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"'lr'w. "Tl frTftkW
I $xx - ,
pi 1 wV P TrifMl
Tills mcillehio. combining Iron with pure
vegetable, built, qitlcklv mill foinjililily
Ctlrctl niifpi.tri, liiilffTCttlnlt, wtiill
iics, lmpiiro lliuoil, Jtfnlnrln, Clilllu
ami I'Vviih, mill Hfruinlfil.i
It I' nn iiiif.iliiuu rcniLiI) lor Pheit'os of tho
Kl.iiii- nml I.Ivrr.
It In Inviiluiiblo Tor Plcnes pccullnr to
1Vomin,and nil v. ho liml HiU'lllnty llns,
Itdoistiot Inline the tcctli,imi"chiuhtchc',rr
produce cniislipiilloti--tilhtt him inftltchtrt tin.
It rnrlclus ntul purlflm Iho lilnuit,
rtlmulinisllio upi utile, nidi (ho iimliutlntlnii
of fiio.bri'lhV'H Itrnrlhiutt mid belching mid
btraiiii'lit Hi liit" iii"I mini ticrus,
lor Intel mill, nt l"i 1 1, J. ustHt.dc,
ImsIi of niiury, ilc , It hns nu upt d.
C ," Tlio oi"imiin lininlrfiiclmdi' mnik n d
rrtr cd red Unison uiuppcr. 'J'tikc uo,itl,ri.
t'nti-ni mii iiiiiiti.iHin riiTiiinnin,
Tor tlio lioncflt of "ufTc Ins hmnntiltsr, I doom
It only my duly to ghnthls iins.illcltu I tintl
inony 111 fill or of swift's Specific. .My who
I ns been nllllctod with Ecoini from Infancy.
Wotrlcduvery known remedy, buttononvnll,
bhovvns nlsoafillitcil Willi n periodical ner
vous hendnchn. sometimes followpil hv nil III
trimllteiit fover, so Hint her llfn hoenino n
biirdmto her. I'lnnllr I dolcr'nlnol to try
bw Iti'n speclllo. she r onnnpiicod seven weokv
beo. After taking tho llrst lurjio bottle tlio
dlsenso seemed to Increase) tlio but nlng. Itch
ing nnd liillmninatlnti bccninn iiuhoirnhlo,
Wii", however, persevered In tlio uso of tlio
ncdlcixo. After taking thu second Imttlo tho
Inflammation began to siihsldo. After tlio
third bottlo tho liilhiuiinnlloiidhnppeirod.nud
tlio soro spots dried up nnd turned v. Iitto mid
fcnly. nnd flnnlly sho brushed them off In nu
lmpulpiblo whit o powder resembling puro
salt. Sho Is now taking tlio sixth bottle; every
npponrmieo of tlio dlscaso Is cone, nnd her
llcli Is witt nnd wlilto ns n child's. Her held
nchos hnvo disappeared nnd sho cnloys tlio
only good health slio hit known In 'lu jours.
No wonder shodecms in cry bottle of 8. 8. S,
Is worth a thousand time Its weight In uold.
Any lurtlicr Information concerning her onto
will bo cheerfully given by herself nthor toil
denee, 1115 Mullott street, or by 1110,
JOHN 1". HllADLEY, It Urlsvvoldst.
Dctiolt.Mlch.MnylO. 1SS5.
I'or salo by nil druggists.
Tin: xw ikt si'ECinaco.,
N.Y., TB7 W. 'J;id ft. Uniwor II. Atlautn.On
ELY'S ctotH
lullaiiniiii U on. rf,t,Ti"min.
IXenls &oros. lto
BtoreH tlicScnucH
of Tnsto, Hear
lDgnnd Suioll.
A quirk ltcllof.
CltlMl 7tAI.1t has calncd nncnvlablo
reputation, ilNplneim,' nil oilier prep.uutloni.
A partlelo Is nppllcd Into eneh nostril; no pain;
BWenlilo to tire, l'rlto OOo. by mall or nt
diucKlsti. bend for Ircular, JJLY DUOS.,
Drucglsti, Ow ceo. M. Y.
AvtctlTTl nf inntlifiillmnrnilotw a
ru tiR Premature )eny, NorrousUeb'lltj, Jx t
MhuIi'idiI, Aclwniiiff 1 1 lod In nlti cvrry Vnowo
finodj.lif sd!cotrelnflmitlorjpannoH'lf-!urc1
which ho ilUfrd 1 m l! tohla nlIani(rprcrM,
Addrea3, J,JLHi:i: Lrf.i3ChatbantbU -few Vork.
n it a fbaant, tire curt.
M tlOlOllllllu .
1 itching piles. :$!$y-z
11 ! IIIIWI tf ..ln.-nm. M.l.t..
Immcdlato relief for Cold In tho Head, Soro
No'O. Cntnrrli, io, lOo. n box. I'or ualo by
nil tlniggl-tt.
Hitmlctri ,fc Mayman beg to nnnouneo tlio
opiultiKof llnlr
New Pinno' and Organ
Vnicrcoin, H1I 1' stieet n. w , Oct. 1, 18S.1, nt
which tlmo they will display nn elegant us
bortrocnt of tho WoiUl-llenowned
Decter Bros. Pianos anflEstcy Organs.
AUo tho Celebrated
Ficcher and Estey Pianos.
Instruments cold on Monthly rnyments,
nl.o I'm ltcnt, nt low rate".
TuiiIiik nnd Jlepnlilnc n specialty Hcvond
llnnd I Iiiiich nnd (ircuiH nt ll.uf.uin.
Mr. .Ins Ilutlti, tho (l!-lhi'ul-lioil orK.inlil,
will Loin thuiiio of WnnhliiKtou iooiih,
35 n cii.iii.r." st., o.ti r r.Tiii:i:r n. w
r.nltlir.oiu, JU1. n-hliifton, D. 0.
foil lui
IliKMItiuU'il In Tunt", Totirli, Work
liiuiiMliIp mid durability.
At All 1'ilcei.
COa rennsylvnnln Aicnuo. seeonddoor west
ot Ninth street,
Chickering and Janios & Holniatrom
Artificial Stone Paving Co.
Office, UI8 New York Avenue.
Arttsiia and Fine Work in Comant a
Our Skilled Workmen lay tho followliiK
1'uit. mentis;
Scl.lltrnfler's Pnlent, Best Oranollllilo.
AEphaltum, Artificial Stone.
Neurohntel, Mnsllo.
Kitchens, Sldownlki, Htnblos und Collarn
laid wllhncatiiosi und lu-uimitnuas.
Owncm ot pioperty nro notillod tint thoy
will bo held itsponslblofor liifiliik'onioiitH of
this patent Tlio United Mates Coin ts for tho
District of Columbia huo recently unjoined
II, I.. Crnnford and tho Coinmlssloners of tho
District of Columbia fiom laylnit this pavo
nicnt. Allnrtlllilul hIoiio pavoments other
bun that laid under tha patent uro worthlojs.
Telephouo Cull 107-2, 1'ro.ildent.
Uri -; ?
Lieutenant-Commander Lea of
Steamer Harriot Lono.
A DitcliargoJ Clerk Ploadinj lo Bj Kpi in
A I'leil lor Itm PiH'Iiol I'.wl Hjxtoni In
Tlili Country.
"Muirny" of tho Imll.uinpolU AWi
wns In tho olllco i)C Thlnl Auditor
Willinmsthu olhorilny mi l8.twii(?roit,
hi nwny follow, wclghinj; at lc.tsl two
hiinilicil pountli, wlio lunl been ills
chmgcil nml Wiis sailly ploaillng to bj
lutiiincil, hicuuso nf hit family ami for
oilier iciiioiH, Hut, tersely iniiiiroil
the Auditor: "I hml lo lcduco Iho
tone; noiuebody lintl to go; why mil
j mi? Now you qpciik of your family.
Vnu lime hem In olllco u good while.
If jou hno fied nothing for (ho
ttiluro In nil (his tlmo you hivo no
buoiiiiis Iicio. You nnin stout, tugged,
hmllhy mnn nml of fair Intelligence
nnd accomplishments und onht to Iju
nlilo to (itl along. Thcio mo ullierri
who are (lUi'liau'ed with you whoaio
not ni'iiily so well lilted to gi apple with
the world I nni nry for you, but I
tiin't help It." "I'm Hiiro I'm not u
lmddcik," said the discharged iniiii,
crlnj,liigly, "nnd 1 can not bo called an
offciiMiupiiitiiiau fori liuven'l voted "
"1 don'l cine anylhing nboul vour poll
lies," Intel ruplrl Auditor Williams,
hotly. "I told you politics has iiothiuglo
do with It. Ot course you are n Hepiioll
can; so aic Iho lest, I can't put Demo
i mis In your places: 1 wish I could.
'Flint Is tho way I wns served. 1 was
n Collector of liitcinnl Kevenuo In In
diana under Audiuw Johnson, When
(limit was elected olf went my lie-id.
