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"M f'
r rm pRS!
Idllvciitl liy 'iiri Nm-m
Ji'NfrlPil In 'Jim t'rlllc .'! Tlinpn for SJSr.
.ow iH Tin: ti.h:: to MiitKOtiiii:,
1 TT5
f-ii la El Ew a
i&I 1 SB Si
oonwAun & Lotiikop.
We have singled out from
each department what, in
our minds, were the best in
trinsic values contained
therein, and believe that
after our customers have
examined them they will co
incide with us :
I'i'ltit Ilepiutitit'iit.
Especially worth mention
ing in this department is
36-inch Fine Printed Satines
in navy blue, brown and
garnet grounds, with neat
figures and block patterns,
at iajc per yard.
(Siconil llooi ; tidto tlio olovntor.)
Meii'MtVoiir lU'imrtment.
As an inducement to men
we offer our celebrated "F.
F. V." Dress Shirt, which
we have never sold hereto
fore for less than one dol
lar, at 871c each. As we
have said before, we con
sider this the best dollar
shirt made.
Icwcy Ippnrtnii:t,
New arrival of Misses'
Fine Cashmere finished Jer
seys, in navy blue, garnet
and brown, sizes 24 to 30;
best ever offered at the
price. $1.00 each.
(Second Iloorj tnko tlio elevator.)
WOODWAltD & LOW 1(0 1.
iaanl';ri clilcf IM'imrtinc-nt.
Now they make pillow
shams out of hemstitched
handkerchiefs. Here are
some for that purpose:
White Unlaundered Hem
stitched Handkerchiefs, fine
quality, pure linen, half and
one-inch hems, only iac
(Second lloor; tako tlio elovator.)
IMuMi llcpnitmeiit.
All the desirable shades
for fancy work, in 24-inch
Silk Plush, worth $2, only
$1.75 per yard.
(t'iist lloor; Inst on tlio left.)
3!cnr I'lllll'lHlllrtK.
One dollar will buy the
best medium and heavy
weight White Wool Shirts
and Pants that can be found
anywhere, small seams, ele
gantly made and finished;
$1.00 each.
(first floor, so?ond on tlio left.)
("iiilnlii Iictuii'tnu'iit.
Prominent as a bargain in
this department is the Ecru
Nottingham Lace Curtains,
at $3.25 per pair, real value
. $4.00.
(Third floor: tnko tlio elovator.)
WOODWAltD S, 1.011111(01'.
Domestic Deptii'tnicnt.
An indisputable bargain
is a fine quality of 21-inch
heavy Brown Crash, at uc
per yd, actual value i2jc.
nhhil floor: tnko tlio olovntor.)
l.nttles' Koptirliiiint.
Two very desirable arti
cles of extra good value is
the following :
lyuHcV full length HnlrClolli Skirts,
Willi UUIIoi up tlio buck, for walking
or livening costumes, onlyS-' 75caih
vvoilh SISO,
Dccr-lmlr Filled Hustles, two slcs
imdtwn colois, whltu and drub; u;;S
nnd TDocucIi; oxcollont shipo.
(Second floor; tnko tlio elovator.)
WOODWAltD & L0T1I110!'.
I'otlou Dcpui'tiliciit.
2jc below value is 5-4
Brown Sheeting, at 10c per
yard, fine, firm texture.
(Third floor: tnko tlio elovator.)
OulII nopurt incut.
We unhesitatingly recom
mend the 1 1-4 "Boston
House" Quilt as the best for
the money that can possibly
be obtained; only $1 each.
(TI1I1 d thiol : tuko tlio elevator.)
Acknowledged Bargains
in each and every depart
ment. For other attractions see
SWirancl Republican. Each
Mail orders for any of
the above goods will receive
our prompt personal atten
Boston Dry Goods Housa
oxr. I'ltios; oxi.v,
1)!U I'cnii. AVC. 01JJ I Mtl'OOt
NO. 6,350.
Gold, Silver and Other Monoy hi
tlio Treasury.
Vhat Is Said of tho Prosidont's Territorial
JJxeuutHo mill Oilier ApptihiliuoiiU
The 1'ioshlcnt appointed to-day :
ToJio Mntshals of tli United States
Duvld 11, Witters of Michigan, for tlio wort
cm district of Michigan, nml I'.ilwnid Haw
I, Ilia of Indlnnn, for tlio district of Indiana,
Vlco HohcilS. Foster, term expired.
1'nssCd Assistant Hngliicer John A, Scot,
to Im clih'f cngtntcr, with rolatlvo rank of
To bo Hotalnod. Consul II. A. Shacked
foid, nt Xmitcs, Vraitcc, Is to bo retained at
Ills pust.
District Accounts. Comptroller Dur
ham has tin tied over to Mr. Walker of his
ofllca tho accounts of tlio foinicr District
Commissioners, imt there nro illfllcultlcs In
tho way of thtir ncttlciiiciit that It will tuku
eouio time to adjust.
Demand for a Doclslon. Tlio demand
for Sccietury Lamm's decision nliotit tho
disbarment of ox-cmyloycs of tho (lovcrn
incut from practice before tlio ofllcci In
whfcli tliey wcro employed Is sn great that
It has been published In pamphlet form.
IJovonuo Collectors and Agonts. Tho
Sccrctaiy of tho Ti casury-has lcplacod all
of tho eighty-four Internal lovcnuo collec
tors with Democrats except thirteen. Ho
ha? been easier on tho lovenuo agents, only
four of tho original twenty lining been
Gold, Silver ttnd Notes. The amount
of gold, silver mid United States notes In
tho Treasury to-day Is "03,218,533 w ith tho
following outstanding certificates: (lold,
$iaj,S-,H0j sllvor, .iP107,li;il; currency,
$2ll,WO,(K)0. The Tiea'iiry holds ?r.),12J,
C5U to scctiio untloiinl bank circulation,
Balling of tho Swtvtara. Tho Swataia
tailed at li;30 this morning from tho Xnvy
Ynrd and pot out of tho' Eastern llr.meh
Mltliout prouudlng, Sho has on bond n
quantity of frelcht for tho N'ow Yorlc Xavy
Yaid, where slio has gone to tnko on
hci ordiianco nnd spara stores loft thero
wlicn showas sent to 'cw Orleans after
tho elhcr dollars.
Kr. Plummor'a Corumlsslon Wlth
lioltl, Though Mr. l'lummcr was on
Thuitdny appointed Kaval Ofllccr nt Phila
delphia, Ids commission is held up and
(hero will be no change in teat ofllco until
November. Mr. l'luiumcr was tho unani
mous cliolco of tho l'eunylvnnln delega
tion In Congress, but was opeclally itrgud
for tlio plaeo by Mcssis. Randall and
Biedorbrlck Dying. Xows camo heio
to-dny that Sergeant lllcdeibrlck, whowns
hospital steward of tho Greeley expedition
to the Arctic, is very 111 in Xow
York fiom diecaso lcsultlng from his
baidehlps in tho Arctic, nnd thero is no
hopo of Ills liIng moro than a few days,
lie has been n constant suITerer from ncuto
ihcumatlsm ei er rIiico his return home, mid
Ibis Is complientcd with fever nnd lien t
U. S. Minister Jccob. .Mr. Charlos D.
Jacob of Kentucky, who was jestciday ap
pointed mlulstcr plenipotentiary to the
United States of Columbia, which, with tho
other appointments inado by tho Vresidont,
w ere gh en In Tin: Clime last ovcnlng, Is n
lawjer of ability .uiul high standing, llo
was twice cletled mayor of I.oulsvlllu and
was a prominent gubernatorial caudldato In
lhR2. Mr. DIght J. Tartello, who was ap
pointed consul of tho United Stales at Dus-i-eldoif,
camo to this city in 16.111 from Now
,Iei6ey and since tho closo of tho war lus
been employed in tho Xavy Department.
