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I iiiHorttMt In Tho Critic U TltnoH roi-.lc
Woodward & Loriiuop.
Must Be Sold in Noyciite,
The extraordinary sales in
Dress Goods during the past
few days have convinced us
that to a certain extent the
demand for these goods has
been curtailed by the un
favorable and unseasonable
condition of the weather.
In view of this fact, and
in order to crowd an im
mense business into a few
weeks, and also to distribute
the very largo purchases
made by us, we shall, from
this day, make sudi
wooi.un nur.ss I'Aimici
;is will undoubtedly cause
the entire disposal of this
stock during November.
Our only excuse for this
extraordinary sale is that
they must be sold this month,
in order to reduce the stock
. to the lowest possible point,
m and we reduce the price now,
while the goods arc in de
mand and seasonable in
preference to waiting, as
many do, until the end of the
season, when the goods have
become undesirable.
A Grand Value 42-inch
Rough - and - Ready Boucle
Suitings, superb colorings,
Iti'dnicd from $1 In 7Bo iwrjil.
Bargain "Pre-eminent"
42-inch All-wool French Di
agonals, in garnet, browns,
blues, greens and bronze,
rich effects,
ltcilucml from $1 lo lite per jil.
A Most Excellent Bargain
54-inch "Hop Sac" Homo
'i spuns, in rich and elegant
harmonious combinations,
Itnltici'il friiin 1.35 t lportl.
Value "Par Excellence"
42-inch Imported Scotch Che
voits, in a large and varied
assortment of plains, and
elegant combinations of fine
stripes to match, 2 qualities,
Itiilucid fl (1111 if LIB ti piirjil.
Iti'diucd rioiu ifl.no lo $1.2.1 porjil.
Unquestionably the best
and most popular of Dress
Fabrics in the market for
" tailormade, costumes; seems
jyiiiy to "rnark them down,
but they must be sold during
Annul Closing Bui" r Cniuliliiiitlnii
Dress lilttuliis.
Customers who have ex
amined these goods will no
, doubt be surprised to find
them included in this sale,
but we can only say they,
too, must be sold in Novem-
', ber while in demand and
' seasonable.
$11.'J6 I'limlillllltloit INlttolllH lit Mil,
ijil3.7B Ciiiiililiiittlini l'litlmn lit $11).
We shall also include in
this wonderful sale two lines
of 42-inch French Plaid Suit
ings, in the best, richest and
most harmonious line ol col
orings ever exhibited by us
at the price.
Jte'iliui'il rriiiii $1.3.1 In 7flu per jil.
Itiitlmd fnim $1 Io7fo pur jil.
Our prices are, and always
have been, the lowest. Con
sidering this undisputed fact,
we think these prices will
", commend the above goods
' to the public as values not
to be found in this or any
. city.
Customers will do well to
examine this stock now, be
fore the best is picked there
from, as we do not think
such an opportunity will oc-
' cur again this season.
Tun lliirgiilii fur Sinn.
Wo niioto:
One case Men's Scarlet
' Cashmere Wool Shirts and
. Drawers, full regular made,
full fashioned and medicated.
These we secured at a sac
ii riftce to the seller, and guar
- antee the same shirt cannot
' be obtained for less than
$1.50, and, possibly, $1.75.
Our price $1.25 per garment.
(Ixpar tlio iloiu,)
WOOUWAUI) .1 1.OT1IU01'.
AlleiidnnlsO.illuil (
Children's Cable Ribbed
y I lose with cable ribbed tops,
;i with full white leet, colors
' black and navy; an excellent
value, something new.
-Vk,M 1 U1S 7 7(6 K Htf mill II In.
jIMlie in au ii
ft I
OS ami iliiu.
""Boston Dry Goods Housa,
I oxij iMiici: oviiV,
K.l);Jl l'i-nii. Ail-. Ota l Ntreut
Tho Civil Service Commission Shorn
of Its Fair Proportions.
Tho President on His Way to Buffilo to
A Number of Prominent Officials Away
from Their Do3ks.
i Mississippi Ms or Commission-Tu-ilu'
oral mill I'ursoiml.
Tlio President made tlio follow Ins np
iiolnttncnis before Ills departuru this mom
Owen T. I'.ouso ot Missouri to bo Unltcil
Stntes Attorney for tlio illstrlct of Ailzoui.
Rumors Dlsbollovod. At tlio Imllin
Jliiicaii tliu reports about boomers being
orginlrcil nml ready to Invade Oklalnma
ntu not believed,
Virginia PostmaBtors. Among nbotit
IM) fourth class postmasters appointed to
day wcio tlio following In Virginia: T. It,
Hurt, Spring Grove, Surry Comity; I). W.
.Mnrston, Tuauo, Jnmcs City County.
Baltimore Custom-Hoiiso Reform3.
Inspector Muhou his submltteil his report
on tlio Baltimore Ciistoiii-lIouc, rcconi
mending various reductions anil illsmlssals,
which Involve nsivlng of 0,000 per an
num. Awny From Tholr Dosks. Besides
Iho President, thcro are absent from their
desks, on account of tho Xcw York elec
tion, Secietarlcs Manning and Whitney.
Comptioltcr Ma nanl and Solicitor McCtio.
Colonel I.amout remains on duty at his
A NowChlofof Dlvlelon. In tho re
in ganlzatlou ot the oMee of thu 1'lrst As
sistant Postmaster-General Mr. K. C. Ken
i cdy of Mississippi has been appointed a
thlc'fof division Mr. Konncdy Isu voting
man, but Ills energetic and thoroughly ac
Lcplahlo work fully entitles him to this
Tho Prosperity of Dakota. Governor
Pfcrco Of Dakota has submitted his nunuit
rcpoit to thoSccictary of tho Interior, llo
sos tho past esr has been a very prosper
ous ono lor tho Territory. Tlio crops havo
been excellent ami tho prices which they
hao commanded havo been much in ad
vancoot a 3 car ago.
Juclgo Vincent's Pluns. I'.t-Judgo
William A. Vincent ot Now Movlco loaves
Washington for Now York to-diy. Ho will
icturii by tho tlmo tho President gets back.
Hu Isunltlu; to ormngo for a heiiln" of
Ills Bido of tho tioublo wIiIlIi whs caused by
tho appointment of Dorsey as a Jury Com
mlssionci In Now Molco.
Tho Mississippi Rlvor Commission.
Tho annuil report of tho Mississippi Itlver
Commission, Just mado public, urges tho
coutlnunnco of.thowork as rapidly as, possi
ble on tho iirlnclplcs already adopted. Tlie
cost, they sij, III be materially groater
man 11.19 ucrcioioro ucen expcciun, 0111 uot
greater than thu national Importauco of tho
vork justillLS.
An Attornoy Wllllns to Go. 1). II.
Searle, district attornej for Minnesota, his
plaitd his resignation on (llo in tho follow
ing lauguago: "If jou tlcslio myieslg
nation as United States attornoy In and for
tho district of Minnesota, I hereby cheer
fully placo tho Biuno at jour dlposil, pio
Idtd uo charges ot any kind havo been or
arc penning against me."
Piosltlont Cleveland's Departure.
President Cleveland left tho city this morn
ing to oto In lluftalo. llo travels In the
prlv ato ear belonging to tho pi esldont of tho
Lehigh Valley liatlroad, and In which ho
eamo to Washington prior to his Inuigura
tlon. Tho President w ill re ich ItufTalo 1 ito
this ou'iilng and will bo tho guest of his
sister, Mrs, I Ioj t. Miss Cluvehiud will
ptobibly accompany him on his return,
A Nov Susar Process, l'rofcssor
Wiley of the Agricultural Department has
just returned from Ottawa, Kansas, whero
ho has been otperluicntlng with a new
sugar-extracting machine put up thcro un
der an anpropriitlon mudo by tho last Con
gress, iho experiment ws a success, about
llfly per cent, 111010 sugar being derived
fiom Iho rauo than by tlio old process.
Commlsstonei Colmauvvlll push this Im
pel taut discover further.
