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J, ilin ii i pfcflw.
5TTjni) hmmp . miw
mK15&W;'- 4
STIiuwInj1, liny 7, 1BH3, llcssrf,.lt'(;o, Stlofot
k Oi. ol ll'oom fitreot, Now York, held n per.
I omptnry cnln t Iiiccs, I.aeo (loods and Km
I brolilctlpfi througli Slcssrs l'lold, Chapman .V
rehner, Aunlouoois, :!ll nud .'W(l llronlwny,
I Now York,
Our buyer wns present nnd made heavy purchases at lower prices than the goods
have ever been offered the past twenty years, which enables us to place on sale the
best intrinsic values In Lace9 and Embroideries ever before offered the Washington
public, comprising Swiss Embroidery, Cambric Edgings, Swiss Floiinolnrjs, All
overs, etc.; also Match Sets of four widths of Edgings, with Flounclngs and All-overs.
The Laces comprise Orientals, Egyptians, Cream and Black Spanish Laces, In
numerable styles and qualities of Wash Laces, Egyptian Flounclngs and All-overs,
Oriental All-overs, etc.
JTever Before was tlio Stock so large,
Ifaver Before was the Variety so Choice,
Never Before were Prices so Low,
"inch Swiss Embroidery, !I,S Inches c'otli,
l Inches ot embroidery, nctunlly worth 17c.
Duly l'J'-if per yard,
7-ltch Swiss Kintiroldcry, -l Inches cloth, 11
inches il eiubrolilery, actun.lly worth IJOj.
Only "JOc per. jnrd.
11-Inch SwIph r.mliroldory. (I lnclios clr.til, r
Inches or. embroidery, nctunlly wdttlr .'17'..e;.
only ii.je. per yard.
Jli-lncli Swlsffi'lounclupr, 10 Inches nt dm ti,
II leches otrhibroldery, nctunlly worth OUVjC.
Only 'Klc per yard.
l.VIncu Swiss l'lounclngf, 8 lnclios of flotli.
7 Itches ol heavy embiuldery, actually worth
Only .'Depot' yard.
'Jit luch I wln Muslin riounclnes, 1 1 Inches
or cloth, I) incLo or euibroldory, nctunlly i
KOltll fl.dii.
only 75c ror yntd.
iltl-'tich Swiss Muslin flouncing', 1(1 Inches
or cloth, .'i Ir-ches or ombrotdery, twtuiilly
wotth $1..0.
Ouly Jl.OOperjnrd.
- (
2'.Mich Swiss All over Umbroldory, nctunlly .
duly 7fc por yard.
Woodward &. Lothrop Boston Diy Goods House
921 Penna. Avenue. 912 D Street.
Is Proverbially a Failing of Mankind!
Wc would therefore remind you that to forget to read this week's advertisement
would be an Irreparable loss to you If you are In want of any of the goods offered
below. It seems to be our good fortune that with every new advertisement we aro
in tuck to ofTer new Novelties.
We are Receiving 2o to 30 Cases of Goods
per week, and we can, with pride, flatter ourselves with the clean desirable stock.
The reason why is because our small percentage of profit gives the consumer tlio
benefit, and that sells out our lino from week to week.
Short End 1
You must pardon us, but we have a mania for that class of Goods, and are there
fore going to offer this week a line that will make trade If there Is any in the District.
Ve Vill Start with Lawns.
10 cases or remnant I.nwns, put up In dress
I'nttejns or 2 to 18 ynrac, lie.
ii caees ot Lotes Lawns, nent styles, lie.
li cares ot I'orthshlro Lnwns; these nro
lieautlful goods nnd a grrnt assortment ol
styles, ,14,0.
.'! cases lace figured Lawns, 5c,
'Jcnac3 lino Cuchccu Luwns, 100 dllTorout
style;, CVjC.
! cuecs more ol Otgandio Lawn?, UHc. Wo
mc In hopes of suiting you nil.
lOltynrds or Dunuell'sHlilrltng Prints, neat
styles, tl'-iC.
r(i yards ot I'acllle Clmmbrnys, 7"ic.
1,000 yarda ot Btrlped and plain Beersuckcr,
brown, bluo and black ground, 7'c.
700 yds Ono Trench Zephyr .Cloth, In ehop
lierd plaids, lie. These goods Und ready sale
nt 18c per yard from tbo pteco.
lcasocf Pcquot A J-1 rnblrnched cotton,
I ease of Prldo ot the West Uleacliod Cottou,
.'100 yards or henry II) 1 t'ublenehed Hheet
las, ISc.
SIM) yardo Lockwood (! Unbleached Snoot
in?, 18c.
iiso yards of Heavy KM Illoacbod H'.ieollng,
-100 yards ot Lxltwood KM Weached HUoot.
lot, Wis.
These 10 lots aro all Short Etide.
Now Vc Come witli Our Specialties
:i75d07onot ourcnnlleDze Cortots, In white
only, ill c.
Anotbor lot ol ttiodo All-wool Jorsoys, fllte.
aoopairott Lice Pillow Shams! por pilr,
iiO croes f Torchon Lace, per doxr, lac.
no dozen more ot tUow AU-r,luoti Horn
Ultcuta Ladle' Ilandkorchlais, l tor 'inc.;
Inney bonloruJ.