'Iheio wns no lirctense or apology I
wns piomptly (limlsscd becimu 1 was
n Pemocint. Don't talk lo mc nboul
polities'" Tho cvelcik, seeing ho
was not bclteiing his case very fast
heal u busty ictical. Thoio was
niiolher icnstm which the Auditor, now
thoioughly nrouoed nnd lnclug iho
lloor, did not see Iho big-bearded,
biouil "houldcrcd, two-himdred-pound
mnn wns in terns. "When n miti like
that ciles," says tho JVciri man, "Ifeal
lather siiucnniish myself, for I kno.v
he Is in ical anguish of mind. Yet I
linvc l'.nowu great big men to slie.l
leais nnd sob, where a little frail wonnn
who bore on her narrow sloping slioul
ileis two llilids of the family liuideii.
would set her lips more llrmly nu.l
weather the cilsls ns a mini should."
"Well, this is new lo me," continued
Mr Williams, "ami I don'l llko it, bill
It has to be done, livery time any one
Is discharged I go tin ough this scene
and sometimes It shakes my nerves.
Now thai big fellow who was in luro
has a lit t lo means, peihnps; so 1 am
told, but he has been hcio so long thai
he don't know which wiy lo turn to
make an honest Using, "llj Is bill u
sample of huiidicds of men In this
building. If tinned out to day Ihay
lime no Idea how or wheio to cam
bread nnd meat for their families.
They me perfectly helpless. Not Unit
they haven't ability, but simply be
enuso they havo lost conildciieo In
themselves. Now Unit man will gel
along. Ho Is scued half to death
now, but he'll get over that and stilko
out for himself."
I'm suing the same themo "Mm ray"
alludes. ns follows to his meeting a
squad of dischaiged clerks from the
Itcglslei's olllco: "One of them is
known hcieubouls as tho lightning cal
culate, lie can Jerk three columns of
llguics atii tlmo as easily ami quickly
as you can add two and two. Ho can
multiply tin co llguics deep with as
much ease as you cm multiply louran 1
four. In compulation ho can do tho
woik of any four epeits. Yet he
seems to have n s-ciciv loose nonioivhoro.
I'll- never had time to hunt for It and
only think of It when I see him or he.ii
hlni. Well, ho hail been discharge I
finm a sKtecu-hiuidrcd dollar clerk
ship and was pouring his gilovaus"
into newspaper cms, damning lbs So
lelmy of the Tieasiuy, llegUter Kou
cuius and the Administration generally.
Isuggestidlh.it such a man as ho, If
sleadj and tellable, ought to eommiud
5,000 u year in New Yoik in piivato
business. 'Ami so 1 cm, 1i.it you
sco I liaien't got a cent. I just want
to get back long enough to get money
to go to New York and look around.'
There wos a soil of gilm humor about
this suggestion fiom n man who has
been lll'tcen ye.us in olllco thnt stiuck
mo haul, bo 1 went thoughtfully
away, leasing him to tho boys, who
sent olf by who this last olllclal change
ttmpeicd lo suit their lespeetivo jour
mils. Democints who mo hanker
ing after these things may see tlio
inoinl "
A GaUcston correspondent of Iho St.
Louis (i74i Democrat, visiting tho Kpls
copal C'emetciy In tho western put of
that city, had his attention called to u
modest tombstone umlci thu sh ulo of a
slgoious Hvo oak, which minks the
lestlng place of Llcutoit iiil-Commuulcr
Kdwaul I.ea, who was killed on the
steamer Han let Lane .fauuiry 1, 1S1.J.
IMwanl I.ea was a ll.iltimorctu by
birth, and Iho In caking out of tho war
found him mi olllcer in the Tederal
navy. His father, Major Albert M.
I.ea, who espoused tho C'onfcdointo
side, had wiittcn him e.uly In '01, giv
ing his iows on Iho then pending c m
test, adding that ho must judgo lor
himself the side ho would lake, but
should ho. choose tho soivleo of the
United Slates they would probably
never meet again, unices peichaiicu in
battle. Tho young ollleci elected to
stand by tho old Hag, and when the
steamer. Haiitct I.uno was transfoiined
Into a man-of-war ho was selected by
Captain Waluwilghl as her Hist lieu
tenant. When the United .Stales foices
on uplul Galveston, in tlio tall of 1832,
thollaniet I.ano formed one of the
llotllla, and when tho city was ro
tnkin by the rebel forces under M i
muder, on the 1st of January, 18J1,
Major A. M. I.ea, the father ot tlio
joung lieutenant, was among tho at
tacking p.uty, mut liom tlio shoio wit
nosed Ins son's ship biiriender, after
lur raptaln li.ul been killed and unit
of her olllceis despei.Uely wounded.
l'l oceidlng lo the head of Dean's wh iff,
mar wheiu the light took place, Major
l.ta hailed tho llaulet I, me, iflion
whose bulwarks (Jeneial To.n Green
and Couiniodoro I.eon Smith st 1 1 1. and
iiskid If any of tho steamer's ollUars
had been killed or wounded, and tho
le'pl) wns : "Yes, ne.uly all of tliom "
Major I.ea was then granted pirmlssl m
to'gn on boaul and, meeting nn olllco.'
of tho ship, asked 11' Ueutoti mt L.H
was there, mid wiisansweroJi "Yes
and badly wounded," '1 i u
father," lcpllcd tho Confcder.ilo o
ccr and ho was then led lo his son,
who wns lying In tho cock-ptl sur
rounded by the dead and dying, The
sou lecogulcd the father, telling him
that ho hoped ho was not mortally
wounded. l)r. Pciiiiu of Philadel
phia, who was operating upon a
wounded man, staled that the lieu
tenant was mortally wounded and
might dlo within an hour, or
tnlghl linger for several days. The
father then leluined to the shore lo
proem o nn anibulaiico to take llu
wounded man to the hospital, bill dur
ing his nbscuce the l.ieiitcn ml osplred.
his last winds, when askud If ho hi I
nnv directions (o give, being dimply,
"My father Is heie. IIo was burled,
together with Captain AVnlnwrlght, on
the 2d of January, with military
honors, and to-day, 'of all who fought
and died under tlio stin and v.rlpjs on
the llnulel Lane's decks, tho lemiins
of IJeiilenntit I.ea aro tho only ones
icxtlnur beneath tho lurT on G.i'lvesion
Npenking of V,. A. Duikc of Iho New
Oilcans Timct-lhmu'riit, and Into dl-icctor-goiicr.il
of tho Now Oileins
Wotld's Knlr, tho Cleveland TiMiUr'
coriespondent says of him thai ho wis
boin of lilsh decent, and was ratlrovl
Ing In Tc.sns when the war bioko out.
A boy of '11111010011, ho enlisted In tho
Coiifedetato aimy, and erved through
out the war. At lis close ho went hick
to Texas nnd stinted a wagon fuetory.
This did not p ly. I to then left Texas
nnd came to Now Orleans, and (hcto
began as a stoue-cuttei lu a uiaible
ymd. At about (his same time, or a
few years before, John Kelly was
working as a mason In New York, and
ex-senator Hcniy G. Davis of West
Virginia was bulking on a lallioad.
lltirko soon left stono-cutttug for his
old tiade ot lallroadlmr, where ho roso
lo be general freight agent of tho Jack
son Hallroud, 1 loin this he went to
liollllcs, and held many good olllces
In 18b0 ho had made enough In be able
to buy out the New Oilcans Democrat,
and thieo years later he purchased tho
New Oi leans Tima. lie put brains
Into his now paper which ho made out
of these two old ones, mid since that
Unto it has been tho gical pnpci of tho
South. It Is In fact n Northern paper
In a Southern city, and there Is no ic.i
son why tho man who has mado II a
gi cat success should not do tho same
with the journal ho proposes to estab
lish lu New Yoik.
"A young lady in this city," says the
Washington col respondent of tho Now
Orleans Mates, "sent a two-cenl postal
caul to her lover In Tetra del Fuego
and lccclved an answer In duo lime,
which led her to wonder nl tho far
icaehing bcncllt of tho postal system.
A United Stntcs two-cent postal caul
now goes to about all tho clvilied
countries of the globe under Iho pro
visions of tho Universal Postal Union.
The packet post will be the ne.xt Im
moMmcut, nnd Iho United States Is be
lilnd the Ktuope.ui nations In this. It
Is a system whcieby small packages of
nieicfiandlso can bo transmitted
tlnotigh the malls mid thu customs
duties paid without red tapo or exces
sive fees. ThoO. 0. 1). system will al
so be adopted somo day In our postal
system, an old olllcial belloves, This
would enable the Paris Don Mmcho to
end n pair of the very latest kid gloves
lo aiasnionauio miss inucnvcr lor siy
ten cents postage, leu cents customs
duty and sevenly-lho cents for pur
chase pi Ice. Tho total ninely-llvo cents
could bo collected on delivery
at Denver and tho miss would havo n
very good $1.50 aillelo 'Just fiom
l'arls. A neat customs waybill could
bo exhibited by her ns evidence that
her invoice camo Ihtough rogulmly.
We live in nu ago of innovation."
(Mil r.iinlniiil llcnteii.
Iho Viiiltan beat tlio Gencsta.
C'hiusseu's btock Alo beats nuy nlo In Old
N 1th tostcis It Is tlio drink.
Chris. Aimer bottles It nnd i ccommeinls
It especially for family use.
Aincilcnn Stout biowcd by tlio heavy
ClnussciiiV: Son Mi owing Company, has a
world-wide reputation; for n weak consti
tution It cannot be beat, it will bo for talc by
all leading gioecrs.
