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T--tr -iJ-
I '
Our Stock TUB tain
Is Exceptionally Attractive and fully
up to our
Hiili Standard of
Are maintained in every De
partment, comprising every
thing, with the exception of
Hats and Shoes
For Boys and Men.
B. EoWnson & Co
Clothing and Furnishings,
01) I'rmiH.vlvniilii fAvriiuo X. W.
All the Leading Makes
Men and Boys,
and Sold as Cheaply as at
any other establishment in
the country, can be found
909 Penna. Ave.
13: . id. :b.a.:r:r,
1111 I'KSS. aviinui:,
Of my ownlmportatlon,nowrccolvcd. Gentle
men, plcnso villi. lnpoct and leavo your or
tiers nt tlm Lending Tailoring Establishment
of Washington, llest Goods. Host Trlnv
mines. None- but first-class workmou orn
ployed at 1111 Pennsylvania Avcnuo.
JEEL. XD. Jz3A.xxJbC
Importer and Tailor.
Something lew.
Broadway Diaginal Over
coats. llluo nml Itrown, Suck nnd Surtnut, Silk
Linul uml Worsted Lined.
, E. B. BA.RNUM & CO
. 031 Fonnn. Avonuo.
A pood calfskin boot for S3.50 ut SHLHY'S.
A better nno for $1.
The best 81.no shoo In tlio city,
(iood lint, $1.
Nice pair boys' pants, Mo, to SI.
Cloth-top, button, hand-sowed shoo S'l,
worth S3.
Rood school shoo for 81 nnd up.
llcil llnmii'l shirts from (Be. up, all wool,
Oood Canton llannel drawers, Mo.
Cancer of the Tongue.
A Cum ItcsciuhllngTIiiit nr Clou, tlriint.
tiiimo ten yuan nirn I had iiscrotulous soro
on my right hand which gave mo groat trouble
uml under tlm old-time treatment lioalod up,
lot It had only been driven Into tlio system by
the use of potash and mercury, and In March,
3882, It broke out in my throat, and concen
trated in what somoof tho doctors called can
ccr, eating through my ehcok. destroying tlio
roof of my mouth uml upper lip then attacked
tnytonmio, palnto and lower lip, destroying
tho palnto and under Ilii entirely and half my
toiiKiie, eating out to tlio top of my left cheek
bone mid up to the left eye. I could not e.it
liny solid rood, but subsisted on liquid, and
my tonguo wns m fur genu I eouhl not talk.
Such was my wretched, helpless condition tho
llrstof lust October (18SI), when my friends
commenced giving inoSwilt'sSpoeWo. In less
than u month tho cntlng places stopped nnd
healing cominenccd, nnd tho fearful aperture
In my cheek has been closed und firmly knit
ted together. A process of a new under Up Is
Viogiesslng lluuly. and tho tongue, which was
almost destroyed, Is being recovered, and It
Biiir.B that nature Is supplying a now tonguo.
1 enn talk so thut my friends ciin readily tin
dcistund me, nnd enn nlso eat solid food
ngnln. If any doubt these facta I would refer
thimto Ion. John II. Traylor, Statu Senator
of this district, and to Dr. T. S. Ilradtleld, of
l.a (irnnge, Ua,
La Orange, "a.. May 1 1. los.-
ii eiillso on II loud and Skin Dlsonsos malted
until, (.a. N Y., 157 W, 23d st,
rr ii m I'lfi
JtUMi avl'iuu!. Avlcilniofyunlhrulliuvrudi'iico
mtisii. Prpmsturo Docny, Ntmoiullet-'hly, l,ot
Mautionil, tic, lint Inn tried In tnln cvrry known
t 'irifj.hasitlscovxrt'.l nsliulitoriunnno'scll-L'uro,
sdiloli ho wlllriinl 1'Ulli: In lilt (,illo-'.Mirtt.rfl.
tiMimi.J.11 III K V. H. H ClllUlum I.U 8bw York.
l Immrdlntn Tcllif fnr Polil In tlm Unnil. Rnro
mwMMl mmm
I J . Noso. Cutiirrli. &o. 10o, u box, For auto by
Ifi m MMJ,JIOl
Till) DlSllAIt.UaXl' llVhll.
How It A Heels ii Number or Practicing
Tlio rulo laid down Inst week by Sccro
tnry I.nmnr, In tho enso of Mr. Itnrrlsoti of
llio Land Office, has rnlscd another qucs
lion Hint Is of a great dcnl moro Import
ance In Its effect. Tho section of tho stat
utes tinder which Harrison Is barred from
practice before tho Interior Department In
business dating prior to Ids resignation Is
not special In Its application, but covers
any person appointed to net as an officer,
clerk or employe of any of tho Department
slneo tho llrst of June, ISS'3. Tho Secretary
Is now revolving tlio propriety of making
a rule to apply to employ os In tlio l'ntctit
Ofllrc. Whcro tho ruling In Harrison's case
would affect ono attorney, n rulo shutting
out cx-1'ntcnt Oflleo employes would affect
a doren. It has been tho practlco to mo
he l'atcnt Oflleo as n school In which to
Duly the patent law,
"You would bo surprised," said Mnor
I.ockwood, Chief Clerk of tlio Interior De
partment, "to sco how many I'ntent Olllco
iniploics icslirii l becomo patent lawyers.
The Kleclilciii Division Is iiowndnys simply
n school for them. I could nninu a do:eu
bright men who linvogono out of that di
vision Into tho employ of tho Western
Union Telegraph Company, nnd that eor
pointlou does not employ nny but tho best
men, Look over Washington nnd sea how
many of Iho best patent lawyers wero llrst
tinplojcs of the olllco. Tho exceptions are
few. So It Is In Iho easo of pension attor
neys. If tho uilo In Mr. Harrison's case Is
nppllcd to them It will shut out O. 1'. (1.
Llnrke, late acting Commissioner, than
whom there is no better authority
In this rminlry on tho subject of petitions,
Chief Clerk Howell, n tnun of long expe
rience, would lo ruled out. So would
Commissioner Dudley and many others
who might want to practlco before tho
office. 1 think tho rule shuts out a class
of men who nio of great value to the De
partments. Of course, n man who would
niako nee, In nny illshonorahlo way, of In
formation gained liciu, ought to bo de
barred r.t tlio first offense. Hut old olll
clals, who know what ought to bo douu In
n case, can savo a great deal ot time and
labor and greatly facilitate public business.
It Is a great advantage to have such men
practice befoio tho Departments."
It Is said that Congressmen abuse their
pilvlleges moro In getting at secret Infor
mation In tho Departments than nny other
class of men. Thoy nro In tho habit ot
sending over their Individual names as
members of committees for reports, records
and valuablo data, which they lllo away,
nnd after several years they go out ot olllco
supplied with n largo amount ot business,
so that lliey can nt onco begin a profitable
ri:iii)iXAXi uw agaix.
'I'ho "Yoiiiip; Napoleon" of Fraud
illulces Another Stiitoiuent.
Ferdinand Ward, tho most remarkable
financier that tho country has over pro
duced, has miulo another statement, lu
which he gives additional figures and Infor
mation, and answers some of the criticisms
mado upon his llrst statement. lie says lu
support of his assertion, that Ulysses S.
(Irnut, jr., ("Duck"), know of tho ullegcd
contract business of tho firm of Grant it
Ward) that tho statcmentof young (I rant's
account shows corrections in his own hand
writing. This nccount was ns follows:
Profits received, &fi7i,(100; checks on con
tracts after May, $7$U,U0O; bauk balance,
"This shows," says Mr. Wnrd, "that tho
nccount has been seen, checked mid ap
ptoved by young (irnnt himself. That Is
ids handwriting, those nro his figures, and
It Is a elmplo mental and physical Impossi
bility for him to avoid tho responsibility ot
them; that's nil."
Mr. Ward's attention wns called to Mayor
(Irneo's denial of any connection with the
firm ot Grant & Waul, and the statement
that he had lost, not inndo, money by his
transaction! with that firm.
Tinning to the letter-book1 nnd tunning
ovcrlts pages, Mr. Wind's linger rested on
No. 1119, on which Is a cony, clear nnd dis
tinct, of tho letter ho said ho wrote nnd
sent to Mr. Grace Juno 2S, 1831. In con
firmation of his assertion thnt the pecuniary
transactions mentioned in that letter-book
the snmo book In which tho letter Mr.
Grace denies having received Is found Mr.
Ward called attention lo a largo number of
transactions, each nml every one ot which
ho traced distinctly from stmt to finish,
showing tho dato of tho loan, tho corre
spondence that passed in icsncct of tho
ngicctncnt signed by Grant ft Ward ami tlio
checks with which Mr. Grnco was paid his
half tho profit made thereon down to tho
final culminating transaction, when tho
principal iiscit was returned.