Double Combination Store
1241 and 1243 Eleventh Street Southeast,
. I
J.M pieces !Much Oriental Lacos, poatl odjo
nctunlly worth 10c.
Only fie per yard.
lll( pieces -1 tn l-'nch Oriental Iacos, splon.
did piutetnp, nuluuily worth 183.
Only lU'c por yard,
7" picceH.l Inch White Orlontal rompndour
I.ace, nctunlly wortli'J."o.
only 15c piv yard.
'J7 Inch Orenm Hrotonno Met, nctunlly worth
Only Oo por yard.
I U7 Inch Cream nail Jiiru I.'syptlau Not,
hnndsoino pntttji'tir, mtuntly wonliji!.
Only $l.."Opsryard.
'J7-lnch Cronm Kscur'nl Ltce Nit, olpgant
fiuullly, nctunlly worn!.
Only $'l.per ynrd.
.'t-lucli Cream Hpnnlsh I.sce, worth 17c.
only I'J'.jC por yard.
'JOd pieces l'aucy Colored Cotton Laces, In
Navy, Drown nml Cardinal, spool illy suitable
ror trimming Hatteoos, Wnghain, Colored
I.nwus, etc., trom U.j to I inches wide.
I'rom 5 to ViXv per yard.
10-fcch While Egyptian I.aco I'louucluss,
actually worth i!'J',o,
I Only lljc per ya'rd.
Short End!
lOOdozon morj or the Oonts' 4-ply Llnon
Collars, st indlng or lay down, r, i,
rU dozeu moroottho C jit , 15
Lidlos" nud Missej' aossamqrs, warranted,
Millinery Department.
Now styles in nat,
l'resb luvolco In l'nncy Scarf.
Now display or Flowers nu l Tot thora and
on eicellont nssonmont or Tr'rama 1 Hats nud
Uoimets, under tuo lolo supervision ot Mill;,
HOAOH, rorinorly with Umo, I'dlmcr.
Mattings! Mattings! Mattings!
l'ancy Mut.lrgs, l2Ko,
I'aticy MnttlngB, lg.
l'ancy Mattlogs, 18
l'ancy Mattings, 20c.
Fnucy Mattings, '.'5c.
Hemp carpot I7e, yard wide,
ineraln, 2c, are, 50c, (lOc,
llrilSBClS, Olio, 05c, (H)c, 7i!c, 85c.
r0 iiooii Window Bbados, wltti tbogonulna
patont roilor, no;, Hpien-Ji l lino ot colors.
Boot and Shoo Depart nent,
lo dozen infants' Button Hhoes, i:i.
20 dozen Infants' Uutton Shoes, 25c.
Children's Bprlncheel Button Shoes, 5 J',,
fine., Ulc., COc, 7!lc.
Children's Qeoled Shoos, 50c.,0l):.,7lc.,80c.
Misses' iiuttou Shoes, with or without solo
lenther tips, 8la.
Ladles' X'ox-utt.fi Sioes, workol uolos,
Ladles' Hand-sowed oxtcrd Ties, 00c.
Men's HoolMao Shoes, C!l '.
Moil's Opera too Congress Otltar-, Imitation
lace, 1.20,
For other styles and pilces -ejnmlno our
UmueDae Steele.
Notes of Intorost to tlio Sorvloo Prom
All Alonff tlio Linos.
Ciitaln .Tohn If. Dorst, Fourth CUvalry,
who wns recently promoted, lias been or
ilcifil to Join his now troop at 1'ort
Apnclif, Arloim,
Llctitcuatit'CuloncI Davlil (!. lloititnn,
Corps of Dnglticers, I'. S, A,, m boon
nutliotlcd to clianso Ills station from July
I to October I, from Now Orleans to N'ow
Voik city.
Lieutenant I'reilcrlck Titles. Tlilnl In
fantry, lias brcii nppolntcil iUarlurnitcr
nf that tci;lmcnt, vluo C'aitalu 1'ianHs II,
Jones, nstistaut qiinrtcrnimter, who Ii.h ru -rIjhkI
hlsrcglnieiitnl commission.
TI)o old inarksmnu's badges nnd cro3'Ol
for tlu iinny havo liccn ordetcd to lie
ttinud in, and tlio now pattern pre;cribol
by Iho letter of MhicIi 17 fiom thu Adju-tnnt-Cieiicinl'i
Olllco will soon bo ready for
Ismic to tlio men entitled to tlicm.
I.tctitrnnnt l'almcr Tllton, Twentieth
Iul'niitiy (of this city i.liai reported al t'ort
Sue. tlii(!, near St. Paul, tinder orders front
tlio AdJittntit-OcncVnl's ullli-o for such light
duty as lio tuny bo nblo to perform. Ho h.n
bien in bad health for xarural yean.
Mnlor Charles II. Tit rock mortoii, Second
Artillery, who h now at rhu Arienal here,
la oidctct! by (leneral iraucock to cn.n
luaml tlicpotnt JarUon II murks, N'ow
Orleans, histendnf Mount Vernon IUrracks,
Alabnmn, and Major Win. Sinclair will go
to (he tatter post.