Mr. Cleveland's Territorial Policy.
"If I ever believed nnj thing in my llfo,"
said a pionilncnt citizen of Ohio, "I bellovo
that tho President, lullucnccd by some of
tho leaders of tho Uemociatlo paity, Is fill
ing tho Ten Itorles with Democrats of tho
uutcrrlflcd bind. It looks to mo as if tlio
patty l8g(tllng i party to enptuionll of tho
Tcnltorles as soon ns they shall become
Slates, If jou will look over the list of
Territorial appointments, you will discover
that they mo nearly all Southern mou, mid
men who mo noted In their sections fur
courage nnd for undying dovollou to Ihclr
paily. It begins to look as It tho Govern
ment N going to mako It simply red-hot for
all tho people w ho aro In any w ay inWcrt up
In ianrt frauds In the far West."
The Asiatic Squndron. Acting Kenr
Artinlral John I.co l)als icpoits from Yo
kohama September 1 1 tho movements of
essels as follows: Tho llagshlp Tienton nr
ilved at Nagasaki Augiirt 10 nnd left Au
gust 27 with tho OMilpco and Marlon for n
tlneo dnjB cruUo tindii tteain, after which
thu Osslpco went to Kobo and tho Marlon to
Chemulpe, Koila, to relievo the Alert. Tho
Ticulou left Nagasaki August 31 for Yoko
hama la Kobo nnd m iivi.il September 8.
'Hie Ossliieo left Shanghai August 8 and ar
rhed nt K.ignsnkl August 10; sailed August
27 and jiut into Kobe "August 2'J with cliol
ein on boiiid, threo deaths of seamen having
occurred, Tho Monoeocy was still at Can
ton. Tlio Marlon arrived at Nagasaki Au
gust 0 from Hong Kong. Tho Alert was
ctlll nt Chemulpe. Tlio I'alos lemalned nt
- - .
Minor nnd Pergonal.
Tho rrcsldent Ins icappoluted W. T. 9.
Cuitls to bo notary public for this District.
Tho I'osliiiaster-Gimernl to-day ap
pointed only sW postmasters of thu louitli
dais. 11. M. Vanaimaii, sociulary of Arizona,
has fonuuded his loslgiiatlou to thu
Assistant Secictary .Tonke, of tlio Inteilor
DepiiitnieDtls e.Npcetert to return to thu city
net Tuetdiiy.
ltlthard llurke, nrlcikflf class S, In tho
Thlid Audlloi'sollleont tho Tueasiuy, has
btcu dlintsud, owing to a icduetluu of thu
(korgo Iloppy, cleik In tho postal cud
ngeney nt Ciiblliton, N. V., was In-day 10
uiovtd, and lliitfh Trcilin iippoliitod fu Ills
Chief .lusllco Wiiltoonllnd on tho l'resl
dent to-dny; Coiuiiihsloiicr of Internal
llcveniio Miller was iilsoMoeotvort by tlio
Mr. Cinrenco Allen, assistant appoint
lmnt ekik of tho luteilur Dipjitiuent, has
Ktuiniiltotlioiitj-fiuiuhls viiLutlon mid
risumtd Ills duties.
W. J. MticConiiell nurt ll. 11. Kidder Hero
in dny appointed clerks In tho olllco of
division Inspector of tho lWiiuico Uop.ut
ini'iit nt Chicago, III.
it Is ctnkd that Inlted States District
Attorney ZaWsklo sent Ids resignation ci
lerday to Attoruo doiieinl Gmlaiid.
ZalalbKlo Is one of thosu Indlcloil by thu
gtaud Juiy on Wednesday for contilbutlnj
to n pollilcal fund rtmliig tlio last 1'rcslJon
tlal campaign.
Tlio October prop report of tho Depart
ment of Agriculture, Issued to-dny, snows
Hint tho high condition of cotton in Juno
nurt July was not maintained In August
and September,
Secretary Kmllcnlt and I.lcutcnant-flcu-crnl
Sheililnn, who went to Now York last
evening to witness tho I'loort Uncle ot
plosion, nro expected lo return this after
noon on thu limited express.
There-Is no doubt but that a resolution
will bo Introduced in emigre, calling for
tlio correspondence between this Govern
ment nnd Auslila and Italy, In icgard to
tlio diplomatic appointment of Mr. Kclley.
GAvanv ox rm: rtr.
A Itrlef Ciilloijiiy Willi n Mniar!iu-M-tN
lion, l'atrlck A. Collins of Uoston Isat tho
Itlggs House. Ho was In quite a hurry to
get out to attend to btisluessjustas aCitiTlu
icprcscntatlvomct him this morning. Ho
stopped long enough to go through tho
following brief dlalojuc:
"What nro tho political prospects In Mas
sachusetts!" "Massachusetts Is n Republican State.
Tho most wo can expect to do Is to keep
down tho Kepubllcnu majority; mid only In
phenomenal years do wu mnnago to elect
our ticket."
"What news do you get fiom Xow
"From tho Information 1 liavo I bellovo
won 111 curry both New Yoik nnd Ohio.
Hill will be elected Governor. I don't think
thcioisany doubt about tho Democratic
Htnto tickets being eli-itcd in New Yoik uud
"You nro snlrt to bo opposed to sending
Iilsb-Amcilcnns over to help tho rnrucllltos
in tho campaign hi Ireland "
"I nm, for tho reason that I do not bellovo
they nro needed over tbeie. Thu lenders
enn get nlong without our oratory or per
sonal efforts in Ireland."
Tin: coMMissioxTms vinn.
Ilii-y Agnlu Dcnlliio tu Ante for Jloro
policy for tlio IViichurH.
