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rNMt MUy, SunOoyi Ktcil
Tho Evening Critic PubllsliInpCompany
II ALLOT K1L1IOUKX, 1'rcsliloiit,
W. SCOTT lOfflllH, Tronsinor.
11. It. SVLVHSIHIt, Secrotnry.
OJiioo, 3STo. 041 3D StTOOtJ
1'ost lit itnivn,
FlngtoCnpy .. . .. '1 Cents
Hy Carrier , CnH
Hjr Mnll, wlMWimM, one rMr 8,,n"
lly Mull, postiiKO paid, six months ., , J 80
Jlnll Suinctlptloiis (msrl.ibly In ndvnnco.
Washington, 1), C.
lilCHAltl) II. SI.Vi:.S'li:it, - Ldllnr.
WASHINGTON, 1). 0 OCT 2, 183".
tiii: m:t housii.
In tlio tomhijj Congress lliero will bo
181 Democrats nml 111 ltupubllc.atis,
counting Gcncrnl Weaver of Iowa ns u
Pcmociut iiml Mr. llrtimm of I'eiinsyl.
vnnln ns n ltuniibllcati, both of those
gentlemen being Known In political
parlrtiico ns GrecnbacKurs In tlil
clnsslflcntlon it Is nlso nssumccl tint tlio
Micniicy In the llfth district of Illinois,
icprccntcd In the hit Ccmgrcsi by Mi,
llwoori, will bo Illlcd nt thu Novcm
bcr election by a Hepublicin, anl tho
ncanrlcs In the eighth New York ills
trlct, lately represented by Mr 8 S
Cox, and nineteenth I'cnnsylvani i (lis
trict, formerly Mr Swono'i, by Demo
crnts. Thertforo In a full Homo tho
Democrats -xv 111 have a majotlty of
forty-three, whereat In the 1'oity
ilghtli Congress thi-y h id n majoiltyof
Hut forty thrco Is as uifo a working
majority as seventy-live, and much
easier to handle, provided tho party Is
under judielous leadership and not
blinded to tho essentials of sucecss by
factious animosities and Jcaloustci in
its own councils, ns was notiblytho
rnso last winter in lUvvi. angles ovei t'io
tariil question
Tho House will contlnuo to bo an
tagonled b" a Itcpiibllcan Scnato nnd
the free course of lcglsl ition bo corro
Hpondlngly Impeded; but It Is possible
for tho Democrats nt both ends of thu
Capitol to liiukc a much better iccord
than was made by their Immediate pre
decessors, nnd it will bo absolutely
necessary for them to do so in ordei to
popularize and strengthen tho Admin
Istration. "With a feeble, temporllng
or negative support of President Clove
land, and material ililTcrcnces anion,;
themsehes as to the lines of policy thu
lie mny point out in his message', they
rannot expect to hold tho conlldence of
tho country, and will simply phy into
the hands of tho ambitious generals of
the llcpublican party who nio planning
to rccapturo thu giound they lost In
1881 and secure from tho pjoplo
another long lcne of power.
Our Democratic friends luvo been
insisting long and loudly Hint a ch m'o
in the political chiraetei of tho Admin
Istration was imperatively needed for
the pin Mention of the Government and
the welfare of tho governed, it is now
incumbent upon them to substantiate
it. This, they can do, If honest and
wise, despite the opposition of the Son
ntc, but never, without a thoroughly
bjmpnthetlc undci standing between
tho House and tho President, nnd a
avliolo licnrted detcimln ition on tho
part of tho former to suppoit thu Kv:
ecutlvo in nil icasonablo iccommemlii
lions, oven at sonio sncrlflco of locil or
partisan prejudices to tho contrary
Tin: Ciutic is moved to those le
liwiLsnot by party feeling, but on tho
liighci and bioadci giound tint a
rhnnge of Administration having boon
biought about and a 1'iosldent elcetod
who, ns fat as can bo judged, descives
tho public confidence, it is better foi
the country that tho now onlar of
things bo put to Its fullest and fairest
test than to bo overturned through tho
Inability oi contentious indisposition of
its friends to sustain It. In other words
it Is better foi the matcilnl Interests of
tho people, tho present Admlnlsti ition
being found to possess the elements of
lionesty and capacity, that they bo
spared foi a while tho trying ordo d of
itnothci political lovolution.
A 3IAltItIAG12 l'U.LE.
Tho Now York Tiibunc prints a
story that has n good deal of lommco
iu it nnd recalls a voiy animated discus
tlon which vvns current in England n
number of ) cars ago Tlio story is
that a)oung Episcopal minister went
to Tarrytow n sovcral years slnco nnd bo-
enmo enamored of a ) oung lady, who,
nsusual In l oninnccs, w ns very boautlf ul
Tho young lady was not pirtlcularly
unittcn by tho young clergyman, but
the two wcro good friends. Tho mill
ister told her Hint ho wanted to many
lier, but Hint as his congregation ob
jected to his entering tho married state,
thcro could bo no public announce
ment. Tho ) oung lapy w ns not greatly
charmed by the sehemo. Onu day tho
minister Induced hei to repeat with him
tlio responses of tlio manlago service.
Hhc did so, and ho thereupon iinuouiirod
that n innrrlago between the two had
been duly consummated Blio did not
see it In this light, llo then procuied
marriage certificate and signed It
lilmself, but tho ) oung lady, still re
fusing to consider herself iv vvlfo, ho
procuied a new certificate signed by
iinothcr minister. Tho young lady
pci slstcd that blio was not a wifo nnd
told her friends nbout tho matter. Tho
nilnlstci thereupon left for parts un
known. Tho question hns slnco orison
whether tho yaung lady has been
Jcgnlly married or not. Tho opinions
of lawyers to whom tho question hns
been submitted differ widely, some say
ing yes and somo sa) Ing no.
In one of Charles lleado's most pow
erful novels, "Foul Tlay," tho hero Is
n young clergyman, llo and tho ho
ioIdo are shipwrecked nnd reach an
island of which thcynio tho only in
habitants for months. They are madly
lu lovo with each other, Tho horo
nrgucs with himself tho question
whether ho, a minister, can marry
lilmself to his sweetheart, and comes to
the conclusion Hint he can do w legnllv
but proceeds no further. .Mr Hen lu
pronounce Hint mirli n marriage would
hnvo been legal Upon tho public ition
of "Toiil l'liy" thnlo-rnllly "f sitcli a
ceiemonj wa dlseiiMod by Ihn press
nnd by Hio legal fraternity of llnirltitiil
for Mimu month It was flu illy
dropped without any definite solution
of the conundrum.
1'itivi. 1tiii l'i', tho Dinlsh .Minis
ter, whose olije'clionablo ministry, to
pettier vvltli tho lev lug of tnus by
King Christian by rojnl docreu when
Hio Parliament lind refused to vote Hie
budget, has caused almost an uprlsln r.
In DeumniU, was fired at tvvltu In the
streets of Copenhagen yestcrd ly nftcr
noon by n prln'cr Tlio press Isnlwiys
in the front when thu rights of thu pjo
plo nro Involved. Some of tho unit
promliieiil pioplovvho lmv o taken sliols
nt tho Ours of nil tho Husslus vvdro
editors nnd prlnteis. They suiter
under one dlsadvnntngo, howover.
'I hty aro not sulllclcntly funiilhr with
the use of firearms to bo able to hit thu
mark every time. Tills, of course,
does not include thu typical Amcrle in
I.s Hits will en at Jamestown, X. Y ,
jeslerdny nflcrnoon, .luilgo Por.ikor
ndmitled that tho Denim ruts since
coming Into power hid fulfilled two of
thcll promises the) had looked ovor
tho books and eounted tho money. They
had further promNcd to icstore pros
peril), but this promino was still iinru
deinud The .Itnlgo deserves credit
for his (ntidor lie is about thu only
Itepubllean we havu hoard of who has
tin fairness tondmil that tlio prosperity
of the country needs lccitporatlou lie
should also understand that tlio Demo
antic pirty tnn hardly bo opw ted to
undo in sl months the mischief tint
thcltepubllenn party has boon vvoiklng
nt for twenty )ears
It is bud that thu Viiglula fnimeis
at the Statu Pair in Iltehmoud are
greatly disappointed nt thu lu iblllt) of
thu President to mnko Hicm n visit,
which Is no doubt true Tho further
Miitenicnt that lie) Is severely criticised
for not accepting tho inv itatlon ectend
ed him has tho gcncrnl nppuarauco or
n cnmpilgii lie To go or not to go,
was a question which Mr Clevelmd
carefully debated with lilmsolf. no
doubt, nnd the sober second thought of
the people of Virginia will bo Hint ho
enmc to n w iso eonclusion
Dii. I.oitiMi, e Commissions! of
Agriculture, announced borne tlmo ago
that If the Gov eminent really thought
he owed It $20,000 ho would pay tint
sum into tho Tiensuiy llo was given
to undcistnnd that tho Government
thought those figures to bo nbout the
light siu, but Di. J.oringdld not come
fonvnul with nhicilty. So )cslcidiy
suit against him to ucovei tho
amount mentioned was entered in Bos
ton Perhaps Di I.oiiug thought tho
Government w ns only joking.
