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17TI.L YUAIi 2STO- 5,228.
"' fVifff(0FiV
Tho Proeldont's Cttllors To-day Soc
retttry Endlcott Gone Wont Tho Now
Tlnm Bull Complotlnrr the Treas
ury Count Tho WolesCourt-Mnrttal
'J'lio President to-dny innilu tho following
additional appointments :
Jot.I'H 31. Foe, Appraiser of 3Iorchnn
disc, District of Cuyabagi, Ohio.
JvMFHCi'iimnn, Supervising Inspector
of Etcum Ycssels for tho Third District.
To bo Collcctoisof lutcrnal Revonuu :
GeoisokL. Si'EArt, for District of Ver
mont. Cir.vm.r.9 B.IIasiiuook, Sixth District of
Lumcnd A Rhii.kk for tho Twouty
thlrd District of Pennsylvania.
EmvAitii C. Wau. for Flist District
of Wisconsin.
llrnn KiNNAr.n for Fifth District or
New Jcrsoy.
Postmasters: Samuel A. Ashe at Raleigh,
N. C, vice. John Nlultols, whoso commis
sion expires 3Iay Id: James F. Vogt at
Lemnrs, Iowa', vlco J. M'. L'mory, Auspcudod;
John 3IcWlllIams at C'oatcsvlllo, Ph.,
vico Francis (I. Parke, commission expired.
Postmaster-General Vilas explains that
tho post master at Lomars, Iowa, was
suspended because tlio ofllco was
negligently conducted, and that a
shortage was fonnd which, how
over, tho Postmaster niado good. Mr. Vilas
adds that it Is tho fixed determination of tho
Department to romovo ovory postmastor
whoso accounts aro found abort, at ouco, who
docs not deposit piomptly, as requited by
tho regulations, or who Is careless and ncg
' ligent in tho conduct of his olllco.
Commodoio Ilarniony is acting Secretary
of tho Navy during Sccrotary Whitney's
Politicians claim that tho President 1ms
decided to appoint Hugh Konnard and
Balloutyno collectors of intornal rovo
lino for Jtbo fifth and third districts of
Now Jersey respectively.
William Walker of Odin, III., has
been selected as chlof clerk of
tho General Land Olllco to succeed
Drmpsey Smith. Ho will assumo chargo
on tho 20th instant.
Secretary Bndlcott and Colonel Barr will
leave to-morrow for Fort Leavenworth to
attend tho annual meeting of tbo military
prison inspection. Chief Clerk Truosdoll
will act as Scorotary during his absence.
mineral sur.niDAJr not hurt.
Colonol Shoridan has rccalvcd a tolcgram
from the Goncral stating that neither him
self nor wlfo wero injured by tbo accidont
in California. Tho carrlago in which tboy
wcro lidlng upsot but thoy wero not hurt.
Mr. Austin P. Brown was agalu before
tbo Smith court of inquiry to-day. His
books woro examined regarding tho con
tracts for furnishing 5,000 pairs of shoes at
$2.22;! per pair, and 5,000 pairs of woolen
socks at S3 cents jior pair. Tho exam
ination of Mr. Brown will probably bo con
cluded to-day.
the prehidkntV cai.i.er.
Tbo President's callers to-day included
Scnalois Jbne8,-3IcBhorson, Van Wyckand
Call, Cougrcssmon Springer, Bragg, Holman,
Manning, Carlcton and Maybury, Bayliss
W. ITauua, tho Minister to Persia : Commis
sioner of Patents Montgomery," Dologato
Ouray, F. ". Beltzboovcr, C. F. Bissoll, Dr,
Charles Gary, S.S. Wallace, Richard Stock
ton and Govcinor Jarvls.
No decision has as yet bcon reached by
'.ite Wales court-martial ou tho question of
jurisdiction. Immediately after tho con
vening of the court this morning it was an
nounced that tboy had not reached a de
cision. Tho court adjourned until 10:o0
o'clock to-morrow morning for further de
liberation. If no decision lias beon reached
when tho court convenes to-morrow It is
probablo that tho question will ho submit
ted to tho Attorney. Goncral.
The tlm'o ball over tho contral portion
of tbo Stato, War aud Navy Department
building will not bo in position for at least
two weeks. Tho galvanized Iron staff is to
bo thirty-two fcot high and will also sorvo
ns a flagstaff. Tho drop is to bo twonty
live fcot. Tho ball will bo of stool ribbon
covered with black canvass aud will bo
three feet in diameter, although tbo ball in
uso at tbo Observatory is only two foot In
diameter; Tho ball will bo visible from
any point on Pennsylvania avenue between
Willard's Hotel and tbo Capitol, and will
bo seen as far away as Alexandria.
postmasters' commissions SteiNEn.
Tho President has signed tho commis
sions of tbo following-named postmasters
to-day: Conrad T, Sudcrly, at Saugortlo3,
N. Y.; Daniel W. Counolly, at Scranton,
Pa.; James B. Hutchinson, at Ha.olton,
Pa.; Chas. I. Bronson, at Manchester, Iowa;
Kilns H. Porter nt Bowling Grocn, Ky.j
Voucl G. Bust at Albauy, Ga.; Thomas
M. Lynn at Grundy Coutio, Iowa;
Thomas .1. Semans nt Wabash, Ind,;
John Toldon nt Sllnodk, Ills.: nonry S.
Howell at Watertown, Wis.; Wm. Browu
atLakoGcnova, Wis.; Samuol L. P. Stono
at Urbann, Ohio; Thomas II. Bayles3 at
Hope, Ark.
ThoSccrctary of tho Navy has authorli-od
tho erection of a tomporaiy hospital or bar
racks building on Wldow'a Island, in Penob
scot Bay, for tbo accommodation of tho crow
of an infected vessel in tbo ovont of tho ar
rival of a cholera or yollow fovcr infocted
ship in Amoilcau waters. It has' bcon rep
resented to tbo Secretary that thoro is no
placo under tho jurisdiction of tho Govern
ment to which such a vessol could bo sent,
and ho nt once decided to provide such ac
commodation in theohoapojt manuor iu tho
nbsence of a Congressional appropriation.
Tho plan for tbo Widow's islaud quaranttno
involved au oxpendituro of $5,000 for tho
hospital building, wharf, well, rncdiclnos,
etc., but tho Secretary has only authorized
tho most essential portion of this work, in
volving an oxponso not exceeding $1,000.
Tho finmo building will bo constructed and
furnished with tbo necessary medical sup
plies. minor mill I'criorml.
Tho President has nppolutod S. A. Robert
ton superintendent of tbo public building
nt Dcs Moines, Iowa.
Despite tho protest of his constituents
thcio is no doubt that tbo Hon. S, S. Cox
will go to Constantinople.