About Colonel Fred. Grant Mr. Ward
says: "He did get what I say ho got, what
the checks and accounts show ho got. Ho
was deceived in believing there woru Gov
einiueiit contracts, and ho was therefore
wiong when, being so deceived, ho said he
never heard of any euch thing nsuGovcru
incnt contract, and as It was with him so it
wns with others. They were deceived, but
thev thought they Knew, nnd so long ns
they profited they wero willing to paitlcl
pato lu what they now bay they never
Lcnid of."
About General Grant ho further says: "f
have never Intimated, much less said, that
General Grant took out iWOO.OOO over his In
vestment. AVhat I liavo said tho books
show, and that Is that, as matter of fact, he
did iccelve, according to tho undisputed ac
counts, just what the Jlernld published tho
other day. His shale of the profits as a
member ot the linn of Grant it Ward wero
JiaMCO.fc'J; profits which I paid him were
(lU,0.liO; stock losses properly chargeablo
to him, but assumed by tho linn of Grant &
AVnrd, S'J4,g-l".i8. Total, S-Ul.OTtl.57."
Of tlio llelmont Itullroad cc Mining Com
pany Waul euys:
"It would seem ns It General Gordon,
having sold Grant A, Ward the mine, nml
being Its president nnd living ns ho did on
tho ground nnd being Interested as he
sci ins to wuul tho public to think ho was
In Its welfare, would havo advised with
tlio mnungcr nml consulted Grant it Ward
about the way things wero going on, .Mr.
Otis was an army olllcer, and tho Grants
put him there, I suppose, from a deslro to
help him along, but licucnil Gordon should
have nd vised him."
As to the lean ot $18,000 to General Gor
don, Word fays: "Wo assumed tho loan at
tho Marino Hank nnd paid it, nnd on .March
t), lbS'J, the directors of tho company held n
meeting and received and accepted 'General
J. II, Gordon's resignation, General Gordon
llrst asked for a loan of $1.1,000, but not
getting this ho nccepted$18,000, and Instead
of paying this loan ho paid no attention to
tho calls ot the bnuk for money, so Grant it
Ward 'had to pay It; and it was then, of
course, natural that ns General Gordon had
lost nil Interest in tho stock of the company
ho should deslro to frco himself from nil
liability, and did so by resigning,"
How Two Convicts Succeeded 111 Will
nine; tlio Mni'inoii Heart.
In Salt Lake City, recently, W. A. Itos
sltcr, manager of a theatre, nnd Georgo
Jlonmcy, wero both convicted of unlawful
cohabitation nnd sentenced to tlio peniten
tiary for six months and to pay $300 Hue.
They got closely shaven nnd their hair cut
prior to their Ecutviico. When nsked If
they had nnjthlng to say thoy refusal to
niako nny pledges. This is classed by tlio
chinch organ as "genuine, eloquence,"
showing that they preferred Imprisonment
rather than to bo tecrcant to obligations of
ii mo&t sacred character. Their friends
gathered mound with words of cheer and
thev went to pilson ns martyrs, llobert
Bwolm and Thomas l'cicher pleaded guilty
to cohabitation. They begged nnd wero
granted time to prepare for tho support of
their families befoio being sentenced.
It Is common to seictiade convicted per
fons before sentence. The .Mormons are
doing nil in their power to ni.ike martyrs ot
thunsclvcs and bring ridicule on tho court.
Tho Moiiunns nio mine defiant to-day than
at any time In the history of tho church.
Loyal citizens feel that a more rigid law
must bo enacted and tho full power of the
Government In ought ng.ilnst this tioittm
able organization. .1.0 Little advertises in
the Muuiion pnpera for BUU Mormon fam
ilies logo to Solium, .Mexico, lo colonize,
lllxpaitucr, Sam llrmiuau, owns an liu
mime tract of land there. Tho seliemo ap
peals to I o tho furnishing ot homes for po
Ijcnnilsts, iiieroi.ro prospects of a la-go
hlgllil Hill fall to Mexico ot such iU aro III
ilMigcruf prosecution.
Srmi'Tl.Y alb wool child's Pauls nt 75e.
Kin man Hios., corner Seventh nnd K.
Tin: co it no va our.
Al'rospcct Thnt tlio Htllotto .'May Ob
tain II,
Mr, Alfred Do Cordovn, Comtno.loroof
tho American Yacht Club, staled In Now
York recently that although tho regatta
committee had decided Jay Gould's yaclit,
tho Atalauta, was entitled to the cup
which ho (.Mr, Do Cordova) presented n n
trophy at the last regatta on tho ground
that tho Stiletto did not steam over tho
proper course, It was not certain ns yet
that ho would get If. Mr. Herrcshoft
wns nt Mr. Do Cordova's oflleo n
few dnys ago and nsked that
gentlemen to refuso to hand tho cup ovcrto
.Mr. Gould before a general meeting of tho
tilth was held, when nn attempt would bo
mndo to oven ulo tho decision ot tlio to
gatla committee. To Hits Mr. Do Cordova
would not agree, but advised Mr, Her
rcshoft to hand lu n written protest ngnlnst
tho delivery of tlio trophy, lu which enso n
meeting of' Iho club would bo Immediately
called to decide tho matter. Tho cup will
bo finished next Monday, nnd it no protest
Is hnudtil lu before then it will go to Mr.
Mr. Do Cordovn said that ono thing that
was not generally known, and which served
to show exactly what Iho prlvato opinions
of .Mr. Gould nnd his friends were lu regard
to tho racing ability of tho Atnlantn, was
thnt Georgo Gould and Washington K. Con
nor bet largely on tho Stiletto. Howell
Osborn sold the pools nt tho Lnrchmoiit
Ciuh-Hou;e, and young Gould won about
$UM and Mr. Connor, $r,(X) or ijJiOU Then
It was supposed that the Stiletto had won,
and this money was paid over to them.
They wero probably us much disgusted ns
nny ono elso to hear Iho decision lu favor
ot tho Atnlantn. They, however, promptly
handed over their winnings nnd enough
additional money to cover their losses to
Mr. Alley, of Alley it Dowd, by whom It
wns distributed to tho proper parties.
Titr. niUjr. Tf.i.v.vnoxt:.
The Jurisdiction oT tlio I'litetil Olllco
lu tlm Mutter.
"I suppose," said Judgo Montgomery,
Commissioner of Patents, toTncjC'tllTio re
porter yesterday, "that Inthocoiirsooftlmo
n communication will reach this olllco from
tho Solicitor-General lu regard lo tho Hell
telcphono patent; but It will not bo n re
cpicst that suit ho entered to test tho valid
ity of tho patent. With such matters, ex
cept as concct ns tho facts, this oflleo has
nothing to do, Tho communication from
tho Solicitor-General would bo n request for
Infoi matloii. Tho Seerclary of tho Interior
would send It to mound I would mako n
report upon it. That would ha
all; wo would havo nothing to
do with tho case as a party to
It. You seo when n man applies for n pat
cut ho must swear that the article to bo
patented has not been in general use for
two years. Wo do not know whether ho Is
lying about it or not. If wo Issuo tho pat
ent and It turns out that the article was lu
U60 thrco or four years, or, as tho case may
be, before tho application was made, wo do
nothing about it. Wo havo issued tho pat
ents and it rests with tho courts to declare
them Invalid or not. Tho people Interested
In having Invalidity established go to tho
Dcpaitmcnt of Justice with their facts and
affidavits, and the Department cntcts the
suit to invalidate."
tiii: j:tiquj:tti: op oppwu.
Utiles Unit tho Administration Prop
erly .Seeks to Ihiforco.
The evident intention of the Admin
istration to enforce tho use of respect
ful language on tlio part of tlio em
ployes of the Government, ns shown
liy iho dismissal of clerk Ilnyden for
speaking disrespectfully of the Presi
dent, has been further illustrated in
the case of n Virginia postmaster, tho facts
concerning which have becu laid before tlio
President. Tho story is that a country
Eostmastcr in tho Old Dominion, annoyed
ceauso u neighboring postmaster did not
promptly respond to the delivery of a cer
tain registered letter, sent him a rather
petulant demand for n response. The de
linquent explained that he was holding tho
letter for tho owner, who was nway from
'lids did not satisfy tho sender, but his
half-dozen subsequent Inquiries elicited no
reply until finally his Importunities so
harassed the other postmaster that ho sent
him n letter, expressing his disgust In terms
not only Impolite but absolutely Indecent.