At tiii. nr.ssio.N of tho 1'plscopil
Church Congi ess In Now Haven, Conn.,
Inst evening, tho ordlunry toiitiuo of
religious discussion was somewhat
variegnted by n lively debate on the
tnillT question, Professor Sumner clos
ing with mi uri.iigumcnt of tho Pi o
leetlonlsts Hint would hnvo undo
Colonel Moriison supremely hippy
Tho Congress will piobnbly pass n
Irce tr.ulo net beforo it adjourns
An Onto editor, who Is u gieit ad
mirer of Seinloi Kvnrts, is surprise 1
Hint when Hint oratm makes a speech
only the "substantial points" of it nro
piintcd by even tho Republic in news
papas "Wo suspect tint this Ohio ed
itor has never heaul Mi. Kvnits dls
eouisonthis full length elthei legilly
oi politleall)
Wi: nio told that all tho novvspapor
men have been expelled from Survia
Theio is not n grain of truth lu It.
Tho way tint events havo been mud
dled nud lull utlons guusscd nt us show n
bv tho news fiom that country conclu
sively shows that there have been no
uewsp.ipa men inSeivli to upel.
- --
Govr.i.Mm Hoiiinson of Massachu
sctn is tho first htnlo osecutlvo this
) car to appoint a day for Thanksgiv
ing. Ho designates Xoveinbei 20 not
It Is appropriate that tho PI) mouth
Pock Slate should take the fore In at
iniiglng for a Puiltan festivity.
Ir ii w u.o been given out that thcro
is something scaly in tho ndmliiUtm
Hon ol tho Pish Commission, Professoi
llnlul will demand nn investigation by
Congicss. Ho Insists that tho Commls
tlon lins been hooking nothing that It
was not fairly entitled to
Tlio I'opulnr I'cilotllctiW.
Tlio November number of Jlnrnct con
tains nn lutcrcetlug pjpor on tlio Now
Aotk fctook Kxcliange, with portraits of
W. II. Vniiilerlillt, Jaj UouM, Cyrus
1 Itlil ami othcis, liistalliucnts of thu eo
rlals bj V I) Ilondls nnd Miss Woolson,
a continuation ot Uolclsinitu'a Comodv,
"Sho Htoops to Conquer," with lllitjtia
tlons by 1". A Alibiij; a short story by I'
Anslo), Illustrated by Jteluhait, and nu
mcioiis oilier roadablo artlelLS vvltli charm
lug llliittritlons,
hppiiieoll for tlio curicnt month, cou
tains "Ilio I.ady J.avv)er' I'lut Client,"
pint second, by lliomas Wlnrton, "Qucun
Anno, or Vrco Classic Architecture," by
Gcori:e V. Mason, jr ; n paper by tiniest
Ingersoll, on tlio Veabod) Jfuscuui of
American Arch icolog) : sovtral bright short
stories, poems mid tho usual monthly
CatirWt rumilH Jfagiittiie has Install
ments of two strlals; "llraln Wc irlneas and
llrnln Ionics," "Lnco-Maklng at Homo"
"IlioOanlcn In October," 'Tho Amorlcan
Poet AMilttler," "What to Woar." A
song, with music by Cotsford Dick, short
stories, poems and other articles of goncral
'J he Mudcal Uciahlat this month Is an
uuusuallv Interesting number. "Music
Among thu Aztecs," and "lha ltchtlons ot
Music to Mental I'rogross," nro tho subjocts
oftvovcr) Instructlvo papers.
My soul nnd uolf vMilkoil hand In hand
DlscourshiK nf tlio tlmo to bo,
MliinweilmiiMvlowtlio "l'romlsol Ijind'
And sink Into eternity
Tho Ptur of Hono was In mj sky,
, And 1 ulth rolitncd inonnrih ot tlio ho u,
w blio Uno and 'I ruth woro always nigh
'i o thecr mo In tholr i my bow cr,
I asked my slcldnc soul to loll
'J ho seen t that enwraps tho tomb,
Or If theie was a burnhiir hell
To torturo In eternal (doom,
I heard nn echo faint nnd low
Como touudlnic o er tho vvroek of v oars
A voleonll tremulous with woo
1 luit U ft mo to my silent tours
Dread Bllcnco brooded o'er my heart
And biotiKht n ehuos of dospah ;
My soul anil self then lora npnrt,
it Ii notlilni; heio und nothlni; thcro I
John A, Joke.
Washington, October S3,
i-i on i iv oi'M.itti,.
"W Inn nre my ln-t yonr rnlihnr.", whir '
'llli lillnlsinl iKiwilutli Htintlt,
"I rnn I I uy new nnd I mmt wmr
llo ol! orxn without,
Whl Ii ii mis ilnmpli'Pt mil slid Ion chills,
lniiiim nlftmid dciclors' bills "
'I he vvlfo doth Kciitlv mnko roply
" rin y wnc in t lit to w.-iiri
I lhr w tin in out mid vim must buy,
'I his jiiirnnolhir luilr,
in (im'tr He ( nlnlo uuitlil wlin wills
Ilmtreneli, mj lovo, or vvlilk IdlN "
Illusion Courier
Ihinoii 1'attpiisos of tho I'nltctl SUiten
Mini has removed his publication otllue
Irotn Cliielmmtl to Chicago.
It nor ).( niHAsr of OcorRla Is osllnnloil
to towoilh $fi'XI,00(), one third of which
eonslsts f Atlanta real estato.
A (1. STtnni, United Mates Consul to
yinjriipore, sailed fiom N' w York jcslerdi)
In tho Kreueh stCHiner Kormiudlo.
Jlns. .Ions ltv lUuros Is tho woslthlost
vuuinii In l'lillndulphla. Miols worth f 10,
ffO.tUO.Iidietllcd from her fiilhcr.tlio famous
Dr. ltush
.MnssoMiu, tho Krcnt 1'ieiicli artist, Is
(i gnged npoii n portrait, which ho his
l inrl) completed, of .Mrs. l!oI rt flanett ot
! mtoii Coiiji itt of Icorgla Is nt tho
(Itmid Ccnlial, New York, nnd Hcnitor
I mrmi nrrlvid nt tho rifth-Avcuuu last
nluht from Washington.
Jt'iini: I) T. Coitmv, well rcmenibcrol
fi cm his connection with tho reconstruct
llou politics of South Carolina, resides at
l'vr.liftoii, 111., nud has illaw olllco lu Chi
rngo. Wi: can baldly accept Ilcnrj Ward
Hen Iter's statement that ho Is n drover
Clcvctutid Itepubllean. Wo should class
l.Im ns mi lrn Davciitiort Democrat. This
Is fuller to Mr. lleiehcr. (Phil, I'icss.
I.N A Westirn town tho other day Mr.
Dunn vvns married to Miss Wright, nnd nil
the papers went nnd put "Dunn Wright"
over tho account ot tho wedding. Hut
only tlmo will tell whether It wns oi
At tiii: mli.tivi of tho Mllltarj Order ot
the I.o) ol I eglon nf tho United States hi
Philadelphia )C6terd ly (leueral W. S. Han
cock wns re eleeted coinuinndei-ln chief ; It
II Ha)e8, senior vlco commander; J. It.
llnwle), junior vlco-commnndcr; Albert
Ord iv n), registrar, and V. I). Ki)scr, chan
cellor. AimvvTi: letter from London sa)s of
tho marrlngo ot Sir Chailcs Dllko: "'I ho
wedding wns, on tho whole, nn nintisiug
nlTnlr, nud nil tho rng tag nnd bobtail of
Chelsea turned out to witness It. Tho
bible's dress w us n)cllonlsh-whlto stamped
velvet. 1 ndy Dllko had n most unpleasant
married life with tho I!cv. Mark l'attlson,
so ev or) ono is glad that sho h is such a flue,
s)iupthctlc husbiud at last."
Mvjou lln. Prm rv Poour, tho Journal
ist, Is Just recovering from a sovcro illness.
Writing from his historic houso at Indian
Illll, near Newbiin port. Mnss., to a friend
In Philadelphia, ho blithely sa)s- "Last
week 1 was tried by my phvslclan on
charges of Illness, found guilt) of overwork
Inst slimmer anil sentenced to ni) bed with
fieipicnt doses of nauseating drugs. I wrlto
Ihlsln in) dicsslnggown, bilk I feci better
nud I liopo to bo up and about presently,"
"What Is llfo and no loving?" sho tenderly
As her head on his shoulder sho laid
"What Is lovo and no living?" ho sadly 10
plled, As ho thought ot his board bill, unpaid.