Tlio Quartormaster-Qenoral's R3port.
'llio nniiuil lepoit of tho Adjutant-Oen-cral
of tlio Army has Just been mado pub
lic. 'Iho appropriations available for and
expended during the jeir vvcro $10,000,000
'llilitv-llvo useless military reservations
have been trausfei led to tlio Inteilor Do
paitment. 'Iho nccesfclty for barracks and
qualters at David's Island and JefTersou
bairaeks Is uiged. 'Iho necessity for as
sembling troops In larger posts near Indian
leservatlons and great stiatcgle points ad
jacent to valuable public reservations Is be
coming moionud muio upparcut.
Tho Civll-Sorvlco Commission. Dr
(Iregory Is to-day tho only member ot tho
CIvII-ScivIcq Commission. 'Iho resigna
tions qf Commlssloucis Eaton and 'Ihoiuiu
took effect jesterday. Commissioner l'v
ton was asked to-day as to tho truth ot a
report that tho acceptance of his resigna
tion will bo vvlthdiawn and that huwlll
continue to sci vo, Mr P.atnn replied that
lie supposed that his connection with tho
commission was tit an end. Mr, l'.aton, in
tho comsoof tho conversation, intimated
that something has been said bv tho Presi
dent about his continuance nt 'thu head of
the commission temporarily. 'Iho Infer
ence diaw 11 was that It tho President Is not
picparcd to announce twu new tommls
sloneis upon his icturii, Mr. Katun will bo
nsked to continue to scivo until his suecos
or is selected and will do so It Is posi
tive! 6tatcd that tho Prisldont has as jet
leached no dcflulto conclusions.
Mr. Coon's Resignation. Assistant
Sceictar) Coon' letter of resignation ac
knowledges courtcs extended and eonll
dence Imposed III I1I111 under tlio new Ail
inlnlstiiitlon After iifonlug to his own
long career and. giadiuil promotion, Mr
Coon 6.1 s.lhat lie did not eomldei it con
tlstcnttohlsovvii pilnelplos or the plelot
ut tho Administration to ab union hli ulll 0,
but that ho placed his resign itlou at thu
disposal of the President and Seeictar Im
incdlalel after Maieh J. '1 ho letter eon
cludta as follows: "Hut while solelv iutout
upon giving on 11 lo al ciippnrt lu all mat
tcrsappcitiilulng to tliu piilillo business, I
havo not fulled to obsetvo that my contluu
unco In oll'co lias not been am opt iblu to 11
considerable pin tlon of tho puty pre s an 1
verynuiu) politicians Mm fnqu i 1 rit
lelims rhow cad upon jou in Us mii
(Ion havo mado It plain lo mo tint public
s cntlmciit nB concerns ono piny at lcist I
iiotjct sunUlcutly advanced toencouragn.
oraptirovo the retention of BUbonlluaio
ofllccrs for reasons other than political. I
Infer Hint this Is also thu conclusion roichol
b mi. With Iho plcasantest recollections of
jour courtesy and best wishes for oil pcr
(otially. I havo tho honor to bo, very lc
spictfuily, our obedient servant."
PIr3t Auditor's Rsport. Tlio annual
report of tlio Plrst Auditor ot the Treasury,
.luilge Cliciioweth,sliowsilntl),3nacconnls
of receipts, nggrciratliig$l,ns',20VMl), and
iM,RlS3 iiccounts of dlsbiUTcments, aggro
gating 61 ,1C'J, tUJ.OlO, were audited.
Report on the Frcodmcm's Hospital.
Dr. Purvis, surgeon In clnrgo of tho
Frecdmcn's Hospital, In his annual report
savsthat Ihero vvcro admitted nnd trcitcil
B,U20 patients, of whom lJlllworo colored
and 735 whltu. Of tho colored, 0"i were
tunics nnd 01(1 females. Of the whites, 011
wtro males ami 111 females.
St. Ellznboth'B Asylum. Dr. Clodding,
superintendent of the Government Hospital
for tho Insane has submitted his annual re
port to Secretary Lamar, 'Ihcro wero ad
mitted to tho nsjltim during tho year ended
Juno SO last !U0 patients, of whom 2 J'J wore
males and 1)1 females. During tho year
1,113 patients', SM of whom wero females
and i,lbU males, wero under treatment.
During tho fiscal jrnr83 wdro discharged as
recovered, III as Improved, 'J as unimproved
nnd 1 as not in same. Thcro vvcro 101
deaths. On tho :10th otJtinn lost thcro re
ninItK.il 0,'1 In tho olum. Iho estimates
for tho current fiscal jeararo $.N),000 for
ordinary repairs; $10,000 for special Im
provements, and $07,000 for additional farm
land and for a distinct Inclosed building for
tho convict Insane nnd additional acconiodv
tlons fui tho colored Insatiu.
Minor unci Porsoruil. A
Congressman Maybury Is lirglng Iho i
pouituicui 01 ticncrai uustcr's vviiiowyaiv
petition agent nt Detroit. "9
It Is said that tlio cffoils of tho Chinese
milliliter lo Investigate tho Wyoming out
rages hav 0 pi ov cd v cry unsatisfactory and
that Kngllth detectives nro to bo cmploed
to pursue tho investigation.
'1 ho renewed dl'cusslon of tho scheme
for tho rcoiganlzatlon of tho District mili
tia caused by General Delict's recommenda
tion on tho subject, reveals the fact that
the militia officers generally nro opposed to
an plan by which tho villous communis
w oil Id lose their lndlv (duality.
'Iho President Is quoted by somo persons
who recently discussed tho subject with
him as commending In the strongest terms
thu efforts of thu picsent Mayor 01 llostou,
and the declarations of tho Democratic can
didate for tlio Governorship ot Massachu
setts In thu interest of civil scrvlco re
form. TiniiHfi'i-ri ol' Itcnl lNlntc.
The following transfers of real estate havo
Lccn recorded! Louis Halbcut to Ileni W.
Ilakcr, lots A It and O of George W. lllggs'
sub ot squnio 101. for $20,000, Thorn is
D. llouil to L. W. Clcinour, lot 10 In sub of
lotO, square 72l,S2,02(lj Uliailcs W. King
to A. II. I.ec, lot m of sub ot original lot 1,
In squaro cM), $J,')00; A, II. Loo to
S. A. Pitch, sainu property, S-1,500; Ida
1'. Seaggs, lot 1-1, squaro M31, $l,ri0::
David .McClelland td Arthur A. lllrncy, lot
0, block 0, In A. L. Harbour's subdivision
ot I.o Droit Park, .$2,000; J. II. Waugh to
Ann C. llIngham,"lots I nnd B, block 0, of
Mibdlv Islon of lots y and 3, of Tiikomu Park,
J(C0, George Harvey to W. S. Itldenour,
lotlOl, squaro 200, $2,57,-., A. II. Iljileanil
C. M. Matthews, trustees, to :. S. Stell
wagen, part ot lot il'l, 6quaro2IS, $1,010;
Molllc A. Cross to John N. Singleton, lot
11, equal 0 102, $.1,000.
Till' I'.Ii'Ctloii ECa'tiiriiH.
A meeting of tho Columbia Democratic
Club will bo held at tho Mctiopolltan Hotel
at 8 o'clock to-morrow evening, vvhero ar
langements havo been mado for receiving
the election lcturns from New lork, Vir
ginia ami other Mates,
Itiprescntatlvcs of tho Western Union
Tclcgroph Company hive notified promi
nent department officials that election re
turns would bo sent to tho various depart
ments to morrow night for tho convenience
of those whocaio to vlelt tho departments
on that occasion
Opening ol' Circuit Court Xo..
Justice Mcrilck started this morning Di
vision No. 2 of tho Clicult Court. In call
lug tho Juiy tw cnty-ono responded, nnd two
vvcio returned not found. Thu following
were excused: Oscar 0. Stevens, lludolph
Knuffnian, W, W. Hurdctte, Andrew Kelly,
John Moian, Prank Litham, A. G.