At the Centennial In Philadelphia, 137.1,
l.iinp'sst. Louis beer beat all other West
cm beeis for llasoi mid tnsto.
bluco that tlmo It has iiupiovcd steadily
both lu salts mid ouallty because of Inter
methods ot blowing.
I emp's St. Louts beer to ilay,aftcrltsshoit
6l:j lu out iiinihct, lends all other bieulnu's.
Oonnolsseius who nro Judces piefer tlio
Golden l'.xtra l'nlo for Us purity.
l'hjslclans recoinmcnd It, also, as a vain
nblo Ionic for imtillds.
'iho boss dilnU.lt bcciuso It gives no
Look r.t tho label and see tint no lufeiloi
beer Is given j on for Letup's bt. J.ouU;
tieiy lalel bears thu full iiamo of the
Western Drew cry.
Call for It nt every leading hotel, icstiui
lant oi giocerj stoic mid ou will gel it.
io urn WASiiixarox,
Will llaptlst Cliuicli on Virginia nveimo
ucur I'oiir-mid-a half street soutlincit wus
flllid with frluids last evening to witness
tboiuiiiiltigoot .Mr. J. .Mitchell Itoux and
JIIss Id. i Lucas, mi oxtiemaly popular
voiing eouplo of South Washington. Tho
brldiil pnity unlved nt tho church a few
iiilnutes befoio 8 o'clock, and were ushered
to seats ueoi thonltai. At 8 o'clock tlio
weddlug mnrcli was sounded from tlio or
gan, nml the happy couple, mulched up tho
iilsUi lo the altar, wbeiotho itov. l)r C. C.
Meador pronouiiced the ceiemony. Cou
giutiiliillons folloiveil, after which tlio patty
wiisdilvcn to tlio lesldcnce of thu bride's
parents on (1 street, between rour-unil-a-iinlf
mil tiixth streets, wheio u loceptlou
vi as held, mid tlio liuincioiis mid clegu.t
lviilillug piiseuts (llsplii)ail, .Mr. and .Vlrs.
Itoux departed on Iliu 111 p. in. train at tho
lliilllnioio A Potomac depot for mi ex
tended hild.il tour tluoiiKh tho N'oilh.
Lpou their icturii they will teinpoiaill
make Hah liomu nt tho lesldeucu of tho
Lust evening, ns Mr. Georgo Keen, tlio
inciebai t talloi, was dilviug tluoiu'li tho
Smtthtoiiliiii guninds In cniupjtiv Willi his
wife, their ennligo collided wlt'i a heavy
vii'i'on di Iv en by a colored mm niiiud
lliiiwn. Tlio can !ago wns demolished nml
Mrs. Keen uaiiowl) csc.ipod serious Injury.
'1 bough uoticis nro posted nt tbocntiaiico of
et'ih loidwav In tlio gioiuids prohibiting
wugons or loaded teams fiom pissing over
thu loud, no attention seems to bo pild tho
oideis I) 'lie watchmen In tlio gruundi.
'Iho work on tho foundations ot thu new
Mi (Ileal Museum mid National Llhruv
building, which Is to bo coustnuto 1 at tho
comer of Seventh mid II stieots southwest,
has be. n retarded by tho past fo.v dajs of
stoi mi, disagreeable w either. Tlio con
tiactoishopu to havo tho building filly
under way befoio tlio setting in of cold
.loliiiNiinN, 'I'lili tccntli nml i:.
This pronilueiit reslaiuaut for ladles mil
giiitlciuen bus been lenov.ited mid icfur
nlshed regnnllesg of expense. Mr. Johnson,
Ihoguilal propilctor, has bad n long e
peileueo In sirvlng tho delicious o)tci and
other dtlleni lis. Ladles' saloon attached.
"AliU'iney llnli'.v IVasous"
1'iesh Aldeinev butter, churned every
morning and delivered In 1 lb, "Ward"
piliitK, Hie. perlh. Also cottago cheese,
liittunillk and sweet milk, r,u. kv ijt.
Lriaui, Lie. pi r pint.
DM: or Tin: si ciii'Ts of oiu success (nu
will give it awn), as none of our compel 1
tins (.in inako use ot III, wo deal only In
clothluj:, mid manufacture every ganiiont
wo tell. iMiumfnctoiy 11 Bomb Howard
tied, llalllinoio, Liseiuaii ilros., corner
Kcv tilth nml V. strecls.
'Alii', II' MT
lien Iho ntitiiiiiii leaves nro falling an 1 tlio
nlithta Aro gi owing long,
When tlio bHiolliiksiiiiilorlolosliavohustiod
their slimmer song,
AN lien the beaillj-bllghtlng breezes wilt t'lo
grasses nnd Iho flower",
Ai.d fl.o gceso mo lling southward to n
wnrmer cllmu lli.iu oars,
NN'lien the 'lulling Iciinau's counting o'er
tlio prollts ho lias won,
And tho wily coalman adds miotlicr dollir
to tho too,
NN'lien Iho patrons of horse rallro ids ildo
no mine lu open curs,
And ll.e enll for whisky piuielios Is Incrois-
lug nt thu linrs,
Then go mid pay the principal, llliewlso the
interest due,
And pel Iho nlter out, at once, jour uncle
ktcps for jou.
Uoslon Courier.
It wns two summers ago when Ned
Land and I weio sitting on the veraudi
of the Ocean llouso nt Loiij; Drmuh
thai my fnto wns decided. Yes, file;
for ll was thcio I first saw Iu.i Klos
klng, one of those lino beings wo lead
of bill seldom ll ml.
It was a gay week. Tho fashlonablo
society from the cities had congregitol
there for the puiposo of belling or
testing. At llrxl I was somewhat
shockid nt the number of women who
fiequctiled the public places of gaming,
women, too, of high social standing,
belting heavily at loiilelle.
Ida Klosklng especially attracted my
attention. I lent lied her name from
Iho cleik of tho place. She always sal
at the some table I did, watching tho
gomo with close attention. 1 noticed,
though she watched thu game with
i'loe lnteiest, she never look put In It.
AVIien 1 had a sticnk of luck sho would
lean f inward nnd laugh gaylj. Her
Interest mado mo lecklcss. I plaj'ed
night after night nl loulctlc, sometliius
winning, but oftener losing.
Dcaiitlful! Sho was n ilic.un of ior -fectlnn,
so perfect weio her feiliuvs
and f m in. 1 was nndly, pislouatelj',
jealously lu lovo with her. I don't
think n man ever mado a bigger fool of
himself than I did. The only thing I
could learn of her was thai she was
wealthy mid of high social standing.
1 was nol long In Uniting out her fa
voiilc haunts, and frequented them,
hoping I'm a favorable oppoi Utility of
speaking to her. Hut she had "thai
qulcl dignity about hci which pro
vented me from nppioaclilng her.
Alllisl Ned laughed at my Infatua
tion, then he got out of patience with
mc and plainly called me a fool, and
ended by asking me: "What will Undo
t'eler say to ynti, tluovvlng away your
allcctions on n woman you know noth
ing about?"
"Uncle I'clci bo hanged'" I replied,
angrily. I knew hci, or at least 1
thought I did, for thcio had nol been a
day lot two weeks I had nol been con
stantly near her.
At last I leiuncd she was there for
the season. 1 wioto my partner 1
ncidcd test ami would lemalu nl the
sea-slime for a month or two.
At last Into favored me. Wo weio In
the giand saloon, alone, the othen had
sought the tnbles.SIio w as standing nearit
door watching the gay tin ong pi onienad
Ing in twos mid thices lu the gulden. A
bunch of Murcchol Nell loses lay at her
feel. Sho had unconsciously (hopped
them whilo I stood gaing at her. She
laised her eyes to my face, stinted, and
turned logo
"1'iay don't," I said, "Inn yes,
Ina lei mo call you so. lleioaro your
llovveis," handing them lo her. "btaj',
won't youV" 1 pleaded.
"You mo Mr. llowaid." Her
haughty demeanor was all gono.
"Don't you think these beautiful?
Thev aie niv favoilto liovvcis. Permit
me," oil'cilng mc one of tho picttlest In
the bunch.
Was man ever moio blesseiD I took
her oileicd llovvcr and piessed it to my
hcait, muttering something about it
not being as beautiful as she.
The Ico once bioUen wo settled Into
n pleasant convctsallon. I told her I
was thcio for the season. Sho was de
lighted and hoped we would bo the
best of friends.
"1 am Hied," she said, with Iho
sweetest smile. "Would you mind
Inking me from here?"
I don't know what 1 said; I only
knew her hand lay confidingly on my
aim. My head luirly whtilcil with
happiness. Yes, I would go to tho end of
tlio earth with her. I was only too de
lighted. We went into ono of those
quiet icticats oil of tlio grand saloon,
wheio ono can see all that Is pissing,
and still not lo bo seen. Tho plants
wero thick mid flagrant. I led her to
a seat in the quietest corner. 1 wauled
her all to myself. I wanted lo toll her
how sho had grown Into my Ulo, and
beg of her to let me always stay near
"And you iupsuio you really lovo
meV" she said slowly, aflct she had
listened lo my earnest, passionate en
licalies for her love.
