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The TVshington Critic
WHOLE NO. 5,301.
814 Seventh Street.
Great Closing Sale
Hats, Eonnots, Flowors,
TlpB, Plumos, Ribbons,
Lacos, Silks, Volvots,
Sun Umbrellas, Parasols,
Jorsoys, Qlovos and Corsots.
gSrilou't Fall la Attend,
LiaitT wmaitT. all wool, ni:w
aoons, ta.Go.
Kit l'unnsvlvmiln Aciiuc.
OITlce, 1418 New York Avenue.
Artistic and Fino Work in Gomont
Our Skilled Woil.mon lay UiofollowliiRl'avo
ments; Schillcnger's Patent, Best Granolithic.
Asnlinllum, Artificial Stone.
Neufchatel, Mastlo.
Kitchen-!, HldownllCH, Stnhlcsnnd Collars laid
With neatness anil ii onuitnesH.
Owners ot property nro nottltcd that thoy
will bo held reiponiihlo for Infringements of
thlspntcnt. 'iho United .States Courts for tho
District of Colmnlilii havo recently enjoined
ILL Cranford and tho Commissioners of tho
District of Columbia fiom laying this pavo
tncnt. All artlflclal Btono pavomonts other
than that laid under tho patent aro worthless.
Telephono Call -107-2. rrosltlnnt.
Should bo will patioulzcd. .Such poisons
that nro going toleavo "Homo, Sweet Homo"
for another cllmato should buy one of thoso
cheap, pretty trunks to talto with them.
Now, wo not only hivo tho trunks, but tho
very thlncs to go In them.
Gents' Creole I.lncn Suits, Si! 'and 82 no,
formerly ?5.
lixtra slzo black Scrfio Coata, I1.B0.
lloatlnff and rishlng Shirts, Shoes, etc, Tur
and Wool lints at cost. Every aitlclo at sweep
ing reduction.
1911 and 1918 r.i.avo.
O. P. Bukdette, Sole AgentJ
llQfir street northwest.
iiouse3 rou BALL.
Cor Mass nvo and 15th Bt, 12 rs, mod
Imps, largo attic: open llro-pluco
In euich room; furnace, 3 water
closets and passenger olovator.
Terms easy.
Now 3-story
and basement house, )
sltuntcd on town Circle
Imps. Terms easy.
Threo-story and basoment house, )
1.1 is, on Nst u w, bet 17th and -$10,(103
18th sts; mod Imps. Terms ensy. )
LaHcdouhlo houso on Vt no, bet) r. nnn
K and L sts: mod Imps j,i,ui
Nowhousocor Hlcrcsand 13th sta nl
w; building will bo ready foi oc
cupancy in iwn wooub; mou imp.
Terms easy. iiwj
Storo nnd dwelling cor Oth nnd Q sts I . (rt)
n w. Terms easy. (10; ?-..
Two story brick house, No. Ml) 10th 1
Ht n o, bet V and (1 sts: 7 rs nnd J-1 3,000
until. Terms easy. (1.1) )
Two framo houtoi mid atablo on
drain no n w, bet Dili mid lOtli
ma; lot ir.xj.V). (0)
Two 3-story houses on Hlggs
) St II w.
Terms J-
near i.un; nil mou imps
easy. (Hi)
Lar.ro Il-atorv and llmrllsh bascm
I aitb
lioiiso on (I st, bet llltli nud
sts n w. Tonus uisy
3-stiry r.ngllsh basement house, U
rs; mod Imps; lotiUxlW, '.Ivviilcn
closets nnd 3 bath-iooniB. I st, VtAl.ono
bet istli andl'.ith. wiupvoiinnKoi
for small nbuso. J
3-story nnd basement houso with
stablo on M st, bet 10th and 11th
ii w; modlnipa. Terms ensy
New 3 story house, with bay-win-)
ilow, on L st, bet !!lst ami I2d n J-7,0i1
w; 10 rs; mod Imp?. (M) 1
Now 3-stoiy house, with bay-win-)
dow, on 1. st. hot Mist nndSBdn-fl,C01
w; lOra; lot liutnto nlley. (.) I
3-stsiy biiBomcnt houso with stnblol
on N v live, hoi. i nil iiuu miii bib itaiOOO
n w; lot iini; mou imps, i -Terms
ensy. (17) J
imps, i - '
I,ao double houso on I. st, bet lath 1
and Htli sts u w; II ra; mod V. U,im
Imps. Ttims msy. . )
Three 3 story and bnsemont housos
on l'st n w, ueni cor 18th; mod S$ ll.oon
Imps. Terms easy. )
Two liousrs on II st n e, but Hill and I i.l.SKX)
Hlii mod Imp?, (in) I ouch
Two bouses on 1' st n w, bet Dili nnd I f l,a)
r,th; mod Impb. (ill) I,HM
Lnro houso nnd sovoial thousand
ioetot ground on mill st, nonrVf IXiflCn
Scott Uliclo. I
3-stnry lioneo on M st u w. bot Dili ).,,,
nnd 10th st, nnd slnble; mod J.fll,C00
Hups. (8) )
3-story houso on M st n w, bet lh)
nnd 10th sts, and Btnblo; mod -$1.1,100
imps. (8) )
I.nrjro doublo houso on Mass ap, bot 1
l-tli anil I mi sis; iuru nmuiuuiiu
largo Bldo lot; liouso uud sldo lot
umbinclng 11,000 feet of ground,
mod Imps,
8lx3-stoiy houses, now building on
13th, noar T st n w; B is, bath
nnd cellar: !) tcot parking; lots
17MXV0; will bo ready ror occu
pancy In about two months.
rivo now press brlok bouses, wltlil
bay-wlndowB, on -'8tn Btn w, eor
V st; houses contain dlnlng
iooiii, kitchen, coal-room, dou
bio parlor (full doptii of houso),
llbrury, 3 bod rooms and bath;
largo closots, g.118 Ilxturcs. mnn
tols nnd mirrors; lots 18,4x7 to
41 500
Houso No. 211 1) st n w, hot 2 1 nnd
3d stB! lot 2tx!ii-; 3 story brlok .f 0,000
wlthstnhlo. (J7) )
Houso on 10th st. bot 1 and Q, n rs, )
mod Imps; win tnito oincrpiop-u,uuu
orty in part payment
Four bouses on 15th st, bot Q and
mod Imps.