TI:o Scrrclnty of War has decided that
when tlio lowest bid forstoio by contract
ors Is known lo 'be higher Hum tlio market
jirlro ptirchasing olllccrs may n-juet all bids
and purclia! in open inaikvt. Ho hoUU
that such purchases ate not "omeritcncy
purchnsc9," as Intended by tbo law, and
need not bo referred to him for'approval.
Captain (leorgo M. Wbeolcr, Corps of
I'.nginicts, I'. S. A., lias been pluto'l on
temporary duty hero by tbo Chief of HurI
nccrsto siipctvlso tbo publication of thu
last volumes relating to tlio extcnslvo
geographical, topographies! and geological
sutveys made under his direction west of
the 100th meridian. When thl3 work is
completed ho will again rorert to sick
leave. Captaiu Wheeler has bv no means
lccoveted bin health, and will probably
never again no fit for activo service. Hois
'now compelled to uso crutchos in moving
Wnitlut; 1'itt Irmly lor tin, Adminis
tration id Ker UN I'romlHCN.
K vn.ss City, Mo,, Mny 1,", Captain W.
I.. Couch, tho Oklahoma leader, wa
icccntly In this city In company with
Iho widow of tbo Into Captain l'ayuo, who
enmo hero to look after some insurance
tuattcis, returning in tbo evening to Cald
well,1 whero tbo colonists aro carapocl
Speaking or tbo condition of tbo colony
bo tald It now numbered about liOO man,
tho rest having returned to tlioir homes to
await tho aetion of tlio President. "Cer
tain parties," snys Captain Couch, "In oidor
to tuako capital out of our conservative
ncss, said that wo had disbanded, Tnis Is
not tho case. Tho colonists, relying 'upon
tbo good fultli of tho Administration, liav.i
gone homo to await tho lcjult of 'tho nego
tiations to bo held witli tlio Indians. They
ate prepared to asscmblo at a momunt's
"Vou arosangttit'o as'to tho outcome of
tbo negotiations'.'''
"I am If thu commission authorisd by
Congicss Is appointed. It Is about timo tho
Administration wns doing something. Tho
ouler. excluding tlio cattlemen lias n"v
been enfotced, although tho timo allowod
thctn has about elapsed. Wo ato moroly
waiting to sco what tho President is going
to do, and lfhodoosi)Ot"l!ro" tho "Iiarous"
after n rcatonablo timo wo shall claim tho
privilego granted tho cattlemen and at
tempt to enter thodisnuted tcnltory aisain.
I havo just wiittcu Seciotary T.amar about
tbo matter, but hitvo received no reply
as yet." (
"Do you think furthor legislation by
Congtess necessary before tlio territory can
bo opened up?"
"Xo; 1 do not. Tho last Conuro's author
ized tbo Piosldcnt to open negotiations with
tbo Indians, and if this Is done, thero is no
doubt a satisfactory treaty out bo obtained.
Wo would not havo to await tho conlhma
tiou of tho ticaty, but could sottlo ou tlio
land nnd let that uomo nftorward."
A Nclirino for tlio OlHiiiciiiltcriiicnt
or UiiuU'tiiiitu.
P.n Frakoisco. May 1.". A local lmpor
has advices that a treaty of peace and all I
anco was cntoicil into botween ITouduraj,
Salvador, Costa Itica and Nicaragua on
AprlV 12. Two days after tho signing of
tho treaty, President Zaldlvar of Salvador
issued a circular, addressed to his ministers
and cencials, saying that as ho only wished
for peace and baimony ho had accoptcd,
thiough tho mediation of tho sovoral Cen
tral Amorlcau htatcs, a proposition pro
claiming in Guatemala, as well as In Salva
dor, it decrco granting general nmnesty to
nil Involved In tho l.tto revolution,
President Zaldivar, besides exacting :i
war idemnlty of $10,000,000, says that to
maintain peace in tho futuro It would bo
nccfssaiy to dismember Ouatcmnla, leaving
to that country only sulllclunt land to
rtiuallo her strength nnd wealth with
other Cential Aiuuritau Slates. Ho nsks
thcothcr Stntcs to aid him in this project.
A I'nullHe for Tmilw; Yciirs Con.
MiNNTM'oi.ii', Minn., May 1,",. K. W.
(ioddaid has been arrested hero ou a chargo
of cmbczs'llng 15,000 fiora Austin Corblu
iS: Co., tbo New Vork bankers. Tho crlrao
Is said to havo boon committed twelve yean
ago, when (ioddurd was only sovonteoa
years old. Mr. Ooddard has confessed his
guilt In a lettor to Mrs. Raruaby, wife of
tho gentleman witli whom ho has been cu
gaeed iu business beto for sovoral years.
in tho letter ho said ho was led Into
temptation by a falso friend and adds that
for twclvo years he has boon a fugltlvo from
justice, and now has no hopo foi tho future,
Tho atlalr caused a sonsntlon hero whoro
Ooddatd occupied n high social position.
