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TnE Evening Post.
ooonvn.vu itiniitr.it cosiPANr.
1'repnro In Dry Wrntlior Your IliiMier
Goods for Wot.
!f you wtamlno tlio Hagerstonn Altnanao you
Tlll And Hint wet weather Is predicted for
JInrch -1,18311. What tho wonther will bo In
the meantime Is a umntlon. Prepare for anv sort
of wonther oy buying n gossamer ami pair of
rubboisuttlio (loudyoir ilubbor Company, 000
Ninth pi toot northwest
Hpprlnt llntes fur Thirty l)njs.
Messrs. Houghton Co., tlio rollftblo ami pop.
ular rcerclnnts ut 1-!1B ami 1220 street
northwct, who aro cxtcnslvo dealers In excel
lent rurnHnr , Carpets and flno upholstery!
olo numerous other lottnblo goods In their
lino, lire offering unprecedented cut rales In nil
department" for tlio nett JO days, l'ho bollilay
trado Is abmit nver. ami buslm's Is to n certain
extent dcprosed , lioueo this lurt iircnumt In tlio
price of goods In every department I offered.
Howe-l'ltt log i;.fulIMinient.
lluddon's Installment hnuses.eontrnHylocated
ntl) !() and 11 12 Seventh tioi!t northwest. I tlio
plate to buy your hou'ckurplng outllts He has
tho Jargon stout of slot cs, carpets, lurnltnro,
etc.. thnt ho has ever kept, and Is doing nn Im
mono buslno's bv felling them at einh prices on
the Installment plan.easy weekly or monthly pa-
ltncliotnr for Light
Cha. A Mtiddlman. O.n fixtures for new
house. lloiliostcruml other lamps. 120(1 P St.
Auk for It. Schlltr's Milwaukee Laser Ilecr.
For tale by all lending houses.
1'or 'Wii.hlnRloti Dressed llcef
ro to John It KelK stalls CIH. (fill and 010
Centre .Market ami 20il and 2(i Northern Lib
rtj. Corned beef n specialty.
"Alileinpy Diilrj. Vncon.."
I'resli Alderncy butter, churned every morn
ing and do Ivcred In '4 in "Ward" prims, nun.
tier lb. Also cott.iej ihcoe. butlennllk und
weet milk, fie tier it Cream, lfiu. per 1 1.
Professor 11 I'. Murray lectured to tho Y.
1. C. A. on Japin but night.
Dr. Carollm 11. Wlnslow lectured to the
IV. C. T, U. c6tcrday nfleruoon on uarcotlcs.
Ilobcrt Morrison ' lin filed a bill for tho
dissolution of his partnership with T. J. 1IH
derbrnnl. A pace fell through tho skylight In tlio
room of thu Committeo on Commcrco at tho
Capitol yeatcrdiy.
.fairies Carter was stabtal In the sldo on
Twenty-second street last night, but ho rc
iuses to tell who Ills assailant was.
Albert Minimum, a drlrer of one of the
Anacoita lino of cars, was arrested lat night
lor stealing tickets out of tlio faro box.
Joseph Colllnstcln, a flftccn-.ve.ir old boy,
Is wanted" by tho police for an alleged Indecent
assault on nttu-jcir-oM tf.ir.ili titlormann.
An alarm was rung from box 423 for tho
explosion of a lamp In William Thomer'f
liouso, at 307 Third street southwosl,last even
ing. Captain Lltchman will lecturo on labor
natters under tho auspice of tlio Howard
Unlrcrslty Alumni Association at tho Masonic
Tcmplo Monday night.
The botrd of directors of tho YouugMcns'
Christian Association met at V S. Woodward's
lioti'e last ulght to consider tlio plaus for tho
proposed Y .M. C. A. building.
'Hie Washington lllflcs gaTe a verv credit
nblo drill ut their armory, Eighth ami t Streets
northeast, lat ulght, comuiaudcd by First
lieutenant Bchcerer. Fifty men wero prcsout.
Frank DajhoU, Thomas Kceuo, William
Jlocver and Al. Dorr, who arc cinplojcJ lit the
Centro Market, will start to walk to Haiti
wore, for a purto of i'io, to-morrow motulug
at 7 o'clock.
Thu K. M I). Club.
.The K.M. D. Club of tliU city gava one of
their soclabl'js.nilh nhlch they so often enter
tain their friends, at tho residence of Mrs.
J umes Small. Oil 1 street northwest, on
Thursday evening. Tho music ou the
piano by Miss Ilittlo D.ilton ami the buijo hyi
ur. uxon was sup.-rti tlio tauios wero nucu
wltli cholco frult,etc.,atiil tho games wcro very
niniiiliu. Among those present uero Mis
Al inula M.igruleruf Mirylunl, Miss Kvansof
Stafford County, Vi.; .Miss .Maxwell, Miss
Hilton, tlio Mles Kato and Liblilu Small of
District of Columblu, Mies llirtboliiw of
Clilcago; Miss llislo Dodge, and others of
the DUtrlct of Columbia Among the gentle
men present were Dr. Van Dyke and K. i).
Mnrtluottbo United States ben ito, Win. A.
Luke of tho War Department, Win. Johnston
of the Land olllce, Mr. Hewlett, Mr. Driver
and Dr. Kxon.