Chow nlng, Gcorgo It Hepettl, Martin G rlllln,
Joseph W. Turner, It. II, WlllcLt and J. W.
There being fourteen vacancies, that
number of names wero ordered to bo drawn
fiom thu bo to complete tho panel.
Sir. llujnril Irini'H to Willie.
Pcoplo who know Secretary llayard havo
peensomuw hat amused to notice tho rcgu
lailt with which his carriage evils at his
dooi on Highland Terrace every morning,
and the regularity with which tho Seerotur
walks behind It down to tho Department ot
State. It Is suimlsod that tho uirrhigu
conies up nu account ot tho possibility that
Mr. llajiud may somctlmos ilccldo to 1I1I0
dow 11 tow 11, but thus far ho has preferred to
Tlie I'loiioncil -Mglit Ncliools.
Tho commlttcu appointed at a recent
inciting to arrange plans to open night
schools has forwarded a report, In which
thev recommend that tho School lloanl fur
nish four school looms nud Congress glvo
.1,(100. The committee havo concluded to
Invito perrons who are willing to volunteer
ns teachers to send In their names to Super
intendent Powell at tho l'rankllu School
building bcfoio Tuesday uot, Nov ember 3.
A Driuot'i'Ht'M I'.Htlimiti'.
Mr. Ned Planning, a prominent Demo
crat of Alexandria, Va., who was In tho
clt to-da), stated to a Cumu icpoiter that
thu voto cast in Virginia to morrow' will bo
tho lurgest in tho history of tho State, nnd
that Liu's majority for Governor will lie
surprising. Thu Leglelntuie Is surely Don
ocrntlc. "
tvirr n.it.T. xorns,
Ili'iiiH oT MI1101 linpoitniico file limit
I'liiin Iho I'ourls.
Lillian A. AII111111 vvus to ill granted
divorce by Justice Hngner from tlio bonds
of matrimony with Piancls J. Allium, mid
given lieimlsslou to lesumo liel maiden
iiiuiKioi Goss, 'Uo chaige was dojcrtlou
Ofllccr ll.uklev, Iho policeman detallol
for duty at tho City Postolllco, stated to a
Ciiitk icpoitei that liohad 11 talk with tho
lady clerk at tho Postotllco whom lluiu
f.'ijs miuirkcd tohluithit hu had a largo
(uni ot mono with him, nud sho saslhat
she Hindu uo such leuiiiik to him
In tliu Court In General Term this moin
luglhuilcutli of Mr, John P. Hauim wiisnn
iiounccd, and tho court, as n tribute to Ids
nil nioi y, ndjoiirueil. Kubscqucntly 1)1
vlnui.No 2 ot the Circuit (Joint, Justieo
Mu ill k iirctldlug, did likewise. At 3
o'clock thu liar Association niut and pissed
Man higollceiuos have been lssua.1 ns fol
lov, John I! Dixon and Sophie A. Lull,
T Hopkins nud Kutu J. Muller, V. II
Walhco and Mary j Wood, 1. T. Hlil(lns
mil 1 nurii C. Oeiuoud bolli of llnlfurd
Ccunt, Md , John Johnson of this city auJ
P.villiuiP. Chi v (mi ot King George Count),
Vn. Alexander Dunilnes .111 1 Mart'ia
Iluuiuil) Ulicit II Seoll mid liuhlua t
Captain Paidon 1'rlpp of Marlon, M iss ,
lliluka hu hum unsullied oyer -io)J worth
, of tobacco In thu past lift) )c trs.
7 itASKhai visa vnooLA mavios
Tlio 'Iwonlj-slxlli l)ny nf finninlior
DenlKtiutcil li llm I'rvsldeiit. .
The President Issued lliu following proc
lamation to-day:
Tho American iieonlulnicnlw.av abundant
came to bo thankful to tho Almighty Clod,
vvhoo watchful care nnd guiding huul liavo
I tin manifested In every stinto of their na
tlonal llfo uuarillmr mm iirrtcctlmr them In
tlinoof peril, mid safely leading them In tho
hour of tlnrkuc nnd ilamrer.
It Is Ailing nml proper that n nation thus
fnvnird should on one day In every ) car, fur
Hint piirpn'o especially apiHilntol, nulillily
ni know IciIku thu kooiIiicss of (tod, and return
tlinuks to hhn for all Ills gracious Kid , .
'1 In rctoro, I, llrov er tluvcliiiul, President ot
tho I'nllcd mates of America, do luroliy
dc sljtunto and set nji irtl hurnilny, tlio twenty
sixth day of November Instant, ns n day of
publlo tfinnk'fflvlnir nnd tirnjcr; and do In
Mikn tlKiobscrvaueoof the samohynll tin
pent loot the hind,
On that day lot nil secular btHncss bo sils-,
tiemlcd. And let tho pcoplo nssemlilo In tliolr
liRual places ot worship, and with 1 raver nnUi
nones of praise, dovoidly testify t lit fr gratlj
tune loiiiomvcror cviry pioi nun perrtei
elft for all thut Holmsdoiioforus In tho year
tlinthas pivsiel; for our preerviitlon ns a
united Nation mill for our dellvcranco from
tho slioi k and ilnniier of nolltlcal coin ulslon:
for llioblcsslnKsof peacunnd for our safety
nndciulct wlillo wars nml rumorsnf wars hnvo
nultntdl and nnilelcil other nations of the
cirlh; for our securitv ngiilnit the scoirxo
of leslllcnce, which In other Ian Is has
claimed Itsdemlby thousands iind.uilud tho
striets Willi immimrs: for plenteous erow
which reward tlio tnhor of the hushimlm in
unit incien'o our Nation's wealth: nnd for tho
contentment tlirouchout our hoinlcrs which
rollows in tLu train of irosivrlty and iihun
dance. And let there also bo on tho day thus set
apart, n reunion of families, sanctllled nnd
ilinslimilliy tinder memories and nssoilii
tlons: and lit tho soelil Intercourse of
friends, ttli iileainl retnlnlsi'i'iiccrenowthi'
tics of nlTeetlon nnd strenstlien tho bonis of
kindly reilhiK.
And let us hv no means forget whllowo
plvo thanks nnd rnloy tlio coinforls vvhloli
hiivoeinvMied our lives, that truly urntcfiil
hearts nro Inclined to ilemls ot charily, and
that 11 kind and tlioiiKhtful remembrance of
tho poor will double the plcasitius of our
condition and rendirour irnlsonnd thanks
clvlng inuro nccentablo In the sight of tho
Done at the city of Washington this second
ony 01 .ovemi)or, ono inousiinu ei'iu nun
dred and iluhly live, nnd ot.tlio Indepeit lenco
01 1110 uuueii
Mutes tho 0110 liiiudicl 1111 1
(IlOVfll C'lKVKI.fSII.
T. r llvi vim, hccretnryof Stato.
TUi: A1131V AX1) XI IT.
Koms of liitcieiit (o (bo Sorvlco 1'roiii
All Along llio I. lues.
Gunner ltobcrt Sonuners Is detached
from the Naval Academy, and ordered to
thobwatara at Norfolk.
Captain Edmund I.nff, r.lghth Cavalry,
has been detailed 011 tho court-martial
sitting at Poit Drown, Tex.
ITist Lieutenant W. T. Duggan, Tenth
Infantry, has been granted leave for ono
mouth from Port Dllss, Tex
Captain W. S. -Muse, I tilted States M i
tlno Corps, lias been detached from the
Marino llnrracks and oulcred to Norfolk.
Assistant Surgeon Prank Anderson, U.
S. N., arrived at thu l'.bbltt Homo this
morning from tho New York Nav-i'nrd.
Captain Georgo S. Itomford, Eighteenth
Infuntry, has been detailed as acting 6lgual
ofllccr nt tort Has, Kansas, relluvlng Lieu
tenant lMwuril i'.. Hatch, eighteenth In
fantry, Captain Ikthel M. Custer, Twenty-fourth
Infantr, Is granted leovo for two months
from Port Sill, Indian Terrltor, to lake ef
fect fiom November 10, With pcrml&lou to
appl) for two mouths' extension.
