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Drill in il li.v Cnrrlri'S
Iiitirrdnl In Tin t!rllli ! Time's for liUc.
18TU YKAll-WHOLE NO. o,i)51.
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Just as We Said.
A few days ago wc adver
tised Blankets, and men
tioned the fact that it was
not policy to await the com
ing of "Jack Frost" before
making your purchases.
Now he is here, and in honor
of his coming we shall inau
gurate a
;itv.i Nr::ciA!, hai.i:
ih;A.ki;th ami cmiroitTr.itM.
Wc would have our cus
tomers know that this stock,
though lately received, was
contracted for in the sum
mer, during the depressed
slate of the market, and be
fore the advance in wool,
which to us was a saving of
from io to 20 per cent., the
benefit of which we propose
to give our customers.
If we were obliged to buy
now we could not possibly
offer the inducements here
with extended to our pat
rons. A good 10-i Whlto Wool Mankot for 31.T3
Ttr pair.
ALctterlMWhltoWool lltankctfor SJ.S3
per pair.
', A flno 10-1 nil-Wool Scarlet Blanket, worth
$1.50, for $ I per pair.
A fiuo 11-1 Whlto nil-Wool Blanket, valued
at SO, for S5 per pair.
An excellent IS-! Whlto Wool Blanket (nolo
Man), worth S7.S0, for SO per pair.
An decant extra largo (ia-1) "California"
Blanket, actually worth 8IS.50, for $10 per
There is none better than
the "California" Blanket ;
the wool is in it, the make,
finish, durability, looks, also;
in fact everything is there
that constitutes a Blanket
"as is a Blanket."
IVlllTlltV I'ANUV (JKII5 nr.ANicirrs,
WhlchwoshaHmarknt prices consistent with
tho above; nil sizes; Sl.'W, 8'.', S'.'.TS, S), Sl.M
to $3.-3 per pair,
Gray Wool Blankets for
the car-driver to wrap around
him, for the sailor, soldier
and the servant.
A good Gray Blanket for
$i. We cannot buy it to
day at wholesale for less.
200 pairs of fine 7-pound
Silver Gray Wool Blankets
for $2.50; worth $3. Would
cost to-day at wholesale
3314c per pound.
Print Comforters,
Cretonne Comforters,
Am. Chintz Comforters,
Turkey Red Comforters,
Colored Silesia Comforters,
Fancy Sattccn Comforters,
Satlccn and Silk "Eider
Down" Comforters.
Comforters at 50c, 90c,
$ii $i-I5. $i-25 "P 10 $2
What you want expect to
find here, and at prices to
suit ; besides, if you see the
same Comforter or Blanket
elsewhere at a lower price,
bring ours back and get the
An excellent Comforter is
the "Medallion Centre;" is
of a handsome and peculiar
design, with a large wheel
pattern in the centre and
fancy scroll work stitching
throughout, leaving no room
or chance for an accumula
tion of the "batting" in one
part or corner. Only Three
Fifty each.
We would mention the
fact that the finer grades of
our Comforters are filled
with the "Western Star Bat
ting," and are made in the
most thorough manner, sew
ed with heavy thread to pre
vent running to pieces or
gathering in the corners.
(Tlilnl lloor; tnko the olovator.)
Boston Dry Goods Housa
0x1; ntict: oxiiv,
021 IV1111. Ave. 01 Hi l Mlri'ot
To-day's List of Nov Pre3idontial
What Is to Ba Dono with tin Washington
Itctiirn I'l'om Alumni of Chief Signal
Otllct'i 11117111.
Tho President tn-ilny appointed:
1). II. Green otStlssissippI to ho surveyor
general of .Montana,
Postmaster II. F. Devorc, Indopend-
.., I--.. . M' Sf-ni I. ... Si.,...
'v.. . iuii .vv, iiittl., .(. ... t'lll,li;.li l.lfMll
sas lit v. Kan.: K. T. Ilcst. Xi'llHi. NV.Ii.: V
L. Wiedon, York, Noli.; 0. C. liatliawn.v,
Del Norte.Colo., I.ynian Tliotnixoii, South
I'lleldo, Colo.; C. S. Clark, Tombstone,
Ariz.; C. W. Itugglns, Lamar, Mo.j T. II.
Frame, Llheily, SIo.; II, S. Dean, Stock
bridge, Mass.; A. A. Haggett, Lowell,
Maes.; A. II. Dudley, Princeton, Ky.; W.
D. Swall, Uolvcdcrc, III.; ,1. O. Johtt-i-on,
Austin, Tex.; Peter Mcl'mnloy,
(Irand Itapids, Wis.; Thomas Howman,
Council HlulTs, Iowa; .1. W. lleattle, .Marsh
llcld, Wis.; 0. (I. Hagnatier, Highland, III.;
J. II. Hill, (loldshoroiiuh, N. (.:.; W. X.
llcaslcy, Columbus, Xcb.: II. I', Howard,
Han Antonio, Tex.; Lewis Lowry, Cameron,
-Mo.; II. 1'. Kilsberry, lrontown, O.; .1. 1)
Waterman, Itockford, III.; .1. II. Ililnker.
West l'olnt, JIlss. In fourteen of tlio abovo
chaiiRes tho postmasters wero euspended,
and In the rest tho commissions hail cither
expired or the Incumbents resigned.
To Visit tho Agencies. Commissioner
Atkins will leave this afternoon to visit a
number of Indian agencies, llo will bo
Kono about five weeks, and will first visit
his home in Tennessee,
Army Intolllgonco. A board of exam
iners 1ms been appointed locxamlno officers
mid employes for the proposed bureau of
military Intelligence. -Messrs. Mclijs and
Wheeler of tho llurcnu of Navigation and
Ilurcnu of Naval Intelligence arc" two of the
Tho Military Prot03t. Generals Popo
and Scholleld aro said to havo united with
(leneral Sheridan in his protest against tho
order detaching members of their personal
stall and sending them back to their regi
ments. Tho officers making tho protest
havo llttlohopo of its being allowed.
Cyclono Predictions. Lieutenant Flu
Icy of tho Signal Corps Is gradually Intro
ducing Into tho system of dally weather
predictions warnings of threatened cyclones.
Tho study of tho formation of cyclones has
been In progress for several years, but tho
work Is still In an oxpciimental stage.
Tho Army Vacancies. Tlicro Is still a
great deal of discussion as to tho probabil
ities of civilian appointments to tho army
vacancies. Tho statement was officially
given out at tho Whlto I louso somo weeks
ago that theso positions would not bo given
to civilians, and most of them would bo held
for tho West Point graduates,
Tho Cool Wnvo. Tho cold w.ivo which
reached this city last evening attained Its
height early this morning and was attended
by frost at somo places as far South as Ten
nessee. Tho cold wave was qulto general,
coming from tho northwest, and causing a
fall of from ten to fifteen degrees of tempera
ture over a broad rau,o of country.