Street-Car I'mmi'iicon Alnruipil
A ciaslfof breaking glass and the crackling
of wood this morn lug aroused the passengers
of car number 75 of the Washington it George
town Hallway from their feeling of security,
and caused a slampctle to tho forward part of
theenr. A colored uiau, dtlvlug a pair of
eplrltcd horkes. attached to a heavy carriage,
came rapidly don u Fftecntb street just as the
enruab passing that polut, and he appeired
unable to cheek his hori.es In time to prevent
the collulou. The windows were smashed.
and the woodwork of the cir somewhat de
molished. Fortunately there wero put fow
passengers, so there was no damago done by
Iljlng glass, though thero was considerable
excitement. The driver ot the carriage, after
extricating his team, drove off uuconcoruedly.
Ho 1'uiiubt Willi HIh 1:1Iiowh.
Ucorgu Nortbrldae, a clever joung local
heavy- eight, sparred three rounds with Jack
Dcmpseyat Kernan'a last night. Of course
the boy was woisted, but the sympathy of tho
audltnco was with him all the time. It was
not odd that fuch should bo the case, for
Dempsoy's eouduct wus unworthy auy man
who lays claim to being n fighter or au lionor
nblo spoitsinm. In every one of his rushes,
when the only thing tho boy could ilo was to
clinch, DciiiPH'V would punch bis elbow.
which is ii sharp as tho corner of a brick, Into
tho bov's fuce, and this elbow did ten times
more damage to the boy's face than Dciupscy's
lists did.
Tim Ciitlinllo Cmigrem Adjourns.
The Colored Catholic Congress mot yester
day afternoon aud after adopting an address
mid appointing a committeo to bear it to C.ir
illnil Gib bons adjourned tu meet in Illchmnnd
a )oar hence.
During tho session the following cablegram
was rccciwd aud read:
"Hovr., Jan. 4, lfo!). Mr. Din. A. Hudd.
Wabhlnglon, D. C: The fcoertIgn Pontiff
gladly and proudly blesses jou with nil his
Fur tlio Oh ill oil to hettlo.
James Ham, colored, was ou trial in tho
I'ollce Com t this morning, chaiged with dis
order)) conduct. ' Ilo has been tho superin
tendent of tho Sunday-school attached to the
MlKlon BantUt Clmieh in Gllek's alley.
Ham Insisted on holding his particular devo
tional owrclwMi in pllo of tho opposition of
the iiiinlslcr and his faction nud complaint
was lodgod ngalr.st hlui. The Court sug
gested tlio Hdviuiblllty of oetillnj such dlfll
cullles wilhlu tho church and dismissed tho
lEuul lrttuto TlllllKriili.
Allen It. IIaywar.1 to Wllllaui Majse, S.W1,
part lots WJ aud 01, ( l. I)' sub. of Mt.
l'leueaut nud l'leasaul l'lalns. Charles Gess
foul to Cornelius A. Slieeby, $;i,000, sub-lot
ft!, square SstH. Iloodifc Uatehtildor, trustees,
to Saniuel (i. Klibj, Jr., iO, sub-lot -III,
KiiuroUAI. Sumo to Georgia J. Brothcrtoa,
OliiJ, sub-lot 1", upl ire IM.
Mj'ti)rliMi Club l'rxsuutit tlun.
The uiembdrs of tho Mysleilous Club last
ulght presented John M. Young, their retlr
iugteeietaiy, with iv luindsomu gold headed
(uue. The prasentutlon sjieech was made, by
Mr. A.Fiuy. .Mr. Young then Invited the
members to lleurlch's Hotel, whereja bauquut
was solved.
Heao the fiundiy Jlatclut,
Death of I). O. White.
Mr. Charles (). White, the well-known
thoalrlcal manager, dlolln Detroit Thuwdaj,
and his leinulus will arrive to day, to bo taken
to Alexandria. Mr. White was well known
In this hcetlou In connection with many
tno.itiloal onUrprlsci,
limn tho Sunday Jlalchct,
und full ot tuiut.
BilSlit, breezy
wiiat wiu, m: tiii: urriior or
A Jlomlmr of Thnt Club rreillct. That
tho Yently Contents Will lio Hone Awny
With, Hut ii I'otfliinio Club Mnn hnjit
Thnt Thoy Will Ho Itowcd Noverthe
loss, Tho decision of tlio Coluinbln Athletic
Club to tnko part In no moro rognttns on
tlio Potomac, except tlioso conducted
tinder tho ntiMiices ot tlio club or tlioso
given by tho Y. A. A. O., lins caused
consldcrnhlo of n commotion ninong local
boating men. "Docs this mean tho end
of tho annual Potomac Itlvcr rcgaUns?"
Is tho question that has been generally
asked. An otllccr of tho Colnmblas, in
discusing that matter to-day, laid:
"Tho object of tlio resolution is to pro
vide for regattas in which only clubs thnt
atu upon good tcinis with tho Columbia
may participate. It n 111 lmvo tho effect
of doing away with tho annual Potomac
lliver regatta. Tho interest in this event
has Homowhat declined of late.