Tho Investigation of tbo charges agalust
Architect Ciarkof tho Capitol will not bo
commenced until tho 20th instant,
Tho postofllco inspector have recom
mended tbo romovnl of tho postmaster at
Howard, Dakota, becnuso of his negligence
It Is said that tho contest over tho Ken
tucky district attorneyship has natiowod
down to Judgo Wlekliffo and Colonel
An Indiana dolcgatlou, beaded bySeuator
Yooihcos, aro urging tho appointment of
Genoial Dcnby of F.vausylllo. Ind., to a foi
I'lgn mission,
The Postofllco Department i3 lufoimcd
that tho postolllces at Greon River, Wis.;
WoedfouVs, aic, and Macou Olty, Mo wor,o
burglarized last tiiirht and small amounts
stolen ft oin each oilier.
It is said that (lenor.il .Rmoorana will
probably bo appointed Bcglstor of tbo Treas
ury. 'Ihq California delegation is urging
him for that place.
A numbor of army olHccis from this city
aud cx-Sccrctary Lincoln will go to Lan
caster, Pn.p to bo present at tbo cremation
of Major Lyford on Saturday.
Frank L. Scithucr of Philadelphia has
been appointed assistant botanist at tbo
Department of Agricuttuto unde'r civil
sctvlco rules. Ilo Is a graduate of Glrard
Sccictary Lninar to-day appointed Henry
Jones (Ga.) and H. .1. Oiavcs (Del,) special
agents ot tho Bureau of t.tbor at ii sslary
of H per day for duty In tho United States.
Tiiu committee which just concluded tho
conut of thoTrcasuiy cash will noiv pro
ceed to count tho finished and unfinished
notes, etc., in tho Bureau of IJngravlng and
It was reported in Philadelphia yostcr
day that tho President had appointed ox
Mayor Daniel 31. Fox Superintendent of
tho Mint. But tho rumor was not con
firmed by Washington dispatches.
It is now said thai II. Clay Armstrong,
recently appointed Consul nt Bio do Janeiro,
had forwarded a lettor withdrawing his ap
plication, but it Is not known whothor tlio
President disregarded It or failed to receive
Tho President's drive yestorday was to
Cabjn John Bridge. Ho proposes Iu turn
to visit several of tbo ruined forts in pic
turesque localities in tho vicinity of tho
city, in 3Inryland and among tho Virginia
Tho counsel for Professor Avery of Boston,
who preferred charges against lr. Autisoll,
tho chemist of tho Patout Olllcc, has writ
ten to Commissioner Blontgomcry asking
that tboso charges bo indefinitely post
1 oncd.
Commissioner Atkins, who is iu Now
Vork, has rejected all tho bids od'oied for
furnishing beef to tho Pino Ridge, Rosobud,
Yankton and Crow Creek agencies beeauso
thoy woro so high. Ho has advortisod for
now proposals.
A rcrort has been received of an accident
to General and Mrs. Sheridan at L03 An
geles, Cal., on Sunday. While out driving
their horses ran away, and tho General and
his wlfo woro thrown from tho carriago,
but not severely hurt.
Superintendents of United States mints,
hnvo been authorized to purcbaso muti
lated United States silver coins of standard
fineness at the rato of 03 cents por ounco
Troy weight, when presented Iu sums of
three dollars and upward.
Secretary Manning, with a view of secur
ing uniformity and economy, has issued a
circular enjoining a sorics of regulations
upon officers, clerks, and employes of tho
Tieasury Department, roipcctlng tho pub
lishing of oirculnrs, loports, &.c.
The Navy Department is informed that
Bear Admiral Jouett has gono to Cartha
gena. A roport from Panama says : "Pros
tan is besieging Carthagona, and was re
ceived in the rebel camp, which was Illumi
nated in his honor, with 'Viva Prcstan.' "
Professor Riley, tho entomologist of tho
Agricultural Department, predicts Hint tbo
country will bo visited this summer by
two great broods of locusts, of tho 17-yoar
and I3-ycar varieties, tho first timo In 2H
years that thcyhavo appeared together.
Tho Attorney-General has received the
resignation of Chief Jubtico Axtoll of New
Mexico. Tho leslgnatlon was asked for.
Judgo Axtcll, in tondoring his resignation,
asked to bo allowed to retain his position
until tho 1st oi July. This will hardly
bo granted it is thought.
Assistant Sccrotary Falrchlld of tho
Treasury Department visited tho New
York Custom-Houso yesterday and had a
consultation with Collector Robertson. As
ho passed out of tbo building ono of tho
potters ejaculated : "Woll, I novor ox
pected to sco a Democratic Secrotary como
down tbofo stairs."
Tho United States training-ships Ports
mouth, Saratoga and Jamostowu left
Newport yesterday for thoir summer
cruising. They will cruiso in company
to Fayal, Gibraltar, Lisbon and Cadiz.
The cruiso will oxtciftl through 120 days,
ninety of which will bo at sea and tho
balance divided among tho harbors abovo
William A. Little, jr., C. 31. IMington, C.
P.. Hunter, William H.Russoll nud JohnT.
Goolick compriso a delegation from Virgi
nia, which arrived in town last evonlng.
They aro stopping at tho Metropolitan.
They paid their respects to tho President
and tho Po3tmastcr-Gcncral to-day and
presented their list of candidates for local
A statue of tho Into General Garfield ar
rived hero yestorday from Rome. This is
tbo statue ordorcd by tho Ohio Legislature.
It is of Italian marblo aud of heroic sle.
It is tlio work of Mr. Nlcbous, a native of
Cincinnati, but for years a rcsidont of Jtoruo.
It will bo placed In Statuary Hall at the
Capitol, and tho usual ceremonies of lecolv
lug such additions to that hall will bo had
by Congress.
Numerous applications aio bolng made at
tho Treasury Department by Democratic
bankers to bavo their banks dojlguntod as
Government depositories instoad of tho
banks named for tbo purpose under Repub
lican administrations. Tho designation car
ries with it no financial advantago, except
that it presupposes lccognltlon of tho banks'
soundness and standing.
Pursuant to ordors of tho So-retary of
War, a board of medical oillcers, to consist
of Licutcnant-Colonol Androw K, Smith,
surgeon; Major John C. G. Huppu'sctt, sur
geon; Captain James P. Kimball, assistant
surgeon, will assemble nt tho Uultod States
Military Academy, West Point, N. Y on
Juno 1, to examine into tho phys'cal quali
fications of tlio members of tho graduating
class and tho candidates for admission to
tho academy.
Tho Mulno delegation urging Colonel
Mortcm'.s appointment as postmistcr at Au
gusta in placo of Colonel Manley, whom
thoy want to have suspended as an offensive
partisan, bavo arranged for a hearing bo
foro tho Prcsldont and Postmaster-Goncral
to-morrow. Thoy will clsim that tho en
tire Democracy of Jlalno advocates Man
ley 'f removal for his Blaino spoochc3 nud
work and tbo nppointmont of Morton. Too
only opposition, they assert, i that of tho
Maine Senators, who say that Morton was
personally oQ'enslvo to Blaino, and tin oaten
to defeat his confirmation If nominated.
