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1'not n won J. "V. I'ownx, director of
the United Btirtoa Geological Survey,
presented his regular monthly roport to
day. Today's Hond QirnniNOH nt tlio
Treasury Dep-.ittiucnt nmmiuled to onlv
S,h"o000 Four per ccnlB offered nt VJ&i
iind 1U3J. No -Us wero offered to-dny
' Hma von a Nkw Vrcssra. -The Sccro-
tury of the Navy bus invltod propositi?
for n now nnnored const-defense vessel
of about 4,0011 tmirt displacement, lu bo
dune In thtco years.
Rtoiu-kr -pints sn OAuncns wero np
rolniod ns follows todny: ncorgo D.
Lewis, Lewlsport, lCy.j Wllln HUoy. Lex
In .a m, Kv ;..lnlin I), riupuner. Simpson
0-utit , lvv., .uid llunj.inilo P. Folsoni,
lliitnpton, 'L'oiiii.
Tub Hcaiuko Ci-ocBn.Tho Inter
Hlnto Commerce Commission closed its
inquiry to-dnv about, tariffs on Bouthent
mid Southwestern Iluilway lines. Tlio
Commission now have nil iho dntn
lu-i'ded to tillord them full Information
ii' lo Iho mutter of Interstate rates lu this
section of thu country.
Nuws Fuom Aumiu.m. I.ucn. Com
mocloro Wnlkor said to-iluy thut ho had
not heard anything fioin Admiral Luce.'
"I may hear something in u day or two.
Of ouiu-so It depend:) on the condition of
things at Iliiyti." Tlio gotiontl ImpreB
hion it thai Affairs wlll'turn out nil-right
without any trouble.
Bins KonKouatKas, Ulds were opened
to day at tho litucnu of Ordnance for
furnishing tho Win- Department f.1,500,
000 worth of Hteol forging for guns of 8,
10 and lLMncli. Thoro woro only two
bids, as follows:
MMvnlo Steel Company of Philadelphia: For
right-inch, LtUciiU per uound; for leu-Inch,
"0 cents per pound; twelve-Inch, 31 cent per
pound, Hcthlcbcm Iron Company: Elijht-luch,
J I cents per pound; ten-Inch, 20J cents per
pound; twelvu-lniili, 271 cents per pound.
Tho Mount Ploisant Volunteer Fire
niuu's Association has Invited tho atten
tion of tho Commissioner to tho urgent
necessity of additional lira apparatus for
this important Miburb. They Mate that
this vitiligo has a population of 1,000,
nnd, through the efforts of its citizens,
tins oi-giini.cd u fho company of thirty
young men, nil residents of thu place,
Bud soirio of I hem property-owners.
At present this cimpany is equipped
witli two of Morrill's patent llro extin
guishers with twenty-live feet of liosu to
each machine. They ask that the Dis
trict furnish at least 100 feot more of
hose, 210 feut ladders, 216-fcct poles with
hooka, six lanterns, three nxes and, ns
enrly us possible, two chemical engines,
Tho Commissioners reply that they havo
no available funds for this purpose, and
see no prospect of securing an appropria
tion fcr tills purpnso from Congress.
William A. Do Camdry has suggested
to thu Commissioners that thoy cnuso ttio
wlro screens put around tho public shade
trees borne time ngn to bo loosened, as,
they ure now injuring tho trees. .
A T.lquor I.luonie ApproTcd After a
Stroii l'lcht.
One of tho most strongly contested
barroom license applications was that of
Putrick White of Second nnd G streets
Tills place is on tho opposite corner
from John Urosnnn's saloon.
Whltu's attorneys got their case in
Bhiipo to-day nnd secured the approval of
tho Commissioners.
lllKliwiiynuiii Attack ChlcMCo Strvnt Cam.
Thcro was qulto a reign of terror among
West Sldo carmen of Chicago Tuesday even
Ins; caused by tho raids of n iraing of pick
pockets. About 5 o'clock two mep boarded n
Mudlsou-sticct car und attacked tho con
ductor, endeavoring to llflo bis pockets. A
rough and tumble light ensued. Tho con
ductor succeeded In "leachlug tlio bcll-ropa
and stopping the car, when both his assailants
lan. Tho conductor aud driver pursued them
aud .captured both, turning them over to
the police Thu conductor was so badly
beaten that ho wns compelled to lay otT. Later
In tho evening another conductor was as
saulted by two thugs aud severely beaten, but
he succeeded In protecting bis cash and driv
ing on ins assatiauts. bovcral outer conduc
tors hud their pocltots picked of amounts
rauzlng from .?3 to $10, aud ono was held up
near Uio Oceau-nvcmia barun, robbed of his
watch aud money, and badly boaten.
Knit Kntnta Trans rein.
William O'Brien to Jolin.l'aul Joucs, $7,500,
lot 1, square 20.- ,
Androw J. l.ukcl to John Collins, $1,500,
part lot ISO, 11. and U.'s addition to George
town. Albert I). Haines to Asa Whitehead, $10,
lot 11, square 172.
John G. Slater to Charlcs'Chrlstlanl, $2,733,
lot 4, square 13.
William L. Pollard to William O. Uenison,
$10,0UU, sub-lots M, N and O, squaro IBB.
Georgoaua M. Kaybold to William Itabe,
$256, pait lot 7, squaro 10PJ. '
THiirrltijia lilcoiiiiefi,
Henry O. I.lndsuynnd Knima L. Jonklns,
Loudoun Couuty, Va.; Edward C. Webster
and Mary V. Gibson; Wru. O. Davlcs ami
Hvrulce C. Walter; Uunjamlu F. Alison aud
Hophle M. Ileldcr; Jumcs W. Cogswell nnd
Lucy A. Nash; Arthur L. Johnson and Llzzlo
M. Gibson, St. Mary's Couuty, Mil.; Jeremiah
Donovan, Now Yoik city, aud Mary Fitz
gerald, city; Amos Sharp and Susn Holmes;
David O. Toler and K. M, Baker; James It.
Evans aud I.ncy C llrnwncr, ilauasias, Va.;
Jehu II. Huuudcrs and Faunlo 1. Saunders;
liobcrt S. Adams ami Mamlo Ileany,
llurliil l'rrniltM IitHUot!
Burial permits havo "hecu Issued during tho
past tweuty-four hours by the Uo.illh ODicer,
viz: Thos. J. KeUlhenry. 21 years; Bcriurd
Crosgrovc, 27 years; Wm. K. Dick, 21 years;
MaryJano Cook, 00 ycnis; Cbas. Stott, Til
years; Cbas. Thomas, U3 j oars; Edward Law.
son, C2 years, aud tho followlni: ' colored:
Marth Madison. :2 years: Mary Klchardson,
8 davs; Hester A, Uawklus, 10 days;
Ida Green, SO j earn; Lonalno Peters,
80 years.
v i m
Held fur Corcory,
Marsiinll Cook, tlio colored boy who Is
charged with having forged tho signature of
Miss Joslo C. Morton to an order for tho
trunk of Miss I'rudhommo, was on trial In tho
l'ollco Court this morning. 'I hu forged order
was compared with letters purporting to liava
been written bythodefeudant and pronounced
io ue similar in many oi rno Characteristics.