The receiver of this mlsslvo was greatly
shocked ns well ns highly Indignant. Ho
nun mo mailer ucioru mo District Attor
ney, tlio grand jury returned an Indictment
against tho erring postmaster for sending
obscene matter through tho malls, and an
upright judge Imposed a lino of $ 1 50. An
Imposing delegation of the offender's friends
called upon tho President yesterday witlmn
appeal for his pardon, but Mr. Cleveland,
niter listening to nil they had to say, de
clined to Interfere.
Tin: i'Voi'IjVS wvlvaui:.
Mcctltiir of tlio American l'ulillo
Health Association.
At the thirteenth annual meeting ot tho
American Public Health Association to bo
held in this city, beginning Decembers,
and which will coutlnuo four days, tho ex
ecutive committee havo selected tho follow
ing topics for consideration:
i holiest form In which the results of reels
trillion of diseases and deaths enn bo given
to tho public, In weekly, monthly nnd annual
iho proper organization of health boards
and local sanitary service.
Hcccnt sanitary experiences hi connection
with tho exclusion and suppression of epi
demic dlscato.
Mr. Henry I.omb of Koehcster, N. Y., has
offcicd through the American l'uhllu Health
Association tho stun of $2,800 to lio awarded
ns llrst and second pilzcs for papers on tho
following subjects:
Healthy homes and foods for tho working
The sauitnry conditions and necessities ot
school-homes nnd school llto.
HlslniceUi.il ami Individual prophylaxis
ngnlnst infeitlous diseases.
Il.o pruMiilahlo eiiucs of disease, injury
and di'iith lu American mauutaetoiies and
workshops, and tin. best means and nppll
auccK lir pre cntlng nnd avoiding them.
siixoii xpavs xovi:s.
Jlgu, the celebrated Cuban bandit, has
been shot.
The wind blew fifty-five miles an hour
off Snndy Hook ytstcrduy.
The Western Pennsylvania Exposition
Society has been organized, with headquar
ters at Pittsbuig.
Tlio sevcnty-firth annual meeting ot tho
American Hoard of Commissioners for
1'oicigu Missions has begun in Huston.
Tho resignation of John Pender of Lon
don as a director In tlio Western Union
Telegraph Company has been accepted.
Tho Pennsylvania Grand Lodge,
Knights of Honor, is lu session at Pitts
burg, Pa. Sixty delegates aro In attend
ance. Tho Atlantic House, tho last ot tho
largo hotels on Wells' Heach, owned by U.
O. Chamberlain of Hoston, was burned Mon
thly night. Loss, $10,000; Insurance, jl!J,
fltlO. Tho boiler of a largo cotton gin at Tus
cunibla, Ala., exploded yesterday, de
molishing the buildings and killing John
Stiiar, tho fireman, and Thomas Nicholson,
n bystander.
John Dcvcieaitx has been convicted lu
Philadelphia of blowing up tho saloon of
Ininis It. Ilodgcrs with dynamite. Ho was
lined gCCOand sentenced to two and n-half
j cars In tho penitentiary.
A passenger train on tlio Philadelphia
it Heading Itullroad collided yesterday ulth
ii eoal train nt lllg .Mountain, Pa. The lo
cuiiotlu', telescoped, nnd tlio passengers
ami trainmen uairowly escaped.
In the Hoston Municipal Com t yester
day tlio caso of llcv. W. V. Downs, who,
Willi Mrs. Aniilo Tuber, Is charged with
adultery, came up, but neither sldo being
leiuh, was continued till November 13.
-Knnpp's Dnttcry D, and the Twouty
ilglith unit One Hundred and Forty-seventh
regiments, Pennsylvania Volunteers, dedl
entid monuments at Gettysburg yestordny
nnd picsuitcd them to tlio llattlellehl Me
moilal Association,
Alvln 11. Slndcrland, n Hroo'ilyn law
jii, has sued Win. II. Cotiiier, one ot tlio
tons of Admiral Cooper, U. B. N., to re
cover $12,000 loaned on tho strength of nu
alleged bogus contract with the United
States Fish Commission.
a thvvi: ii:n,Aiii:i.
School Trustees lllrooy unit I.ovojoy
Tho School Hoard met last nlstht w'tti
Trustees lllrncy, Curtis, Lovojoy, llrooks,
Smith, Purvis, Clark nnd Grlswold present.
Mr. Smith nominated Mr. Lovcjoy for pres
ident, Mr, Curtis seconded tho nomina
tion, When tho ballot was cast General
William lllrncy, who has been tho Invet
erate foe ot .Mr, Lovcjoy, nroio, and, to tlio
surprlso of all present, said tho election ot
.Mr. Lovcjoy was unanimous, Communica
tions wero read from tho Commissioners,
granting permission to Trustee Lovrjoy to
rent two additional school-rooms nt Four
ti cnth nnd N streets, nnd another warning
tholiuslccs against holding out promise)
to the teachers Unit tho !1 per cent. In Ihclr
tnlnrlcs would bo mndo up. Communica
tions f torn Iho Llghth mid Seventh divisions
were rccilvfd, accepting tho reduction
wltli a good grace. A long communication,
signed by sixty teachers, protesting agnlusl
the reduction, wns received from tho First
Division. Their dissatisfaction was h.isod
on the fact that by nn order of Juno IB Inst
tlio board provided for an lucreaso ot $."i,0lW
In salaries to bo paid teachers lu tho Nor
mal school. They claimed that this lucre iso
nmcuiited to moro than halt tlio itollclt.
nnd It was their opinion that tills order
should bo suspended, Instead ot scaling
down the salaries of the teachers, who wero
working on an established salary. If tills
ncllou wcio taken Instead of II per cent,
being taken olT their salaries, less than '1
per cent, would suffice.
Supervising-Principal Paul mado tho fol
lowing suggestion for the couildomllon of
tho board: Ho said Hie charges were m.ido
unconditionally; tho present avcrago of
salaries paid high school teachers Is lower
than thoso paid clglith-gr.ido teacher", and
tho cost ot tuition' of pupils In tlio high
school Is only about $"J per quarter moro
than lu the eighth grade.
Tiitstco llrooks stated that his attention
had been called to the statement tliat tlio
boaidh.'id not submitted proper estimates
for teachers' salailes for tho fiscal year end
ing Juno St), ISM). Ho lead a letter that was
written to the Commissioners in relation to
the salaries for tlio present year. They wero
notified by tho trustees that tho estimate of
$100,000 was not sufilclcnt, and $I01,'JOO
was needed. Congress passed tho appro
priation at $3?.'),0(KJ. Tlio Seuato comnilttco
agreed to glvo $10,000 lnoie, but on tho
representation of General West that $fKX),
COO was enough, It was changed to that
Tho following nominations and promo
tions wero made:
First Division Promotions: TYem, snenntb
tochththcradcAVItllamljiiuihy; flfthtoslxth,
iiorenco like, N, 1'. I'uinphreyand II. I., l'at
lou: fourth to tilth, 1M.. Itceves and L. W.
llolllstcrj third to fifth. II. 1). Wise, II. L
Yorko iilul M. M. Mahcr: third to fourth. M.
A. Paul and A. II. Nairn; first to fourth, licttlo
Copcnhaver; second to roiirth, K. It, Mao
(Juccii; sceond to third, Annlo Wilson and U.
Jt. Macartney: llrst to third, Mary MoWII
Hams and Henrietta Cnttcll.
F. S. linlcy was transferred from tho sixth
to first division and promoted to tho seventh
(trail o.
Fifth Division Miss Ida Ilowcatonomlnatcel
for ncthnr teacher, second Rrade.
Sixth Division Promotions: F. II. Stobblns
to sixth grade ami a temporary certificate
crnnted; Marlon F. Foster nominated foraet
lug leather.
Klghtli Division Promotions: From first to
third grailo, II. H, Johnson; second to fourth,
M. W. Lewis; first to second, A. ii. lluu'hes, ti,
13. Carter, c. L. Wilder and It. O. Wheeler;
second to third, K. A. llutlcr; third to fourth,
.1.: M. Taylor: fourth to fifth, M. K.Nichols;
fifth to sixth. (I. A. Dyson. Teachers wero
assigned us follows: To seventh erade, M. J.
Patterson vlco (I. L. D.illln, transferred to
HIeIi School; to third irratlo from fifth, M. A.
Wheeler at her own request.
Applications for tlio position of teacher
were received from Adelaide Wilton, T. L.
Hawkins, Anna S. Gilbert and ltobcrt W.
Tho commltteo on teachers reported to
accept tho icslgnattou of Mrs. S. V. Flem
ing, to take eiTect October 1, 18, and to
promote Miss A. Forest Pcrle from grado .i
to grade n, vlco Mrs. Fleming resigned. On
nndnfttr July 1, 1SS0, the salary ot tho
male assistant music teacher shall bo $1,"00
per annum.
