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A Knw Ciiiek.-S. A. IIn.11 of Mlnnu
sola was to-dny appointed Chief of tlio
Dead-Letter Ofllco, Postofllco Depait
mont. Pacific KaimvaY Pmkgtoim ltr.roiiT.
Tlio Government dilcctorM of tlio
Union Pacific Railroad, In tholr report to
the Scciotmy of tlio Interior, rcltoroto
their recommendations mado last year,
that some Kcttlomqnt between tliu rond
and tho Government should now ho
made. Thoy indonjo the conclusions of
the inJo-lty report of the commission
appointed under the act of March 3,
Tho President to-dny appointed Hohett
J. Shilcrof Oregon negater, nndGcorgo
McGovcrn of Oicgon Ucralver of tho
New Harney land district In Grant
County, Otcgon; also Joseph G. McCoy
of Kansas, lteplHtcr of tho land olllco at
Wichita, Kan.: T. A. Dnnlavu of Minne
sota, llccelvcr of Piblo Moneys at
Crookston, Minn.; Frank V. Itandolph
of Dakota, Receiver of Public Moneys
nt Wutnrtown, Dak.; Charles U. Vnnd
over of Indlanii. Aint of Indians at
Navajo Agency, Now Mexico; Samuel T
Lcnvy of Kentucky, A pent of Indians nt
Ynnkton Agency, and John J. Enrlght
of Michigan, Assistant Commissioner of
Imlinn Affairs.
Decision on CAimviNfi Oil. Tho In
terstate Commerce Commission, by Com
missioner SchoonniakcTi to-day rendered
a decision in tho casb '6fwUlce, Itobinson
& Wlthciof ngainsMmVostoru Now
York and Pennsylvania Hallway Com
pany, dismissing the complaint.
The Issuo presented was tue reasonable
ness of tho rates charged for tho trans
portation of refined oil botween Titus
vllle, Pennsylvania, and Buffalo, Now
York, which were claimed to bo ex
cessive. Iu speaking of ptpo-lino competition
tho commission say that a carrier cannot
bo required to make good to a shippor
disadvantages of location or of cheaper
facilities for reaching markets enjoyed
by Its compotltois.
Tho following olllciiil change have been
made in tho Dopaitment of tho In
terior: Qcurral Lsnd Ofllcc Appointments: Allen
It. Jones of Florida and Henry A. Yeager of
AVcst Virginia, timber agents nt $1.300r Miss
Margaret I). Illtchte or Marjlund, i&OO. by
ttrausfer from Patent Office, and promotion
from ftbOO. Vromutlous. Albert V. Stiles
of Minnesota and Charles A. Bretow
of Mlchliran, $1,800 to $t,400: Mrs.
Pbebo M. Prldo of South Carollua,
Miss Hannah I. I.nubam of Indiana, Miss
Mary M. Campbell of Tennessee and Mrs.
Mary A. Stowcllnf Arkansas, 41.1)00 to $1,200;
.Mrs. Cotlena If. l.vnian of Illinois, Miss Ida
V. Collins of the lllstrlct of Columbia, Miss
M. I.ouleo Williams of New j'ork, Miss Hetty
1). McKennlo of Virginia, Miss Ida M. Stngg
of Ohio, Miss .Icuiiie M. Wilson of Il
linois, Miss Lucy M, Ward of
Indiana, Miss Lydla J. liar of Illinois, Jacob
Collerof Pennsylvania, Mrs. Hollo Terry of
Illinois and Miss Luuia 0. Friebus of tho
District of Columbia, $900 to 51,000: William
I). Williams of Tennessee, Miss Joanua It.
Nlcholls of Georzla, Mrs. Florence M. Fergu
son of the District of Columbia, Miss Kato
Lucid of Indiana, Walter F. Sinclair of Vir
ginia, Mis. Julia S3. Marks of Virginia, Miss
Viola W. Iljram of Maryland, Mrs. Laura 11,
McMastcr of Utah, and Miss EIIlo D. Bouldlu
of Virginia, from transcribers on per diem roll
Tho Commissioners sent a plan for a
circle at tho junction of Now Hamp
shire avenue nnd Sixteenth and V streets
to Cliniimnn Clements of tho sub-committee
of tho Houso District Committee.
Tho circle Is to bo known as Hancock
Citcle, and tho Society of tho Army of
tho Potomac has already taken steps to
erect ft statue of tho lato General Han
cock in tho circle. Mr. Win. K. Curtln
suggested tho improvement and Captain
Thomas W. Syinons recommended it to
tho Commissioner).
W. M. Springs has applied to bo ap
pointed as Polico Surgeou. '
Tho Cominibsioners'liayo notified tho
attorney of Jos. N. Williams who claims
damages for injuries received in falling
into a water-main trench, that the trench
was so well guarded that no ono not
' chargeable with contributory negllgcuco
would Imvo fallen into It.
The Commissioners approved tho ap
plications of tho following for liquor
licenses last evening:
BarroomsJames K- Boycc, 2027 I street;
Murtln Flaherty, 2221 L street; James L. Kcr
nin, Kloventh and C streets; J. A. Ilupucrt,
7011 O street alloy; Walter J. O'Callahan,
1031 K direct; Bernard Murphy, 1100 Fourth
street; William Hirst, 039 H street, and Theresa
Volut, bOO Seventh street.
Wholesale Georgo W. Manogua ,fc Co.,
aitlO M strcot; lloorlrko it Tafol, UJ3 F street;
Tho application of George Hoffman, 1204
''Twentieth street, has been rejected. Tho
police repoit that tho applicant has frequent
quarrels In Ills lioiibo and he Is not capable of
cimiiuciing sucn a pmcc.
Tho District authorities began tho work
of remodeling tho third lloor of tho Cur
tis School building to-day. Tho demoli
tion of tho Montgomery street school ro
nircd more school accommodations, and
tho third floor of tho Curtis building,
which is nt present a largo hall, will bo
converted into three school-rooms.
Tho Commlsslonois have approved tho
recommendation of Captain Symons to
build a bridge culvert at Fifth and T
streets northeast, provided that Mr.
Georgo Truesdull furnish tho brick. Tho
cost to tho Dlsti let will bo about $1,000.
AVllliam lJrohlor of Fourth and II
streets northeast has boon granted a bar
room license.
Major Haymond has approved tho
recomtnondatlon of Captain Symons that
n pormit bo granted to construct a porto
ulicro nnd drivoway for tho Windora
House, at tho corner of Sixteenth street
and Massachusetts avenue.