Waterways Appropriations. Sena
tors Jones and llrcckenbildgo of Arkansas
have asked tho President to Incorporate in
Ids annual message to Congress a recom
mendation for liberal appropriations to Im
prove tho Mississippi Itlver nnd its tribu
taries. Hcprcsentatlvu Murphy has madu a
6lmllur appeal for tho Hennepin Canal.
Tho President's Callers. Among tho
Picsldeut's callers to-day wero Senator
Cockrcll, Assistant Secretary Porter, Judgo
llroadheail, Itepri'sentatlvcs Cobb, llallau
tinoiind Stono, lion. L. M. Stockslager,
Lieutenant Glassfonl, Lieutenant Chase,
ISov. A. Lelloy, A. Noltnun of Orogon, V,
H. Aeklen, T. U Allen of Kentucky.
Tho Alabama Court at Work. Tho
Court uf Alabama Claims reassembled this
morning and announced Its Intention of
pushing Its woik to a completion within
tho time prescribed by tho law If all tho ox
pcrts and assistant clerks objected to by
Comptroller Duiliam aro retained, and fur
ther additions will probably bo made to tho
forco. Tho members of tho bar havo been
guaranteed tho payment of their eahulea un
til Congicss can act,
Insnno Asylum Accounts Vlrst Aud
itor t'henoweth has written a letter
to Dr. W. W. Godding, superintendent
of tho Government hospital for tho Insane,
In which ho sas that in tho future tho
Doctor's accounts for "current expenses"
must not show expenditures on buildings
and grounds, It has been tho custom for
tho supeilntendeiit to class expenditures
for necessary lepalrs and Improvements
under this head when tho appropriation for
buildings anil grounds Is exhausted. Tho
I'iist Auditor says It conflicts with tho pro
visions of sections !il)8 and HOIS, but as It
has been tho ciibtom previous to October 1,
l&M, ho will pass all such accounts as are
made to date, but In the filtuio they will
not he allowed.
Clvll-Sorvlco Roorffnnlzatlon. tivll
Servlce Commissioner Katun, in responso to
a request for his views ns to the President's
probable course In lefereuco to tho com-ml.-slon,
says that hu believes his successor
has been virtually determined upon and
will bo letiily to assume his duties Novem
ber 1. If other changes aro made In tho
eommls-lou they will bo at such Intervals
and by such luloof selection as tho Presi
dent's best Judgment dictates. The ProM
denthas never thought of announcing an
cutiie new and tuexpeilenecd commission
at the samo time. Du tho contrary ho fully
appreciates the Importance of having a new
commissioner thoroughly familiarized with
his duties before other appointments are
made. Commissioner Latou's views nro
lonslsleut with the Impression that hlssue
ccnkorwlllbo announced by November 1,
CotnmlsKloiier Tlmmau's successor some
wcek later, and that Dr. Gregory may or
may not bo succeeded later mi.
Oer.ornl ilaron'a Return. General Win
II. Ilazcn, Chief Signal Officer, ictuiued
from Puropo on tho Geimanlc and aulved
In Washington jesterday. llo Is benefited
In health by his trip and his admiration for
our signal service was not lossened by a
companion with tho ecrvlcoof Kuropean
couutiies. llo says tho conditions In this
country are most favorable to an accurate
test and rapid development of a system of
weather predictions. This view ho bases
on the great expanse of country anil Its
climatic conditions, affording a vast Held
for study and experiment, and Its complete
telegraphic system, tending to render re
ports more prompt, accurate and service-
nice, Kan. j T. A. McClearcy, Medicine
Lodge, Kan,: S. T. Carrlco, Harper, Kan.;
T. It, I.ove, Wellington, Kan.: Colin Camp-
tir.lt. Vli.hiiinn Kn . M V UN. ...... ,..,.....
nblo than in any other part of tho world.
He says tho signal service of tho United
f-iales cnmpnics favorably with any In ex
istence. Ono of the principal objects of
his Kuropean Itlp was to nltend the Inter
national .Meteorological Congress at Paris.
Tho object of tills conference was to bilng
about greater uniformity In tho methods of
making weather predictions In different
eountilcs, and much was accomplished In
this dliectlon. General Hazcn sayshls In
spci'tlon of the method pursued In Kuro
pean countries suggested only minor
changes in our own system,
Tho Woohlnston Navy-Yard. Chief
Engineer taring's attention was called to
day to n statement that tho steam engineer
ing and some other departments of the
Washington Navy-Yard will be closed alter
tho present month. "lam Inclined Io bo
llovo that report to bo true," ho replied,
"There Is no work of anv Importance
for tho steam engineering department at
this yard, and the force does not oxeced 10
men and boys." Tho delay In appoint
ing fin emeu has attracted much attention,
and caused uneasiness among those
w ho passed examination for these positions.
Secretary Whitney somo days ago when
asked why theso appointments had not been
made, replied that tho result of tho exami
nations were not satisfactory and tho work
would piobahly havo to bo gone over again.
Minor and Personal.
Tieasurcr Joidan Is In Now York.
Professor (lallaudct and Archdeacon
Huntington called upon tho President this
Mr. McConnell of Alabama, a brother-in-law
of 1'oiirlh Auditor Shelley, has been
appointed a watchman in tin- Interior De
partment. S. W. lllttcnhousc, law clerk in tho office
of the Assistant Attorney-General for the
Interior Department, has resigned nnd .Mr.
Kvemird llleier, a fcl.WJO clerk in tho Land
olllce has been transfeired to tho law clerk
ship. Tin: AiairAxi) xirr.
Motes of Interest to tho Service Ifroni
nil AlmiE tho Iilno.
Tho Osslpcowill bo sold when sho airlvos
homo from China and Is put out of com
mission. Captain Victor Dlrdt, assistant surgeon,
has been granted six months' extension of
sick leave.
First Lieutenant John P. Wlsser, First
Artillery, has been ordered to duty with
Light llaitcry E, at Vancouver llarracks.
Captain William A. Thompson, Fourth
Cavalry, has been granted sick leavo for
thirty-llvo days from Fort Howie, Arizona.
First Lieutenant William P. lllddlo, Ma
rino Corps, has been detached from tho
Keaisarge, European Station, and ordered
Captain Charles Kcllar, Second Infantry,
liasietumcd with his family to Fort Spo
kane, Washington Territory, from Ham
burg, Pa.
Tho tugs Speedwell and Mayflower aro
to como hero In a week or two to take tho
Swatara's new hollers tu tho Norfolk
First Lieutenant John T. Honcycutt,
First Artillery, has reported at Ihunswlck,
N, J,, for duty as military professor at
Ilutgcr's College.
Captain William C. Hawollo, with Troop
11, Second Cavalry, is on a scouting expedi
tion in tho John Day ltlvcr country, Wash
iigtou Territory.
First Lieutenant Henry C. La Point, Sec
ond Cavalry, has icturncd to Fort Klamath,
Oregon, from West Wliistcd, Conu,, with
his wife and child.
Captain Charles A. II. McCaulcy, as
sistant quartermaster, returned to Omaha
last Thursday, with Mrs. McCauley, from
Ills visit to Pennsylvania.
