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MjwiipwMnwwgf' -
V - -..y IpT.
. .M-... . o i imHtirii'Wp1
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R i
For Washington lo-d.iy, warmer, clour
For Friday: warmer, fair weather l liutl
tatid fur New Knglaiiil and tin? Middle U
) i.i.t ftnton.
'I Iiei mntni'tt't' Itrmlltrj"
llirrinntnili't rauUiM!, September ill" 3
ii m IT.3; T n. in., m.0, 11 n. in., 1(3. 1.
rlcituntor !i8: Mimii temperature, MJ.H;
maximum, lll.R.i inliilmnm, in.(); mean
tclallve humidity, W)M)i tot.il jiroriplti
licn, .0.
At n iron's--"Clio "
Vnnii'i "Mark Crook."
lliiiHMr-"lliifclKlrtc "
HuiK Sll!mx the l.oonxm.
Tilt itnr. ( imnjuK Silllo St. I ulr
UW 1ST llKCOJtn.
i;;mv t'ot'lit tltisllco Hastier. Hup
Mi.s. Hopkins; tlmo to tnl.o testimony
limited to Novunbcr SI. Mills vs. Mills:
tlmu to tuhe. tetllmony llmlteil to October
14 oi:il culcr of inUlleatlon lcsclneled.
Vol.lrr. CeiiuiT Juel;ie Sncll . Unlit .
Holme, threats; tllml!cd for want nf
ptostiiilloti. (leu. Howard, Hclii) Ilusvvcll,
,lno. l'lstoiln, Jno. Ilrcl:cr anil l.rroy t'nr
ter, fulling to place collats and In,- on their
eloiis; lcenos produced anil cae tll
iiiIml(1. Mniy Wheeler, elo.; do .Inn. 'I.
( Inil.c, assault; nollepionupileil. Amanda
Ornliom, threats; personal bonds to Keen the
pence. Daniel ,ltihnsin, onaiilt; do. l.lln
I etli CUsel, ilo.: dismissed. Nicholas Funk,
assault; J!i or 15 ilnjs. (lias. llontil nnd
.1 nines Lindsay, assault, JIO or WJ ilaj u.irh
Francis Iliuvvii, colore il, piofnnlt): v or 7
dajs; .Intneii Dines, coloied, throwing
Mouc;$l or 7 dajs. .lames Coriiwell,
wurnni'; I'O dajs. l'cler Fl)iin, loud und
loUterons; ." or 15 days.
LOO.lt. lUitl'.FS.
'J lie eclipse of the moon i'0inmenclti2 nt
I 15 it. in. to ilny was cleatly visible In this
illy, tho shy belne; clear.
1 tin Catistattcr Volksfost will bo eon
cliulcil Sillidui, September 27, lis.', nt
(Inetlilcr'ii Vnrk with n sacred eonecit. Ad
mission, twciity-llvo cents.
A iiimwomi: crnjon portrait of tlio lite
Vollto Ofllccr .lolin .1. (iornian, executed
by Miss K. Sjlrester. lias been plnceil on
imbibition nt 1'ollco Headquarters.
A man named Ilurr lias lmpood on n
number of people, by getting money from
llieni to bury bis wife. It linn been learned
Uiat lie lives nt 101 .Second street, and bis
vvlfo Is enjojlncgood health.
A u.il. nril liistriitncntnl conceit, iimlcr
tLc nutplics of tlio Soldiers' Temperance
Lnlou, will bu given nt tlio Arsenal to
morrow ovenluir. A very nttrattho pro
i;riiinine lias been ni ranged.
Ar.oi'T 8:15 o'clock lat nlsht lire wns
i1lsctcail In the roof of tlio Marblo build
Inp, torner of Ninth street nnd tlio Aeuue.
Policeman White nod some elllzeiu exlln
(ululiid the llames. The I'lro Department
iispeimlid piomptly, but their sen ices were
not rcepilied.
ATii:vnoi Is called to ndrcrtlmctit of
fnuilcn it tStinMium nnnounclns their ic
meivid to Till 1' strcit northwet, whero
they "111 have on hand nt nil times tlio
JlcxKcr llreis. pianos and KMej means .Mr.
Inuics Ilutlcr, the necom)lUlieil organist,
will represent tlicllnn In tills city.
'Iiiu National little s' fair cemimlttee, nt
their nicctlm; last nli;ht, lccelred donations
freni the follow luc: Jnmis Mcdlll of this
ilty; .1. Washington Miller A ion, I'lillii
dcfihln; Muth llios. A Co., Unllhiioie: Mr.
Milliie, uitiet; Mooro A. I.cdlnir. 1'ilor ,V
JlllfiuilmiK, Miss I.Uzle Audeii-on, Miss
A'nni Kbirt and L'. llu.mltz A. Co.. lllch
inonel, Vn.
Tin: printers nt (lllnnn llrolhers' otnh
llsl. incut, comer of 'lhliteenth and 1'cnu
hjlvnnl.i ncnue, left their cnea yeteiday
nt tlio orderof the Columbia Typographi
cal Union. The question In ellsputo Is tlio
lirlco jiald ier 1,0(10 cms fen scttlm; foreign
huiKUaces. Tlio union hns fixed It nt sixty
(nits, ami tlio firm has beenpajlns; only
fifty cents, 'lho samoineasnics wililiecn
forcetl against other establishments who
me disregarding thu tchedulo of prices.
Tlio )iiiM'itoclt'nl Nnolctj
Dr. W. T. How aril of Il.iltlmoro delivered,
an address bcfoio tho (1 uccolosic.il Soclity
j csterelay, and n paper was read by Ur. T.
A. Heaniy of Cincinnati. Tills paper was
elifiussid by l)rs. It.iker, Hey uolds, Mann,
I'muict, Chldwicb, Johnson and Vllsou.
Dr. .Unl.s' paper was dlscu'cd by Drs.
MKcnc nnd l'nnliijWIlson'sbj Drs. (loodell,
Mann, lleamv. II. 1'. Wilson unit Ncile.
The society last evening elected lho fol
lowing oflkirsi l'reslelcnt, T. A. ltciuny
of Clnclnnnti; llrst Ucc-prcsldent, Theo
Vliilus l'anln, l'lilhnlclpliiii second vice
president, fiiorgo.l. Kmtlemnnu, St. l.ouK;
ecintury, .Joseph Tnbor.rohnsein, WasliliiK
tnn, D, C; treasurer, Matthew D, Maim,
I'.nffalo. l'our membiis of tho rouuctl
were dieted as feillows: TianU 1'. Foster,
Niw Yoilej JohnC. ltcerv, D.iton, Ohio;
II. U. llrowne, llaltimoie: It. ' 11. Maurj,
Memphis, T'cuii. '1 he following new mem
1 crs wero elected: .1. 11. Hunter, New
York; Charles .Icwett, llrooklyn; W. II.
I'arlfh, l'hlladelphla, 'lho next meeting
will be held In Baltimore nil tho '.'ht.S'M,
iinil 81 of Scjilunbcr, 18SI.
Dr. TnLor Johnson gno thomembeis of
Ihoeoiiity a dliiner last evening nt tho Ar
lington. 'onimoiloic Scinnii's' I'linrrnl.
'I lie nmains of Commodnio Senuues were
iicclvid lu this city at 8 o'clock last night.
At the depot Cuptalu Wallace of tho L' nltcd
htnles Navy, Captain Harrington, U. S. M.
C, nnd Dr. lluth, U. S. N., lcceivcd tho rc
ui.ilns and formed nn cscoit of honor to tho
Navy-Yard. The marine guard, under com
nund of Lieutenant Jessup Nle lieilson, w ero
drawn up Inline and paid duo inlllt iry
l.ouors us tho pioccsslou enteicd the gate.