Tho Commissioners havo authorized
tho Woman's Mutual Insurance and
Accident Company of America to do
business in the District.
The orcctlon of olght oil lamps has
been ordered In South Washington. Two
will bo erected on O street, between Sec
ond nnd Third streets; two corner Second
and O streets; ono south sldo of O strcot,
between Cnnul atid Secoud streets; onu at
northwest corner of uanai and u strocts.
and ono at southwest corner of Canal and
I1 streots, nnd one on west sldo of Second
strcot, between O and Oaual streets.
Tho District Hueil for 5,000,
Allco M. lioswcll has ontered suit against
the District of Columbia for iSfiUO damages,
stating that owing to necllgenco on the part
of the defendant In not lici nine the street la
proper vuuitiuuii aim 17110 otiiuiiMy uuri. ua
Mav 15. 1688. Hho was trinncd bv n, nolo
- ...tii.... .i... - ..--(.....i.. , .
caused by tho sinking of n gas box on 0 street
south, between first and uerouu streets,
The Christmas, Club.
Mrs, Judge Hagner bus resigned as presi
dent of tho Children's Christmas Club and
Mis. Folsom lus been asked to I alto her plaep.
At u meeting held at Justice Strong's it was
(-fldcd to bold tho dinner this year ou the
Kqulty Court Jiistloo Cox.
Jurman vs. I'urmno: icfcronce to uudllor
onlerud Tuily v. Colbert; sale finally rati
fled, Uostwlck vs. Luvett; leavo to lllo aiii
plemental bill punted Taylor vs. Tyler; ruo
iiuii for icselwlou of oir of November 21
By S3 1
Many More Representatives and Sena
tors on Hand.
lolp Anvnt tlio Oignulr.iltnn or tlio
Hoimi rrobutilu I.ckUIiiIIihi.
Senators Duller. Paddock and Stock
brldgo have nnlvcd nnd nro located nt
their former residences. Messrs. Mo
Kinloy and Kaudnll aro expected thl?
afternoon. A number of Senators iiio
expected to-night. Tho following Mem
bers, iu addition to thoso mentioned yes
terday, havo notified the postmaster of
tho lioiibo to send their mail as follows:
L. 0. Houek of Tennessee, filXi Twelfth
street; I K, Atkinson of I'ennsylraiiln. 710
T.lecuth slrcel; Charles Tracy of New Yorlc,
Arlington; M, 8. lirewer of Michigan, Na
tional Hotel; 11. Q. Mills of Texas. 1115 0
sticct; N. Dlnclcy, Jr., of Maine, Hamilton
House; A. C. 'Ihompsou of Ohio, U10 North
Capitol street; Charles N, Crisp of Georgia,
Metropolitan Hotel.
oossir AnotJT onoANizATior.
While nearly evety Hcpublican claims
tho nest House, yet very few Democrats
can bo found who will give up all hope.
A number of Democratic Members havo
said to an Evening Post reporter that It
will rcriuiro a recount to determine the
distiicls in which dispute!, have arisen.
And whether tho House is Democratic
or Republican it will bo only by n very
slender majo'ilty.
Owing to tho number of seats that will
bo contested for a very interesting ques
tion has como tip within the past few
days concerning tho oiganization of tho
If tho Democrats in the doubtful and
disputed districts are glvon the certitt
cates of election, Ocneial Clark, Cleik of
tho House, can not do otherwise than
acknowledge tho ceitlllcatu, nnd thus
tho Democrats will havo a small major
ity, and can oignnUe tlio House.
If the Democrats should havo tho or
ganisation of the Houso and by death or
tho unseating of ouo or two of tho mem
bers (which is not, accoidlne to Mr.
Ilyan of Kansas, in tho range of proba
bilities, I. c, unseating a Democrat by a
Democratic Houso) they should become
the minority,tko llopublicans would then
bo in the contiol of tho House, but its
organization would still bo Dcmociattc.
Now tho question that is agitating tho
mind of tho members is this: The organ
ization of tho House being Democratic,
what good would tho nujoiity bo to tho
Republicans, provided thoy obtain it as
stated auover
Congressman Sayers of Texas, when
asked what ho thought of it, declined to
express an opinion. Dut, In a general
talk ou tho subject with sovcral oftlcials
of the House, no ono could answer tho
question. An examination of tho rules
of that body failed to throw much addi
tional light on tho question.
There was, howovor, a provision for
tho removal of tho Speaker at any time
by thcHonsoifMjd.tbo appointment of a
Speaker pro tern. Tliu standing com
mittt'ciffWoappnhitcd for tho Congress
and cannot bo changed. Tho first mem
ber of a committee is lognrdcd as tho
chairman, but tho mcmbeis of tho ccm
mitteo havo the power to select any ono
of their number to bo chairman.
Tho question is exciting a gi cat deal
of interest and thcio is a slight possi
bility that it may confront tho Houso In
tho beginning of tho Fifty-first Congress.
Of course, very foiV persons can bo
found who will admit that there Is
enough political honesty In cither party
to unseat ono or two of their own mem
bers In order that tho other- fellow may
occupy tho seat to which ho was elected,
especially wheu such a proceduro might
place tho opposition In the majority.
Congicssman Springer of Illinois, in
nnswor to a question from an Kvuninci
l'osr reporter, said that tho defeat of the
Democratic party was duo to the Repub
licans' perfect organization and unlimited
resources. He doesn't think tho Repub
licans will pass any tariff legislation this
session. ''If tho Republicans," said he,
"keop their promises and pass tho Do
ncudeiit Pension bill, tho Arreais Pen
sion bill, tho Scrvieo Pension bill, tho
Direct Tax bill, tho Coast Defense bill
and sovcinl other bills, npmopiiating
money, tbcto will bo ndellclt of $1,000,
000,000 in tho Treasury instead of a
The talk most indulged. in has been
about counting lallroad tics and the con
dition tho road will bo In just after tho
'inauguration. Tho general opinion Iu
rrtoreuce to tlio legislation ot tliu snort
session is that tho timo will bo taken up
piincipally in tho discussion and nassngu
of tho appropriation bills, with u day or
two set apart for tho consideration of
bills reported from committees,
omo solid ron m'kini.uy.
