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17TH VKAH---UO. 5,2
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11 -
The First District Appolntmont -Important
Iiiteir.iiil Rovomte Chango
in Virginia unci Kontuoky The Presi
dent Not ut Homo to Visitors To-day
A Qulot Drty lit tho Wlltto House.
'J lio I'rcsidcnt to-day appointed tho fol
ios ltij; Collectors of Customs!
lluitATii) I j. Cnoi'ti:,' District of
-Georgetown, D. (3.
VximvM It. Mvvn, District of Nor
folV. nnd Portsmouth, Vn,
Ii I'THA V. H.Uii:t,Dlstrlet of Key West,
Alo tlio following collectors of Intcrunl
reicnuo- James 1'. ltoblnson, Seventh
Dlstiirt of Kentucky; Charles It. llcnshaw,
Miotic Island; .Tolin T. Meflraw, West Vlr
ginin;ticorgo W. Holms, 1'outth District of
Ylreluln- Andrew T. llllctt.Bccoml District
of Ylrgiiila; and Samuel KM, Fifth Dis
trict of Now .Toisoy.
Itlcbatd L. Croploy, tho new collector of
(Icoigctown, Is a native of that place utiil
about Kl years of ago. His father,
Samuel Cioploy, was ono of tho
orlglunl settlers of Ucorgotown and
founder oftho largest mcrcantilo houso in
that section oftho country, now known as
S. C'ropley's Sons, and managed hy IS, II, &
A. B, Croploy. Mr. It. Croploy has lioon for
many years a largo and successful bilck
manufacturer. Tho appointment Is an
excellent ono and will givo unlvorsal sat
Isfaction, John Ilcall, corn meal miller,
was supported for tho position hy Colonel
J, Cl. Ilcrrct and John A. Ilakci of tho
Mctiopolltan Club.
Nothing of ..Interest was dovolopcd to
day. THE 1'HKSIIiKNT'B l'Vt.l.Rr.4,
Tlicro wero many to-day, but all woio re
fused admittance.
coi.okei 1 vmo.vi (,oi: IIOMI..
Colonel Lamont left tho city last night
for his old homo in Cortlatid County, Now
York, and will remain until Tuosday.
Tho Navy Department is notified of tho
arrival at Now York of tho second bat
talion of marines from tho Isthmus of
thi: .inANN'i irr.'M!.Monii..
It has been decided that a suitable slto
should bo selected in this city instead of
Annapolis for tho memorial to bo erected to
tho memory oftho victims of tho Jeannotto
Iowa politicians claim to know that tho
President has decided to annul tho appoint
ment of Williams as marshal of Mint State,
against which emphatic protest was made,
4indto appoint tho man urged for tho posi
tion by tho Iowa Congressmen.
Till! W'At.M COURT.
Tho decision of tho Attornoy-Qouor.il
sustaining tiio court's jurisdiction wairoad,
and after discussing demurrois of tbo do
feuEc, which wero ovcrrulod, a plea of uot
guilty was entered. Tho court thou ad
jourucd to Monday, at 10:".0 a. tu.
. a nnir.rrni) hid.
'J ho Secretary of tho Treasury has de
cided to follow tho prccedont set by Secre
tary Vnlger In declining to considor a bid
received after bids havo boon opened, al
though it is proved to havo boon mailod
beforo tho opening took plheo. Iu tho caso
In question J. II. O Itourko bid for tho
brickwork of tho lirooklyn public building
sovoral thousand dollars lower than any
other bidder, but his proposal was not re
ceived until somo hours, after tho lotting.
Till! Al'Ol'STA 1'OoTOri Ki
lt isasseitcd very positlvoly that tho l!o
publican Senators and friends of Mr.
lilaino havo succeeded in defeating Colonel
Morton's application for tho Augusta (Mo.i
po-dofllce, and that another Democratic
candidate will bo presented. Govoruor
Plalsted is still confidout of Coloucl Mor
ton's appointment, but others concodo that
tho opposition, on tho gtottud that Mr.
Morton is porsoually oil'ouslvo to tho Maluo
Senators, and to Mr. Blalno, and has beou
indecently abuslvo, etc., has been oll'ectual.
thi: ciiineii; mii-sion.
Judgo Wallaco of San Francisco is in tho
city, arid is said to have been tendered tho
Chinese mission, IIo is about 55 years of
ago, and was for a nuuibor of ycar3 Chief
Justice of the Supreme Court of California.
He has also served sovoial terms in the
I.egislaturo of that State. Ho Is a very
wealthy man, and has an oxtcnslvo law
practice In California. Ho belongs to tho
antl-FIcld factiou of tho party, and has al
ways been a blttoropponcnt of Chlncso im
migration. MAINTi CONTIATH.
Thcro aro somo very warm contests ovor
tho eollectorshlps and suivoyorshlps iu
Maine, aud a largo number of olllco-sookors
and politicians fiom that Stato aro in tho
city interested In tho contests. Tho appli
cants are in many instances piomlncnt
men of national reputation and distin
guished military records. Tho contosts at
Augusta and 1'ortlaud aro tho warmest,
aud tho National and State committees,
tho Congressmen and tho leading Domocuts
of tho Stato aro taking a very active inter
est in tho battles.
touNsr;i. intoADfti.Ai) n w.nirw.
lis.-Congressman James 0. Ilroadhead of
St. I.oui3 arrived at Wlllatd's last night.
This morning ho visited tho Department of
Stato and qualified as counsel for tho Gov
ernment In tho 1'icnch spoliation claims,
and later paid his respect3 to tho President.
Mr. Ilroadhead will ho Joined hero by his
son and by Mr. William Hyde, editor ot tho
H. fcuis HejtulUemi, both of whom will ac
company him to France. Ho expects to re
main in Washington until tho 10th inst,,
mid w 111 sail from Now York on tho '11,
icmalning ahrond flvo months.
Maishal Koot o( tho Southern Iowa dis
trict has lcslgucd in an original and Ititot
istltig letter, concluding by saying that ho
tendered lits resignation for two reasons,
which aro, ho says, "Fiist. I bollovo that
tho Dcmocints of tills district, who havo
woiked night nud day lor tho success of
their ticket, with 3011 at their head, while
1 did all In ray powor to defeat thorn and
jou, ought to bo rowaided by receiving tho
c dices within tlio gift oftho Domneratie
patty. Second. I hive been elected by my
iellow-towustucn of both parties to nn linn
orahla position of Must and profit, nnd I
Ehall accept the position."
si nvrYOiwiE.N-usu.siiiP'.