The funeral will take place to-morrow nt
U':CO p. in. from Christ Chuirhou ( street,
bitwceu filxth nnd Seventh southeast. Tho
funeral v 111 boa military oue. A detach
ment composed of marine from the Ilar
racks null soldiers from tho Arxeual will
form an cscoit for tho boily. All tho em
ployes of tbo yanl have been granted per
mission to nttend the funeral. The pall
bearers will be: Commodore Walker, Sur-gion-ticneral
Gunnel!, Judgo Advocate
(imcral Itemey, Commodoio (Iheraidl,
Captain Jnmcs A. Orccrnnd 1'ny Director
T. II. Looker. The iiiteiment will take
I'lnco attlioCongiesslou.il Cemeteij.
Tin- liiilglitii of l.nlinr.
Local Assimbly 2031, K. of L., Inst evening
imauliuously pasted thu following resolu
tion!,: Jtetolictl, lTrst, that Awcmblv U031 (lis
countenances tho attempt tecently mado by
u newly oiganlzeil association of labor to
f-ceuro tho Indirect Indoisement of such
I'liimlis to tho best Inteiots of labor as
l'ollco Jiikllco Hncll, and I'.dwnrd Clark,
nrihiteit of tlio t'niiltul. Second, that our
delegates to tho District Assembly bo ill
riitcil to present, suppoit nnd sicuro tho
passugo thcro of the foie-golug.
A I'uuiiliiolici' VII limit n Mi'i'iiMC.
Detective Itnft this morning arrested Ad
illeon Day, n coloied man, nnd ihargod him
with carrying on the busluossof npiwn
broker without a llceno. Day Is also nn
iiudoitakcr. Ilo was taken before the l'o
llco Court and gavo bonds for his appear
ance. Held Tor Houseliicnliliig.
Thoinus Watson, alias Orcen, nnd Jesso
fniith, colored, wero held by Judgo Snc-ll
to-day on u charge of housebreaking lu elc
f.iult of $300 hull, Ofllccr Anderson testl
Jleel tourrostlng them. 'I he piopeity stolen
An I'i'liiiii Iliioinl rprliiu;.
Distilct Chemliit Do Sincdt has aualyzod
tho water nt tho jnimp at tho southwest
(orncr of rciiuslvanln avenue and Sixth
(died, nnd jitououiiced It good Iron, inln
irul ivntu
IIiiHlnoMti Ihiti'rpi Iso On llio Hill.
Thu old and well known house of S,
Illebcr, WJ und 505 Klghth street southeast
lias been remodeled and enlarged, until
now It Is lho leading clothing house of that
bcctlon of the city.
Jluliy t'liirliigcH,
refrigerators, carnots and furniture sold on
weekly or monthly payments at Smith's,
413 Now Jersey uycuuo northwest.
litii svAtwiTY ov wA'vnn.
i:pri Inllniis Hint IIik ItreuU Will lie
(noil 'Ii'iiipiinnllj Iti'imlri'il.
1 he I mil; In thoBU-lnch walrr-maln, neir
(Irceu SpiliiRs, yestcrdfl) ninniliig, has
earned prent liicouenlence, and the higher
I ortloi s of tho e lly will have nn water for n
iIbj or two jet '1 he present supply comes
Ihioiieh n I'O and n 1'J-liich main. Captain
Simons of ll.o rnlneer's ollleo stole that
tl.ou.tlio nipplv of water will probibly
hne' In 1 e ent uiT fiom the city fen n few
hours again when thu broken uinln Is re
paired, llic lioic in tucplpc wuiiio tcnipi)
i in 11 repaired by a piece of Iron curiul
to (oufoiin Willi tbo outside suifuco of the
t unfit. 'I lip hole Is 'J) by !W Inches, and the
pine1 of lion with width he Intends to se
nile It will he lour fcit square. It will bo
bold lu place by strong Iron bands, Tho
plate ntid tho band will have to be mado
ni d they are not expected beforo to-night
en to-morrow, Ilo (ins nlo sent to New
lork feu n "skoc," which will not bo
ri rdy f i r al out n w eek. hen this nn h os,
n rie'tloii of the pipe will bo taken out nnd
the "sleetii" put lu Its place. I'ntll the
"sleeve" Is put lu, the main can be only
tnitliill.v tilled with water.
If a broken alo lu thu IVS-lnch tniln can
lc ii pallid to-day the water will not liavo
to I o cut on" from lho other mains. He
mid he (oiild not tell how the nccldent oc
iiiiieil, lilt he sujiposid thcio must hnvo
Inn a Haw In the Iron miilii, This sup
position wus eonllrmcd, to some extent,
when nn Iron wnlgowns found In the ditch,
whlih had probably bfdi ucd by the
Moikmni to protect tho unsafe part of the)
lnnln. In regaid to tho iusibllily of
water famine, ho said until tho lireak Is ie-
Hired theiu will bo little eir nn wilier lu
lho higher portions of the- ell and on Cap
itol lllll, ii well es In nil stories above tho
llisl, of houses in the lovvel section, bo
tanic nbuut one half of the supply Is now
Chhf Cronln states lli.it tho l'lro Depn t
ir.d.t can copu with ordinal llre, but n
lmge lire weiulil be dlsiHtrotis until tho en
tile supply Is again tumid on. Ilo snvs
time are several resoiiicis from which no
inn get wntir lu cirtalu Inealltles. Tho
Avenue tan bo protected by the supply from
the largo sewer extending nlong II street
fie m beventh sheet to the river. Tlicmalns
In the noilhvvcstcru section nro connect
ed with tho hlgh-siirfaco reservoir above
(ieoigctovvn, which mo not nfTLCtcd by the
lrenk. l'or Capitol IIIU, he sas tho en
gines could get n four hours' supply from
the lisoneiiron thocat flout of tlio Capi
tol. Water could bocarrli'd from thesu
liolnts foradlstaiieo of one mile lu tho
Major 11 c Inst evening ordeied that all of
tho liserxoof police bo keit lu tho sintlou
hnusc Inst night lor Immediate nervleo at
A CniTir ri poller wni Infoimed at tho
Water Onicc this afternoon tint the binds
to hold the pntih on had been lcceivcd and
the wero wnitlnir for the palcli which
would be clamped on the main at once, and
lho wntcr would bo turned on.
To-day thirowns a small supply of water
In tho lower stories of most of thchoucs on
Cnnltol Hill. Some complaint has Iwcn
mado about fountains lu the I'rcsldeut's
giouuds nnd clsewhero being nllovvcd to
Mnjor Djo states that If tho damaged
main Is not repaired the police icservc will
still I e held at the station-houses to tender
any csslst juco the urn in case of lire.
"1'r.Arixa" Tin: hacks.
I.c Money In llonUmiil.lug ThU Nci-
Mlll llOVl lIM,)ltt, llet.
TnlUltig with Mr. Hownul yeslenlay
lio HaIil,"Thi'ro's not Hie money In book
makiiig Hint pcoplo gcnernlly stipjiosc.
That is, tlioio Ii.tsu'i been the last year
or two. A low years ago my puttier
nnil mj self cleared over $100,000 on tlio
scnseiit. I.nst vcar we liniullcel ij'',0)3,
t'00 nnd (llel not elenr over $5,000. I
b.ivoweirked very hard since I have been
here, but am oulv a llttlu ahead. Kpenei
eat up the profits. The one Item of tele
graph foots up $i!50 or S300 per w eek.
1 cw men nro constituted by iiaturo to suc
cessfully play the races. Most nun feel It
an imperative did) to play each laic on the
picgrnninio for tho day, souiethiies eighteen
lu miiuLer. If they lo"o ono racothev plunge
on tho next, losing that, get Hurried and
mnko foolIh bets until they aio "luaholc."
AMdlei talking with a Washington incr
ihaut oMcidn, who Is considerably ahead
i n thu season, ho snld : I am never In a
l.uri to bet. I study over thing, then 1 get
tho meet reliable infounatlon I cnu, and
linallv mako nn my mind. If I lino n race.