Tho delegation will urge tho Prusldout to
disregard tho throats of the Se rators and
act on tbo ad vico of tho Doaiocracy of
Tlio Niimieels' Trlnl.
A dispatch to tbo 7'u7n(Wji7n'a ,! says ;
''Tho trial of Cuuuingbam and Rurtou,
tbo alleged Tower dyuatultorj, attracts
but little attention, and, in this i aspect, Is
In markod contrast with tho favorlsh ex
citement displayed ovor tho trial of O'Don
ncll, tho slayer of tho informer, C.uoy.
Tbeio wero no ladies prc-ont iu tuq court
room to-day and vno notabilities oxcopt
tho Mftiquls of Lonaondeiry and tho youug
Duko of Portland, who sat on the bench for
a short time. Mr -stepbon J, Meauy sat
among tho reportois and rondored no pub.
Ilo assistance to tho pi Honors' counsel,
Cunningham and Burton looked robust and
smiling, Tho opening speech of Sir Honry
James, tbo Attorney-General, occupied an
hour and n half and was a powerful aud
logical presentation of tho Crown's case,
which seems ovorwhclmlngly conclusive
The judge, Sir Houry Hawkins, is known
ns tho most sovcro magistrate- ou the Brit
ish bench,
Visiting Turfmon In Town and Their
Pecullarltlos Entrlos for tho Aftor
noon Uncos rind SpoculiUlona ns to
Probablo Results Sporting1 Notos.
At Ivy Cliy.
IY Cit, 3lay 12, Tbo oponlng day
of tho National Jockoy Club
races was nttonded by 11,090
people. Tlio track was Iu excellent condi
tion, but tho weather was threatening,
The hotel registers to-day aro well
filled with names. Aud tho most of tho
names aro tboso of nion from Now York,
Louisville, Boston and Cincinnati, placos
wbero men who "follow tbo races" gen
erally bail from, Tho meeting which
opened at Ivy City lo-day Is what brings
theso gentlemen here. They aro all well
dressed and well-bohaved.
Thoro Is a peculiarity about tho dross,
bowovcr, that would sttlkoonont any tlmo.
It is not loud nor flashy. It Is simply dis
tinctive. And thoir talk and bearing aro
also distinctive. Thoy drink, but drink
moderately. They bavo splendid nppotltos.
Their appetites are, In fact, as wldcawako
as their general bearing. Cue thing that
tboy aio ready (o do at nuy tlmo is to hot.
They will bet on anything.
Seated in tho bllliard-ionm of a hotel
ono of them will turn to tho other and say
quietly, novor having seen cither of tho
players before, "I will go you $23 that
tho tall man wins," and tho other mau
takes tho hot. It scorns to bo part of thoir
naturo to bet. And to-day thoy havo becu
inonding their tlmo hotting on trillc3 beforo
tuey comiucnco with their monoy to bet on
tho races, which thoy by no means consider
hides, but rather a business in which tho
smallest man is tho winnor.
When thoy order anything thov ordor tho
best. Said a down-town cigai -stand keopor
to tbo reporter: "I don't sco how It Is. But
not ono of them fellers has como hero and
oidcrcd a cigar that cost less "than n quartor.
They gotorally say when thoy como up to
tbo stand, 'glvo mo four for a dollar,' and
they put out tho dollar to pay for them,
' Besides tbo mon who "follow tho racos"
to bet Individually, without any iutoicst
other than their sovoral vouturcs, thcro uro
about twonty men hero who aro book
makers. These gontlomcn havo acharactor
and piofcssion of their own, Tnoy do not
risk very much, luij; tboy offer such odds
that at tho end of a meeting they aro pretty
well in pocket.
Tho all-absorbing topic of conversation
to-day has been tho racos at Ivy City this
afternoon, Tho entries aro:
rim raco Purso $."00, tor turoo-yoar-oias
and upwards, maidens and nou-nlnulug nl
lowariccs: six furiongs: King Linn, 115
pounds; Jaok, HBj Mies Goodrich, 110; Kva
K.llO; Hob May, 100: Mac,, 100; Winston,
90; Greenfield, 00; Jim Gasoy,lr;Einorsoa 90.
Hocona race Analostan Htalcos, .for ttireo-yoar-olde,
with winning ponaltles, and Bovon
Sounds allowed tor maidens, $25 each, p. p ,
750 added; one mllo: Wlclcham, 111 pounds;
Value, 111; Harofoot, 111; Montouore, 111;
Toctimseb, Ml; John 0., 103: "111 Htorrltt,
108; Maggie J., 100.
'.rulra roco-l'urso .500. for three yovr-olds
ana upward, selling allowance; sevon fur
longs: Oberto, 107 pounds; Duko ot Wost
moielaud, 101: Joo Bliolny, 103: Mordaunr,
101: Uojtrot, 100; Quoon Kslhor. 100; iutt'jt,
1)7; Joker, 07: onrrlo Stewart, 07; King Tom,
fir,; Deblrcc, 03; Klttane, 03; Lulu d,, 1)1;
Wlndaafl, 88; Luoy Lewis, 83.
rourih race- Tho National Handicap, tor rtll
ages, GO oacli. halt tortelt, $300 nddod; oug
mllo and an clghta: Gliantlclacr. 108 pounds:
Joo Mitchell, 108; Richard I.., 108: Ojlouol
Sprnguc, 108; 1'arevroll. 107: natlf, 102;
Strut, 100; Restore, 1)8: Uesslo, 08,
ruth raco Purse f 300, for throo-yoar-olds
and upward; to carry 110 pounds: onn mllo:
John Hulllvan, King ran, Hold Hornet,
Finnltto 1),, Hilarity and L'aptttn Wnrron.
Goodwin Bros., the well-known tint ad
visors, nro at tho Rlgss nouse,
Barly iu tho season it is particularly
hard to pick tho winners. In tho first raco
fiom what thoy havo dono formorly, aud
at exorciso hero, King Lion should win.
Ho can carry tho weight and is vory fast
at tho distance Miss Goodrich should get
tho place, with Eva K. closo up. For tho
Analostan Stakes, although Tecumsoh will
start favorlto, WIckham will como vory
near winning it, with a closo finish also
with Harcfoot and Tecumsch. For tho
third event, ono of tho lighter wolghtcd
horsos is liable to win, either King Tom, or
Lull! S., though Qucon Esther will bo right
up at tbo finish. For tho National Handi
cap, Bowie's Besslo will likely laud It,
though the finish should bo a closo ono
with Chanticleer, Swift and Colonol
Spraguc. Hilarity will win tho last raco,
with John Sullivan or Frankle B, for tho
First race, six furlongs, King Lion won,
3IIs Goodrich second; tlmo, 110. 3Iutiuls,
Tho Washington public is long suffering,
but thcro is a limit, and that limit was
reached yostcrday in tho gatno with tho
Richmonds. While It was wrong to make
any demonstration against Taylor, still ho
was enough to try tho patlonco of Job.