An Uiiiuilumliln Apiioliilriionl.
l'i,i:KiNi, O., May 13, Tho appoint
ment of Joseph M. Poo as appraiser of cus
toms at Cleveland causes some dissatisfac
tion uniong tho Democrats of tbo district.
Congtcssman Poran has telejraphod tho
President protesting agaliibt tho selection,
and requesting that Mr, Poo's commission
bo withheld uutll tho pioplo of Clovelnud
inny havo an opportunity to bo heard from.
Mi. 1'orau claims to bo actuated only by a
rtcslio to seo a tit man appointed.
(ooil Teitiplnr ItoniN.
Tbo two Idcnl lodgo mootiugs bold
"Wednesday and Thuisdny ovonluas wore
finely attended nnd will bo of great benefit
to tho order.
Several ofthogiaud olllco rs will attend
Indopcndout Lodge to-night nt Cropley
Hall, Georgetown, for the purpose of hold
lug an Ideal session,
A guat mass temporanto nicotine will bo
held nest Sunday at UMO p.m. In Horog'-.
Mitrcurn. Hon. Thoium I). Wowall will
deliver tho uddrcs.
Xlio iiI-t'ro)'iiln.
Wbon you soo indications of coal lying nluus
tbo Burfaco of tbo envtb, you may unow thorn
lsmorocoal underneath, 'lust so when you
poo (in awful case ot snlt iheum, you Cinay
Unow that tbo blood Is In a friRbtliilcuudttiou,
Mr. 1'raucls Blandish, o( Uuxbury, Mass,,
writes that Brown's Iron Ulttora lias proved n
long-wlebod-for friend, because It cured uu
salt rhfli.tn, which bod tormoutedlilin for long
nnd wcury years. Throo battles inalo iilm
reel like n mn? ninn. This valued lomo Jy aHu
curi 4 ueurnl;la, rhatimatistn, etu
A DnuitMIc Hriunlnl Dlsrloscd ly n
Wlfo'w Olilirici'H.
A charge of assault brought by Mis.
Leonora Wright against her husband, Will
iam II. Wright, nnd Mrs. Martha A. (III
mcr, In tbo Police Court this morning,
showed a deplorablo stnto of matrimonial
iiiliiirs in tho Wright family.
Tho two defendants had left ilOcolhtorat
ou'h for their nnpenraneo. .Mrs. Wright
would tint hear of letting tho etso bo dis
poned of by letting them forfeit this trilling
sum, Attachments were issued fur tho de
fendants, and they will lo brought before
tho court to-morrow for trial,
If the statement that Mrs. Wright mado
io tbo Prosecuting Attorney is correct, and
tluro Is no reason to doubt It, alio has good
grounds for cumplalut. She stated that
Mm. (Jlliner is a widow, and employed as a
clerk in the tJiiatlormastcr-Ocueral's olllco,
nt.d resides nt 'S1 Lluveutb street. Sho sus
pected that this woman was alienating tho
allVctlons of her husband und sho deter
mined to watch them.
Yesterday sho followed her husband In
bis huegy to the house of Mr. Cllluior.
She wns on the npposllo sido of tho streot.
The btiugy bad baldly stopped wliou Mrs.
(!. (ami) out nnd got in beside Mr. Wright.
The time for action hail iu rived and Mrs,
Wright, who was disguised in deep mourn
ing, now rushed across thosticet, and rais
ing her veil proclaimed her Identity, "(.let
out of tbete,'' she cried to tho woman,"
".vou have no right lu there licslilo my hus
band." "Drive over her If sho don't get out of
thewajV'suid tho woman In tho buggy,
according to Airs, Wright's story,
"1 will," said tho husband, and, suiting
tho action to thu word, tho horse stinted
nnd Mrs. Wright was knocked dowrr in tho
stirct, while tho vebiclodrovo oil'.
She nllcgis that Mrs, Clilncr struck her
In the face nith her pintsol lis tlio car
rlago wns started. Mis. Wright Immedi
ately went to tlio ollico of Justice of tho
Pence Jlclmick nnd swoieout u warrant,
wbllo her clothes and llcsh boro visible
evidences of tbo assault.
Mrs. Wilght was at court ready nnd
eager to pinsccuto her assailants this morn
ing. Mr. Wright Is In the restaurant busi
ness, at Thiilceuth and II streets north
west. A ltllli il Midi In ii I'rec.
Captain M, H, Itowo has secured nnd
lias on exhibition at Ills storo on Commpico
street one of tbo most remarkable relics of
Uiu war fiom tho batllc-lield at Spottsyl
vauia Court -House, on which ono of tho
hardest lights of tho war took place just
twcirty-eno years ngo this month. Jt Is
tho trunk of a pine tree, in which an uu
exploded Confcdciato rilled shell is Im
bedded. It was cut from the point in tho
lines known as thu "Illoody Anglo,'' on tho
McCeull farm, whero tho brlgado under
General JMward Johnson was captured,
Thetree,notwItbstandiug it was split by tbo
shell soAcral feet above and below thu point
of enhance, was nlivo when cut down. It
will be preserved by Captain Uowo as a cu
riosity as well as n memento of tlio trying
times of 1FI1I, when war nnd desolation
posc6ed our lovely town and county.