A new mlo has been adopted by tho In
terior Department, whereby all appoint
ments tor Survoyor-Gcnnrnl will ho limited
to practical surveyors. Under oxlstlngat
inngcmciits tho Department llnds that tho
surveyors aro depondeut on their chief
clerks aud deputies for tho tcchnieil fniflr
uiatlun icqulrcd to piopoily transact tho
business of jho olllco and It is to work a re
foim In this tospect that tho now rule lias
been adopted, It has also been dotorml nod
that tho appointments for Iioglstor of
Lands, Receiver oftho, fund Olllce and
isitiveyor-Gonorala will not bo eoulluod to
resident of tha Toiritorlea In which tho
odiees are located, as tho Department holds
that these tuo not strictly Tortitorhl
1 dices
An appeal has been mado to tho Provi
dent and tlio Attomoy-Uenoral by tho tag
imrortiiB and paper uku pf tho country
for a decision as to the constitutionality of
tho trculiitlous of tho Treasury Depart
ment, prohibiting tho Impoilatlou of nx.
csiciit after certain processes of dlsliifcc
lion. Tim claim Is that thoio Is no au
thority of law for tho regulations now ov
Istlnp, and that tho l'mldcnt should ut
onco annul them. Iftho Attornoy-flcncrat
should Mutaln the legality of tho regula
tion1, tho paper men will direct their ef
forts to loiiviiK'Ing tho, TicRjury Dipirt
inent that tho uresont reiiulroniontMaro not
only oppressive, but useless. They will en
ilciivoi to drmontinto that a c.iso of cliuhirA
never was and never can bo ci.n
munlcntcd hy a bilo of i.ii?, and
that if it wero rosslblo to Intioduca tho
lague by this means tho oxlstlng regula
llofis would alloid no saleguard. In support
of tills last claim It Is assorted that tho sul
phur disinfection at foreign ports Is I11
eirietual and that tho domestic disinfection
entails so much handling and nvposuronf
tho rags beforo their disinfection that dls
caso would ho contracted by tlio men and
boys on tho wharves if tho rags .wore in
fectious. Iftho Attorney-General sustains
tho regulations tlio Treasury Department
will bo urged to amend or annul them.
tjimam n ni iwitntrNT 11 vxm v.
Promotions -Miss llmiiia A, McCuly of
South Carolina, from class ! to class :i in
olllco of tho ( ommlsslonor of Internal Rev
enue. Charles 1'. Freeman of Goorgla from
class '! to class ;! in tho olllco of the Secre
tary. w r. iiiTunMr.NT iiivwu:,
Tho following clerical chaiig03 havo hcon
mado Iu the War Department Fred. II,
I.clleits of Now Yoik. George It.
lllcdgctt of Maine, and Aloxls L. Pratt
of California havo hcon selected
for appointment as clerks of tho $1,003
class in tho Suigcon-Gcncral's olllce, 12th
rldgo J. Garrison of Tonncsseo, and
Cthclhcrt W. Grablll or Missouri,
selected for appointment to tho
samogrado In U10 AOjutaut-Gonoral's Of
flee. Joseph Sampson of this city has been
appointed a laborer lu tho Orduanco llu-
Sllnoi- mill Personal,
A full set of sails has bcon ordered for
the Iiorjuols.
Secretory Kndlcott, Genoiol Drum and
Colonel liarr wero at Itock Island, 111,, yes
terday. C. Ii. Scott of South Carolina, lccontly
appointed United States Minister to Yen
ciicla, hasqinilillcd,
Tho President was accompauiod In his
drive to tho Soldlors' Homo yesterday by
Mayor Banks of Albany.
Thomas Sullivan, gatekeeper of tho aque
duct at tho Great Palls, has been chargod
beforo thu War Department with having
used bis olllco for political purposes.
Tho British Minister doiiics as utterly
unfounded tho repoit that lie had appealed
to tho State Department to provont an In
vasion of Canada from Northern Now York.
Postmastcr-Geuoral to-day appolutod
twenty-seven fourth-class postmrstcrs.
Among them was tho appointment of J. A,
Lyon to bo postmaster at Bryautown,
Judgo Walter (J. Grcskani, ox-Postmaster-General
and ex-sccrotary of tho Treasury
under President Arthur, has paid his re
spects to tho President and returns to
Chicago to-day.
Mr. Waltor N. Allen of tho Topoka. Kan.,
Journal, who has been indorsed by his dele
gation for appoiutment as United States
marshal for tho Topcka district, Is In tho
city, and will mako a ronowed ell'ort Iu his
own behalf.
Tho commltteo appointed to count tho
cash lu tho Treasury and tho unilotsaod
notes in tho Bureau ot Engraving and
Printing has fouud tho cash aud unllnlsuod
notes to correspond with tho accounts on
tho Treasury books.
Tho contest between Mowry iud I.cgiro
Walker for tho Chailestou collectorship is
giouing very bitter, and all tho political
inllucnco lu tbo Stato is boing uxciciscd on
ono sldo or tbo other. Tho fight has grown
personal and abuslvo.
Coloucl Itaine, tho now consul to Berlin,
was given a banquet by tho Gernianla
Society of lialtimoio lust night. Among
tho guests wero Third AssIstantSecrotaiy of
Stato A. A. Adco and Chief of Consular
Bureau F. 0. St. Clair.
John Fohrcnbaclii inspector of tho sovonUi
stenmbcat district, who has his hoadquar
tcrs at Cincinnati, is said to be in d.mgor
of being removed, and W. S, Itocers ap
pointed to tho place Mr. I'chronb.tch was
appointed by President Arthur only a shott
tlmo ago.
Predictions aio now mado that tho
President will appoint Genoral Rosecraus
to ono of tho following positions; Collec
tor at tho port of San" Francisco, Iteglster
of tho Treasury, Register of Wills lu tho
District of Columbia, or a vacancy soon
to occur on tho Mississippi itlvcr Com
mission. As Intimated in ycstoiday's Cismc, At
tornoy.Goueinl Garland lias tendered a
decision that tho court-mat tial has juris
diction to try tlio charges against ov-Surgeou-Geuoral
Wales. Tho point raUod
was that tho bureau is a civil rather thau
a naval one. Tho Attomey-Goneral decides
that it is a naval olllco aud its incumbent
subject to naval regulations.
Tho appropriation for tho paymont of
bounty to volunteers aud their widowd and
legal hciis and for tho pay of two and thrco
year volunteers has beon exhausted. Afcoi
Juno ."0 tbcro will bo no funds available for
claims of volunteers foi arrears of pay aud
bonutIC3 uor any claims of olllcor3 and sol
diers of tho army that accrued prior to
Juno "0, ISsIl, except fur three months' ex
tra pay foi servlcos in tho Moxtcau war.
Tlio new consul to Chemnitz, Mr. Goorgo
0. Tanner, has been In the cousular service
foi tho past llvo or sis years, Ho served
at Ycrvlorf nn,d Liege, flelglum, until last
year when ho was transferred to Teguci
galpa, Honduras, Ho has always been a
Democrat, aud was originally appointed to
tho consular servico through tho Inlluoncc
of Senators Ilutlei and Hampton, Mr.