Cook Nas sent to tho grand Jurv lu $300 bonds.
A Illvnrco Granted,
Judge Cox to-day gavo Jennie Schneider n
divorce from George W. Schneider, whom sho
r barged with diunkouncss, failure to sup
port uud adulleiy.
White Oups In tlUuolt,
The Whlto Caps have opeucd a correspond
ence buieau In Aurora, 111., aud tho news
papers and coal dealers havo thus far a mo
nopoly of tho cumiuuulcutlou. Alderman
Jungles received a letter which ordered tilui to
stop glvlm: short weight n coal under pen
alty of receiving a visit from Iho Whlto Caps
i Local lh auch 27. The letter was ndorticd
with red-Ink representations of skulls aud
eioss-bnncs, whlto caps und snakes. Other
coal dealers havo received similar coiniuunlea
tlons. Coal Is soling for tO.73 u tou, an tin
p-'yit drup, tho result of strong competition,
uud tho letters ullcgo that the dlllsrence In
prlco is more than made up by thu shortagu In
weight, aud insist that It must coasu or tho
"bluck enako" will be einplojod to cnfnrcolhe
demands. Editor Burton of tho Dally I'jcpreu
has also been warned to stop publishing arti
cles deiogatury to tho cauto of the Uurllugtou
Tho Vntlnz in tlio I'nrlff lllll nnil Amonil
mantn ti Itt-gln nt 1 u'Clxck p. in. on
Jiiniiiiry HI llio Glilipov tnilliiii lllll
III tlio lluunu
Pursuant to Mr. Sherman's motion on
yestorday, the .Senate met to-day nt 11
o'clock. Mr. Morrill offered n resoltt
Hon, which wns ngrced to, amending Hie
Joint resolution uf recess nnd providing
that when the Scnato Adjourn to-morrow
it bo to meet on January 2.
Mr. Morrill also offered n resolution,
which was ngn-cd to, piovldlug that nil
debate upon the Tnriit hill end on Jan
uary 21 und n voto bo taken nt 1 o'clock.
Sir. Ilonr presented tho petition of
n,223 citizens of Massachusetts praying
for u constitutional amnudnient pro
hibiting Iho Interference of any religious
sect wltli the system of publio'schools.
A bill was passed authorizing the
bridging of tho Missouri Itlvor ul
Mr. Gibson offered a resolution pro
viding for tlio appointment of a select
committee of thirteen members to lnvos
tlsnto tho elcctlous held last April In
Kuodo Islam! and Louisiana, nnd in lsTo
vombcr in Now York nud Indiana, and
investigate if fraud has been used.
The House, itmondments to the Direct
Tax TjIII wero non-eoncunod In and a
conference ordered.
Tho Tariff Mil wns then taken up nud tho
lobacco clause considered. Mr. Vest objected
to tho Increased dutv mi elcars aud cheroot).
Mr. Vauee protcstud against tho addition of
$273,000 In this revenue upon theso articles,
llo offered an nmenduiciit to icduco tho duty
lo $2.0 pur pound on tob.ieco and 2.) per
cent, ud valorem.
III) Us K.
In the absence of Speaker Carlisle Mr.
Crisp of Georgia presided in tho House
By motion of Mr. Plielan nmondincnts
wero concurred in to the bill Incorporat
ing tlio American Historical Society.
The resolution providing for tho con
tinuing of tlio lease by the Government
of the old Adams Express office, situated
nt 225 Pennsylvania avenue, us u folding
room, was adopted.
Mr. Tecl called up tho conforonco ro
port on tho bill for the relief and civili
zation of the Chippewa Indians In thu
Btnto ot Minnesota. Mr. Payson was
given fifteen minutes tlmo with which
to glvo his ideas of tlio constrtttlon that
might bo mndo of tlio report. Ho de
sired to plnco tho administration of tho
disposal of Indian lands under tho
Jurisdiction of Congress rather than
under tho exclusive Jurisdiction of three
commissioner), to bo appointed by tlio
Land Ofllcc.
Mr. Kelson, in behalf of tho commit
tee, explained to the House that the pro
ceeds of all Indian lands sold should bo
turucd over to thu Indians thcnlselves,
and thought that tho three commis
sioners appointed for the purpose, of
negotiating tho sale of theso lands would
facilitate the sale of such lands and bo
instrumental in securiug the best prices
for the lands that might be had.
-Tho conference report was ngreed to.
Concurrent resolution adopted by the
Scnnto for a recess beginning December
21 and ending January 2. was adopted.
Sir. Compton reported favorably tho
bill to authorize the Commissioners to
pcrmTi.lllo temporary occupation of cer
lnltuslrypts in the city by the tracks of
tuo'Baltlm6rerS5 Ohio Ilallroad Com
pany next March. .
Mr. Itaudall reported favorably thu
bill providing a celebration for thu cen
tennial of tho ndoption of tho Consti
tution. Tho House Yestcrdn Afternoon.
In tho Homo yesterday afternoon tho Hirer
aud Harbor bill was discussed. Mr. Cralu of
Texas uri-ed lamer appropriations and criti
cised the commltteo with unduo basto In tbe
preparatiou of tho bill.
.Mr. iiiancnara sum inatwniio no wisneu mo
appropriation was larger tho commltteo
thought too largo nu appropriation would kill
tho bill.
Mr. McCreary made an attempt yesterday to
fix a date for tho consideration of tbo Consti
tutional Centennial and Columbus Celebra
tion bills, but was prevented by a motion to
adjourn made by Mr. Ktlgore.
The Third Vlrclnln District.
Tbo election of ItcprcssMatlvo Georgo D.
Wise, from the Third Vlrclnla Congressional
District, is to bo contested by ills opponent Id
the campaign, Judge Edmund Waddlll, Jr.,
on tho ground of obstructing Itcpubllcau
Money for the Streets.
Myron M. Parker and several other citizens
ot tbo District were at tho Capitol this morn
ing to appear beforo tho Senate subcommittee
In cbargo of tho District Appropriation bill to
urge Increased appropriations for street im
provements. Captain Ilitxlo Testltlcs.
Captain Hoxlo appeared beforo tho Joint
commltteo Investigating the fraudulent work
on tho Aqueduct tunnel this morning aud
explained his connection with tho work.
Capitol Notiis.
Tho Consular nud Diplomatic bill wns re
ported to-day. It appioprlatcs $1,127,525, a
decrease of $1,410 from tho last bill.
Tho icsult ot tho Presidential voto In six
States was sent to tho Senate to-day,
Tho IIouso Appropriations Commltteo has
authorized an approprlatlou of $00,000 for the
l'rlntlug Ofllco deficiency.
The Forolgn Affairs Commltteo has added
$50,000 for the American display at tho I'nrls
Exposition, and has directed that tbo exhibits
sent to tbo Cincinnati Exposition bo sent to
An Aflldiivlt I'llml.