Ho Is Cut Short In His Career of I.ovo
Mulclng. A Hobokcu coachman, August Jniiscu,
has lately been assplrlng to thoiiltectlons of
Miss Minnie Garnclt, granddaughter of tho
lato F.dwin A. Stevens and daughter of
Mrs. K. P. 0. Lewis. It seems that Jansen
hud been a coachman at the house of Mrs.
Lewis and had frcrpicutly driven out her
mid Miss Gninctt. iie had becu dismissed,
mil uaviiig uccome siuiucu wiiuinoyoiiug
lady's charms and probably animated by a
longing for moro wealth, frequented Mrs.
Lewis' house lu search of Miss Garnett.
Fltlicr somo ono had filled his head with tho
notion that the young lady was nttractcd to
his manly grace or ho pretended that ho had
heard sho was favorably disposed toward
him, for lie began sending her letters speak
ing of his devotion ami referring to her
suspected feelings. One of his letters was
as follows:
My Deaii Miss Oahsctt: I called nt your
house on thoSith of Murehtosco you and
jour tli'iir mother and futhcr in order to lies
pardon If I had caused you annoyance in nny
wny by writing to you, but not having seen
or heard iroin you 1 take tho liberty ot writ
ing ugaln. I urn sorry to say that perhaps I
hao been misled by others In regard to your
fccllnps toward me. If such is tho caso I
would like to know It, and If all the reports
that havo becu sent to mo me true or not.
Iicaso write to mo when and where 1 can seo
you, and I will bo happy to explain matters to
your satisfaction. 1 cannot rest till I seo
you. Hoping that you uro well, and that
theso lines may reach you, and that I mayget
a favorable answer, for I will certainly con
fess that you uro my only friend, and for you
I shall llu or else tlio. Acocst Jansen.
His letters were turned over to the young
lady's mother, for Miss Garnett appeured to
ho u young lady of sense mid discrimination.
His attentions finally became so unbearable
that she had him arrested and arraigned
under nn nit that makes It a crime punlsh
nblo with two j cars' Imprisonment mid $300
lino to wrlto offensive missives.
He whs taken before tho ItccorJcr hi
lltiboken Monday. Miss Garnett, whoso
father her mother's first husband was a
general in tlio Confederate army, was In
court, accompanied by her mother and by
Mis. Stevens, her grandmother. Jansen
was represented by a lawyer. Tlio testimony
wns deemed Bulllclcnt to Justify Jausen's
being held for trial, and ho was committed
In default of $B00 ball.
I reel Hot tor.
How cheerful a man looks when lie fs say
ing theso words! Ami what n delightful
thing it Is to help to make him feci better!
And what a pilvllego to know that ten
thousand pcoplo all over the l.'nlted States
are to-day saying, "I feel better," because
they havo been taking llrown's Iron Hit
ters! .Mis. J. A. F.dsauof.'H Medford St.,
Chclcsn, Mnss., writes Hint sho suffered with
kidney disease mid blood troubles, and that
she used 3 buttles of llrown's Iron Hitters.
As the icsult of this treatment she says, "I
feel better than I havo for a long time, and
1 bclicvo I am cured."
Tiieked lij CoiiiHtock.
In HiilTalo, N. Y., Anthony Comstoek,
chief agent of tho Now York Society for tho
Suppression of Vice, yesterday quietly
walked Into tho Capitol saloon, a famous
resort lu this city, ordered something nt tlio
bur anil then called Thayer, tlio proprietor,
aside and nsked him for a package ot his
"cards." Thayer unsuspectingly offered
him prilled pictures of tho most obscono
kind, Mr. Couistock procured a warrant,
returned, accompanied by a policeman lu
citizen's dress, trapped Thayer ouco more
and arrested liliu. Thayer's place- of lato
had become notorious because of its pecu
liar attractions, and Mr. Couistock caino to
HulTahi tin Sunday by request of several
citizens, who had received Thayer's cards
through the malls. Thayer awaits trial.
Illgli Wntor In Tht I'olomtic.
iho Signal Service observers report a
rapid ilse lu tho Potomac at Harpers Ferry.
The high watt r at Great Falls Interrupts tlio
woik tin the fishwnys and on the dun. Work
on the Huts is ulso Interrupted. Tho rlso is
supposed to be about over.
' Pi.I'Asam' to tho tnsto nnd surprisingly
quick in relieving coughs mid colds, it is
not nt nil strange thnt , Hull's Cou,rh
Syrup ulwnjs succeeds,
"Atilrriiey IS u ley Wiijjohm."
Fresh Aldeiney butter, churned every
mottling mid delivered In J lb. "Ward"
prints, -lOt. per ft. Also cottao chcrnc;
buttermilk nnd sweet milk, Be, per qt.
Ciiuiii, lr.c. per pint.
Tin: snxATi: ukstauuaxt.
A Chnngo To lie Mndo In Its Mjiuagn
loenl. Thcro Is lo ho n chntigo lu Iho manage
ment ot tlio donate restaurant. Formerly
Iho appointment belonged to Iho Vice
President, and the present propilctor, n
colored man by Iho nnmo of Francis, was
appointed by Smator F.dmntids, when act
ing President pro leiii. of tho Senate.
So inntiy complaints nroo nnd so ninny
nppllcnnts appeared for tho position Unit
Senator Kdinutids heennio disgusted, nnd nt
Ids request Iho whole mailer wns placed
under tho control of tho Commltteo on
Unless when tho now rules wero adopted.
Last year n number ot Senators, who
wcio stumping New Kiiglatid, wero so
much pleased with tho lnnniigcnieut ot two
holds, ono at Plymouth, N. II., nnd tho
other In Maine, kept liy a Mr. Page, that,
together with two or llueo New Ihigland
Senators, they urged Mr. Pago locomo on
and hike Iho Senate restaurant. Senator
Fryc, chairman of tlio Hides Committee, In
pnitleiilnr, was anxious Hint Mr. Pago
should take charge.
Mr. Pago is now hero to look over Iho
ground, It Is said that with good manage
ment, the restaurant ought to ho wotth
about $3,000 a jenr, usalltho lee, gas uml
fuel Is furnished by Hie government.
A Sew Church Woclrt.v.
The Church of tlio Covenant, nt tho cor
ner of Connecticut nvenite and N street,
was organized hist night by the coininlttco
of prcsbjtery, thcro being a largo congrega
tion present, llev. Dr. Hlttcngcr, chair
man of tho committee, presented tho io
port Of tho building committee, lifty
thrco persons, the majority comlnir from the
thrco persons, the majority coming from the
New York Avcnuo Church, presented their
credentials and were admitted Into the
church. Tho following elders wero then
dieted: .Messrs, .iutlcu in. Strong. Win.
llallantjne, Admiral S. P. Caitcr, Admiral
Calhoun, mid Mr. ljuulf, and nlso tlio fol
lowing deacons: .Messrs. 8. P. Carter, Jr.
Mark llroadhcad, Win. J. Ithees, and C.
Hushnell. Tho ceremony ot Installation
wns performed by Dr. Hurtlclt of tho Now
York Avenue Chtirrh.
Woi"si TIiiiii I'l't'K'.s Hoy.
A IS-year-old whlto boy, named Herbert
L. Mills, Is, without doubt, tho worst boy
that ever appeared before Judge Suell. Ho
was charged this morning by his mother,
Llzilo l'nge, of 1113 Four-nud-n-hnlf street,
with being Incorrigible. Tho Court direct
ed that ho bo sent to tho Heforni School
during his minority. Tears camo lu tlio
eyes of tlio mother, and as sho passed tho
dock sho bent over to kiss her wayward
son good-by, nnd he turned his head away
and used very bad and profane language to
her. Ho set up a yell in court out of pure
devHlshnces. A few minutes later ho walk
ed out of Iho dock and Into tho court-room
with his list on tho hack of Ids head and
eating chestnuts mid nearly escaped. When
ho was captured and put back ho used
more bad language.
I'lincra! of 11. V. Tiers.
Tho funeral of tlio lato K. W. Tiers,
whoso death occurred at Leonardtown,
Mil., on Saturday last and whoso remains
were brought to W. F. Splndler's undcrtak
ingcstabllslinient on Seventh street on .Mon
day, took placo from tlio Immaculate Con
ception Church yesterday afternoon at 5
o'clock. The remains were taken to Madi
son, N. J., for interment. Tlio deeensjd
was n son-in-law ot Mr. Hcstc, tho furnltitro
dealer, whoso wife, tho spiritualistic
medium, was exposed a few days ago. Tho
death ot Mr. iters resulted from typhoid
fever, from width he had long becu a suf
ferer. Special Tinlii to tlio I'liiilieo ItnccM.