Ilostoti flaetto.
r--ri-cTHi: ( OI.L'MIII.V PIKI3 1N.-.UK-
isj Aiiti: toMi'VNY or tiic
A srml annual dividend of four per cunt, on
thocnillul stock of thlsiompmy his been
declared, nnd will boiniablo to stooihol.b m
i n und idler MUMIV, oomlcr e, nt tha
(oinmii)'sinicc, In thu lullo;,- bulUlll,'. 1IU
Tflreet northwest
l"r.insfcr books dosed from October Jlto
Noveinbtr", both dns tnettiihe
111 order oftho Hoard nflriistooi
II. h Wll.l.vlll), Seiictarj
JOCKIIY ci.un uaoi:s I
Will bo told L'achKvenlng bofme.lhoHaeos
In tho IHUhml Itoom of tho Niltlo ml Hotel
lUCr.D.YiS-Ootober 10th, JOth, Jlbt, S.U
nud Jlil
uainoR co,
O.tlclnl 1'oalsollers
Xamagi .
KuitTiiio Hath
MH. I J. PAYN, Munlpulitor.
Itoom t, Vsnion L'ow, 015 1M, ave. n w
VI iishhigton, 1) c
Mnmietlo'irenlment of lihou'riallsm, Nou
rnlKla, Ni r oils I'rosli ition, Iiiiomnl i,l)j spop
sin Ceiibtlpntlon, eto , etc.
OfPcc treatment, St W.
At patient's roil lonoo SI M
I,AII'Or.TAJT:,olleo lu T.ADIK3.
W o nro now nnenlns our stock of
In I one; nnd hl.ort i ips. Also tho samo
stjles In
nnd full stock of l'ur Irlmmlnsi
T miles h:i Iiir old cncriucs to bo loUcdnnd
hilled Into new stjlo snequesor vUltes nro
edvlscd to In In,; I horn curly,
u.ii briNi.Mi.rz.ss son,
llntterii und 1 urrlcrs,
seSl 1SJ7 l'enna Ay enno.
fvjjwDlt. I.UJIlVia AON DDLOItllOt'
tSj iw7r sticctn vv doslres to notify
tho publlo that ho will pinttico only until
November tlio 1st In IhU elt, niter which
tlmo ho will limit his prnctica to Electron ithj
uxclurhcl) In I'hllndclphla, Pa, All sulTorerx
w ho deslro his ndv lconnd consiiltatlnu should
do Font out o. Ills celebrated I.leetio liithi
will bo nilmlnlstered In tho fiitiue In several
brunch otlkes of this cltj, opoutud und (on
dueled b) skilled J.leetrlclaus. hojtf-lmu
grsBSurj;Kiiiit java e'urri;i;,
Trcfh Itonstod every Day,
llOo 1'EIl POUND,
It (1 KEYWOimi'S,
C20 Seventh st.
jjirr niANDLUit
of Missouri.
of lrBlnia.
Attorne) s nt-Lnw,
Will prnctlco In the bupromo Court of tho
United States, tho Court of Claims, tho courts
of tho District of Columbia, boforo the Com
mltUcH of Cowrros nnd tho Departments
onices os. t7, 1)8 nud 3U Corcoran llulld
InK; jcatf
010 Tennn. Avo, Northwest.
Tho Company will ront small prlvato safes
lu Its now
rim: and nuitaLAit moor vaults
from ?S to $100, nccordlni: to slzo.
Nlvcr l'lato nnd articles of vuluomayho
btored nnd Insured for any length of tlmo at
v cry rcasoiinldo eharnea. ,
V OAltl),
In nil VvhonrOHUfforlnff from din errnra nnd
Indiscretions of youth, nervous weakness,
early decay, Iosh of manhood, Ao , I will send
nreclpothat will euro jotil'Itl.EorC'HAIKIE.
This went remedy was dlseoiorod by 11 mis
sionary lu South Ameiha, Hond a self ml
dressed cnvelopo to tho ltov, Jos, T. Inmuu,
btntlon D, Now Y'ork City.
jrSHi:CONO II Y AN USA 1'12 1 Y.
1'orYnpor btovos usoonly
Tor tho Host Stovo buy tho DANrOftTII.
JySl 703 Ninth st, n vv.
Oeneral'l ransf er Agency Hafos, XIachlucry
and l'lato (llass inovlug a Specialty.
'J eli phone, J7I .'. solO
y "III. !..!. VI VUlVt'S
il v-uir ii vi, I,,
lsnov open nn 1 nowilasios formal ewtv
Cnliirc'ny n( S p m for mlssoi nnd nmsteni lor
adult-, 'IiH'dais nnd Thiirdas
AilrtilUrmn l vf Thrn Unm un ler IM h n I
intntttt tinr Uwtn for ilft centu
lIIII lit NT-"fllllilsliiil Itoilllll Coil
i. venlint fur Kenlliinon III Atrrlc nltiir il
Mini iinllliMinUii Diiiitsi refereneos. Addrms
1! Jt I rltl oOleo
I OK Itl.NT I'll iisiml "Jit-Mlnrv front
1 loom, unfiiriilsliili sullnblo for iroullo
nnn nnd wife 1110 Columbia st n w 'lerim
h'OII 111 .NT-Double I'lirlorsl It tinl
1 minil) fiirnlsliidi nlwi other room fur
iiMii .1 nnd unfurnished, viry iheip 'lliolo
i ntloii Is deslrahlo nnd convenient; refereneos
luluuunil, ai'Klst )i w
IO It Iti:M' A Niiulvt'iiriilsliod
1 loom1 irhnto family: roterenoos ox
c hanged 7Ji fit Ii stu vv.
,M)lt Itl'.NT I.IpriiiiI I'lirulsliod
' rooms nt lJSrt o st u w,
1Olt KI.M i!ifl for Mimtli-Siillim
' of furnished roomsj nil Imnroionimits:
suitable for iihisUhintiiliu) Hat of six roomi;
nil front ;.V) llllist n vv,
I ADA Oeeiipjlni; Her Own Houso
-J will rent two irettllv f inilsho 1 rooms In
tmlot, rellned ladj Address Central, trltlo
1Olt Ill.M 'IS7 tlil Bt il vi, Willi
1 board, n vciy doslrnhlo biiIIo of roouH
nn tho second lloorj Northern family.
IO II Itl.NT Tun I'm iiIhIiimI Kiioiiis
. on l-M lloor; sullnblo for .J or iKoutle ncn,
clooto Capitol nnd board near by. sMIJI
3(IKIti:NT Inn Ullftiritliiliod Itonllis
1 i ii hrst floor: ulso, ball room If deslro I
LI? Hit stuct n vv
1OK lll.M' rieiisiuill) I'lirnlslied
1 pnrlor and hidroom on llrst lloor or be 1
room only, fur two Kciitlcincn or mnllemiii
nnd his vlfi inn other roomers; nciirVtli stun I
lii It lino enrs; lOiiTtnlent to Pension Onbu
nnd t.ov'l l'llnlhiK Olllco; 10-W N J avenue;
,1(111 KI.M' Nowlv or I'm My l'ur-
inn (ii looms oii-u nnn ki noors, souiu
em cxiosuro, lit 1J.W (Istiiw, eoristli st.
TOlt Itl.NT- tlnriirnlHtiKl Third
J' lluor room; hcut, ens nnd usa of bith
(boko locution; no children; references; 1001
O st u .
"IOK KlIM' A Noulj 1'lllllMied
X front loom; prlvato fnmllj; reforenem
tycliniiBQil TCTMlistn vv.
T7ANTi:i) Thrio (ItioiTTtoomn on I.
It street, ns near 11th as posslblo Ad
dress Donider, C'rltlo oaice
T NT1.D-1Sj ii Yuiiiik Slim, l'nr
II nlshcd front hnll room, houo vvltli
bath; nbout 6 Fquares from Tieasurj; 35,
Vihliess.l. VV A , Critic olllco;
WAMTII IJj it Oontlviiiiiii, u I'nr
iilshed room In central part of tha
cllv, tains modi i nte; no miostlons uskol
Address Hot; '1 , CriMo ofllco,
WAM 1.1) Tin co"" U n fill id shod
II rooms, vvltli boaid for mother mil
(huichlcr. In central part of cits. Ailriresj
M Jl Critic oflleo.
TwM 1211 Ail Uiiriiriilslioil I lour In
II irlvato house, by iidultn, for light
house keening; second lloor preforrol Ad
dicsC VAnlkci. ( illln oflleo
l or lMh &, N Y avo, 10 rs, m I,
llullll nve, Urs, ml ,
i Infnvctlobiiuiro ,
lJJIN'i nve, Urs, ml
ftJUlstst, 11 rs, ml
r,x.'thst, 8rs,ml ,
ll.'llthstuw, Mrs
1711) 111 nve, llrs
17"! K st u w, 11 rs
1748N stn W.IOrs
1I11N Iluvon vv, IS is
I1I5N II avo n vv, Un
!W!i)lllllcrl lncon w, lOrs ..
SOlHlllllstrrhuunvv, 10 rs...
nui'st a vv, His
Till l'Bt n w, 11 i-s I.
lllol'htii w, llrs
r.-lil'st nw, UiK
HSITst nw,13is
IMU'fctn vv. lllrs
3JV0 0,1
. Mai
,. 1JVU)
,. uo no
.. !l"i oo
1JT. 00
IB ft)
lrs (i
loo no
ft) IH)
70 00
70 ()
70 (U
71 HO
, 71 (!)
