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Published Dully Waaiys Excepted)
The Evening Oritlo Publishing Company,
111 d street, 1'ost uhildinci,
, ' Weather Indications.
- ' 1'i.r the MI'ltlli' Atlimtli' Mnlo full- wimlliui.
wti-rlv ulii(l.. iliitlotinry IrinperiUliro on the
coitt. Kllalillv fiulcr tn the Interior. ,
l"(n- Wrdiu-ilny. fulr wonther. with Mowlv
iWnir letupi'tnturclslmllonti'd f(rttiiiillli'leti
on tin.' Atlantic wmt mid In tlioliikfttejtlon.
To-ilityN 1eniptii-iitiiri!..
Ienl mctoorolonlenl ruport for MV 211.
1&83 : 'J'lierniOmcliT lVnilliiB rtt Sin. in . IIV .tl;
7 ii. in., 70.tl: 11 n. in., 7K. I.
Report fur Mny !!", iHsr, : Menu tempera
two. (17.ii maximum, 7(tc,.r( minimum, 5Hn.H:
mean telatlvo humidity. NH.il per tout.: total
pieolpltntlun. Inappreciable.
AllinuKir "Tlio Merry Wnr," nt 8:1." p in.
Fitii 1'oiip'n Kttiriiirrleiiliiiii.
llwwjtlui'um "fiii'li'ToinV Cabin."
Theatre ('omlmttf "Vtoln."
Dime Mti'emn-Speoliilty rorfnrmaiKT.
Wnlmit linlr clnlh parlor kuIIk. ovru p'ofti".
SiMl.(M), worth 3l.-i.oo: pln-li kiiUk ."IUM:
wnlmit limnae. Jd.tMt: hcil lnunmm, $10,1)1).
William II. Dunn. :ut stwiitli Mioet north-ve-t.
Al Viuir Dl'iiKKl"!
'j'i a o yon our Iionulllul tory Imolc, "Loai'inl
vi A.oiin." niHtmiiiiV new pcifumo. Alolm.
Ii" not bo ilceelvril: nk fnrnnil lnko only
D. II Jlouulns X. Pons' (.'npticum I'uuuli Dioih
for ( wish. Ciilil nuil Sore TIiIimK I), s. iiiul
U'i lulo Jlmk onuvery ilroii.
"Aluini'.v Dairy Viik'II."
Vtsli Alilrrney hut tor. rliurmil uvi'ry morit-
lna mid delivered In K !t. "W'niil" print". Ilh
per 1t. Aim tottiitfi' elicou. bultorinllk nuil
sweet milk, tie. per fjt. C'reittn. l"c. per pint.
Noimv plnlil Miltnluoriler.SlH, llnmlmrgcr'x
MlMh'n Old .Sllllid."
(lilt I) MiLet northwot. buys cent' .ocoiul
hfind clothing. Note by mall iittunded to,
llnby Ciiiihiuc",
refrigerators, carpet nud funiltiU'e sulil on
weekly or monthly payment nt HiulthV, Hit
Kuw Jersey nvoiuiu luuthweHt.
Nek our $0 pmiN to order. ltninbtirer'H,
Cmmt in (iknkiiai. Tkiim .lit'.tleoi Cox.
.Iniuo unit .Mirrlelc stern ot nl. v. KNomnn:
nppoal dismissed. Jonc vs. II. Si V. It. It. Co.;
ui'L'ueu niui Huuumieu. uidikhh vs. .muiioii:
on heurliif.'.
KqtitTV Coi'irr .1utlee Ilugnor. olinmo
vh. obmnc; eommlslon appointed to tnktt
tottlmuny In llaltlmore. Aiken vs. Ilarstow;
Viiltcil Mates tillnwcil to (Ho answer. Itoblu
Mm vs. Wall; on hearlnc.
CniHiN.M. Coi'bt ilmtlec JIac Arthur. John
AV. Drew, pru'cnthiK fnlc voueliers: on trial.
Tjik pts-lainiii will ho lighted at mill
nlRlit tiptl cxHiiBUixhi'tl nt IkliO a, m.
Thk npplicntion of (?. ,r. Mechlin;;,
student, for nilinisslou to the District bar
was to-ilny referral.
SlisM. 13. Lkmon mid Miss J. K. Itruce
have been ensured to hIiik nt the Bethel
Literary closing exereises to-n'rglit.
Tiik entcrtniniiient and cafetlero drill
under the. auspices of the Y. M. V. A. at
tracted n large audience to their hnlljait
Tiik Emmet (luaid has tiled record of
incorporation, with Messrs. Dillon, ltegaii,
O'Connell, M. S. Walsh and Jo-epli 11.
ItmiEUT J. Caiit.i:i.i. has llled n liill
for divorce from Sarah O.unpheU and
the papers have been withdrawn from
the Ales.
A lO-Yiun-oi.ti hoy named William
Levis fell from a bicycle at Thirteenth
and M streets yesterday afternoon and
broke his arm in two places.
L. 0. Porky and T. It, Holmes have been
admitted to the bar of this District, and
the applications of .1. V, Sheiiiiard, Albert
31. Hall, l- I). Iteil and A. 1 Alberts have
been referred.