Saturday ho presented tho Richmonds with
a homo run on a foul ball. His judgment
on balls nnd strikes was something torrlhlo,
and when It catuo to a decision on a biso
ho was entirely at sea. Notwithstanding
nil this tbo Nationals had no business to bo
beaten S to 5. Thoir nine is a hotter ono
than tho Richmonds.
Jim Murtrio is sulking, and says tho
American Association will bo .sorry for
what it has dono to hint,
Tho following is tho schcdnlo for to-day:
American Association- Athletic at Louis
ville. Metropolitan at Cincinnati, Brooklyn u
l'lttsburg, Baltimore at tit. Louis.
National League Dotrolt at Philadelphia,
Chicago at Now York, Bt. Louis at lloston,
Buffalo at Providence
Uaatern League- Lancaster at Jnrsoy Olty,
Norfolk at Wilmington, Trenton at Newark.
Tho mombcrs of tho Fifth Regiment of
Baltlmoro havo organized a hasoball club,
with tho foliowiug ofllccrs and players:
Presldont nud manager, Dr. G. Honry
Cbabot ; Eccrctary, T. W. It. Duvall ; treas
urer, J. Harry Irvln ; catcher, W. G.
O'Brien ; pltchor, 0. Tucker ; first basomon,
Ramsey and Horner; second bascui'iu,
Loucy ; tlilid basemen, Cotter and D.uilols;
shortstop, 31. Tuckor ; left field, Munclcs;
centra field, L'blon and Having; right field,
Carroll and Bayliss. Tho club has mado
arrangements to play games with a ulno
from tho Washington Light Infantry, fiom
tho rrEiilnts at Fort McUoniy, and It is pro
posed, whon tho regiment goes to camn, to
arraugo matches with tho military organi
zations of Philadelphia,
Tho following is tho record of tho lead
ing nines up to data ;
mewcax Assoei mos",
, Won. Lot. Won. Lost.
St. Louis . 11 5 Louisville 7 0
Oinrimmti. ,. 11 (i Brooklyn.. ..(I 0
Baltlmoro n ll Athletic .. s .. l 10
l'lttehurif . ft 8 Metropolitan... 5 ll
national r,Kavu.
Won. Lost. Won. Lost.
New Vork ... 5 i 1'rovidenco...... u it
Chicago i Ht, Louts it it
FhllmlPlpbla J it Boston , 'J 5
Detroit .... .it a Uurrato ., ,o 5
EAsiElitf I,j,.(lUi:.
Won. Lest. Wou. Lost.
Virginia ... r. l Norfolk :t l
National .... 5 'J Lancaster , . 1 -1
Nownrk . I 1 Jersey Olty , 1 1
Trenton. 1 1 Wilmington,, 0 o
A mooting of Ecutlx Washlneton amv
tnr baseball players was hold at Becker's
Hall on Virginia avenue southwest, last
evening and tho .reorganization of tho
Roscdalo Baseball Club effected. Tho niuo
Is composed of tho following players - R.
R.Cooke, a IT. Prtlgo, D. W. Perkins. T.
D. Collins, W. J. Lolshcar, T. Klnslow,
W. 3lalloy, J. F. 3IcCarty, JI. Wright, C.
H. Scnscncy find D. P. Collins. Tho Ibso
dales originally were organized abtmt
twclvo years ago, nt tho tlmo of tho fa
mous Olympic aud Athletic Clubs. 3Uny
gocd games wero captured from those
clubs by tho Roscdiilcs, whoo ranks con
tained soma of the beet players of the
day. A stronger team than tho proient
mcmbciH could not havo been found In
South Washington, and tho amateur clulu
of this city will havo thoir hinds full
when they meet them, They nro pro
pntcd to hear from all amateur clubs,
Addicfs R, R. Cooke, secretary Roscdalo
Baseball Club, Pension Ofllco.
Bob was off yestorday. It seldom occurs.
Tbo Richmonds aro good baso runners
and havo au excellent coach In "F.ttty"
1I VIsIIm tint .Slum Hoiuirttiiciii unit
tlio Whiln lloiific
Gtoigo V. N. Lothrop, Dotrolt. Mich.,
tbo now Minister to Russia, registered this
morning nt tbo Arlington, and for some
tlmo was tho contro of an admiring group
of friends. Ho has a commanding flKiiro,
an intelligent, kindly fnco nnd tho nppcar
anco of latent power. 'Ilo tnlks easily and
well, In n rich voice, and ovidciitly pos
sesses strong ability ns an orator. About
10:30 o'clock 3Ir. Lothrop drovo over
to tho Stato Donartniont and was
coidlally greeted by Secretary Bay
ard, who accompanied 3lr. Lothrop
to tho Whlto Houso and ptosciitcd him to
tho President. No introduction was nccdod,
bowovcr, lor BIr. Clovcland had mot Mr.
Lothrop at Albany. The now Minister
will proceed to qualify at tho Stato Do
paitracnt and expects to sail for St. Peters
burg about Juno in. Tho 3Iiclilgandcrs
talk of giving 3Ir. Lothrop a grand banquet
at Detroit beforo his departure
The Bi.aiu Building. The now pub
lic school building on I street northeast
has been christened tho Blair building.
Permits to Bt'ir.n. Permits to build
havo been issued to C. V. Riley, to erect two
dwellings on Thirteenth street, between R
and S streets, to cost $0,000; S. Richer, erect
eight dwellings In alloy, between First nnd
Second and Bast Capitol and A streets
northeast, $1,000; Martin Ucbuor, erect a
dwelling on F street, between Fourteenth
and Fifteenth streets, $1 000;
W. T. Powell, erect a dwelling on Congiess
and Road sttcets, Georgetown, 10,700;
31. 3IcNamara, erect ono framo dwell
ing on Spiuco strcot, Lo Droit Park,
$1,500; B. Baker, erect a fiatno dwelling on
Fayette, between Eighth and Ninth stioets ,
$000; William H. Wormley, erect a dwell
ing in alloy betweon L nn& 31 and Six
teenth and Seventeenth strocts, 1500.
The Stevens Bi'ii.wng. District
Architect Brady has furnished tho plans
for tho two wings that nro to bo addod to
tho Stovcns School building, at Twonty
llrst and K strcots, and bids will
bo advertised for in a few days.