, 13 00
'1I10V1AS.T. 1'IHIIl
:n & co ,
Ii;i I'stieot
IT1 OH SAI 12 A flood Iiivesliiiniit; K
. loom limine, huo lot; si lu alley mil
ii) foot paved idle) In i ear, water, .v.c,; 71)
tlihts i, only fa1,coo. A. S Cujwool, cor
Uth nnd K sts n w
IJiOIl HAT.ll A HiirRiilii, l'irti-Soviii
1 nnd nhilf niiosnf I uid U mlloifron
1). C, on rnlli oud near d.pot, forSl,70), live
loem (Iwillim;, I am ami nil neecssiry out
bulldliu,"', lUuiies dinrid nnd umlei feuio
and (food (iilllvutlon, nil kin Is of null,
(Iceiiiitlj vnlcred C. 11 Cuswood, No 11 1T
iMW,Icri.c) nvu n vv
1Olt SAI.12
A Ilarsaln Nloo thrie story nnd ccllai br'ek
dwcllln):o'i thouoilli side of Itho lo Ishi'il
nv emio, bet Hth and 10th sis n vv, eontulnln?
11 looms nud cvciy modern Improvement
1 lleoto ecu reduced ti 51 tJ
A FI Undid thrioslory und basoment hi Ink
dwellluKon i.lnivlind nve, hot 1st .ukIJI
sts u c, cuutnlnlni; U rooms nnd every mo I
cm Imiioumcnt hiriiolot, otcsprlio Ssiwo
A I ko two idorv preiis bilek homo vvltli (iiery
(oiivenlimo, un 1 st, bet .'Itli niiel J'lli n ,
ti(W SHW
'Hint el, Kiuitlj Ilnlshed dwelling on thu si',
criuci ol till nnd 1 sts 11 w: Jut completed,
coutnliiliiK 10 looms nnd lino cell ir, every
modern (onvdibueo; tho onlj reiiitntui
0110 of tho four, tho others vciu nil sold o
fmi inmplotlin S.s V10
A treul s; ei lal biiiulu Vino J storj an 1 . 1 1
InriUMi brhk Ouulllnon ( ohimbla ri
neni Iheci 1 of III nve, (ontnlns1) looms,
I uth ire m and every modern convenient 1 ,
Iny window former pileo Sl,roo Will In
iHeicd this week only for S1000
A si Undid lot on tho north sldoof M st hot
lull umUuh btsuvv, uOxtOl foct 1'ileo per
ki ft onl) . 1V0
ortlllUo of Mass uvo, bet ltltll nil 117th sts
II vv, two ndloluhiff lots, each "i ft front
1 lUvicrrq 11 cnly ii
On tho 11 01 ouier of Uth nnd hunpsoi sts
loin rdjclnlnj lots, oach JJ.OxluV, friintlni:
oiilOthst I'lleoper sq ft $.'
Soior 1Mb nnd It I nvo n vv a beautiful
ennnr rrhoicrKi ft SJ73
A linndEorro lot on tha uouth side of I' st, bet
17th nnd lUli sts 11 vv, j-.'xlWlcet Prim pen
Yi fl Sl-
l'llils lot nd Joins I lent Mack's residence I
Afso u Ioiik ILt of other deslniblo property,
linilovcduudunhnpiovod C ill 01 snudfoi
list II. II. WA1INI2II,
UIQl'st n l
OK f,Al.l'-.V Ooimtry I'lnou, of
L' nbout ."Aliens, lu MmitKOiner) CouutJ,
Jld , Improvi d with n lino house, etc; 1 hour s
ilrlvalroui WnshhiEtou over 11 cood loud, lo
1 nl Ion healthy, crTod water und shade Ad
dnssll .1 . Lrltlo office
1OltRA l.i: Slock nud I'lxtiuiH or
. onooftheoWo.it wood nud coal vurdsln
llodlj, goodicasons for soiling. Inquire lit
SL' Blhjtn vv.
1 inslrumcnts, ronson, colnir toloavo tho
city. Address lleutlst, rlllo olllce
TOIISAI.12- C'oinplile Not of Hlstn
. ilea of I'moponn countries; n barmlu.
Adihess History, Crltlo olllco.
MOK12 l'or Hiilu, 11 VIoi-
lllor store, lhsteluss location.
JL chiuit tailor store,
cood trade; vcrv cheap' owner leivln tho
city. AddiissV V, Crltlo olllco
1OIt hAl.r-VVilInilt Iledroiilii Hot
' and wnrdiobo. Address Walnut, Crltlo
"1OIt SAI.12 C'oiiplo llreiildiiK-up
J1 housekecphu: vould sell tho funilsliln.'s
it n (I loom liniisc, o)cr)thliu oompluto
Address 1) . Crltlo Oflleo.
1OIt HAI.1C I'liumi l'or Oiio-llilril
; viiluo; elegant rosow ood squiio, llrst
clnss miker; every modern Improvement,
must sell Addicss Necessity, Crltlu olllco
I OU SAI.I2 A Cosy I.lttlo flroeoty
, unit 1 rovlelou btoio, prlco, 8J00, 1)13 b st
11 vv.
1OU SAT.l! I Ino lot of Ilriiliimi unit
. Iifchomfowlos, cheap, nt 1J17 11th st n
IJIOll HAI.12- 'Iwii Sinnll llontliii;
1 stoves, III good order, und two kitchen
tables, nt 1 L'I K st
"VT'OUlt Older for roiiiisylviiiilii C'nisb-
J cd (oko will bo promptly llllod utlOets
per bushel A It VV llllams A, Co ,1111 7th st,
1OIt SAI,12-01iT NowspnporH for
: winilng. Appply at oouuthio' room of
this paper.
Tpoil HAT.12-
A 1- horeo power Knglno and bollor
Apply at Crltlo Oflleo,
A1I1 erltmntnti of Thru Ltnei undtr this hta I
interttil thite timet fur tnctnli.
I Oil SALE- " ' "
1 lly AUSTIN V. IinOWN,
I tan V st. n w
40,000 feet of ground on Hltli st n. w, hot,
Hcctt Clrclonndlt Bt.und 00 (MK) foot on N.
II, avo , bet. Dupont Clrolo and L st Sovoru(
first class lmusos, ranging In prleo from Siel,
"t AN tl O-lliloriiliilliMl of 'Uncle
Cfi wbuii'od to bilonj lo tho llo
VV Dnv of Migltiln, Address Vlrlnlin,
JMOANT tnlilnet t'liolocriitilm l3
i Hrdoin, llndy llnlsliod, jinxiU show ill
MitlMmlor) voik, cut this nut 1 nrdncr &
eo ,15 l'n nvi our out's
II kMINS In CiHihcry Will bo Olvnu
J to linllio nt tlil list dcmoiistritlon
Ussruicxt llmrsduy ntJpm; nlmlsslouJV
nnd only reliable Ladlos' 1'hyslclan I
city, cnu boions'iltcd dally, 401 list , be
,1111 Kl)
n In tho
hot M
uimi iiiii si.n. w. rioinni trciimoni. corro'
Slondlllio nnd lonsnlhillnns strletlv nollU'
.!.... ---.---.-.-- -, . - - -
ileiitlnl, fccpnrato rooms for ladlos, Ollleo
always mui.
Atlititlttmmtn nf 7 net 1 tnts tin ler thli head
liitnleil lliin Unit for !H rif.
WAM Klt-CiiMiiilla fllrl, In do I,li7ht
boiiowork nnd look nflor ono child.
Address Mrs (' C, Crltlo oflleo.
J ANTI'K A IIoitsol(eeier In 11 P11111.
I II) of lx; Koudliomo nnd lllicrnl piylo
1111 exi crlriiccd person of clovei manners and
nmlnble dl-iHisltloii T ( ,,I , trllle oflleo
f'AlS'1 121)- Dressiniihers. Appl) ill
nni 111111 si 11 iv,
rANl 121).. A (llrl rordeiionil Honsii,
II work; nlsovoum: dlrl ns imrso; brim:
lifercme Apply lit out 0, 1 110 HltfU'jiLu vv.
AfAN rr.D A (llrl, lletwieiillm Aros
II of 11 nnd ID. tontlcnl to children nud
In cenirnlly uclul nbout tho bouse; must go
homo nt nlnht. Appl) nt hit Hill st 11 vv.
"VWAMKO-A Wonuin mid llnlf
II urovvn girl for wiishlngnnd Ironing and
(.1 111 nil iinnsiiworK. Appl) at iwi 11 st 11 w
AN1I2I)-A (leriiiiin (llrl, I11S1111II
I T iiumiy, nsioou nnn louogdicrni House
work; no wnhhu. Apply nt nni?tlist 11 vv.
"WT'ANTI'.I) An 12xpiTleiireil Ntuso
II nnd seamstress to tnlco ( hargo of two
rhlldrcn, ngiso and n, with cowl rcfcieiicos.
