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Is Dolivoicd by Carriers at 35 Cents
per Month.
Now is iho Time io Subscribe
forR personal
Inserted III Tlio Critic U Times for SJV
ffll "
18TIT Y H A11--AV I . 0 L Is) NO. C.3-1 1.
Woodward & Lorn hop.
'I he Time Is "Nov."
dm customers rouM lint ih better
llinntosninu extent nnllclpito llirlr
limits NOW, fur IImto Is unreason to
doubt but Hint u shvll soon Into
cooler unci morn scnsouililo we illicr,
Cnmo now nml bociiio tlio ndviiu-
tmtcx Inililcnt ti nil early b.l)cr bo-
foro tlio ruli of tlio eci'im boshis
tvhllo tlio inrlety Is now nml Iftte,
nml tlio nssorlm-nts nro cninplclo
I.it, but nut lonst, hllii tlio dios-
n nkcts nro not so busy, nml can itlvc
)oti u better lit.
To utalf nlfcllon eouyfln laity,
'In mile rrltrftmu taillg,
VVi twite Ktlicliott tlftiraifltt
' 'lotnuktnlictloiu mlltfaeloillii.
'I till pllMU 1 4
WOUIWAIII) .t I.oritliOP'i.
tlCll'H I'tll'lllrsllillfSSI.
Men clerks only in this de
partment. Mr. Charles H.
Jones, late with F. Pilling &
Co., is a late addition to this
force, and we can now give
you better attention than
ever before.
I'nll Undent cur.
It is not policy to wait un
til it becomes cold enough
to don winter underwear on
the pica of economy, for to
catch a slight cold by such
imprudence may lead to more
serious results. The best
thing for this time is a medi
um " weight White Wool
Shirt and drawers, elegantly
bound and finished, at 75c
per garment.
ltenioinbir Norforlc & Now Ilriunwlck
(n.'saoixIsntSl.'-lpcrfMimenl. llciotoforo
wo wc re obliged tu cluiriro 81.10 for tlio sm ill
i t nml Sl.it) lor tlio lannist fire.
W'ohuidly tlku to mlvcrtlso thaTo Men's
1)1 ess Miltts, because oi nmint cot thorn fmt
ininiiili. llmo received unotlier lot of about
'Uiloiiii. Can't sny how long tbey Mill Inst:
tit iici'iit wo lmvo nil tlio sizes from 11 to 17
luetics; 'io ench. ,
lien's 1 Ino .Mulln Night slilrt. excellent
lcndh, iiln'ly inmlo nml llnlslicil, was bought
lo si !1 nt T.'c; onlj (sic each. ...
(Men's dipt. Hi Ml Hour: slim tint loft.)
AllSC'Ilj" Ill'C'MH IOllM.
1'' Incb 1 Ino All-Wool Douelo Suit
ing, iitSl.wpirjnrd.
I'niicloisthoitiost fiishlomblo nad Iu-li.i-blo
ivniio In Driss rubrics jot lutroiluicil.
Hough, but nut too tmuli. Nobby, Lut not
too nobby, s-olll colors In hunter's green,
seal binvvn.scgiir brown mid lilnclc. II.mil
Munullliiinmuteil intitules In nivv blue, tilth
olive brown with old gold mid white, muillum
blown with scgur nml while, seal with tun
mid llaiiuu brown.
Ifinuwcro to if 1: us which lino of Dici
(ijoiU tins tbo boit for Iho money, o would
Miytbo llolliir 1ulles' Cloth ut 7.1o. Next is
uiidoubti illy tbo lino All-Wool 3.1 Inch 'I'rloot
nt roc. 'Iho flneno's nml closeness of tlio
xvimei nml tbo hnndoino flnk'licivnblno to
stuinti It (bo best Tricot In thuinnikut. Others
mn liaiu.'.0o'lilcots, butnot this, Alliolors,
Ho pir juiil. , , .
Having enlarged this de
partment to some extent, we
are prepared to show the
largest and most varied
stock of standard American
and Foreign Dress Goods
and "Novelties" in the most
magnificent array of color
ings and effects ever dis
played by us or any house
in the city.
woomvAMi & i.oriir.op.
w Mill I'lllillcM.
Wo lmvo rci iltrdof our now importation u
h now wenm In silk fubi lis lllnikNitlu Iter
Ailllcux, UD-lnch, nt 31, unit i.'1-liHli, utSI.Sl
1 ln,o m o n hem y ilonellleux with uMtin
do I Jon llnUb, mnnufui.tuiod fiom tlio luiioit
ltikil silk, nml Is no' iljo-weltihted, us imiiiy
(iiliirillkfubiics mo. Ohoy m-j cuarantctu
tt jlio pcrlcct H.ilNIiiLtlcm in topciimmcneo
of color nml ilnmblllly of fnbrlo.
Volmo iiImi oienci1 mi clonnt lino of
Hint k Silk Ilrocailus nt "c, which nro ic.illy
wjntli T)ijO. Vi'iy buidfomo p.itteinj .lint
Aini'iU'llil SlIliH.
The success of the Ameri
can Silk Industry has been
the source of much com
ment. 'Iho "Ucsnttn" llmml, Ametlinn hllk, iu
old by us lor tbo lust tluou joan, lias lm
I id id Its quality cuclisuci ossl OhCicon, nml
now, wlillo they uuuiot bodlstliiKiiMie I Inini
tbo Imelen kooiU, owept by oxpiits, It Is not
li nkd tlmt they aro fur biiptrlor Indurubll-
ijiml A S7o Qiial. 1' Sl.irij
(Jiuil. 1) llo (Juiil. (I Al.Vi
juiil ('. .. . Sl.oi' iunl. II iinv-i
(lunl 1) . ..SI l-JJ-5 (jual.l St Tl
lju.il. I! SU'I (Junl. K $!W
j:aOiNumbu'ii (leuutue builn.
WOOl)WAI(l) Si LurilllOl'.
Is It not im Inducement to have your li mils
llttiil with thodloM's you wutit to buy nt tbo
Wulinto noveryct Kiut n cnstninor nwjy
with II bad Ut. unci don't liroimso to ilo so.
Wu hiiiidlooiily Miib llbnosns wo mo willing
tu Riim until) Inr ntlo, lit nml woir. mid hih.Ii
ImiiirproMiit stock of Nuw l'all dloio.
I mid (1 button Drcsed Kid dimes, In tun,
inoclis und hum us. Si '.'jnud f 1.S0 oir pair.
lundU biitlou nmbioldcrcd l.iullill Walk
IliKdhiM's, jilquo H'wcil, oloiiiut iulet of
new shadm, gl.011 and i-J ik i p ilr.
I, li nml butlon Cilchvatol "I'oiliiol
Muilo mid Moii-quotiilio (iloM!., pluln mill
in.biolilcKd, In black uml colors.
Aicu'8 !! button I'ualor tllni', fm trcct
wear hiKiaji'. Siwipir pali.
cduv o di lit , 111 ."t mi tbo loft I
WDllliU'AllI) l.tll'IIKlll'.
Npc'i'tnl police.
n uiniiutilu in icccliit of uuothiT Imohn
of .Mtinufui lurcrK' "Komnuiits" iVXM nids to
llii'liioUii)of I lw.fkwl Niiliisook, 1.' illiTereiit
liillcinc-, linutlis fiom'J to V4 ycs, ictil pluio
Miluc, 1.1 oi ii )urd; cml) U"(,i! per juul.
In inppirn Apions, Mht Diassvs, I'lill
llUIIHl)lC'h-lw I'tll.
il.lm.nib it Hist on Iho lUhl )
wiKiiJWAiin.v Mtriiiior.
tlKll.Ol'tlCM' Xrttlll
llo explicit; give full name,
l O. atklress, and how you
vi.ih thr goods shipped. If
not ri.ht, send gooils back
b) t.xpit .s', nt our uNpense.
IJoston L)ry Goois Housj
t Ct(( Oliu,
ii.i rem
via : tsti-cct
Geniral Absilom Baird Anpointfll In-Bpcctor-Oopcral.
Wcightr Sterling of ths Brooklyn D s
Irict Euspoa-leJ.
riciiuiiit Mini to Upturn Tills lltmilng
or To-morrow.
Tlio Conntia of Wew Mccloo.---Tim
Ticnftiiry Dcpattincnlhin nllowml $1,VI') ns
Iho (IciHTcniH'tit'H Kliarci of tliocovtot taking
tlio cuimis of New Mexico.
Tho Cattlemon Qolnnr. Intornnllon
hns bicn rccilvcil nt th Interior Depart
ment to Iho effect that tlio vultlciiicii will
liuvo inoveil out of lmll.ui Territory by
Woighor StcillnB'o Buaponslon. Tho
ausipiiluu of Wcli;her -tcrllns of tbo
lliool.ljn district Isanlil to liavo been tho
icmiH of n conference between thol'icslilcnt
nml ficutury Mnniihif; on Huuilay ovcnlng.
