'.
iTfsnj;i(tl)p,!N(yjT I'lro llnglne.
Ch'fot Engineer Parfls tested tbo now second
class Clspp ,t Jones ongino at tho east trout
of tho Captol last Saturday afternoon. Tho
test was very satisfactory. There wcro clovcu
tests made, nozzles varying from two Inch
down to ono Inch. Tho longest stream was
2601 feet through one nndono-half Inch nozzle
and thirty feet of three-Inch bosc.
Various Local Muttors,
The Commissioners have approved tho re
quest of G. Wanster and others to have tho
alley lu square 413 graded provided It can be
done for ton cents por cubic yard. This Is tho
only way by which tbu District can bear any
share of the expense ot doing tbe work at
Tbo Western Union Telegraph Company has
been granted a permit to erect one polo at tho
southeast corner of Thirteenth and Pennsyl
vania avenuo to replace other poles uow In uso.
It has been alleged by an employo of tho
District that one ot Col. John M. Wilson's
foremen drove blm away from the gracl pits
on tbo Carroll estate, as heretofore printed Ip
Tho Post. Col. Wilson states tbat bis fore'
men deny that they ordered the District teams
awav, but they did stop tho District workmen
from removing gravel that they hid oxcavated.
He demanded that tho charges be withdrawn
or substantiated. Ho states also that men
representing tnemtelves as District workmen
attempted to carry off a lot of blue stone (lag
ging belonging to the. Government, and for
which be Is responsible, but wero stopped
by Foreman Mack.,
Widening Columbia Road.
Tbe Commissioners gave another bearing to
thoio interested In tho verdict of the Jury lu tbo
matter of widening of Columbia Hoad. Mr.
Georgo R. Make, ot Uoston: Mr. Olmstead aud
Mr. W. F. Mnttlngly, apprcarcd for tho Mako
heirs and withdrew their objections to tbo
verdict, and accepted tbe award of $3,500.
Issuing Liquor Licenses,
The license of overy barroom and other
placo where liquor Is sold in Washington
will expire at midnight on next Wednesday,
Tho work of examining the applications
will begin to-morrow, when the Commission
era will devoto tho entire day to It.
Considerable Inconvenience has been caused
by errors In tax certificates furnished by tbo
District, Laura A. llurdluo complains that
an error lo such a certificate furnished her
misled tier In tbe rostUr of pat lug taxes. Col
lector Davis, In reporting on the matter, states
that the facts recited by tbo lady aro substan
tially true, and he rrcomroeods tbat tbo relief
sbo asks for bo granted. He states further
that tbls case demonstrates tbe absurdity of a
system wblcb requlrrs him to slgu a certificate
prepared In the several offices by the clerks
uot connected with his office, and In do way
responsible to him.
Captain Sjmous has recommended that tbe
fence belonging to I), W. Goodacre, which
extends eighteen Inches too far out on Howard
avenue, Mount Pleasant, be moved back.
Col. Ilslnes hu notified tbe Commissioners
that they need not proceed at present In regard
to tbo removal of tbe obstruction on Water
street, south of Marjlaud avenue.
George F, l.aogley has applied for the po
sition of Assistant, Inspector of Dulldlngs.
G. G. Ueretford U desirous ot being ap
pointed a physician to the poor.
A Row In South Wushlngtan.
A crowd ot negroes got drunk aud engaged
In a Saturday night fight In South Washington
tbat resulted In Richard Johnson's being
slightly cut In tbe stomach byRobort Robin
son. Robinson said bo bad tbo knife, a long
dirk, In bis hip pocket, with Its point sticking
up, when Johnson Jumped on his back while
they were playing and the knife entered his
stomach. In tbo Police Court this morning
Johnson dented tbls and said that Robinson
had tho knife In lilt hand. Robinson was
fined $50 for carrying a concealed woapoii
and sent to Jail six mouths for cutting Jobn-
Church Trustees Klected
A certificate of tho election et tbo following
trustees ot tho Union M. 1 Church was re-
rrtnl.il lnJ.u. n !M.lnlmrt. A. H. TaV-
w...v.a rtj t lUUrjlC i,m.v -, -- ,
lor, D. F. MoHatt, F, C. Lloger, W. L. Stuard,
Aloxaudor Ashley, Edward S. Westcott, Y, C.
Hunter and Arthur W, Fairfax.
Ho is Disposed to Laugh at tho Sack
villo Letter Incident.
Air. Cleveland to bu Cliilmoil us n Cubdcu
Club Kreo Trader.
