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The Washington Critic
17TH YEAll-NO. 5,273.
' i iiti'iI mi 'n")i' ilium u'i ifcHi.iNiTtr.-irrnTrnwiiiimWtiiwxiiiiiin'i'i' "." " i"
The Last Chance of the
We Have Just Received tbo Last In
voice of our Importation Orders.
We have $10,000 Worth
Of Stylish and Fasirioimblo
Straw Eats & Bonnets
To offer at n Sneddon If necessary to tllsposo
of (hum
We would kindly request you lo glvotisn
call to exnniluo our
Enormous. Stock op Goods.
Our prices wilt not only speak for themselves,
lint wo aro confident wo are sum to please? all
In need of
Vo liavo also n stock of S23.000 worth of
ANll Tll'S.
Velvets and Bilks and .Tor.soys and T.aco Caps.
Also an Elegant I.liio of
In silver and Gold, which must bo sold no mat
ter how great thu sacrifice.
Has got to go; wo therefore- cordially invito all
in need of
-To Call At-
814 Seventh Street.
Norfolk Jackets
Hot "Weather Shoes.
Wo linvo Just received a largo lot of all styles
Men's Low Shoes. All llrst class poods, but
must bo sold this season. Ladlos' nndChll
client low shoos Inall stylos. Canvas shoos
for tho mountains and'scasldo. Lawn Tennis,
Illcyclo and Boating shoes. Our gcnoral stock
Is larger than ever, thus enabling us to suit
tho most fastidious. A call from our friends
nud tho publlo appreciated. Army mid Navy
030 l'KNXA. AVlf
Office, 1418 New York Avenue.
Artistic and Fine -Work in Cement a
Our skilled Workmen lay the following Pave
incuts.; Sohillenger's Patent, Best Granolithic.
A8pliallum, Artificial Stone.
Neufchatel, Mastic.
Kitchens, Sidewalks, Stables and Cellais laid
vi 1th neatness and promptness.
Owners ot property aro notllled that thoy
will bo held lesponslblo for Infringements of
this patent. Tho United Mutes Courts for tho
Wstilct of Columbia liavo recently enjoined
II. I.. Cranfoid nnd tho Commissioners of tho
District f Columbia fiom laying this pavu
ment. All artificial stono pavements other
than that laid under tho patent aro worthless.
Telephone Cnll 107-J. 1'roiditont.
413 3STinx-blx Set
ter STAIRS).
Latest TuiT News mid ((notations Ho
tidied Dully by Special Who from
Mu'cpnlii'iKl Day, Chicago
mill llrlglitou llcnch.
Longest Odds l.ulcl Htrulglit and l'lui-od
on Alt Itm-lng lit outs.
Oftlce hours: Ha. m. to II p. in,
Comhinaliou Letter Sheet aiifl EaYclope!
Tor Letters. Notices, Hills, Statements, Clrcu
bus, Of till sl.es. In boxes of U5, r0, too,
ynu, BOO and 1,000 each.
Will Ul9i)onfio with Ihivolopos,
Will Save Wulght In Postage.
Will Huvo Tlmo and Trouble.
The postoflieo stamps will show dato of do
II very. J. W. WATiills,
1 11(1 Now Yolk nvo..
Solo Agt for Waslilngtoii and Alexandria.
Dealer In 1U1J1.D1NG SUI'l'JLMIS
)08 to Oil 0 street northwest, next National
Ullles' Armory.
Anhltectiirnl lion Woik, foment. Plaster,
Tliolirlek, I'll o Clay, Wall State, Paints, Oils,
Uhiss.clo. Jo5
Cia-fcc aud noiistfimiislin Goofls,
Q. P, BURDETTE, Sole Agent,
July With us will be a bargain ;
month in every senso of tho
word, for, notwithstanding the
enormous trade in rosponso to
our Surplus Stock Sales during
dune, we still have a particular
ly attractive stock of season
able fabrics, which MUST DE
SOLD this month.
Judging from the sales in
this department, we think we
have been the acknowledged
"Headquarters" for Laces.
To maintain any reputa
tion we may have gained in
this respect, we propose to
offer incentives to purchase,
which will be found undoubt
edly lower than the lowest
quotations for similar widths
and qualities.
1 lot of Much l'lno Illack Spanish I.aeo, In
elegant patterns, who cheap at tho former
pileoof V7c, now
Sin plus block price V2o
1 li.t nf !ll.lnnli Whttn Miirifiierltn I.nno. lint-
tern ruinvltTi linen thread, wcio very cheap at
tho former prleo of lirp. now
Surplus Stock price 12)to
1 lot of -1'lneli White Marguerite Lace, pat
tern run with llnon tlucad.miio cheap at the
fonner pilco ot !17Hie, now
Surplus Stock in leu 18c
NOTK. Tho abovo wash Laces aro partlcu
laily deslrnblo for trimming suttcea, ging
hams, inwiis, etc., and at tho prleos named
should meet with a ready sale.
T.nccsfiir iJ.'u per Yard.
Our line of 25c Bl'k Laces
is something to be proud of,
and we do not think it pos
sible to obtain better values.
n-lncli Illack Chautllly I.acos,
-IM-Inch Spanish (lulpuro I.aees,
G-fiich Illack Spanish Laces.
All of which tu 0 really worth U7Sc; only 25e
per yard.
(Second door : take tho elevator,)
This department is fairly
overflowing with good values
111 seasonable bilk labncs.
As a special inducement
we make the following reduc
tion, well worthy your atten
tion: Ul-Ineh I.111KU Ulaek AlbSlllc Surah, colors
gtavand white, garnet and clel, brown aud
white and bluek and white,
Heduced from Sl-GO to SI per yd.