"Tho Annlostan's withdrew from tho
regattas, and, as you know, tho two ro
uitiinlng clubs hiivo been at loggerheads
with each other. It Is porfectly nppatcnt
to tho men of both clubs thnt wo cannot
agree, and the best thing to bo done un
der the circumstances is for tho two clubs
to keep away from each other; that Is as
far as racing events aro concerned, Tlio
Colunibias "take n.irt in a regatta whom
wo bear part of the expenses. Wo will
Invito such clubs to join us as wo may
3Ir. .John II. Uoylo of tho Potomac
Uont Club said:
"Tho Colunibias have a right to hold
an open jegutta of theii own, they pay
ing till expenses, and Its nobody's busl
ines to question Unit light. There res
olution Is rather odd and I cannot under
stand its meaning peifeclly, especially
w hero they say that where they hear a
nart of the expense the regatta must bo
held under their auspices, what becomes
of tho person or organization bearing tho
other purl is a conundrum. Tho i'oto
nine Hlvor logatta is nlixturo and will
ho held in 1SSII as usual whether tho
Colunibias lend their nssitanco to tho
oilier clubs or letnain outside.
Tho cup. Post, Star and Jlasou, will go
with the Potomac Itlvur regnltu. and of
course tiiu the nttractlvo features of all
ailnirs hi ibis vicinity. Thu Hist two are
now in tho possession of the Pnssalcs of
Xewark, 2f. J,, the leading crow ot
America, while tho Muson is In tho
possession of the Columblns, who of
course will iclurn it at tlio piopcr time.
"This state of affairs would never have
occuned if the navy had been formed,
for which I have fought for during tho
last six years, but which petty jealousies
uave Kept down. '
If "what 3Ir. Doyle says roprehonts
tho feeling of thu Potomacs, and
It is fair to presume that It doos, as
ho has been onu of tho most promi
nent and faithful members of tho
club, tho red and while will bo tho
conservers of the annual regctta In tho
futttic. It is to be deplored that tho
navy to which reference is made cannot
be, 'ormed, It would harmonize local
jealousies and it would redound to tho
aquatic interests of the District.
.TahnA, Jlpnson, Boston; Joseph R. Davis,
St. Paul: It. h. Chambeis, St. Louis; U. .
IJakei, New York, and William U. Stone, Co
lumbus, O., are registered at the Harris
Walter Stanton, Now York; John E. Scarles,
Jr.. Brooklyn; Aarou Vanderbllt, N'ew York;
.Miss Helen and Miss Mabel Cannon, Illinois,
aud T. J, Sinclair, N'ew York, aro at Wll
lard's. C. II. Barney, New York; A. S. Morris,
I'ittsburg; James S. Murphy, Boston; General
James Juui dun and family, Brooklyn, are at
the Hlggs House.
0. L. hwectz, New York; Francois Hcrnault,
Philadelphia; Captain F. Michcns, Fort El
liott, Tex.; S. 11. Olin, New York, aro at
E. L. Kussctl, Mobile, Ala.; lion land Fox,
Hubert Underwood Johnson, Miss Hlbbard,
Miss Adcllua Hlbbaid and George S. Filnce,
New York, aud .Mrs. It. N. Craven, Sau Fran
cisco, aro at tho Arlington.
F. C. Chase, Clarence M. Hoof and Edward
K. Jones, Now- York, aud Hon. William Lamb,
Norforlk, Va., uio stajlug ut Cbambcrllu's.
V.. A. Cobb and w Ifo, Omaha; Gcorgo S.
Summer, New York; Hon. G. II. Uuckner,
Wisconsin; George W. .Moore, New York,
arc at the Ebbltt House.
Kqulty Couit .lustlcu Cox
Johnsou vs. Laud Couipuu of Now Mexico;
final decree for convej aueu. llohrer vs. Otter
back: payment of counsel fees to E. Burku
oidercd. Smith s. Hoaeli; pro euufisso vs.
defendant Irwin L, Barker ordered. Llojil
vs. Llojd; second rule ou defendant grauted.
Tudy vs. Colbert; dully S. Brlggs allowid to
Circuit Court iTiiktleo Cox.
Dewald vs. Dorau; uiotlou for new trial
ocrruled. Dert s. Ward; order for security
for costs and plea in ouo week. Thompson
n. Geuestc; motion to extend; time to plead
Tho Churge Abnnilonetl.
The cuso against Albert Mangum, driver of
car No. fi, Auacnstla Hue, who was anestcd
on a charge of Mealing money aud tiekots
front tlio faie box In Ids car, hat been nolle
An Uiidt'trabln Suitor.
Young Widow Yes, It is truo, .Mr. Slow
fcllow has been verv atteutito to molatuly,
ami hu is certainly very Interesting. So jou
used to know him?
FPl'rleud Yes, Indeed. Knew him and his
Hist wife, too, Ilo courted her nine years
befoio marrying her.
Walling Maid-Mr. blow fellow Is In tho
parlor, Mum
Youug Idow (savagely) Not at homo.
Suits markcd.'down to Siu.oo, Ll man'n, TtliiJB
Absolutely Pure.