Tbe statements mailo to tbo 'iollce regarding
events pi lor to tbo death ot young Mr. Dick
and published lu last evening's Post, nro de
nied by those who claim to bo acquainted with
tlio facts. This mornliii Messrs, Henry C.
Thorn and William A, 1'ioctnr appealed be
fore A. B. Taylor, e6q., uotaiy public, and
sworo to tho following nllldavlt, that
'There Is no back room to tlio store corner
of Thirteenth aud CI streets nortbwist, aud that
tliero Isuocutiaucc tu tho stoio except by tho
front, and that the doors worn wldo open all
the ovcnlugof Monday, Decomber 17, sml that
uo one was present when tbosculllo took plaeo
excopt Mr, l)lel, tbo colored boy (Harnett) and
themiM-lvcs. The person who states that ho
held Mr. Dick, whom ha states was uneon
clous for fifteen minutes, Is mistaken, Tho
statement that 'high die' was pitched on tho
pruuilscs Is false"
A. S. Allell's l.'stlltli.
The Inventory of tho estnlo of the lato A. 8.
Abell, founder of tho iialtlmoio Hun, was tiled
tu tho Orphans' Court of lkiltluiorn County
jestcrday. By Mr. Abell's will the ,s'n news
papor and ovcrj thing thereunto belonging and
a i) mtnlnliur was bequeathed abolutlv " hH
three eons, Edwin 1'., (leori-o W. und Walter
It, Abel), Tbo legacies, paid uud unpaid,
under tho will tu rolatlves, connections,
fileuds, employes, charities aud public Institu
tions amount tu over $500,000.
Ilally AKitln lu Trimble,
Dr. Ilonry 11. Dully, tbo young man who
was arretted eoino tlmo ago for fnralug tbo
namo of a well-known physician ot this city
on a check and was released on ball, was ar
rested In New York city jestordav for forging
two checks on buuks, one for $700 aud ouu for
smaller sum.
W II M kI ?! . . K2 m
r m i h i ?r-i i k vs:twi t t a m w r r no
I I-i H', 81 V H 1-ir M-fl IWI'
JSL. ffi m H A . 'A Ja t - A- , ly" r fJ JL
. ,. -- -i .
, ? rrr
Clilcnso lo Sond ii (Juvnlrj Compnny
Other Mnt m.
Deputy Sheriff O. V. Cedars, Llettten
tint John A. foster, George C. Hanson
and Oscar Kurreii,n commltteo appointed
by thu Chicago Dragoons, loft Chicago
last night for Indianapolis to visit Gen
eral Harrison and meet Colonel lliltton,
to mnko HrrniitteiiU'iitA for securing de
sirable positions in tho Presidential
Inaugural parndc. Tim Chicago Dragoons
Is an Independent cnvnln troop, fifty
slronsr, handsomely uniformed null
equipped und owning Iheir own horses,
wlilch they will bring with them to
Washington to participate In tho Inaugu
ration march. ,
Govurnor Adams of Colorado names 11.
I Crowoll to rejircsent tlint Stnto on tho
Civic Committee.
Tho l'Mambenu Club of Dcrry Depot,
N. II., Intends to Mice part in the inau
guration ceremonies.
Adjutant-General W. II. King of Texas
has accepted tils nomination to the Mili
tary Coinmltto on thu inauguration cere
monies. .xHeprost-ntatlve Van Doren called
ot Inauguration Headquarters in this
city, to arrange for tho visit of the Lau
rence Harrison Club to the Inauguration.
The Second Separate Company, IUiodo
Islaud National Guard (colored), Is to
take part ill the Itintiixuratlon parade.
Hon. William V. Thomas. Jr., of
Portland has been selected to represent
Maine; Hon. Albert (1. Parker, Indian
npolls,.nnd II, V. Cotvcll, Colorado, on
the Civic Committee.
Secretary Hutlet of the Klnzs County
General Oommlltcc, nnd Georgo Ken
neth, president of the Federal Kcpubli
can Club, called ut Inauguration Head
quarters to-dny to nrrango for accomoda
tions for thu respective organizations,
and the F. V. Williams Battery of tho
eighteenth wurd.
It Mar bo Hold to I'iim a Turin' Illll-Sii
ltnpre.entntlvo l'nrklii. .suys.
Judge B. W. Perkins of Kaims, ono of
tho "Big Four," in conversation with nn
Kvenino Post reporter, paid that there
wns a good deal of quid talk about nu,
extra Rcssluti nnd that tho question
would bo definitely settled next month.
"What will bo tho cause for an extra
"Tho tariff. If the Senato sends their
tariff bill to tho House next month nud
the Houso falls to pass it, then 1 am in
clined to think that an extra session will
bo called to net In tho mutter. But there
nro good reasons to believe that tho
Houso may pass tho Senato bill. I think
wo may sccuro enough Democrats to voto
with us on tho Senate bill when It comes
to tho tinal vote."
"If nny extra session should bo called,
and tho Democrats should have more of
their party present than tho Republicans,
could thoy not organize tho House?"
"Yes, If we should give thorn a quo
rum, but thatis not probable. However,
If .llrtli n ct,n,n nf nfTnl.o c1i.m,1.1 nnnn
.. O..V.1 t. DM.LU V, UUIIItO OtllUil. UbliUI.
why wo could refrain from votlntr until
our absent Members put lu en appear
ance." Judgo Perkins says that if tho Demo
cratic IIouso tcfuscs to give tho Capital
of the Nation a now city postoffiee build
ing this session tho Bepublicans will not
neglect such an Important measure in
the next House.
"There ought not todjo nny opposition
to the llichardsou bill,' said no, "and
I believe Uint if it could be called up tho
Houso wou'ld'pass It without nny sorious
Judgo Perkins has frequently been
spoken of for Spenker, and his chances
nro about even with tho rest.
Luckily Occurred nt Mldnlcht or Jinny
Would Jlnvo Heen Killed.
Nkw YoitK, Dec. 20. Tliero was a
mysterious man-holo explosion in an
electric conduit at Nassau street and
Maiden Lane shortly after midnight this
Luckily nobody wns In -range Had
the explosion happened In tho busy part
ot thb day,- It is highly probable that
there would havo been considerable loss
of life.
Tho heavy iron cap of tho man-holo
was blowu Into fragments, which went
hurling high into tho nir, followed in
stantly by a fountain of llame, bpurtlng
upward ton or fifteen feet. This was
followed a few minutes later by a suffo
cating belch of foul gases.
Fully forty foot from tho holo was
picked up in Maiden Lano, nftcr tho
explosion, n triangular pleco of;tho Iron
cap that would weigh at least four
pounds. Other pieces of tho shattered
iron wero strewn for nn equal distance
through Nassau streot. Tlio damngo to
tho wires in the conduit was considera
ble. Thoro. havo been soveral oxploslons
like this in cleelrio conduits during tlio
Inst fow months, and nobody seems nblu
to explain them.
A TnxIderinlstUeiuovlne tho Uldo of tho
HI i:iepliunt.