These are particularly de
sirable for dress trimmings,
overdresses and hat trim
mings. 18-Inch All-Silk Striped Surah, ground colors,
olive, bionze, brown, tan, steel, blue, gen
dtume, euphlrund garnet.
Woith if 1; only 7ou per yard,
Never happened before and
may possibly never happen
10-4 Ilrown Sheeting Jtiisllii at
10-4 llleached sheeting MihIIii at
15o per yard.
Why these prices? you
ask, Well, only because we
want to increase the demand
in the dull season.
An extra good value is a
20-inch Bleached Twilled
Crash at isjc per yd. A
popular Crash is the Plaid
Goods, and having secured
the full line, we quote the
following low prices.
17-Inch Plaid Crash, 10u
JO Inch 1'lald Crash, llu
U'2-lnch l'lald Crash, fJi
SJ Inch Plaid Crash, 15c.
A big mark-down in Black
Bunting is a 22-inch goods
from 17 to .12JC per yard.
Should be all sold in 2 days.
For Lawn Tennis Suits,
Boating, Seashore, etc., to
knock about in, and have
washed as good as new, is our
S-lncii Stripe Combination (Slngham suiting,
In brown, bluu mid gray, with pluiiis to match,
GOO yds of n'J-luoh Philu I.awus, In pink,
nnvy bluo nnd ecru. To cause the Immediate
disposal of these goods, wo laivu reduced litem
We have received a new
and exquisite line of color
ings in light shades, with
small neat figures in Puff and
Teck Scarfs, usually sold at
37 and 50c, which we pro
pose to offer at 25c each.
Don't fail to see them.
That JS2.75 Silver-headed
26-inch Silk Umbrella met
with just the reception ex
pected. Have you seen them
on the street yet? Haven't
got a hundred.
(Pccoml floor ; take the elevator.)
Boston Dry Goods House,
921 Pa. Ave. 912 D Street.
i,aimi!i:iit ti:i:i: aih'Ointiid .minis
Tint to in;i,ctn;.it.
Oltirr Appointment,, nimlo To-day Tho
Itetdgiiatlon of I'h'At AmMont l'oltnin-tei-Oi'iicnil
liny to De Accepted on
Miinilnj- 1ix-ConKtiiiiMi! 'HtinmiHoii
of Illinois to liccoiiin His .Siii'i'DHHiir,
The I'lcshlcnt tnailo the fullowiuy ap
pointniciits to-tlny: ,
liMiiKitT Tiikk of Illfnols, fnlteil States
Minister to liclgltiin.
Hamuki.T. IlMisKn of Nolena, Mon., to
he Uovcuiorof Montiiiiii.
.Toiin-K. I.a.mii, United Statoi Attorney,
District of Indiana.
.l.C. O.Wiu.i.vms, Untteit States Attor
ney, District ofTeniiesscc
JfoMromi S. .Tojtr.i, United States at
torney for the western district of l.otils
I111111. (leorgc X. Itrower. Ocuernl Aiinier
ofMcrchniitllxc, district ofiNcw York.
AMtlstnnt ICtiglncOi-H in tho Navy with
the relative rank, of ensign; A.S. llal
Ktcad, W.t. llorlicrt, Win. V. D.inah.C.
V. DyMin and W. J. Master.
Kiuigns In tlui Nnvy: Samttel D.ina
Oreone, Samuel W. Arnilstcad, (Jcorgo Y.
Street, rhnrlos 1. Ktiton, John JLlOlllcott,
John M. Juekson, Charles K. Sweeting,
Muuinniin l. Tliurslon, i lurry (leorgc,
Kuiloik'k I.. C'liiipin and Hurry A. I'lcld.
31,'. Ifny'N Hcklciiiilliiii.
l'o,-tninlcr-(ieneral Vilas, after scelnj;
tlio 1 'resident this afternoon, stated that
the U'slgnntion of P'irst Aislstant I'ost-niaster-Oeneral
Hay would hcacecjiled on
Monday, and A. K. Stcvcnon of Illinois
will then be appointed to succeed him.
The l'rcslitent'n VnllriK.
The President's callers to-day included
S'cnators Morfiitn, Call, Teller ami llarri
ton, Iteiircsentatlvcs IJclinont, Cox, Fur
qtihar, Tucker, Johnston, Mntson, Voor
liccs, tho C'oinnilsslouera of Indian Allaire
and Internal Ilovciiuc, Assistant Sccietary
Jcnks nnd Judge McSwccney.
Toleilo nctiiocrnl lu Toiiii.
Mr. Harvey l l'latt and Mr. Denlsnn
M. Smith of Toledo arc here to givu good
advice as to tho appointments ol rovenuo
and customs collectors nnd postmaster in
that part of Ohio, (.lenci allien T.b Fovre
said yesterday that he thought tlio present
revenue collector will ho allowed to serve
out his term nearly two years yet.
Heller Nut IteoiiIUil.
It is sciiil-ollleitilly stated that Minister
Keiley is not- to be recalled; that he will
proceed to Vienna, and If not received by
"tho Austrian Government, tho United
States will remain unrepresented at that
court. It is claimed that Mr. Keiley's
appointment to Austria, alter mi rejec
tion by Italy, was In no way ill-courteous
to Austria, as the xanie objections did not
apply, and Mr. Kasoii'Nufjinlntmcnt to
Austria was under similar circumstances.
IIiim'TIicj- Were Apiiolnlo.l.
A gentleman who claims to know ays
that of the 1,500 employes in the New
York Custom-House to wore appointed
on the recommendation of the following
piomincnt Itcpubllcan leaders: John A.