.Major William MeKeo Dunn, captain
Second Artillcr, with Mrs. Dunn unit their
daughter, Mls .May Dunn, weru visiting at
Port Leavenworth lust Thursdivand ar
rived atl.lttlo liock llairacks, Saturday.
Tho Adjutant-Ocncral has decided that
mounted otllccrs cannot havo tholr horses
shod nt thu expense of tho quartermaster's
department at posts whcio furriers are
cmplocd by tho Job to shoo public animals.
JIalor William D. O'Toolc, formerly cap
tain Thlitccnth and Tweutj-sueond Infan
try, nnd lator tho post trader for ears at
i on ivcogu, .viouiaua, is now cuipioreu 011
tho editorial 6tuft ot the AVifiuwtc lltimbli
Lieutenant William K. Whitfield, retired,
U.S.A., ni rived at tho Lhbllt llouso last
night from Upper Tunbrldgc, orcestcr
shire, Lnghind, vvhero he has been residing
fur several mouths. Ho Is on his way to
his homo at Camden, Ark.
Plrst Lieutenant Henry L. Harris, First
Aitlllci, has not been detailed as aide de
camp to Mnjor-Oenernl Popont San Fran
cisco, for which duty ho was ordered thero,
as General Pope lias concluded not to name
11 new uldo In view of his speedy retire
ment on. Match 10 next.
Colonel Peter T. Svv nine, Tiv cnty-Bccoiul
Infantr, has mado an order prohibiting en
listed men at Poit Lewis, Colorado, from
tarr) lug arms othei than those issued by
tho army, and that all pistols or knives be
turned In for storing until tho owners are
discharged tho service.
Pnv master-General William 1). llochestcr
has decided thut a soldier when discharged
must draw his deposit. On ro-cnllstlug ho
can icncw his deposit and will be entitled to
Interest from that date; n failure to present
his final statements for pajmcnt leavos tho
money in the hands of tho pa) master, wltU
outluterest, until ill awn and rcdcposlted.
Drum-Majoi L. D, Hughes, Hand, Marino
Cotps, has been placed on tho ictirodllstby
tl.oPiesldeutundu thu law passed ut tho
last session of Congress,forovcrthlity vcats'
fervlce. This applies to tho Marine. Corps,
os that Is guided in piy nud allowances, nud
Itiinalteis ot udiuliihjtratlun by tho laws
relating to tho Army It Is tho first one
mado In the Mailuo Corps.
First Lieutenant Philip Ilcade, Third In
fantr), urrlvcd horo hist night with his
uncle, General It. P. llutlor, but will prob
ably leave this afternoon for his homo nt
Lowell, Mass., vvheie bo and Mis. He ido are
spending his leave. Lieutenant Ilcidu Is
well known hero from IiIb long scrvlco In
tho SIgual Corps. It was vviiilo at Port
Whipple (now Port Me)cr) thut ho beat tho
record on going up and down a polo iliil
lug in practical telegraph lino building. A
spit It of emulation existed ns to who could
go up and dow u n polo (using tho llngstilt
for practice) In tho quickest (lino. Phil,
went up In good tlmu and then fell down.
He was ahead of tho record about live
Naval oidors, Lieutenant-Commander
Joseph Miirthon to the Norfolk Navy-Yard,
Assistant F.ngluicrs Maitlu llevlugtoti nud
Giorgo W. Mcl.lroy to duty lit thu draught-lng-ioom
of thu lliiieuu ot Stuuin I'tigiuuer
lug; P.uslgn John L Pureell, detached
fiom the Northern Alaska expedition and
plated on waiting ordcis; P.uslgn William
A. Thorn, detached from tho Coast Survey
and granted four months leave, Naval Con
fctructor Gcoigo W Much, detached from
thu llo ml ot Appraisal and ordered to take
chuigo ot thu work In completing tho stuel
etulscr Atlanta, at tho Morgui Iron Works;
Naval Lonstructoi Hubert W. btcolo, ilo
1 111 lied from the lloanl ot Inventory and
ordeiid to similar tint at thu Dcluwuio
lion lvtiika on tliu cruisers noaion nun
Ono Tiling (lint Kusl Mt.ip.
Thcio Is onocitstom, si)s the New York
Sun't Wushlugtou coucspoudent, which
tho President Intends to stop. Many Con
gicssmin nnd otlici dlstlngulohod pcisons,
whoso reputations uatuially open all dooi 3,
aio disposed to abuso thelt pilvileges, Thu
Ptestdiut Is dcteimlued that thu Miltu
Houso shall not tun loungluj place whore
polltielana mu) gather to oxi hango gossip
and auecdoto to tholuteirupttnu of tho
public biuluiss It Is the pr.ntho of n
lerlulu 1 lass of public men to sitiutor In
wltlmgioupot filunds whom thu) rpqrt
tho President toentcitiln. 4uiuc politicians,
do thlsbv ilisUn The) snow b) this urn ms
thill inllinac) and lulluenou ut lliu White
Home, and thu fileudsgo houu imieh I in
piessid b) Ihilr Mimber'sgre itness Her
utter, inimbers of I'ougiiss deslilug to In
troducu friends to lliu 1'ri sub ut uru nx
peeled (11 do o, liku other etti" ins, at 1 1
iltiiopublli rciupttuns each week.
A Sensational Episodo in tho Mon
otony of Hotel Life.
Tim John on Urn flood Old (lentteiiiiiii
"Who AViintid Ills lliittoiisHowiiilOii.
Satunlny night when Mr. Staples, llio
proprietor ot Wlllard's Hotel, took Jou
Smith, tho ex-clovator boy of that hostelry,
by tho car nud ejected him from tho houso
byway of tho main entrance, tho occur
reuco was looked upon merely ns something
that Is liable (0 happen any day In a big
hotel. Hut In a short wlillo It was whis
pered about thu rotunda that there was a
real sensation In tho house. All day ) ester
day tho matter was talked of, and subse
quently It was stated that Smith 1ml sworn
out n warrant for assault and battery against
tho proprietor. Tlio causo of Smith's forci
ble ejection from tho house was something
so spicy and nov el Hint every one who has
heard about it lias been In a titter.
It seems thut nuo ot tho elderly gnosis, ns
tho story goes, vvusfarawny f rounds home,
and tho buttons on his clothes needed a fovv
stitches, and it Is alleged that ho uskc 1 a
chambermaid If sho would not bo so kilidns
to come Into his room and sow Rotno but
tons on for him Tho chambermaid con
tended that sho was not an adept with
licedlo nud thread, hut sho would II 1 1 el a
girl who would ohllgo tho gentleman. So
plie bled herself oil, and wlillo In tho helps'
department tho girls nnd bo)s made up
their minds to have a little fun out ot tho
cldctly guest, whoso i)cslght Is said to bo
not the hist for a mm of Ids )cars. They
Induced Joo Smith to don tho dross ot ono
jOf tho girls, and then the) began to fix hhn
upso 111111 nu wouiii rcsemuiongiri nsmucii
ns possible. The) put false Tnlr on his
bend, with bewitching b vugs, powdeied his
faco nnd put a few bull towels in tho
bosom of tho dn ss, whilst his waist was
girded w lib a belt that w as Just too "girl) "
for uti) thing
The balauco ot tho story Is somewhat In
consistent. Uuo account si)8 that Smith
went Into Iho room, nnd that as hu entered
tho guest put his arm mound tho bundle ot
mnsculliilt In female nltlic Smith him
self si)s tint tho guest actually kissed and
hugged him Tliu watchman of the hotel,
howuver, declares Hint thu boy got no
fuithci thun thu hull, wheru lie wus nabbed
and made to return lo tho servants' qtl irters
and disrobe, ind Hi it subsequently no was
forclbl) cjiclcd by Mr. Stnplos.
Joo Smith was seen tills morning by a
CTtlTic represent itlvc Hu said th it ho was
In tho next room and that tho guost ho
cither does not know his name ol pretends
not to klskid him.