Tho building already contains twclvo
rooms, and tho two wings will add six
mote, making eighteen rooms, which will
bo ono of tho largest school-houses in tlio
city. Tho wings will bo added to tbo
north and south sides, and each wing will
bo three storlcshigh, with all tho modern
Nome I.nrcu Dciiiii'nIh.
Tbo. will of Sarah Wilson was filed with
tho Reglstor this afternoon. Doceased loaves
a lurgo estate Shu leaves promises cor
ner of Slxtocnth nnd R streets and
$11,150 in registered bonds to hor hus
band. Thcodoro T. Wilson. To hor four
children, Honry, Thcodoro, Florouco aud
Leonora, $7,000 each. A lot of valuable
personal property is also loft by tho testator
to her husband.
Tlio DnvlH Family.
Tho Davis family camo into unenviable
piomincnco at tho Court-Uonso to-day. Two
suits for" divorce wero filed, In which all
tho parties wero named Davis. John D.
Davis has petitioned for a dlvorco from
Isabella Davis. Tho plalutlff alleges oditl
tciy as his grounds for dlvorco. William
R. Davis filed a hilt for divorce from Cathe
rine Davis. Ho alleges cruelty and an at
tempt ou his life.
Tlio Writer All night.
Health Officer Townshend states that
tho condition of tho water nt Great Falls
has been grossly exaggerated by tho morn
ing press.
Tlio CJiiitenu Trlnl Itoiiorl.
Thoro wero only 1500 copies of thotrlal of
Guitcau printed at tho Government Print
ing Ofllco, and those wero conttolled exclu
sively by tho Department of Justtco. Cer
tain speculators havo, howovor, managed
to get the most of them In their control.
Tho report of tho trial is only valuablo
from tho I'.ict that it contains a great deal
of "oxpert" testimony on tho question of
insanity, which lawyers use frequently iu
other cases. It Is generally admitted now,
however, that tho testimony offorcd by tho
defenso was much moro valuablo thau that
oflbicd by tho prosecution, from a legal as
woll as a sclentlflo standpoint. Congress
refused to perpetuato tho record by increas
ing tho number of copies, tho opinion being
that tho history of tho case ought to bo
blotted out. IX. Y. Horald Washington
"tienator" John Chamborlfn ts In tho city.
Governor I'lalstod ot Maine ts at tho Uless"
Arthur Conkllng, New Vork, Is at the
Hon. John B. storm, M,0 Is at tho Na
U.S. Cunningham and wife, Cincinnati,
aro nt tho ftlggs.
-Dr. W. r. Uavcl ana wife, 1'UIUdolphls,
aro at the LbMtt.
R. ii, Price, hanker, and wlfo, Columbia,
Mo., aro at tho Rices.
Ex Governor John C. Underwood of Ken
tucky In at Wlllard'u.
- Mr. and Mrs. A. 1). Payno of Warroutou,
Vn., aro at tbo National,
II. 1'. Dwyor and Jnmos McLaughlin,
Brooklyn, N. i'., are at Willard's,
Colonel Lamont took a trip to Mount Ver
non to-day with n party of friends,
Mr. J. Curry ot Brooklyn is at tho National,
and eo is 1'. bnannou ot tho same city.
MlkoGlennan, tho editor and propttotorot
the Mtjilk Viioinlun, la at the Metropolitan.
-Inspector Byrnes ot New Vork ana Govern
or Cameron or Vlrslnta aro at Gbambarltu'J.
- J. l'roctor Knott of Kontucky, who ts woll
kuown tho world wide, Is at tlio Matropjll
Wm.H, I'refcott, Hockvtlle, Conn,, and L,
B. I'ltmptou, llaitford, couu., aro at tho
-0. 1'. Illfsoll. New Vork, Is at tho Arling
ton, and U, W, Lockwood, New ovi, at
Governor Cameron ot Virginia is In the
city. Ilo arrived last ulght ana Is stopping at
the Metropolitan,
Allrca J. Btofor, who succeods Edwin
rioming as Wn'tungtou correspoudeut ot th
ht, Loms JUiiulln.an, arrived at tho Ebbltt
this morning.
Mr. JamosT. Aruudcll, one ot tho most
popular members ot tho W, L, l was mado a
happy father yosterday attornoon, It a a tou
pound boy and tho imago ot his fathor,
-MIS3 Emma Thursby oxpected to lenvo tho
city to-day, having completely rocvoredfrom
the effects of her sprnlnod ftnklo; but list
ovenlng ho euirored anothor sprain ot the
earno Joint, aad althoughuot somrly hurt, hor
departure- win b delayed jor, spmetuav.
Moro Doaths Reportod This Morning
Five of tho Victims Futhors of Largo
Fnuilllon Eckloy B. Goxo and Othoi-3
Wii.Ki.snutni:, P.,31ny 12. Thodouth
rato still continues at Plymouth. In addi
tion to thrco deaths yesterday, thrco oc
curred last night and early this morning.
Two of tho victims wero fathers of largo
families, nnd lcavo bohlnd them Hlxtcon
orphan chlldron, Tho third victim was n
young school teacher.
It Is safe to estimate that thcro nro
already over 100 chlldron left orphans by
tho death of their parents. A particularly
sad ca-o Is that or tho family of Charles
Stair. On the first of April Mr. Stair
moved his family to Plymouth from tills
city. The third day after his arrival he
was struck down with tho dlsoaso.
Hodlcd on tbo lith Instant. On Sunday
bis wlfo died and was burled this morn
ing. Tbo five orphan children aio now
down with tho disease.
Lcklny B. Coxo, the coal operator, has
given $.'00 to aid tlio sufforors. Two hun
dred dollars was forwarded from this city
this looming. Tho relief committee aro
spending $160 a day In relief. Tlio numbor of
destitute is Increasing, nud thoy will
bavo to tncre.iro their oxpondlturcs or
many must suffer. Klcvon patients wero
admitted to tho new hospital this morning.
Ilu-Hlxtli Animal Convention ol tlio
JT. H. II. A.
CllKAdo, 3Iay IS. A large number of
delegates arrived on trains last ulght and
this morning to attend tbo sixth annual
convention of tbo Hotclnion's Mutual Bono
fit Association, organized ln Chicago iu
170. The convention orcucd at 10 o'clock
at Ucishcy Hall, with an attendance of
over 200. Among tho prominent boldfaces
present were:
Now Yoik city W. 1). Garrison, Grand
Union; H. H. Brockway, Ashland; A. L.
Ashman, Sinclair: L, B. Rand, St. Cloud;
W. G. Schcnck, Westminster; W. D. Ryder,
Hotel St. Stephen; Henry Wnltor, Albe
marle; W. 31. Connor, St. James; V. T.
Wall, Hoffman; G. N. Brockway, GlUcy;
Chnrles Loland, Sturtovant.
BostoH A, L. Dcspeaux, United Stiles:
J. T. Wilson, New Bnglaud Houeo; H. II.
Barnes, Hotel Brunswick; A. L. IIowo.