Ihe Commlssloucis, In a letter to School
Tiusteo John II, Brooks, lay down tho law
for regulating the salaries of tho school
teachers ami decline to nsk Congress to
mnko up the 11 per cent, dellclcucy tu tho
leathers' salaries. Tliey Inform him In re
spect to n letter lecelved from him in re
gnrd to teachers' salaries that thoy do not
concur with him in nil icspccts. They say
that tho nppropiiatlon for teachers' salaries
wnsdillbirutclylhednt $iiyo,0(W, or StS.
lCOmoru than tho pi ovlous year, nnd such
I elng tho tnse, It wn3 necessary to fix tho
salnileo of tho tcnohers so as not to exceed
that amount, and unless there Is some im
portant new fact not known when tho bill
was pending, thero should bo uo thought of
again vexing Congress Willi tho matter,
They also sny that tho opinion that tho
tiustecs hivNooxcliifho power to ilx tho
enlaiies Is erroneous,
A member of tho School Iloard stated to
a Clinic leportcr Hint thu estimates of thu
lni6tces weru cut down by tho Commis
sioners, or tbcio would liavo boon
no .deficit now. Theio was only
ono thing for thu tiustecs to
do In tho matter, and tint was to
close 6omo of tho schools. Ho also silrt
theio Is n contract existing between tho
teachers mid tho District to pay uceitalii
sum for n certain amount of son lee, mid
It tho teachers perform this service thoy
will liavo a good suit against the District
for tho threo per cent, ictnlucd from
Tlio l'Irst "Week or tho Nmv Jtrseiiger
hcrIro In Wuliliitnn,
Postmaster Conger has submitted to tlio
I'oslmaster-Gcneral a repoit concerning tho
lltst w eck of tho special delivery scrvlcu in
tills city, which week ended, on thu 7th.
'Iho report shows that twcnty-nlnu messen
gers wcro employed In tho service. Tho
number of speLl.il delivery letters deposited
In Ilic ofllco for local delivery was 1110; the
number arriving In tho ninlls from other
places, 2(15; tho special nicsscngcis deliv
ered WW lettcis, nnd tho regular carriers, !),
tho amount duo each of tho twcuty-nlno
messengers Is $1.(111; thu average tlmu of de
livery ot lettcis after their aulval was is
minutes; US special delivery letters arrived
In tho malls on Sunday. No special letters,
cither local or from outlde, arrived in thu
last mall beforo midnight, which Is duo at
ll:!!0p. in.; 210 specl.il delivery letters weru
mailed for tiansnilsslou to other places and
3,r00 special delivery stamps were sold.
No letters fulled of delivery.
Tin: ahmx axi) iY.irr.
Notes of Interest tu tho Scrvleo rroiu
nil Atiini; tlio I.lnc.
I'orty-slx reciults nro oidered to tho Thir
teenth Infnntij, nnd thirty-seven to tho
Seventeenth liifiintiy.
Caplalu Geoigo W. Adair, nsslstnut sur
geon, Is granted ono mouth extension of
leave from l'ort Missoula, Montana.
Captain 'lliomas II. Ilootes, formeily a
commander In tho navy, died last Tuesday
nt his homo at Howling Giecn, Ky. lie
was 71) j cms of age.
Captain William 11. Kingsbury, Klovcnth
Infantry, was placed on Iho retired list
yesterday for disability. Ilo Is at his homo
at Ynntle, Connecticut.
Colonel Asa 1. lllunt, commandant of
the l'oit I.ciivenwoith .Military I'rlson, will
return to his station Octohcr'dJ, after tho
meeting of thu National 1'iKon Association
Colonel Charles Sollmer, lieutenant Third
Aillllcry, who has Just been reliovcd from
duly with Light llattery I' at San Antonio,
Tex., will uriivo heio In a day or two for
duty nt tho Aiseunl.
'Iho Hoard of Commissioners of tho Mili
tary 1'ilson will convene at l'ort l.e.iven
woith November 1.1. 'llio Secietaiy of War,
Miijnr-Geiitinl Seholleld, Adjutant General
Drum uud Colonel 'lliomas I'. ilarr compose
thu lonid.
The retirement jostoulayot Captain W.
V.. Khigsbuiy, r.leveiith Infantry, promotes
1'iist Lieutenant .John Whitney to captain,
Company II, which takes him from l'ort
Sully to'l'oit Abraham Lincoln, nnd Lieu
tenant Win. II. Win ider to first lletlten ml,
which takes him from l'oit llutord to l'oit
Sully, Dakota.
Major Merrltt llaiber, nsslstmt adjut-iut-criieml
to (leiicrnl Crook, has been granted
leave fur n month with peimlslon to im
ply for ono month's oxtcnslon. During his
ubscneo fiom Arizona bis dilth'swill be
peifonued by .Major William 1'. Drum,
rouilcinth Iiifiuitry, netlug li.spcLtor-gen-eral
of tho depaitiiient.
I.leiiteunnt-Coloiul Leslie Smith, Tvvcn
llclh lufmitr), piomoltd Thuisd.iv fiom
innjor Second lufuiitry, Is eudeiod to le
poit by telegraph to General Terry, com
manding the Dcpnitineut of Dakota, for
assignment to station; Major IMmond
llutlcr, Second Infantry, promotod from
enptalii of l'lflli Infantry, will proceod from
l'oit Keugh, Montana, to icport to Gen
eral Gibbon, at Vancouver, for nsslgumoiit.
vitv iiaZl XOTHS,
Ileum of Minor Importuned Glellunil
I'liiin tlio Cuiti'ts.
I etlers eif ndiiiliilstrnt(on have boon
grunted to l'.dward linirett on tho ctatu of
Ciithcrlno llarrett.
Mmiliigo licenses liavo been Issued ns
follows: Chas. II. lisher mid Coin 1).
King, both of Alexnndil.i, Vn. M. A. Nor
il, Wmdilngton Count), Md., mid Katlu
I'uiiellof thlsclt).
l'etei Wllllann has filed a suit nt law
ngnlust Mm tin Wli-shnlt, elalmlii'; 1,(KW
diiinnges for m rest on thu falu clnrgo of
giand Iniceuy, mid having him impilsouert
live dnj s in Jail.
l'hlllp llnebeiihelmcr to-du.v (lied a peti
tion for dlvorco from his wife, Mary J
llnclionhehner, eharglng that she dusottud
him twojcais aftur uunlagu mm refused
lo return uud llvo with him.
Rev. Edmund Hcz Sworn of tho
Second Baptist Church.
11m I.'nrl) History nml rirovrth of the
Cliurcli Under llln Clutrgo.
Tho llcvcrciul I'elmuiul lie. Swcm,
whose portrait nppenri licrovvltli, U pas
tor of tlio Second llnpllsl Church, loca
ted nt tlio corner of Fourth street nml
Virginia nvcnuo Koullioasl. lie li
twenty-eight years old, ami a natlvo of
Orecnshurc;, Intl., wheroliU father has
long been n practicing physician, llo
nciiuli cd his primary education In hit!
ntillvclovvii, xvhero ho attended aprl-
r.cv. r.DMUMi nuz swi:vr,
vato school, nnd Liter tho public mid high
schools, llo also recited for soveial years
toaprivato tutor. His collego courso was
taken In what Is now tho I'auvv University
located nt Gicencastlc, "Ind, After ills
graduation ho took tho theological courso
in tho Southern lkipttst Theological Semi
nary located In Louisville, Ky.
llo was oidalncd to tho ministry in Law
renccburg, Indiana, Apill 14, 1SS1. Ills
first charge was tlio llapllst Chinch In that
city, where ho remained for ono vcar. Ho
then bceaino pastor of tho Tabcrnaclo
llaptlst Church In Xow Albany, Indiana,
where ho iciiialucd for two cars mid roiir
moiilhs, During his p.istorato at thlsplaco,
lie inlscd the money mid pild off a heavy
debt with which thu church was cncuni
bcicd. l'lom Xuw Albany hu camo to
Washington mid assuiued his present
chntgo August 1, 1584.