Logan, Go; John Sherman, fil; Warner
Miller, 18; ex-rrcsident Arthur, 17; Jacob
Patterson, 14; ex-Governor Cornell, 11;
James G. lllnine, (JO; Don Cameron, !:!: M.
L. Kenton, 10; .1. J. O'Mrion, lo; ex-Collector
Kobemon, W; ex-Collector Merrltt, Hi.
Il.rlrnsi'iiilil- Olllee CIlllllcCo.
The following changes have been made
in the Hydrograpliie olllee, Navy Depart
incut: Itemovals K. M.Knoir, C, Million
and J. .1. AVebber, draughtsmen. Me
signed C. T. Klnkrlug, engraver. Ap
pointments Knill Muhlc, draughtsman,
tI.oOO; IC. A. Scott, draughtsman, SK; M.
A. Kcrnande, olllcc attendant, $120; M.
M. Smith, draughtsman, 54 W). Meduced
M. Kranko, drauchtsnian, from $1,000 to
.M.iuO. Promoted U. A. Kolb and W. P.
Seflon, engravers, from .SI.O00 tol,200; K.
IC.Gray, dniugJilsman, form j-'HtOtoSKX).
Trrnsur.i Cluum'.
ome (runsfei's of clerks in the Treasury
liavahceu ordered, as well as tho follow
ing dismissals: Secretary's ollicO Thomas
M. Wiley, $1,100; Andrew Day, 0(!0; Miss
K. J. Drigliunviid.aX). Internal Mevenuc
Murcau Miss Kato J. Mover, .000; Jlrs.
A. II, Fry, $1,000; S. M. Kindley. ,1,200;
Fdward J. Kvans, $1,Kh); Mrs. S. V. Will
lard. $1)00; Mrs.S. P. I.yndale, $1,200; Mrs.
.1. A. Stowart, $K.iO. Murcau ol'Statlstics
James P. Whiting. $720; J. 11. Parker,
SI .(KK). Thlnl Auditor' Olllcc Thomas
11: Svplicid, $1,400. Light House Hoard
C, B.-Syphax, $720; MKs Kllwi I.. Parker,
MXKi. Murcau of Kngravlng and Printing
-Owen V. Cole, $1,100.
?Iluoi' null I'ernoiial.
Afisisinut Hecretarv Kalrclilld has gone
to New Jersey for a low days.
The Postmaster-General to-day ap
pointed six postmaster--of the fourth class.
It is stated that tho President will lake
his vacation in the latter part of August
The Piesldent has accepted the resigna
tion of Lieutenant Thomas II. M.irber,
First Artillery.
Tieasurer Joulan and Commissioner of
Customs MiCnliuont have gone homo for
tho Fourth of July.
John D. Mlddi" ot Milfotd, Pa., has
been appointed a chief of division In the
Internal Mevenuc Murcau.
' The lings mi IheCnpIlol were at half
mast to-day on account of the death of
llepiesentatlvo Klvood of IllltioK
.Mr. .1. S. Knupp, a brother-in-law of
Collector llcddcn ol'Now York, has been
appointed the collector's private secretary.
The s-ccretiiry of tho Treasury has ap
pointed Walter I!. Giraid as assistant in
spector ofhulls at New York, vice M. K.
Howcl, ieigued.
Secretary Iluyard has promised tho
friendly suppoit Of the State Dcpartmont
for the New Orleans Imposition to be
opened in November,
Prestdciit Cleveland informed Mayor
Smilh of Philadelphia tn-day that he
would be unable to attend tho National
Kucunipmctit at Fairniount Park to-nior-low.
Hon. DcotgoS, Moutwell of counsel for
Havti has Died a protcstnguinst the award
ot'iXX) to Antonio i'cllctler, on the
giniimi mat tie was at tnc time tno judi
cial error occurred In Httytl undergoing
piosecution furongaglngin thoslavotradc.
The Mlcliinond Shite protests in vehe
ment terms against the retention of 11, M,
de (.'lay as collector of customs at Noifolk,
and calls upon the Virginia Congressmen
to wait upon the President and present
cvidenco of the Incumbent's oil'ensivc
Tho Secrelary of the Treasury lias acted
upon the protests against thu barge olllee
system of lauding passengers aud baggage
a'l New York, and lias authorised tlieCu
nard and Trans-Atluntiquo steamship
companies to land passengers at their own
piers instead of going to the barge olllee.
The Piesldent yesterday appointed
DariitH II lugraham of Munic to ho
Consul of the United States at Cadiz
Jaules Tenner Lee of Maryland to be
sccictary of legation of the United States
to Austria, Hungary; Nullum 11. Gatchell
to be appraiser ol merchandise In the
district of Mullulo Creek, N. Y.
Mr. William Calhoun, the evpert ac
countant, investigating the accounts of
the Navy Department, hosvoutlcnmed tho
existing system of book-keeping nnd
recommended tho establishment of a hit
lean of accounts, at which tho statement
of all appropiititiyns and thvevpondUwies,
under each head will be Uipt, so as l he
icadlly shown.
A special oxatnilititiOii ol nppllc.iuts for
appointment n drtiuglitsmeii in the De
partments is in progress at the momi of
the Civil-Service Coiiiinlssloii. Tiilrty
tlrreo iipplicanls are being examined by
Harry Kins of the Geological Survey, Mr.
Gardner orthe Patent Olllcc, ,1. Ilosi'ordol'
the Supervising Architect's olllcc, Mr.
Nnlloroftho Land Olllcc, and Major Van
Jiatike of the 1'ostotllce Depaitmeiit.