A itmiATi: will occur this evening nt the
Y. M. C. A. rooms between the Y. M. C.
A, Literary Society nnd the .lell'erson l)e-
bating Society on the iitiestlon of the ad
mission of Utah as a State.
At a meeting of gentlemen interested in
forest culture, at the olllce of John Sher
man, last evening,- arrangements were
made for n large room and for another
meeting in a few days to fully organize u
forestry compuny.
Jamkk II. HuvAN having complained
that the stables of Messrs. h. V. Wright A:
Son are tt nuisiuicc, and.liaving asked
that they be restrained from rebuilding
on the Kite of the old stables, the defend
ant has been directed to showcausu whv
the Injunction should not be granted..
YnsTi:iiii.v morning at '2 o'clock llvo
white boys made a dash for liberty nt the
Itcforni School. Three of theiii were
caught before they got out of the grounds.
Wm, Molairnnd lsadore Ilculng were m
rested by the police in the city yesterday
afternoon and returned to tiie i1i-tUutiou.
C'r.Aur.Ncn 11iihii:i.V( one of the Criminal
Court Jurors, disappeared shortly after the
court opened yesterday morning and uu
attachment for him was issued, llewus
, brought in during the afternoon and
staled that his disappearance was due to
sickness. He was allowed to go on pav
ing the costs of the attachment;
Maiiriaoi: MCKKriiM lirvo been Issued as
follows: J. M. Wolfe and Jennie K. Cox.
both of Charles County, Va.; Eugene
Trnlnor and Hannah llrescnhaw; J. T.
Couti mid Lizzie W. Lipscomb, both of
Iticliniond, Yn.; Henry Meier and Li.zie
Jiuchsnm; Frank Stewart and Carolina
Mrs. A. L. llAiumit pre-lded nl tho
meeting of tlio Iluinuiie Society's new
Cotiiniltleeon Huniuiie Kducntiou yester
day. The object of the committee is to
devise means for more rapidly advancing
the cause of humane education. Addresses
were made bv Mrs. K. It. AValker, Hon.
Dorninn II. ICaton. Hev, Alexander Kent,
.1. U. T. Tupper and S. W. ltussell. The
secretary was. by resolution, rcque'led to
distribute such humaue literature as is on
hand or may be secured for such purpose
among the several bands of mercy.
A i.Aiitu'. MiMiimi of residents of Seventh
htreet, between New York avenue and
Boundary street, met last night to con
demn the action of the Commissioners in
granting permission to the Western Union
Telegraph Company to erect poles on that
htreet. and to devise means to defeat it in
court If the Commissioners did not coun
termand the permit. Mr, It. 0, Hewitt
presided and Oscar Knox acted us score
faiy. A committee; consisting of Mews,
Burkhardt, .Miller, (icier, Fox, O'Donuell,
Hewitt, Hitter, Oberhclin, Iteardon, Mo
Oulre, Wheatley, Walker, I'rlnkert,
foprecht, Seabode, (iusdorf and Clark, was
appointi'ilto raise funds for this purpose,
A meeting will bo held Wednesday morn
ing at tliu olllce of their counsel, Mr.
Cook, previous to the case being called in
Holiliciles Itupnrtcit,
P. T. Carlson ofPJl i street reports that
an oveicout worth SA'i was stolon from his
room last Saturday. A. S. Johnson re
ports that 515 worth of tinuern' tools were
htolen from the roof of the National Hotel
yesterday while lie was at work there.
Andicw A. Bock of 817 Sovonth stroiit
southwest roportH that his house was eu
tercd last night by removing the transom
from the rear door. There wa a puny
iin:l it silver watch stolen from bis bed
axiom. Alleged Sharp rritetlue,
William M. Itryanl, the patentee of a
eoiii.-talk pit It jilpeiiteiu mill' penholder,
etc., was charged in the Police Court Ibis
morning witli obtulnlnu iiuinoy undur
.Some liiipoiiiint 'rcsllinony Alionl the
I'l'iiniltilcnt VoiieliiMs.
'fhecross'exniniiuitlon of Dr. Delevan
llloodgood, a witness for the prosecution
in theene of John W. Drew, now on
iiinl ihargcd with presenthiK fnle
vi ucheri, wn resumed In the Criminal
( i 'ii it this morning, lie admitted tha'
the bureau could purchase medicine here
without Informing him, mid nil the knowl
edge he had of goods purchased was that
gained from the bills sent him at the
laboratory In Brooklyn.
Dr. Samuel !'. Cmic. MedlcTd Dircctornt
Philadelphia, examined the bill of Mr.
Diew for April 2. ISM. and said lie knew
nothing about the bill. The witness, on
cioss-exnnilnalloii. said that It was a fact
that olllccrs at the dlU'ereut sta
tions, lu case- of emergency,
could make purchase of medicines.
Peter A. Joyce testified Unit it would
have iciiuircd (17 boxes, each containing
"i cubic uct, to hold the goods in one bill,
and ."u boxes of tiie same sl.elohofil lhoe
in tiie other.
Ex-Surgeon Philip S. Wales do-erlbod
the manner in which the work was done
while he was in charge. lie denied
authorizing the purelioe of the good cm
braced in the bill of Mr. Drew.