Congressman M. M, Doothmnu of Ohio
lias arrived in tho city. As lie called at
tho Houso Postofllco for ids mail ho said:
"I'll bet that these two letters nro appli
cations for postolllces." And sure enough
they were. "I can always tell, bocauso
tlio applicant incloses u stamp for loply."
In speaking of tlio organization of tho
next Houso, ho said that tho Ohio dele
gation was with ouo accord fof Mclvinloy
for Speaker. "Wo havo. no second
choice; wo aro all McKinloy men."
Mr. Doothman has a high opinion of
Ocneial Hanisou's abilities. "Harri
son," said he, "will bo tho Picstdont of
tho United States, and will givo tho peo
plo a thoroughly Amurlcan lulminlstia
tlon, Hu is liioud and liberal minded,
and will icllect credit on tho choice made
by tho people"
Tiin env vo-irprFcn qumstiom.
Congrchsman James D. Richardson of
Tonnessco, who Introduced in tho Houso
last session tho bill providing for tho ap
pointment of a commission to select n
cite for a city postolllco building was at
tho Canitol to-day attending to his cor
respondence when an Kvi:nino Post io
porter broko In on him with: "Do tho
citizens of tlio District get a postolllcu
building this ycaiV"
"1 hope so; 1 know that I am going to
do all In my power to secure one"
"I low about tho bill you introduced
towaid tho closo of last session. Do you
think It will pibs- tho Houso this
month V .
"I feel prclty confident that If I can
get rccounUcu to call tho bill up, It
will pass, and pass by a largo majoilty,
if not unanimously. It muht bo hu.
mlllatlng to tho people of tlio country
who visit Washington to seo tho build
inir that bears tho uuma of Postofllco a
butldlug that would not bo tolerated by a
fourth-class clly. And yet tho Capitol of
the Nation has bcon petitioned for ycais
for a decent structure, and It would
seem that the people havo petitioned in
"1 havo heard Mcmbeis and Senators
say that it was a disgrace to Congress
to ullow such n slate of affairs to oxist.
I think the principal reason for not pass'
lug a nostolllcu bill has been tho Inability
of tho citizens to agree on n site. How
ovor; 1 bel!oe tho thno U near nt hand
when Congiess will net In the matter of
tliu necessary uppropilatlon for a city
Tho leportor talked this morning with
qulto a number of Mcmbeis, and nil of
them ngico that It's only by tho passaco
of tlio Rlchnrdson bill that the citizens
of Washington can over boon for a post
ofllco. Congressman Hci man of Oregon
says the Houso ought to pass the Rich
ardson bill, and ought to pass It this
"The present building," said he, "is a
disgiaco to the city, aim any one having
to go there could not but favor tlio pas
sago of a bill to elect a new building."
Congressman O.itus of Alabama said ho
had not examined tho Rlchaidson bill,
but hu hud no lietltancy In speaking out
in favor of u itiltablo postolllce building;
"It's ono ol tlio ci villi: needs of tho Cap
ital of tlio countiy."
Congressman A. C. Thompson of Ohio
is another member who huartily favors
the proposition to pass a bill that will
clvd the city a now postntllce. Ho would
liko to see work commenced on it at
Congicssman Oates of Alabama said
this afternoon that In tho interview with
him published In tho morning Post ho
was misunderstood. He meant to say
that ho ngieed with tho two Scnatoi's
from Alabama that it would bo unconsti
tutional to pass the Chandler bill.
"I intended to say," he continued,
"that I thought the fc-enato could consti
tutionally amorid the election laws so as
to empower tho courts rtnd Fedeial Judges
to appoint supervisors of elections,
nnd tlioy (tho judges) 4belng gen
ei ally Republican, would appoint super
visors wherever desired by tho
Republicans. Under the present law
they can only bo nppolnted in places
where there is a population of 20,000 and
upwnid, oud from qualified olectorsof
the place. That may bo dispensed with
nnd nny voter of tho Stato mado eligible
for tho position of supervisor."
The Cmio;rtMloiial Ilrurlnc
Mr. Qiiackcnbusli nf the 11 rm of
1'ccUwlth ,b Qnrd.-euhesh was exam
ined to-day by tho Concessional Com
mltleo appointed to Invcstlsato tho
ncqucduct scandal. Mr. Quackcnlnish's tcs
tliuonj related to tbu execution of tbo work,
the material used and the noikmen employed.
It Is doubtful If tho commltto can make tbelr
report to Congress by Januaiy.
Snenlccr Carlisle- ArrHe.
Speaker Carlisle arrived this afternoon from
Tlio l'onnfijlvanla Ktutcsmuit Expected
Hack llils Afternoon.
Although far from well, Representative
Randall yesterday obtained permission
from his physician to go to Washington.
Ho is expected in this city this afternoon.
Mr. Randnll has been dovotlng from ono
to two hours each day for somo tlmo to
tho npproprjntlnns, and tho various bills
ore bo far odvanced that they aro likely
all tp bp reported from his committee be
fore tlio holiday Adjournment.
Ho will not bo ablo to tak6 his scat In
tho Houso for somo time, unless for a
very brief period nt a tlmo when ho shall
bo specially needed. Ho will remain
in his houso, near to tho Capitol, and
where ho can bo conferred w ith nt any
hour. His illuess, as serious ns It has
been, has not impaired his intellectual
vigor, nor has it lessened his interest in
his responsible work as chairman of np
pinpriations. Sinco tho election ho has steadily re
fused to talk over tlio political situation
beyond uniformlv expressing his sincorc
regret that Cleveland nnd the parly aro
defeated. What his action will be on tho
tiiiill issuo during tho coming season will
not bo know n until tho policy of tho Sen
ate shall bo clearly outlined.
A 'Woll-Known Duinocrnt Clitlms Tlint
tho North Huh Not !teccl ed Its Dcturts. ;
Tliu Huj'W's Washington correspond-
nnl fnlpp-rrmhu fin intpivlnw Willi "nun
of tho most prominent and intlucntial
Domocrats In tlio United Slntes," whoso
name Is not given, but who Is decribed
as having bcon for ovor a quarter of a
century one of the recosnized leaders of
tho party. Ho declares that tho Southern
Democrats, while forming only a minor
ity of tlio party, have arrogated to them
selves tho best ollices In Congress and
that their prominence had a very decided
effect on ths election. Ho complains of
tlio rologatiou of v, ell known Democrats
of tho .North to lnfcilor posts and thinks
a llttlo moro modesty on the part of
Southern leaders is desirable
Itlclunond Journitls DlipullilK Over tlio
I'reftltluiit's (ircntiiortB.