Tanner Is in this (Ity at prcacut 011 leave
of abtenco.
Standing BtilVulo and two other Indian
chiefs of tho Ponci nation, with their in
terpreter, havo been given on audlonco by
Sccretniy Lamar. They claim that wheu,
in 1S77, they wero removed from Nebraska
Into Indian Territory thoy wero told that
they should havo their now lauds, aud not
bo forced into occupancy In severalty until
they wero ready. This agreement, tbey
fay, has not bcon carried out Tho visiting
Poutns arrived night boforo Inst.
Latoyestciday afternoon Secretary tannr
announced the appoiutment of tho follow
ing special agents of tlio Bureau of Labor
Charles II. Judd of Coloiado- Joiias Llbhy
of Now York;Llgin R, L, Gould of Mary
laud. Unity (.', Wllsou of Now Jcrsoy, Will
iam H. Stinson of Now Hampshire, Jumos
Itecd of Massachusetts; Arthur B. Woodford
of Connecticut; J, H Grovos of Delaware'
II, L. Ihmson of Pennsylvania; Gregor
Fos of Pennsylvania; Charles F. Gil
lian of Ohio, William S. Maudby of Ohio;
Itluggold W. Biownlng of Maiylaml: Will
'lam O.Trcnholm ol south Cirollnn, llouvy
Nowmau of Missouri, Henry Jones of
Georgia, and Solonus o, Waid of Now
Yoik, It Is Bald at tho Interior Dopait
ment that tho question of politics had noth
ing to do with tho aboo appointments,
neither had tho views of tho appointees on
economic questions, On tho contrary all
shades of politics and of tariff views aro
rcpuscntcd among tho mon selected.
No ariinltemiess ul tlio Ituecs.
Tlicro was ouly erne re) ort of pocket
picking and thoio was not a singlo nan
airestcd foi being di mi v at fio rccs.
Dr. Clmppollo SuysThat nil Rumors to
Tlmt Elfoot Ave Unfounclatl Who
Orlglnutoit tho Ielou of tho University
unci Who Aro to bo Its Faculty.
. Dr, Chappelloof St. Matthow's Chinch
rcgaid to tho published statomout that
was asked to-day by a Cnn 11 rcportor lu
there was a hitch in locating tho now
Catholic University 011 tho Mhlitloton es
tate, near tho Soldiers' Homo.
Dr. Chnppcllo replied that all state
ments to that cll'ect wero unauthorized and
wholly unfounded, There Is no hitch.
Tho Middle ton property has boon
purchased and tho transfor will bo
mado as soon as the title to it Is
t erfcclcd. "Tho puichaso was not cil'eutoil,"
Dr. Chappello said, "until tho present own
ers of It had guaranteed the removal of any
nulsiineo that might be lu existence In the
neighborhood of tho now university."
It Is very probable that tho cHtlo-yaids
ot which complaint has been mado will bo
abolished within two years, as not much
business Is done there. Tho oilglu of tho
report about a hitch In tlio location of tho
collego Dr. Chappello said was tho fact that
somo vory zealous friends oT tho university
had detected a bad odor In tho vicinity.
"It was, however," continued tho doctor,
"discovered that tho odorcamonot from tho
cattlc-yaids but from tho bad dmlnago of a
liouso on tlio piopcrty. Hut, as I have suit
before, wo havo a guarantee that auy nui
sance that may bo found In tho neighbor
hood will bo abated." '
There is already talk of tho probablo
faculty oftho now college. It is thought
that Bishop Spalding of Peoria, III., will bo
mado rector. Ho is a nephew of tho Iato
Archbishop Spalding of Baltimore. Ho is
a very cultured, polished nnd eloquent
gentleman. Ho spent some tlmo in Wash
ington a week ago as tho gliesc of Senator
Yancc. Ho Ii very popular socially. Hols
also qulto a controversialist, aud has con
tributed latgely to tho religious literature
oftho day.
Tho idea of having a National Catholic
University of a high order originated, It is
bcliovcd, with Bishop Becker of Wilming
ton. Ho has for thc)last twenty yoars urged,
both hy pen and from tho pulpit, tho estab
lishment of Elicit an institution, Hols
generally considered tho most learned
of American prelates. IIo Is a German,
and though ho has novel visited Ireland,
speaks tho Irish language very well. At a
presentation to'l'opc 1'iusIX. ho oil'ercd tho
usual congratulations in good Celtic.
Archbishop Ryan of Philadelphia, who is
regarded as tho first orator of tbo Cathullc
hierarchy; Archbishop Williams of Boitou,
of rare business ability and strong Intel
lectual attainments; Archbishop Ireland of
St. Paul, famous for his touipcrauco aud
Catholic colonisation objects; Archbishop
Kain of Whcollng, who is ovor six feet
high and strong in tho wotk of tho chinch;
Archbishop Kldorof Cincinnati and Arch
bishop Kcano of Richmond havo all hoen
most earnest iu promoting higher education
in tbo church. Tho latter is called tho
silver-tongued orator. Whilo at St.
Patrick's church, In this city, his sotnions
wero among tlio Sunday attiactlons. His
pet idea is tho conversion of tho Southern
uegiocs to Catholicism.
A Xutimi! Vein Thoiiirlit to JIUvo
Ucou St in cli.
Ycstci day afternoon at" o'clock oil was
struck iu tho excavation bolug mado on F
street near Flovcuth street. Mr. John
Dorr in charge of tho gang at work
thcro noticed a strong smell of oil wlion
a depth of about twelve feet was
reached. Tho smell camo from tho sldo of
tho excavation near tho foundation of tho
houso adjoining. A match was applied to
somo of tbo clay taken from thcro and tho
oil with which it was saturated ignited.
A small triangular oxcavatiou was mado.
Into this tho oil was to-day oo.ing almost
impcrciptlbly fiom two directions.
It is not believed thatitho oil comes from
a quantity of that lluld which may havo
been spilled iu years past, but from a
natural vein. Tests will bo mado to dis
cover if tho vein amounts to anything.
Tho oil comes Into tho llttlo triangular holo
with water. About two gallons, half oil
and half water, havo 0 far been tho result
of tho find, A number of people visited
tlio place to-day aud took small bottles of
It away. Tho proporty upon which tho
find has been mado belongs to Mr. CUdoron
Carlisle. Tbo fact that Levis' olllco used
to bo in tho vicinity is not supposed to havo
had anything to do with tho discovery of
llilulu lIouth'H liiiiiuliler.