Ensign Henry 11. Ashmore lcportcd at tho
Norfolk Navy-Yard Saturday for duty on
board tho rceclvlng-shlp Franklin. Ho was
recently lelleved from sentence, of suspen
sion. Lieutenant Jacob G. MeWhortcr, .Marino
Corps, has been ordered to duty on board
tho Adams at tho Maro Island Navy-Yard,
October ill. Ho Is now on duty with tho
guard at that station.
.ii Ovation to i'.-;v. Nlii-plici-d.
Says a Washington special to the Philadel
phia Times: "Tlicro will bo a grand ban
quet tendered ex-Governor Alexander It,
Shcphcid upon his return to Washington,
tho latter part of this month. A number
of leading citizens havo tho matter In hand.
It Is understood that Shepherd's return will
bo made the occasion of such an ovation
as has never been before irlveu to any citi
zen of Washington. Acuilous Illustration
of tho change of public sentiment is found
In the fact that whereas Shepherd departed
the most execrated and abused man who
overbad anything to do with tho city gov
ernment, bo will return to find that a few
years have demonstrated that his bold sys
tem of Improvement, curried out at tho ex
pense of twenty millions of dollars, nearly
half of which was probably wasted or
stolen by rings of contractor and lobby
ists, mado tho National Capital the most
beautiful city in tho woild and left his own
namo honored and respected by even his
foinicr enemies."
Tin' Ilfiiiicplii Cnnul.
Congiessmau Murphy of Iowa, who has
been a sort of a god-father to tho Ilenueplu
Canal scheme slnco be has been In Congress,
was asked a day or two ago If tho canal
matter was going to take an Important part
In tho pioccedlngs of next session. "Well,"
was Ids reply, "that Is more than I can say,
but I can tell you that It will occupy Its
full share of tho attention of Connress Just
as long as tho righteous demands of that
garden of tho world oro uncompllcd with.
Tho Ileiiucphi Canal Is quite as Important
a matter as tho tariff tu its way, and It
ought to be much easier to dlsposo of."
Tlu Hti'iuiK AvtJiril Aiimiltoil.
Tho light of Sam Strong with tho District
returns to tho old battlo ground of tho
Circuit Court. Justleo Merrick in tho Couit
In General Teim to-day delivered the unani
mous opinion of tho court vacating and an
nulling the entire award of the referees.
Huboqucntly tho case was lemanded to
the Ciieult Cotitt for another trial.
insTuicv aori:nxMi:xr xnivs.
flutters lU'lug Considered by Our Local
Tho report of Chief Engineer Cronlu fur
last mouth shows that there were twelve
alarms for lire. Tho loss was $.i,SU5aud tho
Insurance was J.'i.SlO.
Tho chief calls special attention to the ro
poitof liro Marshal Drew whoreportsth.it
of tests made at l'.'O stores where
kerosene oil was sold, fifty-one
instances wero found where the oil
did not stand the lire test. The Commis
sioners havo referred the matter to Major
Tho C'ouilssloncrs to-day purchased for
W.Miu a site on Thlrleenth-aiid-a-half street,
between C and 1) stieets southwest, for the
erection of a new public school building.
The Commissioners to-day mado an order
to the elTect lh.it the law authoilzhig tho
Commissioner of tho Washington Asylum
to iiuiko laws for its government is In
operative, on account of tho commissioner
and liilcndeut of that institution being sub
ordinates of tho Commissioners of the Dis
till t.
lliilldlng permits have been granted to
the National I'nlon Insurance Company to
met six dwellings on Valley street, be
tween Stoddaid and Hoad stiects. West
Washington, to cost $lll,r00; P. II. Tolson,
diet a store on K, between Sixth ami
Seventh streets, !W,0()0; John 11. Clark,
creel threo frame dwellings at Sixteenth
street and Denning' Itoad northeast,
jyJ.IO; John Thomas, erect a dwelling nt
Eighth and F streets southwest, $1,1)00.
There Is more Joy In the breast of tho av
erage street ear passenger In beating tho
company out of his fare than in finding a
dollar In tho street. Philadelphia Call,
A MA UMAX'S 'Ili:.l!C,
Undi'i- III ii Ifiillui'liiiilloii Tluit III, Is
Itcliiff I'iusuim! lln Culi UNTImml,
August House, n guest nl Mycr's
Hotel, on tlio A wane, nenr Four-nml-n-Iinlf
street, walked excitedly dnwn to
tlio bar-room about I): 15 o'clock tills
morning, a stream of Mood llowlng
from his iliroal. Tlio bniicnder, Win.
flrclf, was horrified nt tlio sight, and
cnll for nssislatifp.
"Where Is tlio Potomac HIvcr? t
want to kill myself," gasped tlio man.
Dm. Townslicnd and Sollliascu arrived,
hut ns tho police patrol wagon readied
tlio plnco aljotit Inn samo time, lie was
hurried olf to the Providence Hospital.
Tho register showed that lie came from
New 'ioik last Friday nboiit 11:30 p.m.
Tho room In which tho deed was com
mitted presented n horrible sight. A wash
stand stood at tho foot of tho bed, and on It
lay n bloody razor. On tho lloor close by
stood n wash-basin half filled with clotted
blood. Tho lloor and furniture wero also
smeared with blood. In Iho corner stood
one crutch and his vallso filled withclothlng
and cigar sat on a chair. Tlio cover was
oil tho razor bono and ho had evidently
partially shaved hlmelf when ho conceived
thoidea of citttiug his throat.
Neither tho proprietor nor tho guest
knew an) thing of him except that no ap
peared mystciious and looked very pale.
Somo ladles who occupied rooni3 near his
said he talked as If ho was Insane.
About an hour after tho unforlunato man
was removed, Mr. Ed. Kahlcr, chief of a
division In tho lljdrocraphlo Office, arrived
at tho hotel and gave Iho history of llooso.
Ho said that about sixteen weeks ago ho fell
from a stiect-car In New York anil broko
bis leg. Ho sulTcrcd u great deal from tho
liijiny and ids bralu was alTecled. Ho has
not yet recovered and still has to use a
crutch. Slnco tho accident hohas been tho
victim of hallucinations and thinks ho Is
pursued by somo ono who wants to Injuro
him. Ho was with llooso last night and
whllo everything was quiet ho suddenly
said: "Did you hear that policeman V"
llo thought tho policeman wascalllnghlm
horrible names, and he said tho police
threatened to take him away In tlio morn
ing, and it Is probable that ho klllcdhliuself
because ho did not want to bo taken Into
custody. Seeing his condition last night
Mr. kahlcr telegraphed for his cousin in
New York. Mr. Kahlcr said ho and Hooso
wero partners hi New York for somo years
In tho manufacturing of mathematical In
strument, and ho is n man of some means
and Is about 13 years old. Ho will proba
bly recover.
At II o'clock Iho patient was asleep, but
tho physicians did not entertain any hopes
of his recovery.
rimsoxA 7 Mi'.xriox.
Joltings Admit ltislili,nts unit YtVll
Kiiiiwii Visitors.
