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I. fl
1 or tlio benefit of tmfft ring humanity, I deem
It only my duty to ulvothls unsolicited testi
mony In fuvor or swift s Specific. My wlfo
lii3 been mulcted with Eezcmn from Infancy.
Wo tried every known lemcdy, butto no avail.
Bhovvus also mulcted with a periodical ner
vous headache, rotnctlmoa followed by mi In
tcrmlttcnt fover, bo Hint her llfo becnino n
burden to her. rinnlly I determined to try
Hvvltt'flSpcclllo. Sho commenced seven weeks
nso. After Inking llio ntht Imko bottlu tho
dlscaso pccmed to lncrcnc; tho butnlnfr, Ittli
lnjr nud Itillninmjtlou becamo uubcutnblo.
BI19. however, peisovcrcd In tho uso or tho
medicine. Alter taktntc tlto eecoud bottle tlio
tnllammntlon beitnii to subsldo. After tho
thlid bottlu tho liilluiimiatlim disappeared, nud
tho soro spots dried up nnd turned whito and
penly, and finally Bho brushed them olT In nil
lmpalpnblo whflo powder resembling puru
salt. Sho Is now Inking tho sixth bottle; every
nppcnrniieo of (ho dlscnso In gone, nnd her
Iloh Issoftand whltuns u child's, Her bend
nches huio dNnppenrcd nnd eho enjoys tho
lily good health alio tins Known la lojrnra.
No wonder eho deems ovcrv bottle of 8. 8. 8.
Is worth a thousand t lines Its weight In cold.
Any lurther Information conceinltiB her coso
will bo olicci fully glv tn by hcisclf nthcrrcsl
ilcnco, 135 Jlullett street, or by me,
John r. iutAi)i,nr.'ti oiiswoidst.
Detroit, JIlcli . Jlny 1(1, 1881.
rorsnlo byiill dtugirlsl
tiii: swiit si'Jirincco.,
N.Y , 157 W '2,Jd Bt. Drawer :i, Atlnnta.fJii.
BY TRIUMPH THUbS CO. or Now York nnd
I'lilhidclpbln. Thu only Hun In tho world who
daro (tuaixtnta tho euro ot Iliipluro. Dr. 0. W.
lianihnm, lhocrc.it Truss Kxpcit, general mi
pcrlntendeiil, is now at tho hi'. MAllC IIOTKL,
corner rcnnsjlvanla nvo. nnd boventh St.,
Washington,!). C. Ho gives oxninlnatlon nnd
mUlcoJue, nnd frco tilnl of Trusses. Call or
scud stamy for Lheuhir nnd bo tilled. Je5-lni
Who has Riven his llfo to hopeless sufferers,
can bu consulted at No. 7'2 I l'2lh St., Wash
ington. I), C. Specialty: All ChionlcDIseasoj.
Consiiltntiou fee, $1. A few testimonials:
"Dr. Ileblmid tins but few If uuysupcrlois In
tho medical llitu." Uiouklyn Eaale.
"Dr. Ilebbanl Is u mcdknl wrltci of high lo
puto." XcivYoikllciail.
"Apbvslclun ot thorough bcletice, extended
knowledge und lnigo pinctlc.il cxpeileuco."
ll'm. Etltall, TniUhiU Y. M. V. A., ISlooUyn,
.V. V.
"Dr. llebbnrd Iscoiitlnually discovering now
methods of snv lug human llfo." J'MlaMpMa
"'lhu doctor Is olio of tho inojt skillful sur
geons nnd eoinprlenl medical itclviscu In this
country." AYie llaien (Ct.) l'tillmllum,
"Dr. Ilchlinid Is woiklim with tho inoslln
tenso earnestness to lienl llio sick, open blind
ovos, unstop deaf cms und snvo tho dying."
J'lvililfiae ricsi.
"lloston Is piotid to bo tho homo of this cele
brated phvslclmi, fo long ,i worker for human
needs." Jloston Ilawlil.
"III. Hcbb.iid has iniido now eontilbtitlons
recently to medical feienco which pioralbo to
boot gienl Intel est s' Motion TiaulUr.
"Dr. llcbbmd b utteily nil oilgluul man
tho product or his own energy und, wlillo ho
winks for llio picscnt welfaio of tho people,
ho Is almost superhuman In his cllorts to maku
nil suio of u linpuy tuturo."- The Xoi th Amer
tmn Jleiifw. 1ol8 tf
OlollllHUH tho
Iluml. A 11 u y H
Inlliun ni u 1 1 1) n.
Uoiils Holes. Hr
Htnrcs thu Senses
of Tiiste,Iloni Iiik
nnd S in i) 1 1. A
tjulcU Itollcl. A
1'ohI1Io Villi).
aeSfflrV ZHEAnl
Cltn.Vl llil,AI has Ruined tin cn!iiblo
reputation, dlspl.ieini: nil other piriMiatlons.
A p.utlclo Is uppllcd into em h nostril; no palu;
iiRieenblu to iimi, I'lico COo. bv mall or nt
duiKclsta. hend foi i h rular. i:iA" 1)110 1'IIKHS,
DrUKRlsts, Ow cko, N, Y.
ImuiodlutoieiiorturUold m tti end, Horo
Nose, UatarrU kc. 10o. u box, talo by all
M tin tilMnant, lurt curt,
HMIruMH are
ITAMIlin nil rn jnuimurr.iKuinB wn
i minim i illj.i,1, worml tIi,Mj-
IltMLurliiLU. Ailuimof i)utliriillimriuliii o
rnushiff Proiiiaturo Decnj, Nrrvoim Dol-'lll, I n,t
vhlcli lio will bimiiI I mil. Inlilafiillnr-miniiret,
lnnuood, vc, iiavuirr ttitsi in nln utry kiiovmi
Wyckoft", Suamana & Bomulict,
Washington Ollltti, Dor. tf til mill lrMts.
Drew's New Drug Store,
37"0peii nil night.
Has in BtncU u full lino of cJarpetlngs, all
arndoa Ultclotlin, (Joi-im iiml Himw MatltiigB,
Aleo latoat stylet) In Wall l'pir, Window
HliiuUiH mid Dm tutu Clouds. Wlro Window and
Dour Ucrounu,
PItI0i:3 I.OW,
120 NIN11I Hntl.ur NUKTHWLBl'.
Maiooo I
Photo-Engraving EstabliBbnietit,
In niiaiiootUm wlih my PATFNT ritOOHfin,
m pri'iitrrit to tiirtiHh
H.l.imVllATJONB A'l NKW VOUl,rriI0Kb
flinUitrmililliRnn Wiiml Mr tbnTriulc',
Ocn, Urnitt nnd AiiticxnUon Hoir
1'niicr Money Ih I'rlnlcit Tlio
":mo" ItlcilnlM t'nrllHlo and Jllorrl
Hon AKnlu Auditor liny and fit 11.