I wait until I get what I consider another
prod thing. Daces aio hauler to beat now
than they used to be. I'cvvcr fnvoiltcs
lino won this year than ever
1 e fore. Several ears ngo, whero
Ihnowciu three eir four lmrses In a ince,
tlicic mo now a dozen or fifteen. Of course
tho gicat number of starters lessens tho
ehnniesof any one. Tho Washington boys
who mako It a business to follow tho laces
lmu done full I) well this season; most of
tlicin nro ahead, though not as much as they
wero insi jear.
Scmoof lho gentlemen who play tho
races nl-o pi a with their Imaginations. If
they win a bet of $5 It instantly magnifies
Itself into $50. 'lhcy talk about these big
w Innings until they conio to believe them
tl.imstlves. Occasionally you tcoiinu sur
lounded by a giotip of listeners, some of
whom aro winking to each other, while
others mo swallowing with open mouths
the. wonderful Moilcs.
I'rom ii disinterested standpoint, it seems
n gi cut pity to allow bookmakers to own
niiel run stables r.t meetings where they
mako books, H I n growing evil, mid ouo
Hint, sooner or later, will liavo to bu faced
and (opi'd with, 'I be temptation toiiiu a
horso nnd mako a book to suit must bo n
strong one, and thero is no doubt that It Is
too oftm done. It Is said that the horses lu
ono well-known stable aio run to suit cer
tain bookmakers. Certainly their In and
out running would warrant such a sus
picion, 'lho owner never backs his horses,
nnd docs not know' what Is going on in his
own stnblo ns well as somu outstdcis. Mc
Donald's horses seem to bo urn on their
merits. At any rnto they bnvo a lingo pio
pottiou of w Ins to their credit.
j.v iMi'oitTAXv nvaimox.
Itlghts or l'orsiins to Assault Intiuders
on Tliclr I'ro)iities,
C'hiules llovvaid and James Lindsay, two
oung wlillo tneu, wero beforo tho l'ollco
Comt this moinlng forcomuilttlngadeailly
nssnult on n colored man named fico. Ctitr
u ml leaving him In a senseless condition on
tho track of tho llaltlmoro A Potomac Hall
toad near Denning. Curr was assaulted for
taking watermelons out of blmlsaj's melon
Carr stated that ho went over to llcn
nlngs last .Sunday afternoon to look for n
Jed, eif work, and two gentlemen gavo him
25 cents mid told him to go to their melon
pntih nnd bring tbun n melon. While In
tho net of doing so he was asMiulted by the
defendnuts, who struck him with clubs nnd
n stone, cutting his head. Thu defendants
took tho stand and Indicated that the1'
thought th) hud n right to even shoot pco
plo caught stealing their melons.
"lho law tints lu tho hand of cveiy
man " began their counsel.
"'1 hat's good poitry, but bud law,"
bioke In the Court.
His Honor said: "No mnn hns a rigid to
assault a thief, H en an officer of tho law
cannot shoot a thief, unless bo Is escaping
aftir having been arrested If n man llnds
n burglar lu his house ho cnu shoot him,"
'lliey vv cio llued ilOcadi.
Heuson firiiud, I'dward (lulsl and Isaac
Kiciinan, three of tho negroes cngogod lu
tho assault of thoscllois Tuptou and LI
dildgo, have bien anested and committed
in jnll for aliening em tho 2d of October,
Tupton not tiling ahlo to appear.
I). M. Nulls, tho constablo shot at Cul
pepei last night, is n uepliuw of Judgo
.lames W. Nail of this city.
A large number of young peoplo of this
elt) aro nttindliig tho Democratic picnic
and tournament at l'rniicoiila to-dav. Hon.
J. Han. 'luckcr will deliver tho charge to
the Knights.
Maiiiiied, Happy couples In search of
housekeeping outiits. Callatllrclthatth's,
Odd-Fellows' Hull Furniture Warehouse,
"Alilerney ltitlry Wiigons."
Fresh Aldenier butter, churned evorr morn
Ins and delivered In H u, "Ward" prints, aio
per fi. Also cottuga cheese, buttermilk one)
ewoet mUk,.5o, per ejt, Cream, JSo.per plat,
ovr-tioon spouts.
'tlio tliiine esteriliiy Willi Hip Nuvr-niUs-.k
CIiimi Contest To-daj.
The game cslcrday between the Na
tldinls ui.d N'cvvnihs was n very Intciest
lui? one, nnd, despite the cold wind, was
ftijoyid b) iptlto it crowd of spectators.
"The Allctilovvii Terror" Is, Indeed, n ter
leir, nnd rccclvid liberal iipplause for his
clever vveirk. Ills cffcctlvcuosi dors not
r.ppcnr to Lc ro much lu Ids speed, eir the
pciullaiity of bis cuircs, na It docs In his
litr,d-work. 1'ropcrly supported, It docs
see in rn though ho would prove a wonder.
To-iliv tho weather Is delightful for base
I all, and n big crowd will iirohnbly belli
nttindanee. The Nationals liiivono llecmo
tol cat the Newntks. 'lho latter are about
is good a club as ou will find.
1 nr foreigners, tho visitors yesterday nn
ilerslceid the umpire remarkably well. I'oor
lleillaul. Klist ho Is blnekguinled by us
anil linn hols pitched Into by Hie visitors
nil, the uniplie's lot Is not a happy ono
Soiin1 of our men hive adopted lho "St
Lends dive." Cook look a header ester
ilny with gtont success,
i'ovvell butted ilaht-lijiieleil yesterday
Ho has nut I icti llndlng tho lull as tendlly
lately ns foimerl.
A getitleniaii who plated third base for
lho Ts'iwarks, ininied lliims, was selcd
with a burning deslio cslerday to get his
i.nmo ni) us a kicker. Ho kicked and
kliked, but Holland can tako more kicking
than most men, mid tho oung man did not
(vrn mako nn Impression. What n beauti
ful disposition Holland's would be forn
Ilurr and 1'ulmcr will bo tho battery to
day, and Hob will show ns how he can run
lascs when It's not necessary,
T he third baso bag stopped a hot grounder
jestetela, much to the relief of (lladmuii.
Ilont lug.
lly a typographical error In this column
yistcnhi nn article was mado torc.nl, "If
onl thiee start l'lshcr will bo last." It
was in reference to tho appioichhig single
scull race, and what was Intended to ho
said was this : That many well-posted boat
ing men were of tho opinion that If only
Smithsou, l.lttrcll and l'lshcr started tho
latter would not bo last,
Smllhson has been iiuahlo to borrow Mc
Klnncv's boat, and the probabilities nro tint
ho vv III be unable to enter tho coming single
null race. It Is agieat pity, ns the main
Intel et was lu thu meeting of l.lttrcll and
Ilillycr s.i8 tho An.ilostnns will take a
big Juinp forward next ear. It Is some
thing thnt nil boating people wish to see,
and tomilhlug that, with a llttlo push and
inert:, iau bo accomplished,
"I'l-cle's llnil lloy" "Ijuoen.i" I.olttn
C'litncli -A'ui Iit-
That laughablo farce, "Peek's Had lloy,"
will be presented at Alhaugli'sncxt wiclc.
Atkinson's Cnmcely Company, under tho
liiamigcmeut of Charles Atkinson, will pre
sent sictics In tho i'cry-elay llfo eif Peck's
Hud Hoy nml his l'a, Without plot, but
with a purpose to mako tho pcoplo laugh,
'lids Is tho onl authorized dramatic ver
sion. It is In three aits, of
the celebrated Had Hoy sketches, by
(leoige W. Peek, editor of PeePt Situ.