For tho Plnillco races, tho passenger de
partment of the Pennsylvania ltalhoad has
m ranged, for tho accommodation of tlio
Washington patrons desiring to visit tlio
fall meeting of tho Maryland Jockey Club,
to run special trains, composed ot tho
finest coaches, to Plmlico, leaving tho Sixth
Street Station at 11:30 n. in., on race days,
riturnlng to Washington Immediately after
tho races. Tlio programmo promises to he
n very attractive one, all tlio prominent
stables lu the country to bo represented.
Hound-trip tickits will bo sold at tho rate
of $'4.00. Gents' grand stand and pool
lawn tickets, $1.50, mid ladles' grand stand
tickets, CO cents, can also bo purchased at
tlio ticket offices of tho company. Special
cars have been assigned for ladles accom
panied by gentlemen,
Hnltlinoi'c nnd Spanish Aiiiciien.
At a meeting of tho Merchants' and
Manufacturers' Association at Haltlmoro
last eveniug, Commissioner Anderson of tho
North, Central and South American Expo,
sltlon, presented nt length tho merits of that
enterprise. L'pon the conclusion of his
address tho following resolutions wero
unanimously adopted:
"H7ris, Tlio North, Central and South
American l-.xpositlon, at New Orleans, Is
endeavoring, in a most comprehensive man
ner, to open up theSpanlsh nud Portugucc
Anicrlcan markets for tho surplus manu
factures of the United States; nnd tho tlmo
lias now arrived when sound public policy
requires thnt thoso neighboring markets be
no longer monopolized by England, Franco
nud Germany; and tho manufacturing cen
tres of the North and Last will naturally
dcrivo a largo shnio ot the benefits of this
new commercial movement; and Haltlmoro
produces lu great ahuudaiico tho maun-'
factures which thoso southern couutrles re
quire ;
'h'csolml. That we heartily commend
tho Exposition to tho merchants and manu
facturers of llaltlmore, nud recommend
their active participation therein."
VtV AhIj
no ono to buy of us after looking through
our istabllshinentiinless they feel convinced
that our clothing Is the most attractive mid
our prices tlio lowest In the city. Elscman
it Uro., corner Seventh and E streets, wh
manufacture all tho clothing they sell.
Tlm .lllcroxeoplt'lil Moclfty.
Tho annual election for officers of tho
Washington Microscopical Society last
evening resulted as follows: Piesldcnt,
Holcrt Iteyburu, M. D.; vlco-prcsldent,
Win. II. Seaman, M. D.; corresponding see
tetnry, E. M. SchnelTer. M. D.; recording
sccretnry, E. A. ltalloch, M. D.; treasurer,
C.T. Caldwell, M. 1V
Tin: finest assortment of parlor suites up
holstered In silk and Mohair plushes nt tho
lowest prices, llreitbaith's Odd-Fellows'
Hruiilteniiess, or tho Liquor Habit, Can
bo Cured by Administering Dr.
Holms' (iolden Specific.
It can bo given In a cup of coffeo or tea
without tlio ktiowledu'o of tho person taking
it tffecttng a speedy and permanent euro,
whether tho patient Is it moderate drinker
or an alcoholic wreck. Thousand of drunk
urils hnvo been mado temperate men who
havo taken the (Iolden Speclllo In their cot
fto without thiir knowledge, nnd to-duy be
lieve thoy quit drinking of thelrown frco will.
No harmful effects icsult from Its adminis
tration, ctncs guaranteed, circulars uml
testimonials sent frco. Address,
(,'oi.iie.n Si'icirin Co.,
185 ltaeo St., Cincinnati, O.
Norton Delillltiited .lien,
You nro allowed afrtt trial of thirty tlayt at
tho usn of Dr. Dyos Celebrated Yoltalo Holt
with lileetrlo Suspensory Appliances, for tho
speedy relief and permanent euro of Nervous
Debility, loss of Vitality and Manhood and all
kindred troubles. Also for many other ills
eases. Complete restoration to health, vigor
and manhood guaranteed. No risk Is In
euirid. Illustrated pamphlot, with full In
formation, terms, etc., mulled frco by addres
sing Yoltalo licit, Co.. Marshall, Mich.
grbah balm msmm
O 1 u ll ns es the t
Head. A 1 1 ii y hjGjj ROj-VI WfiW'Oii,. i"
llelils.Soris. Hl-KV" " ''.7it sV Mr
tores tluSeiiscsMJS' Ej
of TasHe,,,L
lllB.llill S 111 o I 1. JWpWfi
A unle"iritell.ir.RM
A VosltlwiCiimirlPVY "ili Vfc(
CllllAM HA LSI has gained an cnvlablo
reputation, displacing nil other preparations.
A purticlo Is nppllcd Into each nostril; no pain:
iKieenble to ii-'e I'rico M)o- by mall or at
Jrucglsts. Send for circular. KLY 11IW3.,
DrUKKlsts, Owego, N, Y.
tati; to in; sold von son pay-
Hlilll. OrrtcK op Tiir. Cot i m-toii run tub
Distiiiit or Coi.riimA.
I'oUMiiiA Urn. into,
Octobers. PWI.
Wlitrrat, In tibedlcneo to the requirement
of tlm ml of the Tlilnl Loqlslullvn Assembly,
ii.piiiM'il.lnno'A isfs, entitled "An net torn
ftiicii nud provide for tho collection or nil
luxes Hint inuy belli arrears In the District ot
Columbia on and alter July 1, Will," nnd nil
thorlKlugtliiiKoternorlii nnlhiptitotlm rovo
lilies from Ihesuine, the Collector of Tiisos of
mid District did Issue certain eerlKleiiles, as
profiled for hi section two of said net, for Iho
amount due mid unpaid fornixes upon certain
H'li I estate hi the said District, let led lit-tho
setenil acts of tlio Lcirfslutlto Assembly of
snld Dlstilet, approved r-scctlrfjy Alimitl,
IH7I, nnd June SO, istg, "for Hie siipisirt of tlio
(loteriunelit of the District of Columbia, nnd
for other purposes," forlhe fiscal years eiidlna
June lio, IHPJ, nml June W, IWTil. uml Including
the amount of penalties and cost Incurred.
.tint Wltirtat, iiioowncrsofccrtalu of suld
certificates hate demanded In wrltlin; hy In-ilor-emeiit
thereon, nfter tlio expiration of
one year from tho (Into thereof, that tho Col
Icctorshull enforce payment of tho Hens, and
Lute filed the snld certificates, hearing tho re
quired Indorsement, In thlsofhro;
I TiiEiiEioni: niu. I't'iii.tc soiui; to whom it
MAVtoMi.us, That the following leal tiUalii
Within the District of Colllmhhi.iiulinr nteeos
of proicrty iiitnlnst which said cerlillo.itos
huM' licen (ssui'd, and for tho enforcement of
tho pnstncnl of which lliodoinnud for the sain
of snld property has bteu mado, will bo sold
nt public miction, foreash, to tho liluhust
bidder, under and In iiceorilaueo with tho
1rosons of tho net first iihovn ,niiitl,inol
(iippiovcd Juno '-'.. s;:i), on tho tilth dnv of
October, 1M, at Columbia ll.illdhur, Col lec
tor's Office. No. SHU Foiiranda half street
northwest, losall-fy tho said liens and the ex
penses attending the sale thereof.
Suit to commence ut pj o'clock in., nnd
continue from day today till completed.
Collector of Taxes
for the District of Columbia.
(Vrtlllriiln On part of lot seven (7), lu
Nu, 1HH7. square four hundred nud thirty
seven (117), ussussud In tho
nnmo ot lliuth II. Sweeney,
levy of PCI-'., amounting to
8.1.C 1. Heidimlng SI feet (I Inches
from the southwest corner of
snld tot 7. rtumhuMhenco north
t feet (I Inches, thenco oat IV)
feet, thenco south I feet I)
Inches, llii'iiee west ,V) feet to
plaeei ot beginning.
(Vrllllrnti, On part of lot seventeen (17),
No. 11)07. Ill square ono hundred and sev
enteen (117), assessed In tho
uaino of James rdbloy, levy of
1H7K", amount Im: to Slii.tt). Ho
ginning:.'! feet south from tho
northwest corner of lot 17,
running south 37 feet, thence
east at feet, thenco south II
feet, thenco east ft feet It
Indies, thenco north M feet,
thenco west al feet 11 Inches,
to plneo of bcKhinhii;; nlso be
ginning nt tho southeast comer
of said lot, thenco north 'J J Toot,
thence west II feet Hjti Inches,
thenco south 1ft feet, thenco
west il feet 3 Inches, thence
south 7 feet, thenco east SJ
feet 1 1 Inches, to place of ba
Khinhig. Cfiilficiito On part of lot seven (7), In
No. 1UUII. square two hundred and thirty
eight CMS, assessed lu tho nimo
or John W. Smith, Invy of
1S7I-U, amounting to Jl.T.i. Ho
tinning on west lino of s lid lot,
to feel north from southwest
corner, running thenco north
M feet, thenco cist J feet tf
Inches, thenco north '-'0 foot,
tlieucu east ft feet, thenco south
to feet, thenco west aft feet ti
Inches, to place of bcrlimlng.