Cincinnati T. W. Zimmerman, Ucnuott;
1). 0. Shear, Hotel Rmcry; T. C. Gaddls,
si. .mines.
St. Louls-J. If. Chasolng, Lludoll; II. C.
Louis, Southern; Westlako Austin, Laclede;
Freeman Barnum, Hotol Baruum,
Louisville C. A. Howard, F. Gordon,
Gait House.
Iudianapolis-G. V. Fflngol, Grand; L.
Dlcbold, Bates.
Detroit L. A. Mc.Crcary. Russell;
Pittsburg B. H. Kolloy, Monongahula.
Other delcgatos leprcscntod nearly
every Stato and Territory In tho Union, as
well as Montreal and Toronto. Tho meet
ing was railed to Older by F. A. Rico,
editor of tho XatUnuil Hold lltporler aud
chairman of tho goncral committee, nud
tho address of welcome was tlolivorod by
President J. R. Bowlor of ilarsballtown,
Iowa. Sccrotary Snow's report showed
that the mganlatton was In a nourishing
condition. Tho programme for tho ontor
talumcntof tho dolegatos Is elaborate. To
night a grand banquet will bo held nt tho
Giaud Pacific. To-morrow tho dologatcs
and friends will go to Milwaukee, visit
Best's Biowcry nnd bo banquotcd at tho
Plankintou. Thursday aud 1'ilday thoro
will ho visits to Pullman and tho stock
yardp. theatres, etc. Hach dologato will bo
supplied with tickets tt theatres aud othor
amusements, and a carrlago will be at tho
disposal of each visitor during tho entire
'lrii "Dixie" In tlinHutitli.
New Oi:f.EAN, 3Iay 1L Some commont
was) eaubed yesterday by a duel betweon
two I reolo yonug mon ot good social ami
business standing. Tho quarrel aroso over
a game of cards and blows passed. At 10
o'clock yesterday morning tho principals,
Kdward Thcard and Ben Tolcdano, left tho
city with their seconds for DcGray's plan
tation, fivo mllos from tho city, whoro tho
encounter took placo. Tho men fought for
ten minutes with swords, when Mr. Thoard
was wounded slightly In tho right wrist.
Mr. Tolcdano then declared hls'honnr satis
fied and tho ailntr terminated. Tho men
aro said to havo fought bravely and with
Euieriilil lieueHi'liil Assorliitltm.
Piiiiadem-iiia, 3Iay 12. Tho filth hi
enulal convention of tbo Pennsylvania
Stato Fnlon of tho Ihnorald Boneficlal As
sociation of North America began this morn
ing in Philopatrlan Hall, about eighty
delegates being ptcsont.
President James II. Gllson, tho head of
tho organization in this State, called tho
convention to order aud dcllvorodtho open
ing address. Tho various committees wero
thou announced. Tho union's olllclal oigau
is tho 13iirrn7il riuKriihtr.
Tlio ItolIfir-NUiiMiiii Mutvli.
New York, 3Iay 1','.- Klovcn of tho
fifteen contestants! who started in tho skat
ing match remained this morning. Suow
den, BInddocks and W. Boyst woro tbo
leaders this morning In tho ordor named,
For a little whllo during tbo small hours
Boyst hold tbo lead. Tho following was
thotcoicnt 10.110 a. m:
Bnowden, tt.Ml: Maddockf, it"3; W. Boyst,
iilO; Hhock, illir,: Roynoldti, illl): A. Boyst,
ii'JO: Hnrrlmnn, 2li."; Walton, -JOS; l.mory,
'.'.15; rrnuccs, -J51; O'Melln, i!3.!.
The OpeuliiK Sim-Hot.
Chicago, 3Iay 1','.- Tho markets opeuod
steady and entirely featureless. Opening
prices nearly all bid and asked prices.
No excitement. Strong feeling on nccount
of tho decrease in visible supply keeps tho
bears from selling nnd makes tho bulls more
Oeucrnl Grunt nt Work.
New Voniv, 3Iay 12.- Gouoial Grant
uorkedon bis book all tho morning, and
at l:l!0n. m., accompanied by Sirs. Grant
and Mil, Satorls, wont out for a drive iu
the patk.
Tlio Cliolcrit llplileiuli'.
Bu.timoue, 3Iay PJ. Professor Thomas
S. Latimor of tho Stato Jtedlcal and Chi
rurglcal Faculty gives It as his opinion that
the cholera epidemic will reach the United
States this summer.
(lencrul (lordoii WiuiIn rV l'lneu.
Gcuoral John B. Gordon of Georgia is In
tho city. Ho said to-day that all .talk
about ' his going abroad was nousonse.
Thcro was not a placo In tho Diplomatic
Scrvlco that he would take,
Tlio Conservatives Inatovenlug movoila via
ot ctusuto on the English Government Iu op
pceitlon to the war crodlt and Iu speclnl ro
gnra to tbo Hnuunn uasc'. This was dotoitod
Dj-'.'uOto 'J(U votes, tho PumellttC', voting
with the minority,
Tho I'nllod Mates District o.nirt at Now Vork
yestorday dismissed thocaso ot tho Govern
ment against tho atoamahtp City ot Mexico,
for vlolatlas the noutrallty laws by carrying
war material to the Colombian Insurgent?,
Judge Brown ruling that thcro was not suffi
cient evldenco botora him t show that tlio
captniubod knowlodgo i-' any hostile chac
t?r ottuo expedition,
Allfixrd JH'fi'iltfoil l it ll Ainorh'itil
C'lllen In Ilnyif.
Hleell Correspondence of Tin: OntTli ,
l'oitT-Ar-l'niNi it. Havti, .May P.'.
Tbo authorities of Hnytl hnvo refused to
deliver up Mr, (', A, Vail Bokkolcn, u na
tive of tlio I'nited States, nnd lormorly
consul for Hayttnt New Vork. Tho U.S.
Government has now mado four requests for
his release from prison on tho Island where
he has been confined for tho past sixteen
moitliH, Iu deflanco of treaty obligations.
Bach demand has bcon letclved Inn most
dlsiespeetful manner, hardly any notlco
bring taken of them by tho Government
olllrlals, Tho prisoner Is tho son of 3fr. W.
K, Van Bokkelcn of Now York city and n
nephew of Rev. I.. Van llokkclcn of Buffalo.
Dciilli ol
lli- ruinous
Mnr-tli Allium.
ISIM VNAi'iti it, Inii., 3Iay
Adams, the minstrel, known
tbo Marsh
over by his personation of "Old Black
Joe,'1 died yestorday t his residence In
this city of n cancerous affection of tbo
liver. Ho was 10 yonrs of ago aud leaves
n wife, whoso stngu nnino Is Suslo Wild,
When but a Ind 10 yoais old, Adams was
picked up by Gcorgo Christy at Louis
vlllo ns a ballad singer, and from that
tlmo until his death ho liguicd In "burnt
coik" entertainments. In IMiS nnd 1SH),
In company with lllll 3Iaunlug, ho mado a
tour of Australia which netted them
fclO.000. lie will bo buried by the loc.il
lodgo of Blks to-day.