On cross-examination the witness denied
t lint he bought articles under one appro
priation and had the vouchers made out
lor goods payable under another appro
priation, lie denied any knowledge of
a picture of himself, ordeied for the rooms
of the chief, being paid foronmiy vottcher
as postage stamp.
Dr. Adrian llud'-oii Informed the Court
ofthe routine work of the bureau,
Marsh It. Clark, Benainln White and
Brook Show were the last witnesses ex
amined lor the day and their testimony
was n repetition of that given at the first
trial. Dr. William K. Van Itlpen was on
the stand when the court adjourned for
the day.
I'otlcii Olllvi'i' SUIdlninc Nearly lUwts
Ihc J'nto of Olllcur Tonler.
Policeman Patrick Skidniorc of Lieu
tenant Kelly's command had a narrow
escape last night from meeting the fate of
Olllecr Fowler, for whose murder John
Langster was' hanged about ten days ago.
Olllccrs Skldmore and Simpson were at
tracted to the corner of Third and K
sheets northwest, about 10 o'clock last
niglit, by a disoider caused by a crowd of
colored men. Skldmore put a desperado
named Sam, alias "Jenny" (Jan! under
arrest, and Simpson took into custody two
others. On the way to the station (Sunt
resisted nnd made an assault on thcolllcor.
The latter dr.cw his blackjack to subdue
the prisoner, (flint got the weapon away
from the olllecr. Skldmore then endeav
ored to draw his revolver, but the prisoner
was too quick for him and. drawing one
as quick as a Hash, alined it at the police
man's head and milled the trigger. See
ing his danger, Skidmorc quickly took his
hand from his pistol-pocket and attempted
to catch the arm of the prisoner and dodg
ing ins head at the same instant. The
pistol was discharged and the bullet
missed through the hand of the olllecr.
(nut broke away and ran, nud the olllcur
tired I wo shots at the llee'uig prisoner and
jiluckily pursued and captured him nl
Third street and New Jersey avenue.
In the Police Court this morning (hint
was put oif trial' for assault with Intent to
kiii ami was neui lor tne action oi tiie
grand jury in SW bail,' When pnslug
hack into the doqk (hitit liuide tin insolent
remark to the policeman,
Five dispensers of rum. forfeited $2U each
this morning lor keeping their bar.-open
on Sunday.
Mary Washington was charged with a's
snultlugauother colored ehool girl, named
Margaret A. Jackson. The hitter stated
that Mary banged her iii the nose and she
struck Mary with a brick. Dismissed.
"Jim" Hi)l, a notorious colored thief,
was convicted of two cases of sneak-thieving.
He pleaded guilty to stealing some
stockings and ribbons from the store of
Mary C. Faquicr. He was convicted of
robbing tlio storo of (icorge M cling,
junior, ofsome stockings. A sentence of
three mouths in jail in eacli case was im
posed. .
Upl-copal Coutt'iitlon iUiii'.vluiiil "Dlo
i'ii. The annual convention of the Protc-l-nut
Episcopal Church of. the Diocese of
Maryland (including the District or Col
umbia) will meet in St. Peter's Church,
Baltimore, to-morrow morning at 10
o'clock. The bishop, Bight Bev. William
Pa ret, D. I).; formerly rector ofthe Church
of the Epiphany of this city, will preside.
Tlio opening sermon will be delivered by
the Bev. Dr. John T. Lindsay, rector of
St. John's Church. West Washington, and
chaplain of the House of lteprcscntutlvcs
of the Forty-eighth Congress. Major
Thomas H. Looker, Pay Director of tlio
Navy, and Major Francis II. Bate-) of (lie
Army were appointed us lay delegates to
represent St, John's Church, and Messrs.
C, M. Matthews and (1. T. Dunlop to rep
resent the laity. ol Christ Church, Ve-t
rii'iutd K.xciirxliiu to IVnOInr on Ueeit
I'litlnii Day.
A special excursion train will I en ye the
Baltimore A Potomac Builroad Station at
S:.'!0 a. in. Decoration day for Pen-Mar.
Ileturning, excursion train will arrive in
Washington about ii p. in. So crowding.
Scats will he furnished all who may avail
themselves of this delightful trip. Six
hours in tiie Blue Bidge Mountains, and
In full view of the beautiful Cumberland
Valley. Fare, round-trip, $'2. Tickets
can be purchased at the olllce of the com
pany, Thirteenth street and Pennsylvania
avenue, and Baltimore-A: Potomac Bail
road Station.
District GovEnriMEMT News.
A Skwku Wantiu). P. J, Mclutyrc lias
requested that sewer be laid on Bock
street, (leorgetown, to drain his properly.
Bkixstatkp. The Commissioners have
reinstated Assistant Chief Engineer Charles
Merrillat, on the recommendation of Oulof
Dau-Boom Lienxsiw, Tho Commission
ers have approved the applications of ('.
1). Osborne and Felix Shannon for bar
room licenses.
Axxovr.p iiv Ciici;i:ss. M, Uryorby or
1217 E street has complained to the Com
missioners that lie is annoyed by chicken).
The Commissioners have notified him that
lliey have no contiol over the alleged
A PliOTKST Ao.WNrT THNr.Ml'.XT Hopsii?.