"Without you Ulo will bo nothing,"
I ciled, passionately. "Ina, luivol not
glv en you my lovo vv Ithout ono word
of encouragement from your lips"
"Yes," with n meiry iw inkle in her
eye; "that makes m.vttcis so much
woise You lovo mo without knowing
who I mil," Hushing slightly.
"Dut Isn't my love enough;" I
pleaded, for It seemed a gieat deil.
"liaidly. I havo expensive tastes."
"Dut 1 havo 1,000 a year," 1 ciiod,
"Yes," denuiiely,
"And Undo Peter has promised to do
the fair thing by me. llo is licit mid
liable to die at any lime."
"Uncle Peter V"
"Yes; Uncle Peter Comstosk. IIo
never man led. I haven't seen him for
live yeais, but I havo the fondcrt nlleo
tlou 'for him. lie Is a line old boy,
Uncle Peter Is, and Is good for a mil
lion, von Know, ina, will you bo my
"And you in e sin o you wish mo to
bo youi wife'" this with dovvnoist
"1 shall go mad if j'ou lofuso."
NVns ever woman so coy V
"Listen," sho said, llslne;. "I am
convinced you lovo me. You hive
given mo your lovo without one word
or look of encouragement h-mlly
Knowing who 1 am. .Meet mo hero to
morrow at this hour and I will toll you
about myself after that I will leave it
to youiself whether you will still want
mo for your wife."
She held out her hand; Isoicd It and
kissed it liiptuiously.
I can't exactly remember all I did tho
lcmainder of tho night and tho next
day. I know 1 visited all tho plaeos
whero I was liable to hear her naino
"Dut supposing sho icfusos yon?"
said Ned, bantoilngly, ns 1 told him of
"I know sho won't. Itufuso me?
Nonsense I When half the gills nro
dj tug foi mo ! I can marry any worn in
1 choose, you know." 1 had no thought
oficfus.il. Her downcast look, hor
manner, all told me she lov ed mc. In i
icfusenio'' How nlisiud '
Then her knowing of Uncle Peter
would have gieat weight with her. I
hud always used Uncle Peter with a
candid fmnllluilly which vv.isll itterlng
to mc, if not to him, for he was well
know u as ono of our gicitt oonunorol il
1 noi vously watched tho tlmo until
it rcacliid 8, her appointment luur I
knew she would be there vvallliu' for
mc. My hem l was Joyous with tho
prospects of our future.
"1 hope It will bo 'yes,' old fellow,"
said Ned, ns 1 passed lilin lu Iho hall,
"Il will never be anything else," I
lcpllcd, gnyly.
Yes, sho was llicie tnv beautiful
darling. Great heavens! Uncle Peter
with her, nnd calling hor ln.i I I can't
believe ll, Iho old inscni.
"Ah, you havo come, Mr. Howard,"
with tlio svvcelesl or smiles. "Don't
bo confued, Mr, llowmd, ll Is only
Undo Peter. I am sine you will bo
delighted to see lilin," her eyes tiiliuful
of in!i til.
"Ho Is such a lino old boy, you
know," said Undo Peter, grasping my
hand In a way I fell decidedly uncom
fortable. "And has pinmlcd lo do tho fair
tiling by you, you know," mild Inn,
with a merry laugh, "lleally, Mr.
llowmd, his niiivnl Is fortunate."
Another Iiuist oT laughter, which
didn't sound so sweet as It did the
night before.
I stood looking from one to tho other
In speechless dismay.
"Lxlicmely so," chimed in Uncle
Peter. "If I hadn't come as 1 did I
don't know but you would havo ear
llcd olf my wife."
"W-i-f ('" I gasped In spasmodic
Intct yuls of biealli. "Wife!"
"Yes, allow me to liilioduee you lo
Mrs. Pcloi Comslock, the wife of your
Uncle Pctir, who Is llnble lo die nt any
time, nnd for whom you have shown
tho fondest alVeetlon by falling in lovo
with his wire."
It was well the bind was playing u
lively air to diown tho boisterous
laughtei of those two. Undo Peter
fnlrly howled with mirth. I protested
got nugiy nt him for Insulting me so,
but he only laughed the louder at iny
"Mi. llowaid," Inn said as soon as
she had ccimiI hci hlliuity, "you don't
want nil- for i oiu wDe, do you?" with
gieat solemnity. "If you do, 1 don't
know but Uncle Peter might "
"Die," chimed lu Undo Peter, "mid
ho is vvoith a million."
"Hardly," I lcpllcd, "nor the million
"I must sny the Joke was uillior a
severe one, but when a man has n favor
ite nephew it Is well to know how ho
spends his money," said Undo Peter.
"This Is a scandalous shame .in oul
lagc lo dupe a felluvv so. 1 I "
"Will piobably not make such an ass
of youiself again over a woman," said
Uncle Petri, laughing shamefully.
"Nevermind, Tom; It's all light."
"Hang It, no '." And I never will.
luucngo ..cvs
At I!fniir.'s new fiirnltiuo nnd carpet
Installment limie, IMJ Seventh stieet north
wist, furnltiiie, carpets, rugs, mats, oil
cloths, matting, baby carriages mid oveiy
tblng which n housekeeper require toiuaku
homo pleasant and nttractlvo aie sold on
the Installment plan. Call mid bo convinced
that ho sells on easier lei ins nnd nt lower
pilees than nil) other mnn or llrni lu tho
installment business. Terms to suit nil,
Nllicr lnv nl .osv Orleans.
Tho board of management of the Xoith,
Ccntial, and booth Anieilcuu Deposition
have ndded to thch list of special days, nu
"Amcileau Silver Congiess Daj-," assign
ing It to December 11 nnd IS, tho two dnjs
following "American bankets' congiess."
'Ilils was In lesponso to n rc.jiicsl from tho
silver Interest, blips havo been taken to
serine a grand display ot pioducts fiom tlio
silver legion of the United btntes.
"Kou ical merit," sivs ono of Iho most
eelcbiatcd prima donnas, "11.11. Douglass
il. Sons' Ciiplcuut Couch Diops foi lrrlti
t Ion of the tluoat are superior to anything I
have ever used."
Jl'sT received new and elogmt styles of
chnmbei sulks lu walnut, cliciry mid ash.
Call and examine our stock mid compare
our pilccs. Uicitbarth's, Odd-I'ellows'
tJCrC'niilliil Prize 7.1,I00.eJ
Tickets only S3.
Sliaies In Proportion.
Louisiana State Lottery Co.
"Wfilohmlucfitlfii that we sumime th6ar
ranniwihti On nil the Monthly mvl VMt-.ln-
vital Jliaulngt of Hit LouMmia tttate LnttttiJ
Comimii'i uitil InnfifOn uiaiiinu ami control tin
Jhairliitv thmmli e, ami tlutt the tame aie con
Uutti.il itithhoiititti.Jalrnrtg ami In gool faith,
touaiil all imrtUt, ami an authoilze the Coin
lathy to !? this mil tltale, tilth Jae-tUnlliji of
our itgnatum attaUml, in ItsaUititltemaus.''
Incorporated In lceS fur SI years by tho
I.icMatiue fur lMnentloii.il nnd chatltalilo
piiiiu-es. with a i apllnl of 31,00i.lM, to which
ii rot l v e fund of ov el SMO.OW has slnco boon
mlili il
llynnovcrwhelmliiK popular voto Its fran
chise wns made n part of tho pieent btntu
Constitution, niloptiil December .', A. 11 1ST!).
'Iho olds I ol In v ever voted on unit en
doisid by Iho pioplo of nny Mnlo,
Its ni nnd single Number Drawings tnko
place monthly.
Asiilindlil oppoitunltv lo win a fortiino,
1 1.1.111 DIMII'l IMUMlllw. lll-s ., II, ,, Jlllllt
(myof .Mii-Ie. New oil. mis, Tuesday, October
U, isfcj lsMh Monthly Uiawhu.
Capital Prize, $75,000.
iro,FT0 'IliVrtsnt I'lvo Dollars I'ach.
1 ructions, In 1 lftln, lu piopoitlon.
LibT or rm.i;b.
1 cArii'Ai, l'liizi: sts.000
1 do do !B,ii)
1 ilo do lo.ouo
a I'Kiznsor jo.iui j.",uw
S do i'.OHi) ll),omi
10 llo ,(! 10,1)1X1
!) (lu !M 10,(XSI
ifo ilo M) JO,imo
SCO ilo 1(X) 30,(K)
5(0 do W !JVW0
1.CC0 do '.'I 'JI.OOO
I) A pi roxlmnllun 1'rUes of JT.Vl . .. ,TM
u do do ,VV) I.MW
0 do do 230 S.'JM
rt.W.; 1'rles nmountlni; lo $.'rt.l,"JX)
Applliallnii fur lutes lo clubs sliuuld lie
made only to the oftlcoof tho Coinpaii) in Now
Orlimis. ....
For furthci InformalloiivvrltiielParly, clvlns
full uddiiss. 1'osTAI, Min, lispiess,
.Moiuy Oulirs or New York llxehnnco In or.ll
nni) filiir iiiii.neyb) i:pi ess (all sums of
IS and uiiwards at our ei no) addressed
.M.A. DAUT-lll.V,
Now Oi leans.
Mak 1'. 0. Money Orders PdyaMo ami
Atldifss llcglstcied letters to
New Orleans, l..i.
Now Orle ins, La.
