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1.1. J.. ,
evj- . -nmM. oMmuir n
w AiiNGim1, ourrio
TFTi rifi iiitjxn tv. i noxs.
l'or llio Middle Atlantic. Stnto f.vlr
vvcntlicr, winds ircncinlly shifting lowest
nMl south, slli;htlj warmer, generally
lower laiomctci.
Tor l'rliln), slightly warmer, f.ilrvvoilher
la ImlHotcil for tho Southern and MMdlo
Atlantic State?. l'roU are liullcateil for
I lie Middle Atlantic States.
Tlici moulder Itriidlns.
'riicriiiomclcr rcadliiijs, October 'JJ: !1
n. iii.,Wr8j7n. m., 8ili II n. in.. W.O
October Hi Mean temperature. I1VJ:
maximum. IW.l; mlnliniini. UMIi ineiii
iclallve liuinlitlt), 7.V II. total precliiltatloii,
1.13 Inches.
AliiiiTinriitH 'I'tf.Mslit.
AiriAftiiiV-l'iniik Marc; In Norileck "
Natiihai- ,lnmc()'Nilll 111 "Monte CrMo"
1 cii.iiV "A Tin 'nldlcr "
HrrrimV-lliiiry nnd l'ny In "IrUli Arlv
triratj ' . ... ,,
1 iirATiiE toMigius Allio Oalcs In "t,n Jlnv
Iiimi Mt'i M-Mcphciu ami (Iray In "With
cut n Ilun-c J
covnr nv.uonu.
(.'li:rilTConiT,l)tvl'loii No.l-.Iustleo(.'ox.
SliiMic liner s. Cox; v crdlcl for defendant,
Saunders vs. Stcadnian; verdict for pov
scislou, and i'M Intervening rent. Otter
Imcli, executor. vs. Stutl; lliury II.
Ottcrlncli, administrator of Sarah Otter
bach, made, party. C'rcicy vs. Hoirinan,
DjWTY Coliit Justice lligucr. Wall.cr
tt. Walker; auditor's report coullrined.
Heed VS. Wilson; refcieucc to the. auditor,
.loncs vs. Hates et nl., appearance of absent
defendant ordered. I'algo vs. I'rnnclint; of
fer of Samuel C. Husey accepted and sale
Chimin m. Cot ht -.lusllco MacArthtir.
Hart Cohen, leeching stolen property;
arraigned and pleaded not guilty. John
Jlausllcld, tiiibozrlcincnt: guilt)) six
inoiitlie In Jail, .Margaret llllcy, selling mi
labeled oleomargailne, guilty! notice given
of a motion In arrest of Judgment.
Couitin (Ii:m:iim. Tiiiim Chief Justice
C'artter, and Justices James and Merrick.
District of Columbia vs. Ojster, llmmert
mid Dall) ; on hearing.
l'ontn ConiT .ludgo Sncll. James
Jlct'iulro and Frank Esmond, grand larccii) .
grand Jurj. August dodfrcy, Migranc: per
sonal bonds. OIIcr Allen, disorderly con
duct; $10 or thirty dnjs. Win. Washington,
colored, assault; ." or fifteen dnjs. llcnja
lnln Sheriff and Thomas Allen, affray ; $,"i
or fifteen da)seach Jas. A. Lew Is, colored,
lirofnnlt) ; $." or seven dnjs. John Heady,
T A. Duffy and ( harles Dlctr, Sunday bar;
S-'.'O collateral forfeited. John Thiirm, sell
ing on fciiudiij; 10 collate r.l forfeited,
Deley Adams, coloied, profanity; $." or
(even dajs. Aliulo llobinson, vagranc);
pcisounl bonds, fleorco Veal and John
Wood, colored, elcstro) nig private, property;
forfeited collateral.
local ntiiiii's.
I!i:aii the advertisement of (loodycar Uub
bcr Co., iimong HusIucsb Chances to-day.
A stm i-iiM-mir.ssr.i) voting man, named
A. St. Clair, oidcrcd n fancy traveling
satchel from liecl.ci's, at 1315 Pennsylva
nia avenue, cstcrday, and directed tint It
bo sent to tho National. It was dollvciod,
but Mr. bt. Clair had left tho city, and ho Is
said to havo neglected to pay his hotel bill.
Tuv the celebrated Virginia claret of my
own production; It Is superior to all; at
Chr. Aauder's, No, WW Sev cnth 6t. n. w.
A noi.i) hall thief practiced his little
game, on Mr. I.. 1). Sale of 1312 0 street,
nl tint 7 o'clock last night. IIo rang tho
boll mid gao n nolo to the servant, who
went up stairs to deliver It to Mr. Sale, and
In her abeneo he stole a coat. Ihonoto
was n bogus one.
At Huimr.Vs new furniture and carpet
installment house, 1'3'J Scv culu street north
west, furniture, carpets, rugs, mats, oil
cloths, matting, baby carriages and every
thing w hieh u housekeeper ri quires to mako
homo pleasant and attractive nrc sold on
the Installment plan. Call and bo conduced
that ho sells on easier terms ami at loner
prices than any other man or linn In the
installment business. Terms to suit all.
In Tim divorce. cao of Allco licit against
Eugene N licit of llaltlmnro, Judge. lishcr
has allowed tho plain t (IT (dO.OOO alimony,
and ordered Mr. licit topay$12,500cotiuscl
lees and costs.
Al L-vv ooi, child's paints, 73 cts. Elscman,
tor. 7th and K.
The Wny of tin? TrniiMswsoor.
William II. IlioolvS, tho horse thief and
burglar who married a handsome and re
epectahlo joung lady at Laurel recently
under false colors, has been sentenced. IIo
was u handsome joung man and pretended
to bo an owner of steam vessels ami a
mariner by piofcsslou. Soon after his mar
riage he was arrested for burglarizing a
More. IIo w as arrested by Dctcctlvo IMellu
and he was surrendered to the Marjlaud
authorities because they had a better case
against him. He was convicted by the
1'iluce George County authorities jesterday
of horso stealing. Major Djo was Informed
this morning that Urooks got seven jears
and els months and was lauded In tho pcul
tiutlary last night.
The ('ri'i'ey-ltoormnii Cnsr.