New York, Oct. 29. Tho World's Washing
ton correspondent lelographsau Interview with
President Cleveland at Oak View last e cnlng.
Tho PresUUnt's attention was called to tho
published statement that whllo lu New York
ho had assured Gen. P. II. Collins md John
Uoylo O'Reilly tbat If Lord Sackvllle was not
recalled within thrco days ho would bo given
his paKspqrts.
Tbo President said that that statement was
entirely wrong. Ho did have a conversation
with Messrs. Collins and O'RelllyVeut It was
alracst wholly dovotcd to the subject of tho
Kxtradltlon Treaty, wblcb was postponed by
tho recent nctlon ot tbo Senate.
"Tho letter from Lord Suckvtllo wis only
briefly referred to," said tho President. "I
brought tbe matter up myself, aod took occa
slon to assure them tbat they would havo no
fault to find with what had' been dune nnd the
future course to be pursued In the matter.
I told Mr. Collins and .Mr. O'Reilly that I
thought tha people hardly regarded me as a
coward In these matters, and, when tbo facts
In tbo caso should become kuown, tho peoplo
of this Notion would feel satisfied with tho
course of tbe Stale Department. Tbo subject
was then dropped."
Tho Kxtradltlon Trenty IXneuxsecl,
Tho President was then asked whit point of
tho oxtradltton treaty was discussed.
Ho replied! "It was represented to mo by
theso gentlemen that It has been pcrsistcutly
asserted that tho extradition treaty with Great
Ilritaln which has been published, contemp
lated tho surrender ot persons charged with
fiolltlcat offenses. I do uot understand bow It
s possible to so distort language Anybody
reading tbo trcatv would plainly seo that it
contemplates no such thing.
"Tho treaty, as nt first drawu, provided for
the extradition of persons barged with injury
to property, whereby tho llfo of any person Is
endangered, If A crlo.16 accdrdlugtu tho l.iws
ot both countries, and It was so amended ns to
mako malicious Injury hy tho uso of explosives
also an oxtradltablo offenso."
Cannot Tell What Will Ho Done.
In reply to a question ns to whejher or not
any demand has been made upon the Urltlsb
Government for tbo recall Ot Lord Sackvllle,
and, It not, whether any assurances have been
received that tho UrltlsU Government will
order him to leave Washington, the President
said: "I cannot tell you at this time Just
exactly what has been Jono. This Is a matter
of tho greatest delicacy. It concerns our ro
tations with a forelgu power. We must do
these things with all duo dignity and In ac
cordant Kith tbo amenities that must prevail
between two Governments on friendly terms
w Ith each other.
"Thero can bo uo unseemly haste. Tbo
people must bo patient aud they must bo as
sured that everything has been douo that wo
could consistently do. I novcr'yet havo dis
cussed matters of Stato with tha outsido peo
ple, nor cn.I do so now."
Tbe Treeldent was asked It ho thought tho
publication ot tbo Suckvillc-Wcst letter would
bo likely to havo any effect on tbo result of
tho comlug election.
Ills Reply Was Very Guarded.
"It Is impossible," said he, "for mo to Judge
accurately, hutl havo every conlldencoVn tho
Intelligence and good senso ot tbu' people ot
the United 8tatcs, and Ido.not thftk they will
bo misled by an eplsoda of this character.
Annthor Cnmpalsn Trlclr.
"By tho way," 6ald tho President, laugh
ingly, "1 havo received an Intimation that
another campaign trick Is being prepared with
tho Intention ot springing it on tho voters of
tho country on the cvo ot tbo cluctlbn. While
I do uot glvo much credcucoto tho rumor,
jet It would bo as well to head it oft In ad
vance. "I have hecu informed that if is proposed
that I shall recelvo a day or tfo before tbo
election a scries of engrossed 'resolutions or
some other acknowledgment of Hlio sort, pur
porting to comofrom somo English club of tho
Cobdcn order. Tilts testimonial Is to come In
tho nature of n compliment to tha Administra
tion for Its course upon tho tariff question."
Tlie'Presldont Knjoja It.
Tbo President appears to enjoy the ludicrous
features of this rumor, aud bo went on to
observe that, unfortunately for the complete
success of this enterprise, the Sackvlllo
Munhlson correspondence would havo the
effect of rendering tho publlo extremely sus-
fiiclous of any further attempt to Imposo upon
ts credulity.
Tho President concluded the Interview by
saying: "Let tho peoplo have a little patience;
they will not find mo a coward."
Who "Murehlson" Is.
Tho World's Los Angeles special says that
"Murchlsou" Is supposed to bo A. W. llcll, a
Republican Uwyer of Pomona.