SiiN.vrou Coi.ijfiTT of Georgia was hi
Chicago on Saturday.
. Genkuai, C. C. Atni-nhas gono to Now
Yoi k for a few days,
Sins. Ci.aiii; JIn.i.s has removed her
rcsldcnco toNo. 1320 .Massachusetts avenue.
(1i:ciiai. HoiiciiT St.uraii.v, Commis
sary General, returned to the city Saturday
(iKNciiAi. Clinton D. SIacDouovi.i.,
formerly In Congress from Syractue, is In
New York.
COLONi'.!. JKIir.DIAlI II. IIaxtiui. chief
'medical purveyor of tho army, was In Chi-
tugu t-iuuniay.
Cai-tain Willi im 1!. IIvi.l, I'. S. A.,
Is at tho Ebbltt from David's Island, New
Yoik Harbor.
St.uouGmisonll. IIiuton, Inspector
General, has gono tn Delaware to cscoit
Sirs, llurton to Fort Leavenworth.
N., Is at tho Ebbltt House from Ham
ilton, Va., where ho has passed tho sum
mer. SlAJon-Cu:Ni:iuL Snionni.u has been
fishing at Kelly's Island, Lake Erie, but
will ictuin to his headquarters at Chicago
on Wednesday.
Lir.rrr.NAST Fiiank Di: W. K.vmsay,
Ninth Infantry, who graduated In Juno at
AVcst Point, Is at tho Ebbltt House from his
homo at Albany, N. Y.
Liiu'thnant Hamilton IIowav, Second
Artlllcy, tlio sou of tho Vlco Admiral of tho
Navy, arrived at Fort Leavenworth last
Tuesday from here, with Sirs. I'.owau.
Slit. Allan Foiikman, ono of tho edi
tors of tho New York .lourunlhl, and a
well-known newspaper man, arrived at the
Arlington this morning on his bridal tour.
Hon. Hcunni)i:s 1). Sloxr.v, ex-lleprc-sentatlvo
from Sllsslsslppl, has arrived hero
with his family to settle down to practice
law. They aio now located at No. Chi
Thlileenth street.
Sins. Tiioms O. Si:i.rmnni:, wife of
Captain Selfiidgo of Iho frigate Omaha, has
rented the .Mitchell cottage at Newport,
wheio she will reside Instead of here, until
her husband's cruise Is ended.
Tin: MAiiuiAui: of Sir. Charles II. Itu
off to Sllss Carrie I... tho accomplished
daughter of (leorgo II. Stonowcll, esq,,
will take placo to-morrow at the residence
of tho bride, No. II) F street northwest.
(IcMm.M, W. W. 11i:li;nu' has returned
fi om his tour tlnoiigh the West, whero ho
attended several soldiers' reunions, old set
tlei s' gathei lugs, bht hd.ty celebrations, wed
dings, cliiistcnings, Ac, and Is In Improved
Sins. IIeiion of Chicago Is visiting
Captain and Sirs. C. C. C. Carr at Foit
Leavenworth. Sirs. Heron Is tho sister of
Captain Carr, and Sirs. Carr Is pleasantly
lemcinbereil here as .Miss Slarlo Vlven, a
sister of Sirs. IScdfcrn.
Mis I.illii: Discan of this city, tlio
pretty daughter of General Thomas Dun
can, l' S. A., has gono to Fort Leaven
worth for a visit to her uncle, General
Thomas Wilson, chief commissary of tho
Department of the Silssourl.
Hon. Isac S. Stiiiw.i:, representing
the Twelfth Iowa District hi Congress, and
who spent his first term in Washington
without his fanillv, has leased a largo fur
nished liniisoim N street, near Thirteenth
street northwest, where he expects to bo at
homo with his family after November "0.
I.ii:iti:nvnt IIouaiiu K. (Iu.mw, Sla
rlno Corps, the son of Colonel J. II. Oilman
of this city, has in press a little volume
which the Navy Depaitmeut Is publishing
as a "Hand-book for the .Marines." It Is on
tho plan of tho "Hand-book of tho Soldier,"
which was published somo time ago for tho
army. Sir. Oilman Is now on duty at tho
Naval Academy.
Sins. KowAitn Otiih Cunsvr Onn,
widow of tho late Major-General Old, left
Fort Slonroe lust week with Sllss Old for
htr old homo at S.in Antonio, Texas, to
spend the winter. Another daughter, Sirs,
John S. Mason, Jr., tho wife of Lieutenant
Mason, Third Infantry, will Join them soon
at San Antonio from lort l.cavenwoith, to
remain during tho winter before Joining her
husband in Arizona.
;ei iiiniilii .llienueii'lior ('imct'W,
A sucred conceit of unusual merit was
given by Professor Emtio Slorl, tho leader
of the Gcrmaiila Shennerchor, with the as
sistance of this society, last evening. Tho
programme comprised eleven numbers,
opening and concluding with full chorus
icndltlons. Tlio feature of tho evening was
tho chaimlng singing of Sllss Clara lloaafy,
a joung pupil of Professor .Moil, possessed
of a icnuukably pine and clear soprano of
considerable compass and strength, anil
whose musical ' talent will unquestionably
make her an accession of great value to the
musical world of Washington. An Instru
mental solo by Professor 1!. Lent and vocal
solos by Piofessor Mori, .Messrs. .), Schluo
tcr, W. Ill and P. Helleniau tilled the re
mainder of the well-selected programme.
All Appiimi'lllnc; WimIiIIiii;,
Cards aro out for tho wedding of Sllss
Coiuclla Colcgute- to Lieutenant llobcrt
Nelson Gclly V. S, A., Wednesday, October
11 18l at Ephany Church,
Col. Broadhcad's Rolurn From His
Trip to Paris.
His Search Among i Multitude of Ancient
Tlio Itcpnrt I, alii lliriii'i llioHliito l)i
pui'tiiii'iit Tn-ilny.
Hon. .InniPH O. ISroat1hcn.il, ox-Con-grcMimm
from Missouri, who went to
Franco Inst .May to look Into the records
concerning the French Hpollallon
claim, i cached Xcw York on Satur
day ami arrived licru yesterday.
Colonel Ilroailhcad was nppulntcd un
der nn act of tlio last Congress. Two laws
beating on tho same question had previously
been passed, but tho measures were vetoed,
and not until tho present year wero tho of
ficials of this Government enabled lo send
a lcprcscntatlvc abroad charged with such
a mission.
Tho claims nro largo and thousands of
Americans aro Interested, the Now Eng
enders especially. When Sir. Sumner
mado his rcpoit In 1871 It was stated that
tho amount Involved In round numbers was
fully $l'J,(XH),l)00.