Tho second auditor of the Stato of
Virginia yesterday published a bittor
article in tho l)ipntch against President
Cleveland. The aitlclo concludes:
"When, therefore, it was seen that Mr.
Clovoland had invited Fred Douglas and
his white wife and negro daughter to
his social receptions at tho White House
at least four times, It becamo evident
thntho was ignoilng tho nroblom of his
ngo, that ho wns by act a mlsccgnatlon
ist aud thcieforo was not entitled to bo
cnlled a great man or the greatest Presi
dent the United States ever had."
Tho Slate defends President Cleveland,
nnd says he Is tho nblebt axccutlvo that
ever lived In the White House.
lteul Kntnto Truii9for.
District Commissioners to I.UIelon M.
Tough, $7.39, lot 11, souaro 1,070.
Jacob II. ltclsliigcr to Auzust Schmidt,
800.25, part lot 5, block 10, Howard Univer
sity sub.
.luMa E. (loddard to Chailcs O. Ilyrnc,
$11,1110, lot -IOxSO, l'rcsbrcy ot nl., sub. Wash
lngton Heights,
llonry lllenhelmer to William A. Gordon
and Samuel Cmss, $15,000, sub-lot K, square
I. W. Williamson, trustee, to Mary P.
Campbell, J5, sub-lots 35 andSU and part !1,
Iknjamln II. Campbell to I. Williamson,
truitee, W, Ids 25 and 20 nud pait 'J I, square
Wlllllam W. Moliun'ct nl, trustees National
Capital Investment Company, to Oliver Cox,
$0,000, subluts 80, 00, 1)1, W, Ul and 01, square
Chailon M, llobliisou et id, trustees National
Capital Investment Comniny, to came, $8,775,
sublets l'J3, 120, 1110, 1U1, KW, 131, 101 nud
1115, snuuio 650,
Iru J, Uukr-r to Wilton llaivcy, $.S0O, lots 0
and 10, block 8, l.ingilon Paik.
New TiltiU I or Murilurers.
Motions favoilng new tilals foi Frederick
llaibcraud Albert Green, convicted murdereis,
were argued in too t'llmlual Comt to-dy.
The B. & 0. Railway Station to be
Made More Commodious.
A lllldL'o to Cnimci-t lllo .Street mill tlio
Wnltliis ltocium,
Plans for the Improvement and en
largement or the U.iltitnoro & Ohio Hail
load station havo been perfected. It Is
proposed to build another story On the
picscnt building ill! i it litis been some
what enlarged. The- improvement when
completed will iiinku tho present un
slahlly stiucturo a very precnlautii one.
Tim raising of Now Jcrtoy avenue and
C stieet brings the sidewalks nearly onu
level with tho toof of tho station. It is
proposed to havo an ornamental mldgo
to span the largo nteawny In front of tho
building with a dilvuway beneath. The
bridge will connect tho now btory with
tho street. Tho waiting room nnd nu
additional ticket olllco aud the o dices of
the company will be placed In thp upper
Tills will bo much more pleasant than
tho ulmost underground quarterS now In
iibo. There will bo a largo stuirwny In
tho rear, by which the trains can be
leached. It was proposed to build tho
addition of wood frnmowork, covered
with iron, but tho Building Inspector
said It would havo to bo constructed of
brick. Tho plans will bo changed ac
Criminals Amilgnrrt llororo Judge Mont
Kumory To day.
Mrs. Erncstino Becker, tho Treasury
clerk, who was arrested under tho charge
of embezzling money while in the employ
of tho Treasury Dcpartment.was brought
Into tho Criminal Court this morning nnd
pleaded not guilty to the Indictment
against her.
Sho has employed William F. Mat
tingy to act with Simon Wolf and ho was
on hand to keep her posted on tho re
quirements of the occasion.
"Wo waive tfio reading of the indict
ment," said Mr. Mnttlngly.
"Do you wish to waive tho reading of
this indictment?" said the clerk to tho
"Say yes," said Mr. Mattlngly.
And tliu lady said "yes."
She entered tho pica of not guilty in a
voicQthat showed much embarrassment.
Her exit followed very closely nftef
her entrance upon tho scene of the couit
room. Her face was concealed by a heavy
veil and her manner showed plainly tha't
sho found tho experience a most painful
one. She wns liandsomelv drcssod, a
set of furs being a prominent portion of
of her attiro.
Mr. Mnttlngly said that ho had not ex
amined the indictment and supposed
that tho plea could bo changed to that
of "guilty" should they sco lit to adopt
this course Tho Court said that this
might bo doiio at any time. Her bail of
$2,000, with Gubtav Lausburgh ns
surety, wns allowed to stand.
Marion D. Newman, on being ar
raigned, plcnded not guilty to two
charges of obtalnliijjftrnoncy under false
pretenses In tho CrSnlnal Court to-day.
His recent experiences havo told upon his
physical condition, nnd ho has lost nt
least ten pounds sinco his first incarcera
tion. Ho is charged with having ob
tained $49 from Miss Kato G. Smith, un
der the pretense that ho was slnglo and
wished to mairy her, aud with having
obtained 100 fiom O. V. lluseo it Sons
of Raltimoro by telling them that his
daughter was expected to die, nnd that
ho had no tnonoy with which lo bury
William Leo, tho ex-Washington po
liceman who falls n victim to paralysis
ovcry timo ho is ancstcd, stood up to
hear read tho charge of obtaining money
under falso pretenses. The indictmont
chaiged him with having obtained
14.50 from Urban G. Wynkoop In
August Inst, lie told Wynkoop, it is al
leged, that ho had obtained tho appoint
ment of chemist to tho Coreau i.euatiou,
and thon borrowed tho money from him.
Ho gavo Wynkoop a paper, supposed to
bo written in Corcan characters. Tho
reading of this partof tbo indictment was
'licecssaiily omitted. Ho was released
on ball.
A. R. Van Buren, a handsomely dressed
man, wcailng gold eyeglasses, was
charged with forgory In having counter
feited an order from tho Urd?ungton,
Journal on tho National Bunk of Wash
ington for !r90. Ho was brought to this
city from Brooklyn. Ho bald ho was a
journalist by occupation.
Thoso Who Huvo Vlolulod the Law Lcilin
Their l'unldlimmit.
Johanna Robertson, colored, convicted
of kcopiug a bawdy house, promised
Judge Montgomery this morning to get
married and reform if tbo Judge would
suspend sentence. Sho wns i-cnt to jail
for sixty days.