This only child of lMwiu Booth, says a
Boston correspondent of tho .llfawv loimntl,
is a truly charming girl, amiablo, unatUcted
and winning; sho has captivated every ono
hero and drawn tho best of Boston to hor
father's houso as only a gracious, pretty
woman is capablo of doing. Her engage
ment to Mr. Grossniun took hor frlouds by
suipriso, for while thcro U no oxception to
bo taken to him, it wa3 hoped that sho
would havo chosen in tho city of her adop
tion nnd uot ho drawn again to Now York.
Tho Booth houso lu Chcstuutstroet is a gom
in its way, but unless tho fair young mis
tress returns to mako it her homo, it will
never look tho same. Booth is such a dys
peptic and eo moody at times that his life
must bo shorn of half its comforts whou his
llttlo daughter is uot thereto keep opou
houso for all his Boston friends Tho
weddiog U to bo very (julct, and thou thoy
all go over to Fnropo lor tho summer, Mn.
Booth says ho will not bo loft boblnd, aud
of courso tlio "old auntlo" who has boon
Miss Booth's tiurso and luatdsluco her birth
goes also. Tlio sister of Mr Giosiman has
bcon tho intimate friend of Miss Booth foi
sovoral yeais,and this marriage is said to
bo tho result of their great friendship. Ac
cording to tho gossips, it was suimlsod a
vory dllTorout matrimonial alllauco was on
tho cards but this Mr. Booth Ins now
authoritatively denied.
I'roli ssiir Niiniiit'i'n JNsnjrs.
TbV'CoIlccted Dasays on Political aud So
cial ScIonco,"by Win. Graham Suinuor.Pro
fessorof Political and Social Sclenco in Ynlo
College, relate to subjects of timely and
urgent interest, and thu reputation of their
distinguished author will insure thorn a
wido perusal, Tho topics dlsrussod aio1 111
motallsin," "Wages," "Tho Argument
Against Protectivo Taxes," J"Soclology,"
"Theory and Practico of F.loctions," "Pres
idential Klectlous and Civll-Sorvico-Ito-form"
and "Our Collego Bofoto tho Coun
try." Tho book is publishod by Honry Holt
& Co,, Now Yoik, and for sale in Washing
ton by Robert Ilcall.
AvoliloutiiPy Shot.
Julian Otho Hagrovo, a lv!.yoar-old boy,
iicclclontally shot a phiymato named Will
iam I'. Walker, just at noon to-day, from
tho window of No. '2211 a sttoot northwest.
'II10 lVrlslit Case,
Iu tho Wright caso this uftcruoeu the
charges against Mr. Gilmor wore dhwhargod
aud Mr. Wright lined fry.,
No Marino Hnuii Mnsle.
Tlicro will bo no Marine Band coucoit
this afternoon In tho Wnlte Hoiuo
I (.rounds
linn I lie Sf Account of the Crru
lion Dftlio World Koiuls.
Tho following Is part of tho lint uhaptor
of Genesis necordlng to tho Rovi?cd Yor
sloti. Tho notation of tlio versos follow.)
that of tho authorized votsioii for thosako
tf comparison, though tho now version wilt
be pi luted iu paragraphs with tho vciso
numbois lu the margin:
1, In tbo beginning Uod created thu
hcaveu nnd tho earth.
ii. Aud tho earth was waste, and void;
aud dntkness was uX)U the face of tho deep.
Anil the Splilt of God moved upon tho faco
of the waters. .
:!. And God said: Let there bo light; aud
there was light.
I. And God saw tho light that it was
good; 11111I God divided tho light from, tho
.'1. And God railed tho light day and tho
daikncES ho called night, Aud there was
1 veiling inid there was morning, ono day.
Ii. Aud'God said, let thoto ho 11 11 r ma
lm nt in tho midst of tho wators, nud let it
divide the waters from tbo waters.
7. And God mado tiio firmament, nud di
vided tho waters which woro under the lir
iiinuicnt from tho wators which wero above
tlio llrmamcnt, and it was ho.
h. And God tailed tho firmament hea
ven ; and there wn evening and there was
rooming, n second day,
I). And God said, lot tho waters umior the
heaven bo gathered together unto 0110 phi 0,
and let the dry land nppear , and it was so.
10. Aud God called tlio diy land earth:
and tho gotheiiug togelhor of tho waters
called Ho seas aud God saw that It was
II. And God said, Lot thooarth put forth
grass, herb yielding seed and fruit tteo,
healing fruit after Its kind, wherein Is tho
seed thereof, upon the earth . aud it was so.
Pi. And tho earth brought forth grass,
herb yielding seed after its kind, and tree
bearing fruit, wherein is tho seed thereof
after its kind : mid God saw that it was
1.'!. And there was evening and thoro was
morning a third day.
1 1. And God said, Let thcro bo light In
tho firmament of tho heaven to divide tho
day fiom tho night; and let thorn bo for
slgn, inid for seasons, aud for days, and
15. And let them ho for lights in tho
flimarucnt oftho heaven to givo light up
on the earth - and it was so,
Kl. And God mado the two great lights ;
tho greater light to rule tlio day nud thu
leseer light to uilc tlio night , ho mado tho
stars also.
1". And God set them in tho firmament
of the Heaven to givo light upon tho earth.
lw. And to rule over tho day and over
tho night, aud to divide tho light from tbo
Jn.l...n,n. A...1 f!n,l -.. 1.n. t. .....n n...l
UiW Jtlli: i MUM 1UU Oil,. bllUb lb 11113 KUUil.
III. And thcro was evening aud there was
morning, a fourth day.
2D. And God said, Let tho waters bring
forth abundantly tlio moving creature that
hath life, and lot fowl Hy abovo tho earth
lu tho open llrmamcnt of heaven.
21. And God created tlio great sea mon
sters and every living creature that movotli,
which tho wators brought forth abund
antly, nftor thoir kind3, and every wlngod
fowl after its kind ; aud God saw that It
was good. I By cablo to N. Y. Ttibuno.
Trinity M. II. CmtRcii, York County,
Yn will bo dedicated May 17 by ISov. Dr.
Rkv. C. M. Gin-iN of St. John's I. M.
Chatcl, Baltimore, has received a call to
Union Church, Covington, Ky.
Rl v. M. J. FcKr;i.s of tho Hairo do
Gtaco Presbyterian Church has received a
call to tho church at Sallsbtuy, Md,
Rnv. J. S. Lrjrnx re, assoclato pastor of
the Assoclato Reformed Church, Baltimore,
has resigned 011 account ot continued ill
health. Rnv. J. It. Mkitbtt of Orange County,
Yu,, has aceopted a call to tho pastorate of
tho Brulah aud Sharon Baptist churclios,
King William County.
Mooni; Memorial Kimkocai. Cki'Rcu
at Richmond, Ya., Rwv, D, F. Sprlgg. rector,
has resolved to proceed at oulo with tho
election of a now church building,
iti.v. W. Mwix Fi;vi.V(inn, D. D of
Baltimore, has becu engaged to conduct tho
Kansas olato Methodist Assembly, to bo
held at Bismarck ("rove, Juno 17 to 21.