Ci'itllleiitn On part of lot three (3), In squaro
No. JJ037. fifty-six (.Kb, assessed hi tho
nnmo of MaryTcnny, levy ot
It71-'.', nmountiug ttiSln.'JI. bo
ghinlng C7 led 7 Inches from
tho southwest corner of i!ld
street west nnd fl street north,
running thenco east V) feet,
thenco north tho wholodeplh
of said lot, thenco west 13 feot,
thenco south to placo of begin
ning. VrtltlrnteOn rart of lot five (ft) nnd Im
o. 1107. provenients 111 squaro south of
squaro seven hundred and
forty-four (714), assessed In tho
namo of Ann Dean, levy lsTS-fl,
amounting to SV.'JI, being tlio
south Sft led front of said lot
by the depth thereof,
Ccrllllcnto On part ot lot fifteen (15), nnd
No. 11UK. improvements In square seven
hundred and seventy (7701, ns
sessed In the name of Ann Iloan,
levy 1S7J-3, amounting to S7.I'J.
being Iho north IS feet front of
said lot by tho depth thereof.
Ccrtillrnlti On lot seven (7). m "quaro ono
No. 11(10. thousand and twi'iitV'l'ourOO'JI),
assessed In tho namo of A. II.
Hohlayer, Jr., liny of lswij,
amounting to SS.ftO,
(Vrllllcnlo On part of lot seven (71, and Im
No. 1C03, provcmcntsln square seven hun
dred mid thirty-four (731), as
sessed In the niiino of Win. II.
HInck,levylS7,'-3,ninoimthig to
$Hftft. Commencing on tlio lino
of North Carolina avenue, :ii
feet southwesterly from tlio
southeast nnzlo of lot 7 and
running northwesterly nnd at
rigid angles on the Hue of North
Curollnu uvcnuo lift feet ftHj
Inches to the line dividing lots
7 and 10. thence duo west along
said Hue 13 feet 11 inches, thenco
southciistwurdly 7(1 feet, thenco
sotitlieiistwurdly to Intersect
North Ciirothm uremia at right
angles M feet, and rimnlugwith
tho centre party wall, thenco
northeastwardly along said avo
nuo 1ft feet 3 inches to placo of
Cerlltleiito On part of lot eight (1), In
No, 3030. square five hundred and tlfty-
inreo (.10.11, assesseu in mo namo
of Oliver 11. (Illbert, levy 1S7J .'!
amounting to ;l.a7, being t
east 1(1 feet front of said lot by
nio iiepiu uiereoi,
Certlllriiln On lot fivo (ft), and Improvo
No. . "015. incuts, In square nlno hundred
nnd two tlWi. nssossed lu tho
nnmo of F. Lnngly. levy
1S7U-3, nmouiithiK to SAft.trt.
Ccrllllcnto On pint ot siib-dtvlslon lot
.No. 0100. twenty-four Wl), nnd Improve
ments hi square ono hundred
and nllicty-soven IID7), nssossed
lu the name of Thomas Lewis,
levy 1S7U-3, uinountlngto$.W.31.
beginning ut the southeast
corner of said lot, running
thenco west 107 feet, thenco
north i!7 feet U Inches, thenco
east lu;) feet, thenco south 3
feet, thenco oast ill feet, thenco
south 'ti feet i Inches to place
of beginning, being Samuel
Davidson's subdlvlsou.
CVrtlllrntn On lot soven (7), nnd Improve
No, 0107, ments In srpiare two hundred
nnd thirty iW), nssossed In tho
nnmo of Thomas Lewis, levy
lb"-'-3, umouutlug to $ii!i no.
Certilleiito On subdivision lot "(I," nnd
No.UJIO. Improvements In square three
hundred and seventy-four, (371),
nsscsscd In the name of Thomas
Lewis, levy 187'. '), amounting
to Steo.bl.
Cortlllento On subdivision lot twenty
No. 01 i:i. eight CN), mid Improvements In
squnru three hundred uml
ninety-tight i3'.isi, asso.sso.l In
the name of Thomas Lewis,
levy of 1S7J-3, amounting to
Certilleiito On part of subdivision lot soven
Nu. 01"l. (7), III square three hundred
nnd nlnety-tisht (3:wi, assessed
lu the nnmo of Thomas Lewis,
levy of ltfTS-il, amounting to
SI1.S1, being tlio south 11 feet
Irontot snld lot by the depth
theieof. II. Crittenden's subdl
lslon. Certilleiito On alley in squaro four hundred
Nu. ODJI. nnd four (tai), usscod In the
name of Thomas Lewis, levy of
lb7:.'-3, amounting to $l.!il. being
alley In rear of subdivision
lots A, II and C, commencing at
tho southwest corner of subdl
vision lut A ami running oast
4S feet I Inches, thenco south
5 fret, thenco west It feet I
Inches, thence north ft feet to
place of beginning.
Ceillllcalo On all of squaro and Improve
No. Ul'fSi ments In square cut of square
li.o hundred and ten i.'iliii,
assessed 111 the name of Thomas
Lewis, levy l7.-3, amount
ing to $13.'.'t!.
Certilleiito Oil subdivision lot forty-eight
Nn. DlgO. (IS), mid Improvements In square
six hundred nnd twenty three
(ii'J3), nssossed In the name of
'1'homns Lewis, levy lN I,
nmountlng to $.17,111.
(Vitlllralo On lot four (Ii, lns.pi.iit' six
No. II1U7. hundred and twenty K iil.'ii,
assessed In the iiument Thomas
Lewis, levy ts!3, amounting to
Certificate On part of lot lite i.M, In square
Nu. 111','H. six hundred mil twenty six
iiX'i.i. assessed In the name ,,f
Thomas Lewis, levy tswi,
amounting lnfiiM llelii'rthe
east H Inches Iroiit on F struct
north, Johnson's suhdMslon.
Certlfleittii On all of square and hnprove
Nu. Utistl, incuts in square uortiw,'si of
square six hundred and twenty
four 'lu'P, assessed In (hi nii-n
of Thomas Unvls, levy P7J;J,
i.,iiouatlug to $111.1)7
ei tllli ule (innorlli bnlf of lot IwonH Iwo
No. 1)131). I'.Ml. Ill qnaio setcn liun.tr.-1
nnd elithty (7)i. assess -ii In Hie
nnmo of Thomas liwls, levy
IK?.' 3. amounting to $1.1.!.
Cerllllciilo On (silt of lot fltn (Hi and hn-
No.tllill. prtnemcnls In square smith of
sqimre seven hundred mid forly
four (7lli, asi'ed In the nam1
of iiiomns Lewis, ,.vy PCJ-l.
liln.iiinllnK to $1 1 oh. llclng the
norl h (Ml feet II Im-hcs front of
snld lot on First slroet cast, by
II depth of 7ft feet 11 Inches,
Cerlllleiiti' On lot one Hi. In square nine
Nn. (1133. hundred nnd nhi'-ty-iour (Mil).
assessed In tlm nnmo of
Thomits 1,1'tvK levy 1HW3.
nuiotmtlnitlo Jill. is.
Cerllllciilo On subdivision lot eighty-two
No.urt,-,, (),, lu sqii.im rn'ir litin Ire I
nnd slxtyilve (I1M, ussussud in
tho inline Miuy L. Martin, levy
IsTS 1, iiinountlim lo Jll.tl.
Cerllltentii On all of squaro five huiidrc I
Nu. 77tl.'5. nnd forty seven iM7i, iislmsc
lu the nnmo of N. M. Hmoot.lcvy
lx7',-3, nirtountltut to $lsi ny
Cerllllciilo On lot ono (Ii, lu spi ir" five
No. 7tl!!t. hundnsl and forty-two iMii, as-
sessed lu the name of s .
Sinoot, levy IH7X-3, inn muting
to $M.u).
Cert I lien to On lot two (Si, In square live
Nu. 7H30, hundred Mn rrty two ribb, as
sessed lu the mime of s. H.
Sinoot, levy Ki:, unviuntlng
to Jii.Df.
Certilleiito On lot three (1). In squaro five
No, 7H31, hundred and forlviw.i iftlli,
assessed In Hie inline of x s.
Sinoot, levy Ih7.':i, amounting
to $H.i-g.
Certiorate Oil lot four (II. Ill sqllliro five
No. 7H3'J. bundled mid forlytwo (ftlli,
nsoisisl hi the name of s. s.