Vacant proporty in nil sections of tho city
nnd suburbs.
Woodward & LoTiiuor.
On lu'riiiuil of Hut uilii In-dii) VVoml
wiird iV l.nllimi' cniillinio then
"Itriiiimnt Hole" Miiiiii.Ih) moinltiK until
I o'rloi-lt, nt uliicli llmo llu-li- Hlnio Mill
lu-clnni'il rurlliii ii-mniiidci- of tlui ilii).
woodward i.otiiroi1.
August Is ncknowlcilgod to bo tho
dullest month In tho year, but there
mo oxccptlons In nil cases, nnd In or
der to swoll our sales to n largor
amount than during any provlous
August, wn proposo to mnkoan ox
coptlon, if postibk, by offering such lr
roslstlblo bargains that customers will
bo almost compelled to buy.
Ilni-KtiliiH "Am In" ItnrirnliiH.
We have just received what
we consider intrinsically the
best values yet offered in
these goods.
100 pieces 18-Inch Cotton Illid-o)c, 10 jnrds
to tho piece,
Only Me per plcco.
0 pieces Ol'lnoh extra lino Cicnm f.lnui
Tnblo Damask, oYccllont patterns, wairiintLd
nil linen,
Only Ma per ynui. Worth aiXo.
Waxii (IoimIm,
No, the season is not over.
We have just received over
5,000 yds of different kinds of
Wash Dress Materials, which,
in consequence of the extra
ordinary depressed state of
the market, we bought ex
ceedingly low, and as is our
practice, propose to give our
customers the benefits of the
purchase by naming on them
the lowest prices yet reached.
l,B0O yards of rholcn Sntlnos, navy blue,
brown and garnet grounds, with neat, piotly
old gold and wliitollgurcs. Theso goods hno
been very scarce, and wo venturo to eny
thero Is no such assortment now In this city.
Only 1'iopcr ynul.
2,000 ards 33-Inch Wnmflitltn Shirting 1'or
cales, stripes, figures and checks, splendid
patterns, usual prlco rc.
Only 12Xo per yawl.
K00 yards Navy niuol'crcnlos, In small, neat
tlgurc3 nnd hnndsomo stripes.
uniy i'jo porynru.
1,000 yards of wido Satln-llnlsliod Percales
cholco pattcrns.vory stylish, well worth VJtfc.
Only 80 por yard.
Our "'.and 3"o Scotch Ginghams, now "0o
per jard.
uur-iu l-rcncn i.incn i.nwns,uow i.opcr
Our 10 and 12)a'o Striped nnd lllockOlng
Iiam8, now Oo per yard.
Our:t7Mo All linen Lawns, now 2jopcrjd.
(Second lloor; tako tho olovator.)
For IlatlituR' Pui-poseM.
We have opened an ele
gant line of Turkish Bath
Towels, which, to create a
spirited demand, we shall
mark at the following extra
ordinary low prices. :
13 by 40 Turkish Hath Towels,
Only 15c; worth 18c.
20 by 10 Whlto Turkish Towels,
Only 23c; worth 31c.
18 by 40 Taney Turkish Towels. 3 different
combinations, sultablo also for tidies, splash
ers and co crs,
Only25c; worth 31c.
21 by 40 Taney Turkish Towols, o.tia lino
quality, knotted fringe, worth 4fie,
Only 37)io each.
21 by 43 I'laln nnd fancy Striped Linen
Turkish Towels, particularly desirable for
tho bath,
Only r0o each.
30 by 50 (oxtra slzo) Tlaln Drown Turkish
Towels, superior quality.
Only $1 each.
Tlicso goods aro particularly dcsliablo for
bathing and other purposes, and at tho abovo
prltcs aro exceedingly good nlues.
Uriiiiil Itcilurtloii S11I0 ot I.ik-cn anil
I.uco NoIh,
As a special incentive to
purchasers we make the fol
lowing reductions, which we
think will be appreciated by
our customers and cause
their early disposal.
2-lucli Ucru Oriental Lacu,
Iteducod from 7 to 5a per yawl,
fi-lncli Ecru Oriental Lace,
Reduced fiom in to lo per yawl.
3M-lnch Coloiod Wash Lace, ecru ground,
pattern outlined in cardinal,
Reduced from 11 to Uoper jnwl.
1 stylo 27-Inch Whlto Oriental Loco Not,
olegunt quality.
Reduced from $1.50 to $1 per j nrd.
1 stylo 27-inch I'.ctu Oriental l.nco Net, ele
gant quality,
Itoduced from $1 50 to $1 por yard.
27-luch l'cui Odnlesnuo Lnco Net, hand
some patterns, 11111 Willi old gold nud pink
Reduced fiom il,7r to $1 pci ynrd.
(Second iloor; inkollio i-lovnlor.)
Nllk GloeM llolow V11I110,
Below value only because
they must be sold this month,
and at the price named we
do not anticipate any trouble
in disposing of them, for
never before has this glove
been offered at the price.
Lnclos' fi-button length, oxtrn lino, Jersey
AllSllkUloes, In blaok, grays, modo nnd
tans Wero ohcap nt WJic; now
Only 50a pel pair.