'1'lils powder noM-r Miries. A minel of purity,
i-tlonctl! .uhI wlKilcwimonuss. More i'iioiiiiiiiImiu
than tho ordinary kiwi und euiinot lie mild In
dimnotliHi 'villi tho niiillltuiln of Inw-tiwl,
luli l-wi h'ht ulum or pliosphalo powdei t mIU
only in cum
JOU Wull stieot, Now Vork.
flllss Cnreyof the I)nrk Seeiel" Ejpose
n Scrrot.
Front tht tUtroil frtt I'tm.
"Oh. but 1 don't mind it In tho least.
Just as soon as I come out ol tho tank 1
havo a good, Btrong girl to rub mo down
until my ilcsh Is all In a clow. My prin-,
cinal raro is to avoid tnltlug cold Jitter I
como out of tho water. In tho way otl
clothing whllo In tho tank I wear Unnnpl.
Then, under that, I nip carefully pnddod
with cotton over tho vital portions of my
body. Cotton repels water, you "know.
I sometimes Btny under waior as Long as
a mlnuto at a time, but It is not nearly bo
dilllcult as it nppears to be.
"I just throw up my hands nml.strug
glo about in the water and cry,
'Hclp-p-pt1 in a hoarse und drowning
tono of voico. Then I sink and como up
nguln nnd scream for holt) some moic,
just ns tho bravo young follow takes his
lifo iu his hands tind jumps Into n fow feot
of lukewarm water Inadesperato effort to
drag mo out whllo thuro is still a spark
of lifo left In my body. It Is all very
terrible fromjlhe front, no doubt, but, nsl
said, I havo long cened to sharo In tho
general feeling of excitement. It Is not
n very lofty stago ambition, perhaps
tills jumping luto n tank of water overy
night but it commands a large salary.
That Is my chief motlvo in connection
with such a lolo."
Jllss Kdna Carey, tho pretty voting
woman who almost frightened tho au
diences out of their wits at AVlilto's
Theatro overy night last week by jump.
Ing into a big tank of water furnfahed
by tho "Dark Secret" Company, leaned
back in a lii.xurln 3 lounging chair hi tho
Cadillac parlors vesterdav afternoon ami
smiled fascinatingly'. The Idea Unit so
palpable a piece of stago effect could
leailyolarm nnybody scorned to sirauso
her exceedingly. It was nnoveiy-day
matlcr with her this taking a plunge
bath and tho novelty had long sinco
rr-tolvcd itself into history. And in her
elaborato black costume, Miss Carey
really looked as though actual peryl anil
herself wore strangers. With dfinclng
black eyes, a mischievous smilo and' a
slender and graceful form, she has llttlo
in common with the grim and awful
King of Terrors.
"Is not this dally Immersion injurious
to your health?" she wnsnsked.
"Oil, 1 don't know, really. I always
lose from ten to fifteen pounds of flesh
during tho season, but whether this fact
is due lo tlio water, or other can sea, I
cannot say. I havo to bo very careful of
my health, of course. Thore Is no placo
In the world for taking cold lllo tho
wini-s of n theater. A great many people
have an Idea that I uso breathing tubes
while under the wator, but I do nothing
of tho kind. I bellovo tho girl vtfio
preccded mo in tho part did, but (ho
sometimes remained under the water so
long that her audiences almost went into
hysterics. "Women used to shriek out
and faint away, and all that sort of Uilng,
you know. Thnt wouldn't do at all.
Ve havo to bo careful of our audiences.
If it wero not for them our road to famo
would be even thornier than It is at
present." , ,
"Do you go Into tho tank twico a day
on matiiico occasions?"
"I was afraid you would ask
that question. Thatts'onoof our stago
secrets and I don't know that I am justl-
floil in rnvimllnrr It. Hut lllst for fttll
I don't mind telling you that tho mati
nee audiences never see mo in tho great
drowning act. I draw tho lino at mati
nees, lliimon naturo can stand only
ntiout so much water, ovon when It is
absorbed. At matinees I go on with all
the sneaking pails just as usual, but,
when it comes to tho awful plunge, a
bigger and fatter girl takes it. l'tinny,
Isn't it? Sho Is almost twlco my size, in
tho matter of avoiulupois, but tho dear
audiences are bo cxelted that they never
notice the change. Sho really does tho
act very cleverly, considering tho prac
tice sho has had.
"Thero Is ono difference howovor,
which tho audiences havo never yot
seemed to lcallze. "When I go into tho
water. I rise to the suifacu face upward.
5Iy substitute docs not. Her face is
complotoly burled. This is dono to con
ceal tho chango of idontlty. Then sho
flounders about in tho water much heav
ier, as fnt people will, but everything
goes. Llko it? No. I think this is posi
tively mvlast scasou as a prcsonlflcd
maid" of the mist. lam something of u
Mother Carey's chicken my namo
proves that but not enough so to spend
my wholo lifo in taking a bath. I wnnt
to appear In something better. Previous
to this rolo I was leading lady In tho
"Whito Slave." but my friends assure
mo that my legitimate lino is comedy."
Nothing to flHo Away.
.From the Cincinnati Kiwutier.
Indianapolis, Dec. 31. Russell Harrison
arrived at 11 o'clock to-night, carrjltij a
valise almost as large as himself. It being ro.
raatked to him that presumably, bu was full of
news that ho would uot give away, lie aus
werpd: "I do not proposo lo gUo anything away.
I don't know how full 1 am."