The resident of .Meridian Hill have pro
testa! to the Commissioners against Hie
proposed erection of twelve tenements op
Morris street, near Columbia avenue, with
out lirat laying sewer drainage.
A HKwr.n's OttTurr. Coiiinuinder A. A.
Houiino of the Navy Yard has recom
mended to the Commissioners that tlio
Sixth street sewer, Just .west of tho yard,
be extended to tho river. As it Is, tlio
mouth of the sewer is 150 feet from the
river at low water, lie suggests that the
extension of tlio sewer is necessary to pro
vent sickness in the yard and that neigh-
l-Ultl. Ilt'l MVUJI Jt till, U .-5HUU,.l, .j,.vr,
Mr. Carey, repulr il welling corner of First
nnd D streets northeast, $1,100.
Also to I. L, Slater to erect a brick dwell
ing on Corcoran, between Fifteenth and
Sixteenth streets, to cost $1,500; (icorge W.
Marshall), erect n dwelling corner Twelfth
and C streets northeast, -2,.-HJ0j William
Limerick erect a dweliingon E street, hot
ween Sixth and Seventh Mroet north west,
s-LOtt); repair Epiphany Mission Church,
Maryland uveiiue, between Twelfth 'and
Thirteenth streets southwest, $1,5M
"Aldornoy Dairy Wiismn."
I'resli Alilornov butter, ehurnttl overv mum
UV ,uiU it. limed lu Hj lb. "Ward" I'lin's, PJi .
pii th Attn iottui.') c-liei'-i, foutMniii'k . -1 1
tlncvt nuut, 3t. i vi, ii, Ui'.tw, 1. "-, ia:.
Pwimits to Buiui. Penults to build
have been granted to Michael O'llrien to
ireet two brick dwolllugs on Twenty-llr.it
,,(..,. i. .,...,.,... i.' ...,,i r. lIw.,. C'.iitito.
Notoo of Intorbat to tUo Sorvlco From
All Along tho Linos.
(ienernl Bufuslualls, formerly (Juarlrr
iiiaster-Ocncinl, Is at the Arlington from
New York.
Commander Benaniln F. Dav arrived
nt Mure Island Navy-Yard last Tuodav
to take command of the Mohlcnn.
Oencral Ucorge Thorn. V, S. A has re
turned from Fort Monroe, where be ha
been for two mouths, and is at No, L'olU N
Medical Director Dclnvun llloodgood,
V. S. N h in the city from New YOrk.
nnd has quarters at the Amo on Sixteenth
Lieutenant Charles 0. Alllbone, U.S. N
reported at the Navy Dep'artiuent Satur
day for special duty, and 1. at the
Advh es from the Mare Island Navv
Yard, California, state that the Mohican
will go Into commission there about the
last of this week. '
Dr. Frunel C. Dale, formerly passed
assistant surgeon. I'. S. N who resigned
in February , 1KM, died last month in
Northern Calllorula.
The olllccrs nn'd men id Fort Leaven
worth will take part In the Decoration
day ceremony there Saturday, and all
work suspended by (.ioncntl Augur's or
der. Captain Edward P. Lull will reach San
Francisco this evening to take eomiirnud
ofthe frigate Hartford, Admiral Farragiif s
old MngMiip and now llagslilp ofthe Pa
cific licet. .
Lieutenant I'lederick II. Lcl'avor, IT. S.
N., and Mrs. Lcl'avor Intend passing tlio
coming summer nt lllithodnlo,Cal whore
Captain John Irwin. U, S, N tun! family
will aKo be.
Ensign Win. Irt Todd, tiled bv . court
martial on the Alliance for drunkenness,
bus been rccommtnded for dismissal. Sec
retary Whitney lias not acted upon the
Major W. II. II. Benyatird, Corps of
Engineers. I'. S. A., who spent the past
winter at St. Augustine, Fin., on sick
lenve; has arrived here from Fort Monroe,
and is at the Ebbitt House.
Passed Assistant Engineer Abraham 1).
Wlllct bus been detached from the Mohican
and oidcrcd lo the llagslilp Hartford, at
San Francisco, to relieve Passed Assistant
Engineer II, 11. ('line, ordered to the
Mrs; William C. Manning, wife of Major
Manning, Twenty-third Infantry, has been
recently visiting at Fort Leavenworth,
where she lived for a number of years,
but left there Saturday for Fort Wavno,
Detiolt, where Major Manning is on
The Iroquois. Commander Yates Sterl
ing, will arrive at the Mare Island Navv
Yard some time next month and will pos
sibly he put out irconiuilsimi,n.sho needs
extensive lcpairs. She has now been in
commission lour years, but the extent of
the repair will be decided on by a survey,
totiiciitu 'lout and wtmlhaiinilii for Tiik C'uitIi
naiuil lit C, II, Fttkllny't ilrut tWit.