NOTE. Gloves, Hand
kerchiefs, Hosiery, Ribbons,
Fancy Articles, Dry Goods,
etc., can be sent by mail or
express to any point through
our "Mail Order Dept." at a
very slight advance, and we
guarantee satisfaction by ask
ing you to favor us by re
turning them when unsatis
Dry Goods House,
onh vnion only,
021 l'ciuin, Ave.
!1B I Street
Aiioiir Tiir, ukimhtbienth.
I'.xcoutUo AiiiiiliitinciilH ClimiKCH
In tho Const Nury Ollicn-Hitpor
Ititciiilriit llllguril IteNlgiiN TrcnN
liry rroiunlloiiH-C'lilof Inspector
Nliiu-p'M ItVNlgiiatlon An Import.
nut tll Sortlco Decision-lou.
ornl nnd VorNonnl.
Tho 1'iesldunt to-day inntlo tho fol
lowing nppolntmonts :
To bo Sccrclnry of tlio Totiltory of
Now lexlco, Gcorgo V. T.iuip of Buf
falo, N.Y.
To bo UKCtits for thu IniUins: .Tosopli
Emery of Oregon, ut tho Klamath
Auoncy hi Orci;oii: Clintles II. Potter
of Nebrnskn, nt thu Om.tlia nnd Wlnnu-
bi;o Agency In Jfehrnska; AVIIIIam II.
Spalding of Nebraska, ut tho Sintec
agency In Nebraska; Itobert L. Owen
of Indian Territory, nt tho Union
Agency In tho Indian Tenltory.
Postnmstcis: George Wise, Ham
burgh, Iowa; 10. 1!. Miller, Pleire, Da
kota;lI. C. Hunt, Iteedsbiiigh, Wis.; W.
J. Jhrrett, Kingston, N. C; .1. W.
Marshall, Mt'T.ciiti&borougli, III.; C. II.
Itiittoughu, La Crosse, Wis., K. D.
Fonn, Nevada, Iowa; J. V. Pierce,
Sprlnglleld, Vermont; Clink Hidden,
Iitrro, Vim 111011 1; U. T. Marsh, Oiegon,
III.;. I. II. Allen, Duiham. N. C; G.
W. Monro, Wutcibury, Vt.; V. (i.
Iloitnu, Kllendale, Dakota; Uoincllus
Cair, Hantmrn, Dakota; ,1. A. Mantley,
Mound City, Kan.; I- W. ly, Par.
sons, ICau.
liitornnl Kovciiiich,
Tho inteieal levonuu collections last
jc.ir amounted to 8112,fi00,000. The
cost of collection was $1,000,000
$000,000 losslliaii the cost of Iho prc
ious J em.
'Wll.Horlco Decision.
The Attornpj'.Oeupral has dppided
that the plvll ri-ivIpu law n-peals, but
not spcclllrnlly, tho piovlslnu of
the Kevi'ed Statutes inquiring the ov
nmlnation ot a cletk befotp I1I3 admis
sion to the servlpo by a Dcpaitmptittl
examining board.
TrciiNiiry l'roiiiiitlmiH,
Miss Coin II. Thomas of Nebi3ka,
from $900 to class 1; John C. Norwood,
Nortli Carolina, fiom S900 to olnss 1;
Gahin Sllllmnn, Minnesota, class 1 to
class 2; Geo. P. Davis, Ohio, class 2 to
class H; Cyrus V. Haskell, Pennsyl
vania, class 1 to cltss It. Olllcu of the
Fourth Auditor Samuel Harlem from
$720 to $S 10. Ollico of the SKth Audi
tor F. S. Hooy from $1,000 to class 1.
Olllce of tho Treasurer James Tt. Lake,
Missouri, fiom class 2 to assistant
chief of division 82,000.
Oiuplctliic; (ho CriilsorH.
Secretary Whltnoy, after consulting
the assignees of John Roach, issued an
order directing tho Naval Hurpaus of
Construction and Steam Engineering to
tnko possession ot thu unfinished
cruisers Boston, Atlanta nnd Chicago,
nnd to continuo thn work upon them,
using the contractor's plant and ma
terials, nnd accounting with him w hen
the worl; is completed, the contractor
lccolving tlm benellt If tho worl; is ac
complished below tho contract pi ice,
and losing If tho contiaiy proves the
;iiiHpcc(or SlutrpM Itcslnallon,
Colonel A. G. Sliarp, chief of in
spectors of tho Postofllce Dcpailment,
to-day tundeicd his icslgnntion, totil.o
effect nt once. Ho will piactlco law
In ills homo in Tennesrep. lie leslgned
when the Administration changed hands
but wns requested to remain tempora
rily. No one will be appointed to suc
ceed him until next fall. In the mean
time tho duties of the olllce will bp pei
foinicd by Mr. Maynard, chief of the di
vision of mail deputation".
'oiiHt tiiirtoy CMiniiiroM
Tlio loslgnnllon of Superintendent
Hllgaid was received this moinlng to
tnko ellept at once. The vacmcy
will nut he tilled for homo time
as thu Piesidcnt icgaids it as
a pn-itlnu ipquiting abilities ot a
hlgli order, and tho selpction wll(
bemndo wltli great can-. Ptior to his
dcpaituiu Sperctniy Manning rein
stated Piofetor I'outelln as ehlpf of
tho corps of assistants to tho
Hupeilutpudeut ot tho Coast Survey.
IIo has lepotted for duty In the Held
and will be assigned to Ins plnco as as
sistant In charge at the bateau. Tho
Tiensuiy Commission will continuo In
charge of tlio Siuvey for tho present.
Minor and l'ersoiiiil.
Cornelius Twine, l.iboter, Second
Comptiollei's olllce, has been dismissed.
Adolph Eidman, Missouil, nud James
llugau, Mississippi, havo been ap
pointed special pension cxamlncit'.
Colonel John G. Thompson, who has
been appointed a sped tl Indian agont,
will be assigned to duty eltlior lu Now
Mexico or Washington Teiiltoiy.