Ithv, G. G. Mvrkuam, a suporuumery
minister of thoM, K. Coufeionco, lias beou
appointed pastor of C.irdluo Strcot Chuich,
Baltimore, to (111 tho vacancy created by tho
death of Dr. John S. Dealo.
Tan vnw M. F. Ciil-rcii noai Warllold
burg, Carroll County, Mil., totako tbopluco
of tho old stono chapel built In 17VJ, Is ex
pected to bo ready for dedication on tlio
2ath Inst. Bishop Andrews will preach
tho dedicatory scimon.
T1115 rinsT ovvnrrni s mri-tino of tho
Atcekviilo Citeult of the M. F. Church,
South, will l)ii bcld at GaltbuiaburL'. on
Saturday and Sunday, May 21) and 21. Itov.
Thomas 1!, Carson, presiding elder, is ox
pected to be present, (hi Sunday there will
bo preaching iu tho morning hy Itov. Sam
uel K. Cox of Washington.
Tun iMhiouVTr. of Mt, Yeruoti Placo
Church, Baltimore, will expire by llmita
tatlon In March next, and among tlioso
mentioned as successors to Dr. Felton are
Rov. Dr. Andrew Longacro, at 'ptesout
pastor of a church in Philadelphia; Rov.
Ah. Jones of Boston and Rov, Dr. John
l.nnaluiu, Rov. J. B. Yau Metor, Itov, J. II
Mitt nnd Rov. It. N. User, tho four last
named members oftho Baltimore Confer
To Ri:j'r.ir.N"i Tin: Distriit Tho
Commissioners have completed tho list
of gentlemen to rcprosout the District
at tho National Commercial Convention
on tho HUh, 20th and 21st lusts., at Atlanta,
Ga. Tho delegates aio as follows
Samuel Nonncnt, M. G. Fmory, Funic
Waul, J. II. Magruder, K. G. Davis. James
L Barbour, B Kirts Juhnson, Win. M.
Gait, Georgo W. Adams, M. W. Gait, W. P.
Walker, Lowls Clophano, Thomas Somct
vlllo, John K. Hetrell, IE. 11. Taylor,
Lewis J, Davis, P.. D. Totuplo and Petct F.
- it, II, Mulder, saw Zealand, u at the tb
bltt Miguel Loia, suerc, Bolivia, is at tue
- Thomas M, runly, New Yorlt, Is at Wurm
iey'e. -1:, B. Malley, JneKien, Touu,, is at tuo Eb
bllt. -James uayatd, Philadelphia, Is at tlioAr
llncton. D. 0. Halstcel, uergen I'oint, X, J., Is at
nor. J. B. a, Fin jo anij n, N. Story, I'lilla
dolpbla, nre ut trie Arlington,
F. it, Wlitto, lira, and Mian White, by4uey,
Australia, nre at tlio Arllugtou,
--W. W, MoXatr, Mluuapolls, ant Mtin
Mau.leld Now Haven, Ooun , are at Wll'ai Vs.
Old Hickory II.
A retUletit or lluitalo who Is wall ac lualnted
ullli tiio 1'ieeldent, writing to a frteud in
WatniLgtoo, said "ouwillUna that oibvb
lanfl l a second Andrew Jacusoui a regnUr
old Hicuory, ana he will bo ttio rratMoot
himself o Ions as lie occupies toe wutto
Moue, Hie polltlclnRS totuaoOnttory n ifflti.
standing, '- lOoramorclal Aawtlter,
John Iloncl
JfeJthaly Iror
lothsliou haa a
Mr. It.-TcVt, R.-1
Mr. Roncli tat t
most de
IlKliUul dream 1 ill,
es .' Mr,
it - t rtreow-rryiun her.
n: J wool yiy
a sprung Meal;
rotaiy wuitui'jr
Tho Attondauco Yoatorduy Obsorvu
Uoiih on tbo ContostH Diisubiilp
Notes Tabulated Rocord of tuo
Londlntf Assoclntlons Up to Date,
Tho spring nicctlug is a thing Of tho past,
and this morning several thousand pooplo
struck a balance. It Is safe to say that but
few people uro better off financially than
they were bofoto, yot they havo had their
danco and havo paid tho fiddler.
Next week tho cry will be, "On to Haiti
more." Hero most of racing fun for Wns'i
itigtonlaus will end until tho fall meeting.
Somo few will follow tho races nrouud Now
Yoik, and 11 few more will get a f w days
during thoir summer vacation.
Tho lovo for racing has steadily grown
upon our people, until this season showed
an attcmlanco never beforo reached. Sev
eral yean ago trotting was more popular,
but now the pcoplo havo bcon educated up
to running, nud Hotting seems tame.
Tho Jockey Club has bcon well man
aged, and if thoy aro careful now, and
mako no mistakes, they havo a brilliant
future befoto tlicui.
Tho club has bren particularly fortunato
in having such a man ns Mr. Melntyro for
a secretary. Ho lias been ideutillcd with
tho turf fur years as a newspapor man, hav
ing founded tbo Ni-ii ViiiI. Ojiiji tmunii, nnd
is acquainted with all tho owners and has
their confidence. Besides tills ho is al
ways cool aud always pnllto and obliging,
nnd it Is laigcly to his skill and knowledge
that tho Jockey Club ha3 attained Its
present position.
Yestciday tho crowd wasevon larger than
the day before. A feature of tho meeting
has been tho enormous attendance of ladles.
Tho racing was fully as good as that of
tho day before. In the llrst raco Djuohuo
never got Yalloy Forgo fairly running
Doswcll's Duko of Westmoreland was In
front at tho start, aud so hard did Illggs
keep riding, that ho landed him a wlnnoi.
Iliggs is a furious tidcr, and lu a short race
is a dangerous youngster, but ho has uot
tbo judgment to rldo any distance abovo
seven furlongs.
Tho "llttlo plunget," llcrnaid, bought
tho winner foi $l,.iK). IIo will add him to
his stable.
Moyjiard rodo a beautiful race on Colonol
Sprnguo for the Diplomatic Stakes, and tho
old hoiso took amplo revengo upon To
euniseli for tho beating ho gavo his stablo
companion, Tollo Doe, tho day beforo. It
looked liko a great error of judgment on
tho part of Llttleflcld in starting Tecum
sch alter tho raco oftho day boforo
McMahon had Faukio B "out for tho
money" in tho third race, and tho talent
having kuowlcdgo of it. Installed him a
prime favorlto. lfo won clovorly with
i.mmcit a goon second.
It was thought that Faun was tho better
of Scott's pair, and tho book-makers onlv
offered thico to 0110 against him, while
thoy freely laid flvo to 0110 against
Quito. Many pcoplo had gotten it Into their
heads that Blggonctt wa3 tho bc3t '3-yoar-old
here, and if ho had not becu pockotcd
In tho stretch, ho probably would
havo won, As it was, Quito won, Illggo
uclt second, and lies? third.