The well-know n grocery will ho represent
ed, and tho many comical scenes sketched
so humorously by l'eck will bo faithfully
given, 'lho Had He's Pranks will con
Mil'o the audience, every ono tccognlzliig
lu them many of the mad-cap scrapes of
Ids own youth or the mischief of hlsticlgh
lors'bo8. "Peek's Had Hoy" has suc
ceeded so well becauso every boely saw how
Hue to llfo thosecneswere, Somoof them
oiecxnggcruted, but made all tho funnier
for their liidlcrouncss. Tho goat scene,
lu which a live goat Is Introduced, causes
roat sot laughter.
l.Tlir.1. Tt'CKKU at iicitzoeiV.
ll.o beautiful and gifted California ac
tress, l'.thel Tuckci, will appear next week
at Ilcrrog's Opcia-Hotiso In tho great
I'nlon Squnte Theatre, suce ess, "CJueena,"
te bo follovvid on Thursday, 1'ild.iy and
Satunlav with "I.ch, tho rorsikcn.' Miss
Tucker Is famed for her voiith, beauty and
ninny giaccs. "Hazel Klrko" Is still draw
ing great crowds.
To-morron night thu Washington llink,
Ninth street and lthodo Island avenue, will
be open for tho first tlmo this season. In
tensive changes have been mado during the
vacation, and thu manager promises thu
samo attention to tho comfort and enjoy
ment of his patrons that made this tho link
e,f thoilt kistscasou. The Misses Jones of
li'oikforil, 111., will giro nu exhibition of
fnnc skating. Friday and Saturday nights,
lorriu ciuucii at Tin: iiimu mikim.
MIes Lottie Chuieh, supported by n pow
ciful dramatic company, will present, com
miiicluc Monday, September "$, tho beau
tiful melodrama "Unknown." Miss
Church's (ostumes nro marvels of aitistle
elegance, being nn Impnitutlon from
Worth's. The company is phi lug this
week lu Hrooklii, N. ., whero hundicds
aio turned away nightly, being unablo to
piocuie even standing room.
Min.it t Tin: tovtnn't:,
An unusually cicdltablo entertainment
Is presented nt tho Theatio Comlqno this
week. Tho specialists uie nil first-class, tho
clog-dancers being especially good. Mls
Saufotd Is u v Undents and attraitlv u actress,
nudieielvcs much applause. An equally
good entertainment is iromlsed for next
wick, and largo houses will ho thetulu lu
l'lftccn boats loaded with coal bavo ar
rived slnco last repoit.
Canal boat Hound Top ni rived with 800
barrels of cement for J, (I, and (!. M.
Wat eis.
William Klnslngci, a blacksmith on Wntcr
street, Is to mend lho hole in tho 30-Inch
wntcr-plpo which burst yesterday morning,
lho plan, which Is being mado at tho Nav
Yattl, Is to liavo lion bauds and screws,
which go over tho whole and halfway
loiiud thoplpe. Ills work will bo finished
to-da and will make tho plpo stronger than
it was at urst,
Nicholas I'mik was arrested yeslenlay for
assault and buttery on Minnie Sliocntli.il.
Ho left $10 collateral at thu station for his
appearance nt court.
JauoSnowdcn, a young coloied girl, was
aircstedfot contempt of court, she was
Heth Lunsfonl was nrrcstid last night for
Thu wedding of Miss Kate Itluudou and
Ml.Meieerll. Mav Held was solcniulzcel at
tho pnrsonngo of tho l'reshyteilan Church
lust night, ltc. Dr. I'ullerton onlclatlng.
Owing to deatli lu tho bride's family no ono
vvns present except tho Initio's mother, Mr.
and Mrs, Mny Held mid Mr. Thomas Hinwu.
The widillug picscnts vvito both numerous
nnd eostly. Mr. nnd Mrs, Ma) Ibid wont nt
oneo to their now home on Twenty-second
street, which has been most elegantly fitted
up by tliogioom.
Dining tho wind storm jcnteiday morn
ing tbo awning In front of tho storo of Mr.
C. II. rirkllng was blown to pieces. The
bar whlih held tho awning was also broken
In two and cniiio near breaking tho baiul
soino window of lho stole.
Ttinpirnturo and condition of wntcr at 7
a. m.: llieat Falls, temperature, tV); condi
tion, SO; melting reservoir, temperature,
00; condition ut ninth connection, 30; con
dition at south connection, :U1; illstiihutlug
lescnolr, temperature, 07; condition ntln-lliicntgato-house,
ISO; eoudltlou al elllucnt
gate-house, 3d.
That I'.lsemau llrtis., cor. 7th A H, soil tho
most lellablo clothing at tho lowest prices.
"JusUi'H Old St nnd,"
01DD street northwest, buys gents' second
hand clothing. Note by mall attendod to,
tin. (;r.(it.r. wii iti:.
7Ui)Soventt-inth (street Noithwmt,
Will mako Laities' Drosnos, cto, during Hop'
temher uml October at tho following prlct)i;
Cloth Costiunos, Ladles' own materials, SI1;
routs, 810: Newmarkets, 813; Beatrice, 813;
Hiding Habits, $1.1; bilk Costumes, 313; liven
lug Iteieptlon Dresses, oto gWiind iijivvartli
Cloth Costuinos, everything furnished, from
$10; other gannonts correspondingly. Hneelal
nttentlon to Wedding Outiits, In whloh Mr,
White has inatlo a great success. Cutting and
l'lttlDK, l'titterns madu to order, scil-tf
?; iv Turk Mlorh IHnrkrt.
Tho follow lug hive been furnished by ,1,
Vnrco Lewis, lirokir, southwest corner
I'.lglilh and 1' streets:
I ei. "J 10
Cnn Vn
Cm l'a
C 11 fi (...
CM 811.
" n'fd
. PJ71 1371
I No I'n
" pfd
I NY Ccn..
'Jli lilll
171 174
IWJi t.s
.i n.i
sil U
18 1H
itri ii'-M
WU' 703
111 ;lll
Mil 53
Ri I SlilOmnhn.
101 J II" U
1". .Vlllod .. l'Jli Ml
OroTi mis,..
Ore Hall,...
l'a Mall
Heading '
Hock Is
St l'niil
" pfd
,Tcx.t l'u...
U l'acllle....
lilrl HI
I I'.rlo lis,...
I His Cm...
N J Cell..
1, Shore...
11.1 1171
. iHs l
.. 3 41
J. A. Nash.
Mnn Con..
Mlih Cell,
Mo I'n
N West....
W Hh 1st... 41 I It
WU Tel. ...I 07J 07?
Oil ;101 KVJ,
:tilcngo .Uni'lii-tM.
The following summary Is by II. K. Plain
Co,, St. Cloud building, Ninth nnd 1'
, O. 11. L, 0.
Wheat Oct I M 85,1 HllU
Nov ! 87 87l WU' Sill
May i Wt 07 053 U5,
Corn-Oct I -111 4.1J 4IJ 414
Nov itos rmj ii'n n't;
Mny !17i 3TjJl .TTjl !I7
Ot,ts-Oct S5 25 !Ti 'J.")!
Nov B3j! 25,1 'Sf 'Sii
Mny 28? 2Sf! 2SJ USJ
l'orl; Oct 8 05 8 70 8 00 i 8 in
Nov SCO 8 70 8 571 8 03
Mny I
Lniel-Oct 0 15 (1 IS 0 10 , 0 10
Nov 005 005 OOOiOOJl
May ! I
Washington MIooUn.
Tlie following aio closing quotations of
Hie Washington Stock r.XLlinngo to-ilny as
ftimlshiel by Messrs. Towers it (Irecn,
bankcis, H'Jt 1' 6trcct:
Washington it Ocorgetovvn bonds.
North Capitol A O Street
Washington City llasllght Ce
(leorgetown " "
riretncn's Insuranco Co
l'rauklln Insurance Co
National Met. Insuranco Co
. 071
. 31
. 4J
.. 10
.. 10
Natleinal Union Insuranco Co 18
Arlington Insuranco Co 13,1
Corcoran Insuranco Co
Columbit Insuranco Co 10J
Herman-American Insurance Co 130
1'otennac Insuranco Co 4(1
Hlggs Insuranco Co
lloaiel 1'iih. Works (Irecn 8s
Masonic Hall Ilonds
Wpsblncton Market Co. Stock
" " " lloiuls
Inland A Sea. Coast Co. Stock
" " " " Bonds
Washington llrlckMacblnoCo. Stocli
Hank of Washington
i, o
,.. 05
... 101
. 70
. 35
National -Met. Hank
National Hank of tho Hnmbllc...