The naval boaid convened hySecio
tary Whitney to consldi r 11 leoignnla
tlou of tlm buaiup'S of tlm Navy De
partment has commenced Its cession.
Sir. Fiedoiiek Weiber, Jr., of South
Carolina, has been appointed to a
clerkship ot tho $1,000 class, ollico of
tho First Cnmptioller, under civil ser
vIpo rule.
Tho lcnialns of tlm Into Minister
Phelps nio now on their way to this
country fiom Peru. Lieutenant Nyo's
remains will not ho bintight home, It
having been ileciilril to biuy thorn In
Peru. '
Among thu f niitli-elass posluustcis
appointed to-d.iv woiu tho fulio.lng In
Maryland: G. Wr. Wplsw.iunner, Fred
erick; John Kunl.lo, Catochlu; Itichnrd
Thomas, Point of Itoek; E. M. How
lois, Mlddletown; Claicnco Lindsay,
Tlio promotion of Mr. James It. Lake
to tho position ot assistant chief of tlio
Customs Division of tho Treasury Is
generally commonded. Tho position
is a responsible and Impoitant one, nnd
Mr. Lnko Is legatded as an elllclcnt and
capablo ofllclal.
Tho Postolllco Dcpaittnont is In
formed that thu postolllco at Southport,
Intl., was ontoied last night. Thu safo
was blown opun and tho stamps stolen.
No mall was lost. Information was
nlso iccelved that tho oIIIpp at Tiinipr,
III., was cntptcd 011 thu Ith Instnnt,
The safe wni broken open and ovory
tbtng, Including the slaiiip", taken
from It.
Thu following promotion!! havo been
made In tho Petition Olllce: Miss Annlo
J. Shliloy of West Vlrglnh, fiom 1,.
100 to$l, 000; S. ltoouu lVuntibal.er ot
Kentucky nud Holmes P.. Olllev ot tho
District of Columbia, fiom $1,200 to
81,100;MissEinmllly Hiowno of New
Jersey, from 41,000 to $1,200, nnd Mrs.
Anglo D. Wndo of Ohio, from $900 to
Tho board appointed to examine
plans nnd speclllcatlons for thu proposed
cruisers has adjourned subject to the
call of Commodore Walker, picsldent.
Tho acceptable portions of tho various
plans examined were placed In tho
hands of Commander Goodrich and
Naval Conslructors Howies nnd Gate
wood, with Instructions to embody them
In one plan. Tlicso ofllceis will begin
tlifir work Immediately.
niMitivr jovkknmi;nt ni:hs,
now police manual ns lovised hv thu
Commissioners was issued to tliuollicprs
In this precinct to-day.
Excursionists Khit How. Tho
lain this morning had tho ell'cct to keep
home n luigu number of pcoplu who
would have otherwise taken 11 rldo
down thu Potomac. Tim boats for
Lower Ced tr Point, Colonial Iteaeh and
Chapel Point all depaitcd with hut few
pas8oiigers on board.
Miscellaneous. Professor E. M.
Gallaudetof the Deaf and Dumb In
stitute has pompl.ilned to thu Commls-
sioneis of t no nni.oyanco paused by
Sunday ball plating on tho commons
near the Institute. Captain Chandler
of West Washington has requested the
icpah'otthe pump on Valley sttcit.
Thomas D. McF.iilaud has been
giantcd a b ir-ioom lleensu.
Mn. PAnor.i'P'sItrPLV. In leguio
to Lieutenant Arnold's pomphlut that
Attorney Padgett ipfused to issue a
win rant against Ed Glnu fornllowing
lamps L. Fihprto Til under his llpense
as 11 connneipia) agent. Mr. Padgett
replies that Mr. Fisher was ni tested,
lined and tool: out a license. Thu ob
ject of tho law was necompltshed and
he thought It unnecessary to b'lng a
second notion for tho snmopasp.
Mwrii wAsiiiNtao.v.
AtheiUtcmciiltiaiut eubierliitnmi for 'Vim ClllTIO
1 rccn at at Ii ice's tlrvy etorc.
PAtNrur.LY llUHNr.n. Last night,
about 10 o'clock, Willie, the thtee-
ypar old son of Mr. Wm.E. llrooks, te
sidlngat No. 920 Virginia avenuo soutli
west, whllo descending the staiiway
with a lighted Inmp in his hand, acci
dentally fell to tl.u bottom ot tho nteps,
shattering the lamp, cutting his left ear
severely nnd setting ilto to tlio house.
Tho lire was extinguished by tlio in
mates without turning in an alarm. Dr.
Kcmian was summoned and lendercd
surgle.il nld to tho child, who also re
ceived some fpvpro bums about the
hands and both.
Tin: Traction Enoini:. Tho new
ti action engine which is employed by
tho eontiactota who are const! tiding
the now marble tciraco of the C.ipltol,
for hauling the stone fiom tlio fteight
depot in South Washington to tho shop,
has been Inspected by Captain Mnhaii
and found not to bo dangeious to
horses or Injurlotu to thu pavements,
and n penult for Its use on ceitnln
streets hns been Issued.
Arfi o tiitmailiamltulKilpttont for Tun Citmc
1 cccti cd ut Donky'i tli ug itnrc.
nutr.uiNO MPitovi:aiRNTS. Uan
nenhnwer & Son havo Just completPil
llvo hi lek dwelling lion-eson C ttieet,
betwenn Fifth and Sixth fticcK
Tin: Wasiiino'ion Socials' Ex
cursion. The George Washington
Social Club, whoso exeuislon of .lime
110 was such a success, have made ar
rangements to ippuat the afl'ali.
A PosiT.cnvi: Musical Soourrv.
A laigo numbpr of .oung ladles and
gentlemen of East Washington aio
about to foiin nu amatuuropeiatlc asso
cia'.lon for the londition of light comic
opera (luting thu coming fall nnd winter.