For tho last raco Mentnioro should and
piobabiy would havo wou, but ho got oft
last, nnd though ho mado a great run, ho
was beaten out a half a longth by John C.
Tho pools yestorday paid on tho (list raco,
i?.-j.fiO: second, $l.'l. 10; thiid, jD.IO: fourth,
r12.Lr. filth, $.S-J.oO.
It Is probablo that Iftho New Yoik pool
bill Is defeated tho meetings of tho Jeromo
Park nnd Sheepshcad Hay associations will
bo held either at Monmouth Park, 01 somo
new location in Jeisoy.
Manager Seanlau and Crowley, tlio new
catcher, lcavo hero Monday to join tho
Nationals In Norfolk.
Moirlssey has been suspoitded for tho
balanco of tho season on account of dis
obedience Iu the first gamo with tho
Richmond? tho Nationals only had olght
men and Bob Noounit took hold to help
them out. Lovatt, tho man The Cnrru
suggested as pitcher, has been iu negotia
tion with tho Nationals for somo tlmo as
has also Cranoof tho Providowo, who Is a
gocd catchor, batter nnd ficldor. If theso
two men are released by tho Providonco
club they will como to Washington.
Glaflmou mado 11 vory good showing yo3
tetday in Richmond.
Manager Scanlon lias just received a telo
gram from Manager Barnio of tho Biltl
mores, agreeing to play hero on tho 'i-lh
lut., ptovidlng Mr. Scanlon will agico to
lake nn American Association umpire, .Mr.
Scanlon telegraphed back that ho would.
So the gamo is settled.
Whether or not 0110 could catch a hall
threw n fiom tho lop of Washington Monu
ment led tho catcher of a local IusoIhU
club to mako u similar trial recently from
tho top of tho water-works standpipe in
L'rle, Penti. Tho height was 21 feet, and
upon tho seventh attempt tho docd was ac
complished, but, tho catchor declared tho
sphere weighed a ton. The dlillculty Is not
in the hall veering to olthor sldo, but iu its
accelerated velocity.
Tbo following table, compiled by tlio
I'litimlili'ltUi 1'hhi, gives tho rccoid of tho
tlmo leading baseball associations to date '
IMl.Mi'lN AM1O1 tinox,
Won. Loft. Won. Lou.
s. Louts II ri LouisvlUo in 11
Cincinnati. .13 7 UtooUlyn 7 11
lialtlmoro l l Athletic u l:l
rittsbuig .11 I) Metropolitan. 11 l'l
NriAr, r.r.ioiE,
Won. Lost. Won. r. .st.
Xew Yorlt 8 'j Providence 5 I
Chicago.. . 7 !l Bt. Louis ." 'I
lUilladelpiiln 11 r Jk.jton .. .'! 7
notion ... .i ii umruio .. 1 7
LlhTl UN 1.1 KlUE.
Won. Lost. I Won. Lost.
Virginia ... h 1 Norrolir . : r.
National . . 11 r , Lancaster . . -' 11
Nowarl: . t - TorMiy Olty i! tl
'.Trenton. . .7 1 1 Wllmingtsn,, 1 11
Manager Ldwards of tlio Dora Wiloy
Opera Company and Managor Fold have
tendered tho Washington Rowing Club a
benefit at Ford's upern-IInuse, on rhursday
ovenlngnost. Tbo boys aro working for a
rousing big house.
Tho articlo in Tiik Cuith a few day
ago, advocating the holding of tho National
Association regatta here this season, has
met with favor on all sides. Tlioso oars
mon who came hero to tho regatta lu. ISaO,
said they never had had such a good time
anywhere else, nnd are nuxloui to como
again, With llvo clubs hete to entertain
tho labor would be much lightened. It
would only take a subterljitlon of about
$700 from c&th to cover tho whole expousos
of both regattas. By starting the lueon
further down the river thoy could tliilsh
near Fs shy's .point, and a regatta xraud
stand thcro would more than pay all the
expenses of tho occasion, and ouablo the
committee to refund tho $2o0 contributed
by each club The Pasnle navy pays all tho
expenses ot the regattas each year by the
salo of grand stand seats At least two of
our local clubs intend sending ctews to tho
National regatta, at a cost to oach club of
uot lots thau $HK. By having the regatta
at horae this would be saved and our own
Potomac regatta ronld I e hold tu con m
tion with It immeWti'v aftnrrrard- Sov
cm' '''6 hnuics'. i I'vfor t'.c N.i '
this year. Boston, Now Yjork and Slicepi
head Bay havo all asked for It, hut thoro is
llttlo reason to doubt that, should Waih
Itigtou ask for It, sho would get it. Sat the
hall lu motion, gentlemen.
tot m Tr:Nvi.
In tho International court tennis chain
pioushln contort Iu London yostcrday be
tween Thomas Pcttlt of Boston, champion
of tho Fiiltcd State, and Georgo Lambert,
champion of Lngland, Pettlt scored tho last
four sets aud wou tho championship, tho
score being 7 to i, Both men played su
perbly, and were watiuly applnudod by
tholi lespcitlvo (1 lends,
Jliliidrrils of Applications lor At!
mission to tlio 'Irlnl,
Itn iiMDNi), Yv., May ID. Thcro woio
liiindicds ol applications for tickets
to the Lillian Madlsou murder (rial
to-day which had to bo refused.
Tho entire morning was occupied
in tho cross-examination of John Walker,
Lillian's initio to provo betrayal as tho
motive for tho crime. Somo very sensa
tional fails havo been brought out In 10
gatd to tlio meetings of Lillian Madi
son and "Tommlc," as Clttvctius was
familiarly called lu King William County.
Thodtfenso endeavored to got out of tho
witness testimony In regaid to a former
Intimacy of Lillian Madison with a man
named Biggs.
it is doubtful if they succeed In this,
though n strong impression to that cll'oct
may be mado on tho jury. Djtcctlvo
Wren will probably bo tho next wit
ness in regaid to tho watclt-koy.
tho testimony will ho Interesting and tlio
Closs-oxaiuinatioti sensational in thu high
est degree.
MiU'liliit'N Heine Jliulu lit Hoist tlio
Vluii liny Weuttli.
A hugoaiuout.tof machinery isbeitigeon
sttucteil In this city which lu a fow wcoks
will bo shipped from this port to Yigo,
Spain. Thcro it will ho used iu recovering
the.lmmouso treasure of Spanish galleons
sunk In Yigo Bay by tho L'ngllsh licet In
J71U. Tho historians of tho tlmo pheo tho
amount at different figures, but It is known
that tho licet of seventeen galleons con
tained tho accumulation from tho .Mexican
mines of font years, while tho preceding
licet, bearing tho product of one year was
worth . 10,000,000. This wealth will bo
raited by tho Yigo Bay Treasure Company,
which is made up of Philadelphia capital
ists, J. J. Boyle, tho manager of tho com
pany, located cloven of tho galleons last
summer, and has just returned to Spain to
eotnmenco operations.