Now 01 leans, La.
Now Orleans, Li.
rtrf.-v.1...Vs..v.N-v.s. s -vsVvsv.vXV.VV.VV.V.l.V.V.VN
l'J'U nml Wnicr hu, S w,
(O'liu.rird by ruloplumu.)
11202 Fs 1 nl m.i ill west,
IRlfiH rpiiiiirtrt.pt unr'owast.
1710 lvniiaylvtinti nro, iwriliwost.
1IPJ NI11U1 Btr t n ,nhpt.
l)oiDr ill nnd K Hiuois nnrtliwpal,
S1 l'ii.li)lii.nln live southvves
7 xisi iiici Di'coi.rviniA iti;i, i:s-
1 TAHITI) III! KOI.l) roll NOS'I'W
to'iiiiimmii iiisriiiri' roil which
ornu or nn 'iiiiiptiii ronTiin
DllllliT OP ( fill Hill 1,
( on MIllA Urn lltNO.
Oeloli. r5, is-ci
II hrinit, Ii! nlipdlen'O lo Urn iiiriilniini!iit
of the tut or the 'I bird Lpfflsbilho S'spmhly,
ill piovid.Iunp'JS, 1VI, piiIIIIpiI 'Aniii'l lou'i
foni! nml irovlilo foi iho eollnillou of all
limes that may Iip In nri.'iiis In I lie Dlatrli I nf
( olumblu 011 nnd all. r. Inly I. 1ST)," ntul nil
thin Irllii; lliPKoVirn.ir lo niilb lwlntli(i rovn
mips f nun Iho'iuiip, the Collpelor of Taxns of
SRld Dlslrlit did Issue eprltilu enrllflpntni. ni
irovldid fin In sp. Hon two of sold nil, f.ii'tlio
iiin.iunt diipiinil iitipiililforluxpsiipini neilnlii
mil pstnli! In the siild IM-Illrl, lev lei bytlio
sen ml nils of thu Ik'hIsIiiIIvu Aspiil,ly of
snld lll'llli 1. 1lpplov.1l I csh lively Alll(ll"lltl.
1871. nml .lime 'Hi, 1SW 'fin th.' support of Iho
Ooverninent of the DMrlit of ('oliimhlii, m I
for oth.r pui poses," foi the fl.i'iil sears en ling
.lime "in. ls;e. nml, tune so 1ST), und in. Iinlliui
lliumnoiilit nt I ilinllli's nml tost Inciureil
Atttl 11 hittat, 'I he owneisof. citabi of said
icrllllcntcs hnvo ileinuuded lu wrltlinr by In
dolrcinput I In icon, ufler thu iixplrntlnu of
iiiiojenrfiotn tlio date tin reuf, Hint tlioCol
leitor shall elifoii opiivmeiit of Hie Ileus, uud
havo filnl Ihosuld cirllllcntos, licnrlng llio io
pilled Ii'.iIium ment, lu Ihlsompo;
Ilium nun. him. pi inn Mnn t to hii.im tr
mav 1 mm 1 lis. 'Ihnl tin fotlowliur lent pilule
w II bin tho Distil, t of ( 'olumblu, belmr plueos
of 1 1 nt trt y iimilnst vvl.ldi said iierlliloatiM
have In 1 11 Issued, und for Iho onforcouipnt of
I he piiTini lit of w hlch I he demand for llu sale
of mild itopirlv has lu. 11 made, will bo sold
nt public niKtlon, f.u push, to thu hlirliost
l.lifdir, undir mid lu iii'ioi.laup.i with tho
llinl'lnns of Iho net lll't iibovo I11011tlo11.nl
(approved .luno si, ISTli, 011 tho Uith dav of
Octohir, ssr, nt Coliiinliln II illdhm. Colleo
tor's Ofliip. No lili! I'oui nnd 11 liulf strool
northwest, tomlMv Ihusiildllensnud Iho ex
p. IIps lllli lldlllK the sale thelenr.
Sale to pninuiPiK o nt W o'clock 111 , an 1
coiillmio (loin iluy today till eoinpl. tutl.
Colleitnr of Tuxes
for tho Dlsttlet of Columbia.
Ci'tllll. nlo On pnrt of lot seven (T), hi
No, IKK. Miitiiiofiuir hundred nnd thlrl
seven (117). nssmsuil lu Iho
mono of lltiuh II Swpeiioy,
lew of 1S7I-J, ninuiiiilliiK to
JVkI. IIPKliiiilueiript flinches
fiom thu southwest 001 nor of
suld hit 7, 1 mining I hen not th
1 feet n llu bus, tin nco u 1st ft)
feel, themo south I feet (I
llu lies, theiieo west r foot to
place of bcKluuluir.
('erlllliuto On pmt of lot seventeen (17),
No. 1007. Ill s,iinroono bundled nnd am
inticn (117), nssesspd III tlio
linino of .lames s,py, los-y of
1S71-., umoiiiilltu to SHI t,. llo
Klmilimei f. etsoulh from thu
norlhwcst coiner 1f lot 17,
ninnlnit south .17 feet, llienco
oust '.'I ftet, thence south II
feet, thctuo east 5 feet 11
In. lies, thineo 1101 lb bt feet,
llienro west ','1) feel 11 Inches,
to plnro of lii'uhmlni;; also lie
kIuiiIiiu' nt thu s.nithe isi poinci
of snld lot, thine ii north S! feet,
llienco west.1, feet sl5 Inches,
lIlCIKU S0UII1 11 fPCt, tllPUPO
West JI feet 1 Inches, tliPlieo
south 7 fppt, themo mst e)
feet 11 Inches, to placo of bo
Klnnlinr. ('pilllleuto On pnrt of lot seven (7), In
.Nu. Ill ill. Milium twohuudicd und tlnrtv-
ilijlitcilsi, n.-oi-scil hi tho 11,1111.)
of .I11I111 V. Smith, lovv or
1S7I :!, amounting to 3l'Ji. Ilo
cimibu: 011 w est lino of said lot,
so fid north from southwest
poriiii, luiinlm: Ibemu 1101 th
,1) fiet.tlionco oast Ji) fei t '.'
luih. s, thence luntli so feet,
thcnio east S feel, thuncn south
10 fiel, Iheiiio west 11 feet S
lilchps, to plaioof beiduuliui
Colli lien 1 0 On Jim t of lot tluce (Si, In square
No, 'io:i7. Ilfls-slx (M.I. assessed 111 tho
naiaoof MmyTennj', levy of
1N71-'.', uinoiintliicr to $10 21, bo
e'lnnhii; S7 feet 7 Inches fiom
Iho southwest nuner of eld
stieet wes and O street north,
running thcnio ea-t IJ feet,
thenii! north the wholo.leptli
of said lot. Ilii'iii-o west IJ fiol,
llnuio suutli lo plaeo of hc'lll
nlns. rpitlllpiitp0n pint of lotllvo(ri) nml lin
No. 111)7. proveineuts In souaro south of
squuio seven hiiudiisl uud
loiij-iour 1,111, assesseii m tlio
nainoof Ann 11. ail, levy ls72 ),
nmoiiiitbu to S7 2I, bcluit tho
south Si lect flout of said lot
li) tho depth thcieol,
('prlllliuti! On pint or lot fifteen (11), and
, i. HUH. Impiovcnieiits In snuaiu sovuii
liilliilrul and seventy (TTili, as
sessed lu thu naino of Ann Drain,
levy 1S72-U, uinoiititliu to Si.l'l,
behiK tho north IS feet front of
said lot by tho depth thcieol'.
Ci'itllleuln On lot seven (71, 111 square' 0110
o. 11IIU. thousand and twent) lomdO.'l),
nssessul In tho name ot A. II.
liolilajir, Jr. lev) of lsTS'J,
amount lin; to JH.7I
Ceilllli nlo OniMttof lot sovenill, nnd lin
No. ISO,", pioviinentsliisriuaruruvpiihiiu
died und Ihlrt) four (Ml), as
s. sspil lu the uiitiio of V in. If
Ilhick,levyls7S-.l,uinoiinH!ii- to
Js.v, Coinineniine on thu lino
ot Not Hi Ciiollui uveniiu, 'IJ
fut southwestiil) fiom tho
southcust niulo of lot 7 nnd
iiiunliu noitbnestiily nml nt
llclit niiKles on the lino of Ninth
(molln.i avenue III loot 116
luchisto tbulliio illilillui; lots
7 and 10, theiii 0 duo west ulonc
said lino 1 1 fee 1 11 Inches, theiieo
oiithcnstwurdl) ',0fiet, Hienco
southeiutwiirdly to Intirsect
North Citiollna uveniiu ut iltiht
uiiuksiiil fc. t, und iinuiliivwlth
the c.'iitio party wall, themo
iiorihcustwur.il) iilonn'sald,ive
11110 n feet 1 Inches to plaeo ol
Cpitllli'iilo On pait of lot elsht (S), In
No. aOJO. squuio live huudii'd uud lift)
thiiu (Mb, assessed lu tho 11 11110
of ollvir II illlbeil.levs isrj I,
iiinouutlni: to ft ,17, bclni; thu
east 111 feet float of satd lot by
the depth thcieof
Ceitllli ulu On lot five (1), and Improve
.Nn. ullij. incuts, In sipi.uo nine bun lred
uud two i'WSi, iisspssp.1 lu tliu
naino of 1". V. Lauuly, levy
is?j a, mnoimtliiL; to $ji as.