Other I.ettuM wero Sent.
Letters of a similar character to tho ono
answered by Lord Sackvlllo wero sent to
clergymen, being worded much Ilka the
Muablsou letter, and intended to tiap some
Prohibitionist into saying that a voto for
Cleveland would bo as good as a voto for
Fltk, as It would be a voto against the Repub
lican party.,
Ouo such reply was tecclvod, and It was
used locally by tbe Republicans, but as tho
writer was not a prominent man, it attaactcd
llttlo attention. Letters similar to tbo Sack
vllle letter wcro also sent to Joseph Chamber
lain and Sir Charles Tupper, but they did uot
bite at tho bait,
Tbo Next Pnlltlcnl Trick.
Tbe Herald's Washington special sais tho
members of tbo National Democratic Commit
tee bavo been notified that a plot Is on font to
bavo forged testimonials, purporting to bo
from thuXiigllsh Cobdeu Club, scut to Presi
dent Cleveland, Mr. .Mills, Mr. Carlisle and
other leading Democrats Just on tho eve of
the election and then to publish the fact ot
their receipt, together wjth fao (.Imllcs of tbo
testimonials, too late, of course, for an ex
planation of their bogus character to bo uiado
before election. i
The Letter Not a Iltundor.
The Herald's Washington itpcclal says tho
belief grows that Lord SaclcyiUa's letter was
not a blunder, but was Inspirod'tiy a dedro on
tbe Minister's part to burt tbaAJimlnlsttatlon,
Tho correspondent claims to hare Information
tbat J.ord Back vllle. w lillo seenilmr to apsrovo
the Administration's suggestions fur settle
ment ot tbo Samnan difficulty eighteen months
ago by a Joint American, English aud Gor
man council to manage tbo affairs of tho
Islands, was withholding Information, but
England was acquiescing luOermsny'ssolzure
ot the Islands, and that when Secretary Uayaid
learned of bis duplicity be teased to bo on
cordial terms with the Minister. Mnce then,
It la added, the Minister's position has uot
been such as to make blm friendly toward
vuo iiuaiiuisirauuu. j.
Editor Otis, Formerly of This City
Editor Otis, ot tbe Los Angeles Timed, who
has come Into sudden prominence by the pub
lication ot tlio West letter, Ijftcrywcll kuown
In tbls city, says tho Baltimore American
correspondent. Ho hold a very Important lio
sltlon lioro In tho Government printing Office,
and an leaving that placo ho went to ArUona,
where bo engaged In nonepapcr work. Ho ta,
a niau of fluo ability, and bis former nclghbbr
on I street, near Second, tbls city, speak of him
as a man wboio word waa above reproach.
An Intimate friend ot his last night said
that "if .Mr. Otis said that Mr. Murcblson
wroto tho letter to Minister West, )ou cou
rest assured that tbero Is such a man as .Mr.
Murchlsou, and tbat he wrote the letter. I
know Mr. Otis very well, and I know him to
be u man whose word Is good, and foroii". I
am satisfied that there ts such a man as .Mr.
Murcblson, aud that bo Is tbo author of tbo
letter From my knowledge ot -Mr. Oils,
wblcb la uersoual, I will frankly say lhat ho
would never bo guilty ot aucb u scheme of
entrapping oujouu for political effect. Thero
nro plenlv of peoplo hero who know Mr. Otis,
and they will say this samo thing that I do."
11m New YorK Ooilfnrrnco.
Ficsldmt Cleveland, Congressman I'at .
Collins and John lloylo O'Reilly wcutlo New
York on Saturday, It was generally sup
posed, todlscussid the Sncklllo letter matter.
'IhoFrcsiloutdc'lnrcs that It was lo discuss
the provisions of tbe extradition treaty. At
any rate Iho tun lrlAh leadcls were satisfied of
tho Pn-fiili nt's slnccrlly.
Cloicti'd HIth tho President.
The Sci rctnry of State called upon tho Pi est
dent to-day ind was rlnwlcd with him Bomo
time. It Is presumed Lord Sftckvlllo's letter
was tho subject of discussion.
A Lurgo Number of tho lloceosed'o
Friends Witness the Service.
Tho funeral ceremonies over tho remains of
tho Into lunulas
Fisher wcro held this
afternoon lu tbo Epis
copal Church of
Epiphany. A large
number of tho social
friends of Mr. Fisher's
family and his former
business associates
filled the church.
There were a great
m an v of the oldct cit
izens of Washington
In the chllrcb. Such
a largo nsscmblago
of sorrowing friends
has probably uot
gathered lu Epiphany
Church for years.