Address 1'iiddock. Crltlo oniio,
WA2ri21)-A lloiniiii Cutliotlo dm.
erness, lltient In l'nndi nnd perfect In
lnii'lo Address Clin kson. Crltlo oflleo
rAV112D-A Cuimlilo l'orson as
II houekicicr In 11 widower's family hav
ing children; good salary given; stnto pirllcu
Inrs Address L. Evans. Crltlo ollko,
T7'AMI21)-A huiiiiislrisst Jlust Un.
1 1 dcrrlnnd making children's dressos nnd
Ion nent llullicr, stnto tirms for day und
week. Addicss It. 11 , ( rlllo olllco
rANT12l A M hlto fllrl to I) flon-
11 111 inm-imoitv. -m mil ni. o u,
lt7'AT12I)-A (llrl foi flonoriil Hiuiso
II work In smnll fiunll); references re
quired lo el bjdniw.
-T7"ANTI2I)-A W Illln IVoiiiiin ns Cimk
II nnd to nsslst wllh tho washing; v.igos
51J cr month. Appl) 21$ 1 st n w.bet.Sduud
,d Ms.
-rAMI2II-A Jslllso dill lo go til
I lorlda for tho winter. .Mrs. .1. .VI. 11 ,
Crltlo ofltcc
AilititiHiiunti of 771 1 Lines vrnlei thU head
Innrtid thxe timet for 8.1 cent.
"ITfANI 121) -.M irst-eluss AViiltm 1
1 1 must ho slnelo nnd sober. Appl) nt
l'i rrenrd's, tXO mil ooa lltli st n vv.
7"AMI2I)-Aii I2rriiiul llo In Tailor
1 1 store, must como well recommeudo I
IS1 Pajivo;
"T7'AMI2II-A I'lrst-Olnss l'liinilierl
II 110110 other need apply Addicss I'lum-
lici, CrllUiolHce.
T-irAMhll-A Yotini- -Vliin llndel-
1 1 stniidlng tlio retnll lilno) grocery bts.
ncss; flist class refennecs old) acceptol Ad
ilrcs (hoc cr. Cilllo ollko
VfTAJsTl.II A flood Hosiery Silos
II innn, ono who (nn tukoi hargo of 11 do
1 nrtment. Address Hosiery. Crlllo nlll"o
"'VT,AM111)-Aii I2pnrliice-it Snles
II man lu llrst class Jowdry establish
ment. Addre'S, Innwn handwriting, stating
ago, n fcrcnccs, eto , .loweh r, C'rltlo ollleu.
AM12II flood Salesman 1 .Must
l.n... nu..rtMln..n 1.. . 1. ...... ..ln 1..
, I 1141,., lAll 1 II IIVU ,,, VIIUl), 11U III
HKiit? ,iiit v;ii,iiiivii n ,1,111,1,1111? ..wvi?,
onl) sic idy man need nppl), Address I. and
(I More. C'rltlo oflleo
"yif'AM'I.I) Tun iirTliron loiuig Hu
ll mnirled men who undcistand tho retail
(lolhhig 1 us!ncs;nono hut strh tly temper ito
cudiclliblo need appl). Address Clothier,
Aiti (i tlremenl of Three fines under this head
Incited three time for iXi cents.
AlOt'NdMANWIxlio to J.0111 11 Mm
ni bolster) trnde; Is willing and strong.
(. W '.110 N st n vv.
XTTANrKD-llv 11 ltespictntilo Col-
1 on d girl, a pluco us uiirsu or oh unher-
rwhl, lefeiencea luinlshed Apply 1103 jJth
SIIOinitVNI) IVlItm AVlllltB IMiirii
with somo lending lnw)cr, no shyster
need uppl) Address bhorth md, Crltlo 0IU00
A l.ADY M'nulft 11 l'lneo for Tun or
thrio hours 11 day ns letter writer or
under lo an Invalid. Addiess il.utln ,1 ,
Crltlo ofico
AN "OIIuiinIvo I'm lis 111," lloeontly
jV bounced fiom tho 'lunsnry, wants a
i Ituutlon In an ofllce, good nt lluures. Ad Irois
Aci onntnnt, Crlllo ofllco
1E'VTAT1'.I) A Sltiiiitlon, li 11 Col
iV oiedmnn, JO 5 ears of ugo ns w iltor,
ci would ireler tn drlvo tor 11 doctor enn
fmnlsli good references Addiess Willi 1111
r-nowden, lllS.'Mstn vv
J ANT12D ll 11 lining Colin oil Mun,
II usltuntlonns w liter 111 jrlviiU fumllv,
(un fiirnkh good leferencos Apply IWiUhst
h vv
" JrA2NT12ll ll ji 1 oung Him, 11 I'lnou
II to learn a trade, Ujeais old Apply No
an 1 fit h e
QITI7ATION IYAM'111) As Coioli
17 mnn, b) nvcry steady man, vvoul I pi ofoi
tudilvo for 11 doctor; gool rcleieneos Ad
dicss CoadimniM illloottlco
f (ITITA'IION AVAM12D-H) 11 (lurin in
1 J bailciiilcr;ncllvo and sober, good lefoi-
emes Address 11. v 11 . ( 111 10 omcu
Qlll'A'JlON AVAN'lI'.D-lt) 11 I011111;
l J mini Just disengaged, underst in Is tho
rnio of 1 oros und carriagos tlimoiiglil), goo I
icfcrcnco Address pons, Crlllo olllco
SITUATION WAMT.It-lly 11 blond,
tuislworth) Otrinan; oxnencneoj driver;
villllng nntl obliging; good icicicneo. Addiosa
I liver, Crltlo eillleo
(Jiri'AlIOK WAMIIIMI) 11 Y.illllg
K) colored woman us cbaiubLrm 1I1I and
liuifc; Hist chiss reference; homapicferiod to
wuges Address I'.ilthfiil, Ciltlooil'.eo
SITUAJ10 WAMI.O-Ily 11 011ng
(icrmnii phi un uuisu und sc imslioss fin
prow Ing children; thrco jours' reference 1 1 0111
h"tJ1l"") Addicss ,Mls Adlci, C'rltlo olllco,
WAM 12I 1J5 Cash for 11 l'osltloii
II pn)lng SMI or ovei; joiiug man Jl,
sob( r, Industi lous.qulek nud correct ut figures
A1I1I1 1 ri: 1', U , thlsjitllco,
Cicrv CASH and I'm Cont. Will llo
ViJU paid foi position ns messougui or
wiitehmnn lu nil) licpirlraout; luivii good
linviil iicord 1) 1! IMnerat ( iltloiillleo
Adi ertltements of 'J hire lAnet under this head
Ineattd Ihiee times fvrXicenti. v
"TrANTI2D I'uplls Tor llnrinniiy
II class; 10 lessons $.', nlso two beginner)
011 piano, .V lessons S3. School of .Music, 707
tth stn vv.
WfANTKl) A flood Horso nnd llnggy
1 1 III eixchniigo foi lirdt class piano A 1
''' "il1 ni'l ''t'0 QllleO'
T7"ANT12D Tiil2xelimigo nil l.logmit
II cooking range, largo sUe, fall (on
dlllon, foi light two so it seconlhind oir
rlago, will pay tho dlfterenco lu cash, Ad
diess II. C, H, 131 Astno
OUIt Miignotlo Insoles mid Appll
uncocombluo tho sedntlvo ninnortlosof
inngnetlsm with tho tonlo stimulating In
lluenco of ehetildty, (qunllos tho elroiila
llou, piovcuts cold feot, euros lheiimatlsm,
I aiul)els, sclutleu; emnllio In till nervous do
rungements, etc ; nppllod by 11 logular ph)sl
clan nt 1 nilors, 1st Hour, 1PQ.1 V st 11 w
"T7"AlVr!.!)-AI L '10 KNOW THAT lilt
V 'Inylor, HI 1' street, near Tenth, makes,
beautlfuUotsof urttllelal ttoth for SV gull
untccd to give full siitlsfaetlou; uxtraotinr
with gas. ihloroform or local anesthetics, so
(ents; without, i!S cents, tilling ut very low
"1 1ICJ:.M). 100 MAINE AVENUE, OAlt
I J. pets tndeiu, mattresses romido;
leathers renovated. 'lelophoiio call,
1HAA 12Ioiiovlo l.omi on flood Koul
eslulo or collateral security ut lowest
inlcsof lulerost No delay when security Is
looiI C. or(lltKEN, Itoom 1, 1 lumen's
building, cor 7th st und I a ave.
MONI'.V to I. null lit f.ouest Itllles of
Interest on real estn'n sltuatullu thu
lihtihtif (olumhla, 'lliomas J. 1'lshcrA,
Co, IWIl'stii w.
ft J (( TO 8B0O '10 (10,000, AND LAIlOUIt
.lillUUsums on roal ustato; lowest rutos;
(all now. WM.l'.IlOLTSMAN.Attornoy, id.'
' st, 11, vv.
nusificss chances.
T)in AOt'lt Itlllllini'. (IOOIH
W I1II0 It Is dry woniher and llion prolan) for
suiinn iias.
floods of undoubted quality.