Fourth Cla3 PostoIIlcos . Acthi!;
l'oi-linnstcr-tiincrnl Slcvcnsou to-ilay np
I'Cilnlecl nlioilt IIJO po"tiimslci8iif tlio fourlli
clafs, nmniur lliem bcliiE Ml. I.. 1'. Hnilth
nt Ilnilteott, Wy. T. Tlilii olllco was named
for tbo Secretary of Wnr.
Clerical Chanson. W. II. Me. Whiter, n
dot It In tho HIMh Auditor's office, has been
icinoted. Mr. McComlllo did not think
that ho paid enough attention to his work,
1. K. (iiahnui has been piomntcil fionichss
U In clr.sn it, nml 1). 1',. l'lun from tins.) 1 to
clans ", In tlio city iostolllcc.
Anothor Troiibloaorao Appolntmo'tt.
isoiiio nj;italloii lias been unwed at tho
'licasuiy by thu complaint that Maioiis
llmilon, icecutly n)ipolutcd n ppcilal n'.'ent
ut Xew Yoik, wis the ulltor of a inotcc
llonljt paper nml n Mtoni; llliluo paitUan.
U(hii'ihari;esniD also niado n.ilust him.
Tho Dank of Novncla's Clnlm.- Tlio
action of Iho CoimnlFslouor nf tho I.niul
Onicc, In roMiklng ccrtiilii nllcp;cil lllvv.il
contracts for sunejs of tho public lands
iimler tho deposit RjRtcni, nml In suspend
Int; necounts under similar contracts, has
hi ought tho Dank of Nevada to tho front
Tho Snnnloh Indemnity Fund. 'I ho
TienMtiy Dcpailmcnt Ins assumed ropnn
slbllily for tho dlsburs enient of tho Spanish
Indemnity fund. It has been customary for
tho Kciictary otSlalo to Intiint this to n
banket, but tho llolcil Ptatuks make It
iiieuiubeiitupon tho Secictnry r thoTroas
ill) to dl'bmsu tho fund.
Tho Proaldont'a Callor3. Tho Presi
dent's cnllcis to-day Included Sciitors
llnnipton nml Vooilicis, lcprccntntlcs
Cnrtln, Hlcstand, Hound, Mn)bui.. Tjjlur,
Murpliy nml 1'iedeilck, A. A. llealy of
llrookhn, T. A. llowlnnd of Xcw Yoik,
T. S. West, 1'.. (I. Ials, Delcu'ato llnlley
nt Idaho, Wllllaui V. Weils of Detiolt.
Salo of Public Lands. Conimlssloncr
Sparks of tho Land Ofllce. lepnits tho dis
posals of public lands for tho Usual jcal
ended Juno HO, lfcb.", at 2O,lW,0fl) 1!S acies
for sr.filll,l 11.60 on U'iO.aS'i entries. Tho
amount taken under lallroad selections was
:i,n.VV')" ncics. 'Iho total disposals nio u
decrease ol l!,nu5,Uul) fiom tlio pioIous
Tlio Now Chlneso Mlnlstor. Tlio
Uiillid Stales thaigo il'Aftaliosnt l'eklue;
hasiepoitcd to tlio Statu Department Mint
the legation has been notltled by tho lsiiui;
II Yonien, tho Chlneso roiciiiOfllee, of tlio
appointment of Mr. Chang Yin lluan to bo
Lmoy lXtraordlnaiy and Minister I'lcnl
potentlarynt Washington to succeed II. V..
thing Tsao .ill, iccillcd.
Vnslilngton'3 Exponso Account3
It was ascertained nt tho Trcnsuty jester
day that tho pirsonal iiccounts of Cieorgo
Washington, which lmvo ln.cn kept In n
Ijok In tho olllco of tho lleglster, nro not In
ns good condition ns Ihilr Miluo ns l tiles
would ninko It fitting that they should bo,
mid Iho lleglster has taken steps In secure
bittii piotiitlon for tho papeis in tho fu
ture. An Old Chlot Dlsplacod. 'lhoioslgna
tfouof.Mr, Maitlu I Koen, ouo of tho
oldest chiefs of ills Islou in tho Tre isury I)e
puiliucnt, was dciunuded jesterd.ij. Mr.
S'oi'ir was appointed from Iho l)!tiict of
Columbia to a clerkship mid insu to tho po
sition of chief of tho (aptinid and Aban
doned 1'ioperlj lihlslonof Iho Sieictan's
ofllce, wlili li position ho has been iiiltcl
upon to iilluqulsh.
Tbo Marino Sursreon-GenerAlshlp,
'I he louti st for the position of Supci Islng
Surgcou-ticiiiial of tho Mntluo Hutpltil
Einlio lias to souio cNtiut subsided. Tho
medical piesi, tho boaids of trade, proud
nent slilnpiis, etc., luno derlaied so em
phatically In favor nf Dr. Hamilton's ie
U'lillou that soma of tlio candidates liaD at
least tcinpoiarllj stopped iivslne tholr
elalins. Dr. Kainllton icslgnatloii has
not jit been niiiptid.
A Siimular Wnr Claim. A ciiiloiu
iliilni has been suspcmlcil by tho noting
ijic nuil Comptroller of tho Tieasiuy. It is
that of n man who, in 1WW, on his way lo
iiilUlou tho Union side, was taken prls
(iiici, nml was detained In n Confedeiato
prison lo within two wicks of tho lIomi of
Iho win. Ho then Joined tho federal ill my
and eeiU'd two weiks, mid now ihilms that
bo was senlug tho (Imiiiiiucut nil during
his iiupiltonuieut, iiUhoiiuli liu hid iioir
eulUlid, A bill has luvscd Congress lestor
ing his miluo on tho lilllstel Kill Imik to
lMi.1. 'Iho bill failed toll bis status or pro
ldo that lie should bo paid. Another hill
will have to bo paSMil by Congiiss nullior
ihighls pajiiiint.
lmpottnnt Anny Appolntmont-i.
'Iho appointment of tlcnciiil Absilom
llalrd as lm.peitoi-geiioial of tho armj-, lco
tieuiiiil Davli, ivhoso lelliciueut oecuried
on Sunilaj, was ofllel.dly announced this
iiioinli'g. 'Iho iippolntiuint met with gcu
eml cniuuienilatlon In military cliclos, tlio
silccllun Icing utmost uillrcls duo to tlio
I rllllnnt in old of thu ofllier. Tho poiltlo.i
of i.sdslant Inspeclur general, with Ihoiauk
of imijoi, also . leant, w is llllod by th i up
polnlniinl of t'uplalu Henry .1. 1'aiuswoitli,
l.luhth Ca.ili. l'or the iiiMltiint of lu
fc icliu-gmir.il therii woio but two apnli
emits, liiiioiulb .loin mid llalid. lu
fennel Mus tin simlni ntllur bill m tin
ec lit of his hppululim nt, I ) nor il
Unlld woiiid hnw nttiiMl bef.in lio
bad kiuitlin ili.ii iv if proiiiut'uii 'I its
was i no iciieou f..i iuini.il ll.iid's
t.elec Hun, as tlenerttl Junes inn lit o.uo
Insptetor-gunei il upon llalid's l.-t rjinrnt
lor tbo iio-ltion of usslsi int tlni.- wne
fi il runclldi lei all i iptnlui In tin in n
.iiiil nil ixeituigslrunr IiiUuimico c iptiln
i nlliswoitb, who wns selected, U u -jii of
Ailtutiinl ti in rul liirnnwoiih of Sen irk
Slate busn btilllant uiord uinlHIun tl
fi r tt ii with Ills company In rlona on t'io
fionllcr, '1 ho social Inllucnces In Ills furor
Wcio lint slioticer limn Ills own iiuallllei
tlotis. (Iciiernl llnlrd lias been ordere-1 to
1 1 pin I for duty In Washington,
Nnvy Promotions Tlir dentil of Com
tuodoio Hiiumen prumole-s Captain D.nld
II. Ilniiniiiu tu co.umodore, Couimiimler
Alfred T. Mohan to captain, l.leiitcuiut
C'c iiiinr.mlcr 1'. W, Dlckliis to louiuianler
nt.cl I.liii'.iuniit WiUhui T. Ilunvull to Hon
li li. ml C'citutnnml, llv tho ietlrenio.il of
Hear Ailmlml lloe, October -I, t'ouunodoro
Mrplnu II. J.uiu will bo proinoto 1 lo rear
I.Ir3. Paruell'is Clalm3. Mr. V. C. Mac
Cuiitl of Now York, mi Inllmnto friend of
Mm. I'lirnill, had nn lulenlow with Bccro
tmy Wliilnej nt Iho Nnvy Department to
iln lunching Ihoililms of tho Illustrious
Iniry, now nearly nctunty jenrs, to pincllcal
ricopillloii, ouiuioiiulof Iho groat services
liiiilirtil by her father, tbo Into Admiral
Stewart. 'J ho Secretary promised lo luo
ll.o nialtir tlioioughly Invostlgalod.
Army Rotlrctmnntil and Promotion?.