Messrs. J- It. Moore of Delaware, J. Wll'
son Mayard of Pennsylvnnin, and Julian
Taylor of Vltginlajmve been appointed to
clcikships In the Department of State.
These gentlemen passed the clvll-scrvlcc
examination satisfactorily, standing at tho
head of a list of oer thirty applicants.
Mr. Mayard Is a distant relative of Secre
tary Mavard, hut was not known tu tho
Scctetary until after hk appointment,
Mum ItiilliltngH llifi'lcit During tlio
I'nst Vritr TIiiiii In I be I'lereillng'Oiin.
Muildlng Inspector Untwislo stated to a
CittTic reporter this morning that more
permits lo erect dwellings were issued
during the fiscal yenr JttM ended than
during any previous year, The number
exceeded the preceding year by nearly
10 percent. The demand for large houses,
he said, is not so gicat as during the years
IS&I-'.SI, and the houses this season aro
somewhat .smaller. He said there weio
more houses built and In course of erec
tion In the eastern section of the city this,
season than during any year before. The
opening of streets and avenues in this sec
tion has greatly enhanced the value of
propel ty and encouraged building.
The tollowing table will show the num
ber of permits' issued to build hou4ss duv
ing last fiscal year and the year previous
by mouths;
'ttil-'H I - l-'H"
July Kit KVt
Anuust 11(1 ill!
September. i. , 71 1 til
Octohtr ll' l.'x)
November n H-l
December (in '2(1
.Inminry..... :io (l;t
Februniy IXt 75
TMmcli 15(1 l.-.o
April UIW '-'87
?tay.... lil'J 'JM
.tunc... tH 'Jill
Incieuse, 'too.
i:.x-"i c-iiKir Shophonl In nonmnlly
Good Health anil Doing Well.
Arthur Shepherd, the nephew of Alex
ander It. Shepherd, has arrived in the city
from the Matopilas mines in Mexico,
wheie he is located with his uncle. lOx
Governor Shepherd is in good health gen
erally, but has Jieen HiiU'cring somewhat
from neuralgia. Mr. Arthur .Shepherd
will make nconiparativelyslioitstayhere,
and then return to Mexico. When ho re
turns, the understanding was before he
left Matopilas, that tlieex-Goveinor would
make a trip to bis old home In this city.
Mr. Shepherd has with him many speci
mens of ore taken from tho Matopilas
mines, one of which, In the shapo of a
handsome scarf-pin, he lat night thrust
into the cravat or Mr. William Dickson.
. i
:iiiHnlhitlii oroilleois, I . O. G. C.
The ofllcers-elect of St. John's t om
nia ndcry No. .".2, United Older ol the Golden
Cross, wcio duly instnlled into olllcc last
evening bv Deputy Grand Commander
J. M.Andrus, assisted bv George J. P.
Wood as grand herald, anil Fred !.. Wood
wind as post grand commander. The
resignation of Joseph Murrotighs as warden
of Inside cato was received, and the va
cancy tilled by. tho election of Mr. Mar
garet MtCutclicon. The entile list of
olllccrs, as published in Tut: Cirno of
Tuesday, wero present. The i oiuiuaudery
icports seventy-nine members in good
standing and two applications were re
ceived last evening.
Inspecting the New II. .V ().
Mayor Smith of Philadelphia, with Chief
Siuwilev of the Surveys Department and
several ofthe Maltlmoi'o it Ohio ollicials,
made an inspection yesterday of tho line
bv which tlio new iailro.id Is to enter the
efty. Some points in the line where slight
changes could be made were seen, but so
much diU'cieuco of opinion was noticeable
among property-owners that no recom
mendations were niiide. Petitions in fa
vor (d the line and protests against it are
(lowing in on the Mayor, and he promises
that both will be considered. "The ordi
nance will not be signed in u hurry, any
how," said he, when asked what lie was
going to do with it.
Grand Jury Indictments.
The grand jury to-day ptccutcd indict
ments against the following parties:
Charles Whitley, mayhem; Charjes Itldg
ley, larceny; lludolph Von llanon, false
pictcnses: James L. Thomas, embezzle
ment; Alice Oudeu, larceny, Clinton May
mond. false pretenses; Mosc- Chrism.m,
housebicakiug. Thu following were dis
missed: Henry Lee, graiid larceny; Will
iam M. Miyant, false pictcnses; Jailics
Dillon, passing counterfeit coin; Itobeit
A. Iloyd, forgery,
Tho nit.Cntoetlil Camping Club.
The members of the Mt. C'titoctin tamp
ing Club will start on thcii second annual
rimming trip from the M. it 0. M, M. on
Sunday, July 5, atlOo'dock p. m. Their
objective point this year is the mouth of
the Catoctin Creek, on the upper Potomac,
which all'oids excellent bas lishlng and
is noted for its picturesque surroundings,
Tlio club this year comprises the follow
ing members; .1,8. Allen, C.A.Jordan,
C. V. Glick. G. L. Makcrsmltli, 11. W.
Miller and W.L, Allen.
Mull DdIImhIcs Tii-iiinrrow.
The several divisions of tho City Post
olllcc and branch stations will bo kept
open for tho tian-nction of business fortlic
public on July I, 18S3, until noon. Tho car
rier service will bo as follows The llrst de
livery at 8 ti. ni., with the usual collec
tions for that hour. The collections for
the afternoon will bo the same as usually
made on Sttnda, the Carriers' window
will be open froili 0to7 p.m. The gen
eial delivery window will not bocluscd.
DiOTnitvr Government News.
Coi.i.kctions rou .li'.vn.- Tho collector's
receipts for Juno weio $1!!0,0S(I,1(I,
A Ni:w PiiYSieiv.v to Tiir Poon. Dr.
ndgar.Iannoy lias been appointed a phy
sician to thu poor.