11001 1
S110I H,
ooonv i:ak itititititit ( 0.,
I '1,1 Ninth Strict Northwest .
V N I'M'l'ltll.Nt 121) Milliner mid
7V dressmaker, Willi Sloo capital, would
like n ji irlncrshlp to start business. Milliner,
this ollue,
C1ATI Itl'K lo Tnlie Complete Outfit
' In llrst class house; owner sick; gool
chaiKofor right person; possession Immnll
utd)! iclercnces required, Owner, Crlllo
WAM I'll - I'm Iner Willi is.!, (MX)
11 (nsh Inn paying Rioecry biulnoss Ad-
ilrtsi (inter, Cilllo olllco
"IOK Hist mill ( lienpe.t Latest SI v li
.! (loiiksgotoOl'N(rd,7T)7thst, lllnnk
litest HI v In
til ft. llhiiik
cts iiomre up
11 irgalns nnd presents elnlly.
"11 KMltllti:, Carpels, lllmihi l,
J' Comforls und uncinl house furnishing
M ikIh sold on casv weekly or mouthlvpiy
incuts tit .IOIIN SMITH'S Installment IIoito,
413 New .terse) 11V 0 11 vv.
"WANI 111) lo piuoliasn Clgui- or
II fntiey goods business hi good locution,
Address Pun base r, Crlllo ofllco
"pAiriNI.lt 1VAMI2II-A Munor I2
J let retire In tho feed biislnoss. Address
lcul, Cilt looffieei.
WAMIlll-lo I'lireliase. 11 Small
1 1 milk route. Apply nt 1 11 ' st 11 vv tiller
i SO JI. Ill;
A 1'AltlM.lt AV allied In liny Half
J. Interest In n vntunhla Invention tn mi
blo owner lo put It on the in irkel; nbout
S-TWrequlicd; stnto where Inti rjlow can bo
linil; nu agents. Address A. I) , City Post
dfllco. A WOMAN Willi Siiiiin Capllnl unit
expcihnco wnnlspirtiiershlp In roitau
rnnt or I oaidlug house, or will biiumust boar
strict investigation. Address lluslncss, c'rltlo
"Ir Wi.INlir.lMIlll'S Dyeing, Scoiir
lY . Ingnnd Cleaning Kstabllslunint, nttlltl
Mnlhst.u vv., Washhmton.l) O, All kinds of
ladles' nnd gentlemen's clothing d)cd and
elenned In tho best mniiuci . 1 ormcrly nt -WO
II street,
yoIllSO kIvon it red tlole.it Tor un
J eents.Jiied llckct for BO cents, 11 full
red ticket for SI, HiiKr, full tickets genjd
for n present,
lIcmovcsdnndrulT, slops tho lnlr fiom full
ing out, piomotcs tho growth of tho hih; Hid
nation's chnim; trylt; J.1 cts ir bottle; for
sale ut barber shop lu U. b. Patent Office nud
lit hiboiatory, e.1,1 list 11 o
fANTi:!) To l'iiri huso a Drug
Moro. Aimross iirugs, 1111s oineo.
"WrAMLD-l'nrliier II I Mi Cipltnl lo
II ingnco In ornngo eiilturo In I lorlda;
loss Impossible. Address Orange. Crltlo olllce.
1OK 111 STC011I, Wood anil Ornslied
: coke, low prices and prompt delivery, go
to AJt Wllllnms A, Co , Oil 7th stL
JT HAS lteen bnlil of tlio (Lent "Ch
ens man" that ho knew tho Amcrle in
icoplo liked to bo humbugged, VVu believe
II, when It only costs Wo to smell tho snw
dust, but whou )ou wish honest vnluo for
Tout dollars go to lIILLYAltD'b, 11(1 7th st.
Sibn)stillno Derb) lint, sold for $1, SI , n
lurDcrb); $110 a suit nt C Intel's Hair Under
weni, vuluo SI. biiMiny Wool lackcts nil
piaelcs Our Jackets rango from SJ up. How
wo do It Small expenses vs largo expenses
1I1I.IA AIIO'S, nil 7thBtnvv.
Bit. AM) 21IM.I2. S12I.012N. tlio Oldest
ctahllshcd and oulv lellahlo ladles'
llDslclnus In tho eltv Prompt tteatmout.
Advlcofrioundconllilcntlil Cull or vvrlte,
51J 10th stn vv.
NOW Ih oiir Cliiinco to Seem o Itu
gnlns C. A. I'cst .t Co nro closing busi
ness nt tJD 12 st n vv. Selling out below cost
their largo stock of ofllco elcsks, chairs an 1 nil
kinds of modern nnd nntln.no furniture, brass
nud Iron fcudcis, old glass und chitiawnio,
Ac , A 0.
Gl l.Oltfli:, the Ken. 011 I Can Dross So
I clcgantl) Isslmpl) this. I get inv meals
ut tho lurs) th Co.ru, MS loth st, for 3J r 31J
nmonth, nnd live like n lout nt that ; hence,
nu sec, I hnvo 11 surplus ot cash tolnvostlu
ilcganclcs WH.!
wnjscffietual. Sealftliaitla'ar'.let. Wll
co bpcdllo VUdlchio Co , I'hlladelphla, l'n
GILl-I2Dfll2 OA1I1M2T l'ltoros
S.'VMcr iat; nny st) lo, satin Mulshed
woik,sntsfuctor) pioof shown: success with
chlldien LarducrA. Co.wr 1M nvo, over
) ogt's
JL. KEItYANl), 1012 l'ENNA AVE , EV-
gmv cr l'lnio and 50 v Isltlng cauls, 80
cents; Tit) curds fiom sumo plate, IS cents; 100
cnids pi luted fiom plato 7fi cents
J.' tngnndicuovutlng works; feathers ron
ovuted, mnttiesscs mudo over, furnltnro
ntonmed and moths dcstro)ed. 1UJ1U, avo,
I nctorj , corner 5th nnd Ksts s. ei;
I lghl) fom letters t.nd ehanctcrs wrltton
bv twentv eight kc)S Half a doien dhToiuut
hinds of fv po on same machlno Vnv ono can
learn It 111 ten mliiuti 1 I xamhntlon lu
vilcd l.oimH , PucltleJiUjIdlng
Allld Ol'l 1211 To Iiitiodueo lliem
wo will (HE AW'VV. 1,000 heir Oper.it
lug W ashing Mai hltios If ) oil ', 11 tit. 0110 sond
us 5 1 ur name PO and express office ut ono.
Ucrticnal(Jo.23Da.yt. lf.Y,
Wltl'll IIS; nil kinds tor ront nnd rnr salo,
fccondhanil ' CVLKIIIVI'II Ol'lIOE," Si!
l'st. 'Iclephonu No 11J .'
The !Een).mgton
Corner of bth ami I' sis,
Telcphono No. 'Mil i.
t lnmlly (Irocerles nnd t'rovlalons; ulso
W Incs und I Iquors, OUO I) st. 11. w. bpo
elalty mndo of 1 uro Aldon 1'rult Vinegar.
J j No 018 Pa avo oast, all urlors promptly
attended to, nil kinds of clocks fcr salo 011
monthl) or weekly pa) incuts.
J. 0 IlvTES
All Diseases Cnrod.
Cor. m st. nnd Md mo s vv.
7"ANTHD-1(i Kant, 1st Novoinliei, 11
IT small house, (I 01 7 looms. In good lo
culll), lent not to oxceeel SSU pel month.
"lul'i."' Jlr'1 ?i '' '"s""P "'U 1 in iimi 0
r.VM I.D-llj- Ilespniislblo I'llll),
IV furnished house where lent would
tiikcuhi bonid, Willi privilege of row other
hoarders Address III lirownv. Crltlo office
IoiritiiNi iimisii jimii'st n ei 7
. rooms, gas und water; SIS. (looiga 1".
llurbhi, .111) l'u nv e s 0
OK K12NT Wliolo or Purt of l'ur.
nlshid houso; cholco lnc it Ion mid con
venient to cars Inqiihunt 171 II' stn w
1OK K12M Now 5 loom llrlelt, No.
ctiS Itli st n c; s vv cor lth nud (I, ill 00
DnvldsbnA, Divldson cor IMj nn 1 D sts 11 vv
1OK Itl.N 1 A Couiiilolel) I'lirnlslied
; 10 room houso vvltli mod Imp. fcii'i iwr
month to 11 pcrmuneut tenant. Appl) ut 11.11
11th Hiivv. Jj
1OK ItLM'-Clinrinlng Now House,
' No Ittil I' si; leu looms, nuwly pmerol
thioiidiout and In llrst clasi order; thuhoiiso
Is dollditfully located, has nil tho modern I tn
pioevmints; apply to Stevens .t I tivvrenco,
No nil r bt; iicctipuuts will bhow tho
1OK KLN r-llollKii 10011 list HU 7
" rooms' nil mod Imps Inquire of Ueorgo
W bite, IU Miilne avo s w
OK KI2NT 'In I'llHt-OlusH Ciiteli.l,
entntilotolv furnished dltibier-ioom 1111 1
kitchen; ticai now Pension Oflleo; bo.nd t ikon
for lent. I.'sudstnw
1,1(111 Itl.NT. lliiHoniont I'loorjICItelien
1' nud dining loom), fiirnlshod for hoiisu
keeling, with unfurnished room on Jlllooi;
mil) SIJ pernio. I would bond with pirty
roiling und p I) dllfei eueo, If de ill uble; sti cot
inrs eonvculcnt Inrtulio nfler lp in, N", )
Sill ht II O
"IIKM-OI,AbH KOAKD Uim 1)0 Iiml
J' lit NO LMHiOiI st, hit Jllinu w sis n VV,
ror SJ 1 cr week; lodging fro colored.