Philadelphia, Dec. 20. The work of
removing tlio skin from tho remains of
Big Chief, tho olophnnt strangled nt the
winter qunrtors of Adum Foropaugh sev
eral dnys ago, wns commenced by U. F.
Mirqitot, taxidermist of ltociioster, yes
terday, In ' tho ynrd in tho rear of tho
biological department of tho Uni
versity of Pennsylvania. Snvor.it barrels
of embalming lltild wero injected into tho
carets, after the body had been raised in
tlio nr by tackle suspended from a big
Ashed will bo constructed over tho
body, ud after the skinning process is
completed tho work of dissection will bo
commenced, It is thought that about
three mouths will ho occupied in cutting
tho carcass up, nud It will be fully two
years beforo a toport of tho observations
will bo made by tho btaff of burgeons
who nro to conduct tho operations. As
tho dissection progvesfcos drawings will
lio made of the different parts, nnd the
skeleton will be Joined uud set up in tho
college lmiboum.
An l.tnnln Tobacco t'ompniiy.
N'nw Voiik, Dec. 20. T ho propiletois ot tho
Henry Clay uud Golden l.tmle brands of cigars
havn formed a limited company, under tho
liamuof tho "Hem y Clay Tobacco Compauy,"
which Is to transact tho business ot both Itrms.
Tbo capital of the new company Is $1,C."0,0(I'J.
Mr. link will inauarja tho llav.ina business of
tho concern, hllo l'lunei-FCti Do 1. Alviucz
of tbo old Henry Clay firm 111 travel lu tho
Intereit of the now corporation, which will
havo large factories In Havana.
Thr Duiluvr Men rxiiitonceil.
Nbw Vuilh, Dec. 20,Kdwuid Meredith,
who planned the badger gumo hi a Fourth
avenuo Hat, hi which liauibler I'hll. Dalv was
murderously assaulted, pleaded guilty to-day
tuassaiilt lu tho Hist degreu and wan sentenced
lo mate's prison for eight years uud ten
months, Ilcury Mermanu, who pleaded guilty
a few days uro, was seuteueod for a term of
ftllf VtiflrH ami ftlnvim mnnttitt. Thi, livn wnmi-ti
I who aided them were remanded aud will bo
1 placed on trial next week.
VEN'KZUI!i,A'S !X.I'ltl'Slif.NT AND
III8 VI"33i:t. OAI'TUItl.I).
Crespo und Ills follower' IteRiirrivd ns
Traitors, lint Morcy Will be Shown
Them rictiornl ltejnlcliic In the I.tttln
ttepnbllo lit the Clie of llm Wnr.
New Youk, Dec. 20. TJiO steamship
Philadelphia, which hnsjnrllvcil here,
brings thu news of thu 'restoration of
pcaco lu Venezuela, ThojtVoublu which
tins existed In thnt caunt?y.fpr the past
sixteen months grew out ojf the election
of Dr. llojns Paul to-thoCProiiricncy of
Venezuela over General Orcspp, who had
served one term in tho Presidential ofllcc.
General Crcspo, on learning qr his defeat,
.collected his most trusty , followers,
manned tho schooner A unit Jncinln, and
sailed for Trinidad.
Since that time ho has tbe'nh ram-lug
nlung the const with his schooner. A few
outbreaks In tho provinces or-'Barcelona
and Crcspo oil the pirt of Crespo's ad
herents wero enslly nnd speedily put down
by General P.ie, who was. intrusted with
that mission by President I'riul. Crespo,
however, succeeded In clifdlng all pur
suers until about n month ngoj the
man-of-wnr La Llbertndr'vns Bent In
quest of his schooner. THo man-ofwnr,
with a select crew rihd General Pne. on
boiud, camoup with tho 'Anna Juclntn
on December 2, off Curacoa.
She was ordered to surrender, hut It
seems did not obey Ihe command. In
the skirmish that followed ono of the
crew of tho Avina Jacintn was killed,
but In a littlo while, tho vessel was made
a prize ind her commander nnd crow
cauturcd. Among (those taken prisoners
wns cx-Prcsldent Crcspo. Thev wero
nil transferred to the La Llbertud nnd
brought to Lagtiayra tlio following dav.
rroni ineio uctierul urespo ana Ills lot
lowers wero tnkon
to Cafneas and arc
now in prison and
in dub tlmo will bo
nut on trial nnd nuntshed for takitn: arms
against the Republl.
Tho nows of the ctpturc of tho Crcspo
will havo n benign effect on tho trade of
Venezuela, for whl o ho wns nt largo
shippers were at loajh to send thctr ves
sels to Venezuelan ports. Tho natives of
the country are overjoyed nt tho capturo
of Crespo and beliofo that tho country
will now havo uninterrupted peaco for
y'cnrs to como. It s .not believed that
Crespo will ba executed, but will bo sent
to prison for n coupU of years to reflect
upon tho dangers o bvpr-reachlng am
bition, lie
Io is very (wealthy und a mem
of tho oldest families in Yen.
her of ono
A Done of Folsou Glton n Womnu In i
I'hlluilelphlrt Hospital.
Philadelphia, Di
c. 20. Mrs. Mary
Koenig of 71G Bayard street died in tlio
Pennsylvania llospi
al yesterday from
what is believed to hi
svo been a doso of
Doison. The woman wns sufferlm with
n severe headache tho night before and
went to a difepensnry for some means of
relief. 8ho wns given n rvowdcr lo tnko
lust beforo retiring, which she did, but
In about nn hout sho complained -of being
deathly sick. Physicians were called in,
but could nfford no relief and she was ro.
moved to tho hospital. It; Is said that
tho powder was given' her by n medical
Btudeut whose brothct has cnargo of tlio
dispensary, Tjut who Iwas ijbsont at tlio
llmo.lcavlnctho student inchurgo.) Ah'
investigation will bo 1 old, tVday by tho
A Horrllilo
C.uno, III.. Dee. 20.
Passeugcrs on tho
borrlhlo Iragcdy at
cotton belt road roport a
1'aragould Station, Ark!
AUC?iay nijitub uni-
cer Bryan ot l'aracould i'as detailed to servo
a warrant on John Wtllltms, a :uo was charged
with selllug liquor contrlry lo the county Iav
wiiuams was.uiscoverci
gulscd as a negro. Will
by ho officer dli
nms resisted arrest.
and, durlhga running flic, iupecded In mor
tally wounding Officer B
-van i nd bis two ns
sisiams. wiiuams was
uso wounucu, anu
will probably die,
Tho Work of tlio Finnic.
Cleveland, O., Dei. 20 Tlio Western
Hanjd Typewriter acb ry at Klndlay, O.,
burned yesterday. Losi, 3f,000; lnsuranco
$5,000. J
ruiLAmaritiA, Dec. 20. A fire broko out
in tbo paint room of James Fellows ifc Cora
pan',s factory and store, 1220. Arch strcet,last
night which caused a loss by, fire and water
amounting to over $7,000,Whlch n bcliovcd to
bo fully covered by lusurauco. Tbo origin of
tho llro Is not detluttely known.