Mips Foil F.nmixn Sivnov-Iloiwi:.
Tlio bid of 0. Thomas. $U,(i00, for erecting
the new Seven Precinct Station House, Is
the lowest hid received.
A Yi:.u'h Tv CoixmioNi. The Col
lector's annual report shows the iuore.iso
over tho previous year to be 17.7.11. :i I, the
amount received being $2iV),SO0,ll.
.MtsiT.M.Axr.oi'H. .lames ltobbius has
requested the extension of sewer on Fif
teenth street, between Sand T street.
John llrady has applied for the position
of inspector of trees nud plant in public
paiks. A sidewalk, gutter and cuib will
ho laid on the east side or Twenty-ninth
street, between Patid (J streets.
TiikK.w.mmi Wathi:. Assistant Secre
tary of the Treasury Coon, as president
of the Columbia Moat Club, has written to
the District Commissioners, requesting
them to enforce tho law with respect to
tlio Aqueduct bridge, Hestatestluit thcro
is a down-pour of water from overy arch,
and that boating parties llnd it Impossible
to get under the bridge without getting
- Among the Miccessful eiiudldates for ad
mission to tlio I nllid Mates .Military Acinic
my ut 'West Point weio Charles llmlloy
HuvUei aud ii. LwWUl WlJiW vt tlllU'ltl.
majoii ooodi.di:, Tin? roi'tti.At:
I'AYnrASTKit oi' thu corn's.
A (tiilliint Kentucky Soldier, Who Kiiiiglit
fiil'tlm Vnlnii anil Did Oalliitil .Service,
or Which Ho. Still Hours tl.o,Scurs-HIs
l'm-ioiiiil I'opiilnrlty mid Fondness Tor
tho Good Things of I.lfo.
Major Green Way Goodloc, paymaster
of the Marino Corps, Is In every way ono
of the biggest men in that able body, in
frame, rank and general good (piatltles.
Ho was horn January 21, 1815, near
ltiehnioiid, in Madison County, Ky of
ono of the most dl.stlugitlslicd families in
that State. His father was long promi
nent in the politics of tlio State; his:
brother was formerly Mlnlsterlo Melglum.
and he Ha nephew of tho lato General
Green Clay Smith, formerly Minister to
Mussia. He was educated at the Ken
tucky Stato University at Loxiimtou, and
although n boy of only 10 when the war
broke out, at once entered the Union
A i my, his whole family being pronounced
Karly in 1N!2 ho was mado adjutant of
tho Fourth Kentucky Cavalry, which was
many times engaged witli John Morgan's
command, and wliilu lighting that bold
raider nt Lebanon, Tenii., be was severely
wounded while endeavoring to savo the
life of a wounded comrade. Ho served
lor tome time on the stall' of his uncle.
General Green Clay Smith, and in 18ll
was with General Gordon Gronger In tlio
hot campaign of lSftl in Tennessee, wliero
at the battle of Franklin he received two
sevcro wounds.
AI'tcrtho war ho was associated with his
In other on tho Kentucky Statesman, at
Lexington, and remained until he was
appointed second lieutenant in the Marine
Corns, April 1, 1SUU, In 18j9-'"0 ho was
under instruction witli the Army Signal
Corps ot Fort Wliinplo (now Fort Myer)
and then, until 18,1, was on duty at tho
Miooklyn Navy-Yard, instructing navy
olllccrs in signalling. Wlillo thero, in
1870, u Hi e occurred, and while aiding in
quelling it, ho was so sovcrely Iiijuied as
to bo maimed for life. Ho was next on
duty here until 1875, and then served on
the steamer Michigan, on the Lakes, until
Juno 17, 1877 (in tho meantime having
been promoted to llrst lieutenant), when
he was appointed paymaster by Mr.
Haves to succeed the fate Major Cash.
Since that time lie has been on duty at
Marine Headquarters, here, except for ills
periodical trips in making payments.
In the full of 1870 ho was married at Lex
ington to Miss Mettle Meek, the daughter of
Senator James M. Meek of Kentucky, and
has a beautiful home near Mladensburg,
w here Senutor and Mrs. Meek usually live
with their daughter while Congicss is in
session nerc.
He is over six feet in height, broad
shoulders and strongly built, nud has it
round, jovial face, surmounted by crisp,
dtuk curling hair. Hols, beyond all odds,
the most popular man in tho Marine Corps
witii both ofliccrs and men, and pays thoiu
oil' every two months, although his genial
disposition and cheerful ways have great
weight also.
Like all Kenluckians hohpassionately
fond of horses, and knows the name aud
puligrcc of every liorso that ever ran a
nlatch inco, and oven now sighs when ho
thinks of Parole's defeat of Longfellow at
Maltlmorc, from which &o many bluu grass
stablemen aro said to have walked homo
after tho race. Hois something of h bon
vivont. and is ono of the best judges liv
ing of flno beverages. Hojspocially favors
KLiitueky Sherry, vintage of the lust
comet year,
Death In a Coll.
Dr. John G. Hauna of New York, a
young man about 23 years of age, and a
graduate of tho Now York Medical Col
lege, died early this morning at thu Fifth
Piecinct Station from tlio effects of alco
holism. Ho had been taken to the
station last night in a state
of helpless intoxication. After
examination by Dr. Taylor, Coroner Pat
terson decided that no inquest was neces
sary. Dr. Hnnuii was married and his
wife is lu the city, hut they have not
lhed togitborfor some time oast. She
resides on K street, between 'lonth nnd
Eleventh, ami is known as Mrs. Maiming.