.Siilclili) oi'u hiiMici-tdl Mm-ilnrcr.
PiTTSiii'itfi, P., May 12. Issao Banks,
tbo lover of 3Irs. Lena Stubonracii, whoso
death a week ago was nttonded by a scan
dal, ucnt out of his cell yesterday nud
nsked a colored prisoner to shave him.
Watching his opportunity Ranks snatched
tho ra.or from tho negro's hands nnd cut
his own throat. Ho dlod soon after, ilo
left two lettcis of endearing expressions
toward "Lena," nnd declaring that ho had
not wiougcd her.
Too m licit WlilNliy.
Wu.Ki.HiAiiiii:, l'v 3Iay 12.- Thoodoro
Smith of Pleasant Vailey was found dead
in bed last ulght. Smith swallowed thrco
qnarls of whisky within a fow hours beforo
his death.
Tnliliii; of TcMlimotiy
jioncil Until Tn.iiiiiriiin.
lticitMON'ii, V., 3Iay 12. Upon tho
opening of tho court this morning It was
expected that tho taking of testimony in
tho Cluvorlus murder trial would begin,
but after somo delay Judgo Atkins an
nounced that ono of tho .tutors (Air. C. L.
French) had been tnkou sick during tho
night and was unable to attend court to
day. Tho physician who attended him was
called and stated that Mr. French had had
a slight convulsion, but ho thought tho
patient would bo sulllclontly rocovercd to
bo In court to-morrow, as tbo attack was
not serious and would probably not recur.
Tho remaining members of tho Jury woro
brougut into court aud thoir names wero
called, after which tho court adjourned
until to-morrow.
lWvllcincnt Anions I lie Mormons.
Salt Luce, Utah, May 12. A lettor
dated tho 10th from Oxford, Idaho, says :
"Tho greatest excitement prevails In Paris.
Warrants woro placed iu tho bauds of thrco
deputy marshals for tho aircst of eight
polygnmists nt and around Paris. A tolc
gram announces the fact that this morning
tho 'polygnmists woro nil corraled in a
raceting-liouso nt Parts, under piotcctioti nf
an armed gunid of saints. Tho deputy
marshals woro marched out of Paris by tho
mob, who thicatcnod that thoy would kill
auyouowlio attempted to servo warrants.
3Iarshal Dubois will reach Paris about f! p.
in. to-day."
Tlio Nlltur Dollar Suulloncr.
3III.W.AUKEE, Wi., 3tay 12. Aloxandor
Hlbbard, tbo young man who swallowed a
silver dollar thrco days ago, was ablo to
take a short wane yesterday. Tho caso is
attracting much attention, and mauy vis
itors call nt the houso daily, among thorn n
number of promlnont physicians fiom other
places. Tho attending physician keeps him
on a diet of milk nnd cornmcal, and Is ad
niluistcrint! powerful medicines. Ho ex
presses tho belief that tho coin will bo re
moved without fatal results. .
A Nv ItolluloiiH Heel.
Chicago, May 12. A new religious sect
was uncai thed hero yesterday. Tho
founder, Aaron Rolncrson, claims to bo tho
second Christ, Last summer ho Impressed
thrco Scandinavian families with the same
belief, and tho llttlo colony havo been
living together in a basement in revolting
promiscuity. Finally, one of tbo men In
came incensed nt Kelncrsou's intcrfurouco
In his domestio affairs aud caused his ar
irst. Ho is now In Jail awaiting trial for
IVlint Is .Sought liy tlio Mormons.
Lincoln. Neil, 3Iay 12. Bx-Sonator
Paddock of tho Utah Commission says tho
main object sought by tbo Mormons in
their petition to tho Prosldont is a revi
val of religious enthusiasm among tho
saints nnd to counteract tho growing In
clination of Mormons to rebel against
polygamous practices, and that ho be
lieves it will only bring about u moro
stringent enforcement of the laws. Ho
dofends tho commission from the rhauo
or tyranny.
Tin- l.'iiltostoii aiuyornlly.
G w.vemon, Tek., 3Iy 12. The' spocial
election for mayor, recently oidcrcd by tho
City Council to scttlo the contest betweon
B. L. Fulton and Joseph Atkins for that
office, was hold ycstoiduy. Factional feel
ing ran high and a number of strcot flifhts
took placo, but no serious disturbance. Ful
ton lccoivcd a small majority. Ho was
captain of cavalry In Debray's well-known
Confederate lcglment.
Tito Suicides In line l'lunlly.
Finii,.u, Ohio, 3Iay 12. A tolcgram
from I'lCtnout, north of this city, states
that Mrs. Opcnhclmcr, wlfo of a piomlneut
young business man of that city, yestorday
committed suicido by cutting hor throat.
A few hours lator her aged fathor, a
piomiuout Jowlsh rabbi named Grlsdorf,
throw himself headlong into a cistern aud
ended his own lifo by drowning.
Lot WrlKlu's l'laio.
Cincinnati, Ohio, 3Iy 12 Bx con
gressman Follott telegraphs from Washing
ton that Unltod Statos 3larshal Lot Wright
has been removed on account of his con
duct at tho Ochber olection and that a
man will bo appointed In his placo to-day,
who has not been spoken of in connoctlon
with tho office.
Dentil ol ii IIor.HPiiinn,
CiNUNNvri, May 12. Blajor 11 D.
Lnnronro, secretary of tbo Latonla Jockey
Club, died last night after nn linos of
thieo months, at tho ago of llfty-sovon
years. Tbo success of tho c'nb has boon
lnigely duo to Major Laurence's skill and
Ncimtoi' J',urlM Honored.
New Haven, Conn, May 1.'. -Hon.
William M. Bvarts has recotved tho nocos
snry twonty -11 vo votes of tho alumni for
tho long tcim of six years in the Yalo Cor
poration and will bo to olcctod tothntpUeo
without opposition,
Anothor DlHpatcb. From Gem. Kotnaroff
--Tlio Old Btory Rotold-IIo w the Ozctr
Expects to Havo Hla War Bill Paid.
Rusaln StronKthonlntr Hor Aua
trlnn Frontier A Hitch With Itnly.