In 1810 about $-",000,000 wero credited by
Spain. This was by way of Indemnity to
American citizens whoso vessels had been
captured by French privateers and taken
Into Spanish poll dining Iho period be
tween iTV'D and the time when Franco was
engaged in a conflict with tho allied powers
of Europe, The Spanish Govern
ment admitted its Joint liability
with France, and this amount was paid by
our own Government as a part of the pur
chase money for the Florida. It was on
SlayO, ITPtl, that the French Assembly
passed a law. and the order was given for
their privateers to sclio vessels which car
lltd contiaband of war or carried goods
that belonged to an enemy. The claims
growing out of these scliires have become
very large, with tho Interest added, ami tho
leport of Colonel llroadheail will shed a
gieat deal of light on tho much mixed af
fair. Tho ex-member from Sllssoutl went to
tho State Department early this morning
and filed his report with Secretary Ilayard
and had a conversation with that olllelal.
Colonel Hroadhead was seen by a C'iiitic
representative just after his conference with
Iho Secretary, lie said that bis visit to
Franco had been a verv pleasant ono, not
withstanding tho difficulties encountered nt
some places In finding tho Information ho
was seeking. Sir. Tuck of Now York was
Ids assistant, and they visited about twenty
Important points In Franco whero tho
archives wero kept, commencing nt llor
deaux and going along the entire coast.
Pails, or course, they also visited.
On being asked to state tho exact nature
of tho woik, Colonel Hroadhead said: "Un
der the law wo were not allowed to have
copies of the rccoids made, but wo secured
icicrenccs In eases where Judgments aro re
eoidcd, as well as manifests and protests
oftho captains of vessels that were seized.
Wo also have information bearing upon ro
poits of liquidations. Tho high official of
Franco wero exceedingly obliging. They
gave us letters to all tho officials In charge
of tho tribunals whero tho archives aro
kept. At somo of theso tribunals
wo found tho recouls in fair
shape: at others we wero
compelled to search through piles and
heaps of papers sometimes 111 garrets, in
somo instance. where they had no records
or tho books wo discovered papers In tlio
general collection that they had stored
away. Many of tho archives dato back
hundred of years, and It was no easy mat
ter to find what we wero looking for. We
wero not very successful at Paris. It was
supposed that wo would find much of valuo
there bearing on the claims, but wo failed
thoio for tho reason that tho building In
which tho particular records wo sought was
dcstioyed by theJCommuuo In 1871, when
tho mob ruled In that city and endeavored
to demolish all of the Government build
ings." Colonel Hroadhead does not know yet
whether his labors havo been ended In this
connection. It Is probable that ho will
have to go to Gaudaloiipo and .Martinique,
In tlio West Indies, whero It Is supposed
somo valuablo records aro to bo found. Tho
French havo owned thoo Islands for a long
period, and near thoso points many seizures
were made.
Tho Secretary of Stato will look over tho
report to-day, and to-morrow ho will have a
fuither conference with Sir. Hroadhead,
Tho latter expects to leavo to-morrow for
St. Louis to attend tho great fair there, an
event ho has not missed slnco the fairs com
menced twcntv-flvo years ago.
A ntl'OAt. VAMILY.
How rritiro Albert AiiuihmmI ii I'oi'
tuuo mill the liiiecu Kept Ills Will.
Ill tho "Four Georges" great amazement
is expressed by Thackeray becauso Gcorgo
II. seized Ills father's will and never would
penult it to bo proved, nor was anything
over heard of It afterward, and Its suppres
sion produced a violent quarrel with the
royal family of Prussia. There Is a long
narrative In Horace Wulpolo's "Slcmolrs"
about this will; but It Is rather odd that af
ter tho lapse of tilt years precisely the
samo thing happened again, fur the Quueu
quietly took possession of Prlneo Albeit'
will, and notliing has over been known of
Its contents to Ibis hour, nor does anyone
know tho amount of property which ho' left.
The Prince had nothing when ho came to
England, except 100 a year, or somo suc
paltiy sum; but lie was very parsimonious
(like his unee, King Leopold I, and I have
been told that ho must have left nearly a
million, as he received iCsVi.OOl) from the
country, of which ho did not spend as
many shillings, and ccitaln speculations In
which he engaged turned out very iirotlt
able. 1 have only calculated Iho Prince
Consolt's allow auco; but he also received
large bums as military pay ami a trifle of
ASJUJUX) as Governor of Windsor Castle, In
which sinecure olllco hosucceeded tho Duke
of Sussex, although the Duko of Welling
ton was anxious tu appoint a deserving
nobleman who had worked long and hard
for tho country.
An llHlll,lH'slvl Appenriiiieo.
. The other day Judgo Ileacock purchased
a new and stylish suit of clothes, ami when
ho put it on and blacked his boots and
spruced himself up, ho was about as lino a
looking specimen of manhood as was ever
exhibited In a stato of captivity. Tho
Judgo had some business to attend to at a
private residence near tho outskirts of tho
city on tlio highlands, and went out there
diessed upiii the most magnificent stylo,
hen he rang tho bell tho lady of the
house tent her sweet little four-year-old
daughter to tho door, and the little one
soon ictiirned with a look of the deepest
awe on hor pretty face.
"Did j on go to the door, daughter t" tho
mother asked.
"Yes, mamma, and oh ! oh ! oh I
Oh-hh-h 1"
"Why, daughter, what's Iho matter V Is
then) some one theie V"
"Yes, mamma, thero Is,"
"And who Is It, dcarV"
"1 don't know, mauima, but I think It's
God !"
Tho Judgo heard tho couveisatlon, and
when tho lady got to tho door sho caught a
glimpse of him as ho Hew across the rail
load track, Albuquorquo Democrat.
Pepper-pod red Is the latest lautastlc
shade of that color,
our-noon spouts,
How "Ship" fliirdmi lint Into u Had
llo (li'iii'i-iit '1'iiir Xuliis.
"Skip" Gordon got Into a bad box at
Jerome on Thursday. Evidently ho was
milled mid bid more fur Politico than
Loiillatd had Instructed Mm to, .Mr.
I.orlllatd was veiy foolish to squeal. Tho
Dwjer and .McDonald agreed to let him olT
on Iho $7,00.', bid. A Gordon and the
Dwjcrs are good friend, the latter proba
bly took tho courso they did hi order to
belli him out of n bad box. There lias been
bad blood between Iho Dwyci and Sir. P.
Lnrlllaiil sliieo liack In INN). Tho crowd
on the track wclo with the llrooklyu boy.
It Is a great pity that Han Fox I ami.
A race between Klrkmau, llan Fox, Foil
land mid Dew Drop, would probably settle
tho question of two-year-old supremacy,
fhe foolish running of Hunkiupt curly In
the season, has probably ruined ono of. tho
most promising two-jcar-olds of the year.
Tlio very ordinary itiiinlng of 'Attn on
riiuifday, when she was beaten by Wull
llowcr, would not tend to lucrcaso Iho feel
ing that she was any whero near tlio best
three-jear-old of tlio year.
At Iho last day of tlio ltoekaw.iy Hunt,
Sir. Slorl liner, an amateur rider, went wrong
with Hobson's Choice and was Immediately
suspended fiom tiding fur u year. Mr.
Sloillmcr Is a gentleman of Irreproachable
character, and tho action of the Judges was
something remaikiiblo under Iho circum
stances. Iho course at Ccdarhurst Is rather
n complicated one for the long races, and
utiles tho giosse't Intent Is shown n man
should certainly not bo disgraced as Mr.