The remains will be forwarded lo the
young man's mother in New York this
An i;uJo,tiiblu VIIt.
Hiawatha Lodge.No. It), 1, 0. G. T met
last evening and, after transacting sumo
routine business, adjourned to pay a fra
ternal visit to Monumental Lodge, which
was very enioyable, being received very
coidially. Immediately the exercises be
gan, under tho good ot the order, which
consisted of speeches, songs, recitations,
witticisms, etc. Delegates from Perse
veiance and Fidelity lodges were also
piesent, tilling tho loom.
llro wulug-III cCiiuslIu,
A very interesting and solemn ovent
occurred in the parlor of Mev. Dr. Nailer's
lcsldence, on G street, and near Foundry
M. :. Church, this morning, at It Mil
o'clock the marriage ot Mr. Mlnggold V.
Ili-ownlng of this city and Miss Nellie II.
MtCausliu of Stcuoenvllle, Ohio, alter
which tho hnppy pair left on a bridal tour
for ltlohmond, Va, Only a fow friends
were present at thu wedding.
Tlio Cnrpeiiti'i-.lui-y lll-agiee.
Tho Carpenter jury fulled to agree ami
weio discharged this afternoon. It is
unilei-siuiid that tbev stood '1 to 3 lor cuu
a M
Lord Churchill' Goiitott lor Itctliiii
I'lom Woodstock.
London, July Jl Special. Thu topic or
greatest interest now is tlio canvass of
Lord Churchill for his return from tho
borough of Woodstotk. The contest has
now become a battle of feminine wlls
and energy. Lady Churchill, nee .loiinlu
Jerome, began the contest last Saturday
by personally driving through Woodstock.
Slnco then she has been untiring in her
dibits to win voters to her husband's
The Liberals seeing Hie ndvautage that
the Churchill party was gaining, secured
Miss King and Miss Adams, two learned
graduates from Oxlord, toollet witli their
oratory aud logic tho fiiscltiatlng chariu
of the'voiing American, The Grant party
feel that they have gained a point, and
undoubtedly the Churchill party thought
so, for Lady Chuichill Immediately per
suaded Lady Kvclyn and Lady Fdlth
Curzau, daughters of Hurl Howe.to assist
Thcro is a danger that the Churchill
patty may overdo the matter, lor how
ever much tho Kngllsh voter likes sweet
woids ho has an titter contempt for thu
political sagacity of women, in general
and in a crisis like the pic.cuL may con
clude to legard the blandishments of tho
titled ladies as attempted bribes and vir
tuously vote thoGrant ticket. Mr. Grant,
the Liberal candidate, is on the ground
and working day and night. Tho Idbcrals
show greater coiilldclice, and claim that
they arc already. sure of a majority. The
Tories are nervous. Tho Duku of Marbor
ough's ntUludo has affected the situation
vmv littlo. Tho Clmrehtll nnrlv ureter
his opposition to his support, utitlcr exht
Ingeircumstnnccs. Thu Grant party make
no boast of his allegiance. Thu contest Is
exceedingly close, and predictions would
now bo woilhlcss.
Loniion, July ft. Lord Kauilolph
Chuichill has been elected. Tho majority
is not vet known.
Mr. Cyrus W. Field will celebrate thu
anniversary of America's independence on
Saturday by giving ngrand dinner. Minis
ter Phelps has been Invited to be present.
Many of tho most eminent lawyers of
Germany are of tho opinion that the
claims of the Duke of Caiiibrid;o to tho
thione oT tho Duchy of Mrunswlck are un
deniable, if ho is willing to assert them af
ter the Duke or Cumberland's case lias
been disposed of.
There is much sickness among tho
llussian troops in and around Pcrijdoh.
The Governor of Pcnjdch has died, utid
the mortality among tlio (roups is very
Advices from Shanghai say that Mussia
has secictly mado a treaty witli Corcu, by
which the latter admits the suzerainty of
Mussia over Corean territory and oneus tin
the river Turnicw to Hussion trading
The Missing Gnllhl.
Nr.w Yor.K, July 3. The Ctinard Steam
ship Company report no news yet from
the steamer Gallia.
Qur.KKsiowN, July II. 'Ihe ollicials of
tho Cimaid Steamship Company have
dispatched tho steamer Morocco and u
powerful tug to search for the overdue
Gallia. Tho ollicials of the Anchor Line
Steamship Company say that they are
now convinced that'thc vessel reported to
have been seen towinj the Gallia Is none
other than the Trinaoria of their Unci as
she lias not been spoken or seen since
June 22.
Dcprccliitlon of Sloolc.
Nr.w Yoi:k, July .'). Previous (o tho
May panic of last year Hanker' ifc
Mcichants' Telegraph stock sold at $1.30
per shore. Yeteulay200 shines were sold
at auction for illty cents per share.
Tho Gnl'lhi Snff.
Ni:w Yor.K, July 3. Tho Fast Anglia,
which arrived licro to-dnv. spoke the
Gallia on the 2Stli. The Gallia was in tow
ofthe Itivcr Avon and all safe.
The Oldest Inhabitants.
The association or the Oldest Inhabi
tants have uiodothelraccustonicd arrange
ments to celebrate the coining anni
versary day of Independence at their
loom, "Corcoran building, to-morrow at 12
o'clock, noon, by a public meeting, when
the Declaration of Independents will be
read, and short addresses ore expected to
be mado by some of Its members.
Tho Ai-spnul Concert.