During the summer just past, Mr. Swcm
has, byleavo of his c1iiiil.1i, taken an ex
tensive) tour through tho Hiltlsh Isles, mid
several of tho louutrles of Continental
He bus a keen eye for tho humorous nil I
blight side of llfo, and will soon deliver a
lectuio for the benefit of his church, en
titled "l'orelgn run." Ho has a pleasing
nm! cffcctlvo delivery In thu pulpit, mid is
an earnest worker hi his sacred calling.
1 lie Lliurch under ids dial ge is ono of tho
oldest In thu city, having beci organized
Juno II, 1S10. On that data llvo persons,
viz., llaitleson I'ox, Clement Uoswell, Har
vey llistoi, Joseph Hon ow sand Sarah llor
iows, met at McCloud's school-house, iu
Knst Washington, when Lldcr Jeremiah
Mooie, assisted by two others, oigaulzed
tho llttlo band Into a regular llaptlst
Church, This LTdcr Mooro had pissed
tluough an cxpcrlcnco that docs not fall to
tho lot of tho minister of tho picseutday,
in Hint be had been Imprisoned for preach
ing tho Gospel In Virginia.
In that day Knst aslilngtou was to tho
Capital City what tho West I'.ud Is to-day.
'Iho Camilla of Diiddhigton, John Law
with bis Indian gold, and others of tho
early speculators, wcro tho nabobs of the
laiiil, and New Jersey nvcnuo was tic street
of tho city. 'Iho llttlo church had its tips
mid Its downs. Its fortunes and its reverses,
but tluough all the thrcc-quaitcis of a edi
tor of its existence it lias had a nucleus of
devoted members who liavo believed In It,
nnd clung to Its foi tunes with a persistency
worthy of tho faith they liavo iirofessod.
Not onl has itpicscrvcd Its Inrtlviduillt.v
thiuughiill these years, but It has earned
mid icieived tho tlllo of " Mother of
'I he i bird or Street Cliurcli, tho Metro
rolltan llaptlst Church ami tho Anaeostla
llaptlst Church have nil been founded by
members withdianlng hum this cliurcli for
that purpose. Ilesldo these, tho old llap
tlst Lliurch known for so many 0irs ns thu
Island Church, nnd located where Dr.
Mcador's Chinch now Is, In South Wash
ington, and at least ono colored church In
thu eity had their origin In tho samo way.
In this connection it is ctulous to nolo from
tho old nnd musty records Hint the llrst
number admitted nftcr tho chinch was
oigntilicd was Jacob llutlcr, a colored mill,
mid picsuimibly a slave.
During the llrst summer meetings wcro
held In tlio hchool-hou-e ami in tho houses
of IhiMllftcreiit'tncinbcis, but ciily lu Sof
tcml er they occupied n small fr.imo build
ing i.enr thu coiner of fourth and H streets,
lli-rotlicy continued to worship till July,
ltti.1, when thu piosent building was occu
pied nurt has riiutlniii'rt In use over slnco, It
is n niiiarknble fact th.it tho contractor
who erected this building completed it
sooner than bo agreed to do and did more
woilvon the house Hi in his contrict callod
for. A Sunday school was begun In 1S2J
mid has been kept up ever since. It is to
day ono of tho most nourishing In tho city,
has a lino library and Is fao hum dubt.
'Iho chinch Is In a llouilsliluer condition,
ecif-sustnliilmr and receiving frequeut uc
(csrIoiis. Mine than a scoio of now inciu
Leis liavo been added dining tho past joir,
.i.v Axxuws inioTimu.
Ho Tiles In 1'nivoiit IIU Slstnr niuri-y-Ingu
invoiced alnn.
A young man, considerably agitated and
nlmo-t out of breath, hurried Into tho Cieik's
ofllco about 11 o'clock this morning mid lu
qulicd if a llecnso to marry had been Issued
to Georgo T. Varkcr and Xclllu M. Turner,
and was ausweiedlu tho negative. lie thou
staled that he desired to prevent tho in ir
il.igetuklug place mid piotested j-rnlnst tlio
Issuing of ii In cure. Ho was Informed that
n license must bo given on application, nnd
If ho wanted the maulngo prevented he had
Leltil go to thu Chief of l'ullco.
Ho replied that he had been to that offi
cial and bo sent him lo tho clerk's olllce.
With much feeling the young umi lold his
story. Ho6.ild thut he was a brother of
Miss Turner, mid asse'rt.'d thitl'arkor had
puisiiadcd his slter tu come on heio mid
mniry him. lindlug Hut thocloik of tho
emu t could not aid him, hu went elsewhere
lo sco If ho could not stop tho nnnlago.
lie had been out of lliu eleik's ollleu
when n brlght-fiiecd lad, eonihu from HOI
.Miuket Spaci, presented n mi'inoriindi for
n ninnl.igo license for Georgo T. I'uikeranrt
,elllu M. Turner, which was lusitod, mid
the bii went luck with It to thojdacu fiom
which he came, and unless Mls Turiiui's
brother Is able to luteifciu Iheiu will prolu
blv lo no Intel rnptlon of tho eeioiiionv.
The wlfuof l'.uker was granted a dlvorco
on 'Ihuisdii on thugiuuiid of ndulteiy and
A Minting ttinl. ilui'iii'il.
l'lTJSUlun,I'.v.,()it. 10. At 11: 1.1 o'clock
this morning 111 o broke out lu thu Monarch
Skating Kink, corner of l'list avciiuu and
Water stre'et, Tlio Ilnines speedily column
ideated to tho La llauttoii Hiding Academy
nrtjoluliig, nurt both buildings woro totally
eleelioycil, Loss esllmatcd ut 000,
uximnaito uxn ivinvs.
IteiuiirliK on Thrlr I'rncllcnlilllly by
Miiperlulmidnnt Jllles,
"I kco no prnellcnl reason why all of
Iho ivlrea used for lire-alarm iclcgrnph,
ns well as for general telephone pur
pose!, should not hu put underground,
If suitable, nnd llrst-clnss cables can ho
selected for tho purpose," says super
intendent Henry It. Miles of thu Dis
trict Fire-Alarm and TelephonuBorvIco
In his annual toport to tho District
Commissioners, "1 am nvvaro that It will
cost n largo sum of money to put nil of
Iheso when underground," lie continued,
"and would not recommend that It should
nil hodonii In ono year, or even In two
jenrs. Hut lam so fully satisfied of its
practicability ns well nsof tlm desirability
of having them put In iindcrgiound cables
ntamnrly daluthat I consider It my duty
to lccommciid that nu appropriation of
$U5,C0O bo made lo begin tho work."
In tho event of laying such ealilol, he
icconuiienils that loops bo luscitcd, iiiuuuig
to points where connections can bo niado
with signal boxes mid other Instruments.