Fanners' A Mechanics' National Hank
of (ieorgctown II"
Cltlzins' Nutlonal Hank 105
Second National Hank 107
Cent nil National Hank
(heat Falls Ico Co SB
Hcnl Lstnto Tltlo lusiiianco Co 0.1
Pennsylvania Telcphono Co 51J
Chesapeake A Potomac Tel. Co OJ
U. S. LTcctiic Light Co 30
I.AJIONT-( l.ll.MI-On Wednesday even
Inc. Seplimber Id, W nt resldeneo of tho
1 ilde's mother, by 1,'ev. II. V. Hittlnncr, I) H ,
John l hatnont to Mliuilo A. Clear.
(;OXZAI.I-On September S.', 1WJ, Chap
lain M..I. (iouales.
(.IIICi:-On Tiieiebiv. September '.'.', lilt,
nt 1 1:10 o'e link p. in.. Mm. Mary H.drleo, tho
beloved wiro eif John W. Orlee. and only
dinislitirof lho lain flumes S, and Hllabcth
Hull, neesl thlrty-seM'ti )enis,
llnilliKMitTeied n lona (line, all of which
die I ore with Christian fnlth, eer trustlni In
tho I.011I, hirhist wonls were, jweepltm
lliioncli llioinitoiif thonewiIciiiMlcm,"
lln tiiucrul seniles will tuko place ut tho
Hjhu.il Chnpil, lomer Tenth nnd llstiects
southwest, on liidny afternoon nt threo
n'e lue k. Tho friends und ielatlves mo lespeel
full) liifJti'dtonttcivl.
HANrollli-At Ontcs, X. V., on 'iindnv,
S-epteinlerfi, ism, nt the ieldcnioof John I,.
PIxley.Abbe) I'lxlcy, wile of Win. II. Han
fonl. lliii lalnti-cottsvlllo.X.Y.
O'DI.'A-On -eptembe r Si, IHM, nt S n. n,
flullii, tl e bi'love el wUool Michael O'Dea, used
twinty-elclit )inrs.
Ilirfiuieinl will tnko plnio from her Into
lef-ldenee, HI I Xuvv Ilnmpshlio avenue n. w
on TIiiumIii) iitteinoon, beiti'iubei Ul,nt:ip.
m. 1 1 lends of tlio family Invited to attend.
bi:M.MI- Thu funeuil sort leu nf lho Into
CiimineiiliiioSemmos, V. ,s, X.. will tako place
nt Chrl"t Cluirih, (I st i eet southeast, on I"rl
dny. tlfiiSStliliift , nt l.'.aop. in. Illsdlends
lire icfpectfully Invited to attend.
'1 CCKIIlt -Hide led Into iet ut 10 p. tn, S'p
t ember 'Tl, IfW, Mis. Hurrlct Tucker, w Mow
or tlio Into lllston Tucker of Xcw Yoik city,
hi the bUt ) cur or her iiro.
riincrnl will tnkoplaeo rrom her son's resl
denie, i;!Xuw.leTsuy iivenuo norlbwe't, em
liidny, r-eiteiiiber SI. nt :i p. in. Itelutlvos
und filendsnt tho family nru lesiwittull) In
vited tonttendf
THHAKRll-On Wediiesihiy. Seplembci 31.
lis"), nt Woodbine, Yolk County, 1M., Nelson
'I beaker, tn tho With ) ear or liUniro.
Iliminl Horn tho riMlelemooC his son, 111
fourth stioet soiitheiift, 1'ilday, at 1:10 p in.
mends uro uivitcu.
Selling Out, SgIUue Out. Selling Out.
To Close Business.
TlioIInthoSloekof tho
New M IlleFF Store
OtTcrcil nl ii Hiicrlllcc.
Sloik consists of
Over M.roo ymds of Itlhbons, all widths nnd
colors, lit le-ss than cost.
',((0 yards cf Hamburg Wirings, at less
iMCUvnids SHU nnd Cotton Luces, al Just
l.eti) ft i.i w lints, ball price.
rioweisund I'eiithcrs.liair prlco.
(.ooils mo marked In plain llgures, and cus
tomers can leadlly seu what lediicllom uro
I,n0dnrcn 1'eiul Dress Ilntlons less than
l.nrpolotoroioves mid bmall lot of block
ings ut less thuti lost.
Also Velvets, Hltlns, Velvet Itllibons,
Clark's f-pool Cotton, (spool hllks, Dress
Milclds, Paper Cnmbrlcs, Dexter's Kulttliu
Cotton, dill 111' Hlusties, Crnpo Veils, I'.ngllsli
tiapo, Pockcthemks. Combs, Hairpins, Pins,
Xii'dlcs and l'aucy (Joods generally
(foods must bo sold und prlios will ho low.
fixture- for sale. Stock remidnliiB unsold
Will boelliiHjsc'Jof at miction about Oct. IT.
it M IlllMT strnn,
ti:t( Hecntli Street.
We Invlts an Eiamlnatlon of Oar
iii:ci:nt impoiitationb i'hom
London, Berlin and Vienna,
Added to well-nclccted purchases of
American GJ-oocLs
JIulieHiiu attractive onhlhlllouof
Novelties and Useful Artloles.
l!il Mnlli HIl'CPl X. IV.
Evorythlnu strictly flrst-clnss and on tho
most reusonuhlo terns, (C'nmii Chairs to hlro
for all occasions.)
Sclilitz's Mllwaukeo Lagor,
Auction Sains.
lv -',-'.-'.- sv. V-S W S. '
-v ,,
IUMAMialilliw, .
I Atletlol.VM.
'i in wnr s i r or viwn si ouv nouni:
"I'll A'l I'.li ON I M) KNOAN h ISIII'.lt
Ilyilrtrocf ndcet if tiust, ebite-t Dcnm
ler II, Ib7i, nml ilrlv reioi.ted In l.lbcr Oil,
lello !(', et s(inni'of the land records of tlifl
Msttlcl or I'liliiinhlii.nnil nt Ihrre'iiietl of the
lutty seiured thcicby. I will sell nt publln
Mielli.li e.n MOMl.W.'J'llt: 1'llTlt DAY OK
ociollllti, lew, at 4 o'clock p, m , In front of
tie pictnlsew, the followlnjtiii'sirlhed chattel
lie.ierty, to-wlt: A two-story Irnnio limiso sit
i ntid em land known ns lnhervrtiod enttenile I,
Utween Mxternth nnd hotonlcciitli streets
northeast, fronting em U street nortlieiKt.
Tinns eiifh. 'Ivvinty-flvo (.'W ilollurs do
I ewlt reeitilred nt tlmo of sale. Coiiveyaneliig
nnd if ei riling nt iiurehascr's eost. Terms to
Iciomillid with lu le-niln)! othervvlso trus
tee iimivi'h lluilclit torescll ul cot of do
fuultli.Rliiiihiuir. AMIHIIT HOI-I.DIN,
nil Tiintee.
111 ItllAI, HSTATi:, 8IIVATI! DM
M)l '1 11 lAHOl.IXA AYHXCL S, JJ.