Sinoot. levy lir.' 3, amounting
to iW.r.1,
CellKIllll.. On lot fivo (ft), In square five
No. 7H33. hundred and forty-two illji,
nsessed hi tlm name of N. s,
Sinoot, levy ltSfi:S, amount big
to Jx.li'j.
Cerllllciilo On lot six (ii), In square live
No. 7m:ii. hundred mid forty-two iftlJ.,
assessed lu the name of s. s.
Sinoot, levy lftfl-n, amounting
to S8.IK.
Ceillllciilo On lot seven (7). In square live
No. 7li:t.", hundred and forty-two (ftlii,
nssossed In the namo of s. s.
Sinoot, levy Ibp.'si, umouutlug
to $s.7a.
Certllleiilti On lot eight (Hi, In square fivo
No. THIKI. hundred and forlytwo (ftl.'i,
nssossisl In tho mime of s. s,
sinoot, levy istm, umouutlug
to SH.Ti.
Cerlllleiilu On lot nine (II), In square tho
Nu, 7H37. hundred mid dirty-two iftl.'i,
nssesed In the namo ol s s.
Sinoot, levy 1S7J3, nmountlng
to $H.3I.
CVrtlllrntn On lot ten (10). tn squaro fivo
No. 7H3H. hundred mid forty-two (Mb. us
sessi'il In In, uiuno of S. s.
Sinoot, levy 1S?J3, amounting
to S10.1H.
(Vrtlllfiito On lot eleven (II), 111 squaro five
No. 7SU0. hundred and forty-two iftl.'i, as
sessed 111 tho namo of s. S.
Sinoot, levy lST-.M, amounting
to SP.'.sjft.
Certilleiito On lot twelvoOUi, In squaro fivo
No. 7H10. hundred and forty-two (ftl.'i, as
sessed hi tho nnmo of s. H.
Sinoot, levy 1S7J-3, amounting
to $11.09.
tVrlllleiito On lut thirteen (11), In squaro
Ni. 7H11. II vii hundred nnd forty-two
t.il.'), ussesscii u the namo of
S. S. Sinoot. levy 1ST,' 3, nmount
lng toSPJ.M.
Cerllllciilo cm lot fourteen (t I), In squaro
No..7Klg. fivo hundred and forty two
(ftlvi), assessed In the namo of
N. s. Mnoot, levy 11733, amount
ing to $10.11.
Certlllenlo On lot fifteen (1ft), In squaro llvo
Nu. 7H 13. hundred mid lorty-two (ftl.'i, us
sesM'd In the iiiiinu of H. H.
Sinoot, levy 1S7.' 3, amounting
to $0.31.
Certificate On lot sixteen (101, In square
No. 7H1 1, llvo hundred nnd forty-two iftlii,
assessed in tho namo of H. s.
Sinoot, levy ts7.'-3, amounting
to $.?.'.
Ceillllciilo On lot seventeen (171, In squaro
No. "Kin. lle hundred and tortytwo,
IftU'i, asses.eil In the namo of S.
ti. Sinoot, levy ls7'-3, unionis
ing to SS.7J.
Certilleiito On lot eighteen (IS), In square
Nu. 7KI0. fivo hundred and forty-two
(ftlJi, nssessud lu the name of s.
S. Sinoot, levy 187','-3, amount
ing to $S.W.
(Vrtlll'-iito On lot nineteen 110). In squaro
Nn. 7817. llvo hundred and forty-two (ftl-b,
assessed lu the nnmo of S. S.
sinoot, levy 1S73-3, uinoimtlng
to $S.G.'.
(Vrtillt'iito On lot twenty rjii), in squaro
No. 7HIH. fivo hundred ami forty-two
(ft(J), assessed In tho namo of S.
S. Sinoot, levy 1873-3, amount
ing to $S.7J.
Certillenln Onlottwenty-onoCJI), hi squaro
Nu. 7H10. fivo bundled and forty-two
(ftl.'), ucsii III the namo of S.
S. Miiuut, levy 1S73-3, amount
ing to $8.7-.'.
Certificate Onlottwentytwocj-.'), In squaro
No. 7H50. ItUoliiiiidrcdundlorty'twoi.M.'i,
nssesscil In the name of S. S.
Sinoot, leyy ISC'-!), umouutlug
to $0.31.
Certificate On lot twenty-three (41). In
Nu.THfil. tqunro llvo hundred and forty
two (ftl3), assessed lu tho namo
of S. S. Sinoot, lovy 1S73-I1,
amounting to $8.3'J.
Certilleiito On lot twenty-four (31), In square
No. 7H03. tlvohundrcifaudrorty-twoiftl.'i,
assessed tn tho nnmo of S. s.
Smoot, levy 1173 3, iimountlng to
Certilleiito On lot twenty-fivo iSfti, 111 square
No. 7HB3. fivehuiidlcduiidforlytwoiftl'.'i,
nsscsscd In the namo of S. S.
sinoot, levy 1873 3, amounting to
Certilleiito On lot twenty-six (311, In squaro
No, 7H5I. fivohundrcdandforty-twolftlji,
nsscsscd In thu name of S. S.
Sinoot, levy ls?J 3, amounting to
Certlllenlo On flfty-thrco (ft.1) ncres, near
No. 10"3tl. Loughboro' Hoad, assessed In
tlio namo of William 1). c. Mar-
dock, levy 1873-3, amounting to
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stationers .7-3
r-ciui i -ci.iis- a
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nio doz to Wash
ington l'huiiogriiphlo Ueuduiinrtcrs. Washing
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ift) ftjftyns'
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Trains lenvo Wushlngton from station, comer
of Sixth und II streets, as follows:
For Pittsburg mid thu West. Chti'Rgo Limited
Kxpross ol I'nlneo'icoplngCnrsnttliriiln. m.
dally: Fast Line, Infill a. in. dally to Clnoln
nnlliind St. Louis, with Sleeping Curs from
lliirrl'lnirg lo Cincinnati and Hotel Car to
St. Louis; dully, except xaturday, to Chicago,
With Sleeping Car Altoema to Chicago. Old
rnKomid Cincinnati Hxpress at 7:U) p. m,
dnlly, with Sleeping Cars Wushlngton to Chi
ongoimil lliirrlsburg to lulsvlIlo; oonnoot
tiigut llnrrlsburgwithWestern lis press with
through sleepers for St. Louis I'aolfio l!v
press, 111 p in dully for littsbtirii and tho
Wist. Willi through sleeper Harrlsburg to
tievnlnnd and Chlengo
For Lrle, Cnnatidnlgun, Itochostcr, HiilTalo
Nlavnrn. 1(1 p. in. dally, except Saturday,
Willi Pnliu-cCnrs Washington to Ilochsstor.
lor VttlHiittisport, Lock lluvcii nnd Ulmlra, nt
II: III a. in. dully, except Sunday.
For New York unit thu Lust. 7:15, 8:30 nnd
1 1 a. m.. a. 1, 10 i. in. und latin night, on
btuitlny. fj:n n tn.u, I, in p. m. and l;1li
night. I.lmlteel Kxpre.s of Pullman 1'arlor
Cars f):ll) II. III. lllil V. nvrnnt NmiiiI.v
For Hoston without change. 'J p. m. ever-
it. m. nrnrv i!nif
For ISrooklyn, X.Y
or i.rookiyn, ..i .. an iiirougn trains eonnoet
ul Jersey city with bontsof llrooklyn Annex,
nfiordhig direct transfer to Fulton street,
nvoldlng dotiblo terrlago across NowYoik
.all through trains connect
For I'hllnilelphln. 7:lfi, 8;3il nnd 11 a.m., a,
t, it, 1(1 p. in, und l'-!:ir. night, on Sunday,
H;:t() a. tn.. a, !, (1. 10 p. m. nnd lUsin night.
Limited Uxpross, l):lo a. m. dally, except
For llaltlmore, 0::ri, 7:15, 8:30. 11:1(1,11:00
a.m., lao.ft.a, l,.1:2.-, I: II), I), 7:1(1, 10 p.m.
nnd ia:lfi night. On Sunday, 8:3(1, ti:iti, it
n. tn., a, I, (1, 7:10, 10 p. in. nnd ia:15 nlaht.
lor l'opo's Creek Line. 7:15n. m., and -1:10 p.
in. dally, except Sunday.
For Annapolis, 7:15 a. in., 12:(l."innd 1:2.1 p.
m dnlly. except suiidnr. On Sunday I p. m
ALEXANDRIA ,t rilKDUHinKtmnilll tltlL
For Alexandria, (1, 7, 0:25, 11:01 nnd 11:35
ii. m u.ii.-i, 1.20, .1:15,(1:25. 8:()5 nnd 11:37
p. m. on Sunday at t), 0:25, 11:01 a. m,.