Slortlmir was.
Sir. P. Lorlllard bought tho dam nt Dew
Drop, Explosion, at auction In 1S7S for
.'.j0. Dew Dmp is not entered for any of
tho early stake event of ISM), and won't
probably inako her appearance next year
before the .Monmouth meeting In July.
The Nationals played the finest game Sat
urday that they have played this season. It
was perfectly astonishing to seo tho dash
and vhn which they put Into their work.
They out-pointed the Athletics from the
slart. The way they played point on tho
Athletic baso-riiiiner was a caution. The
baso-runiilngof tho Nationals was tho best
they havo yet shown. Fiilmer and Powell
were especially darlngand successful. They
oro by odds tho best base-runners on the
nine. It seems ns though some galvanic
battery had been applied to Iho whole team.
Fulmer Is a very unfortunate catcher, and
If lioweio not so plucky ho never would
bo nblo to play a game out. llo seems par
ticularly uiifoilunato In being struck by
foul tips, but always comes up smiling anil
icady fur mora punishment. Shafer gave a
very silly exhibition of temper when put
out attho homo plate by Fulmer. If the two
men had como together, Shafer would havo
thought he had tackled a threshing ma
chine. Aquatic.
Clint Sinltlison and his fattier went down
tho liver last week on a gunning
trip Immediately after tho slnglo scull race.
They got back yesterday loaded with birds.
Holh are experts with tho gun, Clint being
able to shoot us well as ho can low, whllo
Smlthson, sr., Is ono of the best shots in the
"About the time that Haitian and Ken
nedy were preparing for their slnglo scull
race, somo unpleasant things were said by
llanlanand I'laMciI of each other; but,
doubtless, they have been forgiven, for a
short time sluco lialsted was sent for by
Haitian, and will look after him until the
double scull raco is decided." Pittsburg
The hard things were mostly said by Han
Ian, who was jealous because l'lalstcd slop
ped bete to sco Kennedy, lialsted nursed
Haitian through a sickness when no one
elso would, and when ho could not have
lived had It not been for Fred's unceasing
eaie, and Haitian's turning on him at that
time mado lialsted sore. Phtlsled's heart Is
too big to carry a grtidgo long, and lie is al
ways ready lo help a man out.
The doublo scull race between Haitian
and Leo and Courtney and Cotiley for $1,000
a tldo will be rowed at Pleasant Island, near
Trov, on October 111; W.OOO has been added
by n Sir. lllckey. Tlicro is llttlo doubt that
this race is on tlio level. Ilanlanls s.ild to
bo taking better caro of himself than ho has
for a long time past, and feels that ho has a
hard race beforo him. Lee, on tho con
trary, is veiy confident of victory. It Is
rather caily to tuako a prediction, but It
does look as though Courtney and Conley
should win, A lino can bo taken this way.
Either Conley or Courtney can defeat Lee
easily at this time in a single. Grantlngthat
llaiilan can defeat either Courtney or Con
ley In a single, still It is very doubtful If ho
makes up for what Leo lacks, On tho
other hand, It Is not a sitro thing that Han
Ian can defeat Coitrtnoy or Conley this fall
In a single; that llaulan Is not at Ills best Is
shown by his elTorts all the season to avoid
anything like a match.
Jti:ri'itxi:i moM AunoAit.
Iluiv 3lr. ,loliii AV. ThoiupHim Ihijnyeit
Ills Trip tu Ihti-iipi'.
Sir. John W. Thompson was at his office
at the National Metropolitan Hank to-day
for the first time hi threo months. Ills ex
ceedingly vigorous appearance was In It
self ait answer to tho query put to him by
tho host of friends who dropped In upon
hint us to whether he had enjoyed his trip
to Europe. A rcpiesentatlvo of 'I'm: Cniru:
found Sir. Thompson up to his eyes lit busi
ness, yet not too busy to say a wotd or two
about his Journey.
"Tito most of tils thno was spent hi Great
lhitiiln. Paris was tho only continental
city ho visited on this trip, but his tour of
Scotland was a very Interesting one, being
made in company with Chief-Justice ami
Sirs. Wnlle, and including as It did the
neighborhood of llalntoral, Inverness and
Abcidccn, and the lakes ami highlands geu
itally. .Miss Thompson accompanied him
during the greater part of the tour, though
her father made a Journey through Iieland
alone. He epies.-es himself p.utlcitlaiiy
impiessed with the progress of thought
among tho people of tho Green Isle. He
found the poorer classes those who do not
lead for themselves still longing for homo
rule, but thinking men were beginning to
take advanlago of the opportunities of tho
hour, anil tho consequence has been thattho
entire people bieatlio a freer atmosphere
and seem to bo making good progress on
the fond to sclf-suppoit.
Sir. Thompson made the most of Ids op
portunity for studying tho Irish character,
and ho lias como homo with the opinion
that the constuut decrease of the popula
tion Is working for the good of tho country
and that tho Interchange of thought be
tween lesldeuts and those who sojourn there
Is seed sown In good ground. .Minister
Foster, Judge Nathaniel Wilson and Charles
NordholT were among those who emtio over
on tho Germanic with Sir. Thompson ami
his daughter. They reached New Yoik at
11 a. m., Saturday, and canto on to Wash
ington that evening.
.- .
The readers of Tut: CltlTir In Alexan
dria on Saturday complimented tt on giv
ing such, a good picture of ltev. John E.
SlaSsoy, until they read tho namo of ltev.
John S. Lindsay under It.
Hcdfnrd, a llttlo fl-yoar-old grandson of
Hcdferd Drown, whllo walking on tho step
stones across Pitt ttieet yesterday, fell
against one of them and cut a terrible
gash in his forehead.
Yesterday was a quiet day, there only
being two arrests mado for drunkenness.
The funeral of Sir. lMuin II. Caiiln, who
was found dead In his room on Saturday
morning, took place to-day from his late
tesldeuie on Duke street.
About thlity Knights of Labor of this
city went on tlio excursion to ltlchmoiid on
Saturday night and spoko very highly of
the trip.
Tho Circuit Court In session In this eltv
decided on Saturday that tho city council
has a legal right to tax tho city bonds held
by residents of this city.
It'lNllltlCII II, CtMtllt'll.
Dliil.lN, Oct. fi. The Nalloliallsl Cnti
Ulitlnn met at MlrkliriP'In-itay. .Mr. P.ir
ncll, Hie Irish leader, delivered the opening
address, llo urged thosn pn-scnt to bury
all dllTetriiees, thereby promoting unity
nt.il good feeling, without which, ho as-rrtle-d,
success could nul ho hoped for.
Tho lliltlsh ate reported to havo taken
possession of Herat, Afghanistan.
T ho Oar ha promised tho lliilirarlan to
i tideavnr to effect a peaceful solution of the
llalkan trouble.
London dealing In American railway
share havo been checked by Iho Heath
failure In New York.
iliilin .lli'l'iillougli'M 4'oiiilllliin.