The Third Artillery Maud will rentier
the following programme at the Aracual
Grounds tins evening: 1. March,
"Indian," Sellcnlck. 2. Overture. "Jolly
Hobbers," Suppe. 3. Waltz, "LesSirenes,
Waldteufel. 1. Selection, "Tho Hugue
nots," Meyerbeer. 5. Polka, "Kutsobke,"
Stasny. (1. Scrio-Coiulo Medley, "Yankee
Tickle," Meyer.
Attempted .Sulclili-.
James O'Donnell, a w-hlto man, who
was locked up ot the Fifth Precinct Sta-tion-llouse,
tried to commit suicide by
hanging himself, but was cut down.
Another Good Cltlnn Gone.
Chrislopei- linger, one of the olde-t and
most respected German cltlcns of Wash
ington, died Wednesday morning, in his
Kith year, and will be buried tlii after
noon. City Hall Notes.
Harriet A. Paxlon has been granted a
divorce from John Paxton on the giotind
of desertion.
Tlio will of the lato General H. M. Hey-
nobis, tiled with the Iteglster yeleiday,
leaves the property of thu deceased to tho
widow during her lifetime. At her death
it is to be dlvidt'd equally between tho
two sons.
Marriage licenses have been issued as
follows: F.lias Pettit and Ann V. Gorhaiii,
both ol' Alexandria, Va.; Daniel Itaniey of
Indiana, Pa., aud Annie K. Scott of this
city; John Nolan and Catherine Williams;
Win. T. Mavliss of Fairfax County, Va ,
ondSiillIe L. Tillett of Loudoun County,
Va,; Wm, II Leo and Mary (tucker; M.
W. Kinney and Kmiiia V. Mason, 11. V.
Ili-ownlng of Prince Georgo's, Mil., and
Nellie 11. McCauslin of Steitbcnvill', O.;
John Honson and Katie Gray.
l-'itANK Liu:, a colored boy about IS yen is
old, wa (lunwii violently down by a
hoi-sc which he was tiylng to back into
on alley in the rear of the W building
this morning, one of tho shafts entering
bis left side. Ho was taken to the Liner
genev Hospital, where he was attended by
Mrs. Wiight and Taylor, llu was found
to have sustained severe internal injuries
and was sent to the Ficedinen's Hospital.
Tub t i unices ofthe Louise Homo have
sold to Fiederiek Koones the biawn-stoue
trout house No. 312 C street for $13,750.
Wvliys Hodges and others liavo old to
George M. Gray house No. 1)21 1 sheet for
$iu,0i0. John It. McLean ha purchased
the whole of square ftltl, hounded by N
and t) and l-'oiir-and-u-hulf ami Third
streets southwest, with tho exception of
four lot at the cornor of N nail Four-auil-a-half
streets, for $0,000 subject to accu
mulated taxes.
Navy Order!- Passed .U-sl-tantMtrgoou
James C Hytncs. ordered to special duty
at Norlolk; Assistant Surgeon F. J. It.
Cnulclio, to tho Powhatan, Assistant
Fuglneor W. F. C. llasson, granted three
mouths' leave, and Hoatswalu Patrick
Haley, oulered to the Marc lland Navy
Yard, Adinbnl do Krufft and daughter and Ad
mind and Mis. W'ulls, aro at White Sulphur
springs, Shi. ;i- F I'tlgg. formerly well
Known as tlio pretty Miss Horn Thayer of Now
oik. U also tjime will) Uer limit, M,n, UwM
bum, tt Mississippi,
what lutt. :onii:k or imhimhjan'
Action Thill Itcplibllenii .Seoul or IVIII
Tulle mi the I'roHiilcMt's NniiilnilllolM
All i;cliMiignr VII'U. mill I'm iiiiiliitlim
oT LMllln Itcmoviils fol- "(innslrn
I'iiiIIsiiiisIiIii" to lie Itlgoiounly Invests
giili'd "Tim CrllluV InTui inn!l,ui i
'1 his .Subject Con olio i it toil.
DimtoiT, Micii.,July3. SumtnrOo) ,
who has been in Washington most 0' i
timo since March I, was Interviewed I
last night as to what cottrso thoHoptt.' -can
Senators tire likely to take In rp".
lo appointments made by President (Nov -land
during the recess of Cnngrus;.Uti
tald that they had exchanged ioVs,imonK
themselves, and to a certain uxiuiit formu
lated tv plan in regard to notion upon
nominations to bo had uoxt winter, nud it
might beset down as pretty cortntn that
they would concede the Piosident's nhio
lute l Ighl to name men of hi own uheosliu
to fill olllccs of which the terms liuroex
pired,orolllces in any way connected wt!i
the policy of the Adminlstrntiou.
Hut the Senate is entitled not only In
consent toiippolutmctits, but tortdviso'lii
legard to them, and In pursuance OfU hi
right, where iciiiovnls from purul.Vtbtisi
ties olllcc have been made during recess,
the Itcpubllcan Senators will maku eaicfu!
inquiry Into the causes or such removals.
It Is due lo the olllecr mid lo hlsTrlehds
that this should be "done. When a m.iii
has Iet his private business and accepto I
an appointment, under thu Government,
he lias alight to expect to retain the of
fice, If he attends strictly to its Hilars,' as
long nt least as Congress has repeatedly
expics-sed its opinion as to what a term of
olllee should lie. tluit 1, lour years. Tho
"ollenslve partisanship" question will
undoubtedly be lalsed In 'the Senate. It
will bosomethinfcliko this:
"What has the person removed done to
make him on oll'unsivc partisan V Jim ho
done more than to exercise hisrightsaiau
American citizen?"