IKtcdcrleksbuig (Vaj Xows.
A Sinn Willi Itesi'iiiltlril Hl-Tiui."
Por tbo care of nnd attendance ouSamuol
Cornell, n partially itmnti man, Mrs. Sadio
Tillle of Washington, 11. C. Is suing W. W.
Goodrich and others in the Kings County
Supremo Court to rccovor 'J'JJJII (W. Mr.
Goodrich Is trustee, it Is aliened, of about
jj.OOO of Cornell's money. Mrs.Tilllo's bill
is for a period of six ycais' servlrc. Tho
widow of .Samuel Cornell tostiled before)
Justice, ('ullcn yestcrdny that Sho Is (W
years of nge and bad not seen her husbsnd
lor twenty years; ho was in tho asylum
"before ho went away to tlio war;" ho
never enlisted, but he "followed tho tronp3."
Sho said bo was "moro liko Gl-t.tu" than
any charnctorshn over read about. Ho was
once sent to the old Cnpltol prison beciuso
he. said lie had n commission to shoot Grant.
Hcclsltur was reserved. rX. V. Herald.
"llirow l'lij'Nle 1 llio Uous"
wlicn It Is tho old-fashioned blue mass, bluo
pill sort, nud Insist nn uslni; Dr. rlorc'a
"rieosont vurgnirvo retreis, n rnouorn moui
cnl luxury, being small, sucar-contod gran
ules, containing tho net ho principles ot cer
tain roots nnd lierbe, and widen will bo found
to contain ns much cathattlo powor ns nnyot
tbo old-faMiloned, larger pills, without tho
Inttei's violent, drnslle oirects. Tho pellets
oporato thoroughly aud harmlessly, ostab
llshlng a permanently healthy action' nt tbo
stomach and bowels, nud as nn antl-blllous
remedy aro unemialed.
At .1. UrocU'c so'jNevcnlli Htrot.
l.ni"les Kid (iporn Ullpnors nt 05 nndT'x'.j
Cblldronti bprlus-heel Hhnos nt 7? worth 1 1.
Solar Tip heel or bprlng-beol ouly II.
L vr.iif.si' stx'k or boys' suits, l.lsemau's, 7th
nud K.
LMi'n rrcmlum HulTalo Lager has arrived;
try it. Ue'pol, lt.il Mnrj land avunuo b. w.
Apdiuss your ordeiB for r.nug s l'lomlpm
lltitTnlo LagtrNo. tKIl Marylaud nvo. s. w.
K(d m i M' boys' suits, r.lseman's, 7th .V I:
The (lovernnient ontclals nt tbo City ot
Mexico say that tbo concession to tho Moxlcau
National ltallroad Is likely to bo forfeited, ni
the road baa not boon built at tbo rnto stipu
lated In the concession .
Pi u our -to panto to order, nambnrgei's.
Trnnendous.stocltot boys' suits, Wsonmn's,
Hovtuth and 1
Unity Cnrrliii;i".
relrlgerntors, carpets nnd furniture sold on
weekly or monthly payments nt Smith's, llsi
H. -I. avenue northwest.
Konuv plnid suits to order H8. Hamburger's
CM.i. for Lang's Premium DuiTnlo I.tger.
Km. mi .vr boys' nitts, Wiseman's, 7thand l:.
I, itnt st display ot boys' suits. Klseman's,
Reu-uti nud .
Lmgest display of hoys' aulU, UUeman's,
Hevcuth and u.
"Alileriit-y Itnlrj Wiiroiin."
Fresh Aidemey butter, cnurnoa ovory morn
Ins aud deliuaed In 'jib "Ward" prints, 10?.
per lb. Also cottage cheasc, buttitrmllU uud
sweet milk, Sc. per qt. Cream, l."c. por pint.
LMiorhr boys' department in the city. Elso
num't, soventhnud i:.
J'tsthT Hue ot children's suits. lUsonuu's,
7th nnd 1'..
linen lino cf children's aults. uistman's,
Seventh nnd i:.
en vcl Duos, will clc-nu your carpets.
"Vomit; Slcii ! Itenil Tills.
The VoltatoDeit Co.. ot Marshall, Mich., of.
ferto send their colobratod Kloctro-Voltctc
licit nnd other elccttlc nppllaucoa on trial fi r
thirty days, to men (young or old) nffllo-ed
wttb nervous debility, loss ot vitality nnd mtn
hood, nud nil Utndiod troubles, Also tor runt
matlsm, neutalsla, paralysis, and mauyotlisr
diseases. Ccmplcto restoration to healto,
vigor arid manhood guarautood. Xorlslc Is
Incurred asthlitydaysttt.tllsallon'ed. Write
them at once for Illustrated pamphlet tree,
For tlio Host Mcii'k t'onirrpM, i.uroil
nrliutton llrotsorl.ow tjunrteratJ, s to .1.
Uracil's, HO'J tjereutb sttcet.