The easo of C. E. Creecy against Iloor
man, administrator, which came up on ap
peal from tho Magistrate's Court, was de
cided in tho Circuit Court to-day by a ver
dict for tho defendant. Creecy claimed
that tho estato was Indebted to him for a
percentage of tho amount secured on ac
count of tho twenty percent, additional
compensation to tho pollco force In lbiH,
and that a power of attorney had been
signed by Mrs. lloorman, giving him fifty
per cent, of tho amount allowed. Tho de
fense denied any contract being mado and
sustained It by proof.
An Orjihiiii Anj luin'N TIiiuiUh.
The board of nianagcis of tho Ladles'
Sewing Circle connected with tho German
Orphan Asliim, at Its meeting last ecnlng,
expressed Its thanks In U'ry complimentary
resolutions to those who aided In tho cntci
talumcnt glcn under tho society's auspices
on tho IClli instant, especially to Mr. u. O.
staples of Wlllard'H Hotel, Messrs, Kuabo
. of Ualtlroorc, w ho sent a new concert grand
piano cMircssly for tho occasion fiomllaltl-
more; tho city press and tho umateuis who
kindly oluntecrcd their services.
.'orootl liiHllliilc .Vi'u' lYntiu-cs.
Tho managers of Norwood Institute, one
of tho most completo and well-conducted
educational establishments In tho country,
have lately adopted a new and excellent
feature by which ladles outside, of the In
stitute may a Mill themselves at certain
hours In the day of Its opportunities for
Instruction under accomplished teachers In
tho L'ngllsh, I'leneh and (lei man languages,
l'aitlculars as to terms and time can bo ob
tained by inquiry of Mrs. W. 1). Cabell,
1311 Fourteenth street.
Iteecnt ItnlilH'i-IcH Itcimrteit.
Lawrence I). Vhllllps of 1917 M street 10
jiorts that a gold watch wottli $30 was
stolen from his cst at tlio Duieau of En
graving and Printing. A gold watch and
chain, a silk dress and two $50 notes wcro
stolen from tho premises of Mrs. ltlchard
Cruit, 727 Unu-ntli street. Edwin Hamil
ton of i!Si II street reports that a gold
w ateh worth $10 w as stolen from him ) cs
tciday. Tim groat superiorly of Dr. Hull's Couirli
Sjrup to all other cough icmedlcs U at
tested by tho Immense, demand for that old
established i cmedy,
A X.lliel i.'nsu Continued.
John '. Cromwell, editor, and Cbailos A.
Lunar, manager of tho JojU's Athocule.
mid ex-Coptalu W. l tlray of Company II,
Capital City Ouaids, wero before tho Police
Court this morning on a chargo of eilnilnal
libel, and tho Government again moved for
n contlnuauco until noxt Tuesday. The
continuance was gi anted.
Immaculate and licli Is th6 whiteness of
linen rinsed wlthAnicricau Uall-llluo. It Is
nlollltcly pure and frco fiom poisonous lu
gicdiciite. liifrliiKeiiient or I'liK-ut.
Choilcs C. Wilson has filed a bill In equity
ngalnst Albert G. Gedney for lufrliigcmcut
of a patent as an Impiovcmeiit In hand
stamps. IIo asks that Gcdnoy bo on
Joined f i om furthor making mid soiling (ho
Mamps and decreed to pay damages foi the
Injury already done.
Nnclnt oenriiii'r.
Thcie was a large and faMiloiintilu assom
binge piifcnt at St. John's 1'. 1'.. Church
loft evening to witness the tnarrlnyo of Mr,
1'crelTal J. Wcrllclmf the Nbvj and Miss
IlitltleMiC'eiii't. 'lhe lirlde was escorted
to tlio alter b) her brother, Mr Itouert
JlcC'enei, and was preceded by the ushers,
Dr. Until, l S. N.; Lleiitrmiut J. 11 l'lll
inoic, Mr. llcdpath and Mr, Ilrown, They
weiemttat the chancel rail by tho groom
and his I est man, Lieutenant A. 1". rechto
ler, who wero IkiIIi In full dress uniform,
Dr. I.eonatil performed tho ceremony, Im
incdliililj ofter whlrh Mr. and .Mrs. Nerllch
droc to the lesldencc of Mrs. McCcncy, at
U.CS Connecticut aeinte, whero n reception
was held fiom 8 lo 10, after which thoy took
the train for New York eu route to lloston.
'I lie groom Is an officer on Iward tlio United
States steamer Illahc, now In lloston harbor.
Mr. Frank Hlggliu of ltocklllc was nnr
tlcd jesterday to Miss llobctti H iker, at
the residence of her aunt, i'030 1' street,
West Washington, 'I ho couple returned to
their future Inline In lloclulllo last oven
lug, where ii handsome reception was teu
eleicd t lie tn b) the motherot the groom.
'I lie linn t In I telcniuiu of JIIss Mairirla
Fowler and Mr. Win. 1. Steams occurreil
last ceiiliignt llio residence of the bride's
sister, SI37K street. HcV. J. I.. Lodgo of
llclaled. After the ceremony n lecepllon
was held, at which tho happy pair rcceUcd
many congratulations from tnelr friends,
'the presents wero numerous mid hand
some, Including n beautiful silver water set
from Mr. John 11. Magruder. and a silver
tea serlec presented by -Mr Steams' asso
ciate clerks In tho establishment of John
II, Magruder. 'llio rnuplo depaibd later
in thoes. cnlng for n short trip Noith.
The weddliiL' of Mr Fmetto C. Ewlngand
Miss Maggie .McDonald last evening at St.
John's Church, after tlio Werllch-.McCency
wedding, was n very pretty alTiilr. Tlio
luual marriage ceremony was supplemented
by n choral servlie.iind n siirplh ed choir en
tered wltli tlio bi Me ami groom, who wcro
ii(coiiiiiiuUd h the In Ide's mother, Mrs.
Saudi M. McDonald. Dr. Leonard per
formed the cercinonj.
The opening lull of the Harmony Circle,
its 111 ft entertainment since the Progress
Club was consolidated with It, was given
last night at tho National Illlles' Armory.