Hctxlco It of o nil.
Tliu fiict was utvisr very gunurally
known nt llio lime, snys tlio con csnotul
cnt of lliu Now Yolk Uvining Post, nntl
U piolmlily now ciillo foifjotlen, Hint
wliim (Irnciul Qiiuit was President,
then! wits nn t Mbrt imtilo to Iniltico III n
toEcizu lliu DiUMi iirolm.'cg. On tlio
evening bcfoio tlio L'i cbI(1"iiII;i1 ulcctlon
ot 18C8, Gcnciiil John A, Kiiullns, who
nlterwnul becatno Scoioliuy of War,
luudo u speech to bin old friends ul
Qnlcnn, Jllinoia, In tlio cimuo of which
ho I'lithuslubtluiilly Indorsed tho Momoo
doctiino, iiiul uxpicsstiil tho hopo Hint
Stephen A. DouI'ih' nsphntions for nn
occnn-bjiind nspiibliu inh;ht he realised.
Qoncitil lUwlliis wns then spoken of
ri3 "ono to whoso wlso head und nn
Bclllsli hoart General Gmnt owo nil lio
has." Killed ltd tills ltlcn of manifest
destiny, which hud f;uthei(d to his mind
additional hiMio by tho happy (ciinlna.
tlon of llio Win of the llcbclllon, Gen
ern4 Kawllup, when tnnde n niemhei of
President Grant's Cabinet, at onco
took tho advanced position that tho
only rcpaiatlon thai Knuland con hi
niaKc for (ho ncknowlcilged Justice
of the Alabama claims was
tho ccmlon to tho United Kuitcs of tho
CunaUas. And from all clnsni'Hof peo
ple ho gatheicd moral courage nnd fctip
port. Ingcrcoll, Hecclier, Ilepnbllcins,
'unrcconsti noted lebclp,' Not them and
Southern Dumoctats, oiiglnal Union
men nf tho South, believed tho time
liad conio when the principle of mani
fest destiny should und eonld bo safely
asset ted. The question wan kept up
permost In thu Cabinet councils by Sec
retar.v llawlius, and In thecunps of tho
outniilo ngitalois by llogcr S. Piyor,
cx.Lk'Utenaut-Govcrnoi' Reynolds of
MIebouiI, livwiicaiiilklitii for Mlnlncr
to Spain, and otlicis 'I'imo pabsrd on,
and It was not until tho summer of 187 1
that It became known how ho Intended
toEctllothc Alabama claims. In his
quiet, modest way he Infoimcd Geucial
Hawllns that ho could not sco his way
clem to the ns-etlion ot a claim for
C'nuada as lompentallon for ilauinfjes
Inlltcted upon our shipping bv Con
fedeiato pi hate is titled out In English
potts, and matuudlnc under English
Tho tiuo itoty of tho l,.rIO(5" Giant
medals Is lhu told by Clmuncey I. I'll
lej ol St. LouU: "All then) U about
them is : Oi o moiningnfter tho con
volition of 1SS0, Senator Don C.imeion
and uivEclf went out for a stroll on
Slnto f-trccl, in Chicago. While wo
woio toated on a Uiy goods boxsome
uheieuloug tho sticet, ho suggested
tho idea ot some peipetuatlon of tho
light which had been so united and per
sistent, and had become so famous
thiougli the 'M votes and I lie HOG, and
then stinted (o make a luge design of
a medal on the box. 1 took I1I3 idea
and befoul wo left enlniged upon it.
iio placed tho whole matter in my
hands and said ho would, as ho did, pay
tho whole oxpciiM.. That is all there
is of tho incilil business.''
Spoal.ei Carlisle taid, dining hU re
cent visit to the city, that ho had ic
colvcd piobtbly 1,000 letters from busl
nos? men throughout tho country slnco
tho adjournment of Cougtess, asking
that Colonel MoiiUon of IllluoU bo
again appointed ehniimau of tho Ways
and Means Committee in tho event of
Mr. CailUle succeeding hlmclf in his
piesont position. When ncked by tho
gouthmau to whom ho ojiumunicatcd
this iutelligcnco it he should comply
with tl'ofe lequest', Mr. Cailislo Is said
to have answered that It would bo in in
ifcslly iudelieato for him to s.iy what ho
would do, inasmuch as that would pre
suppose ills KM.'Iceiion, and of that lio
was by no intaus eeitalu. Tho Speak
ci'h fiiends, however, alllrm that
Colonel Mouison will again be undo
chilli man of tho Ways and Means Com
mittee if he desires tho place. Tho io
latlo' s between him and Mr. Cai lisle,
says .1 Western con ospondent, tiro as
cordial as ever, mid tuere will bo no
member of tho Forty-ninth Congtees
whom ho will so delight to honor with
the lu'-t chahmanshlp in Ills uift as tho
gentleman fiom Illinois. Theie aio
leasoiih for saying, however, Hint
Colom 1 M011 l:ou is leally avcrto to ac
cepting tho position, and if ho does do
it it will bo moio in compliance with
Speaker Curlislo's wishes than fiomany
(Icsho ot ills own.
According to tho Washington em
respondont of the Hiooklyn Times,
when Auditor Day uolilled so von chiefs
of dlvkiou in I Is olhYo tho other day
that their resignations weio deshed, lio
was us ked why ho took this step und
whothor these men who weio lemovcd
weic incompetent, nud ippllcd: "No,
but they uto itvpiibllcaus." "Can jou
till thilr places with better men?" was
asked. "Yes, I think I can," he re
plied, "and with better Democrat."
"What will you do with thoso who
haVo handed In their losignationsr"'
"They will piobably bo 1 educed to
lowci grado clerkships, ns they 1110 good
men nntl It would bo unwlso to let
tlicm go entirely." "Then, do you
intend to keep these places as towards
for political filends?" "Well," was
tho icply, "that is a question on which
theio may bo a dlUeienco of opinion. I
do not intend that tho boys should bo
onthnly left If lean help It."