Driinlteiuii'ss, or (lie Liquor Iltililt,
i'ltn Ijo Ciiri'tl tiy Ailinlulilarliiir
lr. lluliii's (lolilen Njieclllc.
it can be given in a cup of cutr eo or tea with
out the knowledge ot the person nklns It, of.
feeling nspeody and permanent cure, whether
tho patient is a medorato drlnkoror nn alco
holic wrecB. Thousandj or drunkards uve
been mado temper nto ru.-n who havo taken tho
aoldeu Bppollla In tbolrcotTea without tuolr
knowledge, and to-day believe they eiultdrtnu.
ing nt tholr owu free will, Ko liarmful oCticta
result trom Its admlulstrattun. Uu.-oa C'tar.
nnteed, Circulars and testimonials eoutfieo,
Addicts, Ui'i.wNSpmrji oo
185 ItaceHt., ClnclnnaM, O.
t'r salo by It, n. Helphensture, i.bbitt
IloujPrucbure, am orsne iner I'oarteentb
8ttet and Vernifint avenue.
"AMcrnej Dairy Wnjfomi."
FrU Alderncy btttter. caurud every morn,
leu nud delivered in ty lb lV7ara" urlntn, lOo.
per lb, Also oottn;a cueci, butterulttc nad
sweet mils, ov, per ((. Ore&m, I5t, psrptit
Tnh nt.txfv. Mi rn.Mt vtTin H.Mitt sc kh.
I.'jM nlclit was the rloslug ot tho inentlngH ot
ine hcldlora' Tempernuco I'nlon nt tbo Wasn
liipten Unrrnckg, The troops nt Hint post'ln n
few ilnye will take their efipnrttiro for ttirlr
ricw lie rd ot duty In tho Sdutn. A largo num
tcrof It lends ol thocnuso wero present to bid
the soldier boys n good-by. President Kt-lly,
In (ipenlcc tbo exercises, spoko ot tbo good.
vvMk 11.0 1 nluir hnd nccompllshed among tho
telillftK nnd the great assistance derived from
their many rlelllnrr rrlends. It possible they
uculil, ntle-t being settled Inthelt now station,
Urno lo cri;niilo new soldier leiiipornuco
litdi'im there. Mrs. lloach, presldont ot the
W. V. T. t'.i Mother Iluwnti, superintendent of
the seddli tb' lempernnco worki l)r. l'resbrey,
11. 11. Moulton, .1. v. rtiompKon, Plonnor 0 tun.
(II, H. (i. ,l,i li. -UcMcr ot Anncostla, Jumes
JlRlchelt and Jniues 0. I.eo also spoke. Dr.
1'raiilt Whltogavo cmnle re-dllatlona nnd Miss
Nnjlor tecltou, while tho 1'iero family gave
reinccxcclleiil vocal selections. Tbo Am'ott
C'iriitr Cliolr Inriilslieil good vocal music.
Alter the close ol tlio meeting n genrul hand
sbaklnB with tbo soldiers took place1, onry
olio wishing them u godsend and nrrocilounto
geir el-br.
Ite I ini.i. Cl.l n Thn business man ot
South Wssiitiiittuu lime ukcii unite an inter
cM In tbo icMirynulitl'in of tholtoiodnlollsso
brill nlLr, and nro it'spmidluit must liberally
In the appeal of tbo club tor funds lo ittiirertu
nml pincu the club on n good rooting. The
club hrm de-cldcil t adopt n uniform soniu
wlml similar to that f Urn l'rnvldcnco nine,
which Is n gray suit nud dark bluo stockings,
be It nnd enp, TIhI buys, cui bo couipllmnuted
ou their tnsle, ns tho uulftrm Is ono of the
ucnttst In the Hold. Tbo uniforms hnvo been
Ii.irrhusrd lu New York, and four Imeo nl
icudy nrrlvud. Thoeoiittlbutlons so far nto
nearly su indent to pay for tho uniforms. Tho
dtnimmd In tho Washington llsrrnuks Is
chilmrd by tbo boyp, nnd overy nttnrrnon
prnctlcnpnmt s aro Indulged In Ihero. The
club Is must nn.Ntoua to henr from somo ot thn
Ircnl nmaleurclul'H fur mi opening game. A
mcialUK (! Iho club will bo held nt Dcckor'H
ilnll, ru VltglnJ ivomie, between Sixth nnd
boei th MrteliTeouthwest, next Tuetdny tor
Hie ptirposo of electing n nvinoccr. All mem
bets of tbo tinliitnlty nto lnvlled to bo present,
AtJtni. 'I in r. -Tho t trainers Ocorgo I.eary
and Jatio Morelcy bri.tiglit iili n Isrgo frelRht
ef vrgetablch nnd fruits this morning. Tho
pnsRnger lltt of tho I.eary was very largo.
Tho fastest timo on record was mado betwoon
Washington and Uld Point Com tort
by the l.enryon her return trip trom Xotfolk
on Wedrculny, the time being from Old Point
lo Washington In ton hours nud twonty-llvo
mlhtius. Tho (steamer wns nt tbo timo
henvlU' loaded with IrolRht and n number ot
patseiicers wein on board. The speed ot tbo
stenincr Isnttrlbuted to tho overhauling sho
iccelid In Unltlmoro two weeks sluop.