8:05 p. tn.
For illchinond and tho South, 0 nnd 11:01 n.
in. dnlly anil 1:15 p.m. dally, exceptsundny.
Trains leave Alexandria for Washington 0:115,
8, 10, 10:10 a. m 1, ;i:05, US). 5:10, 7:05
nnd 11:35 p.m. and 12:1(1 midnight, except
Monday, on Sunday at 8 und 10:10 a.m.,
7:05 mid 11 :M5 ii, m. nnd 12:10 night.
Tickets nnd Information at tlioaDlve. north
east corner of Thirteenth street nnd Pennsy
lvania avenue, and nt the station, where or
ders can bo left for tho checking of baggage
to destination from hotels nnd residences,
Oincral Manager. Ocn. Passenger Agent.
Leavo Washington from Station, corner Now
Jersey nvonuo nnd 0 street.
For Chicago, 10 a. m, and 10:10 p. m. dnlly.
Thu 111 n. in. Is n Fust Limited I'.xpress to
littsbnrg nnd Chicago, arriving In Pittsburg
at 7:30 p. m., Chicago next morning at 8:55.
No extra faro is charged on this train for fast
1'or Cincinnati, Loulsvlllo and St. Louis dally
nt 3:3(1 p. m. und 10:10 p. m with through
coaches and Palace Sleeping cars to abovo
points without eliiuigo. 3::M) p. m. train Is a
fast limited train to Cincinnati nnd St Louis,
nrrlvhig In Cincinnati next morning nt 7:15,
St. Louts (1:30 p. m. No extra faro Is charged
on this train for fast time.
For Pittsburg at 10 a. m., with Tarlor Car,
nnd l):l() p. m. dnlly to Pittsburg. Cleveland
nnd Detroit, with sleeping cars to Pittsburg.
For Haltlmoro on week days 5, (bill, (Mo,
7:30, 8:30 and 10.05 a.m., latlu, 1:25, tltis
(15-mlnuto train), 3:30, 1:30, 4:10, 5:10, 0:111.
7, 8:25 nnd 11 p.m.
For Haltlmoro on Sundays (1:10, 7:30, 8:30
nnd 1(1.05 a. in.. 1 :25. 1:30. 3:30, 1:10, 5:10,
11:10.7. 8:25 nnd 11 p. m.
For points on tho Shenandoah Valley Rail
road and points South, 11:25 a. m. nnd li:10 p.
m. dniiv. 11:25 a. m. train hns Pullman
Sleeper from Washington to Now Orionns.
For Annapolis, 0:to n. in. and 12:10 and
1:30 p. in.; on Sunduy, 8:30 a. m. and -1:10
p. ID
For way stations between Washington and
llaltlmore. 5. 0:10, 8:30 a. m.. 12:10, 3:30,
i:l(), 7 and 11 p. in. On Sundays. 8:30 n. m.,
1:30, 3:30, -1:10, 7 and 11 p. tn. Forstntlons
on Metronolltnn Uraacli, 7:25 a. m. nnd 11:15
I), m. dully, except Sundny, nnd 5:30 p. tn.
dally: l:to p. tn. dally, except Sundny, for
principal stations on MctroKl!tnn llranch;
8:10 u. m, dally on Sunday stops at all sta
tions; for Lexington, Staunton and Yalley
llranch, 8:10 a. in. dally, except Sunday; for
Frederick, 8:10 a. tn., 1:Hj p. m. dally, except
For local stntlons between Wushlngton and
(Julthcrsburg, 12:30 p. m. dally, except Sun
For Hngcrstown nnd Winchester, 8:10 a. m.
dally, except Sunday, and 5:30 p. m. dally to
llagcrstowu; dally, except Sunday, to Win
chester. Trains nrrlvofrom tlio West dally, 0, 7:20 a.
m.. 1:15. 0:30 p.m.
From AnnniKills, 8:30 a. m. and 1:50 and
6:25 p. m.: Sunduy, 10:35 a.m. nnd 0:35 p. m.
From Lexington, 6:30 p. ra. dally, oxcept
From Frederick and Intermediate points,
8:25 a. a. and 8:15 p. in. dally, except Sun
dav. Trains leavo Haltlmoro for Washington nt
5:10, 0:30, 7:20, t), ll:(ir nnd 10:30 a. m., 12:15,
2:30. 3, .1, 1:20, 5, 0:30. 8, 1) nnd 11 p. m. On
Sundays, 0:30, 7:20, I) nud tl.05 a. m 1:30,
2:30 .1:20, 5, 0:3(1, 8, 0 and 11 p. m.
All trains from Wushlngton stop at Relay
Station, except 1:25, 3:15 and 0:10 p. m.
For further information apply at tho Haltl
moro ,fc Ohio ticket oflleo Washington Sta
tion, 010 nnd 1351 Penna. nvo.,corncrof 11th
st., whcro orders will bo tnken for baggage to
bo checked and received nt nny point in tho
city. v. K. Lllnl), (1. P. A.
II. DUNHAM, ncn. Mnn., Haltlmoro.
(I.KAVE 11. .t r. DEPOT. SIXTH AND 11 STS.)
7iO()A.M For nil way stations, Loxlngton,
Ky., Louisville, Cincinnati, Columbus, St.
Louis. Dally except Sunday.
1 1 A. 31. For Newport Sows, Old Point Com
fort and Norfolk. Dally except Sunday.
5i:W P. 31. For Louisville, Cincinnati, St.
Louis and Chicago, connecting for all
points West, Northwest and Southwest;
fast express dally; does not stop for local
business; through Pullman servlco to
Loulsvlllo and Cincinnati,
For tickets und Information apply at C. A
O. ltnllwnyoftlco, 513 Pennsvlviiiila nvenue,
under National Hotel; Va. 3Hdlaml Hallway
office, 001 Pennsylvania avcnuo, and B, & P.
C.W. SMITH. GeDCraI '"WAlwnt.
(Jcneral Manager,
FRANK TltKiO, Eastern Passenger Agent.
On and after Al'OFST 30, 1885, trains will
leave from and urrlvo nt Oth and U
sts. DetKit as follows:
Leavo Washington 0 a.m. and 1:35 p. m.,
dnlly; nrrlvo nt llelmont Park 10.51 a. m. nnd
0:2(1 p.m.; Lecsburg 11:01 a. m. und(l:3U p.
m.; urrlvo at Round 11111 at 11:13 a. m. and
7:18 p.m.
Returning, leavo Round Hill 0:03 a. m. nnd
3:01) p. m.; pass Lecsburg 0.12 a. m. and 1:30
p. in.; llelmont Park tbftl a.m. and 5:30 p. m.,
nnd urrlvo at Washington at 8:35 a. m. and
7:10 p. in.
On Mindays the train lenv.ng Washington
ut II a. in only runs tol.ccsburg, and Ihutrulu
uniting at 7. lop in. slarls from Lecsburg.
Snciiiil excursion rates and Sunday trains
to llelmont Purk. Monthly and commuta
tion rates to all points.
S. M. HKOPIIY, Supt.. Alexandria, Va.
E. .1. LOCK WOOD, Pass. Agt., 507 Pa. avo.
Washington. I). ('.
f'tiNtiltri)I.K AND roilT 3IONUOH, TUB
I I'lil'ti.Mt Itnl'TE. U.S. Mull. Steamer
(.Liild.i: LEAHY Monday, Wednesday and
lililiiy, finm loot of 7th St., nt ft:3e) p. tn.
sci in c rooms und tickets ut Haltlmoro & Ohio
Ollli e. list und Oil) Pa. ave., St. Maro Hotel
und Knox Express, (XU Pa. ave., who will also
tiietk baggage from hotels and prlvato resi
dences. For further information inquire at
i ompnny's otuce, 7th st. wharf. Teloptiono
cull 7-15-3.
niitl WILLIAM 1'. WELCH, Pen. Agent.
jl-l Fortress Jlonroo and Norfolk.
lirst-class fare tl ; ltound-t rip. 1 1.25.
Steiuncr June Moselcy Monday, Wednesday
und Saturday at 6.30 p. m.
Passage and rooms secured at general office,
Sixth street wharf. Ti lepliono cull, HI.
Potomac River Lundlngs Steamer Thomp
son Monthly, Wednesday and Friday at 7 a.m.
Has in oi k a fell lino of Carpeting, all
grinds nil. loths. i.iou and straw 3Iattlncs.
Also lutis! si i Us In W'il Paper, Window
shinies nnd cm mm Moods. Who Window
and Door serein-.
!X)8 to oil i, n rect northwest, next National
Utiles' Armory.
Architectural Iron Work, Cement, Plaster,
FtroHrlck, Fire Clay, Wall Blntc, Paints, Oils.
Gloss, etc. ei

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