Nr.w Yotiu, Oct. fi. Captain Conner, of
the SI. James Hotel, whulsctlllngiip.loliu
.McCulIotigh' estate, went up to llloonilng
daleyeslcidayto eeo the demented trage
dian, Captain Conner found a decided
change for tho worse In Sir. SlcCulliiugh'
I'omlilliiti. For the first lime the tragedian
failed to tecogiilo his old filelid, and out hi
Ills piesenco nearly half an hour without
speaking or seeming to nollcnthat he was In
the room. Caplalu ( 'miner said to it re
porter: "Ho wa very much weaker to-d.iv
than when I last saw him. Ho may come
out of bis present spell of weakness for a
while, but the end Is undoubtedly drawing
near. He didn't tecognlzo moat allot first,
but as I was leaving I think ho had ii faint
glimmer of who 1 was, for a smile passed
over hi face. He Is too weak now to go
al out alone, and at times he haH to bo al
most curried by bis attendants."
Mr. Cornier, who was formerly Sir. SIc
Culloiigh'R manager, say of him: "Thero
Is one cironeuiisslaleiiHiit about Mr. Stc
Cullnuo.li that 1 would like to correct. It
has been said that Ids allllctlon Is duo to
dissipation In various way. This Is false.
I was Intimately connected with him fur
Jems, and I know that whllo ho enjoyed
congenial society as well as any man. ho
was not given to excesses of any kind.
No, John .McCiillough's disease Is heredi
Tim Coin Ili-irvii Unit llo C'm-rleit In
Ills .H!i!inii-t,.
Professor 11. AVnril of ltoclicstcr Uni
versity, who has In hand tlio litoiiiil
Ing of the skin iiml skeleton of Jiuiiho,
stopped u few minutes in Now York
on his way to Bridgeport to see P. T.
Darnum, and was seen al tho Grand
Union Hotel by u Tribune reporter.
"Jumbo was a bank nil liv himself," ho
said. 'When I arrived id St. Thomas
with my assistants lo preserve) llie re
mains I found in his stomach a great
many coins Uiigllsh shillings aiiilslx
pences, coppers, and imo Canadian piece,
showing that he has been keeping a bank
account, although ho left no will. Jumbo
was unlike ordinary elephants, which aro
big and touiid and with oval lucks. Ho
was more like a French horsowlth a hol
lowed out back, standing very high at tho
shoulders. Ills head was drawn out at tho
tusk and tho forehead moro curved than
the Indian elephants. It will take threo
months and $!.yxi0 to mount him. Wo have
lo build a wooden elephant, like that at
Coney Island, for a frame, and keep shap
ing It until it exactly gives the right form
with tho skin upon It. Tho frame has to bo
mado strong with heavy Iron rods and bolts
to prevent accident In ttavel. Two special
eais are being built for tho now doublo
Jumbo. After a year abroad, dismounted
skin will rest nt Tuft' College, und Ids
skeleton at the Smithsonian Institution,
Till' I.osl Toolli.
It Is related of the Prince' Sfetternliii
that at a great reception In Vienna sho ac
cidentally dropped from her mouth a false
tooth, and did not hesitate to make her loss
known with that frankness so characteristic
of her. The fashionable world present it
leresled itself vainly In seeking tho tooth.
1'urnlturo was moved about, curtains weio
shaken, the floors uncut, but tlio tooth
could not be found. A few days afterward
tlio Illustrious lady received a package and
a letter. Tho latter, which was anonymous,
announced, ns contained in tho package,
the missing loeilh. The package Indeed
contained a tooth, but It was tho tooth of
an ox. Though tho letter was unsigned,
tho Princess was confident that she knew
who was ttsauthor a social rival and to
the lady she believed guilty sho wrote: "1
knew that you felt for mo the greatest
friendship, but I never until now would
have believed that your afTectloit would
lead jolt so far as lo havo ono of your own
teeth drawn to lcplaee my lo." Tlio
A lltooily l-'lclil Hot ween ItnllniiM.
Lucas Mllouiich and James W. Cassasa,
two Italians, had a bloody light hi their
bar-room, on I) street, between Seventh
and Eighth streets, lids moinlng. .They
weio arteslcd and taken to the PolleoCoiiit
nnd ehaigcd with affray. Miloorlch's face
was battered almost out of recognition and
his head was badly cut. Cassassa wa also
badly cut nnd bruised. Tho te-thiiuny
showed that they fought about who should
suppott their father-in-law. Cass.issa was
lined i"i and the other was ill-charged.
Tin' Ai'lor-I'iciK'lii'r'M .lliiselr.
In Denver, Col., last Tue-d.iy evening,
Geoigo Mlln, the tragedian, made a per
sonal attack on A. N. l!uu-el, his treasurer,
hi tho lobby of Charplot's Hotel. Tho
affray grew out of Silln's recent trouble
with his manager, Denton. SIllu got the
best of Iho encounter. Tho two men got
down upon the tiled lloor beforo tlie-y were
separated, llousel had Mlln arrested for
disturbance and assault and battery. Mlln
gave nollcoto his company to-day that they
would disband at tho close of the week.
Chin. Enquirer.
Ill Jllovi'il lln- .liny.
Condemned murderer (to his lawyer)
"You said that In your address to tho Jury
you would work every one of them up to
tho highest possible pitch of sympathy for
Lawyer "And didn't 1 1 Why, I could
sco teats In the eye of Iho foreman when
he pronounced the word 'guilty.' " N. V,
south WAsnixcrrox.
Tho funeral of Sir. Mary Dally, whose
death occurred at her late resilience, No.
','1S I) street southwest, at ' o'clock
Friday morning, took place from St.
Dominic's Church yesterday at 'i o'clock,
Ji, in., and was very largely attcudod.
Tho services were conducted by ltev.
Father Siiauldlng. Tim Interment took
placo nt Mt. Olivet Cemetery.
The funeral of tho late Daniel Kelly, who
formally years was superintendent of the
tigging at tho new Stato, War and Navy
Department, and whose death occurred at
his lato tesldenco. No. 70- Second streot
southwest, lust Friday, took placo from St.
Dominie's Church this morning at U o'clock.
Iteqiilem mas was celebrated by Father
Edelln, after which tho cortege proceodoel
to Sit. Olivet Cemetery, whero tho Inter
ment took place.
The many fiicnds of Sir. C. S, Price, the
druggist of Seventh street, between 1) and
E stieet southwest, will bo pained
to learn of tho death of his Interesting 0-months-old
babe, which occurred at an
early hour this morning. Teething was the
(Julte n party wero gathered together
this morning to witness tho marriage of
Sllss Daisy Smith of C street notthwest to
Mr. C. W. Alovaitderof Mils city. Tho ltev.
Sir. Ncl'.lroy, assistant re'etor of Epiphany
Church, jierformeil the ceremony, and tho
accomplished bride left with her husband
fni a trip Fast.
'A crank Is a man who has a capital Idea
with not sense enough to carry It out," says
Dr Crosby In a new definition,
Mrs. Sophia Gramalcr Hun Orer
and Fatally Injured.