Ho said further that be knew of no promi
nent persons who Intended visiting his father
from the East or any other place.
Tho Othor Stilngto tho IIimv.
Mrs. Bmallsahiry I don't seo how wo aro
going to Up tho children waim this winter,
.Mr. Smallsalary Well, I supriosu wo eau
allord a tlru part of the time, and part of tho
time we can take turns thanking them.
Oiieat HAUOAiJ.3 In shoes, caused by flro, nt
roinily 3hoo Mure, UIO Seventh Street.
fceo tlio Sl'J.OO Suits at Elsoman's, 7th & E.
1VT IU''WINTJ:U P i;DL'c'no;S'
bEATON I'JiltllY,
(buccossor to 1'crry & Bro.)
WIN ri.ll WltAl'b AXI) I'AKt Y VKIA'Elb AT
"OUIIS ANlli;NUb"nrsil,IW. I'l.USIIHS.VI'I,.
VKTS. Dltl.SS OOODS, I'hANNEI.f , CLorfiM,
A'i" VEIIY LOW 1'tllCBb."
j'J AND S f0.
HU) CO HON IIOSi: A V line, U7W0 ANU B)o.
bi'AINl.Evi HOslEIJV foil MUN.U OMEN
ANDCI1 1.D1IBN. ItANfJINd l'HOJl l!0u lo
MloA l'AIlt.
NEW H1U1TOH Hl'Ell-l'01NT, 1'KI-SKIN
(JI.OVI.S AT $1.23 t'Elt l'Allt.
cohoit.i nnr bniEET and kvbnino
CltEl'l.i, IMA'SIONS AND L.i '1OS0A NliTb
llll.TV. J
cari'LAis riouiti'.s and couiiect I'lticps
l'erry DulMIng, I'mins) Ivutiln nvenue, rorner of
' Muth trol. EstubllihuaiBIU.
AMUuon's "tiiu LAny on Tim Tionn."
Colonel Mcfutill's preparations for the pro
duction ot "IhoLady or tho Tiger" at Al
baugh's Grand Opcra-ilouso Monday ovonhig
aro of an elaborato aud cxpeuslvo character.
Tho cntlro scenery for tho production arrived
last night from Ualllinoro, whero the compauy
presented this opera with great success tho
llrst thrco nights of the week. Colonol Mc
Caull Is most particular to havo ft thorough
llrst night performance, and. by sending tho
scenery ahead, he Is cuablcd;tolmvo the stago
hands havo eulllclcnt rehearsals, and thcrcforo
the long and tedious delays between tho acts,
which alwajs prove ia nnnojlng, aro dono
away with. Tho Colonel will personally
supcrvlso tho production hero Monday even
ing, 'lbo salo of seats has been very large,
not only for tho first ulght, but tho cntlro
week's engagement. Tlio public are no
doubt anxious to sco how Mr. Kosonfold dis
poses of tho tiger, to tho satisfaction ot cveiy
body, and glvo this favorite organization a
royal Welcome.
An entirely now stago elTcct will bo seen at
Harris' DIJou Theatro next week Incidental to
tho production of "Hcrmlnlo" by tho Ked
muniMlarry Company, This novelty Is what
Is termed tho Hcdmund'Uarry Act Drop and by
Its uso tho usual tedious walls between acts
aro entirely dispensed with nnd the nctlon of
thu play continued unbroken. Upon the con
clusion ot each act, the usual drop curtain
fails and nit tho lights In tho house tiro cxtlu
gulshcd. Tho curtain then rises on tho now
illuminated uct drop upon which aro shown
tho ovents which are supposed to transplra be
tween the acts. Tho characters ot tho drama
aro seen cnrrjlng out their roles In tho plot
llko tho phantom figures ot n dream. The
theatre curtain then falls again, tho lights nro
turned up and tho next net Immediately com
mences. Apart from tho strong features of tho
piece, tills new act drop will doubtless proxo n
strong drawing attraction. Tho novelty miido
a gcnulno hit iu Now York und Boston nud
will doubtless do the saino here.
Tho bill next week at Kernuu's Is Nelson's
World Combination, headed by Europe's
greitcst feature, tho premier acrobats of tho
world, tho Nelson family. With them arc
Nestor, and Acrlan, world-famed gymnasts:
tho twin brothers. Wcms, In their musical
rnjstcry; Nclinan, tho ventriloquist; tho Cojno
sisters, duetlsls and sketch artists; Mies Mnudo
Hoss, champion lady boot dancer; l'ltrot. tho
blazing meteor of mimicry; Mllo. Forgardus
and her trained birds nnd dogs, nnd others of
equal merit. This Is ouo ot tho llucst aggre
gations over put on tho stage.
Wnnt the War ltccurds Published.
Tho following resolution from the Washing
ton Commandcry of tho Loyal Legion has
been laid before both Houses of Congress:
"JUsolicd, that tho CommanderV icspect
fully requests tho Congress of the 'United
Stntos to aid, by increased appropriations
therefor, tho preparation anil publication of
tho olllclal records of tho war ut tho rebellion,
to tho end that this work of national import
unco nud liitorcst lauy bo epcedllv com
pleted." Tho Massachusetts Coramandery has passed
and forwarded u similar resolution. Tho .Mil
itary Historical Society of Massachusetts has
forwarded tho following resolution:
"Voted, that tUe Military Historical Society
of Massachusetts, composed chlelly of ofllccrs
who wero engaged iu the war of tho rebellion,
urgently appeals to Congicss to make such
necessary appropriation as shall secure tho
speedy publication and distribution of the
war 'rocords."