Cprllllrnlo On put of subdivision lot
Jin, liioo. tweut) four (.'li, mid Impiove
lueuts in square ono hutiilred
nml nlnity-sciin (1'iii, ussossed
111 tho 11.11110 oi 'llmm is bowls,
hvy lsTS-l.nmotintltm'toSU il.
llculnuliu; nt thu southeast.
comer of said lot, riiiuiln,
thenco west l'J7 feet, Hieiiuu
lioilh S7ft a billies, theiK.i
(list KM feet, theiieo south 1
fitt, thence cast (II teet, themo
south 22 feet 2 Inches to plaeo
of ln'i;lniiln-. Helm; NuniicI
Dav Idson's sub.llv lsuii
I'pi tills ulo On lot seven (7i, und linpiove
No. 11107. mints in squuio two hundiol
and thlilv ii)), us.essed III the
naino of 'ihonias bowls, levy
1ST-; II, ainomitlni; to Slid Oi)
Ceil I Hi ulo On subdivision lot "li," mid
No. 0110. linpioviincnts in squat 0 tin eo
hundiidnudspveii's lour, (I7li,
iis.essi.l In the 11 lino ot Tlmin is
Lewis, levy 1S7S J, mnoiiuthu
to Siuiisi,
Ceilllli ulu On subdivision lot twenty
No. 1,1 la. Unlit I'Js), und Inipioveiiieuts 11
squmo thieti biindro I mid
nlnctj-elaht iTisi, nssossoil In
tho namo of 'I bom 1 bowls,
levy of 1S7J-.I, umoiiiitlni; to
t JS 08.
Ceitllli nte On part of subdivision lot seven
No, Ui:;i. (71, lu sqiiaio threo liuudred
nnd ninety tlsht CDS), ussos.el
In thu naino of Thouiis Lewis,
lev y of 1S7J-.I, uiniiimtlus' to
ill'JI, lielne Iho south 11 tent
lioiitof said lot by tho dipth
thireor. II. Crittenden's sinsll
IVi 1 1 lle-iil u On alley ill saiiaro four Iniiidi e I
No. Ul'M. mid four (lull, assess,-1 in thu
nainoof Thomas levv.s, lev nf
s7J .'i.iunountliu-lof I til. beliu
alley lu lenr of suli llvUlou
lots A, II and C, po'nmuneliu nt
the southwest e.iiuir of sulidl
vl. n lot A nod runnliu oast
is fict I Inches, llienco south
3 feet, themo west 11 feet I
Inches, theiieo north 5 foot to
pluiu of lii'iillinlllK.
(VHIIU nte On nil of squuio nnd Improve
No, ill'.'.!, mentsln square oat of spiuo
Iho bundled nnd ten Him.
nsspssud In the namo of Th nnns
bowls, levy ls?J-a, amount
Coitllli'iilo On subdivision lot foityulKht
No. ill'Ill. (4s),iindlinrrovinentslii iiiai.i
six liundred mid twenty (luce
(ifJU), iissos.cl in tlio ini'ii 01
'llmmns Lewis, levy 1M.S S,
amount Inn to Sir HI
Ci'itlllpiilo on lot four ill, lu sqiuii' six
No. 0127. hundred mid twonti six nl.'",
Hsu-used hi tin' nam' of Tuo'ili 1
I. wis, luvy!S7J I, urn muling to
hill !.
Cl'ltllllllll! Oil 0ll t Of I.ll till' 1. IMS pi IIO
No, til: 8, six liilii'lud mil Ivvent) s'x
ll Si 1 iism'sm'iI lu Iliu nam ' o
Tin nn. is l.l, levy Is.'J I
uinountln to in VI 1) In; ih'
east S liiihi. llonton Fstict
north, .Million' sub llvlslon
Ci'itlllciito On all of square aul Improve
No, 11121), mints III sipl ire lloltllWi.t il
squar,' sU tiuii lu liiultw ui)
b 111 in, 1 1 a-, ssi I n the 1 1 11
ol Tliom l'l Ais ii , is?,' j
i.iuuntllii; to $111 ill
dun ith lull ..riot I v. it '
1 J-ii 1. 1 srpniii si. n li in ii I
nml 1 iKlity (1SD1, hssp.si I In I 1
iimmi of lliomus l,rwl, less
IS7S3, nmoiiulliiRto fl U
On tmrl of lot Wvp il) nnd bn
provemotitH In wpnire so'itl. of
itiiiii 1 ii seven hundred nil 1 f' rl y
fotir(7lli, iissosspil In Hi. nn'nt1
of Tlminns U'vvls, Ipvv IS7J I,
mnoiiiilliiglo IlluH ll'linr tli"
linrlliflOfml If iii.'hos front ol
shIiI lot 011 first dirndl mi il, h)
ii.lppthof rifept 11 Imluii
On lot olio ill, In diiimr,' nine
hundred and ninety four itoii
nsscii.iil lu Iho unmn or
Tl.oinns Ij'wls, Itwry IS7J I
ninimtillnc to $11. IS
On sub .llvlslon lol ehthlrtwi
IHVi, In sfinsro four' ll l'l l.'e I
nnd sixty live idlli, ihsim.o I In
Hip unmn v,iry r, Vlnrlln, lev
IWtdi, iimoiiniliu to $21 ti
On nil ufMitiiri) flvn li'imtivd
nnd forty scvpii HI7i, nssosse I
In ll.o niiinn oft, s Sin.Hil.liny
PITS II, iililouullilit lo J1HI 01,
On lot ono Hi, In dqinim five
hiindip.1 nml forty two i.llli ns
scdsinl lu Hi.) limn ol 1 X
Hmoot, luvy ITi ), nmi'intlui
lo $s VI.
On lol two (Hi, In sq'nro live
huii'liod nnd fortv I wo iMJ', 11 -spssp.1
In Hip naino of X i
Mnoot, levy 1H7-W, iiinountltp!
Ciillll. ule
No. Illlll,
Corlllli til.!
No, OU'iil.
No, 77Un.
Cpi lllli 11(0
No. 711,10.
Cpi Dili ulo
No. 7K0I.
On lol threo (Si, lu sou ire five
hundred mil fortv f wo .ill
IIHSUdSOd III till! llllllll! of s
HiniHit, lovy 17J-.I, iuiijiiiiIIiik
On tot four (li. In square live
bundled mid forty two (llJi,
nsspssed In the iiiiuu of "s s
smoot, lovy 1S7S1, ninoinitliu
to js TV
On lot live (li. In scninro five
hiiudi.d mid forty two (lib,
llssossuil hi thu inline of X, Si
Xiu.Hit, levy IS72-S, amoiiiiilMK
lo JSS ii'.'.
On lot six el), In sqiinro live
hiiii.liud uud fort) (wo illji,
assessed in tho 11 lino of X s
Mnoot, levy liM-si, iiinountbiK
to Ss II'.'.
On lot seven (7l, In dipnto live
hundred mid foitylwo ill J,
llnpspil lu the mono of s x
siiioot, luvy ItrJsl, uiiioiiutliitt
lo $H 72
Oil lot eight, (SI. Ill sqtl 110 (III!
l.uiidiPd mid loitylvvo (ll.'i.
usspsspd In Hip iiiuni' of b X
xinool, levy IsTS'l, niiioiiiitbiit
lo Ss.pJ.
On lot nine I'll. In squuio Iho
1iiiii.Ii.hI mid foity-ivvo ill.'i,
iissossp.1 lu Iho naino ol x x
Xinoot, lovy lsTSsi, lunuiiiillux
to C II.
On lol loll (im, In sqiiniu live
hundred und lull) twoilIJi, us
sessi.t In Iho inline of s H
No. 7H!I.
Ci'lllll. nl.l
No, 7k:i:i,
Ci'lllll. nl.i
No. 7KUI.
No. 7H.I.1.
No. 7X011.
C. 'lllli. l.l.'
No. 7HU7.
Cltlll. III.!
No. 7KI1K,
Xinool, lovy IsVJJI, iimouuthiK
to $10 IM.
On lot eleven (11), In squire Ilv.
bundle. I mid fuity two illji, 11
sessid lu Hie niiinu of s s
Xinoot, lol) isr.'s'l, ainoiiuttiu
lo 412 M.
On lot twelvoiIJi, liisquirallvo
huii.liid 1111. 1 foil) twoODi, as-
sesp,l In tho 11111110 of ' s
xinoot, lev) 1S7J I, iiinoiiulbiK
to 31 IV).
On lot thirteen (111, lu squ iru
Iho huii. lied nml fort) two
(1IJ). us.psspij In the nuin.i of
x. s sino.it, luvy 172,), 'iinuiint-
Intf Io312.ni.
On lot fiiiirte'i'ii (III, III square
live bundled mid forts two
Illji, iis-essul In the linino of
x x xinool, IeiylS72-y,iitniiunt
ln'to Jill 11,
On lot lllteen (111. In squ up five
I11u1.lt ist uud folly two ill Ji, us
si ssi, 1 n tho 11 une of X x
sin. nit, luvy 1S72 1, iiiii'iimlliiL'
On lot sixteen (II). Ill sqiiaie
llvehun'be.iind f.uty luodlJi,
nssp.ed In the mine of x s
xinoot, lovy 1S72-.I, ,1111 jiuitlii
On lot sevpiitceu (IT), In square
tho hiiuilieil nml folly two
(II Ji, H-M'ssi'd hi the uaiiuof s
X.xmiHit, lev) lrj-.l, iiuiDiint
ln to $M 72.