A llttlo after 2 o'clock tho funeral party en
tered tho church. At tho Inner door of the
vestibule stood the Roy. Dr. Hall and Rev. Dr.
Mott, suipllccd and prayer-book in band.
Tho vnH congregation rose nnd stood with
bowed bends as tho cortego proceeded slowly
up tho ceutro aisle, preceded by the two min
isters. Following them came the bonarary pall
bearers, William II, Clngctt, C. J. llllljcr, Dr.
T. 0. Hills, M. W. Uovcrldgo, W. S. Thomp
son. Charles Hall, 0. C. Glover and C. 0. Wil
larii. Tho bier upon which rested the coffin
was borno by tho joung gentlemen of Mr.
Fisher's office.
Then came tholmmcdhto members of tbo
family, his thrco daughters, .Mrs. McKnew.
.Mrs. Galo nnd Mrs. Stein agcr, leaning on tho
arms of their husbands. Following them
wcro more distant members of tho family and
their nearer friends.
Delegations from tho various corporations
and clMiitiblo societies of which Mr. Fisher
was a member were prcsciitotid occupied scats
lu tho center of the. church.
lly tho time tho scrvlco had commenced
there was not n vacant scat In tho church, and
ladies and gentlemen wcro standing up lu tho
rear of the church. Tho beautiful and touch
ing Episcopal burial service was conducted by
the Rev. Dr. Hull and Rev M. .Mott, and the
full choir sang appropriate hymns.
Tho Rev. Dr. Hall, an old frl-ud of Mr.
Fisher's, delivered a short but very eloquent
address eulogistic of Mr. Flsbcr's life nna na
ture. Interment was mado at Ulcunood
- -
Mr, unit Mrs. House Agroo Hint It Was
Not n .S'ucee'.H In 'lhelr Case.
Eliza M. House, with Irviug Williamson as
counsel, to-day filed her answer to William
Houso's petition fur n divorce. She says that
ho had uo reason for any suspicion of un
faithfulness on her part und denies his charges
agalnot her ot adultery with Capt. Field. It
Is also absolutely untrue that tlio was caught
in adultery with James II. Herbert, or that she
was over guilty ot such relations with him.
Tho only foundation for tho attack mndo
upon blm is that tho latter occasionally
stopped at her' house, as bo did at the houses
ot tho nctgbbors to sell vegetables.
.Shu says that her husband dooeited bex and
took nouotlco of borovctturesfora reconcili
ation, although sho wroto affectionoto letters
on heating lhat ho was in need of old clothing
und offered blm halt that was In tho house.
Sho says that all her husband's allegations as
to adultery are cither downright perjury or tho
wandcrlugs of a diseased mind. She Is 04
years olu and ho Is 50, Sho says that tho
liouso thoy llvo In is Iter's, aud that ho has no
Interest whatever In It, Sho caunot account
for tbe caiges mndo against her excopton tbe
theory ot Insanity, or falling tbat, that be
wishes to marry a young wlfo and looks to
her property to set blm up in housekeeping.
Moses Iticut to Answer for Killing
Charles Parker.
Murder lingers iu tho atmosphere of tbo Crim
inal Court, tbo caso of Moses llrtnt, charged
with killing Charles Parker on Juno , being
tho first placed on trial, this morning. Brent
is a colored )outb, about nineteen or twenty
years of ago. On the day mentioned, after
some words passed between them, near tho
Jail, Brent struck Parker with a plcco of brick,
causing a fiacturo ot tbe skull.
Tbestory of tbo nflalr as presented by tho
piosccutluu Is that both boys bud been going
to sco tho samo cirl, and that tbclr disputo
near tho Jail nroso from Joalousy. Ilrent first
knocked Parker down, and then bit blm with
a plcco of brick, leaving blm lying senseless.
'Iho day following Parker was found dying
In u stublo loft.
'Ilia defendant claims that what ho did was
In self defcnn and without any Intcut to kill.
Mossrs. Lipscomb uud Mullowuoy repre
sent tho Government. Mr. T. 0. Toy lor ap
pears for tbo defendant.
A tiuucl wns not obtained from tho retail ar
jurors, and lift v names wcro ordered to bo
draw u from tho Jury-box.
A Jury wns obtained In tha afternoon. It
w us decided to glvo them tho case to-morrow,
Geriuuu Kuvoys Murdered.
Zanzibar, Oct. 20. It Is reported hero tbat
tho Italians and Somalia aru lighting at'Kls
niayd. Three German messengers havo been
murdered on the coast while en routu to tbo
Mpwapn settlers. A naval garrison has boeu
established at llagomoyo by tho German ad
miral. Governmental Action on SInvory.