Smith has a short stubby mustnclio,
which would be a cleir glvu awn), but hu
tajsthu light was out, and that tho guest
did not nnd out tint ho was dressing a
man until the osi illation had been com
menced. Iho oiuig fellow Is not overt
reliable. Judging fiom his expressed Inten
tions, viz., that 110 will not say much nbotit
tho caso until ho sees whether the guest
w ill conic dow 11 with 1110110 . to prcv cut an
exposure, Smith admits thut no himself
wits locked up in thu pollco station Satur
day night 011 account of getting into a light
at uio scaling Kim..
Tho sensation and tho peculiar antics of
eotno of tho people concerned In it have
fiirnlslutl a lively topic of conversation In
and around the hotel. Tho help in tho
house go about glgirllng when the) hcai
Iho.sublcct mentioned, but they nto some
what o)stcr-llko when asked questions con
cerning tlio cplsodu of Satuiday night.
Lvidently tlie) aro all determined to keep
quiet, espcelall) ns It Is not definitely
known who tho prominent guest is that
wanted "somo buttons sewed on."
Tholdcntlt) of tho guest, who sustilns
onoot the principal toles In this titily
dramatic episode, Is pretty well established.
Ho Is supposed to bo an o-Congiessnnn
who was iccentl) sent by tho Government
on an Important mlsslou to France, and It
would seem ns If tho atmosphere of Purls
had excited an cxhllaiutlng Inlliienco
upon tho frisk) old gentleman's tcmpera
lncut. Tho warrant which Smith sworo out
against Mr Staples Is to thu effect that tho
guc6t In question had mado Impropei all
iances to ono of tho chambei in lids, and
that tho latter loaned him clothing In which
to petsonaten woman; that ho went to tho
room and was lecclvcd by Its occupant In
nuulTcctloii.itooit of w.a), but 60011 bo
camo seared at tho novelty ot his position
and made his escape as hurriedly ns pos
sible. Ho was subsequent! assaulted lij
Mr. Staples forpl.i)lng such a trick upon
tho guest Tho complainant was on hand
early this morning, but as thownriant had
not been icturncd, ho could uot testify.
Jottlnus About xViislilui;liinliiiin
rcupli' xi'oll Known Hurt1.
Mm. Ncv viiAlsnttho Arlington.
Gi oitnt. Pi. vol., a promlnont Now Yolk
raanufactuicr, 1$ at the lilggs.
St MTOti Groiini: G. Vi:t will icturtt
heio fiom New Yoik to-do).
Ohio, who now lesIdeslnNow York, is at
thu lilggs
W. C. Whpon. U. s. N.; Schuvler S.
A heeler, itvv York, and Hon. J.N. Poo,
Toledo, aro among tho prominent arrivals
at the l'.bbltt
AsISTlT l'UMVhTnt It. JI T. II VI I,,
U. 8 N.. leaves hero this ovutilng for a
month's visit to his old homo at Cassenova,
lit Fauquier Count), Va.
Gimiivi Josi ni 1! Joiivston, rail
rovd commissioner, General C. JI. Wilcox
and Lieutenant General fahcrldnn, nccont
paulcd lij .Mrs Mieildan and .Mrs General
schoflcld, aio at thu l'ittlt Avenue Hotel,
New York
Jliss Noi.it mis, tho accomplished
daughter of the Poitugueso .Minister, under
vvhnsudlrcitlun tliu successful chirltv con
cert look place nt Masonic Temple Sutiiuliy
evening. Mills for Princo not Wediiesdiv
Is wish
on tho Labrador. Her in my friends wish
(let vim mitttfi
Tin, qitiT pliiid by Fuutilo L
(Tuiku, width was on exhibition at thu
fair In 1 rcderlck, -Mil., can now ho
seen ut tho iisldctieu of .Mrs. 11. A
Truntiel, 15.1) Thlrtv-foriKh stieet, West
Wushlugton, where nil who desire (o take
a look ill It, are Invited.
Hinm O'fci 1 1 tv in, Intel) of St. Pe
ter's Chinch, this city, wus Installed )estcr
duv with uppioprlutu ceremonies at tho
C.i'thodriil In Mobile In Ids addrusf, Illshop
O'Sulllvun poko carnistl) and eloqiieutl)
ofthuvvoik to ho doiiii, and eidlml on thu
iliiu) nud people to glvu earnoot suppoit
anilsiicciss wouiii uu ussuicu.
Amiu. h.om thu decided ineill or the
flnlshid ihtractci acting ptcJented b) those
nccompllsliid nilists, .Ml. and Mis, W.J.
Uoiince, vvliii appear at tho National
Tlieatio lids week, tlio ladles of W, nulling
ton will bu Interested In tho el thorite wurd
rolos worn b) Jlis. lloiiueo It Is said
lliat licr stugo dresses exi el In artlsth lastu
thosu of an) lady In thu lluulili.il profes
sion. C'nioMi ItiiBi' JI Pibi ii, nianiglng
Cilltul of tlio Kansas Clt) I nu, accom
panied bv lilsnicoinpllshul bride, Is sojourn
ing at Williitd's Mr 1 lold is i brother of
F.ugino 1 Icld of thu Chicago .Yie., and It
Is it'lalul of the latter, that w hen ho stepped
foi nurd to loiigrutulutu Ids brother uftui
liiaiilugo he suid "JI) biothcr, I con-
f:inliilutonu. Jin) )ou miiko ns good .i
lUsband ns 1 have been,"
Uliio of IViiaiier IS AllillilVlM.
Miss I lara iejou an admlrei of Wag
ncr'b nnifclc, Jit Piai'ieil)'
Ml I'littheil) lus I to ha. Miss Clu i
an anient ni'inlurot Wagner, I ut lei in
n It Itili't be ov f ni vi rs ti ivy s II u I
bnvuheunl Cal lug N ) uu,
a if; .uo.v;r sni.i, missish.
A 1 henry Hint Mrs-Miugcr IIhIii vus
Itlllllll'll In (III) I'ostiiUlco,
Tho instery of Iho disappearance of 5-20,-100
from (lie pocket of Messenger lluiu of
tlie National .Metropolitan Hank remains
unexplained. Tlio joimg man Is still In tlio
employ of tho bank, (hough not engaged In
making collections. A most careful Inves
tigation on tlio part of those who aro en
gaged working up tho tau has thus fjr
(oiillrincd tho messenqcr's st dements in
regard to (lie loss. This Investigation lias
also di v eloped (he fact tint a certain person
wnssecntu leave tho Postolllco hurriedly
Immediately nflei (ho messenger was them,
having 11 largo pocket book In his hand
This pcisoti was followed In nu easterly
direction, and has slncu been located. Hu
will not bo lost sight of until this m)stcry
has been clean d up. It has nlsn been
learned that several persons noticed a suspicions-looking
person loitering about the
PostoOlco lobby on the morning ot the
occuilcncc, nml there seems In he a genera!
Impression Hint tliu neighborhood h is been
frequented latel) by persons In vvnltlue: for
Just such an oppoitunlty as was offered hj
Iho transfer of tho messenger's money from
0110 pocket to another on I'rlday 11101 nlng
So Work for llio ('1 tniliiiil Cniirl -1 hu
?tir Tomporiirll) Ijxuuseil.
In (ho Criminal Coiut this morning after
tho transaction of somo rotitluo business,
Assistant District Attornoy Co)lo stated
that all tho current business was up to
date, that tho District Attorney's oP.lt 0
w oiild require tho present w cok to get ready
tho homicide and other bevvy cases for
trial, and at present had nothing to en
gage tho attention of the Jury.
Jttstlco MncArthur said tint It wis a re
inarknblu circumstance for tho Criminal
Couttto 11111 ashore nud ho attributed It
to a considerable extent to (ho clllclcncv of
tho jury wotk. Hu understood Hilt Iheio
vvascomliig on for trial several homicides
and other Important cases. In excusing
tho Jutorsforn vveekliu cautioned them
neither lo read articles nor discuss thoio
eases or permit any person loiipproichthem
in rigutu to iiietii
'im: vitv rosroiTioi:.