A Sonsutlonnl Hook Vrmnlsod.
New Youk, Dec. 20. Thy Jonrnuf s.ays
Georgo Crouch, who was once? ou terms of In
timacy with Jay Gould, is about to publish a
book on "flould nud Gouldlsm," which, tho
author claltiiB, will "mako Mr. Gould wish
that ho had never been born.'l ' Tho book will
bo published In Kngland In order to avoid tho
libel laws of this country, but, will bo widely
circulated here. j
Kill ml IIU IlmiEhtsr lly Accident.
Augusta, Ga., Dec. CO. John Uluddcu, a
carpenter by trade, accidentally bliot and
killed hU beautiful 12 year-old daughter Mag
gie on Tuesday tihrlit Dladccu wns toying
with an old army rlllo, which ho did not Know
wasloaded, when the weapon; was discharged,
and tbo ball, tearing Its in-ay through the
partition, lndfccd in tbe abdomen of tbo child,
who was iu tho next room. !
An Evicted Settler iilvfn Iliimnccs.
Des .Moines, Iowa, Dcc.iSO. Ono of tho
evicted Des Moines River land settlers was
awaidcd at Fort Dodge yesterday, lu a suit
brought against Mr. Snell to recover the value
ot Improvements made on Uicrland from wlilch
he was evicted, a verdict of fcTOO. Sncll wns
aw imled a rental ot $239. Tbe case will prob
ably be carried to tho highest court.
! I
South Dnkotn, Nut l'leiisod.
Hunox, D. T., Dec. UO.J-South Dakota Is
stiongly opposed to tho new plan outlined by
Congressman Springer for Its admission. This
half ot tho Territory bus bail n constitution for
three years and Is ready to) enter tho Union
without going through thoworkot framing
another orgaulc Instrument
AT THE lllif ELS.
J. K. and William W. Mtcb, Provldoncc; C.
A. Hurt, ageut "Wo Us &LCo.," and James
II. Diuld, Now Mexico, -Tiro ut tho Harris
House. , i
William P. Smyth, 81. Louts; Henry
O'Brien, Nuw York; C. It,rPoW, Boston, nud
T. S. Todd, New Yiuli, aro at Wlllarit's.
Hon. IK I.lhby, Vlrclnla; J. T. Kcunu. DIs
trkt; I. K. Hanks, 'ort- Carolina: H. O.
l'arsoiik, Vlrclnla; John llquchcr, Uo.ton, aro
at tho Ebbltt IIouso.
C. W. Conncry and wife', Jloiton; Dr. and
Mrs. 11. Sykes, Norrlstowii; Qeorco Ward
nun, Pittsburg, and Charles S, Hull, Nuw
York, nro ut tbo ltlggs House.
I,. V. Warner Jr., anil wife. DufTalo, aud K,
Morcau, Philadelphia, are nt Welckcr's.
J. 1). French, lloston; Charles O. Ilcauuu,
New York; Hon. J. S, Qlarkson, lowu, and
Kobert Neville, Virginia, aro stopping ut
D. T. lllce, Now Yoik Citv: Charles A.
Strong, Ithaca, N. Y,, and 11. W Davuoport,
Pennsylvania, aro at the Arlington.
Itow tho United St ties Outwitted tho
LoVci BttANOit, N. J., Dec. 20. tho
Adams Express Company had the exclu
sive right by both all-rail routos to carry
express matter botween Now York and
Phllutlelphlu, when the United Htntcs
Express Company lc.icd the uxcluslvo,
privileges over tho track of tho Central
Itallroad of New Jersov lust Mav. In
order to reach Philadelphia, the United
States Kxpress Company was compelled
to send Its express guilds lo Philadelphia
by way of tho Central l.illroad, the Now
"i ork and Long Branch Railroad and tho
New Jersey Southern Hallway to Bay
side, a village on thu Delnwaie Hlver,
nbout llftv inllc-i south of Philadelphia.
Tlio packages tero then sont from
Baysldo lo Philadelphia on a fast steam
boat. This routo was long and expen
sive anil has been abandoned. The
United Plates Company now ships its
packages to nnd from Philadelphia in
ipcclnl ficlght ears attached to thu trains
of tho Central Hall load of Now Jersey,
run by way of Bound Brook and Tren
ton. When tlio scaled ears reach their
destination tho packages again resume
their old position of express matter and
ate promptly delivered.
The Adams Company officials will ap
ply to thu courts to stop thu now sehemo
of tho rival concern. Hence on tho
coast tho two companies nre still vigor
ously flghtluc for tho tralllc. The rates
dre so low now that tlio big merchants
It ml tilt oxpress lower than tho prices
charged for freight by tho Now York
and Long Branch Unllroad Company,
J. Hurts of tlio I.xvcutlvo Ilom-d to llillld
Up Iho Order.
Philadelphia, Pa., Dee. 20.Thoro
wns no formal' meeting of the General
Kxeeutivo Board of tho Knights of Labor
yesterdav, owing to tlio absence of Gen
oral Master Workman Powdcily and A.
W. Wright, who remained iu New York,
after addressing a mu,ss meeting of
street-car men on Tuesday nigli(. Tho
other members of tho board camo to
gether, however, nnd discussed plans for
Upbuilding thu order nud reorganizing
local assemblies in localities where they
hud dropped for vnriqtis onuses.
Tills wcck,'s Journal of United Labor
contains a letter from tho Goneral
Master 'Workman, urging that steps bo
taken nt once to push tho Industrial, ed
ucational and political work of the order
in nccordnnco with tho preamble to tho
constitution. Tlio paper also contains a
lengthy statement, signed by olllccrs und
delegates to tho Miners' National District
Absiimbly No; 1153, which recently met in
Columbus, pledging friendship to tho
order, and charging the late National
Muster Workman, W. T. Lewis, with
scheming to break up the assembly. Tho
statement was signed by John B. Bac,
National Muster Workman; 11. llisinger,
statisticlanj Bobert Wntchoni, national
secretary-treasurer, and nineteen others.
It declnred thnt not a local assembly in
thu district had left the order.
Tho Only Tlmo They Aro Ilccocnlrod Is
When Their Votes Aro Wuntcd.
Gloucxstbu, Mass., Dec. 20, Tho
Deep-Sea Assembly, Knights of Labor,
largely comooscd of fishermen, adopted
resolutions last night condemning tlio
proposcirbiU drafted by Fit Jv Bauson,
and ndoptyd' by .tho NniionabFistilug As
sqciatinn, which tins been picscntcd to!
congress, tor uigner limy nnu ouier mut
ters appertaining to tho lishciles; ulso
condemning the owners for employing
provlnniul misters nnd crews in prefer
ence to Americans, comparing those
aliens worse than Chinamen, for the lat
ter, tbov say, leave and cannot return,
while the former return in tlio spriug to
take tho place of Americans.
Tho only tinfo tho owners rccognko
the llshormen is when thoy want them to
voto for soinu man they want in otlico to
legislate for their special benetlt. Tho
members of tho Assembly feel that tho
fishermen aud workingmen aro being de
ceived by Babson, who is aided by tho
owners to got tho bill passed detrimental
to their Interests.