It was a brilliant Inauguration of tlm sea
son. 1 he grand march, composed for tho
occasion lij Professor 11. Williams and ex
ecuted by Stein's orchestra, opened the
dancing programme, while during tlio Inter
missions the .Marine Hand dlcouri-ed sweet
strains of music, 'Hie attendance wascry
large, llio commltteo of anangeinents
Into whoso competent hands the affair had
been Judiciously Intrusted consisted of
Messrs. A, Herman, 1'., lllout, I. dans, J,
llosciitlinl and N. L. Itoscnberg.
Tin (.'rnrral Itccriilltiijr Service.
'lhe following asslgumcnls of the new do
tails for tho general iccultlng service havo
1 ecu made: Captain Ch.iilcs C. Hood,
T rutj -fimi tli 1 iifaiitiy, nt Philadelphia re
lieving Caplnln Win. Jlllls, Second Infan
tij; Captain Jno.S.McNaiighttoClucluuatl,
()., relieving Captain Stephen 11. Stafford,
Fifteenth Infantry ; Captain Stafford to
New Voile Harbor; Captain Samuel Mc
Kcccr, Second Iiifniitrv.to Albanv. N. Y..
lellevlng Captain Stephen 1'. .loceljn,
'lwenlj first Infantry; Captain Joccljn lo
go to Columbus Dai racks; Captain Win. II.
II. Ciowcll to HulTaUi, N. ., lellevlng
cnpiaiu.ioiin vv. i reiicn, inciity-iiiui in
fiuilij, Captain I'rench to go to 101) West
sticet, New Yoik city, lellevlng Captain
lhailcs W Miner, Twenty-second Infantry;
l'litt Lieutenant llcnij II. Adams, Elgh
leenth Iufautr, to Pittsburg, Pa,, lellevlng
Laptalii 'llionias E. Hose, SKtccnth Infau
trj; Captain Frederick 1.. Trotter, Four
teenth Infantij, to David's Island, New
A oik Harbin; First Lieutenant Tlieophllus
W. Morrls'm, Sixteenth Infantry, to Colum
bus Km nicks; First Lleutcii tut U'lllhm J.
Ciunplell, Twenty -second Infantry, to Co
lumbus Hairacks; First Lieutenant Itufiis P.
lliowu, Fourth Iiifautiy, to Columbus Ihr
uicks; First Lieutenant Harry L, Haskell,
Twelfth liifanliy, to David's Island; First
Lieutenant William 1). l'atchci, Eighth In
fantry, to David's Island.
Oiit'i-n by Home Talent.
Tho Washington Operatic Assoclatlonmet
atWIllard Hall last night with a vlow of
icorganlzlng what wasonco tho most pop
ular and successful singing club of this
District. It Is Intended to tukoupatonco
Sousu and Tnbcr's new opera, "iueeu of
Hearts," "Trial by Jury" and "Tho Mi
kado." Tho association will meet next
Wednesday night al the samo plaeo to hear
the "(Jueeii of Hearts" read before taking
It up. Fiom tlio Interest manifested last
night It Is evident that this organization
will do somo effective work this winter.
A Treasury I iieldent.
A delicate-looking lady In black appeared
at tho ofilco of Chief Clerk Youmans lu tho
Ticasury yesterday, leading a little girl by
the hand. Sho said she had been praying
to (lod for the poor and ho had directed
her thcro for money. She sat down and
said In answer to ciiicstions that she did not
come thcie to collect BUbsciiptions but to
get nlaige quantity out of tho vaults. She
gnvo tho nainoof Kato Itcaidon of Haiti
more, and said sho had caused her hns
l anil's death and It weighed on her mind,
llio pollco took charge of the demented
creature and sent her homo to Baltimore,
IVnisliliiKtoii n Mimical Centre.
Slgnor I.ampertl, tho gieat maestro, has
wilttcn to a friend In this city that It is his
Intention to visit America during uc&t year,
and that from all ho has heard and read of
Washington ho believes It to bo tho proper
place for him to open a conservatory of
music. Ho also says ho will endeavor to
mako this city a musical centre, as the cap
ital of the nation should be.
Tun finest assortment of parlor suites up
holstcied lu silk and Mohair plushes at the
lowest prices. Hreltbarlh's Odd-Fellows'
A Henleiiee HiiHieinled.
Adolphus Iluigcss, tho notorious colored
thief and burglai, was convicted In tho
Criminal Court yesterday afternoon of
breaking Into thohousoof llarlura Kelly at
!2 o'clock lu tho morning, but sentciico was
suspended, notice being given for n motion
for a new trial,
Ofllcer Dan Williams of tho South
Washington l'rcclnct has been dotalled for
duty In eltUen's clothes to put a stop to
tho saloon keepeis violating tho Sunday
liquor laws, Last Sunday ho obtained
cases against l'atriek Smytho, John 1.
Kelly, Edward O'Neill, J. J. Buckley and
James Marnamc, and served warrauts on
tlicui ycsteiday. Tho tluco first-named
weie found J'iO each in tlio Police Court
and the cases against tho two latter wcro
John Hutlcr, a murderous-looking negro
thief, was arrested by Officers Howell and
Hutchinson in tho locality known as
"Fredericksburg" at l'J o'clock last night,
for tho officers In tho Seventh Precinct,
charging him with housebreaking In tho
night. Ho was turned over to tho olllccrs
of that precinct.
Jn OvcrconlH
Wo arc boss. Tlio largest stock and lowest
pllecs lu tho city, Elscmau 111 03., cor, 7th
and J..
Adellno Harris and llarb.ira Arthur, two
young colored girls, wero arrested yester
day by Ofllcer XI. L, Fisher for engaging In
on uliray. They wero sent to court this
11101 iiiug,
llio canal boat which sunk near tho Aque
duct bridge night bcfoio last has been 10
inoved and tlio water has been let into tho
tleorgetow 11 level of tho canal.
lleaied, schooners Annie F. Conlon with
0C0 tons of coal for lloston, and Hitchcock
wllh 1,100 tons of coal for lloston.