It Kxcellnnl 1Iiiiinu;(,iiiitit Attested b)
tlio Olllellll Inspectors.
Chief Inspector West and Inspector
Henderson of tho Postotllco Dcpattmciit
took formal possession ot tlio City Posl
ofllcc)cstcrda) morning nml proceeded to
n thorough Investigation of tho accounts ot
the ofllcu and Its gcnctal methods of man
agement Investigations of this chancier
nro invariably conducted with rigorous ex
actness and tho results of thu examination
in this e nto nro of tho most sutlficlorv
chnructer. Tho luspectors not onl) tin 1
c 1 r tiling In perfeit ship shape
and tho organisation of tho
social departments temarkibl)
efficient, lint l in go so fir as to recom
mend thus) stem of accounts lit uso at this
oflleo for general adoption throughout tho
Lulled States. This is a high compliment
to Postmaster Comrcr, and spoiks volumes
for thocucrg), nbllltv and strict Intcgilt)
Willi which liuls discharging the duties of
his responsible position.
Tliu Copiii'i UoUlng-MlIl ut UmN'iij
llld lti'suiiiis Operations.
Thu copper lolllngmlll at thu Nivy
Yaid begun work this morning Tho mill
comprises 1 fusion and fl smelting furnaces,
8 tollers, fi copper nail making and 2 cut
ting machines. Tho greater pirt of tho
copper which Is woiked comes In sheets
fiom New Yoik, but a considerable portion
of it is mado up from the old copper rivets
ami sheathing which is taken from tho con
demned V. S. vessels.
Two methods of working tho natal aro
used, ono b) melting tho copper and run
ning It Into molds, nf(er which It Is rolled,
the other via) Is to smelt tho copper and
then roll It.
An Iiuinenso amount of coil Is consumed
In tho furnaces. Tho copper nude up hero
Is principally for uso In llio New York nnd
Norfolk nnv)-ards When tho mill Is In
complete working order it will give cm
plo) incut to nearly lift) men.
Tin- Choli'l'ii lit XngaMiiltl.
Advices from Japan lij tho steamer Hlo
to September 21 s.i) that tho cholera Is still
raging at Nagasaki. There had been 2,0)0
deaths to date, and tho dlseaso was c.anwlng
off Ha victims nt an average ot thlit pel
diem During tho height of tho epidemic
there vvcro ovci one bundled deiths a da).
Commodore Furbcr, an old and venerated
Inhabitant of tlio P.uropeuu settlement, Is
dcud. Tlio commodore vi us well known to
all Americans who have visited that portion
of the Fust Ho was In cirllct )cus In
command of nuo of tho Pacific mailers, and
hud been retired ft om the sen Ico uu account
of ago ami long service. Ono of tho most
popular of tho Jnpineso Judges Is dead, nud
also a Geisha girl who, b) hci grico of
movement, perfcitlon of tlguru and beiuty
of ftiee.bnd achieved an oriental reputation
The Jnpineso town Is quite given up to
panic, u steam launch towing two sm
pans until o boats full of dead, passes blx
times dall) b) tho lltiud to tlio quill inline
g I omuls, where Iho corpses aio burned Thu
iirbot is deserted. No ships aro ullovv cd to
enter, and. In addition to other miseries, no
mall, on account oi tuo uimctiii) uuweou
tho Postmastci-Geiieral and thu Pacific Mall
tompaii), Is received except fiom tlmuist
ward, n lotito long and Irregular. Tho now
Consul, Mr llurcii, had not arilvcd, but was
ixpcctcd b) tho next steamer.
Jliiltm Hi 1 lie Coiislduieil It tliu
A sewer will bo laid on FKilt street, be
tween A and II streets northeast.
Tho Commissioners havo ordered that
sewers bo laid for tho Anaeosthi school
Ilk bind. I. llenll has been notified by tho
building Inspector Unit the luck building
of WO Ninth sttect Is dangerous to life and
limb, and It will hav o to cuitio down tit ten
1). It. Graff Ins been notified b) tho
Untitling Inspcctot tint hu ciuitnt huvu a
recess lu the nine Inch part) wall between
the houses 1 e Is i reeling on street, bn
tWceuTwilftli and Thlitccnth streets, will
not lu allow ud
Mi John II. 1'iilne, who was last week
notlllid thut a wiitcimuiii would belaid on
Tweiit)-6eeund slrcel, hitmen K and L
stteets, uutwiiutiiiuiiius ma pruiuge uniiuse
the siiiue, has n quested llio Commissioners
to uselnd lliu otilei
building in milts hivo been granted to
Willliuu 11 Iliilchlnsuti ct nl, lo iiiuku 10
pnlic and additions to Christ Chinch on (I
sticitMiutheast, between Sixth and Sov nith
stiicts tocotl,700; Mrs. P.. 11 Studlu),
u pair 1201 N street, 300, Jlrs. IMes,
build addition to 1001 F street, $ii)J, i'liiin i
J CurpintiT, erect It dwellings on Ligliih
streit, between Knot Capitol and stiuets
suulheast, f7,filX)
General John G. F.uho, acting chit t en
gineer, U S. A , bus foiHuiilcdto the Com
inlsslouirs n complaint of Messrs lloinon
X JlcKce, conliuidirs for diudglng tho
channel of tho rivei, who complain that
current eutisid b) swltll) passing stoumurs
nnlU Intirfiru Willi thull wolk. Tho
Ciiiiiiillonira aru utl.ul to lender such
asslstiiiiee as Is in tin Ir pow'er lo prevent
(he fuitliu Inconvelilcneuot thoconttactors.
lad) living on tho Uluo llldgo, In Hip
I uliiiuuuil, ( until), .l , luil twelve stands
if Ins, wliiih itiioioi villi llllll unl'l a
dlstillei was slaited ill llio uuglitinihuuil
Siiuc it slnrled thu bees II) ovir tti u mil
en ur) diuuk ami aro now of v r) tint
pi ellt
a sTvnnoitx ii'irxnss.
31 rs.
llirndl Iteriises (u lisdri III (ho
AhitlK (loll 'lll'
lono, Nov 2 Mrs Jnrrett rositmod
tho witness stand lu tho Hllun Armstrong
nlducllon lasotoda), and croilid asctisi
tlon In perrmptorll) refusing to make any
further revelations. .Mrs Josephine Duller,
tlio woman who took such mi ncllvo pirt hi
thu work of suppressing tlio truffle lu I'.ng
Ibb uliis for Immoral purposes, was tlio
next witness. Sho was followed by Prof.
James Stuart, ono of tlio promoters of (ho
i onfiiitii'o held at Iho t lino of Iho I'ull
Hull Uttztttc expose In Princess Hull for the
purport) of adopting a plan foi llio protec
tion of )oiltig girls At the conclusion of
Professor Stuart's testlmoti) lldltor Stoul
of I lie 'off Mull tiiizfllr was called to llio
et ii ml, and Is now testifying. Thus fur his
tvldcnca consists nf only u icliish of Ids
statiinent mndu In his opening address.
A dlsjialcli from Glctnar, Ireland, slitcs
Hint one Case), a Moonlighter, was cap
turtd near that placo last night and his
turned informer, Implicating a largu mini
her of persons ashling at that plico lu re
mit otitnigis pirpct rated by Iho .Moon
lighters. Jluti) of them hnvu alrutdy been
Tho Fiigllsh L'.alllo companies dcclluo
griiiitlng through ratislo tho Cork cattle
dcalcis now i ngiigcd lit bo)cotlingllio Cork
I'm 1. 1 1 Ciiupiu)'s vessels unless the
agister aseommon nu tiers, whlih leudeis
them liable to the law The Cork dealers
have tin atom resolved to work Indcpcn
llenll) of the Kugllsh hatidlirs.