On Mr. Boylo's arrival ho will begin
woik upon tho ship Monmouth Pric,
which wns captured by tho l'ngllsh, but
which, striking n rock at tho mouth of tho
botbor, was sunk witli $1,000,000 on board.
Tho other ships Ho embedded in mud, but
this ono, lying upou a rocky bottom, can bo
attacked before tho arrival of machinory.
Herman Walter, a sub-marluo engineer,
will sail with tho machinery and will bo of
great service. Tbo method ot raising tho
submerged trcasuto-gallcons is to removo
tho mud with which thoy aro covered by
means of liugo pumps and thou to slip
chains underneath, and, hy means of twonly
big hydraulic jacks on pontoons rolso' tho
vessels, as was done with tho Tallapoosa.
Thoy will bo iloated to tho shoro by tho
tide, where they aro expected, to to"ln
lilgli anil dry. Tlio treasaro wa3 always
placed In tho bottom of tho vessels, and wis
doiered with such valuable cargo as log
wood and mahogany. It is oipected to got
enough brass from tbo many cannon with
which tho licet was armed to pay for tho
expedition. All of tho machinery and lum
ber for tho necessary pontoons will bo pre
pared here, and two additional divers will
bo taken by Mr. Boylo from London. Tho
pontoons will start within six weeks. -Philadelphia
With Grant at tlio Tlumlrn.
I was at work in Nashvillo iu lii.!
(said an old telegraph operator) wheu
Grant arrived just nftot tho accident In
Louisiana which mado him uso crutches.
A friend and myself wont to tho tlio Uro
ono night. Tho houso W113 crowded, savo
0110 row of scats. A llttlo surprisod that
they wero empty, I advanced to thorn to
ilud a guard at each end I was ordored
Oil and told they wero reserved for Gen
eral Grant and stall. I fell back to tho
head of tho aisle, and just then tho Gen
eral, Sherman, nnd other olilcors camo in.
Tho manager, got up In "great shapo, with
light kid gloves, bustled up and lod them
forward. I said to my frloud . "Como ou,
wo belong to this pltrty." "Como back,
jou blank fool. You will get youtsclf In
tiouble." However, I followed them up,
I bad on a ort of u,udress uniform, blue
ttousers with red stripe, vest with mili
tary buttons and a fatlguo coat. 1 camo
up in time to sco every scat occupied.
Tho mauager turned and saw me, nud
fald "Why, captain ' I beg pardon. 1
thought 1 had lcsctved seats enough.
Wait a tnlniito, and I'll provldo you a
good scat.'' I win willing to wait, aud ho
stepped to a major across tho aisle. "Uh,
major, will you givo your seat to ono of
General Giant's staff' 1 will get a chair
for you." Tho maioi got up, aud I sat
down and saw tho show thtough. Don't
know what would have happened if tho
major had learned who I was. -Tetro
Haute Lspresj.
(tnl 1 iiiipliir Ileitis.
Monuuiontal Lodge took inseveial new
members last meeting.
Star of Hope makes a fratornal visit to
Harmony Lodge on Monday evening next.
Minnehaha Lodge has Inaugurated a high
btandatd programme for the good of tlio
Anchor Lodge held an interesting .-aIon
last night, and is ono of tho solid lodge of
the city.
Peraeversnce Lodge holds the tegular
weekly meeting to-uight in Moore's Hull on
Ninth street.
Fidelity Lodge gives ngraudllUrary and
musical cntertuinmont iu thoir ball lu
Auaccstla next Wednesday ovcnlng, 'i'th
Tho mass meeting to be held Sunday at
'.'30 p m. iu Ilerzog's Musoum will 1k
latgely attended. The Hon. Thomas D.
Wonali Is an able orator, and all who at
tend wjll be richly ropaid.
independent Lodge bud a most interesting
and profitable meeting last night. The grand
worthy chief templar, aselsted by Brothers
Fre-ar, Sarell, Frost and Sister Frost, coo
ducted an ideal initiation, which was very
instructive to the members and lare utiui
ber of visitors pK-jent. By vote the lodge
makes a tiatemal visit to llarmouy Lodge
on Monday tieiiiogand to Hiawatha uext
Tbuiiday evmlng
T uipi riiiu't Jleotliitrs.
v"iiel tenipcianee meeting will he held
at KilO I'outtecuth stteot nortnwtot (Jona
dab UuU, to-tnoitow afternoon at S.'tO
o'clock. Good speaker! will Ins lu attend
ant? A temierauro nieotiiighvlll be held at
Gut'ty Chapel. Seventh street aud liouu
dary at 8 o'clock to-morrow evening. Hon
1 ( II Vlll r.t Vtrnlnl. n ,11 ,l..ll... !, ..1.
V " ivw. w - l.ftiyt. ,,444 MV4.1V4 WM4 4 '
diets. Good uiujIc i- a foature of these
A JU-uionniilo TUeorj.
"Vihy dceea'.L ciulile ( as au In iMii
tlo oi Lai t Me U&vo lovoi read up lu it is
ut i ', in tfttvi.fi si pp 'oil tue in " t'-
' 'i n-'... . - J .... tl H...v,' -,J-.
Ills Forces Disported "Without Groat
Loss of Life, and tho Robolllon of tho
SnBkiitohowrin Virtually at nn End -Tlio
Government Scores a Success.
WiNMl'Mi, Mix,, May V,. A dispatch
fiom Clark's dossing says that soon aftor
tho battlo ot Batoucho it wa ascertained
that Rlcl and somo of his followors had
mado towaid tho river, Intending to join
thoso who had previously crossod to tne
other side. Tho Northcoto with Company
C, Infantry, and somo of tho Ninetieth
went down intending to bead them off.
A number of Major llotilton a scouts mean
time patiollcd both bunks of tho llvor
Yesterday afternoon thoy heard it,
whittle fiom the steamer and -otuo shots.
A .party Immodlatcly went tu tho direction
of tho shotf, and a eouplo of ntlloi bolow
Fishoi's CroMlng espied a party of robots.
They ihnllenged them, and woro tired at iu
reply. Tho scouts answered, and then
mado a tlithlt. Tho rebels quickly scatlorcd,
but Riel wns recognized, and at onco bo
camo the object of attention.