As to tho cubic lo bo ued, ho sns tho
"WmlngC'nbles" (nnd perhaps others) pos
sess in tin fiiilucut degreu this advaut.i.re.
but most of Iho cables thus fat constructed
can only bo used to advantage foi trunk
lints bclwceu terminal stations. In dis
cussing the diiral lllly nnd practicability of
the Waring cables, he states that ho has had
tcveial inlhsoflt in lire for two years nnd
It gave the highest satlsfai Hon and required
no ii pal ring. Ho suggests tint thu llrst
tiunk llucslc laid on 1) street, between
l'lflli and Thhtcenth streets; along Thlr
(Lentil to L, along 1, to Seventeenth, along
Seventeenth lo M street, which ho sivsnto
in tho heart of iho city, and would bo a
good start mid would remove a lonj lino of
Arciy Important recommendation Is inado
In regard to tho extension of Iho flro-nlarm
service lo the villages tint surround the city,
lie recommends that ilro alarm wires and
stations lu ercctid hi L'nloiilown, Mount
Pleasant, LoDrolt I'aik and in tho various
streits near Hownirt University.
Tlio department was Improved with
forty-six new lire-ahum signal boxes during
tho year and nil of Iho clieults were con
siderably enlarged, at a Cost of ?",ifU.IW.
'Hits greatly facilitates the prompt trans
mission of alarms of Ihe. A new Invention
of Mr. Miles', conslilhigot aw electrical do
vlco by which the stall doors aro opened at
the (list stroku or an alarm, was Introduced
Into tho ciiglno houses ami worked satisfac
torily. 'lhcro wcro 2"0 lire alarms turnod iu dur
ing tho jcar. 'ihuiccnrd of uliuins shows
that thirty alarms v.e-ro between midnight
and 0 n. in.; forty-seven between fl a. iu. and
noon, mid seventy two between noon and 0
p. ni nml sixty-seven between (J p. m. uud
midnight. 'lhuiOLouls of the office show
that tho engines were absent from tliulr
houses 11M hours timing tho year. Tho
District has In tiso 117 sets of telephones,
mi oi which mo lenicu. xucro woio 10
coidcd nt huadipiniters IT. 1 ,071 tclephono
messages. Mr. Miles state? tint tho polleo
patiol system, Introduced Into tho Kltth
and Stveuth l'rrclucts, has woikod satis
factorily, Ho states that tho tclephono has
become a necessity In all tho Dcpirtnieuts
of tho city government, but for polleo ser
vleo ho would recommend a printing tclo
Jottings About llesldenls nnd XVcll
Kimwu Visitors.
C. W. I. uiii.viiEC of Maine U nttho
(Ir.xEiiM, Konr.iiT C. Soiiunck has re
turned to tbe-city for thu season.
Co.MMVMii.u llom.nv 1). Kvvv-, light
house Inspector at Ualtlmoro, Is in tho city
Hon. r.riiu.viM Uvvxixn, a pioinlnent
lawyer and politician of Chicago, Is nt
CinTni: . Aiithi n, .in., of New York
and WIchlilTu l'rcston of Kentucky aio at
Max Ilciizoe. mid M. Sellgiinn of Xew
Yoik and W. . Swan of Uoston aro at
Woriule 's.
ll.vmtv Manx-, tho thcalijcnl manager,
mid Congiessiuau Vlelo of Xew York, mu
ut Wlllnrd's.
Mus. 1'niMC Y. CoMMVOllin left here
last night for lioilda, to spend tho winter
nt Saint Augustlno.
I.iBUTtxvNr-COMMAMini: Hiivvix S.
Houston Is ut Xo. 1310 G street fiom tho
Xorfolk Xm-y-Yard.
11, II, I'm siMi'.it, naval ofllcor nt Phila
delphia, and J. I., lloosovclt of Xow York
nro at Iho Arlington.
Kcaii-Admiuvi. Ui'-iitru and family
liavo ictiirned to their city lesldouce, 1101
lihodo Island au-uue.
Mu. ami Mii. J. I. Doitvv of I'hllndel
pliln and Mr. and Mrs. II. S. Hoeller and
daughter of Cincinnati are nt the Itlggs.
1!i;ai:-Aimih,vi. Fnvxcis A. Hon ar
rived hero yesterday with Mrs. Hoe, nnd
has located at Xo. l'JJJ Seventeenth street.
S. X., who lecently ictiirned homo from tho
Wnchiisctt, is at fcolnii's Hotel (tho old
Owen Houso).
Lir.l'TEN VNT IlKN'JVMIX S. lliciiiuns,
U. S. X., who has Just returned homo from
tho Wuiliu'clt, on tho l'aclllo licet, lias
tpimtcis at Xo. Hill X sticet.
Miss At ur. M. WisriEin of Wash
ington Is stopping with relatives lu Staun
ton, nnd will spend a part of her vacation
among friends hi Koeklnghaiu.
LiriiuxvxT Gr.ouoi; 1'. Cuisn, Third
Cnvnliy, will leavo hero this evening for
Xew Yoik, wheio ho goes to placo some of
his Arizona mines on the iu uket.
LlI.LTl'X vxt M. riMicu WniotiT, U,
S. X'., who is here from thu Alliance, at tho
Xoifolk Xuvy-Y.ird, will leivo the city
this evening. Ho is at tho Ailliigton.
SrnnrvxT Dvxiri. L. lluvix vim of tho
Signal Service, famous for Ids work on tho
Gtcely r.xpLilltlon, ictiirned to tho city
this morning, mid has secured ipuiters ut
Xo. MUihlitOLiilh street.
DisTjucT Govi:itx.ui:x'je xvrs.
Sluttcis IIcIiib t'liiisltltufil liy Our I.ooiil
Tho Commltoloucrs have decided to grado
Wiltlicrgcr stieet under tho "penult sys
tem." 'Iho application of Hen Jones for n Inr
loom lltcuso lias been approved by thu Com
missioners. Tho Commissioners liavo approved tho
icipiest for n sidewalk on 0 street, near
Xeirth Capitol street.
ihe Commissioners have been nskurt to
pavowilh asphalt Thlity-thlnl struct bo:
tween 1' and Itttieels,
Tho ist'mstcs for tho opcnso of iiiuulng
thu Water Deprilment for noxt year are
$l?:i,ll, Thu lecelpts for last year anioiliit
iiltoil!5,5W.17. 'Iho Coinmtssloncis havo iccelvod n copy
of tlio lesolulliins piissodntn recent meet
ing of thu teachers of tho seventh school
division stating that thoy collectively uud
individually accept tho leductton.
Mm. Humes of Ceittngo Hill writes
thu Commlssiiiiicis Hint' ho Is nu uld
man mid lust a handsome pioperty dur
ing Hie war mid another since, mid is still
willing to work for a living, and dosliesto
lo Lo furnished with n liorsu mid cart and a
mail to collect stones on nil the public roads
uud to repair bildgus.
Captain Allan Drown, V. 8, X., was
Siuiitiil u penult to-day to croct a beauti
ful iisliltnco on (J street, between Seven
teenth and L'lghteeuth stieets. It will bo
tint c storieB, with a bay-window projection,
nud havo the modern liupiuvcmuiits, Thu
bouto will cost IrS.OOO.
llulldlng permits liavo been granted to
D. M. Goodaeic, elect llvo dwelling on K,
between I'lrst nud Xorth Capitol siieots
nonhciist, at n t ost of s,(100, L. 1). More
pout, electa stable tear of 13 1 Thlid streut
Miuthiast, 1100, Mrs. A llaulnii, erect a
frame dwelling on Grant street, Mt, l'lcis
nut, $1,000; Mrs, M l'onc-.t, repair (J0
Xtvv Voik iiYeiiuo, J100.