A JfjiiioTiu'i'K. Cisscl A: Co. of the
Pioneer Mills tire having built at the es
tablishment of I'icice A' Mcrtz, on Thirty
second sticct, a jumbo truck, '21 feet long
nud (I feet wide. It will carry forty-live
barrels of Hour and will be drawn by six
ltfirsm. V '
In'I'iu'.ii; SutMi;u UsirouMs. -The fire
men of No. 5 Engine Co. appeared this
morning for the first time in tlieirsuminer
Ltrri.t: Suiitino. Shipping is very dull
nt present. A few small bay ves-cls,
loaded with ice, bnvearrivcd, but no Iiiimo
ve.-scls, consequently there is very little
coal shipped.
Exciianoi: Pn.MTs. llev. Albert K.
Stuart, pastor of Christ Church, will ex
change judplts wltli Bev. W. W. Williams
of Baltimore, the former pastor of the
chinch, oiiSuudny next.
Tin: Potomac W.vn:i:. Temperature
and condition of .water at 7 a. in. (irc.lt
Falls, teiiiperntuic, 70; condition, ifij re
ceiving reservoir, temperature, 72; condi
tion at north connection, ,71; condition at
smith connection, !!0; distributing reser
voir, temperature, 7l;coiulitionat Jnliuent
gate-house, Wl; condition at etlluout gate
bouse, !Ul.
Dnvrii or Mi:s, Pcmimiiu-.y. Mr.s.
Elizabeth Pumplirey. wife of tlio late
Samuel Pumplirey, died last evening at
her late residence, No, l."0 N street' south
west, in the (list year of-her ago. Since
tho death of her husband, which occurred
n few weeks ago, Mr.. Puinphiev had
been ailing, and though her general
health was previously good she began
failing so rapidly that Jluully she was) com
pelled to take to her bed. About one
week ago she was stricken suddenly with
uu attack, and, though under the care of
the best of medical skill, her death was
momentarily looked for, and was not un
expected when It came yesterday. The
cause is ascribed lo heart disease, but
those wild watched by her say it was from
grief over the loss ot her husband. She
was universally known and beloved in
this section and leave. a large circle of
friends to nioiiniJier death. Her funeral
will take place to-morrow afternoon at a
Mai:siiaj,i,Ham Captain Blake carried
ii huge party of Invited guests to Marshall
Hall on bis steamer Corcoran last evening
for the purpose of viewing tlio Improve
ments made at that popular resort since
last season. The place has heen hand
somely and extensively improved upon,
additional facilities for pleasure have been
added audnothing has been left undone
by the Captain to make the place in every
sense a hr.t-c)ass excursion resort. Tlio
paity lcturncd at II o'clock, all heaping
their encomiums on the Captain for lib
A Hamisomi; Dwr.r.UNo, (iround is bo
lbg broken on F. street, between Sixth and
Seventh streets southwest, by Mr. (icorge
Limerick, an opulent South Washington
butihcr, for tho erection of a handsome
three-story brick dwelling. The work of
constructing is in tlio hands of Mr. Peter
Hepburn, and the house, when completed,
will. rank among the lines! in this section.
The tost-islolo,M,'jOO.
Vaxhamsm. The branch of Pcabodv
school on Sixth street, between Bund I'
northeast, was entered Sunday night. Tim
contents of the ink bottles were emptied
upon the floor, shellac varnish spread upon
thedesksaud put in the Ink wells. The
thieves used candles, as drippings were left
on the teacher's desk and on the lloor.
Some small articles were stolen.
Tho Lutheran Immigration Society.
The session of the American Evangeli
cal Lutheran Immigrant Society at
Lutheran Place Memorial Church last
evening was opened with remarks by Boy.
Dr. .1. U. Butler. Following was a lengthy
address by Bev. Dr. J. Scukor, presi
dent ofthe society, explaining the mission
of tho society. Other addresses wero do
llveicd by Bev. Charles H. Albert of Balti
more mid Bev. S. II. I bruit., Western sol
idary ofthe Board of Home Missions.
The morning session of the society to
day was held at St. Paul's English Luth
eran Church. A committee consisting of
Bev. Drs, Domer, Parsons and ,1.(1, But
ler W'ero npointed delegates to the (Ien
ernl Sitting, which convened at Hurrlsburg,
Pa., this evening. The papers rend to-day
weie "Supply ol Ministers for our (ierinan
immigrants, ' by Dr. 11. Biiichard, secre
tary Emigrant Society, Unimscndorf, (ier
many; "The (fathering to the .Mormon
Nation," a very Interesting paper by Pro
fessor S. M. Mill, Willioo, Neb., I'oimorly
Lutheran misulonnry among the Seanda
nnvlau Mormons In Vlnly "itelatlon of
English Lutheran work lo the Scundauii
viuu," bv Bev. A. Johiueu, Amelia, la.
After the'icpoifs of i onmittoc and new
business was disposed of the meeting ad
jiiurueil. The iLuil session of the society
'will he he'd at sn'ilnilt thin.oven'nj; a1
Lu.' '.ii fin. ' Mi-i.ei:i.il CUnu 'i,
Wall Sit net (ioslp.
Nr.w Yoiik, May 2u. -Money li percent.
Exchange dulh (iovernnieiits Ilrni, Cur
n''H'.vijS !?'! I'M: '" eoitiioii, J2.i bid;
IJs, coupon, 11. 'I bid. The stock market
was extienielv dull nil morning. During
the first hnlf-lionr of business there was
siftue selling of the 111. under which price
declined fractionally, but the decline was
mote than recovered In the next hour un
der the manipulation of the bull. cliques,
Now Vorlf Mock nluvhiit.