' ir i
A Verdict of $21,77:! Git en to tho l'lulu
tlir. Boston, Maes., Dec. 20. Tho Jury in
tho case of Sarah II., tho widow of Judgo
Preblo of tho Malno Supicmo Court,
against floury M. Bates nnd Bates Wully,
brokers, brought In a verdict tills morn
ing of $21,77'J for tho plaintiff. Tho
enso has been on trial here slnco Decem
ber 11, in tlio United States Court. It
was nn net In tort nnd nn notion for con
tract to recover upon certain socurities
valued at $00,000, belongiugto the plain
tiff aud which were alleged to havo beon
hypothecated by tho plaintiff's son, Kd
waid, wi"1 the defendant-) and by them
converted to their own use.
Tho Vuriiicra Nut J'roien Up.
Mo-N-riiEAi., Dec. 20. The information
comes from Illuchcrvlllc that all of Uio farmers
supposed to havo been lest ou tho river there
In M( inlay's blizzard havo turned up all right.
Whcu caught In tho storm they at once
Marled for Iho land, but lost their way in tho
blinding mow and sleet, aud reached tho
shore iniitiy mllcn don u thorlver near Sorol.
All had n terrlblo experience uud woro
thuukful to cscapo with their lives.
Iliilitlur Human I'rvy.
.Mason Citv, Iowa, Dec. SO. Tho sheriffs
and their deputies of this part of Iowa uow
find cmplojment huntlug after defaulting
postmasters. Less than two weeks ugo Post
ninttcr Nlenstadt of ltudd disappeared. Now,
William Tomes, deputy postmaster ut Hamp
tou, bas gone. lie lef i the city several days
ago uud tho Inspector, who Is now oxainiidug
Into the affair of thoofllce, has found a short
age of about J1,BU0.
Spurrln-r I'roveiued In Ohlcuiro.
Ciiiuaoo, Dee. 20. Tliero was uo sparring
exhibition bctwoeu Kllralu and Mltcholl at tbo
Casino labt night. Karly In the ufteinoon
Chief Hubbard untitled the manager of tba
Casluo that the sparling would uot bo allowed.
Au effort will bo mada to get an Injunctlou to
lestrulu tbo police from Interfering with tbo
exhibition. Meaiiwhllo Mitchell says ho Is
open to wrestlo nny, man lo Chicago Oineco
Iloinaii st)lc. for 50 a side.
I'lirulluie Dcnlur llmhiirrasscil.
Four Woiait, Tr.XAs, Dec, 20. Ilartllohl &
Wave, twnlttuo dealers, executed a deed of
trust ywteiduy to E. U. Chato to secure the
iu) incuts of notes for $lil,ou0, held by tho
Merchants' National Hank. Liabilities,
$30,000; nwcts, $31,000.
Th Interimtlniml liiillwny Association.
Sr. Lol'ij, Mu., Dee. a). Tlio Inlematlonal
Hallway Association cuneluded Its work last
ulitlit and It was decided lo coutlnuo tho pres
ent schedule of rutis until the mcctlug to bo
held lu St. iiouis next inoiiui.
Oreuii Stuiiiiuhlps Arrived,
Hostos, Dee. 20. Arrived C.italnula 'from
Ni.w Youk. Dec. 20. Arrived I.ydlan
Monarch from Loudon.
t' ' S,1
. -1 i i
THE 'im;M3ttl or Tlirj CKNTIIAI.
AMCIlldAN IlKI'tllll.Ir.S.
Tho Minister from fltuttenmln. KMrndnr
nnd lliimltiMs 1'rnp.vntcd In thi Prcsl
ilent, Who .Italics it Cordial nnd Appro
prlnle Jtcipnnse,
Sonor Don Frnnciso Lalnilcstu. Guate
malan Minister at Washington, to-dav
delivered to the President in thu pres
ence of Secretary of Btnto B.iynrd, letters
nccredlting liim ns the minister of the
Governments of San Salvador nnd Hon
duras. Senor Lnlntiesta niado the fol
loniug remnrks:
Youn Kxcr.t.t.f.xev: I havo tbe honor to
placa in your bauds thu letters sent you by
tho Presidents ot tho iicpubllcs of Salvador
nud Honduras, hi Central America, accredit
ing me as the LnvoJ' r,T.traordlnarv and
Minister Plenipotentiary of Salvador nnd tho
Minister resident of Honduras to the (lovcru
Went of tho United Mates.
Tho peoplo ot Honduras nud Salvador
who by ihclr slerllm; qualities do honor to tbo
C'eulrnl American faintly of Ktntos. feel tbo
liveliest Interest In drawing closer and fmtl
fylng tho tics' of amity whleU happily unlto
thorn to this dlstlui'iiished Nation and model
republic: uud they aro equally desirous to seo
inourvciopincnt.nnu cuiiuuiiuus advance oi
the commercial iclatlons ithlcli they nro called
upon to maintain ou a largo scilo with this
Industi lous country.
Salvador and Honduras as well ns Guate
mala, ubtcb I already luvo tho hpnor to rep
resent heio wholly concur In tbo sentiments
of admiration ami affection ton ant tbo
greatest nnd most powerful of Ihe three
Americas 119 toward their elder bister; and
they likewise agree In their aspiration to fol
low tho pathway of llcht which sho points nut
to Item, seeking for Central America fraternal
union under a sluglo Constitution und una
II wr, which will havo for that lesser America
tho same significance which the union ot tho
Htntcs has bad for tbo great Kcpubllc, and
make them respected, strong, wealthy, und
open n futuro to them.
Without the slightest mistrust, now that n
p-atlfjlng cxpcrlenco has convinced mo of tho
Interest with which tho Government ot tho
Putted States receives averytblii! having rela
tion to the welfare of Central America, I shall
stilro tp attain tho high object of (ho rolsilon
now coullded tu tnc, uud 1 shall esteem myself
fortuuato if In any way I may aid in In
creasing that larger Intimacy of fraternity and
commerce which Is abovo all Justly desired by
Honduras nnd Salvador.
In tho name nf those two nations nnd of
those who govorn them, 1 offer slnecro wishes
for tho happiness of the peoplo of tbo United
States, and at tho same lime I havo the satis
faction of tendering to Your Excclleucy and to
tho distinguished oOlccrs of your Cabinet my
must respectful consideration.
1 havo done.
Tho President replied as follows:
Mlt. MtnisfEit: With tbo slncercst satisfac
tion, this (iovcrnment has recounted repeated
proofs of tbo realization bv tbo ptoplo of Cen
tral America of tho substantial community ot
their Interests uud the practical Identity of
their foreign iclatlons lu tho conferment of
representative powers by two or moro ot tho
States upon n slnclo minister.