Mr. CloydTavenncrbas so far recoveied
that he was able to attend school to-day,
Tempcraturo and condition of water at 7
11. in., llrcttt Falls, tempeiature, 51; condi
tion, 1; receiving reservoir, tempcraturo,
Kij condition at north connection, 4; condi
tion at south connection, 0; distributing
icscrvolr, tcmpcraUro, TO; condition at lu
llucnt (;nte-)iouse, IB; condition at diluent
"Ahlfi'iiey Dairy Wagons"'
Fresh Aldorooy butter, churned every
morning ourt delivered In i It,, "Ward"
pilnts, -10c, per lb, Also cottage clieeso;
buttermilk and sweet milk, Cc, per qt,
Cream, 15c. per pint,
airy hall xort'.s.
(Helming finin llio Court Iteciirds by
"Cillln" Itppurlers.
Joseph II. Davidson, by Ids will filed with
II e Hi glster to-day, leaves his estate to his
wlfoaml children,
Mairlogo licenses have been Issued as fol
lows: James llrentniid Jcaiuiette Morton;
Win. L. Wcast and I'lla Hatton; Joseph
Hell and F.llza bleward: Will II. Wclioly
of York. 1'n,, mid I.lllle A. Feory of this
city; John A. Green mid Lizzie Harris;
Walter M. Hrodlo of Hatopllas, Mexico,
and Suo Sheplurd of lids city; Edward A,
(Julnliird of tfervaiiee, Tenn., and May Y.
Shephnrd of this city; Hrnjamlii Gray and
Lucy Thornton, both of l'rliico George's
County. Md,: Charles II. Kiurof Memphis,
Tenn., and Floieiico 0. Parker of this city;
Mandamus Clark and Maria ltnbliisou;
Julius Hell and Hcttlo Suillli, both 01
Vienna, Va,; II. L. Hlrmlngliam and Flor
eneo l.usby; Win. Henry Dnuglus and
Lcttlo Palmer; John L. Walters and Salllo
ItoMiison, both of l'lederleksbiirg. V11.;
John II. Wheeler and CarollnoA. Eputa.
Will1 on iiii'c;i'limii HelsliN.
'Ihciowasnllltlciiecurrence lu George
town last Tuesday about noon, which has
been Kept very quiet, 'llio principals wero
ex-Commissioner Dent and Mr. J.
L. Davis, a well-known icil es
tate man, doing business on Con
press street. 'I ho two had been tilklng
about ureal estato transictloii and differed.
Mr. Dent called Mr. Davis a liar. Mr.
Davis objected to this, and wllh n blow of
his (1st knocked tho cx-Cominlssloiier up
against n convenient tree-box, Mr. Davis
Mild to day that lie would have followed It
up Willi n' few more of tho samo sort, hut
nt the request of Mr. Dent agreed lo hold
off. Not much damage was done.
. ..
How iJcnci'iil fluen Was listed.
"We publMied the other day," siys the
New York lltmltl, "a note from General
Hazcn to n gentleman connected with the
JlcntM, asking for a lev lew of a book and
ciffcilng to pay tho lev lower. Wo print
risen here another letter from General
Hazcn, who now says substantially that ho
supiiocd book lovlewcis were usually p dd
by the authors of tho books lev lowed. Tlio
Gencial Is tho author of sovend works, and
wo must suppo'o from wlint ho says that ho
bus hitherto followed what ho seems to be
lieve a custom, lu that case ho has been
The ('line of i'linplnln I.imvIh
l'oit Chaplain John Vaughn Lewis, U. S.
A., (foimcrly tectoi of St. John's Chinch
here) was not court-martialed at Fort
Omaha for drunkenness, as some of tho
papeisherenllcgcd, but foran official differ
ence of opinion with First Lieutenant 11. D.
1'ilee, adjutant Fourth Infantry, who was
also adjutant of tlio post, 'lhe sentence,
which has nut been remit ted, was published
Foinodays ago lu Tun C'uitic, which was
1 ascd on official information.
(oIiirm-oh in Ale-.xaiiclrln.
AirAMiiuv, Oct. 22. Tho policemen's
nail lasi ingui was a compicio success in
every particular. The proceeds w 111 amount
lo iiloutfclOO. Thoso who attended say It
was the most pleasant mid orderly public
ball they ever attended In Alexandria.
lhe llcpubllcaiis of this city mid county
havo not leeelvcd a dollar of campaign
funds yet, but nro rxpectlngasmall supply.
(toernor-clect Foraker of Ohio will
speak at Hanlsonburg next Tuesday.
'llio Capital Picss Uriel; Company dis
charged twenty-seven of their hinds yester
day, in consequence, it is Raid, of tlio pre
pined day being exhausted. Tlio hinds
employ ed'ln preparing tho clay aro kept
nt w 01 1;,
Ex-Postmaster McKcnzIo returned from
lllchmond last night, w hero lie held 1111 In
tel view with General Mahone, and savs
that Mahono fully cvpects to elect not only
Wise, but p majority of tho Lcglslatuio.
Ihcio was 'quito a heavy frost last night,
which will have tho effect of killing off
I.'ood Olllce ItuIcM.
Tho following 6lmplo rules should bo
placed In n conspicuous plaeo In every edi
torial room In the country, for the guldauco
of visitors.
Wo havo plenty of time it's money wo
arc after.
None but chestnut ciidcisallowcd to re
mark, smilingly, to tho editor using his
scissors, "Ah, writing original editorials;"
When tho visitor says ho bollevcs It Is
time for him to go, It Is consistent to show
his faith by his works.
Always ask what tho circulation is now.
If you want to plcaso tho editor never
compliment what ho has written, but praise
what ho has clipped f 10111 an exchange.
If you don't llud a chair handy sit on tho
editorial desk,
Don't liC6ltatolo speak to tho editor when
hots writing; you may catch a brilliant
thought, hot from the w Ires, 60 to speak.
Never subscrlbo until pressed to do so,
and then remark casually to scud tho bill
around sometime.
Don't fall to look over what proof and
copy may bo on the desk. This may pre
vent serious error.
Hy all means suggest to tho editor how
tho paper should be run. They all do It.
hen you want an exchango down in the
1 ottom of tho basket ncv er accept tho edi
tor's invitation to look for It. A6sumo a
helpless expression ami let him wasto his
tlmo digging it out foryou,
Always ask If tho lighting editor Is In.
This Is not a chestnut outside of tho guild.
Come again.
"Wedding 4iflH iimii Hniuee or 1-roiU.