TliPio Is splendid material among those
Inleiested, and thcin is every ieaon
for tho association to make 11 success of
theso enteitalnments.
I'ostolllco IIoiii'N To-iiiorrow.
Tho City Postollke nud Its branch
stations will bo eloajd to-mouow fiom
1 to Ti i. m., lu compliance with thn
older ot the Pflstiuattcr-Gcuei.il. The
last delivery by cairlcrs and the I
o'clock collection will lie ommlUcd.
Thu oauleia' windows will be open
ftotn 0 to 7 p, in. The general deliveiy
window will be eloiied fiom 1 to "1 p. m.
MlMiilnmilM ItvlilNoil.
Ju tlee Menick today n-fu'ed the
application of tlm State of Mississippi
for a mandamus on Hon. M. .J. Dm
hum, Flist Comptioller of the linked
States Tieasuiy, to compel him to draw
Ids warrant for $.",!I0S.G0, payable to
tlm Stato for "aio of public lands within
tho Stale. The lustlco declines to
grant tho wilt on tlm gioiind that he
Is without Juiisdicllou In the mallei.
Null AguliiNl Mr. JIoiikiiiii-i-j.
LamcntKiiel to-day, bvhlsnttotno,
Messis. Louis llaggait V Co., Hied a
hill In equity against Commi-'sioiiur of
i'atonts M. V. Moutgoinc-iy to lostialn
him fiom issuing a patent to W.iltoi II.
Ilrowvtcr or bis assigns, and .lustico
Jloulek Isiiied a rulo to show e.vio ip
turnnblc next Monday.
.Mni-rliiiftt I.leoiiNPN,
Miiulagu licenses have been Issued as
follows: Mack Unit of lsnltlmoie, Md.,
and Amite Jolimon ot this t Uy; Gottlob
Hiihn nnd Emma Downing, both of
Halthnore, Md.; Thomas Leo and
Clirlstluu Hull; Elmer E. Ol-t nnd
Sarah E. Matheuey,
Arrltnl urhloiix.
Twenty-two SIoiix Indians anlvjjd at
tho Haltlmmo nud Potomno Depot this
morning from Dakota. Thoy will go to
Fort Montoo to-night on tho steamer
Georgo Leary.
Pollen Court Houm.
Judcro Mills to-day icqiiesied tlio po
licootUcors to havotholr eases beforotho
court to-morrow morning at 7 o'clock In
ordur that tho court may bo closed early.
tiii: tom it or u:m:uai. ihant
MiN.Oiiuil Mill iit.1II,.lli-l4i-i-Kor, ami
tlnnliloWt AII0111I lliol'iincral -Tho
1'iiiiilly at (ho 1'inii A-iiiio Hotel
OlllclalN Who Will I.outo rur Nn
TorH'lhlH AllcriKHiii,
Ni:w York Aug. 7. Tho members
of General Giant's household kept
closely to their apartments nt tho Fifth
Avenuo Hotel yeslciday. Colonel
Fred Grant attended to several matters
requiring his attention and Jessie Grant
showed himself once or twice down
stalls. There was a number of calleis,
all old pcionnl fiieuiR No ono ehu
was iccelved. Among them wero Oen
pial Sherman, cx-Piesldent Hayes,
General W.W. Itclknap, ex-PoHnnPter-GeneialCieswell,
I'leirepont. Logan C. Murray, Colonel
Gillette of Governor Illll.'fi stall" and So
norltonieio. Tlio family laid n painful sight jes
tcrday moinlng, tho annoyance of
which, by a foioslglit, might have been
saved them. The stool case In which tho
colllu will be placed lu thu tomb on the
wny from tho Grand Central depot to
Undei taker Mouitl's, stopped on
Itrondvuiy Just under their windows
whllo the ill Ivor shifted it on tho wagon
to a letter position. A largo ciowd
gathered, and tho l-ulles attracted by
tills fact, came to tho window only to
bo shocked by a sight of the cite.
Thu whole Grant family will ipIiiiii
to Mount McGivgor on Monday, and
lpoialu thoio until October. They will
then oeeiipy tlii-lr hnii-u on P. ist Slty
skth sheet. Mrs. S.utoiis will return
to England whete sliu will slay until
spiuig. Tlipy then intern! to leliitu to
tlilspountry and spend a veariu com
pany with .Mis. Grant, MrsGrnutlsat
Mt. MeGiPgnr, and will not. attend tho
funeral. Sliclsmurh piostiatpd mou
tally and physically. She has baldly
la en able to leave her loom at tho cot
tage, and is too weak to journey to
New Yoik.
lly nonu to day the tomb designed
foi the body of General Gia.it will lie
completed. The koyMono and tho
Iron eioss upon It weiu hut lu place
jesterday aftemoon and then live men
began placing thu pillais in the tomb,
on which the casket will lest. Theso
pillars uie of ItalUu whito marble,
three feet bin id, oightcon Inches
through and two ft el, eight inches high.
They wcic setlu pl.ieu by 8 o'clock.
They aie on the uoitlisldo of thu tomb.
Whlto mubip slibi will be set level
with tho Homing on the south side. Tho
door of tho tomb will bu mado of oak
plank, nailed together transversely, and
will ho divided In tho centre. It will
bo tlueo inches thick. The outer door
Is ot grated lion.
Tho Tin out; TO'ilny.
Nkw York, Aug. 7. AVIien the City
Hall gates were shut at 1 o'clock this
morning, and when thu shutllo of font
stops h id ceased, the mulct takers and
emlnlmera came. The face of General
Giant was scanned by them tluough
tlio double plates of glass. Then the
undcttakcr obseued that dust had set
tled on Iho lower plate, anil icnioved
the top that tlio other might bo denned.
Smptlso w.ispxpicssed Ibat such an ac
cumulation should have been possible
tluough tlio lino closing Joints made by
the sui faco plate.