Captain tlcoigo bh irl.loy of tho riflecntli
Infntiln; .'apt. 1", I.jndc, t'lrst Infantry;
dipt. 'ac, Soenth L'avalrj; I'list I.loit
temiiit Mlclnel O'llrlin 1'oiirlh Artillery,
nml I'list I.liulinant .Inines t'urij', l'lflli
Aiiinrry, unto nun piaceu cm ino loiirou
list of ll.o m my, on nreoimt of dls.i
blllty. Tbcsu retirements cause Iho
promotions of tho following olll
tcrs cscli to tho nuxt highest grade:
l.luttuinnts Wnllnti, limner, Viciiih, (lnl
brnllh, Marklatid, litiatliir, Dlaney nn t
Minor and Poiaonul.
'oslinaster-Oenenil Vilas will i el urn from
Nc w Yoik this oMiiing or to-morrow inorii
lug. It Is not true, ns irporled, that llio ro
moMil of .IiiilgoDiiwuoof Alaska has bicn
ditcrmliiid upon.
A tctcn-pounil bass, said to bo Iho larg03t
ocr eanglit In Iho rotomnc, has been pro
suited tu the I'lcsident,
(icneinl Atkins, Commlsloncr of Indian
affairs, Is hnrd ut work picparlng tho nil
mini lei'oit of his olllcc.
Sccntmy I.nmar continues to linirnvr,
but bo Is not ixpcclid to bo on duty at tho
Iutulor Department tudtl uctwn.k.
l'irst Aslstaut I'oslunstcr-ticneral 8107011
son, who will lento to-morrow morning for
a Isitto his liumc in Illinois, will hcubiciit
nbout two weeks.
Aitliii! l'lrst Complinllcr flnirlson has In
cpilied of tho Commissioners what fees lino
1 ecu collided lij the llaiboriu'istci during
tho IItal jcai lbs', nml, It nono weio eol
ltcttd, by what nulhorlty ho omitted to
inako rollcctlons as lciiulred under thu net
of July fl, IV I.
nn: AiiMV axd A'.irr.
TTotes of iiitcicst to tlio Sei clco 1'ioni
ill Aloiiir tlio 1,1 no.
Major Jmucs It. Uochc, paynnslcr, left
htio.Mondjj on lcao foi n month.
(Iincinl Nelson A. Miles was in I .a Junta,
Now Mexico, last Satmdaj-, cm his ulllcl.il
l'lrst Lieutenant Ollor II. AVarwIek,
I'.lghleelilli Infniitry, his been gi.inted
leaofoi n luonth fiom 1'oit lleno, Indian
l'lrst Lieutenant Jolin J. Cilttendcn,
Twcntj-sicond lufnnlry, has relieved Lieu
tenant (leoico II. I'aticu. Mine regiment,
us post adjutnnt ut I'ort Marcy, Santa l'e.
Captain Piank 1). Ilaldwlu, l'lflli In
fantry, who is at the Lbbltt House, Isproml
nentlj iiriiml as llkelj to contest thu ap
pointment as major mid luspcetoi-geiici.il.
A court conu'iicd Mondaynt Pint l,eacn
woith, wllh Major flcorgo II. Nuifoul, I'list
CiimiIij, as president, and 1 list Lieutenant
tlcoigo O Webster, fourth Infantrj-, judge
ndMicatc. All tho inllilcd men who wcio inembcis
of Iho Teuis Uepaitinint Itlllo Touu h.no
be m oiilcied to theli sevot.il posts slnco
letuinlng last week to San Antonio lioin
loll bnelllug.
(iincial Samuel Ilrcek, Assistant Adjutant
tiinertil, who left Oniilu lit week on
liae, has gone to join Mrs. Hack nt their
old home In Massiiliusctls, wheiesho lias
spent the summer.
Mnjcn Dald Casey, Slvtli Cavaliy, is
president mill I'list Lieutenant lMwnid V.
Case, adjutant, Tweulj -second Infaiitiy,
jiidse-aiUocalo of n couit convened to-day
nt 1'oit Lewis, Coloiado.
A Rcnernl lemit-maitlal convened last
Mondax at I'ort lliown,T'oas, of which Ma
jor lMwIu Dcnlly, suigcon, is prcsldout,
mid Lieutenant Jului A. Johnston, Llghth
I'M airy, Judge-aihoc.Ue.
Major Van Duron Hulibaid, surgeon, Is
delallid ns piisldcnt, and I'lrot Lieutenant
William llalrd, ndjutaut, Sltth Cnalry,
Judgc-aihocato of n court-inarllal onlcied
to comenu nct Monday at 1'oit Uaj'aul,
Niw Melco.
Captain J. V. Clous, Twcntj-fouitli In-fnnlr)-,
will bo piesldenl. ami I'list Lieu
tenant Charles J. Crane, Twcntj-fouilli In
fantry, Judge-advocate, of n court-iuutlul
to comcuo to morrow ('llmrsdnj), ut 1'oit
bill, Indian Territory.
'Iho iccent cablegram of Commander
Albert S. llarkcr, nniiouiielng tho nrilval of
ll.e sloop-of-wm LuteiluUo at Melbourne,
Australia, lead as follows: "Via London,
17; Lntirpilse; well; linker, Melbourne"
'Hi it must luno lieu In lef enough to iitlfy
Scuctnij Millncj 's economical iinlir about
Lnslgn Samuel W. Arinlslead, V. S. N ,
who left his homo in I'mUinoiitli, Va., .Mon
day u ruing for Loudon lo takotho iimroo
nt tho lllltlsh llojal Natal College, was
limn led onl) nn hour hifntolcaWng to Miss
Janlo I.iuiHaj, nnd took his brldo nbioad
with him. the Ik tho ilatlglilur of l'ost
iiiastei Lindsay of l'oilsiuoiith.
utsTJiivT aorjmsiwxv xvavs.
Mlltteis llelll CollnliliHeil bj Out'l.ocil
Thosaloot piojicrtj belonging to delin
quent taspajert. begin jiblcnhj at tho
eolleclor of taxes' olllco.
Hon. lien. T. I'lederick, Member of Con
giiss from tlio l'lflli Iowa District, Is at tlio
Globe, llolleo for u few d ijs,
'Iho t'ouimlsslouers jcsteidav, ns stated
In 'In i: I null), wero asked by thu I'list
Comptiolkr whv tlio harbormaster did not
colliet fees, 'Iho Commissioners think
that the law Is Inopiratlvc, whleli wasde
iliUd In a suit sciciul jcaijagei,
llilllillug penults halo been gl anted to
Mis. O. Cbapmaii to erect a dwelling house
al tho coiner of Ninth und 11 streets imrtli
west, to cost t,l,fOI); John Hughes, erect a
lulck stable, ic.il of til'.) Muthnlicet ninth
west, jl 00; Mrs. I.. II. llciuduy, lepali T
flrant Place, $71)0.
'Ibeiepoit of tholleallh Offlcci for last
week shows that the niiml.il of deaths was
ltd, white, IJIj coined, 41; ile-.itli-i.itu per
1,1(1) per annum, white, 'Jl.si; colored,
1111.77, total population, '.'tl.OO; 1.1 wciouu
dir Ii jenrs of ngo nnd Is oei nil jcais; II
if tl.e deaths oeeuiiod ill hospitals,
CITY I! I LI. XO'l'i:S.
Hems of allnor Iiiipoituueu Ole'liied
Trout thu rourls.
John W. Can und N. W. lliiuhell ham
Iiei ii excused from tho grand juiy.
'Ihe Hejjlstir tu-ilnj iceolieil tlio will of
Mm guiit O'Councl'l for piobalo mid
1'iaiiels T. Howler his petitioned for n
dilutee fiom Hilda Howler, iliiigiughei
wllh adtilteij.
1 Urn V, Hodges ihaigos her husbinl,
Aliibuui Hodges, with desertion mid has
applied fur n dhoreo.
'1 lis." c iik' of l'.i)inaler-(leui'i,il Jamas A.
Smith, I t. N. was lo da) ii'itliUil hj
.lusllu llngiii r to the (leneial Term, to bo
bund in 11 e llrst Instant o
Manliigi) In eiiscs baMi been Issued ns fol
lows: I'dwnril 1!. Haul and lli" K Mur
rai. Wllllnm C tnnoll of HiuttsUlh',
Mil , und Julia C Walton of tills ilti
lleiirt I'oid and Ida lhonii William i)
Dubinin and latum) (' llas'Mt Joint II
Sinn of I'oloimic C Ity, a., and Nettle (1 ii'
llsoiiof Dumfilis, Vu, Wllllaui. i' Smith
unci Ilertlo Turblii,
Seticus Inconvonienco Ciuiol by tho
Bursting of a Main.
Nillnelciiii ltcpoiln nl ICItcben llolliirs
Jtlown tip.
'lhc thlitj-slK inch water main on tho
Conduit road, on the hill nbovo (lieeti
Springs, bioko nt 1 o'eloik lids morning.