Robeit Ford, coloicd, was sentenced to
jail for si months for larceny from tho
person. Ho had taken $0.50 from Chas.
Cooper ou October 28 lust.
A sentence of four years at Albany
wns imposed in the case ot Frank Wal
lace;, colored, convicted of assault to kill.
Ho liadshot Richard Phillips, hi a (juarrol
which was caused by a girl standing on
hor door step and saucing PUUIIps and a
companion. Wallace took (he girl's
pait. Ho said that hu bought tho pistol
tnat uiu tnu nusciiiet iiccnusu it was
Ho gavo his ago iu) 10 years, but
i plainly tough tuiuugh for 113
no was
lames Nichols, colored, aged 10, had
never been arrested before Ho was
under a conviction of assault with In
tent to commit a rape on Erally Klliott,
a colored clrl. Judco Walker, his coun
sel, stated that tho pastor of Nlchol's
church and ills Sunday-school superin
tendent spoko favorably of hlin. Thoro
wero circumstances in tho caso that do
not usually attend this oUtyiso, Nichols
was sent to tho penitentiary for ono
Quincy McCassoy, colored, was sent to
Albany for one year for bousoln caking.
Ho cried a llttlo and protested thnt ho
was innocent, nnd only 14 years old. Ho
failed tocHtubltsh the truth of either of
these points,
A City Tieimuror Default.
U.i:inn.i, D. T, Dee, 1st, Charles 0
Wluchell, tieamiur ot Spink, has lift for parts
unknown aud Is a defaulter. A ltltor was io
eolU'd by his itopiity )estanlay from Wlnchell,
ovldontly mailed at or near St. Paul, sajiug
that he Is short In bis accounts and has nut
the courage to fare the music. Theexnct
amount of tbo deficit Is not know u, but Deputy
KUer estimates It at 5100,000.
Other InniiBiiriilloii Mutters Halt i'uro
by tho I'rnnsJ liunlii ltund,
Chahmaii Drltlnn received this morn
ing ii loiter from Gov. James A. Beaver of
Pennsylvania accepting tlio position of
marshal, General Beaver said ho felt
specially hunoied on having his name
mentioned in coniici tlon with that of
Ocneuil Sherman He closed the loiter
by sajlng ho would namo his chief of
stuff In a lew dnvsand so notify tho com
mittee. Chairman Ihittnn also received a letter
from deuoiul Passenger Agent Parko of
the Pennsylvania R.itlio.vl, with a eticu
lar letter giving rales from points on tho
Pennsylvania lino to Washington on tho
occasion of tlio Imiuguinliou. Tho rata
fled Is nno fnio for tho lound trip, ex
cept at some points, wlicio it is less for
organized bodies of 50 or moro.
A letter has been i end veil from Mr.
George A. Moiilton? asking tho commit
tee to inform htm what tho oxpunso will
be for the Hickeison Light Infantiy and
Sdlver Rand nil ono organization of
Tulhihoma, Tcmi., to attend tho iuaugu
latlou. Colonel L. P. Wright, cliaii man of tho
Comtnmilteo on Publl 'amfort, received
tn-dny h letter fimni orris J. Keck,
colonel of tho Ninth ilment, National
Guaid, of Tennessee 'sking tlio com
mittee to secure quatters for tlio regl
incut. Thoyworo quartered last Inautruration
in tho War, State and Nnvy'Dep.ut
ments. Colonel Wright has been out nil
morning hunting n plnco to locate tho
troops. They will probably bo located
up on Seventeenth street, near Pennsyl
vania avenue.
Chairman II. A. Willard of tho Com
mittee on Parks and Reservations called
on tho Commissioners to-day to secure
permission to erect reviewing stands on
ccitain reservolioiis. Tho Commission
eisiequesled him to put tho lequest in
writing, which he will do.
The following subscriptions wore re
ceived by Captain Lemon to-day:
Tho Clarendon, ?10; B. H. Warder, $500; AV.
J. Newton, $100; tho American House, $100;
K. K. .Inckson .t Co., f250; H. L. Cranford,
5250; Marcus S. Hopkins, $35; Johu Fcsan,
MOO; Oeorpo T. Uunlop, $100; Wllmaith .to
Edmonton, 25; rash, $25; Hotel Richmond,
'i; Dr. '.. T. Sowpm, $25; Dr. C. 11. l'urvls,
20; Kobcrt A. Phillips, $23; James I.. Norrls,
$100; O. M. Matthews, 50: total, $12,003.
Tho subscription of .loseph 1 . lllreh Was $50,
and not 10, as published; that of B. U. Kcyscr
$150, and not 50-
He WnntK To nnjoy Tho l'oiico Which
11b IhliiUn Ho lint Kuriii'il.
Nbw York, Dec. 1. Gcneial W. T.
Sherman contributes to the JNorth Ameri
can Jltu'np for December a copy of a let
ter written him by James G. Blnino in
18S4 m-irinB blm to accent tho Renubllcan
nomination for tho Presidency hi caso it
should bo tendered hlin by thu appioach
ing Chicmo convention. Mr. Blaine
expresses his belief that General Sher
man's selection by tbo convention was
probable, and considered the General in
dutv bound to accept tlio nomination.
Tho iVoriA American lhctew also pub
lishes Geneial Sherman's i only to Mi.
Blaine's letter In which the General
states that ho will nut in nny centonlci
tain or nccopt n nomination as a candi
dato for President by the Chicago Re
publican Convention, or any other con
vention, for reasons personal to myself."
The General nrgued that ho was ontircly
satisfied with his present life, nnd that ft
would-be foolish lorhlin.lo enter iijto the
worrlment of a politicnl'stilfe; moreover
he beliovrd that "tho civilians should
buffet with tho thankless olllco and leavo
us old soidieis to enjoy tho peace wo
fought for aud think we earned."
Thoy A i rive lit St. I. mils unit Aio T.uld
St. Louis Dec. 1. -The special car
bearing thu'icmuius of Mis. Geuernl
Sherman and tho funeral party at rived
at tho Union Depot at 7.30 o'clock this
morning over tho Vandalla load,. Tho
party consisted of Geneial Slicrniau. his
daughters, Mrs. Lieutenant Fitcu of
Piltsbuig, Mrs. Tli.ickei.t of Philadel
phia and Mhs Llizabeth Sherman, Miss
Rachel Shennan, and tho Gcnoial's
son, Row Father D. T. Sherman,
a scholastic in the Order of the JesulU;
Judiro Hugh Uwing, Lancaster, Ohio, a
biothcr of tho deceased, and his tw o sons;
General Rwlni: of Lancusler, Ohio,
another brother" of tho deceased; Major
Tlmckcra of Philadelphia, Lieutenant
Fitch, U. S. Navv, and his llttlo son, and
Mrs. Steele, a bister, witu ner nine son.