The glass was cleaned and polished
anew, tho top plate leplneed and tho
lids of the casket fastened down. Tho
royal puiple velvet that covers the
casket hail become dusty with tho
lislug panicles fiom all the shullllng of
the thousands of feet tluough the day.
Caiefully It was Implied and cleaied
off. Many hands dining the day bud
tout bed tin" sltvpr i.illsaml moist palms
felt thu mounting-', causing many
stain". These weio leinoved, the metal
llulMilugs polished brightly and tho un
dertakers and othprs went away. Tho
body had not been IoupIipiI by them.
At 2 o'clock tin' adjutant ot the IT. S.
Giant Post sent out the lelief for thu
next tlueo bonis, under command of
Win, P.i ink I, fiomlho hcadqtiutPW. of
the post at the A-dor IIousu. This
guild of ten men would he nu duty un
til fi o'clock.
Thn ollleeis of the Lojnl Legion
were on duty fiom 2 o'clock uiilil iho
hours of opening thu gates. Tlm olll
cers ot iho lllevonth Iteglnient we're on
duly thioiighnut tlio tally nuuiiiug
bonis, and were detailed until S a. in.
Asenily as -I o'clock" Inspector Stems
had a lino of rlllccis placed along tho
loute of piocession from the City Hall
gates to thu fountain elide. At that
hour thc-ie were thousands Jammed
back by Iho emu bundled and llfiy men
Hi it the Inspector had on duty." At "
o'clock another guird detail of Grand
Auuy men was moiiiiti d at Iho casket
under command of .limlnr Vico-t'om-iii.iudcr
A. fiiitiMnn. A -eigo.int ami
tlility nlllcei-t tiled Into the cor
lidniii and took portions eoii
venleiil for hustling thu vis
Itois who passed. Iletween I nnd 5
o'clock the ciowd had hcinine a I lining
ami its Hue lc.iebed fiom thu fountain
to Paik UownmlCcntiei-lieet. Every
train on Iho biidgp biouglit iiuuills,
who liiinlcd acto'R C'liatham and Cen
tie sheets to tlio point vsiieio Hut
ciowd was being uielicd In asnlld pio
cession. Kvnnuttho liuurof .ri o'clock
thi'io was notleealile a dilk-iont com
plexlou lu the ciowd fiom that which
plinniPtPrlpd it lit Hip snnie linui yes-
til day.
Tlio woiklii-'incn In their business
clothing weio there as jestoiday, and
tlio in my ot young simp gills and
women weio pieentas at Ihoe.nly
hour je-oterday, though Ingieatprnuui
hois, but tliPie weiu thousands moiu ot
the inlddlo elapses of people who did
not give complexion to tlm pioceslon
until alter 7 o'clock ytsteielay morn
ing. At thesamo lolitivo liouis to
day thero were tlinusiuds inoio lu tlio
shcam, anil was duo to tho belief
and expedience) that tho early ones
ycstouiay bad lea-t llmo to
wait. S- it was tint tho
op lly down-town cats between llvo and
six o'clock biought hundreds of ladles
and gentleiiiciuwho had thought to bo
in advance of fr.ogieat crowd. Tho-e,
liowover, who camodownon tho I!ro id
way cais as lato ti3 six tins moinlng
checked tho car ami alighted abovo
Hoadu street. Tho shullllng throng lu
line, had at that early hour, oven backed
through Chambers street nnd up Urn id
way to tlio point stated. Th&ro tho
1113 A DY
upwcoiuuis wero getting Into line nud
the policemen weio protecting those nl
ready there In the enjoyment of the
pi Iv lieges they had obtiliiPil.
Till: (lA'lTH OI'llNRI),
Thoplopklu the euneda of the City
hall Indicated fi:oT o'plock when Junior
Vice CnminnndPi Cranston of tho U.S.
Grant Po't lifted the eover from the
casket, pus'cd his Imndkeichlof over the
glass plate, and then assumed his place
at tl.u head of his detail of Grand Army
men. St. Paul's was tolling nt 0
o'clock when tlio Iron gates weio thrown
open. Tlio llrst to pass through wore,
as jp'tcrday, wonicii. A solltl stienm
had again commenced llowlng across
tho plaa to thu entrance. Two lines
of pollen walled In a channel from tho
steps to tho fountain, and through It lu
thtees nnd fours tlio bunion stream
moved, Just as though a hundred thou
sand pcoplu bad not shnllled oyer tho
sniuo stonoj only ycsteiday.
Within 1i minute) utter tho opening
of the gales t lie lino bad extended to
Durauo sheet. During thu llrst bait
hour llvo pcini)H stumbled against tlio
too binad dais on which tho casket
lests. Thu crowd is moved so rapidly
that many, whllo peering Into thu cas
ket, stumbled against tho plntfoim
beneath. It piojccts on each side
moii) than a font beyond tho
casket while tho ei.ils at Albany
was no wider than (ho colllu
Itself. Whllo Hearing tlio body tills
morning between (i and 7 o'clock an
elderly gentleman stumbled and pitched
forward. IIo prevented himself fiom
falling by placing one band upon tho
edge of tho casket. Almost at tho samo
moment the band of a woman shot
forth from tho opposite sldo and rested
upon thu casket. She, too, bad stumbled
against i no nvvKwam piattorm ami
barely saved herself from being pios.
hated. The ollleeis of tho Soventh
Iteglnient went on duty at (S o'clock
this morning, nnd Grant Post, nnotlicr
detail of guard, from the liead-epiailers
at thu Astor House. The Seventh
Uogimcut men will leuialu on duty
until threes o'clock this afternoon.
Iteprrseiielnic Iho Aiiuy anil Naiy.