I so( ivi ci.vsvtion is ml I INII
AFinsnllou has been cteated tliroughotil
tho piovlmu ot Minister b) thu eloucmiul
of a noted nnd brilliant barrister with llio
wife of n well-known nud wealth) com
moner. Thu lad) Is tho iliiu jliter of a Tor)
peer, ami is thu inotliei ot four children.
It Is believed that the pair have gone I o
A met leu.
nu: m'cu:t.t.a' oitsi:ni;ii:s.
Minplo Cnroiuonli s ('iiiidiii ted lu Now
oik T his Jliiiiilng.
Ni'W YmiK, Nov 2 1 ho funeral serv Icos
over tho remains ot the lntu General Georgo
II. JlcClclhiu took placo this morning ut
tho Jludlson Square Fresh) tcrluu Church.
No tickets weru lequlrcd to gain admission
to thu chinch! nud ever) thing in connection
with thu lust sad rites was of the simplest
nature. Tliu both of thu lntuGciier.il ur
tlved hero vesterd i) afternoon from Oriingc
and wus taken lo tho lioitsu of W. ('. Pilmu.
Ss Fust T went) -third streit
A few moment before 10 o'clock the po
llco formed In long lliu on eich sldu of thu
sidewalk on Iweut) third street, extending
around thu comer to thu Church, Thu
coffin was soon biought out and carried h)
six men, tuiilir thu charge of thu under
t.il.ei, along Iho sidewalk to thu chinch.
The pnll bearers vv i ro General Joo John
ston, General Fit .luliii Poller, General
JlcJInlion, General Fi.iukllii, f-eirctar) of
Stnto of New Jersc) 11. C. Kclsev, Col
onel IMwurd II. Wrlglit, S. L JI. Ilirlow,
Thatcher H Adams, Mr. Abrnm S. Hewitt,
JolinT. Agnew nnd W. C. Prime
On tho conclusion of tho seniles tho ro
mains weie taken to Trcutoii for Interment
ut Illvervlcw Ccmctet)
'i'lie llllll Appl'Oiti'Ii nl' iVInloi'.
F.vt Cl.Atlil', Wis , Nov. 2 Tho second
snow storm of tho scisou prevailed In this
part of tho State Saturday. Somo four or
Iho Inches fell. Along tlio Wisconsin Cen
tral lino thcro was a six Inch fill, but It will
ptovoof no service to tho loggers, all of
whom icgict to s.co tho snow appeal so
Owos-o, Mini, Nov 2 ''now begun
falling Stitiirdii) night and continued
Ihioughout Siuidn), turning to t ilu,
WoonsroiK, Ii i , Nov 2 heav) snow
storm, the III st of the suison, vlsllcd this
clt) Nitiirdn) night Three lm lies of snow
vvns on Ihogtouud, though mustot ltmclted
iluring die uu.
TiliM list. Cm, JIicii , Nov. 2 A snow
storm set In Saturday uv utilng nud continued
dining tlio night, atari) four Inches fulling.
At Jl.ickltnw Clt) three Inches fell. Atr,
p. in. the w Ind blew a gale, tho thermometer
registering 21.
rnlluic nl' u Kiiiiloglriil l.'ni'ilon.
Pun iiiEifiiti, Nov. 2. Tho ofllclil an
nouncement that tho Zoological Garden
must hav u Immediate financial aid or must
close, and that a meeting will be held on
Thursdii) to seu what can be douu about
It, Is something of a surprise. Tho expenses
aio great nnd It has always been understood
that, wiro it not for tho crowds which In
fair wctithci visited It on Sunday, it would
not havo been able to meet them, but It was
not generally supposed that thcro was any
dnngcr of fiilluie. Tlio oologlcil Gatdun
Is not inti tided lobe u mono) miking con
cern. It Is conducted liv a companv ofiltl-
zeussolil) in thu Interests of uttural his
tory and to instinct thu pcnplu lu an en
joy ablom inner It Is a beautiful place,
thu most extensile garden of Its kind In tlie
countr), and computes fuvorabl) with the
guldens In Fuiopc.
Kilmers or the Niiiiill)(ix.
Jtosri.ru, Noi 2 As )ct tliu heilth
aulhorltlis have no control over the sin ill
po epidemic. The clt) has not proontel
so desolate nil appear.auco In ycais. Ilitsl
niss ititeicsts are p.uul)id, and firm after
linn, licit tofotu supposed to bo sound
lluiu eliill). Is giving signs of dlsioliitlou
Since the beginning of the epidemic 2,VU
1 el fons havo dlid from the diseiso, nud
theie mu now ovir H,0oo cases lu thu clt)
besides thosu lu thu luxplt il. Compulsory
van Illation gois Into opcintlou to-day, and
all persons a (using to submit to It will be
prosecuted Oicr'JOO vv arruttts hav o alruuly
been Issued.
The '1'nlii'i' lllviure J'air .
llovros, Nov. 2. This morning another
great trovvd assembled to hoar tho tostl
mom In tho Tuber divorce case. Among
the spectators wclo moio females than ever
Olllcn Warren testified that the skirt pro
luct.il at the ttlul nml vvltlcli reached to Mrs
Tulir's boots wus not thu one sho woie
w inn ni t ested. T ho latter w us a short plain
skiitutid leached only a II 1 1 lu below thu
hi ics.
Vni-.slntc I'olliti'nl I'.rttimnti".
Nv.vv ciiik, Nov. 2 Jtoro than lot.iW)
votiis luivo been reglitered lu Urookl.vn, of
whom It Is expected that ut loasl tl 1,000 will
vote. Tho Uemoeiats claim a majority In
Kings Count) of l.MXIO, but thullepublleaiis
are coutldeiit that it will not exceed 10.0JJ.
'I'liil.cj'M t'llriiill Ollci'.
Sin ia, ov 2 An oiler by Turkey to
put 5 Out) Ii regular (roups lu tho fluid aguluit
M is In In the event nf King Milan ut tacking
llulirurlii Is being considered b) tho llitlgar
Iiiii (loveiumeiit.
llcloiiMi ol" Kinsunlya tin l'oct
Hi ut in, Nov, 2 Thu Polish poet, Krus-
ziwtk), having glvou ball In $5,000, lias
bet n released from prison. Uu will at ouco
piueeed to Italy to lucitpcruto.
Not i'liuillliip M'ltli 'S'licni.
Miss Clata Can jou call tlie name's nf
the dlffircut etuis and constellations, Mr.
Ieuthetl) Oh, )os. Thuiels till u ulll
star and the evening star ami thu Gnat Hun
nnd (hu Little Dipper and the Milk V ),
and all thu rest Oh, yes.
JIls Clara Tlio Groat Hoar is eillel
I rui Major, l It not
Fcutherlv Oh, jou inenndo I know t'u'i
Lot uilinl ii inn sv I'm ii-h uu I to mr -
I do not New mk linn
n lndi J u !ei I
In Morilsuda, N .
I I l al 't l l i
(s e died ihu I'uorerj
Serious Results of tho Lato Hie
Rise in the Potomac.
A ipri Im lc of (Irniiitcur lit lliu (trmil
I'ulls Yesterday.
llio Potomac lllvir abovu tho clt) was
lootnlng)cstcrdny, biitfullliig. Tho walei
was vclluw nud dotted with bigs and othpr
debris. It thiirncd Ihrough tho narrow
slrctclus ami spread out where It was not
conlltied by tho rocky Innks In m
jihices, Ictwcen liere nnd tho Groat Falls
It was almost on a level with thermal
bunks T ho day and night before In uuiij
pl.ieis It reached Hint level. Thor
nothing lo bo seen ot thu Llttlo Fall
cept n wave-IIko rising of tliocurrcir li
swipt over llio rocks there. Aboui o
miles below llio Great Falls, vvhero 'In
nrn low -1) lug woods, the sight was aver
lino ono. The water rushed among thu
tins and funned many Islands.