'Ilia liolals nbout llilrtj Inrlies long mid
twenty Inches wide, nbout Iho slntio of n
watermelon. 'Ibu loads nio washed out
consldcinblv. Workmen nro engngod In io
palilnglhobreik. It Is expected that tho
work will lie completed this evening. Water
Is tmnc.it off nil citcr tho District, caiKln,!
gi cat Inconvenience to thoso who wcio im
tiret'Oicil. 'Iho binsllng of Iho water niiilii ciilsod n
Hood In Hint liilghbolhood, but tho uiilii
daiuiigo done was Hitting ofi tho illy from
tho water supply. '1 ho lack i wo tire niseil
tlio suspension of work in nearly nil of the
lunchlnctj In tho city.
At an enih hour Iho Commissioners Rent
out wold llirough the police to persons
liming ranges In their houses that It will bo
damreinus to uo them nt present. Tlio
luaehlnen at tho Nnvj'-Yuid was kepi tun
ning by the uo of their lire engine, which
pumped a supplj finni tho rlter. Tho
W'nshlnj.lon Uilck Mnihlno Company had
to shut down, 'lhc blanch of tho (ioieril
incut Printing Oflloo nt tho Trensiny Do
pnitinent was uliisliiipcil.
tlreat Incotiicnli'iiio was felt Ihioiighout
Iho clly on niiouiit of thu lack of water In
A CniTii' leiicilei called nt the Water
Oftico nnd was told tint the supply would
lo mij limited for nt lcnstnwoek. Tho
cltj is supplied by n lUi und a HO nml n
lL'-lnch tualii. Whin tho breik occuired
tho two larijo mains wcio Hit oil beciuso It
could not bo Icaiucd at tho llmo wlilcliwns
bmslcil or whither they weio both biokcu.
'1 bo entire supply wns cut off for several
hours, but thu 110 Inch main was siibsu
iiuentlj tumid on. 'Ibis Is tho fltst tlnioln
tlio hlstorj otthewatci works that tho city
was cut olt fiom n supply of Potomac,
water. 'Iho water olllco unit statlon-lioiiso
haio been bcslegid all day by peoplo, de
manding to know tlio eauso nt tbo Wider
'Ihn elenlois In Iho dlffeient public
biilldliigs wlih h mo inn by hjdi.itillc
inessiiie, wero stopped this nfteinotm.
Hiiro w us during tbo early pint of tho diy n
wider fnmliio In the ujipci stoiles of build
ings In tho meie elevated sections of tho
eltj. It was Inipos'lblo to get water there.
'Iho bmst In tho main oeeuriod nt (Irceu
Spilugs, Ju-t nbocothe qiiiituct llridge.
'Ihciowasn report this afternoon that
owing to n scnulty or water thcio hid been
n wholesale) iplolou of boilers at tho
Arlington Hotel. Assoon as tho news of
Iho bursting was lecelvcd, tho llio was
hauled Horn under the bolliis. 'llicioforo
there was no explosion
ltrpoits wero nlso circulated about cc
idoslons in dilTiiint paitsof thoilty whero
hot i.nd cold watci bntli aio used. T'liero
seems lo bo nothing of Iho kind oxeept u
lew pig seines.
Up lo 3 o'clock no boiler accidents hid
1 cm lei oitcd. iji
'Ilio!!0-lnclisiiiplj miln supplies only n
cerlaln seitluii of tho clly, but
It will bo connected with tho
Urine li main this side of tho break, toelriu
lato tbo watei through all tho main.
Hull Time foi' n l-'lre.
l'lic was dlseoieicd In Iho tear of John
A. Dai Is A; Son's commission house, No.
017 11 sticot norlhwist, about noon to-daj,
but tho l'lio Depirtmcut being dclajcd In
reaching tlio spot on account of n mistake
In tinning In tbo nlaim, Iho llio had g.ilued
consldeiablo headway when tho engines m
lliul. Two streams weio put on mid they
soon extinguished tho ll.imcs. 'Ihn lire is
supposid to liaio been caused liv n spaik
fiom a clilnuinj lieu llie window. 'Iho
damage is esllnntcd nt t-.lOO covered bv
Insuranie. A llio could not halo occurred
at n worse time, foi the city was tcmpoia
illy nit off from the wider supply, nn nc
louut of Iho bursting of n till Inch main
nbovo (fiorgelow n. 'llio water had to bo
tiitolf lo icpilr tho biokin main. Poitu
niitely, the picmlsis weio situated on ouo of
llie lowest lei els In tho Lily, or no water,
could bo had by the I'll e Dcp.ulment. As
it was, tlnj got no picture, but they got
tho water that iimuiiied in Hie pipe above
that point.
Till- Mil in it Nillci- Ellll.
llceldis tliopioilslon foi tho Issiiaruo of
ccitlflcalis for sliver bullion deposited with
Iho L'nllcil Slates Ticasurei, tho pioposed
bill of l'cpicscntatlvo Warner piovldes that
tlieio shall bono fiutlicr Issuo or lelssuoof
flic-dollar national bank notes, nor of ouo
and two-dollar L'nltc.l States notes. Hut
this pioilslon Is not to alTeet thoiolumo
of national bank or Lulled Slates notes ns
now lived by law. It also pioildes that,
Ujiii tho ilepuslt of slher dollars, icitlll
calesot tlin iictieimln.it Ion of cine, two and
iHedolhiis shall be Issued, which shall bo
In foi in sliullai to Iho bullion eiitlllealis,
atnl possess the same money fiiue tlous. Tho
bill also pioildis that tiadoilollais shall bo
milled until Jatiuai), lh'ss, at llicli face
inluo fm nil dins to tho tiovcrument nnd
exchangeable whin piescntcil nt thoTreus
ui) oi the suli-Ticiisuiy at New York, or
at nuj of thu mints for stnudaid dollars.
Ut'iilli ut' I'oiiimeiilui'i) Neniiui'M.
Commoiloro Alexander A. Siinmcs, com
inandunt ut the Navi-ltud here, died j-os-tcidai
nftiuii on nt his summer homo at
Hamilton, In Loudoun County , nfternbilef
Illness. Uewnsboiii In this iltv January
lb, I'-'i.l, nf Southern piuctit, and, ciiteilug
llio naijMn Oitobei, P(l, icfusod In 1MU
to fullow tho fortunes of tho Coiifcdcrauj-,
but remained lojal lo the Hag ho had set rod
for twenty jeara. He bciumo n commodore
March 10, lbs'J.nndeueeicdedllear-Adnilinl
'lliniu.is I'.itllsoii In eommaud of the Wash
ington Ninj-Yniil June ill), Isst. Ills family
has I cen at Ilitniillon tho whole summer,
but Ills duties at tbo i.ird and as piesldiut
of the loiiit-maillal which tried I'.iMiiastei
tleniial Suillli keptlilm beio until Satur
ilny, Seiilembirl), when ho left, but was
taken ill In n few d.ijs nftei. Suigeou
Mclnucthon L. liulli, tho surgeon of tho
3 mil, left here Ibis morning tu take c liar go
of the u mains. 'Iho j aril Is now In com
mand of C.iplalii Hush IE. Wallace,
A otllbIc t'lltliollc (Yri'iuoiij,
'llie imistltuio ut Ylenr-liiucinl MiCol
gnu us ileum bill pre! ito of tho papal house
hold, with tho title of iuonlgiior, will tiko
place at St. 1'clei's Catholic Chinch, llalll
niore. to-inortow at 10 o'clock a. in. lit.
Itiv. Dr. Ileeker, lllshopol Wllmluglou, will
be celebrant, l!e. I'athei l'oley of St. Mai
tin's Cliiueh will be deacon, and Ilov.
I'ull.er t'oirlgiin, sulHleacou. Among thoso
who will olllelnlu ut tho eeieiuony will bo
Aiebblsliop miliums, lllshop Noitluoii of
Charlcslnu, S. C; lllshop O'Millli.in of Mo
bile; Vlcui-llciitral tjiilnn of New Yoik,
and about tcveutj pilcsts. 'llie ctiiiiih is
now being liandsoniily decorated for thu
eerasloii. Aflei the eeieiuony ndliiuerwlll
I e sell id, to wblih the ilbitlug eleigy nml
a iiimil 1 1 of distinguished guests haio been
ill! Hi il.
Tlnvi" Mi'i'l'iuis tMNUiiIt.
Ill tho nise of Jiiluea Mome, be foi n tlio
l'ollio limit, this uioiuliig, a coloied
jouth chniged with thiee siilolls nssalllls.
olio Upon Ullliei lb lit, e no on Mis
Ililihrct llcphtun, in.'ll Sixth stiiet
in itbciisl, and anolhi r upon Mrs !'.iu
Uttl Noilh t apltol slnel Moou i ish. M
fertho giand juij In the c.is of Dill u
Itrltt, and tho oilier cases wcio su.pfiidel
to glo the defense tlniu to h.no him cxitu
lunl ui to hi sanity.
oirr-nooit spouts.