London, Oct, 29. A llerlln dispatch to th
Standard states tbat negotiations la relation
to African maUors havo been opened by Engl
land with, Germany, and that tbVtno govern?
tncnU bavo agreed to tako similar actlouj
Mirrlftge 'Lioense.
Frank C. Sharp, of Jackson, Mich., and
Mary U. Ccrtz, city: Wu, n, Ityybuck and
MoryAyfirs: EdwoVfl k.'1toVcbor and Rosa V.
Ncale, Richmond, Vn.; Frank 11. Glllls, Phila
delphia, Pa., aud Veuu R. Deckir, city,
At a meeting oT'Wie 2oa4y cjub this morn
ing it was. ded,cjj tjtj-tftontlnuo tbe racing to
morrow. j lib. the advent of tbe sun and
the drying winds of yesterday and to-day tho
track should bo In condition by that time.
A Question or Jurisdiction.
In tbo case of TJdward Gicon, charged with
violating theolicyjaw, aud who claimed that
tho Pollco Court' l original jurisdiction In
bis case. Judge Montgomery to-day decided
tbat as Green liad'appllcd for a Jury trial tho
caso was uot triable ,!a tho Pollco Court.
. 'vTOjjCj1
A WarrubtTor n Lnwyer.
A warrant wV(iyom out by Frank Ward
to-day atxaiut Cballei A. Waiter, tho lawyer,
cliarglug'blQi with giving Ward a worthless
check, forf IQ, Vfhleb bo cashed,
v " flttiu'lkllla uTt7viiii:enl.
Tho Kulgbta ot St. Vincent havo Iliad a cor
tlflcato of Incorporation. A. J. Stewurt, J. 0.
Dorsoy, E. N. Colbert, O, Kelly and A.
'Ihouuja aro the trustees.
A Ilndy-Hiiatvlier Punished.
Tom Boyvio was sent to Jail for ten months
to-day for robbing a gcavo at Harmonic
Sued for Slander,
(mstcnhitrg A. Bcutcr havo sued I.oltoy I).
Willctt for $10,000 damages for slauder, ,
Tho Court of Inquiry Meets, But Docs
Thoy Decide to Appoint An Investigate
lug Hoard of Engineers,
Tbo Military Court lo Investigate tho con
struction of tho Washington Aqueduct Tunnel
commenced Its third d iv's session at 10.80
o'clock this morning, nil tho members being
present. Tho Journal of tho preceding meet
ing was read and approved. The rending of
the Journal and all tho papers and reports
submitted at tlio previous meeting occupied
some time. Tho court then mado Ihqulry It
lis order mado nt the Irst meeting requesting
copies ot nil contracts and specifications for
work ou tho tunnel bad been compiled with,
and It the papers had been transmitted In ac
cordance An Intermission In tbo proceedings was sus
tained while the recorder went nftcr tho pa
pers. Ho reported that the contracts and spec
ifications would bo submitted lu a fragmentary
form to-day nnd a completo list handed in by
to-morrow. Tho court then took n recess, and
after a short retirement lo tho antc-iouui re
turned, and tho resident announced that In
consequence of the delay In getting tho papers
asked for an adjournment would Co taken un
til 10 o'clock to morrow mornlug.
Thn Joint Committee Meet,
Tho Joint commlltco appointed by the
llousq and Scnato lo Investigate tho aqueduct
scandal met this morning, a little after tcu
o'clock, In tho room of tbo Scnato Committee
on Judiciary.
Senator Ldmuiids arilvcd this morning and
wasnttheCipltol a little after 8 o'clock. He
was tho only member of tho Scnato Coramlt
tco present. Messrs. McMIIIIu and Clements,
put in an appcuratico by 10 o'clock, and wcro
followed n little later by Mr. Ryan, tbo mem
ber constituting tlio liouso Committee.
'Ibe door of the commlttcc-room was thus
closed, and tho proceedings carried on iu exo
cutho session.
Tho first thing done was to elect Senator
IMmundi chairman. Mr. T. D. Hard vms
mado clerk to tho committee, nnd Mr. Johns
uppolutcd stenographer.