Halo of thti Capital."
Tho Army and Nary Itcglster Publishing
Company aud KdmundJIudson havo executed
n bill of salo to Thomas L. Wade, John
Edward Jcnks and St. John Appo, transfer
ring to them for $0,000 all subscription lists,
Associated 1'ress privileges, printing outfit,
etc., of Tho capital at 140 Pennsylvania
A Mysterious Cuso.
Ellfts Stlneman, 501 Twelfth street norll)
wcjt, cstcrduy afternoon, reported to tho
1'lrst l'rcclifilt tetatlomtliat!. on 'J htirsday, night
Joseph Collenstcln artempted to outrage his
I)- ear-old daughter Sarah. Tho pollco aro In
vestigating tho case but lmvo macto no arrests.
.11 r, Hubert .Shollulmr;or Hotter.
Hobert Shellabarger,- Judgo Shellahargcr's
son, who has been seriously ill from fovcr lor
several da) s, was said to bo bitter this morn
ing. Judgo Sbcllabargor has not beeu se
riously HI as reported. .
Tho Trials ofn Family,
Form Tlmt.
"Mamma,'' asked Dick plaintively, "ntS 1
all tho children we'vo got?"
"Yes, dear," answered mamma, smiling
at his curious plural and pronoun.
"l'hcn," said Dick, with dcclslou, "I shall
hang up both stockings next) ear so they'll
just touch tho Ilooreasy, nudusk Santa Clans
to plcaso put a foot In each, with a llttlo
brother onto 'cm. I'm tired of placing I'm
a family all tho tlino."
Tho Only Hope.
Chicago Hesldent (to his minister) Don't
)0ii leuow, sir, that )ou cannot resurrect tho
Sabbath of Moses nnd AuronV
Chicago Treacher My dear sir, I'm not try
lug to. I merely dcslro to transplant tho Sab
bath of Philadelphia and Now York to Chi
cago " ' m i M ii . .-
See tho 512.00 Suits at Elscman's, 7th i E.
Adlew to lothiirH,
Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothlug Syrup should al
was bo used for children teething. It soothes
the child, softens tho gums, ullas all pain,
cures wind colic, and Is tho best remedy for
diarrhoea. "JTic, ii bottlo.
Special Prices.
limine pur:lnnen foul cut advantneo ulnrso
lot -ot i'aii.m: i'ii.vncaie. tatos ouains,
l'EAU Dli wilKs and 1IENOAI.INES. wo aro
ufferlnv decided advantages In
SI. S1.Z5. S1.50, S.75, SZ. S2.00 & S3
Wo gtnrnnteo the prices to bo tho lowost, nnd
ask nn hmiiectluii and uomiiurlson. Tho prices
lire from . to St iieryard less than ordinary
Handkerchiefs, Mufflers, Umbrellas,
in great variety '
All-wool Henriettas, 40 inches wide,
at 50c.
Finest If rench I'lannela reduced to 65c
Dress Patterns In. great vailety.
f. 11. stray sons,
UIO lViiiisylwinlll Aiciiiic.
(Successor to Henry Leo's Sons),
-'uJrIDlaKa, akh as-
South Sldo.
lirnncli ofllee, ms .Murylund uva. s. w.
AlIlllhT lU'lUllKHIt',
Uliireun. aa, 11 w , between .id unit USst.
ler) thing llrttoUud.
a positive cuni:
hlr.tiKlli lifor
ami llilfluiiiixl.rau.il bv kr.
tut, t i
Uot 11 1 im or Hktp TitKAlMk it, nnd l'ro0
' i'r tlliMtOICAUO ,nuifAio,n,t
1 nmrsB r-rift nun.
Al-o tho 1IIWT.
1 iidirwu hhhhrtiw
EtUtkUH BnrvJB 17 'i union.
BVIlllnV ttAinwULl &UlnA.Ifknt
1 - --M.m4rj
S01110 Itlndlv Word" rv 11 llruve Ofllcor
Now In Disgrace,
From Jlanxi'i WtiUy
A "Follow stuff olllccr" of Lloutoimnt
Colonol 0 A. Korystli, recently son-
tnnccit by court-ninrtluljor tho ofTenco of
(lupllcutltig his pay, writes as follows;
"Poor Sanily Forsyth! Tlio tho lust tlmo
I saw him ho was being can led 111 a
blanket, mulling but iluspuratcly
wountluil from tlio battlefield of liovely
Ford; tho next tlmo I saw him ho had re
ported for duty on clinches rather than bo
dropped from tlio rolls, Iu thu last year
of thu wnr nnd, for years nfter, he was
Sherman's light hand man for any ties
pciato onterprlso In Virginia or on the
frontier. Ills Indian light against almost
hopeless odds Is put hit n tho most famous
on record. "What tempted him to tho
trouhlo ho made for himsolf. his pretty
ynunir wife and his splendid boy no ono
who known him ciin luthom.