I urn now tlad to tlud nu additional indica
tion of tho harmony and brotherhood we so
much wish to prevail among tbe kindred and
uelghkoilng States ot this Continent, In Iho
presentation ol your credentials ns t'.ijvoy 1..X
traordluary and Minister Plenipotentiary of
the Ilepubllc of Salvador and Minister Resi
dent of tho Ilepubllc of Honduras, lu addition
to your previous authority ns tho representa
tive) ot Guatemala.
My gratification fn tbls resjard IS tbo greater
when I remember that, on assuming otlico ul
'most fouf'ycars ago, I found hostllo conditions
existing between tbo very States who now com
bine In makluir ou their agent: and this sug
gests that tbe commou iuteiostsot neichbor
ing States Hud In tho paths Ot unity their truo
direction wwards prosperity nnd power rather
wucn following tho leadership ot pcaco and
harmonious counsels than when mlslod by
ambitious leaders or mercenary forces.
With associated commonwealth, thus in
spired by mutual nmlty aud respect, Imbued
with common purposes, aud ohcdlcut to tho
preeopts of tho law, tho Government and peo
ple of tho United Stales cannot but dcslro
closer Intimacy and It Is alike the prlvllcso
nnd duty of thoso charged with tbo adminis
tration of tbls Government to promote on
every occasion tbo best possible relations be
tween tbcm,
To voursolf. Mr. Minister, I offer my per
sonal 'felicitations upon this auspicious en
largement of jour sphere of uecfuluew.
SuccoHsrul Work of One or thu Scotland
Yuril Dotnotltes lu Toronto.
TouoNTO, OMt., Dee. 00. Inspector
Andrews of tho Scotland Ynrd force, who
brought B.irnett'horo for trial, has left
for Europe. Boforo his departure ho
stated to n reporter thnt siuco he had
been In Toronto lie had obtained some
important chics in tho Paincll case
facts that ho did not dream had existed,
but ho refused to discuss the mysterious
things he had discovered.
It is well known that tlio Inspector
paid soveral visits to parties In this city
whom he called his friends, but oven to
tho Toronto detectives ho would not
divulge theso friends' names. Soveral
ovonlngs wero spent In this kind of work,
nnd It Is to bo presumed that Scotland
Yard bus an agent in this city. In
spector Jurvis, also Chief Inspector Shore
of tho bantu department, aro in tho
United Slates hunting ovldoiicc. Is Is
said Unit for over th rco years three of
Plnkcrton's most expert men havo been
at work on tho Irish National societies.
Ono of the men Is tho colubratcd Mc
Pharlan, who broko up tho Molly
Killed In n Kultwuy Accldunt,
Hodstov, Texas, Dec. 20. A construction
train on' tbo Aransas Pass Hallway when
twelves miles from tbls city was derailed
yostorday, the following moil being killed:
. , I &. I. in .... h1..I ff A. (A. In.
A. Jiowaru, cuumiipimi tium, in .luouu,
Henry ltobert, brakoman; Antono Cnrlcson,
foreman of the work, hailing from Sau
Autonlo. Tho following were Injured: G. W.
Ilalloy, tbo Harry brothers aud a man named
Fiencb. '
Miirdorcd In His lliirn,
' Avooa, Iowa, Dec. 20. Joseph Hulr, aged
20, who woiKcd on n farm near bore, was
murdered Tuesday night. Ho beard a notes
In Urn barn and went out to Investigate.
When found his head wns battered hi and near
by was a bloody toller.
Iho Dovernor Ames Ilrnught Hack,
CiuTHiM, Mass., Dec. 20. Tbe tut: II. F.
Moise, with Uio dismasted schooner Guvernor
Ames In tow, has been sighted ton miles off
here, 'llio sta '3 smooth aud tbero Is a good
chauce for her to get In.
I. uio Ciililouruiiin.
Liinuos, Dec. 20. 'tho trial of Professor
Gcffekeu will probivly bo postponed uutll
March. It will take placo nt Lolpsle.
The Government has ordered the rclnfoicc
mvlit ot tha .ueuitcrruuean tiauous siopueu
Hcferrlnt'tothodlsbniidmentofthoHenoura IP,??" " ' '
o Artillery Company, tho Staiuluril sajsi'0 -.
"Somebody has blundered. Tho coumr)
waits wtlh a leeuus ui surpruu ior nu epiona
tlou ot tbo teuton for such uxtrvtng measures."
The Crlmn Tor Which Krlnnd S. Turke
Is Tmrirlsoiiml Tor I.lfn.
At-Iiasy, N. Y.. Dec. 20. - Krlanil S.
Parttcr, sentenced Octobor 13, 1872, from
Krlo County for murder In the second degroe,
to llfo Iraprlsonmeut at Auburn Prison, has
been pardoned by Governor lllll. Thu olr.
cunistanccs of tho crime charged ntralnst this
convict as developed beforo tho coroutr's Jury,
aro somewhat peculiar.
The convict after hU rotitrn from llio civil
war, having received on hoiiorabludl'ebargo
fiom tbo Federal Army, worked as it farm
hand up to tho time of his arrest. On tho day
the crime wns charged to havo bcoti commit
ted, ho drovo from tho farm where ho was
employed to Buffalo. Ho arrived In tlialclty
iu the morning, and beforo depnrturo became
Intoxicated. At nigbt he and an acquaintance
visited ii low negro dive, and tbero the con
vict Invited a white worniiu to co homo with
Iilin, saving sho would bo given employment
on tho farm of bis employer. Sim consented,
nnd the thrco drovo awny together. Thoy
stopped several times to drink, and thowholo
party became very diuuk.
A short distance out of thccltyt tbo convict' s
rualo companion got out of tho irngon ntid re
turned. From this point tho woman was seen
allvo but onco afterward. Ono Wlgcs sworo
that ho raw tho convict driving alone; at u
furious rate; that tho woman w-n3 standing tu
tbo wagon, nnd ho was beating her with a
whip. Two days later she wns found In A
country schoulhoiise dead. The examination
showed that death wii caused by the neck be
ItJit broken. Soon after l'url.cr was arrested.
lie told tho 6lory substantially as above, but
said tho woman, whlto bo was driving fast,
fell over tho wnaon; that he. supposing her to
bo in a driibkoti stupor, placed her" In tho
pchoolhoute expecting that when sho became
sober, shu would rcluru to tho city. Ho de
nied that bo knew sho wns dead or that bo
struck hor with a whip. On Ids trial, by ad
vice of his counsel, ho pleaded guilty to avoli'
conviction of a higher crime.
Tho District Attorney, In coinmuntlne o
tbo facts, aaja ho failed to dlscoicr any motivo
for the crime. Tho ludrro nreildlnsr at Iho
trial Is long slnco dead, but It was shown that
bo favored recommending u pardon nt tho end
of thrco or four ) ears. Tbo cntlro circum
stances tend to show that tbo convict's story
was true. Ills conduct In prison has been
oxcmplary, and while his parents nro dead, hU
sisters ask for his release
It Is Into that there must always remain n
doubt of the convict's Innocence, but tho doubt
of bis guilt must continue to bo as strouc lu
tho belief that ho will becomo a good citizen it
discharged, the Governor says: "I havo de
termined to giro blm tbo benefit of tho doubt
by remitting his term ot Imprlsoumcnt."