The following have bed) fiirnlMiisl ' hy'Lowls
.Tulin-oii A: Co.. bankers, corner. Tenth street
nnd Pennsylvania iivctuu- '
,'' .
N YCen.. HI I Hl" Kile
lo i
.it i
I. Shore... fr'V, t. A: Nasli
Call Sj ' 27 I' Pacific
N West... II.'IW III X.ICen..
II.'IU til
mil in
nro t si
(IOJh (M
ti.i!; ii.-
CJUV-MP my (I!) D UicW.
cn.v (..tuniPJi't
1'n.Mnii;.., ft,-,!ii nii
"nref. .
W Union.. llOld (MH4 (ire Tr.ni
JUO I'll
. .. - ;.fi i',' .....
.. (l.!3 ll.-.U lloek Nl.
" I1H 21?? Wnbasli.
Tox Pa... 11M 11
DeliV II.. 77 rH
Con l.'n... itliM ''O'-i
Ublcngo Alnrkel.
The followlnir stuninnry I by II. K, I'lalii k
Co., St. Cloud building. Ninth anil !' street:
Wheat iIiiiic.,
! I2?
1 -in ;
1 si'-'M
! :nl
I '."!,
.in yi.(
PorU iliinu.
Laid- .lime.
iion.'i hip." i
111 05 lit ()
l nun ' nun
11117k., IIIW4 UU
I (17'JK- 7' ' 0 7'
(I ii7W
o ..)
The Opening Miiikel.
Ciiicaoo, iMay 2(1. Tho market opened a
cent oil' on wlient, and about half a cent
in oilier grains. Provision nominal, nl
yesterday's close, Prospects of lower prices
to-day, the markets being more excited
t hmr for several days past,
Washington Stool.
'1 lie following lire the closing (imitations of
the Washington Mock Kxcliange to-day us fur
nished I iy Jlessi.s. Towers & (Ireen, bankers:
Washington A- (leorgotown bond I IH)3
Metropolitan stock HIH
Coliunhlu stock itoM
Noi 111 Capitol and ( street tois
Auncostla Hli,
Washington City Hallght Co t'JM
(leoigetowu (inslluht Co ,.... 10!
1'rniiKlln ltisuiaueeC( i!7
National Metroiiolltau liiiiriuiee Co tD!($
Natleual Union Insurance Co 1HJS
Arlington lustiraiii e ('( litn
Columbia Insurance Co IO"
i.eiinaii-Aineileau insuraiiec i o i;r.
Potomac IiisuranceCo.
itlggs Insurnneu Co
Hoard of Public Works (treen H.
iMasoule Hall bonds..' W2Y
Washington Mnrket Co. slock 10
" " " bonds
Inland and Scacoast Co. stock.....
" " " bonds
Washington llrlek Jliichlue Co. slock.... H7M
llnnkot Washington fin
Hank or Wnsliingtoi .'Id
Nntlonul Metropolitan Dank...., t:i,H
National llnnkortlie Iteimlille 150
Farmers' and Jleenanles National Hank
(leoigetowu.. , HK
Citizens' National Hank 10:1
Second Naliontil llaak 1L"
Central National Hank
Cleat Fall Ico Co 85
Heal F.stuto Title Inslirancu Co
Pennsylvania Telephone Co fiClJi
Chesapeake A- Poloinno Telephone Co.... ftjMj
I'.S, Flretilel.lght Ci
towers & aura,
Bankers and Insurance,
vrABHlNOTOS, D. 0.
Transact a General Banking Business.
Deposits Subject to Oheck.
Special nttontlon given to Dcpartmontnt and
other Collections: Buy and .Soil U. H. Uauds
and nil District Securities. We issue
Drafts and Circular Letters of Credit
on Europe and tho East.
W. U.IilBIiS.
B,L PLAIN &C0Blf firs.
Grain, Provisions, Petroloum,
St. Cloud Building, Ninth and F Sta.
Branch oraco: Katlonal notet,
City ltetorcnces-Katlonal Dank ot tho I'e
pubitc. .
Chicago oorresponaoats siilmine, uod-
Constant Quotations ot tho Ohlcago aud New
York Markets trom direct private wlros.
T, A. KE.NDI0.
F. B. Lilley & Co.
Stocks, Bonds, Grain, Provisions
and Petroloum.
1127 V BTREET N. W., WABniNQTON, D. C.
BKAKOU OFFI0E-4 S. Uolllday at., lialtlmore
BfRiltway and other Securities bought
and sold on Uoiumlsstou only. UtocKs and
bonds bought tor Investment or carried on
margin. tt
Drew's New Drug Store,
ray-Open an night.
X ontti street u. w., short, condensed course
lu practical bookkeeping, rapid penmanship
and English blanches at modorato rates ot
tuition, Morning, atternoou nnd night sos
sinus. Olvll-Servlco preparation a specialty.
Hhorttiand, Elocution and Mathematics by a
special teacher.
np.l()-tf J. II, BttTANT, Principal.
rieedlnc reiionoit ttrinsUi. r wliii ulTor IViiin
liillmiUlis ii-cullur tu their nex, should try
ULm tlio complesion. and ninVeiillia -Vln kiuooth.