Thousands of people of overy grailc,cul
tlvntud men nnd women, soldiers, prnlrio
Bcouts nnd cowboys pity him from tho
bottom of their hearts. I havo tented
with him, fought by his side, nursed
him. Thero never was a moro gallant,
loyal soul or better filend nnd comrade;
and ho was thu soul of honor, whatever
sudden trouhlo may Jiavo tempted him
to do. Nobody has said 11 good word for
him in his disgruco bo far ns I know,
savo tho rough frontiersman, who writes
to iisk If thero Is any way of paying tho
monoy mid lestorlng Colonel Forsyth
to duty. This communication of initio
is not intuded us a plea for him; mis
conduct llko his should never bo jus
tilled; but surely it would do nohnrm to
spenk of vvhatrjandy Forsyth has done
for tho army nud tho country nnd tho
pity of It Is thnt so bright n light has gouo
behind a cloud."
A Jew lull Icnnoclnst.
From an Omaha Special.
For eighteen centuries the Jowlsh pcoplo
have chouldciod tlio responsibility of the
crucifixion of Jesus Christ, nnd, though
thcolosians have from time lo tlmo attempted
topalllato tho act, It has remained for tho
tiastor In charge of tho .Tew Ish Teniplo on
Twelfth and Howard street', in this city, to
trumpet forth to tho world that :ho aw fill
event supposed to havo tnkon placo ou Cal
vary Is nil a myth
When, when addressing his concrcgatlon at
tho regular Sabbath day services, Kabul Alex
under preached this lcmarkablc theory und
undertook to provo further thnt It was Simon
l'eter nnd not the Savior who met tho Ig
nominious death recorded In Holy Writ. To
say that tbo congregation was astonished but
faintly expressed their feollmrs.
They arose and advauced on the rabbi with
such energy that ho barely saved himself by a
hurried exit through tho back door, 'llien his
Hock fell to nrgultig tho point among them
selves. A general flabt ensued, and tbo church
furnlturo was circulating freely through tho
air when an ofllcer cntoied and placed all ho
could get hold of under arrest under tho
charge of disturbing tho peace. Tho rest
TnuclitTwn I'lcslilouts.
From tht Chicago Tribune.
Mrs. 0. C. Converse of Watcrbury, Conn.,
now nearly eighty years of ago, Is remarkably
proud of tho fact that joars ago, when n
school-teacher In tho West, sho had two pupils
who havo become famous. Iu South Hcnd'
Ind., sho taught llttlo licnnlo Harrison bis
letters. One fall Iu Ohio a suddon cold snap
frozo a canal near her schoolhousc, and somo
boats wero caught and held thero for several
weeks. A boy who drove for ono of tho boats
enmo to her school. Ilo was 14 years old, and
tho bojs called him Jim Garflcld.
"Sensational I'keciii.no" Is Pastor K.
Hcz Sw em's subject, Sunday, 7 p. m,
jibe new couiso In' Journalism; at Cornell
Uulvcrslty Is pronounced a great successjdc
Suits marked down to S 12.00. E!soman's,7th & E
Our Ninth Atinnnt January
Sales claim attention nt present.
Tho following Dopartmcnts play
As the watchword Is over pn
ward und upwnrd, v 0 nlm to sell
inoro this mouth than wo did this
month a year ago. Tho ouilook
isincisteinouitiplnjj, Wo havo a
lnigcr store, with greatly In
dented facilities for handllnc
tho trade. Wo havo u much
lurftor stock of thoso particular
guods-lu a firoatcr variety, ami,
what Is of moro linportnnco to
)ou than cither, WE AIIE 01'
A YI.'Alt AGO. Tho roasons aro
tlico, principally: Wo aro buy
ing moro, und can buy olieaporj
wonroeclllnir more, aud can af
ford to soil at 11 less profit,
lb ltd that attain r you don't ,
gian Its full inoauln;;, for -It Is
omudly upplleablo to our entire
Ftocfc o( inenhjndlsu, 'lho
larger the Imslion, (,-ryws tlio
lower tho prli os w III bocomu. Wo
proposo to inako It moro upd
iroru to your Intel est to shop
We simply ask a comparison
of tlio Roods wo sell w Kb thoso
offered vlsowhero at tho namo
prices. We atiuid ready to lefnml
tho money for ovcrythlnit wo sell
If Itborelurnod'ln the condition
Wo ask your oinmlnailon of
the fc too In Ir.elii.ljil in U1I4 Ninth
Annual Special Jiiiiuiiry Sale,
confident thut )0u will appiu
elalo our oitonslvo preparations,
the nttiuitho usiortments nud
tho very low prices nt which tho
Comer litis and iSliciU N. W,
nvNs -: ' fj, J
931 Pennsylvania Avenue.
That covers the whole range of values, from tho very lowest to
th ?r.y hi?hose'. By this we moan that we show proper
Clothing at overy price, and that every price Is propor,
whether It stands for a $7.50 Suit, or one at S30.
A Perfect Equipped Custom Department
Meets tho requirements of those who prefer their Clothing
made to order. Both "Ready-made" and
"Made to Order" we offer you
-At tlie Lo-west, Prices.