If these iiiicMiouo are answered by the
statement that he hasactcd mi Hcptlhtlcaii
committees and been largely iustruiiK'iit.il
in keeping thcHcpulillean party in power,
then questions will be asked and investi
gation made concerning the man who has
been appointed In his place. Has Ac acted
as the chairman of Democratic commit
tees, and has Itv been an otl'cush e partisan
on the Democratic side thu same as the
man removed bus been on the Republi
can? If tho Senate llnds this statu of
things to exist they will probably refuse
to (onllrui, Tbeie will be no antagonism
except in cases of this kind, but then
there may be.
A Doiibli! SiiIi-IiIl-.
(i.i.i:iii'iio. 111., July 3. A MCiisatinn.il
double Milcideoccuricd at Gllsoir yester
day, tlio victim being Melissa Sleeplelon,
a well-known school teacher, juid bel
iever, F.dwardSouthciland. The two had
been for u long time engaged to be hur
ried, and the nuptials hadbecnsctsuver.il
times, but when the; time came Souther
land's circumstances were such that thu
event was postponed. Tuesday he refused
to inairy her. In the evcnliig she took "
ihiso ol' mvsciiIp noil lit ed lit f iiVlnelr vi-
teidav iiiorulm:. When Poutherlaiid
heard Of this he borrowed a rllle, went in
to t lie- timber n mile away, and .shot the
whole top of his head oil. "
The Coloi-adii Hnlii.
DnNVKi:, Coi.., July 3. A private mes
sage received last night from Illack Hawk
saysthe damage by Tuesday night's storm
In that vicinity is greater than at lir-t
supposed. The public stamping work,
a mile from town, wetc greatly damaged.
McForlund'.s foundry was nearly washed
away. At one time the v titer was three feel
deep lu tho sticets. Tialns on the branch
ofthe railtoad will not run for two .in
duce days. No loss of life is any wheie re
pOiled. Lord Churchill' Chant-ox.
Lomio.v. July 3. Loid lUudolph
Chuiebills return fiom Woodsjoelcis tin
certain, despite hi wile's exertions in tho
canvass. However, il the day goes against
the Indian Pecictury he will, doubtless,
bo able to llnd the bolder of a pocket,
borough willing to take tlio Chiltoru JIuii
dicdsaud a snug Indian appointment :s;i
lewaid for creating a convenient vacancy
tor the Cabinet Minister.
Genet al, Grunt IMnch lletliT..
Mt. Mi GiiFooi:, July".. General Grant,
bad an excellent night, rose early and did
an hour's work before the rest of tho
family weiu up. He ha had a good day
sinie. Colonel Grant says bo is surprised
at tlio improvement since yesterday, ami
.. l.llr. 1..1 .1..., , ., m-,.,.. .... 1... ..... 1. 1(1... I...
, illll 111 llllin lllll 1.1111111. IFII 11. .'-Ulllllll 1111
is liopcful that it may be the beginning of
a decided upward turn.
Chicago Klnleis Ari-estoil.
Ciucvoo, July,'). Tho Western Aveiiuo
Hue stinted out ten cars this morning,
giiiuded by IIHy policemen. On the ie
turn trip the striker attempted Imiltritct
the cars, but HXlpollceiuen had been sum
moned and many strikers weio anested.
Tumble Is expected to-morrow.
Aniiiiiil I'lii-iKleol'thi' 1.. A. A".
HlH'W.o, N. Y Jiilv 3. The uniiilal
painde of the L, A. V. took place this
morning, ami wa a grand succes, over a
thousand wheelmen being in Hue. Tho
laces began till afternoon at 2:.'S0,
Siilirci tjitlouf and (Hletitlttintntt for Tub Ciiitio
iiceluitat C. II. riclllwf ilvno itoit.
Cat-ilk Sii.kh. Drovers' Hesl live stock
sales, icported by Tavenner Mros., pro-prictiu-s,
July 2," ISM lr cattle up and
sold at, best, fd to ."ij: good, ."i to ft; me
dium, II to "', couimoii, 31
to I. sOO sheep and lambs
up and all sold. Lambs, fiom to (ir,
according to quality. Sheep, old, 3 to 31;
yearlings, 3 to 1. Ten cows ond culve,
J.'lOtoJ.I.'i. Market brisk. On and alter
July 1. ISSVi. market day at this yard will
be on Mondays.
Tin: Hi vr.it' s Condition-, Temperature
ond condition of water at 7 a. in.: Great
Fall, tcmper.it lire. (IS; condition, 13; re
ceiving ici-orvoir, temperature, 71; condi
tion at north connection, 10; condition
at south connection, 31; distributing;
reservoir, temperature, 73; condition at
influent gate-house, 20; condition at dilu
ent gate-house, 33.
Poi.ur. t'ot'irr. The only easo befino
the Mayor to-day was a man for being
diuuk nnd assaulting another, on Iwhoso
plea ho was discharged by the payment of
tho costs, and the listening to a severe
reprimand from thulayor.
Ores M uskkt. As some persons' aro
under the lmgrciou that tho markets
will be closed to-morrow. Tun Gnrri'"
learned that the maikct would bo open as
Prominent Hotel ArtmvAL3.
Tins-. o-( vii Tuivtii of Kentucky U Rt tlei
Million cowjii6 of tlio Cleveland. Lm.v lit
the city.
Mil. Annirn KiiEriitan lias rcfuvuo (WM
New Mexico for u short Visit.
, .Ii-ixo- ilbMtv O. Joiin'son os-PomralssJOUii:
of Customs, Is In the city on busluuss.
Hon ( askv Yocnu, Tennessee; Hon, T, W,
Downs, Consul to ()uuboe; Captain It it.
i "liwUvv mt U'lU'i MK'Uitu. ,w tlig JU;VUt
' i
K- e. ! - ,

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