In rcsponso to tho request of tho liouso
Commlltco mado last Monday tbu War De
partment fiirnlshr d tho committee this morning
with copies of a number of tbo contracts and
bldsrclillng to the tunnel. All tbo docu
mentary cUdciicc akcd for will bo furnished
as soon as copies can bo mado nt tho War De
partment. Tho commlltco was lu session about three
hottri. An elimination of tho papers fur
nished by tbu War Department was had nnd a
general talk Indulged In. It was determined
to appolul a bouid of thrco engineers to make
au Investigation of tho tunnel. .Mr. Joseph
M. Wilson, nn expert cnglniioer of Philadel
phia, wns appointed and ho will boglu work at
The oilier two bnvo uot jet been decided
unou, but will bo appointed this week. Messrs.
Clements aud lly .in will icmuln hero a fow
days and arrange some llttlo mutters. 'Ibcy
Will appoint tbo other engineers.
Mr. McMIIIIu left before tho meeting ad
journed, llcgocs thliuflcrnoouto Indiana.
Senator Edmunds v 111 return lo hi homo
The committee will inuctugaln nn tho 11th
ot November wlieu It Is expected that tho ex
amination of witnesses lll begin.
Senator Edmuuds stated tu Mr. Ross Perry
that It was possible that tho examination o't
witnesses would begin before tbo 14th ot No
vember, but not probable. Mr. Lucas, one of
tha Kendall brptbers, Mr. Downes and Mr.
Hunter wero there, wuullng. to Icaru tlio ac
tion of tbo committee.
A Schooner .Sunk In ii Terrible Chile on
Rangor, .Me., Oct, !2l. A special to tho Com
mcrclal says: Capt. Tufts, of tho schooucr E.
II. Foster, of nnd for St. John, N. 13,, from
Now York, October It), put into Southwest
Harbor October 20 and reports Unit ou Wednes
day, tho tilth, ha fell In with a schooner ou,
Jeffrey's llauk about S a. in.
At noon tho wind as a gale, accompanied
by snow and ruin. 'Ibe captain of the Vostcr
nuuecu luut mo Biruuga ttuiuuucr was Biuuruiu
badly, aud was falling nstcru. Ho watched
for signals of distress, and was prepared to
lender assistance.
A llttlo later, being thcu nltotit ouo aud a
half miles In tho rear, tbo unknown sobooucr
suddenly sank, nnd Captain Tufts has no
doubt that all ou board went dowu with her.
The unknown schooner was laden underdecl:
carried a main top mast, and bad a now foro
sail, Mio appeared to be 120 tons aud Ameri
can build.
Now lleilford Much Sbntteu Last Night.
New Bedford, Mass., Oct. :.-This" city was
visited by two wcll-deflucd csrthquako shocks
last night.
At tho Weld Street Pollco Stullon tho
shocks wcro felt at 11:T o'clock and were
preceded by n rumbling sound and tbroo dis
tinct oscillations were felt, followed by a
tremulous movement.
'iho police and others who wcro on tbo
street sny tbo movement was preceded by two
rcportB uot unllko those of u heavy gun or
thunder, and then cainu a dlstlncCmovemeut
ot tlio ground,
Die shoiks wcro distinctly felt acroos tho
Acushuet In Fair llaycu.
An American Olllclnl Disgraced.
Brussels, Oct. 21). E. E. Sowartzkopt was
arrested yesterday charged with stealing dia
monds from 'a Paris juwoler somo years ago.
Schwartzkopf is tho secrctury of tho United
States Commission for the Belgian exhibition,
and bis arrest for his old offense has caused
quite a scusatlou. iu society circles here.
"To Wntvh tho Colonisers.
' Now York, Oct. 2D. Captaiui,McCullougb,
of tbe Sixth Pollco Product, to-duy applied for
2151 wuraaiils to bo u-cd In iirreatlng some of
tho alleged coloulwrs In his 'precinct. The
warrants will bo I'oued this afternoon. They
win not no usciiuuui oiecuon uuy,
A Piiiiiou Ibltldlt lUllcd.
New 1'ork, Oct. '-"J. Tbq Spanish Consul-
General In this tty received tbe follawlug
cablcgi am from Havana to-day: "Tbo famous
baudlt. Victor Frucoio. has been killed and
some of bis companions wounded bylho civil
guard of Cuba." '
A Woman Nominated for Gotornor.
Boston, Oct. 29. Twenty-one women In
cooveutluu yesterday nominated, Miss Allco I).
Stockton, of Whoaton, ns candldato of tho
Equal Rights party for Governor of Massa
chusetts. '1 tie candidate is tweuty-slx years
ot age.
Ocean Sto.iiucrs Arrived.
Queenstowti, Oct. 2D. Iho National Lino
steamer Tho Queen, from New York for Liv
erpool, arrived hero this morning.
Southampton, Oct. 20. The steamship
Fulda, from New York for Bremen, arrived
hero laljt night and proceeded.