Secietaiy Endicott has oitlpiPil Adjutant-General
Diiim, Siiigcon-Gencinl
.Murray, inopector-ejoneral Davis, (Jnar-tcun-isl(M,-Geupral
llol.iblrel. Commis
sary-General Mncfce-ly, Pay master Gen
eral ltocliester, Chief of Engineers New
ton, Acting unlet oi ureinaiipc wiiitte
mnie, Acting Judge-Advoeate-tiPUPral
Lleber, and Acting Chief Signal Ollleer
Jones to attend the funeral ot General
Grant as icpip-tutntlvcsnl the Army
and of tho War Department.
Secietaiy U bltnny his design Ued
Commodores Sicaid, Scliley and Wil
son, Chief Engineer Lot lug, Surgeon
Van Uuypen, Commander McC.ill.i,
Chief Engineer Snyder and Lieuten
ants Kellcy nnd Dyer to leprcscnt the
Navy Dcpirtmontatthe funeral. The
ollleeis will lo.ivo tills aftemoon.
Tlio liiini-lliiK Oilicluls.
Tlio President, Seeretaiies inyard,
Endicott, Wliltney. Lamar, Postmastei
Geneial Vilas and Attorney General
Garland, will leave this city for Now
York" this afternoon at four o'clock" on
a special car on tho Pennsylvania
Itallioad. Most of the p.uty will oc
cupy moms at tho Fifth Avenuu Hotel,
although Iho Picsident will probably
accept tho invitation of Sccietary
Whitney to spend tlio time at his resi
dence. After tho obsequies tho Picsi
dent will remain at Albiny for a day
or two and possibly dispose ot some
executive business theio before com
mencing Ida vacation In tlio mountains.
Tlm President will tilo visit relatives
at Holland Patent, Now York. Tho
President's l.it days at the Capital
havo been veiy bun ones. Sonatois
and Hepresontallvos have utged h!m to
act upon innumerable matteis befoie
Ids de-pat lure, dal nlng that delay until
autumn would be injuiioiis to Demo
Pialle pioappcts in tho localities af
fected. The Piesldeiit has done all In
his power te comply with these in
quets and il Is -aid thai he lias te
v lowed thu papeis in ono thousand
eases within the past few days with a
view to announcing his dce-Mon liefnie
le aving Washington.
Aniongothcr ofllclalswho will attend
thu Grant obcquleR ate Assistant Sec
ietaiy Muldiowof the Interior Depait
inent, Apjiolnhnent Clpik Habsler,
Chief Clprl; IJpshaw of the Indian Uti-it-au,
N. M. Hull, su)oiluteudunt of
foieign inall; Cldef .inmesnn of the
ltillwayMall Sei vice, and Chief Cleik
Nash of thu Postolllco Hopaitment.
Ti-llnilcN From i:&,('oiileilrratPH,
I'oui' Worth, Ti:x., Aug. 7. The
attendanee at tho F.v Confederate le-ui-'
jeslerday was much l.iiger than
on the day before, licolutlous were
adopted with gieat applause lint tho'e
pieent had learned with i egret of thn
death ot General Giant and that tlio
Nation had lost an able ollleer who had
won a w ni Id-wide leputatiem ami shed
instil! on Amoilciii urnilc!-".
aiiMii-nlnir at Apoiiiut(o.
Lynciiiiuro, Va Aug. 7. A lnigu
eiowd of people fiom Appomattox
Couit llouvii ueinbled yi'-teiday and
draped Willi mourning tho hou.-o in
vvlildi Generals Giant nnd Leo signed
the tenuis of Mil lender in Apill, 180".
It is piopoMMl to allow the drapery to
leiiiuiu lliiily davs.
.Ser Ic-i'M In Itiilliilo.
Itui 1'Vi.o, N. Y., Aiig. 7. Elaborate
piepai.itioiiH nio being made for tho
Grant inemoil.il sotvlees to-inoiiow.
Tho Naratnuii Kaet-M,
Sara-iooa, Aiig. 7. Tho weather
to-day Is line and tbeie is alargourowd
al the ti.uk. Fust race, for maidens of
all ages, one mile, Escelsior won; Aunt
Alice, second; Dolly L, tlilul. Time,
IMS. Mutuils paid $13 70. Second
race, one and a quailcr inllc3, ltell
Pate won; Una 15, second. Time, 2:15.
Mntuals paid $$.10, Tlilul race, ono
and n-hnU miles, Nettle won; Leinaii,
second; Spalding, tlilul. Time, 2:12.
Mutuals paid 10.80.
GoIiik: ti Now Turk.
Mr. It A. Purko of thoPonnsjlvank
Hallway said this afternoon that up to
1 o'clock 1,000 special tlckots and aoo
Grand Army tlckots had boon sold to
Now Yoi k. IIo estimated that bot ween
2,fi00auil 3,000 peoplo would go from
this city to New Yoik to attend tlio
Grant ob'cqules.
A 'iiiIihI(, Mhli-h Will Conic
Iho SiiiltliNonliiii.
Poiulani), Oin:., Aug. 7. Tivo x
men have Just dlseovcicd In a cave near
Vlctoilei, II. C, what seems to be the up
per patt of the hotly of a petillled giant.
The inateilal U of the baldest kind of
granite with veins of quart, running
through It. Tho face Is almost peifeet.
The eves and noso have fallen in nnd the
eais have gone, leaving boles. The
ribs can bo scon nnd counted in the
stone. Tho nrnis nro broken oil'
below tho shoulders and tho legs at tlio
thighs. Sovoial parts tiro perfect and
show the body to bo that of a largely
developed man about ten feet Iilgli.
At tho places whom tlio legs nnd nrms
aie bteiken oil' tlieio is a cylindrical
shaped Rtibstonco dnrker than tlio either
pait which Is supposed to lepiesent
bone. This lemnrkablc stone curiosity
will piobaltly be mmh to the Smith
Houlan Institute for exhibition.
Thn t'allleiiirii Will I'IkIiI.