All paper money is printed from on
giaved plate?, which plates arc also
manufaetuied In tho llureau of En
giaving and Printing. Tlio lluest en
gravers of tho country are employed in
this work. "Wo could not get enough
ongi.iver-', however, to mako tho plates
which wo use," said tho head of .tho
Engruvlng Depnttuiont to the Cincin
nati Times-mar coriespouucnt, "1)111
for tho fact tint wo aio onablcd to du
plicate them by a very small amount ot
labor. Wo have n very ingoiilous sys
tem, which was. perhaps, Invented
llftyyi'ius ago, known us tho transfer
press, uy which wo uiiiku us many
plates as wo like at small cost after tho
llratonols engraved. Tho ongiavlng
Is dono on plates 01 sou steei. men
they are luriloncd iniido vory, very
haul. Then wo put them in the tians
fer piess and take a Email lollir of soft
steel, and by rolling It over tho hard pinto
under a ticmuudous pressure wo got an
exact duplicate of tho engraving upon
this roller, except that Instead of tho
lines being cut Into tho tollor, as In tho
cuso with tho plates, they stand upon
It in raised lines, tor tho tremendous
fressuro forces tho soft steel down Into
ho lines in this pinto, ami wo get tho
rovetsoot tho original engraving In
raised lines upon this roller. Then tho
lolliT Is hardened, made a 3 haul as
steel plato itself. Tlio roller Is then
put Into position into the press und a
now soft steel plato placed beneath It.
Then bv passing the loller back and
forth n few times over this soft, plato
under great piv?iuin wo get an exict
reproduction of tho original nlato as on-
graved, ami can make in this way as
many copies of It as wo tleMro, and
after hatdi'iilin: thm ate leadv to mint
ourmomy fiom limn. Go up ptahs
ami you enn sen how tins money is
A HlltiNGF. CAKi:i:it.
Dentil ui n Com lot Who Unci Mnr.
rice! I'irtceii Tlmm,
Cot.UMHUS, 0., Aug. !. A noted
convict died In the Statu ptlson heio
on Sunday. Ills name, m lather the
niuno uii'ler which ho was scut'ticcd,
was Chatles Neovllle. lio wns sent
fiom Toledo lift Decenibii for noveu
j cars foi bigamy. Ills fathei
was an Englishman and hl niothei
n Ittuslnii Countess, iio was a
young in, 111 when ho came to Amotion,
and ho had not been long here bofoio he
had man ltd llftcon dllleteut women.
The last ono was a daughter of Chatles
J. Whitney, a wealthy tosldeut of De
troit, nud then manager of tho Sland.ud
Thcatto Chicago. With this young lady
hocloped to Toledo. Ills usual plan wns
to periuado a mluistci to many him In
some llleglmato manner and tuged this
nt I1I3 tilj). Ho won tho affections of
Miss Whitney while employed as her
fatho.'s co.ichDian. Iio had been
sick for two week wlthiifevor nnd a
low days ago told tho warden that his
real name was Chutes IMvv.u il Noil
vlllo Ceuslvclc'.ky, hlsllusiau llllo hi-
lug count, lloalwnysclalmcd ho had
but one wife, and that ho was tine to
her. Sho lives at ileteiboio, Out.,
quel tho waiden has ttlogiaphed her tho
iicvw of his death.
A Nnricnv KNcnpo.
MitAVAUicni:, Wis,, Aug. !. The
Lako Shoio it Westein soutli-boimd
express, which aitlved at2:li0 yesteiday
morning, narrowly escaped a seiloiis
accident at a point 170 miles uoith of
Milwaukee by a bteak In a rail, pre
sumably censed by a Height tialn which
Dim parsed inn. a suoit tnno piovtous,
A piece ot tho tall had been displaced.
A fanner by chauco passing along tho
track dlseoveied tho bteak as the ex
press was approaching, and by waving
his coat and hat attracted tho httoutlon
ot the cngiiHcr Jiiit in Hum to stop the
oncoming tialn befoio leaching (he
bio k. Tialuineu asseil thatnseilous
accident was averted, asthoexpieswab
running at a hlli rate of speed.
All Iiiiiiiciiho Vein or C011I.
LAMI'ASAB, Tijxas, Aug. 1. All
Immense vein ot coal Ins been dis
covered three miles from ihls city. Tho
mine covets a laigo atea, and out clip
pings indicate it to be thu tl hot mine
In tho Southwest. Tho pioduct is a bi
tuminous coal, ieuiaikably ftee from
sulphur, and supcilor to any fuel yet
found in Tea, andequilto, Knot bet
ter, than tho McAlislcr coal In tho In
dian Ten Itory. Tho coal lauds havo
been secured by a syndicate, and llio
wpik ot developing tho initio is pto
grossing lapldly. it is oxpecled this
discovery will givo an Impetus to tho
manufacturing Industiies of tho State,
which havo been lotaulcd by want of
cheap fuel.
I'orolKii IlroiltlcM,
Uaiku, Aug... I'hoNaval Pinnaces
belonging to tho S'judan expedition
left Assouan for Cairo yeslorday, con
voying I ho tcmuaut of the Soudou
force, left by Gencial lliackcnbiuy.
Theio is not now a member or icpie
suntntlvii of tho Itiltish Aimy left in
Upper Egypt or tho Soudan.
London, Aug. 1. An International
Telegraph Congiess will take place at
Beilin Ausjitst 10. Mr. .lohn Pender
will bo ono of tho K nglish delegates.
Lonijon, Aug. I. Tho Alexandria
indemnity awaids at u payable during
tlio piesont week.
PAIH8, Aug. 1. Tho Xalwnal pet
slsts In stating that cholera exists in
Marseilles, and Hut the authorities nro
awaie of ll, but aio suppressing tlio
IlKUtiiN, Aug. -I. In diplomatics cir
cles hoio it is getiei.illv liulioved that
tho Atigln-Kusslaudillleuliy will almost
cotialnly bo solved paollleally.
A Veracious I)or blory.
"Tlur.'s tho most knowing dog in
Watklns," sild Itouifaco Ilikorof tho
Fall l?took IIoujo to n Post-Express
man who visited tho glon the oilier day,
and as lie spoke the hote'-man pointed
to a largo English gteyhound. "If you
mo go'ng through tho glen you will
llnd tho dog as good as any two-legged
guido hereabouts. Ho will go ahead of
nny stranger, following tho paths to all
tho points of iutcicsr. It' tho party
stops to rest or look about, tho dog will
wait, but if the party turn aside fiom
tlio proper pi'th, tho dog will leturn
and insist upon Its proceeding accord
ing to tliu legularly laid out route.
"A peculiar thing about tho dog,
though," Mr. Il.ikcr went on, "is that
ho will not go up tho glen with any of
us, or with anyotio whom ho knows to
bo a lesldcnt ot Watklns Tlio dog has
bviou fiequuully sent from Watkins to
Geneva on tho steamer on an eriaud,
and ho never tails to get what lie is sent
for nor to guard I; until lio 1 caches
homo again utter ho gets it. lio is
about eight yenrs old."