He llo.li.-m Ills .sec.
London, Oct. 2D. 'Iho Archbishop of Cor
lorcti, who approved thu dlvoicc of King
Milan from Qnoen Natalie, has suddenly re
signed his Sco ou tho plea ot Ill-health.
He Will Ahdleuta
London, Oct. 29. It la stated on good au
thority tbat tbo Duko ot Nassau, on log to bis
advanced age, will abdicate tho tluoiio of
Luxemburg iu favor ot ills sou William.
Young Mis, lllulno Itetter,
Now York, Oct 29.- -.Mrs. Jamen G. lllaluc,
jr who Is lying 111 at tho Now York Hotel,
was a UUU better tbls morula.'.
Iloston, Oct. 29. Tlio Herald to-tlny
printed a long obituary of tlio Into
Col. It. M, I'ttlsifcr, which says that
wlion eight yenro old ho suffered about a
year with a dlstttrbanro In tha head
which occasionally caused partial
paralysis. It was only six months
ngo that ho realised that his
affairs wcro so seriously Involved
that ho must address all his powers to
tholr adjustment. Whllo trying to
straighten tlilng'i out ho learned that tbo
men whom ho had trusted had bcott
faithless to him. Uo becamo nshamed
of his over-confldenco in his abilities,
and in his judgment of men. Ho becamo
dlKgustcd with business, nnd longed to
bo freed from tho cxtonslvo relations ho
had contracted. IIo cared only to
snvo ti fraction of tho business
and to have tlmo to onjoy a peaceful,
quiet llfo with bin family and tho ftlcnds
who had remained faithful. Ho thought
ho saw how to closo tho property out,
leaving this small margin, lint whllu
pursuing; this end his strength was glvltifr
way. Ho began to suiter from sleopless
ncM. Ho was too tired to sleep. Latent
night ho would fall Into tho dcop Blcopof
exhaustion, which seemed to his wlfo
Ilko that of death.
IIo had periods of collapse and on
Monday ho said that if this condition
continued he would givo his son a power
of attorney and stop work nit mother.
He neglected to do so and on Wednes
day went home exhausted, unablo to cat
or sleep. Ho rosu tho next morning
without having slept and left homo with
out eating. He had said last spring that
when his son was of age, ho would mako
a now will, appointing him as an execu
tor, Ills sou was twenty-one only six
days beforo. Consequently the will wns
made that afternoon. Ho wroto his wlfo
that ho was going to Islington to tako an
opiate and get a night's rest, If ho
came homo, ho said, ho might worry
her, whereas all ho needed wns rest.
Ho doubtless felt that If ho did not
get this rest ho could not hold out
moro than a fow days longer. Ho went
to Islington and prepared for tlio night's
rest in tho old liouso by putting on a
light overcoat. It is evident that ho foil
into tho sleep of exhaustion, us custom
ary of lute, but moro profound, thu opinio
reducing his vitality and tho cold helping
to diminish his strength and slowly lit.
ebbed away.
It Is AU thn ltcsiilt of Too Much 1'lrt
Albuquerque N. M., Oct. 29. Tho trouble
at the Nnrajo reservation Is tha result ot tbo
effort to have reuegndo redskins taken back to
tho reservation. Tho fear that they may com
mit murders Is causing considerable anxiety
among Isolated settlers, A band rceontly
puiehascd 100 gallons ot whisky, which they
peddled out to oilier Indians, aud some of
them havo huepmo tlircatcUtig.
Gens. Miles and Carrnio nt Fort Defiance
conferring with (Jen. Patterson and tho "head
men of tho Nnvajocs," with tho view of bavlug
thu renegades ioiiiidcd-up and,ordcrcd back to
tbe rcscivatloti. If tbo conference docs not.
result satisfactorily troops will ho called Into
reijulsltlou and au uprising ot the Navajois
will doubtless occur.
The Iliinkitrils In Unit State Working for
,u Harrison,
1 Chicago, Oct 29 A Tribune spcclol from
Watush, Ind., says: "Don't bo worried about
IndMbi'.'for it will surely bo carrleilTby tlcn.
Theso were tho words of a prominent mem
ber of the Dttukard Church, residing at
Swazu, a few miles snlith of this city. Tho
brother explained that his people seldom took
au actlvo part iu politics, but that they aro
wonderfully stirred up this year and almost a
uult for the Republican ticket.
ilo explained tbat tbeio woro euough
DuukardB to carry tho btuto, thero being
18,000 Duukards among them, and that fully
14,000 would vote for Harrison. Tho Dunkard
vote Is an element not usually taken into ac
count in political calculations.
dudgu MoAlllster, ot Chlcugo, Dead.