"I am getting tired of this," said an
Englcwood citizen; "I llko to bo courteous
to neighbors and don't mind helping a
young married couplo to a lift, but I guess
I'll quit. Heie is an Invitation to another
wedding. Of courso It will bo very swell.
Hundreds of pcoplo who barely know the
couplo will attend and carry gifts just bo
causo It Is to be n fashlouablo event and
they llko to havo their names In tho papers.
Twlco within tho last year I have gone to
Jcweliy or furnishing stores kept Tiy ac
quaintances of mlno and thcie found for
sale aitlcles which my wife or I had irlven
tho proprietors at their weddings. Of
courso they wcro tlio duplicates, and no
household needs twenty-three plcklo dishes
or nineteen spoon-holdcis, but 1 guess I
won't go to any inoro weddings outsldo of
my own family. I don't object to helping
set a young couplo up in their house, but I
di aw tho lino on setting them up lu busi
ness." While tho tug boat Admiral D. Porter
was bound dow 11 l.al.o Huron on Sunday
morning, her crank pin crashed through
thu cylinder head, tlio engine framo gavo
way and tho supply plpo biokc. William
Klrbley, tho cook, was fatally scalded and
Thomas Amlllctta was badly burned.
Otheishad narrow escapes,
St, l'aul paper: "Expositions aro becom
ing as common as bluckbetiles; even little
Minneapolis is going to hav 0 one." Minne
apolis paper: "When It was decided to
havo an exposition in 11 great metropolis of
tlio Northwest, no other city but Minne
apolis was thought of, Cairy the news to
bt. l'aul."
SIOIlTON-lIAfaTlNOh-At thoicslilcnco of
II Me.Mastcr.t-nltl.nko City, Utah, on Thurs
day, October 13, by tlio Itev. 11.11. MvNiexu,
II. D.. Lieutenant Clmilos (I, Moigan, Sixth
I'. S. Infantry, and Idu, voungost iluuglitcr of
tlio Into Major 1) II. Hastings, U, S. A. No
DHSsr.Z-Sr.MMHS-Pilvatclr. at St. An-
diews' thuiili, Wednesday, October 81, Hill,
uy uev. .i. 11. j'i rry, U'on Ji
Duhsu lo llesslu.
cluugbtcr of
nml Mis .lolm Harrison
JIcGOWAN.-Mis. Elizabeth McGnwan, In
IhobClh join of her age, at llio reskbinco of
her dauabtei, Mrs, Hantord, No, Itiw 'I hlrtlcth
stieet, West vVin-liington.
lhe funeral will take plaeo fiom her lute
irsldcnto, lililny, 01 tuber i, turn, ut u
o'clock a.m. 'llio friends of the family 1110
Invited to uttend.
DULL -On October flO, 18M, nt 7iMn in,
Jano II Dull, relict ot James Dull, in tho KM
year of her ago
Everything strictly first-class and on tho
most leasoiiabla tcrus. (Camp Chains to;iilro
for all occasions.)
PI lt.NISIHNtl L NDI'ltTAH'li,
No 310 l'eunii live, 11 w, bet. 3d unit i'i nU.
Ever) thin,; class,
tuNTJitcr aovuiiXMiiw a:ivj.
Mutters IIcIiik Vmislilareil by (lie C11111
nilsslfinrris llio walcr office for several days Ins had
a large futco of men out cutting oft tho
w ater from delinquents.
A sldcw ulk w III bo laid on Eleventh street,
I ctw ecu Sand T streets, and n water 1111I11
lu squaio 873.
lhe Commissioners have been petitioned
lo extend tho water system to Seventh street
noillieast, between 1C and L streets.
The Janitor of tho Crunch School build
ing requests llio Commissioners to placa
three I ildgcsorcr tlio gutters at Twelfth
and G sticcts southeast for tho convcnlenco
of (he scholars.
Dr. John II. l.lllloof llackctstown, N. J.,
has written tho Commissioners, stating that
wlillo lu Washington last April ho was
loblcd by acrowd of men of a number of
coupons from bonds. IIo was lu tho act of
getting 011 the cais at tho II. A P. depot
when lie was lobbed, llio Commissioners
have referred tlio matter to Major Dyoto
gel at tho truth of the statement and report
whether the offeiidcis have been pursued,
Iliilldlng permits havo been granted to F.
A. Schlftely to erect two dwellings on
Illdgo street, between Fotitlh and Fifth
streets, to cot$l.S00: John Miller, to erect
six dw ellllig houses at Fourth and (J streets,
J.'I.I'fO; Ellen McKlnnoy, erect n frame
dwelling 011 Haiowond Hoad, In tho
county, iZCQ', S. Tockfer, erect a brick
carpenter shop rear of 131 II street, $200;
A. Acker, to build show-windows Third
stieet and Pennsylvania avenue, $300; Mrs.
N. (1. Allebacb, build on addition to2-.Mll
slice t, $."00; II. I. Ileal), repair stable rcirof
Ml Ninth street, 100.
Xcw Vorlt Ntoelt IHarUet.
Tba following tiavo been UiniHiod by ,T.
Vnucc Lewi", biokcr, noutliw est corner t;inlitli
mid (I elicits:
Can Pacific,
Celt Pa... .
C 11 it (J
Del .t II..
II J. AlW....
licii a, ltio a,
STjSl m
ocu tin
i:rlo'-'J HI) I
Kan & Tex.. S7i' 27.1iulteadlinr
lllstill llljiflljiiltock 11
it n
k.i con. .. ' ins TsjMht. ram
JjMioro... . m ttt "Prfd....
1. Nash.. . Iii-H J'.JfiTox & Pa,
JI1111 Consols 'lasfZlOSti'U l'acltla.
Illihcei , TilJ-l T JAV Mi'rolsf
Jlo i"a lie mi svv 'Union
N West l(HH 1071 1 1
-0i m
CIiU'ukii JIInrketN.
The follow nig nummary Is by II. K. Plain S,
Co , bt I loud biillilliifr, Ninth and 1' streets:
., ir,i tt; " prfd
'11 111 Xortli Pa.
..rWMIMM'i "prcf....
.1 PSWl in Omaha....
llWSllf 1 " prld
lliW, HlV Oro Trans
Kill HU oreir Hall.