10, 1885.
How Attorney-General Browstor Got
Even With Chandler.
A Ittminisccnco of tho Oraut Oamiiaign
of 1872.
Tlio, Dlslrli t IleiiHicmls mill Tlit'lr
Vltllollrt Hiloviineos,
AVlicn Sir. Ilrcvvstcr, lato Altorney
Clcncial, who U now having a groat
ileal of fun willi princes and other
Individuals In lhirnpc, wm lu Mr.
Arthur's Cabinet he, ni u rule, got
along veiy well with hit fellow-members.
Sometimes, however, thero were
dllTcirnccs of opinion; hut notvvilh
Maiiiling ilr. lliowsler'sllrmiulliefenro
to nny position Hint ho might sco 111 to
tnUe, there was only ono serious hitch be
tween him mid any of tho other bunds of
Departments. Mr. Chindlcr, tho Secretary
of the Xavy, and ho camo to loggerheads
Just licforo tho Presidential election. Mr
Brewster regarded the money which hid
hllhei to been paid to supervisors of elec
tions ns too much, llo proposed to cut
down their allowances. Mr, Chandler, It Is
almost needless to sav. cntci tallied no such
opinion. 'Iho matter was discussed twleo
nt Cabinet meeting. 'Iho President and
tlio rest of the Cabinet sided with Iho Sec
retary of tho Xavy. Mr. llruwster held out
for n while, but filially hid to yield some
what, not, however, beforo Mr. Chandler,
In an animated conveisntloii, said to him:
"You would mahon law youisolf In the
malter. Vou mo arbitrary."
Xow Mr. Urew stcr's temper Is by no
means thu best lu tho world. Ilo went
over to tho Depirtinent of .lusllco a mid
man, yet there was apparently nothing that
ho could do nlioutlt. .Some time nftciward
Mr. Chandler hud occasion to employ coun
sel for ids department. Ho did so, mid tho
inmi employ cd did his work well, and his ac
count, !j-'.,(HJIl, was not considered steep. Mr.
( handler sent tho bill to tho Department
of Justltc to he settled. It was there dis
covered that the lawyer had never Liken
tho oath of olllce. Without tint form illty
the accounts of mi attorney cmploved by
tlio (loverniiicut enn bo "hung up." Mr.
lliewsler hulled tho discovery with gleo
mid promptly lynched tlio bill. He rubbed
his hands and said: "I wonder how Ch m
dler will lllto this"' Tho lawyer went off
and took tho oath of ofllco; but tint should
have I ecu done beforo ho commenced his
work, ilo Iho account was Kent suspended,
Mr. llrewstci, every tlma Mr. Cliiudler
mnilo nu attempt tonnaugolt, refusing; mid
chuckling ho said: "I wonder how hu likes
this'" And that lawcr has nover yet
emightn glhnpso of tho $3,000; but ho Ins
taken thu only courso that is open to him
to iccoup himself for his work and ex
penses. Hollas entered suit in thoCouit
of Claims I'galnst tho Culled States for tho
Ono moro sloiy about Mr. llrewstcr.
When ho turned over tho Department of
Justice to Attorncy-tleneral tlarlanil those
twoireiitlcmcuhad a tall: about Its affairs.
.Mr. (Jarlmd nsked .Mr. lliowsterlf ho had
any request to mako of him. After pausing a
moment Mr. Ilievvs.ter said: "Yes.' I
would llkoto havo (giving tho mill's n.iino)
ono of tho Assistant Attoiueys-lieucial io
inovcd. Ho is of noscrvlcu to tho tiovoiu
uicut. I havo frequently tried to get htm
out, but so great lias bemhls lulluoiieo nt
tho White Houso and elsowhero that I have
never been nblo to do so. Xow 1 wish ns a
favor to the d'ovei iiincut mid to myself th it
you would draw his blood." Tlio ollluci's
blood was diavvn long ago.
An elderly gentleman In ono of tho Do
paitmt'iits used to bo an usher nt tlio Metro
politan Memoilal Cliurcli when (icucral
(Iriint attended thoro, mid Dr. Xewiuin
tlicuurscd fiom Its pulpit, llo said thu
other day to tho writci:
"i uavo uivvays uept prctiy well postoei
In polities, but nuvcr until shortly beforo
Hernial (limit's second nomination did I
get a fair iuslght Into tho tricks that poli
ticians rcsoit lu. l'or thicu months befoto
(Icucral (liant received his second nomina
tion my Sundays were a horror to mo. You
sec 1 had to show tho people who came to
tho church tho seats. Well, theio wcro
plenty of Republicans as well ns Democrats
who did not wanttos.ee Ucucral liraut re
nominated. One of the devices that they
icsortcd to was to endeavor to
show Hint n coloied person was
not as v.clcomo to (icncinl (1 rant's
chinch as one of tho whlto race. Sunday
after Sunday these peoplo sent bunch after
bunch of coloied people to tho church with
instiiictlons to bo Just nsfnnwud ns possl
blu mid Insist on having as good scats as
llieic wcio In tho house. And," cvclnimod
thu elder! clerk, ns ho mopped Ills brow,
"they carried out their Instructions, Tliey
would slipup to tho front pews or they
would push up theio. And every ono of
them looked sonwful miIous to be put out
that I was almost dying to accomiuodato
them; but wo knew what tho gamu was and
by awful haul work avoided all trouble,
eccpt on ono occasion mid tint troublu
was but n small one. A colored woman
dashed past mo ono Sunday and took a seat
iu ono of tho best pews. 1 told her that
she would huvu to leavo it. Shu made a little
distill baneu but subsided when she found
out that she had got Into a routed puw, Shu
li in I a little overdone It. Thu tactics which
1 havo dcscilbcil to you ultcily fulled in
their object."
Things In tho matter of tho ofllccs undur
n Dcmuciiitlc Administration aro ically
going veiy slowly. Xo wonder that thero
Is grumbling nnd growling. Whim tho
Dinioeiats were whooping ll up so eulhusl
ustii ally last summer uud fall for tho suc
cessful ticket, not ono oftliem gave moro
than n passing thought to tho clvll-scrvlco
law; ceit.ilnly not ono of them ever Imag
ined what n Chtuoeo wall It would bo In
keeping them fiom tlio loss Influential of
fices. Thoy thought that if the Democratic
ticket should bo successful there would be
nice places galore to bo had for the usklng.
liecnusout these sanguine expectations mid
thu little thought given tu thu civil-service
law Is their disappointment sogi'ont. Oneof
the DepuilmciiU In this city emit iliistwuof
tlio most disappointed Democrats In tho
couutiy. '1 lie woik they did durlm; tho
campaign mid In arranging for Hie Inaugu
ration wus ns great as tn.it pcifiumud by al
most miyothei two men In tho country,
Thuy winked duy uud night at the huail
ipuiters of Hit' Cougieslouiil Campaign
Committee both liufoio and nftcr thu elec
tion l'or this they got nu pay, but expected
good places after the Ith of March.