BM.r. til Till. lAil. I.sinn. The salo ot fin
ttenmcr i:celslor nt tho I'jtunrto Hteatuti.iat
Coini any did not lake pines yesterday. Tnu
stramci wlllbu sr.ld nt tho whin I te-motrow
nioinlng at J I o'clock. Tho steamer, which Is
nearly now, cost tho-eompnny (.J7"i,U00.
Tnr Imhax Cose i.uts. Tho Indian concorts
on the Ninth aud 1'. struots commons was at
tended by fully 1,000 people last evening, I!
ptteet was blocked wttb wagons nud carriages,
South Washington Is bnlug Hooded with the
Irdlnn mcdlcltio which Is sold while tho con
cert Is In operation.
50c BACH.
Welcb, Margetson & Co..'s
Slater, Buckingham & Co.'s
I'ormerly bold for 7rc. nnd $1.
At 7fic, $t.00 nnd jI.'.'S each,
In Neat, Pretty nnd Nobby Effects, on Light
and Dark Grounds.
New Windsor Scarfs.
New Do Joiiiville Scarfs.
New Fotir-in-Hantl Scarfs.
New Tlek Scarfs,
in four different shapes,
New Band Bows, In three styles.
Julius Lansburgli,
315 Seventh Street.
115! rUMTUBfl:
And Upholstery Materials.
415 Seventh St. N. W.
Carpots, ruinltmo and Upholstery, New
Canton MnttliiBi a largo Stock of llaby Car
riages, nnd the celebrated
Alaska Eefrigerator.
Window Screeus nnd the Celebrated Wood
Loose Covers for Furniture a Specialty.
Carpet, , Furniture, Betltlino, Dra
pery and Upholstery Warerooms.
-W- KC. HC033E:B3,
801 MAHKET SPACE, U08 li .110 8tU Ht. n. W.
817 Market Space, Pa. nvo. i near Oth 8t,
New York Ilaltlmoro:
1 IS filth avontio. SOI SOU W. Ualto, st.
Grand, Upright and Square Piano
Wo bee to nnnounco to our Washlneton pn
ttons that desiring to error them Bt'eatertaciit
ties in tholr denlluge with us, wo have opened
warerooms nt
817 Market Space, Pa. ave., near 9!h st.,
The tnmo ate conducted directly by our
delves, and customers can deal with us there
to precisely tho samo advantage ns at ourllal.
timpronnd Now York establishments.
A full assortment of our various styles ot
Orands, I'prlijhtinndSiuaro l'inuos will con
stantly bo found on hand.
WM. KN.UlE t 00,
tarriANOs ron nest.
Tuning and lepalrlug piomptly mended to
by expctleueed wotktueu. nrju 'jni
lEmeTsou.StccK & Ban's Pianos
Wilcox ft Whlto nnd Elmbnll
Orcan. Vlanos nnd orcnUB sold
on Installments, reueder exchan.-ed, runt ap
plied It purchased,
Usuries ranucr ot the lata acu e( UU9 !. Ov,
Sun MbrellaS' and- Pa-rasols.
. Special. Piices--Io"wer than EYer.
We Offer for .This Week Only
100 24-inch Hoavy Twilled Silk, at $1.67, regular prico $1.98.
75 26-inch Oil Boiled Twilled Silk, at $1.87, regular prico $2.48.
50 24-inch Doublo Twillod Silk, Paragon, at $2.25, regular price
$3 ; fancy Handlos.
50 Full 27-inch Extra Quality Silk, at $2.G8, rogular price $2.98 ;
good value
Just recoived 100 piecos genuine Japanese Silk Pongeo, at 25c.
per yard.
Co'acliersJ Coachers!. Coachers!
' (ut Quality Surah Satin, at $1.09, rogular prico $1.25.
85 Superior Quality Satin, Paragon, natural wood Handles, fancy
tops, at $1.67, regular prico $1.98.
50 Heavy Satin, Paragon, 12, ribs, fancy tops, in Navy, GarnBt, Ecru,
Drab, Brown and Black, at $1.98, were $2.38.
100 Best Quality Satin, 12 ribs, Paragon, in Garnet, Navy, Tan,
Card, Brown and Black, at $2.25, sold everywhere at $2.75.
A Large Assortment of
lisses' and Children's Parasols,
In all the new Colors ant! Shapes, at 29, 39, 50, 67, 90c, anil $1.23, $1.60, SI. 98,
Lace Trimmed Parasols.
Goctl Duality Satin, colored linings, with 5 'n. Spanish Laoe,$2.93, rojular price
Our $4.00 Beit Quality Satin, Parasols, with tliangeable silk linings, flat shape,
paragon frame, w.th 5 in. Silk Spanish Glmpure Lace, at $t; extra yaotl value.
420, 422, 424 and 426 Seventh Street.
An Llcgant lino of iufnnts' aud Children's
Merino CMs and. faffing Suits,
for SprluR wear, plain jtud einuroldorod, In
MGtijerlluubarrt aud other stylo;. Long aud
White Dresses, Slips and Rob's, Lace
Peck-a-Boo and Shirred Caps,
comprising tlio latest styles, at
(His t) lit hi., i). l'litcnt Ollle-r.
iiws palaobT
The Largest Stock of Millinery and
Fancy Goods and Visiles In the city.