Whcat-Nov R"il W, Kilji KM!
lice n;w re's H7ji h;iJ
Jlas Pill 00 r, I I)",
Com-Nov l& aM JMJS :UM
May 377$ 33 37K 3S
Oats-Nov fls.li laji siW1 avji
Dee lilk "yi A3l2 '-''iri
May AIM uiM fltwl sill
l'orfc-Nov 8fl1 km SS.'li 8S7W
Dee 8!i0 8 33 8 30 B1li
laird Nov 3 8TK t.HTfi Rfir nsrij
Dec ... . flV. 51H 50D HIM
Mil) I
II. K. Plain A Co., fat. Cloud bullduw. fur
nl-lies tho following oil quntatlons: Closed
vcolcidiiy, 111. Oponcd to-day, HI; hlghc&t
IllM; lowest. HOMi s.13, ltlW.
IVnNlitiiKtoa Sloelci.
Tho follow Ins aro the closing quotations of
tho Washington block ExchaiiKo to d lyns fur
nldhed by ilessra. Towers Urecn, bankers:
Washington & Georgetown stock
Washington Georgetown bonds........
Metropolitan stock 101
Columbia stock 31
North Capitol and O strcot I J
Anaeostla 11
Wushlngton.Clty fiaslightCo 11,'s
Georgetown Gaslight Co I.'
J Ireincn's Insurance Co
1'rnnklln Insurauco Co II
National Metropolitan Insurance Co
National Union Insurance Co 1S!1
Arlington Iusuranco Co 119
Corcoran Insurance Co
Columbia Iusuranco Co 10'h,
German-American Iusuranco Co 1JJ
1'otoinno Iusuranco Co Mtl
Itlggs lnsuraneo Co d'u
Hoard of I'ubllo Works Green 8s OH
Mnsonlo Hall bonds lft." I
Washington JIarket Co. stock 19-W
" " " bonds
Inland nml fbcnboatd Co, stoi k
" " " bonds fil
Washington Ilrick Machlno Co. stock lOU
Dank of Wnshlngtoii ti
Hank of Washington 3i
Nat lonal 5Iet roiiolltan Dank 1 ID
National Hank nt tho Iteniiblio ISO
Farmers' and Mechanics National Dank,
Geoigctown IV)
Citizens' National Hank 107
Second National Hunk
Centinl National Dank
Grout rnllrilcnCo 101
Ileal Estato 'lltlo Inurnnco Co OVA
IVniisvhiinla Telenbono Co
Chesnm'iilio ,fc l'otomno Telephone Co.... 1.3
U. H. Eleetrlo I.lBht Co 31
Auwooi, child's pants 75 cents. Eijc
nian, corner Seventh and E.
Somo tlmo ago John Harris, n well
known hunter, living la Dunklin County,
Missouri, dlsappeaicd. Suspicions wero
excited that he nad been murdered by his
companion, James Hcadle. A medium as
t cited that sho had been told lu a vision
that his body had been hid In a certain
place. Yesterday a mob visited tho plaeo
and unearthed somo animal bones, 'llio
medium nariowly escaped violent treat
Insurance Co.,
No, 629 F STREET N. W
VASlll(JTO, l. .'.
Fire and Marine Policies
New York Hats.
Tlio Flfth-avonuo Full StyloaQIlk anil
Dorby Hnta lntroducod Uy Dunlup Si
Co,, now rondy ut
Solo uA.BOH.ts.
DOR I'liiiiiHyUniilii Avenllo Noilhviast.
Has In stock n full lino of Carpetlncs, all
LTaues Oilcloths, Coeou nnd Straw MntthiEs.
Also latest stjlos In Well Paper, Window
bliados and Curtain Goods. Vlro Window
and Door Wcrecns.
1'1II0E3 LOW.
Art saJLa (AAwJ
ion Marclie
llrslrrs li cull your iittentlnn In llio
following articles, vtlileli will lio
ollerc il nt Iteinnrlciilily I.mv
1'rhes, and In lining so
lav Hen Inspec tlmi of
tlm smile.
It having becomo n well known fact tint
Sbolt VViapswIII hu lending In llio way of n
diess gariiieiil, wo would ay our stock of
them consists of no less than "IS stjlos, evciy
style In Ingieiiic'seiitcd lu all sizes, viz.:
We show nu nll-vvool Cloth Miort Wrap,
liicttlly trimmed with nstrnclnudown front
unit 111 omul bottom, nt$0.l'8;wo consider It
eheuiHit $9.
Another good stvlo Is mado of Hrocaled
Silk unci llnrshccl on with llusslan Hale, at
Sic t'sc. 'Uils iiiunberls our own exclusive
stylo mid would bo 11 bargain nt SI I.
Ill rended Velv et Short Wraps.trlmmed w lth
elienlllo rrlnge, satin quilting, nt 311, 815 and
JA), according to quality of material.
short Wraps up to $100.
Seal Plush Short Wiaps.nlecly finished with
fenthei lilimnlng, quilled satin llnlm,', at $11.
JO, I.', II and 13 Inches long.
Our 40 Inch Seal Plush Coat, with teal soil
ornaniintsuiid quilted sntln lining, lias been
piiinonmcd n bargain by uvcrybody who has
examined It, only S-3,
Pino finality in Plush Sac quos at SOI, $10,
Sr, SViuiul upwind.
An elegant Newmarket, of good
linitir eliitb. dottblivhrf listed, bos
buck, at Si-". A plain but neat garment at
nicinutkiiuiy lownguro.
A sty IWi garment Is our Leader, mi In of
line cheviot, In black unci brown, double
breasted and box-plaited back, tit $10.73.
Our New market or tinobcnver cloth, Irlri
med with I inner, collar and culls, pel feet
titling, at $10.50.
Our Ncwinnrkct of fino beaver cloth, beaver
collar and cuffs and edged down front, nt SIS.
Newmarkets tilinmed wltlisllvcr fox.ical
beaver mid ljnx, from $18 upward.
Silk Matclassfl Novvmaikots, tilmmol with
C-lneh wide black fur, silk lining, nt S.-J.
llrocado Velvet Newmarkets from $ 17 and
Fiir ami Fur Triiis.