St. Louis, Aug. 7.-II. M. Pollard,
ono of thoso who iproiitly presented a
memorial to the President in i elation to
the lemoval of the cattlemen from thu
Cheyenne and Aiiapahoo ipsptyatlons,
letutncd bete last night, and says that
it the Pre sklent e'ouoliules to oielcr the
removal ot cattle fiom tlio Clieroke-u
strip I lie lessees of tho land lu that sec
tion of Indian Tenltory will contest Ills
action in tho courts.
A l'liiii limit Hiiro,
Nr.w London, Conn., Aug. 7.
Tho tluee mile sculling lace between
William . I. Shea of llaitfend and Al
beit C. Itoiiilman of New London took
place at noon lo-diy oll'Spey Hcacli.
Tho lae-o was a line specimen of
aniale-iu-lowing, and was witnessed by
many tbenisinds. Shea won by fifteen
seconds. A cemslder.ible amount of
money ibnngud hands.
o i
.IiinI riom lh Ari-(lc.
San Krvncisco, Aug. 7. The
schooner Garlidd, Jtit ai rived from tlio
Arctiu Ocean, icpoits tlm whaling
bilk Napoleon of New liedford was
ciushed in the ico In .lime and Immedi
ately sunk. Chief Olllcpr W. Uogcis,
Thbd Ollleer Thomas Pease, both of
Now licelfoi'd, and twenty of tlio crew
weiu ihowncd. 'I'bc vessel, with tlm
entile cateli of oil, Is a total loss.
l'roli-st Airainsl Iho "1'jielllc .llall.'
San Frvncisco, Cad., Aug. 7. A
fonnal protest will bo enteicd by tins
GuatPinali Counsel here with Postmaster-General
Vilas against the PacIIIc
Mail Company for having lefuaed to
cany tlm Guatemala malls on the
stpamer Colonh, wIiIpIi left hern Aug
ust 1.
A Iliirxo Thiol Shut
DlS.llAIlUlv, U.VIi., Allg. i 'J'llO 10-
port has readied hero that a liorso thief
named Athens was -hot by Indians near
Huitholel agency while the Indians wero
attempting to eaptuio him. They
turned hi in over 10 the Heitholdau
tboiitips. Itrouiieil In I.ulio atlrhlifiiii.
Ciiicaoo Aiig. 7. Mrs. Lnrsen, ono
of a Failing party who weio upset In a
squall on tho Lake last evening, was
drowned. Her husband was wlthdifll
culty restrained fiom following her to
the bottom.
IColiliptl or -.2,000.
Ciiicaoo, Aug. 7. A man, too
drunk to give his name', was knocked
down last night at Maiket and Quincy
streets and lobbeel of $2,000 in cash and
a check fur $200. The robbers escaped.
Mi. E. Phillips Is at the AquldtiPck
House, New pent.
Mr. C. O. Tavennur arrived bnmo
fiom Linden yesterday.
M. lioustiii, tlio Fionuh Mlnlttpr,
will pinh'ihly ipiinln atNewpoit for a
ltepie-rentalivp MoriNon of Illinoh,
wlio has boon quite lek at WlllnulV,
Mls3ltilp Casllpar will lpave Monday
moining for Long Island, vvhpie alio
will lemaln fk wicks.
lommanilii I.eaiy of the lecelving
shlp Wvandolte wasatOld Point Com
fort last week with his family.
Mis. .lann M. IJurr and Mies Addle
C. linn wi'ie legMetcd lu the White
Mountain legion la't week.
Tlio Itov. Di. I.pouaidof St. John's
('lunch, Washington, will pipacli at
the Seminary linll on .Sunday next.
Hon. .I.J. Kodtlgue!, Spain; Hon.
A. S. Wortliington, District Attorney;
ami Hon. (,'. II. Giosveuor, Ohio, aio
at tlm Ebbitt.
F. do I'. Pa-.il.igu.i, that ootet.uy of
the .Mulc.iu Legation nt Wnsblngtoii,
lias taken quiutei-t at Hie New Cnlmn
bla, Capo .May.
.Mi. Silicon Iluteliin, tlm New
ilaiuptbiiu htatesmau, will aiiive in
Washington to moriow fnieunon for a
blief vi-lt lo Hie Capltil city.
Chief Engineer Dundee and family
of West Washington left jesteiday fo'r
tlio wateilng pl-iec-e on the I'otomae,
nnd will also lake atilpupthe Chesi
peaku liiy.
.1. W. Pet tit ot this dty w is legls-tPie-d
at the Ainerleau House, Pliilailel
plil i, v esterd.iy; (Nilone I .McC iwley, ut
the ltlnghnm; Samuel Aidibnld, nt the
Colonnade, and .1. M. Young nt tho Lu
fajette. Among the Waahiugtnuluus at tlm
New Congies-, Hall, Cape. May, on
Wednesday, went General A. Orel way
and family, W. IL Phillips, Mrs. u,.
haidt, Mi-s Itlacklock, John It. Major
and family, It. It. Wallaco and family,
M. S. Grelger and Miss S Gielgor.
Mr. 15. P. Ilatper, whllo bathing at
Colonial lieacli hit S mutiny, stuick
ids foot against a Mono and broke his
toe. u-stciilay, while lowering tho
awning lu front of his plnco of business
on Tbhty-sccond sheet, tho rope,
which lie was pulling, broke, throwing
him against tho framo, cutting a gash
two Inches long lu his hotel and Knock
ing hint souseles-. II r. llovvlo Tylor
was called in and dressud tho wound.
Cassius Di:lani:y, acolorcd laborer.
whllo at work tenting down Wayland
Hall, on II, near Nineteenth shoot,
yostordny, foil from a second-story
window, and was severely Injured,
i " f ) "' ""r
J - ,,V . - , . t x ,. ' . " a. - W- .

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