03. Or. ID-AVIS,
Black Dress Goods, Embroidorios,
Lacos and Trimmings.
rull Stocl: of Sun Umbtollns nnd Tarasola.
Illle-j lliilMluir. Cor. Dlliniiil 13 Nln.ii.tt
Ladles' Tailor and Haliitmaker,
730 Seventeenth-St. N. W.
For Bargains in Dry Goods
HOSIERY .a Specialty
aia stvExra STitnuT nokthwkst,
House-Furnishing Goods,
They Stand at the Head?
Vor Otntlemtn'i wear, in fAn irVrM, ,fov tht
money tiramcvK (i
.tat! j'iiidm'' k'cciii1 ( Stiii'y.Atl (inn & Co. hlrgc,
U'lieno (joidi aiia It "f tlierlinat t'rengli nnd l)i
montioiitunk, KniKiioa toi,iuliiiiul und nuichiiia
(.owod.tul'iJ.Niiltl.rt.IlUHON and I.AtJi:. utnl
UVXIHYX'AHu WAlin.VNTIJK. HatUtaction li
BUrnntcdevyoiiuth if wi 1111 tlio tticy, AJam
aOo, fcilioe. l)uUlrryiluialiy(li,U-i.l.iiaculcv,
It these goods nro not Kent lu tttoou liy your
duller bei.a jMur nd dross to HTM v, AuVMs f;
C-'., l' suzuiuei; fsuevt, Uoswo, Ma,
I DijSA dU 3s3
Capital Prize, $150,000.
' ft'C CIO fltrcOt Ctriirv tnut wemnurmt tlitnr
rangtmtntijor all tkt Jlohtilji and SttnUAnMial
Uratclngi o TM Louisiana Mate lolteiy Cvtn
pan;, anil in jieison managt and coldtol the
Oraumgt ttiaitstluB, audi thai tl.t saim art con
iucttd tilth honttty, falrneti, and inqood raltn
tonard aUpartla, und ut authoi Ue tfit Company
tovttthttt.aHttcaU,ullfiftic-slMllti or our iIq.
naiuutattachtd, in Uu aditrlistmeiUi."
Ovir Half a Million Distributed,
Louisiana State lottery Company
Incornirtt-fl tn 18li8 (or 2.5 years j trie Lesttlif
Utureiior Kilucnllonal nnd Ulmrltnble piirmnei
with it eni.ltnl or l.uoo.wo to which reoerve)
tuel ul over (DW CIO has alnco boon idiled.
Ity an ovcr IicIiiiIiik popular voto Its franchise
mil mndn u part ot tho present SUtoOonttltutlou
artniilwl Die'rlUler2.A.D. 1878.
Ilhiiiiii)lMiiu:liAiii,iiM-i'lriitt liico "III
taku lilaco iiinntlily, Jt nnrrnmlnoriionimiin.
Look nt tlu'lollowlni; distribution;
ISlxt (Il'llllll Jlllllllll.t
AND Till:
In I 111- Acnilciiiy ol'.llimlc, 'tt' (llli'iiti'.,
Under tho remount supervision and muuucmeut
Gen. G. T. BEAUREGARD, of Louisinna, & 1
Gen. JUBAL A. EARLY, of Vlrolnia.
CAPITAL PRIZE, $150,000.
3-A'lli'i Tlflicl urn Tfii lllillun
onl.i. Unit , !;,. l'iltlm, tjS. 1Yullii,$l.
lOAFXTAlillllZGOF 1150,000 ...Ittfl.OO
UiRAMll'ltlhiUP OiV,K)U ftOJmi
1 GKANI) lMIJ'.HOl'' Wflu BDJmi
2IiAU3Kl'lll.lSOP 1H.IMI aji
4I,Alt'lKrJII.K80F H.W W.O-iO
aii'itiKhbOiv i,uai ii,j
m " wm '.'VOtW
no " :iw ao w 'A
am " aw 4i.fw) r
im " loi , io,(aki
1,MX) " ft w.W)
KO AppriKluiatlcn l'rlesor .io ;o,rAi
I m
1W , II,'7M
:,SiVrrl!'ci,nmoiiiiUiiBtu .".'.soo
Application ror ratettn ctnba nhonld be rartda
only to the uttlcu ot tht) Company lu Mew l)r
leng, i'orlnrthor Intorruatlon write r.lwerly, clvlne
roll addrem, l'OMTAl, 2VOTI:n, kxnris
ittiney Orders or New Yurh KxchftOKO lu ordl
naiy letter. Currency by Kxrires (all nunit ui
t5 ivnU upnardt nt our oxpeuse) addressed
3f. A. IIAUl'HI.V.
IVetv OrlciuiN, I.n.
MaVe r, O, Money Orders payable and address
JlCRlstered Letters to
Mow Orleans, I, it.
I. P. LIBBY, 310 9th St.
rhoto-EDgrwviug EatabHshmeat,
In connection with my JPATENT l'UOOUSH,
aupreriarfd to liirnhh
l'howgrapltluit ou Wood for tho Traits.
( iM' k.m.
" Sj, Uv At iA j-a. tt - -5 l- j.w

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