Wobesto stato that our assortment of tho
nbov Is now complete.
S-lneh Illack ltusslan Haro nt 50o a yard.
3-Inch lllaek ltusslan Haro nt 8O0 a jard.
4 inch lllacle ltusslan Haio at 03o n yard.
S-Inth Xutrn at 75oa yard.
a-lneh Nutra at $1.15 a jaul.
A Inch Nulra at $1.53 a yard.
!.' Inch Silver 1'ox at $1.78 11 yard.
0 Inch fellv cr Tox at $i,70 a yard.
5 Inch Gray Haro at BOo a. yard.
3-lueh Cray Hare nt $1.M n yard.
1-Inch Gray Haro at $1.75 nyaid.
Ileal Lynx nt $2.C9 a yard.
!J Inch Heal Dcavcr at $1.23 n yard.
Inch Heal Dcavcr nt $1.98 n yard.
1 Inch Heal lleav cr at J2.75 n 5 urd. An ex
ceptional bargain.
100 doz ltusslan Haro Muffs nt G9a each.
Hotter cutalltlcs at OSo and Sl.H.
Nutin MuffB at $J S3 and SJ.73.
Capo beal Muds at SJ.75 each,
bllv er Vox Mulls at $ I 50 each.
African Lynx, for mourning wear, at $3.00
Ileal Heaver Muffs at SI, $0 and $3 each.
Ileal Lynx Muffs at $0 each.
Hlack Martin Muffs at $7.90 each.
redoraCollau to match each and ovory
Hare. Nutra, Coney mid Hoal Hoavcr Capos,
l'.Ml, 11,15, ID and 17 luehos, at attiacllvo
Children's Mulls and Collars fiom 75c up
316-310 Sevonth St. N. W,
Strictly One-Price.
"Boo Mafche,
814 Seventh Street Northwest.
French Pattern Hats and Bonnets!
Hav Intr concluded toelosoour lartto troductlon of I'rench Pattern Hats and llonnots,
wo offer the following!
in i:ii(,-lillt lino IniiMirleil I'rencli II11U nl ti t I.OO, north $311.00.
!l()l.li'Kniil I'lno Imported I'rrmli lints ut $111.00, worth $30,011.
an i:li'Kiinl line Inipnrleil I'rencli llulsnt $H.OO, vriirtli $1H.0I).
40 i:ii;iinl I'lne Itnporleil Vreneli Ifnln ill $7.01), wiirlh $iri.OO.
fill I'.leKiint l'lne Iniporleil I'leneli Hills nt $11,00, worth $17,0 0
100 Assiirtrd ItiiutielK mid lints ill $rt,l)ll, Wurlli $10.00
Wo have on hand S.V) of our Own .Make, very stylish, desirable, nt $1,10, SI, JUH, 1
and n. Call and see them. ...... ,..,,, , , ,....,, ,.
V 0 liavo placed on our counters all tho Now and Dcslrnblo Shapos In l'ltllXCII 1'Kl.T
HA'lHatSI, Sl.a, S1.U7, 91. IS, which cannot bo duplicated, and aru woitlicacliDjto7'ki
oiirllKAL l'HLT SILK-HOUND HATS wo ocll at Blc;oldclsowhcraat Oloaudelo
(Tur Mock of Children's Trimmed and Untrlmmcd Hats Is Immense.
Wo nru nclllnc elecnnt stlc s Trimmed Children's Hutu nt li'l mid 7.1o ami $1. ,,,,
If jou want bilk civets, Velvcleciis, lllbboii!, lllrds and WIiirs, KING'S PAIACHIs
j our nlacc.
Ladies', Children's and Misses' Cloaks.
Our (lock of C hlhlrcn's Cloaks, Misses' nml Ladles' Coats IslarRcr than wo care to
have It. Womust unload, Wo therefore will sell, even nt a sacrifice.
t3r,Do not buy until you havo Inspected our extensive, nssoitincnt. Wo Riiarantoo It
will pay you to go to
No. 814 Seventh Street Northwest.
A Ctace to Buy a Home.
A Small Oash Payment, Bal
ance Monthly.
III) l'cet 1'roiil) uverilKliiff About
ISO Deep. ItiuiKhiK lu
1'ilco fiom
$200 to $400.
Is Sltiiuteil liniucdlntoly nt tlio east
cm terminus r tlio Colum
bia ltiillvvny.
Pints of lioseclnlo will lie nt tiro
Mnblcs of the Columbia Iinllroail Com
pnny, ICth nudll sis. n. c, and at the
office of
No. 819 Market Space.
7:i, S!5, 7li7 15th Ht. X. "W.
Itcstnmantn la Carte.
Tii. rciriiit.
TllltSIS" $3,00 mid $1.00 ior Dny.
HAItltlH nou.si:.
Pennsylvania ayenuo, near l'ourt cent li street,
Special rates for bummer Months.
n vv; first class tablo board and largo
rooms nt reasonable rates; location central,
V M. P. NAYLOlt. l'roprlutor. Jyd tf
blxth street and Pennsylvania avenua.
L. WOOLillLMV, Proprietor.
ItM'.AI, VS.T. P.Vltl.OHS,
Aioimil tlio coiner ISth and G sticets.
'ntf Washington, . 0,
1323 T Street IT. W , Opp. tho Ebbltt,
vThoClaicndon, Baratoua Springs, N.Y.)
C. I.OSIllCAAf, I'mprlotor.
- VV -S.V.
1'H'TY THOUSAND copies ot a Musical
Album, containing tho choicest selections
fiom tho most celebrated authois, will bo
j;lvcn away
to nil my Tea and Coffee customers.
dlftiiUitlon will commence on
October 17,
and contlnuo dally until tho cntlro edition
Is exhausted. Konc should fail to secure, a
copy, llio tamo amount of music cannot
I u 1 ought for less than CO cents nt any
music slcro in the city.
Tiy M) Celebrated
Teas Sc Coffees
ltctalled at Wholesale Prices.
Pure Sugars at Cost.
Tea Dealer & Coffee Roaster,
H.ILCov. 7th nml I HtM. A'. W'
Now York Stato.
Jlnplo Syrup,
1'iom Cold Storage, Vermont.
Cicnmeiy Duttcr,
J'xtra Cholco Elgin and York btato.