'Hid Iliilt7iiillll Ml'ibil Hiiro lliisi'li.ill
Miitteiii -Tips on llrlcilitou unit Louis-
'Iheslngle-seull rnce for the ltotlrmtii
inidnl br.s been postponed ouo week, nnd
will now bo rem is I 'lhurdiy, Oelobor I, In
stead of lo-inorrow. '1 his wns done nt Iho
rciiuctteif one or two gentlemen who ex
pect to enter (Louis i'lseher being olio of
them), nml wanted n little more time lo pro
pale, 'llio Interest In llio into semis lo
glow nil tho time, flinrgctuwu, almost lo.i
mail, Is for t.lttrell, nnd most of tho people
tlirio think ho can win. 'llie opinion inuring
boat lug null Is divided, but probiblyn
majority think that l.lltrell will
win. A few will-polcil men claim that If
cinlylhiio start l'lsihcr will bo last at tho
llio Woshlnglnns will hold a largo fall
this winter to lalso money tow aid building
n btint-houi) early In tho spring. Some of
our best-known Indies lmvo taken hold of
tho matter and hue tuomlcil their insist
mice nnd Hint of their friends. A commit
tee will bo appointed at the uu.l meeting to
tuko e bulge of the matter.
When ex-Sccictnry Dlddlebock was com.
pcllctl to uslgu Ids position nssieietan of
tlio I'eastcru League tlio nllnlrs of his ullli'ii
we re In n lerv iiiKul condition. Instead of
sending the timpliestliilr salary nt tho end
of each month 1 o used to scud llicm ilO,Hl1
or Wo nt ii lime. It Is claimed tint ho now
bus oui'isLOPO In his hands itiiaicouulod
fur. 'llie association has bieu trying to got
n sittlimtiit fi tun him for Unco months
past. I ut so far without suecoss, 'lliey
llnnlly got him to consent In meet n rcpro
tentntiloof thonsnilnllon and let hluigo
our his looks, etc. Dlddlebock said that
1'ieslilciit Uenrcttof tho Nationals would
suit him. Sothu nssoilnllou Ins nppolnlod
.Mr. llcniult n sort of receiver to go m it
Dlddlcbock's neiomits with lilni, and to
tnkoihargoot lliopipcisnnd money. It Is
tcnuely piolnblo that ho will be 1111111011011
uy ino 111.111 01 ino miter
When tlio llnstein League was oigaulzed
Mnnagci Scanloii wanted each club to do
posltK'CO as an earnest of good faith and
that they would play tho season out. 'I his
pioposltlou was lolcd down, nnd tho sum
of tiSiO llnnlly ogreul upon. Among those
lotlug ngnlust the lntgcr sum was President
Ilallaul of llio Trciitoiis. Now lhllnrtl Is
leadj to klik himself to think ho did not
10I0 wllh Manager Seanloii. Tlio sum now
to 1 0 divided amounts to about $1,7.10. In
tho other case It would haia amounted to
.i,l'C0. lhc Vliglnlns wero uxpillcd dnj
biforo jesteidaj for notpajlngtlielruuiplio
and nihil dues It Is hlulcil ulso that tho
'1 1 nitons bale not been keeping their cud
li)i. A beautiful piece of lluiuelcilug now
suggests It-elf. 'I he Treiitous have not
been keeping their cud nn. limine 0 them
'1 lint leaves the Newaik mid Nation lis.
Now lit the Nt winks us iniiili ns wink and
wo will flic thrill out. neek nnd heels, nml
pecket tlicM.7.V) if tho Ibioo ilubs lo.uiln
111 It will li the snug little mini of S14-
npln e.
Manager Si anion said last night, when
askul bis opinion ntiout tho St. Louis
Lhlcogo games, "I tltliik the Chleagos will
win tlio scilis sure, and I will tell jou why
1 tlilnk so. Its because tho St. Louis lnvo
not a pltiberrTi.it tbo Chleagos cannot bat.
'Ihij will hit thitii easily, mid beat them
Unit wnj. (live the St. Louis Welch of the
New Yorks to pitch, nnd I'd bet tho St.
Louis iniild defe it them ten straight games.
Uiishloiigls good inoiigli for u:iy club, ns
cutibci, und nil Ihej lued, Is 11 good man
In tlio box ''
'Iho Nationals h no to face tho "Allcn
lown Terror' this nftiinoon. Tbo "Tor
le 1" slnggiis under tho stinngo appellation
of Sniilli. 'Iho Nationals can bat nny
pltchei who pitches foi 11 club they think
tin V inn beat. No nnltei how dllllcult his
(lines me, thev can master them, but let .1
llret-chissclub'eoiuo lieic, wllh n fourth
ilns jiltilier, unit his simple cuivis 1110 ns
Chlneso puilcs to thcin Now It thu liluo
have madi theli minds up that they cm ilo
fent llie Niwaiks to-day, thoj will pound
Mr. Allintowii-Terror-Mullh all ovir tho
lot. On thocoi.trari, If thoj do not think
that the! mil In at tho Newaiks to-day, Mr.
A. T. S. will be ton 111111I1 foi them, in any
(Vent tho game will bo will woilh 11 trip to
llio pink.
'llio rcoies made jeteiday wcio: St.
Lnuls-llottou, II lot): Cblcngo-l'ioildenie,
8 to A: Detroit-Philadelphia, I lo I; Clueln-lintl-llrookljn,
11 to '2; bt. Louls-Mctropoll-tan,
! to 0.
llnrnc Talk,
'lhc fields nro largo nt Drlghton to-day,
nnd lhoquulltj inostlj poor. In tho Hist
race, Pug ICjIe or JooMiinuj; second nice,
I'unkn or Winston; Ihlid laco, Tattler or
W Idgig; foui lb rare, Jou S. or ltleo; llflh
race, lkirii'im: sixth nice, Perilous 01 S1111
dolnl. At Louisville, Hist race, Idle 1'at or
Uoutiuuii. si loud race, Haarus; third lace,
Jennings or Slliialoug, foiiith lace, Muiia,
llfth lace, A lidc II. or Ilouiilu Uliie.
4'niiipli'lloii ot'Mt. Uoiulnlp'H.
St. Demilnli's t Iniiili will bo complete 1
by the latter pait of this week, and tho
doors will bo Ihiown open next Smutty for
public Inspection. 'Iho new organ has been
j'l.iicd In position mid Is now being tuned.
Ibo new gothlc altar, whlih was built at
Chicago, Iseiilaluly abomllfiil woikof
nit. 'lhc altar wns tho gift of J.IIs Maiy
mid Mi. John ( ullliiaiio, daughler and sou
of tbo P1I0 Pi.lrhl; Culllnauo of South
W'athlnglin, and cot ,.100.
Tlic Circuit Coui'l.
No formal order has been Issiiul for an
other tlriult Court ns thcio uionfow de
tails to luningo. The court will meet
on (list .Monday of October. Justice Mer
rick will sit In court two. A second
Inn will bo drawn und nu uxtrn clerk ap
pointed, 'lhc calendar minibeis mei 700
cases. It has not beiu eliilelcd how tho
calendar will he divided.
.1 4. mill Dll.v for IHiC'Im.
Tho cool winds of list night In ought
dow 11 u gnat many blue-wing, rod-neik und
shulllcr dm l.s for tho largo number of
spoilsmen lint ciept out fiom tho wliuves
iu skills bifoiedajbicak this uioiuliig.
entitled lor the Itiinliii'sM,
"That boy of yours Is not iiilnplcd
for tlio itiuloitiikliig business," ex
plained nn ttiulei Inker to the boy's
lullicr, who luqulrt'il why lie lunl been
ilisi'linitreil ' Whnl Is tlio tioubloivilli
him?" "He hasn't it tcillItig sensoof.
11 lint is iltii' llii' ftllllilcil. Day before
K'ltcnlnj Jin. T. bnrli'il licr fmtrlh
Iiusb.uiil. 1 sent tho boy up to Icittii at
ivhat lioin she iiUtti'il tho ci'ii'inouy In
Inko plitci', mid lieitskid ivhnl Iter tegu
l.ir liine ut day iv us for but ring litis
bands. 1 expee I lo loso her trade
entile lj. (Jiitern t'uuili'i.
He wns talking to iho gill, unci she
wui Milliilng iu p.itli'iit oiuliirunco.
All nt mien his fnco lighteil ill) anil s.ho
ii'i-lvcel slightly. "Ah, Mr. Do Sappy,
w lint U It r hIio Imiulii'il quickly uml
expcetnntly. "A bvillllmit lliimght
stiv ucK mi', MIxH I-'iiiink'," lio topllecl.
"Intltul,' kIiu klglicil iveitullj, "vvhuso
was Ity" LMi'iC'huut Trnvelei.
'1 iii Prohibition 1 11I011 held 11 iiieetlug
Inst ulglit nnd u eoiumlttcK was appoliituil
to gi t the opinion of pioiuliieullawjcis on
llicquettloii of whether the Commissioner
could Issue 11 bniroom license Public tlin
iqipllinut laid obtained thu pel mission of
tlii' siipiiluteudelit of Ibo llovcrniuciit
biiiliblig opposite the pinpiiscil hulooii.