It (lou4 not Dilution thn tnr.rh rniia,, hnnH. ,.;,'. ..
rriKluco conttlp.ltlou-iji; cif Irm miiulimih. '
Miw. I'MunKTl! Haiiih, U Funrell Avn.. Milwau-
(no, VVi., S"r. under data of Deo. Will, 1Mb
"I 1ito ued Brown's Iron Bitters, nnd It hs hm
more tUan a doctor to m. ImtInk enroll raooltUi
weakneafi ladioii Imva In lia. A) w cured nm of J.l
er Ooniplaliit, and now my compluil m Ii rlr ami
itood. llaiiheenbonefiolaltomychildi-iin." h
Renuino lias abovo t rndj mrl and err-o'l red linn
onwrapixir. Tiike no oilier. Midnonlyky
IlIiOWN rilliMIl'A I 'O.,TI,I,TI3I0!li:, Ml.
Ladii's' Hxno Biv)ii-uful and attraotivo, con
taiuin.t ltt of pm,M ' it relrw. Jnfomiatloa ahaut
C'liiis ui .vun nyay iy nl' aQiira In meilli'tao, gr
malJjd WByuiJ.ni,t ijri-. v- "'.luiy,
II. ! I.. ; C
8SMI H7i wTi
nodi Hiii noH
ll'J.ll l)l IIL'H
to ' ir.fy nits
tiiiiii .ir. in!?
.tllU' .(l .Kltg
.wMi ii2M nik
iWU; itlK il'JJS
'JMUll US 15 "JSkJ
III7'J0 10 HO
m is. i i
till. 11
n .vtiy.'
"' I
BROg'5 nl
tmirz m iMA mi B-rMra is -
, iHiuvu,i.,M. "iui(iu4 nui HU pure YPfCIHOUll
tnnlo, nnd lnlnyalnaWa for Dlsjutm uscullnr to
) omen, ann nil nho load Blontary llvm. h i:u.
r IcfieN nii.1 I'uillles tlio Hliind, SlIiimhiKu
thu Appetite, Silreiigllieim Iha .TIiMcles and
ISei'VCS -In tact. tUurouRhlyluvliriirntna.
tr Id mArlliilHift aa1 I T HH .-111. .-- . - jl 1-
Parasol Week,
Parasol Week,
Parasol Week.
Those l.iiillc.i whoe.xiicct to, find n dlsilny of ldKh-iuiccd, faney colored, nnd odd
lj'les of IVrniOln, will be disaiiliolnled when iittcmliiiB the so-called 1'nrasol Week nt
to-morrow or any day this week.
tnlerliift. as we do. for the popular trade, our Spec'ialUe tiro confined lo
Staple, Plain and Useful Parasols.
We study the wants of our patrons and oiler Roods nccordltifdy.
Please l'ltrchi i-c Klcwhere, II' on Inspection you Imagine yon can uo.ii'iv" cite;
viilnc ( utsidc ol LtuisbuiBh ti Uro.
300 ncautiful Quality Satin Coachcrs, 10-rib, Pararjon Frame, natural wo il handles
at $1.98; c or) body sells them at $2.25.
250 Hniulstmc atiillly Satin Coacliers, 12 rib, paragon frame, new aaie, in all
colors, at $2.25 ; i d jular price $2.67. Jo" them.
75 All-Silk FonfiEC Parasols, with new canopy top, or cither flat sliaf.o, paragon
frame, at $2.43; aotually worth $3,50.
no Fine Duality Bit ck Satin Carrlatjo Parasols, lined, at SI. II; retltioed f.'jm
110 Extra Quality Satin Coaohers, in all the new colors, cano.iy top, paraoon
frame, with fancy tt ps and handles, it $2.19 ; told everywhere at $2.50.
GO Beautiful Cuallly Black Satin Parasols, lined with IiIqIi colored fineat change
able Silk llninp, paragon, trimmed with very deep Spanish Guipure Lace, at $3.93.;
have been $4.75.
Gingham Umbrellas.
Gingham Umbrellas.
.Wo have still en hand (although they have been selling very rapidly) about 250
more of thoio Fine Quality Scotch Gingham Umbrellas, in 28 and 30 Inch 3lzo, will
offer them at C9i.; lliey are awfully cheap; sold at a special prico of 90o.;ovcry
where, Examine litem.
Silk Sim Umbrellas.
Cnly One Di ive this Week, and that a Big Bargain.
400 He vy Twllhd Silk Sun Umbrellas, with fancy and blao't handles.ln 24-Inch
slza, at $1,62 ; sold as a leader everywhere at $2.25. Examine them.
Children's Parasols.
Immcnss variety of Children Paraso's, In all Colors arid Shapes.
420, 422, 424 and 426 Seventh Street.
The Oity Startled and Doliglitod by the Unpreoodonted Eat9rpys9 and
Innovation in Prices of tho
Excelsior Clothing House,
1217 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Prices reduced wonderfully, and all Goods guaranteed, Eeal the Hat
of a Few from Many Bargains.