Aiilniiiiillc (lull.. Which Hi, Ni, 'r
leel thi'MitiMiiilk.
Ow lug to tho lack of ntnplo protection
for the Nnfcty of pedestrian nt tliu II
slrcet crossing of the llalllmoroifc Ohio
Ilallioml, n serious accident occurred
lids morning which may terminate- fil
ially. Mrs. Sophia (tmmalcr.agciKI yearn,
has fur the past thrcu months been an
inmate of Iho Homo for tlio Aged of
the Little Sisters of tho Poor, at the!
comer of Third and II streets northeast.
I Id morning Sir. (Imtnalcr wa given per
mission to take a short walk for exercise,
and, leaving the homo about 8 o'clock, pro
ceeded to visit her daughter, Sir. Arte,
who reside at the corner of Sixth and O
sllect noithwcst.
She aulved at tho It-street crossing of tliu
tallioad Just as tiies:;li) o'clock local train
from llalllmore wa turning tho curve.
The automatic gate at the crossing wero
Immediately lowered, but n no arm or
barrier protect the sidewalk, the old lady,
who wa haul of heating, unobserved by tlio
gate-keeper, walked out on the track Just
a the train arrived at tho crossing. A gang
of laborer who were at work on tho track
Immediately shouted to tho old lady, but
even had the warning been heard, It would
have been too late, for almost simultane
ously tho engine rolled by, tho cjlhider
striking the old lady on the side, throwing;
her bruised and mangled form a distance of
twenty feel on an adjoining track.
Sho was picked up i,y tho workmen ami
carried Into a restaurant near by, whero Dr.
Smhlarth, Iho company's physician, was
summoned. He ordered her to bo removed
lo the Home, which was dono In tho pollco
patrol wagon. Upon an examination attho
Home by the Doctor It was found thattho
old lady had received serious Internal Inju
ries, the right hip being dislocated, tlio
ankle crushed and a severe wound near the
hhe died about 1 o'clock this afternoon.
Sir. ('. E. .Meyers, in charge of J. p.
Agnew's coal depot at this crossing, state
that about one week ago he saved the old
lad) s life by pulling i.r f,.m tle tracks
Just a a train passed. The gate-keeper
say bis attention wa utlracted to a nun
who was walking on the track further
down and that he did not notice the old
lady when sho walked upon the tracks.
A number of persons who witnessed tho
accident state that the train was riinnhi"
nt the ralo of about eighteen or twenty
mile an hour.
A I'lip With n lltsloi-v.
Enin, Oct. n. Ilcv. Father Cody of
Tltusvlllc, one of tho five priests contesting
for an elahorato golden chalice, consecrated
by Popo Leo XIII. and brought from Homo
by HWiop .Mullen, has been dcclarod tho
winner of tho cup. Tho money coming
from the contest, fully $S),000, will bo de
voted to tlio unfinished cathedral In this
The chalice Is remarkable, not only for
Its value and beauty, but for an Incident
connected with Its consecration. When
lllshop .Mullen, after having obtained tho
Pope's promise to consecrato tho Vessel,
sent It to Iho Vatican the discovery was
made that tho chalice boro u Latin Inscrip
tion declaring that it had been consecrated
hi the presence of the lllshop of Erie. Now
such consecrations nro performed at tlio
Pope's private mas, to which none aro ad
mitted save two clerics and tho Pope's as
sistant pi-let. When the l'opo read the lu
scilitlon, however, be ald that a challco
consecrated by him should not proclaim a
falsehood, and, accordingly, tho rulo wa
relaxed, perhaps for the first lime, and
lllshop .Mullen wa admitted to the Holy
Father's private mass.
A l-'ntlii'i'N lli'iilulily.
Ni:w Yi.iik, Oct. fi. Philip AVcnz, a Ger
man, living at 1101 Second avenue, tried to
bang hi !l-ycar-old daughter on Saturday.
The girl was playing In tlio back room when
her father called to her and said: "Do you
know what this ropo Is for?" at Iho samo
time holdldgup n pleco of clothe line.
"That Is what mamma hangs clothes on,"
replied tho child. "Well, I am going tu
hang you on It; 1 havo got tired of living
this sort of life and am going to kill you."
Wen, then struck Iter across tho face ami
threw the rope through the open transom,
and in another Instant drew tlio child to tho
top of the door. Sho struggled anil
scieamed and In few seconds was lowered,
when her father said: "Now say vour pray
ets; jim bad better get ready to die, becauso
jou won't ever sco jour mother again. Say
them quick." llefore tho child could buy
anjtlilng Wenr. pulled tho ropo again, anil
once more she was hanging In the air. Till
time sho was tillable to make anv sign ami
was gasping fur breath, when Wcnz let go
of the i ope. Sho fell to the ground, hut
had strength enough to inn down stall.
The man has been arrested.
A Thick Skull.
Tnr.NTiiv, Oct. fi.Elhvood Long, a con
fectioner, fiom Philadelphia, who has been
tramping In quest of work, attemptod sui
cide on tho Pennsylvania Itallroad here yes
tciday afternoon, with a ,'J-eallhro revolver.
Tho small bullet, however, flattened out
against the frontal hone In his skull and tho
man was taken to St. Francis' Hospital,
whero he Is doing well, lie says this is his
third attempt at suicide' and that all threo
times chills and fever drove him to tho
deed. He Is :il year old.
Snow I-'lillliis in Dakota.
Git ivi Fouic, 1). T., Out. 5, Snow be
gan falling at Devil's I.ako Saturday evening
and continued all uight. It began snowing
here at 4 o'clock and Is now falling rapidly.
Improving; on llutilei'.
The captain of tho Coko (colored) Itlllos
of Austin, Texas, is a regular martinet, but
at the same time ho takes tho trouble of
explaining tho drill to tho members of tho
company, "You has learned do tight
about faco and now you must lonrti do left
about faco." "How am datS" asked Cor
poral Sam Johnsing, "Do left about faco
am precisely do sumo as do right about
fuec, 'eepttu' hit am do opposite" Texas
Mixon A'.'ir.s xorns.
There aro fully -1,000 smallpox patient
tit Slontrcul.
Archdeacon Farrar preached lu lkiltl
moro yojtcrday.
Sir John SIncDonald expects that tlio
llrltlsh Privy Council will decide to lull?
Louis Itlel.
A letter from Homo gives tho approval
of the decree of the late Pleuary Council
by the Vatican.
live men of ltohhuon's circus wero
MIIikI mi the Northern Pucllle Itallroad yes
terday morning.
--!t. Patrick's Itoman Catholic Church,
Hartford, Conn., was dedicated yesterday,
Anhhlshop Hjan tukhig part,
The woman whom Hessendoif killed In
Central Park beforo committing suicide w
the wife of Editor Koch of tho Jersey City
Vcc V'mjw.
liasiin Graham, who tied from New
Yuri, lib $"5,000 in stolen money and ,1
iiltur llrautwell's wife, lia returuod fMin
Spilnglleld, Mass., aud will not bo proe-tuted.

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