Extra Largo Capo Cod.
Largo Clusters.
Dclnwmo Giapcs,
Concord Oinpcs,
5-pound llaskots.
10-pousd Hiskots.
New Figs,
New Pi lines,
E-ctra Layers.
Extio Largo and Medium.
Pilnccss Paper Shell Almonds,
33 cents per Pound.
Door lints,
Very low. Lnigo Assortment.
Pallor Hugs,
Feather puslcis,
Htch Patterns.
All SI709.
Cincinnati Sugnr-cuicd Hums,
13 Cents per round,
Sugar-ciucd Urcaltfnst llacon,
small Slilps,
Polnlo Chips,
Always Tiesh and Crisp,
Mandliellng Jnvn Colfce,
Lxlrn New Jlnckcicl,
Small Packages.
Ciccn Pens,
Extra choice. Natural color.
Fieslwiindo Cniulles,
Just lu.
Graham "Wnfcis,
Superior Quality.
Puro 1'iiilt nnd Sugar (win ranted),
lu pint ghus jars. lOOdnz. Only
SLCOperdoz. Great bargain,
Elphonzo Youngs,
428 Ninth Streot, hot, D and E,
(Spring I.eafi
1X15 r Alrenl.
JIAllllOUll .V llASIir.TON,
l'loiir, AVIno nml (liiictiry MiuehiintH'
till to UK) l'eiini. Avemio.
Schlitz's Milwaukeo Lagor,
the nr.sT in thi: disthiot.
Hn M Warn Si
In Selllnu Out to Cloe IIiisIiicmh.
Ainonir tho Roods to be fold atyourown
prlco me Co ctoiteii Ladles' and Misses' l'nney
IS do7cn Ladles' VcstK.
A lot of 1VU Hats and Honncts.
Tlioii'amls of Mravvlliits and Honncts nt
half thu usual price.
Ten lhouiind ds millions, nil widths and
similes, beside a linpu nsortmcntsof I'lowers,
1'entliers, Wings and Millinery Uoudu bcii
crally. New M IliBiT Store,
11110 Ncventli Street, neurit.
Black Dress Goods, Embroltlurios,
Lacos and Trimmings.
I)resea I'.Icpantly inndo In tho Latest Styles
by l'lrt-class Artists. Tallor-mado Suits a
f-i ctliilty, lliesses, cloaks and Mantles Cut,
lltteil mid Driined at Hcasoniibio Prlcoj. All
W 01 k Done with Promptness and Fully (liutr
nutecd. pel.'.'lm
iii. ir.ottJ!: wiuri:.
71111 t-cventcenth btrcet Northwest,
AVII1 mnku Ladles' Dresses, etc , clutlntt Sep
tember nnd October nt llio follow lnujirlecs:
Cloth Costumes, Ladles' own inati rials, $IV,
Coals, $10: NevMimrkets, Sll; Ilcatrlco, $13:
lIlilliiK Habits, $15: bilk Costumes, $11; liven
1ms Itcceptlon Drcs-os, etc., $11 ami upward;
(loth ( cwtuincs, everything furnished, from
SHijotlici cannents eorrcpondmiily. Spcelil
nttentlonto Wedillns Oulllts, In which Mr.
bite has inndo n crcnt succcis. Cutting and
1 Ittlmr, Patterns inado to order. siSl tf
ri'j.iTwTt'il or
TJ'xicLe t wear
lor Ladles, Children and Gentlemen.
Ulli-7 lliillillni;. for. Dili nml r, MC.inr
AVo Ollev l'hsl-ClllHs (I Vur Colli. lliilldH
for lliveHtniellt, AV'lllell Yi'u Cull
lCecoliiliiulld lo I'msoiiHAVlHlilnp;
bucli Securltle",
Special nttintlon given to Departmental
nnd other Collections, lluy and sell Unlliil
States Houds and All District Securities. Wu
niiArrs and nncui.An letthiis op
no. u-ja i' sti:i:i:t noiitiiivkst,
Washington, I). C.
Stock. Grain, FroTision and FGtrolenm
1420 Pcnnn. Avo. (Up stairs).
DlrcLt IiotoXcw YoiU mitt ClilniRO.
Stocks, Grain, Provisions
and Oil.
l.o Droit llulliltiic, eighth nml 1' sis.
Largo and Small (Juautltles. Strictly on
Commission, mvatoWhes. Constant Quo
tations, Ota co open from 8 a. m. to & p. ra.
B. K. PLAIN & CO.,
Grain, Provisions, Petroleum
and Stocks,
ST. cloud iiuiiii)in, iiTii .v rstv,
Washington, D, C.
City references Natlon.il Dank of tho Ito
Chlcopo Coiresponileiits-.MILMIND, HOD
Constant iniotiitlims of tho Chicago and
New YoiL Markets finin dlici t pilvntii vvlic-s.
r. H. LIL1.EY.
HANKi:itS AND lllt()Ki:HS.
Btocl'S, Buncld, Grain, Provhioim
11J7 1'" b'lltELT.N. W., WASI11NOTON, 1). C.
llranehOnieo No, I South Hallldny streot,
Cluiituied by Coiikiuxh, lli:7.
Capital, 200,000. Surplus, $164,000
NWU BD1LDIH0, N. li. Oor. Sivtntb Stmt
and Lcmis'ana Avcnun,
Al HIIIIT A. WHMiN, I'red lent,
'I IIIIS. PAltivlllt. lee Prosldoill.
c. W. HOW AIM), sue n tnry,
It. II. HA.AItli, AsVtboc-'y.
Nalioiial Jlclroii)lilan Firo Ins. Co.,
010 1'n. Ave. N. W AVimliliiKlon, 1. C.
CASH OAl'lTAl., 100,000.
EDWAHD CIAltlt, Pros.
SAMUEL CItOSS, Seo'y. null-tf
zrxs- H.ivxoG-ixJi:
DEAl.EniN llUILHINO Sl'l'l'LIlH,
008 lo Oil 0 street northwest, next National
Illlles' Armory.
Arelillerltiriil Iron Work. Cement. Plaster.
I'I re. liriit, nro Viiay, liuu diihu, iuiiivs, uim.
uuu9, eie.
t !

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