1 lilirsdii), (Llober ltd,
1'rldii), Odober '!.ld.
nml Nut unlit), Ortolior II.
Grand Steeplechas93 !
1'Asr o.m: o'clock.
Perfect order will, ns usual, ho proorvol,
nrd no disreputable persons will bj ndtnlttod
to tho (, rounds or Stnud.
Stcclnl Unco 'Indus of tho Ililtlmora A,
Ohio ntU Id, 15..I0, 1 und 1 lip m Itetitrn
trains will ho In waiting when tlio rncos uro
over. Hound trip tickets only Ion Cents
JI( mbns' Ilndges enn I hi obtained from Mr
Jt. I', linker. IPO l'nins)linnh iivenucsntlho
ollleo of ( lub, '1 eiith street nnd I'euiis) Iv mil I
nvcniio, nnd nt Ilia olllco of .Mr. .J. 1 Olm
stinil. HIONivvlork uveniie.
Sleickholdcisof tho National Fnlr Associa
tion can obtain their tlckits from Mr. (leorgo
It. Itcictll, secretary, l711,enns)lunhiiivo.
II, 1) MclNTVtir seerelnrv.
JLv of
T1I0S 11. W'AOQAMAN, 017 1' street.
Changes mndo Vcelncsdii)s und S iturdnys.
houses roit sale.
n.'"i K st, It h, m I, isrs Jll.noo
etui st, bb, m I, inrs jvoo
K st, I ct 11th nnd l'.tli, school hld'ng... IMOX)
(il-'l st, Ii h, in I, as rs PUiTS
(tin M st, Ii Ii, ml.nrs n,rn
I'll.' eimont nv, Ii h, ml, llrs mono
TOO st, Ii b, m 1, 11 is now
nnillhst, lib, ml, lOrs IIMK)
bliost, bh, ml, 17 rs 1 J r. 17
UJOlllhst, bh, mod hn.llrs L'.ooi)
lriOLsl.f h.Ors, nnd.' houses In rear. 51 000
81 JI, .'L'SlllldliliOKsl, bh, I 1 6(100
ID, 1131, 1111, llll.Siihst, bh, I rs B oeM
L-J list, lib. in I, 7rs 1,700
llMmid Ml!) Jilt list, bh, walei.B rs.... 1 1
IMIntid lUflMhet, bh. ml. Ors 1,100
UlnndrvigOthsLf h, nrs J.ono
S11H, 8isu nndSLM l'st, h h, ml, U rs.... .5 000
1IJI I st.bh.ml.H rs itmo
tODcfrccsst, bh, 7rs J.oeo
UNlMl'ltOVLD I'JtOI'Eltl'Y l'OIt SALE,
l'i r font.
Kst, bctlClhnnd till S100
Kst, bet Hth nud 15th 871
ITtlinml I'sts. .'00
N Y live, bet tithnndlCth sts 17'.
HvvcorHthnndo st 1 fit)
SocnrSthnndO sts 1 7J
(1st, bit Uth and Mb IV)
lth st, I eto mid I' 1 no
lMhst, bet Lnnd M 1 no
Ml ave, Let 31 and N sts 150
houses roit uent.
Northwest Per 3Ionth
9imilst,7rs SKHfJ
110NY' nvc,7rs W oil
1S11 istli nt, ml, (Irs 8.1 U)
lfeo.',lbst,3 rs .'1(4)
88CAltthst,Hrs -'JO)
MI, stn vv, firs jjiii
617N Cupnt n vv, ml, Ors JO OJ
lt-jJL'thst,? rs j) no
1SJ7 uth st, m I, u rs J) no
lo.Mst.Dis 15 OJ
Per Month
C31 Est, 8d flcioi, ofllco SJI wi
HthstniidPi nv 0 11 vv, rooms, olllco... IS 00
1 18 l'st. loom 8. olllco 11 0.1
dl l'stnvv, 3d II001, lis. n 00
(liiulon bldg, room JV, olllco Hill
lump si, loom 8, ollleo 1J no
Hnom87, Ounloii llulhllng, 1J.V)
10111 l'st 11 w, Uroom 1 una
(IIS 1' st, roeun II. olllco 10 00
dl l'st, 1st floor, buck room, ofllco.... 10 00
In sums to suit nt 0 per cent.
1 ho above is only n smtll tmrtlonof prop-
ritvonmv books, l'or full list call ut olllco
foi bullet Ins Issued on 1st and 15th
A US1 IN 1'. 11KOWX,
1120 I' Street Northwest.
0 new bilck houses, W'nllnck Place,
corlfilhst, cuch SVM
Eilck houe, Uth st, ubovo Iowa Clrclo.S3,8iO
III Ick house, A st, near Capitol 57,000
1 brh k houses, t uv 0, bet T nnd W
sts . . $-J,)'iO toSl.CSO
1 Irlck 1 oit"cs, 11th fticct, bet (J nnd
11 $3,W) to SD.MJ
Sbildc houses, P street, bet Bth and
Kill, each S'.COJ
llrlck hoiifc, II st 11 0, bet 10th nnd L'tli.JJ GOO
thick house, Hth tt.lict 1' nnd (J SII.OOO
Uriel, lioii'o, JI st, bet ISth nnd JOIh.. 313,000
8 bride houses, O st, bet Hill and 18th,
ench SIO.OOO
I.ild. 1 ousc, 1' st n vv, bet Mil nnd 7th. .810,000
Hi Icl. house, I) st, bet S I nnd 3 1 u vv. . . . SO 000
Drill, bouse, Corcoran et, bet Hth nnd
13th SJ.OOO
llrlck homo, 11 ' st s vv, near Smithso
nian Instltiilu 87)0O
5 brick louses, 83th st 53,500 to SLOO
Hi Id. home, Clhand I 11 vv ,. ..510,000
.1 brick homes, 13th st, near T n vv ?3,'Md
1 argo double house, Mass nvo, bet Uth
et und'lhomas Chclu 70,000
S hildc houses, P si, hot Cth nnd 7th.
sts SI.joo audS l.noo
Inigoliouse, neat Scott Clrclo SL'3 000
2 brhk houses, II st 11 o, bet Cth nnd
fib, ench $.1,300
llrlikhouo, llllist, ncai Agricultural
Dipt 81,000
HoiiFonnd corner lot on Conn nvo, suit
able lorlluo building S 11,500
llrlck houso, P st, noai l&lh SII.OOO
Ilrh k house, L st, bet SOth and if.' I.. . .50,500
lilcklouFo, 31 tt, bet 10th nnd 11th,
wlthsttiblo SJO.OOO
llrlck hoiifc, cor 17lh nnd 1! S3,000
1 ramo collngo, largo lot, T st, ncirN
Havo $1,000
llrlck houso, I st, bet 18th st and Venn
avo $20,000
llrlck house, lCth st s 0, hot 1' nnd a .S',000
S brick houses, lllggs st, each , . . .$1,50)
llrlck house, cor lllggs and 13th 31J,000
llrlck houso, Vt ave, bctK nnd L sts. .$33,000
llrlck houo, N st, bet 17th nnd 19th
uvv $10,000
how brick houso, Iovvn Cltclo $10,500
llrlck house, cor 3Iass nvo nnd 15th st.. $18,000
Vacant property lu nil sections of tho city
and suburbs.
Several houses for rent, furnished and un
furnished Jtonc) to loan on real estato security.
I urgo lonns 11 si celultv,
, 1 mmm
B OAltl) tt',IMI,H-llr 11 (iellllelililll
nnd wlto with piivnto family In ploasant
lurtof thecliy whuothey can uivo 11 eeini
initnble, ehei 1) room, Willi good tnblu, ut 11
iiiiMiiiiililn rate! hlBhestiirercueofclien Ad
dicss T. VViitson, Crltlo ollleo
B OAltl) W'AN'1121) In I'rlv llo 1'ain
lly by it eentlemunund wife, son (need
1(1) unit eluughtei (uged P), will furnish
own looms; Jilvuto table piefeired: model
utoterms ilislud Addiess Alehlh lid, C'rltlo
B OAltl) WAMIIII-IIihhLoiuo I'ur
lilture, curpels, c iblnut beds, eta , to let
leirgcod tnblu Loud Address Cablnot, C'lltlu
OAltl) WANTI!I-A I.ady AVI111 Is
cumicid diirlue: tho dnv deedrs) loom.
with partial boiinl, III prlvato fumll); terms
1nufeioo1110e1cr.uo, Aimross iv, J.. 11 , cruiu
101tl)'.-"e vogotlheronll tho samo.