Bo Robinson 8t Co.,
But a Genuine Remnant
Will take place next Fri
day morning, January 1 1,
and will continue for one
week. A great many Odds
and Ends will bewell,
we might as well say
given away. Wool-mixed
Goods that sold for 12 1-2
up to 29c. will be sold
from 2c. up to 1 5c. There
is fully 5,000 yards of the
various kinds, and if you
do not expect as much as
President-elect Harrison
on the 4th of March, we
will surprise you. In ad
dition, we shall have a
new line of White Goods
Remnants, such as India
Linen, Checks, Plaids,
Bleached Cotton Sheet
ings, Light Percales and
other new Spring Goods.
In the meantime call
down. Call and get some
one or another of our
great bargains in Coats
and Bed Wraps.
Double Combination,
1241 & 1243 I Ith St. S. '.
The ex-Mayor and the world can fight
their own battles. All we havo
to say, is that
Cape Overcoats,
Chinchilla Overcoats,
Boys' Overcoats,
Business Suits,
Half-Dress Suits
Children's Suits
Are still nt tho
..(...,., I J1.V.1WL.
- . 3
Mineral Spring Water.
Tills extraordinary wator-romarkablo an a
(rrcat natural remedial ngont and, nt tho same
tlmo, whon oarbnnatod, a most dollghtful and
cxbllaratlns lioverauo was discovered iu tlio
Centennial Year 1870, on the f arm ot Mr. O. P.
JIacglll.ln Ualtlnbrp County, situated on Qrecn
SprinR nvenuo, about lho miles north of Druid
Hill Park, and ono-quartor of a mllo from
8trontla Spring station, on tbo Gre'cn Spring
llranch of tho Northern Central Railway. Tho
elevation Is nearly mien hundied ftel above tide.
btiontla wutor. whllo possessing astonishing
rurailtn properties, Is especially In Its highly
effervescent statu, u acllgntful and refreshing
boerage, promoting digestion, eto.
It will cure Qout nnd llhemmtlem.
Is will rellovo nny dliordorecl oundltlon of tho
Zliei, stomach and Jlowdi. Vtarrhoca and Due
eutery. It will restons the Tone of the Stomach and In
crease theuupetlte.
It will bo found of great fcrvlco In Scrofvlout
AfiecllaiuauA Weakliest of the Lunrf.
In offering this water to tho public, tho Com
pany dosli oi to call attention to tlio standing of
tho citizens who testily to Its worth, not know
ing of another product which shows at home
higher testimonials of excellence.
From the President of tho Board of
Health for the State of Maryland.
Towson, May '.'(), 1887.
0. P. MACQH.L, Esq. JJtar Mr: It gives me
great pleasure to statu that I was entirely ro-
lleved of Musoular IllioumatNm of Wj; mnntliH'
standing by tlio iico uso of your btrontla Water.
I suffered much piln und Inability to uso my
arms. 1 tried a number of remedies without
crTtct. Notlolng the excellent results In Dr.
ClMtuollor' ens", nlid having nlwtiyi a high
opinion of tho water, I used It, with tho abovo
losiilt.nnilh.ivohad no return of tl.ollliouma-
tlsni. rtJuicroly your.
From the Secretary of the Board of
Health for the State of Maryland.
IUltimoiie, ihi'j 11, 18S7.
farSlrl Yimr Htiontla Water has oortulnly
nono mo a groat deal of good. Kor several yean
1 suffen.il puindil attacks or Illieumatlo Oout,
for the ( uio of wlileh 1 was Induced to vl-lt the
pilnilpul springs ard water rural of Curuim, in
well as many iu this country, but without any
1 oiltUo relief, than icceienl more bentjti j nun
drinking utiontla aki' than fiim tut othtr
touirtr.anU I mutt icqard It ai a vein taliiuble
lenuutUtl agent. As a table watsr and food sol
ont Itlsunsurimssod, und ospoelallv vuluablo
In many forms ot Dyspopsls.
Very truly jour.
O. '. ClIANCULLOIt, M. 1).
Wo c auU add hundreds of otheis to tho abovo,
but spaco will not penult.
Manner In Which the Water Is Put Up
and Sold.
Stiontla Water Ih scld In effurveseent co'tdl
tlon, In jilnt. quart und Imlf-gallou gliiKs buttles
Uat Ii bottle bears upon Its lueo u jellow IhIioI
Imvln.'utud ceutto and rud sldo squurer, tbo
mitro liuarlug a f.ioslinlloot tboblrontlu spring
house, which constitutes our Tiailo-Miirk. nnd
n )cllow neok lubl having upon It the word
"Htronllii." Tlio wjtir Is uu ilii.hvrecl in
efrervetcent eondltloii, Iu slpbons nnd founts.
In tho stiilo tu union it Is tiil.en fiom thu
siulne, Itlstuldln pint, cpiart and lialf-jtiillun
glass buttles, labeled as above.
1 Case, lOJidallnu Dottles j;) .J5
I Doz.Ilottles, iU.uts i in
lOu.u nollottlos. quints.. , ((I0
ll)ii4. Ilottle-f, pints , j. 5
1 Case, 1(H) b'jttlos, pluti 5 00
1412 and 1414 Ponn. Ave.,
Solo AgcutH for Uio District of Columbia-
' Lurm-mm ,-
.W Hit,il.S(JtV - ,,

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