Minoh News Noted.
Chief .Tustlco Colorldgo is about to
marry an American lady who has threat
ened to huo him for breach ot piomise.
Gladstone says hu would havo boon
glad it tho ago ot protection ot girls in
England had boon laiscd to eighteen
Tho Sultan of Turkey urges an
only evacuation of tho Soudan by tho
British troops, and thu substituting of
Tuiklsh troops.
DiiinlioiiiicHH, or tlio l.liiuor llnlilt, Can
lio Cured by Adiiilnluloiliij; Dr. II 11 1 not'
Goldon hpctlllc.
It can ho kIvou In a cup of coffeo or tea with
out tho Knovvlodcu of tho peisoa tiiklnclt, of
fui 1 1 ni; a Hpeody nud priiniiiii'iit 111110, whether
tho patient U a moduato di Inker or an alco
holic, vvicclc, Thousands of ilniiikimln havo
boon mndo tempcrnto men w ho hav 0 taken tho
Goldon Hpcclilo In tholr coffeo without their
knovvlcdgo, nnd tn-ilaj- hcllovo they epilt drink
Inu or their own fico will. No harmful offcets
losultfiom Itsiulinlnlutialloii, Cures Biiarnn.
tcod, C'houlnrs and testimonials sent fi co, Ad
diesi, Ooi.dkn Hrrnrio Co ,
185 ltncu Ht., Cincinnati, 0.
IIoiv ItccrnllM i:n(or llio Army A
VlKlt lo IlioltccrnltliiK Olllco.
Captain Douglass M. Scott, First In
fantry, wna sitting chnttlng with Cap
tain John 0. Sklnuor, Assistant Sur
geon, U. S. Army, when a Citftiore-
porter called jeoteiday at tho Army
llecrultlng ofllco, on tho south sldo of
Pennsylvania avenue, between Ninth
and Tenth sticcta, to ask something
about icciuUInu here.
"Wo ate not. doing a wholesale busi
ness now," s.ilil Caplitln Scott, "as
wcaio lhnlled now to to enllMhig old
soldleis ami select men. 1 mean by
that men who havo certain lindes, such
as fdincut iki'Li, tailors, faniets and
saddlets, and wo only lake othcis wlio
happen to bo exceptionally line
physique, ll Is only a shoitlinio since.
Iiolloved Major Woith heir, and Dr.
Skinner can tell jou moio of tho past
opeiatlons heto llinu 1 can. Wo weio
stopped leotultlug at laigo hi May by
thu Adjutaut-Geuer.il, anil I underlaud
thoicasou lo ho that tho enlistment of
so many Indian scouts, who must ho
tegulntly counted In thu maximum
strength of i!f,000, llxed by law,
makeij it necessary to check enlistments
at largo to keep below llio limit. Wo
don't accept a veiy laigu piopoitlou of
thu men that apply, but ot that Dr.
Skinner cm tell you moio than I can.
Dining tills mouth 1 llnd on tho hook
hum that, there havo been 77 applications
and 1 enlisted 11), which Is about tvvcu
ly-llvo per cent. In Apill list .Map
piled und only 'I weio enlisted: In Miy
10 canto und I weio chosen, ami in Juno
of -19 candidates, 1!) weio put Into mil
foim. Tho examination is veiy i.tilct
lo begin with, und vvlion 1 got tluough
with an applicant. Dr. Skinner takes
him up Btrtliv, vvhcie ho Is El lipped nud
eaiefully examined physically. If lio
passes llio medical examination, hu is
sworn in and put into tinlfotm nt ouco,
and, as soon ni, convenient, tent to ono
of tho iccrtutlug depots lor four tnouliis'
Instillation hefoto hu is sent to u irgl-
"Thu el. is of ircnilu noividuiB Is
much beltei than It was a fow years
ago, for the- loisons that a better class
of men mo applying and tho icciuitiug
ollker.s are much moio stilct. Only
about live per tent, of tho applicants
heicaro of foiclcu birth, and tliu 11111
joilly am fiom Maryland, Virginia and
Noilli Caiollna. Lately thcro liayo
been a number of Italian applicants,
but 1 havo lejected them nil for their
impelled English. Wo don't take men
now that jou cannot itudciBtund.
"Theio i3iio dllllculty in an olllccr at
onco distinguishing tho ditl'ciencc be
tween an old soldier and a inw icciuit,
although now the uniform does not
make so much dilfei once, beojuso un
der tho new aiiangemonts of Quarter-mastor-Guucial
llolablrd uuifonus mo
rnado in as many sues as you will llnd
in auvieady-inade clotlilug store, and
will lit a mail pietty well. Of old, only
four si.es weio niatlc, and a icciuit in
his Ihst uniform was a queer iigitie.
Ilutthcio isa"settine:ui)" about an old
soldlerth.it ho cannot hide, and that
not oven 11 militia tuilniug will givo
Tho lequircinculs foi a icciuit to bu
aeeepted aio that ho must bo over 21
and under :i.") jcaia old; fico from all
physical detects; must he ffiet 1 inches
in height, or over, and vvcigli not less
than 120 pounds. IScsldc3 this a man
for mounted service must not exceed
103 pounds weight, or foi infantty and
footartllleiy, 100 pounds, und eveiy
man must havo a chest expansion of at
least two inches.
At this lcndc.vous dining tho jear
ending Juno .'10, 1835, theio weio 177
applications, of which 103(01 white and
11 uuloied) weio accepted and musteied
in, and 1172 (2I!J white and 120 colored)
(ejected, a fiactlou moio than 22 per
TI10p1I11elp.il causes for rejection as
shown by the consolidated leturn for
the jear, were: Mluois, 11; under
height, 0; bid feet (bunlotr, ovetlap
ped toes, etc.,) 21); under Weight, 22;
(lellclcnt chest, 22; poor physique, 21;
being diunk, 18; vaileoso veins, 17, and
overage, 11, llcsides1, 5 vvoio lejuctid
because they weio mariled men; 1 man
was tinned away on account of his mot -.lis,
in having indecent llgmes tattoojd
on his body and another could nut pass
because ho had a black oyo wheio somo
ono had "paslmi hlnnmc."