Indlcnlty to tha Amerlrnu l'liir.
Macos, Oa., Dec. 20. On Tuesday night
soma unknown parties nailed n large United
States Dag, union down, to a telegraph polrjln
this city. Yesterday tho attention of tho oftU
cers of tlio United States court was called to
tho matter nnd by direction of .fudgo Specr,
tha United States Marshal removed the tlag
und ran It up over tho United States build
ing, .lutltjo Specr strongly reprobated tho
conduct of tho persons who had placed Ihe In
dignity upon the national cuslgu und said that
such occurrences gayo a character to thu
Southern people which thoy did not deserve,
nnl alluded luforclblo terms to tbo blessings
ami advantages tbo people enjoy uudc Iho
Thoy Will Defy tho Toller.
Chicago, Dec. 20. Tho Arbgltcr llund, an
Anarchist organization which tho police bavo
becu trjlug to suppress, is preparing to hold a
meeting in splto of tbo authorities noxt Situ
duy. Tho ostcuslblo object ot tbo gathering
Is to adopt a constitution aud by-laws and
elect ofllcers. Proceedings will bo hi secret.
Members ot the Buud havo declared that thoy
fully expect the police will attempt to pro
hibit or disperse tho mcctlug. To meet this
emergency tho members arc talking ot going
Into court and procuring an Injunction to pio
vent tbo police from Interfering.
Tho O.trandor Mniiiifuctory Fnlls.
Waupaca, AVis., Dec. 20. Tho Ostrandor
Manufacturing Company, manufacturers of
furniture al Ostrander, has mado an assign
ment. Tho total liabilities me $50,000 uud tbo
nominal assets nro not staled. A scries of
losses by llro aud other accidents aro tbo cuuie
of the failure.
A Valuable Mine Selxed. ;
, , lAVWdSTOM;, Mom-., Doc. 20. The Cum
berland mine, tho most' vftHiabl6,proiporty.ln
Castlo Couuty, wns seized Tuesday by tho
Sheriff on n writ of attachment for 120,500.
The total liabilities of tho company aro nbont
$70,000, but tho initio is of much greater value.
Sovoro AVontlinr In CJimboo.
New Youk, Dec. 20. Dispatches from.
Quebec say that tbo weather there Is more se
vere tbau bas been lenown at tbls tlmo ot yoir
for a long time. Tbo thermometer registered
twelve degrees below zero yesterday, ltalhoad,
travel Is greatly Interfered with.
Hnceln's Oiror for l'roetor Knott.
Locisvii.le, Kv., Dec. 20. Hagglu, the
turfman, bas offered $25,000 for Bryant's
Proctor Knott. Uryaut holds tho horse at
$30,000. Haggln's representative beio Is ex
pected to look ut tho animal and dotormlne
whether ho will pay tho difference asked. (
A Whlto Clip Lflildor .Shot.
LKAvnxwoiiTH, Im, Dec. 20. William 8.
Gregory, tho notod Whlto Cap loader, was shot
and killed yesterdav bv G. W. Davis, wkoao
daughter Gregoiy bad drugged nud 6cduccd.
Tho Stoek mid .Uonoy Market.
Nr.w Yohk, Dee. 20. Money iii per cent.
Kxchango steady;posted rates, 18."1S0J ; actual
rates, 4S15(5)1SU for sixty da)s and -ISO
4991 for demand.
Governments aulot: curreucv 0j, 110 bid;
4s, coupon, 12S bid; -lis, do., 1051 bid.
Tbo stock maiketoocucd strong with coal
snares as tho features, and prices advanced iu
the first illtcen or twenty niluutos i to 1 per
cent. After tho first call a solllne to realize
caused a ic-actlon by 11 o'clock of! to I per
cent. Tho market has slnco been dull anil
1 p. in. prices. W. U USE; N. Y. C, 107;
N. J. C. 031; N. Vac.. ; do. ptd., --;
U. 1'., 021: Mo., 70J; Tex., 313; 0. 3.,IB;
I)t H., 131; l.. L. & W., 1101; Krle.sai;
do. pfd., CO; K. & T., 13J; L. S.. 1004; I.. K.
W, 16J5L.& N.. 05;' N. W., 103S; I), .t M.,
21J l. M.,30; Kcadlng. 481; It. 1., IWJi O.
M.V 331; do pfd.. 00; HU Paul. dl; Wo
bash, 13; do. pfd., 'Mi B. & (J:, 1075
V. D. it K., 24; .Man., OSS; O. N., bO; U.
& T., 20 j; C, C.,C;I.LS6i Mich. C, S5J.
The CIiIcheo MnrUot.
Cuicioo, Dee. 20.-Opculug, 0.S0 a. m.:
Wheat May, 1001. Corn Dec, 31; Jan.,
3IJ; Feb., 31; May, 37J. Oats-Dec., 5J;
Jan., 25J; May, 2SJ(a-SI Pork Jan., $12,021;
mi $ll27lj.ardiDi.,ii !121; Jar ,.,7.775
Feb., $7,774; May, $7..S1. Short ltibs-Jun.,
40.75; rob., W.00.
The WiisliliiRKin Stnohs.
Miscellaneous ilouds W. A U. 1!. It., Ill;
Masonic Hall Ass'u. 100; Wash. Market Co.,
115; Wash. Light Infantry, 1st, 03; Wusli.
Light Infautrv. 2d. 40: Wash. Gas Light
Co.. I'M; Wash. Gasltlehts. 00.
National Hank Stocks Bauk of Wushlng
tou.300;Uauk of lteuubllc, 175; Metropolitan.
"00- Central, 200; Second, 130: Farmers' and,
Mechanics', 105; CUIzeus', lv!3; Columbia,
Itallroad Stocks Wosblnstou and (loore)
towu,207; Metropolitan, lOil, Columbia, 30;
Cap. .t North O St., Oil Auaeojtla, --.
Insuruuco Stocks rlremen's. 30: i ranklln;
3(i; Mutrotioluaii. TSJ. Natloual Uulou. 101,
Arlington, 100: Corcoran, 00; Columbia, 13j;
German American, 155; Potomac, ill; l.tggs, !.
Gas and Klectno Light Stocks-Wusli ugtou
Gus, 10; Georgetown Gas, 41; U. 8. Uectrlo
Telephone stocks Chcsapeako it Potomac,
' Miscellaneous Stocks Washlneton Markut
Co . 141: WashuiBton lirlCK Maehlnu Oi 190;
.National Press llrlck Co., ; Great lalU ico
Co . 150; Hull Hun I'auornma Co, 10: Ileal
i.-.-... Tltln lnsuranco L.O.. lis: VOiunui
Title Inturance Co., 3S; National Sato Da-
n ii.. s mrlnnii (riinlftll1lIIM f.lV-
Local wrimicr lunuisinui.
Cc.utliiuud low temperature, followed Krldoy
by w Ai-incr, w lads bocomlnx suuthwesterly.
'' MA

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