London, 3Iay 12. When tho court Iu
which the alleged dynamiters. Cuuuingbam
aud Burton, aio being tried opened this
morning, every seat was occupied, whllo
many stood in tho aides and other passages
in tho room. The Interest In the caso
seems to have in no wiso diminished. Tho
bu of voices in thocotir-troom wasstiilod
by a vigorous rapping with the gavol by
Judgo Hawkins, the presiding justice, nud
tho procecdlncs ordered to goon. Ono of
the couusol for tlm prisoners complained to
the i-outt of tbo conduct of tho governor of
Newgate Jail In refuslug to allow cither
himself or his colleague to havo a private
interview .with thoir clients,
Ho stated they were much hampored lit
their efforts to defend the prisoners by not
being allowed to havo a private conference
with them, The prosecution suggested
that tho defendants' counsel bonllowodn
prlvnto Intorvlew, nnd tho judgo stated
that ho would sco that one was arranged.
Tho taking of evidence was thon resumed,
and tho lending of tho testimony adduced
nt tho Inquiry into tho explosion at tho
ChaiingCioss Station of tho underground
road was resumed.
At tho conclusion of tbo testimony
conceintug tho explosion at Charing
Cross, Rdward Weeks, tho witness from
New Yoik, took tho stand and swore t
Burton's pioseuco In America at a timo
when that pilsoner assorted ho was iu
Biiglnnd. Other witnesses fur tho Crown
followed and testified to tho events of May
l.'l, If""!. The Attorney-General said ho
did nut intend to connect tlio prisoners
directly with the plot developed at that
lime, but simply wished to provo tho ox
istenco of triHSOnablo plots aud probablo
affiliation of the prisoners with their per
petrators. Witnesses woro thou placed upon tho
stand by tho Crown, who detailed tho
movements of tho prisoners from Dccombor
until tho moment of thoir arrest. Tho
ovldcnto or theso witnesses conclusively
pioved Cunningham's connection with tho
explosion which occurred at Gowor street,
but the attempt by thoprocccutlon to im
plicate Button also in thntnffalr failed. At
this point tho dial was adjourned until to
morrow. 1 1
I.iummIou'n JINinitolioM.
London, 3Iay 12. Condlo Stephen will
nirlvo In Loudon to-day with Sir Peter
Lumsdcn's dispatches,
the i'rontiei: convention.
Tho papers on tho Afghan question,
which nro to bo published ou Saturday,
will uot contain tho terms of the fiontler
convention. It will not bo mado public Un
til tbo convention has been coucludod.
Russian papers suggest tho submittal of
Russia's bill for her war prcpaiatlons to
tno mediator between the two nations,
with tho understanding that Bnglnml
shall pny tbo bill' if tho arbitrator decides
that Rngland Is responsible for tbo cause or
tho dispute.
rcsmaV recorteii activity
It is reported that Russia is addlnz I i,
000 ttoops to her frontier guards iu Polaud
ou the lines toward Austiia and Prussia.
Such action on Russia's pint necessitates an
equal increnso of troops on the Austrian
and Prussian shies.
IH-)iiiinriitirn ol' n Wpll-Knovrn
Wur C'ori-esiiiilrnt mill Others.
London, 3Iay 12. Press correspondents
atSuaklmnre tclegiaphiug complaints to
Loudon concerning tbo arbitrary WAy iu
which tho military censorship aver dis
patches to iicwspapcis Is ut present exer
cised. Tho coircspoudeuts avor that thoy
aro not permitted to send important news
at all.
l'.vcry additional fact that leaks out con
cerning tbo situation of the British troop
In tho Soudsn reveals mote of tho misery
which has been caused by tho bungling
plan of campaign, and which has boon
sedulously concealed by military censors.
Thoro nro scores of men who wont with tho
late General Stewart from Kortl to 3Iotom
neh last Jannary who have not returtiod,
and havo not been accounted for.
For a long tlmo thoy wero carried on the
rolls as mlsslug, but they havo gradually
been dropped, and It is now considered cer
tain that they strayed boyond tho lines af
ter tho battles of Abu Klca amlOubat, nnd
wero captured and butchered by tbo Arabs.
Tho fate of Frank VMtolly, tho ar.tlst
correspondent of tha Loudon dmiihic, is uUo
consldcied scaled. Ho was supposed to bo
tho only survivor of tho massacro ol Hicks
Pasha's army at Ll Obold In November
If :t, and was known to bo a prisoner iu
111 3Inhdl's camp for somo months
after that disaster. Nothing has beon hoard
from him sinco November, lS-(,and ovou
the most hopeful of Ills friends have r ve
him up for lost. 3Ir. Vlzitolly wi a
correspondent of great cxperiol a
hltheito of wonderful luck. His .sc am
palsu was with Garibaldi, froi wuoso
tamp ho sent sketches to tho V 'i ',
7W. Next ho went to Vtnoriea during
the civil war, first on tho Northern side,
and then, running tbo blockade nt Chailos
ton, ho joined tho Confederates, Eending
letters nnd sketches from both armies to tho
1 hi-hiiicil Timn. Dining tho campaign
that ended at Sadowa ho was nu tho side of
the Austrians with Gcuoral Bcndcttl. a
special artist and correspondent for the
Illicit tiled LuiuIpM AVii s His last w.ir r
vice beforo the Soudnu expedition w-. ai
correspondent aud artist fur tho ' ' '
'Jiiuti during tho whole of the C.. -t w,
in Spain.
Another Dl.simlcli Ironi Kumnroll
Si. l'ETSRxiinti. 3Iay 12. The "?' tat
Mt'Miifft to-day publishes a iongthy dU
patch from General Komaroff, comrnauiW
of tbcRus3lnn foiccson tho Afghan ircutior
The dispatch contains tha lull details . tU
events In the fight between the Rus-damt
and Afghans on tho Kusbk River, MmcIi 'Jl,
and tho statements contained in tho last
report of tbo General fully loltorato tboso
contained in his previous dispatcher,
l'rlclion Ilelnecu 11iinhIi ituil llnly.
Romh, 3lay 12. Diplomatic fcict'on ex
ists betweeu Italy aud Russia ou account of
tho Czar having joined with Turkey iu
protesting against tho Italian occupation of
I.miiMten's II1siuoIil-s Arrived,
London, May 12 Mr loimVe Stephen,
bringing dispatches for the i reriiiueiit
fiom Sir Peter Lumsdeu. reacUJ J sudan
To-Iii.t'm 'It'imiernliiri-s.
The blfual uillco liimlelit) the f mwlaj
synopfcle uf tho weather
Local meteorological repoit nr May lj,
1S3.V Tbormometor readings at Us. m.,'lt .',
7 o. m., 48' G; ll n. m.. l . t-
Report mr May 11, 1835: Mean tempera
ture, r,t .1); maximum, 01'. li minimum,
1 1 ,n mean relative humidity, ll.D per cent,
Tut Wednesday, partly cloudy weather ol
light local rains are indicated tor the Obl
Valley, Tennessee and tno Gulf States, wtru
IDtiKuu Tiu.tiiui nvnvuvt iu nil vil7lllVl3 v-4 4I

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