When an appllcant'has been gener
ally ex inilncd by Captain Scott, hu Is
t.ikci to a loom upstaiis, whuio hu
strips st.uk naked, und Is examined
Ihnioughly by Dr. SMniier (who is di
tnlled tot tho ilulv) hi thu picjeuec of
Captain h'colt. The man Is made to
bend over to tho lloor, bend b.iekw.ud,
strike out with ono hand and thou tho
other, to hop acioss tho 1 00111 and back,
Ihst on ouu foot and then the other,
and thou his hcait and lungs arc tested
and listened to. Tho eyes aio tested
e.uciiilly. It hu passes all these tests,
the olllcois depait and IioIh taken down
to anothor loom wheio ho is at onco
furnished with uniform clothing from
top to bottom, and is then duly sworn
in by tho iccruitlng olllcorand turned
over to tho scigcant of tho paity, who
gives hhn good advice in whole volumes
for his fiituio good.
Hero ho stays usually for a week or
ten days until a squad is obtained ami
is then sent to David's Island hi New
Yoik haibor, or Coliunbii3 liinacks If
ho Is for general service, or to St. Louis
If ho goes to tho tho uavaliy, and ho Is
drilled and disciplined tor (our mouths.
At thu end ot that tiuio hu Is le.uly to
ho sunt to a icgltuont, and ho mighty
luoky If, as thing-, are too apt to go for
want otallttlo judgment, ho is not sent
hi summer to a command In Floiida,
Texas or Arl.ous, or In tho dead of
winter to Dakota or Montana wheiu
tlio ineiciny crawls way down in tho
bulb of llio thuimomeler and gocu to
sleep lor two moutlis or muie,
Low Unlet of l'rtro ( (lio Hcunlioio
Tho excursion to thu seashore by the
Pennsylvania llnllioiul last Sttiuday
was a decided success, All tho excur
sionists weio unanimous in their opin
ion that tho tilp, vvhllo somewhat
tedious, was a delightful 0110. All en
Joyed tho bathing. Liio general desho is
thutlhcso Sat in day night ti ipshu contin
ued, and to this cud tho company has
ai ranged for tho second excursion to
leave Washington at tho sumu hour
next Satin day night. Tho l.ito will bo
$2 to either Capo May or Atlantic City.
Tho dolay which was occasioned at
Camden to tho Capo May train going
will bo obviated In tho next. Tickets
will ho limited, and thoo deslilng to
avail themsolves of the low into should
piuchnso tickets at once. Tho excur
sion lasr. SituuUy was mndo up of
Washington's best people, and was un
doubtedly tho intut select that win over
given from this city. The $3 exclusion
tickets to thu seashore will still bo old
for the 11 ti. 111. train on Friday.
Tin: new noNNr.r.
A foolish II It lo imildcti boimht n foolish llttlo
With n ribbon nud n fenther nud n tilt ot Inco
upon It;
And Hint tho other iimldcns of llio llttlo town
inliiht Ituow It,
SjIio thought sho'd fro to tucotliiK tho next
SuiMiO Juit to show II.
Hut thouHh tho llttlo bonnet wna scurcu
1 11 me r thnii a dime.
TliuBotllniror ll settled ptoved to boavvorlc
of time;
Bo when 'twas fairly tlod nnd all tho bolls
had slopped thclriliiKliiir,
And when slio eiiino lo mcotltiir, suro ciioiikIi,
thofolhs vveiosliiKlmr.
Ho this foolish llttlo iiinldeii Htood nud walled
ut tho door:
And she Hhook her iiilllcs out beliliul nud
Hiiioollu'd Ihi'iii down boforo.
"lliilleliij.ilil Iliilloliijnhl" tan,; thu choir
nbovo her hi ml.
"Hindi? know jou I llnrdly know j 011 1" weio
thu woida sho llioui;hl Ihcy said.
This mndo thu llttlo maiden feci so vory, very
That rIiukuvo her llttlo mouth a twist, her
llttlo bond a loss;
for sho IhoiiRlil tho very hymn they santr
wiih all about her bonnet,
Willi tho ribbon nud llio feuthcr nud thu bit
of Incu upon It. .
And hIio would not wult lo listen to thuooi-
111011 or llio priiior,
llutiiiitteied down tlio silent Httoct nudhtir-
rliddowu IhoHlnlr
Till oho reneheil her llttlo ijiiicnu and hi 11
bund hot on It,
Had hlildou, Hiifci fiom trlllo's eye, her fuol-
Ish llttlo bonnet.
Which ptovts, my lllllo miildcns, that inch
of you will llnd
In overy KnblialliBLivIco biiliui echo of join
Anil tlio Hlllv lit tit) hcud, tliaftf filled with
silly lllllo nlis.
Will uovcr Kut a blossliu; from sermon or
from priiyeis.
IM.T. flonlsoii In llosloii (llobu.
One of llio Colli Oil KIiikn.
"Oicriiwlch, Conn., fonnerly tho beat
ot tho Ainorirus Club and thu ictreat
of MtusH' Tweed, fmiilshcu also a
Bummer homo for John D, llouknfeller,
tlio 'boss' of llio Stnnd.ud Oil mo
nopoly" saj's a New Yoik letter.
"Mr. Uockiifoller Is a solidly-built man
of medium height, with a largo face,
shaven smooth, except fur tho mustache
cut short above his llp. lio looks com
fortablo, us 1 suppose hu has good
tvi.iCMli Ilk lb. If in. ilftna lint, tlfilllilf,
tilnwcdf utioiil. tlio I'll'i cl.s nf Ills 1110-
nupolj'. Iio has a latgo stahlu of su
it e t L and costly hor.-rs on a faun a mile
or two fiom tho plclutesquo villago and
tintliiiir (kick to exeiciso tliciii on,
although it seems lli.il, like Ilohcit
Hoiiner, no docs not cue to iiavu mom
compote in i.ujch, This is natural
enough. Since It Is iiudeistood that
he docu not lavor competition among
men, why should wo expect lilm to
favor It among hoises?"
Tho now perfumo sco beautiful stoiy book ut
tiiugEioicj neo. uasiuuins Aiun 1 1'uminc.
llaby CiuiliiKCH,
icfibcinlou, (iirpctsnud fartilturu sold on
weekly or monthly p.i incuts ut Bmlth's, dia
Now.Icuoy avenuu mnthvvest.
"Ju.Hth'H Old Sluiid,"
010 1) Htioct noilhvvcst, buys pentj' nccond
hand clothing. Nolo by mall attended lo.
Do not bn deceived; ask for and taKo only
II. II. Douglass & bous' Ciiplcum CoiikIi l)iopi
for CoiiRlrt, Colds mid Soro 'iluo.its. 1). il. and
Trado Jlnilc on oveiy diop.