Tho paity was met at tho depot by
eoveial St. Louis friends of tlio tamlly.
Breakfast was partaken in tho lestau
rant of tho Union Depot, after which the
lcmtdns were convoyed from tho special
car to St. Ftancls Xavicr's Church.
Atter a low; mass nnd u simplo funeral
service, tho remains wero taken to Cal
vary Cemetery and deposited in tho
family vault.
Mr. Ilnrrlnon Enid to Wnnt Young; Tim
hur for Ills Cabinet.
Tho New York Herald's Washington
correspondent says that ex-Senator
Sewcll of Now Jeisuy rccontly mado a
jouiney to Indianapolis, where hu had a
conference with General Harrison.
Shoitly after this he wrote a letter to a
friond in Washington, trom which tho
following words nro taken: "Tell tho
boys that tho old fellows will have to go
to tho rear. Harrison wants young tim
ber for his Cabinet and we havo no
clianco." The letter further stated that
nil signs pointed to Congressman Bou
lelhi of Maine ns President Harrison's so
lection for Secictary of tho Navy.
'lhv nil Uii)' Walk.
Nr.iv Vonn, Dee. 1. 'J a. ni. score: Llttlo-
wood, 573; llerty, 555; Noremac, 500; Sloore,
252; Curtw right, 507; Hart, 497; Connor, 401;
llowartb, 40.'; Golden, 480; Mason, 4S4;
Canipatia, -nu; i.iyior, iuu; iusou, aui;
Pencil, t!W.
Twclvoo'cloek nrc: I.lttlowood, BS9; Hcrty,
549; Moore, 52'J, Cartw right, 515; Noremac,
50-j; Halt, 50H; Connoi, 503; Huwaitb, 501;
(Ijldcn, 407; Mason, 495; Cimpana, 425; Tay
lor, 41; Peach, 2 IS; C. Smith, 105; Ulson, 402.
At 1 p. in., the end ot the 13ld hour, Llttlo
wood una exactly eight miles ahead of Ids owu
preWous world lecord of 6S5 miles. Ho went
off the track to bo lubbod down shortly after
1 p. ui.
Coursing IlitlililU Not Ciuelty.
Nbw York, Dec. 1. In the caso ot August
Belmont, jr., and other members of tho llauip
ste id Coursing Club, charged with "cruelty to
animals" lu courting i.ibblts, the jury last
night tendered a verdict ot acquittal.
John llrljlit (Inlnliii;.
I.omion, Dec. 1 Sir. John bright con
tinues to gain strength.
IlentU nf John ,11. Oriihnin.
Johu M. nullum, who died on Thursday at
an advanced njjii at his residence, 701 Thir
teenth sheet, vl bo burled to-morrow. 'lis
death was the result of a cancer which ap.
io.ired on his lu(t aim liut sprlmr. It was re
moved but others formed until tlx were cut
out '1 hough he exhibited great fortitude hb
constitution could not bear tho strain,
Frank McClellan Found Dead On the
Railway Track.
Tho Deceased ti 1'rnmlncnt Member of
tho ItorttinetiV Colony tit Icy City.
"Ofllcor, that's a dead man up the
track,'' said a couple of damps to Police
man Coghlll, out near tho Boundary,
about 11 o'clock lint night.
Mr. Coghill notified his "p.irdncr,"
Policeman Slnck, nnd tho two olllcers,
taking tho two tramps with them, started
up thu track to llnd tho dead man. Ono
of tho tramps handed the olllcer tho dead
man's watch, which ho said lie hud
taken fioin tho body for fear thai It
would bo stolen.
As tho two policemen nud the two
tramps walked alone, tlio tramps told
how thoy hud started fiom Baltimore)
that morning to walk to Richmond.
Thoy walked over the B. & O. tracks,
and about 10:B0 last night thoy saw tho
body of a man lying between tho tracks.
It was about n mile fiom this city, and
tho body was still wuun when they ex
amined it.
When tho spot was reached the tramps
pointed out tlio body to the policemen,
and a short while after It was removed
to tho inorjjuo on New Jersey avcuuo.
Thu two trnmps weio locked up in a
coll In order that they might be examined
by thu Coioner.
The body was lying f-icc downward
midway between tho two trucks and the
brains wero oolng fiom the b,u:k of the
hu.ul, which was crushed. No other
wounds were found and tho Coroner,
after n cuisory examination thlsiuorulng,
thought that the man had been struck by
an out-going B. & O. truin and instantly
The watch that tho tr.imus found and
turned ovor to tho police was a center
second horsellmcr's watch nnd was still
going Ibis morning, though the hnnds
pointed to 2:21! o'clock. Near tho body
wns a braided piece of ropo that might
havo been a part of a slung shot, ami a
couplo of big rovolver caitrldgcs. In the
pockets w ere sovcral moro cartridges, an
express freight receipt for (J hoises be
longing to W. B. Jennings, tho well
known horseman, n police whlstlo und
several other articles.
Tho dead man was at once recognied
as Prank McClennan, W. 11. Jennings'
foreman at Ivy City, whero Mr. Jen
nings' horses aro wiuloiing.
Mr. McCIelhui wns u very quiet man,
spending most of his tlmo either nt tho
stables or at his home. Ho was ono ot
tho best hoisemen in the country nnd n
popular man. Ho was last seen ye-dcrduy
ovening talking with a colored 'man
uamed Harris near tlio club house at Ivy
Clly, nnd his movements after that hour
arc unknown.
two hstoij shots iir.Aiii).
Policomau Slack, who investigated tho
caso this morning, says that a cook em
ployed by Mr. Coylc, whfi lives uenr .Ivy
City, says thot he heard :i couplo of
pistol shots last night, and then lieaid
somo one &ny, "I've killed the ."
Mr. McClollan is not Known to have,
had any considerable turn of money yes
terday and none was found in his
pockets. The two tramps gavo their
nnmes as William Stephenson und John
Dugnuattho station-houso, wheto they
wefo locked up. They say thoy are
walking to Itlclunond for their health.