On lot cMiticn (IS), In square
Iho bundled mid fori) two
(II Ji, assessed In tho 11 lino. if x
x xiniHii, luvy 187J-I, umoiinl
lint to ss w.
On lol iiliicliui (10). lu sqimo
llvoliuiidii'diiiid folly twoilIJi,
isscse.l III tliu 11 unu of x s
rimiHit, levy 1S7J-J, iiiiiountlns
on lot twenty (JOi, hi sqiiuu
live hiiudii.l und fort) hvo
(MJ), ussessfd in tho naino of x
x xinoot, lovy 1872-.1, amount
Iiir to s 72
Oiilottvventy-ono(Jt), lu squuro
Iho huiidiid und forlv two
(1IJ), iissessp.1 In tho 11 uno or x
x xinool, lovy 1S7J a, iitnoimt
Imr lo Ss Ti.
Onlotlwenty two(22). lusqunru
!h 0 hundred und lorty twoilIJi,
nssp.st.l hi Iho 11 line of X x.
xinoot, lc)y 1S72 ), nmouutliiK
C.'.'llll. ulo
No. 7x:u.
No, 7KIO.
Cprtllli nlo
No. 7KII.
Ceillll. ulo
No. 7.SI'.'.
No. 7ti:i.
No. 7HI 1.
Ci'llllii III.'
No. 7X1.1.
No. 7X10.
No. 7X17.
No. 7XIX.
No. 7K1U.
Cpi lllli ulo
No. 7X.10,
On lot twenty tinea (21), lu
squaio Iho bundled unit fortj
two(llJ), nssi'ssed In Iho 11111110
of x, s. xmot, lovy 1S7JJ,
iiirnuntlui; to SS Id.
Onlnt tw cuts four (211, In squni 0
111 u bundled unit foi t)-t wo 1IIJ1,
nssp(j,e.i in the miino of x x
Mnoot, lov y 1S7J 'I, amoimtlin; to
So IJ.
On lot twenty 111 o(il). In squni 0
Ilv uhiiiidreil and fort) twoilIJi.
assessed In the name of x x
sinuot, lev) 1S72 I, umoimtln-to
On lot twenty six (21), In squ no
Ihclmndicdund fuity twoilIJi,
llssi ssi .lin thu linino of x x
xinoot , lev y 1S72 3, uinoimtlui; to
Ml I).
On fifty thieo (11) aires, near
lotUhboio' Itoa.l, ussossed lu
thu mime of William I) c Xlur
dock, lev) 1S72 I, nmoimtln' to
SJQ ,vi
No. 7X.12.
No. 7K.1II.
No. 7X.1I.
Ceillll. 'ill.'
No. KI'lllO.
Now Isthe time to look ulmut for the lUht
phice to bu) )our Fall und W inter xhoos In
Ladies' Shoes
our slock ernhr.i. es ovirvthlnc ilesliuMo In
stvlo uud qiiullt) to whliliwu uiu wickl)
lldillllK new Hues III
Misses' nnd Children's
we have tin best makes foi wcai and coin
lot t. To mil
Men's Shoes
wo enll your special attention. If) on want
a Dllllxxxiloi; weluvu
Fine Frim h Kid Coiicii" nnd Ilutton
1 Ino patmt I inlhir Conurpss nud l.tu-e
I hie IienihCiilf ( . mm ess laieo und Ilutton,
all of thu b.st milk, s
Hut tin- shoe that talks for stylo, comfort
pitft.t tit and muni wiar Is our llnoeilf,
sewed. In ovci) style, Incluillui! tho W'Al KKN-
l'HAbl'nt 3"'. tho lust shoo for tho money
thnt can bo sold
tl.'ll) Pi'iimi. AveinH'.
One-Price Shoe Store.
5 A. L. HAZEI.T0N, -MS
,S -12II s(.,,.,it, xirppt,
I lid. 1 Odd Fellows' Hall
ll C Hurl's Fine xhocs fur Ladles a s,eilaliy.
ISJJsj 10th M. .X. H.
(IJ, Fa. Ave. Last.
Ihavpiilot of rme shoes, my own mike,
tnul I will 1. 11 at 11 1 ai'.iin dho me a tilal
M. Mllll U) an ""x.
stall, mis ?? A-
suiil 7'2ient2ciJla;
Htunq s fur sum -v"6iiwn.i
oiu dozto VV ush- x"--
(iis'ton l'l ouuiuphle lliauquartcrs, Washing
ton, I) C
70 bhades.
1'lno Tar Moth l'upcr. Paper and Ilnvelopis,
708 and BOft I) M. Norlhvvest.
Buy Your Books and Stationery
t rrllll. 11I11
No. (11.10,
rt'lli: (IIILAT
ro niKMiiiTii, i niiofrrHmT.
DOl'llI.PTIlvl R, HI'LBNDID)r'Si it V
IN rrrriT wtoiikii r, 1X4R.
Trims have VVashlimtoii fromstBllon, corner
of Klxlli ami II strppls, ns follows-
Fur lltlsliurtfnnd Iho Wpst ( hleaeo Limited
I'.xriessol I'.iliiicxlippiinrCiirsntD.lila tn
dully; I'nsl Line. li.VIn in dully to ( mil i
imlt ami M Lou's, vlihfUpiip'ni Can li an
Ilnrrisbiiii; to ( IiipiuiihII hii.1 lintel, ir li
Xt I.lll'HIllHlly.PX. Pl I XnlH-lLlV", lol'h 1 jo,
wlll.HlpppltiKCiir ,MIihiiim toChlenKo inl
engtiaiid CIiipIiiiihH llxi.rn.s l 7:10 p tn.
dully, w lib Hlei'iilng ( ars VVushlnijion to ( ln
rajtonn.l llarrlsburc lo Ixuilsvlllo, com.' I
Ink nl Hiirrlshurir ivlthllcstcrn llxiiress wuli
I hi onpli spps-rs for (. Ipvebin.l and t Loiih
l'ndllp Fxpri'ss, ID p 111. dully for Flit mi r!
nnd tl.o V 1 si, Willi Ihroiiuli eleiPisir llarru
burjt to cIiIphko
F. r I'. If. ( nniinilnlinis, Koclieslcr, II1T1I1
Msinirn lop tn rinllr, oxeopt Xnliu ' iy,
Willi I'Klani I'nrs v i.slilinrtoli to llneln 1 r
Fm Wlllli.ir.siorl, Lock ll.iveii mid Hliulrj, nt
II ton 111 dnllj. oxeept Xiiiiday.
Fur New York und M Bast, Till, 8.1') an I
11 11 tn, 'J I Id p tn and PJilrt nlislit o
hnnihiy, H i n tn , '2, I, 10 p m. nnd Vi II
night I.lmlii l Ixt.'ps. of Pullman I'm lor
Cms II Ion in .b.uv. nxi apt Siliulnjr.
For Iloston wltlioiii . h hum 'i p m every dr
lor l!iookl,i.,N V ..ill i.i.oiiit'ilMlnsaoni.
nl .lorspyi Ilv wl'libouisuf I'.rookljii An 1 ,
nlfoiillnudlipi t Ir uisf.r to Pulton str 1,
iiiotdliujdouhlo li'iriniio across Now Yor
rnrl'lillailelphlq.7 tn x.10 and lin m !,
I, (I, 10 p. m nml I'J 11 night on Xun 1 lt,
H no n m . U, I (1. Ill p in mid I'J 15 nlulit.
IJdiII.iI Lxiross, 0 ll) a. m. dally, oxcopt
For lUltlmoro, (1.11, 7 in, 810. I) to, 11-0)
a. 111 , IS 01.11, I, l.'Jl, I 10,(1, 7 10, lo p m
nml IB MnUtlit. OnXund.iy, 8 lo. 11 pi, u
a. m.U, 1.0.7 10, Hip. in and l'J 1 a nl -fit.
For l'opo's ( reok Line, 7 15a m nnd I lop,
tn dully, ox. i'i'1 Xun.biy.
Fur Annapolis, 7 15 n m, 12 01 nnd I 21 p.
tn dally, ex. cpt .Sunday. On Sunday I p in
ALLXAMir.iv a 1 iiiionnioKxntiin i:vil-
IN0T0.N llllf.IlOAU.
For Alexnnilrln, ll, 7, 1)21, 11 01 nnd 11 IS
a. m., li 05, l-IMI, I 15. 0.25. 8 01 nnd 11..17
p m on Sunday at (I, lt.2,1. 11:01 a. m
bo.lp tn
For lib limond nnd tlio Hoiith, (I nnd 1 1 .01 a.
tn dally nnd I 15 pm itillr, exeopt.xiinday.
Tnilns louvo Alexandria fur VVnshlnston 11 1)",
x, 10. 10 11111 m 1, inn, ii-j'j, r.'io, 7)1
nnd 1 1 .11.1 p in nud 12 10 ml.lnluht, except
Jlondny. On Hmidny nt 8 nnd 10 10 n. ni ,
7 01 nnd I1.U5 11. m nnd 12 10 n'aht.