"Aliloiuoy Dairy Wiikoiis."
l'lcsh Ahlcrney butter, ehiitncd ovuy nioiii
Iiik und delivered In S lb. "Wind" ptlntH, tl"io ,
per 11). Also cottaRO tliuosc, biitteimllk ami
sweet milk, be. per ijt. Ci-cain, lGc. ier pint.
Aulc Your ItiiigKlxl
To clvo jou our beautiful Htoiy book, "LokciuI
of AI0I1.1." Kastmaii'H now ptifuino, Aloha.
H aWH 1 SSHft
Evcrj strain nr cnhl attacks Hint vinik Imik
ciui miiri) iirosiruus jou.
btrciiglluiiH (lio DImkcIc'H,
HtcnillcM tlio Ncivcn,
Knrlclira tliollloocl, (JUcsNcivA'Igor.
Dn J. Ii. MTFns. Fairfield. Iown, ftitii
"llrown'a Iron llittora In llio Ih.i.1 f ton mcdlcliiQ I
Imvo knnwn In my :iii lOAm' prnctki.. I havo found
It Hpcclnlly bonoliclnl In ncrvotm nr pliypicnl nxliaun
tton. nndm nil iltbilllfttlni? nllmontH that tionr
brat ily 011 tlio BjMein.lno It frouly In my uwn f aiuil j,"
(liiiuluu ban trado mark nnd i rnm a rnl Hues on
uinpiTr. T11U0 mi oilier. Mado only ly
IlItOW.N (llir.VIIOAL CO., 11 VI.TIMOItr, Ml).
I.Anirs' Hand HooK-usofu! ami attractito.con
IninliiK lint nt prlzi: lor rocliMjn, Inronnallim about
coins .tc Klven nwny by all dual, th tu modltiuo, or
UkilleJ to any nil Jam on ruLOtpt ot it. etauui.
v Ii'ou Tiro Eschrjfcfr
J'EllJjfS'i$3.00 and $4.00 'Per XJayi
nAltltlS IIOUSU.
r.UItOrilAN l'LAN.
rciinsjlvnnlaavcaiio, near roiiitecnthaticet.
hjicel.il latos for bummer Months.
0I.IN1ON llODSi:, 7TH AND I S'l.S.
u vv; Hist class t.iblo Iioanl and Iiuko
looms at ic.isonnbloiates; loeatloii eciitiul.
WM. O NAYLOIt, l'topiliitor Ijit If
ja.iii:s' iioti:i
blxlhstieet nud I'eiiiisvlviuila avenuu
I, WOODIIUHY riopiletor
1323 F Street N. W., 0ii. tlio Ehlillt,
IV.VMUMJro.V, 1. c.
(1'liu Ulaioudou, U.'Uiiloi;ii Hpilucs, N. V.)
C. LOSEKAM, Proprietor.
Julius LansTburgh,
316 BovoutU Stroot
Anil Upholstery Materials.
Carpot, Furnlturo, Boiltlinn, Ilrn-
pery ami llpliolstpry Warcrooms,
801 MAKKKT Hl'AUK, illlH h 1110 Htll W. II, V?
BBM5fl ill 1
sr l
T. 33."JB!,
till PENN. AVU.
Sliril and Summer
Oraalte anil Troustirjnas
Of my own Importnthm.iiuwri'cclved. Gentlo
mcii. plcimo call, biKpeet und lenrn vour ordei 1
nt thu Liddlnc Tidlorluir KstitbllHhmeiit ot
WiitliliiRlon. Host, (toods. I lest Trliniiiliics.
Ndiio but llistelnsii workmen cmpluycd nt
1111 l'cntisv Iv anhi Av ciiiiu.
Ai SAKS & CO.,
bjlo j&j&rsz ais 7th rr.
The Boys' Olothioro,
1325 F STREET.
C'nr, 'Ilili.l mill A Nicl . .
Wholesalo and Kel.ilt Dealers In
Groceries, Fine Wines, &c.
Afjuilsfor AVJJnNUK'S
A l'nio American Wlno. All tho hott Torclu'il
Cordials and Illttcm. Wo uro nlsn Acentsfor
tho celebrnted Cl.VfIIO WATIIIl, und
Calvin Sharer's Wild Cherry Rock and Ryo
Wliolefiilo l'loiir, AVI 110 mid Uiocoryntor-
1 limits,
Oil lo 010 l'oiiiiu. Atomic).
Stocko, Grain, ProviDiona an
I.oJIiolt llulldlni:. HtU and Vhl.
I.stku nud Small Quiiulltlcs. Stilctly on
Cummlssluii. 1'ilvuto Wiles. Constant Quo
tations. Olllco open fiom 8 a. m. to 5 p. in.
1UJ1 C. Street N. AV., WiihIiIii;Iuii, 1). C,
Bankers and Brokers.
Slocks, Grain, Provisions and Petroleum
In Fractional Lots on Ono per
Cent, or moro Margin.
MmlIik, 10 to not) .SliaieH.
Uiuiii, l.nou (iino, ono hunIu-Ih.
l..trd, no to GOO '1 ioruiH.
roth, no tontio iiuiioiN.
No Intciest chained for cur) hie. Constant
Qiiotutlons. biiot ensh bctllemculH.
This Is tho bcbl way to deal hi thonbovo
mtlclcj on a limited amount of capital. Jyll tf
Bankers and Insurance,
1423 F Street Northwest,
Transact n General Banking Business.
IDoposits Subject to Ohock.
Hncclnl altoiitlon ctvou to Uoimrtmoutiil nud
olhur Collections: liny und bull U. H. Uondo
uud all DIntrlct Hccitrltlca. Wo lusiio
Drafts and Circular Lotters of Crodii
on turopo and tho East.
irK. PLAIN & CO., Brokers
Grain, Provisions, Petroleum,
St. Cloud Lieillcllng, Ninth unit I-" titu
WAaillNUTON, v, ei.
Olty lleferoneoa National Uauk of tliu Iio
luiblU', OtllciiBO CoriospoudeulB M1I.MIN1', UOU.
UoiiBt'Uit ituotutliiuo ot tlio UhtcnRO nud Now
York MuiUeli fiom dliocl iirlvnto vvlroa.
r. U, I.ILI.EV.
P. B. Liliey & Co.
StocKs, Qonils, Grain, Provisions
and Potroloum.
UllANUU 01'1'IOK t H. Hollldnv St., Ilnltltnoro
One-Price Shoe Store.
jj A. L HAZELTON, m0
f mj 423 HEVEN'l II BTHEKT,
'- Under Odd-Follow u' Hall.