The sight Income grainier ns tho Great
1 nils weru ncarcd, where tho granite nails)
iticioarh on tho stroniii nud coullnu It In
narrow gorgis. tilth a booming roar tho
miidd) liod) of wider rushed nud loaped
through Its narrow routines It tore oft
projecting boulders and burled them about
ns If Ihii hud been feathers. When an
unusually stout bodv of granite projected
out, tho ctirictit madly threw Itself ngalnst
it uiid leiped hlcli In tho air from tho con
tart. At tho Falls tho sight was really
sublime. Tint water vvns so high that no
boatmen could bo found to tako one across
either nbovo or below.
Falls Island, on tho Mar land, side, vvai
cut olT from tlio mainland by n roaring,
raring cum tit Instead of tho usual quiet
brum hot the rlur. A rude brldgo that
had bciu constituted nctoss that branch
had been swept nwa) tho day before. Thu
lour of the water ns It poured over tho falls
mid surgid against the walls of rock could
he heard live miles away. Hut tlio river wus
not as high ns it had In clt Iho afternoon nud
lilclit before. It lose seven feel nud uiiiu
Indus, tho highist water known at thu
Fitllsslnco October, 1ST". Thu dam, In
coin su of construction, over tho Palls added
to the forcu of the current ns It swept
Ihiough the cut tint makes Falls Island.
Itthtew the water townnls (ho Jfir)Iauil
side with ndded foiee. Tho dam was cov
in il ami n ut cat dill of maleriil used In
Hit work oT constitution destro)ed Ono
derrick w nit b) the board earl) Saturday
night. Tito tracks, over which ston'MVii
transported, wetu swept nvviiv. Another
derrhk showed no evidence of being any
whete, lilt Mr ( hltti iiden, the cotilri Or,
thought II would turn up all right. '
Hut tho greatest datuigu wus done the
flshwii)s This with Is being done by t'u
1 Isli Commission, Its object bi lug to altar I
n w a) liy which llsh, i specially slnd, em
get up Iho Fails It was to consist utslx
sittlons The) were built of heny timber
Inbox shipe, thu bod) of the byxos being
divided into man) compartments, so nr
loiiL'id ns to ptoduci' a slow but even up
wurd currint b) width fish could ascend.
These sci lions were solidly set lu ttiim
iiii'oiny nnd anchored to heavy ledges ot
lock by Iron tods. Oidluully the) would
be subjccled to a heav) pressure ot tho
wnlii nslt ciiino down thu narrow gorgo.
Pioplcwho knew tho river nud Its unties
have predicted all along that If tho llsltway
could to constructed so ns to stittd n
mnlcrlal life lu Ihu river It could never bu
so put up astoicslst nu Ico freshet when
heavy Hoes of lie go crushing down,
'liny seem to hnvu been right All
of (lie sections wciu greatl) Injured bv thu
tlood of Satuiday nud yesterday. It was
thought vi Me'l'day tint two of them 11 id
been larrlul awn). It was certain that one
of them hud. It was the only section that
wus to bu seen It had been torn from its
bed, hurled through a gorge live or six feet
narrower thun itself and landed battered
and biokeu, bottom upwaid, on n rockv
icuge nciow i.xttcii) wuat uatnago nan
bicn sustain! d Ivy the rest of thowork can
not be told until thu water subsides, but lb
bus utidoiibtidl been very greut. Thcro
hav a I it ii spent ho fur Ii) the Government
about 12,0(K) on the fllivia). Whether
ntiothcr attempt will bu tuadu to construct
such a device Is doubtful There certainly
will I e nolle If tlie advlcu ot pcoplo who
know llio river is beetled
Miili'iiit'iitM oruitl W orlil ltuli'i's.
Ill in in, Nov. 2 Prluco Albrecht, tho
new l)-a pointed regent of tho Dticlt) ot
Uiuiiswlch, will enter tho clt) of llrtius
wlckln stato lo dn) and formally assumo
tho regent)
Piliico lloliinlolie, the new Gov ci nor ot
Alsuic Lorraine, will arrive ut Strasbourg
on WedlitMln)
I'mpctor Wllllim has returned to llcrltn
from bis shooting trip In Impaired health
m.d ixccllciit spitlts
'(In- IMillnilclpnlii CUv Hall.
f'Kii im.1 mu, Nov. 2 Tho building
ci mmisslon in charge of thu new Clt) Hull
at broad street and South Penu bquaio say
that wotk on thu tuvver, which lias now
reuched 2ii feet In helglit, will be stoppel
unless Councils make nu approprlitlnu ot
not liss th tn jl.'J'iO (too T liero aro a lluiu
bcroflhecit) depirtmcnts nlrcad In thu
building, but the spice set apart for Cotttt
ells nun other miiulclpil ollfces cannot Im
read) for occiipati) for some tlmo.
A rullii'iV li-ti"s(iilil' Crime.
Ion ivi ili 1, S C.Nov. 2 -'llio enlln c ni
tnunlty Is shocked nt tho rert (hit ttov
John I'ainpbell, n respected proai her ha 1
iiilncd hlsilntiBhter and b tlm it of death
iiimpclleil her to knp silent Now that sho
Is about to becotnt a inotlu i the stun ! dls
clored Tho irulltv mini lift for Tuxes to
cscaju v loll in e from the llidlsiiant lKipuhlco.
A lll-us-li ous linllvvnv Aei'ldeiit.
Urs Mmsi" low v Nov 1 On biturday
nlkht u tni k trillion the II , C It .t Hull
wiiyiauofl tin iimk ut Virthllohl, neirtho
Mliim -olii lliu 'I In i iiirlm ei nml head br iku
mini win jiistiuiily klllid Tho engine was
l In own iiKiii Its sldi an I nine cars of sloc'c
win piled noon It Twenty oven heaJ of
cattle wile kllh d
lliini'iiii Ito-." llereuli'd
San 1 ham ik o, Nov J V mounted sword
Kiittst yisienlay nfleiiioon at Woodward s
(outlet! bltwiell IHlllclIll V Koss llud I'llptlllll
E N .)( linliii's was liH(cil) loutostwl 0 i thu
iwintlith attack Jetinlnim ilunlt a. blow that
illMomtid ltos" elbow Jenulus was do
i lined tlio vh tor b) into point
I'logiii'd to Di'tllli.
x. I8NNA, fl , Nov S. Somo (line nu i e rg,
ltoiic, a nepro, was Ijaiohod here fm mur
der Iloue's cousin, who arrive 1 hi i
Tuesday, said bo wuuld cut thu tin '
some of tholyneliers' vvlviH Apain
luiulred nnd solzed the negro, took bun ' '
woods unit Uuggod him todith
InluiVht oil (III' (). A 31. liiuds
Ntw Yoiik, Nov 3 -1 hi Ohio A, Ml- - ol
Hallway Compnnv uives nuiki' Hint t i
est due today on tin (.prliuirluld dn son
bonds will he tmbl vvltlitln rviva'iiti t tlio
right to test tin leipil liiiblltt) oi tin nu my
tcr ttiui issiii i noun-.
JIoiiip Hint iTiildieti lliirni'd.
lloii. lliu i Not .' Oiibaliuilayitum
Inn Pet Una An hi" went to work In n tl Id,
leaving Ur time iliillun 111 a, cabin Tin
)u usi vuisilb nvmil t" heon fire, mlwlimi
tin in IkIiI oi- ! iv 1 1 lieu ihln w as niv . in 1
lu tint i - I he I" n-i and elillilri.ii vv i ro
i in i 1 touslii
- - .
M 1 1 cd i' re 1 1 (of CIIm tloni'.v
Hsm lix Nov S Yetwdny inornttij at
a 1 1 im lime miles (row town the l l n
I ii ij ludlitK. ii wealthy fainior was f mu I
whim bullet llilollullllls bribl It Is th '.l; "
liuit lu vvns fotlovveJ Iroui towu u 1 1 uiai
, , ti.l I, i bis tnoiny
SsiMl'I'll fllUHl'M Iliiriieil.
A Mint- I Ml Nil , lb lis y t I J!
i mil .v P m wa I I t 1 t la tii
.i :i In I c I mgd tr yed

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