I'nelcrniid by virtue of two deeds oftrtit
I carina iliiles .Inniuiiytwintj-flrrt (Slsl)nnd
tweiitv-Kiond tssel), l's'H, respectlvedy,
elulv rieorded ninoiiit the land roi'ords for
tl v District or Cnliimhln 111 liber 1071 nt folio)
e no (1) nnd llv ii5),niiil nt the request of the p ir
tlisseeurcd thereby, wo shall iiuTlll'ltSHAY,
Del HIST lift) DAY eir eiertollllll, A. 1). 1SS1,
at 4.S0 o'clenk )). in., In front of Urn premise,
offer for snlo ul publlo ntiitlon nil those cer
tain pieces of ground nnd premises, with tho
Itnirnvnmnts thereon, sltunto luthoi'lty of
Wii'lilnetnit, I), C, nnd de'eribed ns behu all
e.Hots fourtien (It)nnd tlftcen (13), nnd tlio
ast twenty ('.in fee t front by thu lull depth of
lot thlrtun (!'! In square numbered nluo
hundred nnd fcity-nlne OHH). and Itnincili
ntelv thtieiittii lots slxtien (Idi, seventeen
(17). twe nt (10) nnd fort)-! Iglil MH) In Ocnw
Jt. I iiniklon's reconled siihiilvMouof squuo
numbered nine bundled nml thlrtv-thrcoumi,
toL-clhirwIlh tho linpioii'uicntstlii'roomnnd
on FHIDAY. tho HIX'ONI) CM) HAY of 00 ro
ll Nil. A I). IBM, nt ItMoVleiek p. in., wo shall
offer for rale nt public miction, In front of
tho u inhes, tlm north hair (H) or lot twenty
tl.ieeMSUInirMiirc numliered nlno himdrod
unit fifty lICO), the south twi'nty (SO; feet front
by the ftill depth of lot threo (')) hi sqiinro
nlno hundred nnd forty-Ovali'lV, nndpirtof
lot one (1), rqiiaro nine bundled mid folty
live O'l.V. do llbcd us follows: Ileglnnlng fur
the smne at lho southwest coiner ofsnlil lot
mid riinnlnK Iheiieo nortlr.istvvardly along
the lino or South Cnrnllna nvcniio flfty-elBlit
feit fnitrnntl one-half Inches: thenco north
westwurdlyat lluht ancles to tho lino of said
mimic nnd parallel with tlio west lino of said
inl m i,il v-nv I'M firt. flieni'O dun licit slxtv
feitniip nnd one half luehes to tho west lino
of tnld lot, the'neoouthenstwuidly along said
wct llnonlncty-slx feet ono nnd ono-liilf
Inches to tho plnco or licalnnlnir, together
with the lniirnvementstlii'ieon,
Terms or sale: One third (Ki) cah, bnlaneo
lu iiiual Invtnllinents ot six (ii) and twelve (14)
month", with Intirest nt tho rnto or six
1 credit. (Ojicr e.) per milium, secured by
elecil eif trust urou the, pretnlcs sold, or nil
each, nt tho option of tho pm chaser.
A dcKiilt of one hundred dollars (StoMion
eiiih lot will bo lequhed at tho tlmo of sale.
lriliopiiiihacr or purchasers full to com
I'l vv lib tho terms of sain vi Ithln five (5) days,
ihe iirnperty will horci Jd nt their i Isk nnd cost
nriii'flvoCi)dajs' notlioln somu newspaper
I ulill'hed In inhhigton, 1). C.
All iiinvcvniiclng nnd recording nt pur
ilmni'seo t
sAMcnr. iiii:iti:ii,
fcQt Trustees.
Hn(iiriln.v.Mrit.!ifl, ut
903-905 8th St, S. E.
lleiidfiuurti'i", for
Men's, Youths', Boys' and
Children's Clothing", Hats
& Gent's Furnishings.
'lhls eslnbllshtnent linlns been remodeled
and enlarged, )oii nro Inv Hid to Mslt nnd In
s)eet the same.
An llntlro Xcw Mode of (looiln OllVred
ut Lowest niiirltel 1'ilcos.
Star Clothing' House,
1XKM.O."; l'.islil!) Htroet Noutlicnst.
SlocL Grain, Provision anil Petroleum
1420 Pcnnn. Ave. (Up stalr3).
Illicit win' to Now Yurie nml Clile.igiif
"nndirs ,t Stnymau heg to nniiounco tho
oicnlngof their
New Piano and Organ
nrcrcoins, 1)31 p utrect n, w., Oct. 1, 18-13. ut
w lik Ii tlmo they will display an elegant as
Fortrccnt ol tho World-Iteuowned
Decker Bros, Pianos aiEstey Organs,
Also tbo Celebrated
Fischer and Estoy Pianos.
Instiuments sold on Monthly Payments,
iilso l'or llent, nt low into.
TunliiB nml Itoiialrhn: n Hpcclaltv Second
Ilnnd rhinos nml Orpins nt Iliitgnlnii.
Mr. .Ins. lltitlcr, tho dUtlneulsliud oreanlst,
will ho In linage ot Washlnijtou looms.
:r, n. ciiAiti.Es bi'., oat v stiiegt n. w
lliilllmnrc, Jld. Washington, I). C,
I ne'iiiiili'il In Tone'
iiiniiHliip mill
, Toili'li, lVoi'li
Diirulilllly. SECOND -HAND PIANOS,
At All Trices.
Wm. Knabe Sc Go
si7 aiAititrr himoii.
003 l'cnnsylvonta Avcnuo. socond door west
of Ninth street,
Ohiokoring and Jamos & HolmBtrom
1120 a hT., oiu'osiTi: itiaa3 noubh'.
Around lho corner 15th and 0 streets.
seSMf Washington, T 0
cloth ma.
JlSH - iBL Xj.
mhS-m M
Wc nro opening TO-DAY (Frldsy) a.
lino Asieirtmenl of
Boys' Clothing.
Newest Styles, Lowoal Prioog.
031 Pcnnn. Avonuo.
XJ. 3D. B-PiPi,
1111 Ponn. Ave.,
Spring and Summer
Overcoalings & Trouserings
Of my own importation, nowrceelvci' . Oontlo
men, pleao null, Inspect nnd lenvo your or
ders nt tho Leading Tailoring Hstulillslimout
of Washington, llcst (foods. Host Trim
mings. None but first-class workmen cm
lilojid at 1111 l'liuisylvanlu Avcnuo.
T. 3D. JBJhJER.'&L
Importer and Tailor.
School Commencement.
The llcst SI School Shoo
lho llcst Mo .School lint
Tho llcst We fcchool l'ants
Tho llestCOa (school Milit Waist
Tho llcst 50o Underfill rt
Tho Host CCo Canton Vlannel Drawers
Tho llcst SI.CO Hoys' I,ons l'ants
Tho llcst SS W Hoys' Suit of Clothes
Tho llcst S1.00 Youths' Suit of Clothes
Tire llcst S5.00 Men's Suit of Clothes
101 1 AND 101G I'USN. AV11.
I)rrses Uesanlly mado In the Latest Stvlc3
by l'lit clns Artlts. Tailor mado bults a
s-iicilnlty, Dicsses, Cloaks und Mantles Cut,
1 lttcil mid Drain d at Iteasonablo l'rlcej. All
Work Uono with rromiilness und fully (lu ir
unleiil. selj-'ini
814 Seventh Street.
ISnth, Itonnrts, J'lovve'iM,
TIiih, I'hiines, ttitiboiiH,
I.tUTM. MllllH, VclVPtM.
bun I'mlii'PllnN. liir:isnlH,
Jpi'Moysi, Iovcn, Conscts.
S3. d-.X5JLV"IS,
Black Dross Goods, Embroideries,
Laces and Trimmings.
I'l'hli ttTOClt OI1
XJiade r -wea,r
l-'cr Lndles, Children nnd Gentlemen.
"Ilo j ItiiltdluL-. Cor. Dili uml i: Nls. ii. vr
Stocks, Grain, Provisions
and Oil.
Lu limit IliilldliiK, KJslilh und I'ntif
Largo and Small (Juantltles. Strictly on
Commission, I'rlvato Wires. Constant Quo
tations. OBco open from 8 a. m. to 5 p. m,
Bankersand Insurance,
1133 1' fjlltin'.T N. AV.,
Washington, D. C.
Transact n Ctcncrlil lliinlilnc; llilnlnem.
Deposits Siil'Ject to CliccW.
nnd other CollcatloiiH. lluy anil koii unltou
Mates lionets und All District bieuVltles, Wo
B. K. PLAIN & CO.,
Grain, Provisions, Petroleum
and Stocks,
WashhiBton, 1). C.