'Ihn gmiid iur.v lo day niiiilo their first ie
l'olt sluie thi mess inl I juoied the Tol
li 11 : 1 lll I dvVlir.l lbillll lllld folgl'l'.
Ibis .-.. nn 1 ml 1 ( nl'iigli in. In in
William 11 11 1- 'in, a -eult wltti intent to
1,111, Mirj Jon' ti 1111 1 niilo VI jek iff, a'
milt with Intent tr 1.1)1 ( Ii lies, llnhj
The City l'oelinaBlor of llio National
A (lunel Olllur unit I'npulnr lliislni'ss
Mr. Krimk 11. Coiigcf. Vostiiiiisler of
AVnshliiglnn, was born In I'ort Huron,
Mich., In 1H.11, nrul iHtlicrrfoioillyearn
of ago. Hi' Is Iho eldest son of
Stnnlnr 0. I). Conger nf Michigan.
Ito tet'clveil a ltlgh Sdiool eilu
cation, uml has liceii 11 lcfldcnt of
Wusliinglon nlinost conlluiinlly slnco
Ibfill 11111I lit'fti ni'lliely ongngeil lu vntl
011s bttsltii'Ms pursuits slnco Iiu ivns 17
yi'ins of age.
In 1R71 he wns iinuniiiiously ulccto 1
clerk of tho Hoiio Coiumlttod 011 Com
niclce. In 1T.J lio was niipolnted lo the
same position bv Hon. William A. Wlieiler,
aflerwnul Vk'C-1'resldeiit.
In 1H1.1 Mi. ( onger loiated III Now Or
leans, La , nnd for nearly tluee jt.iis llllul
the rcsjiiiuslblo position of confidential soe
lrlnrv nnd assistant to Captain Jumos II.
Lads lu Iho contiuctloii or Jittles nt the
luoiilli cu the allsslsslppl Hirer, during n
liurllon of which lime Ills duties requited
Ids primico in this city.
On the lompletloii of his woik in New
Orleuns Mr. Conger rilmiicil to Washing
ton and pmcliasril ft lirgo Interest In tho
Xitlioiiitl llrpiililiinu, and assumed the po
sit Inn of business luaunger and treasurer.
AVI1II0 cngagid lu this business lio was of
fend and tiiceptcil the position of assist
ant postmaster. Upon Iho death of the
thin postmaster, Hon. T. L. Tullock, Presi
dent Arthur piemioied Ii in, on tho llrst of
July, li-M, to tho position of postmister,
which ho now holds Mr. Conger ins been
mgagid In larlous business enterprise of
Washington, and been nn olllecr or dl
rcctoi ui eercrnl of tho siine. Ho has a
pleasant lesldciiio oil N street, ncai the
lllltlsh Legation, lie has been so1110wh.it
Inteiested III political niatteisln tho District
ofColiiinbl.i and has fieqiieullv oxiirossed
himself ns willing to ntlio gmccfullj fiom
llio postniastcrsbl) whenever thu l'rcshleiit
should ilitennliic to appoint n good Demo
cial to Ihoplaic.
During Ibo last session of CongiessMr.
Conger wus tin untiling worker In tho ef
fort to eeciiiu nu uppiopilntloii for com
mencing 11 building lor dtj postollleo pili
poses. While tho bill for that puipnso
p11sfc.1l the Senate 011 two occasions, It was
not run heel iu tho lluusi in time to become
.1 law.
He was an earnest advocate for tho bill
giving letter nrrlirs llflein ilujs leivo of
absence with pa), and It was owing mile ii
to his elforls Unit the bill became a law.
Out good looking postmaster Is tall mid
well piopoitloncd, iilwnjs neatly itiisid,
wears glns-cs, is mtivo In his movements,
cmigciio ana pciscviiing 111 iiiimiiiss pin
suits, and Is .1 plea-ant and polite nfllclal
Ills iiconl at the l'otofllco Department Is
not excelled b) tint of nuj jioslni ister in
the land.
lie Unite to lllli'ii Tcrr.r.
(Icoigo 1'. Ido to., collar inanufae
tiinis of this cltv, niaUe 11 collar known as
the "Lllen Tcirj." 'lliev haio a llthogiaph
plcttne of tho oitnss, Miss Tciry, wearing
0110 of theecillais. One of tho pictures met
tbo eje of an Irishman out lu Missouri lo
ci nil) and ho Iniincillalelr wrote to Mls
Lllen 'leirj, Tioj, mid directed tho leltei
lo thocaio of tho collar Hint. '1 ho follow
ing Is 11 lerb.illm copj of tho lettei:
M 11 ( 1 si: p () , Jtuiiei vn l'o Mn . S'pt !),
1SV1 JlSsl.lauteny I (bailees to sie 50111
N111110 lu Upton Jin und your Piotor I licit I
Wood lit ) oil 11 fow Hues to voil us 11 eiisslu I
hnde in that country some Where jowl Will
Pies t( II 1110 lour lather's Same nu I 1 her ho
lived lij fitliir's inline Is Meplnn ti rr so If
tlnsofew lines ihunius to mm to baud and
Hud 01 so kind and so good as tu answer
tlii'-nfcw bad lllen lines oit Wilt Pie lsanscr
us 1 iieion in "orijii loticru mien in iji 1
1 um' P () Jlotuau Co.Mo illiu t lojohn 1,'vvls
to sjiiieiiiu pel 01 n. inc. 1 1 bowls.
Sam .Junes' ('iiiivci'sioii .
'llicio Is nt piesinl it gentleman living tu
this clly iv lio wns u lcsldint of Cartersvllle,
(in., suino light 01 ten jeirs ago, when
l!ev. Sam Jones was eonicited, and begin
bis mlnlsteilal laiecr, whlih is now so bril
liant, lloglicsn my graphic account of
Mr. Jones' coniirslon, as follows: l'or
luaiij jiaisSam was .1 ivuyvvanl elr.iv 111 111
of that ton 11. I low as slim, iiglymid smart
l'ossessesl of a good eduiiitlon, ho soemed
toi.ue nut nvvblt Inr II, and got loailug
drunk ns often us ho could Ouo muddy
and tulii) dnj be got on bis usual teir, and
lanilid In the mad. Souio peoplo picked
lilni up, nnd ns thev did so ho suddenly
stiiilghtciicd up unci said "D dlt I don't
goal 11 better business than this," and ho
wuit to preaching. Ho his nluolher lu
tintersillle iiuiuiil Joe, who is nbout asei
rullc as Sam l. Our Inform nit sajs thuru
Is no two question about Sim Joims In lug
a smalt nun, for ho is, Amciiciis ilm 1
1'eiles.lrlniiH .lltist l.nni. Out.
( hilstophei liulstoik was charged hi the
l'ullio Court to day wllh nssaultln? n llttlo
girl named I'.vn Wulfonl by driving a horso
ngiilusthei. She stated th it she was walking
In the sheet and did not look where she)
was going. 'Hie Couit said that It was tho
dutj of pedestrians lo bo watchful uml dis
missed tho case
Inti'llluc'iHK About tVii.liIlHitiint.ilis
unit WelMvnnvvii Visitor.
Hon John A. lllistiind of Lancaster, Pa .
Is at Wilhiul'.
Him John A. Sitopoot liutljiburg, I'a.,
Is ut W lllurd's.
W. J, Lion und vvlfo of Now York uie ut
the Klggs House.
Iboiiuitlt. Lomliiiid.i of Nun York Is at
thu ltlggs House.
lion. William II. Suoivdouof Alleiilovvu,
IV, l at WlUaul's.
J. L. C'liuipUdl of W oodstoek, Vn., und
W. i:. Cohen of New link .110 ut the St.
II. M. Hrevvstorof Springfield, Mom,, unit
Hi tu j J. 1'pplnh ' ew ork are ut tho
l' tioveiuoi Odin llovvlo of Miirvluud,
S. II Mellwubiof New Yolk uml tlcoiiri)
. Oiile j nml wife of New Yoik urn ut tlio
Mis Hi ikiv 111 Hiiiii of e 11th Wash
1 1I1 11, in mui nn 'I 1 1 hi 1 1 1 i ill bill, - hi
lb in-), nu mi. I jesti i'li) aftei noon tmiii
slur I'.uk N J uliero the) spent tlio
Miiumir 'llirj itcre. t ai great 1 1 bene i"l
111 li ITiiles Arriving ui Xiimtiiiiri -Hill's
1'ltii tiers,
StiiA-roeu, N. V Sipt. ait. Trnliisnrrlr
(tig this morning brought In lanto nuiiibors
of di legates to the Di'tnorintlc Convenlion,
whlih mists lo morrow. Young Mr. lilt
lions, llio lie ill c unlit of It I'. 1'limcr, got
In 1 1! nml established honilqimiters for his
I ble f nl the t'nlleil Slates Hotel. Mr.
flutter will hi lure lo-da), and there will
be a "tiling 1 ffutt lo pilsli'bls lllteiests to
the flout. 'Iho Hill men nio ne lively ut
work ninoligtlm iniintrj delegiites Ml.