"A Tin Soldier" Is n Howling siiecoss.
A UN MM 1)11,11
Hns 1 con I ntiiihe 1 Into Success
Three Ads of I'ltlo, llinllo)ed I'tni
I nt n Phunl 1 r ( nn iln In Fixing an I ( Ii tr
Ing. 'Iho Kllielsof n Ifnsmier 1 In Hill
Next Mondny-A MOD L CIIIML, by tha
Kicnt Union Sitinro 'I hentro Company
A I.llAUOlt'S (Iraiiil Opcia-llniiso.
M jk "ST O ,
fttpporlod by
31ISS KATIIItW 1(11)1)1211,
In 3Iii)ii nml Wilsons Itoiuntlo Drum, in
(lionets, entitle 1
All II n original scenery nsuiol n' tho Til;
Avinuolhentrc, Now orl;Clty, aal
tlio iirlrtliml east
Admit. !m
23c , t it n'ld TV
.,.,.. .,)(!. mil SI
llctervid Scats
Tho latest Vleloilrainill sueeesi,
nl.llOO'S Mnlli-sl. Opern-lloiise.
On tqwiie north of l'enna 1 1
p. in. I Two Performances Dilly. '4 p, m
A (In-lit Show.
A ""
In Harry nnd l'ay's
A Siruaiiiltig Coined).
aTToiiuiiPmcKs: In 1'iimlly Clrclo, loot
I'nKinet nnd Orchcstrn Chairs, 85c. No extra
chnrgofor n served seals, secured sk da) sin
ndvnnco. At mntlnces only, children under
I J )enrs of n go ml ml t ted In re. creed e hairs 10c.
llox onitooi 1 n from s a. in to lop m
Oct 8I1 'IhoLligllsh Actress, CL Villi! SCOTT1
"VT12W NATIONAL ailllAlltll.
Tho l'opulnr Young Aclor,
31 It. J A 31 12 S O "N" 12 I L L,
1'rcscntlng Charles 1 critter's adaptation ot
Dumas' (Ircatest Work,
W lib n llrllllant Cist, Ncv Scom-rr.
Painted eipiessly for this la) .
Crnnd Lllccts, ( orrcet Appointments nnet
Appropilnto Costumes and the Lntliu
l'roducllon Perfect Inhvery
VIONDAY,t)cToilEIt 2d,
llairlson und (,'ourhiyln
Shipped Ii) the Light of tlio 3Ioiin,
Pciinii. nvo , near lltli street.
Ono W'cck Only, Iho Oieat Stars of America.
And grentcstdramatlouetlngdogs In tho world
llomeo, lp, Heio, Leo nnd Alnjor Every
nftcinoon nnd night this week lu tho grand
sensational drnmn, "Without a Homo."
l'luecdon thostiiRo In splendid stvlo. Two
car Innds of beautiful eener). Admission
to nil onl) 10 cents Seals can bo k sen cd throw
Till: C03IIO.U1
Continued Success of tho Peerless Opjra.
I011IT0 Artbto,
AI.IOi: OAlllS
In tho Latest Vcidon of
1. A 31 A 8 C O T P 12
llrllllant Olio. Supeib llrst 1'ait.
3I.vtlnccs Tiicsday. Thursday nud Siturday.
rpilll WASHINGTON ltl.NK,
.1. Mnthst. nnd H. I.Avo-
Cood Sitrfnca nnd Excellent Music.
JIioJlcsAtti lotions.
1 Aindcm), 1001 l'st. Adults, lion lay,
VWdncMlny nnd I ihlny, 7loli10 .luvctillcs,
3tonduy nnd Wcdnovlu), luOtuS, Saturd ty.
1 to 8 10 All latest dances
Franklin Institute, Phiia.
,'l.t nud 3:3m kct sti crts.
OrcnlOn m 10 p in (Sundays Iltceptcd)
Until October 81.
1 lncst Collection of Pnti ntid Nov eltlos ov or
( onccrts Ever) Evening by
Clns 31. Sehoilt?, Loader
Adlnlfslon toull, fiOo; Clilldren Itnlf-
Coupon Tickets (not good If dotaehod)
10 lor $1 ' 1
oHw"o)i7jNsriaii'L iuii notion
Xi for Indies only.
Clnss lu LnglMi J Iteiatuio fi om " "1 to 10 TO
e Ins In rtench, dnllv, from 1 10 to J in p m
( hiss In Ccrmnii, dull) from' Ho. In in
tot paitlcuhu nppl) lo virs W m II t iboll,
l.'ll Mtlibt n w, dlieetl) on eat Hue, near lltli
st circle
The Norwood Institute.
A Select I'midlng nnd Day 'clojl for
jeiuiig Indies and little girls l'rofusoitund
'Icacheis, 17 Inimmlci. i-chctod with lefci
cue 0 to muursT (ji i nn atioss
Coiuio of stud complete from Prlmuiy
Clms tluoitgh Cohcgluto DeiMitmcut, Willi
thoioufh lnstiuetloii lu 1 icnth, (1(1 man,
31usloiii d Alt
Adv lined dnsscs In Music, llteratiuo nnd
31e dc 1 n I uiigitagcs open to outside pupils
Deferences Inenltv of l'nlur.,ltr of Vh
glnlaund inlrons of tho school Citulogiioi
will bo foiwiuded
Addicss Jilt, and AIIP,. W'M D C'VDEI.L.
Pilnclpals Ul J and l.'ll 1 lth st
rilOAHT STUIll.MS nml I'areiits-At
I tho Nullonnl Ai idem) of l'Ino Arts, our
nil lMli st und N. Y nvo, ono cult loeolvo
the most thoiouah Instruction lu ociyst)lo
of driivt Ing nud painting, J ears of st 1 ly sav ed.
3Iih lmo.eno Ilohlnson Mon ell, tho rounder
nud tiudiei, his had twelvo mod lis nud
studied fifteen v ems lul.uionowlth Ilia most
cclchiulid iiitf.ts I'arlleular attention t(
sketching fiom nature. Chlldien's s mutiny
(lass, S 10 pel )cm
rpni: 3irisri:itscit.i'T sjHteut in
1 1 rench nud Lciman taught by u lady
who bus resided lu louucu mid (, enn inv;
til ins Mlo a lesson Addicss A 11,31,713 IC
st lew-
U tth and 1) sis 11 vv A practical business
eiltlcatlon that nllallfies vouiiir men and veo-
men to support themselves nnd successfully
perform tho nellvo duties of llfo. Thorough
ustructlon given In rapid writing, tho English
nuguiigu, eoricspoiidenco, rapid eiloulatlous.
language, eoricspoiidenco, rapid eiloulatlous,
book keeping, business prnctlco, commercial
law. nolltlcnl ceonomv.stonoi.rnt hv line! tvno
willing Hi gular day and ovenlng sessions re
turned 'I Hoda), beptembor, 1, nt o n m and (1
p tit. Ofl'co open for nrrangomonts by tho
jrur or quartet on nnd nftcr Holiday, August
il A full corps of teachers. Illustrated clr
eulnr. glv lug full Information, sent freo on ap
plication. Jn.NUY c S1.,;NCBU principal.
Mm 8M1A sl'ENCEIt Vlcul'rluclpil.
LOSl Miiiulii). Ill doing from lllll
mini llinito, via heidlo, to 111? (1st, n
gold brc usl phi Jtownid If roturned to Illll
innn lloiiso.
I' OS1 3!nmluy Mgbt, Itluulc Um
J brollu, with heudo I head, blade ribbon
attached. Under will please letuin It to
lleizog'sOcia Homo.
IOS1 Siiiiiluj Afternoon, on S Street.
J bet 10th nnd 1 1tli sts, a lady's gold
watch nnd chain, with locket nnd lioncllnt
tndidl, lnd)'stetiiro lu looked. Ilhoralro
vvinl will boiild to Under by returning simu
to Mrs 1 Inch, No 1VI1 (oliiinhlist 11 vv.
JOSI-Ou 7(li Stieel, a (lolil 'llilniblo
j 111 11 led plush c iso; it llheinl toward It
iclmmdto sainucl Iowls' Jewelry storoon
l'u uve, bet Uth mid lltli sts
Oc IlirW'AIlD Still ml Away fiom
Oi) Ackei A, Cei.'s bilek ird Oi toiler
15, nun whllo horso, Iteliiru to lltli nut
Hunndnr) sts n o
TIM) i:(IllAN(li:-SK) Acres of flood
X land In Southern Mhmisolii for unlm
1 rvoed ropcrlyluVVushlnglon, Adelross Tall
Limit, Crlllo olnco.
VV for old ones nt llnller's btnvo Exchango,
comer Dth and K sts. Smoky ehlmnoys curat
or no pay. btoves oxohanged for giooorlos.
Old stoves bought.
,;,; ..jut;, ,,u
S.l.y eA I- i
'ilf 1 ,ill.li,,Oli.Oi

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