Ho was mounted on a stalwart pony and
set oil at a hard gallop. The scouts gavo
chnso niul llnally overhauled tho robol
lcadet, who surrcudeted without a shot
having been ilicd. Ho was brought into
coinii last ovenltig' and taken direct to Gen
rial Mlddlcton'8 tent. Thoro was no
diinousttntlun, tho General having ordored
tbo men to their tents, fenrlug violence to
Rlcl. No one Is allowed to sco him.
'I'lit- Sr'retur.v ol War VInIIh JIih
ltK-H InIiiiiiI Arsenal.
I) w ixi-or.T, Ia May 1(1. Fariy yestor
day Secretory of War F.udlcott arrived
lino to Inspect the national Armory and
Arsenal on Rock Island. Accompanying
tho Sccretniy woro his wife and daughtor,
Adjiitaiit-ffcueral Drum and Deputy Judgo
Advecto Colnnel Birr. Tlio arrival
of tho party at tho Arsonal wai
iiittdo known by a saluto of oigliteoj
guns. AH tho shops and buildings wer
visited nnd tho works otplainol.
General iirant Hotter.
Nkw Yoiik, May in. General Grant
enid ho felt brlghtor and better than yoi
tctdny. 'llto Vultures nl ilio I.oliliy.
The tnysterlos of tho lobby woro partly
unveiled in February, 187.";, when Colonel
Irwin was forced, under pain of Imprison
ment, to disclose tho names of thoso among
whom $l'.H),000 was divided. Colotiol For
ney's Washington correspondent, Mcl'ur
latid, received $'.'3,000, which ho remitted to
tho Colonol. Lx-Mayor Bcrrctt rccoivod
several thousand 'dollars, and W. IJ. Shaw,
tho "Nestor" of correspondents, admitted
that he had received $ir,,000. Uh servlco3
consisted, according to his own sworu evi
dence, in occasionally asking members "how
tho thing looked." Ho sworo ho rendered,
no other service ho bribed nobody; ho tried
to influence nobody. inu iu a whilo whore
ho met a leading statesman ho would ask
him casually how it lookod, and would go
-hemoatid chargo tbo compaoy. sy.,,(n,,
for it."'il0W.ft3!n favor-ef xll-suhsldics he
eald, becauso lirey givo htm a cliauco to
specuiato in stocks. But if thoyall were a
fruitful to him us thi- one ho could well
afford not to speculate, but pa 33 a pcaieful
old ago in putting remunerative i-onttn-ditims
to leading statesmen. illet. Pcilcy
.lltileltiK Artlllt'lnl l'luucrs.
"There aro at least l.fiOO girls in this city
engaged in tho manufacture of artificial
.lowers," said a largo manufacturer yester
day. "Must of them aro French girls aud
tho worl: is dono iu old lofts up atouud
tho French quarter. Tho method is aim
ply this A hundred layois of prepared
and tinted silk aro laid ono ovor the other
and tut out by a, stamp into the dcsirccL
shape. Thoso are thru retintcd. shaded
and put Into tho iCQulicd shapo by tho
girls. No, thcro la 110 difforcucoof tasto ex
hibited by dlllercut pails oftho country.
Tho best people Iu ovory section want tho
best goods, though tho South is rather a
light buyer and prefers tbo cheaper varie
ties. With artificial (lowers, ostrich feat hen
and plumes aro uatutally connected. Thosj
aro imported in tho taw stato and colored
and finished here. There aro sovoral largo
dealers, ono especially carries on an iui
menso trade, and is now putting una largo
building to accommodate his growing busi
ness. Ho is doubtless faml'lar to your
rendets as a trotting man, as he owns
thoastcst trotting stallion thcro U go.-g.
and Is a piomlncnt figure in racing elr los.
N. Y, Tribune.
An Allc-lSi)illc(l lleteriiKO.
Savannah has ono established and hitori
Institution that doscrves notice. Thl. U
her iatnous "artillery punch." It is do
llghtfully palatable, but insidiously strong.
It has hecomo eelobratcd as an fustrumout
of hospitality. Its history Is this line L iu
the fifties the Republican Bluci'.whlch woro
otganiid in lsii, vhitcd Msron nnd wora
welcomed back by tho Chatham Artil'ory
Mr: A B. I.uec, siueo dead, proposod to brew
a new punch in honoi of the Blues, Mr.
William Davidson lurnUhcd the spirits.
The concoction was thus mado . One 01 tho
horse buckets of ordinary slo wai Hl'ed
with fluely-crushod ice ,1 quart ot good
brandy, whisky and mm tat h wa3 poural
into the lee, and yjpar and lemon added.
The buekd was tilled to tho hritu w'th
champagne, aud the whole stirred into a
dclitiouB deticlousuesb. Rumoi hath it
that o cry solitary man of tho Win s v as
pufunder the table br ihi-. dtceiviu- d .1
helical and most li lightful toiup mil
Fiom that day artillery punch has b ea a
regulai convivial instltut'ou of i,''.
thorpe'i gonial city, nnd as a van hi -he. uf
men ItsrquHl has ntwi been .found. it
a fc mild as a syllabub seemingly but t jii
quers like ueyilone - ugusta Curn e,
'Ihv North Clitcago rolling mills will imiiiui
oieiailontt on M 011.1 ny m :,i. wltli iKiut l,i0il
men. at tue ' M prlco t sl.'J", tojl.lo iur clay
Nevis tins been recxlvcul at SlllllCAn, Tex., ot
tlie escape or tony convicts trotu Iho Clay
furuiiD liio llrfiruo turui, wlv) are l-(iUnj nit
the licre they cn UuJ ami mating tUili tray
out ut 11 e country.
The triol of Polio Sergeant Orowly f r i
rtglog Maggie Morris lu tbo oarr''iu a
cnloiiu, In New uiu, some tlmo ago, was u
eluded veoturUay. Couosel ou ix . t . su
unsnied up tb cwse, ana Uecur.lei- i'tn
charged the Jury, who were only out a r t.
mluutei, and returned with a sicllet 11 '.'
Orowlry guilty ot tapu lie (t-teuiMi f : t r
ulfuee, and c,u M ntay liNom.-1 it ti
move to nave toe voi.lict -,et .isi 10.
'ri.l)aj' Tfiiiiifvnturt's.
The signal onlco tutul&Loa tne -1 7 1 1
synor!' I tha won thai
Lrcal meteorological report tor Ma 1 1,
Ihsi Thermometer readlnguM 8a m,,"'j .,
7 . in,, tio'u 11 ft. m., 7!'.S.
"Revwrt lor May !.", IbBti- Mean tB'Upor
lurr, DA rl: mail mil in, S-0'..t mtm a.,tu,
,:: ii., tneu relative bupildltr, 18 ,7.
r ' 1 simjsy (air weather is ludiwWJ f . t1 3
HW.iU Ularitlc States.
Mi Otiftiles I', rickllog, the VtV " ""k
Ji-i si-, i Wcxt Kashtngtun.ls veiy ih(iUiJ
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