Chicago, Oct. 29. Judgo William K. Mc
Allistrr, ot the Appellate Court, died last
ulgbt at his bomo lu Ilavenswood. Tbo cause
of his death was heart trouble. Judgo Mc
Allister was seventy ycacs old, uud leaves a
wlfo aud threo daughters. He bad been a
rtsldeut of Chicago or vicinity sluco 1831.
Tho Illuck Flag's I'uneral.
New York, Oct. 29. Tho preliminary cere
monies connected with tho funeral ot Leo Yu
Doo,tho distinguished Chinese BlaeW lag Gen
eral ho fought against tho French in Tonqulu,
began at 10 o'clock this mornlug In an Impro
ved mortuary chapel In the stable attached
to an undertaking establishment on Mott
Ilddtomaii Acquitted or Murder.
Atlanta, Ga., Oct. 29. Georgo Kddlcman,
who for a week has been on trial for thn mur
der of Tom Gresham, was acquitted this
i -
Tlio Stock und Money Murhet.
Now York, Oct, 29. Mouoy closed at 11 per
ceut. Exchange steady; posted rates -18IJ
4S55; actual rates, 4S41S-I for sixty days and
4S$44SSr for demand. Governments steady;
currency Cs, 121 bid; 4s, coupou, 1371 hid;
4JK, do., 10SJ bid.
Tbe stock market opened weak and ou sell
ing of tlio coal shares, prices steadily declined
until noon at which hour values wcro I to
percent below those of Saturday, lbo mar
ket has since been dull.
1 ii. m. prices W. U., S4J: Kile, 2SJ;
N. Y. C, 109; L. 8., 100; N. J. C, 8SJ;
L. K. W..17J; Mich. Cent., SSI; L. and N.,
59J; N. l'.,2oj; N. W 111J; pM.,C0j; 0. SI.,
:i7i; Q. P., 351; ltcadluc, 091; U. P.CIj; It.
I., 1074; -Mo. P. 71; Omulm, USj: St. P., COJ;
C, li. aud Q., 109); 0. S., 04J; P., I), and E,
Mt; i;au. rac, noj; u. uuu n Wi, v h.
and W 13SJ; 0. and T 0.
The Chicago Market,
Chicago, 111., Oct. 28. Opening, 0 .10 a. m.
Wheat Nov., 1171; Dec, 118J; Stay, 120J.
Coru-Oct.. 108; Nov., 40; Dee., 39t; Slay,
asia-'lSJ. Oats Nov., 2lj! .May, 291. Pork
Slav, 14.S2J, Lard Nov., 8.001; Sluy, 8.223.
Short ribs Jan., 7.1125,
'Iho Witithlnctnii Stocks,
Miscellaneous Bonds IV. .t G. It. It., 110;
Slasonic Hall Ass'n, 101; Wash. Sfarket Co.,
114; Wash. Light Infantry, 1st, ; Wasb. Gas
Light Co.. 12J.
National Bauk Stocks Bank of Washing
tou,290;Bankof Republic, 104; Metropolitan,
105; Central. 200; tiocoud, 125; Farmers' and
Mechanics', 101; Citlicut', 125; Columbia,
ltallroad Stocks Washington and George
town, 200; Metropolitan, lud; Columbia, ill;
Cap. A North O St., 80; Auacostla, Id.
Insurance Stocks Firemen's, 8s; Franklin,
-101; Metropolitan, 72; National Union, 19);
Arlington, 157; Corcoran, 59; Columbia, 12);
German-American, 155; Potomac, til; lllggs, 8.
Gas and Electric Light Stocks Wash. Gas,
41; Georgetown Gas, 11; U, S, Elcctrio
Light, l.
'Iclephono Stocks Chesapeake and Poto
mac, 78.
Sllccllaueous Stocks Wash. .Market Co,,
lUj; Wash. Brick Slachlno Co., 185; National
Press Brick Co.; Great Falls Ico Co.. ISO;
Bull Hun Panorama Co., 17; Heal Estate
Tltlo Instirauco Co., 117; Columbia Tltlo
Iusuruuco Co., 51.
Local Weulher Indications.
Fair; colder Monday, warmer Tuesday; south
westerly winds.
TctniHiriituruasclienhT Dr. Ilransr'a Hut'-TtA.
cording Thermometer, 1). T. Kidder, ajront, 01
Seventh street; ni.,51; IU ni., SO; 3 p. m.,

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