The Coroner will fuilhci investigate tho
case and tho damps will bo detained
pending the Investigation.
Coroner Palteihon will hold nn inquest
at tho morguo at 11 o'clock to-morrow,
nnd the two tramps will have to remain
locked up until that time.
A Member of riii-lhiineiit Who A reuses
tho Government of Trickery.
Lomio.v, Dec. 1. In tho House of'
Commons to-day, tho Speaker onlercd
Mr. Cunningham Qrnhnm, liadlcal mem
ber for the northwest division of Lanark
shire, to withdraw fiom tbo Houso on
account of his accusing Mr. W. II.
Smith, government leader, of conniving
nt u dishonorable- trick und lcfiiblng to
retract tho statement
In an interview, Mr. Graham tuhl, in
explanation of tho aflnlr, that ho held
Mr. llobinson, Conservative momber
for Mr. Dudley, guilty of n dishonorable
trick In putting u motion on tho paper
pi eventing discussion on tho griovances
of certain chain makers. He hud also
expiessed the belief that tho Govern
ment Instigated Air. Koblnsou to the no
tion. Mr. Graham says that he does not
intend to apologi.u for his language
whatever nuiy bo tho l esult.
A Ti.ini Wrevker rolled.
Daytov, Ohio, Dec. 1. John Kogors, a
painter of this city was put off a Dayton ,fc
Michigan train near Johuson station. Ho
started to walk back bcioaiidfor revenge as
he catuo along, drov spikes betw eon the Joints
of the i alls, piled ties and stones ou the track
with tlio evident Intention of wrecking the
Suuth-boundcpiess that should arrive hero
at noou. Ho was observed by some section
men who uao ehasooiin hand-rur. Thoy
capturod the man and took him to Jolmsou
station wheio he was placed iu chuigooftho
passenger train crew who bi ought him hern
aud bo Is now In tho city prlsou.
A Wealthy CIllimi'M Hulelilu.
Hi.ooMiNa-to, lu.., Dee. 1. Dr. V. I).
Uojd, a wealthy and widely known cjtUen,
committed sulcldo )esteiday by shooting hltn
solf. He bad been lu poor health for some
tlmo and It Is thought ho was trinporailly de
ranged. Ho was estimated to be w orth $100,000.
Orriin Steamers Arrived.
Nr.w Yoiik, Dec. 1. Arrived Steamer
Aller from llrcmeu.
QuKEN&rowN, Dec. 1. Arrived British
Klug from Philadelphia.
Iho (Ire u m of lUiropean fioftitlp,
Panshus claim that the I'.IITel tower ou tho
Exposition grouuds there thirty-one metres
hleher th in the Vt'ashluptou Monument.
The announcement tli.it the (iladstonians
havo selected Lord Comptnn to contest for
Mr. llrlubt's seal In Parliament has caused
Mr. Urlght's friends much pain
Count Tolstoi Is likely to resln the port
folio of Minister of tho lutciolr, It is re
ported that ho has soft nlug of the brain.
The e var lias saucnoiicu mo marriago or. mo
(Iraud Duko Alexis with Prfncvsb Helena,
daughter of tho Comlo Do Paris.
Colonol StoolTtd, formerly military attache
of tho Trench Umbass) at llerlln, has been ex
pelled from .Usacc.
M, lloutcnlcff of Iho llusslaii Emu.iy at
I.ondou Is mentioned for the post of Jtusjlau
Minister to the Vatican. In tlio oveut of tho
appointment of M. Uoutenlon", M. IswolsU
will roturii to Washington.
'Iho AirfwJWwiji of llerlln will bo prose
cuted fur publishing Emperor FrederluU'4
dlaiy o(PSo
A strong London syndicate Is forming a
camnauj t f"" an Independent lino of
steamers between MllforU Hun and New
A (jiuicrul Iti'iluettoil of Tlmo at the
I Jto.lillni- ClUlorlr.
i Pormti.M.. Pa., Dec. 1. Audsnppie.
hension seems to havo ffom- abroad In
tho oircnt thnt tin cxlcneho suspansfoii
of collieries iu this region will go ln(u
effect to-day. It is tho cusloinaiy nnd
long-cstnbllshcd puicflco of tho l'hlla
dclphlaiind lieadImrCo.il and lion Com
p.uiy, which contiols tho ciculer portion
of tho coal opctatlons in this county, to
leinpoinrily suspend about this time of
the year u number of collieries which nt 6
lctivd, prolllubly, or at which repairs
aro lequlrcd.
This policy is pursued for tlio reason
that at this tlmo the market litis usually
been well stocked with coal and tho de
mand for tho remainder of Hie seas0;i
will be less active than earlier. In pur
suance of tiij policy u number of col
lieries wlinro "di'ad work" Is needed
suspend mining operations for an indull
nito period to-day. Among theso niu the
"I'.asl," at Ashland: tho "Knicker
bocker," nt Shenandoah, nnd probably a
lew In the Mnhony region, and at other
Tlio number of men nfTectcd will bo
comparatively small and many of them
will sccuie Woik at mines not Included
In the suspension. There, however, goes
into clTect to-day a general reduction 6Z
woik at all tho collieries to three-quarters
time, lluw long the conditions will
continue will depend upon tho ftituro do
mauds of the coul trade,
'J ha I'li'tliliiit unit .1(r, tJlrintitnil In
Kottirti lo theWhltf. llouo on Monday.
Special lo tin jV, y. lttraM.
Washington, "v. HO. Tlio Presi
dent aud Mrs. Cleveland will forsaku
thochaims and nrlvaey of their country
homo for the moro proiuinont but fnd
ing glory of tho Hxccuttvo Mansion by
Monday next. They may come In to
moirow and spend Sunday there. It
all depends on tho weather.
Tho French cficf does not get in hia
work on tho Presidential tnblo until Jan
uary, and, meanwhile, a colored woinnn
iiresides at tho big range down In tho
kitchen. The season of the cliff, all
nlnng, has averaged three months, but
tho coming year ho will bo only long
enough in Mr. Cleveland's employ to
lirepiuo a substantial luncheon lor Mr.
Harrison and his family on tho afternoon
oi .uarcu 4.
I heard to-day that Miss Hose V.lb.v
beth Cleveland is coming to tho Whito
House soon to spend tlio winter theie.
She is at present entertaining Miss Van
Vcclilen at her Holland Patent homo.