E. 0, II nil's 1'Iiie BlioeA ror Indies n specialty,
TJisr o :e ort jsjs. -jbl 3
Kvoryllitiig Btrlclly llrot-clnss nud on llio
most ronsounblo tormo, (Damp Cliatia to Ulio
tor all occuslousj.) piyl-Jyr
I.eavo Wnshlnaton from Htntlon, corner Now
Jcmoy uvciitio nud C Direct.
for Chicago, Hi u m, and 10.10 p m dnllr.
Tho 10 a. in. Is n I'ust Minltrd Express di
l'ltlfihurK nnd LblcnRO, nrrlvltitr In I'lttsbuij;
iit7liup. m, cblciiKo novt mornlnuntS 50.
No oxtrn faio Is charged on this train for fast
I'or Cincinnati, IoulHvlllonndtit bonis dally
nt Il.'ltl p. in. mid 10.10 p. m with throiiRh
coachuH uud I'aluio HliTpIng cam to nbovo
poliilH without i bunco .'I !M ii. in. train Is a
Inst limited Iriiln to ( liiehinuil und ht I.oul,
uirlvlm: In t'luuliiuall next inornlna nl 7.15,
Ht, IrfiulH 0 no p. in. No extra faro is churned
on this train for fast tlmo.
l'lirl'lllidiurKnt 10 u. in., with I'urlor Cnr,
and 0:10m. in. dally to I'lttHburir. Clovohiud
and Doll oil, Willi Blceplm,' earn to riltsburi.'.
I'or Ilnlllmoiooii week diiyrt 5, (I. Id, (I. Id,
7-uo, 8.:) ami Jinn a. m i-j.io, law, :i:ir
(15 mlmilo train), :i,;io, I..'10, d.IU, 5:10,0:10,
7, H.'J5 and 1 1 p. m.
I'or llalllmorooii Kundnya -0 10, 7:!10, 8."0
nnd mirni. in., i.'JTi, i.:io, a.iio, d.io.r.iio,
(1:10,7, n.'-!5 and II p in.
I'm' points on tho Hhi'iinudo.ili Valloy Itnll
road and points Koiith, U.'ir, n. in, uud ll 10 p.
m, dally, D.'i", ii, m (ruin his Pullman
Sleeper f I omWiishliiKloil lo Now Orleans.
I'or Annapolis. (Mil a. in. and li:lo and
t:.'I0p. m.; on Sunday, 8.U0 a. in. and 4:iU
i. m.
I'or way dtatlons between WiisIiIiikIoii nnd
iialtluioio, r, ii:io, u::io u. ni., j 'j io, :i:io,
l.lo,7 nnd 11 p.m. on HnndnyH, H.:iOa. m.,
l::io.:p:iO,.tM0,7und II p. in. I'orKl.ittons
on JllotioiKillliiullriiiii'li. 7 .'2.1 u. m. und 11:15
p. ni. dally, otccpl Hund.iy, nnd 5:Uii p, in.
dully: .1:1(1 p. in. dully, except Hiinduy, for
piliietpul Htutluus on Mctroiolltiin llrnneh;
H:lo a. m. dally on huiidiiy Ktops al nil Mil
lions; for LuxluiUoii, Htuuntoii and Valloy
llraneh, H.to a. m. dully, oxccplhiiuiluy; lor
Kii'dcilck, Hilon. in., l.lo p. m. dally, ovcepl
I'or local Ktatlnns between Washlnctoii und
nullliciHbure, 1'2.."0 p. m. dally, except ban
I'or IIiiRcrstown and WIik hosier, 8,10 a.m.
dully, uxecpt Sunday, and 5::io p, m. dully to
IIiikcihIovvii; dally, except Sunday, to Vvlii
clicstci. Trains arrlv o fiom tho Wust dally, 0. 720 u.
in.. J'Ifi.O.:iUp. in.
Kiom Annapolis, R.lto a. in. and 1:riU unci
5.'25 p. m.: Sundny, 10 U5 a, in. mid 0,:I5 p. in,
l rom i.cxiiiKion, f au p. m. dally, except
Troiu I'rcderlek and liiternicdl.itu polntg,
8:'25. in. iiml 8:15 p. in. dally, except bun
duv. TlulllS b'.lVO U.lllllllnlil fur Wiinlibli'lnli nl.
5:100 :iO,7.'2U, o, n in und 10 :io a.m., 1-2:15
2..'!0. il, d, .20, 5, 0 IIO, 8, 1) uud 11 p. III. On
Siinil.ivM.onu, 7:'2(i. 0 nnd 0.01 a. in.. 1:30.
2.U0, .tan, 5, 0 UO, 8, 0 mid 1 1 p. ill.
All tiahis fiom Washington ttp nt Itclay
Station, except l:'25, U:I5 audtl.lt) p. m.
I'or fin tin r lnform.illoii apply ut tlio Haiti
moio As Ohio ticket ofllco VViishliiKton bin
lion. (111! and 1U5I 1'eiinn. inn . i.iinieriir T 11 Ii
Kt., vvhrrooidrrs vvlll bnliikeu lor Imatwio to
bo checked ami lccelved at any point hi tho
city. C. K. I.onl).U.l. A.
II. DUNHAM, fJen. Man., Il.illlmoro.
rpuK cheat
iNrrricTjimB "21, 1885.
Trains leavo Wnshlnsloii fiom vtutlun, corner
of blxlli niul ll sheets, ns follown:
I'or ritlBliitiR mul tlm West, Chlcnco Llmltod
i:xpicssof r.ilaio bleeping Curs mi) COn. m.
dally; Vast Line, l.50ii. m dully to Cincin
nati nnd bt. Louis, wltliblccplns e'nra from
llarrisliuretn Cincinnati and Hotel Car to
bt. Louis; dally, o.xet pt Saturday, (o Chlcnco,
with Sleeping Cur Altoonalo OhhiiKO. Chb
racoiiiiil Clncluuntl I'.xprcs.s jt 7:10 p. in.
dally, with blccplnc Card WnshliiBton to Chb
(mro iiml lliirilHlniti; lo Louisville; connect'
Iiir ul llunlsbiircvvlth Western Kxprcsx with
HiioiirIi KlecicisforCIovclnnd nnd St. Louis.
I'uclllo Ilxprrss, 10 p.m. dully for I'IIIbImir
und tho West, with throiiRli sleeper llarrlj
btirR to ChlciiRo.
Tor Kilo, e'.iii.indalRin, Itoeheslcr, llultalo, Nl
iiR.irn, 10 p. m. dally, except b.iturday, with
l'dhu o Cms Washington to Kochestcr.
I'or Willlamsport, Lock Haven nud Khnlrn, at
I) 50 a. m. dally, except himdav.