City references National Hank of tho Ilo
OiIcoko Coircspondcnts-JIILAUND, HOD
Constant qiiotatlnna of tlio Chicago and
Now York Jlutkits fiom direct private vvhei,
V. 11. L1I.I.CV.
T, A. KENDia.
Stocks, Boutin, Qrnin, Provisions nud
11,7 1' bTHEET.N, W., WAfelllNOTON, 1). 0.
Ilrumh OfBco-No. 4 South llolllday street,
Drew's New Drug Store,
X3T Open all night.
Detterand Brighter Than Evor
Washington Critic,
Only 2 Cants a Copy.
3D Cents a Month.
Mncc tho bate l'lro
Enlarged to 8 Columns
nnd (liven a Now Dress Throughout.
New Material.
Now Management.
Now Ideas.
Tlio II ii nil nii ni pis t STeuTspnin'r
I'll nt I'd In tViiHlilustoii, mill
Nunc! lor In All Ite"jiei'ts
to Its Moi'iiinc l.'on-
"The Critic" io Especially a
Journal for tho People.
Tiiintu ib no nnrniii i'ai-hi: in wash
iugton roll
Town and Country
All lho News of the Day,
All tho Department Ndws,
All the Local, Personal
and Social News
Enl'ilMii' oriloni'sit ni s-it mid lloii
eht IiT.siircH, lint luiti'tii'iiili'iit of
I'nrl.V or riirly Die-tut ion.
In I'm or or the Itest Interests of
(ho Xntlounl Capltnl, hut In II It Xo
IIIiikm, Clliincs of NynillenteM to
sialic louey ont of tlio Tronmiry.
Only 2 Conts a Oopy or 35 Oonts a
THE CIHTIC Is Also an Excellent
Household Journal
Clean, Wholesome, and Entcitnlnlng.
All tie llewa There Is Going,
lull Pres3 1 ispatolics,
Latest Fiunncial and
Commercial Transactions,
AH that Makes a Paper Worth Hhvlng.
Only Two Cents a Copy
Only 35 Cents a Month
lo i'lly SiiliHri'lbri'H.
By Mail, 1 Year, Postage Paid, - $1.50
By Mail, 6 Months, " " - $2.50
941 D Stroot,
vrssiiTa-ccosNr, u.
"UK oiii.ai'
rtl TIIK Mlltril, tfKM MiSiT,itifiT.
liOl III F TllM'K. HI'r.RVMIII I ' M kHT.
uiiri. i.mm M-teciu i.NrKimi'iib.fr.
i. iri'EiT J i se ill, I5rt..
Tnilim le-mc Wnfl.lninn fiom htntlon. ooruer
of ilxth nml II itieetfi, m tnllnwi!
l'or I'Hl'l inn nml tin- Weft, lliVwi MmlloJ
KimifVMil l'nlitiiliiiiiiiirl'iirfHtli:VJii in.
lull) I Fust l.tiix, II r.n ii, m ilnllr k I'lne.u
nntl nnd St. l.oul, vvltli Meeifliu ( .ir ftoio
lliuMfil. lire In ihiilntitillniiil Hotel Cir to
ht Iniils; iliilff,i'Xici, Sitiirdny to I'lih'.iai,
WlUibh niton Inr Allnoii'i lo t'lili'iii'D liil'
caiioni'd ( li.i'liimitl llxpiiwi at 7;lo p, m.
dally, v. ltd sleeping dm vviifdiliiTMntn ('lit.
niuoniiil llui rlshurii lu ImNillle. eoiineeff
lni'iit lliiliUI,iirgIthVii,tcrii i:viien with
Ihii'twli li 1 1 I" for ( level ituliindM l.iulH,
Puiilii Ifll'liieif It) p. tn. dully for I'ltt -, uiirir
iilid Ilo et, villi Ihrouli sleeper llftttl
hurg to ( IiIihui
llALUJtOtlh ,t 1'OrOMAO ltMLUOVD,
for Flic. I'niuiMlalgna, IfOchciter, lluOfalo
Nlsiinrii. 10 p. in elnlly, except Hiitunlar,
Willi Palace i urs iiililugtnn tn Itnolinilcr.
l'or iv llllniiiHii n. I.i'i'k lln en and Klinirie, at
U:.1li ii. in. dully, except Sunday,
l'or New York mid tho Unit, 7'in. R:1(l nml
1 1 a in., '1. I, HI p. m and l'2:l.j uUht on
biiiidiiy. 8.:io a m.,'J, 1, ion. m, and t'2:lfl
nlsht, I.hnliid KxptcfH of rullmin IMrlot
Cars lutein tn, elnlly, excciit Suiidny.
For llcjktnn without i'Iihiiku, v! u m. everyday
l'or lln,okl n, N.Y.. all throiiuli train) connect
at flcmiy illy with linnlnofUmnklyii Annex,
nfronllnBillru t trunifer to Fulton streot,
utuiuiuK iiuuuiu irrnuvo ucro1! riew xoric
Vorrhltailelphln. 7:in. fli.'tt) and 11a. m., 3,
4, II, 10 p. m. and 112:15 nlaht. On Sunday,
8 no a, in . "2,' I, if, 10 p. in. and l'-!:ir night.
Limited Expresi, U:lo a. m. dally, oxcept
For lliiltlmore, (h.'lfi, 7:1ft. Bitlti, mill, n.,-,0, 1
u. in., v vii). .:, i, 'iw i, 1:111,0, , :iu, in p. m.
and l!i:in tilnht. (in Sunday, fl::t(, It 50, II
a. m., , 4, n, 7:tt, ion, in. and l'J'ir, nln-it.
i r-::ii nunc.
, and l:IUp,
ior I'oiios crieK i.uin, ision, in., t
m. uuuy. oxcepi Minnay.
For AnuapoIlK, ll.fl.'i n. m., I'-'.O", nnd d') p,
ro dally, oxcipt Sunday. OnSundaT 1 p. in
ALEXAKDIltV ,t t'llCDIlRtOKHUtfltrl UVIIr-
For Alcxandrhi, (t, 7, l).i, 11:01 and lliflS
a. in., 2.05, l0, 1:15. (1:25. 8.0." and 11:37
p. m. On Sunday at U, o:i llitil a. m.,
8.o.- p. m.
For Itlehmonil nnd the South, 0 nnd 11.01 a.
in. dally and 1:15 p iii.ihillv.uxeeptbundny.
Tralim leave Ale.iandil,i tor wrililii7lou (1 en,
8, 10. IO.lt) a. in., I, ft.05, I1.-J3, r.iKI. 7:05
nnd 1 1 iin ii, in, mid 12:10 mldnlzht, oxcept
, ii, in, uiiii i ami miuiugm, oxcopK
(in tsiinilay at 8 nnd 10:111 a. in.,
lliitr.n. in. nnd It2:10 iilnlit.
md Inroimatlon at tho ofllco. north-
jnuiiuuy. ,
7:05 and 11
oa1!! corner of Thirteenth utrer.t und lonn.fiv.
lvnnla avcnuo, and nt tho station, vvhoro or
ders can ho left for tho checking of hairirajo
lo ilcKtlnntlnn from hotels and rosldnncofi,
C1IAS. E. I'UOll, .T. 1(. WOOD,
(fineial Manager. Oon. l'assen;;er ARont.
Lcavo Wahhi(.ton from Station, corner New
Jufcy nrcuuo and O street.
For Clikaiio, 10 n. m, and 10:10 p. m. dully.
The 10 a. rn. Ii n Fast Limited IlxproiM to
l'lttfhurK anil ('lileauo, arriving tn I'lttubitrg
nt7:r.Op. in,, Ch'caKo not tnurnliiR nt H'lil.
No extra faio U chained on tills trulu (or fust
l'or Cincinnati, Lonlstlllo nnd St. Ifltili dally
nt O'flOp. in. and 10:tO p. m with through
cenches nnd l'nlaco blccpliif; carj to nbovo
points without clnnco. il-.Ml p. m. train Ii a
fast llmlleil train to Cincinnati mid st Lnuli,
arrhlna In ( Incmnatl next mornlnit nt 7:l,
fct. l.ouliO ilOp. tn. No extra furo lu ihiirgcd
on thli tiulu for fant tlmo.