Mrs. Cleveland is anxious, sinco Mis
Cleveland started tbu social part of UiIh
Administration, that sheepmo heiu to see
It go out in full glory, llcsldis, Miss
Cleveland has had her time very cdoscly
occupied tlio past year, und tliu coming
season liero will bo one of enjoyment
and i elaxation indeed, much moiu than
if she wero tlio lelgnlng mistress of thu
White HoiihC
Iho rail of it Steiuii Kloiulor With KIt
I'onoiiH nn It.
Piioviduxci:, It. T., Dec. L At 7:15 a.
nn to-day n powerful steam elevator em
ployed by X. B, lloilou in tho election
of it huge biick bnui at Olneyvillo for
tho LTnlnn Km il road Company, fell fiom
the second litt owing to tlio lucaklng of
a cable and wns picrlpliulcil to tho cellar
vhoic it was smashed into fragments.
Tlio elevator contained Iho men nnd
foiirbirno barrows full of biick uiul
cenionts. Fred llorlou, son of the con
tractor, had ills leg fractured anil ono
heel toin oil, nnd his spine wos sovcrely
contused. Two wotkmen MtfTerod Com
pound fractuies of tho leg mid wore
uruhed badly, It is feared they will
not survive, as they aro well advanced
In yens. Tho other liuui received
llnuiscri and woro sovcrely shocked.
A llu'iitrlcul lJntiM'prlso I'nllj.
Cnieuio, ,l)ee. 1. Thomas 1). liakor nnd
wife, owners of Baker's Theatre, jestorday
made a voluntary assignment of the theatre
and all Its contents to V. W. Charles tho as
sets and liabilities being placed nt$ir0,000.
'1 ho failure Is not due to bad buluess but to
the fact that tho bills Incurred lu hulldlnc Iho
theatre, which was only recently completed,
wero heavier than tbo linkers could liquidate,
and filcnds whom they depended upon for
Du'iiiclul backing falling to respond.
Client llxi.'ltoiiiiiut in Helena, IMnnl.
Hm.r.NA, Mysr., Dec. 1. 'Iho second big
mlucral strike lu Helena was made jcstcnUy.
Tho llrot was about a month ago on tho princi
pal street of placer gold. 'Iho strlko yestei
day wos In the residence portion of tho city ot
a gold quaiU vein seven feet wide, ussajlng
hamUoinely. Pi opertj -owners In thu vicinity
are much excited.
Tho Stock und Money Miirket.
Nbw Yoiik, Dee. 1. Money closed at -J per
cent., tho hlchest ruto. Tlio Joweit was
1. Echango eloticd steadv; poited rates,
JDoMJiilvj; actual rates, -tWMt for sixty
clnjs and lSS!$i4S'?i for demand, (imerii
ments closed ntcady; currency IN, US bid; -Is,
coupon, 1288 bid; -Us, do., UIS bid.
1'iicille Kallroad bonds cloocd as follows:
Union firsts. 11!) to lllli do. laud grants, 103
to 100; do. sinking funds, 120tol2-J; Centrals,
113 to 110.
Tho stock market was weak throughout
tho halt day's session. Prices woro on tbu
daw u grade almost continuously from tho
openlug until uoon, principally on selllu? by
London house and bamnierlngby tho smaller
tiadcrs here. Tho bank statement published
at uoon was vory uufaorablu and added to
tho general weakness. The bank reserves
show n decrease ot ja.'iC.uMj. The Jeclluo ut
tho closo ranged fiom 1 to 2 per cent. 'Iho
sales for the morning amounted lo lll),yi;
1 p. m. prices.-W. U 831; N. Y. C. 10$;
N. J. U , b'J; III. C. lHJi Mlch..C. 8 1 J; N.
1'nc., 241; do. pfd., 53)1; U. P., 021; Mo., 751;
Tex. Slii C. i, Ml; 1). it H , 118J; D., L.
W., I3t5: Erie, SSJ; do. pfd., 01; K. .t T., 1;
L. ti., 100J; L. .fc N Wli N. W., 105J; P. il.,
37i; lteadlug. 403; 11. I 101; O. il., 321; dc
pfd 08; St. Paul, 03!f do pfd.. 102; N.
C, 815; C, B. (J., i Man., 100; O. & -V,
IWJj O. it T 2si.
The Chlciico Mnrlcet.
Chicago, Dec. 1, lO.SOa. m. Wheat
Dee., 10U; Jan., 100: May, U0110J.
Coru Dec. and Jan., 35; Pel).. 3d; ilay, 35J.
Oats ilay, !J. l'orK Jan., ia.(rj, .Maj,
SlI.lMa. ijaiii-ivtu, .ji.i m " " -l
May, i.07j. Short uos Jan., v".
Tlio fViKhluctiiii Stoekn,
Miscellaneous Bonds V. .t G. It. U.. llllj
Masonic Hall Ass'n, 105; Wash. Market Co.,
115; Wash. Light Infantry, 1st, 00; Wash.
Llcht Infantry. 2d. : wash. Gas Light
Co.. 1231; Wash. Oaslllffbts. 035.
National Bauk Stocks Bank of Washlng
ton.oOd.Bank ot ltepubllc, 7J; Metropolitan,
"00; Central. 200; Secoud, 132; farmers' and
ilcchanles', 103; CUUens', 120; Columbia,
Itailroad Stocks Washington and Gcorgo
towu, --; Metropolitan, 107J; Columbia, J
Cap. A North O St., 35; Auaeostla, .
Insurance btocks-i-l'lioinen's. 38; I'Vaukllu,
391; Jlotropollian, 73; National Union, 1UJ
Arlington, 150J; Coreoian, 50; Columbia, 12J;
(icrmau American, 155; Potomac, 03; Biggs,
'fias and Electric Light Stocks Washington
Gas, oOJ; Georgotowu Gas, 41; U. S. Electric-
' Telephone Stocks Chcfipeako it Potomac,
Miscellaneous Stocks Washington Market
Co., 15, Washington Brick Jlachloo Co.. 103;
National l'l ess Brick Cp,, -; Uieat Kails lea
Co., 145; Bull Hun Panorama Co, 10; Heal
Estate 'litlo Insurance Co., 117; Columbia
Title Insurance Co., 58; National Sate De
posit Co., 1 American Uraphophouo Co.,
Local Wt-nthur Indication.,
fair, Uihtly voider; northr;triy wiudri

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