After many attempts at something satls
fai tory, nil of which were frustrated by tho
Livil-si'ivicu law, they wcro content to tuku
w hut they could get. One is u watt hiuiui
and the uther a inosseUBor. They have been
hoping for something better but it h is not
iippenrLtl. Iho watchman has to be mi
duty every dny; iho messenger has his Suu
duys off, Thu other dny thu watchman
madu oi.o more, offuit, mentioning tlio tact
that hu did not have a single day off. llo
waBiuet with tho elvll-sun leu law again,
but was told that hu could lie inailen mes
eni'cr. He icpllnl: "1 would liku very
nine h liiilet d to spend uiv "Sundays with my
fainllv, 1 ut 1 will be d d If In tinloi" to do
so 1 will plnv the luchcy to Republican
eleik-'" "
Cnpliiln lieoigu Mushbiich. who has been
on in amassing tour In tho interest otthu
Dcuiiitrutli" ticket, states that largo iitiui
lit'istif the i (doled people will votu tint
lit hit this fall
'lliomas Turner asks that II street, bo
twtcu I Ifth nud SKth struets southeist, bo
paved with concrete this full,
lliu Now Hl)hi tliitt tins Htriink tlm
National fupHiel.
Whether Iho furl of Miss Cleveland's
wealing short hair originated the pro
vailing mania among Ihe fair sex It tint
determined, hut that shu Is "tlio llrst
lnely of thu land" would he stilHclenl
inducement for tlio fashionables t0 fol
low lu her wako whatever slylo of head
elreis she might ndopl. Hut from
whatever ftotireo It had Hr origin It Is
ccilnlii Hint tho short hair craze hu
"slrttclc-iii" In Washlnglnn. It is he
mming moro apparent every day. Wall,
along tho Aveiiuo to-dny nnd count thu
number of Indies yuli meet Willi cre'ippud
hair. Tnko the siimewnlk to-inuriow iinij
you'll bonblo to count iinny more Ono
i'ri'iich hairdresser on l'lfteentli strivt told
'I in: CniTir nrtlst that she herself shlnglol
iiltieteen heads a fow days ngo beforo 'J
o'clock, 'lhls In tho woik of hut one of the
tunny Indies' li-ilr cullers hi this city, ho nt
this inte II will not require nniiy days to
tender the coiffure a thing of the pint.
"Well, lhls Is certain' Ifiuv ghl ii.is her
hair cropped oft like a Tom-boy I'll break
thu tiigrgfinint Iho next dny, see It I
don't"' i'( hilmi-d n young Avenue mer
chant to Tin: litmi ntllst nboiit a week
ngo. "It's tho beastliest way of living tho
IiluiI I ever saw' Makes Iho prcltlet girl
In town look ns I inzen-f iced as a painted
song nud duiicu Woman."
Yesterday the arllst met hint on V stroet.
lie had Just pilled fiom a couple of young
ladles with whom lie had been talking.
"You scu that chunky lllllughl on tholetlf
That's my ghl. Isn't sho stylish" Anl
doesn't lh.it short hair mako her look simply
too nobby for this world r"
"Mnkcs tho prettiest girl lu to.vn look
liku a brnjen-faeed song and dauce
woman," raid tho nitlst.
"Well, that's what I used to think, but
I've changed my mind," said he.
Hut a lady, be shu )oung or old, should
slop to coii'ldcr bcfoiu submitting to the
operation or "shlugling." It sho bus
stialght hair, that never had moro lucllni
t ion to curl than a wet towel, thou Tiik
t'uiTlr's mil Ico Is "don't shingle." l'or a
lady's hah must not bo cut ns close ns a
man's. It iiiusl bo nbnut two Inches long.
'Iho result, with stiahrhl hair, Is anything
btitpiLtty. It makes ii woman look liken
Digger Indian, dressed for it visit to tho
trading post. It gets Just long cuoiuh hi n
few days to look like so many fishhooks
standing out fiom her neck.
Hut Itn pietty, full-faced girl, with black
hair mid eyes nud nlioifwr nuso wants lo
shingle lur head, then it Is tho Judgment ot
this com t that nobody has a right to ob
ject, iLcnusc she'll do It anyhow. To ono
of this description tho short hair Is moro
becoming, lint girls yes even If you have
Liirly hull' mid piig noses don't shlnglo
your hinds until you think It over. Winter,
with lis playful winds, is close upon us.
The fnsliloiiablo bonnets nnd bats will havo
no strings. I low nro you going to keen
tin in on your heads V Yes, It's easy enough
to say "pin 'cm on, of couise," but Just
tiyltand sco how beautifully It will fall.
A )ouug laily entered Itochou's a fow diys
slnco and emerged In half an hour with
shingled hair. Sho thought her hat wis ,so
Liuely pinned on, but just us sho stepped
out the door, mi October zephyr camo down
l'lfteentli sheet and wafted her hat over
Into the Whlto Lot, near ll.ibcoek Lake.
She's been saying, "Dlnkety dang tho dog
gouetl head" ever since. And when a girl
iisis such language she's nud. "Dlukoty
dung" with a gill Is equal to tins blggost
soit of a swear with a man. A fashion that
is conducive to pi uf.mlty cannot bo adopted
by a lady with Impunity.
Still another Important matter tor you to
consider In connection w Ith shingled hair,
girls, Is tho selection of a hat. If vou havu
)our hair cut oil, gi t a hat to suit Uiechango
a nobby sailor, or something of that sort,
will tilve you u Just-too-swcut-to-exlst look.
Hut for goodness sake don't put onto youi
shingled head ono of those three-story churns
on lockers that you usod to wear with bangs
and n Oieclau knot, unless you want thu
thcrinuinctrr of t'holllos lovo for your
prLttv fat e to fall ten dcgict s below zero ut
A water main will lie laid on K street ,
Ictvvccn 'lhird and 1" mrth strcts uorMi
f5 f5,
'Kj wiy, Wv hfrA
sgspl rap-
Explosion of Flood Roek in Ihll
Gate This Morning.
Ill ii Unit ufii Nlim-Vi'iim'Tiislt Itonclietl
Vv.v YoiiK, Oct. HI. Tho mail In
tense uxcllcmutit oxlslutl in tho city this
morning on account of the grout explo
sion ul Hell Onto, wlicieby I'looil Hook
was to liu removed, at 11 o'olook.
Thiiitsamls of llmld hut anxious spcct.t
lors wcro "hurrying forward lo witness)
Iho gieal event, 'i'hu horse-cars on
Iho east sielu were tilled to their ittinotl
enpneity, I'iTefluiilly hlockiidlne thu
lotttes, ovvlnit to tho Inability or the
car hoises to draw the heavy weight.
'Ihe llrooklyn llddge inpldly tilled with
thiiusninls of peoplo furious In sou "stunt'
tiling" ; it t fearful of diimagu that might
otcurnt Iho towers or michomges. Every
available spntuon housestepsof convenient
altllmle wi.h secured fur tlio purpose of
wlliiLsMng the final work. The explosion
took place nt ll:l:i, tho vlhiiitlon being felt
lu Xlvv Yoik nnd llrooklyn. Ills ostlmited
that the progress of violation was at thu
rato ot l,7()o feet pir second. In tlm
uelgliluiliood of tho postollleethe vibration
was felt nt 1 1:1ft. Tho llrooklyn Hrldgu
was tilled with peoplo from Hrool.hu and
New York, nml for a wonder tho police did
not interfere.