For l'lttsburttnt ID n. in,, with Parlor Car,
nnd 0:10 p. in. dar.y to I'lttthiirR, Ctovelana
and Dot ml I. with sleepiiu cars to t'lttshurir.
l'orHnltluioioon week elayi B, 0:10, 0:10,
7:::o, 8,!i0 and 10.05 a.m.. 12:10, 1:25, fS:ll
(15 mlniilo train), U.ao, diilo, 4:10, 5:10, 0:10,
7,8.25 and 11 p.m. ;
i nr ii.iiiunorc on Mina.iys nun, v::ni, k:,ij
and 10.05 n. m., 1:25, l:;:o, 3.30, 1:10,5:10,
0'10,7. 8:25 and 11 p, ra.
l'or points on tho Hhennndoah Valley Hall
road and luts tiouth, 0:25 n. in. nud 0:10 p.
in. dully. !):2,J a. in. train hai Pullman
Sleeper Irani WathliiKtoti to Now Orle mi.
Fir Aniinpoll", (Pio a. in. and 12:10 and
l&op. in.; on Sunday, 8.30 a. in. and 4:10
p. ni ,
For way stations between Washington and
Haltlmurc, 5, 0:10. 8:30 a. in.. 12:10, 3:30,
4:10, 7 nud 1 p. m. On Sundays. 8:30 a. m.,
1 :30, 3.30, ! mo, 7 nud lip. m. For statloni
on Metrojieilltnn llrunih, 7,25 a, ra. and 11:15
S. in. dully, except Sunday, und 5.30 p. m.
ally: 4:10 p. m. dally, except Sunday, for
piluupal stations on Metropolitan llranch;
H:10 n. rn. dally on Sunday stops nt nil ita
Hon?; for Lexington, Staunton und Valley
llrunch, 8.10 a. in. dally, except bunday; for
Ficelerkk, 8:10 a, m., 4:-JO p. In. dally, oxcept
For local statloni between Washington nnd
Onlthcrshuti?, 12,30 p. m. dully, oxceptlbuii
For Hnserstown and Wlnchoitor, 8:10 a. m.
daily, oxcept Sunday, and 5:30 p, in, dully to
lhiBiistowti; dally, excopt Sunday, to Win
chester. Trains nrrlvo from tho West dally, 0, 7:20 a.
ni.. 1:15. 0.30 p. in.
Fiom Annapolis, H'30 a, in. and 1:50 ana
5.25 p.m.: .Sunday, 10.35 n.ia. und 0:35 p. m.
Fiom Lexington, &:3o p. m. dally, oxcept
I'rom Hcdirlck nnd Intermcdlnto points,
8.25 a, ni, und 8:15 p, tn. dally, except Sun
day. Trains Icnvo Daltlmorofnr Washington at
5:10,0 30, 7.2ei. o.D.o-, and 10:30 ii.ni., 12:15,
2:30. 3, 4, -1:20, 5. 0.30, 8, 0 nnd 11 p. m. On
Sundays, (1 30, 7:20. O and 0 05 a. m 1:30,
2.00, 1:20, fi, 0.30, 8, o and lip. m.
All trains from Washington stop nt Ilel.iy
Station, oxcept 1:25, 3:15 and 0:10 p. m.
lor Itutlicr Information apply nt tho Il.iltl
moro A Ohio ticket office Washington Sta
tion, 010 and 1351 Pennn, ivvo., corner of 11th
ft., whcio oulers will bo taken for baggage to
bo cheeked nud reielvod nt any point In tho
city. O. K. 1.0110,(1. p. .
II. DUNHAM, Pen, Mnn,. llaltlmoro.
lliin A.M. For all way stations, Lexington,
Ky., Loulsv lllo, Cincinnati, Colunibm, St.
Lotus. Dally oxcept Sunday. Through
Parlor Car tn vVhttu Slllnhur Hnrlnir.
11 A. M. l'or Nuvvpoit Nows, Old Point Com-
felt and Norfolk, Dally oxcopt Sunday.
Ci'15 P. II. l'or Louisville, Cincinnati, fat.
Louis nnd Chicago, connecting for all
points West, Northwest nnd Southwest:
tart express dully; does not stop for local
buslnc"; through Pullman scrvlco to
loulsv lllo nnd Cincinnati.
For tltkus ond Information npply nt C. &
O Hallway ofllco, 513 Pennsylvania avenue,
under National Hotel; Va. Midland Hallway
ofllte.ooi 1'eiins j lvnnla avenue, undU. ,t P.
II, W. FULLl.lt,
General Passenger Agent.
dene nil Manager.
FIlANKTHKiO, NJL Pucnger Agent.
Ou nnd utter AFdt'ST 30, 1885, trains will
lea vi from uml ur;-o at (Ith and II
sts. Depot as follows:
Lcao Washington d a. ni. and 4:33 p.m.,
dnllv;nrrluut llelmout Park 10.51 a.m. nnd
(1.20 p.m.; Leeihurg 11.01 n. m. andO,3il p.
m,; at rive at Hound Hill ut 11:1 J a, m. and
7:18 p.m.
Itetunilng, Icavo Hound IIIU 0.03 a, m. and
3.00 p. in.; pass Leesbnrg (1:12 n. rn, and 1:3')
p. m.tllilmoiit Park 0.51 a, in, and 5:30 p, m ,
nndurilvo ut Washington ut 8.35 a. in. und
7:10 p. in.
On Sundays lho train leaving Washington
lit U ii. in only iiinitoLceibuig, nud thotinln
uniting ut 7.10 p. ni. sluitHtrom Lci'shuig,
biotlal excursion lutes nud bunday trains
to licliuor.t l'aik. Moiithly and commuta
tion rates tn nil ohits.
S. J.I. HIIOI'HY, Mipt., Aloxnndila, Vn,
E..1. LOCH WOOD, Pass. Agt., 607 Pa. avo.
Washington, 1). (
& voUTiicja
XJ Memo". btiBiiiBiB OiHirun Lonry uml
Exi'i'lsliir. eomuiHieiiiB oiay o, mw,
uueot ttiefu impular ttnaiuers will loivo
Buvrutti-fctreet wnart DAlLY.exeept SUNDAY,
at 6:30 p. in. For partloiilieru Inquire utOom
piuiy'B ollleo, 7tb bi. wlmtf. Tul-phono No,
7 15-3, w. v. tYKLOH, Oeneriil Agonl.
Jj ' Pent i ess Mom oo nnd Norfolk.
1 lrt-ilasi faio !, Itoiind trip, il.25.
Stenmer Juno Moioloy Monday, Wednosday
unit hiituuliij at 6.30 p.m.
PiiKHigu nud looms kui'itti'il at general ofllco,
Sixth Hi ett whaif. T lephonu iMll, 111.
Potoinao Illvcr Landings- Stouinir'lhoinp
.on .Monduy. Wednesday and Friday at 7 a.m.
Something lew.
1). W ri.lXHl'H
Conililniitloii l.i'lli'r-Mliiiet und llnvclnpa
Fur UUci, Notlie, Hills, Statements, Clr
(tilnisofnll sles; Inboxus of 23, W, lue), '2M,
CM nud 1,1X1 1'llili
Will dlspe'iiMi with Euvelopos,
Will i-nvo Weight In IMstngn.
Tho l'OBtollleo btunips will show ilato of do
llvoiy. J. W, WATIHIS,
' UtO New York uyenuo.
Solo Agt. for Washington nnd Aluxiindrla.
IUTi loth St. .V. IV.
(127 l'a. Ave. Fast.
Ilinvonlnt of FLno fihoos. mrnvn raikn.
C out I YfiU wii at a burUu. GlYoiuofttrliU,
umMKmuiM,lUiiiM m
fffff .wqffjfiT,ffEf'fOT,ft(fcgM

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