Tickets nnd Informal Ion nttliootllco. north
east corner of Thirteenth street and Pennsy
lvnnla nveimo, und nt Iho station, when) or
ders can bo left for tho rhpoklnit of bassaRO
lo distillation from hotels and rosldoni'os,
CIIA8. 1! FIKJII, J. ft. WOOD,
Ucncriinintiniter. Ocn. Fnsseiurer Agent.
fcciir.nri.n inf.fff.ct sfnday, mxyu,
Lcnvo Wnsbln.tlnn fiom Stitlon, corner Now
Jersey uveiiuo nnd c street.
rorCblcuKo, Hla in, nnd 10 10 p. m, dally.
Tho 10 u. tn Is n Fast Limited Expross to
ritlsliurg nud Chlcniro.nrrlv Ins In I'lttsbirs
nt T'l'.O p. in , Ii'chko noxt mornlns at H 11.
No extra faro Is eharitcd on Ihis train for fa.it
I'or Cincinnati. Loulsvlllonndb't. Imlsdally
nt !l :!() p. m. und 10 10 p m with throiiRli
ceaches nnd l'nlnco bleeplnir cars to abnvo
poluts without iliiinmi. U:.)Op. in. train Is a
last lltnllcd train to Cincinnati and bt Louis,
nrrlvlinr In Cincinnati next morning nt 7:15,
bt. Louis (I IIO ii. in Nocxlra furu Is charged
on this train for fnst tlmo.
For I'ltlsburent 10 u m , with Tarlor Car,
nnd I). 10 p. in. dully to Pittsburg, Cleveland
and Detroit, with sleeping cirs to I'lttsh'irg,
For llultlmorc on week duys 5, (! lo, (I In,
7.:io, 8.:io nnd looia m 12 lo, 1:2.1, :i:iri
(15 mlniitii train), ll.lo, 1..I0, I 10,5:10,0:10.
7, x 25 and 11 p ni ...
For Ilnltlmoro on sundays-dilO, 7:"0, 8 110
nnd loo.l n. in.. 1"21 1 ..10, ;i JO, .1:10,5:10.
il 10. 7. 8 2.1 und 1 1 p m.
For points on tho 8I nandoah Valley Mill
road nnd points botith, I) 25 n. in and if-io p.
m. dully. 1)25 n. m. train has Fullinin
bkepir from Washington to New Orleans.
For Annnpolls, (I'll) n. in. nnd 12:10 and
'!.:!() p. in.; un Sunday. 8 .'HI a. m. and 1:10
p. m
. lor way stations between Washington and
llaltlinorc, 5. il. 10. b UU u. m.. 12:10, U.M,
I'll). 7 nnd 11 p.m. On Sundays. 8J0n. in.,
1 ao.liao, I 10, 7 and 11 p. m. For stations
cm Metropolitan Ilraneh, 7:25 a. m. and 11:15
P in. dally, except Sunday, nnd 5::J( p. tn.
dally: 1 III p. in. dally, except Sunday, for
plnclpal stations on Metropolitan Drnncb;
8:10 a. m dally on Sundny stops nt all sta
tions! for 1 uxlngton, Staunton nnd Valley
llrnnch, 8 10 a. m, dally, except bunday; for
lnd(rlck,8 Ilia, m., '1:1-0 p. m. dally, oxcopt
i'or local stations between Washington and
Oalllicrsburg, 12 ao p. ra. dally, except bun
For Hnrcrstown and Winchester, 8' 10 n. m.
dally, cxciptbiinday, uud niiilp. m. dally to
llagerstownj dally, except bunday, to Win
ehcstir. 'ITolns nrrlvo from tho West dally, 0, 750 a.
m.l IS. tl :io p. tn.
Fiom Annapolis, 8 30 a. m. and 1-511 anct
0.25 p in.: Miii.lny,10.I.la. in. und (1 .15 p. m.
From LoxinRtuu, D.UO p. m. dally, except
Irom IYcderlck and lntermodlato iiolnts,
8 25 u. in. and 8 15 p. m. dally, except bun
dnv 'iralns leivo Ilaltlmoro for Washington nt
r.'lo, ll iio,7 20, n, ii (Hand 10 110 a m , 12:15.
2 ::;). a, i, i 20. 5. n no. s. 0 nml 11 p. m. on
bmidnys, 0 JO, 7 20, ll nnd I) 01 a. m 1:110.
2 no, 4 20, 5, (I :!(), x, i) and 11 p tn.
All trains from Washington stop at Uelay
ai'tiioii I'Mi'in j .,, ,,-ii, unu 1, it, n. m.
I'or lurtlur Information npply nt tho Ilaltl
moro .t Ohio ticket office Washington Sta
tion, OK) und 11151 l'cnna nvo .eorncrof 1 Itli
st., w hci 0 orders will bu taken for bnggago to
bo cheeked und received at any point In tho
city. C K LOUD, 0 F .
Ii DUNHAM, fien Man , Ilaltlmoro
11 1 1,1 A JI For all way stations, Loxlngton,
Ky . Loulsvlllo, Cincinnati. Columbus, bt.
IaiuIs. Dally except bimday
1 1 A L 1 or Newport News, Old Point Com'
fort mid Norfolk. Dally except Sunday.
0i45 P M.-lor Loulsvlllo, Cincinnati, h't.
Louis nnd Chicago, connecting for all
polits Wi'sj, Northwest and xouthwest;
fii"t express dally, does not stoji for local
business; through Pullman sorvlco to
Loulsvlllo nnd Cincinnati.
Fur tickets nnd Information npply nt C &
O Ilnlhvuyolllie, 013 Pennsylvania avenue,
under Nullonnl Hotel; Vn. Midland Itallwny
olll.e, nol Fenns)lv aula avenue, uud II. &, p.
c. w. smith, Geaeral
lieneral Manager.
KTSANK Tllll.ll, N.E Passenger Agent.
On und after Al Ol XT 111), 1881. trains will
leal 1 from and urivo nt llth and IJ
sis DeKit ns follows
Ieavo Washington I) n m and I -lip m,
dally; arrive at llilmont Park 10 .11 a in. and
0 2(1 11 m ; I.U'sburg 11 01 a in nnd O'KI p.
in.; tttrhout Hound lllli ut 11 1.1 11 111 und
7 18 p in
Hi tinning, leave Iluiind UIU (I Ola m and
3U!lp m; puss lipsliurg ll 12 a m and 1:JU
p m ; Ilelin.uit Park 0 ll a tn and.l:'5i) p. in.,
and nrrlvo ut Washington at 8.31 a. m, ana
7 10 p in.
Oil xiin.l.ivs the tijdu leni ug Washington
ul I) 11 111 oiiiv 11111-1., I.. 1 sluirg, mid tho train
1111lvl11g.it 7 10 p in stmts Imin Leosbiirg
biiwlulvxi union i.ites und xuiHay trains
to liclmuut Pork Monthly and cominuta
Hull tales to all points
b M llli()Pll,Miit Alexandria, Va
E .1 lot KVVOOD, Pas6. Agt., 507 Pa avo,
VVu.lliiL'l.'ti 1) 1
'I'liMiIlliiI k M) I'oltT MONIton I It.
I 1 ui 1 1. vn nni n: c x jiuii m, mo
ilolli-L LLAItY Moislay, Widiipsdav ml
I ildiii, ft. an foot of ".th st at .I'D p m
xi 1 im loiiinsiind tlckt lat llaltlinor" .v 1 I'm.
(irti.is nil nnd Mil Pa nvo.xt. liar ,1 '.l
mid Ku.ix l.xii.ss, 00,1 pu avo , who will a .
iluik I aggugu tioin lintels nnd private 1, ,i
ib in is lur further inlorinutlon lmm it
I I mpnny's otUce, 7th ut. wharf. Tel puooo
mil 710-3
s. .1, WILLIAM P. WKLOH. 0n. AJ""'.
i Foitross Munioo nnd Norf. k
1 Irst-iluss fare SI; Hound tilp SI 21.
bt. nmci June Moselty Monday, V udm sday
nnd sutnidiiy ut 5 30 p. 111.
Piissnge and louniB seeured atgencrul rtl 0,
Sixth stint wbaif. Ti leph.uiu call 01
Potomac llhir Landings-xte unci I'll 'iip
son Moiidns, IV idtioihis und Frulai at 7 a 111
C .A. OH. 3P B T I JST a- s .
lias 111 sto. k 11 full Uno of Carpotlns. II
grid, si il. lot lis, 1 in. a .ma straw Mattil ,
Al-. 1. ust stvhs lu Well Paper, W'liiiK
x...iis mid 1 iiituln lioods. VIic WiudiA
und Dm r si runs
121 nin in HriiKiir y(inni'vitT
Dt Al Kit IN Ill'll IHNOSUPPI IE.-.
1x1s to I'll (1 tin el iiurihvvesl, next Nu 1 1
Hiltis Anuoiy
Anl lii.iiiml lion Work Cement PI 1
Fire lin. k. Flro Clay, Wall Mate, Putins, o,
uu-AS, no,
iiMJ 11 1 uJtiU. 'rtJ&Jll t. Z ,b'j4i

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