Coopei's friends ( I11I111 to Im ye r.v iiti(filliio
of tlio ("C-innjor's success. A vciy proml
liciilib ligale fiom New Yolk (It) suld this
li.oinlng "'llie light Is ofioiirse lielweeii
Hill nml ('neiiier. If It Is runnel tint by de
feating lllll the Inlciests of the pally would
suffer, or if It would eaue mi.vllilux like 11
spill, Coopir will not bepuiheilb) tlio New
link nml Kings ( utility men bejoud the
point n( showing llulr strength, mid con
vincing lhc Hill men Hint Itis only by the
blip of those two counties that the tlovcr
nnr Is to win Um d ly."
Mutti'l's In ilui'opi'.
'llie Tinklsh (lovcrnmetit has iiddiessed
lo llussln 11 llriu protest ngnlnsl tho sjstc
malle pcrseiiitlon of Turkish subjects III
Southern Itustl.i.
i iivm; iv ui cm 11 ITM-Iii 11.
'Ibclrlalof Helnrleli Kulller, the broker
ui.d speeiilator, and ouo Amsihlci, fur coin
pllellj In the fruiids by whleli the Lower
Austrrui'DWc mint Hunk was ttrvrkrd, was
muiludnl to daj nt Vic nun. Knlllcr wns
(ouileleil and sinteiiceil to sewn tents Im
prisonment. Anise Ider was acquitted.
iirnoshTimivi- ttsiti asm tn dusts.
'1 he students of tho universities at llel
graile, learning of n 1 iiuior to tho effect tint
Austria intended to annex llosuln, made n
II violent mill Aiistil.ui ileinonstiutlou be
fore llie police In da), mid tbo pollic ev
prriimcd 111111 It dltllciilly In dlipenlug
inns or iiisi.i,mixs is not nr.t.t v.
All luiisscliunn iiillltln lu Jloiiiuclla lnvo
I ecu discharged In prevent their fr.itciul
lug wllh Iho 'links.
t'liixi 1; tirwMiiu's covniH'.M v.
l'rlnco Alexander of 1'lilllppoiuills de
clares that ho Is fully able to withstand any
attack bj tho forces of tbo Sultnii.
iiiilitlox Ml.xrinv.
llie situation In southeastern I'.uropo Is
leri much mixed. 'Ibu llttlo states mo
making preparations foi defensive npera
tlous, uml 'I ill key Insists th it shn wlllns-cit
her nuthoiltv over I'oiimcll.i, The iiovvirs,
with Iho exception of Kussh, lean to the
opinion Hint tho tieatj of Ilerlln must bo
All Is (pili I idling the Afghan frontier.
'Iho American balk Cashmcio Ins been
lost in Japanese waters.
'I ho 1 holer.t piule lias Ik en quieted 111
1 tali, though Iho illseaso still ragos.
'ibo l'ugll'h Homo Secretary disavows
tin action of tho Loudon police m breaking
up n Socialist meeting.
Ling AlfoiiMi's Illness has become seri
ous. Sfntr .Iillilbn IMcd Latest Ae'llilil.
lli'.iiiul I'OitT, Coxx., Sept. 'J I. Tom
'Ihiimb, the dwarf elephant belonging to
Haiiiuin, whlih was ut H. Thomas, Out., on
Scpteinl cr 1.1, aiilved In this eltj lestcnlay
inrc 01 ainiiiiew i-cnit, .iiimoos i.iepir
foi twenti )enrs. It took n long llmo to
unload the 'little ilepb int. us the slightest
touch or his injiiiul root woiiiii cnii-ii nun
to roar with lulu. Keepci Siott si)s when
.liiml o saw llio frilgbt train appro. u hlugou
the luoriilng of the ne cldent be se Ize 1 '1 0111
'I I. limb und toed him to 11 sifo ills! nice
nnd then turned to the engine' und showoil
light. As he rushed nt the locomotive (I
slllick him sqiiaiu 111 the beail and shoted
bis disks so fm iu that the loots nctildl)
pi lie li.itiel tbo bialu, 1 aiislng almost liistiut
death. I he skull was fiat tured, but no
other boms weio biokeu. Scott sa)s ,1
monument will bo erected of stone mid
tumble 011 the spot illicit) Jumbo died, mid
that seieial Iboils mil doll irs will bo con
tributed b) Iho people of M. Thomas.
The Stiletto IVitiitN n Kurt'.
Nivv Ytuiu, Sept. "I. Tlio iballeiigo
rutin J. 11. llerrescholT, owuci of the team
jacht Mlklto, to Jii) (lould for n raeo be
tvvten tho Atnlaiiln and tho Stiletto for a
cup iiiluul at 4.100, will not bo accept 'il by
Mr. tloulil unless tlio 1 oiir.-e is made on
Long Island Sound instead of tlio Hudson
ltlvtr. Washington L, loiiuor, speaking
for Mi. (lould, said vcstirduy that 110 oflldal
(nmuiiinleallnu had 1 ecu received fiom Mr.
Iliricsiholf, thu liubllcntlon in jostcrdnj
iiioriilug's papers being tho only Intimation
Ml. (iniild has nei Ivid tint thu owner ut
the Stiletto Is unilous to tiy loniliulous
t'lliim Sll nelc b.l it Cxclnne.
'im hini.r, l'.i., Sept. -!. -Itarniini's
show exhlbllid htrejcslcnlay, and dm lug
tho afternoon perfornnuio n ejiluuo struck
the tents, tnrrjlng them up In n balloon
shape. 'Iho lanvas nftorwnrd eollaiised
on tin triple, of whom there weio about
!l,((() No" 10 was killed, but many wcru
Injillid. Aiubulaiues Weio Imuicillately
scut to the circus, and all the doctors lu the
city were soon 011 tbo ground. Tlio
1 uplands got loose, but wero quieted bo
foio serious damage wasdone. I'vvoe.iges
weio biokeu, but only a fow inouke)ses
caped. 'i'ltc Itnul. ('".' Conti'iitlo:).
Inn tiiii, Sept !M Tlio convention of
the American Hankers' Association wns
called to older at Huicrlj's Minstrel
'Hunt 10 shortly after 10 o'clock to-dny,
the auditorium being well idled wllh repre
sentatives of tho banking Interests fiom ull
enci Ibo countiy. I.jman J. (Ingo of tho
I'list National Hank of Chicago, president
of Iho nssnciatloii, in his annual address,
congiatlilulid tho soelelj on Its piogrcss.
He said us bankers they had .1 huge sluro
of iiillueinc, which his been potent In pro
moting tho material piogics of the lust
half of the nineteenth ctnlurv.
Ilntouibi-d t'or'i'ivo Hoar-..
tiiviivMnje v, 'Irxx., Sept. lib Yester
ilav iifteinooii at llockwood a dulloxplo
sliiiwnsbe.ini In tho direction of tho loud
lug ccml mine of thu Itoau Iron AVorks, uml
n nport spread Hint n flre-dauip oxiloloii
had oreurred nnd tin miners w ere entomb
ed In tlio seething furnace. The town bo
lamo frantic und tho mouth tins tlio scno
of tho wildest etilteinent. I Ho miners
were Imprisoned within the niiuo for two
hours, but were ut List rescued eninpai 11
tlici) miiiijiirtd. Tlio extent of tho dam
ago itiiiiiot jet Im iisi'irluliieel.
MiidIoi' rn 3Jnll Cli'i'l..
Tlniu- II vl rK, Imi., Sept., S3. A ills
putili from Vuiidulln, HI., tells of tho
di aili of 11 mull clerk and tho nrrost of men
who aic supposed to lmvo murdered htm.
.Ininc (iieciie, n postal clerk, was found
I) lug 011 the platform, between two curs,
uiieoiiscloii and covered with blood. He
wes taken oIT at Vandalla, but died lu a
shnit tlnio. Scleral trumps irnro arrested
nt 11nd11lla who are suspected of having
killed til eclic.
I'rlet". ofKusni' .Viliiini'liiic.
Six I'll vm nu o, Sept. 'J8.A further ud
vance of half 11 cent on tugar will probably
I ct iiimle to dit) , milking the prices one mid
oue-liulf cents over New York prices Cluiu
hpi 1 1 kels su) s a still f ui Ibur advance it ill bo
iiuule Intel ; thut owing to u shortage In bust
siigui the price might go to llfteeu cents for
tin list israde.
IXIlll' Of till' t'll.illlll
Vl 1 . . 1 1 I 11k I'm
.UUllllMll 111 llie riilllg I'V Ml
iwai I
f 1
Purti s tut di ign rniul 11 irt ..,
pure 1 s
NoinlnilloEB of tho Tttvt York Rop.tS'.i
can Ooaronlion,
oiiressiiiiin.llli it Phi i1 11 ptu t
luiti'il fur (liitrrJiui
SlitlTiiiiA, X. V., Sept. 'J,l. Tho
licpttbllcnu Hlutc Conventloit recoil,
vciii'd nl 10:20 11. in. 'l'lic secouil day
of llio Now Vm 1c Stale Iteptibllc.m
Coiiieiitloii opened cold and Hlorni),
Nothing bus us yet tiuiisplrcd to liull
(lite what lieu iiuivenlion will t.