100 doz. very fino Silk Scarfs, satin lined, latest stylo, - 33 cts
79 doz. Superior English Half Hose, worth 40c, now - - 18 cts
200 doz. good quality Gauze Undershirts, - - - - 25 cts
100 doz. All-Linen Initial Handkerchiefs, - - - -. 16 cts
500 best quality Scotch Gingham Umbrellas, 70 cts
200 doz. Summer Scarfs, French Pique, pno doz. for - - 25 cts
40 doz. assorted Silk Bows for turn .down collars, - - 10 cts
In Our BOYS' OLOTHING DEPARTMENT we will offer the
following Special Bargains:
Lot of Pants, ago from 4 to 12 years, - - - - 50 cts
200 Suits, age from 4 to 13 yoars, immonso bargain at - - $2.50
ExtralFino Blue Flannol Suits, color guaranteed, - - $4.00
Big lot of All-Wool Pants, $2.50
Elegant All-Wool Cassimoro Suits, worth $15, now - - $12.00
Tho latest stylo Scotch Plaid Suits, worth $16, now - $12.50
Bost Indigo Bluo Assabot Flannol, cloth finish, Frock Suits,
worth $15, now $12.50
Very fine 4-but. Cutaway Diagonal Suits, worth $16.50, now $13.50
Lawn Tennis and Rowing Shirts.
Tiie Public is cordially invited to call upon U3, If not to purchase, just to satisfy
itself, as to the Remarkable Bargains wo offer.
Courteous and polite attention to all visitors and patrons.
Excelsior Clothing House,
500 Heavy Changeable Satin (good quality) Coaohers, new shape, at $1,23 ;
everybody cells them at $1,98 ; great bargains,
N A- " N -v-- -v- -V- -v .
71Munii GHJbr-719
Our stock ot alt kinds ot seasonable pooJa U
1HA7 cOMplotr, nucl ptlcos lower tlinn otror.
Nainsook and Swiss Edgings and
Flouncings in great variety.
Laces of all kinds.
Fans of every description.
Nets, Veilings, Ruflllngs and Handker
Wo ore oirorliiB groat bargains In l'Arasola
nmi invito inspection nna comparison Best
goods at lowest prices, Heo our
$2.50 2G-lnch Silk Umbrella;
it can't lio matched tor tho price.
Cannot be Burpaeeoa either la strloorqualit.
Black and Bl'lc and Whito Sattoons
in Newest ratterns.
WHITE hoods at exceptionally iowprtco3.
Seo ii ml bo convinced.
719 Market Space.
Post Coiiiiiation Sewing Machine.
Now lirady. Liplit running. Nolselose. Per
fect. Don't tall to examine Us merits bctoro
buying nuy other.
Agent for D. 0.
An Elcgaut lino ot lutauts' ami Uhliarou'a
for Boring woar, plain aim embrolilernd, In
Mother Uubbara ana other stylos, Long ana
White Dresses, Slips and Robes, Lace
Peek-&.Boo and Shirred Caps,
comprising tho latest stylos, at
ns nm mi., mw. vtitonioiucp.
The Largest Stock of Millinery and
"Fancy Goods and Visiles in the city.
Black Dress Goods, Embroideries,
Laces and Trimmings.
Full Btoclt ot Bun Umbrellas ami Parasols.
Blloy Hiillrilnir, Cor. tllli mill r. titn. n. r
Ladies' Tailor and Habitmakor,
730 Seventeenth St. N. W.
HOSIERY a Specialty
Julius Lansibiirgli,
315 Seventh Street.
And Upholstery Materials.
415 Seventh St. N. VI.
Oarpots, rurnlturo aud Upholstory, Now 7
Oautou Mntttugs, a largo BtocS ot Uaby Car
riages, ana tho celebrated
Alaska Refrigerator.
Window Screens and the Celebrated' Wood
Loose Covers for Furniture a .Specially.
Carpet, Furniture, Bedding, Dra- -pery
and Upholstery Warerooms.
8(11 MARKET SPACE, iI03 ft 310 8th Ht. n. W.
817 Morlsot Spaco, ra. nvo., noar oth Ht.
Now Yorki HilMmnm.
112 rath avomto. 201 200 W. Uaito. st.
Grand, Upright and Squaro Piano
Wo bog to announce to our Washington pa
trons that desiring to orror thorn groator facili
ties in their dealings with us, wo have opauoit
waretooniB at
07 Market Space, Pa. avo,, noar Oth St.,
Tho same nro coiiductod directly by our
selves, utid Customers can doal with us there
to precisely tuesninoadvantagoasat otirllal
tlmoroand Now York nstabllshmonts.
A full BBBOriniBnt or our various Btylas nt
Oiaiuie, tiprlghts and Hiimro Pianos will con
stantly bo found on hand.
V,'M, KNAUE & 00.
rarriANos roit rent.
TnntuKftud repntilnc pioinplly attendod to ,
by expei Jenceil wfirlimou. iniiS-'Jin '
Wtlcos u Whito ond Kimball
Oruanti. I'lunou nud Uruans sold
on installment!1, reutedoreschangodi rout ap
plied tt purchased,
Mauaslng pauuer. 9t Uo Il9 lir,tu ot Uim U 09.

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