For Now York and tho i:.it, 7:15, 8 HO mid
11 u. m '2, d, 10 p. m. mid 1'2:15 nlclit. Or
Sunday, 8 !i() a. m . '2. !. 10 n. in. and V2:lh
nlRht. I.imllcd l'.xprcsa of I'ullmuii I'arlor
Cms I): lo a. in. dally, except Sunday.
Tor lioston vv It bout ehaiiRO, '2 p. in. ov cry day.
I'or Iliuoklyn, N. Y . all tliioiiclttralns connccl
at .lersoy City with boats of llrooklyn Annex,
affoidhiR direct liansfcr to l'ulton btioet,
avoldhiR double fcirl.iRo acioss Now Y'oik
l'orj'hllndclphl.i, 7-15, 8 30 und 1 1 u, m , '2,
I, 0, 10 p. in. uud 12:15 night. On biinday,
8 30 a, m . '2, d, ll, 10 ii. m. mid 1'2:15 nlRht.
Limited lixpiess, O.lOu. ni. dally, oxcciit
I'or Ilaltlmoio, (i 35, 7:15. 8 30, 0:10, 0.50, 1
a. m, T2 01. u,.!, I :'2.1, .1:10,0, 7:lo,ioii.iii.
audl'2:15i)Rh(. oubuml.iy, 8.30, 1150, ll
a. n., '2, .1,0, 7:10, 10 p m and 1'2:I5 nlcht.
lorl'opo'sCieek Lino, 7:15 a. m , and l:10p.
tn. dally, except Sunday.
I'or Annapolis, 0 35 a. in , 1'2 0.1 mid 1.'25 p. in.
dally, except Sunday. Oa Sunday 1 p. in,
I'or Aloxniidil.i, (I, 7. 1).'2.1, 11 01 and 11;35
a. in , 'Jul, .l:'2(l, -1. 15, 0.V.5, 8 0.1 mid 1 1:37
p. m, Oa Sunday at 0, 025, ll.oi a. iu
8 0.1 p. in,
l'oi ltlchmond and llio South. (I nud 1101 u.
m.diillyniid 1:15 p in dnlly. except bundiiy.
Trains lc.ivoAle.xnnilil.i for VV.isIiIiirIoiiiioi,
o, jo, jo in a, in, i, .i ii i, ;i u.i, ruin, 7.0.1
and 11 3.1 p in. uud 1'2 10 inldiilRht, except
Monday. On biiuduy nt 8 and 10.10 a.m.,
7 01 and 1 1.3,1 p. in and T2.10 nlclit.
Tickets mid lufoi malum ul tho oflke.norl beast
comer of 'Ihliternlh sticet aiid"l'tiiiisjhanla
iivcimo, mid at tlio Mutton, wheio oidcric.in
bo left for tho checking of baRR.iRO to dcstlna
tlon fiom hotels nnd icsldcnces.
chas. j:. puoh, ,r. it. wood,
(leneinl .Vlmi.tRer ficn, r.isencer ARcnt.
(LlIAVi: 11. X 1 DlU'OT.blXTII ANDllSTb.)
11 1 15 A. M. I'or nil wny stiitionx, LcxliiRton,
Ky., Louisville, Cincinnati, Columbus, bt.
Louis. Daily except buiiday. TIiiourIi
I'm lor Car to Whlto sulphur spilncs.
1 1 A. 51. I'or Nowport Nuvv s, Old Point Com
foit nnd Nmfolk. Dally except Sunday.
5il5 1'. M.-l'or Louisville, Cincinnati, St.
Louis and Chlcnco, conncctliiR for nil
points Wcbt, Noithvvest and boiithwcst:
fust express dally; docs not stop for local
biif.lnes; throucli l'ullmuu seivlco to
Uiulsv llio nnd Cincinnati.
Tor tickets nud Information apply ut C. A, O.
Itnllvvay olllco, 513 reiinsrlvaula avenue,
under National Hotel; Vn 51ldland Hallway
ofllco, (iUl l'cniisjlvanla avciiuo, uud II. ,t 1'.
II. W. l'UI.LKU.
General rassciiKcrARcnt,
!i neral Jlnnacer.
1'ItANK TUIOII, N. K.l'asseiiRcrAccnt.
On and after J UN r. 1 1. 1885. trains will leave
fiom and nrrivo ut nth mid llbts.
Depot as follows:
Leave Wnbhlnclon 0 a. in. nud 135p.m..
dally; aulvu at liclniont l'.uk 10 51 a in. mid
tl'2llp. m ; Lccsbui 1101 a m und 0.3(1 p.
in.: uiiivoai Kounu inn ut ii.1.1 a. ui. ami
7.18 p.m.
ltctiirnliu, le.no Itoiuul Hill (lo.ln. in. mul
3.(11) p. m ; pass l.ccshuiR 0 12 a, m. uud 3: to
p. in.; Ilelmoiit I'mk ll 5 1 u. in. and 3 58 p. in.,
uuduirlvu ut Washington ut b 35 a. in. and
r.'lOp m
special exclusion lates ami Sunday lialns to
llelmout l'.uk .Vlontlily and commutation
I atea to nil points
b M llHOl'HY, bupl , Aloxnudilu.
II. J l.Ot KW OOD, l'ass. Act., bU7 l'u. av o.
Montoc. bteamors Oeorco Leury and
Excelsior, coinnicnclug May 0, 18S5,
Ouo ot tbeso popular steamers will leave
Bovonth-strcot wlmrf DAILY, cxeopt SUNDAY,
at 5,30 p.m. I'or particular Iniiulro nl Uom
pany'sonico, 7tli Bt. wbnif, Telephoiio No,
715 3. W. 1'. WELCH, tlonoinl Agont,
T1 O'A' l'AKKH
rum i-ULAhHicAUK.il i itoiiND'iiup.ima.
Ulcauu-r JANK MOsKLKY MoiuUy, VVeilucs
day ami Hnlurclnj 1U6.JU n. in.
I'KhSftKO lunl rooms secured nlOe'iicrnl Olllcci,
HUth-HtU'iH wlinrr. TilcplioimruU.III,
TllOMl'SUN HoniUy, V.'t'itnc8.lyiiai'rliluy nl
7 III. I nl
l'2tli and Wntor Bta. B. vv.
(Oounectod by Telophono.)
120'2 I' street northwest,
l5l5Bovontli stroot norttiwABt,
1710 l'onnsylvanla avo. nortliwoet,
lll'2.Nlnili eireet nortlivvost.
Uornor M nud K etioots nortliwest,
U'Vl Vonnarlvanln avo, BoutUwost.

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