'I'lii'lo wciu iitiinuroiis cnueitses last
nlglit, lint iv hut tho result vvjh, if auj
rent lied, 1 1 kept very quiet II illoltti;?
will be icMiincil as soon as the conviti
(Ion luiels lo-duv Ilitmui was current
that loiiiell lunl ngieed to throw Ids
sticiigth In the couveutloii to Davenport
si i.ui sini.ss ion run i'I.vtioiim
'llio riiminlltec oil resolutions receives!
miiiieinus siiggeslious fiom the various
(oiiuultlies during tliu nlglit, nnd worked
until nu cml) hour this morning preparing
11 1 lalfoiiu. 'iho committee has ileeiilcj
not toe omiulttliu pin ly In nuy position ti
tbo temperance question.
'Ihoclinplaliior tbo Seuale, l'ev Dr H.
V. I (rth, luged that 11 bold, square stand
be tnkiii 011 Hie tnnpcriiiico question, uml
tho loiiimltleo lecommciid lo the L"glsli
tine Ibo sill mission nf tho tpiesllon to tin
people nl the polls nt a iionpirtlsm eh
lion Some I11v11re.il Ids proposltlnu, but
the in.ijorllv wcio oipiisi'il to foiuiiilatliig
ill) tnupeimicn plank.
nil" m'iivri:s isi:miiii .
llie hour of nsseinbllug appeal eel to bo
lather early for tho niiijnritj of tho dolo
gatis. 'Hicj strolled into the liill lory
slow 1), nml it w ie. not until HUSO o'clock
Ibid pniyu was oltoiod b) the chaplain
llumedlalily Iheieaflei. 011 motion of
Diaper of Albany, the louientlon Kited to
allow n repicseutntive of llio I ibor Interests
of tbo State to speak fiom the platform lu
behalf of those Interests. Huh mm Hosted
I hei cu poll InlioiluiLil e-Asscmbi)maii
Dm Id Heulei of Jloiuoc, who was iceelvel
with applause.
Ho spoko with gleat caiiiesluc-, nml
ilcariiess, both us to matter mid tin tho I
'iho subjects most dwell upon weie 1111:10
poly and convict labor. Mr Ibnley
wnri.cd tbo eoiiiiiitloii tint mere pr.ml s
w'iru uncle ss.
The committee on resolutions then,
thliilliih Ihnltmun tleoigu llllss, iipiu-ted
the puitfoim, whlih was lead.
Till! l'l tTfllllll.
'llie pint foi in deel ires foi Hie 1 xl.'tisln'i
of thoMale and Nalloiuil ( Ivfl srvle I in i
to nil grades of tho public seiviee t vv'i'c'i
tiny 111 lV bo applicable, so lb.it selection
mn) Le gorerued sohlv bv rajiaeltv and
Illness. '1 be suspension of the sliver e mn igu
Isdeiunmleil, also 11 tnilff, not for reteiiuci
only, but for piolectlon. I ion Hie epics
llili of sufTerago lu IhcMeUtli. the jilatloiiii
tin laics that If tint right is unlaw fullv de
nied to 1111) purl of thu people of .1111 Stitc,
the npiesititatlon of that Stale ill ( ongiess
mid the Llut01.1l I jlltge should be denied.
When llie rlattc iclatlng to the pr-fer-ineoof
(.lilies to bo given cN-soldlcrs was
lend, Coipotul 'lunnerof llronkljniiupilrisl
If that ineuiit Hint If the sobliei pissed nu
examination that piond bis t tuiipctcney
bo slioulil be appoint! el, even If the college)
graduates of uslcielii) should pass nl :t
blgbii hguro '
"It din s," qtilekl) Kjiiiuid Ml lllls,
"If tin soldier p.tssi Miami the 'diielo'
stands lt'0 tho i-oblln gets the place "
til cat applaiiso audlaiigbtci
Mull) of tho ilaiiscs lu the platform wero
applauded ns lead, notubl) the 0110 1 eft rrlng
10 ecinvici moor 1 ne piauorm vv is iiinu
liiiously adopted, llesolulloiis werendoptod
niltborllug tho county (ominlttcesof Kings
mil New link counties to nrinugu us 10 tho
iipiofcntat on tn be allowed in politic il
loiiventloiis callid by them.
Tin: Leu I. 1 tl 1 1:11.
The roll was then culled liy districts for
tho seeo.iel Pallet. 'Hie toll call foi tin
ncond ballot was completed at 11 til.
While the votes wire liilng footed up b tin
cltiks Ml. Arkcll, who had been managing
the llrexel cauvnss, uiiiioimccd tint Mont
goinil) Cuiint) wnsictil) to ca6t hei v jtcs
for Ira Daictipoit. Applause The ofll
clal loto on the llrst ballot was as follow
Dnvcnport, 'JII, (art, 101; Siward, 51.
llllss, Isi; Wmuii, l.iii, .Morton,'', Liarti,
1; Swinburne, S"l, Dievcl, 1"J; t orncll. 'J.
Total iiiunbii of Kites east, OKI. nieiisarj
foi n iliolee, 1H7.
Hi fine the loll-e.dl was half llirough it
looked well foi Daicupoit. It was evident
that the laic was between him and Carr. On
the sciond ballot fre(iieutih.iugos to D.tveii
poitivero innilc. f.icrjono began jelling
"Daienpoit." Ills iiomlti.ttlon, Itvvaseil
deiit. would bo unanimous. 'Ibis wasdonu
on the announcement of tho ballot.
Carrivus then nominated for Lieutenant
(loveinor by ncehiiiutlou , Anson Wood
forS11rel.il) of Mate, und James W Wtuls
w 01 th of Livingston for Comptiollir.
.V (rcnt Hi cut In Denver.
Drxi m, Col 0 , Sept. V.J. Ycstcrdav nf
tcrnoon tbo Chiunbcr of Coalmen ami
llonid of Trade, building of Denv.i wis
formally dedicated in the pieseiue of 11
1 ust concourse of people.
Iu tho cicnlng a inagiilllecut hall was
gli 01 In the new building wllh upvi irils of
fiOt) lotiplcs of tho liosl peoplo lu the city
presi ut.
The (Ji'iii'Mlii .Vi;riitllid.
1'aii lteicMW vl, Sept. gJ. 'Iho l'.ngllsh
cutter, (iouisin, loinpetlng with tho Daunt
less, went iishoie ncai line call) this 11101 11
ing Sim was ufterwards Honied oft ami
pioeeeelid toward Sand) Hook.
-The trunk Hues Intro ngieed to an ml
v 1 111 e on vv est-btiuud freights, to lake eltci t
October 5
The annual convenlion of the t nit si
Aiueiiitiii Mechanics Is being held iu V n
York illy.
S. S. Mann, ihemlst for tho Snnel.nd
Oil Company nt Cleveland, I)., wus found
dead In bed ) est onlay. Dentil wus caused b)
heart disease.
Tlio small-pox: reconl for la-t w ee-k lu
Montreal shows thero weio lsidcitlis oi
whlih lt) were clilldien, and liviofiln
persons vv ho died vv ero Catholics.
A holler In ruble's soap f.utoiv at
Louisville, K) , exploded jestenlav. I 1
ward Hi nest, the engliieci, was killed ami
his bod) blown Into n cieok tilt x led dw
One bnllot wns taken at the Vi link
Itcpubltemi liuiiciitlnii veslenluv in lm li
General Cnrr led, Wiinen second Huen
port third. The loiiveiillmi udjourunl until
l.cstor Wall itk ha- sued Hose I oghlaii
IliNcvv Wnk to tinner n,UUii liquidated,
dtiinaiies foi vlohilliin of 1111 alleged 1011
tract of luhlanlo phi) only nl Wallue k's
'I heal 1 e.
--Llglitiilng triu k frank liftmen''. 1 1 g'
l.uu hi Luniuslei. N. Y,, )e-terda. . 1
t.ug tire lo It. Miloul bead of 1 alt I. t
1-liul Olbei I iilldlligs 111 tho vleluliv t
also siitii'k In llglttniiig.
'llie lur) In the ciuoot Mis II. u Ir ,s
f Vevv lliiiiiswlck, N. J eliuiueel .i'i 111
Iniuiiili tiii.lliiciit of 11 little glilwlimi '1
li I pn 1 und ut 11 elilldl'Mi's bom. In l'l ',1
1 1 In I -in dole 1 a vi nil, t of 1 '1
1 lk 1 1 ill liv nil, 1 - ll 11. 1 t '1 r,
I 1 .1 II lllll. Ill l I- 111 I l'l I
v -!, w :' V s. II ft " f's
1 ill USi I'd tool tils l"lb till' lit 'H
1 1,. elic tlic mm faiiihliiisilt up

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