Tin: i:.M'i:t t.vnt cnotrm.
As viewed from lhls point there w.h.i
vast iloud of vn por which was soon waftud
away ly the wind. Steam launches from
the llronkhn Navy-Yard guarded all tho
iipproaihes to the tcrrlblo dynamite mine.
A hundred men In the bright uniforms nt
the I'nlted States Knghiecr Corps gunilu I
tho ilver fronton tho Long Island shore,
Vihllo a great many ot tho Metropolitan
police iveic slatloueel at Intervals along th i
New York shore to keep v euturesoaio
slghtsecis out ot danger.
'I he beautiful weather and tho cleinioss
of the ntmosphcio brpugbt out thu doom j I
lock within the vlnlon of thoiisnuds gatli
cicd nt dlfftreut points for a mllo nroiinil,
Thcinvvos perceptthlo excitement mniir;
Hie Inmates of the gicat public Instltutloiu
on Want's nnd llkiekwoll's Islands, where
It was feared tho shock of tho oxploslon
might ciuise suinu disaster.
A large force of polleo had crossod to
Illnckw ell's Island early In tho morning and
pntroled the shores near thu peultontlarv,
icndy to allay a panic or quell anv outbrcik
uniting tho 1,"J00 pilsnuers. In A'storlu a'ld
upper Xew Yoik tho windows ot houses
weie thrown open.
ntn iiiTrr.vimciici!.
A few minutes beforo 11 o'clock a smill
band of earnest men stood about a sin lit
bultcrv In a little temporary building nu th i
Long island shore on the dock lioitii of tho
Astoria ferry slip. 'Ihcse were the englnoers
who had planned nnd prepared for thegreit
woik of to-day. (lcuer.il Xewton, theh"
chief, stood quietly and cooly tidklng to
one of the engineers, l'loquontiy he oou
suited his watch. All housos noar the bit
tery weie deseited. The engineers were
just about 1,000 feet away from tho wire.
At IMS pieclsch, one of the parly touohc I
the little key of the lattery.
Mary Xew ton, daughter of (Icucral Xew
ton, cged 11 yeais, closed thekeyvvhlchseiit
the cunt nt tliiuugh the wiles and fired thu
mine', llrneial Newton was slightly in
jured in tlio neck by the explosion ot a ful
minate torpedo, lie t burned tho honor of
being the only tr.au hint.
Tlio daughter of (lunoral Nowton, who
pressed the button, is the samo ono whosu
baby lingers brought about the greut oxplo
slon nine years ago. Iu Itsappenrauco in tho
Sound and In tlio character of tho shock
the explosion to-day was much like tint
ut llallet Point in lbTii, except that the up
heaval of water was to-d.iv far greater,
both In the extent of river 'lino which It.
covered and hi the height to which It
v 1,11 wo SIGHT.
Instantly 111,'X) dynamite cartridges pro
ti tiding from that mauy holes drilled lu thu
mine were exploded and tho 2 10,000 pounds
of rock-n-roek packed back of the dynamite
cmtrldges went up a second later. ITool
Hock went up too. Tho report was not
as loud as v. as oxpected. Tlueo plecos of
henv) ordnance discharged simultaneously
might make ns loud u noise. Hut a second
bcfoie the icport was heard, pci-oons look
ing tow aril Hell (late saw a rale and gland
I'll t tire A great mass of foam whlto as
snow went Into Hie air to a distance of per
haps "Joo feet, falling back in wild con-fii-Ion.
Iltfoie the explosion this morning Flood
IiolI, resu from tho bod ot thu river and
sloped gradually from cither side to tlio
point which projected above the water.
1 unity-four tunnels, ono of them 1,'"M
fttt long, imi tluough the rock from north
lo south, and thoy were Intersected by I'J
other gallciles cut through tho lock from
east to west, Iho longest of tlio latter being
i ".'. feet. '1 lie tunnels averaged from (1 to S
feet In width and 10 feet from lloor to cell
ing. Light thousand cubic yards ot roek
wue taken from them, and tho roof of
stone, from 10 to 'J5 fuet In thickness, with
107 hugo pillars supporting It, contained
nemly 300,000 cubic yards. Hvory one ot
these pillars was perforated with holes uliiii
feet In depth and threo Inches In ellamatur;
cuih contained twenty-odd pounds of high
oxploslves. Scattered about the loof at In
tervals of four feet were moru holes flllod
with explosives to ns-Kt In Iho wreck ot
lilno acres of woild. Iho entire number ot
holes was bVs, mid thu average length
twenty-tivo miles
myr M'AjsitiXGXox.
A court-martial is iu session at the Xavy
Yard mine, Adolph Doyhuucord, who de
serted from a I ulied States vessel at .i
fort Ign station sown years ago and came tu
this eity where hu secured a position lu thu
War Duiiuitmcut. He was rocognled. and
captured hy Police Oiiluer Ualw.vy, who
sen Lit on tliu same vessel.
All Eust Washington purchaser should
attend the fall opening ut II. Kautmui
to-day, at tho corner of lllghth and I
streets southeast. The store ot this well
know u business man has boon roccntly i e
lilted. As tho proprietor has had tweiuv
years experlnco among East Wuslilugt 1 1
rcsldenU' nud all ot hlselerksaro courteous
and polite, iiurehasuis are guaruutectl sit
Isfat lion. Thore was a continual thioiu
ot visitors nud purchasers ut tho store t
duy, uud it is hoped that the sumo may I -continued
throughout the season.
Thomas Tu lor, a young colored mil,
was t ak on sick on ll street noar Hovontooiu'i
stieet southeast about 4. o'clock yestoidiy
afteruoon. He wus cued foi by Mrs. Vu
elerson, living near by, utter which ho w n
removed to the Washington Uyluut about
:!'() p. m. by Officers Fitzgerald nud I'onr
son. At thu asylum hi condition was pio
liouucid painful hut not tciiuus.
Mr. Janus M. Hover, MMug on lueuics
boiiiiond, iibuiit three miles from Unlou
tuvi n, it pints through OnlecrKtrby Of tlm
stilekiutluii ilmt his "potato houso" usught
III, visteidiiv mol ill ng mid WUS OUtlloly lie
stioud It is supposed that the flrew.n
euiisiil In the hint ut the stove within fi
lion-; Ihe loss i about $300; Insured f
ll in wue tluee arrests inado hi Hit
-I, iigiini vtsterda), two for uftmy aul
oiu li i pioluiilty.
ISiiiiundn I usky was sotiteucud to si.
inoiiili In Jail for the lmcony of $SM from
.It e Hindi r of Tenth and Host Capitol stiem i
l lul , mil tu duy. Mr. llludei slid h
. i I tt-liv In get Vh.iuge foi T -0 and tin
i i 1. 1 :. uirnca uiin ii
iiv iicuple tn Vuvostia want a sldowallc
I oi i't' "saut stieet.

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